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Thanks Qur tlianks are due .to 8.
ThatciurI of Adams Express Company, for
. niahiug ua d.iily with Eastern pp "
viiuce ol the mallrf. . 's
Also, tiour friend, John Stockdals, of
Express Company, for like favors
A Chance for Printers.
a Tm,.n nnw.n.iier. recently ttarted, with a clr
culalion of 500 cople, ta offered for Kile at th low price
of our hundred dollart cash. It ll printed In a
flourishing county, and Uai part of the oounty printing,
and III circulation can easily be ranea to cuu. ine
ferial of It office oost, two years ago, $800. Thli
good opening for a praotical printer. addreil Editor
Statesman, Columbus, Ohio, Tor lurtner particular!.
The Warden and Dlrnoten of the Ohio Penitentiary
cordially fonder their thanks to the members of the fire
department of the city, both of the ileam and hand en'
glnei, for their very elllclent aid at the diiaitroui lire at
the piliou on TuesJay evening last. While tbey feel It
a pleasure to accord to the member! of the volunteer
companies the highest praise for their laborious exer
tions, they cannot retrain from specially thanking the
Chief Engineer and the members of the 8 team Fire De
partment, and only regret their want of power to give
more tangible evidence of their appreciation of the la'
bori of the latter.
They would also tender Col. Cahrinotok their thanks
for the generom and unexpected aid rendered by a squad
of his mem with the tender of his whole force, should It
be needed. It.
Probate Court.
Itema of business truuenctod in the Probate
Court of Franklin county, Judgo Albert, dur
ing tho week ending Friday noon, October 18.
There were Bcveutoen marriage licenses is
sued a gain of one over the preceding week.
A couplo who got their license on Friday, were
married instantcr in the Probate Court room by
Juntice Trbsbnridp.r, who happened to be present.
Simuel Hell, Executor of the last will and
testament of Eliztbeth Shuckbart, deceased,
filed his first account. . '
Abraham Stimmoll, Executor of the last will
and teatamsnt of Michael Stimmell, filed bis
second account.
John Cox, Administrator of John Sejmonr's
estato, 'and Isaae . White, Administrator of
Charlc3 Roach's estate,' filed their final ac
counts. Ru8cll B. Smith, Administrator of Henry
Smith's eattte, was allowed one year's further
time for the collection ef assets.
The Ust will and testament of Conrad Hart
man, late of Columbus, deceased; also, of
William Borland, late of Brown township, de
ceased; also, of Susanna Rexrosd, late of Ham
ilton township, deceased; and also, of Wm. E.
Hopper, late of Montgomery township, deceas
ed, were admitted to probate.
Margaret iiartman, tne widow of the said
Conrad Haitman, appeared in Court and elect
ed to tuko under tho will of her late bnaband.
Mathias Fladt was appointed trustee under
the last will and testament "of George Wohrle,
deceased, for tho family of George Wohrlo, jr.
Christopher Strader, guardian of Recce A.,
John W.,and Elizabeth Reeds, filed his first ac
count. David Latham was appointed guardian of
tho estate of his five children.
Tho following minors, having enlisted with
out consent of parents or guardians, were dis
charged on writs of hibcit corpus : Bruce Wal
lace Beall, of Columbus, a roluntcer under
Smith, a recruiting officer, and Hagb
McDonald, of Guernsey county, a volunteer at
Camp Chase.
Joseph Dowdall, assignee of R. H. Ware,
filed an inventory of property, exclusive of
notes and accounts, of the appraised value of
$5G9!).31. He also gave an additional bond In
the sum of $7000, and was ordered to proceed
to sell at private sale.
Tho following are the Jurors selected for the
next criminal term of the Probate Court, which
commences on Tuesday, Nov. 5: Wm. Harri
son, Columbus; J, D. Ball, do.; V. Ilotterschcl
iner, do.; P. Amboe, do.; James Bradford,
; Wm. S. Hopkins, Madison township; B.
F. Noblej Sharon township; Richard Lewis,
do.; James Dougherty, Prairie township; David
Recce, ; Jacob Walcutt, Franklin town
ship; C. P. Grisw'old, Blendon township.
Francis Collins, appointed by the Probate
Judge to examine the Treasury of Franklin
naunty, filed his report, finding In treasury
InTlold Coin ..tG,634.50
In Silver ' 3,260.0(1
InOopper" - -. 3 50
In Ohio Banknoteaandothercurrency 2,949. 89
Total.. $l'i,H37.29
Standing to the credit of the different fuuds
General Expense land tt,5P3.'34
Bridge "v 7.B8I.88
County Infirmary '" ut,. 38.39
County Debt . " ' 730.36
Volunteer Belief , S.503.50
Corporation, School, etc., Fund 101. 48
Shall wk not Taik Caie op the Soldiers?
Capt.' Lawson, of Colonel Marrow's Regi
ment, is In the city. The regiment Is now on
the heights Of Cheat Mountain, and 1he Cap
tain's men are suffering from cold ana exposure.
being greatly In need of blankets and socks.
The Government is either unable or neglects to
furnish these indispensable artlolet, and hence
the Captain is forced to appeal to the liberality
and patriotism of his fellow-citizens, on. behalf
ol those who hare gone ont from among ns to
help fight our country's battles. Shall his ap
peal be made In vain?
Captain Lawson will leave In a few days on
his return to his regiment.' What ia done for
the relief of his companions In arms, must be
done quickly. . Donations of blanket and socks
may in the meantime be left at the Captain's
recruiting office on the northwest corner of Gay
and High streets, where be will thankfully re
ceivs them and forward them Immediately to
his suffering comrades. .
Adctioii a!d Commission Room. W. R. Kent,
well known to the publio. at an experienced and
aucoeaafnl Auctioneer, has. at will be teen by
advertisement elsewhere, opened an A notion
and Commission Room at No. ll, hw Stat
street, where there will be Motion tales every
evening. i . ..; .J .Wi. . ;..-v . . -. ,
Mr. KtiW's ability and reputation In the line
of hi profession are such a to entitle, him' to
the patronage of the community. Persons
having reaVor personal 'estate to dispose of,
should give him a, call at bli Auction Room,
near the Poitcfflo.
Lat Eastern Farias. Wt aro Informed
that all the dally papers of this city are fur
nished with the Eastern papers ra advanoe of
the malls, bv our friends, Messrs. Lawrence
and Parsons, respectively, agents of the Amer
loan and Adams Express Companies: such
favor enabling us to give to onr readers at a
very early date all item of interesting news.
. I as a alJJSSMM in inn, ill ,1 -
Col. Gn.MORE.-TLe Twenty-second Ohio
Regiment, Col. Gilmore, has been consolidated
with Col. Wright's Missouri Regimeutvwhlcb
was formed in Ohio. Col. Gilmore is Lleuten
ant Colonel of the new Reulment, ' which I
called the Twenty-second Ohio. ; '
Col. Gilmore was among the very first who
volunteered on the first call of the President
Ho had a noble regiment, the Twenty-second,
in Western Virginia, which was highly com
mended. Col. G. was offered the oommand of
the 2d or 3d Virginia Regiment by Gov. Fikr
pont, but preferred to raise another regiment In
Ohio. He hits enlisted about three hundred
men, which, at the request of Gov, Dennison,
be consents to unite with Col. Wright, now In
Missouri, and to accept a commission as Lieu-tenant-Colonel.
',' ..
This Is highly commendable in Col. Gilmore.
He accepts the position of Lieutenant-Colonel
to complete a regiment and get Into active ser
vice, rather than spend three or four months re
cruiting his own. Success attend him.
BoARorea Ladles and gentlemen desiring
good boarding and neat and pleasant rooms, in
convenient and desirable looatlon, are referred
to C. Patterson, No. 118 South f ront streot.
Mr. Patterson is well known to us as a gen
tleman and a man of good business capacity,
and we cheerfully recommend his boarding-
house to the patronage of our friends and the
public. . .. .' .
(ET Robert Constable has been appointed
Colonel, and Prof. Wm. H. Youno, Lleut.-Colo
nel of the 79th Ohio Regiment, to be organiz
ed at Athens.
Headquarters Ohio Militia and Volunteer
COLUMBUS, Oct, 15, 1861.
This Department will receive and promptly
distribute to soldiers now in the field, all arti
cles of army clothing that may be donated to
the State, to relieve the present necessities ol
our troops. But it should be distinctly under
stood, that no blankets will be paid for that are
not np to the standard fixed by the U. S. Quar
termaster General, viz; To weigh at least 4
lbs. each, or 8 lbs.' to the pair, all-wool, and of
a dark color, if possible. The circular of the
Adjutant General, of Oat. 12th, fixes the mini
mum price to be paid for blankets suitable for
army purposes, at 60 cent per pound, and will
be eubjeot to In'peotlon according to army rule.
COLUMBUS, Oct, 15, 1861. GEO. B. WRIGHT,
Q. M. General.
Humor in the : Eris. There Is probably no
part of the- physical organization more tender
or sensitive than the eye, and when humor once
settles on the delicate organs of eight, blindness
is lure to follow. There 'are Instances where
persons, having become bliddhavo applied to
oculists in vain foe relief, the professional gen
tlemen being ignorant of tbe hidden cause of
tho trouble. "Kennedy's Medicaf (Discovery"
has effected many cures where tho patients
were totally blind from the above cause; and
we mention the fact at the present time to in
duce any who may be suffering from any trouble
with their eyes to try this wonderful discovery,
and not these only, bat any who maybe troubled
with humors of any kind.
Rail Road Time Table.
Littlc Miami e Oolumios fc Xmu E. R.
Leaves. Arrives.
Cincinnati Accommodation. 5:00 A. M. 9:10 P. M.
Express 11:40 A. M. 11:03 A. M.
Mail and Accommodation.. 9:10 P. M. 3:00 P. M,
Night Kxprett via Dayton. 12:00 midnight. 3:30 A. M.
Jo. W. Dohertv, Agent.
Night Xipreat 8:40 A.M.- , 11:15P.M.
New YorkBxpree 11:10A.M. rifrSOA.TrH
O.C. 0. WaylSxpren.... BMO P.M. 7:40 P. iL
James Fatrrsom, Agent.
Ocxtral Ohio E. K. V
No.3xpress . 3:30 A. M. 1 11:85 A. M.
No. 5 do 2:15 P.M. 11:45 A. IL)
W. J. Pan, Agent.
Pirrsaoaen, Ooldmscs fc CiMcuoiiTi B. B. w
M.11 Tr.ln 3 30 A. M. 11:23 A. m
Iinreis Train n:!iaA. m. e:r.
Couimms It iKKUNoroua, R. B.
Nn. 1 V-mrtM 0:30 A. H. 8:00 P..M
No. SI " 3:00 P. M. 7:20 P. M.
Aceommodatlon 10:51 AU
. o. W. PMiTn, Agam.
Hails for New Torlt Olty, Boston, AlMny, Buffalo,
PitUburgh, fcteubenvill way, Clevelanrt, Zaneanne,
Newark. Granville. Wajhlngton City, Baltimore, Phlla-
delphia and New Orleans, jloie datiy3undttya except
ed) at 8 o'clock p.m.
A through mail for New Tork and Cleveland closes
dally (Bundaya excepted) at S o'otock p. m.
O. U.t u. . n. nay juaucioaca uanj noui;,ov
eepted) at w o'clock p. m.
Central Ohio Way Mall closes daily (Sundays excrpira;
111 nVlarlc m. J
Cincinnati Way Mail closes dally (San Jays excepted) at
o olock a. m. f
Chicuo. Subnome. Delaware. Marlon and Wortnlni-
ton aUuli closes daily (Hondays excepted) at 8 o'clock
, m.
Mails for Tenia, florlniifleld. Davton. Toledo, Cincin
nati, Indianapolis, Louisville, 8t. Loots, and Detroit,
closet daily (Sundays excepted) at 8 o'clock p. m.
A through mall to Xonia, Springfield and Cincinnati
closes dally (Sundays excepted) at 10 o'clock a.m.
Urbana, Flqua, limn ana union iiiy man closes oaiiy
(Sundays excepted) at 8 o'clock p. ;, -t -,
Lancaster, Logan, peiaonviue, umufum vuiiikouio,
Pertamouth, Washington 0. II., Athens, Marietta and
Hillsborough mails close daily (Sundays excepted) at 8
clock p. m. . .t .
Rut Wn Mall bv National Road to Zanesvllle closes
daily (Sundays excepted) at IS o'olock m. -llarrisburgh
Wall closes dally ((Sundays excepted) at 3
o'oleokp. m. ' ' ' " ' 1
Mt. Vernon Mall, bv wav of Westervill and Bunbury.
donee dally (Sunday! excepted) at 2 o'clock p. m.
. Dublin Mall closes dally tsunuayi erceptea jai z o cioca
p. Si. I i , - .." . . loj-- .1 , , K ,f c.
Lancaster Way Mall closes daily (uunaays excepieoi ai
o'clock p. m. .. . .... . . '
York. Ronton.
Albany, Pittsburah. Cleveland. 'Partem. Toledo. Xenia,
Detroit, Springfield, Olnoinnatl. Chilllcothe, Bt. Louis,
and all BouUiern aillos, arrlre between, the boors t(V
o'clock p. aa. and 4 o'olook a. m. ,
Walla from Indianapolis, Otiioago and Dubunjas arrive
at 3:40 a.m. - :
Mail! front Waablnatoa Olty. Baltlmdro. Wheellne.
Zaneavllle, Newark, Steubenvllle, Mt. Vernon, and the
0. 0. B. B. Way Mall, arrive at It o'clock m.
Way Wall rroo utncinnatl arrives at 3 o'clock p. m.
T . U.ll .nlna O .'.I k.
last Way Mail over tho National Hoed arrives at 11
O'clock a. m.
Mt. Vernon way Man arrives at II mo a. ao. 1
Mail from Dublin arrives at 19 o'clock m. ,
Urbana Way Mall arrives at 0 o'clock p, m. ,
Uarrlsbaigh Mail arrives at 11 o'olock a. m.
Lancaster way nail arrives as i ociooc ta. ' .,-.,
Otllce delivery open every day (uoepl Sunday) from
7 o'clock a. m. to 8 o'olock p. m. Oten on Bundays
from 7K to 9 o'clock In the morning, and from iud
o'clock in tna
-i " . '' GOfiHiriBDSf OHlOT't l.i OK (
, , ,
Ctntti. piatl tred4cviuTr Ware.
.ether and Babber Belling, laoe Leather, Hose and
king. Ki'i.ui.oukltS itottlWI
CLOAK CLOTHS. Also, other snakes of SDrin
v roaa vioina, in au ueitraoiu saixiuree in no in its. raa
sets ana tiuimas (9 matcn. aain bon,
apriu . no. wsouwiiiihstree
Reported for the Ohio Statesman.
Interesting Washington News!
Particulars of the Fight at
Bolivar Heights.
First Dispatch over the Pacific Telegraph
Line from Salt Lake City.
Rebels Routed!
Rumored Removal of Gen.
Reinforcements for Gen. Sherman.
The Rebels Re-appear at Bolivar!
From Washington.
[Tribune Dispatch.]
Washikoton, Oct. 17. A man, arrested some
weeks ago by tbe rebels for crossing their lines,
and since eotmnea at a airiax oonrc Mouse, re
turned to dav with, others released ia conse
quence of the evacuation of that position. He
states that the rebels burnt thousands of bush
els of corn and whoat least it should fall Into
tbe bands ot our troops; also that all the citi
zens badj.iet! lor. amureM : portions ot tne
The rebel troops at Fairfax were under com
mandof Brigadier-General Lanpstrect, of Va
Davis, Beauregard and Johnston bad ail been
there within a week. There were no now in-
trenchrnents at lairfax, but the Old ones were
somewhat strengthened. Whether this infor
mation be true or not it is certain that the rebel
pickets have been drawn in.
xesterrjay tney were at Ananaaie, snout two
miles this sido of Fairfax Court House. Tbis
morning Anandale h vacant, and it was possi
ble to ride a short distance beyond it without
the discovery of any body of tbe enemy.
Our ontposta wished to advanoe to day and
take possession of Fairfax Court Home, but
permission was withheld.
[Special to the Herald.]
Tbe single railway track between here and
Baltimore is unequal to the immense freight
business which Is now done by the Government.
Goods have been two weeks in reaching here
from Baltimore, and It is with the greatest dif
ficulty that the regular mail and express trains
can be run through on any accurate time. It
has been proposed to lay. another traelt to the
Annapolis Junction, where the road branches
off to Annapolis. Freight oan be brought to
the latter place either from Percy villa or by the
ocean.: it 11 now quite apparent was some
thing should bo done in view of tbe closing of
tbe rotomao. ...
The rebels called in all their pickets today
and have deserted Vienna and torn np the rail
road track of the London & Hampshire Road
at that place, and have fallen back with their
entire column to Fairfax Court House.
General Wadswottb, with a company of In
fantry and one company of cavalry, followed
np tbe rebels In their sudden flight to within a
mile or two of Fairfax Conrt House, when they
turned and fired upon their pursuers, but did
not succeed in bitting anybody. : :
A scouting party consisting; of four companies
under command of a LieuteDaotColonel,made a
reconnaissance of Vienna this afternoon, enter
ing tho place and finding it deserted aa stated
above. .....
Tbe object In tearing np the railroad track Is
to prevent the use of it by Gen. McClellan in
throwing troops Into Leesburg. .
[Special to the Post.]
Washington, Oct. 18 The sudden' retreat
of the rebel army from ita position at Vienna,
has created much excitement here to-day.
Geo. McClellan crossed tbe Fotomao at an
earlv hour this forenoon, accompanied by his
Staff, Inrdcr to Investigate the. actual condi
tion of affairs io Virginia.
A transport vessel went down tbe rotomao
lant nluht lor the nuroose of testine the state ol
navigation and to aifjrd opportunities for a re
connoisssoce 'of tbe enemy's batteries, noth
ing has yet beon heard Irom ner.
McUraw, late collector at nasnvuie, arrivea
lo dav. He represents that northern goods are
abundant at Nashville, and that the loyal citi
cens are quietly awaiting the arrival of the
federal army.
It Is now conbrmea tnat tne rebel pickets
have fallen back as far aa Falrlax Court House.
Our own pickets follow their steps as tbey re
treat. -
The entire forcoof the rebel army la now
supposed. to be concentrated on the line from
Manassas Gap to Acquia Ureex.
1 learn that tbe massing or tbe rebel loroes la
just the effect which McClellan designed by his
various movements. -,
The armv olBoers are apparently muoh pleat
ed with Ibe shape that the contest is now assuming-'
We learn from good authority that certain
foreien capitalists have offered Mr. Chase,
Secretary of the Treasury, to take one hundred
millions or tbe v. s, uovernment loan at b1.
percent, interest. 1 -...- : , . n, t
[To the Associated Press.
The reports about the rebel army being in full
retrsat for Manassas are founded on conjecture,
at leaet nothing ot it Is known la quarters most
entitled to confidence.
As was stated In yesterday's dispatch a larse
reconnoiterint party proceeded as far as Vienna;
but returned before Gen MoClellan bad quite
reached tbe village. - - vol
Gen. Wadsworta went within a mile and a
half of Fairfax Court House with a compara
tively small escort. From the observation it
wa eonjeotured that the rebel force there
amounted to abont two regiments of infantry
and a battalion of cavalry." The, escort was
fired on but tbey reached their camp without re
sorting to extraordinary baste.
I roru gentlemen presumed to possess tbe best
opportunities of judging, It Is ascertained that 1
tbe ebemy baa been alternately retiring ana ad
vancing within a breadth of-five milee. .-'. I
Bland Ballard baa Been appointed u: a. u
trlct Jddge for Kentucky, in place of Monroe,
woo baa joined use reoeia. . , . .
The Treasurv Department yesterday sent one
million three hundred thousand dollars in Treas
ury botea West.
Quite a number of upward bound vessels ran
the rebel blockade lust night, and have arrived
at the navy yard and at our wharves. Among
them Is the government steamboat Cesar ds
Lion, which towed np the government sloop
Granite They passed the batteries shortly af
ter midnight. ... '" t
. The tugs Murray and , Vessey were several
times fired upon as thoy passed, towing np a
couple Of schooners 'with government stores,
but were not touched... ' . ..' '. -
" The Coour de Lion apoko the Pawnee on
Chesapeake bay. The Pawnee was not disabled,
as reported, by shots she' received. A large
number Of vessels art waiting at Smith's Point
for an opDirtunitv to oome up. 1 '
..The Harriet Lane jell the Navy Yard this
morning. " '.
The new rebel battery at Timber Creek
mounts four euna.
;The Secretary of Wat ordered Col. Ben don
to establish a camp of Instruction here and ool
leot alt the aharp-thootera he oaa for the next
ninety days, with fall power to eooept eompa
niea and regiments that may be found equvl to
.Atnlpaifiatita.' " ,u " ' ' -. - . .
[To the Associated Press. Particulars of the Fight at Bolivar
BALnmiti Ool. a8.-A toebfletnan wfae) spent
the whole of yesterday1 at Harper's Ferry, aaya
that theaocoanU published thereof the fight on
Wednesday, art In the main correct.
The oannoo captured It fiat new tlegt (an,
well mounted and ia good order, with the excep
tion of a fracture abeve toe axies, During tne
night It was stationed near tbe abetment of tbe
bridge, and when It was abont being re taken
by the rebels, a ten penny nail was driven in it,
which has already been drawn out.
The Rhode Island battery did not participate
in the fight, They were stationed on the Ma
ryland Heights, and found it Impossible to dis
criminate in tbe distance- between irieua ana
foe. '
,The fight lasted from 8 A. M. to 2 P. M. It
was a reeular skirmish with varying results
The rebels, when bard pressed, retreated into
the woods, and at other times driving tho Fed
eral troops ba:k Into Bolivar; tbe main fight
being beyond that town on tbe roaa 10 iaaries
town.: .. ..
At two o'clock Colonel Geary advanced with
three pieces of cannon, which soon silenced the
guns of tho enemy, and put bis entire foroe to
UlgtU. . '"' ......... j
' A chaplain of the rebels, who was taken pris
oner, says that before he was captured, eighty
seven killed and wounded had been carried ttfm
the field. , , . ... f ..
Tbere was nothinc nosltivetv known as to
Col. Ashley's being killed.' It waa not gener
ally credited. An officer supposed to be him
was shot during the final retreat of the enemy.
The Federal troopa remained in the field all
Wednesday night, and yesterday morning, hay
ing broucht across the tiver the remainder of
teu thousand bushels of wheat captured from
tbe rebel military depot, which tbey were about
transporting to Leeabur?. an order waa given
for the wholo force to retire to tbe Maryland
There Is no news from there this moru'og as to
whether the threat of the rebels was carried ont
or not.
Tbe river ia still too hi ah to ford, and tbe
troops were conveyed across in scows.
i be prisoners admit that their loroe waa two
thousand, whilst the whole Federal force was
lour hundred and sixty.
Tbe change that haa taken place in Harper's
Ferry and the thriving village of Bolivar in rep
resented aa most Bid And (shocking; ruin Is
everywhere visible, end the inhabitants are
bowed down with sorrow.
Col. McKslg, State Senator irom Alleghany
county, who wad arretted eomo time since and
oarriud to Ohio, and allowed the liberty of that
State on bis parole, arrived here yesterday, in
violation of his pledge. He was arrested last
bight at bis hotel by order of Gen, Dix.
First Message over the Pacific Telegraph
Cleveland, Oct. 18 The following, being
the first.mcssage over thePaoifio telegraph line,
was received here this evening:
Great Halt Lake Citv, Oct. 18. Hon. J.
H.Wade, President Pacific Telegraph Compa
ny, Cleveland Sir: Permit me to congratulate
you upon the completion of tbe overland tele
graph line went of thia city. To commend
the energy displayed by yournelf and associates
in the vpid and successful prosecution of a
work bo beneficial, and to express tbe wish that
its oso may ever tend to promote the true In
terests or tbe dwellers upon both Atlantic and
Paciflo elopes of our continent. ,
Utah baa not seceded, but is farm, for the Con-
tltution and laws of our once happy conntry,
and la warmly Interested la such successful en
terprises aa the one so far completed.
Important from Missouri.
Ibonton, Mo., Oct. 17. No other brides than
that at Big River has been interfered with on
the Iron Mountain' railroad, and no rebels arc
known to be near tbe road. Tho Eighth Wis.
cousin regiment ia now here and another reel
ment with Major SchoBeld'a battery of artillery
ia understood to be on tbe way, which will make
this point secure against an attack. Tbe rebels
are reported in large ioree twenty five miles
below bere, but nothing definite Is known as to
nnmbera or deigns.
Sysacpse, Mo i Oct, 17. A measengcr from
Gen. Fremont's headquarters at Warsaw reach
ed here to-dav with dinpatcbes for Gen. Mc-
It waa Said Price bad made a stand in Cedar
county, twenty five miles irom Osceola, with
twenty thousand well armed and disciplined
troopa and a large force of irregular militia
On the arrival of Fremont at Warsaw the
opposite bank of tho Osage river waa lined with
rebel horsemen, who were dispersed by a fow
ruuuds of caulaiur. ' ' .,
Fremont had began preparations to lav a pon
toon bridge across the Osage when tbe messen
ger lett, and it was supposed bis army would be
over tbe river on Wednesday night. He waa
determined to push on with the utmost vigor,
and would probably aoon come up with tbe ene
my and force him to fight or retreat. . -
St. Louis, Oct. 13. The following dispatch
waa received Irani an omcer at filot Knob,
dated ten o'clock last night: Major Gavlll, of
tbe first iodinua cavalry, made an attack on
the enemy thia morning. When discovering
tbe strength and position of the rebels he fell
back until he came upon Col. Alexander, with
six hundred Infantry of the Twenty-first Illi
nois, and one piece of artillery. The enemy
followed, fighting all the way. Major Gavill
then got bis gun in position, and concealing his
infantry, caused a part of bis command to re
treat still farther, drawing .the enemy into an
ambuscade, and forcing them to fall back with
heavy loss."
The ttepublican learns that tbe work on the
fortifications around the city haa not been sus
pended and that guna will be mounted and eve
rythiug completed within eight days; also, that
four million dollars will arrive bere next .week
to pay off the Government indebtedness. .
Ibe reported withdiawal ot Ma. K. M. Cor
wine, from Gen. Fremont's (tiff, ia efflcially
Hardee Marching to the Aid of Price
With Twenty Thousand Troops.
Syracuse, Oct. 18. The rebel Hardee, who
has recently been reported in Kontucky, la said
to be marchiug to the aid of Price with twenty
thousand troops, and is expected to reach bim
next monaay.
Nothing has been beard of our 'advance
guard to-day. ... . -
Fremont to be Superseded by Gen.
Hunter—Gen. Sherman Calls for
Cincinnati, Qot -13- ?he Gazette editorially
says wben the beoretary ot War went tost.
Louis, be earried an 'order from the President
to Gen. Fremont, removing him from the com
mand of the Western Department, and instruct
ing him to transfer it to Gen. Hunter. Delivery
of this order iwaa left to the discretion of the
Secretary of War. Hie visit to the Western
Department convinced bim that the change in
command was Imperatively required, and be
presented the order to Fremont, who asked de
lay of a few days in the execution of the order,
but bis removal waa decided Upon to take place
next week, and will probably be made on ,Tnea-
The Seoretirv or war also ordered modinca-
tiona to be made in Fremont'a operationa at St.
Louis la respect to fortifications, contracta and
nulitary appointments.
X eeterday uen. snertnan teicgrapnea urgent
ly for reinforcements. la the eveuinc Secre
tary Cameron and Adjutant Genoral Thomas
arrived in thia eity from Louisville, -and
dispatches were Immediately eent to. Pitts
burgh, Indianapolis and Cbloago, orderiog eight
tbouBtnd troopa to be forwarded to uen. tuier
mat by special train. These troops are doubt
less nbw well on their way, and apprenensions
fon. tke safety ' of Louisville may therefore be
dismissed. Everything Indicates action in tbat
direction, and Important news may be expected
speedily from the CentralKentuclky eolumn".'
Additional by the Arabia.
'.Madrid. Oct 2. The Correspondia Au'fch
graff of to-day saya t We art authorised to do.
cy tho statement mat preparation lor tne
Snanish expedition to mexico nau oeen pus
pended, and to deolare, on the contrary, that
they are being aotiveiy earriea oa.1 r
The expedition of Spain will leave very short
1. without nreludtoe to the co-operation which
she will afterward afford to France and Eng
land, i s Hill .'' ' ''"' ' f
PHiLAPxirnurOct;-18 Henry- D.'Mc3re,
Rmtfl i Tr.MOrA.-denies1 the: Statement that
Pennsylvania haa.ieceivtd fCUO,000 on aooouot
of war expenses. Not a dollar hat yet been
received, ,riiKini c ' $: I ;u Vj:'
- : .. i i j .(,.. wii
New Ye, OelJ lU.--It Is reported' that the)
envernment Intends sending large orders to
Europe for making army woolens. The rumor
eauaes considerable excitement among menu,
The Rebels again Renew the Attack
The Rebels again Renew the Attack at Bolivar Heights and are Driven
The Rebels again Renew the Attack at Bolivar Heights and are Driven Back.
Baltimoie, Oct. 19 A" gentleman, lire
trom Harper's r aery anpoanore bat.'tnatwoeis
again appeared oq Linden Aid Eebvaf Heights
this morning and renewed the attack eo -the
Union) forces, under Mior Gould, with artille-
Major GouM fired-upoa them, with canister
from the ooluranlad ;hlob was ; eaptareeV an
Tuesday and drove them back, but not until the
vandalls bad burned tbe mill or A. n. lierr,
Esq., and taken the- miller prisoner w Ho they
charged witU giving Information to the.Uoloa
troopa of tbe twelve thousand buahels of wheat
being brougat tbere f grind. ? :,. ;. . - .
Tbe firing there was. progressing wben our
Informant left aad,tbe "women aud chlldrtn
were fleeing In great terror to tha Maryland
shore in anticipation of the town being burned.
Major Gould was throwing shot and shell
from the Maryland Heights after the rebels and
was confident that he could keep them off until
reinforcements could reach him. v i '
Colonel Geary's wound is only ft slight cut
in tne can ol bis leg, caused f rom the explosion
or a then.
i ' ' "(
Rebels Concentrating their Forces
on the Upper Potomac.
Dainestowm, Oct. 17, A gentleman from
Berlin eavs intelligence reached the Point Of
Koclts that tbe enepy's toroes, wbloh retreated
to the foot of the. mountains of Sheonandoah
Valley on tbe approach of the sickly season
along the river, have left their retreats and are
now pushing for the Fotomao in large numbers.
It is stated tbey bad reached Charleston, and
wonld make tbelr appearance at every ford or
crossing on tbe Upper fotomae. Khould this
intelligence be confirmed it is not unlikely we
may nave some serious encounters next week.
A ride from the Great Falls to Edward's
Ferry, yeaterdny, proved that all was quiet on
that frontier. i . f- .-
Honvy and ooutinued firloe was heard bere
yesterday morning and forenoon in tho direc
tion ot Jbewensville or Fairfax Court House,
From Fortress Monroe.
Fort Monroe, Oct. 17. No flag of truce
will be permitted to go to Norfolk for a num
ber of days, neither will any from tha rebels be
permitted, to come this side of bcwell's roint.'
Appearances indicate tbat. tbe frigate Meri
mao haa been brought down a short distance
from Norfolk. , v
Tbe Petersburg Express of the lStb, has a
list of priaoners recently taken to Richmond,
comprising ten soldiers of tbe llth Ohio regi
ment and fourteen Union citizens ot Virginia.
Tbe same paper states they are the most
miserable set ever received at Richmond. . It
also has additional particulars of the affair at
New Orleans. It states that the- Turtle ran
against tbe Prtble without firing a gun, imme
diately sinking her, the balls from the whole
Federal squadron glancing harmless from her.
The Turtle then turned toward two other ves
sels, who got ashore, endeavoring to escape,
tbelr crews deserting, them. . Hollioa 'saya be
will be able to capture and brlog.both to New
Orleans. Tho Preble cannot be raised. A
large number of prisoners, arms, ctc.s. were
taken during the action-. - 1 ' "
New Orleans was illuminated on receipt of
tbe Intelligence.
- the same paper saya Com. Hollins eotmrms
tbe defeat of Billy Wilson's Zjuaves. "'
Tbe Richmond -Enquirer of the 14th, states
that several hundred bales ot cotton bad been
returned to, the owners, and all cotton- will
hereafter bo sent bac'x to planters at their own
Tbe Pensacola correspondent of the Peters
burg Express gives the names of twenty nine
wouuuea repeis at tbe sattt Koaa fight. ' '
From the South, Via Louisville.
Lopisville, Oct. 18. Gen. Ward, command
ing Camp Andy Johnnob. Greensburs. Kv.. dis
patched Col. Harlan and Gen- McCcok for re
inforcements. ,. r ... .
Gen Ward has reports that six thousand reb
els ere advancing upon and within twelve miles
of Greensburg. Fifteen hundred troooa' have
gone to their asftieUpce.
LUtea from Charleston and New Orleans to
the'llth, Savannah - 10th, Richmond . 10th,
Kuoxvlllo M b, and Nashville 13th nra re
ceived. ...
Goo. Twitres reeiened on acnonnt of 111
health. Gen. Mansfield Lovell . succeeds . him.
Travel from New Orleans ia under strict Sur-
veilance. . . '
A blockadme steamer captured a schooner
off Charleston on the 8th. A rebel battery
opened on the steamer. Tbe shots fell short.
wen. if iDa 9 uvtwiu in itiipruviug.. . v . .,
Parson Brownlow supports the candidates for
tne ionteaerate ijongreeB,' but severely criti
cises tbe rebel authorities. .
Breckinridge and Preston were at Nashville
on the 7th. - - ... . .
The Louisville Courier was to be revived at
Bowling Green on the 14th.
Rebel account i say tbat onlv two rebels ware
injured by the Monticello'a fire near Cbicaoo
maoj both alightly.
The special correspondent of the Mobile' A4
vertiaer, on the 10th. aava of the Santa Rosa
Island affair, that the hospital structure is the
oniy ounaing now; standing on tbe Island.
Eleven hundred men were in the expedition
under Gen. Ruggles.
, Wilson's New York Zouaves camp1 was the
oral one reaonea. ma sentinels were eltber
killed or captured, and the whole regiment ra
pidly fled beyond the eastern walla of Pickens.
The Colonel took to his heela clothed only in a
shirt, and the race eclipsed Boll Run. Our
forces advanced to within a mile of Fort Pick
ens, from) which not si gun waa fired? neither
did tbe fleet Pre upon our forces who were upon
the island from two to six o'clock In ' the mark
ing. Tbe boats engaged were" towed back by
steamers Evening Time and Nefie A dozen
or more of the rebels- were killed and twenty
nine wounded. The latter are now in Pensaeola
Hospital. Some exhausted - rebels were proba
bly overlooked and let on tke Island. t - .
Maj. Vodges, V. S. A., and some thirty other
Federals, are now our prisoners, . i
Lieut. Slanghter, of the Mobile Continen
tals, waa taken prisoner while bearing a white
Qagt Pickens. 'He baa been released. . ;
. The ' rebel General, AndereodY has been se
verely WOUOdod. , ; .' ; ,;i ,' ; ,
Ft. Bridges, Utah, Ool.' 18. Tha J'aolflo
Teleeraoh Line, was completed to Salt Lake
City at one o'clock to-day. The line between
Salt Lake City and San Francisco will be com
pleted In a few daya." '" 'J-i ' ' - '
From the South, Via Louisville. COMMERCIAL MATTERS.
Columbus Retail Market.
FRIDAY, October 18, 1861.
the following- are the" rrtall quotations corrected br
wm. xi. Kestteaux.wnowsais ana recoil groow, no.
106 Booth High Street, i ,uun.r,,. .lett r
Wheat..... BSaiflOiS O.Bngai fc,., 10llo
uaas w on .. ,.
Maple do OO&OO
Oome) ou
Batter ....
Molamee 9'ta.
., ee10j
. IOc
Syrup t gl..-.iOa OS
Lard t
lea 9 fc....ouo,A uuutiL ra
Tallow V a
do Tea...
SI 00
Pried Apples bu
Rio Coffee f.
Drtea reaches. yasfs "upenjao.. ,?.,-,
White Beans rm.i i uui i - ji
Rico 9 .......... iOo
Brooms dos..l 0091 75
Hay 9 ton S3 00
Potatoes, new S ba.wssue
Bolt In sack.. -t tidH-tc
Salt bbl SI 00
Beef ewt.a....... t i
Soaptnoxj f txSBo
ciour e not W3 m
White Wheat do. a. . .5 V
Bams 9 lie
Shoulders .... A eVi
Salt Pork VowL... !10c
Rye Flour bbl.v.- $4 10
Candles.Tallow.bx. 12 Kc
Wood-a eord.... S' .'
Candle, OpaL. box.. Itio
Haekerol Ho.lbfbhl 10 00
Mackerel No 1 or bbl 5 5n
h ominy per oun . . witai
UaoacrelNolktU.. 9'i 50
White Fish mrh'f DM S3 00
Whisk per.- gall. 851 0
Raisins, M R. -BOX.A..3 25
White Fib po v ool f s w
i " Layora ....3 30
DodFudi S a...... CMC
, " , Sultan t a 12 c
Fllfi .9 !.. .12KC4)l5
Harrlne- bbl ......t5 00
Corn Meal f . riu.,..JWDic
Prune 9 k Si3)2K0
Kinrs 9 doi,,...
uoioov"nVi.-"-l',0 V ID-
Dried Beef......
Xel i ,,,
WiiirjR alea at 14 5034 61 for new red, and 5IO
S 159 for white; market unsettled. . , , ' , '
wnaaT-atooai w,, ... , . ' ,
Cea-wals a0e k ."! ' ' " '
' OATw-emleadullat 18. " ' '
Rra small sales at .'iiOc. , ,
Bit sales at tXSO. '
Potato aa . sales at 35iS40oi
Bsahs oales at67c8ias.' . I
Salt role at tl 65 perbbl. -Vlin
Fua rule at t(J 2546 75 per W., ',
.: .
Bugara, Teas and Coffee ad vanolnf still
i ,n
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Oct. 18.
FLOUR Scarcely so aoUvo, butprieee aro withoot de
fllitiul chana.! aalaa ef 19 300 hblsal iS(5 10 for reject-
di 5 305 34 lor inperfloe state; 95 505 80 for extra
tatf and MBS for cuotoe; 15 SO J lor' ettporfln
v-mni, ""-- wn aaeoium extra
westerca SO taw shl4ng ktwas estoa rsonel
oop wnio i mna fwn ior inn atanast BarkMele.
lnf eoiet, with shlppens kotdlng beck fos tbelr feuan kj
tho Arabia, expeeted t4l evulof... Oanadlan floor no
changod, with fair lnqolryi sales l.Sltt bbls at 15 30S5
40 for superflne, aael 55e 00 tw ooauaoa to aaoic
extra, i Hjo floor quiet at t TUmi 04. - ' - -
CORN si SAL Nominal! ttnehanged.
WBI8KT Market flrmer, with sales at 21 J.92S. ' '
WHt AT Market Use active) etcloMaoareelrso Ann:
while nrioee aro lenarallv withoot material ehu: io
80S bush Chicago (print at l 19rl 81; 17.000 lUdoe
prlnirat SI WKgl 3, ,uw uarukaoornbat Si Sua
1 SS; 18.000 acber Jnwa at 1 24X. QOOnd
state at tl 30-ai 33: 39,000 winter red western at Si 30
1 t; M 30O aaber Mlehlgao at 1 351 Mr njm
oholoe red southern at 1 AJ:i8,i!t)U unite Hlehlran at
Hls7 and 0 500 white Kentucky at S143ISU7.
Boaroe and Arm. with sales of S.3W bash state
as iv&itx,
BAULCYILiade: aalea 70.200 hnah at 8731722 for
Canada, and 68o for state. . '., :
' OQKN Eates firm, with fair demand for' export and
noma oonsumpuon; sales xi.uuv bush at aucguu. fur inie.
rlor to common mixed west! QOHM for food to prime
spring doi 61kS2ofor verr choice do: B3c for uUm
- . . . y
UAIB-Bnles very firm, with aalea at 57359a for Oan.
aoian, ana ivmtw for wesUrn and stale.
rUKK Continues flrm, with little rrore doing; sale
01 l.ra Oh a ml aiidlllS SO lornmilml Q 7r.2llfl tn.
uum; neei (ransaoUona are only to a very limited ex
tent; sals at 4(4 50 for country prime; S5S5 50 for
mess; SKA11 25 for mmuikiui m..: nri aiSMfflia i
for extra mess; prime mess beef oontinnes dull and nom.
Inal. Beef hams aniet at SlSAlOfor new.
?ELJ AT-"ing ilowly. 55Xo for shoulders;
1 S30 12 for hama.
BAOON Continues firm! Mlea nf 14A Ma n mt
v70. r "'-
LARD Lesa actlre and a ihaita utm; Onn Mu
at 8l-t9x.
BDTTKK firm and a fair tills Ins.. Annm 7111
Ohio, and 13 1 S(915 for State. I i .. ..
ahady at 7o. ' 1 i m. ; - -COFFEE
Inactive; Bossies. '" ' ..
SUGAR Rkw rinll- aalAflO ull,h PhU.. Qiysioo.
280 boxes H.n;.t5J. ' ""?!
uuiiASBEB uuiec: no sales lo renorfi ' ' ' '
Cincinnati Market.
OK0CBRIE3 In ths rnr m.k. I),. I.
lyany trade in the largo way. Tbe same spirit actuates
holders aa to southern atanlra that wm ham hri,M ..iL..
ed, for tbey can see no way In which the trade centering
.u iviupimcu wim sugar mna moiaiaess notll tbe
asuitmenioi me iroublei with the Booth, excent at In.
created nricea.
FLOUR Is very' firm, under a good order demand,
but buyers will not meet fhe market for intorflna r.i
. ki.i,. A an . ... 7 .
W1ISAT Waa favarablv affectMl h ih aaatan !,
and prices were advanoed Sw93e per bushel. Red we
now quote at 5(3)90; white at A0&95, Those fl.uref
..... ulw. m, hums go. un, ( - . -rr .
CORN Is barelT atandv at an. (lond v.... .
inflftnlna.... .1 . . ' V
ATS-Drag at 31o, and tales aro hard to make at ovor
BABLST AND BTE Are nnehanged.
market. . ' " . "
Cleveland Market
FLOUR Sales of 45 bbls double extra red at 4 50.
WHB AT Sales of 3 ears red at 95a: a nan Hit at Q7-1
CUT Door white at lame: anon haah A roa An k..
9 Vl0 poor white at same; and I carwhi'O atSOo.
CORN Sales of 4000 bush last ovenlnc at 34o, fro on
board, and 1000 bush to-bay at 33Ko afloat.
v i o r-aies on car rrom store at S5o.
HlOtl WINES Rilea Itt 50 hhla a, .nj '.n ..JSC
h. I w. buu HU HJU .
doatlto. --
New York Cattle Market
Aecordinc to the renorta from tho
places in the city, there have been received this week:
'' B'vea. Cows.
Teals. Lambs Swine. Total
At Allerton'fc 4,-422 23
Browninx'a...- 114 Sit
O'Brien's. 31 2' .
117 S
07 3.069
Ohamberlin's.. 112 35 ,
Sold ba'rs, Ber. 478
SS 4,795
507 13 013
403 12,964 .
1 prls week
At. number
f.w'lcltj'r. 4,364
358 ; Jia ' 0,709 ;. 7,690 12,908
A. ST. Allerton c Co., Proprietors of tho Washinrton
Drove-yards, 44th-st, report the Cattle in Market from
the following-States: ,
NewTork 809 lOonnectlcut.. ....... '
Ohio 1,059 New Jersey
Indiana 018 lexa
Illinois 900 Canada 18
Kentucky.. 413 Michigan ..-.-. 114
Iowa 305, Missouri ., SOO
Pennsylvania- 'fiho.iaar v.n., oo
Number reported for this market at Forty-fburUi
street, 4,428.
Ihe prices to-day are quoted ae followr:
First quality. . 1 ' OS I Ordinary.. J..'. . .5GU
Meuiam., 0. 4i7 Extra ....84
Tho general average of the market la 6X6.
The; moot ot tb tales are at 67e, - - ' .
' Prloei per head and per pound, of different weighU,
auuuu luamiuui, U SUQUry OrOTeS.
Total number of Beeves received In the city this week
5107. ' - '- " .- -.
This 1 745 lets than last week, and 793 head more
than tho average of last year. Tho average number at
each Wednesday market last year was 3,481 head, while
the number today being 4,422, show 931 head more than
the average, and 87fi sea than this day weak. . v i .
' Wednesday Oct. 16. Fortunately for owner a very
small portion of the stock was left over yesterday, for
business is very dull this morning, and prices wonld
surely decline If there was any considerable number for
sale. 1 As It Is, we think all will be sold before night at
tho rates of yesterday and the tame as last week, and
better than Ihe oloslng day, which was a very hard on
on thin steers and rough cattle generally, and though
that olass, owners think, sell very low this week, we do
not find any sales at aa low points as we did a week ago;
and as the average quality of stock is better, wa make a
slight advance In the average price In the table of quota
tions. Tho demand for first olaat bullocks was greater
thia week than would bo satisfied, though none ot the
buyers were willing to advance the rates for tho take of
securing those offered; preferring to take a grade lower
at lower prices, or buy fewer animalt than usual, and
trust to chances next week. Buyers as well as tellers
understand that there Is now pressing on the market a
muchilarger supply, particularly from Kentucky, than
Was anticipated a month tlaco, and that- a long as this
pressure oontlnaeo tha prospect of any advance above
8(S8Xo a poumd for the net weight of first class bulleoks
Is nol encouraging. W do not think it discouraging
against 9ofor toot of extra qualtty.
If tbe market continues crowded, as It has been for sev
eral weeks put, with slock of overy mean quality, wo
shall be surprised it prices do not run lower even than
Ihey are now; because the market has been greatly re
lieved by purchases ot lots for grazlog the very ab und
ent pasturage north of tbis oity, which as yet It uninjur
ed by frost, but cannot remain to much longer, and then
the demand for beef oattlo will cease, and those who buy
such trash to kill, will de so only at the very lowest
mark.i -Wo therefor earnestly advlsa tho owners of all
tuch stock not to tend it to tbis market after this month
It will hardly tell for enough to pay transportation.
A drove ot Iowa two and thret year old thin (teen, sold
this week at only t31 a haad. This will not leave over
(16 as the homo price, and still worst on those selling
at 20(ii5s head, as many do. . Ih markto finally clos
et dull and hard to sell all tha stock without a decline,
but with a demand for first class bullocks entails. Hud.
'Receipt! this week, 13,913. ..
Tht market on tha whole it better tot. drivers that ft
was at the date cf last report, though It hat been un
steady. Last Wednesday it was very lively for (hat day,
and Thursday, which It generally a good day, wa un
commonly ao. Friday and Saturday, not quit so food,
but Monday trade waa very brisk, at an are rage ad ranee
of 85 Sent a head upon the previous Sonday, and large
numbers were sola aoon i jvuu at O'Brien's, ana xvuu at
Browsing' and a largo stock at Ohamberlin's, whr We
found the pen quite full In the morning, which were
emptied before night. Tuesday wa a vary warm October
day, and the large buyer were llttlahyof laying tn
large atock. and tn nrmnest oi too. broker cava way
befere noon. ' ' .
We found a great many very good sheep and htteit h
the bent lot was on of SO head, brought in by P. Kill-
. from Oatlitle, Schoharie ooantw. Haw York.) They
wen fed by Wm. Beokor. and art estimated at 80 oounda
net, and will tell at 6 50 each. Though not as large as
some, tney art remaxkaniy no quality; a crott of long
wool stock Upon native breed. It Is a pity that a very
larger portion of till thMD tent to this maraat wore
not mora like thia lot.
To-day we find the market oolte dull: the reoorl of
tale at Washington market isatardav. hare denreaaed
tn mareet ror live stock, ana w expMI tU lhtt4Y!ce
will b lost In the report of sales to day. ' ' i 1 1
Tha dtilV receipt at Brbwnkis'a were! WMnaadaV 4S3v
Xburseay wa; yrraay e; Saturday ass; Motday low;
fuesday 1489 From New Tent 38Mi Ohio tM;
eylvani391; RewJereey 160j Canada 0. -...- .. -
.aeAlnta thia weak 0 587. .7 'l Is, ' '
The followln are tho ouotattan given by Henry D.
Grant, Superintendent of the market: - -.
, Com fea Hogi,' llv'wIght.. U-lXtsWe-..'
:a DkUllerj-fedBcc ....3j,83X0.
' floo.'w. Borman 'gives th following at the price ot
Bogt Oils week
. 'i
U"e ! )m ttve.lMad'wwighL
first duality, com fed, targ Hie. .4X9 - 5X
geeond quality oorn-fed XWX i ,ltMX
V1..1 anaiit. amall aiaes. fat and '
pilmfe, for market botcher.. ....tfc
Usiastll.fed,fSt.....,..,...:)tri3V 4H
Boond quality still-fed, fat.., 3X3 ' 43tlX
h v Irish Lluett Goods:
YY linen Shirt Bosoms Plain and Fancy
Shirting and Bosom Linen. '"'
H Linen neMtnvadf,llI0(rnji--- 4
1 ' I.n..f...uu..HA.l..' " K -
qav'a!' . - Uotn ocket-handk, all sie."
! J '0 - Linen To-elllnirsaodDlftpwT
T.lnam WanVltM aas DOwllaa. tb t.
' linen Table Clotl and Satin Damask.
I I . iTm.,1. Mltk uI.mJ KmiIm.
. i:
Linen Stair Coverings and Craaa. -. T
lor sal at low prioes.
fcbSS IT. W Soath IIih street
.VWW WIWWW.W.W w.wis.
" Thermo: Jaigktfioitlwi pqi
Instant Hlief J
iv IMs) yewr Veofft. .
lfnrlfr Ver Breath.
i,'ft?ens;tiiett,'Hivicej v
''1 ! 'rm 1 " -. . -. 1
i:tijiv f
'D . iir-i it
' 5.1;
.' !
aiNTtllfltSJ CARRYJJ -''.m,
. . . r, , . , ; .7j
I r .TT.r.ni... n - -
vuuvasa vttl avail
They relieve a Cough Instantly. '
They dear the Throat. y
They give strength and volume to the; vole. ; j
They Impart a delicious aroma to tbe breath
they are delightful to the taste. - - : .
They are made of simple herbs and cannot
" harm anyone. , ' "
;. -. '
I advlie every one who hat a Oougb or a husky Voice '
or a Bad Breath, or any difficulty of th Throat, to get
a package of my Throat Confection; they will rellev
yon Instantly, and yon will agree with m that "they
go right to th spot." Ton will find them very eseft l
and pleasant whll traveling or attending publie meet
Ingt for stilling your Oongh or allaying your thirst; it.';
you try on package, I am safe In stytng that yo will'
ever afterward oontldar them rndlspenaabl., , ..
Ton will find them at th Druggist and Sealer In ,
Medicines. ' "! '' " "
, My 'signature it cn each package. All others are
counterfeit. - '
A package will be tent by mall, prepaid, on receipt o '
Thirty Cents.
Address, ...
i ! Henry C. Spalding, '
j NO. 48 CEDAR S T R B I T,
- i - . , , ,
By th use of than fills the periodic attacks of Aer
ecu or Ski Btadaeie may be prevented; and If taken
at th commencement of an attack Immediate relief from
palo and sickness will be obtained.
- They seldom fall In removing th Xautta and
achi to which females are to tubjeot. -.
They act gently upoa th bowels removing Ototiw
nel. ;
lor Uttrary Jim, SudtnU, Delicto female '
and all pertoru of sedentary Habits, they are valua .
at 4 tamattot. Improving th appttiit, giwlug Ion
ttg&t to tha digestive organs, and restoring the natur '
elasticity and itrcngth of th whole system.
THS 01PHALI0 PILLS sr th result of long Inve
Ugatlen and carefully conducted experiments, havtrg
been m at many yean, during which tun thayhax
prevented and relieved a rut amount of pain and suffer-,
tag from Headache, whether originating ia thetMnar
lyiteta or from a deranged itatt ot tb ttcmaak. .
They are entirely vegetable In their composition, an
may be take- at all time with perfect safety without
making any change of diet, and th absmcs of "
iisagrtaUs tattt renders U ttity to mdminis er (Asm
The gsnuin hive five signatories of Henry 0 Spalding
on each Box.
Bold by Druggists and all other Dealers in Medicines.
A Box will be tent by mail, prepaid, on receipt of tb
2Pnoo, 23 Ooxxta.
AU erdert should b addressed to
i ' ITBlfHT Cs SPALDtira, ;
48 CerJttr, Street, New York.
.1. From tht lxaminer, Norfolk, Ta.f i
Oeptaallo Pill aooompllth the object for which they
were made, via.: Our of headache In all Its forms.
Irom' tl 'trammer, Norfbik, Ta.' ! .
i i '
t1 ' t a,
They have bent tatted la mora than a thousand ours ,
with entire success.
"; ! Irom tht Democrat, St. Cloud, Minn. .'-, i'-
It yon an. or hare been, troubled with tha headacha
tend fur a box, (Oephalto Pills,) to that you may have
them In ease of an attack. - - - ;"r")
... ' Irom th Advertiser, Providence, R. I. f. .: ' '
.The Oenhallo Pills an said to be a remarkablv efractim
remedy for th headache, and on of th very bnt for
that very frequent, (oerplalat.whtoh ha erer been
covered -,- . ,j i
0 from the Western R. R. Gaaette, Chicago, 111.-'
We heartily ondorat Mr. Soanldlnc.' and hi flnrlvataw
ejephaUePllte. ;' ; -; i - -
Iro r' A - staaawksv Vfliey Itu, Kanawha, Va."?: f 1 '
" We ar snn that pertom) suSefing with the hoadacbe)
Who try them, will stiok to them. r
I- : . mm4mmma) ,bo r.- !!'. c,. r-r .fT
Irom th Sotthern Path finder, HewOrreans, ,'
"Try them I yon that art afflicted, and w art sure ihtT.
wa... iMtkMAIM. K. AAmA a thm .Ih.,. ...... .ll "
a mat naa wan, nan,. nr. mat nn nin., a,M .1..
T' la-fl ,raa- ' tftl,;f iti.3. . L
I roof th St Loo is Democrat.
the t
I fow th rtlols .Osphall Ftlia . sis
It rapUly Increasing.
I l.i-'.i.,; T" -inill I. i Lriuiil
tma th-ett, Barbnnort' fitvm.'''-J- ''
Mr. Bpaldlng would not eons tot hit natn with aa ar- -
Met h did not haoat-to Ptsaaea iml aaorit. v
lf-Aj single bottle- ef SPALttNa'tf PE1PABID
aii.ua wiu any am tarns ttaaawit annna.. jj r.r;l
cot v lYTUnia 'vt er a t r-ra 'nr'tttt &
, , t ss Aauiui a a nbraajoi' wiatia 1
SATM THI WJC18I " '''-- -if ti.
I0N0MYI , , ... v . 9I8PAT0HI i,
t ; 1 HT" BtitoS fun Bavat hTur,''TJ ....
Aaaocldent will happen, even m well ragnlatad mat ) .
tile. It Is vary desirable lohav soms ohwp and eon;,
vontont for rtpalrtog furniture, Toy, Oncksty-
meets all twoh msrrncla, and no household oan aforOt ,
ebawlthoatit. It sialway ready, and up to th stick ''
BOX DOlbt. '- ' T " ' ' i . i ,f J-,,-
.JJ'DWDl, IS XVBBT HOnsj.' v ;-
' 9. B. A Brata aonoatpaale taok kottU. t j,. t ., t
eent. ' kAA,Ti.. .
naini v. nrauiiiNa, .
t No. 48, Cedar ttnot, ro'
ff.". r-
wtrpflnetptaol person! art tttrnintln t
rilra off on tho untuapeetlng poblle, Imitations of at
RBPARIO LOS, I would oaution all nenons to,
tmin Iwfor poreballnir, and see that tlie full name,
It en Uvtoutsid wrapper; all 0 Uteri an iwiodiiui
WrMtt, no

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