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a Day of Thanksgiving.
a Day of Thanksgiving. STATE OF OHIO.
COLUMBUS November 1st. 1861.
;u puVauaD, & ttae'reqoeet of CjeGeaeral Aim
blj of thi SUte, and la aeoordaiwe itB my
- own .eote of gratitude to Almighty God tor the
C-'Kntmr-ifnl mercies which Be 6 bestowea op"
t. the poopio of Ohio, I do hereby iJasiSBt ana
i'Ltwt apart Thurtday, tkt 284 k cf Nvnmttrt
: .N(.ifC. a uavoi Thanksgiving ahdrraUe to
1 Him for the inestimable privilege of onr.. Civil
..-and Religious Institution., for protecting our
)c hoe horn the retage. of war I and for he
- mwUold b!eaInE,lndividnaUud w?ia!, which
" surround and support $ and J, respectfully
V w opoo all'the people, thai they refrain from
' u.i. -oni Jniftmeni on that day ? and, Id
l ' anvir r J . - , , . .
thefr 'places of public' Worship, , snd: e.t tnair
with itreatfui acknowledgmet,i Ol-
, fee-forest prajere to our Heavenly Father
i mt to mT esntinuo to remember hi (a Bit
'mercrs Remove the calamities of cvil atrWe
' which affliot die Nation: raster eooeord:M
Ueeo the Stiles, conflrmiog a4 perpetuating
twlitictl Union, and "BeenrlngtO.Wind to
on nosteritv the privileges and advantages
eMrrk rlatincrniftH &. Christian neonl- - 1 -
.., .Utt,!!.....-!,. . '
. "' In testimony whereof I hare hereunto set my
iband and caused the great seal of the State of
fthin to be affixed, this the 1st day of florem,
h. In the vear of onr Lord 1861, of th InoV
pendenoe of the United States the 85th, nd of
4he Governor, :
ADDISON P. RUSSELL, Sec'y of State.
The Rebels Dissatisfied.
Whilo here at the North, there are strong
ymptoms of growing hostility to the present
Fi.Jal Administration, on tbe pan oi mow
who recently made an unquestioning support of
that Administration Identical with loyally
the Government, it ought to afford both conso
lation and encouragement 16 loyal Uplon men,
that tbe rebels are beginning to growl still more
lustily at the management of hose to whom
tbey hire entrusted the direction of affairs In
the new, experimental 8rthr Confederacy.; ,
Many of the, Southern journals, y wo may
judge from the article's in the rebel press, which
' reach ns from time" to time, Bra even moro bit
ter In their tirades against the administratioi
of, Jxrr.Dam than. axe tho.radical Abolition
' f amoNT mints against that of President UU
coLW. Tbe rebel shsetiBte incessant In their
demands fur a forward moyement.,Tbei nrgo
that the Confederate authorities shall change
tho war from a merely 4efpsire to an offensiTS
oae, and immediately plan and carry into effect
an iorasion of the Northern States. !
The complaint is general and loud at the
South that the Confederate Gorernment, u
bDth ite civil and? military departments, is too
. alow in Its operations, and does not follow np
' the advantages it nas gained, so as to afford the
least nrospeot of bringing the war to speeay
aod succesifal elootv; Thereto, in fact, aocoroV
ing to many leading", Influential rebel presses,
cross mismanagement and incompetency every
where manifested in the public service. These
thioes lead to gloomy forebodings of defeat and
an ignomitioos submission eventually to the
Btrone arm of Federal power.
ThcieiaQta admonish Union" men that they
should exercise patience. If they remain firm
1 and united, chaogea mar, in a short time, b
wrought in the South, that may do,more for tbs
Union cause than an invading army or five
. londred thousand men. - The rebels masoon
realize that the new government hey have stt
up Is worse loan tne one wey nave repuaiw
. sod that if tbe latter eeotrrged them with whips,
the former is tormenting them with scorpions
' Having launched jnpbn the tempestuous sea of
' levoiuiion and anarchy, there is bo toiling where
they may land. Counter revolution may fol
low. and the new rebel "covernmenV be'over-
throwa by )he very. . who aided U giving it
birth 4 .r:Irj.' f ! t
i , woBld;not JwH 'W federal Xiovernmsnt
relax one iota of its e,fforts to Vcrush out the
rebellion;" but we would have the discontent
ed and fretful among nS remember that there
may be causes at work which may do mora for
the aetompllsbmenf of Jthat end than all the
military and naval power oftbe Government.--Let.
n all exeroise saUeace, hope courage,
with unswerving fidelity to the' Constitution,
and the Union'canse will be triumphant, ' '
Army Contracts.
One of the serious charges" made onv'by Ad
' jutant General Thomas, against tien. Fremont,
reads a follows: .. ' j
. Contraow.it will be feen.irere given to In
dividuals without resorting to advertisements
for bidt, as is rsqdired by tna law and the any
regulations - ' 1 -'" . ,
It tnr weroflniiirig" eye of ' thlsctlloer had
penetrated Into th office of the Commissary at
this pottt be would have found, thai officer pur
chasing largely "withont resorting to ad vert lie
ments for bids at Is required by the law and
the arm; regulations." , ilondredsof thooaands
of dollar woito of property, saoh as baoon,
pork, groceries, etc., has been bought, private-,
iy; an agent In tome oases, If not to all, buying
irom the merchants and making out bill to bis
own name to tbe Government, This was prao
tlced by tbs late' Commissary, ind tba system,
e understand, i continued by hi successor
Why Is this not inquired into If th praetio Is
contrary to "the law and the army regulations'!"
We are not to be understood ss justifying the
'violations of the law in the .Western Depart
ment. Oa the nontrary snob conduct cannot b
too strongly condemned. , Bat, w do think it
quite s CBsantial that the , army regulations
Bhould be observed by officers in Cincinnati as
in Si. Louis. While, therefore, the War .De
partment is making uob a fan about St. Louis,
it may a well gratify a very much dissatisfied
public, by Inquiring into the jnoda.of doing
'. In "the army approptlatlon bUl,',pused
March, 1859, it is wpaolaliy provided 'that ail
contracts for tba army should b let to the low
est bidder,' and In pursuance of a published no
tice.' This proviilon of theUw, liki manyoth
f rs, baa beeaisregarded. -t - ' ' r-
pATMASTta McDowii.il. -r Major MaUolm
McDowell." Pavmaater in tbe United States
Army, WM 10 the city yesterday on bis wsy to
Ms headquarters at Colombus, for tba porpoa
tf paying off two regiments of United State
troops quartered there, and also thos of tbe
tore mxMitM' men wno nave net yet oen paia.
Th reason for his long absence is, that being
ordered to Leuisvills to pay off two teg! menu
he found matter in such a fix that be was de
tained two weeks beyond bis allotted time.' As
toon as be completes bis bnRinesa at Columbus
icwrrt reitmrto ClnCTrinatr and rettle op with
the three motjU.' im-d he. fie left on th
train - last ; evening r fo Coiumbua -pia. JZm
fwiw. " ' " . " ''
Wo bav no doubt fioAhat 'wt nave neard
tha thert are wvoral if not more, looking nox
iously for Paymaster McDowau- " "
The Lower Potomac.
h i rorU tht tw sohoonera, Udan With
hay and other Government ior were cap
tur Iby be rt -uls jesterclay.' ,Tbey ktteirpted
ran tm hWiiida.' A rentlauwni who me
op from rorl Tobacoo tui moruiug, ,"t'
tbat the rebels ocoslonally fir atth men wnp
-,...1,1.,,. tt,- r.vtillu&tiona now being
thrown np by ueort dioi , YZ ,r
uir. Hnj,tiniM th 'lots pats Intaas nau
a mUa." At othr time thy fall short:- U It
believed now that communication
rebels from th Maryland aaor u "
, ' .i..,iii.Mhi us BtMOdthen-
0U-, II IDUH . i.
Fairfax, it to thought, bav 9Z
Mrengtaea tha battorles. Tbey.nodoubl.a
(n drd af an attack by land and wator.PW.
frm,M.M. .-""' i
No vessels dare venture np the Potomao on
the 1st of November. "Washington may be con
sidered tolerably weUWWKaaea. ,.;. r,
ICTTh WasbinjttoB Correspondent of For
ney' Jftw of tb 3Ist (Oot, tpeaklng of th
report of Genl'Tejoaiato Gen. Fwoirr,ays:
Tba nnfortunato differtncee in ajor uenerai
Fremont's military dlttriot. av Been Drougui
takhaadbrth nrintlnsot th report of Ad
jutant General Thomas in tba New York TW
oust oi wsonataay. iuo mmw r' --
..... .kUh kt rown out or Its xnnv puu-
Uoatloa to a matter for newspaper men to itl
among tbemselrea Geoeral Tbomu toon
of th fa real and most impartial officers In th
army, i His feelings are roogly enlUtod la th
. anil hA alSMTlm iniT U1U UUI BUkVluusHIl vwi-
aral Cameroa la SU Louis with any putpote of
doing tolustio to Gnrl Fremont, or of be
coming the partisan of Colonel Frank Blair.
General Cameron himself only went to St.
i l nrrixr naraonallV 10 ascertain me iruiu
ot the charge against tba commanding officer
In 4haV quart, ua nas, as i aoow,
sympathised with th President in bis desir to
.i.. n-nMl Fremont not on It an opportunity
to distinguish himseif.but aU tb advantage re-
salting Irom former poutum
other man could bav been more fairly treated
k. ... .Hminiatntion than Fremont." Ha hat
aim tolerated la extraordinary expenditure,
and allowed arry manner of defense on tb
" With aU my regard for Frank Bla r, I have
not felt disposed to become a partisan in bis dis
pot with bis former friend, and it was only
when' the -proofs submitted by' Blair became
...t..tminr. that I aaw the necessity ror
prompt and tmmeaiat bohob m nioa v
General Framont. The report of Gen. Thomas,
however its publication maybe regretted at this
tnnou. an Imnmtlva dutT UD00 tb PrM-
ldeot,and all tra friends of the cause will ad
mit th. inavitahla neceaaitT of superseding Fre
mont. Even thos who bav been his most
earnest friend cannot resist tha facta or this
reooftTb President will, undoubtedly, Ds
.-.,.h.t .ha aa takea th axPMted action
pon tfato qaestioa. Th Rspubiicans Of th
NorthwsVMipon whom th parttcniar support
er f Fremont rely will oarer allow their ad
miratloB of the poUtieian a statesman, nor per
mit their aympauy tnwBia pw
tit iIhi. them' Into wbat may baoon-
strued as an indorsement of acts which have
met th stem disapproval of every commission
that haa rone torward to examine into them;
.. th. .tumni matin?.' in soma quarters, to
antaeonise tha Aammisirauou, w
course IV has been compelled to take to refer
ence to this case," will prove a melanoholy fall
nra. Ir John Charles Fremont to an earnest
and self-saerifioing advocate of tha war, he will
anticloato" th decree of th President, and
;.,it . ' - .
-T UJ! I' 1
ETThe Washington correspondent of the
New York Trwwaecjf November 1st, say :J '
1 'dn'the Potomac' tha rebels
their works and getting mor guns m sosiuob.
On Wednesday the battery at Shipping Point
threw three shells" at General Sioklea and hit
aaanrt ml Indiana BtteuTv WhO Wr4 recOnnoi
ksrtng on th pposito bank at aaaa r ny.
1 o or tu bmu rati anwrfT toe h fw
havond tha aartv'6nttJ Sickles' quartors
art la rosays nows. 'rimi iwy hi u
il an har wilder arMSl for slrnaling with
light from their teas tba passage of our Tea
sal bv nia-ht. aoidinc tbe show of th rebels.
From Poaey'i house three batteries csn be seen,
all moontinir beavv cans, th rebel flag flying
over them. Yesterday, with tb naked eye, the
rebels could be eeen getting a heavy gun in po
sition, at toe Battery near o laouwg duib
ptog Point' We have eight Parrot gun her In
position which oould shell evary squar foot of
r r ljJ ... ..iffq,.
it, oat oar gunners are roryiuueu m mn- -im
rabal ateamw Pace and the two captured
sotuionaMaralvioc Tost within lb Point. ' Two
fimanta ware aeen drilllac -there yestarday,
The rebels oa th bluff abovh the' Point have
ant mi tha trace, and ar eonstrastlnK an
srtaworx at as ievson tnat win oe n oi
tba highest on tba river -yet occupied by tneir
aattarie. - It to known that at thre points on
the rive 1by" art) colleotlng large number oi
beats. bn: iv i cuvi-un i" .-. ..
Gen McClellan's Order on Assuming
Gen McClellan's Order on Assuming Command of the Armies of the U. S.
Msj. Gen; McClelian to-night leaned tha fol
orderr a 1 ,:m - a
WASHINGTON, D. C., Nov. 1, 1861.
I hereby assume command of tha armies of
id unitea c tales. ' in tn miasi oi ine oimcui
ties which encompass and divide the nation,
BeslUtlon and self-distrust may well accompa
ny tha assumption of so 'Vast a responsibility,
bnt confiding si I do In th loyalty, discretion,
and courage of our troops; and believing, aa I do,
that Providence trill favor ours as tha just eaura,
I cannot doubt that success will crown our ef
form and sacrifices. Th army will unite with
me to the feeling of regret, that tha weight of
maay year, aad tb effeot of increasing infirm
ities, contracted and Intensified In his country's
service, should Just now remove from our bead
lb Great Soldier of our nation th hero who
in his -tooth raised hlch th Mentation of his
conn try in the fields of Canada, which be sanc
tified w'th bis blood-who, in mor mature
year proved to the world, that American skill
and valor could repeat, if not eclipse, the ex
ploits of Cortet In tha land of tbe Mootetumas
whose whole life hat been devoted to th
service of his country who whole efforts
bav been directed to uphold our honor at the
smallest sacrifice of life a warrior, who scorned
th selfish glories of the battle field where hit
great qualities as a statesman could be employ
ed mor profitably for hie country-a citizen
whom hi declining: years bss riven to th world
a most shining instance of loyalty, and in disr.
rardins: all ties of birth and olioRicar still to the
cans of troth and honor. Such ha been the
career, such tha character of Wlnfield Scott,
whom It bas long been tbe delight of tba nation
to honor, both as a man and a soldier. While
w regret hi loss, tber is on thing w cannot
regret tb bright example h has left for our
emulation. Let us hope and pray that bis de
clining years msy be passed in peace and hap
piness, and that they may be cheered by the
success of tha country and tbe causa he bas
foueht for and ioveo. so well. . lieyond all tbat
let us do nothing tbat can cans him to blush
form. Let, no defeat of the army he bas so
long commanded, embitter his last years, but
let onr victories uinminate ine pios oi a me so
Maj. Gen. Com'g U. S. A.
General MoClellan baa assumed command,
Scott bavins .retired1 to day. I The President
told hint tbat tb position was assigned him at
tne suggestion of Uen. Boott, and with a nnao
iavou aoncurrsnc of lb Cabinet, j a. u.'l'
.. - n
.' CTIUuh JPujMs. of the celebrated abolition
firm of Puma, Pace fe Co., bit been appointed
a BrfgadlerQaartel Mas'ter with th rank Of
Captain.", Oberlin will, bs well, represented In
tb army. i; o..wt i .m .7'
j JiBts R. Piol of this city U appointed Brig
ade Commissary, witn tne rxclc of Captain
r.i.'Jrl 5
0overoit p JPnofijlvnl haa proclaim
Si that Thursday, Koi--SU,. b obsarted a
dsf of ftsnkilvIni:'thliou()uf tSt Stale
Tha tam day hat been ae) apart jn,N ew'Ypilf
and New nampshlre.
What the Tories Think.
n.liifKui' I "luLvt J, ; ' -?Mri'ns can scarcely
ha eoiisidu'-ed as me otg&u ol oy political party
In England.' Tb prinolplo tt advooatet were
long ago dvfunot Bnd beioug, to a past age. It
lonoraa all tba treat moral devolutions which
have ocenrred in Great -BrlUla during tha teat
quarter of a century, and write aa U tnera naa
been no great peaturea 01 raxuamaarjr to
for At', no repeal of tbe Cora laws, no spread of
eduottioa, bo legal amendments all calculated
ia axtmd the nower ot tb rople and Increase
tha democratla element in the State." In tbe
number pf that periodioal for tha present month
anrjeara.an article stvlsd "Democracy Taaoh-
lar bv iamnle. in which th writer, after
imuntin to na avarvtblnr that to corrupt in our
Government, proceed to Justify tbe rebellion of
tb southern mates anoer in lerms 01 toe
Constitution, and in a tone of pity for our un
fortunate condition recommend ua to retire
from a conflict which Is " makioK the Govern
ment of the North' ridiculous in tne eyes or
Europ " He exult In th thought, that the
ureal exoeriment Ol a stepuoii oa airnauj
iailad, aod kimlly auggesta to na to yield at once
witb a good graoe to allow tha South to have
their own monarch, and that we also should bs
narmltud to select our own. . . Unlet a kini to
10 aorta alraadr armed for ns from tbe brain of
Jupiter, he does not inlorm ns where wa are to
Una that expensive luxury 1 out as ne aiiuaes
in terms of high praise to lb benefioent rule of
tb Emperor ot Austria and tne JUog 01 n apies,
ha would probably expect ns to send for tbe last
relio of lb Bourbon dynasty, and adopt that
gentleman, no " ont ol piac," by th oum
a net ot ' Franola tbe First" cf North America.
It it really pituoia inai aocu political non
sense should b submitted to tb sound sense
of tbe English people. Tb rebellion which
tbe writer dignities witn tne term revolution,
baa no more connection witn our repuouoan in
stitutions than tbe Indian mutiny had with th
mixed form of the Brill Ji Government. Na
poleon told Talma that if he jronld come to
Paris he should play before a pit full ot Kings.
Our Republio .has seeo the rickety thrones of
most of the Kings of Europe upset in a day,
and those angust personage. In tha disguise of
valets and liveried servant, escaping from their
oppressed aod outraged aubjeet) aud tbe boor
may not be far distant when tbe same, mlsfor
ton mav occur aealn to aom of them. . Sine
th dav when the last Kins of England abdica
tod bis throne, and hit Lord High Chancellor
threw the great aeal of bia office into tbe
Thames, wis concessions to democracy have
averted th repetition of auch a catastrophe
Wo have no dealr to Bttdervaloe the practical
freedom which tb people eojoy under the bog
lish form of Government, but wo are convinced
that onr republican institutions, dseply rooted
in tha hearts aad affections of this mighty peo
will coexist with the monarchies of Europe
" V ... . .. . .. T V .TV '
ana probably survive tnem an. it. a. t imer.
The Latest War News.
Tb Baltimore jlmmcaa of Oot- 31st, con
tain interesting Information furnished by iate
arrivals from f ortress Monroe.- It says tbat
"tha groat feature of Tueeday at Old Point was
tba Bailing ot tb great naval expeaiuon irom
Hampton' Roads' toward th Cape. About
fir o'clock in the morning a gun was fired from
tba flag ship Wabash, Commander Dopont, to
ignliytou neet to get in orae ror me De
parture, and but few minutes elapsed before a
aecond run waa discharged, wham tha steamer
patner paddles in motion and steamed along
amloit tne cneers 01 nor crew, coaimiug 01
over tra hundred picked men. 1 The other vet
sals, nearly oity in number, loiiowea 10 regular
order and id ouiok auoseesion, especially -as
steam had been generated th evening previous
and kept oa nil night - Prominent amoog the
fleet waa the fine steamship Ben Dsford, Cap
tain Haiict, who displayed all his bunting for
and aft, whilst tba Cabawba, having in tow aev
era! abipt, brought up tho roar moat gallantly.
Th sunrise of tho moraine to described aa ex
ceedingly beautiful, the horizon being blear, a
soft wind prevailing from the aouth-aast quar
ter, and acaroely a ripple upon tha waves. One
of the passengers of to Baltimore states that
ba watched tb movements of th fleet tbroagh
a floe glass, and at tha hour of ten in the morn
ing the vessels la tba van bad entirely disap
peered." .' - ' !' '
Among th passengers on board one of the
steam er was a gentleman named Bromwell,
who had left Kiohmona on tne wun tut. i ne
states that the health of Jefferson Davis was
maeh improved, and that th rebels at Bewell's
Point, bv the aid of powerful Rlaseaa. caa per-
Cairo every Important movement at Fortress
Monroe. He alto says that: ; :
- "All tha hotels In Richmond, with a single
axoention f the' Continental'), were solely occu
pied by the army, and used principally for the
sick.' Measles aad typhoid fever had been quite
prevalent, bnt tbe last oHloial report ot tbe Surgeon-General
announced the health of tbe army
as improving, aod the sick less than ever. - Mr.
B. slate tbat a good brand ot Richmond flour
sold at 17 per brrl (wbouaaiei; meas beet
$16 per barrel; corn, per boa be 1, front 73 to 76
cents; oats 6 to 49 cents per bushel ; potatoes
40 ee&t per peok; print butter aa to oa cents
per pound, aad baoon at SO cent per pound, re
tail, -'l 1 j . . ..' " 11. ir. 1
"The ahoe and leather trade was lively, but
nricea ruled hieh. A good article of sol leath
er brought 33 cents per pound, and hide 86
onto. ttrogans, tor army use, retea iron tji-iu
to $1-60 per pair by the case, whilst the bet
ter kinds of boott and ahoea aold at the very
bigeat rates. Mr. B. declares that, as far as
tbe equipmentt of tbe Conies' erate troops are
concerned, he saw no difference between them
and the Federal troops. All were uniformed,
wore Haht-blue eioth overcoats, carried improv
ed arms, and were all shod. Much complaint
prevailed, however, to regard to the subsistence
and Quartermaster's department, especially as
the rations were provided at headquarters, but
not distributed among the various brigades with
promptitude. '. ' -
ua weanetaay ot last wee, iur. uromwen
had an interview with General Beauregard at
his headquarters, about one mile from Rich-
mend, and ha stales that tbe General convers
ed with him in the most sociable wanner.
During tbat day, the General reviewed an in
lantry division of General Johnston's command,
oonsisting of nearly fifteen thousand men, and
it waa one of tbe most imposing military page
ants be ever beheld. There were nearly twen
ty regiments in the line, and as th General
and staff, all elegantly uniformed, rode along
the column, tne men involuntarily eneerea. Dim
with the utmost enthusiasm. At eight, the
General gave a handsome entertainment to
about sixty officers f tbe' line in h la tent, a
spacious pavilion. The bill of fare embraced a
great variety of disbee.but there was not a drop
of liquor upon tho tabl. rH gave a permit to
Mr. U- to past through an the lortinoaiions be
tween Richmond aod Manassas, but from mo
tive of delicacy it wa not ased. i The General
stated tbat aa far as he waa concerned, he pre
ferred acting oa tbe delenatv. aatitnaa with
the reunite of the Federal rmy whenever it
mad an advance of anv importance. U spoke
ot Colon al Tolton aod Major Brewerton in the
highest term, they war bia superior omeer
hi the United States Corp of Engineers, and
observed with some merriment tbat the War
Department at Washington owea olm -one
month's pay. ? He denied with oonsidrabl
warmth that aliens, as be atylee them, were
prevented from leaving the State of Virginia,
and referred to the publication in tb Rich
mond papers of tb Secretary of Stat upon tbat
anbieot. If any experienced difficulty it was
attributable to the erdera of General Wool,
wbo bad refusM to receiv nags ot trace."
The Richmond Enqmrw of tbe 24th nit., eoa
tains a letter written by a rebel lady at Tesburg
en tbe 33 J nit., which give tbe following south
ern description of the battle of Ball's Bluff : j
H Yon do Hot know wbat we have passed
through since yesterday a fearful battle, more
stubborn than that of Manaasaa, th soldiers
say, thoagh, of ooune, not so extended. ' Our
maa fought most bravely. I felt perfectly ooo-
viooed that w could repel thm uotll about
(bar o'clock-, when a wounded soldier arrived
and reported tbat our army waa whipped, and
that the Eighth. Virginia Regiment was out
piece- Uh, wbat a terrible hour we then spent!
About flv o'clock tber came ia news tbat w
had gained the advantage, and aoon tb cheers
ot victory sounded In ear ears f and, although
the dead and wounded ,wr coming 4n, and
though w knew tho sorrow tbat would b sbed
abroad, yet our hearts want up ia thanklulness
to God, wh glvetb the victory-' y. 1 .w.in
It was a glorious victory, gloriously' won,
Many a noble spirit waa sacrifieed on our part
but wo are the txmquerors I - We -have boom
fire hundred prisooersvn Their acta in killed,
wounded, and prisoner is at leant on thousand;
ours about thirty killed, among Whom I Cuntoa
Htebni toadon county, Donaha-; of Loej
don, and a toa ef Governor Pettos, of Mitels.
slppl. ManyarswoundeJ. idwcani;-.-ionei
Tebbe, ot tba Eighth Vugluto.'was fghtly
wounded- grass on the cheek.) Wav Bart,
ot MlteUtlppl, wat badly woundod lj tue thigh,
not mortally, vt. waruu( wi
.ho. through, u!ppri -
wunoia4iMnwB -v -r V! . " ,
Virginia, was wounded In the hand. Lieutenant
" . . .a. S . .l.t axf mnA Tit I1tVAlT sSIbI
Flem(T) had bit leg thot
arm.'? t '
- The NalUnil Inttllipn
ihot off, and Dr. Brock his
LtliQtnceJ bat a letter from
en officer in the United Btatea ahlp Pwhattonr.
whioh give full detella 01 oer voyag, mu ncr
first ttirt after tha privateer Sumter, about the
lddle of August, unm nev uni a. .
Tbomu, Dotober 9. Tba wrtttMin: , , 1
"My opinion ia tnat' uj
in.n nirata airainst all oommeroa. She has a
crew composed of all nations, the tmM p
tlon belog fortttguese, oi"1"u' "ue"u-
A private letter from an American gentleman
in France gives the following explanation of the
recent change of sentiment in favor of tha Un
ion cause: ...
"There hat bsen a marvelous improvement
in tha tone of the press here within a month.
1 think hmh Franca and Eouland have quite re
cently come to the conclusion that the shortest
way to get couon ana "'"
United Btates, '6n and inteparablel' But
three weeks sgo there were not two Journals in
Paris that did not asetn to aid and abet seces
sion.. But oar troubles bav proved a terrible
blow to France ae well as to England.' The
crops of grain and wine, in France,! mean, will
k. h amallMt known lor thirty years,. " ) '
tiPmviaiona ar oo high, and rents and other
expenses sre also to much, enhanced,,that the
nannia cannot sret aiuun ,
Government to obliged, consequently, not only
u mntlnna Its aublio -works.1 prelected on an
enormoot sctle, as we know, but to begin Jaew
onea.in order to furnish labor to. the working
i.u.a. at tha aama time tbat it bae a Very cir
cumscribed market for ite prod ace, and to
obliged to pay borrowed money lor at least a
third of all tbe bread Its people consome. , When
tha American maiket ooena again, and active,
everjbudy sees that this would all rectify Itself
in leet than two monuit.
"Ercr since the advance In the price of bread,
which occurred on that day, follpwed immedi
ately by riots amoog tha people ia the, faubourg
St. Antoine, tbe prees seems to have received a
mot d'ordr to conciliate the Northern States
an nnifbrmlv has Its tons been one of T tialny
and encouragement at compared with that which
prevailed before. Tbe people think tbat if
thar war trouble with America, we might pro
hibit the thipment of grain, aod to Increase tbe
price of provisions at to starve them; hence
tbey are Impatient of anything in the papera
calculated to irritate us, and tba Government
and tbe journals alike bare been obliged to
hard them and moderate their tone. This Is
mv construction upon tbe change, and as It
harmonizes with t profound respect for tbe or.
dlnailons of a good Providence, I fancy it is not
very far out of the way. It Is good theology, if
not sound politics." v ,y i ft r
t i TTTARTID 1 sitaaUon at tON-IS-LaW, In tome
V V reipaciaoia laaiiy. no oojaoiioa w s"t a
short distance into ine country, ror rerereno aaa par
tlealart, Addran VKtNK, BrtJaRT, rost-Olfioa, WU
UatMtari. M. 1.! i . fi I i 1 1 j li JJ CU ,
. The tdvertlsement should ttate wbat kind ef
support his father-in law would be required to
furnish him, so at not to make toy disturbance
in the family after he is married. ,,., r,
. On the 31st ulU.br In Bar. Xixar Woadi.Mr, Bmaa
Bowau aad Him Lrma Ilsiatca, all ot thiacity. -i !
We make this record with plaasara, and ajd oar
earnest wish that the aewly msnled pair ma enjoy all
thefellelrles rrerTourtuafcd to a lon ani happy wadded
Ufa. .ft;. 7 T r
John B. nilllard ) Poo. S.pafolOl
Buparior Court of franklin conn-
MaryXoancetal.) nr,0i.- :-.
to ma directed, from the Booerlor Ooart of frank
Un eoanty, Ohm. I will afier fur sale at the door pf the
Court Boose, ta tbs eiqr of Qolonbua, Ohio, ;
On 8aturday, the 14lh day of December, A. D.
bttwaea Bit honnof 10 e'eloek, .?. . 2nd 1 Veiock
P. 11. th followlnf detorltoa rul aauta, sitnai in
A certain tract ar panel of land In the townibip ef
Norwich, bounded ans described aa follows: .ntimning
at P. B. Atom's B. W. eorneri thenca 1. on Iba Una
between the Avery aad Mertbata Crawford ' lint to the
boandarvof th O. t. and I. K. B.i thence N. W. with
the K. H. to Areiy't line) tboaaa 0. with the orialsal
samy Hoe to the place of beginning-, eoatatntnf one aer
of land, more or Ins, Being parlor surrey no.
in tha nam of William Barkadal.
AppraiMdatlUOvO. -
a.yr. uvrmm, Bhernr.
Printer's fees, t8.00. ; ; .. .;
nvJ-ditwta . ... ., :
',Master (nuriissioiQer'fl Sali''
Loots Llndaman - - ) - .
vs. Superior Ooart. !
Ealdtmond Orary et al. .- , .,,. '
BT virtue af a order of sate to me directed from the
Sanenor Ooart of Franklin county. Onto, I will of
fer tor sal at the door et the Ooart House In the Olty of
Celuabus, a ., : . i i -. ,
Saturday, the 14th day of December, A, V.
at on o'clock P. M., the followlns; desorlbad real estate,
titnat U the eoanty ef f ratrkHn aad Bute of Ohio, to
wit; , . . i. - - "i i - i ji, -..-1
Lota numbered thirty-nine (90), forty (40), forty-one
(41V, fortj-two (42), and forty three (43), In the addition
of H. Orary as others to the elty of Oolambus, as
designated la tha plat af said addition, raaorded In the
fteeorder's omos or rranaua aoonir, vara.
Appralied at
, Lota Nos.se. 40 and 43, 00 asch r
" " 41 and 48, -1 . 3u0 00 ' r r, '
'-. 0. W.BUfFktAtr. -
Sheriff sad Hatter Oommlsthmer .
Printer's fees, $6. ,. ,. . - , ,
nora-dltdcwtd !-n - !;,7!1 1... ' '
' Sheriff's' Sale,
JohnO. Soran ) . -
vs. ' flwoerloTTJourt.
) e:
W. H. rigleretl.) ',iK , ;
to me dl noted, from Iba Superior Ooart of Frank
lin County, Ohlo.I will offer for aala, at the door of
the Oourlr-Hotue, In the olty of Columbus, on - j
Saturday, the 14th day of December, A, D.
at one o'clock, p. m., thefollowlor deecrlbtd real -
Ute, altnate in th eoanty of franklin, and But of
Ohio, to wit! : r
Twenty-one feet (SI ft.) off the North ride of lot num
ber four (41, la a aubdirltlo of lots IT 88, 88 and 40,
In Dethler's addition to the city of Oolnmbns, reference
being had to the plat of Deihler and Hardy, recorded la
the Becordtr's office of franklin eoanty, In book Ho.
39, page Wl. :' v j ; ,' j. tj i
tppnuted at 1,300, I
fftf- t Oi W. nurf MAW, BherllT
I i S,V - . , n. Kb. li.vu.' Dent !
PrtnterV eee (6.00
DOTJ-dltWtd. . . i
ik j , --irr, wi v
:j rii, in
? Michael p.ohr'?. Estate:;!
i-l the aBderslgnad haa thle dar been appointed by the
Probata Ooart of rranklln eoauiy, Ohio, adminittrstor
or ta estate of Michael Bohr, Ute of Madlaon town
ship, ta said eoanty, deceased. '
Bated this td day of Movember, 4.D, IHHJ " -v
aov3-ww:; . H. X. 1ABHABT.
cnuTorns rim j,
. stssms saiTmnsai.
at root,
(Offices of City Judge,)
a if
.- 1 Vf tt !-.;-. . ti .9-7
James Honcrlef, V. T. Superior Court...,, n
Bon. H. B. Faroe. Olereland. O.
'Bon. H H. Hunter, Lancaster, 0
nor! -Cm
Mmtar 'OlfiwM'Attntioft !
n a MD Qn nr & tip n
vunA r,uVUU 'wV KfVUVi
, n ... ..lit . -J-J
. -Of HOB
7X4. S, Hdo1tT tJKwV, HVobk f3treo4,
. T Tt ... .
ut. i A;-tsivt .-N
jkCrXftrt-UB- Iwo iold bt
3STos.'9Q, 03, ,94. : & 90,
,;.'.;.;: Wa.-r.', r
Tha kaalMt anl maat eoiaploU .Btuva fur .Officars'.
loots eror manufactured. ' ' ' ' , ,
Bold at a vary low agare. y
Call and examine baton y ordbaslng slsewhstw,.' 1 j ,
ooUU-dtf. ,(i ,.(lJ itlJ t.,3;!:(;: ,fn ;j utomm- i .,
c alt: hojjse,
1 1 Ho.: 178 KortfiHigttaeot;
r" ' '
X llt.lt BQOAKBt troai tha Depot, and aaraoas ar
rlin or wUhinf to take paaiage oa any of th traios,
will Ind theUalt Houat decidedly a oonvanlont sWp
yln( plaos. ,vi ,x ;:i;i jiw:.i u. i j .- - i .
0( the traios.-. . fl ... ,T i. "onrA .ii. 1
, j.( f eTO.'-'il.. i , I -' . ' i
, i; 109 SOUTH ; UltiH , MfBKXT!
. ,,!, , . tu.. ::"? Tl I
. " Date a lull and Complete AetorUneot of , -
Stoves cfcj GrratoOi
v Elegant Chamber Beta,
i 1 ;r ir.i twt t.i .YI'i.k t -.w-J
Till Toys, and Articles in tiiat Line,
vi--: v?t U for lUtle People. " n
... ., i.'r i.;-;ri.'.i r. '-
ICnirw strtd ' Vorir, Bpoonw,' Xtibsa,
Buokertav BHo-rel sttid Tone. 1
CoaU Sod, wto.
" ' f or Cis tarfer Ones! rt', l
.1. J:
rtwur.-K e M sr h:i'fi-l j
We won Id sail your further attention to the (act that we
ar BOLB AOINTS for Uietalof fb t
. . ! T -r.i.T I
Whlehls-lnall ferpeeta, clearly the "ATITOORAf Of
IBB K1XOHBH. ' having ao ecjoal la the eomplatenesi
of Its Mrformane and aoonomy of fuel. Ihaewareat
testimony ef Its superiority is the fact that man a fea
tured and dealers are con i tan tij imnatins; n, ooming at
Bear Ua peeeibl la XXTBftNAt, AFFBA RAMOS.
Call and exaana ear auck..i I a troaaat ta show
. octe5-dlm ,
. (.-q'itT-iil i) i3q-vl fli't !
f mi i- n i un 1 1 ii
newo oalvvahd;
" i '--" -
JL BTAHTLT on hand and for sate, tb beet quality of
whlAi lit will aell at (ha lnwae't mrlret nrtaei. "
Call and examine my Coal before parohattnc else
where. '. s u.!. ;i, .i.i. , '
Office at the store of Bradford, Bafdara fc Oct., head
oi uanai. , , . . ,
eepSt-Jat )ic: ill: iiiUlaioit
tor eiirh t or ten persous. oaa aa had by aCHlrlo td
0. I
PATTKE180K, No. 118 Soath Front Street, between
State and Town Streeta
Being bnt one squar from the State JJCpse, makes It a
desirable place for business men. ."'",,'
oetliMuav 1 ' - 1 I ;
Not of rain, ball, or snow, but amonf the eotks Who
have been Imposed upon by the venders of bad S alert toa,
like that oo am only found la market. James Pyle's
Dietetic has tally satisfied then and quelled the disturb
ance. Depot, 31 Washington Street, Hew York. Sold
by grocers everywhere. , -.-i w.-n-'t -i' to1 I j
Or These Contemplating mrrlr.
1HI undersigned will (iv Information ea a very tav
Untiing end important sohjeot, which will ba rain
ed nor than a thousand tlam Its cost by every married
couple of any age or oondlticn In life.' , The lufonnation
will bt tent by mall to any address on the receipt of 93
eentt (sCeer) and ens red stamp, v . ,n ...
All letters should be addressed to , .i t.-... ,,n
H. B. M0RBI8, M. . (Lock Box 60), i
ecr3l-ly3tawdkw -t m w ; n Boston, Uses
Is an infallible remedy for Tever and Ague, i The ex
parlance of many yean, ia almost every ell mate, proves
that where ose in strict accordance with the directions,
It has rarely .failed to care, not only , by breaking the
chills, bat by removing the morbid haolt.o J.he aytteai,
preventing the reenrrenoe of the disease. I
, VITIB AMD AQOl, thoagh not In itself dangerous,
Is apt, snless speedily removed, to have such a perni
cious effect ea the system, at to engender disorders much
more baneful than itself, and which not only reader th
f tar-lite of th patient miserable, bat are la themselves
often fatal. - A prompt and effectual remedy Is therefore
what la wanted, and as each Da. D. Jam's Aoos atuj
tois is confidently recommended . for sale by Messrs.
Boiaan k BiMtnL, Oolambus, and by" ajenk every
where.'- ' 4 ' . t;
Mprldtwfrlttsattwtw fl J ' j
For Femalee Generally. Tha Brandreth
Pills cannot be too highly spoken of. Jhey remov aQ
obstructions, give energy and strength; ears' the dis
tressing headache, unfortunately so prevalent with th
sext. depression, of spirits, dullness of sight,! nervoot
affections, blotches, pimples, sallowaess of th skin, art
removed, aad a Juvenile bloom and general sprlghtliness
Indicate the power aad aealthfolnees ot BBANP&KTH'B
HUB. i V-'. r- - i '
ladles, at delicate petlods, w ill And them anrlvawd:
they are the beat medicine for mothers and ehlldrea,
and curt worm sod eostlvwoes. r T , ,;7 ' I I
Let' it be rememberedr that BrUNDBKTn'B PILLS
are easy In their opertUos,' and ye t anlte mildness with
eBcleney, aad itqalrt b altavatlsB at diet daring their
u. r,i.- '(iir; y- j
Mrs. Morgan,' corner oj 15th street and tnlon Square,
New lork. was djint. apparently, of Cowsolimoal
She was given Hp jto die by her . Physicians, aad ill her
friends, bat after tutnt BauiDSJrrn's, Pitu for a few
weeks, th cough left her, and she began to regain her
strength, snd U oW able to attend to ner duties, ana
feels sure of soon attaining robust heaiut., w ..
Mrs. Wilson, of No, 3B Beach street, Kaw.rrk has
eared Droops la. (aaU Pes, Measles, Dropo and Tt-
phos ferer. and all Haadacbes.and Billons dlseaase,
with BAi.DrrB's u-u, wm M pleased to answer say
questions. "
- Bold by Jrjww R-'Obor; Dftirtrlst, Oolnmbns, anl by
.1, 1.-,. In madictnue. , " - '- " '
la-41'ia-i') in irfn--;:i a -i
.IHH I ' III ii I
Just Publish I a Sealed snvaiopb; Trie 8 ets.l
tveakneeai inwoiamiarr aauseiooa, eeiaai uaaiiuyt aoa
ImpedlaMem at Uerrjage weawrallly, Neiawsaaav Qotr
eaaaptlon, Bpilepey and tite. aleataU a . JbyeOtal Ao
capaoilr, teeulllntijaasa ,Uvabma Itabest J.
QuIrerweU, M.D.,uuthor of tp 'yaeo Book.Aa
A Baon'ia.'l Uouat' tr KM lorersj
tnt-ndes seal. In h plela .eavelopa, to any ad-lreea,
r paid, ea Kempt of two rausps, py vr. iiuas.
O.KUfiB, W Bowery, New I era. Post , Offlae Bos
a ape. w
, .'.trr-t rfr:s-.-rrlT-f T8T I
V1(J rflls fle)5l
.-, No.-- ' " ' ---.. " ' C
- I . : " i ,Jl a. -. Htanr :u 0 JtmM"
, ,n,, ,, ,, , .t.nf.wmianiii.ie
Thi TRI-TfEEKLY, att
Thfj-WEEKLTat the low rate of
, ) to.WiV. vm V) a -ei-wi ai'.teoi.
.-a . i nt ' 11 '
4 ..f, ,,At,t!evrrto.ndfteDA,kt
tiwt-: ate . , . ' - .r-N -3 -v , nim ' '- L1 1 .i Ti
t- .f-w.-t .hj'wA ra. r. i ' .' v ' t,tai
. In the future, at in t!, fj8t, it will nphold and defend th'""-'"
Whiehha been so fruitful oT (?ood to a PEOPLE OP THB TJITITED STATES: ahd"will
itii T nnn tv sfo
. As essential tr (ho eompleU
v-.tv ..'0 ,v ' i -' - ' I
: IP ES X TH Vjil
y.iot u 't 0Btfij batU' jinwhwh Uutt'TTnion was origmaliy forined?
lS .If ... r,...-. I V . - WM.aiW'.J .7 I .
The STARaauir will support the Administration of the "General Oovernnmit in all legal and
eonttitatloaal eflbrts to put down rebellion ; and sternly resist the effort made in some arjnrter
to oonvsrt the present unhappy War Into an Abolition ornsade. ; - " "
! It will constantly nrge eoonomy lis , the.publio expenditure, and the most rigid aooouatability
td nil ttublie offioers. "' I A - - : ) I
. - .
, . as a meal am or, general bwt, toe dtatismak wm enui
numerons readers, and at all times, supply, them witn i ?; i.. ' ,
' epixe I&emtjpjaz.tymt Xlollrttolo Iloports
, rn at a ;i m. Of the hem and foreign markets.,; " Jn its eolumtis , ' W'iJ
Will find their Interest oottsoltetf Ind a tended toThftd no effort will Jbe spared, to make it a first
elans newspaper. ' ViV-'"' I , '. ' V ..,. ft a TT9
.' Daring the approacbiog session of Congress wvwlll Have a taleqteil and aetotopuihsdeJrti
pondent at Washington, through whom onr reader will be furnished with muoh Valuable and
Miiable intjrmtioswio a-raJ -.. W . -wta.iw ,u-i.w e
- Th- fjcanga of ma wft Stat lMtfjjaxt -will be fully rep&VeiiXKe looal news uf the
- Statnd our owsiirimediate vioiriity, w 1 hkvt a dne ehare of attention. ,
' W urge npon onr friend iri all parts p? Ohio-, izi tha North-Western Staiesrto aid inrttend
' lag tha circulation of the Statmhak, im s b so doing, theyc will waist iothe promulgation of
sound political doctrines jtnd.reliabls general intelligence,
MmiimmJmUiam l,Tn 1 "' "l i,"
ws iBT'rya
. -I - tr.ji I. If Ik av.l i
7ii. t?i VlatJAAV!
,Zt, bgoJUrp.pen Annum;
0l'Plt.4'iKl t
it I r. . mrf
u X - erst t
Thwef ;IMlartpf;r Annum;
4i t Aiavi I
and reliable oiwfcoX the Demosratio party,:l
' a !-. .' awi " -
fAr . .- mtW M Z
and perfeet rs-aoDttniotion of the
., , i i -
.... . . - ' . .
ror to make itaelf aeoepUbl to iu
i h.im ttMM A
4WW a
. . ... - r, ..... . . -It t
l, to any- peraon, raising Obtb of- Tori-
senaing ns tne moaeywii uuuw,' iur um
All orders will be promptly attends to. ' j
f t 1
'.0 l A0VtcK.it,C0 T1?.
'KoTemberli 18CT. -M "-
OTTicitt)TPwncsinr tTUrtr
i J - . -sod oa
I UHirlAi H H K I Y
1 1 in- ww rn n 1 1 1
IA AU 1 t. uu A AAHI, A
aubtoribers - io thWitTWiFtATtsAind
unuw, we wiu senq one CtrpV ernUA . , n
VfAOAM ,tjki Jt3 ,T71J37XJ3
If I ITirnTTiiTiSBn MTimiM-ai isims
t! Al m -.t Ohio-
J la iiUnujc -
C'OA'MJ A a.n
nTTTH1 1 rim i mnmr t ht tut m Tm
u.'s r!
r :afT"
IX SIOBB, ? -.'wj w.
Not, 250 and 252 South High Street,
tod hifi aifooIat4 with tiMmNlTtfl WM, ETOHARDp,
tUadta" Ut Jinn OC ' 0t-n Vt-t H'aaUMr-4
f 4bJ Hi-ii-JljiWTl -W-'i-IOT f fxi; X V.W ltr il1.'0
HeadlefEberlr & Richards,
Forming on of h Urgtit Dry Gpodi JBouiei In Ul,
IliiBVHQaM .to - tToitenUy ttoelTinr Qoodt
aHtCalsVi Taf tttHst,rfi;4 -'- I '.,',. JfctW. Jt1 t .
I'-.tla. . . ,; . i. -;vt.i 4 1' ef.-.ah
0 It''-'"' -I he-W,''.uP i'i.-1 r'-i.T r if. Mt,-il
Th Newest and Hottest styles of . ik w,
Hamntoit,Maiichest6i! and Pacilic
M Delaines Z.?ZZ !
IntheOIt.eanUfotindat .IJli-ta j
Balmoral Skirts,
fiAiSLf) AOn.0x i Mil
assist.. GLOVES & HOSIERY?
rt,'l l.Tsiert. i ,.- uMl-
, I A D I E S C L O T H , q 1, 0 AFaV
Of the Rewtst Stylet, last received, ami alsn made
oruer, try tansa nmin ,
: Rtt.CTvt il . r( -. ,
I B 0 : ,u u,t
i- ! .atvi
.' llaWt.''.j, .-.-i-n'
r rrfW.'wiTi'fa '
This firm, havlnr adopted the Oath notem in tiie pur
chase and sale of Goods, are enabled to sell from 15 to SO
pet sent, less than other bosses tender tho eredit sy stem.
u ... fc-asj.i-ij ,.., a Hi ... - i'i
miiriTVV wtmtvw. a., firnTTinitrjl
ern anri or.o aAn,t.'trfwi. fii.i.J"''"-
a v
,X -ala-j tu, ptora jvoost'da is hte-K-n
Acction & : Commission fioont. !
'1 is now prepared to reeetv on 0 o'mfawilow'tlrery
dserlptlori ol property, sack as Dry Goods, firooerles,
Xi qaora, rnrnltaMt Carriages, Horses, etc. lie also
bitsndateoevetohlsatMoUe to aalee of teat JCelato
pod rersonalfioperty any point, wllhialaTinty.Biitos
Ool4nbirHBiWttliy solicited.
W. . KJtST, Aactlcneer.
11 I -Mm
, Domestic .
J mentof
Brown and Bleached Cotton Flannels:
ell a. Vi -' -Hu.n.;' --u"
,( r; Barnsley Cotton Bbeetlnga; v ' J '(' fit
' Beiect Styles of Calico's sndDeUloet,
Tfcklngt, Bhirtlnna,Qlnghame,
And Cotton Battings. 4
Also, Bltnkets, risonels,, . , .
uOaeelmeres,OioakOlotit,et61eto.. m iuw'
i-OCtl iylvr.u.fA'V" 3 BonthHl.rhflbat.
..ii .'t w
i FlanaelAAlrla;
if. D."-The most extensive stock In the clly. '.,
1? Jlrmy 'Woolen iBooks-i-', h.V.'u44 .j-r-s
J" Shaker Bibbed Socles., ioi ,.aU n.Jf.w'
' " rinMan Rill Sih.l. . . .
. Qent's Linen Collars, Neck ties, j h t .-- i
wvaaw s v.o jr . w rapaaaravw '
.iih a. mrie
y. n No; 00 B()lltB Hlgh Btreot.
.v cjo r.11 JVI II LTIl LTZ.'
My lft.A Mb.
The Beat ' Artificial Help to tba
tinman wjajstt war inrenieai
! i5' "" -i'-'
eeot of the moat Improved kind of Bpectaole.
All hi Glasses, whether for near or far-sighted, art
ground In conravo convex form with ih greatest care,
so a to emit the Eyes of all eases, raring Weakness,
Dlsstneaa or Inflammation of the Byes, and imparting
strsnih for long reading or fine eearins. 1
Office, 13 SaH -carta street,-at Bel leer At Webster's
Huslo Store..', ,n .A
caag5eUTiM j jam. i.& f iiti
','.j".m .iir ''Hi. ii'L'i'iiwu ' 1 -
.- FIRST osnt e9
"an entire new stock of Ooode In my line, j net purch
ased In New York at the eheepest pan 10 raioe,H of a-fatoh
I shall sell at th smallest profits, for Cuh.- Wy custom
ers and Mends are respectfully invited to call and exam
Ine my Goods and Piicea, as I an determined to sell aa
cheap or cheaper thai any other hoot in -tho oltyi and
as I do my own Cutting, and superintend my own bnel
neee, I feel aseurad , fraea my long experienco Inboat
aeaa, to giro general satisfaction.' The finest of work
man are emploied, and aU work don strictly to Mm and
on short notios, and warranted to tt. 1 B tranters Tisltin
our oil? would consult their lute seat by giving me a call
before purchasing elsewhere. . k". ROi'ir
, v -' .- - ..; X -.Merchant Tailor,
sBaroh29-dly j j.Oor-UlghandTown t.
(UUof PhaWsIstablUhmetttiK. t-,)
Propbietoii or mt.MtSit xovCii.
fashionable RbaTing, 11 air Catting, Bhampooning
Curling and Dressing baled,
Bou.tii Kili et orer Sain) Stotwt.'
where satisfaeUoa wiU be glvoa ,avt,iJhaj X'',
Iradiea'"ano Children's Hair SreeslBg doae la the best
stylo. mm v . . .
'aiilir in-, .a 'In 1. "
riEitTLmnBm s runrnsMiitO
U ttOOOIA -:..a
Hoveltles in Keek Ties snd Scarfs.
v: Byre" an uarrote Collar.
' m u w 1 DM,.i littnLfkeetnleia
fV. Furls KH Gloves, superior i.lBlBsejria(lftj
Golden H.ll bblrta, various erwa.
- Hoys' Go W en Kill Shirts, da
It I'rirlna aod Street Cloves, 4s.
' Ueomed rocket Baadkerohlefa, varloaj Stylet
xinit urnt astd Dade tMtwaaata, '
BATH A loir,
irprllS Ve.MfenthBla stroetj

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