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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, October 19, 1861, Image 1

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VOLSliriJO: llllNEW'SEBIES,.'- .SHll
CT Offle. Kos. 86. 88 and 40, Xorth High Bt
Dally r . t. . .. . $e 00 per year
" - By ih Carrlir, per WMk, laj cents. '
rrl-WeeHy . .'.- . ; . 8 00 per year.
WHUTi , . 1 UU ... .
criuit of. Advcrliainsr hy the Square.
n..ium lyti..,f'J0 00
Jlie " !i Ui.ii.lln 1H (HI
)oe i " i tt month 1.1 Mi
Juki , il months 10 00
jne S month H M)
One suusre 3 week
14 00
, 3 00
One ' i week.
one " lweek.,.
One ,' " 3dayi,.,
1 00
"ne . " dayi
:l .' : 1 month. 5 00 On
1 Insertion 30
filjplaycd sdvertlsinieuU half
tore then the (bore
A IverUscments tended auj placed la (lie oolemn or
Buedal Hoticn," double the ordinary rate.
Alt unlets required to be published by law, legal rate.
It nrrt-red tin the Inside exclusively alter the Brst week
ior i'cu:. more thi.ii the ahove rates; bat all such wil
appear In the Trl-Weckly without charge.
BusinnsCanfe, not exceeding lire linee, per year, In
itio, i 611 per line; outside
Notices of meeting, charitable! ocietles, Bre companies,
Ac, hall prift.
All transient advertisement mutt bt paid, for in
m -i aw ruiu win noi oe vanea rrom
Weekly, .ne price as Hie Daily, where the advertiser
Sisthe Weekly alone. Where 'he Sally amlWeekl
ire oum une(l, men lite ens
t ill the ratceot the Dully
il, then the charge It-r the Weekly will be
No advertisement takeu except for a definite period.
P. A. B. SIMEIHS, . ;
Attornoy txt Law
Office Ainboe building, opposite Capitol Square." ,
. jSLm OJ333037L2ST33,
Attorney & Counsellor at Law,
Machine ilannfactnring Company
Calling, Kill-Oearini, aUeb.lB.ery.
Jtl.llxroadL Worlc
ov ivfir Ditickirrion.
coMimiutJs, omu. -
0IIAS. AMD08, gnp't P. AMUOB, Treai.
deell. li'W-if
yU Jo i) o u oojio.j u o no.e o Iff6
. .1
1861. 1861.
Summer Arrangements.—Time
Summer Arrangements.—Time Changed.
Conneollng at Crestline with the PirTSBUROII, FT
fur ntltiturgl, I'hUaaeiphia aM MaUimore. A2eo
or tort nayne ana vaicayo.
Connecting at Cleveland with the LAKE SII0RH RAIL-ROAD
For Diinhlrk, nnffalo, Albany, Iloa-iuii,
and New Ifork.
From Columbui, In eonnectlon with Traiuion the
AND XliNIA UAlLltOAllil,.
FIRST TRAIN. : ' . " ' ' '''
NIGHT KXt'nESB.Tavuf Columbus at 3.40 A. M;
will Itavo pHSseugei'a at all stationa south of Uallon,
stop at Delaware. Ashley, Cardington and Qilead, and
at nil stalioni north of Gallon, arriving at Cleveland
at It. Oil A. M., Dunkirk 300 P. M., lluffnlo 4:25 P. M.
Ail-any 3.U0 A. M., New York 6:35 A. M., Boston 2:30
P. M , Pittsburgh via Crestline 3:'20 P. M . l'hlladel
Us 5:10 A. at. Chicago via Oreatlineat7:0UP. M.
NEW YORK EXPRKB8 Leaves Columbui at 11:10
a. di. Will stop at Lewis Centre, (for White Sulphur
Borings), Delaware, uaruington, Uallon, Urestline,jhel
by, New London, Wellington and Orafton, arrive
Uleveiana at u. m.: nunKirie, e:su p. tn.t Bur-
Jalo, l":'-'j p. di.; Albany, 8:45 a. m.; New Yoik, 1:4S
p. ni.; Boston,.4:4l( p. m. This Train oonnect at Shel
by for Sandntky, and at QJuiton for Toledo, arriving
luieuo as ou p. in. - .
. THIRD TRAIN,' 1 . '
at '.'.30 p. in. Will atop at all stations South
Shelby, and at New London, Wellington, elrafton,
and Ucren; arriving at Cleveland at e:3u p. m.; Dun
kirk, S:U0a. m.: Buffalo, 3:ii0a. m.: Albany, 8:i0 p.m.
NewVotk, 7:VO p. m.; Boston, 11:45 p.m.; Pittsburgh,
vio urestiine, at 11:33 p. m.: rutlaiielnbta, 1:00 p. m
Chicago, io Orestliue, 0:45 a. m. - This Train connects
at bheiby for Sandusky and Toledo, arriving at Toledo
ei n.jo p. m. 1
Patent Sleeping: Cars are run on all
Night Trains to Chicago, New
York and Boston.
tgjagt ChtcJud Through to New York and Botton
via uereiana; alto, to SIMaatlpMaana
New lortvla OretUine.
Night Express arrive at Columbus at. ..11:15 P, H.
Cincinnati Kxnresa arrives at Columbus at 10:50 A.
' Accommodation xpreu arrives at Columbus at 1
" yr
Fare at Low a by any other Itoute.
Atk faf 7tcJhOjfa Cttttliw tr CUvildnd.
I..-, fj - 1.8. FLINT. '' -' !"
Saperlntendent, Cleveland, Ohio.
. . 1 ; Columbus, Ohio.
Columbus, June 17, IP61.' l"
-(-.,, ,- -' lvt Beealvadl 1 1 1 -
1W i bAS luunaga prime xtto Vonee.
1 SO pockets old Dutch Government Java Coffee.
7 A baea Ceylon Oofle. -- .......
8 OO bbls. standard White Sugars, consisting of Pew-
area, vnruanea. arauuiAKa ana m vonee ,,i
SO quintals tieorge Bank Codfish, j ; .
. KObbl. Mes and Ro. 1 Uaekerel. L 1 ' ''
5 tel. Pick Salmon.
ICO bx. Layer Raisin. ; . ' , : ..'
AOkf. box do do
lOOqr. box do d ,. ( ., r
100 M Cigirs, different brand and grade. 1
BOOB. 33XJM l l-IJLri.
And Blank-Book Manufanturer,
Eed, WJiitc and Blac
-1 ,T.I.
"neck ties." 0 ii
Just opened by
. BAIN 80N,
prS9 " ITorW South High itreet.
NEW IlOOJj? SK1KT, i vi i 'vl
nave Jest reeelved new Baker f HOCS? BHimtS
Sntsbedln a manner far auperior ! any yet tntsKlaoW
II I 1 IV 1 LlU( I 1 111 IJ70 I
The LatestThe Iarg-est-.The!'Best,
Aae cneapest jiecaase the Best,
lit-. ''
"The AIot. Reliablss Standard An.
taority of the Engliih LanvnaKe.
' Sta Hundred Eminent Educator! of Ohio,
rarV Everywhere.
. . ...
"ITeie are onwards of a Tlundrril Thnnund Worda.
Whose multifarious meanlnn aad dHrivatlana. tocethet
with their correct spelling, and pronunciation are clearly
let before the eye.'' im.i-.lj
Oincinnati Commerolal. ,
Bead the DtcitUme of the Member of the Ohio State
itacner e Aieactation.
The undersigned, member of the Ohio State Teachers'
Association, adorn and aim fauaain taacblna-. wrltln
and speaking, the orthography and pronunciation of
Worcester's Roval Quarto Dictionary, and we most cor
dially recommend it as the most reliable standard au
thority of the Kngllsh language, as it is now written and
IrtRtw AwnRtwa, President Kenyon College.
M. 1). Lxuoitt, Superintendent Zanesvllle Schools.
Thos. W. iURvrr, Bup't Mass! ion Union Schools.
AI. r. CowoiRT, Bup't Public Schools, Sandusky.
Jobn Ltnch, Bup't Publio Schools, Olrclevllle.
8. N. BaaroRO. Princiual Clave land Female Semina
ry, i- 1 ' r . . i .
wm. Mitchell, Sup't Public Schools, Mt. Union.
JOHN Onnaw. Prirurinat .Htt Nnmal school. Minna.
lota. r ' .
' Ovroi NatoN, Principal Fourth Iptermediate School,
H. B. Martik, Bup't Canton Union Schools.
Bow m Rxsal, Principal McNeely Normal Bchool.
Kt.t T. tims, Prof. Mathematics, Ohio University.
Wx, W. Kowards, Sup't Troy Union School. '
A. O. For x ins. Principal Weat Illnh School, Cleve
B. A. Norton, Associate Principal High School, Cleve
land. Thiosori gTiRLtxa, Principal High Bchool, Oleve;
land. . .
H. F. Htm stom. Prlneinal Cleveland Institnt
J.. A. QARntLD, President pi Electlc Instifkte, 01-
W. L. Darrii, Prof, of Chemistry, Ohio Wesleyan
University. . .. ,
' II. II. Barnxt, Ez-Oemmisloher of Common Schools,
unto. u -
: Jmxs Monro, Prof. Rhetoric, Oherlln Oollege
i Tuoa. Hill. President Antioch Oolleire.
0.. W. - H. Catiioart, Frof.i Mutbetnatlc, High
School, Davton. -.- . -
- B. O. CRUMSACoa, Prof. Langnago, nigh School.
; B. M. Barmr, Sup't TJnlbn Bchooli, Ashlani.V If''
I Uort than Sim Hundred other Preeidente of Colle
ge!, Profeseori,-Authort and EMinvuieked Educa
tors, have endorsed tKt above eentiment.
Mariitta Collbi- "It ! truly a magnificent work,
an honor to the author, the publishers, and the whole
neuniry.- f resident Anoumws. '
Onto Wm.cTAN TJinvxRsiTr,"',It exceeds my expect
tfcns. It will be my guide In orthography and pronun
ciation, and will often be consulted hy me for lie neat
aau accurate dettnltions." President Xnompson. - r
;W. B. Xclsotio OoLLao. "Heretofore we have used
Webster's orthoitranhv. At A recent meeting of our
Faculty, It was decided to change It to conform to that
of Woroester'i Royal Quarto Dictionary." President
uarneia. . ,
'Wistxrn Rihirvc Cotun. "I find It worthy of
eoroiai approbation. "President Hitchcock.
Omrlik CoLLto. "It more then meets my expecta
tions. I recommend it as the standard authority In
orthoepy to my children and my pupils." President
Morgan. v , J . : , ; J ,. j ( i.i
'AmocH Colliwi. "I adopt and aim to use In teach
ing, writing and speaking, the orthography and pronun
ciation of Worcester' Aoyal Quarto Dictionary."
President Dill. . , . -j - -.
"in all my writing, speaking, and teaching I have en
deavored to conform to the rates for orthography and
pronunciation as oontalned lu Worcester's Dictionary ."
Horace Mann, late President ;.:;- -
ktNToM Ooluoi, Oahsiir. I most cordially recom
mond It as tlie most reliable standard authority of the
Knfflish lansuaffe aa It bi now written and snoken."
rrettdcni Audiews
From Ren. Anton Smvth, CkmmUehmer' of Common
I &Aooi ft Ohio. . i ,
' ''The Dictionary Is as Imperishable monument (0 the
learning and Industry of Its author, and an honor to the
world 01 letters. Xbe mechanical aarmtion u.rar supe
rior to that of any other Lexicon with which I am ac-
From lion. u. H. Barney. Ex Commlitl&ner oj
HcAooit in Onto,
"The most reliable standard authority of the lan-
Leading Newpaierej of Ohio Say
' Iron, the Cleveland Herald of March
Tba nrthnimnhv of tha Worcester Dictionary It that
n.xi h an. ir not all. author of distinction Iri this
eountry and Kngland, and conform to the generLusage
of enllnary writer anospeaaers. 1
Whatever prejudice may have existed prevlotsly, a
eorufnl itudv of this -volume will Invariably be followed
bv A warm appreciation of its great merits, and a, desire
to add It to the well selected library, be it large ofAmall,
It is a library In Itself, and will remain aa imperisha
ble record of the learning of ltaoompiier. ':.
from the Cincinnati Commercial of April K.
Tlera an nnwanla of a hundred thousand wordSA-good,
hid and Indifferent whose multifarious meanings and
derivations, together with their correct spelling anu pro
nunciation, are set clearly before the eye. The wort Is
unquestionably the greatest Thesaurus of English Words
ever published. . . .
row the Cleveland riaindealer ofSfjA. 86, 18G0".
noi onlv the but. but the war work of the kind ever if
ued.andcan by no possibility sutler by comparison or
controversy. .!.
Froin tht Toledo Blade of JaittS. ,
As in noNDNciATiow. WoRcnrrsn is in Standard
followed by our best authors; in definitions he leaves
nothing to be desired, and in ORTHooRastrr it is sufficient
to say that Worchstkr can be aateiy iujioweu. ,.
PiiblUher,Ilookt)eUerfcV Stationer,
Mat8 ....... . -f, -' '--
Dividend January 1, 180 lf 3 Per Cent.
A8BST8 .'.. .3)812,558 SO,
! Statement Januarr i, 180U ' -
Balance, per statement Jan'. 1st, iaca.....3,4l,50l
Kecelved for Premiums onr-v--
ing the year 10.. ........ 7U3,yj3 sa , ...
tteceivea lor intere.. wuriua
the year JWHI .. zh,oi vj
.:i :i xvi
'.'I Jti
liivnl .-
Total receipt fcr 1H68
.U77,(J7 74
Petri Olaln,.b.rjaath.967.US0 00 ' "
P.lri Pnlirlp. aiirren-. .tr.
t.t W'i
dertdi.. ..- l,in '
Paid Balarici. Post- I - ' V.
- age, Taxes. , nt.
3 change. etoT.;.... 31,020 M
Paid Commissions to
Agents....'.-.....' 51,5 30
Paid Phyrtclan' fee; ' 5 75
vat Annnltie..!... l.ais uu
Paid Dividends Uur-
jiot the jsear
...1CQ,5U0 73(ji(i3ft0n63( 1,07G
' Ketj BalnoJanrylstCiaul...i-....8IJ,558
oi Sml-t io r ::i..ASKT8J .: .
Cash in hand.n.n,.vf,ff i ad,04 lv ' i-'J."'"
Bonds and ilortga,es on Real , ...-h v!,;-
.JtsUt Worth double Ui n' 7
amount loaned.. 8,327i)41 68 "''
Premium, Note, on Policies i;,,v. t? I -it
In force, onlydrawlnglj ur- ,.
cent, interest. ),27n,B04 17.
Real MtM4W.M..w.-.J.fM,8M T " '"' "
Loanlon8orip......-.iv-cI!fl103H4n!.-1i ) ,;
PrmiUmi,NoteiandCal.1ln, ,,
i oocne of tranimlMlon.... 'iJ 4S,3ii H
t.H ' r-i 4 ; -"' "i '' -ii, i.(
TU1 Asset 83,813,558
T56olicIes in ioie,iimtitf,.l.',9a,42Qrf'zs
' 1,435 new Pollde have been Issued during the year.
After a careful ealenlatlon ot the present value of
ontitandinr Policies f the Company, and having
Mowiury amount In reserve therefor, the Dtraetoiv
have declared dividkhd ot u pee eenu en th Preimi
ni naid at the table rates, to all pal Idea for life in fore.
Issued prior to January 1, I860, payable according to
present rule of the Company. 4...-
r Rate for all kind of Life Oonnngenele, Prospect
uses, Statements, and -AprrNcaUons, will be furnished
without cHAAaaat the (tinea w Agencies ef tbe, .Coin-
''''' i V 'j BOBt, ti. fATTKRBOH, PrestaeeW
I I L. 0.0R0VEB,yicePrlden..u,i,
omat, v, miLLRti, necreiary. .... ,
rM;u.iS. 8S-ISBS5Or, Agent,
t I . -r-mr-sf ta :.. wJ iletuuon Ksse.
juranu), ,iwi,.., . M . .. voiiuwe,
t. A 8 IS- 'A If D rietTREIf fsEACK
A. - DRABS SILKS,-4 ewerv grade. - Th moat
auertaent t ttweatyy AM most reanmhle rntn.
la Id ot 11 0 MAIN tt Olf.
..tit j I-.-M J0 B'-; t 7". ' - I! -
' . V , 1 1 I
A top ' q Natch nari n
A compound remedy, desfgnod to bo tHs moxt
Effectual AUeraliet that can bemadet It is
a coneentrnted extract of Para Barsoparilln,
BO combined with other aubstancca of still
greater ftltcrativo power na to offord aa effee
tiv antidote Sox tha diseases Sarsnparilla is
Reputed to cure. It is believed that such a
remedy la wanted by those wlio aulTor frqm
(Strumous complaints, ana wiM one wiucn win
Accomplish their euro must provo of immenso
service to this largo chu of our afilioted fellow,
titizens. How completely this compound will
do it has been proven by experiment on many
of the worst cases to ue xouna oi wo luiiowmg
omplaintfS ' '..
Soropoxa and ScnoPuious Complaints,
PisiPtE. Blotches, Tumors, salt ICueum,
ections. MeRcrmiAL Diheasb, Dropsy, Ned-
jialoia or Tig Douiourecx, Debility, Dys.
or St. Anthonh's Fiiib, and indeed the whole
class of complaints arising; ,rrm Impotiitv of
tub Blood. .... J6J ' ''
This compound will BtrTjand ft great Tiro-
hioter of health, when taken in tho prine;, to
expel tho foul humors wluclv fester in the
blood at that season ot tno vear. uv the time
ly cxpulsinn nf them many rankling disorders
ore- nipped in tlio bud. . Multitudes can, by
tho aid of this remedy, spars themselves from
tho endurance of foul eruptions and ulcerous
lores, through which tho system will itrivo to
rid itself of corruptions, if not assisted to do
this through tho natural channels of tho body
by an- altera tiro medicine. - Cloense out the
vitiated blood whenever you find Its impurities
bursting through tho skin in pimples, eruptions,
or sores: cleanse It when yon And it is ob
structed and sluggish in the veins f cleanse it
whenever it is loul, anu your locungs will tell
Jon when. Even where no particular disorder
ib felt, pcoplo enjoy better health, 'and live
longer, for cleansing tho blood. Keep tho
blood healthy, and nil Is well ; hut with this
pabulum of life disordered, there can be no
lasting health.' i Sooner-or later Romcthinp:
must go wrong, and tho great machinery ot
life is disordered or overthrown.
. Sarsaparilla lias, and deserves much, tho
reputation of accomplishing these ends, lint
Uio world lias been cgrcgipusly. deceived by
preparations of it, partly because the drug
alono lias not all the virtue that is claimed
for it, but moro because many preparations,
pretending to bo concentrated extracts of it,
contain but little of tho virtue of Sarsaparilla,
or any thing else. r. " , ." I :
During lato years the public have been mis
led by largo bottles, pretending to give a quart
of Extract of Sarsaparilla ibr one dollar. Most
of tlic.se have- been frauds upon tho sick, for
they not only contain little, if any, Sursnpa
rilln, but often no curative properties whatev
er. Hence, bitter and painful disappointment
lias followed tho uso of the various, extracts of
Sarsaparilla which flood tho market, until the
name itself is justly despised, and has become
synonymous with imposition and cheat. - Still
we call this compound Sarsaparilla, and intutid
to supply such a' remedy as snou rescue the
namo from tho load of obloquy which rests
upon it. And wo thiuk, wo have ground fur
believing it lias virtues which are irresistible
by tho ordinary rnn of tho diseases it Is intend.
d to cure, ' In order to sccuro their complcto
eradication from the system, the remedy should
be judiciously taken according to directions on
mo oottie.
. ritLTARErBY . .
DR, J. C. A YE It & CO.
' : lowell: mass:
Price, lperliottlo StxJBottle for $5,
AyerV Clierry Pectoral
ha ,won lot; itself such a renown for the cure tr
lrcry vuiiety or Ttuuul una Inroa; Uumplaiiil, thnt
ftis entirely unnecessary tor us to recount Uio
i r -1 . . t. . I, i i
eviuuucu uk lis virmci, nerevr il hub uuuu eiu-
Dlovcd. As it has. luntr been in constant use
throughout this section, wo need not do more than
assure the people its a utility is kept up to tho best
St ever has been, nntt thut it may bo relied on to
tto lor tueir react an it nm ever occn luuna to uo.
; Ayer's Cathartic Pills,
CottivaicsSy Jaundice, Dyspepsia, . Jitiliitcilion,
Dyatnlcry, Foul Stomach, Erysipelas, Headache,
files, Rheumatism, Eruptions and fikin Diseases,
fjtler Complaint, Dropsy, Tetter, ' Tumors j.i
Salt liheunu Worms, Uottt, Neuralgia, as a
Vinntr Pill, and for Purifying tht Blood. '' .
'' They are susnr-coatcd, so that tho most sensi
tive can tnke them pleasantly, and they aro tho
best aperient in tho world for all the purposes of a
family physic.
Price 25 cents per Box ;
Fivo boxes for $1.00.
Great numbers of Clergymen, rhybicians.Statcs-
men, and eminent personages, have lent their
names to certify tho unparalleled usefulness of these
remedies, but our space hero will not permit the
insertion of them. The Agents below named fur
nish gratiseurAMEnioAN Almanac in winch they
are given r with also full descriptions of the above
complaints, and the treatment that should be fol
lowed for their euro. ., ,
Do not be put off bv unprincipled dealers wills
other , preparations they make moro proiit on.
Demand AYl'.u o, and take no othors. the sick
want the best aid there is for them, and they should
have it - " ,
All our remedici'are for laic by , . , :;.
And by Druggist and Dealer every where. . .
nova:lyd,tww - ., .. .
. CV.O
..iii i
i ... TO AND IKOM . .
rtiverpool, Montreal, Quebec,..
' f hi Montreal Ocaan Steamship Oompuy'i flrst-obis
full-powered Clyde-built Steamers aail every data
nrday from PORTLAND, carrying the Canadian
United state aiau ana paiienger,. - ': w.
Shortcat, Clieapest andlalckeatCon
luj I -i"! l - veyaace aroua
e; ,RateJ ot Faaaase to Kurope
K . : S63U, $tHJ ao.' '
Wilt sail from Liverpool arerr AVedneedar.
and from QUHHKO every Katarday, eelllng
liUNuONDliluir, to receive on ooaroana land Halls
Passenarer. to and from Ireland and Scotland.
. 0"Thee tueamer are buna oi iron, in water-tight
compartments, carry each an experienced Surgeon,
every attention la paiu hi ui camion anu aooomnMMa-
tion or saaaenirera. A ineyprooeeuaireet to iiunuuN-
DERT, the great risk and delay of calling at St. John'
Is avoided.
Glasgow paoengenir furnished w,iu ran pasnge
ueket to ana irom jjosjonuerry. . .
Return Uckets granted at reduced rate.
OertiBcatea issued for carrying to and bringing out
senrera from all the principal towns of Great Britain
Ireland, at reoucan rates, nyinianno or steamsn,
leaving Liverpool every weea.
Slrtat Draft for 1 and upward par
KUICI in D,Q". oeic
, ... i land. r walee. .
for panuHrt, apply at the 0nee. C3 HHOAD.
WAV, New York, and 10 WATLU M S',
Liverpool, ,.vh ,'. I'l'-t
1,1 , BABEt Ii SEABLX, General Igeau,
BOid lydStW Post OIBoe, Columbus. Ohio.
on JAMBS ADOtft HAIR, aa artn.r In m
ae, which will htt after b conducted under tbe
ef nam tt Bon. P, BAIN, xV South Uigh St.
L j0oliimbB,EeklS,185U . i-.,- feblS
Itai ef ! ftV)libtibt IT.-T..y TfofWtor
in new- ion aaanioiisDi nnaving. Hair Cutting
' Sluunpooning, Curling and Dnasing Eale, Bast
It reel, ever the Pot Offloe, where eaUanutioa
be krvea - tn all. the varies kranehe.' LAdieS
inreu HI) -1VMIPX BVMJfUDAMtt ItTlt,
r..j ? f-rt:
Summer Arrangement.
Little Miami Columbus & Xenia
. . , . ,, , ,. , -., .
.jot n
For ClnolnnRtL Dayton 4 Indianapolis!
Through to Indianapolis withoat Change of Cars
and but One Change of Cars between
, Columbus and St. Louis. ,
' , -1 IK '-I'!' ' I- -
Four Trains Daily from Columbus.
- ' ;i t .'..
: -.r n - ..
FIRST 'TRAIN.' '" , ' '
ACCOMMODATION at 5 a. m.. stopping at all sta
tions between Columbus and Cincinnati and Dayton, ar
riving at Oincinnati at 10 OS a, m..an4 at Davtonat
b.iii a. m., connecting at tiaytvn ur indianapou ana
m new. i '.,.'... v
r-1;,: . ; seconp 7ran.(!CM ..,,. ,.
No. lEXPRER8t 11.40a. at, .stopplw? at Jefferson,
London, Charleston, Ceilarvillo, keola, fcpring VaUey,
Corwin, treeuort. Port Ancient. Morrow St.. Lebanon,
foster'i, Leveland and Mllford, airlving at Cincinnati
at4.ao p. m., Pnyton atU.4T p. m.,nnnectlagwlth tne
Ohio and Mississippi Kailrond for Lonisvill.. Ky, 'Via
cennrs, Cairo, St. Louis, New Orleans, eto.I at Dayton
for Indianapolis, Lafayette, Torre Haute, Chicago 'id
au nestern poiuu. - i r . -
--' ;: ? third Tumi :'71Y'
MAILntO lOn. m .stopping at all s'.lions telween
Columbus and Xenia, and at Spring Valley, Carwin,
wwrrww sua uutoibbm, arriving in uincinoaii ai a. u
' . F0URT1J TRAIN. , "
NIGHT EXPUK it, via Dayton, at IS U) midnight,
stepping at Loudon, X.uia, Duyton, Hidiiletown and
Hamilton, arriviua at Cincinnati at. 'i55 a. m.:atDny
ton at a. Ma. m.; ennneoting at Cincinnati with the
unit and ailssiisippiiiuiiroaii lor Louisville, vanmne,
Vtncennes. Cairo, Ht. Louis. Memphis. New Orleans.
and all points Soulh and South-west; also, at Dayton
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Leaves Columbus 3.30 A. SI. from Union Depot, via
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M.j Hteubeoville, 12. SU P. M.; Pittsburgh, 3.40 P.M.;
Harrlshurg, 1.1IIA. M.: via AUentovm, arrlvpsat New
York 8.00 A. M. via- Philadelphia, arrives at Phila
delphia. 5.10 A. M-i New York, 10. M A. W. Oonneet
also at Uarrisliurg lor Unllimore, arriving at 7.45 A. M.
Sleeping Can attached to this Train
Prol Columbus, run directly ""wh to Bellaire or
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This Train also connects at Bellaire with the
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Leave Columbus II 85 A. At ., from Union Depot, via
Bteubenville; arrives at Newark, 14.50 P. M.i Coshoc
ton, 3-15 P. M-; 8teulienville,0 P. 1.; Pittsburg, B.40
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urgh in daylight, without change of cursor delay.
' ; .' 'BT LINE.- ' .
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Train also connects at IlarrUbarg for Baltimore, ar
riving at jr. oi.
This Train ruus through to Bellaire or Pittsburg with
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Tbe only Route from Columbus to Baltimore,
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[From the Cleveland of Oct. 18.]
Knights of the Golden Circle—Examination
of Frederick Court.
of Frederick Court. SECOND DAY.
Tb Commissioner's , Court, waa. opened, at
nintV o'tdoeKC , .,.'... , .., ; o;i.
The, Disttict Attorney stated that an ii port
ant witness' fur the Uuited Ptate bad sol yet
oeen saocaonaea, so tuat nis testimony at pres
ent would be dispensed with., ,.,,.;,:-!.
: 1 he wttneesea on the part of th prosecution
were then called. ', , .. -,j (. ,i
E, II. Dickersoni Lives la Msriooi First
became acquainted with Peter Hopkins on the
eveoiDK of the Sd of Ootober. Oo Wednesday
afternoon, Out. 2J, there was a Union meeting;
at a school house about twelve miles from Ma
rlon. Went there with Jtttrtin, Col. Hood,
Barlow, Scott aud Sujdur- Meeting or;aDiEed
soon after Arrival, Col- Wood making tbe first
ppeecb. . When Air. Martin commenced speak,
log, witbess weot out and got upon th wagon
with ilopkius, Chitiey and others. Martin
spoke t ) him. Ilopkius admiuistered th obli
gation of tbe K. G. C's to Chaney, not in writ-
Obligation. I solemnly prvtntse and Swear
not to rest or sleep until Lincoln Is removed
Irom the Presidential Chair, and will wad up
to my knees la blood to assist Jeff. Davis to do
tbe same. . .i. , . , .
District Attorney showed Dickerson th obli
gation to the second circle, who thought it sub
stsntlally tbe same a the one administered to
ibaney. Alter be gave tbe obligation,: I
thought something wrong, and questioned Hop
kins. Asked him if there was an- organization.
Said there was. Said Moniker wis Captain.
In conversation, found that JJooiker bad record
or paper, and he consented to present it to Che
ney to sign, ilopkius considered nun aa a
member. He gave signs to HopkinB. Martin
disclosed signs ti Dickerson. , Snook bands
with two nogors clasping outside of band. Hop
kins was to getfpaper from Hooiker to be read
to him, and Chaney to sigo. Chaney was to
briog it to Marion aod disclose tbe' plot. f ;
.Next morning Smith called to co and secure
documents. Martio, Smith, Iry and himself
went to school houde for Cbaney and fonnd
him. He said he had not got paper. Said that
Bradabaw had paper. , !,.:.. , (
, Chaney saw Hopkinf. Said if be would go
to town be might be initiated by Dr. Christian
and Hunter. Said Chaney wanted him to go
and cot Peter. Got to his father's house-
Martin introduced witness to Hopkins's father at
Major Irom South, etc. He was pleased to
knew him, and expressed himself ia favor of
Jeff. Davit, and ready to go and assist him at
proper time, ana saia l'tice .belonged, to order.
l r)co was luen lutrouuced to witness a mem
ber of order. Witness told Price bis object wat
to show them pistols of different oatterns. etc.
t Then went to Bradshaw's, who wis not at
home, biw Mrs. liradjbaw. Said he had gone
to town. Went to liurwell on lost. Met Brad.
shaw ou road and gave him signs.. Told him be
had a man he wanted to initiate and askod bim
foe paper. Said be bad not it. . Said be has bad
It. 1 Has Dot subscribed to it himself.
Then told him that they were trying to get
paper for tbe United States Marshal. Smith
told bim if-he would bring paper by nine o'clock
in the morning, it would be all right. Would 'nt
- Then went to Honiker's bonce,' ibout ten or
eleven (o'ctoclr. Smith, "did not .go. Stayed
about one hundred yards Irom the house, while
Bradshaw went for papers, and got them, f Wit
ness examined paper passed him bv District At-
torncy, containing first obligations, aud. said
whi the same one. , , ;. .
Cross-examined. I live in Mariont been in
the army since April 93d: been through West
ern Virginia. Left Port Pendleton: for home,
Sept. 30th; got to Marion Oct. 1st. Been there
since. Have A brother-in-law at Marion,
'Court waa arrested before eleotion on Saturday.
witness bad not beard ot this organization co
lore going to war- Martin, was tbe iirst man
ho disclosed bis signs, etc. ilopkius. was
sober that night. Did not Bee drinking at the
school bouse. . Heard but one obligation -tbe
laBtoue, .Oath was taken kneeling. .
Christian Martin sworn. Witness proceeded
to state what took place at the time Hopkins
initiated Cbaney into tbe order. . He stated that
be, wituess, having picked up some of tbe signs
the order, passed himself off on Hopkins as
member of the order, and at his (witnesi')
suggestion the latter proceeded to initiate Cha
ney, who bad agreed to go in lor the purpose of
solosiog tbe secrete. Hopkins administered
the first aud second obligation, as printed, with
the addition of somethiug, as witness believed,
in the second obligation, about resisting re
cruiting officers. He called Dickerson out
witness proceedings, Dickerion pretending to
member. Ue also gave a voluminous account
of his proceeding with Chaney, Hopkins, Judge
uartram, ana oiners aiterward. -
Mr. Chaney sworn; Resides in Bjwling Green
township, Marion county. Witness proceeded
to confirm tne statement oi Martin in rsgard
itnesa beinir Initiated. Hopkins during last
harvest told witness and his father that
Hopkinw, belonged to tb Golden Circle.. 'Wit
nesi told Martin of that fact when they went
the political meeting this month, and said that
one of the Golden Urcie leiiows" meaning
Hopkins was in the meeting. Hopkins was
called out and talked with Martin on wagon.
when Hopkins proceeded to read over tne second
oath to witness in the same form as published.
Witness held the band of llopkios whilst tak
ing the oatb. Hopkins repeated tbe oath as
he knew it by heart, and then squeezed hand
witness and told bim for God's sake not to tell,
He then gave the signs, grips and passwords.
Tbe sign was to raise the bat with the right
hacd, then the left and then pass the hand
across the breast. The pass was ior one to
"Were you out last night?1' .The answer
wen vee." "wnat aia youseei" "isswa
star in the east moving toward Bethel.". Then
tbey gave the grip by grasping two lingers.
Hopkins said there were about JUU members
Marion county. .
Witness slept that night witn Hopkins
Carter's- Talked with bim that night right
smart about the matter, and Hopkins seemed
elad at celling him in. Hopkins went alter
paper in tne morning to uontkert. w nen
came back na taut mat uoniker saia
would All be exposed and taken up lor treason
bnl when Hopkins told him .Martin was
right, Honiker said that Chaney . would
tbe paper to sign at vr. iDriauan a or at uuu-
der's. ' Had never beard of the obligation
fore Hopkins read it to bim. He read it to
twice . -.,r
Court adjourned to 3 r, K , - .
Court met at tw o'clock. , ... . i, -
'Croaa-examinatton of. Chaney resumed.- -
not era to meeting in Martin's wagon: when
wagon drove up was at Carter's; Hopkins
snoke to him about being initiated; had no
with martin nor. Aiioaeraou uoiuriue epua
' . . .. . , v r i ,
Honkins about being initiated; Hopkins waa
first one whospok to him; Martin waspreeent.
aud entered into conversation; Hopkins coaxed
him to come in; hadn't indicated to Hopkins
that be wanted to join; joined it to find out
it was intended lor; does not recollect m
between himself and Hopkins, further
than that he told Hopkins he would loin:
kins then took his hand this being tb first
the ceremony of initiation; in oatb was
administered to him, and the grips and
shown bim; tbe oath was Uuentiy rendered
Hopkins; bad no conversation with Usbem
day or yesterday; don't recollect anything
any other obligation than tb on already
don't know whether oblitatioo or-
wer first mad known to hinu don't reeoUoet
that Martlu aaid anything oq tha eoaaioaof
initiation; th only obligation repeated by
kina was the one repeated to iuti t-ay
md the Honiker paper bsndsd him. it vaQw
to hinai Martin took no Part in -bis loUiatioAi
Mlopklns .M. Maria d m.mUoj (.
1 r-'rt
Irv-M I"
kins mads th first proposition o hlnv' t Joint
had Conversation with Roaenbnrw and &.n
ders after that night; told them on that occasion
that Martin administered the oath to bim; this
waa not iiasf ssw.Sam Bar tram two days after
meeting; was la Marios At tha time, la Bar
tram' office; bad not teen tbe obligation in
print between' the time of Initiation and bis
meeting with Bartrami gave tbe obligation to
Bartrau as nearly as h could recollect it; Bar-
rm neti prmieaj aon recollect whether th
meeting was Tuesday or Wednesday ; don't
know what day the slips were oiroulated in Ma
rion.. .... I, .1 -.' .1 i i..... . '
Cross-Examlned. Hail
Sandera and Rosenburg in a barn belonging to
the former. ' Think this was on Sunday, but
was not positive. Very frequently visits San
ders'. Their object in the conversation was
to. "pump" bim; tbey were) probably angry with
bim; tbe father of Handera abused him ior ex
pc aing Sanders. '
r. Ubarles Smith1 sworn: Reside at Ma
rlon; acting s deputy marshal. i My attention
was called to the fact of an order existing
known as tbe Knights of the Golden Circle,
about two months since; was actively engaged
from time to time endeavoring to ascertain if
suoh an order did exist; heard about 9 o'clock
a.m. ot the JJloflt., that a lodge waa estab
lished at Carter's school house; went there and
saw Chaney, aud talked with him; asked for
Hopkins; had never known Cbaney; asked
Cbaney to go with bim to see Hopkins; went
about lour miles and got to where Hookies was:
Chaney went up after Hopkins to his house;
soon came down with bim; questioned him is
relation to initiation of Chanev: said he bad been
to see Mr, Honiker to get paper for Mr. Cbaney
to sign, but did not procure it of bim, be hav
ing let Mr. Bradshaw have it; Hopkins did not
want to go to Bradshaw's honse, because tbe
letter's brother was at th point of death; Hop
kins's father gar him th sigo of tbe order
putting his hands twice to bis besd; tbey then
met and shook hands, Hopkins giving him the
grip; a conversation ensued In relation to tbe
order; Hopkins aaid he was ready at any time
to assist Jeff. Davis, and help put Lincoln from
the White House; gave his consent to his son's
accompanying ns to get the papers; tbey did
not get in the wagon, but went afoot. Went
down to a Mr. Price's; made a sign to Mr.
Price and became out; Martin and be entered
Into conversation; be was offered a pistol, and
sojected from three one lor himself and one for
bis brother; be waa naked th name of his
Captain, and particularly about tha work; he
said jtbe name of bis Captain was H. N. Mil
ler. : . ,!,::
All then got in the wagon and drove toward
Bradshaw's to get the paper; soon after tbey
left Price's, young Hopkins was asked if be
bad initiated Chaney asked him bow he could
recollect tbe oatb; said he bad a good memory;
Hopkins suggested ! that as tbey were in toe
woods tbey might a well further poet them
selves in tbe wotk of tha order; tha signs and
grips were then- given; then went on toward
Bradshaw's, Hopkins, Chaney and Dickerson
having gone ahead; after going some distance
mot the lormer aod the latter returning. Went
onto where Cbaney and Dickerson wer. and
took them in, and tben started back toward Ma
rion; bad riot proceeded tar before they met
Hradftbaw; asked bim if be bad tbe paper; said
noi ha had returned it to Honiker, but would
09 his exertions to get it again; said be would
get it if tbey would go back; turned back and
went to Uurwick ; liradabaw, Hopkins, Chaney
and Dickerson went to procure tbe paper; all
but Bradshaw returned about twelve o'clock at
night and brought the paper; next morning re
turned to Marion; bad had acquaintance with
Bradahaw, but It was only slight; did not know
any of the others; did not know that this order
waa intended to influence elections; Dickerson
first communicated to me the existence' of tbe
order; bad nothing to do with the making of
ibe aliidavits, or with tba procuring ot tDem
made. -Cross-examined,
Thinks he was told that
Miller was in Camp Wade.
Marshall Bill sworn: Heard of tb existence
of the order in tha latter part of June between
tha 20th and 25th, perhaps. It waa through the
letter of Withers. To ascertain if the letter
was authentio or not, went first to Crawford
county, about tha last of June, or probably ear-
l i r..i. j 1 i -.: - : . 1.
IJ IU JUlJ, UJB.UO perwuuai lureinjnuou, witu
! tn iaeprtnln -hether nart.. named in tha
letter resided in the county; found irom what
information he could get, that tbey did; in
formed bis deputies of bis suspicion, and in
structed them to keep a look out; also employed
secret agent, who should look alter toe parties
named in the letter, instructing bim to corres
pond with him; be did so, giving bim tbe de
tails of his investigations; Withers' letter was
transmitted to bim by Mr. Patterson, then Dep
uty Marshal at Mansfield.
Mr. fatterson sworn: uot withers a letter
from the Postmaster at Crestline; it was ad
dressed to one Thompson; be was told by the
Deputy Marshal and Postmaster of treatline,
that Thompson resided there.
tlMr. A. D. Woolley sworn: Had seen the first
plication before: procured it ot Dr. Christian
about the 1st of August, at Caledonia, Marion
county: it was given to bim with the assurance
that it was for the purpose of protecting Demo
crats from mob violence; waa requested to con
fer it upon oners; never did so; be bad it in his
keeping till yesterday; naa never cxertca mm
self to proenre members; he did not think
necessary. - - -
Cross-examined- Keeeived it some time
August last; Dr. Christian did not mention any
order In connection with tbe obligation; he was
told by Christian that either several hundred
several thousand Democrats la Ohio bad taken
the pledge; don't know whether it was before
after the destruction of a paper ia Marion coun
ty; Christian told bim ha wrote it; read it over
to bim and be assented to it; . understood from
C. that tbey bad no regular or lodge meetings
never saw the nledee In writing or in print until
tha time it was printed on slips and circulated
about Marion; be said the pledge was to protect
constitutional Democrats throaghOut the United
States; be wat not sworn, or asked to be sworn,
or sign, neither was be expressly enjoined
keep it secret; received grips anu signs.
. Direct examination resumed. The question
"Who do you put your trust inl" was part
tha Sbllgation; one of tne sigas was raising
bat three times with tha right band; think this
was a hailins! aizn: be abandoned It la Ave
minnte after ha bad been initiated. , .
Croaa-viamination resumed. Did not attempt
to administer it to anybody, or to act with oth
era who had taken the obligation, because
believed It to be unnecessary. . - ..'.-.
Direct examination resumed. Didn't know
whether it was before or after tha mobbing
tha newspaper; was anly told by Christian
it waa intended to protect Democrats from
violence: no otber object was mentioned.
Tbe testimony on behalf of the United states
here closed, aad tha defense was allowed a short
time for consultation betora introducing rebut
ting evidence. , 7 - . v.-'
J M. S. Castle. Esa..sUted that tbey wished
lotroduca proof that the association formed
that county bad no connection witn tne uraer
of the Koigbta of the Golden Circle, and
tbe paper called, tba second obligation, waa
known by the said association, so tar aa any
m-eaantwho bad be loneed to toe association
knew.-" '- ' ' '. '
versation Hop
ed: grips
William Birartaff sworn-1 Reside in Marion
armnit . PeosDeot township. Kaow ot an asso
abatian in said county, who take tba obligation
tn Protect Democrat from mob violence.
Christian had administered such A pledge
hiaa.i Ne otbef obligation, degree or aoythin
neruininit to tba Knights of tba Golden Circle
bad been mentioned to him by Dr. C. Ha
witoe) bad administered, tba pledge to
Conrt and bis father. He Statsd to tbem
there was much feeling against Dereoorete
tba county, and thia association waa for
protection, and to see tha lawa -properly
cuted, and for do otber purpose, aad - wenld
pot Interfere with their poUtiaal or religious
aniniona.l . -it vl L..-i 1; . v j:J n
. Cross-examined, ttaeogniasd the pledge hand
ad bim by tba District Attorney aa tba earn
took 1 ri ha paper given bint na thinks wa
Dr. Christian's band-writings Was but A
-j minutes in batoK Initiated. Waa initiates'
j -7.-1 !..'jv.3 rr. v
Saturday, ini administered lh pledge to the
CourUonTaeaday.towhom ha also gr th
paper. Repudiated the association because be
Tit i!inuohJn PuMi0 d0,,n o'd
. J M,d' BM M"0 w order
th?i2SS7y -N- met wfth -., '
Alffin U w'a .notfC'boutanyothcc
CSKit 0B,tn OCCMlon 'th Dr. "
Christian, which was of a tririaltharaeter," '
Vk" "'" 'l'h trst sign r
With the right hand, (he rep y being; to raise tha
or it was called an order or net. - - '
Dr. Christian sworn: Reside ia Marloe; am ,
physician. Know of aa association in said ,
county, organized for tbe protection of Demo
crat8' Mr, Hodder first made it known to hlm,u4
and asked him. if he was in favor of it. He
replied that ha was. Hodder then administered
the pledge to him. The pledge was similar to
tha one produced here as the "first obligation." "
This was before tha oeourrences la Marlon
county, bat in the midst of th threat of bang,
ing people. He regarded this as merely an as-.,,
sociatlonof Democrats for self protection. Knew, "
no suoh order is the Knights of the Golden
Circle, or any other circle. Knew of no other ".
obligation than the one administered to him.- "J
Knew no grips, and no other signs than that of
raising tbe bat.
Crois-examlned. Became a member during
the- summer, probably in June, faas not partici- Jr.
pated in it for some time: waa aj-ti.. h.
der when be gave the obligation to Mr. Wool-
iey, on tne isi ot Aogust; continued to make
members for perhaps two weeks after that time; , '
don't recollect when he became a member of
sue urueri toe oojeets ot the association are ex
pressed in the obligation; obligation in bis hand
writing; tbe tipping of the hat was a sign ot
distress; tba reply was an aianrann that .
one was there ready to help a brother out of
trouble; the question' were you out last
night," was a mere password: ha Ant tint snma
fire or six obligations, and requested several f '
ponton u procure meinour; tbe threat to at
tack Mr. Hodder's office he thinks was early in
May; don't know who made the threat; one '
morning saw a crowa rusblng toward his office,
but does not recollect who made any threat -against
the office; asked some one what tbe ,
crowd wss going to do, and was Informed that
an Bttok on the office was intended; could not
name the person; never had any regular meet-
iug wiw tueiuHiciaiioo; aia not carry any arms
and knows no one who did; did not regard tbe
order as very potent.
.Direct examination resumed. Saw Mr. Hod
der after be was knocked down; he was a good
deal braised. . .
Cross-Examined. Never bad occasion to
retogmze a brother outiide of Marion eoubtt;
outtide of the coontv never had the ouestinn
put to bim, "were you out last night?" and '.:
never put it to apy one outside of the county; .
nas understood the association extended beyond
Marion county, but does not know that it doe; '
thinks Mr. Hodder told him he got tho obliga-
tiou irom Dam. lueaarv. Cither direct v or
through Mr. Siulsbury, of Cardington, Morrow -county;
got tho impression from Mr. Hodder'
that the- association extended throughout the
State, and that there waa one in Columbus.:
lpt. fcbenezer Peters sworn: Residua in -Marion.
Was presept on the dav of the mtiok '
on Mr. Hodder's office. Saw a oaner of Mr.'
Hodder's in which be saw an article which ha
regarded as offensive, and so stated it to those'
around. Col. Tod came along, to whom ho
showed the article, and the Col. remarked that
tbe article was an impudent one. Tbe young '
men and boys went up to see Mr. Hodder, but
did not find him in; they came back, and wait
ed for a time, when tbev returned: soon after
witness weot up to the office, where a crowd had
collected; Mr. Hodder was tben in a house close
by; be had been atttcked by a person whom he -
uonerBiooa naa no connection with the crowd,
but was an entirely personal nutter; does not
recollect that any one suggested that Hodder '
should be banged; witness went into the house
to see Hodder for the purpose of getting Irom
bim a personal explanation, which he gave, aod
whioh was read on the square.
Cross examined. This was on tbe 20th of
April. Tbe objection witness had to the article
was that it charged Republicans who sustained
i th l.i , . '
being traitors.
Dr. Michael Adams sworn: Reside in IW-
ick, Marion county. Some time in Julv. Fred.
erick Court gave me a paper to read, which I
read carefully, and which I concluded was a re
cognition of the Constitution of tbe United
States, guaranteeing tbe protection of the Con-
stitution. All he could recollect about the -
pledge was that it said something about mob '
violence; does not recollect auy signs, except
those of raising the bat; knows no otber obliga
tion man tne one ne took, and of no other order '
or association than that to which tbe pledge he '
woo a uouoa mm.
Cross examined. ' Took the oMioatinn ' In
July; could not recognize the obligation in pos
session ai tne courts as the one he took; return
ea to paper to court alter he bad read what be
could of it; was satisfied as to Us constitution
The obligation in manuscript washers hand-' "
ed to witness to be read by him. which he did.
aod pronounced tbe same as that be bad takin.
ue reoeived some siens, but did not reoollect
any otber than that of vboviog np the hat, which
be understood as a signal of distress.
Bit. A. usborn, sworn: Reside in Marion: -
am a lawyer; some time in May, probably tbe
last, a snort lime alter tbe attempt to mob tho .
Mirror office Mr. Hodder spoke to me of the
association for the protection of his office and '
tne Democrats or tbe county from mob violence,
and showed ma tha form of an obligation simi
lar to the one produced in court; Hodder also ,..
stated to me that such an association existed at
Other points, and had been effectual in shielding
from violence Democrat and Democratic ofh- -ces;
he concurred in tbe plan and took tha v
Pledge." ,
cross examined. Had beard numerous
threats against Mr. Hodder and his offloe;
smobg others he heard threats irom a Mr. C. .
Goodman, who said that Hodder "must make ,
a retraction of what he bad said, and give the .
committee which was then waiting oa bim to '
procure an explanation of certain ar tides) sat-
isfaotion." He also heard a man named Haven -.,,
say that be would not assist Hodder if be were .
hanging; Judge Bowen bad also Bald that if
Hodder did not desist publishing tha class or ar-'
tides be bad been deine, his Ufa would bain -
danger; Hodder Informed witness that th or- , ,
der existed in Cardington, Morrow county; that
h (Hodder) got the obligation from Saulsbury,
Who lived at CardiDCtoo: don't know that tbe ...
order was understood to extend tbrooghout the" .,
State; was told that prominent Democrats l-
most everywhere in the state were cogntstnt 01 - ;
the association; the association ceased ta bo of " ''
any Importance, so far as he knew, after th' 'Y '
Drat or middle or June; was not aware or wnat ,
Dr. Christian wat doing in the way of extend- " -'
ing the association. -. ' ; V " e
Tbe testimony for defense here closed, and . ,
tbe court adjourned fc 9 o'olock next, mora-'.-
ing. ., . . ,.,,, '''...-. V
bain & s,o.rj;.
So. 29 South High Street, Colambui,"M -'
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gradMot e4liaUiiUo. PalTBS BAIN, , , ...
aovM. ,.-.. -. SB Smatt. Hlrbttnwl.
.AUOHSa, rwty.l,Jt epensd by . , e,, L.i

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