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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, October 25, 1861, Image 3

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Rail Road Time Table.
ittmi Hum Ik Optciioi St B.'K.
Olucianatl Aocoamodatlta. I:(0 A. M..1
- . BipreM....,,.li:40 A.M
Mill tnd Aooommodttlon.. 8:10 t.'U.
Might Sipreit Tl Dtyton.lS:00 midnight-
9:10 t. U.
11:03 A. M
8:00 F. M
Night Kxpreea I... ,.'..3:40 A. H.' I lliUF. M,
Now Vntt l.nlil ...11:10 A. M. .. 10:50 A. H
U. 0, AO. Way KxprtWifuSJO P.M. , 7:50 P. H
X.L W-i-.'i. ..... Jean Patmmou, Agnl,j
Otnraa .1 Hum lj tt.l
No. 3 Bin'reu... .'.''.'."SSO A.' M. i. m
No. 'oV-V...t ... M'A M.
PmuuM.Ouu)MmwsH0uwunu.Tl B,. ' ',
MIlTrto...i....ni.i 3 A.Mii!lh9$ A.M.
.Bipreti Train 11:25 A.M. 8:45 P. M
. rt i I it l , Jo. BoanioW, AgtdU
OoMJHiai fc iNDuMuroLU, E. B.
(Coumtot riun, (wuiu ft. B.)
No.l KnirU.....M, 6:30 A H.. i 8:00 P. M
No. 8 " ....3.00 J?, 11. 7:40 P, M.
Aooammedttlo) v. ... 10:50 A. M
i a ... .Ml.l Jn j,., ,0,1, tMlTM, Af tat, ,
i . ,. . ' ,- 'J 1 ' ' .,.'!, & , -ift
A Chance for PrlntersrV '
A Demoertlio niwepapir,' recently Ur(eil, with chr
culltlon of 500 wplti, It offend for Mil lb low prlo
of our hundrtd dollar ccuh. It Ii printed Is
flourlhloj county, n4hMprt of theeoanlr printing,
and Iti circulation eta uly bt ralict U 800. Th B-
terllf tlHlcott, twoieftrl go, 800,r. TUli lit
goci optnlog for a pnetloal prfator. . AddrM Idltor
Sttteimtn, Ootunbni) 0hl, for furiher plrtlcnUrt.1 ;
Trti Webb Shtiih if AmiORT Hit The
' Hill was again ejowcjecl jas) ntgiil wth a large
aid delighted andieoce, at we hare no doubt It
will be egftia tp Dlgbt, ' There wa last etenliig
aa entire" change of programme from the pre.
ceding cue, which ehowed the wooderfol pow
er of traDiformatloo these' young lad lee poieeu.
Nor ehoold we forget to award due praiae to
the other members of the eompanT, whoH ier
era) parti wee presented to the life, and ierfd
t let off the performance of the. Slater '-with
brilliancy and effect.' ' 1 " " '""u'"
" The Union Forerer for me,V aa aoog by
Miai Apa Wiib, la well wotththe prloeof ad.
mission. It was last erenlDg end the rentog
before eathuelaetioaliy encored by the andieoce
The ball will be so early Hilled 'to-night, that
ererr one who desires to hare a near fiew and
a comtortabie eeat, SDoam oe oa nana u gooa
eeasoo; The Vftf Sister, a long ae they
stay In our city, will attract overflowing housu
Thc Oalt IloUi. We " commend ' thla'. old
and, weli-known establishment to the patronage
of etrabgers and the. public generally. . It 1
now, being neatly and tastefully fitted op1. and
wilt- be ' oondooted In a ttyle eondnelog to the
convenience and com fori of the giiestj. ''Meals
will be furnished at all hoars. The proprietor
is one of the raost aocommodating of landlords,
and a good Union man,' In whom' there la no
guile." " "
Foamsir Youa Hoqjis fob Wihtib -Aa the
cold eeasun I approaching with suro and steal
thy (real, It Is proper to, direct the attention 01
onr readers t the place where they can supply
tbemielres with suoh artlole as will be needed
ti keep their dwellings, shops, office, eto.;
warm and comfortable during the winter,, as
well as with other things necessary and useful
In the housekeeping department.
Ti this ead,'eall pri Meetr . Aim A Emir,
who btfe a complete aaioitaen of the kind of
artiale alluded to, and whoae advertisement
appears In another column of this paper. Look
at the advertisement and give them a oall. ,
.. ... . - , . ,
GaoctMis.1-We call attention to the adver
timent of ftlesira. J. W. k V. JCaaaia, who
a MUAieiTon the corner of Broad and Front
streets.'' It will be eeen that they have on hand
every variety of, articles in their line, including
fruit' and oysters. Those trading with the
Messrs. Kxsncb, will find them obliging and ao
Oomtnodatlng, and ready to give as good bar
gains as can be obtained anywhere in the olty.
We advise our readers to call and see for them
selves. - - .
ICT Reader, you have beard a great deal said
in praise of the Wis sisters.; Go and see and
bear for yourself these weird sisters and birds oi
aong.'and you "will say with us 'that the one half
had not been told you. . r., t
... ' -:.: 'J
Columsu A ear Tint Stove.- Our-enterprise
fellow townsmen,' Messrs. Gill, have
manufsoturedi and on tale at -their ware rooms,
No. 90, 92, 91 and 95 Jfartli'lHlgb; street, the
neatest and rnost compscl (tore fbr officers '
tent vjiavver seen, weighing but thirty
fivefounailn HI.' Officers would dd well. to
oall and examine these stove before purchas
ing fowno"rov',i . '; .', ".Z'l-
MiLiTiJT'ArP0iriTiiiNT4 The following ap
point neots have been reoently mad by Gov.
DtMten " ' ''' ''' ''-'-!- " it- -t.i ;
John C. Douglaa, Cambridge,' let Lieuteo
ant Uaartofmaster 78th Reelmenr.
Henry W. Cist,' Adjutant 74th Ree(ment.T,,
B: M. Skinner, fomeroy. Ma)o ,79th. Regi
ment. 1 '' -.: i " ..' t,'J yi'l
Char'ltfaB. Ellis, Major 75th Regiment. '
JameiE, West, New.y.ork, Major ?lt, Regl
ment.'l.. . .i.-:m.- o.i M ,-.- . .,
W. B.' Herton,. Major Quartermaster 66th
Regiment.'A' I: !"'- ' w '.-
O.JVistre,,P(t,,)itjor Adjutant 67tltRegil
Craft J. Wright-, Colonel 83d Revtment
Charles W ; ndrMffClricVtjatl,, Msjon JWJ
Wo. E. Gilraove, Chilliootbe, -Lieateeaaa-
Colotel 221 Recrment' -i... t
Aaron M... prown'," , Aw''nt)S"urgt'6fl(;S22J
ivegjimeiii. j ail ".: t arj.ri inn ,
W. B. Fay, 1st Llettteasnt and Adjutant
Rtl merit. ""4.
Wm. Bradford, Lleatenabt Qa'tirtarinVsler'Sj;!
RegisSeBt, vna .' . ;. , , ,.a,ir ,n,;,
John Farvot, Colombo, Lieutenant nAdluUnt
1st Regiment. ; ; ' ' '
W V. . Womoo; ChUUcotie; iXJHtftflitt
Quar:termaat 134 RegimeoC,. ,iu
Ottd Baretenblnder, Colonel 7th Reglmmt,'
Jerome B", PhlUIpe Os tell." 1st LuUnnt
Quartermaate 6th CavaIrj.Vr y;,;,.
Oscar r.ttibbi 1st Ueatemnk Quaxta-maatt
29th Jleglmen.,l,",, 1 ' -..
W.' i. Hotcjiinyta ateny; ftii'wyflritttlter
Cth CtTaVy.i Xj UX .Imi tfi tJin. aa,h v
WUliw SteadmaOfx Randolpbf Major 6th
CaVdlrf. 1 ' '- "o"oi: mi vl Hl 1
t )f,.,l.l.iv:''.. f .H W 1lW,in
l)"nrrr 1 i ma n . -,,.
Clnom'niti.rBflnffef' accoonti ' for the o6mIoB'
al lareeny of that ptpep by laying it to to
oharge of tiiog of remarkable' taat iiid", Wul
llgeneei oelrnglflg to It gentletnai ktUflhed to
the iolkeCtiitpeeitiaMtit .eanlne
Aj WBiehiltWtf 4omlotB0niw
lng,1t lenpf the fence AndV'ftfepU the tfforti
of bUi mwi to eallhlm baok, disappears down
the etrekUila tbeeoeuwenof ten or Aftoea attov
otee be rerarne wltkw-wepy-el Ue-fafitaroti,
whlohiof eorrthe mtihve toltfrem
ome eBtlemaa'e reVsor-etepU 1 eboaii-eny
our strotwlbeTBliitBB ;thelrpapef f rii6pe sber
wm atviphte into. tght fecr.
It tatgkt eatkaps be welt to Injlitule aa Ueee
inch surfttsUg Uit Bad agapltyia Colum-l
j ,
S . n. . 1 n T-k.
following is statement or tne nip ana awaras
Ifer army fltbjog,' mide t the QQartermaeter.
General' cffloe,Jn this oily, abovt the lSib. f
the present month (Ootober): : 1
7 'waVliiD'ooviMj
J.T. 1. ktDtte, Oolnbu,S,00O.i 0 W712
kt. I. Thoupwn, Olnelnnttl, 9,000 .....0 75
t z, Hyp :;r::n:::":: Ss
J. Breyfogit, rt-AA t v imx
Wn.Hoddfe Co., ClBGlOBttL " ............ i 85
0. B. Ounifcfla.. I I SO
P. Ac H. Ltwit Bre. , New fork. 9 OOO. A. .... 0 73
Awtruta to HtfMre a uaiimu. 4 sou u (
otvatar and itillit jackxt.
0. Briyfojlt. Oolamboi.',.
uwigai Blum, uelumbu.... ..(. a 95
1. L. OuUl It. Loiil. 4 Ml
Bmlth. illlltr fc Ooautook. Oolamba....w..... 6 SO
Htidelbtck, Werthelmer Av Co., Olnelnnttl 0 SO
Awirdad to J no. L. floaUi. Bt. Lonli. who hlllu Li
iarnun iecQri.y, no oinor twtra wu nuue. ,a
Comltoot'lIliUr it Bmlth. Ool ambni.. C000.' H. 'A 00
John b. Ootttt, St. UuU,fiOOO 3 80
A. J. hn A Co., Philadelphia, 6000 . ) 85
Awtidtd to John It. Ooaiet, si l.oala, who tailing to
mralth Mcnrttjr, do othtr award wat mad . r A
Pwlght 8 ton, OolumbDi, (000.. $3 50
Litopoia uooaaosri. uiDOiaDaii.bOOO, eaiQr,v it uu
It X. B. Millar, Oalanbo. 6000.....,.,....., 3 19
fhu.h. Oottat.lt. Unit, 6000 45
A. i. Iitna It Co.. Phlladt nhia. 6000.. a 15
8aith Oomatoek, Calombua, 6000. .....y. 3 JO
fuiatlbtea, wtitbolmer Co., Oineltutl, 10u0.. J US
Awtxaoo 10 pmitn at tomitoon.uow,.,.. .,.,... 3 10
- - r i . 1 ' " '(, 'll M uwhi .
Dwlght Bton. Columbui, 18 .000. . . $) 15 uo
J. At T. B. Millar. Oolnmbna, 0,000 15 45
John I. Oottat, ei. trait, 18 000 13 00
Ij DontldaoD, Agent, Oolambus, ifiOD.... ...... 15 85
HeidelUoh, WarUwlmar t Ot.tOljiBaatl,3,tO0 15 00
Awardad to Jon. Ii, Ooatat, 8t. toula. who falling to
rumlth awurlly, awaid watatde to Cwlgbt Stone. Co-
uiuMa, u,i.uvi.l...,.,.n......,,...,,M,,a,f io uu
( ... , 1 1.. ,1 f 81AWiB. .,,. ,1, ,,.'4'.(o a.
M .,1 ... 1 nir.:i ! . . vW: Parriotm.
Dwlrht Blooa, Oolomboa. 18.000 .;...4, .........ai4 00
at S. B. MUler, Oolamboa, 9 0oe. 19 85
1 " ' J' V.......... 19 95
Joo. L. Ooatat, 81. tenia, 18,0OO..v ....,. 13 00
1 jjontiaton, Agtnt, uoiambut. o,uou yi su
Awtrdid to J,tl,l. Billet, Columbus, 18,000 12 SO
' .. 4,'J (-"OAVALaV OVMOOATS.
Comttoek Bmlth. Oolnmbna, J.OOO.Vi.
r...vr. stio 75
........ 10 75
John L. Oottat, Bt. Lonlt, 3,000
Awarded to Oomt took Bmitb l.OOq. .
1NFAMT1V 0VMO0T..iUo) Ji .Ii. .1
Pwlght Itone, Oolumboi, S.OOO------- 910 00
I. U. UOtWt, BkliOOIt. I,UU........v.. ....... 0 05
Oomitoak A BatlUi, 3,000.. ; win. M
twtra tua. . . . ti r u j ,
f. 1. Killer, Colombo, 6.000 ..kM.,l 48
do . 4s a 000.. .......... a in
Lntntr Dooaldaon," Agt., Otlnmbnt S 000...... 1 40
B. BetTts Ac Oo.,-Cincinnati, 6,000
1 15
1. Kotnt at Co.. - do - 6.000...'.
1 40 '
1 iX
1 45
I M '
1 40 y
Slmklnton at Co.. " do " 6.000...
Bldelman, Ivtna At Co., Oolnmbna, 1,500.
1 - - oe ; - 00 . :- -Awarded
to If. I. Xoens at Co.', 6,0W.V,
6. .
I avti . '-.! v.,'.' LAItBXT9.'li'.j 1-rf !
iO(htr Donaldaoo, Oolombmi, 4.500 ptlr af 85 per lb
no awaro maaa. 4 .1 1 -
j t f:-J.;. it ''SOOTS, f .r" '' )';'-!
a T.K.Muitr. Cbinmbos .ooo''..,:.;.:'.v...;:.t25"oi
Jot. Maiury, Olevaltnd, , 3.000. v. .....'....,, SO 00
ao ao 1 ikju au ei
do do . r i.euo..r. 33 67
do . . do., 3,000 as so
1 UU . , .1 ,uu ,vuu. ...............
do . . .' . .. ,da ., 3,000.. S6 S3
., ao- 1 ..oa. . w o.wu.... ......., ... vu
1 do.. do?;-,rsooo.,....M...,.,;.,7 96
do 1 " ( r " ,s,wo..;..v..'..h...v 93 80
v, J4 da'T'a.0004(4(.4.,h. 99 70
do do 3,000 33 00
do '"do ' ' .000..-...V,....V.... 98 03
le do- do ' 3,00(1.. . I... ......u 99 70
do '-do v'3,0OO;....;. 99 00
...'. J m. nr.
Btdtlmtn B. Crawford. Ooltmbtt, 1000...,, 98 09
I 00 . , , . . 0 i,, 10U0M... v. XV uu
. Sonaldioa. Oolambot, 3000... 37 SO
John t. Ooataau St. Loalt. 3000... 40 rO
B. Bttvatec Co., CinctnaaU, 1800... 97 00
do do ixou... KB ao
do do'' lO0...,'..rt.. II W
Tf.T. Koateet Co,', ' dew sow..,...ri'90 00
do do 3flOO......M"3 00
BlmktnioaSfOo.' " df ' K0.. ........ 89 00
Awarded to Wi W. Koeot at Co, Olncin'tl, 3000. 30 00
SOCE. , tiTi-il .-Via. u
John t. 0ottet,8t. tonli, 18,000. Mt. ),...'.. -Sua
Awarded tint no aocurli was Turnnaeu, ana no oon-
tract mad.
' ' - " o-l
aCrif yon Bre ever ponied to flnd" Just what
you want In the grocery line, calf ornVrH.
RiSTiiuoTt, neaf ;t,h soatb-east corner of, IIIgD
and State streets, and we apprehend the diffi
culty will b spoedily removed,. . . j d
To MiUTtBT Obntliiim anb Civilians
Yon will find at N. GmnSBKWBk'(, No. 139
High street, next door tq the Goodale Hooe
large and superior stock of teady-madl ElaiT
tg, and a like excellent stock of cloths to
mannfaotnred to order In the merchant tailoring
department of bis , establishment, " Mr. j B,
Sfoblino, who superintends "this department,
a skillful cutter, whose ability and reputation
afford an Ample guaranty that none bnt the beet
work will be made under his, Inspection.! 3 V
Onr readen, military and otherwise will find
to their advantage to purchase their clothing
ready made, or leave their orders with Mr. Gvn
DitsHUMia,'woo kj ao oldand ciperleac'ad jner-
onani 01 mis city, anu is enaoiea, irom tae iaci
thai he buy hi goods, for easb, eU'at-- a
very low figure. ' " ' '' '-.ft,'
Kemember N, UuKDtiSBiiNia, No. I'M South
High etreet.'.
.Master. jCmmissiojierjH 6aJef
Fraderlck IwUhtr, Adm'r, Ao.v ii r. an, .v,k:m .
'! . - nopanor uowrt. ,.!.
Joht Brtnker et at. " I ar ii it.o.
T Tlrrot of an order of salt to lot dtreet4 from tfio'
1 Bunanor Court ol Franklin oomtr. Ohio. I will of
for ttlt tt the door of , tot Ooart Hooh In tht Olty of L
rjalnmhna. an . r -.., ...
Saturday, the 26th day of Oot., A. D. 1661, ,
ona o'olock P, M., the following nal (tttta. tlratto Irf
oountjr of Prankllt and Btttt of Ohio to wit' On
hundred and tlx acre! off tha eaat tnd of tht following
tract or parcel ql land, tn section 6, quarter , town-'
thlp'lu, rante SI, Ootigrtaf hwdt (Mttintwt't warrry)'.
batlnnrni tt the aorthwnt oorntr of laid aeoilon. thence
tnntli 158 7-10 no lea to t whlrt aim from wbtch It a beach
tnebat in diameter. B. 49 der. B. 45 Hnkt, tnd ewamn
while oak, SO lnchet, N. 44 deg. 39 llnkt, thtnet
tut 809 6-10 Dole to a pott, altoata from a beech 90
lnenat at aiaautar. n. uuf. mi uu nnu, aao aaoUMr
batch S4 lnchea, B. 4Kdeg W. 65 llnka, thenot h Itndt
tht htlrt of John BinUS, deceajed, Dulh 157 6-10
polet to tht ttot'tln aa tht taut M of Mid station to
ttakt, thence weal thing the taction lint to tht aoulh-
watt corner or tam aaouon, tnenot norm tioeg tot watt
Unt of tald aectton tilt It tnttnaett tht said nrrt men
tioned lint, tht whole tract oontainlng nt hundred tnd
tight torae end nlntty pole); - 4
Apprttaed title pttatra.nP eli"1e -10 .
Prlntti'i net, 8. j. - yjlTf
i ,..,. W.'HUf WAN. u u"
, , Bhtrllfttd Matter Comminloner.
0. t. Coavtrte, att'y.
SpS3-td. : rraOI-OrT Ai'i
ant. ;rili Cl.l.:.
onenu a oaio. m
r. W. Blch
, a.
; Jacob J I
, W. Blchtidt. Oia.u 1 " r 1
V. I. 1.
T virtue of an order of ttlt to me eUrtttaoV froan the
1 Ooart of OemaaeA Plat or Vnnklin ut. uhlo.
will alter for tahtt (ha doBrwritht aOeant Uoaae, In
Qttlta4 0t4amfg, u;-.
wtote thrat (3), twMtrthret (aholatawtj 410), flrtr
Mi), ana nny-nTt iui, in thajo.nni pi.
tasaafalp,la tho ODnat 0HiakUn ona State of
I'lNi aia,w pom, ainw Mae. waica lata Jacob
gloaittugnioi 4onn rr ttnv
90 80
, ni.'t'idO
tt niiiiHBn,,xnans. .
ATTinojr'irtat ew w - w
,anitatS beta tVSt
MB .
"t if
1 1 " trttejoaj-pwtlr'
j,ieA a3
dltMu a front tht Court of Common PIcm Of Trtnk-
on'r, Ohio, I will offer for tale tt the door Of tht
Itiditrt lion, In Uit Cl'J oTColunibaty oj . j
. BaiidAyvBe S5Ut 'd j otJ&iutm&iri AaiUt e
oo af4'-.T tM,;-vieWTter dttetltdr Haw-t
kttB. attoate m the ooWna of IrankUa aad Itatt of Ohio,
lottfti 9, stAHilmtti it ems lt tin Ba ta
. . ' mmA MttaWtawtt inVAmlai.tnaW .
1 - 1
CJ IKY1 Bf In! '1 ,nw W 4 wvn, .
PrioUr'tlttt-li SO.
Reported for the Ohio Statesman.
Reported for the Ohio Statesman. FREMONT'S CASE REFERRED
Union Troops in Possession of
Leesburg. Cassins M. Clay Desirous to Return
Exchange of Prisoners.
The Affair at New Orleans Not So Bad
After All.
From Washington.
[Herald's Dispatch.]
Washinoton, Oct. S3. Generals" MoClellan.
Bmks and Stone have been on the Virginia side
of the river all day in the vicinity of Leesbnrg,
and It ts telegraphed to neadquarters to ntgbt
that their troops' are In possession ot that place.
The whole of General Banks's command have
crossed the river, so that our forces now are In
sufficient strength to meet any number the reb
els at e capable of concentrating at' that point.
A reconnotssance in loroe was made to-dav
from (he camp of General Blenker's division
by way of Annandale within a few, mile of
Fairfax, without discovering any body bt rebel
forces.' It Is evident thtt the-enemy nave ie-
treated still farther . from the trout of our
I am informed by the highest authority in
this Government tiat the published statement
in a New York paper to dny that at a cabinet
meetlnir reeterdav all tbe member of thai bodv
pronounced judgment -that Fremont should be
superseded, anu that the order to tbis effect
would be issued to-dav. Is nntrne. No such de
cision was made in cabinet,, and as a matter of
course no such order has been issued. Tbe
fact are, tbe condition of affair In General
Fremont' department wu ditcussed in cabinet
yesterday, t Some of the members were In favor
of depriving' bim of bis command immediately
and ordering him here to be tried by court-martial,
others opposed, such aotion while in bis
present position in the face of tbe enemy.
: Tbe subject oecnpied the President and Cab
inet for several nonrs, wnen they decided by a
vote to leave the whole matter to the decision
of the President. :'"'.
: The( latter find the question a very difficult
UUO Ml BVbhlD, lUTUlVIUaj BO la uuco UUk VUIJ me
great pecuniary interests of ,the Government,
bnt perhaps Immediate aud Important military
i Together with the law officer of the Govern
ment, be win Vive toe einject tnoroogb in
vestigation, ana acoiae it in accordance with
the facts.
i Caseins IHClay, onr Minuter, to Russia, ha
Intimated, to the Government that, uvrie of
tbe threatening attitude of tbe rebels, he wonld
prefer to surrender bis present commission, as
representative) to Russia, and enter tbe army in
active defense of the Government: Tbe Cabi
net pbaa the aublect - under xouaiderativa, end
Kentuaklans here are apxiout )y tbe return of
tbe cassins.
[World's Special.]
: Only tbe Rhode island officer stood by their
guns, the men' tettBatlpg esrfy q tbe fray.
The enemy charged from the woods in all di
rection, converging npou our foroej they were
bravely met, but .the slaughter of our beet oUL
oers and anen was eb terric, that .the Federal-
ins-were t Itst obliged to retreat
; Colonel Baker was killed by a hosfcraan who
rode close to him and fired five shots from a re
volvor, all taking effect. -The. slayer waa al
once brouget down by Captifn Deniel r the
same brave man recovered Baker's bodv, lead-
In: a oharge oi bis company for that purpose.
' The California Keglmtnl iook over, oi men
and officer, six hundred and eighty-nine.' The
drowned are abont fifty, killed thirty, prisoners
three hundred, and wounded one hundred and
twenty-five; total, five hundred end five; safe,
about dne.bundred and elghty-foor. " '""
' Two' howitzer and two field piece of tbe
second Rbode Island battery, were hauled np
the bill end effectually bandied during the fight
by Colonel mier mmseir, eiaea ty wis tar,
bis Adiuttnt Iiawley, Colonel Cogswell ol tbe
Tammany, and company u, iaptaio Uerrtoi,
First Ctlllornl "" ' "
I The forces which' crossed the'Potom&o' were
aatollowg: 1st Battalion of the California, six
hundred and eighty-nine men;" Maisaehusutts
lDtb, one, 'thousand men; ; Massachusetts 90th,
about .five bnndred men; Tammany, two hun
dreds toula two thousand three hundred . and
eighty-nine' t : r.-- -m -..
On tbe advent of the news of the fall of Geo.
Bakei. Gen, Lander was Immediately ordered
to Ibe soene. beln at that lime- makrog ar-
rsogemeot' to prooeed to new command.
ugher up tne rotomao
Gecu GusUvu W. Smith, we not.ia the ah.
Mwardref errr. ' 1 he rebel armv wteoorr
mandei by Gen. EvanB.; ".",..t! " " ;
10-uaj duuu tuo eucuij wvru uua iu lurco iu
immediate front nearer to Washington than
CcntrevllltW i All their troopax ar withdrawn
irom Fairfax Coatt Houtt -andBtsHon 'cept
the picket guard, " , L 'i,.
(Tribune's Correspondence.)
Bsyes, of Kansas, arrtved here to-
dav is beaifer of dispatches containing .certain
charge against Captain Prlnee commander at
oTl teavnworin ine pnnoipai 'Oiracurey
his refusal to -fill reqOlsitions of General
Lan-, . i .- .mi-, 'i - - i ! .j .-V! t
The following are to be assistant Adjutant-
Qencrale: Ctptain Wm, H. Scheater, to report
General Wood, Conlsvllland Csptiln Fred.
. . . . . r. ' i nr 11 . . ' n .
iveuuera 10 report, to .voutiMirr tuawtjm
dUCah. ' ;"v.) ,''j . it .fv F(i t . : .1. Y.i I
[To the Associated Press.]
I WiSHHiaTowT Oct." 21 Irtw-Tramoscd- the
rebel Iteamer Page ran ont of Acquit Creek' In
the, dark,, and fog on .Taetdaj nighu ,he
crossed over to the Maryland fide yesterday M
terneonv and Uapu rarks, wub ma giAsa,-cottld
that ebe was evowded with eur-"8he was
observed ,to mke only one, trip.; She 1 pro
tected by the rebel betteile. .The Page, while
on ber trip, fired three shells over IB tbe Mary
land shore. In the direction or me position or ine
3d '. regiment 'fit Slcklea brlgad" .Several
small boata-baVe been jobiervsd prosnlng atr
near the eame point -" '
: A aehooner wltrf wood, which rod tne Wock-'
ade yetterdtf . W4 firing between the Island
.. .a ' Vfa.l. . 1 . 11 fa.. . Jl.
Belle and- mttniaa rotoi oaenes quue on-
tinotly on Tuesday night. - - -
[Post's Dispatch.]
. .. . ,
It le understood that the rebel steamer PageJ
which has beea eoBflned la Acquia treek, is
now oo tbe rlvet j 8he was protected, all sum
mer by the guns of) Aoqul Creek batteries, bnt
Is.at present erwielng betweea that place and
Shipping Point, to tlok n what stray transports
eb. ma, find. ;'t:,;- " t,-:..
The rreeldent baa at laat suspendea ine writ
seorpua la the JJlstrtol or coiumota.
e and lsipyerB have mad themselves
dome with thels offlclou interference
wuo,,.muarj mira uuti tmt.Decamo seces.
V: Mof'.J
r.i-v.r3'K:Ja intirf.aKiLL i.- -i
I. r wtua uivr b vnnuitj BaUTltrri 1 1 UlU uu-
twda?:Frvtisirtf eat toMlsisf hundred1 wnl
twebiy ktlle, wetredeel and- tnlHlnr, maby or
tbe.'latter'.bslng'prisoners to. the rtbeU. A6dl
ant.wtndajiog U tht,woii aud esi tbe sboteel
pf.tbet rptoao. tioBei tUystowd lie aad
oloner Vocuwoll were both taken prleonera..
(3epral Bmlth' W'n'OAlCfdayleforjd lenn
ani -an nomber ofi(ul.oiw4i NAauaunat
from the etbav liOtr rX'tb river represent every
tmog qniei
News from Richmond.
i PautADiLTBu, Oct.- S3. The Rlohmond
WLIqt a copy of which bas been received here,
Iq au editorial on tbe way, aaya all tite Indlca
tlota point to a long war. '-
Af.er commenting upon what it term the
Bafer polioy of acting on the defensive, which
bss been adopted by tbe rebel Generals, a poli
cy which the edltor.i.falls to appreciate, and
showing the snpremaoy the Federal forces have
gained, threatening the whole coast, and able
to assail at ant nolnt the entire frontier of the
Sooth, the following declaration of despair is
The possibility of our success is not within
range of accident. To prevent onr subjugation
or extermination I all we oan hope for. We
have no skill In strategy know nothloz of the
moans at tbe command of our Generals but If
this Is all tbat is loft us, we bad as . well be
looking out for terms of submission, and tbe
sooner the better. . . An endless war, which af
fords no ooDortunitv for either victory or re
venge, is a booties undertaking. The South
ern people who have offered themselves and
their all for the prosecution of this war, and
have Dlappn Imnlicit nnnrldence In tne men In
vested with its conduct; have looked for some-
4t L..- - .. ....
eing oeuer. : -r.e-wM ft it a tin a
It is not to be denied tbat a sense of unqual
lfled distruet is gradually supplanting that gen.
eroos confidence ; that a snspicion is gaining
ground that ail the advantages of our position
have not been profited , bf aa they might have
been, tbat the war baa not been prosecuted with
tbe vigor and euergv demanded by tne emer
genoy. . We hear, muttering complaints, spsrt
irom those connected with tne uuartermasier,
Commissary, and Medical departments, growing
out of the appointment of so many civilians to
hjgri commands.1 Many of taeee appointments
have filled the country with' apprehensions of
weaater. . . . ...!V.-j"i
ii.... -
From Baltimore.
Oct. 23. Judge Bind, to-day,
sentenced John King, one of tbe 12th of April
Motors, to one year's imprisonment aud nve
hundred dollars floe, at the same time telling
him that tbe testimony warranted his oonviotioo
for murder, arid nil taking prut in that riot were
guilty of murder..' " ... .1.
At toe fair ol the Maryland, institute, a com
pany ii the Home Guard and a large delegation
proceeded to the Hall, demanding tbat tbe band
of the Independent Blues should play tbe na
tional airs, which bad -been suppressed-- Tbe
band struck np Hail Columbia, which was re
ceived with cheers, and tbe waving of handker
chiefs by the ladies, and obeers for Gen. Scott,
the union, Dix and MoClellan, by tbe crowd
outside. ' "
Further Particulars of the Battle at
Santa Rosa Island—The New Orleans
New' Yosk; Oct. 24. The steamer McClel-
Ian arrived from the South west, Pass on the
14:h. - On the morning of the 9 lb about three
and a half o'clock the euemy attacked Colunel
Wilson'a position in force. Company J, Third
infantry, Captiln Hildt, and twenty-seven men;
Company A, First artillcy, Lieutenant' Taylor,
eightynve men In all, under Major Vogdee,
mot (he enemy some disianoo above Camp
Brown. '"Major Vogdos was taken prisoner im
mediately... Captain ( lildt, taking command,
engaged the enemy. ' Our loss was four killed,
twenty-one wounded and eight taken prisoners.
The enemy's loss was much larger: eleven' of
tbetr men were found In one heap... Major Ar.
nold arrived after daylight to tbe assistance nf
Cant'. Hlldl. ' :-ju- eyj -.----
I The command then proceeded to a point
where the rebels bad disembatktd, juat as their
eteamers were leaving, and opened on them a
destructive fire. The enemy's Iojs left on tbe
island was twenty-two killed, fire wouaded and
thirty thrc.0 prisoners. Many Ot the wounded
were carried off. Captain Bradfoid and Lieut.
Elmnswere killed. Three officers were -captured,
one of them Lient. James,-formerly of
theUoiiei States Marines, bidly wounded. ',.
1 Gen. Anderson was in command of the rebels,
and was wounded in the arm.
After disembarking the enemy acknowledged
tho Iobs of over ono Bupdred. "Ia addition to
the loea on bus side above slated, the 2juavet
lost nine killed in their camp and eleven taken
prisoners'- The Zontve camp was situated on
Santa' Rosa' bland, about one mile from. Fort
Pitkens, and waa so distributed as iq command
all tbe approaches to the Forehand -also to pro
tect the batterieai Theebel forces, fifteen
hundred strong, embarked from the Penaacola
navy yard in three large eteamers, and landed
on tbe Island about four milta above the camp.
It was about H A. M., , and very dark. They
rapidly formed in three columns, and proceeded
Silently toward tne Zouave oamp, hoping to
effcot a total surprise. In this' they were, but
partially successful.- ine picket guard, iu-
tionod about sic hundred yards from tbe eamp,
discovered and fired upon them, giving the alarm,
which saved tbe regioiont from annihilation.
I The attack of tbe rebel oolumne waa simulta
neous, and volley after volley was aimed upon
the volunteers. "They wore lorocd to fall back,
leaving their camp In tho bands of tbe rebels,
which they commenced burning. , . . ',, ' V
' Fort Piokens was by this time, aroused, and
three companies of regulars eame to onr assist
ance. The rebels then, commenced retreating
to their boats, closely followed by .the regulars
and a small number of volunteers, keeping np a
destructive fire upon them, killing and wound
ing a large number. .' The rebels finally reached
their boats, bnt the steamers were over five
hundred yards from the beach, and our men
ponred repeated volleys into tbe crowded matt.
Every bullet told,' and by tbe shonts and oonlu-
ion of tbe rsbcja, it waa evident we bad obtain-
ed ample lausiaouon. t u. , -..). . i . :... ;
.' Tbe Zouave weie badly managed, and Col.
Wilson very much censured for inefficiency, not
reaching tho scene until all was over. Tbe
officers and men Jot. almost everything. Msj.
Newbv had a narrow escaA irom capture, being
confined to his bed by daageroua illness. ,u '.,
The regiment lost ten killed, sixteen wound
ed, and nine prisoners.' Tbe regulars lost four
killed, twenty wounded.aiid tea prleonera. The
rebels lost, b their owa etitement, three hun
dred' and fifty killed, wonnded and missing
We too, tnirty-nve prisoners, including tnree
doctors, wbo were releaeed. -, .' .,,,. ,
The MoClellan bring reliable accounts oi the
fleht al tbe month'1 of the 'Mississippi.1' The
rebel fleet consisted, "of. six gun-boats, the Bit
teting-Ram Manassas, anil .a largo number pf
Ore ships,' wnton tilled tne river irom enore to
shore.! Our quadron:comprrB6d the Richmond,
HunUvllle, Water .Witch, : Preble . and . Via-
oennes, and store-ship Nightingale, which were
at anchor inside ot the southwest pass. - "
The Manassas drifted tool of tbe Kiobmond,
knocking a hole ft ber quarter and atcrn, doing
but little damage. " ''" . ' v
To avoid the ore-ships, the squadron got un
der weigh immediately .And. drifted down the
river. " in ,nn i-Tffv-
The Richmond, Preble. Vincennes and Night
ingale got ashore on the bar, and while asbore
were attacked by the rebels. Only one of the
shots took effect, and that struck, tbe Richmond
on tbe quarter. They were beaten off -by the
Vincennea with two rubs, sue having wrown
tbe rest overboard, and the rest of ber arma
ment, with bar. chain? anchors, etc to lighten
her, she being much exposed to the rebel tire.
i Not one person waa killed' or wonnoea in to
Bflutdrpn. .TJ'.Z'.. '
I Tht.Hionmpui,,.rreoi ana vincennea; were
towed off tbe next dav by the MoClellaa. . Toe
aightingalo was still ashore, but would, proba
y get off next day. ,-it
i a .tlHtfn
I Enwiani'a Firry. Oci.'fM.-UDtitm vi Skir
mish last evening, oppositthll pint,' General
Lander received a oalntal flesh wound In his left
lag. Tbe ball tiaa been extraoted, and no datvJ
gertoiifeor nmbTB -apprthendedt
i - r 1 r r,
Vote in Western Virginia on the Division
of the State.
.VTutfcun-a. 'Oct. aiAi'.elwfion btle
v'utioa of the State, aa ordered) -by an ordinaeoe
ori the Iwtt Convention,'; eame off throughout
Western Virginia to-day. Tbe vote In this city
and oouniy wai not 'iuu, out overwoeimingty
for divietoR,-Reports-from tbe lot eriof, aa 4"ar
as rodlvd-, Bbow ttlll graaterVrMtniaally t Of It.
Tklrty-Blne counties are includes in toe new
Dtate.,,,;. r,. ..,.
Meesrti Lamb, PaxtoB-and Battelle are elect
ed' delegates ftovrtni ewontf otDvoivtinon
w&Ich.meta on tho'TCth' bf NoremberW frame
at rrfinalltnltnti
ft awaw.ww
Tftbinfcutted fcemael Hooker ' Jrr Co'ngrs'1in
place of Ajpletqtu re!gefl. ".L,1
. -ny Vf-'. um
ilB)' apntauaTt.. 'ft'- ' 'f,w,
LftvM at Ah maaiBh of the Misatssippi ttvatvea
theHtb. Tbe Blooper-war Dale was spoken
oa th low IB the unit stream, cruising
Capture of a Rebel Steamer.
I New Yok; Oot. ?M4 Key West letter of
tne aytfl report tht arrival at Cardevaa en U)e
loibej af tie t rebel . eteamer Theodora, from
CbarleatODt with the frenchContnl and family
and Meters. Maeon and tilidell, Commltaiontrs
to; trance ana Cogiend. $ ; ; p
;The steamer Salvov-'rom Ifavana wish con
traband goods, was ctit'irod on entering Tampa
Bay by tbe KtyJBtjne State, and towed to Key
West. Her cargo la said to. have consisted o
six hundred pistols, .half a million peroattlOQ
caps, sis hundred 'dozen bate, eight ease of
shoes, four hundred thousand cigar and fonr
bnndred bagB of coffee.:'' paotairi tioott refused
to give bis price np to toe United State Mar
shal for adjudication, and" to obey tbeorder of
tbe United State Uourt, (and sailed with hi
pnae tor iNew xork. - -
Cjosol' Savage seat InteMrtenoe ti" Major
French of the sailing of the Salvor from. Ii
vtnna.tnd aho that another vessel loading
with arme and munition would leave on the
18;b. There being no naval vessel at Key
West sbe will undoubtedly slip into lamps,
which la not now blockaded. f , ., . ,
Gale on Lake Huron.
I DxtroitI Oct. 24 --The schooner Wai" NeU
son, Flying Cloud, L. M. Mason, Union, Ei J,
Uray, U. Harrison, and three others, name no
known, all laden with grain, bound for the low
er lakes, went ashore on Pretque Island, Lake
Huron, luesday nignt.' ine three for .uer like,
ly to prove a total loss. xr'.r.? ,r, j sim ." ;
: Four tugs with iteam pumps will be sept from
utre to ineir aseiaiauve. ,
P., Ft. W. and C. R. R. sold at Auction.
Clivilano, Ojt. 24 Tbe Pitttburg, Fort
Wayne and Ubioago Ktilruad was sold at auo
tion here to dav, lot two million dollars, to J.
F. D. Laoier, lor purchasing committee, .and
iur auiv has uccu cvuuiuiau vj i.wut.a t
New YoRg, 6ctj24". Tbe guuboat Con'oectl
cut is coming uu. 1
lue Brig .Ureuoda, from JNcu vitas lor Wew
York, wascantured on tbe 13th. In lat. 33. lonn-.
71, at midnight, by tbe pirate Sallie, ol Charles
ton. . : " 1
PuatoiLMii, Ojt. 24 The Washington
correspondent cf , the. Philadelphia Press says it
is officially Informed that only a portion of Gen
eral Banks' division, was thrown across the river
on TueFday, and tlioy uow command both sides
of tbe Ferry.' ' :. " - u. ,.
At a consultation between MoClellan. Banks
and Stone, It was decided that there was force
enough in Virginia to meet every emergency,
and those on the Maryland side need not be
moved serous. .
From Cairo.
: Cairo, Oct. 24. Col. Buford and Cant. Drei
ser, of MoClernand'a staff, accompanied by sev
eral other gentlemen, went to Columbus yester
day, on tbe propeller Sampson, for the purpose
ot exchanging prisoners. The oartv waa nrwrfi.
ally received by Gens. Polk and Pillow. Sixteen
prisoners .were released. The town Is well for
tified; a battery of eight 24-oounder Is nlactd
at tbo upper end of the town, and two forte are
being built oue mild and a half above the town.
No guns yet mounted.- The number of rebels
at Columbus Is not over ten thousand.
Later from Edwards's Ferry.
Enwtaos's Tkaar, Oct. 24 A flag of truce
crossed therTverTo recover the'dead bodies and
inquire the fate of tbe missing." The bearer of
tbe Hag bas not yet returned.
Ibis afternoon a rebel brigade waa teen on.
lug tn the direction of Conrad's- Ferry, and dis
appeared oemna tne .woods,, where it is said
there is an earthwork, numbering seven him.
dred. This i(betwci n the river and Leesbursr
two raileaJVom Leiiburg a 'J j , j.
I Aoout tne same time uea. Abercrombie sept
wurf tp beadqnarter that the enemy wis ad-
Ttuclug .tjiula.hia po.Uioa, 00 the Virginia)
Bide, from above and below, and asking fur re -
ipforccmenls. Orders were Issned to rob over1
a strong force to bis relief. 1 ' Up t the present
hour (one o'clock, P. M.) no attack bat been
Yeaterday.learnlug that, a iarce force of the
enemy via approaching, and hid arrived at two
points above and below the Ferry, it was judged
advisable to withdraw onr troops from the- Vir
ginia ehore at Edwards's Ferry and Hartiton's
Inland. Thia was also necessary (rout the high
R,te ?.'K4nr. jtftf.f .!,! ii i ili
From Fortress Monroe.
I FbRTi38"MoNci, ',Ootr 23. Tbo 8 A.
Spalding returned from Ilatterae Inlet, laat
night. She brings no new of importioee.
1 nere nave Decn no military movements in tbe
vicinity of the Inlet. A few davs ago six reb
el ateamera made their appearano there, bnt
withdrew without making any 'demonstration.
Important from Missouri.
1 St.'Louu, Oct. 21. Col'.' Morgan, with two
hundred and twenty men qf the ISth Missouri
Regiment, and two pleoee of .artillery, bad a
fight with some fonr bnndred- rebels, On Big
Hurricane Creek, Carrom county, last Satur
day, killing fourteen, taking sight prisoner,
ana putting tne Dtitnce to nignt. Morgan had
fourteen wounded, two mortally. ,- -''J
It is believed at Sactede tbat tbe notorious
Martin Green has desertod Price, and is trying
to raise another band-of ontlawa in Northern
Missouri.. , a,
[Special to St. Louis Democrat.]
Jtrpcasow Crrt.TJct.' 24 Colonel Wagoner
arrived to-day from Tipton, and reports tbat it
was rumored and Deiieved there tbat Lane and
Montgomery bad Intercepted' MoCulIoah". or
some one assuming tbat name, in bis attempt
to join Price, and out hhr whole army to niece.
i ois report is aiso neiieveo nere.
We are reliably .informed tbat there are
Some five hundred rebel congregated - In and
around Fulton, Calloway county, whose design
is to seise tome passing steamer, ferry them
selves across the river and. burn tbe Osage
bridge on the PaClfio Railroad. A vigilant and
formidable guard will be 'maintained at the
bridge. ;- , ,:r r
f remont is said to have discovered one hun
dred and Ixty thousand dollars in coin burled
at Warsaw, add delivered it over to the U. S.
Paymaster. TIT-1 ?? t.T !"" T " n .'!
The Steamer Mary Cook Fired Into.
GaLiiroLis, O.. . Oot.l 24. The government
steamer Mary Cook wu fired into last night at
Cannelton, on the Kanawbk rlvrr by abont
three hundred rtbol .cavalry ,Atout one bund
red Ahota were fired into, ber, wounding one
man belonging to the boat; . Th fif'e was ve
turned by. the boat, and due rebel borse crip
pledThe rebels'; followed the boat several
mJlesi but sbe succeeded In escirjlng.-4"
RiLalniuaia, Oct. '24. Tbe Rlchmohd El-
amlner ot the 13th lay late news from Manas
sas Is full of Interest, and apeaka of. the Aban
donment of fatrlax Conrt Hons. r r.-t-u. :.
A dispatob from Memcbis .sais.a dueLwas
fottghtaeu there, between. Measra. Lawke and
Chamber, ol MlBsisaippi, rivtl eandidatea for
Congret. i Lawke waa mortally wounded. .
I Toe Charlestpn Courier of, tbe 16th sUtea
tbat the Federal fleet off there consist of seven
vesseis.e,w' (,. i -u- v
i EleoWob retdrnlTrom Mississippi Indicate the
re-election of Got. Petjtrie,-;; ;
Mastef CommisIidiicA Saltj."
vie 4 1 ptritr weurt frank lit! County,
Dei otftl
John Brown
ih,ordr,'of:'tiii SlfpeVlo? Vjen'rliV
r. unto, mane tt rat atytma thereof.
at v. &ou&, iu me auvro ciiiilicu aciroo. nere .will oe
tfered (vi Ule. at btbllc auction, to the trighnt bHder,
caiaireuiiiaiw auua way vt 11 WT a.m 1001
at'tit itoiir t4 lOo'ciock A.ttat the door of The (tonrt
Jleutt, kt tht tily of Oelmulnu, la said f racklln cpapty.
wt nutter 9 f Robert NeU'iadJItiou to tht oily
i twarn aub - .
of .Ooluabat,
........ 1 1 4 ,... I L. 1
I AppraltedatBU86.ia-. ,
.uiuif.a wwwHu.wn n uiu. ,. .... .
It H.
r . vpeciav maater vommiaiiuui
,ClttwrVi.,A0jrsi.i. UC3 H-w JJ
baat wi'.H( m "1 1-' '.-- t ,
.tt.'TtVbIia aaA ilea1 otta
BthSB v Ma,B9BwthDlfa
NEW YORK, Oct. 24.
JTLOtlE KarleV a sntdt flrmr,wlth lair experl aad
im aaananu, aaiea orxu.uw ooia ti u mm3 w tor i,
Jecled; f 3 3iua si for inperflno tuu; (5 KA 5 for
extra ttait; anaa tu (or taptmno weitern; 95 60s
5 60 for common to medium txtrt weitern; 5 iOdii DO
ror tripping Dimnaaczut ronna noon unio ana at una
6 50 lor tradt brand!. Market tlealat rather outet.
Inelndod la talte ar 4a00 bbla txtrt ttaw delivered at
qtlrjl aalee-uf 730 bolt at 340AU 45 lorraptiaoa, end
ti tiOSU 75 for common to chotot extra, itjrt flonr It
f iw vBuauiaii uuui m .iiwi. .uwer, wi.u Mwi.niiv 111'
qaletand(UadratS3 0(UB4 10.
COBK atBAL In medaraU demand, with sales oa 100
bbla of common wratern at $i 8A,
WUlBtY Market dulf and droonlnr. wl'.h aalca af
191 l.kla 'Hirn'niu - '
WHB Al-klarket tt abont la better,'' with good txpori
aanana, ana a large poruoo or ttlri art to trrlve; taiei
oi u.uuu Data vcicaxo aprtng it ft If 1 VI; 0,00 In
ferior do 1 13K: 4 4(1 1 Uii-lna mrln, ar tl IS 111 81-
73,000 Milwaukee club at Bt S2l Si S8.0O0 amber
lowaat 1 suaVlV7. the latief tn oataldt pr.ot; 13,500
rra aiaiealtlJll jjiagu Inferior red weitern al mi'JS:
96.000 winter red weitern at I 30I 35; 90,000 amber
Michigan tt tl 351 3d, 550 amber Keatuetr tl I 38;
05 ,000 rerr Inferior while Ohio at Bl 3U; 5,000 do Bl 45-
So.1 .7401 ir rt ,l ,431 5iW0 mu
BYB la ouila firm, with ailoa of 4 nnrihnar. .1.1.' .1
HAULKx la nnchinitd: ailu af H rui un. aatm
65o for ttalt, tnd fide lor conuion. Canadian 71 1-9 for
prime do.
JOHN Market opened ih'tn tod eloaed 4 trlfl low.
or; talet of UW.OOO bulb tt 57 jg for Inferior to oommoa
mixed weitern; a6$o0 for good prima tblpplng do; eloa
lag ttlni.de price; WK8B1 for weetern yellow.
04TB In Mr re a neat at 4floa4.fnn....i!...
43 for wettnra add ttttt. ' - ..ik...,,.,.,.,
POHKOtntlnnet moderate lod market without (aa.
porltnt ehasge; atlet of 400 bbltat li SJHIS-IO tar
meat; 9 7510 for prime. -. t In-, .
' vuii; iietoiiaxibouktflieassenfeoantry
prime; B5 005 So for ooantrw mete) $5 00311 83 for
repacked meee; 19 75iatlt6err extra prime) meat.
scar hams Aft dull and nominal anchtnted.
I CUT MBATS Oolat at id.r.Vn . .K.. uri,
OXoforhami. ' " n"
BAuua in ralr demand; rslt of JCO hhJi tmoktd
aiuca D p. a. .-.... . 4
LAHD-la In moderatt rreueit and rather ralalne
prlcea; aalet of 50 bbltat , .
. BDTTRR Btllinv outta rreaiw at rv n.
9hw89IIef state MXeBlfti. "
CUMaBK Dull and near tl ML7a tot eommnn I.
prime. -'- -' . . ,
BUU4K unehtnred fn nrtcee and ere onate Mr n
good lefloert tt IMIAI 7 Hi atlet tinen enr laat 460 hkda
wvoae lor uuot, 0,0 tor rort Alee; 173 noxea
Havana fort et7)e, and 4Mbtga Chiotoa p. t. refin
ed tugart ire unchanged In prlcea tnd In moderate dt
M , .-. . , ..... . :
.;i t
Cincinnati Market.
Cincinnati Market. CINCINNATI, Oct. 24.
FLOUR Wai only In medtitt reeueet at tht nrloai
lately ourrent; the demand I Mill mainly total, btltg
reatrlcted bj tht dlfficulUet ttttnding Itt ihlpment.
W II BAT Baa t reedy market, at reported In eat laat.
Tht prime qualltiet Bnd ready tale tt b-ii to 67o for red,
and 8o to 9-Jt tot white. . , ' , 1 ,1 ..
CORNMIommindt 30c, with ftfr demand. J ' (
OATS tre held mottly atSTo. bnt aalea ware made
90c. and buyert tre Indifferent tbont paying more.
nia-ii mors aarttittie, ana ouaot bt had tt len
thin 40c. . - c-
HABLBT It ntrveltti tnd flit at trer. . .-. v ,
W11I3KY DrODned to lie and anlla alowlw at it.. .1..
Cmimevolnf . '
Cleveland Market.
Belling in a rmtU wty only, at unchanged
ratei. ...... .......
WHEAT Silei of T0.008 buih red fret on betrd'tt
ou; 4 etra on track tt 09s, tnd 9 oan do at SI Oil.
CORN Baleaof I car on track at 31c. "
OATS Balei of 1 ctron trick tnd 740 both from ttsre
atS5e. " -- r - 1
iKQaS-SileiatlOc., ?"' , , . r.j.ei
- - ' rrwfaaf.
't iM'OlJ a I
For an Inert of ;TimeI-
t dying Queen;- Thtttneh-of tlmeeta be procur
ed at a mush oheaptr rale, and many long years of
tnjoyed bp eontnltln'g Oi.. VBBRTn BiTEBB.Wne
online the moat obillnaieand Iodi it aniline dlftuei
Arrsciioua Of TUB BXB AND BAB. ,
a?aete ar Biabbart Thiaartt
Bear what tht Philadelphia eorretDOndtnt teat In "tht
"Commonwealth," Wilmington, Delaware, ih of April,
ipov: ..... . .
"An Bngllih gentleman, formerly connected With Hie
Brlllih Army, tod who ttylet hlnunlf the 'Indian
otanlo t-hyaiclan ,' hu or late galntd tn txttnilvo repu
tation hire by hit tklll In coring all manner ot com
plalntt. Bomt of hit patient! 1 hart convtrted with,
and they pronounce hit remediet tnd mode ot treatment
very tuperior. Borne hare been reetored tt It by
mtgle. The medicine he met It dUUlled bp hlmttll
from vtrlout herbe poatetelng rare euratfre prapeTtlet.
'-While acting tn tne trmy he devoted bit ttraare mo
menta to a thorouih itudr of tht effecta produced be
oerttin medlclntl roott tnd herbe M ill atnntr of die
enact. It tetmt ha hat found a lure tnd tptedy reme
dy for all the -lilt that fleih it heir to.' Hit practice U
already txttmire tnd ll dally Intrtttlng. ' In the eom
plainte to which f eentlet are eubj acted, he hat no equal
a Ltrgt number here have teetlfled that they two not
only their preteat wood health, but their Uvea, to tht
uu or inuioaitA aounioroyaicitn." , ... .
Office 37 East State Street, Columbus.
iugl7-d3m -i .... ir , a;
In. -f
Elegant Lac e'LIantillas,
tjaxn cb soiir, '
No.- 29, SqxitlrELigK Bt.,
, ' . . -. , . . . . ... . . .
J tM m jiaak opeuea an wtoiqw, oi .lerjc, aargo. am
IX htndtomt '.-..' .,. j; ,: . j
Wide1oc;'Lace3 :jroR,25nAWLs.
Very Deep Freneh Floaanlng Laoee.-" i '
Real Thread, French, CliaaUlla iyabeveA.
Valenciennei," Point; it Oaio, Brnsieh
i ana xnreaa i.aoa na. toiutrs,
;. t !!-, j.,lBnewSbjw
"lt t . For traveling
Traveling .Dress Goods.
jli;s. toihpi ottwrkts;.'.;'
Tht bail aad ttett fatlilwithH tiylet a the el W ,lt4
J ..vnajioathHiahBuett,-
1 a 'l. Pi TV t I 1 I. IU it
BamaVil OUrtf
n ft i rt'Cs.f pi
e 1
So. 21 6outlv togh Street, Colttlnlria,'
A. ouo yanie liaTellw Snat Boodi tfrVeant
asMytrdt traTirng)rei fSoodi BtH.if T4 ets-.
ii) yard! freneh OrgandlH at lijf, Vtlut to cents.'"
Km yard! feat Oolorrd Ltwnt tt 10, Vtlut 13 centt.
io ytrdt ngitan Beatget at 1. , Ttiue eenti.
1000 yard! foulard Dreei gllkiat 37, yalnt 50 eentt,
t&ee rtrdi gupei Plain Utiok BllkalBI 00. nine BliO.
RdUior Organdie Verage, and Bngllah Bartge. t
.e x - -
,F'. a ia
uttt Blejh Btreef
'"llNiiTlti,i'il..i.jtf w mm m r-. m ,
fa- i-'liNdif riUKHt fcn.rt)!--1 Of 301TU
arW etetaar enrtmmer.rt 'ekKik ef nT Preaa
via at pnee teat tl -n ever Iwwre eletwel at -tide etty
Th tMeoUea-'of tbe kadtea et thle elty tnd Ttolnlty ll
to Hoi ted, tt onr itock la vwrf tket and imanvW in all
(ltdeeof oodt la this Hat. FBTBH BAIH, -
a. v 901 in lug ttrtwt.
Thcr go Right to the Spot
ineiantRefief r'' ittVymrCth '
I Hi. hAA I ' l 1 ! ' A -.iJ
, ... Fn riff fail r Breath t
I 'Ja-iCiwlii s, v K . 4...-. '.'., ; I 'j 71
i -, Strenarthea f snr Vaicel
VX J',.i
'1 f
' .'f '--"Jat-f. ,
i GOOD FOR, SINGErV." " ', '!
,C ,'iit.-: ( I-Zcfv i,r :
I :i" X'. ' 0NTLBME" OABBT .
''.'..; . .....
-, . , oniLDBIN CBi POB
Tbey relieve a Cough Instantly.
They clear the Throat. - ,
They give strength and volume to the voice.
LThey Impart a delloioua aroma to the breath
They are delightful to the taste. ,
Theyere made of simple herbs and ctbfiot
harm any one. ' .1 , ,
I .: .iulu.. ' ' ':'
I ... t
, I tdrite every ona who hat a Cough or a haiky Voice
er a Bad Breito, or en difficulty of the Throat, to gtl '
s package of my Throat' Conbetlons; they will relieve
yoo Intuntl7,.afi4 JOtf will teres with me thtt 'they
go right to the spot." Ton -will find them very uaefa I
tnd pletaant white traveling or attending pablla meet
tngi for itlMUig your Con)h or allaying pear thirat: . if
you try ont packagt, I am sift lo laying that yon will
tvw ifterwirdt eanilder them lneUtpeeiaahle.. " ".
Tou wilt find there tt tit DruggUt and Dtalert in
Medietas. a "... . .,' "T'T ' '
I . .. ruoia . ' "
' . : ' ''..'.... . ' ''
' My tignator It ca each package. All ethers are
A package will bt tmt by mall, prepaid, on recefpt 0
Thirty Oentt.' '
Henry. O. Spalding, ;
"eBW-l- a, '
By the wte-ef thete Plllt tht period to attack! u( Set
tout or Sb ntndociij bt p reran ted; tnd If taktn
tt tht oommenoement of to attack Immediate relief rrr m
pain and ilckoeei will be obtained.
. they atUea fall la nmerlng th Sauna tod '
oA tn which femalei are to eubject.
' They aot gently ope the bowelttwaovlng Ctulii
aeif. . i
Wot JMtrwry Xut,' Studmf, Pellotte fetule
and ill pereeni ofnJmlarf kabUt, they are value a .
aa 1 LamaUtt, Improrlsg tht appttlt, giving tone - '
eir at tbe digaailTe organa, and raatorlng tl,t naLur
laitiotty and itrefifth of the whole tyilem.
! TBI CIFHAXIO PILLS srt tht revolt of long Ineee '
Bsattoa aad carefully ecadnoud axparlmanu, htTLtg
keen hi net many yesrt, daring whlah time die hate .
prevented tnd relieved a vail amount of pain tnd tuSer
lug from netdieht, whether originating tn ti wertoat
syitera or from a dtrangeditatt of tht teveauoA.
They art tntlnty vegetablt la ther eoapctition, tn
may bt takes at all Bme with perfeet tafet without
making any thang of ohet, and f Ae obune4 et ant
AUaorabU hum rmdtrt tt aoey e mdmlnlt ir Din.
ciAldrtn. , - ,
The genuine bav tre tlgntiniee of Heory 0 Bptldlng
oaeach Bo.- - -J -''
Bold by Praggbit aad all other Dealera la Medlctnee.
A Box wilt bt tent by mall, prepaid, on receipt of tht
; JLPxIoe-123 Ooxxts. , -(
Attoexlem ilaenilW tddiataidU ' V-'. '' i' -.'''
I j ,r HENHV U. MPAliOtNO, ,
t4Oaela atreet Naw Vark.'
i . . L . .' ' ' '
front the Ixamlner, Norfolk, Ta.
Oephallc Plllt arwonalUh tht tblect for which the
wire made, vJs Oar of tMtdaons tix all ia ftrtat,
, from th Bxamintr, Korfolk, Ta .
They hart been meted In more than a thoaaad eaate
With entire auooeta.
,.- '.- I ii' . i .:-'ri .
I .u from tht Demo en a, St. Oload, aUea., .
H rou iro, or hare been, troubled with the mwrlnche
end fur t box, (Cep hallo Plllt,) to thtt yon may have
teem motet oi to iitaca. -.-
' from tht'Advtrtlttr, Prorldenoe, B. I. ' , '
Tht Oephalkt Pllli tre laid to bt a remarkably effeetlTt
remedy fur the headache, tnd ont ol tht very kett. fev
thtt very frequent eoapltint.wklch hat trer been
i . i
, from, th Weitern R. R. Ottette, Ohtotgo, III.
Wo heartily endorse Mr. Bptuidlns, and hit nnrltttvl
OfphallorilU. ,.,.v
' fro 1 1 ' Kanawha Ttlley Bttr, Ktntwht, Tt.
WeaTettramatteeOnetufrtdna-wltA Ihi haadanhal I
who try them, will lUok to the, . ,
from tht Bouthera Path finder, New Orleans, Lt, , ,
"Try laeavl yea tbat are adllcted, tod we are tare that I
Set tettlttotiy eta be. added to the already umh .
t that hat nceired beueOO) thtt no other atdkiue tam .-.
produtatAAUS 8!.'7 ;M.
j , , reot the Bt. Louis Demooiat. ; . T
The ImmeoW dernind fo' th trtlelt ;0phafU) Plllt
ia rapidly locreailng.,. , . T'. ,,
i t-'e'e Jrm tat elaaetle, Bartnpoeal' Inanva.-a .!;
Mr. Sptldla wewkt not eon eee thin nam,, wuaaaaf. -tklahe
did not wi H oomeea real merlU , , .,
T0A angle hottl of Bf ALDIrtCI'B PBBPABBB
ul.w a ,wji awre vam naaaa uaMoa)iaatxatiy.j
lAl6ll0 PREPARED GLUE I ' " ;
'17(1 n "ir'ii
I h-.'i.' I ''''- ' .1.1.'.' "tattit-s Jil
I bavb tub riuaoi . . ,
I HT" imras m tuts f ivat 5nrt."JJ w
At tocldntt will happen', tre ta well ritraltted ramf" '
lllte, K kt rery Seal ran le to tar aome eheep aodoot)'"1
vwltaa way fcr.aepelJtag f ajrttktttree.Tflra, OMhory,!
t " 'A,tnTtia'B MtBrtRBi) oiritj ;
miett tfl tne emii'gintloo, end we aoeueaole oat twoj i t.
lobe without it. ltaaiwayiready.and tettlkeetei,! ie
Nhriifri ri iTiBT hotjbb." '".'
t mC4 kmah trromnanlM aaoh botlie." " f ? r" ' "
te.-"' - AiMrm
- . aiiaurwax - ' .
van edi jt-r-M niitr oi wrAAorwoi u
,ty?.,4l, Oedag. Btreet, Hew Talk, t,
AU!f lelt1 BA0TJ!f., l'" " 1" n' ! f,
I .-.-', ,.. , -... . .
At aarwlA anprinelnud pnrtoot are a!tropt!ng a' . 4
pah o Ll't nn,iui'nti.ig puulio, Imltatioiie of at .
ruaPARlbd tILTJB, X Would taiilioa all benonalot T" .'
amine betre prHMalnr,tmeae U'it therull nave,
E3ibi.lui tl.F.PAR,aiULUBw4Jll .u ,
M ea Oitostiidt Wrapper; all olhtrt ar swlntiiug '
ttrfetta, BOB . ,
n mva er

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