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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, October 30, 1861, Image 3

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Rail Road Time Table.
LiTTua Mum A OawaaisAJCsifaAerj.T '
v ? Leaves,; g. , ArrlTJ
,v ; Jbov W. Dobxbtv, Agent,
COLOBSVS fclSVSlABO : ; ' 'f h',,
Bight ttvnm.. : 'ftif a' M
No. Tori Uxors.. ! : 9
' . j'i " a."" Tattbwsow, Agtnt, .
OaWIBatOate.A, , , . ..ef . '
do. 1 ,. i.r.: J: A. M. ... 1 A. H.
Mo. te.-wwl1 ... 1-4
a mj tt.
-.W. y.. JAM,, itrn-t
a. ft. .
all tnlm.wf(i'W 1
M. 1I.-8SA.H.
Baprsaa Intn
..M:25 4.M. b:4J t. H.
Coumaoi ft Uoianorom. a. a. ,-
(Uotuasos Pinea ft Ibimasa E. B.J
Ma. I fxpraot. ,:3n ' M-"' u
No. ;00 P.; M. T SO P. M
aoeoaaodAUou, ' ' - - -.10.4(1 A. 11
A Pemoenlte Bespsper, recoct ly started, with dr
eolation 01 500 eoplei;Ts offered lor sals at tts lowpilos
C imr kwdrtd dolltri eae. It U primed In a
fl jrl-hlDooantJ,n 1 hu pmrt o( eoooiir prtailrf
kad III clreoUtloo sa 1 niUfi ft: HW; tU
trllof ttceim:tjar-o, 8Ufl ., Tbli lit
(oodoptnisg for rioijcml prlnur;, Addrwt Iditor
BiAUoMk,OalaBbu(0Ula, fotfui'iher pirtlclrf.
A10 wot mv 8oLwi.itW re gld o
Uara that bour eighty1 "dollart WM rlied
for tbe8oidiri'.ii4 Spciety, l the oietUia
mcat gfreo the Wei 8i'sieri,Vi iArmory
H til, 00 M jodij night " GreltVe,dit ! dM M
Mr. Win for hi llberlit,,jtidv3i th"iltri
od (hi j0 perfarmeri for th eaaod iuo
eesi with whW they, enterid In to t'b5arrM)gi
meat. 4&ito Mid,thif her, nttarpf epto In
(hit oitV wilt-long . baejnmWeI. iith Tetl
iogi of5ds(J cti.yflnd grtWinae..vui :..
Jai. T. Ctrtrti lUcotm o h a, Seneca
Co BiJikfee ti'ottoe 00' HondajMin ibe
Audit w, TreaiiiV!ftiSUf liJof Stitej that
Mr. FmiBoia.'df'TIfflii ipoio4
Recelurjj hj place. ItlsVaTdtVfrjbLi de
Bit ttolbli&Cfl
more him, anH?efil4a: totorrwi(Jer'j'JtV
the 8priBqi,iit , w
THr'pii'- Rooapk-rTbii!gbln njolira
UMl&tiit'SL 33.';aV4 34t)f- tOe
ai.fSi' ftraflijifitleined. It U Wiiiu.ttdl
With p5rrtai-ot fin(U.9y tiU
BiQ.B;wATr?08j;, Tweotj AMinbiMonba iorJ-J-tlfe' S5.h
and 26jLtifl,)Bg" (WPS'jijlifii.f ol,llne
Tbu WWitt'e eritODuieaioiptittrPJarj
of A.erloaBfen4,,(Ttihmi
meotfc. iwaiireirr ro mor J Ig0;
Bnecdoid, ew. u" ,f.ii .asau ,i , :
nii SdiffD'ef fo 6 wHh.'foM in.
dex.d.'t beantlfiil mapi'aod piilraitf. will
form if Imit ooiiipTeVi and InetruotlT hlito
rj oKtaencrect eveots of this most itmlng
period"of Aoieriew hUtorjr and bV ne of1, the
ricbeat gir Abai ooald bi jnade to childrin or
friends." " . 'x '
Ohio SiMeoBcr(naTbspi)t9 'B-
tistC6dTeLi6if0asMri 'MseieaJaii.week. at
maneneia, WBiDieaujiuK is aawai uu,
The aitSi'dAMi wV irg, f tjr ooeasion one
J,J"o la J --e ,t . -
of maafMiaTeat." " .
Tbe aninal epofi,'i.f the ecetarwf the
Brd.-bpwed J enty-si? miseiooanea. la. the
employ Of the Board this oonTentionaI'Je4r.
Relinloua,, meeUoasVIWDdcd 'ia;' Iddllkhw. to
timed of preachiogV1159f psatorai ViaiUk,3i63;
persons bapfied, 17lt number received by let
ter and experience, 105. tiii,t-,V
Thefoilowlngfcla"cers:ireTa fleeted by the
Coovention. :,r Pesidebt-ifce.'-' j. M. Hott,
Clevelaadj Fioe Fresidenipr.'Ctiir 'Man
flerftfcbrre'sponding 8ecretar-a-law.j tJ F,
CaiNAaan, Ztnesvilletj Recording Secretary-
Rev. J NCaiHa!, Ashland, ,
tT,The Secretary of War hae made Camp
Thomaw oamp ol instruotlon foegular In -fantry;;.',Thi,6.b
regiment, now at Chicago,
has beett ordered to report ibere.,'.
Ilni mu. Ai I.. .. -t - ' '"' '
fCT Eight Cmnpaniee if the Eighteenth Heg
InMnti U. S," IufAQ.t'r'yh puder'Cjl. Cassinotub,
marcheJ"into the city yet8tdiy iron Camp
Tiuoaae, and praeeeded tj a lot near the Luna;
tio AsjluDfcWhere they performed various mil
itary avolnMpcr aad -exercises showing' the
skill and' fflulea'cr of the men and tbcireffi-
cetAjeturLini to the city in tbe afternoon,
the empanies made a similar, exhibition-' oi
tbelr Mftflciency" in the' art military, much to
tbe grttifimtioa of Dimerous spectaioH.'. The
companies reloaned ln.the Jerenlog to their
Oft Wat to Suoolats. It U related that
aa army oeotraotor' brought to Washington five
thousand, b igi or oats, oootaioiag two buahels
eacb" i Boure ielireruig "thein they became
watet-iQAtea pq. lb! wnarf and were refectsd.
Thy were then loM to a prirate JudlrMual at
euiiaie -iwaii w . u,.,. uo untna -rawm
again, put them 1o bara, and sold iheoa to the
(7aswasnl at forty fire oeuts "per, bushel.
Thj.,bna .pC lne'iniAy tpeculaMoni whlcp
Io dally uklng ptaoo l tbe seat, of jGvern
B. " 4- m,-,.t ,nr : .. .
l , a i
aX.Tp f hole number or frgiaenta already
ftitborlied bvtha Ouvernor of Ohio. Is elghty-
t'trStAtfLiT Marrulwrn of CinoinnatC has
bera-ordeted to thaoommaod of the 5l3t Regi-
taVoi at Cmp Meigs, Canal Djter. : ' . -
. " . i . , . ,i
inrGeU ' Mitchiu. speot Monday ai Camp
thaae,';., He ordeied wiater barracks fjf the
prisoners' pt'Wsf i j. i,;; "
t 17 A. D, Boluck, ol C'oolnnait, has been
appalnwdAIstnt Qurtermaster Oeoeral.
k . ,w in I 'mi ' ' ' Ji
TTThev 431 Rrgimsa will b sen,'' from
pamp to Mt. i .Vernon, for "the purpose of tt-
TRAktr was fn Swltxerlaod at laatacoounU,
rooking asoand for a borae vicloas enoogu to be
operaledppoa In bubllOi- ; : i ' - j
a ST. Reapeatabla people, vi-it the Wtnant Bil-
tivi Room, for It I! a respectable place", kept
ist arp(Mable.manor. ...,..,,'.
. - - i- i ,', '
ZTTiiXTTItctOkvrrrvt the lO.a Infantry,
has beaai appoiaieil Cuj'oei bf the 59. h Rl
aunt "'at Hamilton, Bailer county, vice Col
Ktaji, deceased.
Tprftor(i published byG F. Potjiah 553
Broalw.. Newrtf Wti wrtbtni Olul
is 13 a volumeV-iU lui Mr sie ny dook-
i r-T l't r. . .
Capt LaiiJH Wi nodentand that Capt.
Lw'dn of Company A, Col. Maikow'i Reglmeot,
trill remain In the city till Mooday next,
Tin till affjrd an opportunity fjr our citiieoi
tirplae in bli ohargi eontribntioni of blank
eti. tblrti, focki and other articles lor the com
fort and aoUca of (be brar fellowi belonging
to Companlei A and B. We trust tbli golden
j opportunity will not be aoffered by any one to
pA-s by. uulmprored ( Much has been done already)
but there it ample room for rccre. f
; ID Tbe total number of men enlisted In dblo
op 'to Mood 1 erenlDg," Oct., 28, is staled at
60,950. Of tbeae tbirty-eight regiments or In
fantry, & teglnienW of oaralry, and eleten
batteries of artillery, are in aatnal serricet and
there are. fire regiment! la camp ready for
marching- orderi the First, Eighteenth, Nint
tceiith, Forty-first and Fifty first. "
- i, : "-
;HoiioawtHi1EiM. There Is probably no
part of thai physloal rganiiatlon mora tender
or eeneitW than tbf eje, and when bnmor once
seUle on the delicate organs of sight, blindness
is sure to follow. There are instances where
persons, baring become blind, hare applied to
oculists In tain for relief, the professional gen
tiemea being ignorant of the bidden cause of
the. trouble. "Kennedy! Medical Disoery"
has effeoted many corse where the patients
were totally blind from tbe above eiusei and
we1 mention tbe fact at tbe present time to In
duce any who may be suffering from, any trouble
with their ejes to try this wonderful discovery,
and not fhese only, but any who may be troubled
with humors of any kind- . , X i ) ; "' '
' '
Mall for New York Ulty, Bolton, Albany, Buffalo,
PHuburgh, neuberiTillt way. ' OI'lai, Zanei.lllo,
Nenilra, OranTlll. W.lilDU) Oitf, BslUmon, PlillA
d Iphta and Maw UiUaua, oluaa daily (tliudajri excapt-
d).tS'oloa sj ,
A Ibroaira awll lul now aura ana .vtcTeuuia viuvw
daily (l)iiiiayaaaeapiad) at i g'uluok p
u. u. av u. a. a
May aUllelosn daily (Bandayi
septad) at I o'olock p. a
UcotralUhio way auii
til closes dally ,(8unda$a ncspted)
III uVIOAta K. m.
PtiKlDuaU Way Uallcloaes dally (Bundayiexceptcd) at
o oiooa atUiAK. ,
-Chiauo. bubaane. Delaware, Marlon and Wortblnp
ton SUiis eluaoa daily (Miuuteys, ausptcdj al 'oluek
Malta for Xenia. gprfngHeld, Dayton, Toledo, Clnoln-
nalL luliai.auolia. Luuuallls. Bl. Loata, Bud DaUoli,
(luaei daily (Baudayi cawd) at 8 u'oli.ck p. a.
A through nail o Xaula. rtoM'd aoayiaoiaoatl
ttoeeartaW SaaBdayaaaeavtnl) al io I'olock a. m.
' Urnaaaa VUtaa 4 Ilia suo.Uuiva uiiy aiaii eioies aaiiy
(SuQilBye SBoaMtadVal t'cMt p. ai
Lalan4AM.MakwwrilJa. Ulrcltrllls, Chlltleoth.
Paruarawtti) WaBglo CU , Aiheus Manetia aud
T.....; ... J..aWfl..n,ll. .n.i.lH.n H
clora pt'a" i- H . n ia ' t
IU Wu Hail ky HaUooaf Boad to Zaatsrlllt Closet
daily 4a.!.dayi axoepied) M 14 u oluok m.
JlUinaburau aUllclusas Jallgi (ouiidays szeeptsJ) at
oVIoai u v. 1 1 1 '
Hi. Tenjon Mall.eywapor waawrvtiiaaBieooiHuy,
otvodl7 tMBilaya eBatad)atSaMuoa p.m. a
Dublin Ball eluaea Sally (aaulojri aacByUdjal cioci
p Bl, . .avf ...
lanoaaisr way au eiosea wuiyiaaDoajaawaiFunw
'- - -r a a
If ilia from tew Turk. Hwnun, niladalphla. Buffalo,
AltMij, ViltalMirga, Clerelaad, DaytuBi VaMo, Aanla.
llslruiu Bpriuahalii, Ciuciunatl, OhHIIeatbav Ik. Uwia,
and all BauUiara elilaa. arrlra belWaao Um hoaissl V
o'olock p a. aud 4 e'aluck a. aa-'j , ,
Mailt from lodlaaapolia, Ohicagft Mnl BdbaqoS arriTt
at 3:10. s. U- :::-. .. t .
i Hail freaa-'IfaiMBStow tty aUiltUBora, waoeiioj,
Zaoaayille, Newark. StaubaovillB,' Hi. V anion, and the
U. II. B. t& ixiag Mail, imTtai ,o ciwa
Wu Hall Iron Umciuuati arnvea ai a o ciock
Cmcluiiatl arnvea at 3 0 clock p
Lancuisi Hall arrina at 9 o'clock p,
Kaat Way Hall orar
National Hoad anrtresatll
B'.'kek am. . , , v
all. varoon way BtaiiamTeaai ii:iwb ai.
,' Mall from Dublin arrivea at W o'elaea m.
Unama Way Mall unm at B a'eloak p. aa.
HtriUua (h Hail anWaa at 11 o'clock A B. ,
'.Lancaa er Way Hall arhrat ALU o'oUok a
UiUce dcllrerr ouaa rrerr day iaaoaut dasday) from
7 o'cliick a. m. tok o'olock p. a. ,0-u on biffadaii
froai 7k lo o'clock In the morulas, and from S to b
. . .
' DEALElt. ltV r '' i'
Groceries,;:-?-''T"J ' ' ' I
!s-n:'-vi - !''Prnflnfft: 'I '. 1
K I: :i OY.l JPiOTiaions,
Foreign and Domestic Liquors,
klYmts 'etc? eU ? c.
o .i afijf;
ii Os 34,: if O ft T It H i G H 8 T R B E T,
TO '
No. 106, South IUgn Street,
Ths ol4ijspwetI oseBplsd bT.Wal. MoDOHALO
Ha It la dally receipt of
,Whl4hs will Mil J
Ctteap for Csvsla Countrf PxoeJace.
Jj Qooii de lire red te 6lty trade
of ehargeO
ipr:ccui -..-. ia.
Legal Notice.
Ckarlos Bsaih. Pkiotiff, ...
William T. jenalnca, BODjamlo
Oon-t of Oomana
Plea, franklin Oo.
9. BoMfiaan na iiu, T.
Poitaa, IMVaitaola, auUiitf
dotna kaalnaaeaDder it arm
Ban "nf Wi Ti'' JonBloaw
Ptttaa JtXJo. .i"- .:). .
. . it-.-
i jwmea U at iba pUloiia. Charlao Uaath, did, oa the
13th day f Ooiobar A. O. Kiel. Sia his Betlll n m the
U lark a offlro o the. Court of Common fleaa to aaM
oouuiy ol f rankttn. The prayer and objret of whwrh h
to rrouTvrol UaamtdclemlutsU.aaamof elx baudred
and tOTOoty-lwo 33-11.0 dullara oa a pmatiaaoiy note
eaecQUd oy aaM deianOaaro oa the IMth day of Botes
hat i A. 0. IftiT. la lhaU Bua naa.a, dua and payah s aix
montho artar dale
Dfead.nti vtlt taoa not lea that tary are reaulrod to
Bnawoemid peilliaa on ln IWth day ct Murembar. A. Dv
UWI. or aaai ..aiiuoo win ns utcn as una, and laiM
awnt randoad an v4telya ., t .
rilatar'sPMS.as it -- -' - "
jonn m puon.
i A .v,lA.i AltjrneyforPialnUa.
Master Commissioner's , Sale.
1 .
UlaiK Co. :
nil., u'v;- r
n. j I
M, Xloncyatal.)
Common Hell
Kinney at at.) ...
dtreoted 1mm tho Uuart ot Uueasoa Plrat ot Prank
lia OoualJ. Ohio. 1 will afar lot ! at lha door ol 1LO
VMart tuoaa, la loa Oitjr of Cuiumhoa, on
Monday, ike 25. h day ol November, 1-61.
Bl one o'oloek. a, au. tho folloalaa dawrlMd rral
auoi niaata as uiooauii ot XraLkUa and aula of Ohio.
SBWtM; ,v-r -Mi- . - -
Laa Mo. S. aabdurUiop of oat-lot J9, la ths d'jf
a. vwihwiw i - , . . . - - -
Appraiaailattiag 00. '
u. w.'HTjtnraTr, Fheriir,
. ' -':- aodAtaatae Oommlaalonor.
rrinter eioso, ai.ui. ..
; ;Masler Commissipiier's Sale.
elo of Real JEe' t ate "by order of Court.
W.fet. finch,
f operfor Ceart of Iracklla Cooat,
John Brawn at al
T!f purraaaes of aa ortfer of too parlor Court
rankllaooantv, Ohio, Blade at tho aiar trraa thereof,
A. O, lrttl. la tho above onlllled aooaa, thaio. will
offoiaa for sale, at pahlle aueuoa, m tas blghaM aiddor,
Skthrday.lhe 30ih day of Nor1," A- D. 1861,
al thahnorof lOoVlaek i.f.,ai tbe floor of IhoOeart
Hoaao. la tho city ol OuWoabaa, la sohI f tanklta eoonlj,
the Mlowlns real aauie. So wu:
U M a la, her U of Kobart Nell's addition te Ihoel'j
of Colaeihtit Brw-t ibr aorta-oaoa osrnor ofjAjCkela
tanipiko ami lohnaiwn plank road. ..a
Ai pratMKl at atJuft bll. . . ;
.Xsmts el sale, oaah.
a",.i I . -.' A01 iWATHS. ,
!. j"" ' "r Ti stoater gilBWoaor,
8. A IT. Chltfamrea, Atgra.
Prlarwr'e as, tS.IIO. i
Oot.ki, UM1-U. k
Reported for the Ohio Statesman.
Interesting Washington
Order Issued for Fremont's
Latest fro Edward Ferry.
From Washington.
[Special to the Tribune.]
Washington, Oct. 28. General Scott will
ToluutarilT retire dom bis rank and duties with
In tbe mil it-n dajs, solely on account of bis
ubtsieal inBrmitles. Tbe recent aot of Coo-
eress Droeldtd there should be no reduction m
bis Dir. suoaisteuee or ai.owapocs, in toe event
ol bis withdrawal.
It is well kuowu lb it Gen. Seotl baa bad sn
ODaeitlsd acoount with Ibe War Departaiebt
emce the meiiean war. otcreutrj vjimeron
has rectuilj given a careful tximinaiion of bis
Claims, now tbiriee . jears o'd, Jiff. Davis Dav
it g brought mm in tleut on account or bis ex
peud.turea aud receip'.s in Mexico, and so lar as
the Secretary's report could do It, disoredittd
him aa a doalc'uI agent of tbe Guvcrnment.
Mr. Cameroa bas reported that General 6cott
was nut oulj eaiiiled lo ibe money-be claimed
of the Giivemmeut, but that be saved to it mil-
llous of dollars, wbich bv the laws of war be
could have pock t ted under tbe st led principles
rrmlaliog t ie distribution of pr xs and coutrl
but on aiubey." " ' '. 1
This opportunitv or personii aavantage "is-
field 8cutt Ksxerouniv diverted to the louudiug
ol a home for IuvaIL' soldiers. Oue ol the mon-
omeoin, long after he Is den, will bs tbe sol
diers' home Dear Winbiugton. -
On aturdaf I ft the order ol Ibe uomtnand-
er-to Chiel that Geo. Kremout should surrender
bit com maud lo ibotluoer utx below him, Geo
Uuoier, acaompauied bj a Utter of in-ttuotiuDa
to Uen Hunter, wits seut out by the Prtsident
to Gen. Curtis, In commiod at bt Ljuia, with
direiitloos to deliver it to Geo Fremont, uoleae
be waa actually in the presence of (be enemy.
or prepariiig lor a battle.
. J. . w . . . ... .
Heuators UDaoaier ot raicnigan, waa a oi
Ohio, Trumbull of Mmols, and Wilkinson ol
Minnesota,- are here, representing to the Ad-Qiiuii-ir
tiion that tbe popular demand of their
constituents is that MiiGlellaa er so ne one else
sbalf immediately whip the rebels on tbe South
side ol 'ho Paotnao In a ptl.hed battle, and as
near to Bull Ruo as possible, and Irom tbeno
roll the tide of war steadily Southward till it
reaches (be wa'ers of ibe Gulf.
The Tribuoe states that ols of our corres
pendente with the great naval exsedition writes
from tlamptviO Roads on Friday list that he
bad 'it been iulormed on good authority that
the Private Secretary of Commodore Dupont,
the Commander of tbo fl;et, bad. sbecouded,
carrying, with him tbe maps and charts, and
even ths sealid orders of tbe Commodore. We
do not vouch for tbe truth of tbe report, but
only lor tbe fact ti it ibe writer id worthy ot
tbe la
[Special to the Herald.]
A scouting prty of Union troops went Into
Fairfax Court House to day, and learned that
the rtbelB hud not been there for many days.
out were as far back as Centreville, and not
stronc even there.
Toe rebels all along our lines to-day, oa the
Upper rovimao, have net beeo seen
There is no news to-day from down tbe river.
Tha vaasela ol tho flotilla are on tha vetch
below Muhias Point and abave the month of
Qiantico Creek. - - i
Our hoops on the west side are opposite Ao
quia Creek and along the shore, ana are active
ly engaged m erecting lortincttiont. . i
[To the Associated Press.]
Wa-hinoton, Oot. 29 At noon to day the
Navv Department bad the best reason lor be
lieving outrun the rnmor that tbe private secre
tary ot Commander Uupjbt bad absconded with
all the maps, ihert. and sealed orderi of tbe
great naval and military expedition.
The rupey irom tbe Ujiiiia, last mgnt, re
ports tbe Geo. Page ka now oooped op io Qdan
tico Creek. As oar baireries on the Mart land
snore bear directly on the month ol the creek
it would be a matter of considerable rule lur
her to attempt an exit. Several puogiea have
ma tbe blockade and cme op the river.
From Salt Lake City.
Gieat Salt Laii Citt, Oct. S& Washkee.
chief of the Snake Indian j. arrived here to-day
with a band of ludiaus, and reiuroed to Mr
Bromley, ageut ot tae OrerJaud Mail Ct mpeny,
a number of hors s aud males, stolen from ibe
Bear River by the Bin nock Indies, be having
eaotortd ttiem Irom that tihe -This la the old
oMei'e first vleit to this place.- Be received suit
able present for his exploit, snd is being well
entertained during bis stay. lie Is tbe Best
irieod tbe whites have in thaw vioiuilv; and
were it not for bim, great depredatiooe ipua the
wbitee would coostantiy be committed.
The War in Missouri.
[Correspondence St. Louis papers.]
Camp MoaiM.iv, ihinv-four miles South ol
Wailiw, Mj., Oj. 83. Sen. Laoe Oap'ared a
ij-annportetiun train of the enemy near Btiitler.
Batei oouotv, and took the escort piisoneee, a
ivw data since; among ibe loiter were Captain
Whitmrand Lieu I VaUiii-i: .- : ...
Laoe also reports that be louna. a large nom
her of sick and wounded rebels at . Ho bill,
lohaooa ooauiy, in a starving, eondiupai to
ahoae wants be adaiinisiered. , u i .....
- Nine oootrabanda arrived, in' Ctmpe daw or
too ago.atot bore by one o( Line'a vulcerar
their eaoe bas been iuvesilgated, Bod tt M aa
denrtood Gen.' Fremont will return tbem to tbeir
owners . jt
Liui also eaptured a large imoutt of lead
in one of tbe western eouuttee, and. lent It to
F jrt ticjtt, Aiktosas. -t.-aj '
There is no deOuite news of the whereabonU
of Price or MoCullooh. .;. .' " .
From Fortress Monroe.
FoiTiBia Uobbok.! Oot. S3 Oat hundred
tbouaabd rations hava beeo Oiawibuted among
the rrglmetiti attached to the great expediiiuti
this afiertioou, preparatory to tbeir departure.
Captains ol transports received sealed orders
today. Ilia reported tbu oae of them baa
opened his orders and divulged the destination
of the fl et. Uen and an) mall oa board Buf
fered greatly during the gale of the last two
da. - - ' - '
'Two recent deserters from tho Confederate
etaie that tha rebels al Yotktown are suffer log
greatly front weiit and Mckoees.
BosTOH, Oct, 29 The Democrats of the
Fifth. Distrioi kava nominated Hon Geo. Upton
lor'Coogns.' Mr. Upton is a strong Uuioi
man, ana accepts wlUl diiclaimer of all par
Uianebip. , , . . .
r-- --2 ' .i.. " -;:.) i
vRif Toat. Oct. 11 Tww advertiaacients
are published this aominf ; th&jlrH one al Ike
inttanoe of the PrMdent of thi United State,
commanding tha Marshal to attach certain real
and personal property ef William .Shields. and
to give notice to all persona elaimiog tbeaame
er knowing caving anything to Bay why tbe
same sboald snt be.eoaOcmaed to the nse
of the United Stales, to appear' belora the
District Attorney oo Ue SSUt of lVtHreeiber
next, to interooso tbeir claims aco w maae
thetr allegatlous In tha behalf. -
Tbe second adverttaement, puol.ihid by or
der of tbe Court, is io accordance wiih the
first snd seta forth thatWm. Shields, former! v
of Waihlngton, some months af o removed with
his family to Rlchmood, Where he bas been
sidiog ever since, and where he has been and
now is engaged in tbe insurrection and resist
ance to the laws of tie United Stites ol Amer
ica, now existing in said State, and in swet
orrespondence with the enemies ol eaid Unit
ed States residing in the City of Washigton
and elsewhere; transmitting to them money and
other valuables and receiving the same Irom
them In return, which has been applied In part
to aid snd abet and promote the said insurrec
tion and resistance to the laws, and those who
are engaged therein-; and tbe said William
Shields has know ngly used and employed, and
ornseoted to tbe ue and employment of the
propeity hereinbefore mo'epaitioUAriy oescrio
ed, to aid and abet and promote ibe same insur
ieo;ion snd tbe parlies engaged therein.
From Fortress Monroe. Contradictory Reports of the Desertion
of Com. Dupont's Private Secretary.
retarr. ' ' "' " '"
New Ycbst. Oit. 23 The Post says a morn
irif journal alarms lie readers by a report that
thanriaato asontirv of Commodore Dupont bad
deserted to tbe enemy. O jr own oorrespoodent
with tbe naval expedition mentions incidentally,
aa a matter of small InjDolUoCe, that a mas
ter's mate on one ol the ebipsa craxy lellow,
bad suddenly disappeared, and it was feared be
bad, la a moment ot temporary aberration of
mind, wandered beyond the Hoes, where oe
would be shot by the enemy. ' We suppose this
is the ground of feet on which the rnmor is
founded. , . , . .
Lieut.' Beott, who waw-lo eoDmend of tbe
Eevetone State, baa been placed under arrest
at Pbiladep'iia, lor bringing bia veteel to that
port when be was ordered to follow the Sumter
until be round ner. , , '
. This evening's Commcio a! prints tbe follow
ing! (
A prominent business firm la Ibe city receir
ed to-day a letter fiom tbe fleet about tj sail
oo the. Southern expedition, Wiich ptrtially
ooofirnji the lUteoieot made tbis morning in
regard to the defection of a p omineul naval
officer and tbe loss ol tie sealed orders ol ibe
Comoiodore. . The letter is as follows : '
Dial 8ia Lvtl night a surgeon from tbe
Vanderbill came oa board our vessel aud re
Dor ed that the Commodore hid been robbed of
all his private piptrs, cbaiti and sealed. orders,
by bis private clerk. Tbe traitor was supposed
lo have gone over to tbe rebels. Tbe t fleet
tbis new turn of events may give to Ibe whole
enterprise, I cannot tell. ,
From Edwards's Ferry.
EowAkoi's Fxasr.- Oot. All quiet
nigbij uo pickets were thrown over toe river,
but tboee ou -IMS siad neara tnoee or toe rent is
all niKht on the opposite aide, and saw taeir
fiies thickly scattered io tbe woods along tho
shore. Toeir cen'ralmug piiut was a clump
of trees on the bluff where our troops bad con-
Wuoted a picket station, aud near tbe spot
where oar a-tiliery shelled them duting tbe
atirmlah on Tuesday last . .
When our troop were withdrawn from the
Virginia side oa Weduesday bight, tbe 16. h
Indiana occupjiog tbe most savauoea and ex
posed poeliioo, were not aware of any with
drawal uutil the rest bad been successfully fer
ried. They lay upon ibe cold ground, almoct
Irtsen,' with loaded maakels ia tbeir bands, ev
ery nomebt expecting an overpowering assaalt
Irom the coucealed and rc-enfoiced enemy,
whoee numbers weie known to exceed our own
by many thousands.' Yet tbe only murmuring
ottered by .tbe hardy eon) of the N mhweel
were at tbe orders io return witnoat disputing
tbe ground, iaebb? inch, lib their adversaries.
Tbis regiment brought with tbem two prison
ers, tbo owner of the mill on Goose Creek, with
his son, who it was charged had p-epired com
bustibles to fire the bridge over uooae Creek,
bat were prevented Irom carrying out tbeir de
sign by the sudden deeccut upon tbe bridgo by
our tkirmiebere. '
The officers of tbe regiment had a conversa
tion with a prisoner ol war, a highly Intelligent
gentleman and a noo-c m missioned ifficer of
one oi tbe Mississippi regimen'1 engaged in the
affair at Hill's Bluff, lie left Lee-burg on Sun
day night, whea there were but five regiments
there, There were co deleneible works at
Leesbarg, but every approach waa fortified,
commanding the river and land routes. .
This prisoner wss aetonisbed to learn that
our army waa not almot-t entirely compo-ed of
abolitiouisla and radicil Republicans, and that
our mam object was other than to emancipate
the slaves throughout the South, tie laid if
the facts were generally known to tbo working
people of the Souih, lb at our aula object was to
sustain tho Constitution and to pieeerve the
Uaion iotaot, there would be a revolution In tbe
Confederate army and peace restored.
, He was surprised bejond measure to be as
sored thai Brekinrtdge Democrats constituted
a large component of tbe army.
Capt Vaughn, of the Rhode Wand battery,
who went over with a flig of truce, hu return
ed. Ue was ctptared by a party who did not
understand the law of nations, bat was after
ward released by tbe military authorities.
Rolla. Mo., Oct. S3. Thirty-eight more of
our wounded soldiers arrived, to-day .from
Springfield, which place they left Thursday
last. Gen. Price was then at NeOaho, in New
loo county.
Oa Wedneadav about a tbousind rebels en
tered SorineBeld aod took away a oondiderable
quantity of stores left by Col. Taylor.
Troops Ordered from Pennsylvania.
Haaaisiuso, Oak? 29. Gov. Curtio, in ao
oordanew with iastrnctieoo received from tbe
War Department, baa Uaoed marching orders
to the following regiments: Col. HarieanSt'a,
5tat; Cot. Dodge's, 511; Col. Brooke's, 53J;
Col. Coul'er'a, 11 h; Col. Divis's, 104 h; Col.
Cake's, 9G b; the 97-h. and one regiment from
Camp Cameron, wbicsj la ncac ahio point. The
reeimeLti. eight io number, are all full, aplen
didif armed and equipped, and will remove ro
their reepeciivwdsMuuaiioa duriog us week.
By Telegraph from San Francisco.
Sab Faaaoiaco, Oci. 27, 7 P. M. rbean
noooeemeotol tbe eomplitioa of tbe telegraph
at seven o'clock last evening, eeot a thrill ol
oy thiough the community. Prrpirattooe for
firing a salute aod other demonstrations to Don
or the event, were Introduced, when the second
through dispatch from tbe east aoaoioead lb
death of Geo Biker, whom almost every eiti-
seo regtrded aa a personal Irteod. Universal
j j was tbna changed to sorrow. The celebra
tion waa thro poisoned. . '
OauiS MaTTka. Polilicuns well Informed
expresa tbe opinion that the Gjveroor will ao-
puiLt Bei.j. Stark, of Portland, to succeed Ba
ker as Senator. His simpeibiee are secession
Geo Lino has advertised that he will tun, but
without much hope of success.
Sao Francisco woolen factory, valued at
4611 Iron , 'wai burned jeateiday. Insured for
i40IMI .
Fiiende of Ei-Sentor Gwln say he deputed
fur Europe wits a B-itiob aleamer to Atprnwall.
Uoezpewe to meet bis lam ily at Savannah,
who accompany biro thence
Orecoa dates roeeived W tSe 13. h, irlve clow
inc aceouota of the liebncee of the 1. PrrCtf
inea. of new gold diecoveriee oer 4 onde
expanse of eountrv, oobliehed lo tbo Portland
papers. Gold in iooreaaiog qiaeiiwe oaoiiDaed
to arrive Irom the mines.. , Tbe news pubHobre)
in the Victoria papers, irom Brittab Columbia
never was more exeit'as;. - Tbetw will probable
be another stamped North next soring equal
i the r raker river extitement in I . . .
From the South via Louisville.
L.ot-wiix. Oot S3 -Th LeaUvill Coutior.
publiobed at Nashville and rseasd trosa BwLmg
Ureeo.aaysj ... ; .- - "
Kioaw mw.Oct 21 The track ef tbe Alex
andria Railroad has bcea lata from Faarfmx
Court UjOM to Mioassaa.
. Bfeckmndu er r.eauoa and Haanhrey Mae-
ball amvod at &iebaood eo thb Slai, and wore
received wi.h the greatest eordialitj and eatka
eusm. " .-""- i
Geo. John Grsyooo, eoraaiaciiog La. Flori
da forces. died it Toilahsss. . . , .' 1 ; j
. Gov. Moore, of Loisiana, bas insued sw or
dor requiting all peraooa leaving New Orleaai
aodJcoTerson Point 00 rteamboau for. Memphis
10 get paeea Irom the tieeutivw omeers..' '
Geo. Tbomu's oEjil account ot the WU
Cat affile aate to focoea were oerlt rqial
and the Federal troops twpaWeat lit enemy with
great, lost W the rwbeU aodbaA UtU to ths
FedeokJfc-rswi l
Official Report of Louis. Col. Palfrey.
. 'ft "jr,, ., - n , f t .
Boston;, Oct S9.-Leut-CoL Faifrey, com'
maodioeitbe Massachusetts 20ih Regiment
bas made an official report to Gov.!Aodrew, fa
which tha loss ef tbisgalianl rsgimsot at Uill's
Bluff is shown te be about fitty per cent.- ;Tb
effloers eugsged oamberad twenty-two oifloers
safe, nine; killed, one; wounded, 'five miee
iog, sevei ; rank and fit tngogsd,v three, ion-
dred ana. etgDieen; xmea, wouoaea ana 'miss
ing, one huudred ana forty seven. "
A private letter states that tbe Uolted States
sloop of war Dale bad oapioeda auaoaar laden
with rice while attempting to ran. the blockade,
from Savannan W HavaBa,-k ; i
The Atlantio cotton mtn InlAwnnee will
resume operations oo. be lOih of November,
and givet employment, w ejovenunarea per
sons,, j u i ti lii' -i Ii"iuJ ,K
Official Report of Louis. Col. Palfrey. From the Upper Potomac.
DASNtTowa,Oat.a7 .Ganexal brig
adea tell df aide's 1 tewy yesSesday morniag,
and arrived here list night. "A" sdlCotrtt force
remains at tbe ferry to eweire aaietj -against
Rebel nickels rttied Ibd SBDOSite shoM,tamt
log ns with our attempt to invade Virginia, and
begging the favor of. eaqlhas tlilt. fir; ;
; i be questkjqfaay be asked why Gep. Lan
der waa absent from bis brigade at inVbatlle
at Ball's Bluff.. Ue was to TVashldgton tinder
special orders, and, bearing of, the sngagenent.
proceeded to Foolesviiia aud look part in tbe
aotion next day at Edwards's1 Ferry: ""
Col. Baker's body having beeo embalmed,
will be exhibited in state in Philadelphia pre
vioas to removal to California. - - - 1
Nothing new on tbs Potomao to day except
toe review of mcuairs qmsum., , , . , ,
Cincinnati Market.
FLOCK In Ihe floor market tlie o ia aeon Inued food
feeling amongst hoider, hat the deavmaV waa not vorj
pre'iir to-day. .eupeifl .e la qoned as In our last
I 35. tztra and family at ft Vi i
WUKtr- Tho views of wneai apora ors were aomo
wbal varied la-day, aa to the condition of the market.
Btilcllr prima grades of b lh ledand whits wrra lanen
readily, bu.othcrquallliee were neglaoted. Bomeaalaa
won ma le at beitar nilsea than were quoted on Bator
day, and we xund (.or uuuioe figure ou red to 8-o, and
oo while to 9lj.
CuKN Waa rather dull, and layers were not iDClbied
to pay over Ce .
oal S Are firmer and held mostly at SO t(c. '
HYk la In roqacst aud can rut bo bouahi al less than
BARLEY R ores from 45 to 50. Ihe latter (a eaallr
had for prime qu.iity-
WHlrsr uemainsas quoted oa Saturday, aodua
trlOomoia tiffl.
Cleveland Market
treat 14 fc7.
H Ilk Ai ball. Shippers offered Soo only, while
holders denuud97o frtsoahoard Tbe only , alee were
car, on ml at k7o;onedi al Jc, aud 4 ears whits on
crack at I l.ou. . ..
o irl rates or I car on track, anno bum afloat,
and I UUO.buah oa track at Ue, aud l.Uiv buab oo luck
at!3o -
O-TS Quiet at He. - -
H 10 II W I S a rale ef 50 bbls at ISs.
BUTTK a Choice W. K. forUu HAS is WOllh lOo.
Oood oniral brli gt Bo.
BhlBO AffliSs Are arm at 3. .- t ?
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Oct. 29.
FLOUtt A shads Inner, with a fod demand for ex
port aud boajo ouaeumrloo; also a fair ioqairy for for
waid ellver ; aie Ji 200 bole at ti 13 S j ror reject
ed; Si OSi ii tot tuiierfl ,e Male; j VOoS Ho fur
eztia stata. chktflat 5 70s! 73: 14 :04 Ulorao
peifioo wes ern: 15 70 mi 05 for oomojoa to mediaa extra
western; 15 H&0IIO lor ebippiug brioda txtra roaud
hoop Ohio; Sjti IU48 50 for trade brands do, market
eloaloi Srm. Ioeimled In ealee are 6.500 bble a'ate de
liverable la Hovaaber and liecembor oa private terau.
Caoadaian liarmay be quoted qaiio firm olihfairla
qui'T. ealee 95u bbls a; i M)S 5(1 for anperfloe;
15 707 50 for coaaon to ohoioo eztia Byo floiu
quiet aod ekady; ealra at S3 0 (AH 15.
OOKH MKAL-Q iletand onotianavd; aalco5O0 bbat
ti Si tor Jeraey; aj SO 3 U (or ihoica weetern
WHEAT ULOCcnt lower, with a moderate baalnera
dolnx for export at tho decline; lai-e of 33, MM bosh
Cbicajo aprlos a It ISHaVl 81; 10 500 buB aVwiie
tprlna at 11 J-.'li: 93 000 bu h Ml wnkeo elab at
lill21; 18 000 do anber Iowa at II 241 IS; S OnO
da extra crniee do at ti ; 15 3. 0 do red Slat at $ 1JB
91 33; C3 0u0 do win er red weah-rn at l 30 all 3i;
I. IIM do Canada elab at I S4; 4d IMM do amwr Michi
raa at ft 34(41 35; 57 Ouo do white Kentucky all 4lJ
1 45: la.OOu eo white na era at II 40 ill 40.
RYB eearoa and tra at 75vssOo aa to quality.
BAULIY fl'aer. ollh lew oScring; saUs 13',0O0
hnah n.nbllui it
CORN Is lo better with Boiler to demand fcr export
and home eootumptfun; marko'cloaed raiherquiot; ales
or 100,000 boab at N roraamoirea ataca weaiern;
6l3tilae for rood to prime ahippag do. nearly all at
the outside price; e3e for western yellow; wis lor white
OATS Heavy and lower; sales at XXStOo for Canada;
40j4lc for western and etalo. -
P11KK With nt Important ehanee: ealee of 400 bbls
at IIS &3I3 7S for Bees; 19 S-i(t(ie oe roe anaa,
Bkkf In raird-mand. aaloa 300 bls at It OUsM 30
for prime; 5 W SO far noae; I'J ill 50 to, re
packed meee; 1 13 753 13 JO I6r extra area -f tiaa Bees
bear Inactive. - " .
Blair UAM Infalrdtmud; sales of 75 bbls prime
western at t Id 50.
cur MkAT-i ?tealy:a!of Wpacfcatesat 5e lor
abnalder. and 536e for haaata
BACON In a o. d demmd; sates of S30 hhds saokod
idea at 6o aid 1,500 hues at abort dell vary oa private
L4RD TJaehanged; sales cf 500 bbls at IXMXr.
Utter an .x rema price.
BUrraR Continues ftra; sales of Ohio at eaiac;
stale 12 180.
OHiskSk Dull and drooptai : talr7o aoaprlaelK
corrcw Quiet and nnrhaBtjed: sales of so davs sue
al ISo: 40 bmaa St. Doaugo at 150. - '
Blue loartrve. ,
BUilAR Haw without ma'e-lal chanse In prlee and la
aodcraio reqawot; eawe of Sol khds aha at lHmi,
Sniewaa a' Be; lis baxeo Mavaa al 7V)ao.
ui.rfcO-iiaiei.oakeor lannos rortu aicoairjc
TaLLOW 0 'U'lnaee Arm atSMsior Drimooiti: sales
of 7.001' lha do at Sc.
Wrilrih.? H'iLAoat impottAct chAore; ealae SOS bba
atai)e. - . -
Elegant Lace Mantillas.
33VHr cto SOX,
No. 29 South. High St.,
IT ATI just opoaol an Icreico of very bugs and
AA aonnei ao .
Wide Fkbnch Laces fob Shawls.
Very Deep Frenh Flonociog Lace. -
Real Thread, French, Chantill It Gessveae
Talenciennei, Point te Gaze, Brussels
and InreatA Laces and Collanv
''..s -I, ' In new Ebapee,
F" -i t . j FoT tsTtlTllS
Traveling: Dress -Goods.
sotAksiQUis, port-ia. tuttuta't oaacu
, aiaJLat P0IL.1H CBITBKS, - f- :t ' '
LAT ELLAS. BkOCHI TAtlilCIAa. iba. Ao.
Ihe beat a 04 aool'Bj.ktioakli ay la Sa tW ally,
"----i.U .im,: lala AsOU,
Mil ttawetaSiaia. Street..
v a fl a o r ba -on a
a mi u.ctv oil u, , ,i
5a. 23 8oatA Slg& Street, Colambas,
aw wow ormiiu -
1000 jarda TiBooua 1 Biess
-nana.- ,: .
COIrarrlo 1 ravatliit sTroes flee 4a at I31V e'aa al eta.
vwa yaiwo angiiai owiaawa at Wat w ooaa. .
Itaw varU rni.eaora4laaar taw. vakaMaaaw
Aa lanW Taal Oalaev SaMraaat MS ma " - -
Blua tame r man wvooa etiaoat " -
US rarte Swpar flaa llaoh Silk at e. oakatSlsS.
aaawat wntaoae aarosa. sae aagaa) Been, m
half their raise. - a. ..
a - . f. , . . AAIS A SO!.
Je9 -i . . . .,. Uih aireat.
e.,Vkwleml auael ate tall alrla
i y a ib u eg n, p a:
Kea,. iwawtaatly aaael mil km T
Zjcxi.Jpoztoa. Olsaz-as
TtHB oaio
-v 1 BOOK
fl TJ-dT TJTTCTTlirTJTkTrrl .
i (V ifJUU V4 v..
i Having inoTaasea ua airoaajr
i f.
Is fatly Breparod to sxecuta U fhe
vr . i i
'," i' . . .' .. .
Ajro n
:t A ... i e.
. I
k 'biui usnra, ; '
iv - . , 'j.
BILL, HXADSr . ' ;
' . . . . J i . '. t. f ..
I "' - ' .-.. .. I
" . 1 ., . .1, v.'irtij ,
'r And every loseriptloa ef r,Y 7 '
Equal o any KstaMlshment In the StaU, and upon
1 - . .
terms which win compare favorably with ths
. leading Zastern Prlntlnf Huojes ' '- .'
Savins ervery Fawjility to aid TJa
m m noDcorum of
snow CARDS,
We offer our services to all who may dottro that slats
. . of work.
Ws have connected with oar XjUblUhment a
From whi ire produce the
1 - . -
3TlXLoawt 231mxx1x. ox-Is
i U to beadmittad
T1 rn.i I1AH.OEQT
nt Moar
1 9
In tfiis City, sad ws may add.
m AWT ' - '.i.
' ' '1 i . f.t
Prlntlnx Ilonaw In the Wt
trnmrntum n'tti latw '
1 --- -aw hewoaw. ana
The 'baal' WttroHo, Tbttva. aad- TuvWriwaii. The
rbMBt Extract sf thw ITAUAJi IVHtrUM
BULBX. Tha rsroat aad kloak Otatlv tiia A
llltlll lUDir TA TUC frlANtaf
foa Saja. pint, nd Qwartja, trf erwwrw
Drncxla, Oroosrx, oa- Country MereHina,
look out ro BOeiTB
0"S D O N:O I N
"B. BALDWIN & CO., 1
Importers, 91 Lib?rtT Bt, !
r--r w. .NJKW VOKJI.
, Bo la Celruaha bj ' " A J S i . -I
v Whali alt SB I aetall tseaawn. Atawaaaa Ba -Utag. .
0. A- WAfSia.ar.doUKB., .
- Is CeSowatl. bw SCiBB)- AbAaZAi-5 A CO
v... : . .j. enaoura.
at Banal bb11im low Uoas; bam, Btlaao' Wlta
a greet taran .. A . uu a
THTTOannrt sad CTTTS WS an
liinw at Tan avW rkaa atao alt other klaaa
3 it V fa. IB Aaat ii if.
m 4
-'.., ,- I (t "A 1 tas
rntUf. fwBTRreaith!; 2 A Cfi
jBT-r aWM
At i
-. - , i . . 4.
r ... r-r
, , DTJULtTXN3a liJ 4
" "" '.iA t t n 'i r i '"'f.r try
; " --'''- i -, fviiiv) (
GOOD FOR ClEMtiWt . T , ,
, GOOD FOR BINGERS, , a.i u1
. t' , : aaa - . . 'SST.TTJ
waai.aiJiaiB vaaii r iv.i
I ,t ' I ii . i It. K ? '. ; 1.7 i r
I oniLDBis oar roa: .
' ! 1'J W! i ...
They relieve Congo. Instantly.,
They dear tha Throat. ' i 1
They give strength and volume to (he voice. m
They impart a delicious aroma to the breath
They are delightful to the taster ' .
They are made of simple herbs and cannot
harm any one.' - ''-t ' ; i ;',,; :,;r(J
I aoSrt w every ate who hu a Courh or a husky Totes-'
er a Bad Braain, ov any dlOsalty of the Throat, to sot.
apaekafeof mj Throat Oonketlona; they will relieve'
yoa Instantly, and yofl will agree with ao that Mhoy
go rlfbt to the spot " Toa will, lod then very Beef o I
and pleasant while traveling or attending pahlle aeet
top for stilling yoar Ooagh or allaying yowr thlsst I f
yoa try one. package, I aa eafe fat oaylng taat foa wlU.
svor afterwards aonaldor than lodiaowawablo. ' " '
Toa will And them at the Prngglsts sad JDealon la
Modlolnos. I
raioi :
hfy slgnatars la ea fch peekaga. An ethers an
eeanterfeit. "-...J
A package will bo sent ay stall, prepaid, en rooelpts'' "
Thirty Cents. '' . rt a
Addnss, ,.- ... ,
Hexiry C. Spalding,
. ' SO. 48 osnaa tTasit, 'J
j a
. ir cure -e
By the aoo of thaoo rila Oa periodic attacks of Mr, .
eotie er Ulek Btadach may he proven tod; and If take . I
at tbo eoawMBOtaaeat af aa attack tawed lata relief rroa
pain and Bkkness will ho obtained.'
Tbey Mldoa fail la removing the Jaaaaa and u'Z.
oXt toBUehfjBMJasareso snbjsei. . -
They aot gently ape tbe bowels removing CfaoWw-
lor LUrarg Mm. Jfwdawas, DoUoata Veaale .-'
swdaUporBOaooraaaafary kabitt, tbey an valaa
at a iaaaNew. faBpravkig tbe appeUSa, gfvingasaio ,
eager tho dlgeatlve organs, ana) loototlag nataatw.
elasticity and strength of Cbe whole Byotaea. - .. 5J .
THI CAFHAXJO FILLS sn the rasalt of long bma j.
ttgatlaw and earofully oondnoted oiporiaanta, asvtnt ;'
t tat ass Skany yean, dariag wbath tfcas thoy have .,
pteveaaol aad nliovod a vast saaoaat of paia aad saaTsft) 4
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ataa or fraea a deranged state af the efwesA. . , -L,. ,
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