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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, November 05, 1861, Image 3

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Rail Road Time Table.
lirria Mum a Oolcmrss Xrmia . Jl.
, A -fcearr.
Might Express! vUv PWlon, :0t A. M. J.
Oluelonaii wwoiwuwuuan. 8:10 k '" ' I"'' S'
Dy Excrete .J ' S
IUII awl AooomodAtia.. diUO f Ms
Co Leases A buvtum i f ea)." '
Ktght txpn-.....,, ir'tSV ?& u
Htw TorkKxpreet.,?..... lillMl'''M'
iinn.Lnainb. It. . .. h J l - .m.iir:
tier Kanr..- J.tv x ., A3 aa.
Mali Tnln
Iidihi Train
' Vm visum, u J.iA'o; .,!,; .(it' i,
Swim at fitnuiiorou, a. tt. " 1
II,. 8 3:U0P.-V.' Mt. 1
tudjVW lima. Agent.
CouNeiv'Piocuwiioi The CItj Coono!( met
Utt reDiDFrealdent PoHAtsioN In the ehkhr,
MinnUs of last neetlag te4 tod pprord.. . .
Tbe Cltjpietk id Clty TKararet made the
SUttmnut of tkt Btotfto and DliUnirtmmU of th
City of CQlummt from coomb i w iiwfnw ,
Balance In jUwry Oct. .,......V.'. ? 659 01
Franklin Branch Bank Loan.,
4.0K W
do , do do
Vku llim anil t.lf.niaa for Oct. ..... 17 V
J. . Martin-allectlaDa In atarkat Boom . . M SO
eai:;. r..i.o7o
Olt Pollca t.HiM.Mit "J"
llarkat Uona. te a Jl
Bawcra and lainaja...." ,,;?
Ou Kpaln,eto . ...
Prlntlog, Stationary, tto. ...... ..f
Inura ate, '
Tampomry Lout,... ....... S 02? 22
Ineldtntala . .A. ............. 84 K
tint Ward InproTamaoU W W
Third do , So. j. ........ JJ JJ
Jlflh do "do .... S.i,.... .....A. 'JJW
Batanoa In Ireatnry, Hot. 4.v..." .KX3
Total!...4....k...-. 13,070 88
Tbe Street Commiiulooer made the following
report: .o-.j, . .
There haae beu employed wuhio the wooth
of October borieMaB, nmoanting In til t
Uty one tod half di'-arfca't: $l.!i5:per
day $7Gf 7. J-'', ni..' .10 i - . rf u.
There Ue aUtScf a' '.pfcrfdrmed 1y the
CbaiLang two bandred and teotj-one dajt'
bllle, both saeMpg m ipeoiaL tax ipoi
real edtate'tipanjiog'oo DiJrlalbq atfoet-Bno A
property on thrnofth elde of eald street from
New etree to 'Flr,lley: .ad, the other.'ott
property o"a 'j,b sonthsltJt 'of Wslon street
from New street to Poor Hoose labe Both
bill were referred, tp fte Fifth" Ward Commit-
.U.itl;' ) 1&. -: -;A
Oo motioo of Dr. Moellir, tbe resolution
directing the Police Committee to select from
the speoUl police force four polieemeo, to serve
ss regular polioa JarlDg"tllB,'plenarS of said
committee, was taken' op. After disoosslon,
tbe resolution waa, on motioo of President
DoNAtoso-JIr'.' Dotrrr Inthe.phslrrlndefl.
sHtely postponed--yeas, nays 3. ' '
Adjouroed.', ; , i , i i,
Blaoi wood's Magazine The October num
ber of Blacktlood has'the following iablo of
contents: J- i J T'LUr.j. J'
Democrsey Teaching by Eiamplej Medita
tions on Dyspepsia No. II Tbe Cures Chron
ioks of Carllngford The Doctor's' Family-
No. I; TheJ Book punter's Club; Social Sol
ence; What seems to be Happening joat now
with the'Popet-Among tbe Lochaj Captain
Clotterback't Champagne A West Indian
Remlniacenot Part J. 1,. . . ' , "
The first article, "Democracy Teaching by
Etample," is an attempted satire upon the pres
ent condition of oor pountry.'ilf we are orer
anxious, as the writer Intimates In tbe outset,
to know what they say of us on the other side
of the wtterVwalare at least pretty fair sam
ple in his tirade of what .the torles in Britain
say of os.yAocordlng to himt" the exploits of
onr urana AfBiy or tbe rotomao are nuing au
Europe wUb--ih(ktingtiUhabl& lanRhter," and
the whole American nation Is'enaotlcg a
screaming farce.'' , But all is due, In bis esti
mation, to the ridlcalous blunders of the fram
ers of our Constitution and tbe authors of Our
system of government, while Great Britain bas
a Constitution M;h . lj . the model of perfeo-
H" 1 'J ' . J '
It would not take much research in British
history tojfnd exploits of her armies and com
motions among her people, which, if they do
sot excite tldioule jand laughter, flit the world
with horror and execration.;; We like to hear
the worst.ihat Eoglish or Scotoh lories ean say
of ns, placing) to. the proper account pf envy
and ancient hatnd kouwlng that they have
as little power' t Injure us, aa they have-, to re
establish at boms he Old monarchical system,
with whicti'. they seem to base desperately in
ove. ,au i M.imMt i. .
The '"Jttedltations on' DygpepslalJ,' are eon
oluded, with, "remarks upon it prevention and
cure. The dlpqulsHIon npoa (ea-bathlng, the
water-cure-, prooessee, and upon mineral waters
will be foapXjnWilDg,, though the curative
means snggeeted'ss'ttost effectnali mabe be
yond the reaea of tbeiasaf dyspepilos In this
.The characters Introduced Ifl this first la
sullment of tnS'J'C. Uronioles of Carlingford,"
have c$n!eJ
writer handles" them with skill and tact- i
"The Bookrddte;i4trnb,brjng( to ; view.
Scottish literary reminiscences.- The artiole
on "Social 'Soiencd'ils' ianotWr!.sa(lrtto
Ebony's" peculiaif.Tilni Id whlefr thetrong
mmaea'among tne lair sex in uxeunuea
Kingdom, oobf la (or tbeifnll sfiare of gentle
reminders 1ft what Is woman's proper sphere.
'What' seems to be Just Now Bappentog'wlth
the PopetM H'XsaUrtoit Wem.cn lh fallen
fortunes bi that worthy fuaotlonary, whom the
British torles Save a JUtl;charItv fof as (bey
have for JJncle Gam." -The eharaotes of the
two rsmalnlng artlolee Jav Indicated' bVthstr
titles. P .- iiuo u at vi li
BUclmoi t republish sd by Lxomajid Scott
& Co., New YQik,. as. also ThC'fou leading
Quarterly RewfP,.T. T", "I'V.
Txans-Bliokweod $3 00 tu 'iitkVvihek-
wood anf 4'v.(iitlV.'.t9; '90.ti;Irll964
ana roar waarternes, f iu 'wni i.
x National rLOaKTho subsoriptions in this
city to the.jNatUnaltoan 'amount to $7,000.
The number of subscribers Is-105r The sums
subscrlbeiT s'rf feraflj' rjnw $3,000 -
ST F. W Uuarr. one of-theunlishers and
editors ofWJewrlh Is thloni tb,e Brigade
UuutermaiWs ree'ently appointed by tb Presi
dent. He is -flow Missouri, and, it U'Sald,
will prooaDiy oe oraarea on auty uere.
, Miiitaav ArroiHTKUiTtmTta following sp
polotrufnt hare bttn rcoenHy mult at, beadRklph'
P.. Backland, frmon, Colonel, 73J
Ketlinent. - ' J ' t r , .--
'Herman CenSrid, Medina,' Llent.-Cdl. 781
Regiment, r
Gilbert M. OfdeD, Me4io IaJori J3d Rr
Thomas O. M. Grew. Medio.. Adlatant. 63d
. Vsobm K. Snjtth, Clooln&atl, Colonel, eAIb
J ,rrdfnhCincrnnUIJetf.Ciyr..r6ltlI
" Michael W. Smith. Bran. Malor. FlfaTfJfa
airy. , Siut.Zi iJllQ &ti VXtt
, James B. Dav. Cincinnati. Melon First Cav
u James ! E.' Jonaa.fcolnminV. iutan'iAt
Cavalry. v B J " " "
r Uewry; Stt ISieilbLaValrU':
rirnt Cavalry. n. a iio iu, cuu-j.
Kichard 'Wrlgbl,prlngflia, jtajutant,
Siuh CWklvw
'TranflU B Pond,"Sprlngi.If.''Colone't;J m
aegiment. .wiw -jvh ni mico i
Clemenl' V4JteleT ttfestilli Lleot.5 Cof
Delafield Da BoIs.Zuiesville Msor, ilUg-J
imenM i v.ur, :u utr ruun'm nri.
Forest Hunter, ZinesvlIIo, Adjutant 63 J. Peg-
, ElW'dge OtJEUoker, ZsaesvUle, eoond" Majt
Filtri Cavalrv.
Chae. 8, HayesJZanesvillo, JM Mtf.fM
yarairy. .er.-nr
Jasc G. Harrison. Zaneavillai' Ad in tan t Fifth
Cavalry ,u '
t"Ji M. :hjtreivifle,aiSi?'Jftfi1
. Daniel-Saver. Zinesvllle. Adlatant-Fifth
Cavalry, 1 " ",",
- Jobs Craig, Zanesvllle, Adjutant, Fifth Cav
alry vtu ..o.j pi - l. iii.,jh. --jai
t It wIU be observed, from' ttt L'st thatjftf et-
Senators bold the. leading positions lo the 7Sd
Reglmeritj and thai Fraoals B. Pond " euoceeds
Lnotns V. Marsh, who obtained 'authority to re
cruit the 63J Regiment. -i .i k
inr Four hundred men belonging to the Six
teenth Regiment, U. S. Infantry, arrived at
Camp Thomas yesterday".from Chicago that
oamp having- been made by the War Depart
ment camp of instruction for ..regular, n-
HJ Seven secession prisoners were taken to
the City Barracks, Cincinnati, to be yesterday
removed to Camp Chase, u i -
' Bi".' ... - L .1
IT Br an Indlipntabla faet, Hmt If any Mon wants one
00AT8, be will asnallj And then In lam pnantitlaaat
1 - i
IB any tftrson drslrons of owning one of the lata style
of BBAVBH OVBB OOaTB. wtih aaso attaohad.
don't biaak jour haads la leara where to find tntm, but
fOtotU . ' '
o, i'' I Opposite the State Hooted
Yon will And tnaa thaie la all eolora, kept by cu"! , .
; ' march r.Hir.na.r
li.,-,: un a i ti re. i . i . ;, t i. ( ...
DtT jrou nrrer wear any ol thaBILS HIXID OAS
8T.UKRB BDITB. which ara tola at tha Oanltal flit.
AroadaV Both la and Joa will Sod them in nllea. at .
xrOD nwi also bs In want of PANTS antf vrtS. n,1
X than la bat ana aatablUhmeBt In tha Wast where
rania ana vesta are to be had In all stripes, shapes,
styles, quantities end qnalltlea, and that piece Is Win -
u atai Ait va t; i-akcadb;,v
DOHT (ortret the extensive aaaortnient of FURNIBH
INO OOODB. nartlcnlarlT In SPOOLSN iHlaTH.
which yoa ean Snd In "Red, white and bine," at the , .
ei!i 4
Bvpertoteaaca ny ataroae vnilOfttc
TV yoa wish to wear ir'men'tsf M ABf?T 'Tb'dll
JL Ultta.ioa can do no better thai to so lo the M.r.
chant Tailoring establishment, next to tha Arcade, and
eeleot yonr foods from a (took comprising all colors of
mw mows, uaeeuneree, sua velvet ana Flash vest
ing, and yoa will en re It meet with a food at bt narshaa
""e .i , .... ,A ,
. t , a., u MARCUS CHILDSUs '
MILtfABT GBNTLSMKW, when they some to this
city, aa Itrannrs. and wish to t a TJNlrORU. It
is to thaU; besi adrantag to nail at -r i " -
Where a lane assortment of BLTJ1 OLOTH and otha.
arUelee aelonglog to thaeqalpsge o so, oOkei u bs
had at eery moderate prion. - - i 'V
Marcus CMds's, rc'
' " Proprietor of that extensive bnslncae locaUty,
NO. Sit S3 sad 25 HIGH ITBEET,
. ' Opposite the Btate Boose IX 0 j
Cranberries I Cranberries 1
0f OBDBR, on eonalgnmanl. it-j.i-. w i,ui i
orsallowby.fli.e . , .
-V- i,.,k.iiSSr-wTI. Hrfcs BTt AtTX ,. ,'
oottol , ,t w ,.'v 100 South High, Btreet.
0 ! t,
i' t
TJnlted States Express C.t Proj?ie.
a. ii d.iivii i
via Hew York ft Erie Bailroad, .
And all other. Roads Leading West
- l A: I tUiU HUUIiUWUSIwimKii 0) i l l,',
i " ' ' '' " t 1,V I
Char te red Cars War most Boads on f asaspger Italns,'
' i .iit 'asifsvii. tsi.-ve tirt.-e Mit) its a'aa
It P.
Ac I Al l. . I
8S1 Broadway, M. f T
tritr-M a a s
A. L. KNIQHT, Ag'f,
oa a,,a at - st.,'
1 WM( H. NBKT; Btrlnteadeat,-BmiTala..i'a ..
B. WTClt fONeJacente;;;.:
" 7 Weet BSroacl street .
, 00 st VS'BWVOHIO. '
- aim iliwiii aawi'K' i i. is
Colombtis WBttlesaTcFLtqloFStore
'U I 4,.; T IrB-! I.M.II-.M.I ..... MUI r- .
fpxtigz taxi Domestia WiflBt Biftndiei,
J"n .Ao,!o. ALSO; " u.1
,'.H I UW.CSC " lS
- HI8K T.cl eids ''dJi nil
IV, '? i-,,- . r-i.ij-) vmt, .. '.' v...
a i ',C0ITJ2IBTJff..:l)trTfi!i'', 19 '
it . ' . -.Tn, "i vea-aa .e:tuje
mi; ll.:BEEAUXj:
; (gTJ00X9j)XajsAKU 4k MSItfATJij
"-, . . .. .. ., "1
J;No. 106, .South ":High Street
-t J. '
-L, oreign , ancr vomesuo r ruira, -
1 r
1 "B " T
1 1 1: . j r
of tlagant qoalltle for Ladiesi also, Mlaws' Mitts
gfcaSya-, u f. . a AIM'S.
TELEGRAPHIC. Reported for the Ohio Statesman.
TELEGRAPHIC. Reported for the Ohio Statesman. WAR FOR THE UNION.
Fire in Washington.
Battle at Gauley Bridge.
Union Troops in High Spirits.
Rebels Throwing Shells.
Rosecrans Returning the Fire.
&c. &c. &c.
From Washington.
Washinoton, November 3. Tbe Wasblneton
branch ot the Baltimore and Ohio. JUllroad
daily delivers a thousand tons ol Government
freight.: It Is said that arrangements have
been mad to-day for a. double track:: from
WaShlneton to Annaoolii. Sufllcient anantl
ties of. forage for the Government are now for
warded from Baltimore, v . - i c
Thirty or forty shells were thrown from the
rebel batteries over . to ' our entrenchments- on
the Maryland shore yesterday without barm.
, Gen, MoClellan will continue in active com
mand of the army of the Potomac. " : '! .
Tbe Pension Bureau bas issned notice that
no application for bounty lands for services In
the present war will be considered, ihtwe brine
JO law for sunh bounty eince t855,-fi ' .' '
Tab Common Council, of. Philadelphia have
presented Geo. McClellan with a mncnificent
sword.- ' - -' '-J .j j O.- '-v
On Friday Gnn. Stono sent a flag of truce to
en. Evans at Leesburg, to inqnire what dispo
sition bad been made ol the prisoners takea at
Ball's Bluff, ; Evans replied tbey wore confined
as lucomooa, ana oe wouia comuiuuicuo witn
the rebel government relative to tbe exchange
of prisoners. , BC,...,..-.,
-.The news from Europe per Jaat steamer
shows that the rebel emissaries In London and
Paris were very confident and noisy In 'the be
lief that the necessities' of the' manufacturing
interests will load 'to an interference in the
American content- for -the purpose of- breaking
tbe blockade to procure snpply ofcdftda. ' It
is,neverthelees evident that their cause isloting
ground both with the people and pre.as'. " ' '
' Tbe London; Poet, PaJmerstou's organ, bl a
Btrong artiole against any interferenoe,'And ex
posing the fallacy of the botion tbat recognition
of the rebel StfttcsWould"re-'Dpentne oot-on
tradet that, on the contrary, redotiitlon would
only' Inorease UitJc rigpf of , the'tlncrsde, atui;
interferenee would be an.hc ofj way: "j V Jf
, 1Vasbinoton, Sept; 4. At oae "o'clock this
morning, a fire broke out in tbe ijweri stary el
tbe) general bo8pUlon JudtcUiy-.Snuitre, oig-.
inating from A l"urnaceAThiubutUil4 parte
of tbe main building;, together ..with tbe roof,
rwert destroyed. When the flimej.Vere first
discovered, nurrled preparations were made tor
tha removal of .the sick and-wAuniietf1' soldiers,
about fifty Iu" itimb8r.'1;-Thia wasMrffocted lo
go ol order and with safety U the patteols, who
are aotSeomfortably cared lor. . Fortunately,
thirty of tbe patients were on Thursday remov
ed to Annapolis1" - - "-
Te President has recognised Camlllo Mar
tin as Vice Consul of Snaln at San Praofsco,
and Godfrey Suydecket aa .Conntil of the ,Prin
clpalities ef tjobaumburg and Lippe for tbe
Uolted ptatefj-trrttideat urjicago.j' t", ;
[Special to the Post.]
It is rumored here1 that Gent Ifalleck or Gen.
Harflev will lake Gen.' Fremont's nlatfe In tbe
Pqpmmand of the Western Department. f',V. iiV
Bevertu cierxs c tne t reasury veparunent
are engaged ih a search for historical precedents
on the question of right of tbe Government to
re open particular potts daring tbe period: of a
blockade of the Southern coast. Tbls circum
stance is resarded here as an indication' Ot the
probable intention of the Government; Ih.jofcr-
ence to tbe aoutn.;.!' k;;u niY r
The steamer Resolute cams' up from the -
ry Yard last right. ;;Ifl':(i:,.;,::
Une ot our , batteries . on. tne wary tana snore
bas been completed, and tbe range of some of
our 32 pounder' Parrot guns was tried On tbe
rebel steamer Joe Page yesterday afternoon.
Three snots strooK per, but witn what cueot is
not known, aa tbe water being very bigh she
waa, enabled to run opi Qwntlco Creek out Of
' ! i. - riv '" '''? iVC- v. ?t;
Reported Fight at Gauley Bridge.
CINCINNATI, Sunday, Nov. 3. P.M.
following Is aU 'we oan Ioara nf tbe re
ported attack on General Roseorans's commajad
at Gauley Bridge and Camp Tompkiasi v,
The operator at Clarksburg ssts tbat on Fri
day afternoon, between four and flve'o'cbpk,
the operator at oamp l ompxins reported light
ing at Gauley Bridge, and that be'would be
coTtpelled to move his office two miles outside
of tbB camp,,; Immediately after this the wires
wees broken below Sutton, and. ..nothing has
been beard from-that 'direction slnoe. The
Kanawha rlvr line was worklmr to' Camp Eo-
yart, twelve miles above Charleston, on Batflf
day, but nothing was known there of affAirs a(
Gauley Bridge., .To-day there bas been hq tel
egraphic communication beyond Galllpolis. but
tne operator ar tne latter piace tetegrspns to-
nisht tbat the" .Kanawha boat, . which- left
Charleston at seven o'clock this morning, bas
arrived, but brings no Information.' - - -'
CINCINNATI, Sunday, Nov. 3. P.M. Reported Battle in Missouri--Gen.
CINCINNATI, Sunday, Nov. 3. P.M. Reported Battle in Missouri--Gen. Lane Attacks Price.
[Special to the St. Louis, Democrat.]
bramoriELp, mo., upt. u.t-"A neKro.wbe
says he; left a part of .Price's army at Sarcoxie,
in jaeper ouuniy, va tiunuoj oigat ias repajis
that Gen Lane bad just made an attack on tbe
rebels, but knows nothing of the result. 1 He
says tbat when ten miles distant from Sarsoxle
be stiu neara cannonaaing. ;.it...,r i
iviAaUs story seems amogetner improDaoie, as
Lane only left Hnmaosvllle,tn Hickory county,
eighty miles north of Sarcoxie, on Sunday morn
ing, and it is hardly possible tbat be could have
seachedtbe latter place in so short a time; but
ev soont, who arrived here last night, reports
that when six miles from Sarcoxie on tbe Mount
Vernpn road, be heard artillery firing from
three o'clock tilt dark on Monday, and that tbe
ring; waa rapid.? He also beard firing on Tues
day morning. Tbls scout learned nothing ol
tbe result, nor between wnai parties tns engage-
meats. took place".
' l' TI '" 1 . t
h' PniLBiLrHiA, Nov, 4. -The great naval and
ffiUitary expedition was Spoken on Wedpts'day
morning in .iat, aa aeg au mm. igpg.A, dj
the. schoaoer Houstoe. in Weather fine. i..a'. .
'two i m
Foiitbisi MoB6t, Nbr;r3. On accdnnt bf
the. late svrrlvaLoC the boat from Baltimore aa-
flag of truce went to Norfolk to-dav -' No tar
seuigeooewnatsoever cOnOenllng the nett has
. Vein's. syj e.-C W ir!
i..i3i ""' "sea,
.. i ..
Albamt'i NdT.'4.fcThurloir Weed" knd Aroh
bishop Hughes Are: about, starting for Europe,
probably by the steamer Afrloa.oo Wadneadav.
to endeavor to counteract the operations of. the
Southern ! Commissioners and to. prevent j the
reoognltion, sfitbtfi. South era Confederacy- by
frano Bm!n'hrlI'--'4 m anW
I'M tewptife) wzil'tetftipmu
the same tleamsr. "r,,u
Price at Neosho on Sunday Last-He.
Will Not Fight.
[Special to the St. Louis Democrat.]
Jirrrasoe) Citt, Nov. 3- A soont arrived
hare j ( sterday and reports to headquarters diet
be lUft Pi roe on Suudsy laat at Neosho, with
IS 0U0 of bis own men aud 4,000 Indiana under
McCuII'och.Tbey have no Intention of making
a, Stand InnMlssonrl,; MoCnllooh himself bad
gone te Fsyetteville,' Arkansas, to change tbe
dlreetloo of reinforcements to Camp Walker,
ArlLtpaas, Instead ot Missouri, where Prioe
wiiUolu him."' Lane la South of Price and baa
sent to Fremont for reinforcements, and a large
mounted foroa bas crone tj bis aid. 2 Lane k
bad a skirmish with Price's rearguard, but with
wnat result Irnot known. ,
' i . . i
' i . . i
Nsw. York. Oct. 4. Tbe sobooner Androms
dcaj trotn Havana, reports tbat on Oct, 31st, at
subdbwji. off Hatterae, she savr a-fleet ef thirty
Steamers, but no sailing vessels, oouna soutn. -
. 'ine wssbincion snteiai to tne commercial
says tnat tne Hew jersey ungear marcnea on
SafQrd&v mornlar. Thev will dodbtless com
plete tbsperfeot preparation for preventing the
aassags or rebels over, into , niaryiaua uoatr
cover of the enns of the Pototneo batteries.
V Tbe same letter save tbat: all the' rsstmsnts
f, the army of the Potomo:bave their oamp
equipage, wagons, ambulances, nines,' mules
and other appliances, ready for taking tbe field
at an hour's notion.. .The organization oi wa
gon trains has been one of the most difficult of
tasks. Tii . , , t.j-. .t.
Privateers in the Gulf.
Nsw York, Now. 4 Captain: Marshall, of
the bark rapid from Vera Orus arrived at this
port this morning. ' Ho recommends All ship
masters bound down the Gulf of Alaaloo io go
wen armr.it, a be' made too passage Out and
baek without stug" a Uolted Btufee, vessel.'. no
also reports passing the schooner Typhoon . for
Boston, land tbe aame dav both tlt Tvoboon
Sod Rr.pid wore chased by a pilot boat tigged
schooner. I lie weather sct;ing iu tqualiy liotn
ran away. ' '
' 1 "
Excitement in Camp Lyon, Mo.
[Special to the St. Louis Republican.]
IIk nQO ARTias, C sir Lion. BrsmoniLD. Mo..
Oct; 31 A good oca! of excitement has pre
vailed iu c.tmp for aume days oast resuectios the
report rf Fremont's superoession, but Washing
too advices at headquarters mention nothing of
tbe kind. ' v ' -
Fremont's removal would ouuie Intense ex
citement and I suspeot no little trouble in camot
a number of officers deolare they would- resign
in uist event, or insist upon creating Dim Dicta
tor of tbe Southwest, Independent, of the. Ad
ministration, which is bitterly denoULced In
camp for its vacillating atid.tpjadlcious policy
respecting this department.' 1
1 he list of rebel killed iu the battle of Fri
day last now numbers ons hundred and twenty,
seven. 11 v'"-' - ' -
No lntelticence has vet been received nf Sen.
Johnston's assumption of rebeLibrces In Mis
soon. ....... ,n . e .. :. i t .. . a ii, .
Cause of oannooadinr in the direction of Sar
coxie still unknown.' 10 '' '" '"
: . -I -, '-' ' t -'
The Fight at Gauley Bridge.
Matsvilu. Kt.'. Nov' 4.r-A.' ceotleman of
this city1, from Gauley Bruise on Saturday , eve.
ning, reports that Floyd bad out a road around
the bill; where RosecranS was encimped," and
was shelling; his gam pi ' Bosecrans waa return
in? the fire and bad silenced two batteries. He
oas also sent a aetaenment tip ttw nsw road to
attack. ttim in tbe rear. He bid riOyd oomr
pletely i surrounded- No FederaUj h(i"iesa
killed wben the sentlemsn left. ' u i. mnj.
i ClNoiriNATi, Nov. 4 Tbe Coaimorclal hits
advices from General Rosecrans's headquarters
up to Saturday Evening... On Frliiy moruiug
at eight o'clock the-enemy opened, ,flrt with
two Ui)j-(rom points opposite tbe Gaoleyferry
and Camp Tompklnsr and a 'noljy flrtfof rmig:'
ketry. ; The jfcbje'ct was evltfontlyo cuvuiThe
supply trains. iiTbey succeedtd in sinking the
ferry boat oivthe Giulry, and then threw about
fdrtjj shells Into the camp of the Eleventh Ohio.
N.at'oDeof cur ben wai kifjid, ar bulj about
uait a ui-sbu sraituqifa,, : ..4 ,,, ;-
ine majority ot ; too shells tbrowo by tbe
enemy did not-explods,' and tUdr tzmkslry was
Wild am! tfrtfthkr," . ;
tj,um lerryoota wnigq, aaa Auoa suna uif
enemy's ebot suvfridayvwat retard tbat riight
and commnAlcatlons restored. - "
There was : no .fjrav : bu Stttufdav 6h either
aidd. ,', The position, cif the forces on Saturday
evening was as follows:
l . -. ,1-
. I ne rebels were in possesotoojel
west bank of New River. tj vi
the left or
GenJ Sebenok's brltzade was a -'few mllee
above the Junction of Gautev and New Rtvcr on
tho east side of New.Riveri Gen. Cox's brigade
ana teen- icosecrane s neaaquarterg were near
ine jtmcnon' oi tne rtwi sua between them;
Gen. Benham below tbe Insciion da ,ihe richt
oancjn we river. v ., e. . - u -, jav. ..a 1
rloyd'e foroe is believed to be about seven
thousand men.'' It was believed la camn that
Gna,,3cbenck'4 and Benham's brigades would
oe tnroirn across tne nyer .obovs and, pslow
Floyd and surround him.
'The loss of teleeraphlo communication was
occasioned by tbe; alarm of the operator, who,
when tbe firing opened, sent a hasty dispatch jto
CtHrksburg'-announclng a battle, and then com-'
mericed to move-bis office up the Gaulryf hB
was two ot three miles, up tbe river' when be
was overtaken by orders from Geo. Reeecrans
to return, and while returning bis wagon was
dtlveri Over a precipice and tbe apparatus 46
giaojed. 1'it'af '- m. . -.'luoiBaAj
rioyd'S demonstration Was rather agreeable
to Roseorans's army tuan otherwise; Roeecrana
was certain be could bold bis own, and expeoted
to bag bis assailants: ' .., 7 " -!
Col. Sedgwick, of tbe Second Kentucky, was
reported to have been wounded in tbe knee by a
splinter of shell. u-t..tiv.,,.'ir.ii, .-..!.:
Gen. Nelson in Possession of Prestonburg.
-iu tv.i- j . ourg;. ... . Xr x .... .
" MatsvUlb. Kv.i Nor.' 4. A 'mseneer ar
rived this evening, and rfportsithat Gen. Nel
son took possession ol Prestocburg on Saturday
morning without Tesistftooa. Williams has re
treated, fit rnlles 'acrosi the river, and It was
expeld-uhe , would, make- a. staod. there to
day. I -111! Ta , J tiJm u-u:,.hi ,1 J-4. .1
From Missouri.
Lsaveh worth, , Nor. 3. A ; skirmish took
place yesterday, about : six miles east of this
place, between e small force bf Missouri mill
uauudor. Major Josephs, and ICO rebels, The
rebels Were scattered wltb a small lose. - i.-"
A battalion ot tbe Kansas Second Regiment,
recently mustered out of setviou, were collected
la this city end held in readiness to m aroh to
the relief of Joseph's, but were not required.
This regiment Is being reorganised.
' Portions of Linn county,. Kansas, hava re-j
eently boen pillaged by marauding parties lrom
From Missouri. [Special to the St. Louis Democrat]
SpRtNonsLD, Mo., Nov. 1 Our scouts brine
us this 'morning definite information that Price
has left Sarooxie .end hat moved via Neosho
toward Cassville, Barry Co. Opinions differ as
to whether be wIU marob north from tbat point
on Springfield, or contlnne bis retreat into Ar
kansas.! .tMAA Jt UlU All wit V . ...l-M. ,b J ui . j.
A body oLtebul.CAWirjjraa seen twenty fiva
miles south of here last ninbt, doubtiesjs ift re-L
connoitering party. ,...-u
tienerai rope and jviciunitry should be here
to-day.l ,(
Geo. Hunter is 00 the 1'omme de Torre, ten
miles south of the Ossge, waitl6;for'fat(oti.'
jgrrtasoK City, nov. 4. Uanorai. frentiss
bas broken up a rebel oamp In Boone county.
Some loss iArepartedaa.bothaIdevbul no. par..
tiouiar nuve oeen rcoetvea, ,,rrri.. ....
In tbe absence Of other transportation. Gen.
Fremont i having ipravlstoBs: fetwarded,froiik
Tipton on paokmulesi-' -i'AAa v- a -
Judge Greer's Opinion on Piracy.
PBiUDiLrHiA, Nov. 1 Tn the Circuit Court
ibis mqruW tbe case of Patrel; the pirate.'w&s
called, put postponed until belt Wedmisday. '
Airuil. .V. . ...i.t.. nt.,.t. A..... :
HP,lTUlt iu. nD.iDwu. ti.tiiu. ntiuruBj was
aralnr the trial Jidee Oreersald-be tsonlrJ-fiot
ooossat to have the busiifess1 Of the Courlf Inleri
runteq. ut seemsu nB a isrce to try mem. at
this time when, ths-country played a civil war.
The . BiQtateA .cXJiiunarjitjtwauld conoaei the
Govern&ient to treat .oapti vet on tbf sea,, the
same a those taken on faud, and be. could not
understand the policy of banging the first and
boldlPgf lKlVerC.'P'riraflr'5T''eft,1bl
them. Let the "rebelllQWhe -criiahed. and Gjsfl
grant that it may be spesdUytnda thsnthes
mea wet be tried for naason or piracy, and be
wouia sissist, no matter now mnon ne
might h
called Jeffries or Scroggt,
Arrival of the City of New York.
Nt Yo, Nov, 3-The steamer City of
New York arrived from Liverpool oo tbf S31
and Qaeenstown en the 84t. " iJ 9 '
Cotton excited and advanced l on all qualt
ltles. Mlddlbc New Orleans IU. In i ft -1
Breadstufl'S easier, " Provisions qtifotind
Tbe Time In an eJlwirlal stys elTjrt are be
ing made be a cl.aa of manufacturers to iuduce
tbe govsrtunent to interiere In- Amerloan affairs,
and says England "will rather undergo musk
suUcrlng tban break tbe plain rales el Interna
tional Uv. f England bs reoocnfstd the block
ade and an net abide by U. To break it would
dlKrece;and stUq. her reputation , 8 he will not
commit guon au act ,10 save nor greatest menu
I.VIIUCI., , W W r, . A It t.
Tbe' Times, however, says tbe blockade Is not
everywhere effectual, and reminds tbe Wash
ington eoveromeut. that, only a real, blockade
oaus jor recognition. . fj f t H
-"Tbt at tide concludes by saving it would 111
beoome Eogland to become tbe tool bf South
ern machinations, which ttor withholding cotton
oount on compelling foreigfi' nations to taks
side wltb them. " 1 "
The' Bombay UizFtfs save tbat b another
year E'jglaud need dotjock fortheijba India
lor supplies or cotton. " j' 1
- Russell in bis last letter awerts that Edgrahd
and the Uoitod States were all but at war three
moDtos s'tioe. ....
The Times points to ' (he Independent char
acter of tbe operation of Missouri and Ken
tucky to snow. the Impracticable nature of tbe
war.'"--! -1 ' - 'i.vjvi i''.. .
Livtsroor.7 Oct. Sith'.i-Salet of cotton Sot
two days, 55 0011 bales, . Speculators and Im
porters took 35,000. Middling Orleans 13d.
Breadstuff's salen Mixed corn. 32i.Gd(S)32s.9d.
Consols 92U92. llliuois Central share
3837 New yU.k Ocutral 7D70irf. 'I
1 ine dbioDloe Uniotte continues w denounce
the ootid uot of (he blockade and "tbe wrongs
done British sUpa, and says some action. on the
pan 01 the u,-itlb Uomument is indispensa
ble. 1 " " " ' -
Tbe Times thint Utut .unlikely that tbe
moment tbe drain of specie cernmeoces, tbe fi
nancial community ot America will bare its
Bull Run. f 1 i M iu! '.. '. i
Count Savre. a lineal descendant of Count
Rcbambeau. of American Revolution fame,
bas tendered bis military services to the Pres
ident, and has been aeeured that tbey will be
accepted. Tbe eame answer bas been gives to
tbe Biron D'Sobooen, a descendant ol- Lafay
ette, , It is expected tbey will soon raacU. tbe
United States. -' - u l
Arrival of the Steamer Jura.
Naw York, Oct 4A-Thetti-amr Jura, frord
Liverpool on the S4th, via Londonderry 'on1 tbe
25tti uit,, arrived at Farther Point at four
o'clock this msrnluK. She brings one day's
later news. t-a i-i. ,w
Cant, tiemms. of tbe oirate Sumter, rcadhed
Liverpool 10 tbe steamer Ediuburg.' li --
A competitive trial bad taken olaoe of rifled
tnuty two-pouoders service guos of uilfereot In
ventors. 1 ne trial was brought ts a close with
out any very satisfactory results.' 'The Whit
worth and Armstrong guns alone apneas ealon-
Iatcd Ui meet tbe requirements. of. the navy.
it ie expected.thaitthe Qvi of Franoe wpuld
immediately adopt some new measures to palli
ate the existing 01 l.u. -r--y .,.r i- .
lHo accoacbureut of the Ernpren of Austria
was expeoted 10 tt.Ha plach at, the comuicnce
mentof February.
. A Paris telegram, dated October' 25th,-says
fbe Moniteur to day otttuins the following':" A
judicial invesligatinh has established the fact,
tbat tbe ladies pf SiutUuioce at Doual Lave
voluntarily' abetted ths abduction of. Jewish
girls. Tbeee facts rwju have, iuni.fi-dibe
Goverumcnt in ftmkiu VLo 4UUioriSttioiA-Ail
the society of Slnt Unlove tjatit bas confined
itself 10 wittiboU rn ti:t atuuwiaJguieiit ol lie
tuat lAimeuvv. 1 lis measure wi.i rcauua IC
ligians Congregaliopj tbt-,iiciiber tlitir xbarac
ter; objef lor rulei ixoune tbidi Jiruia joboyltig
tkelttwuol thecuuutrf.
Liveirootf Out:-' The'4-ot'(on fclw'-
circular repor.k.liw1i),we,iik(pU.lC 90fthl!.
iVlarKoijXailM ana piliaieiuediriiKhstH
with a still unsettled and exoitca pi(rrketai tfo'
the siAles WOO tiales'ere 'to "BpetUtatoTif 'ar.'d 1
1300 toexoortcra? To dav' salea ara fstimntpd
at SSO.l'OO'bali-sTSuoludiiig I2t000 to" ipeciirdtors"
ana importers, cioaintWiUAlaauiZ aavanoliig
tehdsbay. Tbe authorised .quotations ara ag
follows; .F&lr Orleans middling 12J;
farr Mdblle 19dY middiiiir ii'fr4ir uplands
'124;!mlddliD)f lljj' rBewlr,'hT pom is
lseetlaatcd at 614.UuO Vale, pf which i21,5Ql)
ra Amm-lp.n 4 1 l I Ve I ,1 5 i V
Breadstuffs have a? still declining tendency.
Wnt&t dull, and all descriptions slightly lower.
Provisions quiet but steady,,-,. "C .',.' -
'London. Oct. 25. Connote quote at the close
or business at-92Kt3aJ for-morre.'-f Erie
shares qaoted at SbV ana Illinois' Centrat at
3838J dlacouoci .Bullion,, Wxtbe.iBAiik . of
fenglWi increased 211,500 pounds.'ji -u a t
- - r
Rifled Cannon for Sicles's Brigade.
New York, Nov. 4. Six rifled carnoerleft
here to day lor Gen. Sickles' brigade. Tfaeir
range is SAid to be five and a quarter mues..;4
yj" i ,V to Ann irag.'i. .
-i - J AU W . , j. UZUJa.. Ti .'
Jao I m- i ,
Ibo Montreal Ocean Steamship Company's flrat-elaes
fulHteweredUlydo-bailt Steamers sail every Sat.
urday from PORTLAND-, carrying the OanadlawanB
United Btatee alall and passengtre,
' It,
akartcet, Ctaeapest andttalckcat Con.
mw i .Teytauvo irvui
' Iiatew ot Paasase to i&urope,
, SJ30, tjeo. eeo. 7 r. '-t
Will sail from LIVERPOOL every JTedaeadnvi
and from QUEBBQ every . Saturday . calling at
LONDON DX It it Y, tc reserve on boara and Ul4 AlaUiatid
Paswoirere, to and from Ireland and Bootland.
O'Theee Steamers arc built of Iron, In water-tight
eomartmente, oarryeaeb an experienced Bnrgeon, and
erery attention ie paid to the comfort and acoonunoitv
DUBY, the gieat risk tnd delay of calling at St. John's
avoided. ' " ' -" --
Qlasgow passengers ara fomlihid with rurt paajs
tickets to and Irons Londonderry. , r :
Rctarn tickets granted at reduced rates'. '
Certlucatce ieeaed for oarryiag So and hriagtngooi pas
lengere from all the principal towns of Great Britain and
Ireland, at reduced ratee, by this line ol steamer, and
leaving Uverpool every wees;. y ; ' --':',' -ty
Slsrl't Drafte for Xi and'upwArda pay
able ia CDKland. lr0lsAjAd.IScat-i,!T
For passage, apply at the Offios. 83 BKOAB.
WAV, New tar and 18 U AAAvlA A
A,lverpaali.-- uu .-.ou ,j i-,.- C - l u .
I'linr.'A svliiTv'a...i e ...
Or to-; . x j. R. ARMSTRONGS o
in 1J t,mm X " - el Affliia ' fiAlnWikni aTiS, tl
111aw ajuwa.w wviiuuumb VUsUs
. .AA
at t.-.,
.t 1 1 t n uf ' , V - t 'i w i. r,'v I.
RheumatlBm,' ".Gout and Keriralia
All .Morcuxial Diseaaes."
It Is a conveniently arranged Band, containing a med
icated oompound. tc be worn a round the Waist, without
Kijary to the moat delicate person t; no change Ur habit
df livma is reuulred,. and it entirely removes the dls
ease 'rem the ayetem, without producing the Injurious
effects arising from the Use of powerful Internal modi
cine., which weaken and destroy the constitution, and
tiTe temporary reim oniy. dj mis treatment, tne mea
:leal properties contained in the Band come In contact
with Die blood and reach the disease, through theporee
61 the skin, effeotlng in every Instance a perfect sure,
and restoring the parts afflicted to a healthy condition.
Shia Band la alto a mottpowerful Ann Maodil afent,
and will entirely relieve theeyetea from the vonuciomo
ellaotaot Mercury., atoderata eases ara cured In a few
data, an we arc oonttantly recetring testimonuut ot its
afllcacy atturavated eaaee of long standing.
Prior .O0, to be had of Droggista senerally, of can
He sent by marl er express; with full directions for ate,
toany part of tne onnntry turaoi rrota we rrtncipai
J o.,409 BaOADWAY, jrew.Tdtk... fJl
nrv-d.'SMITH oVCO.rSohr froprletors. -
, p J.f-deeortpUveCliihirs8mtlre.4 a H t e
A. StHTJBLLlB BON, Vxeewntwr Aetwre, No.
m B. High 81., beu friend aed Rtoand, Oolumbaa, 0.''
CaO Aiente. Wanted Ererrwnore.
mh-lyUiorlstp dAw
New York Market.
cijttof cntettred and neeMtsi. t..., nutn
Upland ml M S20S ul.' rr.'LT.TT1
e-iAiuaiMaMkraetnasaceiaBcd klmitoi! rxrharrtl.
with atoderata bueiaese doloe fee apart ana Amm .1
eumptisnat tba radualion. Seles nf St.tOO harrele at
" .w v. rvr rrjroico, mm euigi ou iot eUfOtDae etalc
$A JUatS 1$ tnroxtn. state; ti gOat t fejc tuperftnc
wetiaru; o ww u lor common to medluia extra west
era; ,5 80 8 eO for shipping brands sitra round hoea
fbtoi (I luS 73 for trade brands da. ' Market o1o!d.
latter quiet, Oaaadiait Boor te a ebnde easier, wlib
only a moderate business dolne; sails BTt tarr.lt at So a
oo (or MHicrnaei g 7037 u,fcr ooatmoa to cbotai,
HtB iLOUtl kxtre. nttlctudtdataiAt 10.
UOHtf nKAL-Bteaiiy; sales TOO barrrlr Jersi-y it
H4 SO. to arrlT., .-,, rvSl'-.V
. " "iWMmilHUVlMUl HtU,. I.L. W WU
Wiu.fl, ,,
w M a A r-Under lenre 'Teoeinta'atid " somenhH 'wnfa.
vorabu aosoanu from Xarope hat dtollnrd '143s fx-r1
wtei.wun pretty urge buelnese deinri Bale. KO,7eXI
buth.ls Ctlwiro spring ai 1 17(91 tl; Ktelne tprlng et
v . wvl nntte u.iirornia at hi uai 3:-uanadi.n
elubat tlM'Sltl; Amber Iowa at SI U; mixed
vanaaisn at si s; red state at II Sl SI; winter red
wceiero u II 3KSI 33- Amber Mich .an at ai It: .
.ieeuo ai aixo Wbltc western at BI IM 40. and
IS JliO baA.ls white Mloblgtnat fl 4011 ' "
' AYa,-flca'0. .nd firm- 1. .f On hnatt.l. tlaN'l.Jt
and state at BOSMo; . " '' "
BAHLBY Witlumtm.tArft.t' JJ.'- 4 1 wn
bMhele at (Bo for elats, nd. 10317 Jor OanaOlaB west-
CORN Opened steady and ded 2ahula Mtt.p ii.
a moderau demand for expnrt and home noni"mptlon;
tales OI1IM sou bushels at vl6j lor antoend muted
weaiarm 62st)4o for good te choice do.,hltSy at
Bto; 03Bto for western yellow. - . ,
OATS More aetlre; sales at 40c for Canada, aid dls
for western and state. ' ...,t , u
POKK-vStsadr and Una: sales of SCO haneU at B &a
15 75rorfcees,andB3 74IOforprime. ... . - .
BKgr Oontinoe. aaleti sale. UAIh.tMl.at at-SLA An
fot country prime! Wi AO for meat; BUtUillt for
repack ed mess, and $13 SO lor extra mess, rrlsteaieaa
beefinacUre. -v.. .
Baa. HAMS-In mode rats rsaotsti aalea it bairtls
western at 10c. u . .- . . . ii .
CUT MEAT8 V.rr nnlatwIUi imilli,!., tttwft.
for shonldeis, end So for bams. - - . -'
BAUU.-I contlnoeesu.dr with fair demand.
ui-uncaugeu, wita saiee Of xwarreu at K9
BfJTTBR Still rulet firm with a fair butlnea doing at
wte-tw tor vuio, anu ami 1 10 state,
utiiir.DS-dm at uwia. 1 J
OOgrBS Rio la Inaaliea. hot arlee. ear Srm: aaU.
vi tw pK.sget at lac.' i-t .mi, i , K t
Kl. Nomlnalla ancbtnerd.
8UOAB Eaw enntinnea Arm at 8(28 V foe fair to
gitou reuneo, tales or neu nogstieaua Uuba at VAWrxoi
blO boxes Rsrana at ?fo. ' ' " - - - --
S1ULAB3RB vjuiet; do lalei." 11 a
i TALLOW Continues flrmr stlcsof IB.eCO-taM wrlmc
wettem at 9Xo. . - .1 . ,.
HOPt Quiet snd nnehaneed: Smalt sales f brewers
at i.(aiv lorcsw. J - -
J .r.nf- MO B'Jtlt) OA 0
Cincinnati Market.
QH0CEBIB3 Tbegrootrsaopply onlyaregalar Job
bing trade; eren wrth this they think that their slock
rait be made the moat of. since to renew It fiom the
South teems to be a matter In the reoote dlttes.ee at
yet. . . - j . .; -U 'J-., . v . . 1 1,
- f LOUR-In the market there ru only a light trade.
Prlcee remain at last quoted.' '
WHS AT Wat lett touRht for and buyers seemed. In
different about making bids for It. We leave cur duo-
tstlonr at tbey were SO to B7 fot rei, W to 93o for
CORN Was note easily had to-dty at 9)3. ...
OATS Had a little firmer market, actwlttiitandinf
largt reoelpte.- iy t a i a-: ' r '.'
BARLBY Waa borne down tome hi borers to-day.
and 5o wat made an extreme figure. .
axa -it tailing at txc. . -
WUIBKY Was Is gpoij demand to-day at Htfc" v- '
tWi, I Comntrolal..
-'itT V-i , jLAT.y v. Mil 1
' 0 Jul V I u .1:1 mei ,rn
n ,.J 'UI If.
q Filr an Inch of TifielS
TTTA9 o.ipe the excLiraf tio! or
a dying Queen. loet rach of time cm beprocur-
e Jamuon ontaper rate, and many long years or
enjoyed by eo'ct"altlng',''Dr'. "afxA RYWB JTrrtR, who
Mourlrit Mi atoet ebttlnateraM- loaf -steading drteatee
or tne, juunub, uKAur, i,iv jiii,. aiunara, ut,AV
Asjrauiiuno ur jus aim ajj sab.
, facte are Siaftbf ra Thlagti
1 Hear what tbe I
rvhat tbe PhlladeTphla correspondent eays in' the
- wiunlagtoa, .Delaware, S'Ji of ApiU.
leaw r- ---t 'jr.
HAn logllth gentlaseaa, formerly connected with the
Brlllth Army, and who style himself the 'Indian
Botanio Phscitn ' has of late gained aa extensive repa
ration her by his skill. In curing all manner of com
plaluts.i Borne of hie patients f bare conrersed wlih.
and they pronounce bis remediee and mode of treatment
aa very superior. ' Bom have been mtored aa tt by
maciov Tbe medicine be uses Is distilled by himself
iroat eanout nerbe pottessing rare eu retire properties.
' V While anting ta lnarmy hedcrotedhi leitttrc mo
ments te a tborongb ttudy of the effects prodaoed by
certain meaioinat roota ana ncroe on all manner or Hit
sues. It seems he has found a sure and eueedy reme
dy for all the -iHe that fleeh It heir to.'' Bis practise l
aireaay exiensiT ana is emu. increasing, in tne corn
plaints lo which Females are subjected, he bae no euual
as a buys number Jhere bare tended Ihet they owe not
0017- ui.ir preeeni goou neaun, nut tneir iires, ID tne
skill of this Indian Botanic Pnyiiolan," h
- Office 37 East State Street, CeluaW,
RUgl7-d3m .rl-! :e n ia ep.- avx.
Groceries"" '..
: x Produce,
j -x a-A'ai Provisions,
I 'tk. ..... r - . '
F6reignand Domestic Liquors, .
tijp. 34, NORTH HIGH STR EJJ T, ,
J inis I n t i i -, y
J,.ri ,WE ..
I . ! rrrtjO i m-st w. .-..Si,
,No.:106,v.Southf High; Street, -
Theold sioad rtxttntlft tosu'lv'JJMj.
.V...r v
''i'i -4 VS .
Be Is In dally receipt of
1. oa j .... ,
M' . . which te 111 sell ' " - "
Cieaft for Caala ar CODntrrTredUce,
'.;' t . .. t r :. jk--; V.i'.'taamt'.fji.
HjGoedt delivered to City trad IreajOt charge Jj
ryW 1 af l it t ht .
Wt-e 3 t.. nuix x- '1'-- - du' t.
I . n r-ii ...,.i
' za -e Afvv-s T-y-4Tr - -
it I ;
Jt 1
- in. IAAJA w WAV'S tit':
diista Platala, Wd WiUovw, Ware
ether Snd Rubber BeKlng, laoe Leather, Hot and
! Klng.j a H . ttA&V, A if ?.i y traiy
:: Oysters U Oysters 1 1
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be u ftaiiy receipt, by Kxpteea, tU; . e-
' r I f.,i..'i- i-vot t.u unjia-, uyMi
Tr.-tm BaltlmAp. unt v.l. H.rm . . ...
Call at Wagner's Oysttrand f rait Depot, So. S) tlt
10, if .C'
1"They Q -RighiJto the 1 1
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lastastt tXellef L. o reur Cewsri,
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retfUf fuu Ureases.
trestrtfeem Tar Vateel
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406l) FOR LECTURE BS.' - - t"
t' Bare)..- , lit . . ' ,
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'I .ill o, I
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'IT ! ilixJXffAJtBK
it - - - -..I
! OflltDRS.I tittY TOR
They relieve a Cough lnstantl ' ' ' - - -Tbey
clear the Throat
Tlejr pb atreneth and volume u Uie voios.
They Impart a dellcloai aroma to' oreath
They are dellchtfnl in the taou. - " ' -.-
They are made of aimple herb and cannot
barm: any one.,-" . . . ..
ItdTlee every on who naaaOoaghor a nutky Voloe
or S Bad Brcato, or any difficulty of the Throat, to gat
a paskags of my Throat ConfeoUons; Jhey will relieve
yon iostantly, and yoa will srree with me that 'they
go right tc the spot." - Yoa will- dad them very ntefo I
end pleasant while trarellng'or atttodiag publlo meet
IngaAoi stilling year Ooagh or allaying your thlrtl It
you try tne paokag, I aa sefett tsytng that yoa wilt
tve afterwards eontUer them fndlspenstble.
Yoa will find then at te DrnggUU aui Penlen In
Medicines. ...
My signature li cn each package. Ait othsre ir.
ecaatarfelt. ,
A package will be sent by ma'ui pretiafj, on raitlt t o
Thirty Cent.
Address, '
Henry O. Spalding,
' " - NEW YORK.
!Tamb ii arbll r rh .vJ rKir(-a -
' By the use of these t Hl the periodic attacks ol Aer
eou or ninth saaodttoA eaay be praTented; and U taxed
at th oommenoemcat of an attack Immediate reluf fro,
pain and sickness will be obtained. '
Tbey seldom fail in removing the Vuaeeii aud
ocAe to which femalee are so subject. , ,
They act gently npoa ths bowel ramcvt mg ckwu
acts, i . , ; , , ; , .-.
" lor Iturorf Kt. BtudttUm, Deiloata famate
and all penon of Hdtntory AeMSs, thay arc valua
as a Laio. Improving th appotiU, giving (on '
ttfdT to the digestive organs, and restoring the natnr
elasticity and strength of the whole system,
t TBI C1PBALIO PILLS sr th lesnlt or long Ictu
UgaHon and earefuily eondoeted experiments, harlr?
been la at many year, during which time thoy ha,
prrrtnted and relieved a vast amount of palp and suffer ,
tug fromBeadachs, whether originating m the wnmi
ty iters or from a deranged etat of the ttomnak.
They are entirely yegetabl in their eompoeiUOb, a,
may be taken at all timet with perfect safety "luioj,
making any chang of diet, and th ooeewo. o) any
dUagrabl UMtt rendtr V easy R mdmlnU it them.
eUUrm. , ;,, -, - -,
. A f': BB WARE uf COUNTE .if BITS I ..
Thefennln have fire tlgnttutet of Henry 0 Suaidin
n each Box. - '
Bold by Druggist and all other Dealerata Modiolne,.
A Box will be sent by mail, prepaid, cn receipt w the
IPrloo, QO Oouts.
AU orderi ihonUl be addjeewed to '
,! 1 1 'xi i ..IIENBV C. MPALOSOlil, .-
48 Cedar Street, New fork.
I I.,,
-j j from ths Sxamlaer, Norfolk, Va. . , j
7 Cephalic Pills accomplish the object for wbloh they
Were mad, Tit.: Cure of headache la all its forma.
j from th xamlaer, Norfolx, Va. ' v .-.. .
- They hav been tested la mora than a thousand easea
with entire saocecs. i !:.( . . :
,4, 'from the Democrat, Bt. Cloud, Minn. " '
If you are, er hav been, troubled with the headAcha '
send fur a box, (Cephalic Pills,) so that yoa may have
mem ut ease oi an auaoa.
,' from the Advertiser, Providence, B. 1.
The Oephallc Pills an said to be a remarkaUT effeeti..
remedy for th headache, and one of tha Tory best for
that very frequent complaint which has CTor betn
from the W astern R. R. Otxette, Chicago, IU,
We heartily endorse Mr. Bpauldinx, and his ni.rit.iM
Ocphalls Pills.
fro' . Kanawha Valley Star, Kanawha, Va.
We are sure that aereonsaufferlnr with the headariia
jrhotry tbam, wUl etlck to theai. , ..
from th Boathern Path finder, Mew Orleans, Lt.
it Try theml yoa that are aflllctodand wo are tire that
your testimony can b added to th already nsnwmsi
list tnat nae rcotrrM beneat Inat n ottw stediel .
produce, o...'-k- ....... ...
j j I -frora the Pt tools Daocrat. .
The iamonee descaad for the article .Cephalic PUla
Is rapidly Increasing. - " - . r
-rota Hi 8te It, Savcnpan; -toem.' .
Mr. Bpalding woo Id not eanawt his Rata Wtia aa a .
Uole he did not tno to eoeeess real merH.
L7A' single -IttUw Of BPALDUta'S PBJPABBD
j UAiuai win ean tan time, iim ooel aunaailyrj .. .. .
aw, 1
- ' - ooNOMt, u"
ICT"A Btitcs ui Tun Bavbs Niaa."2 , .'
As accidents will happen, even In well regulated ram j
Iliee, It It very desirable to hav some cheap and soar
renlent way for repairing furniture, Toys, Oroekari
St, if i . i -' " - - j. ,
raeets all each emergencies, and oe hiut:nold Ota afford
tabtwItboatU. - It Is alwaya ready, and up to the stlc A -
"TjBitm nr prt bocbi.", ; ; '
H. R.-t-A, Broth aacomneail eaoa bottle. '.
U-1 ; Be. tti, Cedar Btreet, Mew Tot.
... CAUTIOJt. - '' '-
As certain anprlndpled pertont an attempting I
palm off oo th uncspeetlng public, imitations of is
PKBPABJCD (ALU A, I woe Id caution all persons to I
I before purcnatmg, ana sec mat tne run Rama,
Is en thebuteide wrapper; all others an swindling '
tertelta, ev '
1 U
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i f-.:lMI-fc
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