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r;u;a i-A 4 im .mi
Rail Road Time Table.
Littu Mum k OetPBste Kama P. .
Kku iiiim......,.;;.: :m a. m. .i
liBOlnuU Aroommodatioa, 0:10 A. M.y 1 S:80 .
n v i f.l P. if . . 1 S:00 P. M.
Mail and Anuunmndatton.. 1:00 P.. M. .18:14 P.
it ' .Jwe.W. Dobbbtv, Agent-
flnuiirtiM'A TinlURB t. 1. 4 " ' '
Night Expreea.............S:40 At M.,
New YorkJCxpres ,11:10 A.M.
C.O.dtO. Way Express.... 8:30 P. M,
10:50 A.M.
. 7:50 P. If.
V .,v - wABWB PATTWASOn, Afnt. '
CnmuiOmo JL. . . . . ' " j
v. ! A. M. 11:85 A. M,
N. 5 'do ...w 8:18 P. M.-. lfc A. At.
Prrrsscaau, UouimbdsAi OuwunuTi K. E. '.
Mali Train a. TIOA.M. II 85 A.M.
Bipree Train 1 1:85 A. M. 8:45 P.M.
,i, , , , . . Jo,. Boitimx, Agent.;
OoLUHiot IxDunoroLU, S. R:
(OoLoaaue Fwu At Imbiaju B. R.) .
No. 1 Express........... : A. M. 8:00 P. M.
No. 8 ' S OU P. M. 7:80 P.M.
Accommodation ... 10:50 A. M.
-. , , 0. W. Bum, Agent..
I. 0.. 0. F. The officers and member of
Colombo Lodger No. 9, or requested to meet
In their Hall oa Town street' on Sunday, Not,
3J, at one o'clock P. M.. to Attend the funeral
of Bro. Gm. W. Howell. ' ' ' V."
Tbo member -of our sinter Lodges end all
sojourning Brothers r$ Invited to atten&'
B order of the N.-G., - -''"x
LITTLE MIAMI. COLUMBUS, & XENIA R. R. Columbus, O., Nov 1. 1861.
Editor Ohio Sttiman:; ....,, i, ,, , ..,
Dear Sir On tnd after, Monday, November
4th, 1861, traibs on' 'the Little' Miami mad'Con
Inmbm Si Xeula Rilroi will leare Colombo!
ai follow!: Night Eiprej! lt'2'A.M. Ciooin
natl Aeoommodation At 6:18 A. M. Dy Et
press tt 1:55 P. M.f Mll at 4 P. M. - -i
"TooMtruly."' --!
Probate Court.
Items of business transacted
lo the
Coorl of Franklin punty, Jodgo Awtaf, dar
ing the week endiog Fiiday noon, Norember I,
1861: .7".SR.ftt?x:ri i
Twelve marriage licenses, were issued a
falling off in tbe matrimonial market.. f :.
1. ' '
Joba H. Reel, of Leonbard
Ergolhart's estate, filed hii first account, and
James AL' Bennett, Administrator, of - John
Stevens'! estate, and J. P. Brock, Administra
tor de bonit non of Hugh O' Neil's estate, sew
ally filed their float acoouuts. , , ..i v ' -
Levi Bumgartoer was appointed guardian of
Hannah Rtbecca Roach! and Jacob N. Hart,
guardian of Amanda Hori, and Jonathan C.
Noe, guardian of Albert and Sarah Ann Che
severally filed their final aocouut. "
Lawrence Wright of Blendon township, wa!
found insane upon an Inquest of lunacy, and
sent to the Central Lunatic Asylnmt and Chris
topher Ginger was removed, aa an Incurable pa
tient, from said Asylum to the County Infir
. . . .,
Adam Helpeck, a native of Hessen, waa ad
mitted to full citizenship. V. j ;
Tbe following minors, having enlisted with
out consent of parents or guardians, were dis
charged from the'eervice on. writs of Kabtat tor
put: Anthony Ray, Jr., and Samuel Jamei Har
vey, both of Madison county, and loth volun
teers at Camp Chase; also, Geo. H. Ward snd
John H. Feaeei, both of Madison township,
Franklin connty, and both volunteers at Camp
' ' -
This term of the Probate Court commences
on Tuesday next, November 5. Tbe prospect
is that the trial docket will be a light one.
Law Firm. We Invite tbe attention of gen
tlemen having occasion to employ legal assist
ance in New Yqrk City to the card, In another
column, of Messrs. Fine ii Chittinpen, Coun
selors at Law, 22 Wall street. Mr. Chittin
pen is well known in this city, and his name is
an ample guarantee that business entrusted to
the firm will receive faithful and prompt atten
tion. , V
IT Kinney, of the Win ant Biluaed Room,
Is captivating all lovers of the noble game to
bis headquarters, by bis obliging and persuasive
manner. It his customer! lncreaae ai they
have the past week, be will have to adopt the
rule of one game at a time and fall baok. - -Lapiis'
Cloth Cloaks and Balmoral Skirts
The ladies ot the city and country -will be
pleased to learn that Messrs. HiADLir, Esse
lt Sc. Richard.; Nob. 250 and S52 South High
street, have so increased their facilities for
the manufacture of tbe former class of ai ti
des, and have just received inch a large and
fresh supply of the latter, that they can easily
ult every fair oustomer thai' may honor them
with a call, or send her order. " '
Recollect, ladies, that Ladies' Cloth Cloaks
and Balmoral Skirts can now be had at Head
LT a wemy nve men irom jmsw Albany ar
rived In the oity yesterday afternoon, as reornlts
for Col. CAtRiNaroN's Regiment
Reoimental Colors. A splendid stand of
colors, gotten up to the order of oitizem of Chil
lioothe, Zinesvllle end this city, for the Third
Ohio Regiment, now In possession of Captain
Lawion, la to be presented to the regiment dur-
lne the coming week. The stand consists of a
magnificent national flag,' or heavy . silk",' with
the name of tbe regiment on one of the red
itiipeij' a very beautiful btne flag, on which la
heavily embroidered in silk, a large spread eagle,
bearing a shield, and In Its beak a scroll, with
the motto, i Pluribut CTnum," and underneath,
tbe name and number of the regiment, and (we
beautiful markers' flags, of white silk.Theee
flags are heavily fringed, and mounted on high
ly polished stsffi), snrmounted by silver spear
.-4 '' KM-W &
' JO it .
it -il-
FiU at G ao viroAf On Wednesday Wgnti
about en o'clock, a fire broke ont in the town
of Groveport In this county! which oreatod great
ezcitemtnt,, fjtables1 belpbglos;-16 Mr. Assam
Sbart, C. LtMriAT and others , which were seen
pled with', torsei, and ,'contajhed inore or )i!
rraln, were destroyed or nearly so. Several
BWellm'jrjKj186 eangnrBuTlKfTtamer
were MtingBUnal 1y. JViewrUpntlJtV''
MM, The flrS'is' tellefed to have been the
wnrk ol, lwetDajaryr a w t Tkajj.hi
B.8wATNi.l'pilvettyriI.(kea upon wlthj,
freat favor as a soooessor to Judge McLean on
be Supremo Benoh of the Unltoa states.
aoMonoNS. The followlns; promotion bare
been made by the".: Wa Pepartmeot, tia: 6ergsante
Henry B. Freemai, Samuel J Dick,
John R. Galloway and Joseph MoConeIt, ,.b
Seoond Lieutenants in the Eighteenth Regiment
U. 8. Infantry.. Mr. Dick is at present very
sick with the typhoid fever, At the residence of
bis father, In this elty.
1 Meats, Veoetasles, tro. The largest and
finest 4aallty of beef, mutton and meats of, jtr-
cry kind ever brought to this city, will 'be t
hibtted and for tale this .morning. at .the;meat
store of oar fellow townsman, Rosiar Rose,
North High street, between Gat sol Lang All
persona wishing anything la his line should by
all means five him a call. :.:i:"Jt!t, V.
Fioht a Alliance Save tbe . Cleveland
Plain Dealer of Thursday, tbe 31st nit -,
Last nlsbt an affair of a dlsirraoefal and prob
ably fatal nature took place at Allianoe betweea
some members of tbe 19th Regiment, eadjbe
employees of the Plttebnrg, Fort Wayne -and
Chioago Railroad. We bavn't been able to
gather sufficient particulars to be able to say
which side Is most to be blamed. , There was a
dance at the Eating House dining room, in
wbloh several members of tbe 19th Ohio Regi
ment, which ia enoamped At. Alliance, partici
pated, together with a number of tbe employees
of the above named railroad. A difficulty arose
between tbe volunteers and tbe railroad men,
wbloh terminated in a fight..Tiie railroadmen,
some twenty-five in aamber, armed themselves
with coupling links, bolts, wrenches, etc, and
tbe fight was a fierce and bloody one. ' Several
were injured on both sides. Captain Klrby, of
the I9tb Regiment, who Is from Mahoning conn
rv, bad hie ekall fractured bv a biow from a
coupling Iron and at tbe time our Informant left
no waa aoiexpeotea to recover., , rt ..
-' No sneste had been made when the tip train
passed Alliance this morning. . A bad feeling
baa existed between the railroad men ai Alli
ance and the volunteers fot some time, whiob
no donoi occasioned the flgbtr ;' v ; '
m r-1-
0The Cleveland PUi Dtater of Thursday,
stated that Ex United States Marshal Johnson
was dangerously ,111 and w' not. expected to
llvethroujh the day. His disease is inflam
matory rheumatism, together with typhoid fe-
A i
O "Pray, Miss C," said a gentleman the
other evening, why are ladies so fond of ofil
eers?" "How stupid!" replied she. ;,"Is it not
natural that a lady should , like a good offer,
ST Lord Lyons thinks that All teasels which
oan ran the blockade into Charleston, or any
other. Southern port, should be permitted to
carry away cargoes unharmed. ' Secretary 8ew-
"don't see Is. ,t n -5
ST Thw sensatioa papers of New York are
giving the Government a great deal of tfouble.
If tne gabble of geese saved Rome, the same
sort of thing is At least endangering the Great
Republic Hash op! '
..-7.1 TK-'
O This is the way the St. Looisites take
off the Chicagoans: i --- r -v .jr ... -
"Sir." said a caest to the clerk of a Chicago
hotel, "yon moat have made a mistake in my
bill." "Why?" "Because I ean pay It and
have money left." " " - a u .
Ambrotyks. Persons desiring picture trne
to life should call at once on oar friend, Dr.
Haynei, at the American, and gel one of those
beautiful ambrotypes."' Call soon, as his Stay
is limited to one week?. V'f.-T ' .
for eight or tea rron, eu be htd by appllng to
0. PATTERSON, No. 118 South Pront atreet, between
State ud Town Btreete "
BelDE bot one eqture from the State House, makes, lt a
deefrable plaee (orDBdeeM mea. L u , ,i)t 1
ectl-dL - ' - ' '
it"1 ' '::e1
octS3-3a .1
1061. . lOOl.
United States Express
Via Sew York & Erie Eailroad, . ,
And all other Roads Reading West
; ,'7' ::an4 Southwest. ;v";
.11 !l .1
C bartered Cars over moat Beads on Pimnjer Trains.
M. H. HOVBT, Al't I
1. KBI9HT, Ag't,
- SS State St, Beaten.
SSI Broedway, JI. T.
' WMi H. PBBRY, Baperinteadent, Bnllalo.
FITCH & SOW, Afentff ' ' " 1
. ST Went Broad Street,
t- f ii:.v
Corner of Broad & Frotit Streets,
MAMB8 Ml'-1 ' "
V',: . ! ' ' f -3 -' ' . ..
Hi .s-iu'-f .i " .
''.'ctas-di U)l '-' -v"i -;-
l i , ,v .IS ; 5'. a.lvj ).-.vi.wr VJ.
1 ' i .Iin- mi2 -.- ; sX " "
loi-'elgn and, Domestic Wiiio; Brandifli,
' i . Am. ALSO,
olu rte, moVonqai&la4 Bourbon
,. i !'0 VeJif kA IfitfVJI' ,
iu . ' ww -.,;. i rstrr U
WW w
FAfiluipDW AKD 0fIClil.S3i lOfflH BXQ IT
.v jwnrurtm nrnn
11 ..L!.
JL l i'Mm Oitoeua Olotha;
Broehe Usebeia Dreai U4od
!arirBtilkli"j! li4 .4A
. e kUkMnedara' Kid kUevesa ijfti
m 'u uosp kiru.
W& OrCereetet Hair kele,
He. MleiAHIktreet.
TELEGRAPHIC. Reported for the Ohio Statesman.
His Resignation Accepted.
The President Reads the Order Placing
Him on the Retired List.
Gen. McClellan at the Head of
the Army.
News from Missouri.
Further Particulars of the Fight at
Further Particulars of the Fight at Springfield.
From Washington.
Washihotoh, Out. 81. Blsblr trustworthy
information from France establishes in diplo
matic circles here tbe fact that the Emperor
Napoleon and bis OoTernment consider the in
tegrity, greatness and prosperity I the Amerl
can Republic to be identical with the presept
and future prosperity or rrance.
General Scott win go to flew xorK on Sat
urday morning, in tbe sis o'clook train, accom
panied by his staff. "It is expected that next
week, wnue in tne city, ne win retire from bis
high rank, and Immediately thereafter sail for
Europe, with his son-hi-law, of bis staff.
Col. Hamilton coes Jpon Gen. ilalleck's
staff, and Col. Townsend resumes bis duties In
tbe Adjutant Oeneral'e Department.
Tbe charges against Col. Kerrigan are of the
grarest character. He will probably be sum
moned before a oourt martial. It is said that
be held regular Interriewi with the enemy
while la command of his regiment, passing
through the lines nnobetruoted. His conduct is
said to warrant tbe belief thai he entered the
servloe only to carry oat certain plans, whtob
be bad devised belore tbe commencement of
hostilities, for glring aid and comfort to the
It is bellered that there will bo news from
the fleet by way of Richmond to-morrow or next
day. Probably Jeff. Davis will bear from two
points on tbe coast betweea Beaufort and Cape
Sable almost simultaneously. --
[Herald's Dispatches.]
- Dispatches from Gen. Hooker's division, on
the Lower Potomac, stated that on Wednesday
afternoon abont a doaen ehoti were fired at in
terval! from the rebel batteries at Shipping
Point on tbe Lower Potomac. Most of (he balls
tell into the water .The rebels appeared to be
getting tbe range or their guns.
Several small boats were observed crossing
Quantico Creek. . -
-Anew battery has just been discovered in
coarse of erection on tbe west side of Qaantico
Creek, on tbe high bluffs, abont a mile above
(Time's Dispatch.)
.There a enlistments again, es
pecially from the larger States. Enlistments
are so tew that the War Department is about
again returning to the system of accepting men
directly, without the intervention of the State
authorities. It ii also contemplated coramis
lioaicg the officers through tbe War Depart
ment directly by tbe President.""'
- ( Washinotom, Nov. 1,-t-A, letter received to
day Irom ParneMewiif Md . iht tee rebel
now have their pickets on Harrison Island, and
that reliable intelligence from Leesburg gives
information that ou lucsuay succeeding the
fight at Ball's Bluff, the rebels withdrew their
forces from Leeaburg,' ou oar, troops being
thrown over at Edwards's Ferry, leaving only a
few 'battalions -to keep up appearances, end
watch Our movements. , .Tbev subsequently took
away all their supplies, and at tbe latest ac
counts were resting on Goose Creek, seven
miles south of Leesburg. . . '
; A new battery of rifled guns, three in num
ber, has been discovered aoout a mile and a half
below any tbat has been heretofore fired. It
is situated a little below a new brick house, not
far from wharf at Eransport..., i.
[Special to the Post.]
- Business is quite brisk on the Cumberland
canal. The boats make their trips without any
Interference from the enemy. The tolls re
ceived en the canal during tbe mobth of Octo
ber amount to $10,000. - : . .
The freighting traffic oa tbe Baltimore and
Washington railroad is very large. Yesterday
two hundred car loads of gorerument supplies
were deposited here.
Tbe rebel steamer George Page li still ia
Qaantico Greek, but has worked her way anffi
ciently far ia to be oat of sight from tbe
Maryland shore. . - - ;
The work on our batteries is progressing fine
ly, and a number of guns and mortars have been
mounted. . A few oyster pungeea run the block
ade now and then, and yesterday a schooner is
laid to have passed down.
Tbe following letter irom lieutenant uene-
ral Scott was received by the President on
Thursday afternoon:
To Hon S. Cameron, Secretary of Wat : ,
8ia For more than three years 1 have been
unable, from a hart, to mount a horse or walk
more than a few paces at a time, and that with
much painj Other and new infirmities', dropsy
and vertigo, admonish me that a repose of mind
and body, witn tne appliances oi surgery ana
medicine, are necessary to add a little more to
a life already protraoted much beyond the nsual
spaa of mao. It is under such circumstinoes,
made aouoiy natniai oy me unnatural ana ou
Just rebellion now raging in the Southern
States of our so late prosperous and happy
Union, that 1 am compelled to request tbat my
name be placed on tbe list of srmy omcers
retired from aetlre service.' As this request
is founded on aa absolute right granted by
reoent act of Congress 1 am entirely at
liberty to say that it is with deep regret that I
withdraw myself ia these momentous times
from the orders of a President who baa treated
me with distinguished kindness and courtesy,
whom I know upon much personal intercourse
to be natriotlo without sectional partialities or
prejudices, to be highly conscientione in tbe
performance of every doty, and oi unrivalled ac
tivity and perseversuce. And to you, Mr. Sec
retary, whom i now omoiauy auuress lor tne last
time, I beg to acknowledge my many obliga
tions for the uniform high consideration I have
received at your bands.
I have tbe honor to remain, esir, witn nign re
i oor uuetiieni oerrant, i
A aneclal Cabinet oounoll was convened on
Friday morning at 9 o'clook, to take the subject
.. . ,i j .i j . i .i
Into consideration, as wae acumen mat uen.
Scott's request, under the oircumstancea of bis
advanced age and Infirmities, could sot be de
elined. General MoClellan was t haven pom
with the unanimous agreement ot tne Cabinet,
notified that tbe command of the army would
devolve aa blm. At four o'clock la the after-
. the Cabinet acain waited eo the Presi
dent.' and attended 1.1m to the residence of Geo
8oott. ,Oo being seated, (be President, read
tbe Ueneral tbe toUowlDB erderi - .
On the first day Of November, 1861, vpoD his
Own application to the Presldeql of the United
Btates, urevet J-ieoienant-OenarAi wiaeia
Scott Is ordered 'to1 te-plaoed, and Is hereby
biased -Alt the list bf retired officers of tbe army
of the-Uirttwt-atatw, without redutitltm lu
cnrH fcay.'stiBalstrtios Or alldwames.--
'iThd Amei-lcatt'CtoDlS Will hunt with'i'arlrjl!a
and deep emotion ihat GeaersJ.Boott lias !Uv
drao 4tonv tbe wctlve control of the army,
while the Preaident and ananlmoui Cabinet ex
press their own and the nation's sympathy
bis personal affixation, and thai profound sense
of tbe important publio servlgea rendered by
blm to his country during hia long and brilliant
career f . among wblcb win ever do grawiouy
distinguished hlsialtbfol devotion to the Con
stitution, the Union and the flag, when assailed
Gen. Scott thereupon rose and addressed the
Presldsnt and Cabinet wbo bad also risen, as
follows:? -
Psuiocnt: This honor overwhelms? me, It
overnaia ell aervlcei I have attempted to ren
der my country ;M I bad any clalmi before they
are all obliterated Dy tne exoressiou ui eppruvai
by the Preaident with the unanimous support ol
hli Cabinet. I know the President and bis Cab
inet well; I know tbat tbe country;hai plaoed its
interests In this trying onsii la saie seeping;
their counsels ars wise, their labors are untir
ing as they are loyal, and their cause is the
rlcht one. . , ' ' r
President, you tanst exouse me, i am nuaoie
to stand longer to give utterance to the feeling
01 gratitude which oppresses me - In my re
tirement I shall offer up my prayers to God for
this Admiuiitratloa aud (or my- country. - I
shall nrav for it with eonfidenoe ta Its success
over iU enemies, end that speedily: .
The President then took leave or uen. oooit,
giving biro bis band and saying be hoped soon
to write him a private letter expressive of bis
gratitude and affection. The Preaident added:
General you will naturally feel solicitude
about .. the - gentlemen of your staff.: who
have rendered you and tbeir - oouotry such
faithful service. I have taken that sub
ject into consideration. . I understand that
they go with you to flew xork A anaii ae
sire tbem at ' taeir earliest convenience aiter
their return to make tbeir wishes kHoa tome.
I desire ou. however, to be satisfied, that, ex
cept tbe unavoidable privation of your counsel
and society,- wbloh tbey so long enjoyed, the
provision whioh will be made for tbem will be
such as to render their relation as agreeable
hereafter aa it has been heretofore.
Each member of the Administration then
gave bis hand to the veteran, and reiired in pro
found silence.' '.' '
Tbe Secretary of the Treasury and Secretary
of Was will aooompauy Gen. Scott to New York
to-morww by the early train. .
The fallowing Is tbe response of the Secretary
or War to Us letter oi Uea. Hooti:
Gsnisali It is my duty to lay before the
President your letter of yesterday, asking to
be relieved under the recent aot of Congress.
In separating from you, I cannot refraiu from
expressing my regret that your health, shatter
ed by long servloe snd repeated wounds receiv
ed in your country's defense, should render lt
necessary lor you to retire from your high posi
tion at this momentous period of our history.
Although you are not to remain in aotlve ser
vloe. I yet hope tbat while I continue In obarge
of the Depar'.meot over which I now preside, I
shall at all timea be permitted t avail myself
of tbe benefits of your counsels and sage
experience.- - li baa been my good fortune
to ; enjoy a personal acquaintance with yon
for over thirty years, and the pleasant relations
of that loog time had beso greatly strengthen
ed by your cordial and entire co-operation, In
all the great questions which bave occupied the
Department and oonvulsed tne country for tbe
last six months. In parting from von I can only
express tbe hope that a merciful providence
which baa proteoted you amidst so many trials,
Will Improve your health and continue your life
lone after tbe people of this country shall have
been restored to its lormer Dappicess and pros
penty. .- .
I am, General, very alncerely,
' Your friend and servant,
Further Particulars of the Fight at
SratNcniLD, Oct. 29 The total killed,
wounded and missing of Fremont's body guard
is filty one; tbe killed and wounded ot tbe reb
els, according to their own statement, is about
eitrbtv. - '. -
The Home uuards begin to come out strong;
tbey captured aud brought back Major White,
who wits a prisoner, and the fourteen rebels
who were taking him to Price's camp.1 ;'' ..
' Last oigbt about twenty ot tbem chased Lieu
tenant- Colonel John H Price and. twelve ether
rebels, killing ooe of tbem, twelve miles eomb
of here, and brought 'all tbe rest In; they are
now prisoners in our camp.
-The rear divisions of our army are coming np
to us by forced marches. Uen. Vow' and
Hunter's commands are expected here ibis even
ins, and MoKinstry'a to-morrow. '-
- Ail our troops are in the best ol spirit! and
full or enthusiasm. . .
Gen. Fremont has taken possession of tbe
flouring mills in this country, and Is rapidly
gathering supplies fcr tbe army.
. rrlce is near tne Arkansas licet it is doubt.
ul whether he will sive as battle.
Tbe rebel omcers thought Hat tne isody
Guard that made the attack was two thousand
strong, and on their retreat swore at their men
for a set of cowards. . We got about sixty of
thsir muskets, dropped In tbeir Bight.
Oar adysnce is at Uzark, fifteen miles soutb
of here.
Fifteen of tbe body guard were buried yester
day afternoon with military honors. Tbe Ben
too uacets, tioiman s nnarp enooters, uenerai
fremont and Htafl, all the .mrviviug and un
wounded guards, and a large number oi citlsane,
male and female, followed la tbe procession
The bodies were buried In one grave, Intowbicb
uea. rremont cast tbe first earth.
A Letter from Fremont's Assistant
PffiLAOKLrHiA. Nov. 1. E. M.' Davis, As
listaut Quartermaster under General Fremont,
publishes a letter la tbe Bulletin of this city
this eveoins. to Adiutant-General Thomas,
making several corrections relative to himself
published in the letter oi uenerai i nomas to
Seceretary Cameron. IIo entirely exculpates
General tremont from any ooncern witn tbe
ourobase of blankets, and says that when tbe
report of tbe board reached General Fremont
he expressed great displeasure ana caused tee
blankets to be returned. i ney were not con
demned as rotten snd worthless, and the only
fault that cou'd be found with tbem waa the
economy practiced In making tbem.
Tbe average price or tbe blankets waa one
dollar and forty cents. Tbev were part cotton
Assistant Quartermaster Davis made tne pur:
chase In bis bffioial oapacity. - lie can only ac
count for the misstatement from the fiat that
while General Thomas was la St. Louis he was
confined to his bed. That General Thomas
presumed from the reports be beard that he had
the whole truth belore bim. ...
New Yora. Nov. 1. The ship Kate Dyer,
latelv arrived from Europe, was seized last
night by order of Surveyor Andrews. The
Dver ia owned to the extent of two-eights by
Jas. Phillip, a resident of New Orleans. When
the share owned South has been conn;caiea, tne
mufti will be released.
A Washington letter to the Commercial
sava the inoorooration of the Ira Harris Caval
ry Into the regular army is a deservedly high
oomplimeot. . - ' , '
Tbe Massachusetts xain, uonneciicut avtu
and New Hampshire Butery passed through
to day for the seat of war. . ,,T ;i n,
Release of Col. Mulligan.
JxmasoN Crrr, Nov. 1 Passengera from
the Weat report tbat Col. Malligan, the bere of
Lex nsrton. has been released dj uenerai race.
He; was seen at Waypesburg to-day, on bis
way to Lexington lo Jringawsy a cbiid left
there. "' "'. .' '. "
This release Indicates that the Wmmlsaton
sent Irem St. Louis some days since to effect
the exchange of Cols. Malligan. and reabody
and Major Van Horn for Gen. Frost, Colonel
Bowen and Major Williams, who were captured
at Camp Jackson, has been aaecessluJ.
Arrival of the Steamship Borussia.
St. Johns. N. F., Nor. 1 Tbe steamship
Rnnieula from Liverpool. S3d nit. bound
New York, passed Cape Race at five o'olock
this ssornlog- The advioea obtained are three
dare later. The steamship Bohemian and fed-
. . - . , 1 .... Ml 1.
Inffhnre- amvea as Liiverpwu in ue Ma nit.
r . m. ... 1 t
Tne Wndon l imes, -rn io eoinmii on
imerteee Blockade, araio complains tbat : it
notl effectual, and- remlodrtbaWaahragton
ouhd to tePQgDJM a reaa a.ooaaaa.4ei aeminosir
the people M aiaDoaeBirw-'veee -Hiei miiuiii
the blockade by the" Bwm -da, shows thai
catling off the cattorr supply ishe work of
0utn as muoo aa tow ec-i
Is also aeems Quite trne that all cotton sxpor-
HUon has bees forbidden by tbe rebel govern
meat In order that roreign aations, eepeojan
EoSUnd.may be forced to take aides, la (he
. i . 1 1
Anat-riaaa ourrel.
From Fortress Monroe
FosTaaas Mesmoa. Oat. 81 t-Ne nartioulara
Of Importance respecting the .'Groat .Expedl
tloa. '- ' '-t-v' it
A flair of truce went no to Norfolk to oay,
with twenty Lflsonere, released sometime sines
at Fort Leiayettai . . . , . '
Tbe barks ttaaetock sod Ajaanda. nave-jnsi
returned from A erotic.- -The latter took lar
prises, Including three Eoglish veeeels and one
Aaverioaa, IDS aamea er wlioo save a feaoj
t)eeofarMished.i.'i !'': Sit l-J' V.'.
Tbe frigate Kosooke l bourir expeoiea from
theSoaih ()t.'( u y. :.vij
From Fortress Monroe COMMERCIAL MATTERS.
Columbus Retail Market.
FRIDAY,November 1. 1861.
Wta. H. Beatlrau.wtiolenle and retail graoer, Mot
IDS loath Illk tint. . 0, tl I .
Wheat. - B5311Q5 O.Sasar 9 IOV"
Oaie bm....
Oorn e Ml ......
Vflvj Maple So...
Molaem f caiw.... i
Bauer .....
Knip sal MoSl SO
Tea a....BOa,l 001 U
Lard a SI0.
Tel low a m K
ttieOoffee .. ivne
Dried Applei be.. 13 04
lara do.. e
Dr ad Peestaei... 79W
Bioa a - ISwe
WhiU Ueau 9 MaU B
inamt 9 doa..Bl 0091 75
Poieuee, new r im.ewewwi
Bait In m. ........ I' -
Bay 9 Son . S OS
Soas(Dez) 9 . xewr
Salt S btl SI 7S
rioar 9 bbl.... a ou
VhlU Wheat do 15 85
Kye floor 9 btl... is 00
Beef ewt. - S "
Hum, t
Sboeldere A...
Oandlea.Tallow.bs. 13H
Salt Pork? owU... 'voiiuc
Caodlti, Opal. box. . loe
Weed eord.... I'i'W til
Oheeae t 8iM2X
Maokerel No.l hbbl SIS WH
n omioT per baah a I ou
ktaokeral No 1 or bbl
$i Sit) W h(.y per. (all. 8591 00
Mackerel Ne 1 kite..; SS 101
Baleba, ss - Mlr.J x
White full per h'fbhl 83 UO
Leyera ....a au
Suites 9 lto
White liek per qr bbl rS eel
cod riah f a v
sng v ft.......A.vi&
Herriuf 9 bbl ..
Oorn aleal 9 bu..
...IS 00
rruuei t ff,......cyeiv
Wool Twine .. .r. Ibe e lb.
Braa ff doa.M...
10cl0renberr.ee bbl-. V (0
Dried Brer
f' -ina sales at 14 50 Bd 8 lor new red, and 19 00
S SIS for white; market aoeettled. r, ..
WnuT-etSOSI 00.
Cork sales at 0a ' '' f
0Ta ealeedalla; 18e. i . .
Bre email tain a -i.VSSflc.
B.i e.leeat78.
PoTAToae lelea at
Biaea ealnat87c151. . ..
tkur ralea at tl 04 perlbl. - , .
Warn fiaa rule at IU S546 75 per bl.f .
Baiara, leas and OoOeeadvanoui(allll.
New York Cattle Market.
TOTAamctars or oattls or all suds, roa tub whk.
Aooordloc to the reports from the aeverel market.
placet la tbe city, there hare been received thltweeki
Onws. Trait. Lamba Swine. Total
S3 , H1 740 . --,
H ' 84 0 588 ,;
80 M 8.64S ....
33 : sa ,isj ....
At Allertoa's, i 0 IS
Browalor'l. ... 950
O'Bnen'A Tl
Ohamberllo'e.. TS
Bold rra'ra, Ber. S7)
T'l pr'a week.
0.134 103 4H4 18.100; 18 80S 4I8SS
5.117 131 053 11,423 9,324. 88,851
4,304 358 343 0.709 7,598 13,967
av. namorr
t w'k,rtj'r.
A. M. Allerton At Co.. Proprietor! of the Waablnrten
Drore-yarde, 44ih-tt, report the Cattle in Market Irom
the following Btatee:
NewTork...... l.lOS'OonoeclIcat.. ....... .
Ohio l,391New Jeraey -
Indiana 063ircjtae........
Illlnoie 1,037 .Oaoeda.
Kentucky 152. Hlchraa J95
Iowa MU.ourl
PenDiylraula 'Cnoolaw Nation. ....
Hnmber.renorted for this market at fortv-foorth
street, 6,rJ0 1.
The prices lo day are quotes u follows:
First quality 7X38 Ordinary SVdBK
Medium 77 I Extra.. .... a
Boms Kitra mod Beeves maybe daoted at very few
oyer 8c. .. . . -
Tne general average of Ibe market lr 7o.
TO. most of the tales are at 0XS7Xe.
Prices ner head and ner ponnd. of dlfTerent welrhts.
Will be fouod in account of aalaa ot sundry droves.
Total number of Beeves received in tbe city this week.
8 151.
Thi Is 1037 head more than last week, and 1790 bead
mora thee tbe avarafe of last year. - Tbe avarac nam
b,r at each Wednesday market I ait jrar wts3191 head.
while tbe nnmber to. Say bring Soto BhOws vm head
more than the average, and WO bead more, thjj this day
. ' '
Wednesday. Oct. 30. t lance of the total receipts ol
the tek will show any one acquainted withhit market
wnai muai oe me couutuun vi uiuia wi-uay.-. it in oier
8 000 head, and these of an unuiual heavy art rage
weight, and no demand lor paotting, we matt ay that
he prlo has held up wooderfally We average II at a
decline of Xooa the tcreral classes, bntnoton ihsaTer
age, beeaose tbe average is much better than last week,
or any week line last spring. Cattle ean be bought to
day below onr quetatlone; we oou't know how much; be
cause tellers ate willing to accept almost any offer, rath
er than hold over with no better prospect another week
Hone, howerer, will be held over, for tbey cannot be
aold at prices that owner will accept. We hare seen
seweral lota ot neat, handsome Dur nam ateers told to
day at less tbsn 7o 9 B for the net welgbt or meat.
We bare not eeen the market to completely overstocked
any week for years ae it la this week, and ws doubt
whether any one ever taw as many pounds of good beef
en ths market aa now. Estimating the bull -ck, this
week at only 700 B average, and lt will give 4,307.000 B ,
aa the net weiahi of meat in the bullocks on sale sloes
Monday morning, and at 7o B, amount to B301 546.
If onr country frlenda think that New Tork can aland
that nreaaare. end not have prices decline, tbey rather
overrate lis strength; for, betide the largett aupply of
beef we ever bad in a week, we nave an immense stock or
swine and sheep, and, altogether, we believe the lartest
nnmber of buteber' animal ever sold In one week in
this eitv. No wonder the price Is low, and tbat all oan-
nu be readily aold. ' Ibe anpply to altogether above the
KeeelntB this week 18 106.
Tbe tbeep market haa'ayaln been somewhat fluctuating
thin week. Tbe cloting np on Wedneeday was dull and
hard for drovers. On Thursday tbe market brightened
up, and tbe prices of Tuesday were folly aaataintd.- On
Friday and eatnidiy Ibe trade wet dull as dull eon Id
be. and broker oould sell stoee only by herd pnihlnc
Morday morning the market opened very lively; the
weather waa cool enociear; an tne etoca in slain street,
amoun lot to some 3.000 bead, wesoloaed ont at an early
hoar, at prices fully equal to those In oar last wsek's re
portsay on ths avsrage, at So. 9 fa for the aet lot of
meat or all good fair tbeep, andSXo. lor good lambs.
Borne extra tbeep aold higher, and tome very Inferior
onee at lower rates.
Tuesday morning the market opened with s good sup
ply on hand, say abont 8,ti 0 at Browning's 800 at 0'-
Bilen'e. and (nil stocks at Chamberlain 'a and Allerton 's.
Ths weather was floe and clear, but warmer than Mon
day, and reports from Wssblogtoe Market were tbat gcod
mutton earcsssee were selling Bt5e t ft,, end la tola
tale of things il soon became evident the the brokers
would be oblised to ooneede a rsdue low of priors, or tbe
large wboleiale butobers would not buy a hoof bejond
immediate necetsiiy. - -
Up to 10 A. M. It waa a war of words between buyer
and seller, without a ssle of any amount having been ef
fected, althouth the difference between them wis very
trifling; for Instance, a good lot of Indiana tbeep, which
the owner estimated 55 net. he waa unwilling te aell
at leas than 84 50 eaob; for these the buer offered
4 35, estimating them at S3 b , end oould not be In
duced by all the argument, ef the broker to offer three
eants more upon the whole lot. This Is a fair sample
of the condition of the market and aula ef feeling of the
prloelpal borers. ..u
Tie advaoce la wool, and the high price whloh batchers
obtain for thsir pelts, mete op for the avpareat diserep-
Bboy between the price paid by the batchers and tbeir
reoslpts rortne meet, ana leave a very narrow margin
for tnem te operate ueoa to secure a trtfllnf profit upon
eackabeap, II It only by doing a large bosloear that
tbey eaa make a living pront . ..
To-day tbe market has te tnbmlt te a still farther de
cline, and that le not to be wondered at, when we look at
the number on sais. -
nlnl.lht. week IB SOS. - '. ' ' :'
The fallowing are the quotations gives; by Henry S.
Grant, Bapewin tendons er tne maraett - -
, Oorn fed Bogs, B, lire weight.'.... .4 4J(ei
DUtlllery-fed Hogs JXXo.
The market this morning h dull, with S.SOO da sale,
nd the weather, though clear, moo t cold enough te make
a hrlae deatand for boss. With the great stock In aar-
ket this weak, we lone, aeon tbe destine In prime as a
very moderate one
Geo. W. Dorm an lives ths following as The price of
nogethlswetk: , ' ' " v..-"
Live. Dead webrht.
First quality, oorn fed. Urge sixa..4 ., S AiX
Second quality corn-fed 4 S24J. , , !4iM
pint quality, small aiaee, ia ana , , . .
prune, for market naicjMrs....-av? M-J
Leiretlae,atlll-fed,fat... .-Savi'-W , ,4
Seoond quality ltUl-fed,fat.M,.Srt3i 44.
: 1 i i i i -' ' f i"
New York Market.
OOTTOK-Continnes tr7 Bales oTISOS bales atS3)f
fbrMlddMngTJplaads. f1 ,'.'.. ' '
FLOUR Rales quiet and tra will fair rleaand fer
export and home eoneampttoB. Seles ef 838M barrel
at f58Va for rejeeied; BASSeBSSS er nrpernoe
Beater oipoeo ror eatra seaiei ev
e. wanmaa Mima aa fas easaerea te aeealem salsa
westsrnl 89S 10 tor shipping erenow mmrr
Ohlei teS S-er-Sr awaaee ew aw.r.w.
Sro). .Oeaadtee Flear-ilttle Srmer wb(mdetBte bail.
nca doluTTTfalei of 800 barrelsat 85 J5jnJ 8 for
WHI8H.T In moderate reqaaetl Bales oCSW barrels
tt0X3io. tjbiifly the tasus pnoe.
nsrOne J g5 7 00 ror common iu imn-. . .
hYt n nun Kitraotiitaod steady at 831 10.71
' IHN MBAL-In fsunequesa, Aales ef 850 barrels
A. ae M A,, aknrf.a-lna and chotoe weatern.
TfTBB A-4let aeA Area with a moAejsie ewl
meodj aalea el 19 fcou buaUatj Ohteaae aprlrf at 81
1 85 13 300 boibele aUeue Iptln. et il Sl51 34; lit,.
OUOSnahelaalllwaakeeelelietaisa;! 85; Has teen-
eu AWJte- tow wtawigt, m; law weshekf
SandMme So. la imn M St 38; IMit eaibekt A miner
wrrwn euy ex vi aa; lesw DeJe tee Mete et fl Sees
i ai .uuw weaHw iniwng, wntie Lnntana at e I Set 14.-
BOObaebeie Amber Murhlfan at el ! 37; B aoobaah-
ela Wblte vote eea rnxnigan at ft wesaitS; Sue ktufe
eUwhlloK.nlookretai4l SO..
BVB-aleaadarwiat7ie3W - . e, ii
BAALBI With net vielble chance., teles of 8,100
beia.il tle aterV9fl7oi
OOHS A afaeee Aiaaer, With a moderate aemeaA for
expert ana heme eooeemption, at a e (air epeeeutlve
looain: eelee of 141 000 eaehele at SO-SO 1 far dauaiMl
mixed weeiera; 80 for eoeaavm dec SiOMMX tar toed
prime spclnf aalaed WeaUra, shieflj at aelee prtea, SA de
tearrlve. 7 - - -
OATS ators aetlre at 40 for Casedai 48941 br test-
PORK lraf and1 rarbef more eet've; sales of 750
barr) at 81515 S3 1- for iwaet SS VAAl IS OU rir prliaa
total t took eliokteavS eev. Mow .-lea. abfil. S3 0311 wareem:
same date hut month, 40,8501 samedaae aeayeaeaa.SJb.
barrele Suir.-t ... vie -..,u .- -.
Bier Bttedr. with e fair bnehMea eoinsi aales
sou kerreio at BSp4 4S. Ser pramer tfna as loe meet;
eiiMKVis lor rapeekee me.; f u lo.- eeaetty aweae.
tetel atcek of eld eod new, KoW.-lew 18SL, 8.0S1 peaej
aaee; earn Sate mat moeih. 40 8JS: eamedaW met year,
8,848 peokafee. frlaae meet beef egletaaaenchanf-
ed " .' ,. 'u. i '.. i ..
BSBf HAWS Qaleieed enehanred. m -i -,-OUT;
US ATH Mul atilwt at 4obA fcr ihnaklare. an
forhamei' 1 ' - . t -.- -irt
BACON lo Sioaerate teqwett; aales 1,1X3 kads meek
ed etdet. pert to arrive, !'- i- .
LaHD keleaeolmaivA with mederate LwQejtry; ealee
ef 1.350 barrels at SH4P3H- IneieeeS la same are SvS
bbla deliverable In Jaeoery ant rewraaryvat payers
epcloD on prlrite teime. -:-
BUTTSn-lo moderate request at 6al8for Okie, and
12X18 for slats. .-. , ,. . , . -,
CUMASS More doing at 4 X45K for Ohio, and 5K
1 for state.. . . . , .
tUOAB Haw in little better reqoett anl' market
ateedyl salee of 1.850 hoCiaa1e Cuba et TXJJlJK. and
email lots Porio Beo alb fe.. SotaJ stock. Bortmber 1st,
1861. 28 804 hoi abrads. 13.884 boxes. 143.878 baas and
melailo: .,..'..:,
MUbAbaas uavt; eaies or so ncfueaaa rono wo
at 43; by auction, 60 hofaheeda de, at 38J3;. 48 boia-
heada Cuba Muscovado
el xo, eaah.
Cincinnati Market.
LODE There wsi a better feelloK araoaed In the
market, by tkeeoea dispetehex) end wUheaa eoy Intraaei
In wulaUeie beldera became more flra la tbelr pgeltlont
and stood for, the outside of ear lata quotations ea 8a
oerflne. WUB AT Vai Irnralar In lbs experlrnce of different
operators. For the strictly prime qualities the market
possessed mere Inherent etrenf than It did yesaeroay,
aad this was en tribe ted tn bj the aawa from Me Tork.
lhe qneUUaeeare b0.-e7a tor .red. sad lAtfftUe for
wnue. ; !.,.. '
coiUfvWas a Utile mere Srm lo oajF, ana aard to boy
at20o.'M ' ,,".. i -i i i t-: 3it:-r i t .
OATS Are steady at 33a. , . - . , , , .,
BIB Is la Ml r reaaettand held hliber. It brlnss
43d readily, and one to two outs per baahel higher is
aaked. .: - t i
BARLIT It mere marketable. Prima commands Mai
readily, snd la hard le bay at that Agere.,.
w uieki sola reaaiiy as ee.- -
-.. ' Cveaamereial
:,l.i --..
Cleveland Market.
fLOTJ R Sales of 80 barren, red doable et tie el 14 70
and 100 barrels white doable extra, country ground, at
W 11 BAT Market dull owing to the want of wsiels
(ales 3 eera red at 04o; a boat load aBoat at aunei and 1
ear wolte on track at 9 1. . ...
CORN sales or tear at see.' - --O'TftV-Beleaef
8 ears at 35a .
HIOHWIKsb Bale ot SO bbla St 15Ki and eS nbls at
BQOS-Steadr at 13a. .:-'-
DKISD AffLkB SelealOQ IbaatSo.
IHKIQaTs Nominal at So to BoltaAo, and 14c to Ol-
wego, and oe vessels wbehad.- - -
Philadelphia Market.
WHB AT Active. Bed 81 81 93r WhHs tl 4
1 en. ....'. . . - - . ' .'
OOBN-FIrm. ' White Is telling at !6e; Yellow at
wS83)e. . - i
WH fSKr aiaad at 21,a2o.
POBK SOCK) barrele weie taken for the Government.
BBBf WO bbla taken for government.
For an Inch of Time!
a dying Queen. Tntvt Inch of time ean be procur-
a much cheaper rate, and many long years or
enjoyed byeorsultlng Dr. MBBBTWB ATHBB. who
la curing tne most obitlnata and long-standing dtteaie
Facta ar Staltttarm Thlag-al ( .-
Rear what the Phlladalohleooire pendent ears in the
Oommonweallh," Wilmington, Delaware, 9th ef April,
ISom .. . ... :. -i.- - I
"An Bnglish gentleman, formerly connected wUB the
British Army, and wbo styles himself the 'Indian
Botanlo Phytictan bee of late gained an esienaive repu
tation here by bis skill In carina: all manner of com
plalols. Boms of his patlente 1 novo converted with,
and they pronounce bis re me die and mode ef treatment
as very supsrlor. Some have been restored aa It
maglo. Tbe medicine ne ases m auuim uj uuaw.n
from various herbs possessing rare curative properties.
"While aotlog In tne army be devoted his leisure mo
m.n,. tn a thornnah atadv of the effects produced
certain medicinal roots and herbs on all manner of dis
eases. It seems he hsa found a sore and apeedy reme-t
j . 1 . . ,1,1. K uh I. K.l. .n HI. ural-lln.
uy iiirai, w ii.. h. m..
already extensive and la dally Increasing. In the com
plaints to which Females are subjected, he baa no equal
aa a larre nnmber here have testified that they owe not
only their present gcod health, bat their Uvea, te the
skill of this Indian Botanic Physician." -
Office 37 East State 3treet, Colnnrbas.
angl7-d3m .......
i : "
Groceries, ' "-' r.r-- .V'-l,-.
Produce, ,., , .
; . . , Provisions,
poreigri and Domestic, Liquors,
II 1 J .. .W.T
1 t.i'& r.s.' i
) No. 106,! igouth - High Street,
1 v.: i t- t---. -.i c tj .r.- .ti!-.-t "i - '
the old stand recently ecote4 byWM; MoDONALB
If. H, h'li oally'reeelpt C ,' . ..
;'(. , - h i ' '. ytvb h, vm self " ",'lr "
Ckeaa far Caela ar Casxsitry Pradnce,
' .. a " '
JJ5 Goods dsllversd to Cltjr trade free of charge
IV ".. I) I
ZX :
And Seed Store
GEf fl?li iU H ARDY7 AREr
SalrssH PlavtaM, Waaaex leTlIUjW Waw,
k. t ether and BcMe Bemng,' IeW AtebUwi, Betowal
c ;-alns ' oiiiH rT:.
. atS7w--
i,..i i 1 1 a '
iV AUskvaaad selert Jass opened let AWBVW
Slw. aw wvaws aueH
.' e
"They go Bight 'to? th$; Spot
,'a..J uii WZ.S I".
Istatasst Malfeil
Parlff year BreaU.
Btreagtliea year Veicet
o3Pjrxij23iisr3-a -
. , . e
1 " - Mi I
They relieve a Cough Instantlj
They clear the Throat. . . , - , ,
They give strength and volume to the voice.
They impart a delldoai aroma to thr'oreallv'-
Tbey are delightful to the taste. -
They are made f simple herbs and cannot
harm anyone. ! ' ' '
i advise every one who has a Ooagh or natky Voice
er a Bed Brsatn, or any dlffioalty of the Throat, to gel
a package of a Throat Confections; they will relieve
yoa Instantly, and yoe will agree with ate that ' the,
go right to the spot " Toa wtW Sad them eery asefn I
and pleasant while (rtrsllng or attending pabll meet
fngs for sUIIlng your Ooagh or allaying yonr thirst f f
yea try one package, I am safe In saying that yoa will
ever afterwards consider them indispensable. '
; Toa will And uea at tne DruggJaO ami Dealers in
MadMoee. : '
I '
My ajgnatars is en each package. Ail others are
counterfeit. -
A package will be sent by mall, prepaid, en receipt o
Thirty Cents.
Henry C. Spalding,
I t rasi
By the at ol these' rills the periodic altaclit of N't
eous or StrJt Btadiah may be prevented; and it taken
at the commencement of an attack Immediate ,ellel fr nr.
pain and sickness will be obtained.
Tbey seldom fall In removing the Naiuta aol
ocAs to which feinalea are so subject.
, They act gently npea the bowels removing Uxn
For IAierary Mm, Stvdtnft, Delicate Female
and all person, of awfenfary kabiu, they are value
u a lamatto. Improving tbe appsfife, giving tone
asfer to ths digestive organs, and restoring the nx'ur
Slsstioityandstrsngthof the whole system.
THI CBPHALIO FILLS are the resnlt of long Laves
tlgatton and earefully eondneted expert ments, harltg
been In uss many years, dating which time they hate
prevented and relieved a vast amount of pain and suffer,
lug from Headache, whether originating in tbe Merwoea
system or from a deranged state of the stowtae,
They are entirely vegetable In their eompoeiUOb, ...
may be taken at sJl times with perfect aaiet allheal
asking any change of diet, and t As rioseaos ol any
diHiortabU tat muUrt U stwy as udmini er lAeet
The genuine have Are algnatauea ef Henry 0 Bpaldlng
on each Box. ,
Bold by Bng-glsts and all other Dealers rn Medicines.
A Box will be sent by mall, prepaid, on receipt of ths
IPirloo, QQ Oonts.
Alt orders ihould be addressed to
is Cedar Street, ltsa TTark.
From ths Examiner. Norfolk, Va.
Oeohallc Pills acoompllsh the object for which thai
were made, vts-l Our ef headache In all la forma.
From the Examiner, Norfolk, Ta.
They have been seated la more than a thousand esses
with satire I
From the Democrat, St. Cloud, Mine
a voa are. er have been, troubled with the headache
send for a box, (Oepbalio Fills,) so that yoa may Have
them in case of an attack.
From the Advertiser, Providence, B. 1,
The Cephalic Pills are said to be a remarkably effective
remedy for the headache, and one of the very beat for
that very frequent complaint. which has ever been
From the Westers B. R. Oasette, Chicago, 111.
We heartily endorse Mr. Bpaaldlng, and his anrrvaleS
Oephallc fills.
. Fro Kanawha Valley Star, Kanawha. Ta.
We are tare that persona suffering with the heed sees.
who try tbem, will stick to tbem.
From the Benthem Path Binder, Mew Orleans, La.
Try (hem! yoa that are afJtefed, end ws are mm that
your testimony oan be added te the already numerous
list that has received benefits that no other saeSlelne can
produce. v.-
' ii-' From ths St. Iiools Beanvorat. '
Ths Immense demand for the article , Cephalic PUIs
It rapidly lacreaslng. - - . r
V From ths Oatettc, Davenport. Iowa.
Mr. Spalding would not connect his name wish an ar
nele he did not knot to oossess real merit. - s
VrfA single Bottle ot sreLOlMd'a rstBrAaaB '
OLUB will save tea time hseeetaDUBally
1 ! a' t v - ehavavavaas 'JSt.-1 ' -'Jt . JK J. '
' SAVE IBB PIBOBSt - - . . , .
iBOONOMTI ,. .. - ' . . ' ' DIBPAIOeV . .
j f HTVA BTBta at Toa Bavss Xvn.JJL
aaaccMeeiU will bappeo, even fa weU regaated faesi ,
Uies, It a very deslBabie to have some cheap and ooa j
Veneot vay for repalrtng Furniture, Toys, 0 rookery;
mMts ail eoeh eeaergenetea. and no bouseboid ean arTord
to at wlthoat It, Ills always ready, and upte the stick
l7BBFnTs a BVBBI EOCSB." . .., ',
. H1. B- A Breah eeeompenles eech Settle. .. .,-
cants. , , . , , Address, .
. " BBSfBT 0. EPSLDlrTO, '
He. 4n Oedar Btreet, Mew las.'
ta..--!.; i -i ' ii, . . . i.
. As: eerWi'asprTtterpleS perewa are attemselrig t
palm a- -eh eoeeepeettng pablic kmiauieasef e
rBBrARBO IjIIB, I woaMeaaiioa eai Mrtonsstt
berore v'Ttti.mnv, and see tbat She f
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trai'ii.ijia a s-aaesaaMDaLnB-Jir.
h ea Um oatsie wtaoper; aU ether are swladun.
aarMta, . see
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