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:i .I.''
SATURDAY MORNING," 0CT.'"36, 1861.
Rail Road Time Table.
Littls Miami fc Ooumsot It JLnru B,
flini-lnnitl Annnmmoil.tlim. 8 00 A. M. - . 8:10 P. H.
B.nr. 11:40 A.M.. 11:03 A. M
Mall end Accommodation.. 8:10 P. II. ,' 9 00 P. H,
Night Kxprest via Dayton. 19:00 midnight., 8:20 A. al
- Jan. W. SoantTT, Agent,
Culuuboi h Ouvklmd B. B. - ' V
Night Expreae ...3:40 A. K... nMSfiM.
m..- v.i u .... u in 10:5 A.M.
o n. AO. wJrliDn 9:M P. U ;:. at.
-...:. Jamb PTTIMOII, Jfl..'
OKTKaLOBIO B. R. ;,. m-J ;. !;-' r. .
No. 3 Express.. .,....r. J:S0 A. M. ll:S A, W.
No. 5 do W15 P. H.'it 1L44 A,. M-
.'.,'-.', .'" W. J. frflt, Agent.
PrmioRaB, OoixMtus OwcuniATi B. B." '
M.I1 Train .'.. 3 M. .11:25 A.'H.
xpreeeTraln U:9IA..M. ' 8.45 P. M.
. Jot. Boiimoh, Agtot.
Colokiioi fc iHoiaworoua, B. B. ' '. '
(OoLOKDOi Piao fc Jhoiaa B. B.) , 1.'' .. .
No. 1 Bxprest :30 A."M. .9(W P, M
No.S " tj 3:00 PtM. ;':0 P.M.
Accommodation ........ . . .'. ' " 10:30 A.M.
. C. W. BaiT. Agent. ,
r. .. ,
A Chance for Printers. ,
A Democratic newspaper, recently started, with s'elr,
eolation of 900 copies, b offered for Ml at the low nrlc
Of four hundrtd dollari ooe. It U .printed. In, a
flouriihiog county, ml ha prt of Dm county printing,
nd lt circulation can aslly be raised to 800. h ma
terial of th tOn coat, two year ago, $800, . Ibis li t
good opening for a practical printer.- Addras Editor
Statesman, Oolunboi, Ohio, for fnttbef pirHcnltn.' ' '
0Ctl7-lf i- i. .. r :-. 10 , .
At all r deeply Interested In the welfr of
our Boldierg, and desire theif eomfort la thtil
exile from borne for our protection, we hT de
termined to give a Benefit Entiktainmint at
Armor)' Hall, on Monday erenlng, Oct. 28th,
la aid of the Soldiers' Aid Society of Col umbo ,
on which occasion an elegant bill will be pre
sented. ' - - - '
Probate Court.
Items of buslnesa traniaoted la Ibe. Probate
Court of Frauklin county, JuJge Albev, dar
ing tbo week ending Friday noon, October 25,
1861 1 . . 1 '.(' ,
Thirteen marriage lioenies were leaned .fonr
lees than during the preoedlng week. ,
David Lttbam appointed Guardian of bit fire
children, on account of money coming to them
from Sasan Dulin's estate. . y
Frederic Stuetzs appointed Gaardlan ; of
Cbas. Faistkorn and Chas. Newbaoer, minor
rolunteers enlisted by Capt. E. S. Btnltb. . X
The last will and Ustamett of Wm. E. Hop
' per, lato of Franklin township, deoeased, and
also of Henry Plaff, late of Troro township,
deceased, were admitted to probate. T . . -
The widow of Frederick Stambaugh, deceas
ed; also of Henry Pfaff, deceased, and also of
Wm. Borland, deceased, severally appeared In
Court, and elected to take under the wills of
their respective husbands. ' . '.!,
Jane Pngh, as Guardian of A. W. Lackey's
heirs, filed her final account.
Matthias Zengler, as Guardian pi Leonhard
Eoglehart's heirs, filed bis first account. ,
John Seeds, as Goardian of Aaron Beeds,
filed bis first account. . ,
Abel Baldwin, at Guardian of CbriBtioa, So
phia and Edwin Miller, filed bit first account
Amor Reet and Elizabeth Stambaugh were
appointed axecutorsof Frederick Btambaugb't
will. . . " .
Philemon N. Gray was appointed adminis
trator, fe bonit lion, with the will annexed, of
Philemon Needles t estate. ' " ' "
David Fisher and others filed an appeal from
the decision of the Trustees of Hamilton town
ship, on a question relating to the alteration of
a road. j
Rev. Daniel Bonebrake, to ordained minister
of the United Brethren in Christ, was duly au
thorized to solemnize marriages In Franklin
Anthony J. Rucss, a native of Wirtemberg,
received his fina certificate of oltlienthip.. ...
The following minors, having enlisted with
out tbe consent of parents or guardians, were
discharged on writs pf habtat corpus ; Charles
Faistkorn and Charles Newbauer, volnnteers
enlisted by Capt. E. S. Smith Chester Ai Bet
hard, Wm. Swanger and Jacob Bowman, volun
teers at Camp Lyon, and. Anthony Ray, Jr., a
volunteer A Camp Chase.' , They are all of this
county except the last, who belongs to Madison
county. ..,, n '(:..-. .j !;,,,',.
First account of Chas. Frederio, Execuior7 of
Joseph Sattler, deceased Bilance In hands of
Executor, $5,000 64, which he wat directed to
pay to the legatees la Austria. , ...
Final account bl Jonathan Tipton, Admlnlt'
trator of Samuel II. Covert, deceased, j. Balance
In Admlniatratof'e bands, $259 47 " ' .1
Final account of Emma Brown,- Guardian of
David Cntler. Balance In., Guatdiau's handa.
$158 41. . ; :. -r'Zr
Seventh acconnt ot 'Philemon NGray, Ex
ecutor of Littleton R. Gray, deceased, x Ba!ine4
due Executor. $29 63.
First account of Hawee Barbte, Administra
tor of Hawes Barbee, deceiaed.,' Balance due
Administrator, $38 60. -t i.u .. ,.-tv f
Final acoonot of Jesse Courtwrlght GuirUIan
of Wm. H. H. Goldsmith; ' Balance due ward,
$108 95.. f-.'U".'.-: ?MiiZTi
Board of County Commissioners.
TUESDAY, Oct. 22, 1861.
Board met Present Messrs. -Sparrow,
c ...1, mnA Slfi. nnrnmltfifntiArM
Relief to two indlvidaalt granted from tat
Volunteer Fnnd-r-to one $5 Bn4 jo:the father
Bunael Doy'o (on Clark's rig.Wlv".lM.Wi
A. I-frlaumr, (JaH)....,. ..'....t.V--
'iteiief granted W .'two persoit. frunV
t. Fond to each tS.-'-V" i-"
Va, Wi
it ffl.n.'rtrttsr.,::.v.,.:i'..W.liiii -n)
laus yram,
BeeVit , to' BoLPim' ?X7o'ciTIt
Wui Sisters, With their Maal -liberality, will
give a' benefit to the Sotimr.JtitSafllofyjvf
this atriwoDay:T'T5,rh,oh-a'-
euloa tnewlli:glTi;tai4. 6 btf-fcH
the gro4 receipts of the boots. Let every fee
son go and render material aid to our soldiers,
Bow suffering from oold on the bleak moun
tains of old Virginia, .
, EviaCHARiimo, BvaaNEf.'Wellinighl
tbe poet have used this 'txoltmaUon! if be, had
wltnestedr debt after night, the- erer-varylt),
and tmuslo transformations of the Wise Sis
ten at Armory Hall, 2 1 ' if iit -J
Laat evening the Hall was again filled, and
thtj entertainment wat fully equal, If not tope
rlor, to thai of either ef the preceding evenlngr
W feel warranted In. antlolpitiog that the
tame win oe saw ot tno. almost magioai-pei.
formaooet that will be presented, to-ilgbt."'J
It It rarely, Indeed, that this publle aVf favdf
edwith the tight of two snob' protean fairies
at the Wtii Sisters'.1 The opportunity to-' en
joy the amusing noveltlet they exhibit, and the
charm ol thtir tinging, ahould not tuffored
to pan. few nnImproyed.-.r !;
fcr lulto a crowd of olvillant -and military
gentlemen was -Attracted to witness, in frohjt pf
the Sfatr "Houe'yesterday afternoon ( a skir
mish and bavonet drill by a squad, frorm CoL
CAaEiNoroM's) regiment,,,. The , tact,. nd:'tl
dlenlaved bv the soldiers elicited warm admlra-
-j "" ' " i -1 r i f f ' ft
CTMessri..DuiiMa A. Neiiwapdje, oa tbe
northeast corner' Of High slrcet "and the alley
between Broad and Gay streets, hava on hand a
large, and floe stock f groceries, which they
are ready to dispose of on tbe most reasonable
IcrmtV'- '' i --. !-'," tij-'.T.
'The Paisioim Genii at Armory Hall
Joim an & ,J)i were sitting lj JaJim'-f on-,
ning Over" their lesson In "mytbologyA'ineV
- . --y.. .,,ll' , f.'v.l .-.!,, i J.
idea sirucc John: j i .,, , -. : ntxtt .i;i,
', f'Do you know, Jane1, .who' Is Jbe 'presiding
genlos at Armory HaH7"i n"u :j.-,
"inaeea, i ao not." ,,,.: ;,,;-.-; "
It It Protent, Jane." u;j-'
"No, John, It must be Momus1 " ' '
"Ton M mistaken,-Jane,, for without, the
transformations of ProUnV, yoi( Momua' would
have nothing to laugh at." ..."
And without the presenoe.-of. mj Mqmus,
John, your Proteus would excite fib mirth." '
Both were right, for both these, deitiet will
preside at Armory Hall to night End inspire the
WESE BISteTE. '' I .'. I-3 i ,n:U.-J.r a
ID" Tbe subsoriptlpnt i (hit elty to 'the Na
tional Loan now teaoh nearly of quite $75,000.
BILLS ALLOWED. Headquarters Ohio Militia and Volunteer
COLUMBUS, Oct. 22, 1861.
' are
making Inquiries in regard ti clothing and
blankets contributed for the benefit of the Ohio
troops In the service of the United State, it Is
deemed proper to stated through the publio
press, that all contributions will be received at
tbe State Warehouse, in Columbus, and at toon
as any considerable number is received, will be
tent In charge of a trusty messenger to tbe
trobpt moat ln need. ; The contributions may be
tent W my address1, at tbe expense of the State,
and the freight,., chtrgtd byUalpWtitlon
companlst, will be paid here. , huaiai rr
For these' contributions no charge will be
made to the eoldiert who recelvo them.
So far at possible, and the necessities may in-
dioate, tbe wishes of the donors will be carried
out In the distribution, butJh9S tale' cannot fur
nish transportation to the nameraut agents of
benevolent associations all ovec tbe Slate, woo
are detirout of entrusting the" goods and distri
bution to tome one eeleoted by themselves. The
great expense, as well as the liability of dupli
cating contributions and giving them' to soldiers
who are already (imply aupplied, will at once
suggest itself to tbe public, and I trust all will
at once see . the necessity of forwarding their
contributions here. , .
I beg to add that, from all the Information
we oan obtain, It it hoped and believed that the
statements of destitution, and suffering among
our Eoldiert it, or hat been, exaggeraf- ' jE'ery
exertion la being made by the effitt. Af the
Government to forward supplies to tbe trope-j-
and buttery few instances of actual eufferjiig
are now known.
I have already received liberal contributions,
and ahall make an Issue of them this week, and
In due time will msk public i the donations
which have been received through tut pepait-
Q. M. General, O.
,To Miutart Gentlemen and CivriiANt
Van will find at N. GonnERSHEiMEa's, No. 129
8. High street, next door to the Goodile House,
a large and superior stock of ready-made olotb-
ng, and a like excellent stock of cloths 'to be
manufactured to order; In the mercjfanrtallorrng
deoartment of his establishment. M-Mf.. it.
SrotxiMO, who tftuperinteudsV'vtDii. department
It a sklllfal cutter," whose ability and reputation
afford an ample guaranty that none but tbfebes't
of work will be madi under his inspection
Our readers, military And otherwise, toll Ana
it to their advantage (o purohasO lhelf clothing
ready made, or jeave their orders witbMr. Gen
dershiimer, wbo m an old and expertenosa mer
chant of thjfl pity , and It enabled,' fro ' the, fact
that bo buys bit voodt 1 for cash, i ten- at
Terr low enure. iso,-: 0 m ,,h ia.- -
Remember S. OilNDERstfEiatR, wo. soutn
High street, i ,, .t . octia-Imeod
Mastec, Ck)iiimissioner'B Sale..
radtriok BwUher, Adm'r, ke.) .
T)T vtrtua of an ardor ot to mo dlrectoi. from the
II Rnrutrlnr Onart of Vmnklln eoankv, OhM I Will of-
f.r for wla at thadoor o fhCoerJ ogw tytfw Cy of
OolamlMitoa :ec!i v, e,.i;5 . ' ,
8atnrday,.the 26tU day f Opt., A. plqol,.
at on o'elook P. M., tho following nal utata, iitunle In
th ooanU ot Franklin and Dtala of Ohio, to wit Ona
hundnd and six aeni off the st end .of the following
traotor sueel ot land, In section o, quariw , rown
hip 10, nut 81, OongreM landt (M&tihawt's torvey),'
IwRinnlD. t th nothwa.t corner of uid leolion, thence
aontii 158 1.10 nolo to while elm from which la a hewn
J8 tnohei In dbunoter, 8. 40 deg. K. ii links, and imp
whit. mm. tO tnHtimm. W.' 4 Acr. E. W linki. thence
loebee V dliaeter. M. SA dM. W . links, and another
becoh SI . chet, B. MX deg. VT. Si link), thence by Isndi
of tho k I of oka Bmlth, Smaied, ajuttt 1&7 a-io
poles to th mo. Haw on too aonth tide ol said Motion to
a .take, thence wwet akmv tb eanUon lino W tbe louth.
weal oonav of aM aetiea, them north along the waat
Una of said saeUon Mil U tatameia Uiav said Dnt man;
Honed Una, aha whole traoeeowtalDing.epe bandrod and
aigni aoiwe ana didvij poioe. , - 1kl .
Appraleec Ul M pat asm Kent. hKi, a
Printer's tsas, j i , .
i coeim aimjuMwiuomniiuinneiv
.0. 1. Ooavarta, au.
Tl .III 1
I sc) XH h-ri
Wat. rT.BicbareA.adBA- ,
RT Vlitnaaf atardaraf salttoalratad; frohj.Uit
rinnrtnf OommoB Plaaa of Inuiklin oounti.OLio.
1 wIltaSarfortalwM aba aoot. th 0.u(lt.oute4ln
UeU7 0( wmmapii o vum.ium uiw.a,.,!.
' On Satbfday.'NqVsmbeT Wthf Ar DH61
Vto'alookvJ. Mi, U f oUowlog deaorlbad rat,aaUto,
, Lois tbraa(3A WrSotyvThm (S5)', nUaJea"(Wj,'$fty
m. Mil artwfln rsSl. la the town at Rome, Prat-
rle townanip, in me eonnty oi sranaiin. ana bwi
Ohio. Al.o, 0"IBrf,-Sioiw or Ian,- which saM Jaoob
Ilodl aootht of Joha w. Prtar. . -
Apprstiai-e-lla.- a,k SK5.oo s
fWap.Hol1rf..T ssouneracrs.
a. W. BtrrrMAH, sheriff,
- Bf Io. Davis, Deputf
Prlnter'efall $8 00.
aatlHd .
Reported for the Ohio Statesman.
Release of Prisoners at Ft.
Movements of Troops in Missouri.
Great Mortality Among the Rebel
Troops in Kentucky.
&c. &c. &c.
From Washington.
[Special to the Herald.]
24. It is
about two hundred of tbe Maryland rebels seiz
ed a schooner in the Potaxeut river, and forced
the' owner to take then to St, Marys, whence
tbey expect to make their way across into Vir
ginia. ' ' ,:- '
Th fleet or transports ina wat delayed be
low by tbe blockade hat gone to Annapolis to
Hon. D.TDavls, of Illinois, and Hon". Josopb
Holt are appointed on the Commission to exam
ine and audit claims against the Government
created in Gen- Fremont's department. :. ,
[Times' Dispatch.]
An evidence that tbe falling back of the Con
federates ar Fairfax wat sudden and unexpect
ed, is furnished in tbe fact that they set up tol
egragb poles and stretched the Wire upon them
from Fairfax to Falls' Churob, and only com
pleted tbe work on tbe Thursday previous to
the Sunday when , our troops advanced. ".They
removed the .wire, but had not time to remove
the poles. ..,- ,
it is alleged mat even- now letters ana papers
regularly received in Aiexanana irom
Richmond and other points South. Doubtless
tbe arrest of spies recently will make thce
malls less regular. ' ? v ' .1 r ,
. Tbe election in Alexandria to day for mem
ber of Congress to represent tbe 7th District
took place on toe theory tnat tnere was no
election on the 23d of May. Nearly all the
votes were given for S. A. Beacb, who will be
declared eleoted. Congress will, of course, de
cide opon the validity of tba election, . : , .
[World's Correspondence.]
The aDDearanoe of the rebel steamer Pace
In'the Potomac has given origin to reports, that
the rebels badcTOSsed-nto: Maryland, but I
learn from a point directly opposite- tbe rebel
batteries, that all is qqiet so tar as respects an
attempt to cross. ' ' - ; ' - -" - J
Now that it seems to bs a settled question
that-Gen. Fremont is to be superseded specula
tion Is naturally rife as to his successor. Gen.
Huutee and Gem Wool hate been named, but
It is mors possible that msj. uen. HauecK. wno
Is on his way here from Ban Francisco, will be
ordered to that department. ti l
[Special to the Tribune.]
;An Impression Is belnpr created that Col.
Baker xceeded bis instructions, and did not
retreat as ordered, when ho found tbe enemy
in overwhelming strength.
.Capt, '.Young, of bis 'regiment, says thore
was-no possible retreatjsave by ewimmiog thq
PotoMaei -The -only- flat, by -which they got
over, hud been sunk. 1 The disaster Is attributa
ble to tbe want of transportation. .
The order given by Gen. Stone to Col. Baker
was piuked up 'with bis bat, out of which it bad
fallen, oovered witn dioou ana prains., . it is in
Tno norscs ina muin ore ormy aruuuu
Waublnglun o snort allowance, it is not
Doswlbla lor the railroad, to keep the forage do
pertment guppliedr ' ' - -
For h cohstruOtlorilbf , it railroad from here
to Nottingham, on the- fotaxeut river, twenty
miles oi rails-ana sins oorrowca, irum.some
unused road Would lay the track speedily. 3 -Col,
Craig has been detailed as President of
tbe Army Retiring Board, Instead of Col. Cook,
who be more useful In the field. . ; ,
[To the Associated Press.]
i Washington, Oot. 5Frivate acoou&tt from
the upper Potomac, this morning, report that
our troops, reported AS missing, are coming in
from 'time to time, while others, oarried down
by the current ot tbe river, are known to be now
under shelter in tenements on its Danas. -!
, Avlstter from Edwards's Ferry, irom i gen
tleman of the 6anitary Commission, says that
there are one hundred and sevsnty-eight wound
ed On our bands; forty seven dead were buried
yesterday by permission of the rebels; proba
bly nlty were urownea in atwmpiing to crusa
the river, and. four or five hundred are prison-
[Special to the Post.]
ITha'War Department is preparing an official
list of our . losses at tbe Leesburg battle. , It
will be published as soon as possible, but a
great deal of difficulty Is experienced In obtaint
ug complete reooras oi toe xitieu, wounaea ana
mMStnar. -a : : i. It . ..- -,-.:-'
' The latest reports received from Edwarda's
Ferf v state .that all our forces which were en-
gaged at Jjeesourg are now qu me rnaryiaua
side of the- Potomac, end in excellent condi
-r . . . . - mr
tion. . ... '' ' : i vi"-"
The check encountered at Leesburg has not
disheartened the Government in the least, bnt
It 1b believed that some bad blunders, were
committed.-' v ii-i i. .:..-,.,:.
I i - r - .....
Telegraph Completed to Sean Francisco.
"CntdAOo,' Oct. 25. A dispatch" received this
forenoon irom Quincy says, the telegraph to
San Francitco it completed, working through.
Southern News.
tNw York, Oot. 24.-rThe Richmond Exam-
Inor oi (he 17th Instant contains the following
telegrapblo news n -. ' ?! ;. . . .: '
T Macon, Oa., Oct.1 lOsA . Contention this
morning paesea a resolution . recommenaing
Congress to suspend the .oolleotion of . import
duties and throw open onr ports for free-trade
to all nations wbo maintain peace wua ni. ;, -
Resolutions were adopted relative to ins se
questration act, recommending that the pay
meet or oeott sequestereo oe not required our
ina the Wat: that claims for Indemnity and. in
debtedness due -at . tba- North be allowed as a
set off.'-,J- -
A committee, conslstlnc of deleeatea,irom
Charleston. Savannah and Mobile, was appoint
ed.to examine a plan for marine, steam batter
ing rams. . .
Annwtta. Ga.. Oct. 16 Dates from Penaa-
sola have been received. A flag of truce was
aent from Fort Pickens to Un attgs yester
day stating that the prisoners would be sent to
aaw tor oa ouuuaj, ,.t
A corresDondentof the Atlanta, Ga. , Intelli
gencer la .giving an acsjunt olthe i fight at
Santa Rosa, says; t, hardly know ; whether we
achieved a viotory or a aeteat. ,a siege is mo-
maotkrllw', AWMuted to commenoe and every
prepBrationJ'bM . beep made; pfcrhaps ItwiH
happen as soon, as tbe dead and wounded have
neen earaa ior( ana toe toiaien reBwu. iron ia-
tie-na..-. u. . . ........ . . . .... .....
Statement of a Fugitive.
' Nkw rroEkVOct. 25 sMVnr-.-TsokardB tfattve
ot 4iiui Ht lugiuva,' irom f lonua, wuo ar
rived by-' tbo MoCiellan yesterday, eommunl-
catoa-thn fact l&t.Cof, Brown had made all his
arrangements open, bis tatletles" .nponTeff
sacola oa the lbi and .he was prevent w fcv
tbtr- ktraw-tr tne moatn or tbo Alisstssippi
which, made it necessary for two of the shin
whloh wsrs to havs taken pari Inlhe action to
go to the Bid Ot our plocKtdiog fleet.
From Missouri.
St Louij, Oot. 95. A gentleman
Sigel's advance poet repot tt Prloo bad left Ce
aar county, ana was retiring wwara ureeuueiu,
DaIs connte. ' 2 "'"
ffiiael's advanae euard was near Bolivar
Tuesday evening, and bit main body at Qaincy.
Lane's forces were at Oaoeola, and Sturgls's
entire command ona dav't march behind. , Si-
gel was about at far South as Price, but tome
Iwenty-Sve miles east, evidently aiming for
Sorlnefleld to mt off his retreat South, while
Lane waa onlv two davs1' march North of him.
Fremont and staff were at Pommedeterrs river,
en route for Qulooy.
Generals Hunter and McElnstry's divisions
were moving toward Warsaw. Pope wat march
ing on Leesville, via Sedalia; and Aahboth was
At Warsaw. The- bridge at Warsaw waa com
pleted, and the troops were io cross nwo
davlaat. It la trestlo work, not pontoon. ' -
" The general belief mony the offlcerrat
Warsaw was tnat rrice coma noi ge awj, uu
would be compelled to fight or snrrenaer.
A detachment of United states cavairy proae
up a rebel camp at Uuflalo Alius, ten miiw
from Cols Camp Creek, on Tuesday night, kiU
lno? iftt-anteeri. wotindlnir a larsa number, tak
ing nineteen prisoners, a number1 of horsee, and
twenty-two , wagons. , ,, r-i-, r, r-
Rolla, Oot. 14. -Reports whloh are regarded
as reliable aav that all tno oanas oi reoeia
whloh have been infesting tbe oountry west of
here, are concentrating St bpriogneiaj aiso mat
a part of Price's army had arrived thereqd he
balance was soon eioeoted-t .,-, - '.- -
Another report oroognt W; oy a -oonnu-jmwn.
saia oruers nave oeeu loaaeu iruui m re
headnnftrturn ran nlrine all thfl Texas tTOOM to
' ? .. . . T r; i r.'tfj
marob to Houston, tbe ArK&naas uoops k a.itw
Rock and the' Missonriajis to1-Camp Walker,
. -11', V-.lH 'i'jM !,iT Z '
Headquarters. Pilot Knob,- .Oct.
1 '
Bojd of the 24th Missouri Regiment,-Com
mandant of this nott. announoes that the proc
lamation of Gen. Fremont, as modi6ed by the
President, declaring martial law, will be rigid
ly enforced in the- counties of JeflVrcon and
St. i Frahoals,. Washington ;' and Ironton, and
that all persona i,.ken ia arms . against tbe
Government of the United States In an irreg
ular wsrfare, or vbo may be found to have
participated, In any manner, In burning or oth
erwise iniurine- railroad or otiier bridses, or
cntting telegraph wires, or injuring any publio
property, will do summarily snot, also tnat
the Bvmnathiisers with rebcllon who are con
stantly visiting tbe stations on tbo Iron Aloun-
tiin Kailroad, and giving Information to tne
rebels, will hereafter be arrested and dealt
with as spies. - . .
Resignation of Breckinridge.
Louisville. Ot 25. The Courier at Bowline
Green publishes Breckinridge's cird snoouue-
log his intention-to resign bia. United .States
Seoatortblp.'-"''-' t -
A passenger from Hashville rcpoiti great
suO'erina and sickness among the rebel troops
at Bowling Green, Hopkiosville and otber con:
tiguous points. They claim to have tbree thou
sand troops in these localities.'-' :' i - "
A letter from Hopkiosville says seven hun
dred of fifteen hundred rebel troops are there
sick, and from five to ten dying daily. : .
' a '
New York, Oct. 25: Capt. Cannon, ot tho
S. S. Delaware, which arrived this morning
from Philadelphia, reports that on the 24th
Inst., at 6 o'olock, P. M , be passed in the Del
aware bay the U. S. gunboat Keystone State,
having In tow a propeller, doubtless tbe rebel
propeller Sal?or, from Key West. -
From Fortress Monroe.
Fortress Monroe, Oot.. 24. The weather
has been ' favorable for completing the ennr
mous preparation for the great expedition.',' All
the armed vessels and transports have now ar
rived, ',- i ' V1 r.: ' .
First Dispatch from San Francisco
to New York.
New York, Oot. 25, -Tke .following was re
ceived this afternoon: i n i.ii.ii
Saw Francisco, Oot. 25. To the Mayor f
New Tork: San fancisco to New, York sends
greeting and congratulates her on the comple
tion of tbe enterprise which conneott the Pacific
with the Atlantic'-' May -the prosperity of
both cities be increased thereby, and the pro
jectors of this important work meet with honor
and reward. "- - " 1 " -; ',
Mayor of San Francisco.
Release of Prisoners.
New York, Oct.. 25. The U.S. Marshal
went down to Fort Lafayette yesterdays and re
leased John G. Schafer, Chas. M. Hogelln and
Ellis B. Schnabel. Mr. Hogeliu was the flth
prisoner committed to tbe Fort, and baa been
tnere sines Jul; oist. Mr. schnabat ha been
prisoner sinje Aug. aum, . ....
The War in Kentucky.
Lexington, Oct. 25. Forty-three mounted
rebels, some with United States muskets asd
well supplied with revolvers and bowie knives,
were surprised and taken prisoners yesterday
noon seven miles from Winchester, by twenty
four Home Guards under Capt, Craddock and
Maj. Bookner. -The rebels were brought to and
are now at Colonel Brnce'a oamp, nsar this
place, and acknowledge to have been on their
ay to join the rebel army , at Preatonsburg.
Four ot the prisoners wbo bad been assisting
tbo cavalrymen to escape were taken, also forty
two horses. - ' . I.--
Information from Camp Wild-Cat -to-day
states that Zulllcouer bad retreated beyond
Loudon, and was supposed to be tailing: back to
Cumberland Ford; : .
The War in Kentucky. W. L. Smith found guilty of Piracy.
Philadelphia. Oot, 25. The trial of W. L.
Smith for Piracy was oonoluded to-day. The
case was given to tbe Jury this morning under
the charges of Judges Grier and Cadwallader.
The Jury, at ter an absenoe or naif an nour,
rendered a verdict of guilty. -, . , , . .
' -: ' 1 ' ' "
. r-
gEowABo's FerkT, Oct. 24 Tha rebels this
afternoon were engaged' la and about their
fort between Leesburg and tbe river fronting
Edward's Ferry. Tbey had previously remov
ed their otdnanoe, but Xrora their movements
to-dav was judged they wera. replacing it. Tbe
fort is looated on tbe first range of bills from
tbe river.'. , ' ,"L ... . .:
Arrival of the City of Baltimore.
St. Johns. N. F.. Oot. 25. SteamshiD,
City of Baltimore, which sailed from Liverpool
on Wednesday, the l6;h, and Qaeenstown on
Thursday, 17th Inst., passed Cane Kace at v:JU
this evening, en route to New York. She waa
boarded by the News Yacht of tbe Associated
Press, and the regular news dispatoh obtained.
tier advices are four aavs later tnan by tne
Africa. - - . -
The Jura and City of New York, from Mew
York, arrived at Liverpool on tbe 15th.
Liverpool Sales ol Cotton on Monday and
Tuesday 30,000 bales, inoluding 15,000 to spec
ulators and exDorters. me maraet openea
firm with an advancing tendency and closed
noward. - The Manob ester advices are fayora-
hlA and rtnlrtnra demand an advance. ' ' '
Breadstuff market is buoyant and all qualL.
ties have sustained a slight advancer. 'Wake,
field. Nash tt Co. report flour flrfn and advanc
ed 61 quotations are 2730s wheat contin
ues to advance and has advanced 2d on all de
scrlntions: red western and red. .tDuthertT are
quoted at ll12s, and white weatern and white
.. . . . . . n 1 .' ' J 1 - J
eoutnern at itgi'i corn active, auu uaa au-
vanced Is per quarter mixed and yellow, quot-
ad at 33(3334 whlta 343yi.-.
Provisions eenBerally dull) best stead rt pork
declining; bacon easier: lard qniet bnt steady;
lanvw iui.i fu., . . , . .....
A moolamatlon was. publithed on the tin In
stant in Warsaw declaring Poland In a. atate of
seige. ' Military again; occupy publio squares of
ttrr,.-:-1' ' ' - ;'
Cotton factories in Spain are dosing la con
sequence of lack of cotton.
iU. of elegant qualltHS for Mdieaialso, Mli
war93 .. ,r .... ,
i irr
n cm k trnryai - tyotorinbb d otjffb w ar
ivl bow selling t vary low prices, also all other kinds
DMhloMbl furs.:' '." "L ' M BANE,
.ii, iir i iiiiiai -I.ai 'f ii unt.Miit j
iiioJ ,AHU 'BB'0' "1;Jf;0L
We an bow altering our immeos stock of Tahcy lVres
BHava- at pneet leas anaai evaa oerore euorae. in anu city
Tha attaniion of th ladles of thia city and totnlt
aoliotted. a ear stock to vary select and complete la all
mdaa af raoAm la aula line. rl VA1H.
j.. 9 " . OA .W Ti I -V 1.
kv pvHia) ani gwawt.
Arrival of the City of Baltimore. COMMERCIAL MATTERS.
Columbus Retail Market.
FRIDAY, October 25, 1861.
Tha' following an the retail quotations somotad bj
Wm. H. Beeueaajvaioieeal and retail unoer. Ko.
100 Booth High Street. -Wheat.
5ai00,!f 0. Solar 10110
Data a) bo. ....''.... ...WolMapU do......rt .000
Oornf an. BSe,
Batter WSJ. V.... MX-ai-tel
M.laaiea ;aL.. SOa
Krran gl,....6Uel 00
Tea 9 fc....80,xaM
Vaddo tea..... ..... Bl 00
lard .a. aiUj
Tallow A
Dried Applet? on.. S3 00
Dried Peachr.. 3 OM
BloOoffea VIS..v l'I8
White Baana S M-Bl 0i
Biaav a ...... ..i. W Mo
rotatoei. near on.euaioue
Brooms do..Bl 009I7S
Bay s ton . $9 00
Bait in sack.. 15?.
Salt f bbl......i. tl 60
Beef ewU...... 0 0f
Soap (nox) S) B.... -rt8c
Vlour bbl BS 00
W hits Wheat d o ....... S J tS
Hama o fc. lie
Bhoaldera .. i.J t
Bra Ploar bbl... B4 09
Bait Pork owt.... f910c
Oandlea.lallow.bz. ISKo
Wood oord.... BSiS 6
OaadJas. Opal. bos. . Mo
Mackerel No.lbf bbl BIO 0
Ohaaaa A....... 6VS1SX
Mackerel Sol rbM $b m
Hominy portuaaj . nw
Mackerel No 1 kite. . S SO
White fiah nor h'fbbt S3 00
Wblaky per. gall. 8531 00
IUI.lna.MB. Box.. ..3 85
White Plb p ir bW S2 001
i", tvara - ... v
Oodflabf . I
H ", Bnltaa V a l3Mo
Herring o nor -.....o uu
Com Meal ba-.XtaUOt1
tin m a.w.....WKl4
Pranes 9 BSlSUo
Kggt 9 doa.,...r
Drlti Beef. ,..,.
Oc Wool Tw Ina. 1BO a It)
13 Xc Onnborriei bbj. . t7 50
Pr ooa aalea at 81 5094 05 for saw red, and tl 00
K5 for white; market uniettled. t . -..i
WniAT-atWSl 00.' i; ,j. -t-!-t-
rO-alea at 20a ' '
l .OTS aalea doll at 18o". .t -vtj. v :; -1-Rtc
email aalea a I.'mS5Uc.
HaT-aaleeat7. -.- ,? i . - .
PoTAToaa nale. at 35f0c.' ..
Btaita-ealcs at 87c SI 25.
i tat.T rule, at $1 85 per bbl. ' ' ' '
WHiTi pi9H rnlo at 8oB li par Mil.
BagaMf Teas and CmTMvaaoingeUll.,4..r - --
New York Market.
. OOriOlf Remains quiet and Onw Saltl 21Kmid-
pling TJpHindi. j - -. '.'
a-liUUtt uemaDdDoin lortxpon ana noma con'ump-
tien I. made: market generally without chanu; aalce of
30.000 bbla tt3 30 I rejected 85 3595 40 ; luperftns
lata (5 57i5 65: extra elate B5 333 45; luperfloe
weatern S- tSUSJ HOI oomaon to medium extaa woalero
S5 i05 90s ahippiog branda extra rouad hoop Ohio td
0 50; trade brand, Canadian floor In moderate demand
without decided chn-ge ealei 800 bb'a S3 40"315 in-
perflne; f5 6(kiS 7j commin to choice ctra. itye flur
qoiet nd ateady S3 00$4 10
UUKN MKAb vmetano uncnangen. sales -.-wiwjH
New Haven S3 SO. - . . . . . ,. - .... r,
whisky Market without dee ded ahanae.. Ba ea
60Obbli 20(50)f. .-.-.-.
WH a AT The wheat miiket la le lower, wiln mod
erate buiineia doing for export, at the decline. Bale, of
32,500 bo.hele Ohio aprlng, tl 19)1 SI. 3S.0S0 Kctne
anrlng tl 1B1 23. the latter nn outilda nrlce; 08 000
MilwaukleclubBI i'91 24; 4o 000 amber Iowa B I 249
1 .: l.auu extra do, St 2H: B 400 red .tateai i(il 311
58.000 winter red. weatern. Bl 2fkal 33; 1M.400 amber
Ulchigan, Bl 3491 30; 12,500 white weatern. Bl 359
1 40; 5,000 while Canada, Bl 40; 5,300 white Kentucky,
Bl 403tl 40,. and 0,100 extra oholoe white Michigan,-at
f 1 50-
BY K-llulet and In ralr request at 73380, aa to quality.
BAELEV More active: aalea 33.000 bush, at o2(Sti5
for atate; 0j73 (or Canada weatern ; 60 for Vermont.
CORN Corn In rood inpDly. Market heavy. Bales
183,000 buih. at 57j657X for inferior to oommon mixed
weatern; amSS)( for fair to good shipping do ; 80 for
western yellow; Wi for white weatern.
DATS ttather eaaier. Bales at 4U0a)4l, tor Canada;
4149 for weatern and atate.
rOKK Market oontinuea dull and without decided
change in the price. Balea 560 bbla at 1 15 25Ca15 75 for
sees; a u siu uu ror prime.
BKEf Dnll and hear, galea 100 bbla at B434 50
for prime; B55 50 meas: mil 25 ranackad meea:
I 75 13 70 extra meea. . trime meas beef dull; and
BEE? BAMS Tn moderate demand1, tales CO bbl!
western at 816917.
COT MEATS Mora active at rather eaaier price.
Bales 175 pkze. 8houldera5oi hama 536c.
L KD Dull and drooping Baiea 100 blla at 8X89.
BUTTER A abide firmer.. Bales at 8312 for Ohio;
isamn tor state.
CWSEbB Dull and heavy at 57o. ,' r
Cincinnati Market.
In a general way there It rather mora stir in tmtineis'
The jobbing houaee. both erooert and dry eooda mer
chants, are well engaged ; though, aa heretofore noticed,
buyers make- small though frequent bills. A small
amount of money ia made to do much greater aerrlce than
in ordinary times hitherto, in tnea aa well at la the re
tail branches of the same branches of trade.
FLOOR There Is rather a stagnant Flour market.
Superfine we quote at 4 IS to 94 20.. Extra anl Fam
ily at B4 5 &4 60. J
W UK AT Wheat was rather Inactive to-day, and buy.
en atood off for lower price. Prima Red would not
bring over boo, and but lewtirers anov vuo ware mad
for White. Bellers war sot disposed Io meet tba mar
ket at theie'flguree.. . t
CORN Corn stll elands at 30a. ,.
' OATS Oats are In large receipt, and dull at too.
Offers to buy were generally XttSlc below this rate. -
RYB Rye sails in small quantities only . and. istield
mostly at 40o. . . . .
BARLEY Barley Milt more Kadllj Aslrlotly pilme
article will bring 50c
: WHISKY Whiaky to again down He pergaL.and,
u usual on a decline, dull, .
. ,
Cleveland Market
FLOTJH Sale. 73 bbls double extra red at S4 69:
90 bbl choice do at ft 79 ; and 90 bbla superfine at
gj 79. -, . . ., ,. I
wheat Quiet, Bale, 9 ears red en track at SI OS.
and 8 ear white at 91 03. . ... . ..
CORN Bale of ears on track at lie.- -OATS
Sale of 9 aar on track at too ' u.. ... , v
BARLBY Bale leer at 50 on track. r
No sales of otber artioles reported. No baag la
price. - . , . .
New York Cattle Market
According to th reports from th several market
places In the city, then bare been received thltweek: -
gbeep and
B'ves. Cows. TmI. Lamb Bwlnt." Total
At Allerton'a, 4 960 54 5 708 .... ...
Browning' 115 T . 65 4 99 .... - ....
O'Brien's. 30 39 7J 9 Ml ' .... .....
Ohamberlln's.. 58.31 140 3,920 .... ....
Bold bu'rj, Bar. 654 ....
Total , 8,117 131 . 653 11.499
96 651
'ipr'e week. 5,157 - 97 007 13,913
Av. number
f w'k, i t y'r. 4,301 '-556 , 349 9,709
7,696 12,969
A. M. Allerton Sc Co., ProDrietor of th Washington
Drove-yards, 44th-t, report the Cattle In Market from
the following Statea: ... . ..
NewYork 1,91 6 Connection t 57
Ohfo : 731 .New Jeney... ...... 97
Indiana............... 478;Texas
Illinois 1,137 Canada r.. ...........
Kentucky 409Mirhlgan
Iowa - (Mlaoourl ,.
PennsylTania.. ........ -.ChooUw Nation
Number reported for this market at 'Forty-fourth
street, arou.
lh price to-day ar quoted as follow:" -
Flrat quality.;.. .8 B8X I Ordinary.,;....,, 66)
Medlum,......7, 7, Extra...... (B)9
The geaeral are rat of th market to 7X0.- f A '
Th moot of the sale an at 6Keo- ', r r j. t
Prioes per head and per pound, of different weirhhc
will be found In acooonts of sundry droves.
Xotal number ol Beeves received In th cltr this week
5.1 IT. .. . -
xeie is tu leas inau iaat weex. ana 753 need more
than tba average ot last year. . Th averaxw number at
each Wednesday market bat year was 3.491 head, while
tbe number today being 4,xbU, ahowt 709 head more than
tne average, aaa lux leas man uu oay ween.
JTefne(fav, Oot. 93.Tnev to a great ehaoie la tht
weather tha morning opened warm end rainy, and baa
neaa opened iftth very dnll prospect f sailing out, as
mora than usual were toft for eale to-day. and several
freeh lote have arrived, aad tome of the brokers who re
fused offer yesterday appear very glad ta aeoopt tha
same to-day, and owner may eontiaer taemeeive lnety
if they get within S3a bead or ourrent prices yaateiway
mornlag. . With all theory about "a abort supply," It
will be seen mat we nave wiinin au neaa oi a many in
number aa wa had laet week, while the event welrks
now ta at least 95 pounds par head greater) ao that the
quantity of meat ta very much larger, and th quality
decidedly better. ' Indeed, tbe number of very good
bullocks ta larrer than it aa been any weak- leri
monthi. A the day advance, tne weather tutwe eauler
and nriMneets a little better, hut th tratt) is. the tunnhr
1s too large for th demand; and K equally large next
week, th rates now ourrent Will not be sastataed . In
deed, tiny are not sustained to-dvy open an f md. aad
late in tne anernoon n iaoa aa inougit ail toe oauie
could not noa buyer. , ' - u.n
.. .. . , . - -- r- ... -
RlpUthtoweek.'li,4Sj;'''- ''"
This has been a weekot flactuattobs. ' Th mtrket, i
notloed in last report, commenced decllnles oa Wednte-
day, ana n eonunoeo. it aownntu road antit saiaraay,
which ill aa warm at summer, and probably more meat
snorted tnan any oar ra jbit. Tata waa vety eiaooar
atlas-te tba large buuhera whe aaad their aaaat to
WMblngton laaraatt bo eold wholesale. - . "
Honda waa oooier. ana tner waa a rc-aouon in vaa
maikat. ao that ateck Would be told eaaai to a oen
pound lor the eaaai above the ratal or. Jmi Taaraaay.
Xhe market waa eoaottve that about $.000 head acid at
Brewalng'i above, aad mora than ui aanai nnmnet u
Q'aiian'. and Ohamhailain'a. Tueiday opened etl II bet
ter The weather waa oool, buyen keen, and taleemn
nr. -ThfrfT,.,m.ew That' tbe PfiSt 4ak Asm
ev not. a o !. irntl mem aw." .aaa wm
1.. tr, nrma t aetkMa leraae, whloh weeeealva-
lent to sWa )ad for the net weight of meet. Th
vwlu of pelt end fat tadawl thlt to 5o. , te that atlUo
' . . . . . I V. . . -k&
at St. a head for tbe earoaeee, wntcn waa n price wit
le w.ihln.ton Market. It three th
fair proa t.
I he pito f I Qoq Mia ana gov. 9" puvep
MiBoWabev.1 th seme, oeemUns either y the head or
SouaS. The lowea price that ie sell, Wiiea any way
t for the ahamblaa, ia S3 a heed. A good fair lot at
3 85 S3 SB, and a good lot at 3 75tast, and so on
above Ifcailor extras. . .?-, -
i Wa naUoad an Toeeday. at troanrlng'a, a M of laSt
ana Sheap, aboat 170 head, tbe keat offer for whkh was
Bx, wnica wa aavuaa tna oroiee re iaxe, aa uwy were
dear at that. What caa a ma expect ta saaka who brloga
each tooktslbie market, on leas be steals It ta aurt
with. i If ha eeta off with leaa than B I 85 for freliht
eooaalaalon, yardaga, lead, has atnar oaargaa, pet need,
ha Will be lucky; and If aa goad atook ebeep aa theee aie
not worth moia than 75 cents each at hoata, they ar
fioop.- At any ataHttoyaee eater place hare. . ,
The market thia mornioa waa aolte dull at the open
ing, the arrivala having been pretty laree-abont 1.400
at Browning' end prtoea-wanld landoobudly have had
to giro way f tnere bad me pees a tnoreoie ooaage in
th nil,.,. r,u-h nn 'the abetd broker aaaeweenl.
daaee to hold oa, and tern pel buyers to om to their
terms, i c n - .
w. niiA.A (1,1. .nnmi,,. at Wnrt Joarth etreet, a alee
lot of Umbs held at B4, which bwywr wanted at 3 SO
eaca. To bring Ibla price tne aawaun w ajw,
run even at about 45 lb net. .-:-- -r '
fbe receipts from different State at Browalag werej
Sew Tork. 3,9S( Ohio, 359; New Jeney. v; jaJCBigan,
101: Indiana. 174! Cawla. 270i and the dally reaati tt:
Oct. ia.8fil: Oct. 17.559: Oct. 18.490; 0rt-.3UA7Q;
Reoetpt this weak I K8V - -i-A 'i ,-' r
The (ollnwinv mrm Iha ntalbra atVaa bV HearT D.
Grant, Superintendent af tbe market:' ' t-: ,
AKtlllei7-M Hag.... .,.,..,3,3Xc., ,1
About 2,000 arrived oa Tuesday, and war all sohtbe-
for night, generally at about ie per lb., being meetly
lliht tiiea. Th condition of tbe weather was tar arable
for killing, and the market lively.. - . n'.
Thia morning the market wa "etleky" at th open
ing, but Improved with the state of th weather aa the
receipts were not large. If the market not crowded
beyond ft eapaoity. abtfpere may axpeot b4 th mm
rate Bear cftirrvn. HiiawavK. ,? ...v-r. in t vm
eo W. Domtaa give the foUewlna aaOlt Bika, oil
BogsmuweMi (,.. rif.-iy -; ,-f
J Live. j i 4 weight,
lirsLquaHly corn fed, ltrx "Vat V v "'ui,
I .ue 44 r.shty .n. tdhSkl i
Second quality eorn faaV.i"..4KdAi -. Jfil '.(5J
lirat quality, email sixes, fat,,r.' , 3i , ut
I butohere
For an Inch of Time! .
a dying Queen.- That Inch ot time oan be procur
ed at a much oheaper rata, and many long year of
enjoyed by eonaultlng Sir. MERRY WE AT HRR, who
canng ana moai ooiiinata ana long-eienaine; auiMw
Facta are Btnbbern T bin era I
Bear what tha Philadelphia eorreaoendent says in the
"Commonwealth,'' Wilmington, Delaware, 9th of April,
1859: - - - . . , .
"An English gentleman, formerly connected with th
Britiaa Army, ana wno styi nimaeu in -inaian
Botanic Physician,' haa of late gained an extensive repu
tation here by bis skill In curing all manner or ona
plaints. . Bom of hie patient I hare convened with,
and tbey pronounce hi remedies and mode of treatment
aa very superior. Soma have been re. to red aa If by
mgie Vb aaedleiae he nee 1 distilled by himself
from various herbs poseesaing rare curative properties.
i -While actios: in tna army he devoted hi (clear mo
ments to a Ihorongh study of the effect produced by
certain medicinal roots and herbs on all manner of dia
eaae. It seem be haa found a sure and speedy reme
dy for all the 'ills that Seen to heir to.' His practice is
already extensive and la dally Increasing. In th com
plain !e to which Femalea are subjected, he haa ao equal
a large number her hare testified that they owe not
only their present good health, but their lives, to the
skill of this Indian Botanlo Physician."
- Office 37 East State Street, Columbus.,.;.
augl7-d3m , . . :
Elegant Lace Mantillas,
! ; 33UT et3 SON,
No. 29 South EQgh St.,
TTAVB lua opened au Invoie of very large and
AJL handacm ....
pusher, french, and chantilla
! ; lace. mantillas and pointe3.
Wide French Laces , for Shawls.
. ... .
Very Deep French Flouncing Laces. ,
Real Thread, French, Cbaatllla i Oenavesa '.
Valenciennei, Point do 6az, Eruueli
ana Thread Lacei and. Collari,
.:i e i. . - In new Shapes,
, - ...... ,7 , For traveling
Traveling Dress Grooda.
Th beat and most fashionable style In the atty, '
, , v BAIN ek BON,
j21 ' ' 99 South High Street..
BAlisr&SON; .
-8 . -
ttOOO yard Bantr Plain Dltck Bilks at (1 OO-valn
fl 8S pryard. x.
9,500 yards Traveling Dres and Mantle- OooJa
IS 1-8 cents value 80 cent per yard.
. . . - i ,
$,000 yards Whit Jrlllianlea at 13 1-8 cent
vala0enUervrd;,, . u ,t: rc i "... ;
S,O0O yards f toe and Donwttlo Gin jhatiit gfeany an-
Beg vain, t j.- r, . -.. .,- . rr
-: f I.'"' -i r 1-oAl.SO: . . -,j , r:V-.-:'
iioziMBiaiiEi'aiLzoEafKB,,'. , ..
CHAXLIS, rODlASD BOH,- '' ; - (
New and JTfUBhtona'bl Pttj Ocxxl
ta the moat desirable etylas and at vary Jowais vr'Vv
Of all mawrtols, madeta the matt atybah awaa after
tha latest, Ptrls f athlcng-rlhrmort jregnt Wyto
may SO.
1 ..; Ha. 99 Bonth High street.
Master Commissioner's Sale.
Joshua Wtoniealss'r) f ) 3
irdluowdeuetil.V ,;. '..
I J la me directed from the Oour t of Common Plea of
Fraaklla County, Ohio. I will offer ror tale at th doot
of tht Court Hoe, Is th aity ef Oolumptt,101iU, on ,.
Saturday, the Si day of. November, A. D. 1661,
at ese o'clock, P. M., the following premises, altaet It
th City of Colombo, Franklin county, 0.. rerwic
I-Lot No. alaa, ml Not) H. IS. r. IT, IS, t
IO, 91 and M, of Bnowdeb't tubdlvitron ef tfut-te4 Me
I asm at or M eity . - ' - .... : t ' f
appiauea at liOt no. wjirf,-... u wv
. ."USA? iMVm 14adis,oa,
1 It -r VW- .-T . .4 Vial Bath' aa
,,.,a" ' . U BUU II, Bt U'-v W
, M a ij 47s e '
I4'4B 9. at..4A.i US Sa ? !
i.i"). lit O. W HOFFMAN. BeanU.'
and Matter Oommltsioasr.
Print, rt fees SJ,9J,
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4 I v. f.
' tt-.-awayl ff .it
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' rlnnTt-irntl timi Tn. uoaVi trpDa-"
i- ,
" , -- CHrXBBBir CRT JOB V.t
H' i r. I .
They relieve a Cough instantly.
They clear tbe Throat.
They give strength sod voiutne'to the voice.
They Impart a delicious sroma to, the breath .
they are delightful to ths taste. '
They are made of si m pis herbs and cannot,'
karm any ons. - , : ..'-'.
advlt every on who haa a Oough or a husky Voice' -
Bad Breatn, or any difflcalty of tha Throat, te $ el
package of my Throat OostocUont; they will relieve
roa Instantly, aad you will agree with me that Mhey
gb right to the spot " Yoa will And them very usefu I
and pleaaiul while trarellng orTRendlng public mte
luga for stllllngyoar Ooagh ar allaying your thirst It
yon try on packag, I am safe lu saying that yoa WHV
ever after. rJ. euntlder them lndl.pena.bl. , , r". .
Ton will flu J them at t e Druggist! and Dealer. Id-'"
Medicines '- '-' - - -' ' : .''.ir rr ,
1 1 '; ftuoBi '
' " - - " '
Hy signature ia cn each packag. All other, ar-
eoanterfeit. ' ' , ,
A package will be tent by mall, prepaid, on receipt -
Thirty Cent. ...
Henry O. Spalding,
NO. 48 OIDAR ITBttt, '
H AT aW V "...
By tbe uae ot the PUU th pertodio attacka of Nr
ou or BciBadmok4 may be aeventd; and If taken
at tht oommcDoecMaVot aa attack tmaudiate raliol rnm
pain and atcknta will be obtained.
They seldoa mil la naovtag the Bin a and , , " .-'
OoA to whloh females ar to subject.
I Tbey act gettly apoa th bowel removing Ocelli
est. . r - .
for UUrary Mm, SuJtnti, Deiioate Female
and all pereona af tedwfary Habits, tbey ar talaa ,
u a lamattvt. Improving th mpp4HU, giving Smm .
ttoav to th digatUvt nrgans, and reetcrlng th natsr U -Ualdtyudtnofthof
th whol ayataa. .
; TBI 01PEALIO PILLS Sre th raaalt ef long hivee .
Ugatioa and care rally oondacted experiment,, havirg
been la aa many year, during whkh Urn thai hat .
prevented and relieved a vast amoeut ef pala aad mrTti.
big from Headache, whether originating in thitra -lytum
or from a deranged state of lb afonaacA, '
They are entirely vegetabl in their eomaoaltion'aa
may be takes at ail time i with terfaet tafttj withuut
Baking any ohaog ef diet, Ml th abttnm of any
dUaorttatU tatU rmdtrt tt eoty ao admf nto r Uewa
The genuine kav nv slgnataies of Henry 0 Spalding
i tank Boa."-..' J'. J'-'; v.' .
Bold by Sngrlat and all other Staler la At eUioinee.
A Boa will be sent by aula, prepaid, en receipt of th
rrioo, en OorLta. ,
All rdtt ahoeJd be addieared to
... HENKV J. SPALtoinO,
. ' 48 Ctrdar Btgewt, Naw Vartt.
yrom th Ixaminer, Horfbtk, Ta.
Oeohali Till aoaaanpliah th ohleot for whkh the
war made, yla.t Our at headaahe In all it forma.
..... From the Ixamtntr, Norfolk, Ta.
Thar hav been tatted la aor tha a thomatad eaaee
With entir tnooeea. - - - - -
' ' ' .7 from bPenwrat,St. fjloudj Viai'.''
If rod ar.r hav keen, troubled with th hsadaaha
aend fur a box, (Oephalie Pill,) to that ya may hav
them in oase cl an atiasa- -
f roa th Advwttoar, Provide no, . I. XT.' .
Th Cephalk) Pill are tald to b a remarkably effecrlv
remedy for th headache, and owe of the very beet tor
that very frequent eomplalat.which ha aver been
ooTereo. . - -.,.,--
c From th Weetern R. . Oaaette, Chicago, III.
Wt heartily esdorta Mr. Bpanlding, and hit aariveJtS
Oephallo rills. ' ' "..Vt,'. . ,l
fro " '' Kanawha Taltoy Star, Kanawha, Ta. -W
are aar that pen suffwtat with- the. beadach
who try them, will stick to them. , - -
from th Souther Path Finder, New 6rleana, La.
Try theml yoa that ar afflicted, and w ar tin that
year eaatlaoayoan be added to lbs already nuraeruu
Ust that bat received beneute mat no oiner meoKiue. can
pradao. a'U i ':rT- .- ijir-, u
7-'kfsota tht St. bwk Dameerat. t
The tmman demand for the arllol , Oephallo Pills
to rapidly taareaalag. t ,. .j . , ...
f tl SaaatSa, Davupetti lew. '
Mr. Spalding wonM not oeenaet hat nam wim aa ar
oolt be dl not Aaoat nann Mai maeib i-.i, - - -
TrTA alnglt bottle of SPALSINOt PBlPAlBa
OLOS win save an tbnaa iteoetaaaaally.aO
,-i 1 'J H l' 1 lit. : j M
J Il.),k . I nt M tad ImM.
lxBOON0VITI - - j. , BIM'aJTOtll. J
ai c-t.nj"'Ai:a taa Ms "xn;. ,
As acetdento will happen, area la well regulated fat)
lliet, tt It very saatrable I have come cheap an conf
vontoirt way tor repaWnf Feral bar, loa, Oteofcaty,
SaaBaa f L . ij aWflfata
!T - SPALDINQ'S PBBPAt QLtJlf, ! " '
BMa, dl anoh emeneiailoti and no keaMboid oan afters?'
to be without It, It la ai way ready, aa a p to the elk ,
'"'"r VOSlFDa a ITJUaT HOtJE.',',' '
St. B-A Brm aeoempanle saca hettla,,,,. u eJ .
"a), k,;. . . aWi,nbt . PAtro;... :4
, 'S He. SB, Oedai Btreea, slaw ftt.
'Ak eSftbla prietol peeetme at etteaaptlBi
In i
la. en. the enaaapeetin paMto. Imllattona af a
rag fiauao, ana
laoawttM alt
&BPARED LOa,IwonMoatttloe alt mon tS
amlat htor t.'Jtw ' V an aaa (Mil ue lull name.
It en th oataid wrarptr; all thrt are swinJuug ' 1
tntSlts, n
Kgt ewasaa

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