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OCTOBER 18, 1861
alalia for New York City. Boston, Albany,
Pltlaliurith. rteubetivlllo way. Cleveland, itaneirllle,
N-....I, lir.n.iiu W.lilnotun Ollr. UaUlmor. 1 l M
tlel.lit and Mew Orleans, elos dally IBuuday axoeptr
ail 1 at U AilfWlf 1 . tla . I
a through mall fur New York and Clerelend elotn
.i ii.. u I - ,11 aft 0 nilruvav t . m .
u'o.fc 0. a. H. Way Mall close dally (Sundays
Central Ohio Way Malleloies daily (Sunday! sxcspWd)
OinVnnauVayMBll close daily (Sunday sxeepUd) at
o o look m r
Clilcaito, Dubuque, Delaware, Marlon ml Worthing
ton ilaila oloses daily IBundaya netptti) at o'clock
Ua'llsforXenla, Springfield, Dayton, Toledo, Cincin
nati, Indianapolis, Louisville, at. liuuie, ami veiroii,
closes dally (Sundays exoepted) at Bo clock p. m.
A through mall to Xenla, Springfield and Cincinnati
oloaei daily (Sundays exospted) at ju o'clock a. m.
Urbana, Piqua, IlUin and Union City mall cloiei dally
(Bundaya excepted) at 8 o'olook p. m.
Lancaster, Logan, Nelaonville, Clrclertlle, Ohllllootbe,
Portsmouth, Washington 0. II., Athena, Marietta and
Hillsborough mailt elote dally (Sundays excepted) at 8
clock p.m.
Katt Way Mall by National Road to Zanssvlll elotei
daily (Sundays excepted) at 13 o'clock m.
Harrisburgh Walloloiet daily (Sundays exoepted) at I
o'olook p. su
Mt. Veruoa Wall, by way of Weiterrllle and Banbury,
clotse dally (tjuudayi exoepted) at 8 o'clock p.m.
Dublin Mall cloeei datly(Snndays exoeptedjat 11 o'clock
p. m.
Lanoailer Way Mall elotei dally (Sundayi excepted) at
o'clock pm...
Mailt from New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Buffalo,
Albany, Pittsburgh, Clerelend, Dayton, Toledo, Xenix,
Detroit, Springfield, Oinclnnatl, Cbllllooth, Bt. Lonta,
and all Boutbern citlei, arrive between tbt hours! S
o'clock p- m. and 4 o'clock a. m. ' '
Mailt from Indianapolis, Chicago and Dube,oe arms
at 3:40 a. m.
Mailt from Washington City, Baltimore, Wheeling,
ZanetTille, Newark, BteuheuTille, Mt. Vernon, and the
0. 0. B. R. Way M all, arrtv at 18 o'clock m.
Way Mall from Oinclnnatl arrire at o'olock p.m.
Lancaster Hall attires at V o'clock p.m.
ait Way Mall oyer the National Road arrives at II
o'clock a. m, .
Mt. Vernon Way Majl ar rivet at 11 ;00 a. m. . ,
Mall from Dublin arrlret at 12 o'clock m. ,
Urbana Way Mall arrive at 0 o'clock p.m.
Barrltburgh Mail arrlret at 11 o'clock a. m.
Lancaster Way Mail arrlret at 12 o'clock m.
Office dellrerr onen erenr day (exoept Sunday) from
7 o'clock a. m. to a o'clock p. m. Open on Bundayt
from 7f to 9 o'clock In the morning, and from 4 to
o clock In tne
Rail Road Time Table.
LtTTU Mum at Ooumntii it Zima R Ri -r. i
Leaves. Arrlret
Oinclnnatl Accommodation. 5 00 A, M. 9:10 P. M.
" . Express 11:40 A.M. 11:03 A.M.
Mall and Aocommodatlon.. V:10 P. M. 2:00 P. M,
Night Bipreit tut Dayton. 12:00 midnight. 3:20 A. M.
Jko. W. Doutanr, Agent.
Coluhsus k. Clivii.iii R. R. . ,
Night Express 3:40 A. M. 11:15P.M.
New York. Express 11:10 A.M. Kr.WA.M.
0.0. kOi Way Rxpreit.... 2:30 P.M. 7:50 P. M.
Jmn PiTTtmon, Agent.
Cwti.0uio R.
No. 3 Ixpreje.....
3:30 A. M. 11:25 A. M,
No. 5 do 2:1S P. M. 11:45 A. M
W. J. f ill, Agent.
PirrtaoRoa, OoLOMirjt k OutcooiATt R.R.
MailTraln.... 330A.M. 11SSA.M
Kxpmi Train 11.S5A.M. 8:45 P. M
Jo. RoamtoN, Agtnt. .'
CoLomot ic IiiDiaiioroLii, R. R-
(OoLOMBDe l'lqrja Ac Irduna R. R.)
No. 1 Ernre 6:30 A. M. . 2:00 P. M
No. 2 " 3:00 P.M. 7:20 P.M.
10:50 A. M.
0. W.
Suits, Agent.
Thanks. Our thanks are' due to 8. D.
Thatchrr, of Adams Express Company, for fur
nishing na daily with Eastern papers In ad
vance of the mails.
Also, t3 our friend, John Stockdali, of the
American Express Company, for like favors.
A Chance for Printers.
A Democratic newtpaper, recently started, with a cir
culation ot 500 copiet, It offered for aale at the low price
of four kndrd dollar cat. It If printed in a
ilourlihlng county, and has part of the county printing
and lit circulation can eully be raited to 800. The ma
terial of the office cast, two years ago, 1800. This Is a
sood oDeninf for a practical printer. Address Editor
Statesman, Oolnmbnt, Ohio, for further particular
The First Grand Ball or thi Siason
The Columbus Cadets will open the season by
a Grand Ball at Waloutt's IUU this evening
Tickets can be obtained at Fiea & Ridocwat's
Drug Store, corner of High and Gay streets
aud at tbe Hall.
We bespeak for these young home soldiers the
countenance and patronage of a generous pub
lie. Tbcy deserve great credit for their early
manifestations of patriotism in training and
preparing themselves to sustain their country's
flag, If their services should be needed in the
camp or field. Buy a ticket, friend, and go to
tbe ball to night, and see how a Cadet can play
the galUnt as well as the soldier.
(LTCapt. Mrkter, of Cincinnati, has resolved
to go to the war, and, with his splendid brass
band, hs attached himself to the Fifty second
Regiment. The band left for Camp Dennlson
yesterday,' The inspiring musioof Minna's
Bind will animate both officers and men to no
bio deeds. - 1
Ths Dry Goods EsiroRirm. The great dry
goods Emporium for this ''Western- depart
ment" la in the new and splendid building num
bered 250 and 259 Sonth High. street, and is un
der the command, supervision and control of
Messrs. Hiadli, Ederlt and Richards. It
is an Emporium, in the original and primary
sense of the terjn, beoause it is a place where
buyera of merchandize come and go in constant
and Increasing crowds. - Here their wanta are
satisfied by getting tbe best quality of goods at
low prices, and they go smiling away. Call in
and see the Emporium and its visitors. " . ,'
. .. r
What Ohio has Done ahd ii Dome, Ths
number of regiments authorized by the. Govert
nor of this State Is eighty-six; and forty-two
are In the. field. Sit cavalry regiments are au
thorized, and four are full. Six companies are
in the field. , Five, batteries of artillery are in
tbe field, and a regiment of artillery forming.
Eight, companies are already In camp,
Lo I th Conqueror." Wo are happy to
announce to the oltisens of Lancaster that the
Immortal J. N." the greatest orator, satirist
and philosopher that ever breathed, will lecture
la the. Court House this- evening, ', Let It be
crowded, as It will be a long time before they
will again; have the pleasure of hearing the
"Intellectual nero, me leariesa neienuer vi
philosophy whloh weighs "man by merit alone,
irrespective of wealth or position In society.'
"J. N." realizes full well the great jealousy
that exists against him, A mere youth In
mm. ha has triumohed oveir" the trees. The
press has saoooabed to "J N.", and he now
holds the Archimedean lever by which he can
move ths world,
J. rfV Inoaroerates himself on the 28th U
ths New Lexington Jail for the ' space of pne
month or for life
t for lire.
i) -ii N.I A',' bright ', immorUllty
Go on
awaits you,
BT At ths ssseloa, f the MeoloaT Joaidfor
ths examtrnfrtoR 'Of Army Burgeon, In this
. -''''. . M JTJ-A '
olty, on Wednesday. ninsiy-ve eanuuiavw pre
aented thertSeWes fo sxamlnatloav ;
W LteiitenilT, John r?W$ jfcrf, sf'B h
JswETT.of Zaneevllle, bas been appointed A
Jutant of the First Rsgimsnt, Ohi? Cmlry.
Raw We htd yesterddj and last night one
of those itetd tad benefloent fall rains, wble
ProTldeaca to kindly Bends to! Mteiate the
ground thorough!, feed the wells, springs and
Streams, and prepare nature) for the winter, of
whose near approach we bare eigne and premon
Itlons. .' ; ' 5. : ",' " k( ".
dTOeneral A. McDownt MoCook, late Col
onel of the First Ohio Regiment, took command
in Kentucky, laat Monday,' of (be bt!fiaild,f
ueneral bucrman's army below ElizabethtowS
Ohio has now three Generals in active eerylceln
Kentuckj General Mitobili., at Camp Dick
Robinson ( General MoCook, at Camp Nevlnj
and General Shiihah, la command of the De
partmont of the Cumberland. ' '" "'.'! ' ' .",
Oh ofr'THi PoMfB. The edtt5r of "the
Saa Francisco Ooldtn Era, eruslly rejects a
poem sent, him by ."Ann Marift,'.' and then
gives the following extract frrlm ; tne 'BUlvje, Jn
lastiuoatlon or bis decision: nar 'n ... :.cj 7 m
I bad a dream, . . ,
07 a m 'ii-e-..
1 tnort 1 wat alone, alone,
Ob, lldldaemo . .)!,.,,,
Bo tad away from home, from home
Ml btd upon ml band,
I lent, I lent s , . .. . ,
Mi in npon the tend ...... ,.,,..,
I bent, I bent.
X c.rl)
V 1
A fit t.;l
I thort of other dyt : .
And think, and thlngi ;
Of happy, obildlih plats,
And ttrlngt, and ttrlngt
ST A. A. GkiFFiTH, the elocntloclst," is in
Cleveland, giving Instrnotions In reading end
elocution, . .. , ', ., ., ".; ; , , li (, ,... ,,.
" I mmm mmmm in p mi l.-.t r. W il 1
BT General MrroniLL left' Clnclnnntt for
Kentucky on Wednesday.
.IUU ( '.
ID Mr. B. F. Sanrord, formerly of, Cincin
nati, has been appointed Consul at"Auz Caves;
ID. The Ohio BAptisk Association meets at
Mansfield, on Wednesday Oct. S3.
D The Coldstream Zouaves, Capt.. II. C
GiAkY) and Capt. A, G. Sharp's company,, were
mustered into the Forty-sixth ' Regiment on
Wednesday. ' '
' To Military Grntumin and Crviuit
You will find at N. GonDiHSHiiMER'aNo. 129
S. High street, nest door to the Goodale House,
a large1 and superior stock of ready-made cloth
ng, and a like exoeiient stock ot clothe to be
manufactured to order In the merchant tailoring
department of his establishment, ' Mr. R.
SroRLiNO, who superintends this department,
Is a skillful cutter, whose ability and repntation
afford ap ample guaranty that none but the best
of work will be made under his Inspection. .
Our readers, military and otherwise, will find
It to their advantage to purchase their clothing
ready made, or leave their orders with Mr. Gin.
DiRsuiiHta, who Is an old and experienced mer
chant of this city, and is enabled, from, the fact
that he buys his goods for cash, to' sell at a
very low figures " 1 '' '"
Remember N. GuirDtRsmiiiR, No. 129 South
High street. -. : ! . ootl3-lmeod
Safe , and ( Economical
tlnrMtiAnnit I: ..
To Iti original color without dyeing, and prereotlng
Hair from turning gray.
And curing It, when there Is tbe lout particle of vital)
or rooaperaUvo energy remaining. - ,
And all oataneoas affections of the Boalp. .' 1 t
Imparting to It an nneqaled gloss ahd brilliancy, making?
It soft and silky In its texture, and causing it to curi
readily. t r . i a
The great celebrity and lncreaelng demand for this an.
oqnaled preparation, oonTlnoes the proprietor' that on
trial I only necessary to satisfy a discerning public of Its
snperioraualltiea over any other pfeparatiou in oea. It
oieanaes the head and scalp from 'dandruff -aad other
rataneont diseases, oauting the hair to grow luxuriantly
giving It a rich, soft, glossy and flexible appearance, an
also, where tbe hair Is loosening and thinning. It will gir
trenetb and TUror to the root and restore Lie growth te
hos parts which bare pooomo bald, oattslpi lit yield )
reihcorerlnr of hair; ' - ' " . -$:: ii
There ar hundreds of ladle and gentlemen In New
York who have had their hair restored by the use of this
Inrlgorator. when all other preparations ham failed. Jm
at. basin hi possession letters Innumerable' testiryinj
to tn abort facta, from persons of the highest redsecU
billty. It will effectually proront the hair from turning
until tha latest prlod otlife; and in ease where! th kair
ha already changed Its color, the nse of the Invlgorator
will with oerteinty rettore it to It to its original hue, tir
ing it a dark, groesy appearance. A a perfume- for the
toilet and a liair Beetoratlr it Is particularly recom
mended, having an agneabl rVarranoe; aad.tbe Krtat ta
oilltle It affordt in dremlng the hair, which, when moist
with the Inrlgorator, can bo dressed in any required
form to as to preserv Its place, whether plainor In carls
henco the gnat demand for It by the ladies as a staailard
toilet arttole which none ought to be w!thout,a thofpric
places it within th reach of all, being '
.' i Only Twenty-Five Cantsi .
per bottle, to be bad at all respectable Drugtftti and
., : Prfmr. .i ..--J-.-. .
-' .,r,..
I,. RfltLBR would call the attention or JareoH and
Guardian to the ua of his Inrlgorator, tat case where
tb children's hair inclines to be weak. The nse of it
lays tha foundation for a yood head of ,Xatft' a It re
move any Impurltlee that rry hare become connected
with the acalp, the removal of which I necessary both
for the health, of the child, and the future appearance of
Itsuair. .....
Oaotioi). Hon eenuin wltiont the fac simile LOUIS
HILLBH fcoing on th outer wrapper; also, L. MIL-
LRH'B HAIH UiTIUOKAIOB, . blown in th
lass. : r
Wholasal Depot, SB Dey street, and sold by all th
principal Merchant and Prnggist throughout th world
aitoerai uuwotwt w punuuieen "Jt ui iiuanuiy. ; . . , . i
I also desire to present tb the American Public my' "'
which, attar years ot soientlAo experimenting, I hare
brought to perfection. It dyes Blaok or Brown instantly
withoutlnjury to th Hair or Bklni warranted the bett
artloleof thktutlnxittaace. J ' il '
Depot,- i66f. Dey .? : Sfc, New & York,
eoc:dtwiy. . - .!
;:-!! Pipdvicer .
.;, .. : ir ; :- Viom
'Foreign afldpppsticrIjiluor3
- a ! Fruitd, etc etc::
-J ',it TAW. Yi,
Jti'u, NORTH HiGtf .B'ft EE T,
vilJ 1? etc.!
Z No. ,106, South High Steely
Th old stand recently occupied by.WM, MoDONAlD
pi of '
il 1 V 1 . I i
aistitf - it un rnceu - rnnne -
i fii'.i ''(' 'r , .fit . t iy
1 - l!
Whloe Will Slit . I ma-fc:! JV 1 1
Cheap oi; Cktit:CnVttnr9,
ipr Oecdt deltTered to City trade' Tof'ipi!
lvrCMAK CLOT08.'. luie, other makes of Brrrng
O lot! Qltn,.tn ail aestrabie mixture Bindings, xas
ls aiid uUC to match. ,T ' ' - BAIN t SON,'
apriur i no. x oomurnixiiBHv
I a 'ii. Tnlll '.STkO.S
rr'-r m .-'HTBnoiwpi Tini.siiD
UalB, new styi, jnssoproso oy
- . Aia ss nun, .
Reported for the Ohio Statesman.
A':.. . I't
Battle at Bolivar Heights.
Rebels Routed.
Reception of Secretary Seward's
Gen. Hardee at Bowling Green with
10,000 Rebel Troops.
&c. &c. &c. &c.
From Washington.
[Tribune Dispatch.]
Waiuinotom, Oot 16. This momine
taohment of one thousand from tbe Massachu
setts Thirteenth aodCol. Geary's Pennsylvania
Regiment,-crossed, the river at Bolivar and at
tacked, the enemy sixteen hundred strong. .A,
ter a severe conflict the Union troope drove them
baok from the river,' capturing a thlrty-two-
poemder; Onr lose yas six killed.' (.Tlje ene
my's loss unknown,, , ; ... ,-j.vr.r!
' Gen. Soott thought this intelligence of Buch
Imcortsnce that he called on the President to
communicate it. - i --. .
a Letters received here state tha, five thousand
armed rebels with twenty-five cannon are or
eanizine in' Accomao comity, on the eastern
shore of Virginia.
'"me U.S. steamer i.oni9iana, wnicn nas Deen
off Chlncoteogae Islanl, has captured a dozen
of schooners which had no clearance papers. ,
On the oth Inst, two launches seut to cap
ture a rebel vessel in shore, were fired on bv a
larger force of rebels, and one of onr men was
wounded. i ns ore was rerarnea, ana one or
mors rebels- killed. The shot from the rebel
guns burned up the schooner. '
Two nunarea maryianaers, wno. were in tne
Bull Run fight, are believed to have left Balti
more this week for Virginia to join the rebel
army. It has long been known that they were
in Baltimore, bnt tbe new police could not, and
the old would not, identify them. . . -.
(Times' Dispatch.)
" It Is thought that the rebel army has fallen
hack' entirely from the line of Manassas, and
established a new line on the west side of the
Rappahannock, with their right resting on
Acquia Creek, and their left resting at the foot
of clue Mountain., -
It is stated that the rebels nave interpreted
our preparations for a naval expedition as real
ly coverieg a contemplated attack on them at
Acquia UreeK. to meec mis, tney nave con
centrated; thirty-five or forty thousand troops
In that looaiity. - i. .
[Herald's Dispatch.]
The assignment of Gen. Mitchell in tho place
of Gen. Thomas to the command of the troops
at Camp Dick Kobioson, in Kentucky, is much
murmured at by the KentuckianB. Gen. Mitch
ell may be quite as experienced, but the people
of Kentucky know Gen. Thomas and have con
fidence in him, and are anxious that he should
retain the command.
The Harriet Lane has just returned from oil
Indian Head with Commodore Craven on board.
She is armed with 32-pounders and' 18 Inch ri
fled guns on her forecastle., She will require a
mncb more formidable armament than 32
bounders to cope with the new batteries, and
will probably return to-morrow with a heavier
[Special to the Post.]
Washington. Oct. 17. Mr. Coma, Indian
Agent,. who has just arrived here from Kansas,
reports that Gen. Lane's brigade is in fine con
dition and confident of its ability to keep the
rebels out of Kansas.
The liauor sellers in this city are boldlv
tranBirreasinir thedawr bv sellinar intoxicatinc
drinks to soldiers, and. much trouble is caused
thereby among the troops.
The eteamer Mount Vernon, Capt. Mitchell,
came up last night. Some twenty shots were
fired at her from the battery at and Rear Ship
ping Point, but none struck her.
Captain Mitchell reports that thirty or forty
vessels bound np, with Government stores, and
merchant vessels with eoal and oysters, are
IvinVat Smith's Point, afraid to pass tho ene
my M batteries near Shipping Point. . These are
five batteries, mounting tmrteen or more guns.
A battery has just been opened on (joonllco
Hill, on the bank of Qaonlloo Creek, a short
distance above Shipping Point. The other
three' are between Shipping Point and Evans
Dort. There is . said to be also a battery at
Timber- Creek, and one gun on the hill above
Evansport; ' :
When the Pawnee and Mt. Vernon went down
night before last, tbe Mt. Vernon preceded the
fawnee, ana tne lour nunarea marines on ooara
were ordered to ley down on deck two deep, in
passing th,S enemy's batteries, which was done,
and they thus eaoaped observation from the
shore. Thirteen shots were fired at the Paw
nee, six of which struck her, and one near tbe
magazine. '. 'i , ! '- - i .. - ': .
' The Commissioners representing the interest
of Ameriea at tbe World's Fair at an adjourn
ed meetiog nave appointed an executive Com
mittee, consisting of D, P. Johnson, of New
York, chairman, Henry Kennedy, a. in. Bea
ton, of Washington, and Task Partridge, of
Maryland, tne 4ast named secretary, it is tneir
duty to make all necessary preparatory arrange
menu for tha exhibition. An office is to be es
tablished at Washington, and a description of
all articles Intended tor exhibition submitted to
the Commissioners for their aotion. Inventors
or other exhibitors can apply to any one of the
Commissioners or Executive Committee. ' ' '
; The exchange ot prisoners is to be made Im
mediately. Justice Donn, of this oity, went to
tbe military prison this morning tn order to ad
minister the oath of allegiance to the rebels
who are to be released, under the provision of
the recent oiuciai oraer.
Gen, McCIellan inspected Geo. Smith's divis
ion this mornine ,
General Banks arrived here to-day and nas
been engaged in consultation at tbe War De
dartment. ' '. 1 : ': V! .,' ; ' ' '' ,'
Secretary Cameron is expected to arrive here
by this evening's train irom tne west..
General McCIellan, accompanied by Gener
ale MoCall, Hancock and Smith, and a large
body of regular, cavalry to-day visited Vienna,
nve miiea weBi oi ueniunyino. i. -.
Nothing is said here about Secretary Sew
arrl'a nirnnlar. ' ' '
Information Is received bere from a credita
ble source that Slidell and Mason, rebel minis
ters to France and Lngland are not only
authorieed to negotiate treaties ot. extraordina
rt commercial advantages, but to place , the
Southern Confederacy for a limited period un
der their nroteetlon. ' . 1 v
Of the thirty-six rouei prisoners to ne releas
ed, only three took the oath of allegiance; rest
tnok oath nnt to bear arms. ! ' : . ' - - '. - -
Washington City Council elected. .Wallack
mayor, vice Berrett, resigned; v , ? ', .
Battle at Bolivar Heights, near Harper's
Ferry—The Rebels Routed—
Their Colonel Killed.
. Baltinobi. Oot. 17. A gentleman Irom near
Harper's Ferry furnishes the partioulara of a
fight between six companies, eonsisting of parts
of the 18th Pennsylvania, 3d Wisconsin and the
13th Massachusetts Regiments, under command
pi Monei Joan ueery, ana tnree nunarea reo
9tOfWirij vamuiij uiuruiug.
i .The;rebele showed themselves on Bolivar
Heights, at Harper's Terry, and rcommenccd an
Uftack (rom artillery with three companies, un-
aer major j - r: . vtqaia, sianoneci on tbe nottn
elde( thsrotomao. A constant flie'was kept
np for some hours, whan three companies of the
8d Wisconsin Regiment crossed tbe rlvw and
formed into line, ana, drove the enemy back and
succeeded In captorU one of their heavy guns.
They wero, how?r,--oompll4. to - retreat,
vfhlohthey did in good order to the rivet. Hers
thejfVsre reinforced -bythree 6ther companies,
an they tbeo,with Colonel Gear at their head,
inarched npon; the enemy, and after hard fling
ing, droye them from their position and recap
tured the da-pounder, a coiumDiaa.
Our forces had but three pieees of artillery,
and these were fired from this side of the river
ontll the enemy retreated. -
The enemy had seven pieces of "artillery and
five hundred oavalry, together with their infant
ry. They were completely routed and driven
back some miles.
Our loss in killed and wounded Is not over
seven, while that of the enemy Is at least one
hundred and flffr.
Colonel Ashley, who was at the head of the
enemy, is among the rebels' killed
Price's Army in Full Retreat—One
Hundred and Thirty Rebel Cavalry
Surprised and Completely Routed
near Lebanon.
Jifhrson City. Mo,. Oct. 1C A scout ar
rived here to-night, and reports Price's army on
Sunday at Cllntonvilie, ueuar count;, wuiuu w
twenty-five miles South of Paplnsville, on the
Carthage road. The whole army nave euecteu
the passage of the Osage, and are still in full
retreat, ,. . . t ' -
Rolla. Oct. 1G. Thirtv-one more ot onr
wohnded soldiers arrived rrom Springfield yes
terday. These men renort that svsnarp smr
miah took place on Monday morning, twenty
miles this side of Lebanon, oetween two compa
nies of mounted men belonging to Maj, Wright's
battalion, attached to Gen. Wy man's command,
and some one hundred and thirty reDei cavairy.
Maior Wrleht surnrised the rebels by an attack
in the rear, and oomDletelv routed them, killing
about thirty, and taking tbe same pumDer pris
oners. Maior Wrieht's loss was one killed
and one severely wounded. . Very little firing
was done bv the rebels. '-" - ' ' y
i The renort that Col. Tavler'a regiment of
rebels, which has been stationed at bpringneiu
emco the battle ot Wilson's Creek, bad maroh-
ed North, is confirmed. They have probably
gono to join Price on the Osage.
, mfc. i s
Secretary Seward's Circular.
New York, Oot. 17. The fleof which sailed
from this port' on Sunday, arrived at Old Point
on Monday evening, creating great excitement
by its extensive character.
A Hig ot trune from jNorioiK came down that
ay, but Gen'. Wool' refused to receive it. .
The circular of Sec'y Seward causes a depres
sion ia stocks to-day, especially in Government
securities, some thinking that the Secretary o
State is in possession of knowledge relative to
foreign movements, which prompted - such a
document. - Government' sixes of '81 declined
about two per cent , and some leading stocks
nearly four per cent. The noon market, bow
ever, closed slightly more steady.
Philadelphia, Oot. 17. Secretary Seward's
letter is received here as timely and significant,
showing the necessity foe preparing for any in
terference of foreign powers. - It occasioned a
decline in State stocks. ' Reading R. R. aud
other 8ccuiities are steady.
It is reported here that tho Government has
superseded the commander of the blockading
squadron off Charleston, leading to the ' suspi
cion that the reported escape of tbo Jfashville
is correct. .
Boston, Oct. 17. Secretary Seward's circu
lar attracts no special attention. Its sugges
tions about coast defenses meet with approba
tion. -
Gen. Hardee at Bowling Green.
Louisvillc, Oct. 17. The rebel General
Hawthorne, of a Mississippi brigade at Hop.
kinsville, Kentucky, transferred that postofiice
to the charge of a Confederate postmaster
Thus the southern Kentucky towns are regular
ly posted with Southern malls under the author
ity of the rebel Postmaster-General.
It is reported that ueneral Hardee la in com
mand at Bowling Green, with ten thousand
troops, including two thousand Texans, whom,
from their wild appearand, the people there
take tor Indians. . - ,
Louisville quiet. -There is an accumulation
of southward bound travelers at our hotels who
find It impossible to get through our lines
From the Upper Potomac.
Dcarnestown, Oct. 15. On the night of the
lGth of September, a detachment of twelve
men crossed the Potomac for the purpose of re
connoitering and foraging. When about a half
a mile from the river, they were attacked by
fifteen rebels, two of whom were instantly kill
ed. Among the wounded was my informant,
corporal Gracey. . As Gracey lay wounded up
on the gronnd,a rebel, M'Carthy Low, a farmer
residing in the vio'.nlty, ruBbed up and shot him
twice, both barrels taking effect, and was stop
ped from firing a third shot by his Captain.
one ot tne bans penetrated uraceys Dace in a
slanting direction, and cam out on his left
side; tbe other, cntoring tbe back, lodged in
his left lung, where it still remains.
His two weeks' stay at lairfax was not of an
unpleasant character, considering all the cir
cumstances, in this hospital the inmates were
mostly members of the First Virginia Regi
ment. Every day or two those seriously ill
were sent to Richmond, as it was feared Gen,
MoClellan would attack tbe rebel lines. The
night after he beoame able to move about he
drugged the beverage ot his' attendant. He
then started toward tbe Potomac, at the point
of his capture, but in consequence of large reb
el forces, be was compelled to diverge In a
westerly direotion, crossing Bull Ron, thence
taking a circuitous route to avoid observation.
While in tbe hospital at Fairfax he occasion,
ally overheard conversation.between officers and
the surgeons of tbe hospital. .; He Baw Beaure
gard and Langstreet In conversation .on sever
al occasions and inferred that Langstreet held
some important commission. " ' " '
On the 6th instant J ett.ua vis was at fairiax
and spent several hours with Beauregard.
Gen. Johnston was understood to be somewhere
in the immediate neighborhood. , .
On one occasion General Langstreet said to
the surgeon that the - rebel forces In front of
Washington were so scattered that if attacked
at any point on the line there must necessarily
be an abrupt retreat by ail upon Manassas, their
Gibralter. They think it Impossible to be driv
en from this point. ... ... s
It was generally believed that Beauregard
would burn the village of Fairfax Court House
if compelled to evacuate it. ,
It waS Impossible to ascertain the exact num
ber of rebel troops in and around Fairfax. Tbey
were variously estimated at from fifty thousand
to one hundred thousand. As far as Graccy's
observation went they were better fed than
clothed, but be heard of no complaints in re
gard to the latter, although their uniforms pre.
sented a curious variety, mixed grey predomi
nating over other shades of color. Salt had
been scarce, bnt the supply was becoming more
plentiful. He learned that hundreds of men
were employed on the sea shore in making salt.
Missouri State Convention.
Sr. Louis, Oot. 17. In the ordinance provid
ing for abolishing certain offioes, reduolng sala
ries, testing the loyalty of civil officers in this
State, passed by the State Convention yester
day, is a section providing that all persons tak
ing the oath prescribed by this ordinance within
thirty days of its passage, shall be exempt from
arrest or punishment for taking up arms against
the Provisional Government of this State, or
giving; aid and comfort to Its enemies in the
present civil war, and tbe Governor ia directed
to request the President, in the name of the
people Ot Missouri, by proclamation, to exempt
all persona taking said oatn irom an penalties
incurred by taking up arms against the United
states,, or giving aid ana oomiort to its enemies
in the present civil war. , , i j
Affairs in Missouri.
Cabv MoKinstby, nsar Stbacusi, Oot. 17,
Gen. Fremont has tent a dispatch here, stat
ing that he has reason to believe that Sterling
Price has retraoed, or will retrace his steps to
the Osage, and there make a stand and give
our foroea battle.
Adjutant General Smith informs me that he
has raised over ten mousanu men lor tne mis
aonrt State Militia and thinks he will be ena
bled In due season to obtain the remainder of
the fortv-two thousand, '
A large supply of transportation Is now on its
wav here from St. Louis
-. HcAnQOABTias at Waibaw, Oot. 16. Wo
are here With parts of Slael's and Asboth's
Divisions. Slgel's advance Is already aoroes
the Osage', ilis cavalry, to day, had a skirmish
with on of the enemy's mounted parties, and
took three' prisoners." ffe is In possession of
the bridre over the romieaeteer river, wun in
fantry and artillery.. Th main body ot th
1 .... Jl .MllMrt itlH,.n 1 '
ninuii nuwMU iuni-uir wiicb.u Btsui, .
St. Loots. Oot. 17., The1 St. Louis Democrat
WfW hat Dri WhW. iorgeoQ ol Ch?3i. IU1,'
noi Regiment, of Col. Mulligan's Irish Brlg-
ede, started oa Wednesday, by oroer or. uen
Curtis, for Gen. Prioe's headquarters with an
offer to effeot the liberty of Col. Mulligan by
tendering the release of Gen. Frost from th
parole of honor taken after the capture of Camp
Jackson. We bear, also, tbat a like exenang
will be tendered Col. Bowen.
Gov. Curtin Presents Regimental
Flags to Gen. Negley's Brigade.
PirrsBoi'iH, Oot. 17. Gov. Curtln and suit
arrived lo the midnight train, and were escorted
to the Monongahela Hotel by Gen. Negley and
staff and Oapt. McAulty's oompany of Wegley's
Brigade. Tbe object of the Governor's visit
waa the nreaentation of State Regimental Flags,
which; took, place this afternoon in presence of
an immense donoonne or people, ana was quit
. Tbo, Brigade, numbering about three thousand
hardy, well disciplined, wall, equipped troopa,
marched from Camp Wilkin through the prin
cipal streets to Allegheny Common, where the
ceremonies took plaoe.
Gov Curtin presented the flags, and mad an
appropriate ,tnd patriotic speech, which was
neatly responded to by Gen. Negley; after
which grand review, tbe Brigade will leave to
night en fir steamers for the West. . , ,, ,
The Seminole Fired Upon from the
Rebel Batteries on the Potomac.
Foet Moneoe, Oct. 16 The gunboat Semi
hole has arrived from Washington. When
passing Evansport, above Acquia Creek, she was
fired upon by tbe rebel .batteries. Four out of
forty shots took effect, one nearly carrying away
ber mizzen' mast.- The. Seminole returned
twenty-six shells, some of which bnrst over the
rebel battery.
The; gunboat' Flag has sent up a valuable
prize, taken but a ebort distance off Fort Sum
ter, loaded with molasses, fruit, etc. '
New York Market.
NEW YORK. Oct, 17.
COTTON Continues quiet.
FLOUR Market SSilOe better. with fair builneai dolnu
tor evport tnu nome consumpuon at in aa ranee; sales
or 28,000 bbls at S55BJ 22 for reieoted; ti 3033 40 for
superUa state; SS 60 for extra state, and SS OS
for choice; C5 30t5 40 for saperflne western ; S5 40.
a e tor common to medium extra western; sues
S 95 for thinning- brands extra round boon Ohio: and
G Oifflfl SO for trade brands do, market doling- lather
quiet ana noiaers a little more diiposed to resllis. Can
adian vlour adranced StSlilo, with a fair business dolus;
at tb Improrement- Bales of 900 bbls at IS 3033 40
lor snperune; ana J usn no for common to cbolc ex.
tra. Bye Flour quiet at ti 754. , , .
OOHN HBAL Quiet and nominally unchanged.
WHISKY Market firmer, with aaleaol 460 bbls at
21Xc, and 130 bhds damaged at 21Xo. -
WHEAT Somewhat excited and l($3c better, with
good export demand at adranoet sales of 3800 bushels
unicago spring at 1 1KB1 xu; 1UUU do Kaclne spring at
1 rjt&ixu; JVtUiiuao Milwaukee olub at I IVXMmiSb;
18,4110 do amber Iowa at tl W'ill 2(1; 89,000 do red state
at 11 31 1 34; 13.200 do amber Mlohlranat 11 3331 1 3li:
6300 do whit winter Michigan at SI 4.')1 40; 8300 do
white Kentucky at f 1 42:31 47; aid 2000 do whits Ohio
at 1 40.
BARLEY Steady with sales of 7500 basnets Canadian
and western at 72c, and 500 bushels state at 63o. -
CORN Has adradced lo per bushel, with fair demand
for export and home consumption and speonlstlon; sales
of 92,000 bushels at 575ec for Inferior mixed western;
39960s for common to fair do; SI for passage shipping
do afloat; 62o in store and S3c for western yellow.
uaxd v err scarce ana prtoes bar again adraneed.
Sales at 3739o for Canadian and 3140o for western
and state.
PORK The demand for nork continues actlra and mar
ket firmer; sales of 1350 bbU at 15 0015 50 formers;
I3 50 for new mess and 910 for prim. .
BEBI Quiet and wlthont material change In prices;
sales of 130 bbls st (44 SO for country prim.
CUT MEATS More actlre; sale of 108 packages,
luciuuioR auoaiaers at aiffjttc ana nams at OHiottiKo
BACON Quiet.
LARD In better demand and market still rules very
firm ; tales of 1030 bbls at 8 V9 J(o.
BUTTER Is selling at 7 lie for Ohio and 12,S15c
CHEESE Quiet at 57c.
SUGAR Raw unohanged; sales of 788 hhds Onba
at7X8,c;200hhdsrortoRlcoat 6K9o and 1900
voxee n&rana on prirate terms.
MOLASSES Remains dull. Only SO bbls New Or-
eaps cnangea nanus at prices not transpired: at auotion,
7j bblt Porto Rico at B7X32o.
8TOOK8 Dull and lower. Chicago and Rock Itland
49; Cleveland and Toledo 35; Michigan Southern guar
anteed MX; Mlohlgan Central Harlem preferred
ju; raclllo Mall MX; Missouri sixes 83; Tennetsee
llxei42; United States sixes of "81 coupons 92 X: Uni
ted Btetes sixes of '81 registered 92: Chicago, Burlington
and Qulncy 6-2 X; Illinois Central SB: M, chirm Innth.
ernl7i Harlem 12: New Tort Central 76: Tlralnla
jiica in ; uiuonri Bixssu.'i; unitea states nvesof
it coupons os.
Cincinnati Market.
There continues to be a varv aulet oonditlon of thinn
lu uie Eiocer uerKBK. ...
In produce operations, much inconvenience is still
experienced by th inefficiency ot transportation facil
ities, and under this ditadrantag rate ar to b again
aurancea to-morrow, ins ngures win Ml ,.
4th Class. Flour.
To New York 93c. fl 90
to ii os ton t uv - 8 00
To Philadelphia and Baltimore 77c. 154
This Is dlscourarlnir to nroducers. for ther hare. In
iaci, 10 lusuin me greater part oi wis nurinen. .
FLOUR Has rather less nerve to-dav. and th out
side figure reported yesterdsy oould not be obtained; so
that S4 20 may be regarded as th best that superfine
will command.
WHEAT At the Quotations siren yesterday. Is nulte
firm. Choice grades are In good request, and Will com
mand the outside figures more readily.
uuttN is nardiy aa Arm at 3oo as it nas been.
OATS Are taken readllr. and a sal was made at 11 1-.
being an advance of 1c.
stia is taken at 35c.
BARLEY Is as muoh neglected as ever. ' '
WUISKY-Sold freely to day at 14,o. '
Cleveland Market.
FLOUR Sales of SS bbls whit doable xtr at 15 and
SO do at S3 25.
RyB FLOUR Light sales of extra at t2 75.
WHEAT Better. Bales of sight car red on track
at 96c; 4000 bush and 2200 bnth free on board at 97c;
boat load of red and white, afloat, in two lots at tl 00.
all round; three car whit on track at same; and two
can at iik. .
CORN Better. Hals of 8 cars on track at 31n: 4900
buth from ttore at 3c.
OATS Balsa of 3500 buth from ttore at 23c.
UIQIIWINBB Bale of SO bbls at 13;,o,
' " .- -V ii ; - Leader.
for all Throat and Lung Complaint. Includns. with
most perfect results, Wnooruia Cooaa, Omiono ait
Uohmoii uoroHS, uronohial aim tbxoaT Uonruiirra,
always foreronnsrs ot Consumption. Aa a Bootbus
Bnttr It ha no superior. Treed from all Opiate or
E metis properties, may b sued by most delicate oonstlj
a .
: ".fcV.: TOLtl ANODYNE.
Thi flaaiTTjrr NaToaat Oputi ayar offend to tha
world, containing not a partial or Opium, nor any sub
stano but it strictly vsntabl and medical pronertles.
A sure Remedy for MioaaLsu, BaamtaTisii, Ooor,
xuuth rb ail auaa, vatarkbi, jtotB oa UAV JKVBa
and all minor Nerrous Complaint.
Foa Loss of Bun, aad Headach m ah lot varieties,
it nas no equal, ana to wnicn. most undoubted testmaai
als ar offered.
loa DnntroK Taurine It Is a most perfect remedy.
tua Bowax, OoBAAum, after remoruit th naia It acta
as apnysio, a moat important contrast with ths oenstipa-
aory enrcte oi vpiuau - -
To Physicians, Formula and Trial Bottles wtll'b sent
and to Dealer or Invalid a descrlptlv pamphlet wlthont
Prepared under th special scperrUIon of
i JOHNL, HDNNJB W ELI., - ,. ) . . .
OanntarT in reuajfAMtrrnrf, '
Ho 9 Commerelal Wharf, Boston, Kass
Towhomplssd1reotallsoamnWatlo. r. t
Prices Lary Oongh Kemedy, SO cents per bottle.'
,. Bmall " ,, lis "i - . ,-
! Tola Anodyne, r - SO X ,
for sal by th usual wholesale and retell dealers.
jyvji w mtjitjs ,
JillIM H. fllVlK ' r u Mam'
wmmf e-w aw , , f ... mwMiai a UK VUlUlUIMaa VlllO
Elegant lace Mantillas.
' BAIN tto DON,
No. 29 South EDgKSt.,
TTAVl Just opened an Invoice of vary large and
XJL handsome
Wedb Jtacn Laots 'fpb Siuwis.
tf a'.- n w...K rA. '' ' "
Heat Thread, French, Chantilla k Geneveee
An nprlnoed Nnrs and female Physician, presents
to tn attention or mowers, ner
whlea naatl faallltate tb Drooete of teething, by soft.
enlng the gums, reducing all Injl animation wll I allai
Aiii, jrAin and spasmooio aonon, ana is
DentBd upon it, mothers, t will grr rest U yourselves
We bar out nn and sold this article fur over ten veara.
t aacaa, W D umWB II E VW lintfln mniSS UI UV Ul AVI1 W DEIISir 1T1SMIM
M.civa, iu urirwr a ouiaai, when timely nsed. tier,
er did we snow an instance of dissatisfaction by any en
Who nsed iU On tb aontranr. all ar dellihted with in
operations, and speak in terms of eonunendatioa of it
magical effeol and medical rtrtne. W spuk In thi
matter "WHAT WE DO KNOW;" after ten years' sxp.
almost every Instance where the Infant Is suffering from
pain and exhaustion, relief will b fonnd In fifteen or
twenty minutes after theHyrnp Is administered.
This valuable preparation is the prescription of One of
New England, and has been nsed with METER f AIL
It not only nliere th child rrom nain. bnt IiitWm
ate th stomach and bowels, aomets acidity, and fffres
tone and energy to the whole system. It will almost Inl
Stantly reliere
and ovtrcomaoonynisions, whloh, tf not speedily ran.
.TO.nunmn. rre Miiere it tn BKiltx and BUR.
1ST REMEDY Iff THE WORI.n in .11 . nfnvo.
it arises from teething, or from any other eaus. W
would say to erery mother who hat a child snfferlng rrom
any of the foregoing oompbtlntt DO NOT LET YOnn
stand betwwn you and yoar snfferlng oh I Id, and th r
li that will be SORE res. ABSOLUTELY BTTRE ,a
ioiiow tne use oi inismeaicin, u timely used. lull di
rections for using will accompany each bottle. Non
Senuins unless tne rac-stmii oi UUHX18 PEBKINBi
;ew yrk, Is on th outtlda wrapper. ' ' -
Bold by all Druggisnj throughout th world. ' '
PrlnclpnlOfrice, 13 Cedar Street N.T.
octsrrrdfc'wiy.'i v. ,'V'.' ' ;""; .
. As - .-:
t-i'l ) 1 1 '''. i .
I - Having increased Its alresdy
u 'Is fully prepared to execute in th
- f And svery description of .
... : - t r
. ..... . '. .
Equal to .any Eitabliihmant In th State, and npon
" term which will compart favorably with th
- , . . f
leadlnf Eaiterq Printing Doujei.'
XZarlne '.every TVtdlity1 to aid TJa
m TOE paoDccnow oy
W offer our services te all who may detir that class
1 of work.
VTe have connected witbrar Ertabllshmsnt a
from whl w produce the
it XS let. XL Is. Work
i i
' aw m host- -
4 r .)
! ft:
Is to beadmltted
Til lil TiA RQEST
aim twb wor --'
t I
lu this Olty, and w may add,.
Printing Hons In tbo West,
.4-i.. 4 -.- a' .1 ;
, ;itup tt4a nw .Ti
Washington, Vrtnkila and Jsokaeti ree to great d
tinetlcn by Iher wn mrit. Jams Pyl U l attain
tot Tal diaUnctlen by the merit ot hi unrtTalled Dl-
tetlo BaWratn. It asde ar enorraon. rpt, MS
WaahingtOB street. Nsw York, told 'sy grocer every
M They go Right to . tie Spot ?
Inataait Uwliwf f Vtw'm reeir Cwmajb'
' I .rr. ,., . ... -...,.
- nrir n. n.a.r ! ' '' 1 :
. . S wawwwH, j (
i ,
Tf f f
re HI-:',
' ' i t -iH'r -- 1- - . -.- .--t .,
''M,. - , CHILDREN CBY F0Bj ,
I '''' 4 l " -:''! . , . . , ...... .
They relieve a Cough Instantly. . '
They clear th.9 Throat. . ."" " ' '
They give strength and volume to the voice.
They Impart a delicious aroma to the breath, .- i
They ire delightful to the taste. t , ....
They are made of simple herbs and cannot ' ,;
, barm any one.
. , ' . V,. ,
' I adviss every on who has a Oongh or a hutky Voice
or a Bad Breatn, or any difficulty of th Throat, to get
a package of my Throat Confections) they will reliere
yon instantly, and yow will aer with m that :'thy
go right to th spot." Yon will flnil them rely faseTn I
and pleasant while tfavtllnf or attending public Beat
ings, fof stlillngyoai Oongh or allaying your thirst - I i
yon try on package, I am safe In saying that you will
ere afterwards consider them indispensable. ' ..
Ton will find them at tie Druggist and Dealers In
Hedlcines. ..... r. , . ., . ' 1
T !
My sjgnatur 1 en each package. . All others are
counterfeit. .
A package will b tent by mail, prepaid, on receipt o '
Thirty Cents ..
Address, .
. Henry O. Spalding,
Ti-v ......
cure -e
By the nM of thM PilU tU periodic attacks ot Set
on oy filch Headache may n prevented; and If taken
at th commencement ot sn attack Immediate relief from
pain and sickness will b obtained . .
They seldom Call In removing th Xameea and
ncAe to which females ar c suhjsot.
Thsy act geatly apoa tb bowsl restoring Cbsrie
for Literary Mm, Budenle, Dsllcate Fsmal :, ,
and all persons of tedentarp Kabite, thsry ar vain J .
u a Laxative. Improvtng th appetite, giving Ime ' '
9iaat n th dlgeetlr rgaas, and restoring th natur
elasticity and strength of th whol system.' t
TBI CEPHALIC PILLS srt the result of long Intee -Ogatlon
and carefully oonduoted experiments harltg '. '
been In as many years, during whVch Urn they hare . . -. ?
prerented and relieved s rut amount of pain and suffer . :
lag boa Headach, whether originating an tin aervoti
system or from a deranged stats of th sfewtccA.
They era entirely vegetable In their, oompositwn, an .
may be taken at all Urns with pvftet safaty wlthont
making any change of diet, and f As abeenee of owy
dOanreeable tatU rendert it eaty to admlnii er lAem
cMlArm. t j
i BivTABior oomrriitrBrrsi ' ' '
Th gsnnln hav fiv (tgnstar of Henry 0 Spalding
oaaaohBos. ' '.'.. : "' t' '
old by Drnggtst sad all other Waaler la Hedlcines.
A Box will b at ay anil, prepaid, en receipt of th
ZXl00a S20 OontSe - - t r
AllordrsbonMbUdriw4to t- i; C-
- it Cedar Rtreet, Row fork.
from the Exmlnr, Norfolk, T.
Cephalic Pill aooompllah th object for whloh they ,
were made, via.: Cure ei headache In all Its forms
I Irom the Examiner, Norfolk, Ta. . , , .
They hav been tected ia soors taaa a thousand swe .'
With sntir i
i from th lsnoosat, St. Oload, Minn,
V. L kukU Milk .V- -
end fur a box, (Cephalic Pills,) to tbat yon may hav -'''
mem in case ot an attacx. ...
f rots th Advertiser, Provldeno, it. I. ,
- Tb Ceohallo PHI ar said to be a remarkably effectlre '
nsaedy for th headach, and on of the very beit for -' U'
that rery freqnent eomplalnt. whtefa has aver been.
overtd , ,
, Vrom tha Wsttera K. B. UexetU, Ohloago, IU.
We heartily ndors air. Bpauldlnt, and his unrivaled . V- A X
OepUallc Pills. .-;- 's
' fro ' Kanawha Valley Btai, Kanawha, Ta.
We art stir that rMrsaris nfferiisl Wtth the WMah v-fj
whotrythem,wlUsUokto thm. , " , T
from th Southarn Pith Ilndsr, Nsw Orleans, Ls.
Trr them I voa thai ar afflicted, and w an sat I
nwr IWHIIIIIIIIIB.wiim u h. m..mvkg pwmiuh l.n
list that has reoelred benefltt that no other msdiatu oaa .
produo. fc." i.'u ;i .w:,..-i-:W-. .,,
Proa th St Lonls Democrat, '" ' ". v,
Th immens deaund for fh artlcl 0knhaU Pllk
I rapidly increasing. :...
Prsaa the Qasetts, Darenperi. Iowa.
af r. Smldin weald net oca nee t his naaaa with a aa ;, v. w
Wol n am not ww sovassns ntiBsnv
rrrA ungi botti of istALBraai pbbpabe : ,i
, SLUE will say tta Ham KeoAauiaaUyw1I
iati ibi rnoisi
UJ" STrroi m Tim Iats Kura.nCII ' '
Aaaooldrabi will happen, srea ta wall renlated Sunt
tile. It rery deetraiile to hare some aheap and cent
vanieal way fos ialriag famltur, Says, OmaMfyf
! gPAturirai pbipabi-d aiuii tsc r
mset all neb, emergencies, and no hosMShoM eat afford)
to be wlthont IU II Is always ready, aad ap le thesUak
".tsim in iviBt Horsi ; ;
' N. B. A Brush aceompanlse each bottle. ! '
gent, i Address, ' '- "
T . -HENBT 0. SPALIUNOj .. ,
. No. 43, 0df Street, kew Ton. ,
t fjAonoi.
' -Assertala unprincipled persons an atteaspUaf "(' '
paint off on the nnsuapeetiug puhllo, Imitations of m
PiiaPAECD BLUB, I wouwoauiion ail persons ti
amine colon purtfuunns;, ana tnai me run nome,
- u'Bt auvuiu a rtlurAftlULUS,JJj
Is ea ttMeatoid wrapper; aU othtri an swindling
brrfelu, now
.f .'
' .XI. It,-
i' .f.i.a
' ,v
' - i 1
-.. i.

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