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A Lesson From History.
. Tin Jii,f,'l(flo." tb bouk;; 'acloted fyt
cttditi"l2' oil famiii pp4 tji'sU a
am til SinMsd iV.Tfc Llf ! J:
Ano,"0(itBMW ttrttfc with ree, force,
trjj l,lif , KtWt VVei'.U' fir (
nxioueabaatt that '4Und f Ibrelrn'' nations
towartf Ibb'fjRUlra' BuWIkni spec!Hi
ineeontoO JPKioa Mance,iBay wifci )
ToebivMplsMJl JeaaJotAao tedtsa thing
the ataM rt'ITlflm franc some seventeen 0
mace nur appraBt;a at inauew4
1439. lA.eiril 'w MftBg, Mr which oh
party wa BMSrf by ft1 "Count ArtnAgnao,
eud tho'clker. b the lioki k.Burmndy.i-.Ta
writerseysti -i- vi t. in"i . h-
The Dakr r BurfobdV etutooted' td 'ally
himself with England. At a matter of coarse,
Enela4 bad watohetf lb civil war rasing hi
i'thu; wtib eareteleye." 8he saw that the
intestine straggles Might ba very easily turned
ti ber 0w advantage. - Henry IV., th King of
Eoglasd, tu pleased with thd message of Bar
gundy, asking for eetUtanoe, and Tent over to
him a small body of armed men. English sol
diert war now apon frenab toll even In tb
French eBOlAi!" ' '
The nex yew" tb Ann&gnd made tb tn'g-
lish Kins fluttering orODoeal. more to thao
. thooe of b-Dako of Burjjundy, aod he teat
them a much larger armed force. Hit (policy
. was to keen tbo mil wartlive. Ha well knew
that nothing 'would M lufely and quickly de
etroy the Tltulity of the nation; and render In
ootiaiieei oomoarartrelf an ensy matter: St It
htlpti m party, thth th Met encouraged the
Duke oi Borgondy- ab;l' rhca tho Count ,p
Atmaanao. . . ; ' f,""- .7
. ' . .. ,1) n.A '1 1 .a i
It la Uue tljtflppencdjoureeuturleaand
half aio.ut doqbt .ybttbef : old motbat
Eaglatd leaiah ku ounnldg and taotoropnlbui
now thtn'ete m then;' We are Val lloed
to belif Te"tbat if Ud bm a ehauco iba will aot
hesitate long to play eff the Mm gam 0 the
Uulteif 8 etti ai eh illd on France, for tbe
take or numbling a proud, aapUloui ana, prat.
perousr.ivikl,' ','b''a '(,V.';..jI b.:a -
We. feave good deal of charity for la UUi
Fran mi but mil W4 fear from her proximity to
Euglaid, the la sooiewbat tloetored wb.jti)
wimt old leaven of diplomatic donbU-daaUog
It le quite likely that boti ar chnckllog brer
tho protpeetof a dleunitcd Tnltftf Statee, and
both voa''te jilting , towels alternately tbt
South!againA tb Nortbi and tbe North again
the South.-It would not bo a mis for loth
sides to kwA an ct oh thooe professed frltndt
., . .- .. .
mat raftj inrQ.jOui io pa. uieir, pomnoa D
Transfer of the "Seat of War.'
i.ui i . . - - , . iT.i
It 1 videat that tb' rebel leader bar r
liaquisfaed ihe1tieh of attempting tb captor
of WAshlDg't'iil, and that they regard any inre
aion of the Mortbera Stttej t present a
hopelcfiioterprie. But tbeir object la bow, as
it haetaRLtafflLdlLBeg
mako virgiuia and to ptber border alareatatet
the arena of the coiifliotj and ear th nor
Souther Statti-ibose most polity' and' Beet
totiM In ttie rtrlfioh-Mroni experiencing tb
direct burdens, desolation. and.borrora of this
most unnatural and wicked ciril war. which
they bave brought upon tftfe ebantay II 'J t
The rccebt Rjeat uaral expedition which It
ULdcrEtood to baWbeetf fittedf ost exprattly far
a lodgement or a series of lodgements upon th
Sou!beu coaf t. has ooocorsged ;loyI .mad' to
hope that the programme of tbe war will be to
fcr charged, thaMhe rebels wifl be compelled
t j withdraw tbe main body of tbeir foreea from
Virgitrii, Kentucky and Missouri, and that tb
"feattjf war" will bo, at it should be, transfer
red to the cotton State.. We trust that la thlt
expectailon, tbo country will not be disappoint-
(J. We look daily apd almost hourly for newt,
oLceuneing ' tb f net gratifying to Union me
but itirtlirg to the rebels, that oar troop bare
efftC.td a landing on tbe Atlartie or Gulf coast
of Secceiia, and nectired one of more Important
strategetical point in that quarter. j
The Savannah Privateersmen.
-Iff ' : ' " . ii'
The telegraph ba already Informed oar
reiders that tbe trial of lb' oaptain and crew
of theprivater coboooer SaTanoah, which last
wetk occupied the Uoi'.ed State Clrcnit Court
eitticg io Mew York city, terminated on Tbara-
day, the 31unlt.,in the disagreement of tb
jury, WJO bid been' in consul tattoo' opon tbe
case for twenty bouts, and being; mnabl to
agree npou a nnanimout rerdlot, were dia
charged. ' r '! M'.o n
-It is stated that, elabt of tb jayor were In
favor of a verdict of guilty of piracy agalnet alj
tbe accused, and that four wer oppoetd to Itj
bat tbt.f that foir tbre wer In favor ol
the conviction of tb thre principal cffloers.
The whole case ttitridi ever till th next term
oitbeCour;. .SVlITJa
It ircmt, according to. lh report. .In the
Herald, that there was no dispute a to tb
jacti V hi esse.' ' Tbcy" trer afmply tnea:
The Savannah, a email vessel of aom fifty or
e'.ity tons, was fitted oat at Charleston a ptl
vateer, under a commission from. Jirriito
Divist lite1 ftti lo' tea" in Ion last, and tb
n cxt oy eiptnred th brig Joeepb; bound from
Cardenas to Philadelphia, -with 'a cargo of
sugar. The brig was taken: to Georgetown, S,
C, and, condemned end . old. (. The United
State brig Perry, soon after the captor of the
Joseph, ovechavled tlie Savannah, nd aent her
and her cMccrs and c:w of twelve men to New
, . .V. . .... ....' 4 - -
0t''' -: i tKiSK., .i . .t.r;, 1 if
Oajh trial theae facts wet Admitted oa th
partltif lb defease.' Tb only qoeatlon that
remained -fur the'Ccmrf 'and Jury to dectd waa
whether the act waa piracy! either under Inter,
natiotfatlmr or iBTeUtut or the U oiled Bute.
The eooceel TjcrejJefendant argped tbat H
was cot piracy jpndcr thelaw ornationa, be
oauiei pirife'VdsfiDed at A common enemy
of tbe buman racej but a prlvataer make In
. roadicTy'Dpon 'tbe commerce of a particular
natiotf;-- ; r. ':V. -' 'r i
It waelonoidtd that onder tb aUtute of th
United State literally and trcbnloally ConstrB
ed, tb prironeta Would appear to have commit
ted pirVdy." Cu tb opinion of jarlata, tb de
cision of con ha1 aid tha practice of govern
mentegwere cited to aiiow an almost unanimous
voice In favor oj extending, in oase of foreign
wvr or-dpmatia iMorreotion. tbesame boman
iiy to pUtoaera taken while warring on the tea,
as toHho?e eaplored while making waroo the
i.ncl.t - 'l'i U
It waa also argued that' there could b no
sound reMon assigned, why rebeli taken os tb
land jltharmB Io het band, should b held
a prisoaer or ww r released npoa taking tbe
oath ot allesiunoe, while lho3 who warred CO
the bigb tea were treated aa pirate. It waa
alMallf'Sfd tti,t Great Britain, during ur rnf-
oiiutoMi wj , tpouga tue oco.n swarm in
Aaarluau privateers, nevr Wetted thos &'
11 Into her id In any other way thn prison
er of . v v . ' , ;
The auction It on o( to alfncult end dclleate
r'fciiurt.tiid'likelyM often o aria to tb
great mberrassmAt of court and Juriet, wet
CoogrcN will probably be called upon ai tuf.
next telon to mttU It by lorn otnoriiaurt
The New York Tribune Authorized
The New York Tribune Authorized by the War Department to Publish
The New York Tribune Authorized by the War Department to Publish the Infamous Report of Adjutant
The New York Tribune Authorized by the War Department to Publish the Infamous Report of Adjutant General Thomas.
i ii New Ywei 2Vi oi Friday, Io an ertl
ale a the pubiioauea of ib reporl of Adjutant
Geoeral Taomaa, ajei . i ':-- ' ' "'
, tV regra 0at tbe 2W. lo Ua annoy anc.
eboold ao loe lie temper a to reseat npoa a
Paoaruneotol tbaQoveromeat. Whctberflea.
kna'i Mutt waa. eholli aafitted for pub
llsftOoal i a point in which we, at Jaaei, V aot
.knrt.fr to an oaiiiloo. .
iki of GntrA Swat did. ntUM in th swm
..,r, in rtoWor eeitr fan 0 rVr Ikfftmmt,
t..,iuAonry I y it af Ik jmWio tArjk ar
oltmnt. Hi nut lor to aaaiaa apou toe
flue' f offluial report lo publloatloo. Oa
tbat noliil the Deoartmeota are ouite able to
lodse for tbemtelvea, and w should aot feel at
.,. . (1 Ornrn.
iiowij u rrjwi ihivt www. " - -
t)too'a tor any auoa reaaoo. , r-
Ti War Dtpwwtnt itmulli diigntti y
On puklmtion if Ai aVwaawai. it 1 toiamoaa
la lb t Street and ooet M proauauvaoi atw
worst resulu. Th fierury of Waraboald
ba ai once kicked out of offioe for aotbotlaiag
aucbapublloatioo., I. will giv ald and com
fort to th oemy,and aiaat oraU dlaordar
and damoralliatioB la Fremont' army at lt.
Poblie opinion aa to tbo publicatloe tt tbat r
port,aaid from th Fraooot qaeetloo altogeth
er, w aeotaeaiy toat in -nn yiisanswii
deeply oapromUd aaddugwota beyoed rem
edy by ucb a proceeding The rebel certainly
bave no need ol iptea. ,.au us piea
United State could cot qolleot aob rvaluabl
ikformaUoa", lor the caemla of th country a
la to b found la thai report. Beside It effect
on tbe nation of Europe will be to discredit
oar patiooal oauat, cover it with ridicule, aa
canae tbo tq wboaj th Qovernmeat- ts com
muted to, be regarded aa a e ot io capable
who ar making tb war . for aaiioaal aalva Jon
a "aereaminf iaree," Jut. at 6Lckood caU
It. Oua. CweaWctal,,,! uua.h t
t.Tbl U preUf atroag language, ad If used
by wpetnocratlc paper, have "no doubt bat
th"editor' would b jnatYeired off: to torn priaon
oa. jbort notice. x "Ta JrVar Department ie
ternally dltgraoed bad tb ''Seoretary of
War should ba at one kicked out of offlct."
Frauds at St. Louis.
t Wa call attention tb tbi' report of tb Cod-
greeaional Committee appointed to txamlnainto
the army ontraeU o-iMi a-sti-.Tco.
'What u her reportea, ia enongn iq aiegusi
tb e&llt C0Btmunltv,'and cover fltb 'eternal
diagrac ll -peraona eoneerned. In warn, and
more) particularly th offloen of th Govern'
Bent od army who are pattlee'to th fraud. ".'
' Tbt I . only a ' commenceujootN,, ,Wbt ib
and will b w ahall probably b kdvleed here
after.1 What armorogy lha Wend of. General
FaaMOjiT will jaka t 1 aomewhat dlffioult to
determm. ;.di ji..iT .'. vm sit m
Frauds at St. Louis. Breckinridge a Hebel Brigadier-General.
. m .v : d "v. a i :oi-. mao l
- - - . m .... A r i-." ,-Jnt
" A Itcutuoky oorreewoodent oi th Cincinnati
GutUe, wtitea oniar tb data of OoW SlaU i ;
On hi memorable lonrner bom from Wash
iogtoo, abortly before bit deatb, Senator Pong'
laa remarked 'tor r oitunmioea A.enracauaa
whom faeohaated to meet at Indiatrapoli,I
know your man Breckinridge better than yon
do youraelve." Mark my words, ilr J wiihfa a
year from thiol time loba C. Brecklorldg -will
ba a General la tbe rebel- arrnvr The result
shows bow thoroughly Mr, Deuglaa did know
bla former meoa. in year aa out nan past
ed aloe (he prediotlon- wae intde, and to-day
Mr. Brekloridgholdcommlloris Brlga-
dier-Oeneral ta the reoei army tmaer uaexner,
atBowUng Gmoi 1 " -
Rosecrans Attacked by 4,000 Rebels
Under Floyd.
' A dispatch hu been received In this
city from Galilpolia, aaylog tb rebel under
Floyd, numbering four thousand tfieo, attacked
Gsueral Roeeoran' force yesterday morning
at two polnta Oauley Bridge aad.lamp lomp-
Tb ' telemob office arid Qdartermaiter's
ator war dettroyerr, ana tne ngni we ami
procreastng when tue uiormant leit lor uaiit-
Telemnh eommunlctflbQ belnt cut off' be
tween Galilpolia and Gtuley, wa are' witbbqt
luriher parucular.
All torta of rumor' about battle and lloa-
orana'a aurreoderwer lo circulation, but they
could not be traced to aov reliable source. 'Fur
iber and correct adviere win b watcnea I or
wlJi much aaxlety-Oa. trm. Nuv.x: "
' '
The Fiftieth Ohio Regiment.
Colonel 8teoheo McQroartr ia at work wltb
much energy, and ha tb assistance of many
Influential frleoda la Oiling up bla regiment
(Ute Col. M. C. Kyaa'e), orgaoiiiog in Camp
Becket, near Hamilton. It It to be ao J isb
rrciment. wltb a Catholic Chaplain, and ,ia oa-
torally regarded with much favor by patriotic
liisbmeo. , uapt-mouroerty at aeea aervwe,
nd displayed oonapiouoaa gtilantry at to oat
lie 01 uarmiex rerry, woere oe wae.eerereiy
wounded.. . Be resigns tha Captaincy of tbe
color company of the Tenth Ohio, to accept .tbe
Coio&elc; of the Fiftieth, , We are informed
tbat uoh effort ar being mad that hi Regi
ment will undoobtediv loow full ranJU In a tew
weas.-v,. win , w.
f !h3'iI j ,
Gen. Mitchel.
Wa ar informed tint Gen. O. M. AIUoheL
commanding in tala Dpartmnt ba resigned,
Tbe cause of hi resignation le anderatood to be
hie uuMtitlactory relauon wltb Uea. snernvao,
oommaoding in Kentucky. - It baa been, for
tome time, evident tbat difference preiudlolal
to tb public interest existed between General
Sherman and Mltcbel. , In what manner, If jat
all. tha situation will b imoroved. If General
Mitcbel baa resigned, w ar BPtaariea.,oom
thing evidently boald b doaei.to I actliuto tbe
transmission ol troop ana. munition ot war
into Kantuckv. No oonfasion. of ju Jidictlon,
or dlfferencoa In tbo profeetional etlquetta of
m Jitary mn,o eUshlng of th view ot ambt
tlcus mniander of Departmente, ebould be
Buffered U Impede tbe proeres of tbo eeaantlal
work pf ill campaign Cia, .Comwereifli. l-.j.-
Minnesota Election.
' Th Minnesota' Stmtttmun, published at St.
Peter, of October 28, in speaking ol the lata
election, aaytf Z' '','. V.-.r '
' "Election newa come ia slowly, but aufflotent
ba been received to believe that fire Demo
cratic 6n tor bar been elected a gain of
three tad tbat there baa been a gain of about
five member In tb Bouse. The Governor's
majority, which 1 higher than any other on the
ticket, will not be mor than from three to four
thousand. It will tbua be aeea that th Demo
crat have made 4 " gratifying gain. Another
revolution o! tb wheel will, bring th Democ
racy out aii right.?. , ,,,.'
, a- ii i .,,
Apclmen of tb falsebooda aent from tula
country to England ia to ba found .in the last
New York Utter to th London GUbt, 3 It it I
follows; lu contradiction la unneoeaaary) ",1
' 'Few la thl country .have any Idea of the
complete reiga of terror which exist at Balti
more, Philadelphia and New York., Respecta
ble citizens are secretly arrested and consigned
to prison without their came being publttbed,
an order to that effect having been issued to th
polle. Letter have been received by mer
chants on thll tide frota correspondent on tbe
other tide, placing credit in favor oi i tbeir
wivea, ttatlng that they bave tecret Information i
that they were about to be denounced from mal
ice, and that wa of property if tefti no op
portoaity ia afforded ol pruvlog bla .Viocence,
or of knowing what the charge if on . which h
la lmprlaoned."
Minnesota Election. Report of the Congressional Investigating
Committee in General
Department at St. Louis.
The publio ar aware tlmt at the laa esslon
pfCOKreaa an losliglog committee waa
treated, wboa dutlo were preteritivd by -reio-lutiooa
pasted by that body. Tola eommltcco
U osmpooed of tb ibllowtue eueaabee- Hoa,
Charles Van Wyck, of New Yorki Hon. Elihu
B Wuhbnra. of Illlneici Hon. Wa.S, Hoi-
man, af lodlanai Hott Beubea S. fenton, of,
New Yoiki ilon' Henry L. Da wee, of Masaa.
cbutet.a Hon. Wm, G. Steele, of New Jeraeyi
aod Hon. Jamee r). Jacktci, of Ksotucky
Hoe. Edward VL Ball, Sergeant-at-Arma of the
iloute, aoompanld the oommlttee and T. T.
Aadrewe, L.q , a Chief Clerk. The commu
te held their Unit senior. In New York City,
aod during seven weeks' ty lu tbat oily re
ceived two tbouaand two hundred page of tes
timony lu relation to franda aod Imposition on
the Guvcrnokeot. none of whloh, however, wer
of a aiartllng character, as will appear la their
report to Cougre.- l uer were eviaencea oi
overcharging n Government upplie and a
general looMuea In the mancgemeut of Gov
ernment affair, in all of which ,tba .committee
ba given special attention, and, when reported
on, will exhibit a singular and peculiar ocndl
t on of thing In that department. At Boston
and other Eastern ltlea tb ,icommlite hav
lound but Jittl that wa not atriutiy proper.
A part of tb committee Meson. , wasq
burne, IIolm!n, Dawea and Steel, with tbe
Sergeant-at-Arma and Clerk repaired to St.
Loult to liiqulro Into tbe condition of affair la
the Department of tbe West. They have been
la (cation In that oitv tins tb 16th of October
fourteen days working teolr hour each
day, and exantibine' one nanorea ana twenty
three witnesses. Tbe manuscript ot evidence,
oa legal cap. bomber two thousand, four bund-
red and eighty page.
in giving an abstract oi ins testimony, wnicn
I voluminous, w propose only to give a part
bearing on tb different bead of fraud, ai
summed up la to committee report i ut
entire testimoay ba been tent to Washington
to b laid before Coogrest at lta next session-.
Tb synopsis we pubjitn is a launiut abstract
ef th evidence before the commitiee, altboogb
many or lb minor aetan nave oeen omuiea, .
Tbe first act of fraud wa tbo presentation to
Mra Brigadier General McKinstry, oo tbeSOih
of September, of a complete aet of ai!v6r fer
ric ot lb Jenny Lind pattern, which Berrice
ooot $3000 and, upward, and being the fioeat
ever made In the West, took the premium at
the But Agricultural rir new in &t. i.oui
Tbt aervlce wa presented by parties exclusive
ly interested In Government contracts, among
whom were Malor Selover, Leonldaa Ilaskeil,
JohaM. Crnm. E L Beard, of California, aod
other. General McKlnatry waa quartermas
ter General of tbe Western Department by ap
pointment Of Major-General J. C Fremont,
and M such" Qaariermuier-General, controlled
the horse and male contracts, building of bar
racks, and all supplies and purchases appertain-
la 4 to that Department. The committee in
their report say, "The frauds In coocract io tbe
Qaartermatter'a Department ar numeroua and
bavw been clearly proven, and extend through
all branches ol hla control and supervision." .
-In relation to th purchas of horaea the
second act of fraad-tb testimony it extensive
a to th various apeciea of imposition prao-
Ueed.the ,bld' English jockey trick," aa they
ar sailed, being la tnis cue oi tne lesser mag
nitad. . A bartv contraota to furnish due tbou
and head Of bories, at iU9,50 per bead, to the
Government,' through the Quartermaster., The
oontraotor'a aaent. who la anproved bv the
Qoartermaater, Mfat charge ol the field where
tbe contractor'; fiorsea are to bs passed upon.
A oountryman, having horses to aell to the Gov
ernment, pava 110 entrance fee to the field,
where bia noraea are examined, and upon the
ayment of another tee of Siu, they are recom
mended to the contractor, who purchases the
am at tbt very lowest ngare, which, through
eat tb entire evidence, never exceeded $35 and
190 car bead.' Tb contractor take bia pur
obaee to the Inspector, who la also reimbursed
by a fee, which amount la computed aosording
io tbe quality Of tbe animal. The contractor,
en obtaining a oeruacat. irom tne inspector.
demand tb money or tne quartermaster, who
pay tb aame, wnen tne ooau roraaid payment
as guaranteed, in evidence disclose eeveral
too (ohemeB and many other ways in which
horses and mules are obtained. " .Tbe testimony
also show that tbe horse, in a majority ol
Instances! era bf the most inferior kind, and
have broken down or fell dead on the road.
Arondd th depot where bortea were kept tho
eerchaaed, numerous dead ceroateea bave been
fouad. Omnibus and atage bortea bave been
trotted out. "fall of bran and penoered," by
eootractorl, who received $115 and $130 for
each horse they farniebed. On of tbe recent
report of Board of Survey Hill suffice In giv
ing tb character of horaea tbe Government fur
alabed to regiment npon tbe requisition of
tbeir commanding offljer. utber eimilr re
th committee have. on file:. '
Department at St. Louis. CAMP. SULLIVAN, WARSAW. Oct. 21. 1861.
. To Colqel Wat. Bisnori Tb no4eraicoad
having been summoned, aa a board of survey,
to examine aad inspeot .the eondltion of the
bone forward to tbe regiment front Saint
Loul and report tb result to your headquar
ter, wooli reepeoUaily report tuat we bave ex
amined aaid aavee end flad seventy -six (76; nt
lor servloe. Ore (a) dead, aad Mire bandred and
tb1- tv (830) aoderaiaed, under and over aged,
stifled, ring booed, blind, spavined, and ineurtbly
aont lor any publio eervtoe, saia nortec being a
part of tbe raiasourt Oontraci.j. . r..
. i .Very respeoifully'. . i ' a ,t, s-
JOHN SCHEE. Lieutenant.
Th committee also bave in evidence that U
S. District Attorney Jonee wa associated with
Meeori. Thompson and oowen in tne purchase
of borsea and mules, their contract being at
U9.50 each boree. . Bowen told out to Thorn p
on and Janet for $5000, payable la .bankable
luods. ,Tbom ptoo went to metuusiry lor pay
ment on horses Metara. Tbompaon and Jones
had furnished, and waa told that "another party
waa Interested In thlt borte business, and unless
tba 45000 fa cold wat deducted bv Mettr
Themoson and Jonee, con of tb monev could
be paid.". The $5000 wa kept by McKinstry,
and tha remainder paid over to Ihompaon and
Joaea.. ., ,'.'.',:'. . '. .'. "... ' ....
Under thia bead of fraud, tb committee have
teatimooy of over hair a million of dollar aank
la hav contract.'. The Quartermaster bald
117 60 Der ton for hav In bale, which on ex
aaUnatloa i found to be prairie grass, and bay
ol a very poor quality, ihe cost of,, transpor
tation between St. Loult andfiedalla.'ls about
13 oer ton. or $25 per ton delivered at Sedftlia.
Tb committee nave accumulative evidence
tbat fresh hav from tbettacka.and In abandrnoe
along the entire route to yv araaw. can pe on-
ar a ... .... '-1
israifaiit"', ,,. .. ;.
. Io Government waeont the evidence aaowa
tbat large numbers areheri without any owner
until after they bave been pressed into tbe ser
vloe, and men tne ouuaera present tneir claims.
A majority bf these wagona ar unfit for ser
vice. Tbe axles, reach, bolsters, epoKoa, bubs,
etc, are found to hav been cracked, and the
oracka filled. ! wltn . leather and putty,., and
oa.nted over where the fraud was patent.
Several of tbe wagons were condemned.; The
committee ; will report that a number of Jhe
wagons thus received by tbe Qoartermaster and
bia agent bave broken down before the army
bad proceeded far, and tbat all tbe wagon will
be nteles after a few week' service-. , ' ' . .
Tne third aot of fraud I In the , bunding of
fortification at Bt. Louie. On tbo lath of
August Colonel Hassendeubel. bj order of
General Fremont, engineered and aurveyed the
point within th limit of St., Louis .for the
erection of eleven, (II) forte. Under Major
H.'a auperlutendenoe five (a) were built direct
ly for the Government, without any intervening
contractor, Tbe wage ,f tb laborer were
ixty cent each per day, and tba eoat of each
fortification not to exceed $10,000. " Oa the
25 th of September, when General Fremont knew
tbat tbo tort, eompieiea, cost liu.uyu each,
dtiartermaater-General McKinatrr, per order
General Fremont, made a oontract with E L.
Beard, of California, to build six additional,
fort for tba Government, similar in all respeci'
tb fire constructed by Colonel Haaeeodeubel;
agreeing to pay forty-fiv oe&ts per cubic yard
tnr aiLexcavatlona. flfti-flv cents per oubio
yard for th aam dirt excavated upon the bank
tha fort and forming tbe- embankmeoti for
all paddled earth ninety cent per cubio yard;
paving walks with brick or (tone, floor or block
houses, etc, $1 per, eqaar yardj for cisterns
twenty-five eente per oubio gallon of two hun
dred and thirty one lnchea, arched with brick,
crown and cement; . lumber for magazines,
blook-bousea and quarter for officers and troops,
ewers, etc., to.,tb lumber and timber to b
meatur! In tb buiiaiog, iu per one roou-
land feet; fot faoine BOdbieeMwcran required
on tbe work, $1 ptr cubic foot, an J for roofjog
all tbe building with three ply root i $4 80 per
square of one hundred eupuoll ' fee. Tb
total eoat of the six fortifloatioi. fiwree np ward
of 1300.000. udoo which Mr. Heard ba reoeiv.
ed $170,000. An additional payment of an
Order - for $60,000 from General Fremont w
topped by tb Secretary of War whea In St.
Loukj.; The evideooa eu lurth, tdkt noKlth
Handing Beard hroiv4 already three timae
tbe ortsinal eoat or tbe worn, tne taoorer ar
elamormis at tbe Government officer for their
pay. The item of tbe cost of forts, a proven
by other forti built, and tbe erfdenoe of master
mechanlos, put th figure, vis: ten cent psr
cubiotyard for excavation, hod embakmoH
puddled earth thirty eentif paving, etc., forty
oeuw; eltero, etenhre cent lumber sad
timbitr 140 aud l&ll Br onatbouaaad feet f fa
elnt bnd breutwotka thtrty-8 ra pent ard forty
cent I roofiog $2 and $3 60, tntt total oolt bf ix
. . aOA Ann wi
rortmcatlon not .over o yuvie wwrwaof
for fortlfloations wat drawn up ber order of Gen.
eral Fremont. Tbe contraoti regarded by the
committee a lrregulaf abd Informal, except
that It Drovldee tbaV "no member of Cong rea
aball be lntereated in lb said outreo.." i Tb
contritct I lo part Irregular, fo4be rearou tbat
aeedr Iln to tb reguiauoBS o tow oeprme.,
the Ourtermaster only can mak contracts of
thla r.nA. . .. .... .
t:Tb tourth act of fraud is th hqaa rent,
rat lo tbe palatial Diarrtlon of Wrs. colonel
Brant, cbnila of Mr. Jesal Fremont, rented to
General f remoot lor neacquartera oi major
General, hi private Seoretary, and Chief of
staff, at the rate of $6,000 per annum. Other
palatial mention In tbe neighborhood ar rent-,
ed at aimllar rate; and Occupied for office of
i .L. ...IT-.' i ... .1'. ..
memoereoi mu. ,-.... , r-r i
, Larse and: expensive barrack bare been
built in tb immediat vioinuy, aa quarter ror
th aeoommodatlon of tbe r remont Body Guard,
numbering 600 men." Th barrack will ' ac
commodate 3,500 men. Tbe coat of the bar
rack aod Benton B-trracka, capacious enough
te aooommodate 40.000 men, will be about
$150 000, double the amount oeceetary to' erect
precisely similar Buildings, in tne roonng or
tbe- buildings, which la upward ot 6,000 squarea
of 100 superficial feet, tbe committee bave dli
oovered much fraud. The contraot provide
tbat tha root shall be tbree-plv, and put on with
full an l soaked lp tar, and to a substantial and
durable manner.. The committee bave evi
dence that tho Saperinteadent aad Architect,
A. B. Ozden, received a dmti or IW oo Gen
eral McKiostry lrom Clapp tt Co r provided be
(Otfdeo) would Obtain tneeouiraci lor tnem at
their old bid, which was $3 60 per square of 100
superficial leet. . A Mr. King, under oatb, tea
title tbat be gave Ogden a dralt on McKiostry
for $1 600 for bis services in getting bim the
contract for $3 85 per rquare. To each of theee
Uitden promised tbe contract, i ne worn wat
awarded to Almen Thompson at $3 60, but
whether anv bonus wat given does not appear
Tba committee find that Thompson -eold tbe
oontract for an advance of $3,000, and tbat tbe
party doing tbe Work only put' on on-tly rbqh,
and tbat with felt dipped in cold tar.' Io a few
places there were only two pljt. The fact
were obtained by euttiog into the roof at varlou
points, It I also ia testimony tbat there were
responsible bids at $3 for this same work. - -Aootber
fraud was in the contracting with E.
W, Fox for tb manufacture of picket plot at
45 cent each. when Thomas Hood.a black
smith wltb good -eeeurityrbid lor the same-at
35 oenta par pin the number to be, made,
50.000 pine..: Alto., to Fps and others, camp
kettlea at 35 cents, when there were bid at SO
oenta; nails, tied, tpikeseto,; It aimllar rate
Saddle tbat wore rejected toy the.Quartermat-
ter were purchased by Fox at' lbw figutea and
old to McKiaatry at Increased rstes.t if u .i
: The building of sundry tug-boat rand ohar
tcrlog of aeveral steamers at double their cost
and value, particularly the chartering of un
dry boat belonging . io the Keokuk Packet
Company, bave been gono Into at length, and
much imposition found to exitt. Tbo tug boats
are being built at a coal of $8200 each, when
tbey ought to be built at $4 600 each, i t'al'
O-ber fraud In-tbo -porchaee-of oU, cloth
log, blanket, tents, etc.; the issuing of traaa
ptirtation tickets and paying of employee in
uncurreot foods euoh aa tb Union, Bask and
Bank of St. Louis, thirty-five- oenta discount
instead of Government funds', etc., etb are tn
ly In evidence before th committee, but all are
on a par with tho given above. . No frauds
were found la th Commlesary Department, but
the report of th committee will 'exhibit the
transactions ot th other department-' in ad t
ceedinalv unfavorable light. . As the California
contractors ar charged by the eommlttee irlth
beinit lareelv interested in many or these con
traot, we give tbeir namesr Joseph Palmer, of
tbe firm of Palmer, Cook 4 Co.LLeoaida
HaskelU E. L. Beard; Major Selover, of tb
firm of Selovr & Slotsrc, iie&l Estate Auc
tioneers, and I.' C. Woods, manager ofAdam
sjprees company.
" Three of these gentlemen are living in St.
Louis in tine style, and two are pn'Uen. rre
mont's staff.. '!,"'- . i
The eommlttee oould have continued their
Investigations farther, but they believe they
have sufficient evidence, and bave gone to uairo
to examine a few witnesses there. Tbey will
then visit Louisville and Cincinnati, and take
evidence ot any fraud existing in tb depart
ments of those cities. , , '' - . ;
' cBUTorats rim.,
. -I .. a 1.
t .... .i, a. ' . . j 9
Wall , 0txoot,
(Offleos ef 6lty fadge.)
' -Mil.
Hif M irv
Bsa. James MonaMtr, jr. T. Bupeiior Court.
Hon- H. B. Pajna, Cleveland, O.' -
lloo. H H. Buatr,-l4UMUtu,-Or -
.! I A' Z ii.
M B A ft D II I OK
. . . j
3 Ot
.....QNB.D0U4ftSft PAJ.
oct$3-Ja T
HIS I ll il I I ii I
J; m.mt; KCERHER,
111 r ' TTr-''15fl" v ''"'
Corner of Brodd & Front Streets;1;
.V "1
DXAXXI1SXM .i,,.,.',,,,'. .
PROVISIONS. - e'.'-t ' '
. ...i A.;t'T ft .am 'l f :
tioua," salt," riat,6Rixa
Atiftna ttV rtrrra n A'Vtt no-ptij tttflaAW V
At W tNAJHUU WA M W attw aV aMAaw NBtawvai
I ...
:. :t" U'M'
B'A Gil E B It AS S .W d Rk S,
Corner Sprlas; Wtw ?
W. - B. - POTTS - &r CQz
ti Uannfaotarars of Brass an? Qoopoalttoa OstUor
' ' ; VIbUIumI Bm Woi ot all Cassrlpttans. '
V BHAWI.S,laacaalneatl oovaina i w.
1.500 yaroa Sapw f Ula .Ulaok aUK- L-i 1M -Tala
fmAUt, WeatTain S7 fti"aaia?- ' V '
.if, 7iaaBt-rvnlual TaM. -v
j no I - - BAIB as SOJ!:.a
oitIS K,9tBlbBIb Itraai.
Tho Urlasi lor! fcrrf
Tba aeatHt and ej1cajjjeta fitoi,,
vw WHIM""" ..,;, J,--i
Sold it a vary low Bre. ' -
OallwdaaaalaeMiiiNpBiamingaimscrat or u
-dif..ii -i-.u-i - ;l hilniiv ct v
en i M0M9 aorta iugjtn6weea)jEf,'
. "i,. Avii'.: -Ml la r-iaitt d ot
siair aqOtHII fru h Bpot, wfnovt
In, or Uhm ta Uks uuu, oa asv ( lha tralaa.
111 end th Salt iluaa decidedly a eoortntmt stop-
plDfplaoe." XJ.'.l.i.i -fc-o
pMMasanwaktd ay stall ami X the ntrfatfar aur
ef tae trala ! .,vnr;"'JO!i. .1 r't; a
" tevgi saoeris, te saitwttimt xmT.
' lea SOUTH HIGH - rsttKT
- ... . t'- . -ms- oiijl j iwf'i iw'.i i
1 HaTstfJlandOptt AaprUiint of
HOUSE furnishing; goods,
.. .o... ; '.. i :' ; tjfi'i'j li;ol 13 i.'iu; lliwi
. OtovoatbGrAtco;
' t.I j ii : Of aunoat evarj ku4: c;n!) ;:r;
1 '. i-.ii ; ' - l': l.Vcrr S. : 1
:; Elegant Chamber Beta,-
' " SPtCE AND SEED 'BOXES, :r;"r
Tin Toys; and: Aiticjib? fetfia fine,:
x,nhJiiu. ff0f Ulito'lsMpleVO?. .'lUt. i
. , .o - ,!-J4 "J tn .a;:or
Kniveai and 3?rkav" B jk6n; Tttlb),
BuolMta. BhbTfels emd-Tonca,' 'i
, -'-u ' OoeO. Hoa, ait, f:ua
v:-'i r..;rv" T. -TVV'.rSTT -)1 lo t.:o-cw
' : -''' 1 1 '.ii'? n:.l jr fii !fj 3uu Lii.l
:ii-ii:itni.4;q v-.a:tt .uu
ri aiOi.I Ji;J
W 1 wo'nU sail your farther sttsotioa to the fact tbat w
, rsoi.B AaanTaroruasaNvef.m ' i
Whlehtt.'lnll rerpeots. b'lArlr1 the "ATHOOBkT Ot
THB KIT OH IB .'baling no equal In tha aomplaianeai
o( It parformaMS aod toonony of tatU-, Tbtelatrest
teatlmonv af lta superiority Is tin faot thlt manufar
tarers and dealeri are oomlantly Imllttlrgr it coaling ai
near lta poatlbl Itt XXtBftNL AfrBARajlOB- i
Call tail ixanlB ur llook, ..Jt.ls ae treabl ta ibov
-eetSdlst lnu 'nj a :-( an i.'r-r o..-t
rrtHB- Vw0ERItilEI KEl?PS ' C opr.
1 KTANl'LY ob hand and for aalsi tin batt quality of
whlehha wlllieilat w lorestm'aritrtpiiots';"a J:i;,?.'
Call and ax.mlu m Coal feaiara purotuuilng' elaa
where. .r'-if:
09e at the store of Bradford j Puydaa at Co., bead
I" ' - '' - - I ' , !-
VX for eight or tan person, raa tie had br applying to
SATTEB80N, So. 118 South f roal traet,.Utween
.11 and Town Btiaeta ." " '
. Using bot one qar trora (he State Hooj,'ri)ii ft a
aeairabie piaca ror bauaass am.
Not of rain, hall, or snow, but among th ook whs
bavt been Impose npoa by the veneers of bad Saltratoa.
like that oommonly fouad ia market. James Pyls's
DltteUc bat rally aatlifled them ani qnelled the dialatb
aoce. Depot, US WaahlDgtoa 8trset, Kttt Tot. Bolt
by crootrs srerrwhan.' . v - "' 1-vj . t
Or'Tbeae Contemplating; Blarrlag
TUB underilgned will give tafprmatlon oa A very -
Uniting and imptrlomt iBkjMt, which will t 1
4 more than a thoaaaad tlows Its eoat by trery married
eoaplt of toy age aroondUoa ta lift. Tbt laformatlea
will bs aent by mail to any address ot) th receipt of 95
i. i.n j, ..a '1 1.1.1 ' '" l--
AUletMisihool4bta1drawe4.io;;,.. ,' m :,. '-.
,lt, U0K&IS, at. D. (dock Boa B0), u
ctll-ly3tawdfcw Beaten, Hast
, Is an infallible roaedy for fever ,aa4 Arte., :Tb ex
ptrleDcs of many yaara, ut almost erery ollmata, provs
that where asee .n it riot aooordaae with the dlMoUoos,
It has rarely failed toeareVaot only by breAklDf tba
chills, out by removing the morbid habit of th syiteti,
preventlsg the recurrence of the dlssaie.
TtVIB AND AaOl, thoagh not la I'self dangsrous,
leapt, aolen speedily teaoved, to hav sooh a psrnl
doaa effrot oa the tyitsm, as to Bgeadr disorder! swob
mors bantfal than Itself, and which not only render tb
after-Ufa of tb pstlsnt mlseraBl. bat are la UMaaalvto
oftan fktal. A prompt and Haemal remedy la therefor
what la wanted, and a saeh Da. D. Jinn's Aaoa Mm-
roads eooldanUy riooaucendad . lor tale by Maters,
ftotxais tt Pavcbi, Oolumlut, and by agent every
where. v , y v
sap?ld4fxlaatAiw ' .i
,TOt FemaUa Ootveralljr, Tha Brahlralh
Pills cannot to too highly spoken or. TUsy removs all
obstructions, girt energy aod strength; ours the dls
treating headaebs, unfortunately M.prevnlent With the
itii depression Of iplrlt,' dullness ef sight, servost
affeoHons, blotches, plmplei, sallowBesa of tb skm, sis
removed atd ajBVtnlla bloom and general sprlgbtllneas
thdloat the pCweraodbeal thru biess of BKANDHjBIH B
iodisa atdtnoaUptrlodSiWlll db them nnriTld
tbey are the bast Medloloe for motturt aad ahlldrsn,
and care worm and eottlvtnes. i r-
let It b Hmrmber: that BUANpSITH'l PfXtS
are easy Ib their operation, aad'rel unlfl mildness with
efficiency, and reqolre ne alteration ef diet daring their
ii. in !- liin o-rri'jirH
Mrs. Horgan, comer' ol.iSth' ttreVt and tnloii tqnarj,1
waw Tork wti dying, apparently, er uoMscarnoa.
She was gives up to die by bsr fPhyilolsne, and all ht
friends, tut afUr using BSAJipaxrs'ePiue fas, a fa
weeks, tbe oeush left her. and iha began to regain her
strength, and Is now able to a'.'.sua to neraauea,ana
leeu ear of too attalplrg rotmn ntajt-q. , .jjo
Mrs. WUsoa, ef Vo. J Beaoii atnttt, Haw Xsik, hat
eared Pyappsla. Baall t, Heasles, Dropsy and In
phaalsvar, and aU Hsadaobs. and Bltlooa diseases
wltb BamDarnj' ittf.wlU tie pleased to answer any
SjUSttlMS. .jk ,y It. lM '- i))lH
. Sold bv Jobs E. Coo, BniggUL Ooloakos,Dd by
all rasDeatableelaalait la madletnsa . a 9iiv '
ooulHUn... !'. ''u7 .-111 ,i..iu,tfi -a imi mi ji
-8,ji J-ffi'j
r Jort Pabllshed to Sealed JnTsIprej.Prloe Bets. I .
BADIOAI, COBB Of PKEATt)B(lllB Qr gemliial
Saaknaas, lovolontary Km Is ions, Sexual Debility, and
fmnadlmants U aUtrlas KaaaimUiy. Jisrvousaeaa. Cant
anmBtlan. XDlleosl sad Vila. ileuUl asd'PhTslaafln.
apaeltyvieanlUng from Belf-abasa, tfi By in
Oulvauali. AL,J).aiUhlir.flf Jbt 0iuiJoak,A5ft,
A Boost to Tboufand of snff erer .1
Beat sndsr teal, ma plain oTefor.a,.U any s'lr.-,
post paid, an reeeipi ai two eumpa, wr ut. uuas.
J. CKUJIIA. l'Ailairery, MW Xeik. Poet Offtosho?
MeBea. . ' asj,7;i4aw
! , , (AtTHJI lata M09Wi) rJitil
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1 i J A T.TT.TTT :'
-J ' at.' tha a
mj.l o:ij.M"JJt 11A U1114
'SaaW V . W
it A AnsatuM tlaitI iMltjdti!
s,itaesaM ilTS dm'i Ti'sena
a a I t'ai' r-TT . irteTaTr
au. I J-'JM-TWr laarm. TaTjn
tm'tuli roslitT-jaaif
IM WEEKLY;' at the low riOTo? m
Subscriptions ibe Vact and Tu
ft MM r : Ti n-iaiain tujj.titfiaa
tn I bo ic wt-a a At-th above : inl ffii pfkf' be tisiU-Z' ,t .i
ajUji ' 1 V (1I 'l r 'J ai fT . A fl .'Tff, T'I
,,r TO ., C AttRlERSH' :VAW Y.' Arf .,OFXJtfE;fTATi,V-a,,
1 i .alasn-t oeiaU an,m fsje .vtvh . ff .T I '" "- .a ii ;i'lfj' ,aM
hili ! At tb unal rtee.':As k'n Atabllshei and reUaUejrflanf the Democratio partr, ' "'
d1, I --.A.m ti.U (-!.: JdViavHAsai faWs-0
A. a Tti li AilMM mm Iwa (la Mtti
I tt.ft'wi 4;j.
- 1 I .i iit, -3 aluO aiiav--:;.a .loll .batsiT .1 - - -
Whloh bat been so froltfhl. of t6 'fbh JIOrpLB OF -TB' pUffED STATESf'and'wiU i
" ' "' " " faithfully trgetb re-esUbllaljniaal.Mls
oih-w A tstential. W. tb ,)omplt and
or I
1 I lT
'jvijU?0!oeO-at ,Vj. .a T V - jp - l' -' ii
On tbe basis on wbioh tbat Union wat originally formed. ., .
tAit0'J rt-ni'tjA twnk- ; ' ' i i mmm i '
-!-."A'-f.;j.. . a't rrfi WAAtr
i -.3 a
:i The Stattsmah will tnpport the Admlnisiktib
I constitutional effort to put down rebellion ; and
. . .L 4 il .1
i, t r It will constantly arg aaonocny In th pnblio e&pendtaree, and tha Copst; fieW adbountabililV 3 E it
-,of ill publi offloer.' ewi, -W4 j a " I" e '
l As a medium of nertfi'neW, tbif Bt'fliiiiiAJi' wtl i end&ivor Ut mailt itself aooeptabl to its I i
I IlX9Xa,t9mtl Xj moat nollAtolo'XI.oDox'tss
I MOJW lt to.. HllU4i.', .i'. 1 ' i, . .
f)i" tha homaAii Ibreiim
i thejbuskkmin;
Will finof teVinlU and1 aWn
Oi&aa newspaper i .v.in.a-' wa,ioO htjvi-ij .a
. . . I ' r- .
ii) Dartng Uie appwaohbg aeionof Ooagretrvre -vfll have a talented aft d acoompllBhld eorres
Ipondsnt atlfaahlngton:, through' "whom our reader trill bs furnished with muca valuable and'rfTA
wlUbl lntbrmation. " '' ii i-,a wiuj.Wi. , .i.r. a. .Tain
I Tbe .doings of pur own. State Legislature will, be, fully reported,, and ,th loooi now of ah
l State and our own immediate vioinity, will hav a due share of attention,
:-( We urge upa our friends in. all parte oi Obio.aod'tiie North-Western States, to aid In extend
. lag the circulation of tbe SraTtsjcAif, since by so doing, tbev will assist in the- rmtnulgatlp o4 3
sound political doelrinea and reliable general inteUi1Jnoe'.
'ir.'ni x niv i! 1
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, V ''?S"f l'' ' I ...l'l Vl Of HiflM, 03 tA
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; J-ria"
H.ft . 1 1 MM II I
,H 11J1J
'Z, To any .person ilp;''ibfob,4 wrlolSsaribtm to the Wnuxf itttV. Sttatuiiax, and
senutng us we money vu uumn-iw mo
All oraexm, stui. lf uiwajr amiwuwi an i. . '
t i' AK.:miimtA
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"S- A
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.TTHa - S aaSHigrfat.
I Oi J ' ... viteT-hl
Six Dollar per Annua;
- m
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. j Ag. .Jrj off ty tn1 Y . Qf ' I
tt'Jih 4r,.4A .LUM 'AofXlU l M
) J -.fr -i-.viji : r
perfect re-constrnotion of tbe k , ;
1....A !i
'ct'jjst'x o INF . t
Uon ot the Ueneral OtiVettmebr lttill tool
sternly reaiat the effurta snade ia some qoarters
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.' , a. .. ' -i. . --.'v;. 4 ' -1
.iiariia - na, lu iia cuiumoB r J
mechinic - and 'umM
toaid no effort will be srMretO'maktftfBni
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-i.. i
i .. '.-ixsi nfe
stjjaluw. ww, sena one copy gratis)' ?
I MAMTPENN7 s MILLHH, ' 1''! '
Pnl.li.liar. nt lli. HhlM fil.hui... ...
LCOU7MBU8, OsQOar i'.if
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XI BTOM, !--iO a ifoc.div i-ri'-
Ho. ,20 :sSii.p iitif ,$.to6t(
and have aisooisted with Oi6m'iel'rTs.'r7fICHARti3,
under the firm of --.-. i . .i . u . t
P ,liTS Tj -M,i.Hl II iki ,-t. vi,rm,m I-aij "J
Tormina; ena, af the largest Pr Qoods Houses ja tbt
West- i MU "'tTlA-l "11 Vi :r
ihla Boaat .la Mnitantlj. rsoelrlng Hew Ooods,
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Hamilton, c Manchester ind Pacific
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nfhurflrM. harlci adopted the Cash system in the pnr.
thus aad sale ot floods, are enabled ta sen from lit SO
paroant. lass than ether boose nndtr. the credit system.
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it. 4. AJXa4K tSfaeelvi'ln' Oemaltsloa even
deacripUoB ol property, aoch aa Pfy Qoods, Groceries,
i,..,.. hniian. aiarrlsires. Uorsea, .to. Bo also
ViMadatoderotablUtteiitioa to tales ef Heal Bslate
SidrMBall-iopeily.ataiiy O0lat,wlti twenty mlliifLw
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Domestic Cottcn;:Go6di.
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w&m 8c SON
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Drown and Bleared 1
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Jottna flaimsU;
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t Bamslev Cotton fliaotlDii: '
i 8o'.at Style, of Calico's and Dtt.jnei; '' 3 w' ''
V1 ! Tlalilnn. Hhirili... ain.k... t. .. . '-. f I I II I
I And Cottoa. BaUings., .. . . Jl r..l T '
, Al.n- Hl.nlc.la. y. -
' Cswlmtres, Oioak Cloths, atc.eu. i
;:w",v-).)n,i;v. in, .
' uTlaiiai'el' ' ufa&"J"
X GD. Iha most axteniirt stocSW' tha elty.
Arov Woolen Soe.a. .-vi-.L-.r" rJta ii. f .'
Shatter Bibbed Bocks. ,B t n f a
Under Shirts aad Piawen. . btn.,:, u.-0 .,;iii-i
Cotton and Merino books... i , ..ifc.oa ,w-i
Oolden Hill Shirts, i, .,;,, ;M . -: t.iU
Uent'sKldQlaTea. . ,K. .ui. ; ft.'.i
Osnt'S Linen Collars, Mask Ttes. .. ... i. , .... .
ectrr Ho. S8 South BJgh BtiseU t
; 4 x.m
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...The TJeet Artlriclal! Help , to, tfst.J';
P Uuinati aiglet Tar Ajawenteat. . . -
Bsantof th most ; .Improved kind ef eptaola..a '
All bis Glasses, whotbtr for Bar or farttrhtad. are,j'J
ground iB-axmeaveeonvn; form srlth tha grsateat Bare,.
so as) to suit tbe Bye of all eases, raring Weakness, v
Dlctlaea or Inflammation of ihe Syss, aad LiiparUng.. - a
strengm for long reading or fine sowing. -" -ivi
" Offloa, 13 Bast Bute street, at Beluer A 'Vtjbstsr's.
Unsie 8tore.Bii.-ii.. J .u t",
'- augfr-oly ' -
.a.'uvi jAtjfi.i I'.vejwjii.ii.
.inn .O'lFIRSTiaJKAt
mv-llnak lu,a nnit-h.
aaed Ib New Xork'at the ebespeat pule rate,.ll of- wMctt'
a snail sen at tne emaiien pronts, tor vasir my ei4sio-
era aad friendaajra fwanafltfnlltr ImrltAd tn A.U mr4 .na1
1a my Qoods and Prises, as I am detensiBed to tail eK '
ahaap or cheaper thsn any other doom In Bieaityiaa
m I do my own Catting, and aaparintand my owa bf-"'
Bess,,i mi asenraa.rroni' my mig axpanansa- as whi-' '
naas, to give gaaonl aatisfaotlon. th finest ef work"'
man sr. amptayad, aad all war. done strtotly time aa
aa short natloa. and warranted to fit. Btranmrs Tlaltlac
onr olty woald eonsslt their interest to alrina me a call
'ar'' a a a w. Aneon mn iMnnm nwrn tnfe:4B
A'an antln bav atoak of flooda la hit. Una. Iu,a nniieh.
baton pnrohulng elt.wheieM.vr. V-BUHB.. ae-r
iti Uenh4Wt'ial4W,V-aV
Jf, vwr AUiKU hu a www, m
at.. TTl.V ..JIS .
r ' 1 tm t ' ' -an '' i -jfim
tipenry ELtpolxlox,
. j (Lat"of PhiloBil'Ubfisht ,r ' '
PROPRIETOR br -sjritfi, RfiWOHK
fashionsbl. Shaving, Hair Calling, 8hampoonln jm
1 - av
Whar aallafaoiUia will be glrea In all the varloa
branehaa. .citr Mill
Ladle.' and Children's Balr Dressing dons In ..beitt '
AovalUcs In Mack Ties and Rearfls. .
" 1
J " 14 Btobroldered Pooket iUndKerdMeft.
XU Sieves superior malm - - - . ' "-
' ByroB and ttamta Voiiativ.-
Gotdon Bill ShlrU,rloosvlsa, trrtvm Jurl aralj
...Boys' Oolden Hill Shirts, do, ,j ia'4a fjadaS
I Drtrlna.nd Htraat Uloe. do ' moaw
' Bammed Pocket Handkerchief
HMfimml PnkAt H.n.lkftroht.fa. nrtoni Bevies. '
s.u.if MomA mM.d liiulas Jj4aima.4a. A llll, .lljU
mil ins.
AVM.t.W BWj RVtlS JU g
Mo. 9 loaia High stiwetf1
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