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ike 011x0 SlaWAii
Rail Road Time Table.
Litti.i Mum k 0i.uwn A XshiaB, B, .
Leev.' Arrives
Cincinnati AeoaiuinoJatlon, 5:00 A. M. S;1U P. H.
' EipraM 11:40A.M. 11:03 A. M
Miiil nJ Accommodation.. 9:10 Pi Mi ' 100 P. U
nrlirlil Kinross vie iufcm.l.1N midnight 3:30 A M
Jmo. VT. Dosxtrr, Agent,
Columsui A Clkviumd B. R.
Niiiht Kayres
New York Kxprisu.....
O 0. tO. tVaySxprea.
t i j
CouaiLOnio R. B.
...3:40 A. M, 11:15 P. M.
..11.11) A.M. 10:40 A.M.
.. .:. P.M. 7:40 P. M
' Jams pAtTtMOR, Agent.
No. 3 Express.
Mu. 5 lo .
.... 3:90 A. U. 11:25 A. If,
.... 11:15 t. .. 11:45 A. U.
. W. 3. fox, Agent,
PimiuittB, OuLtrnan fc Oiicumati R. R.
MallTraln ...... 3.30 A. If. 1I.S5A.M
Eapresa Train 11:85 A.M. 8:45 P. M
,,MJ . Jos. Bouiuox, Agent.
(Colcmidii Piqo At Immaxa B. B. j
No. 1 Extra 6:30 A. M. " 9:00 P. M
No. 9 ' 3:00 P.M. 7:S0 P. M.
Accommodation 10:60 A. M
0. W. Sum, Agent.
Thanks. Our thanks are doe to S .' O
Thatchir, of Adams Express Company, for for
Dishing na daily with Eastern papers In ad
vance of the mail. , '
Also, t) our friend, John Stockdilc, of the
American Express Company, for like farori.
A Chance for Printers.
A Democr-atlo newspaper, recently ttarted, with a elr
culatlon of 500 copies, li offered for sale at the low pries
or jour nunurta aouan catn. , it 1 printed In a
flourishing county, and hat part of the eonnty printing,
and Hi circulation can sully be raited to 800. The ma
terial of tie office ooat, two years ago, 9800. Thfs.iss
good opening 'or a praotlcat printer. Addreis Editor
Btateiman, Oolunbn, Ohio, for farther particular..
A business meeting of the ladies Relief As
sociation wss held In the basement of the First
Prcabjteriau Church this (Monday) afternoon.
Surgeon-General McMillan addressed . the
meeting, urging upon the society the cause ol
our Bick aod wounded soldiers.' It met with a
warm response, and a committee of three was
appointed to frame a Constitution, forming a
Stato Central Society for the relief of the lick
and wounded of our State, an adjourned meet
ing of which will be befit rtt the same place on
Wednesday at three o'clock P. M., for the pur
pose of electing officers and organising snob a
society for Immediate aotion. ' . -.. ;
Surely this object will reach every heart, and
this notice will meet with a full and hearty re
sponse. ' ,
By order of the President.- ' '"--,
M. E. DOHERTY, Stc'y.
07 The attention of our citizens is directed
to the great auction Balo of SO.OOU worth of
dry goods, by P. T. Wood, of Rochester,' N. Y.,
at No. 20 Town street, Walcutt's building
comprising silks, French merinos, all kinds of
worsted dress goods, shawls, hosiery and flan
nels. Also, cloths,, casslmeres, satlnetts, etc
Sale commences this evening, and continue
every day and evening until disposed of. - G.G
Fristok, auctioneer. . Oct. 23-3t.
The Wesb Sisters The Webb Sitters, as
they are called, Misses Emma and Ada Wisi,
daughters of Mr. Charms M. Wisb, have been
giving for Borne time past dramatic and parlor
entertainment) In Cleveland, which have elicited
the highest commendations from the press and
publio of that city. Last evening the citizens
of Cleveland gave them a complimentary ben
cCt at the Academy of Music. The Leader of
Saturday morning says :
The Webb sisters have " struck a lead," as
gold hunters say. There has been one unbroken
I ii r ore from the day of their arrival, and last
night the Aoadomy was literally jammed.
Huntley aod Brueianni are stars in their roll,
and would shine beside any other less brilliant
luminaries. If tbey wish to be seen let them
seek association witb stars of tho second mag
nitude. . . ,: .
It is with pleasure that we announoe that the
Wins Sisters will give one of their entertain
ments at Armory Hall on to morrow (Wednes
day)cvcciing.' We predict for them an overflow
ing home. " ' " "
A Valuable Mir. Valuable and interesting
it is at the present time to have an accurate and
completo map of Virginia, exeouted with a view
of affording thorough information as lo that
portion of the country, which Is now emphatl
cilly tho "Seat or War.".'
Such a map compiled from official surveys,
and corrected and revised to 1861, Is' now pub
lished and lor sale by J. T. Lloyd, 164 Broad
way, New York, and at the Poetoffice Building,
Louisville, Kentucky.' The price is only one
dollar a copy, and every one who desires to un
derstand the military movements of the day and
the localities of important, epgagements and
great battles which will probably now take
place-in that region, should possess this large,
accurate and finely colored military map. v
Central Lunatic Asylom. This Asylum,
located in this city, contains over fonr hundred
patients. Among these are fonr female patients
from Western Virgiula, reoeived upon, the cer
tificate and at the request of Gov. Plerpont. 1
v " m i
The National Loan. The following, ddl
tlonal subscriptions had been made In this city,
at noon yesterday ,tajhe HaUonAl Loan..-, 7
Mra. Ada I.. Adimi. ...A..,.. ; tOOO "J
J. B. Bwan... v.. w.... ....... ,t,u .50l
Ilayette A. Swan.....'. ....t ISO
Jennie B. Dick. .f.. ....... .i.. ......... ' - so i
W. Dennlion. WOO "
Mra. Fannie Thompton 800 '
JameaB.-Abbott 1000 -'0
John Bathnell. ...... ............ - o . '
Mra. Sarah Jane Ua-rer...... ..n.i' SO -
Mri. Butk AuiHn. ....;.. -ISO
Robert George 1 9m -"
W. B. Hawltee.. ...... SOOO I:
W. II. Grlnnell. !MO 1-
Mra. I. W. Lord....... . 100
Berchard, Miller St Oo . W a-.
Bardll Burcbard .'........"' !
XoUl amount ap to thU daU. ....... .'. 7l,0
IT"LL. D.,h Russell is now tho subject of
a disparaging joke la Washlogton,' clrcel.
While walklpg leisurely up Pennsylvania ave
nue, a short time since, where omnibuses
marked "Ssvenln, street" pan, be was ac
costed by a tery pretty jonng lady with the m
quiry, "Will yon please to tell no, sr, how fat
those stages go7".The "gpeolaI,, who nnfor-
tunately aspirate the , H, replied fSevenh
street to hell, Miss." (L street.),', The lady In
dignantly turned from him, with the remark, "I
mistook yon for a gentleman," and was off be
fore the astonished LL. D. could . understand
by tbe young lady whould deem herself In-
J '' '-.mw -,.., akwr..-,,
NIMH. .. . . ' in -.tli . 4.,,v; w ,
Miutart'Instroctioi. A clase for lastrao-
tion In Hardss's .Tactics, lotloding company
ml hatulloa movemehti. And the bsronet ei-
nlM. will he formed thii (Tatedgf) evsning at
the City HaHr.GeptVmsn wshjng tdolfl wlU
be Rood enough to be present n o o cioca. v.
Polioi CooRT.An unusual number of cases
for drunkenness and disorderly oonducteameep
' before the MWfeitMay-f ;8evndlireT(lwt
Individuals were oel la enma ranging iroa i
U$3aa4 cost.
CfooNCii, PaocMDinai. The City Council
met last evening President Pohaldbon In the
Chair . Minutes of previous Betting read and
approved.. ,.' -t '.. . ' ' -v
To assess a speoial tax on real estate bound'
Ing oo the alley running at the head of Long
street, from Sevcuth. street to Cloveland are
'Making au, appropriation for the. repair .of
High street from Mould street to North Publio
- . . . f a - '
Mr. Buttles presented tbe blll oC Abraham
Carlisle for lumber" amounting to $34,26,
which Vat relerred to the committee of Ways
and Means with Instrnctions to pay the tame
from the appropriation for Incidental expenses.
Mr. Buttles also presented the bill, ol A. II,
Dolsonj for a supper, furnished Capt,, Parks'
Company per order ot Mayor Thomas, amount
ing to $17, which was referred to. the, tame
committee, with instruotions to examine' the
bill, and if found correct, to pay it 'from the
same appropriation. -'" " "''" '' '' , : ',; ',
The ordinance making an appropriation of $500
for the repair of High street from Mound street
to North Publio Lane; was read tbe third time
and amended by striking out "Mound street"
and Inserting "South Publio Lane." The ques
ton then being on the passage of tbe ordinance,
it was discussed at great length, and lost by tbe
following vote; Yess Messrs. Buttles, Smith,
Donty and Donaldson 4. Nays Messrs. But -ler,
Comstock, Eberly, Moeller and Staurlng
-5. ' "'
The vote by which the ordlntnoe was lost,
was reconsidered, and tbe question being on tbe
passage of the ordinance, it was again lost bj
the fallowing vote: Yeas Messis. Buttles,
Donty, Moeller, Smith and Donaldson 5.
Nays Messrs. Butler, Comstock,' Eberly and
Staurlng 4. . "
By Mr. Comstock, authorizing the commit
tee of Ways and Means to borrow of the Frank
lin Branch Bank five thousand dollars on four
months, for the use of tbe clfy. 'Adopted. .
By Mr. Buttles Directing Street Commis
sioner to work Chain gang on High street, com
mencing at North Public Lane, by taking metal
where the street it too high,' and patting it In
the holes; and if there It not metal enough, he
may fill the holet with eoch broken stone at he
may have on hand, from time to time, till Jan
nary 1,1862. ; Adopted. ::''.'.',:.,,;;.";...,
By Mr. Smith Requiring the owner or own
er! of lots 48 and 66 In Deshler'e Addition, to
pare the sidewalk and front thereof a by tbe 15th
of November next- Adopted. 1 '
By Mr. Dourr Requiring the owner or own
ers of lot 494 to cause the same to be filled up
la inch manner, as to prevent water standing or
becoming stagnant thereon, i Adopted. :.,.,.
"' By Mr. Comstock Dirsotlng. City Civil Ea
glneer to prepare plat and estimate for grading
and meUIizln'gV the roadway bf High street,
from the Northeri to the Southern limits of the
city. Adopted, -rv; ' ' t
" By Mr. Smith Requlrlng'the owner or 'own
ers of lot No.'lO in White' Addition, lo pave the
sidewalk and gutter thereof pn Long street, by
the 15th of November next. vAdopted.
Adjourned. ... ,'.; .'..'-.irilVc t'
-;:;';.:.'! ; '
Arrfvau at the State Prison. The sher
iff of Mahoniog county sent to this Institution,
yesterday, two men, convicted at the last Court
of Common Pleas of that connty, for three years
eaoh one for horse stealing, and the other for
attempt to rape. ; ' )
Two men also arrived from Clarke county.
sentenced for three years each one for
glary, and the other for forgery.
H7The Asylum for the Blind in this city eon-
tains nearly one hundred pupllf
N. B. The following notice was 'found
posted on the. bulletin board of Western
t offloe:Lt r,i&iA s,nbfsiK.
"lost a red kaf. He had a white spot en 1
of his legs. He was a she kaf. I will give
tare doler to everibudl that will bring fym
hum." j -V- -. - -v... ,
-. .
Aa eaperletiMd Nnra and Temale Pbjfldan, preeeSta
... ... j to the attention of mother, her ' . ' '
which araatlv facilitate the pncaia of taothlsg, tV Wt-
nlng the from, reducing all ,rnflammaUon will allaj
Aiiai jtaan anaapaaaaodioaaaioanuu , . ,
I. . . . . . I J
nd apoa It, aiottrB, It will five net to roarsehrat
We hare putup and aold thii article for over ten Tear,
what w hare never been able to aav of anv other medi
t-dld we know an tnitane of 4iatifacUon by anr on
wno aaed la. On the contrary, all are aeugntea witn iti
panaona, and speak in term of commendation of it
auaieal nect and medical Tirtoe. Wo speak In thl
mawt "ffUAi uu avnurr ; arier ten jean- xpe
alaaaat evary lntanoa where) the Infant Uaalerincfroaa
naui and axhaniUon. relief will be lonnd la tf wen or
twenty ailno tea after thcByrnp 1 admlnlUred.
- Thla valaabta preparation in praasnpnon or one f i
Mow lngland, and haa been n4 -with BVBR FAlIr
Ut SU0OK88 In ... ' -if-.
'S'Huusaj os urrMsi
Itnotonlr nliataa (he thlld trow tain, - out InvUoa-
ties aha tomaoh and bowel, correct acidity, and Rive
ton and enenry to the whole ajikm. It will almoit ln
Janus' atUev i ' ' 1 - ::t i e .MiiMaK v'
esipjra nr thx bowels, and wind couo
aonnMionl whieh .' If tot needllv feme-
died, and an death. We beltav tt the USUI and BUB
1BT BBMS1DY IN 9H WOULt, In ail eaae of Dlf
aiaor ana 1)1 AKHX1CE A IN CU1LDHKM, WDethef
Uariate troai taethlna-. e fraaa an ntbe eanaa. Wa
woald aay to arery mother whobvi a etiPil lutlerlnf. from
any of the foiritoinf complalntt-'-DO. MOT Lair YOOR
stand between yon and om anfferlna child, and the re
lief that WUI be BCK yea, ABOLTirKLT SOBrli-te
follow the.ue of thiamadletna, tf timely natd. rliU Si
ttotlona fat utns will aooompany earn boUle. . Nona
awaatM Inlea the tao-aimll of OUBT1H St PBRKIN8;
lie York, ia on tht ontald wrapper. J"'
. SoM by all BracfUU ihioahoat the world.
PrlaetpaiOfrice 13 Codtir Btreetii.Y.
i.tttwkwiy. ";",'"
1 f at llr
".v , i .cm flhArftT's
Wtti W. Bichards, Odn.j
Jacob Jlodt,
VI. - .a
Ovttattf rieu. :
T)T virtna of an order of tar to ma directed, from tht
1J nonrt of Common flea or vrankltn eonnty. Ohio,
I will oflet for aalt at the , door a (he qoart, Hooao, bt
meoiiyei veiuaauaa, ,. ,,,., ... , r. 1,
On Saturday, November I6ih A D. I86lr
at I t'eleak, Jht,,Ipllrwlnt detcrlbed'teal titate.
Loll Hum f 31. rtrtatv three fait, nineteen Y19).' fW-
on (91), Ml fllty-flr fSS). In the town of Rome, Prai
rie townhi,ln rat eonnty of Franritnv and State of
0i.- Atao, -more nt ItaA wHich'taW itoob
Vledt aooiht tf Jeht Wi tMker
Aypraawd a4et WW t, K5.0O..
i.jotj l-"H1jicfoett,tf
rVV 1 : tl. ,. j& 00 .
! sv an ml
C'tlO'tWrtWA lMtUI A l
f ui 1 vhih -"ttiwHOFia.ats j
By Ra. Pavu, Deputy '
MhtrfVei t 00.
otU-td '
Reported for the Ohio Statesman.
Interesting Washington
Battle at Linn Creek, Mo.—Rebels
McCulloch Marching to
Reinforce him.
Zellicoffer Superseded by Gen. Lee.
From Washington.
[Special to the Herald.]
Washinoton, Oct. 19. Official intelligence
from a gentleman just from tbe South says our
squadron below New Orleans bad an engage
ment witn toe renei equaaron, uoaer iiaiiins.
Two ot our vessels (tot aground, and suffered
considerably, but none were oaptured, and but
few lives were lost.
Yesterday Heintzelraan made a reconnois-
sance In force ..toward Occoquan river. The
Ions roll was distinctly beard iu the rebel camps,
acroBB Acotink creek. It appearsthat there Is
no rebel force between the 1 elegraph Koad and
the river above Occoquan, and no rebels lor a
considerable distance beyond Vienni.
A contraband reports three rebel resimeuts
at Leesburg, ready to retreat 011 Manassas, 11
attacked. . : -
Full accounts of the firiug ou the Resolute
received state that she was delayed a quarter of
an hour by chain stretched across the river,
during which time one hundred and fifty shots
were Bred at her. lue scnoouer rairlax being
nearest tj the battery, received at least fifty
shots, when the rope connecting berto tbe Res
olute parted; she drifted netr tbe shore aod was
captured. No one hurt aboard tbe Resolute.
Tbe firing continued from rebel batteries a dis
tance of two miles.
Tbey have fifteen miles of batteries nearly
continuous. ' One shot from Shipping Point
reached tbe Maryland shore, four miles distant.
It is believed tbat vessels not drawing more
than tight feet of water can hng the shore and
esotpe barm. .
' Several vessels have already run by.
Foreign advieea reoeived by the last steamer
at tbe State Department, are more than usual
ly satisfactory; but there Is great activity in
schemes to violate the blockade and introduce
contraband goods.
Lord Lyons has addressed a circular to Brit
ish Consuls in the South, enclosing laws of
blockade, which does not allow a vessel in
blockaded ports to take on cargo after the com
mencement of s blockade. Lord Lyons -instructs
all' Consuls to take this law lor guid
ance: " 1 . ... ,,..... . .., v
Twior three officers, prominent in the volun
teer service, are suspected of giving informa
tion of our movements to the enemy. A New
York Colonel now under arrest for Insubordina
tion is one of them. ,-
' . Only yesterday Mr. Seward assured a mem
ber of the Diplomatic Body that the little af
fair of the Southern Insurrection wonld blow
over within three months. - The porta would
be all opened and peace and prosperity reign.
One hundred and nTty of the Mew York Mi
went scouting yesterday , and advanced nearly
to Fairfax Court House. Tbey saw about half
a regiment of rebels and no mure, i hey were
at first mistaken by the inhabitant! for South
ern eoldiers,and were enlightened as to the plans
of the rebels, to far as was Known to the cm
tens. . - ' ' "
It was stated they were discouraged, and
Johnson intended to make no stand this side of
Centreviile, on the heights of which, however,
if followed there, tbey would oppose the Union
forces lor a while, but when pressed, wonld with
draw to their old position beyond Bull Run.
Tbey 'report no obstructions or birricades on
the way. ,,,,''.
f JO It certain that the rebels have a very
small, if BDy force, at Leesburg, and they are
evacuating it altogether as fast as possible.
The same is trne of Fairfax Court House, as Is
established by a reconnoieance. If there is any
line of defense beyond tbe old one it extends
toward Acauia Creek. The theory thai tbe
rebels have fallen back upon the Rappahannock
Is untenab'e.; ' ' 1
Tbe court-martial iu the case of Col. Miles
meets tmorrow at Alexandria, ilia unquali
fied acquittal Is be;ond a doubt.
[Times's Dispatch.]
It was currently reported on the other side of
the Potomao to-day that Fairfax Court House
has been fired and destroyed by the rebels.
Tbe naviaratlon ol tbe rotomao again appeart
to be unobstructed.- 41 vessels passed tbe bat
teries' at Shipping Point this afternoon, and only
one was hit, the ball going through ber main-
sail. 1 ."-':' " ' '
A contraband arrived within Gen. MoCall's
linet yesterday; he reads and writes with facll
lity. He wae attaohed to the Louisiana Brig
ade. -The brigade bad been stationed near
Fairfax Court House. On Wednesday they
were all ordered to move baok to Centreviile,
where it was currently reported a stand was
to be made. ' '"- . :' ." 1
The cause of the order to more back was in
expectation of an immediate attack from Mo
Clelian, and so great was their haste tbey left
large quantifies of floor and other provisions.
[Herald's Dispatch.]
Thn citv haa been very anlet. The advance
of our forots has muoh diminished the number
of uniforms npon tbe street aod around the
hotels. Gen. McClellan's sanday order appears
ta bavs been strictly obeyed-i . .
appears that tbe Government hat through
its agent! In England purohased a large quant
ity of blankets, to the extent of at least three
nundred tnousana, sua mat two nunurea inous
and more are yet to be purohased. Some of
these, it is said, have already arrived.
Tbe Government was compelled to exercise
this foresight before the approach of winter, as
no blanket eould begot in thla market, al
thoueh it is supposed that several speculators are
holding them back for higher prices. 1 " ' -
- la regard to me expedition niting oni to, ope
rate against Mexico, our Ministers at London
and Paris assert positively, that neither of these
Governments has entered into any arrange
ment f 1th Spain to join in the alleged expe
dition. ; ' ,vt J :. . . i-
The renlv to the communication of Secreta
ry Seward, which was addressed some time ago
lo loose governments, respecting vue uesigoa 01
those powers, hat not vet been, received. Our
government bat all along been assured by both
Eneland and Franoe.that they had do object In
their interference in mexioan auaira oiner mau
to protect their oititene ana obtain reparation
for butraget perpetrated npon them, which are
01 long Manning. 1 .. ,. . ., .
It la a reraaikaoie iaoi to at tous rar ine
troons of neither a tint bare occupied the toil
of, Mt.. Vernon, nnleis it baa taken place vun
in-a lew dajt., A general watchfulness ha
been kept noon the olaee by our troops, and
thould the rebels attempt to erect batteries
there they will be rtoalstd by McClelltn with
root delay, end tbe place protected by a guard of
nsuor, compete of troops tbtt btve distin
sulshed thamael
x ine advance of the -army bat rendered It
neoeetary that the1 rttadauartcrs of the General
commanding ahoald be removed te Virginia.
Arrangemeni are oeinr made, and II It txpeet-
ed la t) few day General McClellan's qoatteri
win ot in in mat ei ine oampt en the otntr
tide. I f i-'o'- m te tu . ,1-1.-1 .., .. ..
It tl said that the moretnent of General Mo
Call St the head of his division toward Leea-
aToH. lain tended to cutoff the rebels. If they
have goof in the dfrfcjfioV of Vupet'i Fesr,
Ss tomt toDtoe.'ltnctd of falllns back on Ma-
aMs, .They hT0 mptt likely done he latter,
aod General MoCatl will probably fall to find
enemv in tbe direction ne is now marcn
ifcv ;; '
[Post's Dispatch.]
Mr. Ellet, a prominent military engineer, of
this city, has proposed to ine uovernment a
plan for constructing a number of steam Rams
with Iron backs, for tbe protection of tbe large
seaports in the event of a foreign Invasion. It
believed the Government regards this propo
sltlon with favor.
[To the Associated Press.]
Waiiiihotom, Oot. 31. The Reliance went
down to loin the flotilla last night, and the
Robert Leslie sailed thither to day noon. Some
forty vessels went down yesterday and safely
passed tbe rebel batteries: a large .number of
shots were fired at them but none struck.
It la believed the) armed steamship or fioat-
battery now building after tbe Erioson plan,
ill i.a mnUI isf inn ViAattatal TF ta MnSlP EBwm a Vk
UVJ fJUUiptOtfJU tUUg wWw auw wnw w
finished, the work upon it being of less magni
A large surplus from ine sum approprt
ated by Congress for the purpose remains.
Secretary Uameron returned wis morning
his visit west. The good disciplinary or
of our troops in their recent movements af
a subject for military praise. i.i'
There is a rumor here to-day tbat a sharp cor
respondence is coins; on between Secretary Sew
aod Lord Lyons, in continuation of tbat
has already been published, but no au
thentic intelligence has transpired and the re
is regarded as untrue.
Tbe Baltimore & Washington Railroad Com
expects to be able to satisfy all the re
quirements of the Government in the transpor
tation of troops and supplies over it tingle
with additional laoilities lor travel.
The Government does not credit the report of
escape of the steamship Nashville from
Charleston. In faot it was stated tbat evidence
the contrary bas been received here. -;" -
The following intellleence is from tbe Kich
mond Enquirer of tbe 15tb:
JNiw Urlians, Uct. 14. Ibo expedition ol
Commodore Holllus consisted or tho n,iuni,
Iron-clad marine Battering Ram, wlih one
four-pounder Dihlgren gun, tho sioamer Cal
houn, the flag-btiiji, with one twenty fuur.pound
er and two eighteen pounders Dahlgren guns,
tbo&t.-amer Ivy, with an eight-inch thirty-two-pouuder
rifled, tho eteumvr Jackunn, with two
eight-inch uoliiuibiadd, the steamer MoK&e, with
sixty-four-paunder mounted on a pivot, fonr
eight-inch columblads and a twenty-four-pounder
rifled, tho steamer Tuscarora, with one eight
inch columbiad aod a thirty-oue-paundor rifled,
tbe oulter Pickens, with one eight inch co
lumbiad and four twentr-four-pounder ciuon-
The blockade had the Richmond, Vincennes.
Preble, Water Witch, and the schooner Joseph
Toono, iu all fifty three guns.
Un frluay laht our fleet started lor rort Jack
son, the Manassas leading tbe way. . The night
was intensely dark, and the Manassas ran into
vessel, striking her near the bow, and cutting
Into ber upward of twenty feet. Appalling
shrioks were beard aboard tbo doomed snip.
Signal rockets were fired, the enemy beat to
quarters, and a perfect iron bail foil upon and
around the Manassas, during whlcb ber ma
chinery became damaged. Tbo Tuscarora
tbe Watson came up with four barges
which had been cut looto and set adrift 00 tbe
When the morning came, our fleet com
menced to pursue tbe retreating enemy, and a
heavy cannonading began, which kited till 8
o'clock. 1 Several shots struck tbe Richmond.
Shots from the Yankee a were badly aimed, as
tbey did not touch one of our vessels. When
firing ceased the fleet returned to the city
With the prize schooner Joseph II, Toono, load
ed with coal, and which had been deserted dur
ing the night.
A large quantity of lumber, which bad been
intended for tho construction of a fortification
tho head of the Passes, was burned.
The vessel sunk was not the Preble, but the
Three vessels of our expedition arrived on
Saturday night.
There Are rumors of a batt'o in progress near
Leesburg. No particulars. The Federal troops
known to ba entrenched on an Island In the
near that point. Foraging parties of Fed
eral troops daily venture as far ns Mt. Vernon.
rumor of Fremont's removal is revived to
day. Ibe following telegram from Gen. Stone s
command bas been received at head quarters ;
gallant reconnoissance was made early this
morning by Major Mix, of tbe Van Allen cav
alry, and Capt. Stewart, Aasistant-Adjutant-Geucral,
from Edward's Ferry, toward Lees
burg, witb thirty cavalry. Tbey camoon tbe 1 l:h
Mississippi regiment, and received tbeir tire at
thirty yards. They returned it with tbeir pis
and fell back In order, bringing in one pris
oner. We bave possession of tbe Virginia side
Edward's Ferry.-
Additional accounts ear, up to 3 0 clock to
Gen. Slone bad held his own satisfactorily
there, though bis comparatively small force 00
Island is engaged with some 4000 of the
A subsequent dispatch received late this af
ternoon says Geo. Erans bas fuur field pieces
three pieces masked, and almost 4U00 men.
prisoner taken mentions be bas 4000 rebel
troops and expects reinforcements.
lien, stoue at that time believed he oould oc
Leesburg to-day and bold It.
un oaretui investigation it is round that tbe
of slUU.UUU was sent lo Eogland, and
$400,000 more is to be sent in thirty days in
less than one million dollars to purohase
to be made op in this oountry to meet tbe
pressing want of our soldiers in the field, un
til our own manufactirers can supply tbe goods
much needed. The greatest care was exer
cised in the selection ot agents to exeoute the
In connection with the fact that payment has
suspended on debts created in tbe Depart
ment of the West, it is ttited that the investi
gating committee appointed by Congrcta to ex
amine into all contracts, and now in tension In
Louis, have, in their examination, discover
ed great inegularity and extravagance In the
publio expenditures, la wiew of all tbe cir
cumatances, It is apparent that tho administra
will ytold to tbe necessity ot completely
reorganizing the entire Department, to accom
plish which Gen. Fremont will be transferred or
assigned to some other duty.
The President and bis constitutional advisers
determined that that department of tbe ser
shall be managed with prudence, so far as
have and can exercise the power to control
While the steps necessary to be taken may
the standing or position of some few in
dividuals, it is considered better that suoh
changes thould be made rather than the great
interests at stake should suffer by hesitation or
Inaction on the part of the Government. '
1 be Commissioner of Patents haa decided not
extend on McCormick's application lor an
extension ol his reaper patent of 1847.
A court or Enquiry bas been ordered at toe
request of Commodore Pope, of tbe Brooklyn,
escape 01 tbe privateer Bumter wuiie no was
blockading the Mississippi.
A Government construction train advanced
tbe Loudon aud Hampshire Railroad to-day
mile and a half beyond Fall's Church find
ing the road tbat far in good condition.
Rebel pickets were teen to-day on ine Leos-
turnpikes mile beyond our outposts. - -'
.A foraging party from Gen. Smith's division
advanced to within a short distance of Vienna.
Tbey captured about 'sixty loads of hay aod two
nundred, and fifty busneis 01 oats, jcyeryimog
that section reported quiet.
The Nashville still in Charleston
New Yore, Oot. 31. The Richmoudtbqul
rer'says tbe Wtshvuie is situ in Charleston
Harbor and tbat Messrs. Mason and ttlidell did
not sail in that vessel. ,--ri v- , t? , :
A Pensacola dispatch of the 13th says ft par
ty consisting of Capl. Butler 'and wife, Mr.
Packard and who, Air, uuteu end others, rad
esoaped to iott Pickens. - . . i -
Fremont Not Removed.
Sr. Louisa Oot. 19. Tbe statement in the
Cincinnati Osteite of yesterday, tj the effeot
that Secretary Aameroivea Rio recent visit to
thie Department, brought aa order from tht
President instructing rremont to transfer the
command of the Western Department to Gen
Hunter, and that tbe execution .of the- order
was delayed at ths request of Gen. Fremont, is
pronounced, untrue.
i . If Cameron had Birth- order. U was -not
presented: 1 The4- Interview" between 'Fremont
. 1. ... at 1L 1 A .a1 a.
and camtran was a satisfactory one to- pom
r---- .1 i:,u ri
Death of Ex-Governor Woodbridge.
'DtWott, -Oot. fi0.iEi-t36vernor' IHHIani
Woodbrldge died at his residence fn this city
Battle at Linn Creek—The Rebels
reported acting
BNgaaier-Ueoeral Wyman, who left noils, sev
oral days since with two thousand five hundred
men, has arrived at Linn oretk, where he dis
persed s, body of rebels, killing considerable
number and taking two hundred prisoners, and
captured eighteen wagons of goods belonging
to jucuinUf.oc io prominent union nrm
whom tbe rebels had robbed.- . '.; f
Advicet from General Fremont are
up to
o'clock on Saturday night. He is Mill at War-
saw, and tbe pontoon brtgde across the Ossgi
was 10 ds noisnea on oaiuraay.
utoerti uigere (uvmon bad crossed the
river. '.i j K.M I
It was reported in our camp at Warsaw that
Price bad been largely reinforced by McCul
loch, and that their oomblued forcea were forti
tying Oseola, where they intend to give Fre
mont battle.
New' York, Oct. 20. It Is reported that Sec
retary Cbase bas decided tbat green teas are
manntacturcd articles, eomlng from places otb
er than tbeir growth, and are liable to a duty
01 twenty-nvs per oent. - ;'!'.
Dasneitown, Oct. 17 The camn Is filled
with rumors of a retreat of our forces before a
superior force of. the enemy, at and above Har
per's Ferry; some say as far as Williamsport,
ano 01 tneir recrossing tne river to tbe Mary
land shore. These rumors cannot be traced
reliably.1 - '
Cincinnati, Oct. 20. The following dispatch
passed over the lines on Saturday:
CLEVELAND, Ulil. IV. TO llOU. Urightm
Young, Great Salt Lake City: Sir I bave the
honor to acknowledge the receipt of your mea
sage of last evening, which was very gratify
ing, not only in the announcement of the com
pletion of the Pacific Telegraph to tour enter
prising und prosperous ciiy, but that yours, tbe
uret message to pas over tne line, should ex
press so unmistakably tbe patriotism and Union-
oving sentiments ol yourself aud people.
I join witb you in the hope that this enter
prise may tend to promote the welfare aud
happiness ot all concerned, and tbat the anni
hilation of time In our means of communication
may also tend to annihilate prejudice, cultivate
brotherly love, facilitate commerce, and
strengthen the bonds of our once, aud strain to
be, happy Union.
With just consideration for tour hlth Doakion.
aud due respect for you personally,
1 am your obedient servant,
Affairs in Missouri.
Hudson, Out. 20. A messenger reooits tbat
scouting party, numbering one hundred have
been taken prisoners by some six hundred reb
els at McCobell, Coldwell county.
Four hundred Federal troops at Cameron
were ready to march to their roscue when the
train left. - .
Another party of from four to five hundred
rebels was in Carroll county and bad captured
seventeen of Col. Morgan's men. Morgan bad
startea in pursuit.
Syracuse, Oct. 20. Major Scott, of General
Sigel's staff, from Warsaw yesterday, says defi
nite and satisfactory information bad been re
ceived at Sigel's camp tbat Gen. Price broke
up bis camp in Cedar conoty, where he arrived
iat Sunday week and where it Is said he would
stand and give battle, and continued bis retreat
toward tbe Arkansas line. ,,
St. Lodis, Oct. 21. Union scouts report tbe
total number of armed rebels in south-east
Missouri atbOOO.
A man direct from Price's army says Jack
son s reoet legislature is in session at Stock
too, the county seat of Cedar county, which
place McCullocb was approaching to reinforce
Price with from 6000 to 12000 men.
The ttatemeot- of the Washington corres
pondent of the New York Tribune that Capt.
Prince, Commandant at Leavenworth, refuses
recognize Gen. Fremont as bis superior offi
cer, is false.. - i.-.
Jefferson City, Oct. 21. The steamer J.D.
Perry, which arrived here to-night witb fifty
wagons and one hundred and forty mules from
St. Louis, was attacked by rebels at Portland,
and narrowly escaped being oaptured. " Her
Captain thinks there must bave been seven
hundred rebels at that place. s
Cruelty to Federal Prisoners—Guns
mounted on the Custom House and
Levee at New Orleans.
New York, Oct. 21. A lady arrived at Phil
advlphia, reports four wounded Federal soldiers
put to death at Harper's Ferry by ft slow aod
cruel process, sucb as stabbing lb em in various
parts of the body with ft small penknife. The
rebels were aided in tbeir acts by Presbyterian
clergyman of Harper's Ferry, now residing at
Sbepardstown. She saw about ISO dead rebels.
Dr. 8. H. Bradley, formerly of New York,
who was at Bull Run aa surceou of tbe 2d Ala
bama regiment, has arrived at Washington.
ne attempted to esotpe on tbe day or tbe bittle
bnt was detected, and sent to Montgomery,
whero be was kect confined until Sentember
25th, when he was released and went td New
Orleans, cn route North. At New Orleans,
Ootoberlst, guns had been mounted on the
Custom Iloude and Levee, and on such bulld
ogs as were deemed strong enough. A num
ber of gun boats had been placed 00 Lake Pon
cbsrtrain to repel attacks in that direction.
Planters are dissatisfied witb tbe refusal of
the Rebel Government to allow eotton aooess to
the market. .
11 .
Newspaper Office and Private Dwellings
Sacked by a Mob.
Tira Haute, Oct. 1G. Three hundred or
three companiel of the Forty-third Indiana Reg
iment, itationed at Camp Vigo, in thit citv.
under tbe command of their Colonel, entered
the city quietly this evening, and proceeded to
office of the Journal and Democrat, and
a short time demolished everything. . They
then proceeded to several private houses and
served them in tbe same manner .y .
I be citizens are organising to proceed ti take
camp. There is great exoitement. ' '
From Fortress Monroe.
Fortress Monroe,- Oct.' 20. Some twentv
persons, who have been awaiting here several
days to go to Norfolk by a flag or truce, will re
turn to Baltimore to-night. , Neither the Gen
eral or flag officer will allow any communica
tion with tbe rebels, -for ft number of daye at
lat. ..,,' - ..
The released rebel prisoners from Fort Lafay
ette arrived here this morning, and were sent,
temporarily, to the store ship. ' ' "
Col. Dimmick, who bas been post Comman
dant at Old Point for nearly two years, reft last
night for Fort Warren, Boston. "'
The Pony Express to be Superseded
—Humboldt, Kansas, Burned by
Atohiion, Ktnsas, Oot. 19. Orders hare to
day been issued by the President of the Pike's
reak express Company at this plaoeyieetop
the running of the Pony Express as soon as tbe
California line ie completed, whioh will proba
bly be early nest week; it is therefore probable
that not more that one pony more will run. ,
Liavin worth, Uct. ai. The . IOntervttive
this city has advices tbat tbe town of Hum
boldt, Kansas, has been totally burned by sects'
slonlsts from the Indian country. It Is thought
probable that the records and ' papers of the
United States land offioe were destroyed.
Two Hundred wagons sua one thousand yoke
of oxen have been teat to Fremont's command
wilbio the present week from this place.
The steamer Florence arrived here this morn
ing from St. Louis, having come through uomo-
losted by the reosis. k iirtiotrr feet aue stand
o ... a r f .'- 1 -. n im .
- - - - ' '
From Louisville.
Lomsv11.11, Oct. SI The rrnort -of tbo 00-
enpation of Oreensbnrg by the rebels Is prema
ture. A very few went there and took twenty
muits, wnioe dm oeen niaoed as oontraband In
care, of Geo. Ward.-' 1 - -- ; 1
It is' reported that General Ward fell back
twelve miles from Grttnburg to Campbella-
yllle.' ' ii -jir-.-, ... 1--. ... ,1 .. .. ; ,tt.,.. t,.
. He dispttched 6ne hundred and fifty cavalry
to reconnoitre, intending they should return
yesterday. . They had not returned, when .our
ward las about 3000 troops, advanee guard.
Tbs 'rtbeti 'at Little' Barren,' south 'tide of
Green River, estlmattd at three thouaenl
The river iavery hlsh -and will bo Itapaesabla
by rording for- sererafdaysr-a private 01s-
patcn to oe Joarn&i JS uairan. uas uu, isi
len back aa reported,! i (.t i ti-
Zolllcoffer hat beeo superseded by Lee, .
Cairo, III., Oct. 21 The "gunboat Cones.,
toga -made a teoonnoitaanoe up tbe river yes
terday ss far RS tht State line. She reports s
strong rebel force nts tbe. T annua line.
She returned this afternoon, having seized two
L I J 1 - ... n t ., P -
oargei, tuaaeu witn nour, aestintd I or a rebel
camp. .Reported tbat the rebels were In strong
force at Blandvilleon 8atnrdayi alao resorted
tbat Hardee's force it tlx thousand strong at
Belmont, Mo. '- ' ' . '.' ....;
- ''. I. m 1 '
Bo6TON.Oct.21Tbt Bangor Times punllshea
tn extraot from letfer dated Barbadoes. Serit.
27th, stating that s privateer cotter bad been
captured by the United States steamer Powbat
ten. Letters from bar ties in Bsrbadoes howev
er of Sept. 28ibf reeeired here, makes no men
tion or tbe report. ,,lt ,.-.,-),', , t4 f
New Yosk. Oct. Sl.-J-Tbe Tribnoe says of
tne various storie afloat reeardinir Fremont'!
command, "we snow mis to be true; . mat ec
retary Cameron took. out with him full dis
cretionary power to tupeisede Fremont, and
turn over the command or bis army to Geo.
Hunter, and tbat he did not see fit to cxerche
mat power. Ail beyond Una is idle specula
tlon."; I ' - ' ' . s . -.
Arrival of the Etna.
Sr. Johns, Oot. 19. Tbe steamthlD Etna.
with four days' later advices, was boarded off
cape Kace on rrlday.
Tbe King of Prussia naid a two dava' vlait In
Napoleon. . , i
Tbe Emperor of China le reported dead.
Prince Napoleon bad sent the Emoeror Na
poleon an Important state paper en American
affaire. 1 . .. : ' . . , .'. : ,
Cotton alight advanee: Manchester adviocs
favorable. The market baa an advanced ten
dency. Breadstuff's firm and upward. Wheat
firm; all qualities advanced slightly. .. ,
wvEirooL. ureadstutu nrm and upward.
Richardson. Scenes & Co. reDort flour advanc
ing, with sales at 28(330. Wheat firmer. and
all qualities have advanced to ft trifling extentt
red western and southern, at 1012s 6J; white
western and southern 11 14. Corn steady j
mixed aod yellow 31s 6dffl32j; white 3437s.
Provisions generally quiet and steady. Beef
quiet. Pork losotlve. Produce sugar bad an
upward tendency; coffee inactive.
JUONDOK Market. Ureade tuffs firm: coffee
active, and all descriptions are slightly higher;
tea quiet out steaay.
London Monet Market. Consols closed on
stocks sales or Illinois Central shares at 39
isao .rte ju.u.
LivttrooL, Thursday. Cotton Sales yester
day and to day 60,000 bales; 30,000 to specula
tors and exporters. Market excited and firm.
and closed with ft trifling advance. Breadstuff's
firm. Corn active; mixed at 31s 6J.
London, Thursday Evening. Consols closed
to-day at 92923. American securities
quiet and steady.
The London Times thanks Mr. Seward for
the just exercise of bis judgment relative to the
memorials against Dr. Rutsell, although his
(Seward's) shows a strong undercurrent of
spirit. The Times also repudiates tbs charges
against Dr. Russell, and believes tbtt tbe good
sense of tbe Americans will see tbe folly of in
terfering with him. . rf ,,' .
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Oct. 21.
FLOUR Optnfd doll, with large receipt and only
moderate aemana ror export ana none coniumptton;
ale of 19,400 bbl at 5 00(35 iS tot rejected; 85 30$5
40 for opoi flue state; IS biS 6S for extra itate; tiliS
forchoioe; 5 305 to for inperflne weitern; R3 50U
80 for eommon to mixed extra wottem; $t 74SiS0 for
ahlppfng brand extra ronnd hoop Ohio; (6 06(116 50 for
trade brand. Canada nour la moderate raqoeat at un
changed price: sale of 750 bbl at 4 305 40 for inner
fine; S5 55(J 60 for common to choice extra. Jty flour
qnlet and ateady at t'i 7i(a4 00.
OOKN MSAL-Quiet; ales of 800 barrels New Ha.
TewniflKY-Dull; tales of 250 bbs at 21iS; chiefly
WHEAT Large receipts and only moderate expert
demand; market l2c lower; lalea 19,t00 buah choice
Ohlcaao aprin; at 1 1151 19; Utter price forchoioe;
M,300RaaineprlDgail 17$l SO; 41fU0 interior to
prims Milwaukee club at It 17(8)1 M; 33 000 amber
Iowa at lS3K133Xilj,30Ord stale at tl S81 31
79,000 winter red western at SI Si: 6,0110 eholoe
Canadian clnb at SI tt 1 S; 13 ,000 amber Mleblran at
33; 76,000 ehoice amber Kentucky at (134; 15,600
whit Keuttrkyat St 43vl 47; 10,1100 white Hlehinn at
. 1 . . A nfU. 1 . 1 . ma
1 . -au, .uu .x.y nanasonp, uu a si oo.
RVK Steady at 7378o.
BARLEY In moderate reqnett; aale 8,(KX bo itate
atOI8U5c; 3,500bah Canada Wet at7c; 8,000 buah
prime Toronto at T3c; and 3,000 bash prime barley malt
at 78c.
CORK In large snpply with moderate export and
trade; price lo per buah lower; sale of 193,000 train
57$59o for darned, and inferior mixed weetern at 60c;
good weatern do 60 l-253e; good to prime (hipping do
closing at 60 1.2(361,- 63c forweitenr yellow; 660 for
white wetern.
OATS Bcaree and firmer t 4034 for Canadian; 48
(3543c for weatern and att . - - , r .
PORK Still very firm with moderate demand; aale
850 bbl at S 15 15 75 for ma; 9 75910 for prime.
BK BC Dull and nnchanged: aale of S00 bbts at St 00
St 50 for prime; S5 005 05; men 9(SS 25 for repack
ed mess; 1 11 13 50 for txtrei me; prime mea beef
Iliac. Ire. .. .
B1EF BAM a Steady ; tale of 50 boll naw weatern at
17c. -
CUT MEATS Quiet and unchanged: iho'nlders 59
5je; ham 5 1-86 1-Sol-
hauuii rirm ana in mr reqneat ai ox'c roramoK
ed aide; talea of 115 bbl at latter price.
LARD Continue firm, bnt there Is leu activity In
maaket: aale of 300 bbl at 8 l-SCSUo..
BUTTER Quite freely selling at nnchanged price;
Ohio 7 1 Ic, and 12 15o for (tats.
OHBK8B Dull dull and heavy at 57o.
COFFEE More aotir; market very firm; aale of
4,800 baga Rio on p. t. and 200 bag do at 1116 1-2: an
anotloa aale of 3,000 bag Santa, cargo of brig Raska, I
announced for to morrow, Sii. .
SUGAR Raw eontlnn dull.
M0LA88E8 Quiet, only amall talet of Barbadoe are
making at 37o.--. . ')
STOCKS Dnll and lower; Chicago and Rock Island
1-2; Illinois Central Railroad 66; Michigan Central
i B. 10: Harlem nrefered. 31 1-2! Bndaon Railroad
36; Erie Railroad 31 1-3; Harlem 13; Erie preferred,
52; Mew York Oentral 77; Cleveland and Toledo 35K,
0. B. and 0. 63; PaclSo Hall 92; Missouri alxes 53 12;
United State of '80, 82; United State sixes 81;conooni
1)2; United State Are 74; coupon 84; United State
fives 71; coupon 84. 1 1-. ., .
Cincinnati Market.
Mtimattof hoMers,taongh tbs demand is scarcely so
active. - - i.- '-
WHEAT It seamry u ready of tab as tt was yester
day, bnt tbe price are nnchaajred. - '..:
CORN la attll ejnoteS nominally at 80a.
OATS Are offered freely at 29o, in bulk, and buyers
are not offering over 28o.
RYE Bell more eleadlly, and is held at 40a. - .
BARLEY Can scarcely b quoted aa baring a mar
ket. - 't.ii .-.. j
-vuamw, if mi roiuv h wa. - 1
r 1 1 .. . - 1 1 1 : t At in.
Philadelphia Market.
ELOUE firm and active at J J7X5 75 for roper
fine. , ; ' ' '
WHEAT Active; slet 12,000 bush southern red at
I 35. ' ; ,
COKN Actlre: Yellow 7Jo.
PROVISIONS nrm; me pork $15 50; ldeX7;
noniaer53toe- , - . . v . 1
X.AHD tirm.
WHISKY-Advanetd at 9222 tf.
HCWAIlik uniu,
Blantttaclarera ot all k lasts ( Vop
table ant ktatiaaaavr- ktnssaa a.ia-
lues, taw BUIls, turiet mills,
tf- 'j.u' I "' atrV :jI
. . t J., B. DXTYALL ; Mtatmltl C0LVXIV8
i ,1 MJICmXt CO. Utaimim MMAMiflUf w'-,.
J 1 SCO. lit I
Ont rortable fcglne end fcw Mill
Wat awarded fht nt premlma of t50 at the Indiana
BtaU fair for 1?B over tana kBodlay! oh aoobant oi
Price, lightness, slmpliolty, economy of fuel
Vend seocrlor character Of lumber gftwetl.
.1 Oar Stationary Bngto was awasdad aV the same fals
the Snl yreaataaa of SltOO. , 4,
Onr Portable Engine wai Swarded (he Bnrt premliua S
SIM) at tn rair at aseeapni. xena., ever Biandy us
wir. Oolambo Machine Co' a. . and Bradford at Oot.
sy s oammtttee of practical Railroad lnlneers.
, or pilot and terms sddrees '
,,-1 - WlLiiARD WUtHIlL Treaearer, '
aW-dawlyesle. . Hewark.Ohlo
. Oantoa Uattings. '
4, (V4. "Whit ttn Keel mad
yWLsunokMorroiertorguaiHy. for sal by
7 I. MllA lS ? bVim a SOU. ' ,
;r'"i'! : 1 1 i ;s . ,i rr
It, CLOAK 4OTHS.' iAlsnv-lher snakea of Spring
0 leak Clothe, In sit sMrable aaunnes sindleve. Tas-
ttl an Battoot to match. BAIH Sa boh,
apritf He. WaVwIbHifhttree
I They go Right tflt Jhtj pot Vsi is
iastanitfellef OStep iar Ceag k
i- ". ( .. ......
; Parlfjr year Breath?
- Strengthen watts- Velcti;
. .., SB .
They relieve a Coogh Instantly.
They clear the Throat.' j '; ;
They give strength and volume to the voice. '
Tbey impart a delicious aroma to tbe breath
Tbey are delightful to the taste-
They are made of simple herbs and cannot
barm any one.
i .
Iadvlie every on who ha Cough or a husky Voice
or a Bad Breatn, or any difficulty of the Throat, to get
package of my Throat Confection; they will relieve
you Instantly, and yon will agree with mt that 'they
rlghl te the spot." Ton will find them very mern I
and pleasant while traveling or attending publio meet
for stllllngyour Oough or allaying yonr thirst 1 1
try oni package, I am safe In saying that you Will
ever afterwards consider them indispensable. T
Yon will And them at tbe Druggists and Dealers In
MeJIcloea. ' ' '"
My slgnatnr I en each package. All other are
A package will be tent by mall, prepaid, on receipt 0 -
Thirty Cents. -
Henry C. Spalding,
'". i NO. 48 CEDAR STRUT,
B jib os of thaaa rills ths periodic attacks of Aer
eows er Oct Btaiaakt may be pnventadi and if taken
the commencement of an attack Immediate relief fr ia
pain and alcknes will be obtained.
They seldom tall in removing, the JUautt and -
to which females are to subject-
Tbey act gently upon the bowels rsaovlng Ootti
ms. t 1 ' 1, . i yi
for IMernry Mm, &4nU, DeUoaU female .
and all person otudentary habit, they are value
LaaaUv, ImproYing the appetiU, glTlng Ions .
ttgtr to the dlgeitlve organs, and restoring the natnr
slastloity and strength of ths whole system.
TH1 CBPH ALIO PILLS srt the reenlt of long Inve
Hgatlen and carefully conducted sxpeMmenu, having
been in use many years, during which Hue they have
prevented and relieved a vast amount of pain and suffer .
from Headache, whether originating in the aerwoai
lyitex tr from a deranged state of th ttomack. .'
They are entirely vegetable la their composition, an
may be taken at all times with perfect safety without
making any Chang ot diet,', and tkt abmo of any
ditagrnaUe UwU rmdri U tan to udrUnit er Vum
Thtgennlat bay lTlghtuieof Heary 0 SpaUlag
oneschBoz. ...!:.,. ;.'. .'- 1 .V
Sold by Druggists and all other Sealers la Medicine.
A Box will he sent by mall, prepaid, on receipt of the
Prioo, QSOouts.
iH'orders shoal te addmated to ? - -
; tiCedtu- Street, New York..
from th Examiner, Norfolk, VS.
Oerjbalio Pills aceomnlish ths object for which thee
wore mans, via. I Cure of haarlschs In all its forma.
From ths Examiner, Norfolk, Ta.
The have been totted ss more thaa a thousand auM
entire success
from the Democrat, St. Cloud, Ulna.. ' '
If yob are, ev have been, troubled with the headache : 1
tend fur a box, (Cepnaiio Pills,) so that yon may have
them In ease of an attack.
'-" ', ' from tht Advertiser, Providence, R. I. '
The Cephalic Pill are said to be a remarkablv effect!
remedy for the headache, and one of the very beat for
that Very frequent oomplaint.whlch bat. ever keen
eoTereoV. . ..-,,"' ' '
from the Western R. R. flasetto, Chicago, III.
Wt heartily endorse Mr. Ipauldint. and hi unrivaled :
Cephalic Pill.
fro ' . . Eaaiwia Tallsy Star, Kaaawna, Ta.
We araehre that serasns euffertng with tb baasacta. .. .
Who try them, will aliok to theeir -
from the Southern Path finder, New Orleans, La.
Try thaml yoa thai are afflicted, and we are sir that
your testimony oan be adrled te the already numerous 1
list mat DM receives: neneni tnai no siner meairtne oae
nrodose .
Troes ths St. Lonlt Oeaoerat.
The Inunene demaad for the article .OephalH Pills -
rapidly increasing.
from the Oaaette, Davenperh Uwa. .
afr. SpaUIug would not oonnsct hi nam witn aa tr
Uoleb did not Koto to Doaaem reaJmtrit. .
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