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Rail Road Time Table.
Littls Uuu 4 Oowmscsk Xmkik B. K.
-. i vbtm--r.' i . Arrive
Ulucluuatl aocuuiiuodatlen. S.SO A. M. :1U P. At
Bsprees.t ,11:) A.M. 11:03 A. M
Mull (nil Accommodation.. 0:10 P. M. , y -8:00 P, M
Night Kxpress via Day tin. 12.00 midnight :80 A. M
' Jan. W. Dobuj,".tv, Agent.
Culumiui A CutvuuiHB K. K. . ' ' I
Night Kxpre 3:40 A.M. llilSP.Il
New YorkRi.re,s 11:10 A.M. "10:SOA.M.
0 0. 4 0. Way Kxpresa.... fcjo P.M. 7:S0P, U
, Saints Farnasoa, Agsnt.
No. 3 Express.....
No. 5 Jo .....
. 3:30 A.
3:15 P.
11:93 A. M
11:44 A. M
- W. J. Fox. Anal.
PlTTSCRBH, GoLOetaus At OMUtMUT! B, E. i-
M. II Train 3.30 A.M.'
11.23 A. M
8:41 F.Bi
lineulnt 11:85 A. M.
Jo. Boiimok, Agent., -
(Colombo Pmo At Indiana B. B.)
No. 1 Express 8:30 A. M. 8:00 P, H
No. S " 3:00 P.M. 7:30 P.M.
Accommodation '" 10:50 A. M.
0. W. iHrra, Agent.
Mail! for New York City, Boston, Albany, Buffalo,
Pittsburgh, Kteubenvlll way, Cleveland, Zanesvllle,
Newark, Granville, Washington City, BalUmort, Phil.
dclphia and New Orleans, cloae daily (Sunday except
ed) at 8 o'olock p. m.
A through mall (or New York and Cleveland elotea
ualiy (Sundays exceptea) at xo'eioea p. m.
0. O.fcO. B. B. Way Mall close dally (Banday
copied) at 3 o'clock p. m.
Ventral Ohio Way Mall cloiei dally (Banday excepted)
10 o'olock a. m.
Cincinnati Way Mall closes dally (Sundays excepted) At
o'clock a. m.
CliicaKo, Dubuque, Delaware, Marlon and Worthing
ton Alalia eloie dally (Bunday exeepted) at 8 o'clock
Mail tor Xenla, BprlngSeld, Dayton, Toledo, Cincin
nati, Indianapolis, Louisville, Bt. Louis, and Detroit,
close daily (Bunday exeepted) at 8 o'olock p. n.
A through mall to Xenla, Springfield and Olnolnnatl
closea dally (Sundayi exeepted) at 10 o'olock . m.
Urbana, Plqua, Tiffin and Union City Ball ok dally
(Snndaya excepted) at B o'clock p. m.
Lancaster, Logan, Nelsonvtlle, Olrcleville, Ohllllooth,
Portamonlh, Washington 0. 11., Athena, Marietta and
HillsboroUKh malls clote dally (Banday excepted) at 8
clock p.m.
Xait Way Mall by National Bead to Zanesvllle eloM
daily (Sundayi excepted) at 13 o'olock at
Itarriaburgh Mall cloae dally (Bunday excepted) at 8
o'olock p.m.
Mt. Vernon Mali, by way of Weiterrllle and Banbury,
closes dally (Sunday exeepted) at 8 o'elook p.m.
AUII11H mill V1VTC n,ii.iwwvi ...owuj.. m wwia
Lancaster Way Mail close dally (Banday excepted) at
o'clock m.
Mall from New Tork, Boston, Philadelphia, Buffalo,
Albany, Pittsburgh, Otevemnd, Dayton, Toledo, Xenla,
Detroit, Bprlngfleld, Cincinnati, Ohllllooth, Bt. Louts,
and all southern dtlea, arrive between the boar of 9
o'clock p m. and 4 o'clock a. as.-.
Mall from Indianapolis, Chicago and Dubuque arriTt
at 3:40 a. m.
Malls from Washington City Baltimore, Wheeling,
Zaneaville, Newark, BteubehTllle, Mt. Vernon, and4h
0 . 0. K. K. Way Mail, arrir at 13 o'clock aw
Way Mail from Cincinnati arrive at 3 o'clock p.m.
Lancaster Mall arrive atO o'olock p. an.
Bast Way Mail ovr th National Boad arrlre at 11
o'clock a. m.
Mt. Vernon Way Hall arrive at 110 a. u, - ' .
Mall from Dublin arrlTes at 13 o'clock m. - '
Urbana Way Mall arrive at 0 o'clock p. m.
Harrisburgh Mall arrives at 11 o'clock a. m. ,
Lancaster Way Mail arrlres at 19 o'clock m.
OlUce delivery open erery day (except Banday) from
7 o'clock a. m. to 8 o'clock p. m. Open on Banday
from ?X to 0 o'clock In th morning, and from i to
o'clock In the
Thanks. Our thank are duo to 8. D.
Thatchir, of Adam Express Company, for far
niahing as daily with Eastern paper In ad
vance of the mail.
Also, tj our friend, John Stocidali, of the
American Express Company, for like favor.
A Chance for Printers.
A Democratic newipaner. recently started, with a cir
culation of 500 copies, Is offered for sale at th low price
of four hundred dollar cos. It is printed la
flourishing eounty, and has part ot th county printing,
aqd it circulation can easily bt raised to 800. Th ma
terial of the office coat, two year ago, $B00. This I a
good opening for a practical printer. Address Editor
Statesman, Colombo, Ohio, for further particulars. .
Biadtiful Pictdrcs. Those of our friends
who desire a fao nimllieof their features, should
call at once on Dr. Havnis, at the Amerloan,
and sat one or more of his beautiful Ivorytypea.
There is no picture made more durable. Call
soon, as the Dr. leaves tbe 1st of next month for
Brcak in the Ohio CANAi,.--We learn that
a serious breach occurred in the Ohio Canal,
on Friday morning last, some two miles above
Cleveland. Col. Nooin, tbe Superintendent,
was promptly on the ground, and we are re
quested to say that he will have the work at that
point in such a state of repair as to pass boats
on to-morrow evening.
Oca Octjjdx. The'first page of this paper
will be found more interesting U those who
love variety, than that part of tbe Stateman
bis been for several days past. Gone to .the
War, is a poetical gem; tbe Coins of tbe New
Testament, Is an interesting and instructive
artiole, written by a scientific man, and the
Old Legend has a fine moral.
Promotions The following is a list of pro
motions made from the Ohio militia lota the
regular service:
George B. McClellan, Ohio Major-Generel,
appointed Major-Generel In the regular army;
W. S. Rosecrans, Ohio Colonel, made U. S.
Brigrdler in the regular service H. B. Canlag-
ton, Ohio' Adjutint General, appointed Colonel
In tbe regular army; D. L. Wood, Ohio Quar
termaster-General, made Captain in the regular
army; M.1 B.' Walker, Ohio Colonel, made U
S. regular Captain; Robinson, Clendennin and
Shumard, Ohio surgeons, made'. U. 8. brigade
surgeons; Coon and Cowan, Major and Lieuten
ant in Ohio service, made U. 8. Paymasters;
and twelve or fourteen lieutenants and captains
called from Ohio , Volunteer! Into U. 8. regular
army.' - ' " '. ' j '-,.;
Foil, thi Stcarr Sxinct. Cspt. Miixaa
MeoDT arrived at Cleveland' oa Thursday
evening, with thirty picked men, from Richland
and Ashland counties, oa their way to New
York oltj. These men are to be atUched to
Col. TioiotL'f U, S. Vanguards, now wganli
ing on Long Island, to be employed la the Se
cret Coasting Service: :. ,y.'., T&TZ
O Recruiting for tbe Seventy-eighth' Ohio
Regiment has commenced.. It U to b'qua
tered at Camp Qoddard, near ' Zanesvllle, and
eommanded by C. C. Gilbrrt, ','f ,'tW U. ',it
Army, Colonel; M.D. taaairr, Superintendent
of tbe Zanesvllle Publio Schools, Lieutenant-
Colonel, and Rev. D. F. CariiaSan, pastor of
the First Baptist Church of that elty, Major
Tbi Fori hot III. Tbe Cincinnati a&olie
TtlcgrapK states that a letter received In" that
oity last week from Rome, dated Sept. 90, says
not a word of the Illness of' the Pope,, reported
by thi London Timet .J, 7 ";
I. .ib.
1 1 ": 1 r--.-
BT In a recent capital trial at Mohtree of
the twelve persons' empannaled to try the cause,
the name of ten oommenoed with .the letter 8)
and eight of the twelve were named John,.
80 eaye an exchange. l U a funny er.ajpple
of telling part of a story and leaving the read.
to guess the rest.
BT MkNTta'i a&d It' attache t 'WeJM
Regiment Col.'Swioswr.
A Blind Max Mabiibi Thai Burnt Wokin.
-The Clev eland Letdtr tatea (bat on Tours
tlay evening officer J.T.SajALUT, of ZnevUle,
brought k Cleveland man named ThoiuS
Bniior, blind man, charged will marrying
three women, alio blind, tinoe the luth of Sep
tember lait. On (he lOib of September be waa
married at the American House, Cleveland, by
Esquire. Foljamsk, to a lady of Huron, Erie
eounty, at whioh time he assumed tbe name of
Wat. Gibiau. Seven days after, assuming the
name of GrmtiT, he married yoong lady of
Cleveland, Rev. Dr. Staixiy, of that elty, offl-
dating. On tbe -next day, September 18th, he
left Cleveland, taking with him all tbe clothing
And valnablea of both ladies. . From tbe first
be obtained over two hundred dollar in money.
jewelry, clothing, eto, 1 From the seoond he
took tixty cent! in Money, a gold ring, and val
uable articles of wearing apparel.'
After leaving Cleveland, he proceeded to Ma
rietta, where, under the aliat of August Cooke,
he succeeded la again being "united In the holy
bonds of wedlook." - Here he enjoyed a honey.
moon otlour days, when, taking the lady's
wardrobe, he suddenly disappeared. He was
pursued, and alter belog tracked to Columbus,
Parkersburg, and other points, was arrested at
the house of his mother at Mt. Sterling, near
Zanesvllle, at which point he had formerly re
sided, and where he bad burled a wife but a few
days before bis marriage at Cleveland. With
his neighbors at Mt. Sterling he has a bad
eputatton, being charged with dishonesty in
various forms.
Bishop Is a graduate of the Ohio State Insti
tute for the Blind, at Columbus, as re all of
the ladles whom he has succeeded iu duping,
and there be made their acquaintance a few
years since. The ladles are represented as of
unimpeachable character, and are deeply sym
pathised with in their misfortune.
Upon being arraigned before Justice Fot
jams, on Friday morning, the acoused waived
an examination. Bill was fixed at $1,500, in
default of whioh he was committed to jail.
It is rumored that Bishof bas a wife and
child living in Cincinnati, but this1 does not ap
pear to be definitely ascertained.. '
Recent Militaat ArroiNTMiNTS, The fol
lowing appointments have recently been made
at Headquarters, in this city : " V; ' .'
Geo. W. Hopper, Cincinnati, Adjutant, Sev
enty-Ninth Regiment. ;r .
Taos. n. Uakiey, wncmnati, -uoapiein, nrt
Artillery.' ' - ' ' ' .
Nathaniel UAjden, v CAuai vover, major,
Fifty-First Regiment.
Richard McLain, New Philadelphia, Lieut..
Colonel, Fifty-First Regiment.
Wm. f. Mtzzerald. U. a. a., uoionei, ruty-
First Regiment.
Sevmore Kace, ueveiana, JHBior, first Ar
H. D. Wright, Cleveland, Quartermaster,
Seventy-Sixth Regiment., t
E. P. Ransom, Cleveland, Quartermaster,
Seventy-First Regiment. -
"-"Sbelton Bturgis, Cleveland, major, uwenty-
Foarth Regiment. ' . ' .
Locien Buttles, Columbus, Lieut .-Colonel,
Twenty. Fourth Regiment. ,; '
Sam'l A. Gilbert, Zaneaville, Colonel, Twenty-Fourth
Regiment. - - 1
A. G. Kendall, Urbana, Adjutant, Third
Cavalry. V "'
i -
Soriaioa CouaT.OdT Friday, in the case of
J. Emm-it & Co. e. Waidkn & Emisy, tbe jury
rendered a . verdict In favor, of plaintiffs, for
$330 61. H. C. Nosli for plaintiffs; J. 0.
Rxamt for defendants. .. . . A .
You will find at N. GoNStisiiiiMiB'a, No. 129
S. High street, next door to the Goodale House,
a large and superior stock of ready-made cloth-
ng, and a like excellent stock of cloth to be
manufactured to order in themerohant tailoring
department of his establishment. Mr. R
SrosxiNo, who i superintends this department
is a skillful cutter, whose ability and reputation
afford an ample guaranty that none but tbe best
of work will be made under his iospectionA
Our readers, military and otherwise, will.find
It to their advantage to purchase their clothing
ready made, or leave'their orders with MrGvit
debjhkimxr who is an old and experienced mer
chant of this city, and is enabled, front th fact
that he bnva bis Roods lor casn, to sen at a
1am Ann. . I
Remember N. Gondirbbiimir, No. 129eouth
High street. " ." i'oetl3J'sieod
Humor in the Ens. There is probably no
part of the physioal organization more tender
ot sensitive than the eye, and when humor opce
settles on the delicate organaof sight, blindness
is sure to follow., There are instance's where
rMrartna. havins- become blind, have jipplied to
r- ' o - 1.
oculists in vain for relief, the professional gen
tlemen being Ignorant or tne nioaea aauBe 01
the trouble.. "Kennedy's Medioal Discovery"
has effected many cures where the patients
were totally blind from the above cause; and
we mention the fact at the present time to In
duee any who may be suffering from any trouble
with their eyes to try this wondertui discovery
and not these only, bat any who maybe troubled
with humors ef any kind. . '
WiniArtiTA. CUlla
And Bed StrSre, '
CAUsa Df
) MAIXS.WbcI, bASH, lrjTtl,COBAOl,i
tjetaie, PUtolan Woo ft W'lUow Ware,
stbaraaa KebUilUn(.'Io Loathsr, Bos and
. I !i rt .. ..... .. ( .... ,J
IT. SCO South Xllsx Street. Three
; ,iMors.BOui,H xvioii.
TjA" i rceclvtl a .ahoUe.slaeh ot "fAtti AND
XJ. WIMIKE GOODS, saliabl for itntlamtn' wear.
Onstoa will hav tbelrorders aeatlr and tahitanllal-
ay tzscnwa as its roweas ratef. . s, t .. t . . ,
seplS .7Z.Al';,.it 1 is
; 'Master jCommlssioner's' Sale.
lames Clark tal
larktal. ) " ' ', '
t. OamBoB ! -it
Daniel Saokw at al.) .1 f , 1 1
1 mraeud. frost tne Ooart of OommoaPixa rFrnk
llaeoanty, Ohio, 1 will offer tarsal at the door of th
0rA bovj la uw eity 01 vojomDoi, on
Saturday, the 16th day of November,' P
I 0 Irl
tM o'elook P. HOia following deibrlbtd real eaUte
itoau lo tbe eeuty of Iranklbt and State of Ohio, to
A part of tn-Iot lfo639, fn the tllf of Ooln'mtas, be
liiln as a, no In I cat th South lln of Oav itrMrt anA
Un Horth llao ot said lot, $3 ft 0 toohes W(t from th
'.Nortbtut ooraer of said loll rannina thene Wast oa
14 aald North lln 01 said lot 0 feet and 0 Inches
theaoa Sooth 84 ftet and 0 lnehot to the South lln of
lot) thB Ihi with M tin M imi aaa uxmee
thaaM BiarlA OS feet and t Inches to Die plaoa of bet la
nine: belntha West half of aatdln-lotNo 639, lea 31
feet and J Inch, heretofore conveyed to th Trustee
th first Colored baptist ChareU of Colombo by Cam
Ml PlkcnVdeedjated leb'j 3d, )M1, beln th tarn
lead ordeied to be aonvjd aforetald to Janes Clark
and 0anh m. Buller, belr qt Samuel Clark, dee'd.
' funMav w swu uu
.j eKoaai'w.'Htnr riiA,lhrlr,- -;
" ...u, . 1 -.J auunmrnlklniiU
I, ly. ,
Its BVOAt CLOIBSI AVtUr:nake(rarla
ua uimoas aa ail 4annta BlKtare--maUBr, XKX
ie and lauaas to natoh. bain At son,, i
- IH1IS . No. 9fi loath Hiahstrt c
Reported for the Ohio Statesman.
Remonstrance of the English
Capture of a Schooner by
Particulars of the Battle
near Ironton.
From Washington.
[Herald's Dispatch.]
WASHiNOTOif, Oot. 18 The abandonment of
Leesburg by the rebel forces is confirmed to
day. : They are said to have proceeded toward
a point 00 .the Manassas Gap Railroad. It is
presumed they went to Manassas to join tbe
main body of their army there, but tbe fact is
not definitely ascertained. 1 The opinion is en
tertained in some quarters that they have gone
toward Harper's retry, by way of Straeburg
and Winoheater. . The latter, however, is hard
ly probable.
For several days the rebel army has ocoupied
the segment of a circle several miles iu extent,
reaching from Leesburg to the mouth of Occo
quan Creek.
The movement recently made by withdraw
ing from Leesburg, Vieuna, Fairfax Court
House and Anondale, was unquestionably in
tended to reduce tbe front, which now extends
only from the Potomio river at the mouth of
Occoquan, upon that creek, and along Bull Run
to Manassas innotion, with Centreville and
Fairfax Court House occupied a outposts. A
very large body of their forces Is known to have
been thrown toward the Potomac,. In the
neighborhood of Shipping Point. Tbe move
ment is purely defensive, to meet the supposed
Intended advauce of our army of the Potomao
la that direction, so as to cut off the communi
cation of the rebel army at Manassas with
KJcbmond.' '
Gen. Stabel, of tbe Now York 8th Regi
ment, with a small force, made a reconnoia
sance first to Anondale, which leads to Fairfax
Court House. The village was not deserted , as
others had been. The inhabitants said several
rebel regiments left there oaly yesterday morn
ins;. Gen. Stahol then commenced advancing
on Fairfax Court House. After proceeding a
mile, he discovered four mounted rebel piokets
watching our movements. Our force arrived
at a hill oalled Coyles, near tbe Court House.
Our men were very much disappointed when
they learned they would not be permitted to go
on to tbe Court House. Some of them actually
shed tears.' The object of the reconnoissance
was simply to ascertain the position of the ene
my, and not to seek an eniiaitement. Having
satisfied himself that nearly all the rebels bad
disappeared beyond tairiax umrt House, Gen.
Stahel returned late in the afternoon. .
The withdrawal of the enemy from his ad
vanced position in front of the Union lines is
fully confirmed by Prof. LaMountain, who made
a balloon ascension tins atternoon. Shortly be
tore five o'clock he ascended from a point
about six miles west of Alexandria. Tbe wind
oarried him five or six miles over the enemy's
camps around Fairfax station. When rising in
to another current he took a circuit to Fairfax
Court House, and thence back to oar own lines,
landing at Gen. Blenker's Headquarters. He
bad an excellent view of tne enemy's position,
and could ses their encampments at Manassas.
There were no rebel forces except here and
there a man this side of Fairfax Court House,
and at tbe Court House there were only a few
companies, and the appearance of the Bivouacs
uemoostrateo tne position naa oeen recently al
most entirely evacuated. At ralriax station
there appeared to be n larger force.
Washington, ujt. l'J Lord Lyons several
ays ago addressed a letter to Mr. Seward,
Secretary of State, in whioh be says: "Her
Maieatv'e government were, mncn concerned to
find that two British subjects (Messrs, Patrick
and Rahmie), bad been subjeoted to arbitrary
arrest, and, although they had been released,
it could not nut regard tne matter as one re
quiring very serious consideration. Lord Ly
ons, under instructions, therefore felt bound to
remonstrate against such irregular proceedings,
as he designated tbem, and to say, that the au
thority ot Congress is necessary in order to
ustity tne arbitrary arrest ana imprisonment or
BritUh subjects." :
- Secretary Seward, in the course of bis reply,
after detailing the facts In regard to tbe two
prisoners named In tbe note of Lord Lyons,
"Tne proceedings 01 wnicn tne uritisn uovern-
meet complains were taken npon information
conveyed to tbe President by the legal Police
authorities Ot tne country, and tbey were not
instituted until after he had suspended the
great writ of freedom te just the extent that In
view ot tne perns 01 tne state no deemed
necessary lor the exercise ol that discretion. He
aa well ae his chief advisers, among whom are
the Secretary of War and Secretary of State,
is responsible by law before the highest tribu
nal of the Kepublio, and amenable also to the
udgment of bis country and tbe enlightened
portion of the civilised world. In conclusion,
Mr. Seward remarks, the safety of tbe whole
people has become In the present exigency the
supreme law,' and so long as the danger shall
exist all classes of society equally, the denizen
and the citizen, must cbeorluily acquiesce in
the measures which that law prescribes. This
Government does not question the learning of
tbe legal advisers 01 tne uitisn urowo, or tbe
ustioe ot tbe deierenoe wnicn ner Majesty pays
to them j nevertheless, the British Government
will hardly expect, that the President will so
cept tbe explanations of the Constitution of the
United States, especially when tbe Constitution
thus expounded would leave npon aim tne sole
executive responsibility of suppressing tbe ex
isting insurrection, wnue it would transfer to
Congress the most material and Indespeneable
power to be employed tor tnas purpose. . more
over, these explanations find no. support in the
letter, much less in tne spirit or tbe Constitu
tion, lie must be allowed, therefore, to prefer
to be governed by tbe organio national law,
which, while it will enable him to exercise his
great trust with complete success, receive the
sanction of the highest authorities of our own
eountry, and la sustalued by tbe general con
sent ot tbs people lor whom alone that Con
stitution was estaoiisned. 1
Surmise Is expressed here at the misconstruc
tion attempted to be put upon Secretary Sew
ard's ciroular , by' alarmists. . The circular
shows that our relations abroad are in good con
dition, and that the Government means to keep
them so. Tbe Administration nas taken meas
tires to put tbem right within, and now turns
its attention to nulling inem riant witnoui. it
asks the co-operation of the loyal States In the
Utter as In the former.
Tha Secretary 01 mate, accompanied by toe
ministers of England, France and Spain, had a
pleasant excursion' over the river yesterday,
visiting the oempo and fortifications. ; Tbey af
terwards attended the review at Arlington
Heights, passed by Munson's Hill, and return
ed at a late hour, by way 01 in Long cringe
[Special to the Post.]
Excitement has been created in diplomatic
circles bete by the publication of tbe cor.-enpou
deneo between Lord Lyons and Secretary Sew
ard, In relation, to the arrest of British subjects
several new arrests have been made in Uaiu
more. -
[Special to Commercial.]
The gunboat Uaioo. went down the river last
night, with a paymaster on board destined, I be
lieve, for Fortress Monroe. .This morning, to
the mortinoation 01 tbe friends of the Union
the returned here, reporter that she foaod it
Impossible to get past the formidable batteries
wnicn we reoeie nave epeoea. :
[Special to Commercial.] [To the Associated Press.]
A reoonoolsaance went yesterday .toward the
ijosoquen, ana nai returned, taking the tele
trrADh road etf far s' Aootlnk Creek, Partiae
vert tent to Aootlnk and Fehick, and on a rood.
leading up the Aootlnk,-this latter party met
tbe .rebel pickets, wno immediately leu oaca
and gave the alarm. The long roll was beaten
at their camps across the creek.
1 From Information received, there are no reb
els between tbe telegraph road and the river on
this side of Ooooquan, and but few at the latter
place. ! ; .
Tbe only advices- received from the Upper
Potomao at headquarters, Is a very brief dis
patch sent last night, laying that the rebels
were about leaving Bolivar, which Is near Har
pers terry. ,
Three tug boats went down the river last
night to give assistance to navy vessels com
ing no. but in aonseauence of tbe bright moon
light, and afterwards the thick fog, tbey were
ordered not to attempt to pass tne Dauenes.
It is thought no vessels passed me oaueues,
up or down, last night. Firing was beard from
the batteries about midnight, but the cause is
unknown. .
There sre indications that the rebels are
erecting permanent batteries at Cockpit Point
and Freestone Point.
Considerable bodies of rebels were seen and
heard at work at those points yesterday.
Twenty-six vessels are known to have run the
blockade nlsht before last. It is believed ves
sels drawing not more than eight feet eau hug
tbe Maryland shore sutnoientiy 10 escape tne
rebel batteries. -
The onlv etoamers now at the Navy Yard are
the Down, Hstzel, Anacosta and Ccaur de Lion.
The Resolute arrived up. She reports tbe loss
of a schooner, loaded with bay, off Occoquan
Creek, by the slipping pf the cable as the Res
olute was towing her. She drifted near shore,
and was captured by the rebels.
' It is reported the rebels hero stretched a
ohaln across tbe river, but the Resolute, being
of light draft, passed over it.
Gen. MoCall, with a force of infantry, caval
ry and artillery, left Prospeot Hill this morn
ing, to reconnoitre. Tbey reached urainsviuo,
ten miles from Prospect Hill, without opposi
tion. Drainsville is within fifteen miles of
Important from Missouri.
Roll, Oct. 1 6 The correspondent of the
St. Louis Democrat furnishes the following
A scout has just come in from tbe west, and
reports that Price has made a stand at Carthago,
sixty miles from eprlngBeld.
i ne Legislature is to be oalled Dgetber on
the 5th of November.
The tebels at Vienna have dispersed a por
tion of them going home, and the remainder
will Join JobDauu. .. ..
Johnson bas been placed in command or all
the rebel forces in Missouri, and has issued a
proclamation forbidding the transportation of
any more property, meaning slaves, from the
State. It is not stated whether Johnson super
sedes Price.
Tbe following letter is ollpped from the Fort
Smith Times:
August 24, 1861.
Mai'. Clark, Ass't Quartermaster in the C S. A.
Sir: I herewith forward tj your care dis
patches for Gen. McCullooh, C. S. A , which I
have the honor to request you will cause to be
forwarded to bim by tbe earliest express.
ai a mass meeting of about four thousand
Cherokees at Tahlequa, on tbe Slst inst., the
Cherokses with marked unanimity declared
their adherence to the Confederate States, and
have given their authorities power to negotiate
an alliance witn tbem. la view ot this action,
a regiment of mounted men will be immediately
raised and placed under command of Col. Jobn
Drew, to meet any emergency that may arise.
Having espoused the cause of the Confederate
States, we hope to render efficient service in tbe
protracted war which now threatens the country,
ana to do treated with a liberality and conti
dence becoming the Confederate States.
I have the honor to be, Sir, very reepeotfully,
Principal Chief Cherokee Nation.
St. Louis, Oct. 19 A salute of thirteen
minute guns was fired at the arsenal at noon to
day, in respect to the memory of Gen. Gibson.
Tbe rebels who burned Big River Bridge the
other day, were marauding bands from St. Gen.
evieve and St. Francais counties, numbering
about six hundred. Jeff. Thompson has not
been in that region for some weeks. Captain
Lippincott, with fifty men of the Thirty-Eighth
Illinois, met this force two mil balow Big
River, out bis way through them, inflicting a
loss of seven killed, and a considerable number
wounded. Seven of bis men were taken prison
ers, and several wounded, but none killed.
In the engagement below Ironton. on the
17 tb, the rebel loss Is known to be thirty killel
and wounded, and it is believed to be mucb
larger, as quite a number wero carried off the
field. .The Federal loss was ten wounded, one
mortally. The rebel force was about two
thousand, and believed to be the advance-guard
ot a. much larger body some distance below.
Officers at Pilot Knob say there were Louisiana,
Tennessee and Arkansas regiments among
Citizens were fleeing from tbe vicinity yester
day, and the troops were under arms, expecting
an attack.
The State Convention adjourned yesterday,
subject "to a call from tbe Governor, until the
meeting of tbe Legislature to be elected in
Uriel Wright, a member of the State Con
vention, Saml. B. Churchill, a member of the
Legislature, and Juo. T.Chappell, all notorious
secessionists, were arrested to-day by order of
tbe Provost Marshal.
It. is Lbelieved (that the large number of men
reported to have deserted from Price's army,
including some five or more thousand said to
have been disbanded after the fall of Lexing
ton, are still in the service of the rebels, and
will form In bands In various parts of the State,
for bridge burning and general marauding pur
poses. 1 .
From Fortress Monroe.
Fortress Monroe, Oat. IS. No news from
the South to-day. Gen. Wool has Issued en
order giving every male -o.'ntraband employed
in tbe department eight aouars psr mootn, anu
every female four dollars per month.
Death of Thos. Wildey, Founder of
Odd Fellowship.
Baltimore, Oct. 19. The venerable Thos
Wlldey, the founder of Odd Fellowship, died
this morning suddenly. .
Canada Press on Secretary Seward's
Toronto, Oct. 19. Both the Leader and
Globe newspapers of to day, devote each a
lengthy artiole to Seward's olrcnlar. The Lead.
er says, If preparaiions of this nature are to be
carried on on tho South shore, British power on
the North is bound not to lag behind, it can
not be an idle spectator of works avowedly in
tended to be a menace against its dominion.
Tbe Globe savs the Federal Government Is
exeroislog a wise discretion, which we of the
British Empire, considering our antecedents,
should be the last to impugn.
Boston. Oct. 13. The Board of Trade and
Committee of Associated Banks protested to
Government against the purobase of army
clothing . In England, which Quartermaster
Thomas lelt on the Niagara to ouy. it is now
said that Government has countermanded the
otder by telegraph to Halifax. .: . . j. . -f "
HAiRitBoao. IV. Oct. 19. Gov. Cur tin. au
thorlzes the announcement that Pennsylvania
has already a sufficient number of Regiments to
meet all the requisitions made by the National
Government, and that they are being filled as
rapidly as could be desired. . The Governor bsa
no power to socept proffers of new Regiments
at the present ume-i: ; s . j t
Montrial. Oct. 19, Col. Rinkin has been
dismissed from tbe militia, and Lieut. Clark
from the cavalry service, by the Government,
being charged with enlisting men for the Fed
era I service. , ...
A Flannel Factory Burnt.
Great Fills: N. II., Oct., 19 --The Flannel
Factirvof John Townsend at Milton Mills, N
II.. waa burnt mis morning, loss sju.uuu
nartiallv insured. The mill was running In
Government contract. -
tit i a very claa eat that pelaonous drug destroy
health. v ImearC Caltrata ' produce ' decayed ' teeth.
broaohltis, dyspepsia, and geherat debility. It Is also
oltar that PyltVDIetetlo Bartratut Is puny wholesome
and sfflottnt. Careful persons use bo other.. Depot,
MS iWasbuiiton' street, New York . Bold by gfocen
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Oct. 19.
. IliOUB Heavy and a trifle lower. Private aeooonU
from Vraoo per the Arabia quota a detlin of fomr osnt
per barrel; ne'raof 17,000 bbl at fcaUiO for raj act
ed ; S 30l.' 4U for superfloe stale; 5 tmi SO for extra
state aad ti 85 for osotoe; aS30(S)3 40 for sapwfts
western! IS 50315 80 for oommon to median extra
western i IS 7lwi 90 tor shipping- brand ex Ira round
hoop Oblo I and 1636 50 for trade brands; market clos
ing heavy. Included In sales are 3500 bbl extra state,
deliverable from tb 1st to tb SOth of November at
OS 73. Canadian Boar a shade easier, with only moder
ate boslnes dolnir) sales 8(10 bbl at S 3035 50 for su
perflne, and 15 606 60 for common to choice extra
Hj flour quiet at I'i 75i4 00.
uohn MaALi nominal y nncnangeu.
WHISKY Market firm, with aalea of 550 barrel at
WHEAT Heavy and iww lower, rnveie aceoant
per Arabia from franc quote a decline ot e(35f per
sack; sales S9 000 bushel Chicago sprlnat II 161 19;
,1)00 do Milwaukee club at 1 1 1W1 m; w.auu ao amber
Iowa at II SKS1 S5. the latter price for very choice;
600 do amber Qreeo Bay at II (5; 13 600 do red Stat at
1 V&l 31; 30,1)00 do winter red weitern at SI su
m 33; lQilKJ amber Mlchlaan at $1391 35; 89.000
whit western at 1 4iKl 45; w.uuo do white nentuosv
at II 40(g)! 45; ScOO do red and white Idi Island on
private term. ,.,,
RVH scare and firm, with aalea of 3.300 bush state
at 731378c.
UaulKT Dalit sales of BOjDO ban at 70.
COBN Opened firm, with fair export demand and
oloaed rather quiet without material change In prices;
sales or IV DO 1 bushels at ovo ror demised mixed western ;
6O&6I0 for loferlar to common do; 61)((96&l for oommon
to good ; prim shlppina do at 6363)o for good western
oats scare and aecmeaiy oeiier, wita sales at ao
40c tor Canadian, and 40S4ito for weatera and stale.
rOKK Continues In good demand and market nrmen
sale of 1,0x5 bbl at 115315 50 for olear mess and 1 10
for prlo-e.
Busy Dull and nominal at it 0S1 u tor ooumry
prime; 155 50 for nieas; 8U11 5j for repacked meia;
and S127MI3 50 for extra mesa; prim meas beef la-
BIKP TIAM iQa et; sales of 71 bh s at 17c.
CUT MBATa Active; sales 70 package at 5$5Xc
for shoulder,; SXSUX for hams.
BACON In aood demsnd at full prices; saw of 50
hhds smoked bams at 13o and 185 do sids on prlvaw
1.AKD Flrmsr; tale of 800 bhli at enmoyio 1000
half bbla on private terms.
uuiiJStt Bales at lativa ror Ohio am u.ui.i-ior
state. . .
CHKISE-8teadyat57. '
Cincinnati Market.
QltOOERIBS There wa mora don In frooerle to-
dsy than for soo iloe past. Bale war reported of 50
bhd sugar atuti'Sluxc, and 410 aacks eoflve at 15,VS
17uo. Hear 10U bbla molasiea were sold at 45o. The.
figure fairly represent the market for low fair to prime
sugar, oommon to prime coOee and molasses la cypress
cooperage. Holders ot coarse have the same basis they
nave had for a atrong position In regard to prloea, and
stock o( Southern goods are so far reduced aa to make
It a matter ot consequence for them to haiband
what they have on band for their regular custom
The dry goods merchants have hid very fair week,
about as good aa they antlelpatrd, both In amount of sale
and collection, though tb latter Is not a aatlsfaotory
couiu 0 oestrea.
FLOUR The market retained It firmness, bnt there
wa soaroely aa much effort to buy as there baa been for
a day or two past. Transactions run mostly on (unerfloe
at 4 1534 20. Extras and family are quoted at 4 25
4 50. .
W1IAT May be ouoted steady ateSSQOo for red.
and 0OK5e for whit. Th market la strong and teller
generally hare the advantage of th mariel.
CORN I nnsteadv at 3t)o. Forlarie amounts only
20c is offered.
OATS Drag at 30c, and are offered pretty freely.
KVE Is In some request, and being scarce, cannot
easily be had at 3do.
baulky Has only a nominal quotation. Urewers
supply most of their current want from wagon. Ship
pers are doing nothing witn it, and those who hay malt
nave no inducement now to operate.
vr uintix xooa an unusual spring 10-asy, ana aeparo
ed Irom the K change, having advaoced from Ue to
Cleveland Market.
FLOUR It unchanged and without sales of Impor
tance. WHEAT Sales of eight car on track at II 00; 3000
bush free on board at th same; 1700 hush free oa board
at I 01; five car while on track at II 05. Th mar
ket closes quiet.
corn Hale of 809 hntb rrom store at 34c.
niaUVTI.NES 8alea at 10c.
Legal Notice.
Charles Tlealh, Plaintiff, ,
William T. Jennings, Benjamin
V. Robinson anA Jew T.
Petus, Defendants, partner
doing business under the firm
nam of W. T. Jennings,
Court of Oommon
Plesa, Franklin 00.
JL notice ttat th plaintiff, Charles Heath, did, on th
12th day of October, A. D. 1861, file hi petition In the
Clerk' office of th Court ot Oommon Plea In said
eounty of franklin. The prayer and object of which Is
to recover 01 mo snta aeienuaDi tne sum 01 six nuourea
and seventy-two 35-110 dollars, on a promissory not
executed by said defendant on th 18th day of Novem
ber, A. D. 1857, In their firm name, due and payable six
montns arier oate.
Defendants will take notice that (hey are required to
answer said petition on the 28th day of November, A. D.
loot, or said petition win be taken as true, and lodg
ment rendered accordingly.
rrmier s iee,u vs.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
octie ta.
Master Commissioner's
Joshua Baldwin's adm'ri
vs. Court of Oommon Pleas. -
Richard Snowdoo etal.)
to me directed from the Oourt of Oommon Plea of
Franklin County, Ohio, I will offer for sal at thdoor
tha Court House, in th city of Colombo, Ohio, oa
Saturday, the 2J day of November, A; D. 1861,
on o'olock. P. M.. th following premise, sltusr In
th Oity of Columbus, Franklin oounty, 0.. to wit;
In-Lot No. 395; also, lots No. 14, 15, 16. 17, 18, IB,
f, SI and 22, of Unowden's subdivision of Out-Lou No.
33 and 34 of laid oity.
Appraised at Lot Nov 3115 13 500 00
muoh, i ana io,atf4'3Wiaen.
16 and 17, at 500 00
18, 19, SO 21,475 00
. ' a, at ' 550 00,
0. W. HUffMAN, Sheriff
and alaater Oommisilaner.
Primer's fete ;
Augusta Amanda Arnholli
va. g iivorco.
Lewis Arnholt. ) i
holt, Is notified that th plaintiff. August A. Am.
holt, on th Sih day of October. A. D. 1661. filed tn th
oraceor the uierx or in uourt 01 common fleas of
Franklin oounty, Ohio, her petition for a divorce for two
causes: 1 That the deisnd.nt Lewis I In prison la th
Missouri penitentiary, under oonvlotlon and ntnc
lor crime In violating th law of laid But. S. That th
aald Lewie la and for the laat thre year tnd more ha
been guilty 01 groit neglect or outy, aa nnaband ot said
petitioner. In neglecting to provide subsistence for th
petitioner and cbild. Prayer That th said petitioner
may be divorced, ana nave la custody 01 to ohlld Fer
dinand, mantipaed In th. petition, and general puyer
. Vf . Vf acBun,
Att'y for petitioner.
OOtlO-w6w. ...
RINQIQN. la th Btat of Kansas, will take no.
tic that Bobert Bum Oriffln did, on th 18th day of
Uay, A. D. 18(11, HI hi petition In th Superior Court
of Franklin county, Ohio, against th aald Nicholas Bar-
riagton, Daman Harrington, jretor Harrington ana
other, setting forth, that th (aid Nlcbola and Delilah
Harrington exeooted a mortgage to the aald B. B. flrir
fin on lota Noa. 4H and 43 in th town of Alton, Frank
lin oounty, Ohio, to secure the payment 01 a not ex
ented by said Ntcholss and Peter Harrington to said B.
B. Oriffln, on th 6th day of January, lHil. for taoS SO,
payable two year after data, and praying that said mort
gage may be foreclosed, th mortgaged premises sold,
and the proceed applied to th pavment of th said in
debtedness. Baid Nicholas and Delilah Harrington ar
notified that they ar requited to appear and answer
aid petition on or before to 3d Saturday alter (h td
day of December, A, D, 1661. .....
. . - Att'ys for B. B. OilfSn. .
Columbus, 0., Oat. 19, HJl Qwwvtddo) ''.!,.
e.m; wniiAMs&do.v;f
Front Street, Between State and Town.
X BUOP lastlll running, and althoua-h
tli Dreeeure of laU year baa set heavily
nnoa her rnhnln sear, ah m still sum-
eg out those splendid PHOTONS, KOOKA WATS, aad
BD8BS and HACKS. Twenty years steady manufao
taring ha given our work a vlde-sperad rvpalalMa
through th South and West. -
W tbereior aeem 11 unnecessary so say any uuug mora
In regard to th quality f our work, W waaaajrr
rvnv Vmnou. W aa wllaoon CorBtweaa fna
1SU to SJ0. , ' ' . ,
Dealers oan h famished with any amount of work at
abort notkn. and at prlowa Itwer than oaa be bought any
wher ta U Weat. . eoooa nanawugina wea va w
Tr He pal ring don neatly and at abort noUo. fa
lory Froat, between Btat and Xowa stntta, Oolam-
kaB Akta. ,.. ,1 tj ).' ' ' ' .
ffpAll ocenjaoaloaaonl will rwjerv prpmpt attention,
lug. Ji WU VUUA w.
An ewpertenoed Nan and Tame! FhyaleUo, presents
to the attedtkm of mother, bar
which greatly facilitate th prooe of te thing, by oru
tiling th gam, faaaoing an unaaumaun wu "
ALL PAIN and ipasmodlo action, and la
Depend upon It, mother, It will give nat to yourselves
Ws have put up and sold this article for over ten years,
what we have never been able to ay of any other mad
ANCB, TO KFFIOT A CUR", when timely used. Nev
er did we know an Instance of disaaUefaottoo by any 00
who need It. On th oontnry, all an delighted with It
operatloos, and speak In terms of eoanndaUoa of It
magical effects and medical virtues. - W speak In this
utter "WHAT Wl DO KNOW;" after ten year1 expe
almost every Instance when the Infant 1 suffering from
pain and eibauetton. relief will be found ta Alteon or
twenty minute after ttwnyrnp Is administered. .
This valuable preparation 1 the ureeorlpUoa of on of
New Kngland, and ha beea Used with NJSVI.it FAIL
'A noun audi ur jawks.
Itnotonl relieve th ohlld from naln. out tevuror.
ate the stomach and towels, oorreot acidity, and gives
ton and energy to th whole system. It will almost Inl
(tantiy nlitv
OBiPzKe nr the bowels, ahd wino colic
and overcome eon vauion, wnleh. If not epeedlly rem,
died, end in death. W believe It th BKsT and 8UB-
EST REMEDY IN THI WOULD, In all ease of Of
KNTERY and D1ARRHOA IN CHILD ait is. whether
It arises from teething, or from any other eaoa. Wa
would aay to every mother who he ohlld suffering from
any of the foregoing oomplalntf DO NOT LET Y
staad between you and your suffering child, and th re
lief that will b SURE yes, ABSOLUCBLY 8UR.B to
follow th as of this medicine, If timely used. Full di
rections for tiling will accompany each bottle. Hon
genuine unless the fao -simile of OUBI1B PBRKINB,
New York, is on th outsld wrapper.
Bold by all Druggist throughout the world.
Principal Office, 13 Cedmr Street N.T.
Plan niacin re re at all stlnde of Par-
table and. MtaiietsaiT Mtaane En
. vines, Maw nulla, iiriat Alalia,
Ac, cVc
LAN! A B0DLX1 BeaUnl B. I. BLAST) T Beaton!
J. it J. B. DVYALL Btatmltl COLUMBUS
d 00. Btatmlllll
Oar Portable Xogino end Saw Kill
Wat awarded Ik first premium of $50 al the Indiana
Bute Fair for I960 over Lane A Bod ley's on account ol
Price, lightness, simplicity, economy of fuel
end superior character of lumber sawed.
Our Stationary Engine was awarded at tha same Fall
th tint premium of $ JO0.
Our Portable Bngrn was awarded the first premium ot
100 at th Fair at Memphis. Iran., over Blandy' Da
Vail', Colombo Machine Co'., and Bradford A Co',
ay a committee of praettcal Railroad Bngtnr.
For prk and term addrea
W1LLARD WASNXR, Treasurer,
dec5-dkwlyeo1t. Newark, Ohio
mtummm bargains
B A TN" & BON;
1,000 yards Batxr Plain Black BUkt at $1 00 vain
SI 25 per yard.
2,500 yard T rare ling Dres end Mantle Goods
19 l't cent value CO seats par yard. '
3,000 yards Whit Brilliant at IS 18 eents-
vahw 20 sent per jard.
8,000 yards fin and Domeatlo Ginghams greatly un
der vain.
-ALSO- . ,D
New and ITaanio&able Draaa Good
in th most desirable stylos and at very lowers prior.
Of all materials, mad In th stoat ityllah manner aflei
th latest Pari Fashion lh most (legant styles
ths elty.
bXin ec son,
Be. 99 South High street.
may SO
Elegant Lace Mantillas.
' SAXKT cto SON,
No. 29 South. High St.,
HATB Just epeeed an invoice of very large and
Wide' French Laces roa Siuwii
Very Deep Freneh Floancing Laces. :
Real Thread, Freneh, CbantllU k Oeneveee .
Valenciennes, Point da Gaze, Broieli
. and Thread Laces and Collars,
r - v Id new Bhapes,
For traveling
Traveling Dress Goods.
Th bnt and Boat fashionable styM la the elty, , ,
jeSl , . m eoath High Street; .
.... Sheriff's Sale, :
. )-
Jacob Flodt.
BT virtu of an order of ml to m dlractel, from lh
Oourt of Oommon PKa of f sanklla eoant., Ohio,
I will ofer for sal at tb dooc ef tbe Oourt Uoaae, tn
lh elty ol Columbus,
On Saturday, November 16ih, A. D. 18C1, -
atl e'olock, P. M., IU following described real stat,
te wit:
Lot three (J), Iwouty-lhree P3), nineteen (IB), Sfty
.m iSll. and ertv-flv Oi. tn th Iowa of Bom. Prai
rie township, tn th eeoaty of Franklin, and Stat of
Ohio. Alto, 40 acre, men or les, which aald Jeoob
flodt bought of Joha w. Bakar. . ' v
Appraised at Lot Ho. J, a-M OO
, . ,. ... ... - , " . XJ, . .. uu-.
.... ,, . , 44,- , WW. ... . ,. S.,,T,
. tflaora, SBOOperacr. ," .
- 1,1. By Be. Pavm, l)putf.
rlatr'fs StO.. .. m. -i n j
etll-4 . , -
Instant Belief!
tep rar Caagaa'
f ntltr ,ys)r Breatskl -r , -
Strenf tkea yaar Valeei
oipLXjiirervo ; ;
'All ' '
I ' e
They relieve a Congh InsUntly.
Tbey olear tbe Throat.
Tbey give strength tod volume to the voice.
They impart a delicious aroma to the breath ,
They ere delightful to the taste.
They ere made of simple herbs end cannot
harm any one.
I adrits every on who ha a Cough or a husky Tola
or S Bad BraatA, or any dlffloulty of th Throat, to gat '
a package of my Throat Confections! they will roller
yott InsUntly, and you will agr with mt that !,thy
go right to th spot." Toa -will find than very awf I
and pleasant while traveling or attending pablk) meet.
fog for (tilling your Ooogh or allaying your thirst. II
ytt try on .package, I aaa saf In laying that you will
ever afterward consider them Indispensable.
To will find them at tne Druggist and Dealer la
My tignatart It en each package. All others are
A package will be tent by mall, prepaid, oa receipt
Thirty Cents. .
Addrea, -
Henry O. Spalding,
11 . NEW YORK. 1
"They go Right to the
t 1
By th us rl thee Pill th periodic attacks ot JVer
om or Atct Bta&aek may be yrevented; and if taken
at th commencement of an attack Immediate rlif from
pain and sickn will be obtained.
They seldom fall In removing th Ifautea and
aoAe to which female are to subject.
Tbey act gentry npea th towel removing OotM
For LlUretry JEaa, ShtdmU, Selloata Femal
and all pereonj olttdentarf kabUt, they ar valua
a a lamatt, improving the oppstO, (tvtng Ion
vigtr to th dlgtstlv organs, and restoring th aatat
elaaUdty aad strength of th whole ays tern.
THI CEPHALIC PILLS ar th malt ef loaf lave
tlgatloo and ears folly oosdoottd experiments, harvrig
beta ta ate maay years, daring which time they have
p rerouted and reltered a vat amount of pala ad aafar j
lng front Headache, whether origins ting m thero
syatem or from a deranged stat of the ttomack.
; They an tntirely vegetable la their toes position, aa
may betaken at all times' with perfect safety wlthaal
making any ehang of diet, and (A aotswe awry
ditnarteabU lasts rmien M KUf h mlminit er titm
Th genuine have fly slgnatuie of Henry 0 BpaldlM
on each Bo.
Bold by Druggists and all other Dealers In Medicines.
A Box will bs sent by mall, prepaid, on receipt ef th
Prloo, 23 Ooxxts.
All order should b addreawd to
. .. '- i HENHI C. SrALDDIO ; ; .
: 4S Oaaar Street, New Yark. . '
from th Bxamlner, Korfolk, Va.
OerjhaUoFlll accomplish th obi eat for which the
were mad, vtfct Oar of headache In all It form.
From th Kxaalner, Korfolk, Ta.
fhsy have been tested tn more than a thousand oaae '
with entire suoces. ....
.Frorath Democrat, SI. Cloud, hflnn.
If to ar. er have been, troabtod with th h4aca
end for a box, (Cephallo Fill,) o that yoa may have
them In oM of an attack.
from ths Advertiser, Fravidanoa, &. I.
the OeDhalto P11U are (aid to b e Masarkably effeetlve
remedy for th beadach. and on of the vry best for .
that vary frequent complaint which has Tr been
Oovered. ,
I from th Western B. B. OaietU, Chicago, IU.
We heartily tndorse Mr. Bpanlding, and his anrlvaled
fro Kanawha Valley Btar, Kanawha, Va.
W are mis that penona sufferinr with th htadaoh :
who try them, will (tick to tha.
from th Bonthem Path Finder, (lew Orleans, La. ' "' '
Try theml you that are afflicted, and w are sure that
your testimony oan a added ta th already numerous
list that ha received bsnedM that no other medicine can,,,
prodae. ,;;.. .
... from th St.- Louis Democrat. . , . ";
; Th Immense demand for the artssU .OapAell FUla
I rapidly laorening- ;s , ,
From theOasett, Davenport. Iowa.
Mr. Spalding wonld not eonnaethls nam with ta ss
Hole AW wo sooamsss iwal rlt. '
TTTA sfttgts lottl et SFaLDINQ'B FBIf AASP
flLtJl will sst tn One its ot annaaUy.J
' ! SPaLDINQ'9, prepared qlvz i""
i . 1 . : . . : ' "i.lf
. kWOROMTt '- DIflPATOBI , 4i
i ID"A frrrrce Tun Sat Vm.iJJl v ,.
A accidents will happen, even ta well regalatsd am
IIVM, It U very desirable So have om oheay 1 aadm ,
vonkrnt way for repairing furnltan, Toys, Crockery
mo all oh mserawoole, end ae boaMheid M aeTorsl .
to without It. It U always ready,! up to th stick
Ing point.
m ttnaah mwmsnasiU oh botthW "
A . b V
ale. - .
BBNBT 0. BPAtDIlfa, .' . ,
Wo. 43, Ctdar Straet, Mew Tot.' ' u-
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