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Rail Road Time Table.
Littli Mum Ouumici Inu B R.
' Leaves. .' Arrive
Cincinnati Accommodation. 5:00 A. M. . 9:10 P. M,
Express .1L-40 A. M.. . . 11:U3 A. M
Mall snd Accommodation.. W: 10 P. M. 0 P. M,
Night Kxpreis v Dayton. 12:00 midnight.. S.S0A. M
Jxo. W. Poiutt, Agent,
flni.iiuiinaAtfll.KVH.AllllR.lt. '
Nliiht Exnress , 3:40 A. M. ' ' iliiS P. M.
New York Express ,
0 O.ltO. WayKxpress,
..llliu A. m. . , ju:du. m.
... S:J0 P. M. , 7:30 P. M
Jams Parmsoii, Agent.
OkktbhOmo K. R. .
No. 3 Kinreea .' 3:90 A. M. 11:33 A. M
No. 5 do 2: IS P. U. 11:45 A. M.
. W. J. htL, Agent.
PrmiDRsa, Colciuus A Oincumati B. B.
MallTraln... 3 30 A.M. 11.25 A. M
liprm Train 11:83 A.M. 8:45 P. M
- ' Jos. Boiinkm, Agent.
Colombo! h. Isoimorom, B. B.
(Ooumaos PIO.CA tt IMBUJIA B. B.)
No. 1 BxprtM 6:30 A. M. 8:00 P, M
No. 8 " 3:00 P. II. 7:20 P. U.
Aooommodation .......... 10:30 A. M.
0. W. Bum, Agent.
Mailt for New York City, Boston, Albany, Baffalo,
Pltuhargh, Eteubenvllle way, Cleveland, Zanesvlll,
neware;, uranvili, waanington mty, Baltimore, roua
delpbia and New Orleans, eloee dally (Sandayi except
ed) at 8 o'clock D. m.
A through mall for Mew York and Cleveland aloeet
dally (ttundaya excepted) at H o erock p, b. -
O. 0. at 0. B. K. Way Mail oloeci dally (Bundayi x
eepted) at 9 o'clock n. n.
Central Ohio Way Mali cloeee dally (Sunday excepted)
10 o'clock a. ra. -
Cincinnati Way Maltotoeee dally (Sunday excepted) at
o'clock a. m. ;
Chicago, Dubuque, Delaware, Marlon and Worthing
ton Mali cloeee dally (Sunday axoepetd) at 8 o'clock
p. m.
Mailt for Xenla, Springfield, Dayton, Toledo, Cincin
nati, Indlauapolii, Louisville, St. Lonii, and Detroit,
clotet daily (Sundays excepted) at 8 o'clock p. m.
A through mall to Xenla, Springfield and Cincinnati
eloaet daily (Bundayi excepted) at 10 o'clock a. m.
uroana, nqua, nmn ana union uity man close dally
IBunaayi excepted) at o o cioex p. m.
usucaaier, uugHu, nvuvufiiw, uiivwfuiv. viuuwouio.
Portsmouth. Washington 0. II., Athent, Marietta and
Hllliboroufk mailt cloee dally (Sandayi excepted) at B
ciocx p. m. ' '
East Way Mall by National Road to Zanesvtlle eloaet
daily (Sundays excepted) at 18. ojciock m.
Uarrlslmrgh Mall closet daily (dunday excepted) at 8
o'olook p. ui. '
Mt. Vernon Mall, by way of WesterrllleanS Banbury,
closet dally (Sunday! excepted) at 8 o'clock p. m.
Dublin Mall clowt dally(4anrlay exceptedjat 3 o'clock
p m.
Lacoatter Way Mall eloaet daily (Sundays excepted) at
Mailt from New York, Doeton, Philadelphia, Buffalo,
Albany, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Dayton, Toledo, Xenix,
Detroit, Springfield, Cincinnati, Ohilllcothe, St. Louis,
and all Southern eltiea, arrive between the Loan of 9
o'clock p- ra. and 4 o'clock a. m.
Malli from Indlanapolit, Chicago end Dubuque arrive
at 3:40 a. m.
Mailt from Washington Olty, Baltimore, Wheeling,
Zanetville, Newark, Steubenvtlle; Mt. Vernon, and the
0. 0. R. H. Way Mail, arrive at 13 o'clock m.
Way Mall from Cincinnati arrival at 3 o'olock p. m.
Lancaster Mail arrivet at 8 o'olook p. m.
Beat Way Mail over the National Boaa arrive! at 11
o'clock a. m. .
Mt. Vernon Way Mall arrivet at 11:00 a.m. y '
Mall from Dublin arrivet at 12 o'clock m.
Crbana Way Mail arrivet at 8 o'clock p. m.
llarrlabuigh Mail arrive! at 11 o'olock a. m.
Lancaater Way Mail arrive! at 13 o'clock m
Ollice delivery open every day (except Sunday) from
7 o'clock a. m. to U o'olock p. m. Oien on Sundayt
from 7X to 0 o'clock in the morning, and from 9 to 0
o'clock in the evening.
Thanks Our thanks are duo to S. D.
Thatchxr, of Adams Express Company, for fur
nisbtag ua daily with Eastern papers la ad
vance of the mails.
Aleo, t) our frfcnd, John Stockdalc, of the
American Express Company! for like favors.
A Chance for Printers.
A Democratic newipaper, recently started, with eclr
culatlon of 300 copiet. It offered for tale at the low price
of four hundred dollars cath. It Is printed In a
fiourlthlng county, and has part of the county printing,
and lit circulation can eerily be raited to 800. The ma
terial of the office cost, two years ago, $800. Thlt It a
good orening for a practical printer. Address Bdltor
Statesman, Colombo!, Ohio, for further particular!.
octl7-tf . ,
Benivit Nioht. A very large audience
greeted the Webb Sisters last evening upon
the occasion of their benefit. Oo Wednesday
evening they open at Columbus. We caa say
to the people of the Capital oity that Cleveland
era, who have been so noted for an extreme
oritioal taste, that It was become an adage that
no theatrical troupe can hope for luooess here,
have pAtroaized these young ladles to ft very
unusual extent, aud it is unnecessary to add,
hare derived much pleasure from their enter
tainments. We hrfpe that theirjeturn will not
long be postponed.
We take,the above from the Cleveland Lead
er of yesterday morning. It is sufficient to add
that the Wist sisters appear at Armory Hall
this evening. , t , .
TowNSHir Military Committim. The follow
log named committees have berth appointed to
co-ooperate with the Franklin County Military
Committee, and circulars forwarded apprising
them of their duties, and requesting prompt ao
lion. .' .7 -
Montgomery John H. Earhart,-Theodore
Leonard, Windsor Aohesoo, Geo. Frankenberg,
Ed. Livingston, John J. Nelson, Win. Merlon,
G S. Innis. , " " . ' ' ' .
Franklin John M. Huffman, Clark White,
Jos. M. BrigRS, Wm. Hunter, Jos. McBolb. ; ,:,
Plain L. W. Babbit, John B Gates, George
Wagner, Jonathan Bobo. '; . .
Jefferson Theodore Carpenter, John .Lee
rone. . , f.' . . r.. ;. .
Mifflin John Clark, Benjamin Beatley.
Blendon Rr R. Arnold, D. L. Holton, Wm.
H. Grinnell, John. Wagner, E. D, Howard,
Truro Rhodes fiJobosoo, John .Wright,
Abraham Johnson, D. K. Wood. . '; '
Madison Samdet Bartlit, Dr.-W. G. Blake,
Dr. H. L. Cheney, John Champ, ' , , .,
HamiltonPatterson Harrison; John Rath
mell, John Lisle, Caleb Rookey, Dr. Jetemiah
Clark. ,:-suk..,v,... tii-.4.
Jackson Adln G. HIbbs, Thomas Adams,
Samuel Holton, Dr, Jo. Balie D. S. Rickejr.
son. Capt. Wm. EV Breck; "," -
PleasantS-Dr. Joseph Helmlck, Owen, ,X
Curry, Jonathan Tipton,' Joty'q. Ydnng, X'Bi
Mitoheii. :?r?'--'v
Prairie Davis S. Elliott, Smith Pestle, Star
too Howard, Jaa. Moirilllams, JohR-Miehela
'Brown -Hoaea 0. High, Henry Fraaolft
NorwlclJattef, PaxtA Pflleflah S.Averyi
Dr. J. R. L.Seegart .; b i
Washington Jaa. Wright, Wm. Graham,
Geo. W..Erans, Ale. Tbompsoaj Holeontbe
Taller. r,"; n-v a. t .1 t-.t cu
Perry B.-' Cv Kenoyt'TJ WTkomai, 8. B.
Davis. 1 ;"' .-c utR.'iwt? .vtn
' Sharon George Taylor Albert S.'ChapmjtB,
' gm. GrWoid:':;':. ' : : " r : .-r "
Clinton Henry Brevoott, Adam . Haines,
Wm. Hunt Jr., Jacob Slyhj Henry Innil. ,
Rvt.To STosois-Thle tentlemaniwho Is
appointed Major in the' Twenty-fourth Regt
ment, b of Znesyme,:,iot . bf Cleveland u
suted In the list of Military appolnttnente we
published on 8unday inorolng. , The error was
In the printed Hit wirrcn wo copies. -
1 , a' 1 fr 11 111 i 1 il
ST There wai A .recfflmeauAtlon ,'tnadit tit
Monday evenlnf. lp theity Council, fcy Abe
Marshal and. Captain QL theToUce, fQfJh.e.. p.
Mlntment of foet Additlos! sigHfolUfiM in
thi city. nieilnkiiri BT'!4
tharUht direction. The city fathers should
glvs M BCff iswdimi 9t tt oicbW
, JlirpaT of thi Boaao of Midioal Examine is
The Board tt Medloal Examiners, ooniitting
q( Dt. Awt, Smith and Hamilton, havi ooo
eluded their examinations of candidates for
Army Burgeons, and have submitted the names
of the following M. D.'s to the Goverpor:
To His Excellency, W. Dtnniion, Jr , Goo
trnorof Ohio:
As the result of examinations duly held, we
approve, ana nereDy present for your considers
tlon, as candidates for Sureeons and dureeons'
Mates in the United States volunteer service,
toe following named persons: .
Fletcher, Cincinnati.
Bernard Krause, Cleveland.
A. R.Jones, Portsmouth. ..
C. R. Pierce, Akron.
Henry Splllman, Medina. .
Isaac Train, Pomeroy. . ., . . ..'
M. C. Cuykendall, Buoyrus.
. T. M. Ebright, Mlllersbnrg, Holmes county,
E. B. Harrison. Napoleon.
J. B. Potter. Canal 1 Winchester Franklin
M. Litienberg, College Hill, Hamilton coun
tv. .,..,..
b. U. Menaennan, traiojsDurg, musxiDgum
liavid Jisguiey, Weiisvuie.
J. N. Beach, West Jefferson, Madison coun-
'J- .
Jonas r. Hanordi urjiiicotbe. -
A. T. Markle, Wlntersville, Jefferson county,
W. F. Dean, Milan, Erieeonnty.
J. W, Greene, Fairfield, Greene oounty.
James 8, Reeves, McConnelsvllIe.
H. Senseman, Tremont, Clarke connty.
Wm. Arnold, Rosooe.
Christian Forster, Hamilton county.
W. H. Phillips, Kenton.
C. A. Hoagland, Troy, Miami county. .
A, C. MoCbesney, Batavia, Clermont oounty.
James P. Alcorn, Ravenna, Portage countv.
W. Morrow Beach, Lafujeite, Madison
oounty. . 1
Onarles H. Hood, Dresden. '
R. G. MoLean, Lockbonrn, Franklin county.
D. 8. Hall, Ashtabula. ......
L. Slanser, Canton, Stark county.
A. M. Muoson, Kenton. . , ,
C. R. Reed, Middleport, Meigs county.
Byron Stanton, Salem, Columbiana county.
George Liggett, Nashville, Holmes county.
IsaaoN. Hines, Cbillicothe. "
C. T. Wllber, Marietta. . ' r-
P. Cook, Marietta. - ' - . -i
,. W. T. Ridenour, Smithville, Wayne county.
James Westfall, Augusta, Carroll county.
F. M. Rose, West Rushville, Fairfield coun
ty. J. R. Weirst, New Paris, Preble connty. .
Amos Potter, Greenville, Darke county.,. -A.
B. Monahan, Athens connty. . .
J. L. Morris, Bpringfleld Cross Roads, Erie
county, Pa. ...',.;,
H. a. untie, Akron. . : . . - .
James D. Webb, Cincinnati.
I. B. Laird, Tiffin.
W. M. Kanll, Tiffin. ,
H. P. Fricker, Jefferson, Ashtabula county.
A. C. McNutt. New Washington, Crawford
county. ...
Joseph Kicnardson, Ciaoinnati.
Thomas B. Hood, Newark. :
Thomas J. Haynes, Darby Creek, Madison
county.- .
E. Pierson Ebersole, Lewisbnrir, Preble ooun-
ty-j- r-- ' ; .
K. A. U wyer, new rctersburg, Highland
county. s,
w. a. Bbaner, Delaware.
C. L. Wilson, Lee, Athens county.
L. Woodruff, Alton, Franklin county. .'
B. E. Stevens, Miami. -
N. Cole, Etna, Licking county,
H. P. Anderson, Richland county.
Eugene Ringler, Tiffin.
Homer C. Shaw, Lancaster. N
J. C. Marr, Colebrook, Ashtabula county.
James Sprague, Vienna Cross Boads, Clarke
county. ; 1 '
O. J. Hall, Franklin Furnace, Scioto county.
John C. Gill, Cleveland.
J. W. Lewis, Lancaster. t,
J. W, Brack, North Leeeburg, Champaign
county. . , i
bamuel H. Lee, Coshocton. v
Wm. H. Cram, Hyattsvllle, Miami oounty.
Henry Mansfred, Covington, Ky.
We furthermore recommend tot Dromotion,
Charles H. Swain, now Surgeon's Mate to the
12th Regiment. . i
Kespeotfolly submitted, I
COLUMBUS, Ohio, Oct. 21, 1861.
H7The Commissioner of Patents has refused
MoCoimicx an extension of his reaper patent
of 1847,: regarding the sums already received
by him and the sums he Is entitled to for In
fringements, as amounting to an adequate conW
pensatlon.. i.,.r. ,
ST The Canton Repoiitorf says the Nine
teenth Regiment, Col. Biattie, Is nearly full,
And will receive marohing orders in a few data.
Eight companies are full and the others in
rapidly filling. i : ; '. ; . .
07 A chap in the High School, who has leen
reading the Cleveland papers, says thatrilther
the folks np there have been badly sold and
want to sell the Columbus people, orelse the
t, OM
Wise sisters are tares ant in terra,
A business meeting of the LidieReliul 'As
sociation was held la the basemerft of the First
Presbyterian Church this (Monday) afternoon.
Hurgeen-Ueneral-; McftUJiau aaaresseo, ine
meeting, urging npon the' society the esuie ot
our sick and wounded soldiers. It met with
warm response, and a committee of three was
appointed to frame a Constitution, forming a
State Centrat Society for the relief of the sick
and wounded of our State, an adjourned' meet
ing ofwulch will be held at the same place on
Wednesday at three o'olock r. pi., for ' Ibe pur
pose of electing officers and organizing such a
society for Immediate action:
Surely this object will reach every heart, and
this notice will meet with a fuu and hearty re
SpOllSO. j ' c. ri.v. !.'..! .,.!!
oraer o ne rremucut. , r, ;
M. E. DOHERTY, Sec'y.
1 1 - . . x .-
"CMTie attention of .our' citizens is directed
to the great auction salo' oi"$20,00ij worth of
dry goods, by P. T, Wood.of Rocheeter. W.
at No. 90 Town street, Walcutfs building-
eorAprisIng silks, Frtncb-msflnbs, all kinds of
worsted dress foods: t"ha'ls". hoslerf and flan-
nle t'Vllsoi'elbth's.'1 otStlmef'es' sa'tinetu, ttal
Sale . cb'namenc -this eVenlee, 'ind - cootlooe
wvevy maj via wv-muig uaku uisjfuneu ut w.
Fiwi,:suotloneef;..v .1 . pc.32-3t.
,To 'MiUTAir Gmtlimim and CirtuAHS
Tot will find at N. GoiiDwuiMijiia'si No. 129
S. Hich street, next 4obr to the Goodale House.
a jarge ana luporiur iw vi rwaavomaae oiotn-
ng, and ft like excellent stock. o oloUi to be
manufactured to order In the merchant tailoring
department ,of ..bis establishment.-. Mr. . R
SmauMo, who superintends, this department,
is a skillful cutter, whose ability and reputation
afford au ample guaranty that none but the beet
bf work Will be made under his inspection.
Our readers, military and otherwise, will find
U to their advantage to purohaie.nislr olothing
ready made, or leve, their orders' with Mr.Gtu
Mmssnuia,whoie an old and experienced mer
chant of this cty, and Is enabled, from the fact
that he hoys br-ioods- for cash, to sell al
Remember N. GowtirajniiBTt, No. 1539 Boutk
High itreieU-C;a" bjbc et :t ;octia-lmeod
iHHkt wrwhiis 4 Heel sua el
4. White Obfekt U myviet jnalf w. for sale k
Reported for the Ohio Statesman.
Union Troops Repulsed.
Rebels Under Thompson and Lowe
The Mob at Terre Haute.
Southern News.
From Washington.
[Tribune Dispatch.]
Washinotow, Oot. SI A writ of habeas
corpus was served yesterday by a city lawyer, on
behalf ot a prisoner, upon rrovost marsnai ror-
The President bavinz instructed the Marshal
of the district not to serve such writs, the dis
trict being practically under martial law, the
lawyer was promptly arretted, end Distriot
Judge ' Merrick, before whom the writ was re
turnable, had been placed under the surveillance
of the authorities and his pay stopped.
[Herald's Dispatch.]
The Government sent down the Potomao to
night two steam tugs for the purpose of bring
ing up a number of vessels loaded aith Govern
ment stores. They Intend to pass the rebel
batteries in the night.
The Navy Department to day notified the
War Department, and also a number of gentle
men who have vessels now below the batteries,
and are afraid ta venture up, that alter to
morrow they will be able to bring up all the
vessels. How it Is to be done the Department
does not state. -
A dispatch was leccived to-day from (Jen.
Rosecrans, dated Camp Tompkins, near Gauley
Bridge, where he has been enoamped for some
time. He reports everything quiet. I he reb
els, it appears, are falling back from their posi
tion, and from the beet information which can
be obtained of their movements, they are con
centrating In very large force below, to co-optr-ate
with Gen. Johnson, who baa separated from
[World's Special]
Rumors have prevailed that Fairfax has been
evacuated and it is so announced in this even
ing's Star; bnt information from the advanced
lines shows it to be lnoorrect. . On the contrary,
the indications are that the rebels are in large
force in the rear of Fairlax, and are reinforcing
the rebel army at Leesburg.
[Times's Dispatch.]
It was erroneously reported to-day that live
hundred rebels crossed from their batteries to
the Marvland ahore between Shipping rolnt
and Eraneport, made a reconnolesance, and re
turned. The faot is there was only a small
oartv of fortv or fifty, who were hasty In their
movements. There is no possibility of the reb-
els effeoting a footing on the Maryland side.
General Alcuelian win move nis neaaqnar-
- 1 , ..In. t 'a knnoA n.i, hall'a
tera to morrow to Bartlett's house, near Fall's
Church. It is a point where easy communica
tion can be had with the two extremes of our
The Cameron Rifles, Colonel Derge, moved
out ta Aonondale, on the Little river turnpike,
nearly ten miles west of Alexandria, and took
possession of that place. Our pickets had been
stationed tbere for two days and during tbe
time bad encountered none ot the rebels.
[To the Associated Press.]
It Is bUted that Thompson & Bros , bankers
of New York, have made arrangements through
their agents here to dispose ot a large amount
of treasury notes for tbe Government. .
Gen. Stone crossed the rotomao this morning
witb one portion of bis command at Edward's
Ferry, and the other at Harrison's Island. Skir
mishing began between the enemy in uncertain
numbers and part of Gen. Stone'e command as
early as it o'clock In tbe morning, ana continued
without much effect until 5 o'clock P. M , when
large reinforcements of the enemy appeared up
on our right, which . was commanded by Col.
Tbe Union forces engaged were about 000
thousand eight hundred, and were attacked by
a force supposed tooeirom nre 10 six tnouaana.
At this juncture Col. Baker fell at the head of
his brigade while gallantly cheering on his men
to the oonflict. Immediately belore he fell he
dlspatohed Major Young to Gen. Stone to ap
prize blm of the eondltloo of affairs, and Gen.
Stone immediately proceeded in person towards
the right, to take command, but in tbe confu
sion created by the fall of Col. Baker, tbe right
wing sustained a repulse with considerable loss.
(ienerai stone reports mas we leu wing re
tired in good order. He will hold the approach
es theretj; Strong reinforcements will be sent
to General Stone during the night.
Tbe remains of Colonel inker were removed
to Poolearllle, and will be brought to this city
oo Wednesday. ...
WaaHisoTOM. Oct. 22. The Harriet Lane ar
rived vo from Indian Head last night. She re
ports that new batterlee have been erected at
. . n . m . l a t 1 . n it
Matthias roini. ine r reeoorn ana isiana neue,
in making a reconnolssance at that point yes
terdav. threw some shot into tbe woods, and the
nre wa returned dj some new oaneriee 01
eighteen heavy guns. Immediately thereupon
the woods and underbrush were cleared away,
exposing the batteries to view. Vessels in
naaalDB are obliged to keep the Virginia shore,
and are exposed to a fire from a distance of
an ma four or five miles in doubling tbe point.
No vessels passed down tbe river last nlgbt
and it was not Known mat any come op ioe riv
er. Men report tnat ine reoeie nave a namoer
Of slene boats and longboats concealed in tbe
ereeka and inlets between Acquia Ueek and
Occoquan Bay, and that they are busy building
launches, either witn a view 10 cross into ma
ryland or seixe vessels coming up. Tbe report
needs confirmation. The rumor that a number
of vessels bound down bad been taken by tbe
rehfllA. is unfounded.. .
Roiithui acwinnia irom ine UDDer roiomao
. r . . 1 r J r . . T .
thi morning elate that our troops had returned
to tbeir positions ra far better order than was
anticipated, and held the Virginia side, ol the
Jndce Merrick to-aayaeat a tetter, to Die
hmthm Jodie of the Circuit Court relative to
his arrest. Soldiers guard, him iu his own bouse
a prisoner. 1
[Special to the Post.]
Flafr officer Craveri has lost arrived here i rod
tha Invar Potomao. . He reports that tbe river
Is at last effectually closed, the rebel batteries
commanding it at every aoibV below Washing
GenHerney still remains In this city, but It
is reported that bs will, soon be assigned io ao-
live service.,' ' .. '
The Secretarv of the Navy to-night received
a letter from Com. Goldsborough, dated aboard
tbe Minnesota. Hampton Roads, Oot. XI, giving
an account of tbe burning of the ship Thomas
Watson, on the lout tosba while lying agrouna
off Charleston harbor. .
She attempted to ran the blockade! was pur
sued by out of oar cruisers and ran on a reel.
She had no arm aboard. .
. Advices from Beraoda state that the Eng'ish
fleet there oaptured twenty six vessels manned
v tut thousand nre aondreel men and upward
11 nv nnnarea guns. ... ,. ." ,
.The Freuoh squadron eoDebts of 'six' steam
ers, two hundred and ten pans, and will shortly
be lartelv reinforced. ' '
8o faf as can.be learned there has been no
farther fighting at Edward'a Ferrv. Informa-
tua received thai rat is dot httw!j entitled lo
- oso. Bsnis is now en ns irginia aids com-
Battle at Wild Cat—The Rebels
Repulsed—The Fourteenth Ohio
Regiment There.
, Lbxinoton, Kr., Oot. 32. A courier arrived
at Camp Dick Robinson early Ibis morning.
He reports fighting on the 81st between Zolll
ooffor and Col. Garrard, the latter enoamped at
uamp wild Cat with twelve nunarea men.
ZallloofTer had six thousand to seven thousand
men. ZillioolTer made three different attacks
during the day upon the camp, being repulsed
eaoh time with considerable loss in killed and
wounded. The Federal loss is four killed and
twentf wonnded.
Just as the oourler left Camp Wild Cat, the
f ourteenth Ohio Res ment and a force ot ar
tlllery arrived to relnforoe Oarrard.
Five Thousand Rebels, under Thompson
and Lowe, Routed, with Heavy
Pilot Knob. Oct. 23. The following die
patch was reoeived this morning, and forwarded
to headquarters!
St. Louis, field of battle, Frederick town, Oot,
Ti. In cod Junction witn Col. flummers com
mand, we have routed tbe rebels snder Thomp
son and Lowe, estimated at five thousand.
Their loss was beavri ours small, and conuntu
principally to the First Indiana cavalry, we
captured four heavy guns. Lowe, the rebel
leader, was killed. Milor Oavilt and Captain
llyman, Indiana cavalry, were killed in a onarge
on a battery. ' "
Tbe command of Col. Plummer, referred to
above, was on Friday morning last ordered for
ward by Gen. Grant from Cape Uiraraeaa, witn
instructions to move toward Fredericktown and
out off the retreat of Thompson aud Lowe's ar
my. This force consisted of Marsn'e lotu 1111
nois Regiment, a section of Taylor's Battery
and Stewart and Lehman's coroDaules of cava 1
ry, all from Cairo; also a Dart of Plummer'
lltb Missouri, a Dart of Ross's Slat Illinois,
and a section of Campbell's Bitteiy, all from
Cape Girardeau. Too force from this poiut
was composed of tbe 3aib Illinois, uoi. uariin:
33d Illinois. Col. Hover: Slat Illinois, Col.
Alexanders oth Wisconsin, Col- Murphy; 1st
Indiana cavalry, Col. Baker; Captain Hawk
ins's Independent Missouri. civalry, and four
siz-pouudora aud two tweoty-fotfr pounders, can
non, under Alaior Scliofield, of the First Mia
souri Light Artillery.
Trial of the Savannah Pirates—Release
of Prisoners.
Niw York. Oct. 22. The trial of tbe SaJ
vannab pirates will, commence in the United
States Circuit Court before Judges Shlpman
and Nelson to-morrow. Tbe Ibdictmcnt is for
Xeaterday aiternoon U. a. jvursnai Murray
went to Fort Lafayette and released the follow.
log named persons on their taking the oath of
allegiance: Daniel Conay, I. W. Packard and
Algernon H. Sullivan. Mr. euliivan is a law
yer of this city and council for one or more of
ine Savannah nnvateersaien. o. u. uuintano
was offered bis libertv on taking the oath of
allegiance, but he requested time to consider the
The Coutt to-day made an order oiling Gen.
Porter to appear and show cause why he had
ordered the arrest of Judge Merrick, and thus
obstructing the course of justice.
From Fortress Monroe.
Fori rub Monitor, Oct. 21. A severe gale,
which has prevailed, has somewhat retarded the
preparations for tbe great cxpeditiou. The
gale is now moderating. -
Two hundred and filty men of the Massschu
setti battalion, who were sent out from Newport
News this morning for fuel, were atucked by
tbe rebels and stood their ground. Tbe First
and Seventh New York Regiment had been
sentont to support tbem when the steamer left
lor uia roint.
From Fortress Monroe. Great Excitement in Philadelphia--
Trial of Walter W. Smith.
Baker has created intense .'excitement in this
city; flags are shrouded and at half-mast. Tbe
greatett anxiety prevail, to hear further details
of tbe engagement, among the relatives of the
California Regiment, which is composed mainly
of Philadelpbians. "
The United States Circuit Court has com
menced the trial of Walter VV. Smith of the
pirate Jeff. Davis, who was oaptured on board
the schooner. Six of the jury have been se
leoted. A fire broke out this morning in the exten
sive cotton mill of Soloman At Co.; at Manay
unk. Tho loss is undoubtedly heavy, but has
not yet been ascertained.
General Order of Gov. Curtin in Regard
to the Death of Col. Baker.
HiaauiuaoH Pa., Oil, 23. A general order
was issued immediately on the receipt .of ibe
intelligence of the death of Col. Baker, wbicb
contains the folio wine:
It is with great regret that tho Governor,
Commander-in-Chief, has learned of the death
of Col. Baker opou the field of battle. Al
though not a citizen of Pennsylvania, ho had
been selected by many of her sons aa their com
mander, and met- his death while gallantly
leading tbem into action. The same feeling
which inspired tbe soldiers In regard to state
lines when our common country was in danger,
induced the Commander-in-Chief to recognize
him, whilo living, a Pennsylvania soldier, and
impel him, now that be is dead, tj bear the
poblio testimony to bis gallantry and worth, j
oigned by command ot Uovernor Curuo. . .
Particulars of the Fight at Frederickstown.
[Special to the St. Louis Republican.]
Pilot Knoi, Oct. S3. From reliable parties
who witnessed the fight at Frederlckstovn yes
terday, I gather the following particulars 1
Col- Carlln, with parts ot tbe Slit, 3JJ and
38th Illinois Regiment), tbe 8th Wisconsin,
Col. Baker's Indiana oavalry, and Major Scbo
field's battery, reached Frederickstown at nine
o'clock in the morning, and at one in the after
noon was joined by tbe lltb, 17th, and SOth Il
linois Regiments and fonr hundred oavalry
from Cape Girardeau. They then advanced in
pursuit of tbe rebels under Jeff. Thompson and
Col. Lowe, who bad left the place twenty-four
hours before, and were repotted to be rapidly
retreating South. But about a mile from town
they discovered the entire force of tbe enemy
drawn up la line of battle, partly posted In an
open field, and partly in the adjacent woods,
with fonr iron 8-poundcrs well planted in
their front.
Major Schofleld immediately opened fire, and
at the fourth round Bilenced one of the rebels'
guns. The engagement then became general
and lasted about two hours; but after the first
half hour the rebels left tbe field in disorder,
and took to the woods, closely followed by both
our Infantry and cavalry. Before leaving the
field, the rebel Colonel Lowe was shot in the
bead and instantly killed. Major Gavltt re
ceived five bullet while leading a charge thirty
yards lo advanoe of bis command. Captain
Hlghman was killed In the same charge.
Our loss is reported five killed, live mortally
wounded and twentv slightly wounded. The
enemy'a loss is not ascertained, but Is supposed
to be considerable. - - ;)....
.At last accounts tbe rebels were in fulln-
treat with their baggage train, and oar troop
la pursuit. . '
Capture of Rebel Ship off Charleston.
Pntr.inif.mil. OA. 21 The follow 0g -is
an extract from the correspondence bf the Phil
adelphia Exchange. Tbe steamer t lag was ell
Charleston on the lUtb.- Yesterday we saw a
shin standing In intending to run tbe blockade
W e pursued ner. Doe was iw mnuuro, arm eui
hand escaped before -Ovwthklng herWWe
boarded her, and found 'ser to bo the Lewis
Watson, formerly of raliadoipbia, out now
oBd la Charleston., Irom Liverpool, and
laden with salt, flannel and blankets. 1 he latter
articles were taken out and tbe ship fired and
was nearly consumed when the Vandalia sailed
All well on the Flag.
The jury in the piracy ease has been comple
ted. Mr. Ash ton, Assistant District Attorney,
opened for tbe prosecution, and the examination
or witnesses was proceeuea wimu.
Civil Officers Resigning in Missouri.
[Special to St. Louis Democrat.]
JirrtuoN Citt, Oct22 Parties direct from
Warsaw aav ao newt el iBportaace aaa reaohes
that point up to two o'clock yesterday. The
pontoon bridge wm finished, and the river very
R. K. Ballon, sheriff of this county, resigned
yesurdayi not being willing 'to take, the oath
w4rbi bv tha State Convention. - - l" '
r. A. Parsons, aountv and olrcuit clerk, and
father 9( Geo. Pftf?9B, DOT la tot ftbwl Mmy,
has signified to General Prlos, oommandant
ot the post, bis willingness to lake that oatn
or any that Gen. Prlee may desire- He wishes
to return home and resume tbe duties of bis of
fice. 1 - - ----
Dr. Brackman, member of the Legislature,
Mr. Bill, of Miller connty, bfth of whom have
been in the rebel army, and some half dozen
others from th's county, who have been stalk
ing in the hush, have seat in their submissions.
Geo. Price has ordered tbem to report at his
headquarters next week.-' .
General Gamble left this morning for Wash
ington.! Two rebel surgeons came Into' Froderlcktowo
for Colonel Lowe's body. They acknowledge
a loss of over two hundred killed and wounded,
but it must have been larger. I counted twenty
five dead bodies in oae stubble field. Their
cannon were badly managed.
Jeff. Thompson got Information of our move
ments bv otDturlnc a bearer of dispatches from
Col. Plummer to Capt. Ctrlin.
The Mob at Terre Haute.
Tcaas Haoti, Oct. 32 The repot t of the
mob last evening, aa It appears in tbe papers,
does great iojusiioe to Col. Geo. K. 8teele, of 1
the 4Jd Regiment. He was not in tbe city, and
the mob was under command of subalterns.
Tbe Colonel denounces the affair In unmeasured
terms, and has issued a general order that he
win render all assistance to tbe eivil authorities
to ferret out the ringleaders, and will also call
a court of enquiry to bring the offender to the
extreme penalty ot tbeir crimes. Tbe Journal
was entirely demolished, and eight bouses of
ill fame, that have long been tbe curse of the
city ana temptation to soldiers.
From the South, via Louisville.
Louisville., Oot. 22. The N. 0. Picavone
of the 12. h eJitorUlly congratulates It readers
00 the success ol ilollios' notilla at tbe Mis
elseippi. paiticularly the exploits of tbe Manas,
sas. It urges Southern people to be prepared
t j drive Northern invaders from their ports and
coasts at every aacrlbce and exertion,
A law ot tbe Confederate States awards own.
ers of private armed vessels in Confederate
bonds twenty per cent, of tbe value of any Uni
ted States armed vessel and armament which
they may destroy. Another law gives twenty
dollars bounty for each prisoner captured on
board such vessel.
The Picavone also sava there wero onlv two
Federal vessels to be seen at tbn passe at last
accounts, supposed to be tbe Richmond and
Vluceooes. 1 lie Niagara went eastward be
fore tbe attack of Saturday. The Richmond
and the Vincennes are afloat, but the other sloop
of war was not visible. It is inferred that she
sunk. The damaged one is believed to te the
Preblo. The lumber landed at tbe bead of the
passe was not burned.
The Memphis Appeal learns that S. B. Buck-
ner ha been appointed Major General.
ine baivestoo News save hundreds of com
panies, mostly cavalry, are tendering their ser
vices to Gen. Hebert for the defense ot Galves
Telegraphic communication hntwrpn New
Orleans and Berwick Bit completed. A tele
gram from Berwick says the Yankees captured
on Saturday last the echooncr Zivalla; cargo
valued at $25,000
1110 Mobile Tribune of tbe lltb.SDMkine of
the Santa Rosa affair, save the camp was made
at considerable loss on our side, but doubtlessly
vim reuerai iobj inucu exoeeaea ours.
Arrival of the North Briton.
Farthis Point. Oct. 22. The steamer Nnrir,
Briton, from Liverpool 10th. via Londonderrv
11th, is signalled. She will arrive up about 3
t. M.
Lord Monck. the ncwlr annotated Governor.
General of Canada, with his family, is in the
North Briton. Her dates are one day later
than those by the Etna. News is of but little
Importance. .
Ibe excitement in the Liverpool cotton mar
ket continued, and prices on tbe 10th instant
were quoted at d. higher than on the 4th
Instant. . '
Paais. Bourse was ouiet notwithstanding
the aoxietv wbioh Prevailed In regard to agri
cultural matters. The people continued to make
investments in tbe English funds. It was re
ported that the principal Chambers of Com
merce in France had memorialized the Emperor
to recognize the Southern Confederacy and
raise ibe blockade of the Southern ports.
Tbe Bink of France bad declared the amount
of bullion to be 81,000,000 francs
LiviarooL, Oct. 4. The Cotton Broke'ra'
Circular reports the sales of the week at 120.-
500 bales. The market has been exoited. and
pricea nave advanced ii lor the talr and mid
dling descriptions of American, and td for the
lower qualities, oaics to speculator were H,
000 bales. Tbe marketto day (Friday) ia buoy
ant, but prices are unchanged aa compared with
yesterday;' sales estimated at 20,000 bales, in
cluding 10.000 to "peculators and exoottori
The authorized quotations are : Orleans fair
HJsd; Orleans middling 15!d: Mobile fair
llo; Mobil?, middling 29d; Uplands fair
10d; Uplands middling lOd. The stock in
port la estimated ot b77,0Utf bales; of which
33.600 are American. -
Tbe advices from MaDcheser are favorable :
prices still advancing. Breadstuff have an up
ward tendency.
London, Oct. 11 Consols auote i at 92'fa
93. for money.
'1 he bullion in the Bank of England baa In
creased 17.000 since tbe last weeklv report.
Illinois Central, sbaree da discount; bine 23.
Arrival of the Steamship Africa.
Sr. Johns, N. F., Oct. 23. Tbe steamship
Afrioa which left Liverpool Saturday, 12th, and
Uueenstown on the afternoon of the lJtb, pass
ed Cape Race at half-past nine last evening.-r
The news yacni or toe Associated rres board
ed tbe Africa and obtained the- following Dews
dispatch: ' ' ''
Advices by the Africa are up to Sunday after
noon, the 13th instant, and are consequently
two days later than those received by tbe Etna
at New York, and the North Briton at Farther
Point. ' v (.-; .
The Liverpool breadstuffs market on Friday
generally abowed an advancing tendency and
closed steady on Saturday. Flour firm. Wheat
advanced '4 per cental sinoe Tuesday; red west
ern ll12ij red southern 12j 6il2i 8; white
western 12 61; white southern 13s 8d13j
3d. Corn firm mixed 42i yd; white 3437s.
Tbe provision market was ouiet t bacon
firmer; cheese declined lS2c; lard quiet aud
steady. - . -. .;..
London PaoDOcc Maiirr. Sugars buoyant
and advanced bdis: conee inactive; rice in1
active and advanced 36d. ' -
London Masest. Wheat firm with an ad
vance of l2i on British quotations at S6j per
quarter; flour steady st 3033j; coffee actlvej
sugar still upward with an advance of 6j; tal
low dull at 49i 6J; tea has an upward tendency.
American stocks quiet and steady, ana quo
tations nominally unchanged. ' wi "
LivisrooL, .Saturday a. Oct. 12. Breadstuff
Steady; provisions dull.
The raris rresse is confident in the Deiier tnat
the Emperor contemplates the recognition of
the southern conreoeracv. - - .
- The London Shipping Gaiette says France
and" England must act strlotly together and
that their recognition would oarry great weigni
and moral influence which would set np the
Southern Confederacy conclusively, .
t '
St. Lama. OoL 22 Gen. Todd has been as
signed to the command of the Federal forces of
North Missouri.
i ,in
A7illijfV13a. '.eSL.. Oills
. Jiiid. Seed Store,
Onas, a?ii4li WeeS Wallow Ware,
atbeiaod Sabber BelUng, lea laaataer, Bern i earf
eul dly
Sr, - 1 I'M VliBAH CASK. -' r I
: II U a yirt clear case that prfawaea irug Seetroy
etlth. Ikepar BaUrata prodaee decayed. fceth,
brVnAllta, Bywpwpela. - fsaeral olltjev IMmI
e'Uer tbAl Bj l-s II !ete 'BahrWn ft: p. wholeeame
and acient. CaMtafpeVioaiv he- other. Depot,
143 Washington street, New Tork. I14 b ireeni
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Oct. 22.
COTTOK Continue steady; small lalei on a bails of
9IX2IVo for Blodlin uplanda.
VlitlDIt Opened duS and closed So lowert with only
a moderate bualneaa for exnort aod home oonmmption'
eeles of 10,400 bole at S3 00! SO for rejeoted; ti 3fmS
3S for eapei floe etatet S3 505 6a for extra atate; S3 3
igti J9 ror anperno weetern: s 43 li lor common to
mixed extra weitern; $S 735 H3 for hipping brand,
extra round hoop Ohio; and S4 OStSSSOfor trade brands.
Oaoada floor In moderate reaueat at anchanxed pricea:
mlee of 730 bbla at S5 305 33 for snoerHne, and 5 W
5 CO for eommoa to choice extra. Br flcur quiet aod
teaay at J uiKjes oo.
UUKN MEAL Oalatand natnlnallv nnehanred.
WHISKY Heavv and d.allninr: ealea BSO h.U. at
sie. ' ' "
WHEAT Large receipts and only moderate export
osmanai maraet imte lower, witn moderate buiUeae.
eurpi at tne aecirce; aalea ;1 sou baeb rjbica(o aprinr
at ii iii is; zayuunnan Kacine apncf at SI 17 (S
I SO: Sl.'UO bosh Mllwankea club at Bl 17.J1I l.
30,000 butb amber Iowa at SI 231 83; latter piire for
verv choloe; 14 000 boah red aiaie at SI StXl S9;
83S00bnah winter red weetera at SI 37S1 31; 10,400
boah amber Mlcbtcan at SI 31'1 33: Sl.tuO while w,.l.
ere at St 3SI 43; 4 300 boah Canadian elnb at SI 84;
16,000 boah white Michigan at SI 401 4j; anp 18,000
Hwn wniifl araisrKf ai si wati 1C.
KTB Salea 8,900 both at 78e. . '
BAHLEY Bales heavy, with lalei of 18 000 boah
state st 60364o. nd 700 bath Canada at 70.
0OKN In lrpe supply with moderate export acd
trade; pricea l(S8o per buah lower, with a fair demaed
for export aod home omiumption, yet deellolng; aalea
or 18B,000 buah at 57 Wc for ittirlor to eoomoo mixed
veatern; 59(a00 for good to prime shipping; doling at
Slo for western yellow.
OaT 8 In lair aod good request at 4C348 for Canada,
and 4J843o for atate.
POKKLen doing: market icarcely lo firm; laleitOO
bbla at Vie 00-13 SO for nuts, and 19 7510 06 for
BKKr-Dull and unchanged; sales of 100 bbla at $i 00
(94 SO for prime; S3 005 SO for men; 9 23 for re
packed men; (18 75 13 50 for extra men; prime men
beef inaclve.
Bltaif H AM 3 Continue steady ; sale 50 bbls new
weitero at 17e.
COT MKATS-Quletat5a8Ve.
BACON-Bleady, with lalei 130 hhdiimoked aldeiat
iiARO-wlthont decided ohaoie la price, with eales tf
iu iuieaioM9tyo; inoiamug HUbbUto be delivered
DUTIBR lirmej: aalea at SlRllo tnr nhin ..j iou
10c for atate. n
CHRR8K tcadvat3(a7j '
COIfFiiK The oubllo aale of OommiMnl.
sounced for to-day, pawed off with good tpirll at full
previoaa prices. .
VQAll-bMtt ttlxmo lor hit rellnery; rale 50
uu... uuui. o,)ajo i-ot xv nnae rorto Klco ateVo and
150 boxea Havana on private termi.
- STOCKS QuiaL hmt hlhar. nhiM. ..j s T.i.j
Oitlllinoli Central; Railroad 60; Michigan Central
g ,10i Hwie" PMfered. 31 l-! Hudaon Bailroad
30M; Erie Ba iroad 31 1-3: Hi.iam an- nr...i
5a! Kew York Central 77; Cleveland and Toledo 35!
u. a. mua u. w; reeiuo Mall K; kllaaourl alxes 33 1 8;
F.D 'SJ S.ute I0, 8ii Vaitti 8l" Hxei 96; ooaponi
94 1 -Si United States fives 74; conponi 81; United Sutei
Sves 71; coupons 84.
Philadelphia Market.
fI OUR Firm at 93 2535 50.
WU K AT Firm, fiiloa 200U buah. rpA at el Inn i ?n
White 81 401 50. '
CORN Advanced 1c. Balei 1C00 bruh. at 66c.
WHIsKY-Firm at81,29o.
Cincinnati Market.
FLOUR It hell bv aellen at S4 SOfSe 25 fnr m.
line, bat buyers do not evince any disposition to operate
more than for a regular local trade.
niiKAx uaa a weak market to-day, and 90c wal
made the outline figure for prime White by most of the
buyers. Bo much of a dcllne was not readily acceded to
by tellers, and the pricea are consequently rather un
settled. Red of prime rrades would not brine over 87a.
CORN Ii still quoted dull at 30o.
OATS Are a little more iteadv at SBo. Sellers ask
generally one cent per btubel higher than tnl. -
jti. ia uncnangea,
Maiai-ui prim ana tv nndi aomethinir ar a
marret in a email way at 43 to 30o.
tvuiBui Remalm steady at 13e.
. ' . . , Commercial.
Cleveland Market.
FtOUB No change. No
sales of conieqnence t
WHS AT Halei one ear red on track at (1 00; two do
at SI 01; 6000 bush., 6O00 bush., 8300 buth.t and 8500
boah.. all at SI 08 free on board.
CORN Unchanged, . , . ,
OATS-Qalet at 23c. " - - .
HIGH WIN SB No sale. ; - , '
PORK -BaleSO bbla mea at tl3 00.
EQQd Firm at lOo.
For an Inch of Time!
a dvini Queen. Tbat inch of time can be procur
ed at a much oheaper rate, and many long years of
enjoyed hyconioltlng Dr. HBRBYWCATHER, who
la earing the moet obstinate and losr-at ending dlieaaei
or the iiUMUB, HJSarll'. llvek, iviunaiiB, anv
' Facte are1 atnfcbera Thinfci
Hear what the Philadelphia correspondent says In the
"Commonwealth," WiimuigtoB, DeUwate, 9th of April,
"An Sngllih gentleman, formerly connected witn the
British Army, and who stylee himself the Indian
Bo tenia Physician baa of late gained an extensive repu
tation hen by hi skill In curing all manner of com
plaints. Bom of tla patient! I have convened with,
and they prononne his remedies and mode of treatment
aa very eoperior. Bom ban been reatored as If by
maglo. The medlolae he oae is dlitllled by himself
from various herbs poaaeialDg rare ourative properties.
"While anting tn tne army ne aevotea au leisure mo
menta to a thorourh atody of theefleet prodnoed by
ceruin medielnal root aaa herb on all manner of dis
eases. It eeeme be ba fnnad a snre and epeedy reme
dy for all the 'Ilia that flesh is heir to.' 431 practice is
already extensive and ia dally Increasing. In the ooay
plalriti to which Females are subjected, he hai do equal
aaa Urge number here have teitiaed that they owe not
only their present good health, but their Urea, to the
(kill of this Indian Botanto Physician. " -. ... ';
Office 37 East State Street, Colombia.-- -
'tAga-OmT .-'i-'-'.vVJ"r
8tstvm Between Ireland and America
The1 following new and magnificent flnt-classDaddU
wtwal Steamship eompoa the above line; .. .
ADRIATIC, 5,888 ton burthen, . Capt, J. Mioi
i (Formerly of the Oonln Line .)
BIBERNfA, 4,400 tonsbirthen, Capt. X.Paowax.;
nOI.UMBlA. 4.41)0 ' " " K.LliTcn.
ANOLI A, 4,400 " - rA it' a)iooua
PAoino; " sew'-" t i. bmub. -
PBLSOE AlBERt. (8YW.y. -1", err. , ' .
. I ' 8,300 m. j j.triuam.
One of the "above ships wilt leave New York or Boston
alternately every Taeeday fortnight, for Oalway, oar-
ryina; u govsvaitumi aaaiw, wuuuui v..
H. f. f ' . . . .
The Steamer or this line nav neen conetruoieo witn
the greatest care, under the supervision of the govern
ment, have water-tight oompartmeat. and ar unexcel
led (or comfort, safety and ipeed by any s teamen afloat.
Tbey ar oommaoded by able and experienced offloera,
and every exertion will bs mad to promote the comfort
ot passenger. : ' Ua' ,
AJliexpeneiweii bii " "'", ,
Fim eUal It. Y. or Boston to Oalway or Liverpool SIM
eecond-elasi. " . ," ' ' . 7 7J
Ftret-el, ., toBt John1 - SS
Third-elate. " " ' to Oalway or Llveroool.
er any town In Ireland, ca a Kail way, ... SO
Third -elaaa aaanirere aie liberally supplied with pro,
visions of the beet quality, cooked and served by tbe ser
vant o ine company. . ... ,,. ,
t Pardee wishing to eead for their frieads from the old
country caa obtain HokeH from any tewwes rairwayt ta
IraSaad, or rnaa an prinelpai esUeeer angiuui aaaew
lariA at Verv low rataata- . w. .- - - , r
i Paeswsgere- tort Hear Tork, arrWog ky the Bectoa
SsMuaasn, WuM ae forwarded t flew I or a rrw Waait
. o paaiiai or further luforwrerKm. apoly an. - i i
Its u- . ..it I I:', WS1.H. WIOKUAM.
At the oAoe of the Company, catek wJaarr, tot ot
uanau susst, new i ora.
"They go Right to the Spot
Iatatsimt Keliel!
Step year OoufSt
Pni-lff jt Breath!
Strengthen yowr
good for clergymen,
good for Lecturers,
'' good for public speakers,
good for singers, ' ' '
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They relieve a Cough instantly.
They clear the Throat.
They give strength and volume to the voice.
Tbey imoart a delicious aroma to the breath
They are delightful to the taste.
They are made of simple herbs and cannot
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ings for Itillingyour Cough or allaying your thirst 1 1
yon try one package, I am safe In saying that you will
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Toa will flod tbem at tbe Drnggisti and Dealers lr
Uy ilgnator Is cn each package. All olhera are
A package will be sent by mall, prepaid, on receipt o
Thirty Cents.
Henry C. Spalding,
sm.r w ,
By the use of these PIUi tbe periodic attacks of .Vr
tout or Ski Headache may be prevented; and If Ukei
at the commencement ol an attack Immediate relief fr,,m
pain and sickness will be obtained.
Tbey seldom fall in removing the AJUirr) an i
ache to which females are so subject.
They act gently ap n the bowel removioi W.!- .
For Liwrary Mm, Student, Delicate I't.on.t
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elsstlolty and itrength of the whole system .
Till CEPHALIC PILL4 are tbe result of u tig inv,
tlgation and carefully eonducted expenmcnn, hiu'
been In many years, during which time theylia.e
prevented and relieved a vast amount of pain and super
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They are entirely vegetable In their composition, au
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making any change of diet, ' and the abeenve of any
ditagreeable taete render tt eaey to admini tr then
The genuine hav flv stgnatniei of Henry 0 Dpaldlng
en each Box.
Bold by Druggists and ail other Dealers In Medicines .
A Box will bs sent by mail, prepaid, on receipt of the
Pitiloo, 2S Oonta.
AU orders should to addressed to
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From the Examiner, Norfolk, Ta.
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, From the Examiner, Norfolk, Ta.
Tbey hav becer tested ta more than a thousand ease
lib entire success.
From the Democrat, St. Clood, Minn.
Tf van are. or have lam. tronhled with Din hM4..K,
send fur a box, (Cephalio Pills,) so that you may have
them In oaae of an attack.
- From the Advertiser, Providence, R. I.
The Cephalic Pills are said to be a remarkablv elTeotiM
rsraedy for the headache, and one of the very best for
that very frequent complaint which has ever been
eoveredj , .
From the Weitern B. B. Oaictte, Chicago, III.
Ws heartily endorse Ur. BDauldln. and hie nnrinieri
Oephallc Pills.
Fro Kanawha Talley Bur, Kanawha, Ta. -'
We ar sure thai person safkrlae with the headache :
Who try tbem, will itick to ttiam. .,
, , ' v
' FromthtBoaisamrFkUFuadMewOrleane, Li. "
Try there I you that are afflicted, and we ar ur that
your teattmonycm be added to the already numerous
Uatthat has received benefits that do other medietas caa
produce. ....
From the St. Louts Democrat. 7 '.
The lmmenw demand for tbe artlel .Oephallc Pill
ta rapidly liiorsaeing. -. -.. i i . .. ., i. . . .
From the asserts, Davenport, (owe.
Mr. Bpatding would Ifot connect lit cam with as ar
tiole he did not tnovi se eoaaeae real aaertt, -
JJA Uttgl bottle of BPAtDINQ'S PR1PABJD
, , tLC) will sav an tinea it eoet annaally.I
'' i i t - 1 i t.i
- RPAl.niNfla PRPPABPn nr. rtt? i
0ON0MTI . ... . DISPATCH) .
' vr-mta e)IHa I . ra Vim.1 r-rr
AiaecVIanta will happen, evea ta well regulated (aaal
lllee, it b very deal table to hav. ouw etutf W oobj
venlaat way ror repairing Furniture, Toys, 0 rookery j
aaeeai all Mob emergencies, and no household aaa alonl
tobewttnoei iu atieaiwayi raaoy.ana apuweiucK ,
fnuBLia iTiat hoobe.m. -. , .
at. B. A Erasfe aoeompanle eaaa bottle.
mu. Addrew
iisnn.1 u. sraLDiNG.
no. ao, veuar wu Ja, new lori.
A eertaue eprlaeplel person! ar attempUne I
o on the anasupeetlag pabiio, hnltMion ef a
ASKD SLCB, I would oaatloa all rwnume tt,.
amuse More pureawefTii;, ad see that the fo 11 Bane, -
tU ouUld wrapper; all other an swindling
tarMts, sut

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