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riiiA' smtwimm -,'
r I ,1't 1 , l'i,.'t :;
TUESDAY MORNING', 0CT.'29, i86f.'
Rail Road Time Table.
Littl Miami At 0b-c Ji Xnu ft B. I KA
'"t MwtiiJl Arrive
Cincinnati Aecommolatlon. 509 A. M. -JJ-L- -
Mill nil Aocuuioaoditloo.. fttap,. AU Cl W r ..
ik. i n n u t a An P Jm
NlghlBxprest vmDayt.M.ia:"mldolgblaiiVA- M
OOlDMOi ltVHAD tt. ... , f ) I T
Might Bxpreat '...,..3:40 A. M,,...,
New York Express.
1 1-in A. IS. 10:W 4. H
0.0. AO. Way Express.
.. ..-.toe; i..:;, 7: r,.p
Jabss PaTrtasoiii Agent.
W .. . J .t.'v.l..l .i 'i it
Vs. 3 Xxprett ... : 4-1
no. o . a
nnuiaxn OticiX'ri ft. ft."'
M.l.tr.U,.,...,.....-"- ."lU&iS-
Eiprau IrB.f,.Mfr'''"r . ' . T.'T'
ji s i :. wwimpw...Agnt.
Ooumias fsnViworou. j l'',.'t
(Uat.tjio Piaoi At lunula B. BO '
No. 1 Bxpns....."... A.,aUv 2: M
Na.S " " r.
10 P. M.
iAlltH A. U.
C. W. Cum. Agist.
llU ,
A Chance for Printer;'
A Democrat! newspaper, recently started, with elr:
cnlition of 501) copies, li offere tot st at tlx low p riot
of our AWrad doZiiW ear.': II li print la A
flourlblng oountnaa4 hat park( (he county printing,
ind Hi circulation oin (illlf h nlMd to 800. j Iht
torlil of til offld loit, two 7n igo, (800 Ihli -to
good opening (or prioilcil printer.''' tiMrM Ultor
BUtamin, Uoleui, Uiiio, ior4iitriutt wucnimn.
otlT-tf """" vu'i -i
"t' ' ' "
i.. .
ConwoiL koowio.-r7Ttio City CottnoU met
lut ereolDgi f retideot Dmaldmh in tbe obair.
Rlinuteg of Utt maeti'ng retd ai J.
Tho City CiU Jiogineeg, repot t jsji ft t fh
uoeegaire Jftjers , r grwi with wbiou.lllgh
gtreet bat boon anniil jr.tflJtifoved, bftve put ft
au(Doient depth of meut on the itrett, bat
bare railed Jt (oo mnoh ItbbVe' tbe Uroh the
Idewalk. XTtet'Enntet: ,ogjgetd, jpot
foroe ot Uborera upon U itrt( and hj pkkTog
dowo the tjidgCT.'fedrJoe'the toadw ts an treo
aurfaoe, wttsr pattlpg ,.nj; 'WdltipoftVip
rial it. ' " r'm ''oi V i.-T.u".tZ
Bj Mr.
tnru orer ft Urge eitttrn oa Chapel ttiest, o jrn
ed b blm, to tbe Cltj Cooo;Vloft,bllo' eli
tern, in consideratioa thftl thcCQOBOjl put,lj Id
repiir and keep. lt o. t Refrred tothe com
miitee of the fire Department.-' :
B; Mr.TXvnnri Two bills one to areeu a
pedal tat pT (ottj cef per foot front on teal
eitate bouodiag on tb Jiofth eide,' of 'Pirlaloo
itrtet front Dew fttreet a Poor Jloase linet and
the other to Assess ft like It etf-the real estate
oo tbe eooth tide of DWieien etreet aa ftforer
aid. Botk b!Us'worVw thftto tibje:,
To assess spool tax of tweptT six cents
and eight mills i on We teal estate ',' boobdipg on
the alley riffloTrij; frbm'th head of Loog street
on Serenth street taCIeyelaod. aTeboe rJ ,'
Toaasesa a special Ux cf eighteen ceota per
foot front oft tbe-ea atat btrondloK on the
east tide of Front aiceftl froin Sule 'i Broad
By --'requtrlBg'ltba1 oocr -Iota
Noa. (Pand 7 of U. H. Kmsu.i.'a subdi
vision of oatlot No. 4 to- pare the sidewalk Jb
foot thereof' on "Rich atriet, b We 80th of
Norembef next. Arjopieaf , j ,
By Mr. Comstoox rereriinft''tiro .bills' fct
pa?iDg in Jrpnt of publio schooi boveea to tbe
ni. a,.isii.'.'.,!th . tn'uDtIori"t(i'hate.ih
Agreed oase made In the Superior Court in
order to decide tbe "mooted 'question-whether
the City Connoil or the Suhool i Board Were
legally boaod W ,pay !d blllt '" Adopted.
By M EMftLT Aftthoriging the Cjty Ciiil
Engineer ta oo'ntrAoi wUh. "fvt; Ricniaoe for
grading ind paring tbe gutter nod eroding
on first Alley east oft Si'fe AtrteV.fum Rich U
friend atreet AdbpteiC:;", .'.' w
By Mr. BpltRfttriitf tbft Police Com
Blttee to aeleot froai the tpeolal police. force
four policemeOfctoerT aiJrgolar polioemen
dariog the.pieaiuroci JId. Committee.MXiid
on the Uble. 6"IUQW .f
Adjonraed.fjfpr, ,
Nutx .-Tbi MJolot'iM offered At the meeting
. .. A.Liri ' tLj.. LLt-i fill
01 toe (wraaaibuiBWvauaj w WBfft MiHiS X
Anthoriiiog tbe Street CommiAsloaer to employ
the chain gang Hftfellrirf And BetaUiinriligb
street, wae not Adopted a reporlfeoL
Tftft SotDljrts,iJrjAi Srrt.-Tbat Jwry
more fully w4le the, AympathU aq4 co-opera
tion of tbe.idles or,vaiambus, It-nae been
deemed adrhabfA haT the ooostitotion of
To SldtetV'Aid ,Socltj?;lntedl lt the
names of efflcerfc "boplbg iht if It meet - tbe
approbaUonef the pobli-all . who'tek, tria
oourige'wi by their personal labo ind Inflaence1.
Bionofj 1 This Bootwty ehall be ailed Ktbe
8oldieral Ard.oclaty'ot Ci)inmbi.Mt"' tai.-.
8io. Tn tkbjwit of ,tbw Socty bate td
fnroisb relte toueaickaodiwoooded toldiera
and nilpti of oar Arssj and nawyr andee tbe di
rection of, and as aaxilUry to the United Btetee
National 8aiUr Ctvaamtesioo U Washingtjftr
Sio 3. Tbe offiaer of this Bootety auaU con
sist of Fresldmti Vtc rrmident, two or more
Beoret uie, , Treaeu re . And. of, the Jollow log
OommlueMn ut..:i nu'eiaf Td-j: ",,
lit. A eommiitee of three to solicit sobsorip
tlooa AncoownBiloh8.'' -- " iouikc t
SJ. A committee of stxtce'a Wiiiike trrjrcrjA
aea and exeeod, r-vna4i,i)f. tbAooi.y
for carrying tjnl lM ettjeeta Ai ioh a. m
th Sooirtt hU direct. ot tn tee aoeeaoeef in-
socn eokomUteoiabooailed the xoiUi(.Coav
mlttee." :"'"' ''"""' ""1- iumw
Sio.VXk SectetAtlel kbd TrrXstrrer ebN
rcnart fed ikoibirO Tburedtj M each month. A
lull sutemeorof til reoaipu an4 expandimree.
With Wo B ASM Of ponora vmr ..vir fc:
8co. iJ XftAomMr,snaupeieciea rryoaiios,
nrnth'wia.ia aaohAaaer Aa tba Sodetf
ai the time Of rleotlon 4bali dtMeA-on bold
their respective office on tear: en until thele
Bxo B. Tbe flouiety AhAU. bald . a Letinjjly(
olten as Ono ft 'day: from' 19 Sm 12 A. oi
the purpose of TcaiUlng bp such ArMelee mat
neeaea ior wuuon okjmi ucataa wouaaa
in onr poip. -in. n.k-,. , u-uii ..
8xa.X Tbe" ExecotrTO' Commliteo am 1
their discretion M Any onm of the1 nri.
batlono excWrl)w.Uit bspliirt4IJmt
of oarSiAM-'J --'- UmHm,ij m nn m'lt j,
8xa 8 ThlsSodelynrTTwajUdietrikwl
ate aopoonuiottuonA ui may orsvnrioisier
t . -1 - f . . r .Li .!.''' U5U.i
Wat purpiww ) ,1, ,
Bxo. 9. Tbeefflwwrool bSMre-.All,oMt
that st Bail of tb EtwtatWe-Gommlttto.for
Bxo lftJr't)-oi.'t.iWSt,J AUcf
a, member or thlBflpfletf.1" " ii"
4Lk S.v.amlm rFol'fi'A.'Eiekflv
CommfHwiottia.A4af ooiaiAAl
.n. ihAi boiiMMMtbtraMaf a ifuU at.
W E Ina. V'ft P'"'''"
.fit HotnmiTKMMre . a-.m jh .
M a Matt 0 ihsatr, KfCdmWeWsrkry-;
Extcout CwisiiTTAA Mr. S" MV SmWf.r,'!:
lira. tu-Jlra Honaton. Mra. La.ulJI
. .Ax V. lAll la avlxcTlflr ISS.TH AI BtMikftrt'ja -
.Ser.mma.At.rif '
... I n
Mla Owinne. Mrs. H. ffoble. Mrs. K W
f . . a . ... r. .
Tarlor, Mrs Uri Munuuin, mrs. iiaao a'vuu,
.Mrs Hkes, Mis Aldrlch. Mrs. Henry
iliibIvCoAlrman of oommittee. .
Tbe olroulars of the Society will be out tbis
wetk, ihf generoos donation of Mr. R. Nerlos,
wbo-both famished ' tbe paper and printed one
thousand of them for us to whom the sincere
thaok. of the Sooiety ire' due.' I ' 0 ,' 7
$ order 6f the President.1 ' "'. . T ' t
M. E. DOHERTY, Sec'y.
m .. , y
ThxtFinx FsoiT Seeing In our sanctum
eoe specimens' "of rich' 'luscious peart-tbe
Duchess d'AcgouIeme (the largest VariAt)),
fie (hwego Beurre.tbe Seckel, White Poj-
eoee, eic , and seme large, beautiful, Apples, n
the-VuDdtrere. Jjcatban. etc a. .devotee cf
Pomin exclaimed ''Where on earth did there
samples of Eden's gatden iruit com from?''
we Qeia.np a oara as our answer, ana ne reta
BvrcwaK, Hanroxb 4 Co., Colambo Nurse-
ry.'-Due mHe : South of th Court House, on
High Strtet.",,' ... M ,. ., .;, u
That' the placei le lit" ' "Ye.' i"Then
I'm 0-P-H."i -- i :; j..-., )..- r,. ..
The Ohio EoooiTioriAL Monthlt The Na-
vember- No. -of this valauble monthly Is on
ourUbls. It Is full ot important praoticil
hlqtg on" the art, of teaching and the mode
of study. ' We pHi the Monthly aa a pa
rent of bow much greater value mast It be to
the practical teacher ? if; . Z f ;.' i
1 'This Ninthly Is now the only .odvcaiional
journal la Dhlc Mr. Lonolev, tbe pnblisher of
the Journal of Piogrett, having transferred Ha
Subscription list to tbe Educational Monthly,
and diicontlnned tbe publication, of tbeVournn.
,; JTie Month'y Is published by R E. Whitx h
Co. Columbus, Ohio, at onQ dollar a year-
We hope hwiU meet with that patronage from
teachers;" and the friend of eduostlon, which,
as the solo eduoatlonal periodical In tho State,
It richly merit. ,
VTuHyfitiun BilLukd Rook We dropped
Into tbis new And popular place of resort, Sat
urday night'," end were surprised to see so many
peaons engaged in tbe noble game and were
quite taken with the happy manner, our friend
KiUNXt has o! receiving and Accommodating hia
numefoas pa trona. '
Faun AasiTAM or' Pat'sonna or W.
Major Bocknia, of the Kontncky Home Guards,
rVired ob Sunday bj e'peolal train from Cinein
natl, bavlog in charge tbe forty three Kentucky
aeceisionietj'' eiptnred seven mile from Win
chester, Kent'uokyi on the 2l.h Instant, by twen-
ty.ourrjgieii commanded himself and Cap
tain' C?addook. They were taken In tbe at
tempt tb join the rebel Arrhx At PrestonbtiTg.
W.ben Aeked bow, It happened th'at.they were
raptuVe'ol by so smal? a party, one of them re
plied that tbey "only bad one load .In their
guns,'; . ?:i.sn
LleotJCAc,of tbe Seventh Ohio, arrived by
th sn train with twelve. tf
ohivilirvl captured At or near C
tbe Virginia
There are now two bundreij and fifty pnaohfrs
of war at Canop Chase- "The barracks' ife Ml.
Miwtaat ArroiMTMXNTS Tbjt follbwlrj njf-
pointmenU bare JuStbeeo mads At tbo office of
tho Adjutant GenerAh ) ;;" " ;:J -
Jerome B. Pbillipa, Orwell, Quartermaster
i2i battalion, Ctb Regiment ' cavalry; W. tt.
UotchinS, Quartermaatsr.vXst Jiattalion, 6:b
Regiment oavalry; Oscar F. Gibbs, Quartermas
ter. 29 :h Regiment! William Steed4nan,Ran-
dolpbt M.jor fch .Regiment. caril-Jfohh C.
Douglas, Cambridge, Qaartermaster 7dih Regi
ment: Henry M. Cist, Cincinnati, Adjutant 74th
Regiments' Henry F. Byman, Cincinnati; Cap
tain 7ih battery; Eugene Powell, Delawarfl, "Ma
jor CGih Regiment:Clrk H. Robinson, N. Pbil-
adclpBia, Qaarkrbsaiter ,60th Relment, Rich
ardU. Treat, Gallipolls, Major 6.h, Regiment
eitalry; Samuel D.' Caroy, Cincinnati, 0 M
75. h Regiment; Tho. Mottoo, Eitjn.Col. 8tpt
Regiment; ,Jqhn A.. Turley, ,.!eut.-Colonol
8Ut Regiment; Charles N. 'Limison, Lima,
Mij'ir 81 at Reglmscti Frank Eransj Adjutant
Ulii Rgimeot; Samuel E, f Adams, Quarter
master olrt Regiment; Abram C. MoCbesncy,
Bttavia, eorgeoBk 9lh Regioentf Charles N
3 aloe, ffofedo 'j argeod- 70th RegttaWnU AV.
,.Regner, Cleveland, Surgeon 6.h Regiment
eavalry; Byron Stanton, Baleoi, AasUtaat. Bar
gedn 1st Regimral ortlllwryt Geo.. Leggtt,
Naihrille. Asa.'t Surgeaa l5;h Regiment; Pa S.
Chase,' Akron, AVt Surgeon 16th Regiment;
MH Hajnes, Seveo Mile, Ass's Surgeon, 69th
Regiment; Robert' Fletcher,. Cinoinnati'Sar
geoo lit Regiment; Mithlas H. Birlilsopt Ma
jor 60th Regiment; W.rFoedick, Cinfllnnati,
Adjutant 3d Regiment eavalry; W, Of Collins,
Billsboro, Colonel 7th Regiment oaf airy; Geo.
JDodd, Battalion QuartormAstor 1st Regrment
Cavalri, A'eiDder Mcllvaine, Mansfield, Cap
tain 'Company A, 64.h Regiment; Henry B
Hunter,,, Looter, .Lleuteoant-Colonel '.61st I
Kegietjamet r a.fforr, UbiHicotbe, Bur
geon im .jtegimeni; isaao rJ .Uioes, uniutoo
tbeAMuUV!Sirgeqrl J3J Regiment;, Viotor
ZtOm, Mowroriiler TAdjutent 31 eavAlry;
George C.'.Roorta,JQaartermastet 3d cavalry;
Widianl Rl Jibksoo, Moeroeville, Qaartermas-
aer 3J oavalryi Stile W. Berr. QaatermA8te
91 tiiwf'o4fts'EJ 8an'ordleTaad,,MA;
To : Mi
lUTaar VxNTLAiixit ; n JCivaiaa
Yon Will flnd-af N. GcHDnnittrweA's, No. 139
8.RJgb atreeti. next door to tbepoodale House,
a jargo-Aod aupeiior stock ot ready-made cloth
ingkcaid A like excellent stock of cloths to be
manufactwea to ordef N tbe merchant tailoflcf
depirtmenof . hi establlibment. Mr.r Jl.
iro'i4Ko'ho' Aoperfnfanli'tMg 'depir'Beutf,
Ij ft skiUCo) orfitot. wbos Ability and reputation
afford an arcpl gaaraaty thai none but the best
oi work will be mad under his inspection. -
L9i readerA; mtliUrv ftpcVbtberwipe.Vui find
V'Ueif,Adveotge to pijtciMe,, their clothing
rAdy(mador'IeAve their order with Mr. Gn
oxasHxiitKft,iAO t an old and experienced mer-
ohsntof jbis nlty, and Is enablAT, from th fact
Vutf bay hi good.- fa csht. jell, at a
"v liememberN'. fiBntsiaiiMXARo. "'123 Soath
High tre'eti.v!Il-'.0,:;a,'",' "rJetia-lmeod
fimL "
'4hrtoi Ai.pl. do -n.wP.ii.ni. - '
, t4oaU price..-
eiLT.'.TL! or,w raa
"B a ti l i ft aa aa an amtarw aMyrwah a . . t
ASheraaA fUkterBeMag, Ua,baMiMi, Bon a4
:J)raMdillnfa'PoOkit.Hlndk,&. '''
..irV. ' r w
IZ l.ar4r LJvmb Uiodt'l lH prkMT. t- r-
f'liooiBiodBUIolwdMil plain do, da..' ....
i VTrL" ,.. J? ' - S'' '
ua. Ill 4 . . n - , . .
Report for the Ohio Statesman.
POINT. The Rebels Fortifying
Battle in Southern Missouri.
The National Flag Floating Over
From Washington.
[Herald's Dispatch.]
WaiHiKOTOit, Oct. 27. Gen. McClelfan is
8Get ao, order apealtiug in tha highest teftmd of
the Maesacbusetts 15. h aud 20th, California and
Tammany Regiments, for gallant eooduot oo
. He speaks of extraordinary obitaclea eccoun
tcred, asserting that tbe same bravery and ao.
tivity under Ur trying difiicuUioa wouJd Insure
brilliant success. He due not attribute the
reverse to any error ot Gen. Stone, and relievee
him and hiesieu ot fcll responsibility fat tbe
The Government has Information that tbe
British goveromeut bag agents abeg the coast
bujiog up all tho ship timber. Tho Adminls
tratiou bas taken ueaeures through collectors
to ascertain tbe fact uud if the information
proves truo to stop it immediately.
- Brig. Gen. Eiitua, lato ComniiBsarv at Cln
cIooAtl, bas been ordered to tbe command o(
Cul. Baker's brignde.
Tnerearenow about fiftv tboosacd rebels la
tbe vicinity of Leeaburg. . Fort; thousand have
been sent from Manassas.
Dispatches publisbcd iu the Richmond papers
report tie capture of neurlr six nundred prison.
is, At LtCiborg, and twelve hundred stand of
arms)' No 'artillery was Ured by the rebels
whose loeg wu stated at three nundred killed
and wounded.' Tbey say that between four
hundred aud five hundred Federals were killed
and three hundred drowned iu tbe Potomac
" An Augusts, Georgia, dirpatcb, of the 29J,
'slates it was reported that, lb English aod
French naval clfiaei were to have a meeting to
decide upon and repott taat the blockade ie to.
tally inethctent.- :-: - "---
Gen. Scott to day received a diemtch dated
Romuey, from Gen Kelly, giving aa acoount
ot bis victory over tbs.rebl8 there. ,
So for s is known, all is quiet on tbo Polo
mac to-
(Tribune's Correspondence.)
In every one of tbe Departments aod the
White House, the Atmost astonishment and In
dignation aie exprcesod at the pnblieatioa in
New Yoikof tha drS'imtiou of tie greit na
val expedition. It will enrprlse no one to hear
that a tiewrboy aag arretted tbis morning by
our pickets this side of Fairfax frith an unsold
quauiiij of New York Times and lieraiJ of
Saturday, which was going to mailttt atuocg
Secistary Ciiuerou baa authurizjtl the estub
lishment of a dep,t for ptisouers ot war at
Jotmsou'e lalar.ri,' Iu Sandwky ' Bay,' Lake
Erie ' An experienced builder ot Sandusky bas
ountraoied to erect 17 buildings capable of ac
commodating 1,000 prisoners. They are to .e
fiuished by December lO.h, af a cjat not tj ex
ceed $25,000. - ....
The battery of eighteen guns discovered a
week sinco on Matbias Point Is a mjth. It
must have been fieldpieoes which firod up.m th
Freeborn aod Island Belle. . Tho steamer Union
a few days since thoroughly examined the place
aiiH found neither guns, eutreuchments nor feb-
lft.fl ' ' .- i r
The Assistant SeoreUry of th Navy, in' his
return from Himp on Roads, wbcro he deliver
ed sealed order tu tbo commander of lb great
oaral expedition, paeeed witbout moleatatum
by Mtthias Point In the Baltimore. -""
- Three or ourdajs before tbe false new that
Mason and Slidell bad sailed from Cuarleston
for Kurope in the Na-bville reached here, a letter
from one tcbel li' Richmond to another was In
tercepted, containing this passage: . "I have
just bidden farewell, to Bluiell, who i about
Starting to Ivirope wltb Maion. ' I ney are go
log Uroah Texas, snd will sail from a Mexl
eau pjrl.;' . Recent intelligence lead to the
conclutior. that tucy . went by tail rout. -. - ...
Capt. Duafie'esotnpApy ot tappers aod miners
baa beea ordered to this rtty irora Weal Point
The New York 4 lib, Ellsworth', ha been at-
laohed to Geu. Butler' field brigade. ,i. . : :
The rtbei r fortifying Centreville.'11 Tbey
bar no foroe this side of Fairlkx Court Qonsa
Our troops occupy Vieona, and our picket are
a mile beyond Annndalot ..'..'.. ...j
Oflers wera sent west; t the offieers com
mauding tbe naval expedition to govern them
selves, so far as persons held to servio are con
cerned , by th principles of the letters address
ed to Gen. Bailer,' but discretionary -power 1
givoo to th Commander lor speoial oircum-
aunoes; Dot instruoilon ar given to avail
themeeive of the ervioe of any persons,
whether fugitives from labor or not, who may
offer themselves, tj bo employed In such man
ner as deemed most beoeboial to the aervice;
also to aasur all loyal master that Congress
will provide just compensation to them for the
toes of the services of persons to employed. '
Lieut, rorter, of lb fowbattao, report that
he arrived at Motanborn Sept. 24ih, only fiv
days alter tbe Sumter leti. Tbe latter had
eiuiced two or three daya at the month of tbe
harbor ur wrorhaul ah brig Maria, xpatd
frqm New Yo k.' Tbe Governor of Mrdoro
treated the officer of the Bomter with every
oooriesy, promising them that they might su
th Maria there it ahe was eaptared. - He sap
pii.a net wun aoat, oa waAoawiuing u cxxtM
(am to tb Puwbattaa. ... .. ....
la entering Moranuorn thr-Samler got ashor
and lost hsr false keel, and when bo left, was
leaking. oh left nodr sail, having; hoaiad
her smoke staokv She had taken' no vrirss'
since tbe Abby Bradford, and It was understood
her motto was, "burn, sink And destroy, ' par
ticularly Boston ana eastern vessel. - f ,
' Lieut. Porter left 8ept S8ib, And trat'lnto Bt.
Thomaa Oct. 9.h, where hia lost dispatch i
dated. . ... !......
(Times' Dispatch.)
y,Tb Government 1 rapidly preparing for en
foroiog th Confiscatioa law passed by th last
Congress. ' ,
X.esterday attaenmenu were served against
some furnitnre belonging to a man aamed
Shield, who 1 A Captain in the rebel Army,
Audi owolng number of houiea and lota in
Washingtju. . Tai Is to b speoial oase of
me law.1 ir sustained, Uovernmeot will atone
proceed to confiscate tbe prooerty of . every
known rebel a fast U come within Jurladio-,
uan-oi our itmi. c., a. I
(Herald's Dispatch.)
la received that recent
occurrence bare oeeasloned A division of the
tebal army ot the Potjmao. Laroa reinfwca
menu bave been seat to .LseSbvrg with th x
pectuion of . a renewal of tb, attack on. that
point, aiso a numerous fore bas been coDgrega-
ted at norioiB, and m imprMniua that to
expedition fitting out in tb Chwipei Bay
wa. mnuuui hi uiiii uemuoirattoa ther.
The eeuisr of tb rebel army ten at Ceutr
vine, ana dm en xaocn weakanol h th
f lUtdrAWAl of these force oa the right And Jeft.
t 'Ol l tMHt ittltKi Jim ih
IfF'.ll , y t K.rf- 4 v. .vt
Gen. Johnston la .tb commanding General.
Beargard ooma nd tb forces opposite
Washington, and Gnstava W, Bntlth com
rjsanrls tha fareM at Le.tiburg.
It was stated that a rumor was current at
Rlobmondafew days eo, that an Import in',
advance movement ot to wuoio j
was to be made, befor th first of Novemb r
hat perhaps tbe flehtal Ball's Bluff and the
sailing of the great naval expedition baa ren.
[Post's Dispatch.]
. WaiuiNOToif . Ont. 28 Soi u of Mary
land -a atano dara In tb V ClO'itV Of Atlnapoill
comolain that manv of their sl.aves hat' sec re
ted tasnuslves on board the-, vessel of tbe
coast expedition; several eluriM were found on
board tbe ihlos and were returned to their
The lolowlug letter from Garabaldi has been
reocived by lb United State Consul at Ant
CAPERA, Sept. 10th, 1861.
Ma Dear Sir i I saw Mr. tJaaford, and regret
to ba obliged to annonnoe to you tbat I ahall
not be able to go to tb Uuited 8 tate At pres
ent. I do not doubt of, tbe trioinpn ot tne oatwe
of the Union, and that shortly; but If tbe war
should oufortunately be contlnned in your oeao-
tlful countrv. I ahall overcome all obstaoles
which detain me, and hasten to tbe defense of
To Mr. Qoioolv, U. S. Consul at Antwerp.
The government bas been furnished wltb tb
oopy or a dlfipaicn dtted at oc. Liuuis xtn, ana
with one received from Geo. Fremont's bead-
q'larters, dated Saturday, as follows: ' Yester
day afternoon Mj. Seagrone, at the bead of my
guard, mad a moat nriiiiant eaargo upon a
body of tha enemy drawn up to line of battle
at Springfield, two thousand or . twenty two
hundred strong. He completely routed tnem,
oleared them from the town, hoisted tbe flag
upon the court bouse, and retired apoa a rein
forcement which he ha already joined.
"Our loss la not great.- Ibis successful
charge against each a very large odds is a noble
example to the aamy.
"Uur advance will ooonpy bpringileid to-nlgnt.
The number of tbe body guard was tbre hun
Brigadier General.
[Special to the Post.]
An officer who bas just Arrived bcre from
the encampment of Sickles' brigade at Pott
Tobacoo, Md., reports tbat tbe rebel schooner
Page yesterday approached tbe shore At tbat
point, and fired at our troops. Her shell fell
into our camp and compelled tbe men to with
draw to a safe distance from the river.
Tbe state of affairs in New Grenada In regard
to tbe U. States is ia a delicate and interesting
condition, elevating tbe flag of state sovereign
ty and state rignt
Mosquera turew his country into A terrible
revolution on the 18tb of July, and suceeeded in
entering lb capital through tbe imbeoility of
tbe chief commanders of the Constitutional
army and the absence of confidence in them by
their troopstbnt be bas not been able to extend
bfa rulo to even ons-balf ol tb territory or
population of tb country, and there are now
powerful odds again't him.
Letters trom uagoia state tbat the American
legation there favored the obtaining of inform a.
tion by Gen. Mosquera, relative to tbe strength
and movements of bis opponents, by which be
was enabled at last to attack tbsm with advent I
age; that in tbe same manner our minister
Gen. June, vlolat ng theordcrs of Geo. Briceno
on tne Magdaiena river, nad montna oefore
caused tbe d easier to tbo expedition gent by
rresiejenl U-pina to tft Atiaotlo snore, uuder
command ot that Chief, Gen. Jone haviog
ctuseo a ttsamer to proceed down tae river by
wnicn me rebel were iniormed or in position,
strength and plan of attack of lb Govern
ment troops.
I bese letters also ABicrt that on tbe evening
of tbe 19.h of July, wben Morquera most cru
elly ordered lb murder of three citizen with
out trial, even denying them all spiritual com
fort, General Jones was at a ball or soiree given
in the house he occupied. It is known too tbat
General Jone himself hastened to recgnizo
tbe self-assumed government or Moquera, pre.
seating to him the appointment of United States
Consuls, at Panama and Aspiuwall, aad asking
him lor tbe exequaturs, wbicb were immediate
ly given. In eooseouence of these proceed iocs
of General Jones, itlocqttfra assumed to have
been formally recognized by lb Uuited titatee,
and nas tnereior attempted.
[Special to the Post.] Great Battle--Fremont in Possession
of Springfield.
St. Louis, Oct. 27. Tne following dispatch
was received tuts evening.
To Lapt. MoUuxavxa, Aseistaut A. luiunt
uenerai: leeterday afternoon .u.ior snagroue,
at tbe bead of my guards, made a most brilliant
ebarg upon A body ol tb enemy, drawu np iu
line of battle, In tbeir eamp at Springfield, ot
two thousand or two thousand ana two hundred
strong, tie completely routed them, and clear
ed tnem from tb town, aod boi.ted the nation
al flig upon tbo Court bouse, aod retired upon
a reinloicemeot which be ha already joined.
Our lots not great. '.
This suocesalnl charge against such very
great odds, is a noble example to tbe army.
Our advaoce will Springfield t
Maj Gen. Commanding.
Fremont' body-rnard numbers three hun
dred. .
Maj, Frank White, who recaptured Lexing
ton recently at th bead of oue hundred and
eighty men and - released tb tick end wounded
soldier after driving ont eome fir hundred
rebels,! A sou ot a prominent lawjer la Wew
Fifty prisoners, taken In the battle of Fred
ericktowo, bave been put to work In the trench
es at Cape Uirardeau.
u t he account or fflaior acbomrld, wbo com
manded lb battery in tbtt action, show that
ibis victory wa tb m.tt jmplel of Any yet
achieved by our army daring the war. Jiff.
Thompson escaped on loot, alter Having bis
bors killed under bin. ...
r&a reber tore wa about six thousand.
while Onrs was only four thousand. ' '
[Special to St. Louis Republican.]
ir tub Wmtsbn DxraaTttxiiT,
Yosnl oraTtoii, Mo , Oct. 26 Th following
dispatch ha been received, annonncing a most
brilliant victory at Springfield by Gen. Fre
mont body guard, numbering one hundred and
flity men: "
Fivb Miles Our or Bouvaa, Oct, 25, 10 A.
M GmiaaL: ' 1 repjrt respectfully that yes
terday at 4 P. M , I met In SnrtoKfield about
two thousand of the rebel, lormed In lin of
bat.le. Tbey gave me a very warm reception,
but jour guard, with One feeling, made a charge,
and in lea una tbra annate tb enemy was
completely rooted by on hundred and fitly
en. . ;--
W cleared the city of every rebel and re
tired, It being near night, and not feeling able
to iep tne piaoe wttn so email a lore, waj.
WnlUi'a command did not narticlpal la lb
charge. 1 have seen charges, but such brilliant
nnauunlty and bravery 1 nav never aeen, aod
did oDtexpeot. Tbeir war-cry, "Fremont and
Major Commanding Body Guard.
Col. John W. Richardson, who rode over the
Tictnlty of Springfield last evening, says Sea
grocs wa guided to th town from Jefferson to
tb ML Vernon road oy juage uwen. Tb
rebel camp wa Just oataid of tb city. , i
Seagron wa oompeiiea to pas urongn a
Ian And let down a number of feoeo raila be
for be could chare on too foe, thus'drawiog
..- TJ. u. mm AAnil Am I jti .hui
miir ucv . amww e,vw w.
firing in 8ortngald and from tb boose. Two
sooessiooUts wbo ran ont of their dwellings and
fired noon tb body guard war Xiued. '
BeAgran was aaviaea oi ui nomoar sm u
rebels, bat bo wa determined a aavo a fight.
CoL Pearce, said to be" ot Arkanta. eem-
manded on of tb rebel regiments. .,,,,' '
It la thooght tbat tb oaus ot too inrasd
rebel fore at OBVIogBeld, wa tb larr amount
of plunder gathered tber tor soma weeks peat,
wblcb. II 1 atAtea, tney uiiecaea to tax oontn
with them, bat which will, of course, fall Into
our hand." Tha losl either is not stated
i i 1 . . . - r
. PiCoctB. Kr.. Oat, 27. Three asapax of
ike Ninth Illlnoil went to Saratogt, for-y eight
tailed np tbo Cumberland river, on Saturday,
and Attacked A oompaoy of rebel eavalry,
hundred strong, eonpletel roottsgfina.' Th
rtbeU tail thirteen killed, twenty fenrr prtton
ova, 69 hawo sod All thif eamp equipag, i
1 en, Biiraa aaa ait tamtr oaotti emmiag, 1
TI) Feoarai tore Bamberod two ftooUW a
Ij y.t rjt
JI.eaa I ,Ifr AjtH g;jrt t .? .
A Refugee's Account of the Battle
BaLTiMog, Oct. 28. The following is from
A refuge Irom Leeaburg: - . - -' - , ':
r neo me intention or tbrowros; tb v eaerai
troops across lb Potomac river first became
apparent, tb rebel force in- tb neighborhood
was so small that it wai almost decided not
to offer any resistance. Reinloreements, bow
ever, coming up from the back of Leeaburg, aod
with tbe force thus gathered, not altogotber ex.
ceeding three thousand, it was resolved to make
a stand. Both parlies, it .was admitted at
Leeeburg, fought desperately. Tbe Confeder
ate feared tbey would be surrounded by a large
force which It 'bad been anticipated Bmks
would threw across tbe ferry, just above where
the battle was fought, aid thus most desperate
effort, were made to defeat Col. Biker before
the expected reinforcement of. Banks could
come to bis relief. . ; ' v ''. 1
Our Informant saw over ono hundred rebels
dead, and numerous farm house iu tbe neigh
borbood were ocoupied as compsoy botnUau
1 be nu nber of tederal soldiers captured our
Informantdid not know; htaaw onepaityof one
hundred anJ ten taken off, bat' anderrtjod that
two other squad bad previously been sent
Away. ' , i
The expectation at first prevailed that tbe
national troops would be able to advance in
overwhelming numbers to Leeeborg, and created
tbe utmost excitement among tbe Unionists, of
whom there are a large number in the vicinity.
who were prepared to receive and welcome the
army, whilst many of tbe prominent male seces
sionist mad prepartiocs to leave. After tbe
oattie, tb rebel rapidly hurried np reinforce.
ment. It is now estimated tbey bad from ten
to fifteen thousand men at Leesbure and Water-
Pacific to the Atlantic.
N(w Yosx, Oct. 23 The first telegraph
message from the Pacific to the Atlantlo was
sent by Chief Justice Field of California to tbe
SACRAMENTO, Oct. 24th, 7:40, P. M.
To Assam Lincoln. President of the Uul
ted States: In tha temporary abience of the
governor or tne mate 1 aio requeue! to send
you tbe first mesiage which will bo transmitted
over tne wires or tne telegraph line which con
nects the Pacifio with the Atlantio States. Tbe
people of California desire to congratulate yon
npon tbe completion of tbe great work; tbey
believ tbat it will be the means of stre g then
log the Attachment which binds both tbe East
and West to the Union, and tbey desire In this
the first message across the continent to ex
press tbeir loyalty to that Union, and their do
termination to stand by th Government in tbis
its day of trial. Tbey regard tbat Government
wttn aiiection, and will adber to it under all
Chief Justice of California,
Thia message was received at Wasbiccton bv
tbe President at 11:30 A M., Oot. 25th.
Further Particulars of the Fight at
[Special to the St. Louis Republican.]
Caiir RicHaaosoN. Bolivar. Polk oountr. Mii.
tourl, Out. 26. General Fremont and staff ar
rived at Bolivar, Polk couuty, sixteen miles from
Camp Morrisey, and encamped this evening on
tbe rjutekirt of the town. Bolivar, like nearly
all the lowns in Sonthero Missouri, is almost
entirely deserted, the stores being alt closed
and many of tbe bouses abandoned.
it ta now aecertaiued that the loss of Fre
mont's body guard in tbe brilliant charge at
Springfield, was six to eight killed, and torn
niceeu to tweuty wounded. .
' A number of most brilliant instances of dar
ing we:e shown oo our side Our Sergeant bad
three horses shot Irom under him, and a rebel
plaoed a pistol to Scagrone' bread, and was In
tbe very aot of firing wben the Mijor severed
bio arm from the shoulder and laid ulm dead At
bis horses feet.
Col. Carns's third Illinois oavalry left tber for
Springfield, end one regiment of Sigcl's divis
ion will watch there At midolght. Lieutenant
Fremont and staff and Slgel's division depart
by forced' marches lor Springfield at daylight
to-morrow morning, and will probably arrive
there in tbe evening.
Gen. McKicstry was two miles north ol War
saw last night; Gen. Pope was this side ol the
Osage atd Gen Hunter in advince of him, all
maruhlcg to thia point.
It ia understood that iu tho lurlhc.itticg bit
tie Laue and Siurgis will have the left wiug,
Huuter the right, Ash&o'h tbo mini column,
and M'.Kiustrj will form t.io reserve, gigcl tak
ing tbo advance.
Noilimg furthir Irom Price. .nJ. ni news of
[Special to St. Louis Democrat.]
Tir-ros, Ma., Oct. 23. Gen. Kennedy, who
bas just returned to Sedali from Price's aimy,
say Price's meu are much dissatisfied at the
proepeot of leaving tho State, and that tbey will
toroe bim to make a stand within our borders.
Ou tbe other band, it is asserted thai General
Johnston bas left Kentucky to take command of
Price' and McCulloch' forces, and tnat before
leaving that Stale be seat couriers to Price and
McCuilocb, directing them ti fall back into
Aikansas and not give Fremont battle until be
could reach tnem. Gen. Kennedy says Fre
mont will bar a much larger .force to contend
sgainst than be imagines.
Considerable number of Price' rebel ar
arriving iu this section da ly, and it ia leared
tbey will renew their plundertog habit a soob
as onr troops tear.
Rebels Routed with Great Less at
Niw Cans, Oct 27. Gen. Kelly march
ed from this point Friday night and attacked
Komney yesterday alter noon, routing tbe cue
my, capturing many prisoners, three piece of
cannon and all tbeir wagon and eamp equipeg.
The rebeis retreated tjward Winchester. Our
lot wag trifling, that of the enemy not ascer
Nzw Yoac, Oot. 27United State Steam
era Powhaltan aud Iroquois, in search of th
Sumter, were at St. 1 noma Uct. 14th.
From Fortress Monroe.
Foat Mobbob, Oct. 23. Th great expedi
tion baa beea delayed bv tb prevalent gale.
Some refugee from xorktown state tbnt the
rebel ar In considerable foroe in that vicinity,
aod there Is an apprehension of n early attack
by tho Federal troops.
From Cairo.
Caiao, Oct. 23. A party of thirty men of
the 23th Illinois, while soouting on Saturday,
encountered a parly of rebel cavalry and infau
try thiiteen mile below thi plac. A brisk
engagement ensued. Tb rebel were rooted,
with tb loe of a Captain, Laeuteoaot, ana
several wounded. No loss oo oar Bide. .. . ,
; BAIN tfc SON; '
,0. ti IOUTH EIOH 8TXXTT, ' :'
1 tO OO yards laosr t lala Black BUks at fl OO-vala
1 8 A per yard. m
8ftOO yards Tranliig Vnm anl Maatls floods
19 1 cents vala go rn:a paw yard.
3,000 yard Walls BrlUtantet st 18 1-8 eats
vala 80Btspsrjard. -
StOGO yards lias sad Domestic Ginghams greatly aa-
Aarvalas." '
' ALSO 5 ' -v
0ZAJt3IQ,lJTJL tlAlZORira,
.' OHAIXII, sTOlTLASD 1110, ; "
, iaicxa, caxicaii, nnau, V.
ITerw stixd JYtofakwrigt'hls Irwai QooCL.
U Um Mt aalnOHstylts at vwryhtnrs peter.
Of all safari), mad ka tb amtstrllta amaatr aflm
tb Vatatl Paris Tmac -; moat araaaat slyUs .
tb ear. ' - ' - -
, : c BJMstMilt
ataf 30 f." ' '" . . tTs. 0 8 Ol HI
-a srrxK anrrra.
Ill mwttfm t Ttn krw trwa iW .11 kimai
itaall MMt a
; V.roathUith ft-
auimi tan. n., j. , t '
, Mh . . - ,k v."
1 ..... j ji;
i .Un .fi .i.t:i V .
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Oct. 28.
: VLOUft Tlv oanti batter, with mode nil. 4mm
export ana Bom eisumpiiooi wim vv, joo Obi at ti
4 40 for r.Jeotwl; S 4J(S 50 lor laporSno xtra
9 M uv ir iupruow faian; wt ,u.o wi lo, ooav
moo to medium extra w.fterol ti WxAO 00 lor.hiDDtnr
bModt extra ruond boop Ob lot BS 1098 g for Indt
br.cdido, market doling rather qnlat. Vauadalao I
sll'htlr Klraocd, wltb moderate d.manit: lain WO
at ti iiifS St forrapirAoel 13 70410 73 lor common
o oholo ixtra Rye Hoar unlet and stcadrl sales
von it w j w tan iv. ... .. :
00 UN UIAL Qalet and anobaoged; Mies 500 bbliat
t SO lor Jarwri ti S0&3 ti tor cboiel w.stora
- WuIbaY WItWoot ImDOrtaol rbaont aalos 100 bbli
atilio. . . ,
WUBAT Ooeoed labelter.bat with larawr r.c.lDU
and a l.rihor adraooi in Kogllib frtlgOU, m.rketolo...
waa at about turd. dIom: ulas or 40 000 bam
Olio spring at At 181 SHi K.IOO Kacloi spring
i xiKgt 1 13 ifuu so soi ibwiilorn olob at ft vltgll n;
U 300 Chicago olub at 1 83tl St 01,000 amlxr Iowa
i sioti KB. tm lattarao ex rem prlei; Kioto
rod ii.tc (1 3131 13; 03 010 do wlour red writers
i as, iwauo iBoer tllolilgn at ft oigtl 37;
13,a0do whin lodiio at ftl SOAIt S3; IS.OuV wblti
Mlenleia at 1 i(Kl tl; 4U) wbiie Kea.ock at ft
AIH geari tnt Ana at 7ia80ii as to anility.
BAHLBY-n.m.r. wltb less oUerlng; sales 12,000
uum viici owaywe.
OOUN Is le oatier with modiraU demand for export
and homo oontompitoo; markiisloied ruber quUI; iali
ui xiu.vuw oniD at ooo ior oaougea Blxul veiuia; Slut
oi no ior goca u prim, toipprng ao, nearly all at Ihi la
ia. price, exoior weiwrn yeiuw; cue ror wbiuwoturn.
ui i
TA Hear sod lower: lalu at SlkflltOa tor CumU:
fOKK-.Withiut Important ehannt sales of 800 bbli
atIS 15 7J Ior meni (l'iHa!.iO 00 for prim.
. BHglf in fur demand, sain 300 bnls at (I Otkgtt SO
ror prime; j m&t oo for meas; v wstw so lor re
piokod men; A 13 73(ai3 SO lor extra meat ftlmi men
beef IdhoiIt. '
BAaf UAHt Tnfilrdemjcd: tales ef 75 bWs prim
western at ftIS 5017 00.
CUC tm ATS steady: sales of SO packages at 6 for
aouiaire ana og)0c ror name.
IIAOON In eood demand: sales of 930 hhds imokol
iiaei at owsua, . .
LAKU Uai hinted: ulei if 300 bbli at IkdMU.
BUri'MK Oontlnuel Arm: lalaa of Ohio u felAIOn:
SUto 12 H' Ilk. . , ,
OHKABs Pall and drooDlnr: falrtto andnrtmagW
COf rl B Oaltt and nnebmnd; tales of 60 bars Bio
ai 10,140; . ooks 01. vomugo at Jso
litis -laicuv.
AUtta a Haw without material ehtnxe In rrke and In
moderate rcqueit; ealeeof 300 bbdi Cuba it SKaV4e; 83
hbdi MuiooTulo it 6c; 319 boxes Hirtna at 7KstKe.
MULC8KB-liuiet, salts of IS bbdi rorto rtloo at 4x4
TALLOW U,.nilnuei arm at Hue ior Drimeeitr: salts
01 ,vuv it ao at so.
Cincinnati Market.
No chance Is renortsd In dold or In onr nuotitlon. r
Uncurrent Money. M.rcaotlll bnatoeaa at largo Is ao
llr. Id a small way, and giro, no appearano In th. tho
roughfare, of a greater amount of trade than Is actually
bsist traniaoted. Thi eaiterp newt had on 'Change im
parted eon.lderibli itrangih to the Produel mirk.t, and
caused more stir than preyallcd arday or thia mora-
slou a is now nem wttn greater nnaneti. although
there Is not mncb freatordliiMnlilon to bnv maniloitcd.
Bup.rfla la pat beak toft ti; extra and family retain
the priori la.t glrca.
W11K AT Cannot be said to have advanced In nrlaei.
that Is, above ib mn gini quoted yeeterd y, butnllers
lie mora Arm, lod advantages which tha buyers bad yes-
teroay uey are ocomo to-aay. . 4
OoBN Is suady at 3t)c. Ihouzh (he market Is not sua-
talned by the dlitlllen.
OATH are firmer, and quoted more freely np to SSo;
BY A li In better request with salci u high 11 4Ko.
BAttLKY Is about at it has been onoted lor Krerml
Cleveland Market.
IT OUR Sales ef IS bbls eholc donbl extra red at
4 73; 130 do at A3 00, and 100 bbls whits do at Mm..
WUBA1 Ioictire. Ib only tales mide were (cars
whit, on track at l SO.
CORN Dull. 8 ill of tear on track at3fc.
0 T3 falea of 8 can on track at K3o.
IlIQIIWlNae Saleiat 16c.
LAKO Pile, of Hflrkim country rendered, at 7fo.
BUTTBR Sileii.f SO Srklns it Oo.
CRANBERRIES Belling at AO 8 bbl.
auua rirmit 100.
BAKLRY In fair demand at 40$ 50c. , .
BYE nominal at 5o. " "
For an Inch of Time!
a Srlnc Queen. Tnat loch of tlm etn b. procur
ed at a mu-b cheaper rats, an many long years ai
enjoyed byeornltlng Dr. HIRRYWB ITHt, wbo
li curing tna moit obitlnat ind long tt.ndlog diea.ee
Fact ore sHoftbarn Tbtoaxi!
Hear what th Fhlladelphta ootrrpflident says la flw
0mmonwealUi,M Wilmington, P.lawaii, Adi of April,
-an Knsllah gentleman, formtrly eoaneeted wftk th
BrltUb Army, and wbo Hylea bimielf tho 'Indian
Botanio Phyeidao ' baa of lato giioid an txienilve reps
tation here by his skill la caring all BUM! .f 00m
plainla. 8mn of bil patients I bar ooaroried wlih.
and tbey prononnot bis itmedie and mod of treatment
a Mry lunrlor. Bom hir ben reaUred ai 11 by
magic. Th medlcin b ase Is distilled by bimielf
from rartoui h.rba potimlng rmrl enritlT pro perl lei.
-While acting In to army hi diTotcd hia l.liun mo
menta to a thorough ttady of the effect, produced by
eertiln medicinal root and herb on all manner of dla
eates. It teems hi hai found a inr and nwedy reme
dy for all the 111 that Ann it heir 10. ' His praetie is
already exteneire an la dll Increulng. In to com
plain' 10 which female ar inbjeoted. he baa DO equal
at a lanr aombu bar. bar Iwufled that they wa not
only their present gcod health, but Oj.tr lire., loth
skll or thi Lod no Botaal PbyiMaa."
OOlre 37 East State Street, Columbus. -augl7-d3oi
: nwAix Ohio, ;..;;;. ;
nmmnfacttirera of sail !
Aatbl) anal fttatlwastrT
. siaes, saw nni'. 3rt BAUia, - -
..(.- . avcsvo. ';-.-:r.
IA MODmMaa1molA4Ai-UaTBaaUml
J. 4, J. a. DUVALL MtatmUl 0 LUX EM
, t f . Momtmlllit - . -:
Owr Fnrtablo feft-ia aad Saw Kill
WsasrJdlhart svoaraja f SO at tb India
Stat lair fot 1 ovmt Un fttftdtay sesaaatsi
Prioo. lightae, elmplfclty; ooonomy of fiel
And taiimlwr character of lomber awd.
Our Stattomuy Anrtna was wnd4 at th aam fab
tk. nt aramratl f raw. - . - . .
Oar rwttBbn Bio was WiaM uU Ant pnmtam ol
Alt) at tb Imtr at MfiptrM, Iimh wtt aiaady s urn
tmU'a, Cwlasnat AtaahtM Co'., aad Bradford A Coa.
by oauBittF f pncUeai Amiroad giglM.ai , .. . -
gor prka aad torn nVirai
WILLAJLO W1A5Z3. friaarir,
dacd-dftwljaoia. . f . . ... Ji.wan, Ais
trii TKnR ar ! D a. cn siti-tra
ii stagaal aaalluwa s totawjatsa, Hia
-e ,m xp ti .t
.-c-g i .i'l ( lift"
a-- 1
"They go Eight to the Spot
Iiastagtt UoUof t KUf' i?SWiU'J
. f J ' ' Pttrllf ronr Broavikf 1 ?r.l'l Mfi
... itrena-thea yo-ir Tole!; -' U.
.- J" ..-1. , V,
"f ar.a.
'' 1 ab t.'i nt ;;o no
GOOD FOR LECTUREIU.w'"'',aV.''0',,','1w
ci GOOD FOR 6INGERS,Vi:i .'I UlQjl)
- ,1 ' n m v t,!L...
LAprjgfxax' uianiED wira
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uwiuiw a . 1 .jnirri ' - Aiia JUUA IXJMLTm
They relieve a Cough Instant)) ,
Tby clear tbe Throat. . ' ; .
' '"t at
I ttK t J'J ,-T.Jl
They give strength and volume to the voice.
Tbey Impart a delicious aroma to tbe breath '''
They Are dellgh'tlul to tbe tut.' - . .. .-:,, .. .
They at made of simple herb and eannoA ..rk
norm any one.
XedrlM everyone who hasa Cough or a husky Voice
or a Bad Bream, or any diffloall ef the Throat, to get ' ' "'
a package of soy Throat Confection); they will tslleve
roa Instantly, and on will agree with me that ray Vt
go right to the spot " Ton will Aod them very qiefot "'"rt
and pleasant while trsTellag er attending pabllo meet.'' '.S,
logt for stllllngyour Cough or allayteg yoar thirst Us
yoa try ese package, I am safe la nylng that goa will
ever afterwards consider them lndlapensabls. .
Yoa will find them at Vs Druggists and Dealers fa 7
atedleiMS. . .; ,
fy signature li en each packag. All olhars' art r
eountorfelt. ... .j. 1 . ' '" I'"'"'
A package will be sent by mall, prepaid, oa reoelpte - '
Thirty Cents.
Address, . j , ..
Henry O. Spalding,
a . NEvV YORK.
1 .-(
CURE'" ' Jc
By thsuio o( the Fills tb periodic attack of Ar
on or BUt Utaiaokt may ha prevented; and If takes
at thi ootnmraeenmt f saattaok Immodtata telief from
pain and tlcknim wUl btostainr. , , ... .
They seldom Sail In moving th Same snd
acht to which '(males ar so subject.
They act gently spea th bowels remoriwg Cxtto .
aaat. - ' .. . . j j
for Literary JUa. Sudmtt, - Dtlleat Female
and ill ponon. of udaitary kailit, tmr.ar rains
at XowaMs. Improrlcg th appdil. giving tons
rtjar to the dlrntlve rgass, and ratterlsf tb aatar
.laittdty and stwugtk of tht wbslt sjrstesa. j t i
TDB CAPHAXIU PILLO.r tk. moUof I nr. Inn. "
ligation sad earafally 0BastA uperlateqts, aarlcg
m at many year, ourmg wuica aim BMyasv .. :
pravaawd and rllvd a vast paouat of pats and sorer? -
lug bma Hsadaoba, wtHthar artgtnating ra, th ar4
sytteta Srfrom a deranged ttstsef lbs tSowvsoA. ' . - -
They ai aUtly vglbl la their somiioiitloB, aa
may b taken at all ttme with scfet safety without
nxktaf any change of diet, and IA aft y amy
dimarmabU tatU rmdert tt twy to adninit tr (Aawt
okiidrm. . ..f
Th piruln bav Art rtrsatnieaof Henry 0 BpaUIag
aataehBox. .' ' ,
Bold try Drmgglstssnd all oiler Cealsrt In klelldst.
A Box will b seat by mail, prepaid, oa ncwlst ol ib:
iPrioo. oa Ooxitam !;-
AU orders thoaU be sAlemed t ' V
At Codor Stroat, (low fork.
' rreaBllMlxaartIatiblk.Ta.'i J'f 5 JJ
Cerhalte Ml awwrnpttta tb obiool for whlcb. AW L .
wr mads, via. I Car ot saadacb In all It form.
from tb Ixsmlatr, "orfofk,
Thar bav ba tost In man fl
Wltb entire oaooeta. w ' -
1 Irom fb Dsmocrat, tt. CloniJ, kftxirj t
If voasr.rhav btan, troabted with Ha neadacfm
end tut a box, (Cephalic Film,) so that yoa auty bav
mcmuaaaaoiaaauaoa. d.l
I --i J.vll
ffiwsa fb AdT.rtitar, ProTidanca, E. L , .
Tb Cepball Pills an mid to baa itmuwkably tgoatlv ?. f
nwMdvtortb baditi, aa 00 of tha tars but fcar . ' .
that very fnqoant somplaiat.wbieli bas mi bou .a v ' ' ,
fna th irestera ft. ft. fraattta, Obisaga, I1U . '0 ,1: .
W. iMartily esdort Mr. EpaBlding, and hi anriral t MJ
0pbaUrUl. ri . ,
' fro BimwImTalley ltar.laaMia.Ta.
Wrsnn tharmtrlagwUb th btsilanbsl
wh try taaaa, wtli aacfc t ttMat.
rrom tb ftouthan rath risdar, Sow OrUana, La."'' ' ? ' '
Try Ibasat row tbat awtilBlttad, and w an tar tbat
year bMtkaooyeaa b added to th lints dy swirows
bat ahju aa rece irod. btoefl.ta that at oihx meitMtn. can . .
SS BBSS. -v " "- V-A f3XD.j
. ... , Ml - 1 'fj-mf,4
' :( . treat tb It Louis Dlmterat:
Tin iBumann deeund tor rbt artkhf ,OVf bant TWt 1 T
rapkUg Inenwlng. , . . .1 ' ' r-
- - J ' - . .-I' 0' vrr
Inat tkaOaaeUa, Danspart. low.
Sfr. pilling w Id m( MiBcct kl asm wiuf aa At
BmlbM so AaOTMMNaJmrU. g ,j
2j-A Ug kottl ot 'iPALDtSO1 rAAPrtl"Mr
AJAjSJ TsTlAl saavwai lawxa BSwaati awas wawany. amBVaamBsmAAiy J . -t aVJim
1 3tm ms
.r li r.?t
7 jwoHOJifi - ... urariTca
IIATrcae Tuai UrmtwrnJJ.U ,f
Aairrtdaw4swlbBria.a slirtbad mfat '
. tt Is WI Aanii to ban om oboap aa
vary A
gMiniii to ban ota cbaap ia oo
wwtoat war ior
riviiriag tuauian, a ova, vmwrr
t k withoeu aU
li oalwajn nady, as apt tan urc 1--M'
TJIfOTi ! BTEXT B0U8B.". -'.uitit
I 1
aT b.iriitsrvo.'1 :n
I, art, Codar , How TSgfUiiJ J t
... - . e "vj.i.1.. jt .k .
- tm eavtala wtayaWpm sii ji Ara aOanpSrow .-. , .
walm Sb a 1 r-f .m hnitalioaiof mi.
rasPaXaD OLCA. I .i"i oJtio ail i.r,i3 i.ri
(BMMiirltanlHit't anemtlwlllitliillt" 'vsf
1 KJlh fKAfaaas-sLi j jtt:i.,t
BiMtkmiMlwtavpt all torn Tnf. . .
trinibx,- t-,j ijc 1 . a a . .
1 .;i' ,1 m( t
nr., s;
iv ..o
1 a. ,..
. if
1 .1
. !(
, ' ' "A
C. fx
... me
1 ' bjMt
' fc7t
I awn a . ijjU.

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