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J"fT .17-XMl
Mailt for New York Oltjr, Borton, Albany, luff o,
Pituburgh, tteubenvlll way, Oleveand, imrilli,
Newark, Granville. Washington City, 1U b"?
deluhle and NewOrleena, clote dally (Sunday op-
Tthroumar, forNew Yorknd Olmland'olote
dally (Sunday! excepted) el o'oioca p. m.
O.C.fcoTR.R. WW U.UoloMt dally (Sandayn
ceuwdi at a o'clock p. m. '.. ....
Central Ohio Way Mall aloaeiaaiiy (mmip;
10 o'clock.. . . , .
Olnolnnall way man w w rr ' --
Ohlcaio. Dubuque, Delaware, Marlon and Worthing-
iKK.'.iZr dally (Bundey. ucepted) at o'clock
ton Malla cloaea dally (Bundey excepted)
p'u.'n.r..v.ni. Hnrlnafleld. Dayton. Toledo. Cinch
nail, Indiaoapollt, Loulevllle, St. Louie, and Detroit,
iJ. r&nndavrexoepted) at 8 o'olook p. m.
Athrouiib mall to Xenla, Springfield and Cincinnati
elowa daily tnunuaya . - v.w
Urbane, Plqua, IlBln and Union City mall clone dally
. . i . a .i-IamI. n. m.
Ic-unoey omywui p. wv.w i
Laocatter, Logan, Nelaonville, Clrcleville, OhllllooUie,
Pertimouth. WajbroKton 0. 11., Athena, Marietta and
Ullliborouth mail clot dally (Sunday excepted) at 8
clock p. m.
Eatt Way Mall by National Boad to Zanetvllle eloaet
Uarriiburgb Malloloiee dally (dundaye excepted) at!
0 olock p. m.
Mt. Ternon Mall, by way of Weaterrllle and Bunbnry,
flnmmm rfdll fflnmUM ATMIltMl) at S O'dOCk D. m.
Dnhlln klall eloaei dally (Bunuayi excepted)at 8 o'clock
P Laiicaxer Way Mall oloeee dally (Snndayi excepted) at
o clock p. m.
u.ii. rnn Nn Vnrk. iinntnn.
Albany. Pltubarah, Olevelaod, Dayton, Toledo, Xenla,
DotromBprlngHeld, Cincinnati, Ohllllcothe, Bt. iionie,
and all gonthern cities, arrive between the hour, of
Alw.lr n. m . .nil 1 ftVlnrk A. til .
Maila from Indianapolta, Chicago and Dubuqne arrlTe
at 3:40 a. m.
Mall, from Washington City, Baltimore, Wheellnf,
ZanesTille, ewark, gteubentllle, Mt. Vernon, and the
C. 0. B. tt. Way Mall, arrive at wo'ciocxm.
Way Mall from Cincinnati arrive, at 3 o'clock
Lancaatet Mnll arrivea at o'clock p. m.
Eaat Wa Mall over the National Boad arrive! at II
o'clock a. m. ...
Mt. Vernon Way Mall arrivea at 11:00 a. m.
Mail from Dublin arrive at 13 o'clock m.
TJrbaoa Way Mall arrive at 9 o'clock p. m.
Barrlabuigh Mail arrivea at 11 o'olook a. m.
1....iu W. Mall arrival at 13 o'clock m.
nfm rfMiiv.rtf nnen ererv dav texcent Bunday) from
7 o'clock a. m. toil o'clock p. m.. Open on Bunday
from Tii to 0 o'clock in the morning, and from t to C
o'clock in the evening.
Rail Road Time Table.
Litti Mum At Onirmi'i k. Xinia B. R.
Leave. Arrivea
AnmrnMAtlKtl. 5.00 A. M. O il) P. M.
v" .. "M.:...::ri:4o a. m. um a. m.
Mail anil Accommodation. . 3:10 P. M. 3:00 P. M,
HlghtKxpnm via Daytju. 12:00 midnight. 3:30 A. M.
J no. W. DoRiarr, Agent.
CnLDMana At ClivilanD B. B.
Ni.ht Kmr. 3:4(1 A. M . 11:15 P.M.
Mew lork jixpren.
.11:10 A.M. 10:50 A.M.
C.C.etC. WayKxprea.
..3:J0P.M, 7:50 P.M.
Jaw Pattikion, Agent.
GtrrXALOuio K. R
No. 3 ixprea......
Ho. 5 do
3:30 A. M. 11:25 A. M.
3:15 P. M. 11:45 A. M.
W. J. Tin Agent.
PrrriiuRa'a, Ooi.nii II Oikcihiiati B B.
UiUTralo 3.30A.M. 11:35A.M.
Kipre..Trln 11:25A.M. 8:45P.M.
Jo. BoumoM, Agent.
No. 1 Exprem C:30 A. M. 8.0O.P. M
Ho. 8 " 3 OOP, M. 7:20 P.M.
Accommodation . 1U:0
0. W. Fmitb, Agent.
Thanks Our thanks are due to S. D.
Thatcher, of Adams Express Company, for fur
niehing ns daily with Eastern papers In ad
vance of the mails. .
Also, U our friend, John Stockdali, of the
American Express Company, for like favors.
' A Chance for Printers.
A Democratic nempaper, recently started, with a cir
culation of 500 eopiei, It offered for sale at the low price
of our kuHdrtd dollar oatk. It I printed In a
flourishing county, anifia part of the county printing,
and It circulation can eailly be railed to 800. The ma
terial of the ofDce colt, two year ago, 8800, Thlt 1 a
good opening for a praotioal printer. Addr en Editor
Btateiman, Columbia, Ohio, for further particular.
octl7- ,
Beard of County commissioners.
ToisDAT.Oct. 15, 1861.
Relief granted from Volunteer Fund to twen
ty seven different persons, wives and relatives
of volunteers, in sums varying from three to
. five dollars each.
Jacob St.ru presented his certificate of eleo I
tion and oatn of Ollice, ana locreupon entereoi
,y, i.K..-r th. H..tl.. nf th office
"r" n - 1
of County Commissioner for the period of I
... ,- ..re u - I
three years, in the place Of Mr. Sntdir, Whose I
term of.offlce has expired.
WiMimir. Oct. 16. I
, - I
Relief granted from the Volunteer Fond tO I
ten different persons.
Bills allowed:
B Frlatoe
Miller St, Manypenny
John Van Vorx
Randall Alton....
Adjourned. '
.1 40
. 1115
. 3 40
.. 6 88
CoNctaT and Ball, The Manner cbor, a
Germao'Musical Society, will give a Concert
and Bill, at Weoger's Hall, on to-morrow
(Thursday) evening. From the reputation of
tbe members of the Mtonner-ohor In making
melody, we anticipate a rich musical treat and
a iciBoa of festivity well worth enjoying.
First Gsand Ball or the Baaeoit. The Co
lumbus Cadets will give the first Grand Ball of
the season, at Walcutt'a Hall, on Town street,
00 Friday evening next, Oot. 18. ,
Tickets for sale at Fke & RmoiwAvVlTrog
Store, and at the HalL j.
Col. AaaiNOToN'e Rsoimknt. Thtf. First
Battalion of this Regiment, the 18th U. B. In
fantry, marched Into tbe city yeeterday after
noon from Camp Thomas, under the command
of Col. Carmnoto. - After parading through
the oily they returned soon after.dark to their
camp. ;' j,, , '" ' ' ''''
Tbe men, covered with dust from their long
march on the road, did not look much Jike holi
day soldiers.' ' No better selected soldiers oould
easily be found, and as we learn they are about
being ordered Into aotive service, we expect to
. hear cheering reports of (heir gallantry and
courage.; ,.. .."." 1 , V
Tbe fine Appearance of both ofQcers and men
on our tweets, and the ease with which the or
ders for'ithe various motions end evolutions were
given, and the accuracy with which they were
obeyed,' drew forth warm commendations from
throngs of admiring spectators. ' '
The First Battalion of Col. Casjunoton's
Regiment consists of eight companies.'- Beside
these, there are four companies la camp, mak
ing one (Tiousaad two hundred men already1 eu
. rolled and In Camp. V ' 1 ; " 7 , -
Col. Caminotok certainly deserves great
credit for the teal and energy manifested In or
ganizing his regiment, and. la disciplining end
training! the men for the arduous duiiee before
thejn. Success attend him and them I -"
LTjT. Joiiv D. . Moxxiy.-,Tbe . personal
friends Of Lieut. Moxlit In Chllliootbe have
made him a present of a fine horse folly equip
ped. It nu a handsome gift, worthily bestow
ed upon an aoeompllshed gentleman end a gal-
lint officer. ' u !';., -, v.-i,,.. S-'m.h
Lieut. Moxlit patted through the otty on
Tuesday, on his way to Camp Cbase.
C. B.Maltst'i Baltimoai OTsniaWrheie
dlioloui blTftlrei cia hi lji.,m,nner aoi)
form te salt porohsseri and those who, love to
enjoy the "good things of this lire," at the fell
known Confectionery end Frail Depot of Mesne
Lindikan & RitJ. bn Hlgb. eiret,' opposite
the Capitol. BeBiuVWflueblvalveeMessrs,'
t end R. bare on band all tbendclietoies end
laxarlea1, pertalnlDtr to their Iter as oaterere for
the public appetite.'"'
The Twentieth . Raoi
im"t.-- ThJRegT
y'eefV'iJartir Cosse
ment, Colonel Wiimitati
I yesterday, and, passing through the city, took
line cars at tne depot for Camp ueomaon. -me
. ; t. i..ii-
---pr,w u. rg.-.w-v...-.v
I admired. . w i. -.iu 5 .u . j .-, . I
ST Mra. Bloomsr, from whom the "Blotimer
dreat" took lte name, la editing a paper at Rich
mond Center, I Iowa, wblob ehe oaUe.JTle Zo
Hat. and Cam The largest and beet aaeort-
ment of Eats and Cape ever received for sale
In this city, has been Opened by Jomi'E, Rom-
aux, at his old stand near the American Hotel.
A man who cannot be ult,ed in style and price
in that assortment, ihould go bare-headed In a
snow-storm, ,t, ,.,t
07 Those who buy cheap can afford to ecll
cheap. Mr, S. S, Eamis, at bis dry gooda store
No. 119 South High street, baa, as set forth in
bis advertisement in this paper, an extensive
stock of goods, whiob, having been bought at
low prioes, can be sold low. The evidence that
Mr. Eahis sells choice gooda at oheap rates, is
found in the numerous customers that dally
and nightly-throng bis store.' His old stock
has to be constantly supplied by new, to meet
the Increase of custom. ,:...'.'. . t .
ST General 0. M
MiTOHCiL left Cincinnati
yeeterday morning to take command of the
army In Kentucky In person.
ETThe Federal Government has authorized
the construction of a line of telegraph along tbe
Ohio River, from the mouth of the Miami to
the boundary line of Indiana, the work to be
commenoed immediately. ' ,
t i
ST The Forty-fourth Ohio Regiment arrived
in Cincinnati on Tdesdsyiriorning from Spring
field. The men were immediately placed on
steamers, and started on their 'way to the
Kanawha. . .
ST Emiiitt's distillery was burned by lncca
diaries In Cbilliooths, 0., on Snnday morning
together with eighteen thousand bushels of corn
and three hundred barrels of liquor. t Lois
$60,000. No Insurance. .' '
IIOMOa in thi Ens. There l probably no
part of tbe physical organization, more tender
or sensitive than the eye, and when humor once
settles bn the delicate organs of sight, blindness
Is sure to follow., There are lnstanoea where
persons, having become blind, have applied to
oculists in vain for relief, the professional gen
tlemen being ignorant of the hidden cause of
the trouble. "Kennedy's Medical Discovery1!
haa effected many cures where the patients
were totally blind from the above oaase; and
we mention the fact at the present time to in
duce any who may be suffering from any trouble
with their eyes to try this wonderful discovery,
and not these only, but any who may be troubled
with humors of any kind. . ,''; , . ;
An Effective, Safe and ' Economical
Compound, . , ,. J
To It original ootor without dyeing, and preventing 7
nurimm turning gray. ,y ..j -i
Andoarlcg It, when there is the leatt sartlela'of vtiill )
or recuperative energy remaining.
And all outaneoae affection of the Scalp
imparuni to 11 an uneoaiea iioaanaDn niancv. makita
u ton ana iiixy is it texture, ana earning it to cur
readily. - - - i
in great eeienruy snamereaaing demand forthla u
in prspsrauoa, awvinow ue prounMat mat ana
trial la only niainry to aatiify a diaoernlox public of JU
inperlorqaalltlee over any other preparation In ua. It
oieana. the heed and acalp from dandru. and otier
eotaneoua ataeaaea, canting u natr to grow luxnriaDlt
living It a rich, oft, gloeay and flexible appearance, an.
aioo, wneretnenair 1 looeeninganatmnning, it win giv
itrengUi and ylgor to the root and rtor ie rowtu to
Ther ar hundred of ladiee and teatlemen InNuw
TAr ahahtMUilIM f ulrMitAM hwth.HM.riki.
Invigorator. when all otberpreparattonahav failed. L.
n. 1 1 tu imp yww.ii mwii iiiii uu.. i .ut. VBiiiiyiii
to tha above fact, from pereon of the hivheet redaecta-
blllty. It will affeotoally prevent th naii froni turning
anui tbe lateet period 01 lire; and mcawi wbeieth hair
haa already ohangod lu color, th aae of thejnvlgerator
ill with certainty reetore It to it to It original hue. liv
ing It a dark, floaty appearance. A a parfuuM for the
toilet ana a 11 air ueetorauvo 11 u particularly rocou.
mended, having an agreeable fru ranee; and Uie great (a
olllUea It afford In droaeiug th hair, whloh, waau motet
With th Invigorator, can. be dre4 In any required
form o a to preewv 1U plaoe, whether plainer in curl
heno th great demauil to It by the ladle a a tandard
toilet article which none ought to be wllhout,ea,tbt prio
place ttwithln the reach of all. being M ......
Only Twenty.rive ' Centa ; : .
per bottle, to be bad at all letpectabl PruggUU anil
. . . . v Pertoaora.
L. UILLH would call th aMeatkmof Parent and
Ouardlant to the a of hi Invigorator, In cue where
th children' hair Incline to bo weak; - Th of It
lay th foundation (or a iaod luad 0 AMr, a It re
move any tmrurttU that hav become connected
with the calp,th removal or wawn t neaeeeary now
for the health of the child, and th future : appearance of
UaBalr. -"
Oaotiok. None genuine without th fac rlmll LOTTII
MILLIE being on the outer wrapper: alio, L. WIL
LI' HAI& INVIilORAl'OR, N. Y., blown In the
gLeo. ' t r f- -r- -r -
Whoteaal aeyot,5a T itreet, and sold by S.U tha'
prlnolpal Merchanu and Drugg Uu throughout th world
Liberal dlwountto purebwer by th quantity.
. 1 aits dulre to preeenl to th American Pobllo my 1
ixw jjto uuBovra nriTAjriANxoua
liquid hairvdVe;j:
JrbJch, after yean of tclentlSs xpertm2ntln(. I hav
brought to perfection. It dye Black r Brown Instantly
witneaiinjury to th Hair or Skint warranted UM uetj
artloKot the kind biiiataao. T T. , , , .
Depot,f 66' Devest.; lew York.
sstwiy. ul & :s Jam.v
HHTO'I OH' a n
: Producc,hkiu""'-v ,r.f,j
Foreign and Domestic Liquors,
jcrniis, eic. etc.,""
, I
, i r
.'.! If.
Al 1'I tsu.
u:VNovl06;S6Ulli..iligh 'Street
ill. 'VH :ituum boa
rc(nty occuplcOyWJfV MctXW AW .
rf f ""n" TZi - 'i i.i,r;.i.-J in t
il HeUlndaltrieeelplol, Jt- Ufff pi Jv.
) . 7hickfirwiiTi.ii : .rr-
Clea ier CsUIl r .i
ii 1 1 v '' 11 "" ' "
23 0 iellvewd ( Cib trad frf eharw.-ni
lyl -
Reported for the Ohio Statesman.
Affairs in Missouri.
- St. Loois.Oot. 15: A euard of twenty Fed
eral troops stationed, at Big River Brldgo, on
tbe Iron Mountain toad, between forty and fifty
miles south of bere, were captured by a band of
rebels raonaay nicbt, ana tne bridce burnea
u Oi.teoeint of this Intellleenoe, Gen. Curtis
sent -several companies from Damp iienton
and a squad of bridge builders to the scene ol
A repirt prevails that Potoal was to be
eacked, and tnef secessionists bere bint that
this Is only tbe introduction of a scheme for the
capture of Irontoo, and the ultimate aelzure of
as. Lioais. : . - f v r- : . . ....
It is reportsd by what la deemed reliable so
cession, authority, that fllteeo rilled cannon
passed np White River (Ark.) last week, In
oharire Of Capt. Wade, Mat. Uark and l ereus
Moltae, all St.- Ltonlslans. Destination, friue's
army in this State.
R snick, Oct. 15.-r-Ths train on the N. M. R
R from St, Louis was stopped at this place
yesterday moraine, by a party of thirty armed
secessioniata, and six Federad recruiting ofQ
cers on board taken prisoners. Toe rebels then
eearched.lhe train, but, for some unknown rea
son, did not enter the express ear, In which
tbere were tbree bundred boneld rifles and two
boxes of military clothing, destined for Nebraa
ka. ' Two of tbe oaptured ofBoera were released
on the spot, and tbree others a few hours after
ward, JNo shots were fired and nobody hurt.
bT. Josim, Out. 14 Uiebtv or Ma or
James's Cavalry, at Cameron, on Saturday oame
upon two hundred and fifty or tbree bundred
rebels In s cortifisld, twenty miles south of
Cameron, in Ray county. The advance guard
of nine routed them, they seeking refuge In the
timber. Uur guard was reinforced by tnirty,
when they eompletcly drove them from that
section, killing eight aod taking five prisoners.
Fonr Federals were wounded; none killed.
' Our cavalry were at first fired on by seventy
five men. One Lieutenant has thirty-two bul
let holes In his clotbea, and six scratched bis
skin. . '
' Atchison, Oct. 13. Tbe'etatement mada in
Eastern papers that a party of secessionists at
tacked one of the overland coaches is' utterly
falae. They run with great regularity, and
without trouble from any source. The employ
ees of the company, numbering some hundreds,
bave all recently taken the oath of allegiance.
Maps and specifications received from the sur
vey ids; party on the new route from Denver to
Salt Lake snow the obstacles are much less thitn
were anticipated. Tbe road can be obtained at
comparatively small expense. .
' Haitford, Ct., Oct. 15, Tbe Connecticut
Senate, by a vote of 13 to ti this A, M , pissed
the following:
Rctohtd, That the messenger of tbe Senate
be and is hereby directed end requested to re
move from the Senate Chamber tne portraits of
Isaac Toucey and Tbos, II. Seymour, and
whenever the Comptroller shall be satisfied of
their loyalty, he is instructed to return their
portraits to their present place on the wall.
Loss of the U. S. Steamer Saranac.
Baltimorx, Oct. 16. Passengers from Old
Point bring the announcement of the loss ot the
U.S. steamer Saranao, Off the mouth ot the
Mississippi, In a storm. w - . .
Patterson's Sentence Commuted to
Imprisonment for Life.
- Montreal, Oat. 16. Lord Monck and party
win come out in tne XHorto Briton.
Patterson, the Abolitionist, who woe respited
ontiirriday next, nas bad bis sentence com
muted to imprisonment for life.
From Santa Fe.
iNDiriNDiNcc, Oct. 14. Tbe Santa fe mail
reached here yesterday morning with dates to
toe ist Inst. 1 be conductor states that 8. IS
Miller, formerly sutler at Fort Wise, bad cone
soutn to raise troops and move Northward with
Mai. Lynde'i command of released troops un
der Capt. Pollock, numbering two bundred and
nity or tbree bundred men, were passed on Wed
nesday last at tbe head of tbe Dry Route, about
tbree hundred and fifty miles iioui here, on their
way to tbe states. . . . ,
Capt. Meiotx, ilh his command of volun
teers. were surorieed about thirtv tnilc from
Fort Craig; and himself, Sd Lieutenant and Dine
men were taken prisoners; toe balance ran back
to rort Craig. They also captured three Gov
ernment wagons. Capt. Morris, of .the Rifles,
who, a command 01 tour companies, are in pur
suit of Ihem.i -'t t-i-i"i
Eleven companies have been mustered in
in New. Mexico under Colouol Zilligco's com
mand.' ' - i, .' 1 ..i . . . , i , ,
Watt's majority Is over two thousand six hun
Missouri State Convention.
St. Lotus, Oot. 16. In the Convention yes
terday, an ordinance, postponing tbe state elec
tion till, the first Monday In November, IS 62,
was passed by vote ol toriy-nine to one.' A
resolution was alao offered, authorising tbe
Governor to Issue State revenue notes tj the
amount of two million dollars, to be used by
tbe State tbe same as RHd, and to be redeemed
gold at the end of three years, without inter
eat. '. ' .'. ,'. . : . - . .
oTbe committee oa Militia reported an ordi
nance for tbe organization aod covernment of
tbe State militia.
A memorial woe received from tha United
States grand jury, requesting tbe Convention to
declare all tbe eounty offices vacant which bave
been filled by persons known to be in any way
disloyal to tbe United States Government, and
such vacancies to be filled by appointments -by
the Governor. 1 -
Additional troops went down the Iron Moun
tain Railroad last night.
it is understood tbst the Bis- River bridee
was burned by a party of rebels from St. Fran
cis county, headed by a man ramed Coyco, a
member of the Stat Convention. . i -.., , ,.
Baltimore. Oct.' 1C Tha rnmor about the
II. S. steamer Saranao was oot oAjudU in
ul olMitat at Old Pnlnt.
XMofur.her intellleenoe bad been received in
regard to the attack on tbe Federal fleot at the
head of the passes at Nsw Orleans. .
Boston,' Oot. 16.-John E. Sbayer &. Co. sub
scribed $100,000 to tbe National Loan. -
Tbe ennboat Marble Heal was launched at
Nej bury port to-day. . , ..,.. .
Seizure of the Maid of Orleans—Arrival
of Arms from England.
Nxw York, Oct. 16. The Panama Star and
Herald of August 1st says; Tbe U. S. steam
frigato Saranao was yesterday taken to Tobo
ga, in order that the damage recently sustained
by ber grounding dJring the late gale, may be
more tuny ascertained prior to ner leaving for
San FranoUco. ,' , . , ,. ,' . '-
Early this forenoon, a U, S. gnu-boat left this
port In "pursuit of the Nashville, which is re
ported to have run tbe blockade at Charleston,
on the 12th Inst.., ; ., ... , , ,
The Surveyor eeiied, this morning, the ship
Maid of Orleans, just arrived from Liverpool.
Tbe vessel is partially owned in New Orleans.
'The Bremen, which arrived last evenlnc.
brought- eovsral eases of arms and cavalry
swords, lot he Uovernmeut., i,iit, ,,
Forty or Fifty U. S. Troops Captured
by Six Hundred Rebels, Commanded
by Jeff. Thompson.
PoTosiiMo.', Oct. 16. We have the .follow
ing account of the attack on tbe Big River
Bridge yesterday morning: The enemy was
discovered approaoblog tbe bridge about seven
o'olook, by a German picket, who gave the
alaint. Our troops, numbering between forty
and fifty, Instantly prepared for action, and el
though the force against them numbered some
where about six bundred, nnder tbe lead of Jeff.
Thompson himself, thev stood their e-ronnd. and
.frOm lions piles and Other Dlaoea ot aheltar did
gooo. eieounqn. 1 ney were finally surrounded,
however, and obliged to surrender. Their loss
kj ore killed and six wounded; the rebel lose Is
five killed and four wounded. lm.ii,.t.i.
after the surrender, the Federal prisoners were
sworn 07 ,eu. vAuumpjon not to bear' arms
1 . .L . O V. n a . .
againat aw mmumu - vtuuoaeracy, and re
leased," ' i The rebels . then, burned, the hrM- mnH
epeedlly retreated." JefLThompsoa laid he had
lvw thousan noaited m far the riolnlty and
that be Intended to born other bridge 90 the
road, and that Pilot Knob and Ironton woulp
soon be attacked .ana oapturea.
"All the troops along the road have been ot
dered ro Ironton by Colonel Carlin, Command
ant of that post, in anticipation of an attack.
A strone force of rebels is said to be In that
vloloity threatening onr force at the terminus of
Colonel Carlin's force consists of the 33d and
38th Illinois, 1st Indiana and a detachment of
ludlana cavalry, whloh, with our strong lortifl
oations, is considered sufficient to reoel any
force tbe rebels bave In that section,. until rein
forcements bow on their way can reach there.
Arrival of the Steamship Arabia.
Halifax. Oct. l6.-r-The steamship Arabia
from Liverpool ulb, via Queenstown tub Inet
bas arrived at ttalo port. Tbe advices by tbe
Arabia are two days later than tbose by tbe
nortn American. " -
An insurrectionary movement bad taken
place at Cyeladz, in Russian Poland, and the
major or tbat place was killed.
Mr. LlndHav. M. P.. in a speech at SundoA-
Iatid, gave his opinion that the English Govern
ment oucbt to urge the raining of tbe Ameri
can blookade, and tbat both England and France
sbould now consider tbe expediency of recog
nlzlnr tbe Southern Confederacy.
Financial depression continued in Paris, and
mere bad been some agitation in tbat city, ow
lng to tbe advanced price of bread.
Liverpool, Oct. 4. Rlooardson, Spenee &
Co. report flour firmer; sales at 27a 9d30
w neat steady; sales unimportant; 1U fjdlls
oa ror rea western! lie lUdfdlzi for southern:
12i12j 3d for white western; and 13d13i 6d
or white southern. Corn coward tendency:
sales at 31s CI for mixed, and 35-6137 for
wnite. iieef a met, but steady. Lard firmer:
sales at 47 Cj5Hj. Tallow aotive, with up
ward tendency; sales at 4'Jj. sugar, upward
tendency. Coffee firm; Rio quiet at 26 j CJ,
and 29 Cd for Carolina.
London. Out. 4 Breadstuff) firm: wheat G.r
6(i: flour 2730 : sugar buoyant: coff ee
nrm.' Rio quiet; tea common Congou buoy
ant at lld; tallow firm at 5U.riG,
Amcrioan SrcimiTixs. New York Central
shares 6li67; i;r:o 23, Illinois Central 39
Liverpool, Oot. C. Breadstuff firm and ex
cited; provisions qulot and steady.
jjOndon, uoi. a. uocbois lor money uaj
93. Illinois Central share M'. disconut:
Paris, Oct. 5th Evening Rentes closed at
6tJf 35o. -
Great Britain. The Earl of Eelinion died
on the 4th from an attack of apoplexy.
mt. Atinaeay, ii. 1. from Sunderland, while
addressing his constituents, touched the Amer
ican question. He said, as it would be some
time before cotton could be got elsewbero, he
considered it the duty of the Government to en
deavor to induce tbe Federal Government, for
the cause of humanity, to remove tbe blockade.
Considering the bold stand mude by the Con
federates, and the strength of the South, he
thought it almost time that the Government
of England and France thought of recognizing
the independence of so numerous a body of peo
ple (cheers and some hisses), it was evident
that tbe North was not sincerely anxious to
abolish slavery, which would never be removed
by a civil war; tbe separation of the North and
oouin was mucn more likely to accomplish that
Tbere had been agitation in some Paris fau
bourgs, owing to the high price of bread. Se
ditious placards were reported to be numerona:
some arrests were made. It wss reported that
forty thousand workmen were out of employ
ment at Lyons, but the authorities bad got up
wuranuups tor mem. , . .
. Troops bad embarked at Toulon for Rome,
10 replace otners in tbat city. 1
Tbe Bourse continued depressed and falling.
Rentes on tbe 4th closed at 631, 30a.
Spain. Tbe expedition against Mexico will
leave Spain very shortly. Witiout prejudice lo
n co operation wnicn sue will afford to
England and France, she intends acting
uiuue wuu in cuca, as ner interest ana dignity
require. ....
Tbe London Morning Post reiterates its state
ment that England will act jointly with Spain,
and that operations will commence the first few
weeks of the healthy seaspn of ths Gulf ports.
From Washington.
Wasbinoton, Oot. IS. The following bas
uecn lesuea irora ine Army neaoquarters:
U. S. soldiers taken prisoners bv tha rebel.
having been released on taking the oath not to
taxe up arms against tbe South, tbe Govern,
ment bas ordered that an equal number of oris
oners now confined In tbia city and elsewhere,
oe released 00 taking tbe prescribed oath of al
legiance, or ao oatn not to boar arms against
toe united Bisie.
Tbe steamer Yankee' arrived to-dav. and re
porta that the Pocahontas fired shells at new
rebel works at Shipping, Point, which bad the
effect of waking up the rebels, wbo prepared
their guns to fire on tbe Seminole, which was a
short distance behind tbe Pocahontas, and an
exchange of shots took place.
A committee of tbe fbiladeiDhia Council ar
rived to-day to present Gen. Anderson a sword,
wno naa not yet arrived.
From the observatory at Union's Hill, rebel
pickets ere plainly seen to tbe left of Falls
Washington, Oct, 16. An officer of tha Ja
cob Bull, who has carefully reoonnoitred tbe
Shipping Point battery on tbe Potomao, says
that there are six guns in position, all apparent
ly of heavy ordnunce. : Tne river there i about
one mile wide. ' . .
Intelligent offioers say that the statement to
tbe effect that tbere are eix miles of batteries
below Shipping Point le all nonsense. Vessels
might be annoyed by batteries from the shore
for a mile or two below here as far as Edward's
Point, but below that point the Virelnia shore
recedes from the channel and tbe river widens
that batteries would be useless if planted
there. Sixteen or eighteen guns are about the
extent of their armament thereabouts.
It Is believed by competent Judges that the
rawnee, Harriet i.aao aua xaakee went down
tne river last nignt. .
It Is rnmored tbst tbe order in rotation to the
exobaoge or prisoners, which bas iuBt been is
sued from tbe headquarters of our army, will
peedily lead to tbe discharge of all tbe prison
ers of war held by tho Federal Government and
the rebels.,
Sir James Ferguson and Mr. Burke. M. P..
arrtred here to-day from Manassas, under a flair
truce. . , . .
C . . 7 . " , C
[Special to the Post.]
A Virginia paper of Monday confirms the re
port that the steamship Nashville haa gone to
sea from Charleston. -1 1 - '
Tbe New Hampshire Quota of troops la full-
that State is the first which has com Dieted her
levy of troops under the President's requisi
tion. r - . ,v 1 .-
The Indian Agent for New Mexico has just
arrived here direct from that Territory. Pre
vious to his departure, all tSe principal men of
Navajoo Indians came to Smts Fe and made a
treaty of peace with the Government, with the
exception of those of Arizons, where a small
loroe of Texans have possession.
Tne r eqerai force tbere under lolonel Canby,
wbo commands tbat military department, is
from twelve hundred to fifteen hundred, while
tbe citizens bave railed three full regiments.' '
mt. stock reports tbe people as loyal to a
man. The object of the rebels Is represented
being to eeiis Government stores, rather tbtn
eonquer the country. -wva '(:
Tbere were no disturbsnces en tbe plains, and
wUea Mr. Stock was passing over them the In
diana were in tho best poeslblo bnmor from the
of their receiving presents and annui
ties. . - : ,
Waiter I. Smith, son of the Secretary of the
Interior, hss been appointed chief olerk of that
ueparimeni. ',
[Special to Commercial.]
: Air was quiet down tbe Potomao and down
the lines at noon, .... . . ,
Tbe Navy Department still discredit the re
potted engagement at New Orleans, especially
tbe story ot iiouins. 1 , j. ., ,.
A soout, who bar fust returned, reports that
there are thirty thousand rebels at Aquia
Creek.'- . f f ) i?
Tbe Navy Department Is satisfied from offi
eial . information in . it possession, .that, the
steamer Saranae is at San Franoieoo. under ra
r repairs, and tt la therefore untroe tbstebe
was wrecked off the mouth of tbe Mississippi
In a eanpfn. ' ' 1 ' v J" "
Secretary CamerOn'baV'telrmphed1 that he
will return to VViehlnbtgn bj td-morrOw morn-
mi. I -V:''! "';'-" .V'.- -.'
Secretary Seward hai, by direction of the
President, addressed long communications to
Governors of loval States, on the subject of im
provement and perfection of defenses of the
State over whloh each presides, and to submit
tne suoiecs to tne consideration; ot tne Legislatures
wbeo they shall assemble Expenditures
for this should be made subject of conioreeoe
with the Federal Government,' thereby eeowrlmg
its concurrence, mere to evetv season to no
lieve that States would "be ultimately telm
The steamer Mount Vernon passed Shipping
Point rebel battery this morning unmolested,
but the Pawnee following soon after, was fired
on from' the rebel battery, to which,' according
to orders, she did pot, reply. , Bath vessels got
fi- 1 .....! . I . . . '. 1. 1, Mt ;
up tmiijir. 1 1 t- ' , r- i iu t ; .j -i J
. From Upton's Hill, to-day, Jarfce rebel force
of oavalry and infantry was seen on the Leesbnrg
turnpike, four miles from ; Falls Church.
Twentr-three army wagons accompanied them
The supposition is thai ther were op s foraging
11 11 ' I
Movements of Gen/ Butler.
Monthlies, Vt Oct. 16. General Ball
reached here to-day on business connected with
raising bis MeT bngland Brigade.
Indiana Claims to Have 35,357 Men
to Actual Service.
Indianapolis, Oat. 16. Indiana' disputes'' the
statement tbat Mew Hampshire is tbe first State
that has ber full quota of volunteers in aotual
service- Indiana, whose quota Is thirty-four
thonstud, has thirty-two regiments of Infantry
of one thousand and forty-eight men each, one
regiment of cavalry fourteen bupdred and fifty'
three men, three batteries of one bundred and
fifty-six men each, and one of one hundred men,
making an aggregate or thirty-Bye thousand
tbree hundred and fifty-seven men in actual
In addition to this there are bix regiments
now ready for tho field as soon as arma can be
procured, and sixteeu more organized and .rap
idly tailing up. .' , i , .. .
Sailing of United States Vessels.
INkw York, (Jet. lb The Lxpress siatrs
that tbe following vessels have sailed: U. 8
frigate Wabaeh, U. S. gunboats Florida, Augus
ta, James Adger, Unadalia, Ottawa aod Sene
I he above vessels comprise the fleet that
has been lying on tbe Uattery tbe last week
Tbe Powhattan is still anchored, but will proba
bly get off to-night. ' ' j 1 ,
Sailed yesterday, storeehio Release, steamer
Philadelphia, gunboats W. Petit, ship Ocean,
Express, steamer Majflower, for Hampton
Roads. - 1 1 : 1 , ;,
Sailed to-dav. cunboats Alabama and St.
Jsgo; steamers Ethan Allen, Cqmmodore P,er
and Narraganset; sams destination.
! ;, f :
Darnistown, Oct. 16. A Federal soldier
ust escaped from tbe rebels, reports no laree
body of the enemy between Great Falls and
Leeaburg. Two Mississippi Regiments- bad
mutinied and left. Small rebel, forces are at
Winchester, Martlnsburg,'' Sbepardstown' and
Hancock, All quiet on the Potomao. ,,11
From Louisvlle.
LouisriLLi, Oct. -16-Secretarr Cameron
(who is slightly indisposed) and suite arrived
this afternoon. They leave to-morrow mornlne
Lexington, en route for Cincinnati, t, i
A speedy movement of Butkner'a forces from
Bowling Green is anticipated from the fact of
anouiing last week's contract, previously
made for provisions for bis army. . , .
NEWARK OJJ.r.0. ... t i'-1 ,';
Pinnufactnrora of all kind of - Par
taDio ana Ntationary (Meant En
frlaiea aw ITlilla, tiirlat itiilla,
etc., dec.
LANS A BODLTk Btatmt B. at J. BlAJfDTBtatttH
J. dbJ. a. DVT ALL Btatmlll C0LU3TBUS
at CO. Bwtmtlllt
Onr Portable Snaine and Saw Kill
awarded th flnt. premium of 950 at th Indiana
fair for 10 over Lam It Bodley'i on account ol
Price, lightness, simplicity, economy of fuel
and superior character of lumber sawed.
Our Stationary Inrine wa awarded at tha aama Val,
flnt premium of I2U0.
Our Portable Inain waa awarded the flrtt oiemlnn al
iuu at tne rair at aempnuu lnn., over itlandy Do
a, uoiumnu macnioe uo ., ana uraaiord a gov. .
a committee of practical Railroad Kngineere.. .. . .
lor price and tennt addren "
W1LLAKD WARKXB, Treaaarer,
decS-dawlyeot. . .;,i-it' M"'k,Ohio,
Elegant lace Mantillas.
msjixs c? son;
ISTo. 29 South High Sts,
lava juai oponta en invoice ol very large and
bandaun - . , ,
Wide French Laces ;for ;Shawi.&
Very Deep Freneh Flouncing Laces.
Real Thread, French, Cbantilla & Genevese
Valenciennei, Point de Gaze,1 Brusiels
and Tnreaa Laces and rniiarv-i
r , ,- , .. In new Shapes,
. , , , . For traveling
Travolirig Dresa -Goods.
Th bett and Boat bthloaebla tjle In th city,
i'Oa aH.l. ixik a.A,:.:
Je21: ;
1 . . tt v. ;
lor all Throat and Luna Complaint, tacludnir. with
perfect reaalta, Wwoorow Cooelt, QaaoiiO AM
Ooamoa CoroHt, Baoacnut, ajtw Thkoat Oovntim,
rore runner oi uouaumpnon. as A boothim
Bntof It ha no auperler. freed from all Oslata r
laetie propertiea, may b ad by mottdelieate ,;
wuona, ana wiui pwriovt oosuuence.
' - -. ). i' CI" p
i til tAt
Tim eatATBrr KATerua oruT era offrrad t the
world, containing not a parttei of Opiaat, ao any oak
tano tmt It ttrlotly Tegetabl and BMdioal prepertle.
ur Remedy for HnRaLou. KanoKaTiaH. floor.
Toora an Kab Am a, OATaaaa, Beea oa liar Tavat,
au minor nervonauompiainM. '.. .,
For Loa or Buar, and Headache ta aU Ha varwW.
ha ae eqoal, and to which moot andoabtcd teatmoal-
an offered, ' - . . ( ,v
f ua Daxmrcw him H I a moat perOMi iftlj.
Vor Bowat. Ooaruurr. after removtca tbe pain it aot
apnytic, a mott important eontratt wiu tu oowupa
tovvrOiMlt f Oaloaa. . -,!..'. ;' u i i
I yhyatefcxe, rornta la and Trial Bottle wllj beaeni
ta Dealer a IavalM a derittv yaaaphlet tthaat
pota-taip. ....-I
Preoued under th petl upwrvialoat.x,
,wiP. ,Wfs7rllM-wEl.lV,J t
',' -N'il aAa tABJU0a(m,
Ko 9 Oonunerslal Wharf, Boetoa, If an
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Oct. 16.
.. .. t
pence can, uui auer we araniai nei, wa
cloadS b'fr. ' lea !gi, AW bblaat
5J SO tnr rejected; i Si5 7 for auiaoe atate:
03 VlftJ ea lur Mini aww, 9- v imw eoperoao
weeteraf IS 4IKSI 70 for ooonion to median extra
wet tern; 15 75al5 w ror enippiof nraaoe eatra round
hoop Ohio; end S 0a SO lor trade brand, do, Oaua
Slto Flour may be quoted aabade (Inner, with a moder
ate Bttttoea doing. Bale of SSI bM a S SSSS 30
foranperlne; and fSaSfeS SO ferrnnmoMa abMc x,
tr. KFU)Tro.ttwt atS,7aw iu.
COW UAL Nomlnaflitoii1iol-S. aXt
WB(8RY More aeMro and, trrner. ,fcU3O0 bbla.
at wJ4'9lJt. oiuely OV silo at, wan a me market
openeddull. ')' .iKf .j ,w? a.
. WUB At Market oper.ed dull, but after Arabia' new
pike advanced lOo per txuhal, wiib, boeevar, only a
modevale export demand; aalea 36 Sou banh, Inferior ta
rhnhiileprlti;atai 13 000 buab. Kaclna
prinir attl lbVSBl :J; MOHO eoab. Ui,vanee club at
i wiisi stir is.uuvi avo- aeaber low m nuni ui
3 000 da Green Uty ipring at II 95; 20,000 do winter
rea wenernai i mail niM iMiuaii wtniar red Hit at
i xucl ait 13 xui io amber Michhgan atfl mm 83;
1SI.4U0 do white weatern a II SttfiUSil: add Sa.OOOda
wniie noDincKj aver . :j -.,..' .:,r..i
y rim: a.ieaXDUU bam. atate et7&ai77it...i .
BARLST-Qalett ulee 1700 baah. nrina
no. ana juuu dusd siaie a CKro - j. . . ....
OOHN In fair reaneel for exaort and hamaeABanmn.
ties at on mnt per baahel aavaoee; aalea of SiM.OVO
Dutn. at o iwom aimafran nixed weetera j SS)5bo for
Inferior to common de; MKbWJOo for aood tsarina ,rin.
do; aid Wc for Weitern veilow. Included io tbe aalea
are 30,00 htt-b. mixed Weatern Id (into at COo free of
toraK io ii in ot rtovemoer, aua MJ.LKJU do to arrive, oa
private b(uj. r'l t i - , . ,,
OATfl-'Very scarce and firmer; ale at 3S3Ss for
UKTiaoa ana aqslmq lur vveetern ana ata'e.
POKKContluiift inactive demand chiefly pe'crila-
tlve. and market firmer; inlet IHOO fcblt at 15 OOO
15 37c for full wehrbt mess: 1623 do nnlniux-t.il m.
at 75S10 00
BKaVThe market rale tteadv: with aale of 100
barrel at about 81 0114 50 for oonntry prime; 15 00
tsit an lor do meat! tvam su for repacked men; II? 75
BKKr HAM8-QaietatlK17e. '
OUT MB AT- UuleS end ateadr. at SASUa fnr
luupiacni, may Jiatoc lor nur. -BACON
Firm aod in fair demand: aalea 100 hhJn
amoked ildeaat'caadOOhdd. drr ttlted tldet at 7o.
.LARD Continue, very arm, aud there In leii activ
ity In the market: aaleaof ISO bbli at BvratOVn - -
JJOXllilt Bellini at 7 4.1 In fur Ohi,.: anil
tur sisiio.
CHK83E In fair reaueit at t3l7e. '
bUOAHfl haw very quiet but price without qnot.
ble cbvage; aalea 75 bbd Cuba at 8Jc; IS boxei Ha-
vaua, anu sou owe oaaia oa private ferine. l i
Muicovado at Slot end bv auotinn M hhila do at SOWa.'
anojonod, rorto itleo at S0M(3Uiceab. m
Butineaiat large weare quite a cheerful expreaileu,
but the greater part of the activity and (tlrae rreaeot
obiervabiel connected with Army work and auapiiei.
AfairjobblDg demand exiatitot ataple Grocerlea, but
in a large way icarcely a tranaaetlon wa made to any. r
Cleveland Market.
FLOnrt gale of 150 bbHi
I XX red at 4 S,V4lC0
bbla ehoice do at 14 75.
WHEAT Dull. Salei of 1 V-ar n4 at 7r,n- 9 Ai An
at 90c, and 3 enrf inferior white at Vie. No eale re
ported bi afternoon; i 1
COKN-Salei of 1 car at 33c.
0AT4 galea of tear on track at 33c. .
ZOO) Kirmat SI0c.
HISHWINE j-Baie of 40 bhfi at tfiir. "L'i
BL'TIBlt Unchanged, t'ululol 2'J keo, Mmmnn at
6o. and t flrkln fair at He. - !
liAKO Sale of 10 kef country lard ar7c j
blAUS-Sale 25 bujb guod quality at l 12,.
J I Leader. '
Cincinnati Market.
0 ROD ERIK 8 Are very ooiet and have been alnc the
date of our hut weekly review. Ko change are noticed
In price, but on the other baad holder are confident of
runner advance. ,. ,. ,
throughout the week. To-day titer wa a fair armor!
aijuuiw tne irionr maraet naa aenr in voad ana.
of tbe advance In price noticed yeieerday. Superfine i
quoted at 14 SO. A lale or two woe made at 4 25, but
prtcee cannot oe reardea a eetabiitosa ahov tb for
mer flfrare. Extra range from 4 25 to 14 40, and fam
ily at 4 4tit4 50. Tbe forein thlpmenu f breadatulf
eooUnut on a large icale. and ar likely to bold aood
inrouauoui ine Beaton, out iuore teem everv reaaon to
believe that all the profl.a atteodiua the enoolv of for.
elgn demand, are to go into Ah hand of transportation
companiea. t
WH a AT Hat met with a tteadv demand, both from
local and Ulterior miller. To-iayth offerlnira -are ra
ther better than for a few da; a past, bnt for choice
grade the prior and teedency of the market (re freely
attained. We quote red at c.0357, and white at e'5-3
08 . , '
OOKN Having advanced to 30o, 1 not quite io active
It waa, though the market la Arm.
OATS Hav advanced to 30c, and nave k ready mar
ket at that figure.
BARLEY We cannot regard having quotable
market. . .. '
RY& It In only aadciata request. T run taction!
ar made tt 38c.
j WHldKY Sell readily at 14 1-Se. ', ' , .., , .u
- v i ., . .. ( i' .... .. -i Ommeroial
An experienced Nune and female physician, nreaciiU
i to the attention of mother, her .. -I .
S O 0 T H I H'.G;WS;Y R.Uv
which greatly facillutea tha proceta of taetalng, by aoft
nlng the gum, nducing all Inflammation will allay
ALL PAUI and (peeaiodio aotton, and it -
Depend npap U, motben, U will give reel to yenrtelve
and . ? .
We have put up and sold thi, article fbf over ten yean,
what we have never been able to aay of any ether medi
ANCB, TO EFFECT A OVER, when timely uaed. Nev
er did we know an Inatance of diaratlifasttoo by any one
who used it. On the oontrary, all are delighted with Ira
operation, and peak in term of commendation of la
magical effect and medical virtue. We (peak in tha
matter "WHAT WE DO KNOW;" after ten year' Tpe
almoet every Initanoe where the Infant 1 tuffering from
pain and exhauatlon, relief will be foand in Oilcan ot
twenty minute after theriyrup la administered.
Thlt valnable preparation a the preecrlption of one of
flow England, and haa been Sted with NEVER f AIL-
INtr HUUCKnH In ... .,... f ,. .
It not only relieve the ohild from pain, nut Invigor
ate the itomach and bowel, Correct acidity, and lvet
tone and oners to the whole avltem. It will almeat In)
row,. ... .U j x .
and overcome oehvaiTOBi,' wnloll, If aot speedily rme
died, end in death. We believe It th BIST and 80
1ST REMEDY IN TH WORLD, In all caie of OV
1 ariaca fc icatlilnff. or from In. nth., ninaa. w.
would aay to every motherwhehaaa child eaffi-rlng fmm
any of the foregoing eomptalntr DO NOT UtT YOU a
tand between yon and your luflerlnv child, and tha ra
lief tbat wilt be OKB ye. ABWLDTBLY 8CRE Aoi
follow tb aaaof uuamedierne, u timely med. fpll di
rection for' Bltaif will aaeomDanv k bettWw aaaa
renuiae unlet the (e-imll of ODRIU St rxttHJN d, I
New York, It on tbe ouUide wrapperT. ' ' T'r' r,1
flnlA h all Tlnimvl.t. ihMn.liMt tba ar1.1 ' A'i..i I
Vrt ecipal Of fice IS Cotlaur Street NiV.'
:hl ,
' ' ' ' ' '
8team Between Ireland and Afjneric$
JjiEW TdRK,; Bd3TO"N !A"ND 'QA'LW'AT.1
The following ntw ani! manlflcent flnt-claunaMli
wheel 8teamhipoapo the above line:
ADRIATIC, ifiSi tons hnrth.n j. v.,
i (Formerly of the CpllinaVta.)
BIBUKNIA, 4,400 tonabbHtefi.'Capt. Tf. Paowaa.
1 1 1 . 1 I H.1 III 1 T 'M JHMtWtAa ar a. I. a
ANGUS. -?'4S5 Xri'
PAOifio,' amuo r r 9i vJT. i
PRINOBI ALBBJtt.iacraaJi.i, i r,-ri.. -: n ,U
rW . .nVjl .AJW,
One Oief.SjSv t hip. wTII tefWW Wert df TeaooM
altemaiohr every Tuesday fbrtnleht forOelway,
ryiac 1 th government mailt, touching at Bt. ' aobna, r
Tho Bteamer of thi Mo have been eorntnxHM wHh
th geatet car, nniter the uuenltowf th ,'"
meat, have nitrtlht oeeapa-rment. aad are onwot-i
led loreoanrt, aarety ana apeea oy any eeeemereanea.
They ar ootnaMiadtd by able and experienced oStoara,
and every exrrtioa wilt be mad to promote th oomforfc
of maMtrgera,
Aa.txperrroeen Bargee atcarnea to sacs. thjp. 1
U ... . . aV" i . i, a, . .i;rTaiS8.I
L . .1. J...VjiL'.. n .1 , . , I
i unt-iat n t w t at aveiaa uaiway ar t.lvTMol SiH I
or any town in Ireiana
ThJrd-clae paaaen re ra ave llheratr annolI.it arlra
vlalon of th beet o.maHty oookedaad Mired by tb
vania ot in vompany.
raraee waning to aeud for their friend from the nin
oountry oan obtain Uqketa froa any town oa a railway; in
inland, at Iroa th prmcliMU eitiaaol Jtaalaudand auk
tan at vary low rate. ' , ,
maajBgara. foa Aw- Tr, .trflyttg by) Cjt loilati
Btaamtra, will be fofwarded to New Xork frae oLoban.
. abaatate.O'.tatrbt Information, apnly to , , ,'
i'.jI Wa. M. wimtrrf i''3'
wa vww.wi-.irra- agwuaoy, ua U1W WHaiT, root 07
Cenalatraet, New York.
1 1 u.. .a . ' .v , .:
HOWLASD 4k ABPiWAlL, Agantt. '
aprlU9:d6m. '
iU tbBt-'Jiwm rv-Ti. all
- ZL-,LZ!J?r
, bh t Ran war M I
rir a. it i ,. "
mtur ysntrsrenthtj imciwi
BtrettheWfeyvV Teyleeinisio
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! P O A T J&tt FEC YlON
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... .- ' ee--,..,i """i l w
i . j GOOD 'FOR PUBLIn nPa" i'irn)a" '
fJirftbBirl'OltT 0BC : . ((, -j
They relieve a Cough Instantly! " '"' 1,1
Theyflear the Throat.' -,'-i ihik iu;,.iUl
They give strength and volume to tbe voice. 1
They Impart a delicious aroma to the breath . .
They are delightful to'the taste ' ";
they are made of simple herbs and oannot
harm any one.- "
I Sdvlts everv one who haa a ftinh a. hn.t. vju
or lid Breatn, or an dilnealtr of th Throat, to eef
psdage of my Throat Confection; they will relieve
you lntantly, and you will agree with me that "fhe y
go right to th pot.w . Ton wUI And thearVefy drfu J
and jlleaaant whll traveling or attendtag publlo meet
ing for ttllllrig yonr Cough or allaying your thlnt II n
ye try one package, Iamaafeln (tying that yon will ' '
eveTaTtSrward oontider the ladbpentabl. , .-J.'.
X Will find them at tta Druggist and Dealer Id
VMIclnss. j1"J f.vj n r; .f ; ... .,
' -' -a i; ....... ' '
J '
My lgnature I cn each pacltag'-' All other an
counterfeit. - '1 j-' ii f t tiV'TV;- .-,
A package will b tent by mall, prepaid, on recelot o
Thirty Oent. -' , ,
I . - 'IS 1- (
,-J.i NO. .48 C ED A E 8TKIIT, '
jjo:i a .
. a j. Wr a
Bytle use of the Pill the pertodle attaokt of Aer
eou or SlcJb BtadacKt may b prevented; and tf takes
at the ommDOnNiibof an aMacVtmatdlate relief froa
pain aad dckneM will b obtained
I TJiey teidom failremovlsf tb Jiamtv aod
oeA to which femalet are o inHJeot. '- - ' ''
.they aot gently upon th bowebi removing Ootti
"ss. j ' ii.il ' i " v, -i J i !
for , LUerary Men, Sudtntt, Delleat female '
and all penon otltdmtarf Aatolt, they era valwa'
u a Lcmativ. iaproring th mppttti, giving torn '
fVf tathe dlgeetiT rgaas,aad ratoring th natat . ,
laatldtyaaditrengthof the wtiol tyitnt. i.
THI OEPHALIO PILLS r the rwalt of long in vet '";
Ugatlan and ear fully eoadoetad arpertmenta, havisg , .' y
been lh ua many yean, during which Urn they hav '
prvnted and relieved a vat amount of pain and tuffer
tug from Bcadacha, whether originating in the Mrmi ' J,
iyitea or from a deranged ttat of th XeuioA. i ' . ..
N Thay an ntirely vegetable to their oauaotiioa, aw -aay
be taken at all tinea with frot aatety wtthoal
making any chang f dtet,"otf f tmc of an
difagrttabi tatU rendert k KUf fc akfmnj er Uur
eAildrm. j ij . i j
BIWARIOf OODNTIafHTIf S 1 A ." . : 5
Thtganuin hav flv Igaatai pf Beoxy O BpaMing'
on each Boa.., '',.",. ' ,;,A "' '
Bold by firogglM tad all other- Dealer In Medicine.
A Box will be Mnt by mall, prepaid, oa receipt of the
Ppioo. bo Cents, .
'" AU .rfler. abWd. b frMreaatd (t , V ' I. V
HEffllY C,iALfJtrts, fft
48 Oedar Street,
Mow Vark.
.1 .'I
e- -'' I-M ' 1 Kaarl
J iPALDraO'BPMPAMDaLDll.T5;it., ' .
all noh mrgeneie. and n boaMbo'd eu afford
j from th Examiner Korfant, Tj L i.A.1
. Oephall Pill acoompllah th ohjtot for which they
ware made, via.; Oar of; htaaacbt laU takgaa. ,
from th Examiner, Norfolk, fa.
They have beea hrtted h) mere than a thMaaad , .
wHh eaUr auac.; .1 -, - ' t . .1 ' L I 4 J . I j .'. ' ! 1
' ' ' j ' trot II Dtaoorat, St. Owad, Mlna; J ,' j.K
tf yeu ar. or hava been, troubled with tha hsadaah ' I
send fur a box. (Cephalic fill,) o that yea may bar-
then la oae of an attack. . .. ).
i c . Iroia the Adrartianr. Pnvidanoa. au t
'th Oephalw Pill an aid tob a mmtrk.M. .ir.,.l
HUedy for th headache, and on of th very bett for
that very frequent oomplaint.whlch hat aval been k TIO f
V '
Jroa the Wertern R. B. SSaett. Chtouo. Ill
' W aearttry andorWatr. Bnauldlne. anA hi. i.u
Tphiicpiii. ' ,Trr.Ajj
. We art tnr that peraona (Tiring with tb keadach
who try IfcewA, wll-eM p.. Cteaa nj J i fji tiib.nl
rroa th Southern Ifd yeWOrfpa,.
Try thecal yaw that atwaaUeted, aad wa.Ar aar taj .?
your Jaataaxmyeaaaataa. ai tb al-aady aaaMtoaa a.rf.
kit thtv baa recent keaeda Wiat a oiaec. aveaietna .,
nodn' -S Mic il eiiil tag!
- Jimnn an we J . .
kefttj ! from" th BtT Ual BeauatrU. ..."'"'r
rVoiiTh-rl-ierte, UrpeM.''lrwlLf h''1'?.
Mr. flpaMhf trbuia o obonaot hls"naa Wlsi a ai,'A1
Uclthadidaait awoetonaaeiualaaaraw ki..a,,u Taiii.
lTA'ihe Wtthy o4''lp'AMrWa,t"Hp- w
OLCB will v ten time "- timl it, , r fM-rrt LTjI
pJ p.ayHlM aaHMjOpniiruwa jfT-
UAiMla.lISlRJEl. tjLlTB t ! I J
' f-, ,rt - . ' - r ; ... .t
J ii..tv' eii Aa-i fcoA icAJAha eii
i r- - r aava iu ujuhm r-.i, -tnedmuA
6 atlONOMTI . . DtSPATfini w "
:vrT.. a a.i " t li
- -! -iTH" aUA ,7 Af n
A.alsnUn.B.aHII hnm a h. .! . ,
lllaa. la ear Aadmhla la k.M . .H- .. T"VK?-i
rT 4 7T - - r i
Taruem waa ior ranairuiw nmimia tm. niuui
oe wnuioai ta. at aatwaya raauy, an ap to tit taor
lag point. mu aauaal .fit m
i . iirrawrrrT. vi waav "
I I'.- .waa.waaa ,Mimm awuojio S'Jl tA t y aj
sr. MtA. yraaa aeenm-aata aaea koiiiv. ,,.. ja (.
wr.1 )
liaaajt i-x.Na. 4a, OeJav Strxt, Torby U
.A eartaia nnprlnclpM poreonr tr tenipUaa.t ,
Palm eSfen Ah ancoRMOihic auhlia. tiiiau.uj J .
ovum, I ajuiu ca:, o all poraoui U
aaiat twtor pambjuina, and re t t J '-ill - ,
, tjy-bf AUlINw A PKl.tt, . 4.' i
a ea ttouTiyi.taipotjUau,t areaaioau.' ,
kerttltS, EOV

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