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Rail Road Time Table.
Ut.ui Ar (Wntfera A XlMlif R. R
. ..i ..'.:..... ul- k iui. a. u. .. 0:10 P. M.
Bxpreee.. ...... .11:40 AM... i i1 jf C'
Nt.lit Kxproee VIA Dayton.l:W midnight '8: A.
: .f: jho. wpornavr. Agent. .
(JuLimsct A Ourtii-iKD B. B.'. ,, ,. '. .... . V ' '
- .... 0.11 A.M... . 11:15 P. Hi
K. YorkKxnree ,ll:lO A.M.,a ,J "'
0.0. to. WeyAapreas.
Jawss Prmio, Agsnt.,
OmTRiiOmo E. It. ' '
M.i ,. .11:8$ AM
No. 3 Kzjircii
No. 5 dt
3:30 A
..... 8;U J?
M. -.- IL A.' M.
VlTTIDUkoU, OoLtmsneA OWCimtATI B.KV. , i
Mall Train..
, 9. 0 A.m. uwaihi
.11:83 A. At.' 8:45. M.
Jos. KoiimoK, Agent.'
Express Train.,
(OoLOmUi 11404 1MMAIU R. ,)
No. 1 Express " , P. M
Ni.8 W ? M. " 7:SM P. M.
AMommodAtlon , ' lOsM A M.
'0. Yf Bnrrr", Agent.
A Chance for.Prlnters. ;-
A ptaoeraMo Bewiptpor.'ioMDlty started, with S tit
eolation of too 'copies, ft offend tor salt at tut low prist
of our Atmitrtd iottart eat. It 1 printed i
flourlihlng county, and has put of tht eounly printing,'
ad Iti circulation cm eu'ly bt raled to 801). tm na
trll of tie emceeost,twe years ego,. ThlU li
good optnlej' for i prutlotl prtaUr. 'Udrra I41WT
liatsimao, CsUnsfcua, Ohio, for fUrihff,
0011711 ' ' l"i'." ' ;. t i-it. & .mil ..:
As all are deeply Interested ia tb welfare of
our oldiere, end deslrt their oomfori ia. uielr
exile from home for our protection, wijhef fit
termlned fo elte e. Btmrit EumwuniiT t
Armor Hall, on Mondaf toIdEi Oot. S8tb,
In M of the Soldiers' Aid Society of Colnmboe,
on which oceeflon en elrgani Ill will be pre-
SuteiFi'e 8a CouTiiiwo. The sale 61 the
lock of dreaa dry goods, consisting of. Silks,
Morlnos, Delaines,' Valenclee, Cobnrge, Call
oies. OiDgbamst fiwlU( Brcbe,' Long sod
Square Sbawlsjw JeaM,, Saatlets, Cuslmerei,
Blesohcd Muflln", e'lo , will be continued in the
store room, No. 10 Buckeye Block, oh Monday
neit. The stock is yet large, end must be die
posed of ftt any price In oidrf to close acoounti,
Sheriff Hotnun and the auotioEeer, Mr. W,
R. Kent; will be on hand on Monday morning
at the usual hour. Greater bargains thao erer;
may be eipectcd. fu
-' U.I 'fat
The SoLDiia's EtNinr. Remetaber that on
to-morrow (Motday) ereoiog, the Soldiers Uke
benefit at Armory H-'.l. . ,r.
. 'The Wibs Sisters will then and there giro
one of their most altraotiro, chaste and amus
ing melo dramatla entertainment. ' '
Who witl not go . to the Soliiera Benefit!
Every one who buys a ticket of admission to
Armory flail on Monday eight, will contribute
to the luoda of the Soldiers' Aid Society in this
city, and tbui directly to the comfort and relief
oi our brave and self-sacrifloing volunteers. .
Go, tlieu.tj Armory Hall to morrow evening.
There you can enjoy the luxury of a rich dram
alio and musical entertainment, and the still
more refined luxury of dolug good to those who
are suffering and bleedipg to uphold the dignity
and supremacy of the ,"l'lg of our Union."
gj Tho case of the Stite of Ohio against
John Geary end Richard H. Geary, publishers
of the Daily Capital City Fact, charging tbem
with printing and publishing in their paper of
September 83, 1861, and Oct. 19, 18G1, certain
libels on Matthias Martin, was beard yesterday
momlog, Oot. 26, before John G, Miller, Esq.
Mr. Reamy, Prosecuting Attorney, aid other
counsel, appeared for the State, and Judge War
den and Mr. Groom for the defendants. 1 .
Tbe priotiog and publishing of the articles
-omplained of belog admitted, the State called
Matthias Martin, who being sworn, deposed: '
QuestioL Were you a candidate for County
Auditor of Franklin eonnty, Ohio, on the 23ih
of September last, and if so, on what ticket! .
Anewcp 1 wae; on tbe Union Democratic
ticket.-' ?.;J.'J.'U .i',r4 it iU
The alleged libcla sere tLeu read and put
ia evidence. , fV)-,l j ; . '. C'xi ?
The examination of Martin was then re
sumed, as followt: - " ; -
Question How many eaudidates for County
Auditor were there in this ooonty, this fall?.
Answer Two, Henry Estabrook on the
Union ticket, and myielf on the Union Demo
cratloticktt., ''. '. - ''.'," ,,.'.'';..
Quett'ion Are you now or bare yea ever
been, a member of tbe Knights of .the Golden
Circle or of any secret, order or eocltt wbtt
ever V.. . ; . "i,-t. .-..
Answer 1 am sot; 'ot have 1 ever beerj' I
have never belonged to any secret organisation
whatever. - '. ,i : ,.v '1'.
Questioc 'Do jou know of any order or so
oisty la this State, called the Enlghtc of the
Golden CIrcIei. or of any secret political order
or society? ;.,,. ,
Answer I do not. , . ,j w
Question' Hare you ever1 known at any tlm,
or anywhere, of any such order or society 1 'u.
Answer I. bare nsvcf had" any personal
knowledge of.any rmch'tfiibg, ire heard
from eonmon' rumor at Know Neiiin'gs ln3
Here Judge Warden for the defendants oh
looted to evidence of romQre.J J. .".-
Question Have yen ever received any money
from the EnlgbU of the Golden' CIrcU, or from
any other eecret political . order or society, to
eleotloneer with, or to uae foe political purposes 1
Answer I , never nave. r,atoT,ncver-
celred any money from soy such circle; crder
oreocieiy. . . - ' -
Qaeetlon Have yon ant knowledge of any
treasonable ordar, society or association ia OhUl
Answer I bare not. t .. . a.,t ir, w , .
Qaestion TaTC' jotj " rer' known 'tb
SttUtman ffioe to be headquarters or place of
meeting fo'r any secf et todery, ot-tvKMrt
of an kind."- n --"..JiriuilifUa
Answerrrfia BMOj:. i lJt ,, vjn, .,, itx
Tbceiamloatlen lrf cllef berw-elosed, nd
the daf andante deollsed to croei cuuiae.. The
State then called Ma G. Thorny, who; test!
fled that be bad seen tbe article ef Sept. 88tbt
before, and that upon reading It, sei wderstood
that by tbe exprrssba thrrelrf Candidate for
county Auditor on the bogus JJsmoeraUo tick-
Wa. iur, ju.kwiaa mbinu wa . , f j
The State here Meted.' The defendant! gave
ao evideace. . i-.
He BotjftTJUlf wprjrrBr.a mi thrrrtrpaasrit
to give ball brtkeiseppeaxaMC to lle cevt'of
Commoai;;o ttswex'rctJtrr-f.
aji o
B-T AETHO.""! . lULUlili, ua,.vva
Sogllah aovellst, andele wite,ert atoppiag it
tbe Angler House, Cleveland, oe Friday night.
ITTTbc Eighteenth Regiment, Col. StArtj-ir,
il 'Camp penaltQiSA f- ;IuU, and nntjci
marching Mdert. 9 Ij V(
'be Piace tc Cu-pn, jtltt) jls( iMM
Hishitreet, at the corner of the alley next
north of Broad Itreet, wbou Messrs. Denirc
dr. Neiswamou' tiav nst tksn In' st large and
fresh stock of ohoioe family groceries, of every
kind and variety filling: Ed their ample rooms,
completely." These gentlemen rank among the
most aooommodatinff and obllelne Of our'mer-i
chants, and arc now able to supply their wru4
tomers with prime irtlolei jr1c'$oti'
not fall to give them an early eel)
.1 ' -' . 1 " ji . i. (. it:
Thx Tem THoosanfl , Baoi, at Louhviib.
we copy from the Cincinnati Asoavtr on yee-
leraay ma account u win K(a vb., a ,u, ,
" On. Thntadav last the ffrtat ten thousand dol
lar match raoe. between. L. I Porsj'i "Gold
Dust" and W. Garrett's "Iron Duke," mile
heat :bes three lo five; 'was trotted over' the
Woodlawn Course, at Louisville; KeotncKyi tx-
oltlngi as might have been expeqteduansual
iimi of attention .prjf.yh
At the start "Iron' Dule'wsg 'the favorite
but "Gpld Dust" bad numerous friends who
freely baoked him. Tbe hones' after couple
of false start came evenly up to the strln
bat 'Gold Doit" soon took the lead, wnen be
unfortunately broke, aud Immediately. "Iron
Duke" took tbe track, opening a gap of some
three lengths) in this way they, trotted until
turning the borne st.-etoh, when ''Gold Dust'
locked "Iron Duke.'. Down the home stretch
the came locked each attaining every nerve
to gala the lead, en when sear the stand they
both went off their lege and opened' the1 string
lo a. gallooA'.Vlron Duke" half a length In the
lead, aid tbe beat wae awarded to Mm- Time
v in me secono, neat j-iron vuae-.DrDaB juj
after atartine-, and "Gold DaaC'.took tbe, lead,
Which be maintained throughout tbvalie, com
log Inirfnnef in 8:47;- - Y'YwI
TheAthlrd beat was, welh contested Tbe
horset got off well together, but "Gold Dust'
broke, when "Iron Duke" went aheady and
malnUined tbe 4ead until reaching tbe half
mile pott.-- At this JunoWre "Gold Duet'' made
daih. and took the lead; which- be maintained
during the beat with case time 2:43. .The
first half mile of this beat wae trotted at the
lata of three minutes, aod when Dorset let out
on the last half mile, It was clear that be was
too fleet for bis competitor. K5 r
It now appeared that "Gold Dost" was bound
win, and but little interest was felt la ..this
heat.1 .The horses got 4 good start; and trotted
locked about an eighth of a mile, wheri "Iron
Dnka" broke, and "Gold Duet took the Dole,
which he held throughput, eomtng lo winner of
the beat and race in, '.. . we annex toe
summary! 't ' s r-ji'-t i.n t ' & . i ...
Tnttisg niton for 10,000; 1,000 WrfW; ntlsBratsj
I.T-'do1, Jrl, namai 'OoU M"U:.'i.f:..9 I ft
Via, Qarratt DaaM "Iron Duke .19 (
HaIIi for Maw Tart Oltj, Boa ton, Albaov, Buffalo,
Pltuoargh, tuubatiTllla wj, Oloralaod, Iineitiua,
Newark, Granville, Waahlngum City. Baltlmoiw, Phlla
dalphla and NawOrleass, otoaa oAilylSandaji aitoapt
ad) at 8 o'clock p. n. m
A through nail for Haw Tort and Olaraland elotes
dally (Sondaya aeptad) at to'clock po. - ' ' '
O.O.fcO. It. a. Wwldaltslotaa daily (SrwdaTsas-
iptad) at S e'olook p. ra.
Oantral Ohio Way Hall eloaaa daily (Sondaya eseepted)
lo if.IMlr . v i '
OlootnoaU Way Mall eloaaa dally (Budaamexeapted) at
o oioca a. t v ' ' " 7 ' ' ' '-i
flhiauo. Cabonn. Toclawara. Uarlon aod Worthlnp
ton Mails elotae daily (Handays szoepted; at S o'clock
Malla forZanla, BprtngBald, Payton, Toledo, Olndn
aatt, tndlaoafralla, IoalavUla,'0(. Lotats, and SaUolt,
eloaaa dally (saodaya aiaaplad) at 8 v'olock p. fa. a .
A throogh mail to Xaala, BpdairBala and Olaelanati
Sloaaadaily (Sandayaaxoapted) at lUo'olocka. m. . -
Crbaaa, Plqaa, Xlffla and Uatea lty amall elsaas dally
(Boadaya azsapiad) at 8 a'oloak p. m i.-
Laoeaatar, Logaa, Nalaonrllla, Olralavill, Obillleotha.
Poruaoath. WaahlogtM 0. H. AUwns, Marlatla and
HllUooroo, h roails eloaa daily iBBBoays esoapwojaaa
clock p. d.
iui W Hall b Tffattoaal Boad to ZanasvUle elotes
dally (SaDdayaaxcaptad)atlto'aloakra. i-v
Harrlaoarga raau siaaaa uauy vauoaya awvpway a
0olook p. TA.
lit. Tattioa VaR. trrirTyof Wawtarrlllaaiid Buabary,
aloaaa daily (Sondays asoaptad) at 8 o'alooa p. ra. ) ,
Dunlin ALAU etoaas oauyisaaaaya axaapiijat ? T
UDeaatar Way Hall elotes dally (Snodayi ezcepted) at
e'siookp.m. ..i,;vi t;'A7. ' OY tV
m W. Tnrlt. Koatfrn Pfalkdalnlllm. BnEalO.
iUMay,PUtabargh,ClaTalaad, Saytoa, toledo, Xanla,
Dmit. Bnrin.ld- GtneianAtL Ohllllcothai fit. Iola,
and all Boatbara dtlaa. arrive between tht hour, of 9
slnka. . and 4 a'alook a. aj.n'.- - -
Malla from Indlaoapolla, Obloage and Dubaqna anrtra
1:40 a. n. ..... ,.f
kUlla from waanugton vny, vaiiunora, nnaeiwn,
(anaarlUa. Newark, StaobenTlUa, Alt. Varnon, ana the
. 0. B B. Way Hul,imn at in o'ciocs a. t ..'
Way Mall from Olnoittnatl arrlvaa at o'clock p.m.
Jjaneaater Mall arrtraa at 0 o'olenk p. at. K
Kaat Way Mali over tbe national JLoed arrives at II
O'clock a. B. .
Jdt. varnon way Ball entree a ii wj a. n. r ..
Mall from Dublin arrlvee at 1 o'clock m. '"'
':i.i .i i
a. .i, ij (
V riana Wa MaU antvee at 9 e'olook p.
Haniaaarah Mail arrlvaa at 11 oVilock a. m.
l umii, Wa Hall arrtraa at 18 Vjlook ra.
Offlaa dallvarr enan avarv day (exeept Sunday) from
o'alork a. m. to 8 o'clock p. m. Open on Bundaya
froia 7 H to otloek la the morning, ana iron u
,! -. j
Groceries, , iTXT,
,4 1 r.:;Pon3,
Foreign and Domestio tiqaors, ;;
. r
V i HAS JtMdffl) M BIfM.rMB
0. m7N O T H H' t l BtT & E tti
w'-l lf"YIF lKi M nt .'J.ii
,:No.' 106,KSouthlID2h Street,
TheoUslajia recently ocenpted tyWM. WcPONAtO
rj ' ,
IV H.WJ-ioIiAo?T?
IMI .A . ' " i ' a ,-
Which be will tall
jkeA for loBan' it boaniri Praatrace.
1 1 .... in
trr Oooda Jelivarai"to Clte fresTlf eharge' .JJ
i ..3
KTaT saBoumiaafiii st,
U 1 P1 aa lavoioe or vary largt aao.
BABanraaa ...Fw omW rrwl a 1 ,: ri- !
Wide iltoca rXAC3.V6aTtMws;
T7 Psep Tfotk Floeadog Umn t"T-
Real Thread, Frshbh, Chaqtllla ft OetereM
2. . v hil.lsH. , ;
ValracIeiineE, Tolit .do Cut, 'JSnuscli
- -tuid Tnreto Let tad CoUars:
- :j - . . . j- .. j .a t , -..'ii
a, . t fmav nrt rrti t Ida X am-po
. iXAAla AoA a"vw wyvw l""r?
V A4ni.I1 fwVMlfAiw as Wlllr;."jiiat
1 -irt i..vAjia w4-':-Ia;tieW ChkMff
V. I ...... r,r., V
-I trArajK. bUVAiJLJUi.ea- vvriti rm
f ; .auwa I iati vl TrH ai If Foe tHttwrlng
--!) hi rt -- vi '
MtixJUQrjxa, roruxB, tmirBUS'i ckcil
hMixs, toil ta cuiTMST
I WTiu4r?r.,:xi..vrrCAigiS
t.- ' . - 4 . .L . t .
JflAA' tVJUA. .J-UiV-'S.'XUUiaii, all.
u.i ,js a t,u ai
bus a so.
TELEGRAPHIC. Report for the Ohio Statesman.
Union Feeling in North
Union Feeling in North Carolina.
THE REBELS EMBOLDENED. They Return in Force to
Fairfax Court House.
Prominent Members of Congress urging
Prominent Members of Congress urging Energetic Measures.
Gen. Jeff. Thompson Retreating.
The Telegraphic Union of the Oceans.
&c. &c. &c.
[Special to the Tribune.]
"'WAtmitcrTowr Oot. 88. We learn froaran
unquestioned commercial Source in this oity
that (wo English sailingvessels entered, tbe
port or Ubariestom m, J., a lew weeks aco.
there being then no blockading shlpa before
thai port.
Lord Lvods now demands or the Seoretdrv of
State that , these vessels be allowed to leave
Charleston unmolested, on the ground that at
tbe. time of their going there, tbe blockade was
not tffectlve. -
[Special to the Herald.]
B. T. W. r,nn. Hhanlaln nf Ihm Nlnit
New York Regiment, now at Hatteras Inlet,
baa been sent by Gen.' Wool with Information
tor the Government in reference to tbe loyal peo
ple of Hyde oouoty, N. C.
lie brines witb him a declaration of inde
pendence adopted by tbe leading citizensof that
county, at Hatteras Church, In which they de
clare themselves free and independent of the
Southern Confederacy. . , . .
It is reported that Mr. Conwav's mlsiion Is to
solicit arms for these Union men, who only wait
for means and opportunity to strike a death
blow to the despotism by which they have been
oppressed. ;.. . .
The rresident baa promised to use b e best
efforts to proteot tbem and provide tbem with
Mr, Cfawsy orlngf tbe Information that Iheee
pCople are aotualiy starving for want of food,
and suffering greatly for want of clothing.
the Associated Press.]
Commander Aldeo. of the steamer South
Carolina, relatee tbe capture of tbe tobooner
Lzilda, oommandea by an ex officer of tbe Sum
ter, Win. Anderson Hicks and the sohoooer
J.s. II. Tooine-..The vessels contained from
four thousand : to . five 'thousand guns, tnsny of
them old flint locks, and some of them entirely
useless. Two passengers, Wm. Hamer, a mer
chant of New Orleane, owner of the vessel, and
Thomas Lewis Uf S. A., were made prisoners
of war. 171.1 7 .11.1
1 The captured cargoes also embraced a quan
tity of powder, caps, revolvers, blankets, lead,
Adiutant-General Thomas has ordered thnt
troops transported by railroad sball maroh en
foot over bridges where a possibility exists of
the ears breaking through. To this end there
will be so agreement in tbe contract for trans
portation and that the trains sball be stopped to
permit tbe troops to alight, belore crossing tbe
-.The Reliance came 00 from the flotilla last
night, bringing Dp Cspt. Fox, Assistant Secreta
ry ot tbe Wavy, an aXone o'clock abe left aba
Navy yard to rejoin the flotilla.
It ia repotted that the ice boat whkh.basa
fine battery of four guns and another steamer
runup past tbe matbias fains battery. - -
[Special to the Post.]
Since the rencounter at Bull Bluff, the rebels
have been emboldened and are again reported
to be at Fairfax Court House iu lull foroo.
Tbe cbjeot of the Government le, of course, to
be In a position to protect their army toward
Lieesourg.. , . -.. . ... , . . . ,
No iiwlo diificulty is experienced in conee
quenoe of theoloeing f the Potomss In get
ting freight from Baltimore. A wagon express
has consequently been organized, aod even bay
ia now brought! forward cm wheels A large
number or transports, heavily lacen, bare ar
rived at Baltimore, ana their osrgoes are being
transferrer! to the . railroad aa rapidly as poe-
sible. ! v ; l n i. -'. ' ' i .!
: Several prominent Cocgressmea are here can-
sultiog with tbe Cabinet as to tbe conduct of
the war--among merest is senator Harris.
They urge the most aotivs and energetic prose
cution o? the war..
Tbe rebel eteamer Page Is In rather a critical
situalion,i She was lying near the captured
schooner Fairfax yesterday evening and was
supposed to be aground. ua board tbe ootiua
at Indian Head, heavy firing was beard yeeter
dav Ft M.a in a soatheaatarlv direct ion. . .
Two schooners bound op, with stores, run the
blockade night before last witlftut receiving a
SOOt. mi v" rt Mrl i -t l.a.i i raa - ."
In tbe Circuit Court, this moraine' tbe
Judges aeked the Clerk It there bad been any
return lo the writ Issued against Gen. Porter,
the. Provost. Marshal, Tbe Clerk answered
that there was none.11 District Attorney Car
rlngton in behalf of defendant Marshal Philips,
presentea a paper wun an affidavit ot au. rnit
lips, stating that the writ had not been eerred,
because be baa been ordered by tbe rresident
not to serve it, and because the privilege of the
writ of ha be as corpus bad been suspended tor
tbe present by the order of tbe President. -
"in regard xo soioiers in tno u. a. Army
within the District of Columbia, Mr. Carringtoa
offered to submit an argument to the Court In
behalf of Marshal Phillips, but tbe Court an
nounced that it did not propose to take any
steps against him. As the return presented. a
grave Question, tbe Court desired to hold it un
der advisement, and adjournment was . made
until Wednesday morning next. - "
: While Lord Lyons was prerented by an acci
dent from receiving the Invitation to attend the
funeral of Col. Baker, in time to avail himself
ot ii,' tbe French ' Minister' similarly' excused
himself to tbe Secretary ot State, and the ba
vot from Prussia says bis absence on that oo
saslon wae caused bfjndisposition, for which
[Special to the Post.]
Two companlea of tbe SJ Vermont rezlment
Under command of Lieutenant-Colonel Stannard,
bare Just made a reconnaisanoe in the enemy's
cosntry. 1 hey leit the camp ot weir regiment
In Virginia, and marched twelve miles and
back la one aay,. taxing one prisoner, ana 03
talnlng valuable information. - ,
.It le reporteii that tweoi ear war veescie
have ran past the rebel, batteries at' Matbias
n i . .Ii!. I . 1 1 . '
roiuto Alt ta ima auu(,uiu. wm Hit uay ... .
From Missouri.
Pilot KJoa.'Oot.25. Col. Plummor has re
riinuiA si tli hi aonuaaBd to Cane Girardaaa.
Col. Carlln nowoocupiH f redericktows, with
a regiment or laiantry, a iquauroaqr cavalry,
and two nieces of aruilary. , - , h -,i
4"' Thompson and his rebel band Were pursued
zi miles berona rredericEtown, on toe ureeu-
villeroad,' wbea .the' chase was abandoned.
They are probably at Greenville now, but the
am completely demoralised end will doubtless
continue their retreat,- V . :' V " ' '.
. The detail sent col to barf the deed After the
battle, reported near two bund red of the rebels
killed and left en tbe field. Our lose was six
killedVaad-aboht forty wounded one motUlly
From San Francisco.
..Sah FkA-icucj, Oat. 85. The suamer Sooo-
ra -tarriTed to da ; from Panama: silled ' ship
Winged. Eacer iur .Liveeiwila valuable eaiet
wheas end silver ere -.la paaalngeatef as:
aarnor ene ran on Aiufersr i "ma arid xdoE
edakole la, her butwns. tuakki har return
noosotaryt eevea foot ot water In bet beld ear
re oaaiy aama"i.
V Kwliaa kl
Market fceal-unlafiri.t I-fal Tan31A'5if
From San Francisco. Telegraph from Ocean to Ocean.
6an Feanoismo. Oot. S3. 'The announcement
la just made of tbe completion or.inc last link
in the Overland Telegraph from the Paciflo to
tbe Atlantic! sends greetings, and may both
oceans be dry before a foot Ot tbe land that lies
between tbem eball belong to any uiucr ram
onr onoa nnitpd aorintrv. J r
'.'Nutbicg important has Occurred in California
within a week. Among the passengers by tbe
laet steamer were Ueneral oumner, oenaior
Netmitb, Colonel Merohsnt i Captaios Judd,
Btewart, Eendrlclcnon and A.oots; ana lieuten
ants Upbam.Gillia, WiUstin, Sinclair, Warren,
Hardin. Dardv and LipPi ail of tbe United
Statee army- Captains Brigga and Greene, Uni.
ted States narv. E-Senator Gwin and Cal
boun Bcnham. loll somewhat qu etlj, their
names beina withheld In the passenger list
Four hundred and forty regular troops and
tea thousand stand of arms went forward by
the same stoamer.i i . ::.1B ' -
y. ix. ,i
Commodore McKeon's Report of the
Naval Battle at New Orleans.
x Washinoton, Ootober 25 Commodore Mo-
Keoo's dispatches, are reoeived al the Navy
Denartment. t " ' '' 1 ' " v""
CaDt. Podo. of the Rlobmogd, reports the
bole made iu her by the ram was two ,ieet De
low the water line, and fire Jnohss in elroum-
At the first alarm tbe Crew Coolly repaired to
quarters, and' as "tbe ram passed abreast tbe
Richmond, the entire port battery was dis
charged at her, with what effect It was, impossi
ble to dieoover in the darkness, -,o h i
A red light was shown as signal of danger,
and the squadron was under way lfl a'rery few
minutes, the Richmond coverlfagtbereveat.
The Preble went over. the bar. whiletbe Vin-
cennea and Riohmond srrouoded.ii- "i ha' . ,
The enemy now coming down"1 the rtyer wftfif
nve Keamers, taey oommencca .tirmg At. us,
while we returned tbe fire trom our port battery
and rifled goo oa tbe poopnQor shot however
falling Short, while tbeif. shell burst on alt Bides
of na, and several passed directly over tbe ship
At 9:30 Commander Handyi the Vincennes,
mistaking my signal :t tne ships outside the
bar tot get uoder weigh for a signal lor bim to
abandon bis ship, came on board tbe Richmond
with all UU.officerAwtd, a' large number of bis
orew, the remainder: having gone on board the
Water Witch,"' ..-"- - .' - - .'. . ;
Comfflafider Handy, before leaving Lia shloi
bad plaeed a lighted slow match at tbe me re 4
sine. ' staving waned reasonable time lor an
explosion, I direoted Commander Handy to re
turn to bis ship with fats crew, and to start his
water, and if necessary, at hie own request, to
tbrowioverboard the small guns, for tbe purpose
Ot lightening his ship,- snd' to 'carry out his
senge witn a came to neave on by.
At ten A. M. tbe enemy ceased firing and
withdrew op the rlver v "- w
. During tbe engagement a ele'.l entered our
quarter port, nd ope of the boats wae stove by
Cant. Pope reports (tie Riohmond and Vin
cennes both afloat and tbe leak of tbe former
so reduced that tbe small engines keep her free-
mis is only, temporary, and tbe ship will bave
to go to some plane and bave tbe planks pot In.
f bave received rifled gone and placed the 32
pounder on the forecastle and tbe 13 pounder
on me poop, ooum a nave poasioiy managed
this ship in any other way than keeping her
bead no and down tbe river, I would bave stoo
ped at Pilot Town and given battle- But ibis
was found hasardous, .owing to her extreme
length. The attempt was made but a broadside
cou'd not be brought to bear without running
the ship ashore. 1. . I'!-,, .
Later from Edwards's Ferry.
EdwaeoVs Fxaar, Oct. 25. Privates Tnttle,
Clemens. Mather and Reynolds of the Third
Wisconsin Regiment, were killed, and private
Rosa, oi the came regiment, was taken prison
er Dy tbe rebels. n, ..a .. "- ..
Uen. Hancock remained nearly the whole day
at Vienna, with a large force, and recoxnoltered
the country. , tor miles, without seeing the
enemy. . -
Additional by Steamship City of Baltimore.
v.j riimart. ..... j
London Mareet, Oct.' 13. Wheat advanced
1(221 with an upward tendency. Floor ad
vanced, closing with oontlnued upward tendon
oy. Sugar firm. Coffee buoyant, all qualities
advanced slightly. -', "...
LON03N MoNir, Maext. 'Consols closed
Tuesday evening at S2Ha9aw for money
American securities, : rkivc Illinois uentrai
Railroad shares at 36(237U discount: Erie 24Ji
Liiikroot. Oct. 17. Cotton sales of 25.000
bales with buoyant market at an advanoe of 14
WPi amoe rriuiy. . ine saiea lucinue io uui1
to speculators exporters. Breadstuffs firm with
an upward tendenoy' Provisions aulet.
London. Oof. 23 Consols closed at 921f3
93)4 tot money. The lowest sales of Ameri
can atooks on Wednesday, were Illinois Central
38(337M discount; Erie 2425: N. V. Central
63. i s
Tbe Paris bourse wes flat. Rentes firmer at
67. Breadstuff in Paris are deoiiniog.
Accident on the Erie Railroad.
New Yoejc, Oot. 26. Tbe Cincinnati Express
trsin on the Erie Railroad, due here at 3:30 A
M. run Into cars on the side track at Ramsay's.
twenty-eight miles this side ot the city. Tbe
switch wae misplaced, and the engine turned
over on its side. Ooe passenger wss injured
eilghtly and one brakesman was crushed be
tween the passsnger cars and badly Injured.
Master Commissioner's
Joahua Baldwin's sdn'ri .'.
va. . Court of Common Pleat., : r
Blohard Snowdea et at.)
to mt directed from tht Ooart ot Oommoa Pleat of
franklin County. Ohio. I will offer for tala at tht door
ot the Court Houae, In tha city of Colombo, Obit, ea
Saturday, the 91 day of November; A. D. 1861,
at tot o'ciook, P. M., tht following premlna, altaatt in
Ul vny OI vumiODaB, a noiun wiiai, v.. id Rlh
In-Lot No. taS also, lota Not. It. IS. 10.17, IB, IB,
xu, xi and m, or snowaen't tabainuoa oi uai-tiott not.
Wand 34 of taldelty. ,. ,...,.,.,' '
; Appraised at Lot ho. jm.. 13 500 oo
Lois not. it and io, at vo each. ,
10 and 17, at 900 00 " .
"18, 19. SO A 81,475. 00 .
"Si, at ISO 00."
0. W. ntJrtMAN, BUertJl
and Vaiter Oommlmloserl
4 ft-
Printer's fees 15.83
i Ii
Accident on the Erie Railroad. NOTICE.
RINOTON. In tha 8tat af Kantaa, will take no
ttee that Robert Borna Orlffla did, on tht 18th day af
Slay, A. D. 1801 , Bit hit petition In tht Dope nor Conn
of franklin eonnty. Ohio, againat tba taid H Icholai Har
rington, Delilah Harrington, Petar Harrington and
othara, eetitng lorth, that tha taid Nicholas and Delilah
Harrington executed a mortgage to toe ttM H. n. uru-
fin on lota Noa. 48 and 43 la tha town af Alton, frank
lin eonnty. Ohio, to eteura tht payment oi a note exe
cuted by taid Nlcbolaa and Pater Harrlnetnn to aald R.
B. Orlffln. an the Otb day of January, itov. ror UMt ao.
payable twt years after data, and praying that aaid mort-
im mav na loraoioani. ut moruacea premitet toia.
tLd tht proofed! applied to toe payment oi ine aaia in-
dtbtadneet. Bald Nicholas ana iMiuan uamngton are
notlAed that the are leaatrad to appear and anawar
said petition on or before tbt 3d Saturday altar tht 2d
day ot December, A. D.lofll. ,
t iraaisn m. urad.u,
AU'yaforB.B. Qrima,
Oolombni.'O., Oct. 19, 11 Sww..8ddoo)
Aumu AmanJA Aniholtt
I i u i
! LawUAreholt. i
rrnfiK dkfendint, lewis
X bolt, la noilDed that tht plaiatlS, Aagaita A. An-
holt. on tha Sih da of Ootober. A. A. IfidL filed In the
office of tha dark of the Ooart of Oommen Pleat of
franklin ooanty. Onto, bar petition ror a oiroree ror two
taaeoo: 1. I Oat the deieadial Lawn It la prlaoo In tbe
Mlaaoart aanltantiary, aaoer e.aTvmon ana tenwtw
for oristU violating the taw of tei state. 8. That (ha
tAtd Lewla la and for tht tall threa yeart and mora baa
been guilty or groat ntgiaat at onty.aa aaanana oi aaia
Txtitl. ua. In aealeettOK to Movlda tabaiaieaoa for the
petlitooee and child. Prayer that tba aald patltioaar
may be 41 recced, and hart tba eaatody ef tha child fer
dtoaao, mantlened ia the petlUoa, and geutral p tayar
for realty. ;, i-t ... j.-n ,t ..-.'
7 ;ur; 0. W. TT ASBOK, -t v
'- . .t r. 44 Att'y for ptUUoDar.
- -
rreian lhat an.- mART ANN. on tha 80
dav of September, A. D- M4I. laft ay bad and board
ihmiiiMeaaaaeraraveaaiJoa.tBdIatiebf etre Ba
ilee that i will bet be leanoaalbla for any debts aeer
man naevww air nw:
- Aa I Ue. . . WAIO DESKS IXKSjjtnat.,lOe
Wt Waeartaartrnna ataeti tf Vta IX-atf
f'ltt at aewat taaa utaa mr n. nerea at ntwiy.
The aiteiidoa af tna ladlet af thia tlty ati fMarty
itolMaa, twortteMTSt H aivt Mplexla
ieradatef foerte 1 tl kt , ratia aaia.
' Y aet4. -a-rt ii P,awBtttElrttreat.
r 'i "f '' s-
8 i. " i
.:-J a e.
lUrluf IncTAaMd tta WaaJy -' !'
:e xt Bit's ijL a'o i ii t'i kj 1
II full prpeWe4 toMeMHIw III th "
r. .1 ur
I -
a .: -,
una t A'llrlB l Tl': U ' nil Bill
m J 'i I r. u at I, V it m. u im n . u 11
:r Tat '' :' o'i 'At.
3 s.
"! ! .-I ' 1 . ( . ,
. V ,..1 i.' ii;
(-! eiMom.'aTii.
rr t I' -f r-' 1
'-l tta At BLANKS, '
'" ' I . a
" IfOtUS,
DBATT8, '"
'.- '1
'., CfiXOKB, ' ,.
1 '" i
UBStB, 0ABD8, -
U'.. .' .). ' a . J"
And arery detcrlpUoB of
I '
;.,'.;. XETTEIl'' PIlBfW rRINTINt3',.;1
Equal to any tataUiahmaiiJ tS (Uia Slata, and'opoa
term wbid
vUchwIil eompArs faroralily with tha,
- i
laadlng Eastern Printing Hfituts '
.' a;f JaiAitV t..n't '
l in
oyorjr Faoility to aid JJm
j, :l -at Vi .: ..Ki '
t ul '
.Ul. 1
'' .' l-iT.'l.' ' li j
snow CARDS, ii..
Wa offer our ttrrlces to all who- nay desire that elaaa
".of work,'
We bays eonnactai-with oar SatabUasraeat -
From whl we produee tbe '
,i'.-b )
U : I .-Jr.
ajto m most
- t
It to tMadraittaS
rax MOST
Aire tes Hon
... . (i. I f-a'
- i . ' I'-ui" "4J ' r. T''4-
la this Olti and wa may add,' "7 "J
wttb Ajrr
.Printing House lnthe West.
, " : afsWPlUlsTOB. ,
Master Commissioner's Sale.
.. . V
Sale of Real Satata Toy order of Court.
W.M. Pinch.: "'.'-. I y$'rj-. 'i V,;.
va. BuDtrior Ooart of franklin County.
John Brown eta).) -,, .. vY3 : ,
TM pnnaaaot of aa' ardtr of the Superior Ooart of
JL y ranaiio ooanty, Ublo, made at tna May term loartor,
A. D. lest. Id tha a bora entitled aoUon. there till be
offered ror salt, at pablle eaoUon, to tbt bighmt bidder,
Saturday, the 30th day of Nov., A. D. 1361;;
at tht hoar ef 10 o'elook A.M., at tbt door of the Otart
Honat, Id tha olty of Ooluabaa, la aaid Vraoklla ooanty,
the fallowing reel aetata, to wtti .
Io-lot number 89 of Kobtrt Nail's aediUoa tt tbtelty
of Columbaa, belog the nortb-eaat corner of Lockwta
tarnput ana jonn.wwn puna roan. . .,
Appraiaea e gi.wo.oo. -'. -Seraw
ottate, setts. '-' '
... . upajui Mattes Corajnistloatf.
B. A B. Ohlttendea, Attyt. ' - - '
Priqter'tfeet.as.oe. ' ' ' ' '-
Oct. 88. ltu-te. ' ' ' ' v - '
i .i
i J
Legal Notice.
Char lea Heath, Plaintiff, 1
i A
tit. I
t ti t; -.v. ;:
Court of C
William T. Jennings, Venjamla
r. BaMotoa and Jamet T.
Ptttoa, Defendanti, partner
doing bottneet nndar tht Bra
name of W. I. Jennings,
PeUuAOo. "
om toon
Pleas, frankUa Co.
-- c -MiktAA t".
p Li- IV IfiJ .t.Xt'
rr-viie DErErtDArsTa will taEK
1 notin tl,at tha a lain tiff. Oharlea Heatiwdld. an tha
18U day of Ootober, A. D. 1861, Bit hit petltloa at ua
Clerk'e office af tbe Ooart f Owta flaaa la taid
ooaaty of franklin. Tht prayer and objeot af whioh to
to reoovar of tht eeid dalendanU tbe aaa) af lis hundred
and atvaoty-twe 35-100 dollar., an a promiteorT note
executed by aald StSindantt an the- 18th day of aoaam-
ber, A. D. lt, la their arm name, due and payatMe aix
raontae enar aete- .. . '- . .
D. randan la wiu taavaotiet thai tbey art rtqairaa to
arnwar aald petlUoa a tna asta aay at weeaaber. a. Ai,
18G1. er aaid petition wut be Sakaa as tree, aad lads
meat raa4ered accoraiagiy.
PilaM(tftat,sa v, ...i'
ions ai. itjoh.7, ;
Atleraey fat PlainUS.
X.! '
7 Master Coniiriissioiiet's : Bale.
7 Clack at 00. '
4 . vs. .
oha M. Binney et al.l
,' lv(J.
i ..! f. 0
Coomoa Pleat. -.
Jj directed from tba Ooart ef Oommoa Plena of f renk-
lia ooanty, Okla, I will offer (er earn e the Coere tee
Ooart Boaae, lathe Olty at Oolamoaa,aa -i
Monday, the S5th day of November, 1861,:
at and aalaoa p- ea, the Sollowtoe daaatflii rl ea-
Ute. MtaatalaaaetamtpalfiaakAaiBaBtaewua
WWlN k.-io, !" a
lot. ga.sVaaaalvMaaeelaV the dry
.MX ?tf Wi.v. wmtf?. fhentr.
r," 1 VV, . ' aa. let VeiamtiMan
1... .. m. m a Af, a
k mi - - . -- . t i . i
fc , -iL.iit t 1 tO i I;. ri7P,
r x, a it - v - r
& it C v,
-ir ij
A-SA. 1
Foon Inch of ; Time!',;
a lk Qaaaa.,i Vhat ini at Umm am ttm im...
ad aiaBuioholHapar rata, aaa aiaay long yean of '
njoyed WeonsnUlat . KERBTW B ATH1B, who
ll ourlDjr l moat akiltnua tn4 loac-atandlna dlataaaa
' , facta are ntubberrt Tbincal
Haa What the Philadelphia oorreipondant tayt In the
Dnaunonireallh." VlimInrton.DeIaar.ta. Uihof Anrii
IBSO- i ' ; J-rT'.v-ri -n-f
"Aa InirlUU inHemati, formerly odnnectei'wlth tht
Brtliab Army, and who ttylaa hlmtalf tht Undlao
Botanle Puyalclaa baa of lata gained anaataollra rapor
Utlon btra by hla aklll In curing all manner or torn
plaint,.. Soma of hla patients I hare oooTaraad with,
and tha prononnos hit nmadlea and mode of treatment
M vcryiaaparior. Boma bare kta raatartd at H by
niam, i-i&a madlolot. ba. naat Is SUtlllad by alaalf
from varlona harba poaaaaainf rare earatlra nropartlaa.
MKhlU aotlo( In tna arny ht davoUd his lalmra mo-,
mania ta a Ihoronih atadv of tha affaata tr
terrain medicinal roota and harba aa all manner of 4t
ii aeema aa naa ronnd a ma m bim m
dy for all tba "lilt that flaah is heir to. ' Hit practical!
arrtaey axtanaiTe and la dillr imraaainf . Ia tha eom.
plainia to which rtmalrt art eabJeotad. ha haa no eonal
aaa larta nomaor bar bare teatiOad that thev owa not
oiy tueir preaana frooa-bealth, bat thelrlrm, to the
tKiuor iniainoiau nHHAolf i-oyiltlan."47 j.
Office 87 East Slate 8trek'Colabo.t ''a
I ""a r ......0,asl
- ""i rr-r-'- - i m i iTTti-n " r t
s; "mm
nannfactnrere off all kinds of Per
alo a4 Nitilauarv Staa-a. cn-
; - ETlnoa, hm.yr "ittle, siriat JlUlis,,,i h
LANXdt SoiLSi "Btatinl A el iAW?yUh
. a J. B. DVTUL. fitatmttt COLXmUS
t . tUCtWnt CO. tVntmUlll .BJtJMlQMD .7.
" . , 00. Mtalmtltlf - - -i-
Our Portable. iDgine and Saw Kill
Wat awarded the flrtt premium of BSC at tht Indiana
State ratrfnr 1009 uvtr Lane' A Bodleyt en aoooimt ot
Price,' lightness, simplicity, economy of fuel
and superior character of lumber sawed.
Oar Stationary Inline was awarded at tht tame fall
tha ant premium of M. :y .... T
our rortabio angint wat awaraea the urn premium oi
1U0 at tht fair at Memphis. Tesn artr Blandy'a Da
vaU's, tiolomboa Uanhiaa Oo'a.. and Bradford A Oo't.
by a committee of practical Rtllrmd Sotineeri.
tor priet and ttrma addreat
i' am. f. .mi vmuvn TM..nM.
dac5-UAwlyeoU. - Newark, Ohio
HO, 29 B0TJT3 HiaH VBXBET, .
IrOOO yards Surer Plain Black Bilks at 81 00 valae
ft peryard;'- t
8,600 yards TrareliBg- Drea sad Atentlt Ocoda
'18 18 etntt valut 20 etntt per yard.. "7. .
SrOOO yarda White Brilllantes at 18 1-8 ceott:
value 80 eentt per yard. . .-t .
SiOOO yards Fist aodDomtattt olughamt greatly ua-
ear valae. ., - .
: laws i, caucoes, ' ropcors, 7 .' ..
Kerw stud tTaalilcmAbla TDreaaj Good
tta tbe meat detlrablt ttylaa and at aay lewtts p rlear. .'
Of all aattrlalt, made In tbt seat etytbh Banner after
the la teat Perit Feihlont tht mott elegant stylet '
tht city. , .
"in i-, v riiw A- tnki i
may 30 Me. 89 South High street.
VCTllllariaL L. O-lll
" ooLrrfXBCu, omoy "
i And S43t3d Strore,
, . SAiLb, glass, basii ptttt, ooudagb, ; "
Oftnt, Tietolxt Wood Willow Ware
a trier and Hnbbet BelUng, lack Leather,' Hots and
ling. aoi-ouy
ill of elegant qnallUet for Ladies; alto, Miters' Jlltb)
great Tar-t
,aaano .
cine; Mcrri! . t iaioiuNEs andourrs wean
iVl new telling at very low rntete, alto aU other kiodi
eaaloawblt rare. rata, una, -
aaoSL na. w eaotb uig at.
) ladies' Linen Peoket-Handk'fl.
JL kerchieft vtry wide heme. " ' " "
nmbrakdored Linaa Haadk't altarloeS. '1f''
mod BUtohedaad plala da,
do colored tardea).
da .' ."- bleak border f
do-.y aw aty le creaa stitched. -' -'-
Pine Apple do
MUeei' Pla
ala and Hemaaad Stltebad ao all nrlaet.
.... BMflHHm. . -r,
Ootaariamg the moat teleataanrl mart In the olty and
at loaeal prtcea. BAin auo,
Rbara T v 'r':t no. aweoatn aigaain.
Sheriff's Sale.';;
jobs Kennedy,
! Common Pleas.'; . "
leant South at a'l.)
JL at aa alraoted from the Ooart of Oetraew Pkae of
WMawiia mm. Ohio. I will eeTer Sat eait at tka door
af the Ooart Uoaje, la the uoiaaaoaa, aa
Saturday, the Wh dev of Noremberi A
at one Volook P, , V the following deeorlVd ' real
.tat Hiuta In tht eoontt af franklin, atata
Ohio and elty af Oolambut, to wit: The but one-halt,
tht following pmnuearoomraeneiog one hundred and
ttghty-foar rt ( M4) weet at the aoatheaat tonar of out-
tat aamaer t-w; uurryaTa, ana eaiog a part w tato eat'
lot. at a etake. Iheaet korth ana hundred aad eighty
eerea and a half feat (187 W) te a etake, thence artel
aftv-eeeea le (ST) to a I take. Oienot teat Sfty terea
laav (t7) M the piaee Of eetjlaBinir. afl ar-vrklra; Nnet
and tern ere, coieTer,araN at eadeiatoed aa eorratpaneV
Ing with) Sheet ef law tttooto and aiwyt of tea curat
Celambat af Ataald, being tat eta aw hall ef tba abeea
Janet; Baatk by te d' )H Kennedy an Wife tr deed
aeia date herewl.tf. '-'" ; - " ''' N
i Appraiaaae tSTTh K - MWTShNr?
IWirBsiu , ; ...W. HVrrKAJ-.BW
deeotatoi prealiee, aad, tht eaaa. aoareyM et tna ea
a By Id. Davis, Deputy-
'',l.f 4 ... . 'ill v(. av.il. .ill .
itjhf,.'-6A .-.;-i.3ta yiiaaai au ajyt.
Hi . .'iui .x ? I'll"
ICr3J4 :.iiTjn
.jt;atl rlAI'CilTt f Iti
".Tiey go Eight to ike. Spot '-' "
, J j . i 'a...''. . , $ i '
laataat UeJtefJ -
,SOt $ur CtU(la
a m- - .3,- a
Parity your ptreath!
ktrcnf rat-a your; Velcei
I:- t JL t.
i - - ,
t il la .M .
... Ii' .f n i, 'l. . , I
'. OOOD FOK lECTtfttERS. 1
. l0:i ; t '1 at,-,n , ., ,r. .....' '..
;;ryooi?Tp truBLio speak ea., .
.mil i
f i"'-' ! I amkn tOATt MntVn(,aaia,ti..M. 3
,1,11 O i-. IUUIiJUUCB 9ABBY . , i ,
fftlLDRHJi uHV IOR . ., , .
ri.-n-. ",i-- ...
They relieve a Cough Instantly '' - 2; .-.
Tbeyoiear the Throat ., . ,
Tbey give strength aud voiuce to .irbe voice. ;.,
They Impart a delicioui aroma lo ' or eat h
The aredellghtfutloTtietEste.t; v . : '..:iu
They are made of simple herb, and cannot.:: :
-ItuttIm every one wbe hat a Cough er a uoalu Volca 7
oraJa4 Bata, or auy diSVmlty af tha Throat, ta gat
a pactaf a of my Throat ConbeUonti they will reltevt- t
you .blatantly, and yto win agrtt wUb aw that they
ga right to tha spot.. Ton wilt Bad than very naefu K
and pleasant white travaUng- or attending pahlio -mut-
laaV M1 stilling jou floOEb or aliaylng your thirat II ,
yoa try1 out packag. I aavaaStte laying' that yoa wiV'--'
ever afterwardt toDtlderltbeui Indlipenaable. . . .
Toa trill And tbem at tit trngglits and Dealers In-" ' , -
Mtdlclnei. ' ' ' "
tw'enTafive cENTa" .
My algnaturt ti an each paokagt. All othara an
ooontarfelL . .
j A package will be tent by mall, prepaid, ot receipt '
TrJrtyOtoU., . .7 :
Add real,
;V.'v Henry O. Spalding,
i . VOL. 43 01DAB BTRIBT, '
By the naa oi theee, tfitla be periodle attacks r Aer
tout or Sick Badaah4 may be prevented; aud If takci. .
at the eommenoement ot an attack Immediate relief from -pain
and alcknea will be obtained.
They teldom tall la removing tha au4ta and
eoAt to which femaleiart to subject-
They act gently upon tht bi?wtls--reTnorlng Cotta ''
lot ,4UlJart'Jtmi Jdeat, Dttleate female
and allperaom o(aedenary Aabiit, thry are ralU
aa a Lamativ. Imnrovlnt: the ODPttfte. aiWnr (on '
tttfor to tbe dlgetUvt orgaat, and raatorlng the natu7
tlaitlcity and strength ef tba whole tyataa.
TUB CEPHALIC FJXLB art the remit of long Invaa
Ugattoa aad eanfully eondruwd txperlatenrs, having .
ia aaa many yeara, daring which time tbey hare -
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