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bttt, W. DIA?I1-EWHT EdltwX.
Slavery and the Rebellion.
Bltverv. is ih cauta tjf Iba reltlUoo.Twe
thwetor slavery most exterminated before
wcaa hav pace nd Vetoa.
Bach U tb langatg w dallj hour repeated
rally odlopnoCu -
Bat ie It Irta triHtlaverj it thff-tuee 0 the
rtbelUoat -Otftbliitoint there Is t differMO
of opinion tome alleging one , thlnf , end
q sj-olhei aa 'be tuih . TbU b-t f
It affirm , thai slaverv Js no the tola mom. , , ,
But granting that alaverv it the oaas of tht
rebellion, It doee not iberefor follow that it
would be, at .tbe .pratao JlmewUe, Werjt
or expedient to attempt It annihilation.' '
We bare a neighbor, n Intelligent add loyal
. aao, aod tbare are tbooeaad like blm in tba
United States, .who twnacitntiouajy ballav
that infidelity, ar a- disbelief id, and non pro
fession of Christianity, it the tola primal eaota
of tba present civil war.
Our friend take a paper pabll.lied tomewbere
in (ha East, which is an able end alear expon
ent oChi via.' It argues, and, wa cannot
but admit, with great forte and plausibility, that
we eeaeot bare peace, harmony and protperkj
nntil tbe Government and people become thor
oughly chrlstieniied
As a neoemry and legltimats inference from
the forgoing, portion, the journal ia question
lasiitt that tbe nation oucht immadiatslv
t rpeotitakfilothaniaaba8,'ana rearti to
the good old Puritan timet of pious New sg'
land, by permitting none but member of ortho
dox cburobee tj rota or, hod effior, and banish
ing or imprisoning, and in casea of obstinacy!
banging infidel tod heterodox proles
many of th latter being, to tbe judgment ol
our ersnoe teal editor, "worse than infidels."
'Such a reform, at be calls it, ia lu the Tiew
of our otherwise buaane," clear beaded and
clearsighted neighbor, the only remedy for
effectually ending tb'is rebellion, and prevetting
the recurrence of another such an outbreak
againat the Government. r.rO. ."
It would be at this day a waojtJn wute ol
time to enter into an argument to expose tbe
fallacy of auch views: Almost every reader
wiU proDbsoca the-a absurd at the Bret glanoe.
it may be true that infidelity and enU-cbrittien
practices are tba cause of our national troubles;
bat theee are not.tj be removed by attempting
their extermination through the diafraacbise-
meat and imprivotmeot of dtlxen, and light
leg anew the txiinct fire of religions persecu-
Juat to, it any be abstractly true that slavery
is the cause; or one of the causes, of the great
rcnei.ioo; out it. is as much a eoaatitauoaal
right in oerUia State to hold slaves, aa it it to
bold particular religious or sceptical opinions.
Toa attempt io4prive aaea of either right, it
as much an iofringemeot of the Constitution ia
the one case aa In the other, "snd will lead to
similar disastrous result. ' We defend neither
slavery nor Infidelity; but we- icslst that the
Union cannot be preaerved by setting at nought
tbe Constitution, which ia the aole bond of that
Union, and without which there can be no such
thing as a Union., , , ... ,....
1 11
The Difference Between Secretary
Cameron's Instructions and Fremont's
. ..... . . -. -I .1
The difference between tbsae. two documents
may be that briefly tttlcd V ? . r 1 t. tt 1
Toe. inttracttoot of Secretary Ciarae t
General Bothsm expressly assert the Intention!
of the Government not to interfere with the
local institutions of. any State, and contain no
authority to declare emancipation, but limply
confine the General to availing himself of the
servicer' all persone,'"whether fugitives rom
labor or not, wbo may offer them to tbe National
the following language. "This doea ot .mean
a general arming of them for 'military pur.
POMS.?' ,' . j, . u v'ju- :a
This it by do means an emancipation policy,
the odium of which tome abolition partisans
seem anxious to fasten upon the Adaiaistra
tloa. - It it not the Fauoirr policy, buf differs
from It la this, that it does not declare anybody
free, bat limply authoriie the commander fit
tbe expedition to accept tbe services of all men
who offer them in behalf of the Union. Fan
mont declared all elavea of rebel owneri abeo
lutely frit, withoat reference to their offer of
terrioe to tbe Government. Indeed, it it claim
ed that many slaves were emancipated by hi
and that the President' modification of hi
proclamation atill leave them free. ' . ; '
To leave no doubt that abolition of slavery,
or even confiscation, it not Intended, tbe Secre
Ury adds that- ' j. ' '. J xVj.'.
"Thls policy avoid all Interferenee with h
social systems or local institutions of every
State, beyond (hat which Insurrection make
unavoidable, and wblob a-reetoretlon of peace-
tut relations to the Union, under tbe Coneuta
tion, will immediately remove.',, i :ti , .
Proclamation. No Abandonment of the Democratic
Proclamation. No Abandonment of the Democratic Party.
We are continually In tbe receipt of comma
nlcationt from all parte of the State, depreoat
lng tbe polite invitation of the Republicans to
the Democracy, that now the former have gone
to "everlasting asnaab' as a distinct party or
ganixation, tbe latter should also back down
from tbe constitutional, Uutohlorlnft position,
which it has occupied since tbe days ol Thomas
Jrfrersror. snd-lietp the "Helperltes to re-mount
the new ''Union" hobby. .The masses of the
New Hampshire pemocracy will consent 'to no
such nice little arrangement, for the special
benefit of ,tJt-wr'ng, speculating treasury
r ww w 1 -
piunoerers. a. ti. ravnn
We Protest.
We emphatloally aroteat against coarse
of the Cincinnati Can til and Commtrcialj
Scarcely a gay passes bai.tbasa sheets contain
attackf little, sneaking, bitter attacksupon
tbe Administration, It will not do. It must
be stopped., " It ia outrageoai that suoh treaaon
able paper aliojild.i'e Defmltted. to be oublisbed
In the rnllehteoed and patiiot'O cltj of Cincln.
naU.V.TheT are. doing, more to advance, tba
of Jff.Dvia tuaa tea theesaae aaea and
buadreoa f aseuaaed ef dollarr. ' Cannot tbe
t!nltd Bute Mirshal ell ence these traltorst
If h Ll nut lo.ee. Jt bin eall -out the lojal
, Qa4m'.iit.iht State to Jii aaalatenoa
Dayfrmhwadompanyr TH ,'iy flow of
treson ;ttnuat pa.stoppeu. ioyisnju'jw
1 'I i' I 1.:.. .......
Blui Wi St, LouUior ,Wahictoa on
Mwodar aveafB;.''WbeeeloTet'- o bia
regiajpnt It lr) tse field with Tram-fat, nl o
utrr detaoboiect wa at the battleVot, Frsda
rloktown, 1 andet Mof .ScbofieidJ llaa- the
Colonel goo- buritir,r HM the' LIfltrBf
peneralnhip, so as to oVerrld))' Wool,' McClel
lan, Fremout, and all the other Jlior-Georals
in tne arm 1 av fcuons 1 of. aauh ji(yi-
Ca. OCt: . .u
m inMW 1 nn tO
O Jrln'or Frew 8urctUBiir at tlaw'Tetk
cblrf.;t)ce, fr the firsto'uartar''ol' th'if oar,
ilUU.UUUi seoona quarter, lU.anMor
the third quarter it greatly exceed the latter
Gen. Mill's Report.
Waa e ln rece!' of aneiira 11 oat thew-e
of tha.Tolauo Iwis (the residaace of Brig.
Gen. Hill), containing the offlolal'-repott of
ftatufflBtt tt iLaHalaol July 2aiT18Cl,talHJ.
Gen. McClillan, showing the operation, f
the command or Geo. Hill, la Westir Vir
ginia, in attempting to intsroept tbe retreat and
to capture a portion. f Gea,GxTra army
at Laaral Hill. ImmedUtely after that affair,
so of the" newspaper, of the . oountry were
very aever and,', unjust ,in; ibelf eiitioim ' of
Qt fitu.'f aolioo and movemente la th prem
laat, and bis affijlai report "t hi nperlor effl
ear 1 made publlo forthe purpose Of vindicat
ing bin- from these viadloUv and uuwarrantad
aataoJUfld the preaav...,. 1:, '-ni.t b:.i ,:
j Ta'rpoit and ec,ompnying sdooumeat
ooVtr over rreoolumDi of the Blade, and from
their length ire are precluded from publishing
them, which we weald de bad we tbe apaoe to
pare, although the Statavutn waif hot amoog
the papttl bloh deah In thl unjust eriticlsm
on Gen-'UlLLji vn t 49 f,.i itr.tr ,,h'.
I Tne report- la well wvltten, and lb (U loop
end detail Is satisfactory, and In pnbllahlog it
the pt(U remuks fan fo"iow:'j,"-'Wi .". 't
I Ve dTota aaoat of ear apace to-day tovtbe
reporu ol Brig.-Gen. Hill and the offioere na ,
der bia oemoand-,U Waatara 1 Virginia. toaoh
Ingthe pursalt, or UiarabeU after tbair dafaat
at Rich Moaatain aad eatteatiroca Laaral Hill.
The publication -ef terse document 1 nailed
for io jwlioat Gaa. if ill. ho eouraetn that
ocoaaton was gmaaiy miasraaeaf, ay paraoni
whajfaad no f iUio of tta.jMcit,
and wha bar alaoe twjrwt aa such iabrloa-
! W e need refer in detail -to the multitude
of . faota-aatabliaiiad by the -reporia which
hew beyond all 4 eoetioa that tba policy of Geo.
Hill at that time, wee the caly wis and pru
dent one open t bin. . H miuury .man, ao
o.ualoted with tbevoaae. that we caa hear of,
tut quasuonw is wiaaom. 3 is met 10 approT-
al of Ueo. Houialian, nnar . wnoee unmeaiete
order Geo HiU aota4.iT J further ;wl of bs
iadoratment, v aaay aUte.'tbat Use. HU1 is
dow tne only general offlotr at Ohio voluateer
latainoommiasion.and i la eammandof th
oat imporunt military camp in tbe State,
where hi strict aiaatpuoe ana ' muuary .- in
atraotioa are effeotlua Incalculable eood In
preeahag our troop for th acuyedatie of th
field. c am ' 10' :-.iii '.in '
'. With tba expoaltiw. now made, Gen. Hill
eui well leav tee matter with th coolie jadg
stent, which w fully believe will pa ail that ho
eoaMaak 1 :? 7 -' .
General Fremont—Adjutant-General
Thomas's Report.
' Th New York War Id, leadfDg organ, of
the AdmlnUtradon, speaking, of the. Report,
says: I ". '-j i i od.' j I : tt .; .
! General Fremont wa mad acqutinted with
General Ljon' urgent need of remforoemenu
more than fifteen aay before the battle at WIN
sou' Crek, having been met Immediately oa
hie arrival at 81 Louis by Capt. Cavender and
MJor Farrar, tba latter one of Geo. Lyon'
aids, with rtqaeftts for more men.'' In fact, be
waa called to 61. Louis from New York by a
teles aohio reweoeoMUlou of Uen. Lvon'e lm-
loeat dangerr-He fawiwS Roltsrand in North
Mlnouri, men eooogh to'bave reepooded to thl
oreaatna requeet, and "It needed only prompt
action w. nave preventoa ue Disaster at rru-
aon'a Creti! 'i crea ' alter toe repurae, a
could have epplied ' rWnforoement enough to
our retreatirg lore to nave eaaoiea it to return
upon and beat the rebel, and thua have preveBt
n . . . . . B . , j . .
d to rata 01 race mvo nana era jnieaown ef
tnrthr: Th uroof of thl abilltv are so elear-
Mated by Gea. Thoma that it it difflcull to
resist tbtr tore. Some time after Springfield
wa I oat. Gen. Fremont auddenly awoke to lu
great importance aa a trateglo point, od sub
mitted to Gen. Banter, wheo too late to be
any value, a plan- for retaking and holding
I), ,u til . f I1. Il I Lfcll f. 1 I . f V ( I (, J .
Gen. Fremont waa also apprised of the ad
vance upon Lexington a long time la advance;
ws urged to lend reinforcement; had plenty
men at Di disposal to sena; naa tne rauroaa
river at hi command far transporting them ;
but alio wad the garrtaoa tobetunendereaattet
Dtolonred aestataoec ' irne, cturria wa or
dered -to Lexrogton, bat the order not having
been r!v uotrl three dave after Gen. Hunter
advised It, he found It Impossible to eroas tie
river u the faee or tbe roe, wbo naa reaonea
Lexinttdn before him. There I no reaaon, ax
oeot Fremont' incompetency, why Lexington
should not have been eavea. "H had netiee
nootrhi he had men enoucbi be bad mean w
transportation enough; tbe brave garrison held
out with obstinate braveryjbul Dosoooor was
entA n 1 ' Jv(:f '. i. j ... .
Th two memorable thine tbat have takn
plac la Gen. Frtmcat' department ilaee h
aook command 01 K are two Qiaaetrous aeiean,
of which h waa aeaaonablf forewarned,' and
which with ordinary prudence and generalship
h mlfht hav averted. It la hi ah time, then,
that the President acted on the , adage Tht
tttutohmthtttanhandu them. V '
John C. Breckinridge.
1 John C Breckinridge, In bia' address to the
peopl of Kentucky .wiiicn it quite iengioy,ay
"there li no longer 'a 8entt of tbe United
State the United State no longer exist the
Union I dissolved It is a little lingular that
Mr. Breckinridge' ibould bare only Just now
arrived at th conclusion that the Vnion ia
broken up. He occupied bl teat and drew hi
nav aa a Senator tf the United eta tee after
alaran of tha Statea bad oaased tbeir secession
ordinance, after war had been declared by both
Motion, after ' a number of battlea bad been
fought, Including that of Bull Run, and after
the principal nations of Europe bad acknowl
edged th Southern Confederacy a a belliger
ent. What bu happened to bring thi convlo
don to suddenly upon hi mind we are at a lot
so determine, unlet It be that be can se eer-
Uln expulsion from tbe Senate al tba coming
session of Congress. In his letter be resign
hi aeat and announce hi "intention to ex
change bis "six years' term for the musket oi
aoiaier." unlet w misut tne seawmeDi
af a maloritv of tbe members of the ' Senate,
bli term would not nave lasted tlx' dayi after
tba first Mondev in uecemoer nex.'-n. x.
Herald. '; ,
The Hollins Exploit.
AiTa vat deal baa been laid about th In
vlncibiiity of the famon Captain Hollln'
team rtm, it will do wen enougn to Keep m
view th exact oertormances or tnai crait wnen
the Southern navy attacked our blockading
squadron in the Mississippi river." Inth dark.
nea or tn nignt ane onitea aioui oi toe uov-r
ernment (teamabip Richmond, oy wmcn , acct-
dent ah brok her iron no, Which wa to
nav annihilated th entire Union fleet disar
ranged her machinery, and finally ran away
toward Hew Uriean, wnen only two run ot
th auadron wera ocarina- on her. ' Thu Iron
oiad nondescript waa constructed at a cost bf
orr two bunored tnousano dollar, and ap
pear to p about aa .formidAbla a a dredging
machine. . ... -t
.... . mmj -M.lMM..Oa-MM-k-MM-
I Tiitroa in Cab ant 1 The paper of Pre-
eott, (C. W.; bsve been considerably exercised
of late about a society which la eald to exist in
Canada; kaown to utldr a tb "Dark Ln
tern Soctatv." and Co loatdarl tbe "Canadian
Brotherhood." .'Tbe lletungtr Charge that
tbetB ii b lodgtla rme'ttrtnat tt leaai ne-ef
the pubUsber r tne Jeiegrapn aewog to it,
and tbat II wOJsotf are traaeoeaaie, it mm
bera detirior acparatioa irom England and tb
lormauon ot an independent government or au
Delation to th United State. - 4 '
IT A correipciJj!nJt pfba ClnCtuattl QazetU
The fiol U.the whofi horaa buaineaa '', a
tbe army it-managed a If oa of the object f
the war Is to. us m tbe'surblui horie1 tock- of
------j .. ... i:,
If b bail ti ;' f o use up the surplus money.
would beuftartX-righUUtlng np horse ii
using up nony rapldlyt'. ft y h i i
e(rpedmoii,,wn' fcipn M (loath. H,ts oa
rl.iL.to til Crtl'UiaatU attU)tit tOnebula
dogs, wa be fei sfa mgh the iee and $o wet,
and u tbat coadittoo iroc to ato. Burnt tlx
wek after bia death aa expedition went out
and recovered tb body, which they burled.
The Legislature.
v W r-publlsU'our table of Senator and Rep
reMntative oomplet. ItUalmoat Impceslbl
to mak oat a correct tatmmt of the political
complexion of the '.Legislature. We auppos
they are til true Union men. Tbt Pemoorat w
know are, aod uppo u tlie other" ar. "
We shall try and find cut hereafter bow thty
stand: :il--'"---,-
, Thoe alaatad" a ' Democrat arc, marked
that 1 those in Kafir elected aa FusIonlsU.
Dm. (, -.- f
1. Hamilton TT. 3 Gmtbkt, B. IfcUttoa, Thj.
. B. Vbabtsna.
tatlar and Warren 1. 0. McBuraay. ...
UoDtgomarr as Frablt Lawla B. floncU.
Olnrmont and Browa John Johotton.
OruH.!QltelD Md Viy'' ttilUtianrnar.
BoaaaiidUiaaiaB Ckrta Bakajr. - -Adanu,-pik,
aaiot uAjiuHuaa Banjamla I.
Iimi, OaUlai Mrtraead Vinton H 8. Ibal.
0, . ralrrMlo, AUwn and ttatttDf 4VmI Mo Ytigk.
Iraoaila and Plckawa Aoauataa L. Vwrlll.
Clark, Champaign aod Haduon Saauaa if moo.
Mfaaii, Duke and Shelby W. B. UeLana .
Lofan, tlalaa, Maria aad Bardln-John Hood.
Wuoirctoa ud Morgakaod art at KoWa Wai.
r. Bprafua. . - .
IS' MniktnnBandrrry VUuaial. risk. . .
). Dataware aad UcklagWotaa A. BlmtU" "' '
17. Koox, Morrow, Wajn and Helmet David Ml.
18, Ooohootoa and laioamwaa A- T. Boady. .-
1 . ', 0 aaroacy, Monroe, and part ol Noblo J , D. O'Oof
- 0f. - 1 ' ' '
SC. Batatool a Uarrlwo I mm Welch. ' 1
tl.. CarraU mi Stark UMrra iUrtli. ' -1
St.. JeStnoB and Columbian Mohert A. Bharrard. '
St. Yrambull and tUbonlnf Bamnal Quioby.
SA. Qyihin- Iota t. Kobi eoo -
,. Portaca and auatmltr-Laaiaa T. Blareal .
VT, Meoina and LoniaaJamof Monro. . ., .
S8.-"Aohludand Blchland IhomM J, Kennv.
tZ "Baron. Brla. Bandaakr aad Oltowa John Keller.
ju. eanooa, urawiora ana wyanaot wuiuun utar'
31. time 1, Allen, Anglais. Van Wert, Putting, bell'
- anoaand WUUama Charles 0. Maraball.
St. Banoodt. Wood.Locaa, tallon, Henry aad Putnam
i obarM M. ttooirey.
' Adam David 0. Taaca. . ,, , .
, . Allan John Monroe.
Aahland John Taylor. ' ''
' Athao-J. W. Boynrd.-:. ;. I'.O
- Aoglaiaa Charlaa jtuawl. ; . ... t- J j . t
, Aehtabala bel Kram. ' ,, ' ,
, Baintoat Wilton B. Anm:' 1 '' "' -
Brown a. B. Pea "
Bauer John MoO lollaa.- : . .
1 Carroll Leonard Barak. ..jt t -:-
t .y nnmpoif n Anton r. uowiia.
Clark Uloaard D. Harrlton. -'
Olintonmloka a). Smith. . ...
Coahooton Andrew J. WllkinSt.)
:i !
Orawrord-J. a. MeWnger.- . ,.
. Clirmoot John Itrgueon '
' OolombUna J. W.Heilly.
' 'Oayaaoga Beaaca 0. Srlawold, I
B- Bkboock. ... - .
i, Dictenan, Cii.
, Dark Louis B. Lott.'
Doiawaiw James R. Eubbell
Brla-Joaapk W. Ptroa - . ,
' layattn Jimaa Puroeli. -.
nhon kseklal MMtars. .... L
falrtleld Jum 0. Jeffrie.
. Vraokltn Ororio L ConTeite Otto Srenal.
OallU Jeebaa Bradburr. " " 1
Ortaoa John M. MUtar. , 1- 1 ('
QnmijJoHpA erratl. ; -
Oaaaga Beq;. tt. Woodbury. . '
BUncook William Orlbben. ' '
Bardia Jooathao Bleg.- ! " i3 t "
. Barrkon John LaUum. T
: Benr and Pntnmm Benl. A. Bleh.
Higniand n. 11. tiixoa.
HucklDg Mannlni Btlera.
Bolawk DmM e. Del
Hamilton Pater Zlnn. Oaom Keck. Wm. Btnctnn.
itilto Siyltr W.J. iiagg, joint ilntton, A. McOill,
a. n ran Dam, tneo. menu.
Baron -Bara Stewarts '
Jaokaon laeae BoOertat
JeBerecn JoMfk Mtant -Koox
Boil WMnty.
Laka a. a. O.born.
Lawrence B f . Cory.
Loaaa W. H. WrtU
Laou Jaaea Myeta. .- .
Itoraln Sidntf d. Warntr.
Hektng Mnree B. Pmytb. '
M adlaoo Ml 1 ton Lecnea .
Mahoning B. M. Montgomery
Marion JoA Jlartrai. . .
Medina Myron 0. Bills. '
. .1 .
iMatga Bdward Tltany ' ' u ' 1 ' '
'Monro John Keyaer. j ' ,''.-Motgaa-
Joan W. Miller. ... i-,
Morrow Jonathan B. BaadalL
Miami Jopk Saiumlw,
Maatineu I. A. Baamy, Jaeob Okmtr.
Montgomery PetarOdlln, Patten.
Merror and Taewart A. t. (J. Snyder.
nooio vver MMitr.
Perry WUllam H. Bolden. s,
P Ickaway Jtaal A. Sou. '
Pike IhoaiM Wllaon.
Portage D. h. Hockwell.
Preble Abwlon BilTer.
Rlofa land William Btooker.
. Boas J. Vrmut. ". '. ' -
Benaoa Batelaa B. Iltaa. i ..; i .
teloto Martin Cram. , .
Benduky Aloneo Thorpe,
theiby ChuleeW. Wail.
Btark &iwtoal, JoaaphBchell. .
Bommlt John Johaatoa. , .
Trambull Geo W. Bone.
Tnacarawas Albtrt Batm.
Vnian W. B. Bab. - -Vinton
Johaleew.; i , ,
Warran Jamee Boott.
Wyandot Jonathan Mafflt.
Wayne John Aalt
Waehkigton O. L. Claris.
WUUama, Paaldwg and Beflanoe P. W. KorrU
WoedaolOUawa Aahar Cook.
Thi Adah Iiaac Mxmkin Hxinan Divoacx
SuiT-Tbi case wa called in the Suprcm
Court at Woodstock, MoHenry oonnty, III., latt
rriday. xne plaintur appeared by attorney,
om tne oeienaant, Jonn u. ueeoan, too "JJenl
oia Boy," failed to respond. H waa not there,
nor did ha have an attorney present. The af
fair ia now in the hand of the Master in Chan'
eery, pro tenftnt, to be acted upon by him.
abould proof b furnished blm of tbe actual
fact tbat tha marriage1 between Adah Isaacs
Menken and Heenan ever took place. If this
la established, tbe trial will take place al tb
following sitting of the court, which will be on
the third Monday in December next. , .
Aniaict Gxair in Fobtooal. Mr. fi arvev,
American Minister at Lisbon, notifle th Stat
Department of the ptsstgc of two acta by tha
Portuguese Cortea for tbe admission of cereal
into tbe porta of tbat country, under liberal res
nlations, and ha add: "Private letter from
well informed aouroe apeak with great poaltivc
nesa of anortnes oi crop in England, rraoce
Belgium, Holland, Spain and Italy j and all
answer to th inquiriea made here concur in
representing thai Portugal will suffer corres
pondingly, and perbapa in even a larger ratio
than the otheri." . , -, .
iMcaiaiB of tbb Navt -From the 19th of
April to Saturday last, veoty-vessels of war
were fitted out at tbe iirooklyn Navy Yard
Many ol the were Aral olat (hips, and tba
entire . number it larger than the number of
veasels in commission at any time previous to
tne reoeuton uaoe tbe formation ot our navy.
uTGerrlt Smith addressed a crowded am
bly in th Churob of the Puritans, laat evening.
taking the ground that tbe ucoea of tba nation
In It present ttruggl depended on It accept
anoe of tha services of tbe blaoks, wbo ware
tbe enemle of it enemy jaeit Ytrk Tribune,
Ott. 31. i t -t .
It l elated that the combined fleet which
England, France and Spaia propoa to' tend
againat Mexico will carry 3,000 gun, of which
Spain will inrnicn ouu.' ."' t- - - -
. . tin -i ii , "
The New Bedford (Mae.) Mercury tUte
thkt Mrt. Same! A- Fraaer, of Duxbury, ia
boW engaged in knitting Mocking for th sol.
dir in our army. ' She wm employed eighty.
Ova year ago knitting atockings for toe oldlert
or tb revolution. &ne u now m year ot age.
BT Dr. Hay, In a (peach before the Medio
al Society of Halifax, aayi "It I my purpose
to renew tn attempt next rear, tr eireumitan.
oee prove favorablet aod 1 am sun or tbe opin
Ion that witb feteam power, a Mrong fore ol
men and dogs, and a well organised lystem
of advance depots, the North Pole can be
reaohed." "' -'
Thb Wantb or Eckorx. The harvett In
Europe are more deficient than hai been re
ported, and what England and Franca aay of
eacn outers oenptencv is prooabiy very near tn
troth.' The London Times av Franca will b
oom pelted to spend forty million sterling (about
two nunarea million 'ot collars; this year, to
mak no the deficiency an mormon nm
greater even than the failure nf Untj ear's bar
vent entailed upon Eogland. Sixty' million of
frtbcabav neeo aent into Husna' to purcbas
m n.' "i nis iarre-oemana wiiv arreet air -th
vratnation of fioron. and tbetrfceof bfead
is already produclng soma popular disorder
Br th aid tt thl demand tb cotton faralna
inu. into insiguincaocri ana ae to united
- - V m ' 'I I It li ' , i. ... .. .. a
State will b rt;quirea to rurnisq. a II varn
ishing; a Urge tmoant ot BreadDtufl" te wppiy
th deflcIoEcrlB France and EogfUndbe prob
ability of auf fetrudvo lb eerier noe with- otu'
dometti troublat by them doe not aeeat my
lmmrBWit at th prH tlfnt .
Foreign Items.
Th ooronation of the Klfli took place la th
churoh of Castile, at Kmlesbura-. oa tn tatn.
The splendor of tbe varioaa prooeion wm
very great. Altar tne cernuoj ranoiu u-
dreea were preaeatedt to
plied aa follower -
wuuni ue iviagwr
1 V ,i
"Tnktoirsof Prussia have now worn the
crown 160 year." I am the first king to ascend
the throne alaoe the crown ha been tmrreonded
with institution In harmony with our time-
But, remembering tbat tbe crown come from
God, I have been notified by ay oaronanmr la
thl stored place that I reoeivtd it In humility,
and know tbat the prayer of my poop' nocom
panted me la thl eolemn act, - The love and
fidelity displayed toward ma alace my aoceaslon
to th throne, and which ha just been mani
fested toward ma In uok a touching manner,
are token tbat I may 'reckon, under all clrcum
atanoe, of the idelity, devotednee, and aelf
aacrifioing spirit of, my people. Trusting in
these qualities, I oould renounce the custom ol
requiring th oath of allegiance and fidelity
from my faithful people. The gratifying proof
oi their affection and. devotion, afforded on oc
casion of a lata event, have (trengthened thl
oonfidwec. The provldano of God baa pre
aerved the blessing of peace to our dear f ath-
criaad. my valiant army, wm protect it vom
danger without. A; regard danger in th
Interior. Proatia will remain free af them, be-
caus tb throooof bar king remains strong In
Jthe power and right of unity batweea the king
and people, wnioa na Bist rnwu great.
While it continue to exist w thall be enabled,
oa tbe ground of acknowledged rights, to resist
th dangera of an agitated period , aind all
threatening storm, ' May God will it ao." '
Th Minister of Slate then read Several or
draj also, an act' of amneaty . and aaveral
frt&tt of nobility, etc. ' The King accepted an
laviuttion to the ball to be given by the Earl of
Clarendon in honor of the event. ; , ' ';'
) A Torkiih war a
vlotory over three thousand Insurgent , and
Montenegrin. The diapatob claim that, th
Montenegrin .frontier waa respected, -but tbe
Moatenegrina affirm that it has been violated by
the Turks.- -
U - .'
CRACOW, October 19.
cveral of tb churches In that, city "had, been
forcibly entered by the military, aod the .male
portion of the Congregation conveyed by them
to the citadel. Hair or tne persons wo arrest
ed bad been set at liberty. It wa asserted tbat
two thousand prisoners remaining would be
drafted into different regiment lor tbe military
service. Tbe clergy bad closed the cburcbe
on account ot tneir proianation oy tua military
i J. B. Blair has been-elected -to -the Federal
Congress in tb Eleventh District of Virginia,
io place of Hon. John rj. Carlile. i . '.' w
Tb (ecessionists hare plundered two farms
in Missouri, belonging to Horn Jama A.' Rol
Una, Union member of Congrea front tbat
State, They carried away and destroyed about
cverytbiog but tne land. - r -
0 1 ' '1 '1 mi v ?
The library and household furniture of
man named ChBrlei W. RusmII. who I Io- the
rebel army, were lelxed by tbe United States
Marshal In Wheeling, V., on to 8th nit.
' SheriiI'i;Sale. V ;
B. A. Chapmaa un.
r n H.r.. S Iranklia Common Fleas.
SJ to me dlreotcd from th Coart at Oommon flea of
Franklin oonnty, O., I will offer for aale, at th door of
Ih Court Housef-ia. too Civ of Uolamaaa,-oa
Saturday, tba 14th day of Pee. A. D. 1661,
between tbe boars of N olock a. m aad 4 o'clock p.
a., th followlM daaorlbad real aetata, altaata In .the
oosnty of Prankiia and eta!; o( Ohio, to wtti -
Boginnina at tba northwest oomer of tb Matbwert
qsarter af aooUon nnmkar twentr-on (81), town (11),
range twaaty an (21)) theaea eoathfertjr-flTe pole to a
take; thane aast three hundred and twenty pole to
eastern boudary ot the aoathaaat anarter aaettoa
a stake slluataota blokon, alaat Ineaet diameter.
north 67, wart forty three lioka to a Jack-oak, eight-1
M kw.mt.mm Jklmwmm.mm ' mm. .W Otfl mwmm . .
theaea aorta with tha boondary of tbe annw farty-fire
polea to tne norma,! oomar o tba aanaa; thence wast
laree nondred twenty poles, to th place at beginning,
containing ninety acrea, being tbe same -oreeniMO eon
vaiea oy JODn o. Barer weak. wm. tt. narcy by deed
bearing date December th 8ih, lBSlt ao,d duly recorded
in tne iaio araaaiin eooniy. -Appratoedat
0 0 par acre. --
O. W. BUFJMAV, Sberin.
P. B. Wilcox, Att'y.
Printer's feet S 00.
onwrorait rmc.
BO yvaH , street,
' (Offlees f Olty Judg,) . '
NE W YORK. 4 '
tot TO - ' "
Bon. James Uonorlef, M. T. Superior Coart. 1
Bon. H. B. Payne, Olereland, 0.
Bon. H H. Banter, Lancaater, 0.' .'
noys-Bm - . .
Military OflScers, Attention 1
-Of f I0X-'
No. 8, Buckoy dook, Brosvd Street,
No. 178 North High Street,
BALf 8Q0ABB from the DiOt, aad peraona ar
rlrtng or wishing to take paaeago en any ot th trains,
will And th Gait Bones decidedly a convenient ttnp
ping plac.
Paay , far waked np at all hears of lbs sight for any
et w. train.. - .
T.nne moderate, to talt th tlaut. . .
tS5 . r , . - ,. . .
The i Union Forever.
NoL 90, 92, 94: &:.96.
Tha aeatait and most complete Btr for Offloors'
ieooj ever aeenareetaroa. ' ... i ,. 1
Bold eta very low Bgar. n
Call and examine before pnaghaslnf slMwbar.
Qystws !i Oysters Ik
i- . r rr rf
be tn dallr receipt, br Baoroea, cf .
I im TllWTO tN"VH
frMt BaHlaMT and fair Baven. ' tl'
Call at Wag oar' Oyetoread frail Depot, No. Si last
Slate etreet.
li J d Ekf Eli fc i v ii i . I
invE7E3vi;;o ),
to evehy tiemjeil
v tr. ta1ne.tathr (f W iiiV nrscn rk'nle o'ns
1 of those oomfonable Sd'yUlHA'Jl hi AVI OV1B
GOAta, aawul aeuelly and ikem la larn qaaoUUee at
) r .. (. ( j .'eT Awa cfliLDa-a. ,
II any person daelroaa ot awntng aa of th 1st yl
of BaAVBB OVBB COaTn, wltb apo attaoaad.
dost break your bands to learn when I Bad them, bat
go to in
Opposite the Itaia Uauw. i )
, Tea will Bad them thaie In all colore, kept ay
i j-c - .. :: - ; ct t MAJaXUt CHILTO ,
Dtn'yoa nerer wear any it theWtl HIXID JIB
IIMBKB BDICa, whloh are toM at the Cepital City
Arcade? Baea la and yoa will tod them tn pi lee, at i
. j , - .MA8.CUS caitD'S,
TiOV may U b la want of PAKTS an WBBTB. an
X there il ftal one MtabUituaont In tba Waal where
Panta and Taata era to be had tn all atrlpaa, ehapes.
atytes, cnanUUes and qaalitlea, and (hat place Is the
UAriTAlj VI IX AlklAUb.
.. .-. i .':.. .-; . "
DOM'T fonret the extra eire aeeortment of I VRNIIH
IN8 8O0DB, partlcnUrly la WOOLEN BUIaTS,
Whloh yea oan Snd In kBcd, whits and kin!" al tba
' -CArlTAL CITI AaUAycn '
rvUi ' ' Bopartotaaded by Inareea Ohildfc
IF yon wiih to wear garment! IHADE TO OB.
hDK. won can do na better than to re to the Mar-
chant Tallortna BatabUabmaati Bast to th Arcade, and
select yonr rooas iroai a atooa comprising nil colore mi
Bearer Cloths. Caeeioerea, Bilk ferret and Plain Veet
Inn, and yon will rarely meet with a good fit by parohaa.
singat ..- . ,t
. ,..' ,t. :..:-r. .y-JKAaVWU VJXUaya -..
MILITAKT OBNTUHBK, when they aoma to this
cltr. aa etraoaan. aad niek to ml a UMIXOJUa. it
i to their beet adrutage to call at . .
Where a lana aaaortment oi BLTJB CLOTH and other
araoias Belonging to in tqnipige ni an omcer oan ne
had at Tory moderate prtoet. .la-i'...'. ...o..
Ia abort eall al ; u:r iicrid' JiTt -J
Proprietor of tbat aitenilTS' bniineee locality ' ',
NO. tl, CS anrl ci HMlIt STREBT, ,
...... .i- .. oppotlte the State Ilonje. ' '' '
A K I N & E f.1 E R Y,
. i , 168 . SOUTH ; HIGH BTBEET,
' : " '! i:'T '.:t'?' .': , ' w"
j .; ... mn lull and Complete Aawrtmenttf-;;.,
ir-. t' s -'--'- vri vtir .'
1 otovosrJb c-xrvtoa,
! . TIN ATO COPBEjit' WAEBt'."
. . .... Of almoit rraxy kind, ;;;. -irr; . ' ,
lOegant Chamber iets,
-. j. , -:j.-a vin--- ,v : ' s.'r c.r.
. ...... i; , t-.u-ii c:-: ,1.
Tin Toys, and Articles in tiiat Line,
lor LltUs ropti C '
Knlvctai avnd F"orkB.' Sjxxma, lute,
Suolcet), BttoveOa and xangav
' . . Ooa H.oU, eto- '-'-i
' " ' "fdrfheXaraar Ones' ,'-' . ' 7 7
We Woald call yoar farther atbmtloh to Ih fact that wa
. arc BOLB AQINTS for tb sal of th "i
Which h. In all reepeeta, dearly the "AUTOCRAT Of
TBB KITCHEN." harlot a eqnal In the ooaipleteneai
of lu norfomtan and awononiy f roal. ' TbecMarcat
testimony or He eopcnoniy ia ma net uiae nuwaiaa
tare re and dealer are eonitantiy tml'aucg It, coming
larltaa noaalbla. in BXIB&BAb ArrBABAMUB.
Call and exam Is out slock -. Jt Is a Iraabt to sbw
oargoodi. ,
BIANILI en baad and far safe, th beet quality of
which he will sell at tha lowest market price.. .
Call and x.mine my Coal kelore parchatlag lie-
Offlca at the store of Bradford, En dam l Co-, bead
vanai. .
' . . V V. T. fTJTDAM
eaAntaai-fM . . . ' t .1 .1
Not of rain, hall, or now, bat amsDf th cook who
hav bean Imposed upon by tb vender of bad Balerattu,
Ilka tbat ooatmonly found la market. James fyls's
Dietetic has fully satlefled them and tasUtd tb distarb
snc. Depot, SiS Washington Street, Kew Totk. Bold
by groMrs svsrywher. ' ; : ' '-
Or Thsis Cantemptattiia; Olarrlais;
THB andenUrned wlllglr laformaUon oa a vary in
teruttng and important aubject, whloh will be rain
ed mora thaa a thousand times Its cost by vry married
couple of any age or condition in life. The information
will bs sent by mail to any add rem on lis receipt of XI
ent (fer) and on red stamp. -All
letlars ihould be addreaxd to
. H. B. MORRIS, If. B. (Lock Box BO),
oct31-ly3Uwdiw ' ' Bolton, Maes.
Is aa infalirbl remedy for Fever and Age. Tb ax
ptrtone of many years, In almost every oUmat, proves
that where a tea ,n strict scoordanos witb tbe dlrMtiona,
It has rarely failed to core, not only by breaklpg the
chills, bnt by removing the morbid habit of the syitea,
preTenting tbe recurrence of thediMas.
PEVBE AND AQUB, though not In lteelf dangerous,
leapt, naleei epeedily lemoved, to have such a pcral-
cloui effect on the system, u to engender disorder! much
mors baneful than Itself, and which not only reader the
after-life of th patient miserable, but ar la thamsslvas
often fatal. A prompt aod effectual remedy Is therefore
ahat la wanted, snd a such Da, J. Jam's Aao Hrx-
Tossi confidently recommended, for sale by H essrs.
BostaTa c Baaon, Oolambai, and by. agent rry
where. '
aepdtwfrltsatww . ',' -',.'"'",. '
For Female Generally. Tb Brandreth
PUls cannot be too highly spoken of. They remove all
obstructions, gire energy and strength! enre tbe die
treating headache, unfortunately ee preralent wltb tb
sex; depression of spirits, duUnees of sight, nervous
affections, blotches, pimples, sallownass of th skin, at
removed, and ajurenlle bloom and general (prtghtllnss
indicate tb powerand haalthfalniss of BEAMDfiETH'B
PILLS. .. . . . 1
Ladles, at delicate perKds, U1 Bad them aarrvalad:
they are the bast medicines lot mother and oblldraa,
and cure wonni and ooeflteneei'.'' '-' ' ' -
Let it b rememberM, that BRAKlJ RITH'I PILLS
ar aay ia their epeiatloa, aod y t anil mildness with
efficiency, and raqs.fr n allotaUon of diet dorlng tbair
Un. Morgan, corner of ISlb itreitand Union Square,
Haw Tsrk. Wu dying, apparently, of OomroBrno.
Bhe was given np to dls by her PbysleianS, and all her
friends, bnt after nslng ItartDarra't BnA Tor a few
weeie, th sough left ber,' and sb began to atgala hr
Strength, and la bow bl to attend to her da Ilea, and
feels sars ol sooa attaining rcbuit beeltbo-i ,
Mrs. Wilson, ef Ho. S Beach etnet, Daw Tork, has
cured Dyipepale, BmaUSxz, Meulee, Dropry andTy
pbasIeTsr, and all Headaches, snd Bilious dlsassss,
with BaaXDarra's Pat, will be pleated to aaswar aay
qaatlon."f" v t-i - '.;i. i:..ioi u
Sold bv Jow-,BObB.'TirdL'(llolnmt,ui.'ar,i'h.
" iY 'tt tr lnm -!- -f
Jaw PaMUbad tea letled Barelepf; Fetal (tetf AH
A fcBOf UBB QSiTKW KWtVMti tkiKW9v-lrnf
WaakBeea, laearaatary Bateeiane,' Sexual DefnlltyTand
Impediment, to Marrtag KeneralHy, MetVotieaeea, on
eaaiuMeni wpiieaey awe ntai atewti pinekeil Iu
oapaeity, remilUng trow aelf-ahtua, ttc, Bytntatt aV
i.immH; vi n -wntt,A mt ,v,. n l . " "
A Borgat qThpaaand ! BatlitKer(
ieat taa aaL '1 apTaln'dlrelop, to any addreaS,
pout paid, On rsoelpt of two stamp, by Dr. OUAS.
J. 0. KLIKB, 1S7 Bowery, Mew X011, fat Cm Bos
ItifiM. terTiaatW
1 1 v, -
iiij 1 1 1 i i
PML',:lCH7,EEELY.:.'iiniJ 17EBKLT,
aa-c .-Kii-.x
The DAILY, at -
The WEEKLY, ii "the low rate of
i'B aii" f' Vj ' " 1
-i" r!iT&'pt U'ttall'iad vTnWatBaXT SrAnsvAM will bt received
.iij-ii ..i'rraiJ ib At Ua above rate: andthaDaiXT will b furnisW
e-- Jf vi" ''.iu,iri.ii .W j
n -- '. b-l.fi.-i If.'wil r"1' ', ! . ..- - '
At th nitial rate. Aa an establiahed jCbil reliable organ of tha Demooratio party,
.ft It vadsn'dafaiid the ' :
Which haa baea' so traitM Of good to tb PEOPLE OF THK UNITED STATES; and will
jiaiuuuuy urge to ra-taoiMtunraAnd npreraacy or tie ,
1 ' As essential to tha" aomplata
'' ':j7'' ' '. .il .i
1 j'--:.,'
3?"jE3 13 JlU . aa.XT 3r XJ 1ST X O jNT ,
,1 ,j.'-3:9 ': Ji
On the batia on whioh that
Th fotrxMaw wiU support th Administration of tha General Qovarnment in all legal and
Bonstltntlonal fTorta to pat 3owb rebellion; and sternly resist tha eCPurt mad in soms quarters
' to oonvert th prevent unhappy war into aa Abolition crusade.
It will constantly nrgonotny in th publi xpenditnr, and the most rigid accountability
i of all publia otflssrauo) C 1 : ' - I I
I . As a mdium of general nw, th BramKaB will endeavor to mak itself acceptable to it
: nomerou rtader, and at all times npply them yrith .
i ...ZOlxa . Xjtpt .d3rirt". U3t Xloll"fclo ZlepoxrttB
! !Z.t$ZliniW. tfc"""' Ma lBrketi. In it eolumn
; rai ; BtsiSEss: m0,'3ite jwies. ; mechanic and laborer
j .Will find ih'ei Interest oontulte4, tnd aUendel to, and uq effort will b spared to mak it a first
ola Bwparjjtiiria c '' ' ."' ' ,v
I Daring the approaching session of Oongfee wa will hav a talented and socomplishsd oorres
1 pondent at Washington, through whom our rtader will b furnished with much valuable and
.reliabl information. ' 1 7 '
r Th floingt Of our iftwa' BteWXeguIators will b fully reported, and the local newt of th
1 Stat and our own immediate vicinity,' will have a due (bar of attention.
W org upon our friend in all part of Ohio, and tha North- tVeatern States, to aid in extend
1 ing tha circulation of tha SraTiaMaJt, ia by ao, doing, they will assist in the promulgation of
Bound polltioal dOOtrin ana reuaua ganenu
1 " To any' person raiting "a Club of Ten Subaeribers to the Wxxxlt Ohio Statesman, and
; tending us the money tn dollars for th sarae, we will tend one copy gratia.
Ail oraer wui ud fiwuy.. mkuuou w. .
'. -.-.:.
.JTovember 1
"t Ti.
Six Dollars per Annum;
Three Dollars per Annum;
One Dollar per Annum.
and perteet iwonstraoUonff the 'f.
( , . . ' -.-. -
Union wa originaUf fcrrned.
MAmrpENmr & miller,
Fublithera of the Ohio Statesman,
Columbus, Ohio.
tar it DM
Not, 250
find' 252 South High Street,
tail ttT aasadalal with taaiuslvas Wtt
SaBMtaitl.n(in I u, . ... - a .'. ; t
Headley, Eberly & Richards,
ft ' . -. '..-- -.. '.',.-,
fonniDf on of th largest Dry Goods Bouse In tn
West. ; ,..'' 'J.
This 'Souse It copitantlj racslTtcf. New Goods,
luohaa r
..'. . i -in r.. tt i -t .n".- - "
' , .... .... -, .
t - ;. . v .... . :.
IlisKwta4IfatMtitTlsf r-v
Hamilton Manchester "and Pacific
; i;;)piaine3Vr;.;;
JtthsOltyUfcuadat"1 1 i-3 ' '
j Balmoral Bltirts,
B great vrletv,Jastroelvd by l
, - A10, .... -'
. I Clil.tl
Of the Hewtst BljUs.Just rseelved, and alse atad to
order.br ,
ALIO"- 1 :
FtAtSB, SITJCfcTII.TJttK3liKu.-l,
CHiB-n, bhmtbiob, ; -
This flrm."haTlnf adonted th Ceeh svstsm In the anr.
thaa and sal of ttoodi. ar enabled to eell from 13 to SO
tarttat. Ms thaa otner aeas under the credit tjitam.
! 250 and 253 Sonth High Straet,
t -. . v, j r'.sr i. .
' ; 'XI OalBiinabla.ii
ctS-dlr c - :UJii-;.eio jum.iui
r 1 U ..,..3n.tir or."
aO;0 'frJL-
i ,Y" J na las'
h; opened Ikaatf" w " .
Ir .4,:. '!. .wtA,jtfc .y , . n Jt
liltaon, VVraiwim vwrMaraBSt wvbwbbj trio- no mitn
m.4 , B r a" wa an. tn
tr it 'f .-TvTat .5un ia.i
BVAlaWVAVaai v V VA T tM V WaAsij.
r.vt;Htic9 J trj
OtBattsBrapt mpwttrtUvwlMtad.
a. eva, Mntvfiwtft ,
Domestic Cotton Goods.
'J. ;
FFEK tbe moat Exuniive Aisort.
ment of
Brown and Bleached Cotton Flannel.;
B.meloy Cotton Sheetings;
Beleet Striae of Calke'.and Delal&ct;
Tlotlof., Bhtrtings. Clnghaais,
And Cotton Battings.
Also, Blankets, flannels,
- Canlmerea, Cloak Cloths, etc, etc.
Hnoh below regular prices.
. : BAIN Ic SOH. .
t ..'.. ',: '.".' !,.' r S3 South High Btreet.
Flannel . & birtings.
ED. the aoit axtanilTS stock In the cltj.
Armr TToolea Sooke.
; Shaker Kibbed Bocks.' .
j ', Under Shirts and Drawers.
Cotton and Merino Books.
' ": Golden Bill Shirts. , -'
I " Oent'e Kid 0 lores.
Oeot's Linen Collars, Hack lies.
cello ' No. 89 South High Btreet.
TBt Beat Artificial Help to tbe
Hamaat Hicbt el loventeel.
BMnt of the most lmprored kind o Spectacle..
All his elan, whether for near or far-eighted, are
groand Io eoacaro eoDvax form with tbe graateet oare,
a to suit tha of all cates. earing Wonkaee,
Stsalness or Inflammatton of the Brea, and Imparting
strength for long reading or fins sswlng.
Offlos, 13 Seal State street, at Ssltser fc Webtter
augVAlr . . .
' 1 - - FIRST -'-
--. 01 - i -a.-. 1
' AT P. B.OSE't c
A aa entire new stock of Goods la my lice. Just purch
ased IB Mew Torkal tbeeheepeot panic ratee.all of which
I ahall sell at tha amalleat proflta, for Cub. Mr euatoat
ers aad frkads are reapectfullr Invited to called exam
ine my Good, and Frio, a I am determined to sell ss
cheap or enaaper than anr other houae In the city; and
as I do air awn Catting, and superintend m own buai
Mea, I feel aaeoied.fram my long experience inbuei
Bees, to gtvu general aatiaf action. The finest of work
nan are employed, and alt work done strictly to time aad .
oa short Botloe, and warranted to fit. Btrangtrs rial tin (f
oardltr woald onnll their Interest by giving ma eall
before parebastng slstwher. r. BuSB,
! I't'i'.M ' ' Merchant Tailor, T
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