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for putting Into, and maintaining In the field,
tbs lorot-s under bit command. v , ;
General Hunter also elated tbt, although
the eeoond in command, be never wai consult
ed by General Fremont, and never kne any
thing of hie Intentioni.' Bucta a parallel, I will
venture to assert, cannot be lound in the annals
of military warfare. I havs also been inform-
not a man acquainted personalty with IBS lopog
raphy and pKyaloj $iS&Wi uu-
''e'fyartdttnel emon? ?J relnforpe
General Xjon dnmands notice.. Cneral Fre
moutrrlvert at St Louie on the-i!bitr of July,
called there br-a e legraph tfSpafch'eUfing that
General LtoB e threatened -with cViHtuc.lod
h thirtv tuMMaad veoclev M .Mi'.lrne'Qen.
Pope bad tneirer1oMnu"lw North Miseoiiri,
-hwelhe rebels toad totabMied1 forte. J. The
Confederate fwroea ia the Btite'were those bnder
Pries sail MoUaaiwittyectt cprmgnem, in awnn
weetittiaottcVaaUBoae' tinder FiHowiJetf
Taempeoot Aaa HrdrtliY"tithMet Missoari.
TweTghrterjtafcrl4 (telUiier the' ermimw
of the rJ6uU.wteie btAwon or im raoiuc,nu-
..A, .hlla ilitturArr V.itt) llAonville. iirttDK
toaend Kansas Ctty 1iad eaob ' garrison' of
three toaodred or loo nuBdre men Denini. en
trewtoulBBM.'. Cairo and Blrd'e Point were, for-titted,'--and'
dfrtaed 'Mi ayartinery.
pr. k h ud Cao Qirardeat)' were' fbrtl fled
after beaorali rrmoals arrival.)' All Ikeie
tiUoei could be reinforced by railroad and liver
IrOra hC. XaOuib ana m ,
and could hold ont on til reinforced, even If at
..wl b yoeriorJorCM.- ' ;
On bia arrival la bt Utile, General Frea.6nt
was. mot .by Captain' uavenaer, iss Missouri,
aad;AKor Karrar, aide-de-campe to General
Lvob, wita 'statement! from Abe latter, and re
quests for roinforcemt nta. Major Phelps, M.O.',
Irom Sprlngfieldi Dr.! Miller, of Omaha; and
many other citizens, having ainpleTaoaDe of -formation,
made the came Mpreieetatlone, and
urged tbe lending of reinforcements. : To Gov
ernor Gamble General t remoel Mid, 'General
Lvon la ae atvons h any other officer m thli
Hue."' H failed to strearthea -Lvov, and tbe
rennlt, as ii well known, was the defeat ef that
mostgaUaut offiaer..Tbe two regiments-at
Roll should have been p ashed forward, and
the whole of Pope's nine regiments brought by
rail to St. Lews and Rolls, and theoo sent to
Lvoo's force. .-Any ether General to wees as
emerge any would bare pureoei tb is -Obvious
course. 'j --i :ri. rp M :.iei .Jut ' ' 2
Tbe baitU. of PpriogSoid; (or more strictly
Wilsonis Creeky use cl- the ares desperate
ever fought on this eooUao.it-.-Mok place Ar-
mt 10, wbea the bravo Lyon tell, one we troops,
borne down by greailr sapmior samboes, were
obliged t fall back, hs. -are uapursued by a
bidly beaten lor. -..s J b-.v '.
General Fremont called fonr regiment! from
North Missouri, and went with them to Cairo.
It is evident that he bad do intention of rein
forcing General Lyon, lor the two regiments tt
Kolla, one hundred ana iweoiy-nve miiee oniy
irom Springfield, reoeired no orders to march,
and ware not supplied with transportation and
thirty or iorty bired wagoni, just returned from
Springfield, were discharged at Rolls, August
4, seven days before tbe battle, and were rotors-
el to St. Louis, 1 ; . -. . '
After the oew of tbe battle reached fit.
T.ouis. four other rcKimonls were drawn from
Pope in Worth Mireuuri, and sent " to Rolla-f
Belter to have called these troops before" (he
bitUe, as after tbe battle the whole revolution
ary elements were let loose.' Tbe six regiments
Hccomplisbed notbiag. r 'l bey were not ordered
to advanoo and cover the retreat of Lyon'i ar
my, although it wai supposed in St. Lbnls that
Price and McCulloch. were following (t, nd
that Uarded bad moved up u cot off bis retreat
on the Gasconade.. ' u . j-.- lih, .-i
An advance of these .regiments would bare
enabled tbe axmy to retrace its steps smd to
beat tbe forces of Price and ftlcCulloofc so bad
ly, that they would have beeo unable to follow
our fjrae in their.fetrcal.' .It U said that .every
officer in Lyon's army expected to meet "rein
forcements, and to telurn with them and drive
Price and McCulIoch from tbe Southwest?
Gen. Hunter arrived' at St. tools from Chi
cago, called thither on a suggestion Jroni Wash
ington as an adviser. Geo Fremont snbmitted
to him Tor consideration and advice a paper
i-illerj "PispssitioDS for Retaking Springfield,"
It sets out with a statement that Springfield Is
the etrong strategical point of that wide eleva-!
tion which separates the waters' of the Osagi
from those of the Arkansas, the key t the
whole Southwestern 'Missouri, commanding nn
&rei of ,000 miles;'. Why did not this enter
tbe brain of the MaW General before the fall
tit' - Lrbn, and he strain every nerve to hold that
- . I. k! . r ' i - w . ,v
Oeh.' Hunter, In answer to the paper, reblied
"Why march on Springfield, where there is no
enemy and nothing to take? Let me rather
take the troops anil -proceed to Lexington," in
wbjen direction rrice was marcbing,and where
he ctpeetrd to be joined by 40,000 rebels. In
aeti of this be was sent to Rolla, without In
strnctioca, and remamed there until ordered to
Jefferson City.Btill without iostrqetidns, and
thence tV Tipton, where we found him.- (See
ExhlbWWo.13)-' - '
Ho steps baving been taken by Ge'o, FVemont
(omeetrrice in tbe ,neia,be moved . forward
his line b"f march, plainly indicating his Inten
tion of proceeding to Lexington. When within
some tweuty-five miles ot the place be remain
ed ten or more davs, evidently eiDectins that
some movement would be made against him.
None being made, he advanced, aud, with his
much superior f orce, laid siege to Lexington,
which was defended by Mulligan with 27O0
men, on the 12th ot September, and captured It
in nioOTlys thereafter, on tbe 21st of Septem-
Now lor the facts to show that this catutnA
pbe could bare been prevented, and Price's
army destroyed before or after that disastrous
oluir: Uetore Price got to Lexington the forsei
to resist him were tbe following: At Jefferson
Citr. &50tr at Rolla, 4000: alone tbe Hannibal
and St.! Joseph Railroad, about 6000; on the
Western line ot Missouri, under Lane, down
near Fort Scott, 2300; Mulligan's force at Lex
ins ton, 2700 large force in Illinois tod lose
the Mississippi river and on tbe lows lint.
Outside of St. Louis were some 17,000 In t.
Lonis itself, J 8.000. .- Say, however, that there
were only; 10,000 .there. Hunter's plan up to
Sunday, beptembei 2U, wai to concentrate front
St. Louis, Jefferson CHy and Rolla, also from
tbe Hannibal and St. Joseph Railroad 20,000
men, and relieve Mulligan, He said that if
Price was a soldier, Lexington was already fal
len; but with energy Price could be eaptnred
with ell. his baggage and plunder. The objec
tion to this that may be urged that there was
no transportation -is an idle one. ''The Rail
road and river were at command, and the
march from Sedalia was only forty-five miles
lonff. The force oonld, Gen. Hunter supposed,
be thrown Into Lexington by Thursday, aad as
it appears, before it was taken, jvt... ,!.,(.-,
Gen. Fremont ordered Btargls,'ia North Mil
eourli, to Lexington, and by crossing the river to
reinforce Alulligau. . -Stnrgis bad only eleven
hundred men and on- reaching the river oppo
site the town; found it commaadid by Prloe,
. and, of course, was compelled to fallbacks
Hunter's plan of moving tbess troops was to
strike the river at n point below Lexington In
our control, to cross it aud march tip to the
town.'- In tbe interview with' Gen. Fremont,
the question was asked whether any orders had
been giren to reinforce Malligan, and tbe reply
being 1n the negative, Gen. Hunter suggested
order to Btnrgis; -and, had the order then been
gives by telegraph, he woold bare reached the
river before Prise bad taken possession of tbe
norm Danx, ana wouio nweoroesed. The or
der was Bet given until three days after this In
terview.! j TheloMoi tjme was fatal. - - .-
Mnliigan was- ordered from Jefferson City,
then garrteoned whn &.UOO troops, with only one
reglmautnd with ihst tohold Lexington until
he could be relieved.' When "Lexington fell,
Price bad nnder his ebmmshd 20,000 men, and
bis -force was receiving daily augmentations
from the ditaileeted in tbe State. Heiras per
mitted to gather much plunder, mid to1 fall beck
towMtrwkentajrnninestM,tiiitu I was at
Tinton on the'd3th of October, Whea tbe no
counts irere-thasxnjs -was crossing the Osage.
Fremont's order to mareh was issued ttr nil ar
my "of 40,000, Many of the -regiments Ja41y
equlppeo, Wltn unaequste sutteiies or smmim
t on,emtbing nnd transpottaiioou With what
pronrot,it mart be inquired, can General Fre
mout, nnder such circumstances, expect tt ersr-
ttke n retreating army.romeoueauadred miles
ahoad,.with n oWp river lmtween7.uoai.)..
General Hunter expressed to tbe Secretary ef
War bis ueeieed opiuion- taat (ienetai wremonl
was iDOompetent, and oofit- for bis extensive
and important commands Tb is opinion be gave
reluctautly, for the reason that held the noai-
tion of aco4liroormatil.n u,wl cl l A
The-cpioiom rntartaicsd by geutleaeh of
posttionns) InWdligeoce; who bare apsroachld
m a
men ln Hiaaouri. ,
Here follow some dooumenU not owiIJ
to tbe nndersundlng ol tbe bj M
l. ,k. i ar anairs m
.i. r tha Wut. .blob weomtt.. IM ts-
r i : ---- ........
port U ligned Dy tns Aojut"
and observed bim, is, that hs Is more tona oi
the' pomp than of the stern realities of ."-'
that his mind Is Inoapabls ot fixed atteution, or
itr n eonoentratlou-tba by his mtsminage
mnt of affaln slnc his arriv ioi Maaronrl,
the Bute has uUoot been lost and that it oe
U eontinoed kr command the worst real 7
be anticipated. This Is the concurrent tirtno.
ar U eieesmbe JJaost .intellbjeM
5 S T-
KUrrrBnrT bup. riuhers.
' i ii ii i ii l ii i ii 1 1
Wednesday MORNINfi,1 NOV. 6. 1861
JiJltll.LLT'rTV1 rr-
The Sixth of November.
i. ..,..!.. u-w f
0 ! On .the. .sixth 0( November, i860, ono jut
Bgv to day, at election took place. throughout
the United 8tates, which resulted in tne cnoice
or Aiaana Lnreoxit'u Pretldenl for four years
i . .a .. :ie -Mi n-11'Ji' -f
from sue luurta Vl tiumnu wqi. .
. The ajiUt, of Novtmber, 1860, will b hotod
for renerations ,te come, no remarkablo dsj
la American history, not eo msch on nosount f
maa vhp fu then flefated to ibshighesi
slxlo Bosl tion the world ow bestow, a on no
Const of the tremendous events that tolrowed
his election, their Immedlafd and necessary an
cedent." Whether lus lwtioa wu ths prima,
ry or only tbJ proxlsiMe oaaae o( the gr'
belliot.'U Iseertaln thotltwuthoooarkotiro-
brahd fhtrtgnlte) .the; magaxtaei canslng' n
exjploslon' that jas ie tbo Union Viusderjpr
time at least, ii not permaneoilyj
' Ere four months had passed, and berbve tbe
inauguration of toi M PfeelaentoaXh fonrtn
of.Jttsreh UsVww Srttos. Sonth Carollso,
Georgia, Florlfla, Alabama, Miaeimippl, Louis
iana and Ttxti bit formally seceded tYom (he
Union t s Southern ponfederacy had been form
ed, with a CoostitaUoa roMmbltqg our own; i
Confederate Congress tad Assembled; fresi
dent sod Vice-President' had been chosen ' and
inaugurated, and. jU tip machinery ?t s.siw
government, civil and tollitary, nut U acthro
operation. The sun rose cm Inauguration day
at 'Washickloh'OTeti diTide4 country, nod
though President biwou claimed Uwt oil the
Sutes were. then is too Colon, ks has never
been able practically h extend his1 authority as
CUerMAfilstrato'ovetjeleven e'' twolro of
thsjnV. rir. B:itM icv 1 K, !
It would require ft volume- to give oven a
nnei axetca oi tne events wai nave uaunpircu
during the year since the last Presidential else
tloa. But these sre yet fresh In the minds of
oaf readen. The mind, reluctant to dwell oh
the pastj'nat.ur'allj revert to the future.'.'What
will bo the stste of the country al the next An
niversary of the Presidential election or 1860?
Nwo'can tell.' Wo can onlr b$ ,hat, If the
Union shall aot have been restored by that tim.
soms brighter pros peels of its final restoration
win bS presented.' Win the' Presldentiar elec
tion three eari hence (b participated In by .nil
the States? Time most solve this (root one
tion, while wo labor earnestly n&d devotedly to
hare it snswercd In the afflrmatite., ,.J '
i . I . . . -r . . " ipil
The Sixth of November. The Report of Adjutant-General
-ii j 1
Wo publish this morning the Report of Ad
jutant General Thomas In relation 'to affairs Is
the, WeBtern Military Department. , Tbe ex-
tracts w wen we gave yeswroay morning irom
. -. . . . . ,
the forthcoming Report of tbe Congressional
Investigating 'Committee confirm all that Gen..
Thoju says, and more too. and yet too Repob
iioaa Abolition press, which bad boos pretending
to be virtuous snd tor the Union, debonnees the
report oi Gen. TflOMil si infamous, and In Iti
wrath seeks to get np rebellion against tbo
oonititadoi authorities of tbo Government.
Mr.' Lincoln and hit Cabinet have got them
selves into s world of trouble by appointing to
high military positions incompetent menr end
In the case of Fiisowt there is superadded s
lack of high Integrity, and ihould the Adminis
tration not speedily retrace its steps,, It will soon
be overwhelmed'. V Tkeo-fourths of the people
would initaln tt, if s clean sweep was made of
11 the incompetent ami dishonest men now in
military positions! end "they were "removed at
once; bat t.he Administration mast not hesitate,
or doubt, or falter, ot it will be overwhelmed
and disgraced. -! ; ' . 1 ; :.
Let Mr. Lincoln act boldly and courageous
ly.', -Let hkn eod i dozen men, such as the ed
itors of the Cincinnati Cmmrdal and the Oki
State Journal, to Fort Lafayette, and take off the
scalp of Fiihont and all that class Of pretend-
era, and worse than pretenders, and the people
frill stand by bim and uphold him in so doing..
The people wsnt horrwty and oompetenof Is the
administration of affairs, ' military eit,weTl ;ai
Civil, and they expect Mr. Lincoln to exert' ev
ery power to oorrect the abuses In military . at-
fairs which are ndw1 exposed, and Which the cor
rupt sod dishonest pasty press of the late Re
publican, party desires to oover npi an4 fpr thai
purpose seeks to Intimidate tbo President and
drits Wm from hit duty. -'
Sal ve shall say so mors at present, except to
repent that the President, shonld do ids duty,
promptly, eonrageotulySahd with s view to-the
bast Interests bf the Government and the peo
plet no matter ssw.oorropt and designing dema
gogues may bluster snd hOWl. 1 IK1.: , c
A Word to Colonel Carrington.
Plan Coumn.) Tbe people Of Columbus have
taken lively interest fa the getting np of your
regiment, ana ore proud of your success. 'Bat
tbe mm or your oamp baa become s oteoen in
our nostrils, and wo respectfully, bat emphati
cally, onll on you to abate tbe tnenfferable nuts
aacs. '-There are numerous good men by whose
names your camp might bs designated: snob as
LinoolD,Tod, Baker, -and Holt. Bat almost
anythiDg, oven Camp tsntiict Arnold or -Camp
oia I$ariot, or Camp DieooUtw, would bo an
Improvement bn Camp TArmsr Camp Aims
Cameron would not answer.
Wo olip th above from the Ohio State Jour
nal of yesterday. It certainly exhibits avast
amount, of bitter malignity. . Co1.J?iioton
will hardly change tbo name of his camp, t Wo,
however, hare no interest Id the name! Of
tampi. Wo were Brood of the name of "Camp
Jcison." but when that was changed to Chm
we were prepared to see
Giddmf$ or LtBtjojf. "J
- - - - --lis
tbd text , one named
tamtfti ( :" .1,1
1 -j '
ir t
Im m , in T.;f,
'. OTColonel Mulligan arrtred at Jefieroos City
yestersay, irom Ues. rrUwl samp, having bsoji
oxobanged for Go, rresw Some other officers
were oxobanged', 'bat their names bavw not
reached us. - CeI.:MuUlgM remaned at Jeffer.
eon City so prepare bis reporv of -the battle of
Lixtegio8,-ft. Lwrie Rrrv;gn3 j iisjU oj f.,
rf l '"' " 1 '' 1 1, n.m'f
A Bad 'Mori. "-It is reported In s Rich
mond waoer that Mr; faul Mornhr. tbe famona
obese player, -"hae, kindly unseated to be tree
eot" at the meeting of rebel chess club is the
Confederate eapitah Tbis Is tbo worst move
ment that Mr.' Merpby has m edemas he need
notiM ear prised lo find himself bAck-matedAt
Ute emdoCthe game. It Is. s, at a oafs "op-
ing.Vj-V. Ft Ff iVsovJi ei wl-0 at tvi. y ,
Opposition to the Administration.
" Thf s Ii nothing more clear than! that those
who 'placed Mr- Linooln la the' Presidential
chalr'i have determined to destroy hli Adminis
tration. Almost every Republican -paper we
open la filled with bitter attacks attacks which
If aWe twaee 4kNe arontbe wisee, bjr Vemo
oratlo papers, woold have brought dpws the
veoieanoe pi too nepuDiicano ana eouou'
deetruortod1 by mobs or printing offloes,' and the'
lnoarcera tion of DamocraUo editors. From the
first day oi this unhappy war; wo save not read
soch, bitter, end. malignant attack! opoa the
'Government'' ta are no being made by tbe
Republican press.
There can bo no doubt bat that there la a de
termination to prostrate Mr. Lincoln and his
Administration, nod that In Congress on tbs
first Monday f. December, the Republican
members" will bo engaged In defining the differ
ence between supporting the Otternmtnt and
Mr. LmooLa's Aimisrfi which 'to them
hare been herelofore lynonjmous terms. It ll
already whispered about that' Mr! Causi will
retire from the Treasury, and that the "Union
party.; in the Legislature will be called npon
to elect bim' to the Senate. ' At any rale, his
friends are ahxtoso that he shall disconnect
himself from the Administration.
If tbo same rules be advocated in relation to
arresti that hare been carried on herelofore for
opposing the actios ef (he Government, there
w 11 not bo room enough in all the forts In the
I'oountry to confine the editors of the' Republican
Official Vote for State Officers.
Below wo give the official footingi of the rote
for State offloeri: ' '
.'; - ,mm.,.)7
1 barld Tod.. '..... WH.997
I Uaxh t. Jtwttt. ........... ............J5I,74
j C iistrriNawfroevtuoiu ' "J- : '
' BeBjunto Btanten SO?,W5
' Joha S. Manball..n....k...kJ....UI,ll7S
srouTiir or itatz.
Bra j amis S. iliwae .a
William M. AnutroDg.
. .
O. Tolnry Done
Oeorst W.Bslau,. ,. 4 ........
' conmoixrt.
Jonph H. IIU ....... .i..S0G,37fl
Wjd OriiroUI. ...........
1 I ii
board or roiLio woxxi.
Joseph F. Torrssce....V.i.i.'.....
Jabca W. filch
' 55 541 '
soraiMi jpdox.
Joalah Scott....'..,
. ,45 401
Ihos. i . 8. Smith..
Ashland comity cut 1,428 rotes for Joseph H.
ttiley, "Comptroller of Stats." ; j r . I
Wayne Griswold bad U63 rotes for the same.
Brown county, "Benjamin F Stanton had 326.
ivirai"-r JoflJahH. Riley,. '-,.. 92.
: ., ..; lobs Torreooo 261.
.Mwa . Thomas J.8mlth ! u 108.
! In Knox county John J. Jewell bad 63 rotes
for Governor-
In Portage connty Beoj. R.Torrence had 134
rotes far Secretary of State, and BenJ. R. Cow
an had 141 rotes for Treasurer of State. .
Is Erie county Jacob Scott had 142 rotes for
Supreme Judge. ' , - s
In Hardin county Wayne Griswold had "for
Member Poblio Work," J22 roteo. ' i
! None of the above rotes are counted In the
feotinge.7 , i j i rJ
The Attack on General Rosecrans's
The Attack on General Rosecrans's Army.
' We yesterday met Capt. C. M. Gonlding,
Quartermaster, who left General Rosecrane's
headquarter! on Saturday. 't
On Friday morning, at eight o'clock, the reb
els opened fire on Gen. Bosecrans'i positions at
Camps TompKiDS ana wauiey, irom toe nuis on
the west aide of Nov River. They had two
pieces OI vuiicrj. nuu utuvu mwmj Tigumuaij,
throwmc shot and shell, and their skirmishers.
concealed in the bushes on the bill-side, kept
np a roar ef musketry. The weight of the en
emy's fire was directed upon Gaoley, and the
object was manifestly to stop the supply trains,
which they did on Friday. Soon after opening
fire, they succeeded 10, sinking me lorry boat at
the month of the Gauley. It wai, however,
raised on Friday night. Snd put in order. 1 The
rebels threw about Jortf shells into tbe camp of
the Eleventh Ohio, bnt did not, with all their
rlnr. kill a ilnete man, and wounded bat
few. The majority of their shells did sot ex
plode.: Lieut, -CoL Sedgwick, of the Second
Kentucky, was reported to bare bees slightly
wounded lo tbe knee by s splinter of s ibell.-r
Tbe rebel! made no demonstration on Satur
day, snd sit was quiet wnenenr informant
1 The telegraphic communication between
General Roseorans and tbe conntry wae inter-
ranted bv sn accident. W ben tbo rebels com
menced throwlnff shells, the telegraph opera
tor thinking his poanion was witun range or tne
enemy's guns, hastily dispatching that s battle
had commenced, proooeaea to novo sis omoe,
and piling all the apparatus Into s wagon,
started, an the Gauley. General Rosecrana
lieariog of this movement, ordered him back,
and as he was returning, sis wagon was cap
lised, and tumbled down a precipice, into Gau
ley river, thus destroying nil Datteriee and in
struments. - -
It will Je remembered that the Kanawha
river is formed by tbo junction of Ueuley and
New river. ' The tiauley rnns from ins tsst,
and New river from tbe South.' The main
body of General Roeecrass's army was posted
In the angle between the riven, ome regi
ments being 'several miles distant from tbe
nalnt where the rivers meet, on tbe left bank
of Ganley end tbe right bank e( New river,
Communication wltn tne conntry oeiow ii sept
open along the right bank of the Kanawha.
Tbe rebels nave appearea on luo leit, or vv e st
ern bank, of New and Kanawha rivers, having
reached that posillps by s elronitono march
leading aoross New river, at a point s me dis
tance abovs our lines. They bare been Oeeo in
considerable numbers West of New river, some
miles above Ganley, for s fortnight, and bare
occasionally axirmis&ea across tne river wltn
our troops, at ono time making s vlgoroui at
tempt to destroy a rope ferry which wai defend
ed by Colonel R. L."MdCook'i regiment.' Not
until Friday, however, had they become laucy
enough to try tne .experiment tor. nomoaraiog
the position of General Rosecrans. Consider
able changes were made in tbe disposition oi
General Rosecrans'i forces during and subse
quent to the bombardment, Tbo principal
change was in moving; General Beoham'i bri
gade down tbe Kanawha, so as to protect tbe
steamboat landing. T ' 1 ' '-
The rebel force was pronounced by scoots
about- seven tboseaod etrongr and ouder -the
command of Floyd. Others did not believe
that tbe force exceeded, four thousands ,Tbo
Impression prevailed among our forces that
Floyd wai personally desperate, and determined
to do something that would relievo bim from
tbe taunts of his enemies in Richmond. .
It was alio believed from the disposition of
forces made by Gebr Roaecrana, snd cerUin
preparations going on, that as 1 attempt rwould
be made to bag Floyd's-whole 'fores, -by
Sehenck's brigade croeelng New RiVer above,
and Benbam orosslng tbe Kanawha below , bis
position, while Cox's. brigade would give, bim
employment 10 front) rThie was believed prag
doable, and it Is almost certain that the attempt
has been mad before this time. , Jf our, troops
should eroae tbe river in roroe, tbe fate of one
army or the other -wpuld to settled In s few
hours, and our boyi were jxiedipgly anxlous.tp
have tbal settlement.
Tbe health of the army wai tmpretmgv The'
troops wen well clothed sod lupplied: of sg
tor hones wu btoomlpg ecarce, snd CapUis.
Gonldlns's obient In comlnr to Ohio was to
maka heavy purohases of horte feed. ! hot the
slightest aneeeloess was felt as to the abUity of
the army to lusuln. itself. Tbo only qoeeiluk
was, as to whether it ooold take Floyd and bis
army. The faet that the projected, or rather
conjectured movement to surround Floyd, would
cause our army to bo divided by the rivers and
mountains Into three division!, would,' seem to
sanest that tbs undertaking woold bs attended
rwltb considerable bawd, but on troops we
first rate eadGeo. JtOBtoraM U loo thorough
an onloer to repeat the Ball's Bluff blonder or
to do anything sol warranted by hie resource.
News from Savannah, Ga.
lA gentleman who bai llred, many years In
the South, arrived In this city yesterday. Hs
left Savannah, Ge., one week ago last Thurs
day, having spent three days In that city. Dur
ing that Urns the French Consul granted eight
clearances to vessels, woiou un wuu no up
pesitlos,m leaving the harbor. No United
Stataa vessels were sees daring the three days,
aid It wu currently sUted that a United States
sbln was only oooaslonaiiy lesa 01 too naroor.
Everybody wu expecting the big ship Fin
land, from England, and Capt. Anderson, of
Savannah, had left port to receive her., Tbe
bloekade was laughed at.-; . 1 i 1 1
The feeling against the North wu intensely
bitter, and 71 tbo men bad enlisted for tbe
fight. , Tbe slaves were left to take oaro of
home affairs, and their masters appeared to
have no fear of (hem. j"
The gentleman alluded to oamo to Bowling
Green, Ky., tbenoe to Clorerport and Louis
ville. Hs left Bowling Green last Thursday,
and says the rebele were veil fortified there;
they bad plenty of eannon, some of large
calibre, and many field pieces, ready for tar
Tioe. " ' -'''''
He saw s number of Indians, and It wu re
ported there were five hundred there, together
with fifteen hundred Texan Rangers, who rode
their horses without using either saddles or
bridles, snd were splendid riden. ,
The entire rebel foroe In that vicinity, as far
u be could gather, was from forty thousand to
sixty thousand, end men were arriving at tne
rata of from three hundred to four hundred a
day. On Wednesday orders were Issued and
parties lent out to collect five hundred, wagoni,
n ambus, of which were brought in when this
nntlessas bassed Ibrourb. tie saw ono man
olap his hands together, and heard him exolalm,
"I'll bet any amount, Backner 'ii In Louisville
Is fifteen days." Camps were laid to extend
for five miles along the road, and he saw three
separate oampe in tbe immediate neighborhood
of the place.
Uur informant uvea twenty-nve years in tne
South. Last tammer his family came North,
and about seven weeks ago, be eame also, re
turned again as stated, and found all hli prop
erty confiscated and some of bit effect! sold.
As soon as possible be leit himself. He affirms
that mild treatment -will not accomplish the
object of the United States Government. All
acts Indicating consideration jirq riaicujea. ana
despisedeCom. s r y
ST Tbe Springfield correspondent of tbe St.
Louis Republican writes as follows of the charge
of Zaeohri: 4 - vy . 1 1 v '. , . -
The theme of conversation in eamp continues
to be the desperate ohargc ef Fremont'! Body
Guard. 'Many of Tthe officers censure Major
Ztgonyi for the aotlou, because it was entirely
unnecessary , u SprlngBeld might bare been oc
cupied by our troops tbe day after the reckless
and bloody skirmish withput tbs firing of a sin
gle gun. . Zagonyl, it is said, was anxioui to
prove to certain parties who had spoken diipar-,
aglnglyof the Body Guard, thai tbe members
were composed or tne proper material tor sol
diers.- . The Body Guard have m&flj personal ad.
ventures and narrow escapes to relate on the
fetal Friday -Of their sklrmiibiene of their
number was wounded twice at the beginning of
the fisht and bad two bones killed nnder him.
and yet went through the whole 'engagement
without mentioning bis iDjuness ,wmie riding
into Springfield, his third horse died, and be
fall faintinr UT the-- srfOund.A member of
Company C had In his haversack a box of
blacking wbich was shot through, and the bullet
found Imbedded la the blading. , ; (
Headquarters Ohio Militia,
COLUMBUS, Nov. 4, 1861.
The following appointments hare been made
for the 41st Regiment O.V.U. S. A, ..The
ruk being lndicited by tbe order of the names
and the data annexed thereto: i .. --,
Cslonti William B. Hszen.
LieuteRast-Cblimef John J.'Wizeman. . .
Major George 8. Mygatt. .','.. 1 '
Surgeon Thomas G. Clereland. ' ' ' "
AiifaNf-SuroroN Albert G. Hart.
cirrAini. " '
Ssth A. Bashnell,' August iC, Company
William R.Tollee,. ' 87,
Aquila Wiley, September- 19,'. " v. .
James H. Cole, October 29, ' . ,
Frank D. Stone, " 29,
Daniel S.Leslie, , 29,
Martin H. Hamblin, ,"'., 29,
H. Alonzo Peue, . , , .29,.
J. II. Willisten, i " " 29,
WilHam Goodsell, . 29, ; '
Emerson Opdytke, August 26, Company
WiUiam W. Muon, , - 97, ,.,,-... .
Franklin E. Pancaat, Sept. 19, -
Harvey E. Proctor, October 29, . ' 1 '
William J.Morgan, " 29,
f pbralm S. Holloway, " J 29,
slotuiCSisson,.-- " 29,.- ' "
John W.8teele, : : " fi9,
WiUUmRymee, " , , 29, . " .
James Harmer, 58, 1 , : " -
W. 8. Chamberlain, August 3(1. " - - "
Junius R. Sanford.
Jsmei McCleerey,' August 26, Company
Henry W. Johnson, 27,-
Rnfus B. Hardy, September-19, "
Robert L. Kimberlji October 89 .. j " i :
Henry W.Jones, ,,.. 29, , ..f -John
D. KlrksndalLj"L29j.L
Horatio P. Kile, 7 t sh? , , 29, ;
Albert MoRoberts, , , ;.." .29,
... in, -m Tl i. - nn
Charles D. GayIord,Nor " J,
And the officer! so appointed will be obeyed
no respectea accordingly.
; Bv order of tbe Commander-in-Cblef,
Adj-Gen. Ohio.
" At his residence In this city, on Monday, Sov; 4th,
Jonra Wamaiia, la ths 74th year of his aj.': I .' '
His fuMral will take place from his 1st rtiidence on
Voorfli stress, bstweaa Broadway and Stats trait, t.
day (Wednesday), at lo'olockJ.M. . " -
Ths friends and acquaintances ar mipeotfnliy iavil4
to attend. . ....;: m-.it ' ',-' - -.'u,-i
, 'Cornerprln.'Wer,.8u.,
W. B. . . POTTS & ' GO
lad Hanufaotarers of Brass' and Omnpotltton OsstlafS
riniahed Brae Work of all Desorlotlons.
Electro . Plating and Gildin JL
I .r IH ill .1 ' ;, . ' ' T V
i , ' ) ,-l.i .. ,1 ''-, ,''. -'
, TIEMI.....V......OW lJ5lAS BB BAT.
All Haas and anion )ast opened at i "AWf"!
s.ll. s. wmm s tmu a
i-i it, 1
1 . AT THKIB 8AL1 BOpMS.c i
r :v vi'.tw ldl Vti
i . ',(,. ,., 1 I.' J-U.J?,-. !:)? !)! "T19
The asatatt and start ennplste . BWve w OlBosnr
Seats ever amaeleetwes. ,. v.1t x, .;u.v,)L m!
I Call and esamlae bsfort paicitaiuig '
ceNt-atf . . "ii ' ." ol
,.is e
c alt house:;
' Ho. 178 Norta High itreet,"'!
! t ".f ii' iinif." tj i' .'.i"f ajl mil ''
HAL? eaCAEBS from lbs Jftt mm parsons ar
liTlof or wlshlos Is take ?MI on aay of the tnUos,
will And Uhe Salt Boose decldsalr a eosvaaleat atop-
rlof plaoe. , "
VMiitre Waked ap at all aeitfi ef ths Sight tor any
or ineirauie. , ,' - 1 u-n v .-JUt'''
nrmBoasfaieiesaiiiMtipMSfjvj. auh
oca ...i. 't ... . t
162 bocth man ' street;, r
- I I. J.4 4K 1 I IK
Have s fall and Complete AaMrttntof - 1
; , , "-'it -. i
Otovea dtf O-x cit gg,.
-f . h'.. ; ; t'f v " ; i'nHi ; r"3 i
! Elegant Chamber Dots,
Tin Toys, ami Articles in that Line,
for llttls People'. ' ' ,'
. . j w :. .1...
KniVesi and IForine. ''B j6ne' 'iTube,
nuoicets, ftjno-vcia ana 'X'pdks, uu
.feebeUiger9saM f I !.'.. ,i
. i
I , " ' 1 ' . ,-! l'!l-j:-.t
Wewonld call roar torther attentloB to as fact that wt
are B0L1 AOINIS for themle of (he
. 1 ., , 1 , 'i.,. 1. 1 . . j 1 1 - ..... ...
stewart, cook Stove;
Vfhtcbls. to all fmeeU, eleatly ths ' "ACIOCR AT Of
THS KITOBIIt."havtD(ooeanal In Ihe oompletaneas
of Its performaiMe and aooootny of fuel. - Theeltantt
tMUmoor ef lU'Sopsrienif m ue net ihm auaaiko-
tanrs and daalars ar eontteotlr Imitation It, eoBlrii as
nnr ltu ponlblt In 1XTSBKAL APPSABAN0I
larltas poMlbla In BXTSBJIAL ArrSAKANOS.
Call and examine ear (took. It is do troabls to show
I .- '.' ' :
filAKILV on saod and for sale, tho boat quality of
which UwlU sail at tho low iarktprtcM. , , ...
Call and exkmln my 0oal,t(oe purchasing else,
when. - .
Offlc at the store of Bradford, Bojdam k Co., head
of Canal. i - ii'i--' 1
V7 orirht or ton pononacan b had by applylnf av
y. rAiii.m)UK, no. (usoauirronl Btraet, ttwB
stau ana Town Bi
Belnx but one saoar from the Btat Home, makaa it a
inimn piace wrouiioeis men. ., ,, . , ,
oetis-dU . , . ' ;;,;!,
Hot of rain, hail, or snow, but among the cooks who
hire been Imposed upon by the Tender, of bad Baleratu,
Ilk that commonly fraad In market. James fyte's
Dietetic has fully sattifled them and quelled the disturb
ance. Depot, 345 Waihtortoa Street, Hew Toik. ', Bold
by grocers everywhere. .. ''
Or Ttaoae Contemplating- marrlasje
: TH1 sadtnigned will give Information on a vary it-
ttrnting and important subjeot, which wilt bs -valu
ed more than a thousand times Its cost by every married
couple of any age or condition In life. The Information
will U Jiit by mail to any address on tU noelpt of Si
cents (eweer) and on rod stamp..-' t.- .,,, , n, k-.-All
letter should b addreseed to;'"" "' h-.mj .
H. B. MORRIS, kf . tt. (Lock Box 60), . 'J
oct31-ly3tawdfcw " ' ' Boston, afaai.
' Is an infallible remedy for Jeter and Agu. Th ex
perlenc of many years, In almost every climate, proves
that where uaaa in strict accordance with the direction!,
It has rarely failed to cure, not only by breaking tbe
chills, but by removing the morbid habit of t h tystana,
preventing ths recurrence of th disease. '. T.
VKTBB AMD AOUB, though not In Itself dangerws,
leapt, unless speedily removed, to bars such a perni
cious effect on th system, as to sngender dlaordtrs much
more banefnl thaa Itself, and whioh not only rndr lb
after-life of the patient miserable, but are In !bms!vs
often fatal. - A prompt and effectual remedy Is therefore
what Is wanted, and as such Ba. D. Jam's less ktix-
toii I confidently recommended lor sale by ktetsrs.
Roami Sv Bamoil, Oolomhui, aid by,. agents cvary-
where. ' .1
sep9U4wfrlsatw4 . '' - j, .. I
For FomalOO OenerallT. The Brandreth
Fills oannot be toe highly spoken of. ' they remove all
obstructions, give energy and strength; cure the dis
tressing headache, unfortunately so prevalent with the
sex; depression ot spirits, dullness ef sight, aervoot
affections, blotches, pimples, sallowness of ths skin, art
removed, and a Juvenile bloom and general sprlghtllne as
Indicate th power and bealthfulnen of BRANDRKTH'S
; Ladles, at delicate periods, wdl find them unrivaled;
theyanth best medicines for mothers and child ran,
and core woims and eoeUreneai. -.. , ,
Let lt.be remembered,. lbat.BRANDRETH'8 PILLS
ar easy ta thslr eperatloni and yet unite mildness with
efficiency, and require n alteration of diet during their
as. . .. ... , ...... .
sirs. Morgan, corner of 15th street and TJnlon Bqoan,
Hew Tork. was dying, apparently, ef Oomowmon.
She was given op to die by tier Tbjnlolans, and all her
friends, bat aiUr nring' BaABnaaM'S Pbm for a few
weeks, th cough left ber, and sh began' to tegata her
strength, and is sow able to attend t b'r0utle,and
feels sur of soon attaining towast baatthk
t Mrs. Wilson, of o. BsaotWreet, -Ke fork.'W
cured Byipepsla, Small tux, Mmelel, BropiJ and Ty
phus lever, anil all Headaenesand Bilious dlieaeei,
with BaABsarrwV' Pittia, will b pleieed to an'twsr any
questions. f. t?-a;'l "ra 7ii n !'. lea
- told bf Jobs ft. Cook; BrumrteVCoIu'mbus.'ani Vi'
all reepectabl dealers in medicines. ' '; '
111' tT'-c'4 iMhyi -IVJ
f Jaet Fabllahed In a BeaIedlnverope"r?rWo' cts.T"
WeakiMe. lnvoiaatarr Bmleelool, Strati ShflH,ad
ImpedlBMBM to Marrlaea genanilly, Maneoineae Oaaw
enaifitleai Bpl leper o lit. kUmtalvaad) Fayaloat
capacity, resulting aria Beu-aanae, ao. of aoMn.
CttlTerwell, at. ., author of the arMn.BWk,Sweae
A Sosn -terTliejsnmsiw ml ttoswroi
nost paid, en well ttanmo. br lti CvUS.
J. O. KLIKS.1V7 Bewirr. Mw Xoik. Post OOlosSox
isaae,v t:tj. o:r-iw.n
BpT4md if-k
Tho Union
tattiila& hi
a .
, '-ft oT ..fr1
T li lUUKb II . MyJiH , f f JrUsefllDalf ft f
v ri. - ;t".;' ... . ,.,..! ij ou h 9 -
TT'J TTI Yf.r.r'TT0T T
W'l? IT'
The DAILY, "ktr
,iDe wcnaui, si me low rate oiij'ta
j ,M- ',l I" j '
f - "i Subscflptlonj b) ill pAitt sni Tu
' 1 "' ' '
on iii r-- -i ,.!.w '".':'
At the above mlas ( and
ictdo . ia.1 auu
--, ;.ie.ia ,a.'u-rtti!l .in"
ui i -
' At'the MUBftVi.','''! it'bli'sb"e4ana reliable organ, of. the DemocralJo party, ' ' '
'MV. '""-oeht .ioattJOa1.
In the future, as in the past,
a. I .it,i.' fviarMI.KOiaV fl"-,,
WnJ6H BseJ.Jjl ,a fWUInf the "PEOPLE Q THE PjTITED STATES; sndfattl
-miO ,u ..' Avi twuttiuuj orge-uistnbliBhpent aailtipracy of Jbe
.'nDil f-oAe essential tfl the eomploU
l mo'
! uca.Ano OS the basis on whieb tholliiios waeigirWrlr'fotted. " J '
! L The'STATSsHXN Will 'support 'fie iclmjjaWaUoa of the General bLviraaiBni in all legal and
constitutional eflbrta to pat down rebellion- and sternly mist the trrbrts mode in some quarters
. to convert the present unhappy war into an Abolition cruaada.ii.-t)f 7.Ji -- .'
j ' As a medium ojf fcanoriinewi,JtheV9rAiWafcMiill endeavor to make iUelf acceptable to its 1 1
numerous readers, ani-ai all tunes supply them with ! ' . I'
! THo' Xsatosat ; exixd ixiost XloliVlo Ilenorts
I ' . l-r.a v.Ai:: K; ,' , .
ji u .,-K. u.11,1 , Of tie home and PTOhmrkeU. .-In iU columns ---'.j. ? yi '
Will find their iiitereats consrjlled ml attended U, and noiffort tin. be spared to make it a first
class newspAper.''" " v" ..uii -t - -- - ..
Dorine the approachinir amnion of ConercSswa will hare a talented and .mnni;hD,i ,nm.L
pondent at Washington, .rqggh fliom.pur
reliable informations hj? iwi -'
t rti. - J - Di.i. T . " I . 1.'.
I ine aoiDgs oi our own diow legislature wuii do luliy reporwa, oaa the ioeal news of Uie
State and our rwn immediate vicinity, will hate a due shire of attentioft.,JI'
i We unre noon' our friends In all carte of Ohio, and the North-Wirrn sii.a V ;a n
irigthe circnlation of the STAmMAjf, sitae' by ho aoing, they wUl assist in the promuirntioo of
sous4 political doctrines and,reliable general uUligencec Vw O- - - i.
f ti! nd-iRiji''.
I u(I ,
r . 1 'J.I
-. .i iti w- r, i .rvi
To anv nenon raisinx Club .of Ten Subscribers to the Wirkit
senaing ss we money "unmwwiw vuw wtiue, we wiu sena one copy p-ratis- ,
f-'Ali orlts will bo pRntTTsttesded toy, , m ii 'vauiA
' k 4 m :.-' 1 J.t.. ...... I Wltnrnnmti .
..Adilrees, iu. 1
rui .v-ht.
iTt .
'.V - i
! ,y.i.'i
IT 1
Jo$ix Dollars per Anxmxaii
- Three Dollars per Annum;,
t One Dollar per Annum.
- 'Wbxki.t StArasHAN will be received
i(.. n.ifAt'tiit I i ' '
:'h " .,4.,".,,w.v.., .-. -
bi Damlt vrlll be farnishedi M " ' " - '
lr a rT' rtP'fi irr u rr-r a
v irnn i uri dine:
I ol .1 If! ,Hl
" . q , ,(
St Will uphold I
iU tt . ... . . i ''J
I ana amen a trie
and perfect re-ooiistrnction of the
readers will.beurnished with muoh voluablo and
M i ! h i.lflliii u,a.iO
1 ." . .
vi 1 . . , . nr.. t':i , T
, , y, , MAJfYPENN Y j A ' MILLEU,aJ:jv;! '
'l,"s'D.ll!.L . .1. .ii r.. .
i uuueuera w uie unio ouirjesnas
OotOMBBS, 0HI0.Ji4
t ,yr.
"A .V. .".v'i fK
Noi. 250 and 252 South High Street,
and hare aueclated with themselves WU,
nnder tt flu ut ,i it I
I. , . i.,v-
.pi .( m t ft ,r.i -t TT it I -iiii - ' 1 ii. J
Formlni isne bf the larreit Dry floode Honse In the
West. .-' -' - '-' ' f -
' This Bouse Is constantly' receiving Rew Ooode,
sachas t-(x ' m'itiwj'J t.irri. mr-
; i; ,kpTAW Aim fANCY llK&.,tu-.n
Ths Neweet andeatest styles of; - b'u. !
Hamilton, ) Manchester - and,. Pacific
if J-TlfilfllTIP!S:'i!A'Jr J-lt ri t
j lull .i pit-' -'T., .' I. .. . J" Iri
Is the City, esn be found at ;v:
,fir-:Jva m"T . ' ni i ;
'Balmoral Ckirts, "
lafrtttwlsty.jMtraesivsdbjv. . . m.
X i. ia.fi.i.m '.it , 1 Ai i
ZtfaYtt WORSTEDS,, ,-,
iwe-yie'&LOVES is HOSIERY; . 51 1
Of th VewMt Styleejutt rscelrtd, also .made to
order, by ' , ., ,ajf; ,w,-t vi'mHi:'
ij aiexaw. ..WU vn a.-.
BHAWLB, 0L01HS, 'i
chihtz, HiiTiHaB,: ;;v,,Vl
mm - Ut iUH,: T fc
Ihii firm, havlor: adopted th Cash system In the'bur-
shaeeandsal of Qoods, ar enabled to eell from IS to SO
per cent, less than other homes nnder ths credit systta.
350 and S52 South High Street
J ' I . ...... r. ii lit
ColBtmbaisf oni -
!.- ' aw.... liU OIUl ll
....4w(-Mll ,tff.
r -- - - ' '
' I ljr..or-.
tkd WbschI Her it kftji'fi Ktii
aViu bn the Stnra Kaon ' -'
ae-ri rj, ,istu t Veri-nviil U-:;4, rt,
He Is bow weDsreS tevBeelve on 6mmlHlen verr
dewrlpUon prepsrty.wueli a Dry ooil,, Groceries,
tteuore, Furnltur. Oarriegesr-Uore( etc Be ale
Dittndi to Savet bti attention to Ales of Seal Kilate
and Peneaal Piortiui any point, within twenty mile
pr thiyK.iwrl.,'j ,iw .asiinef
T I !;! t ir e'lnii r-ri -t ,e,UD tti&l
fioMlgBmati iBspsetnilly solioiM -r -. ,
1 .tve A .Aa W. M. klifT. Aactloneer.
eetU a ! aune
V ..
.11 . .''
jppmeslic Cotton Goods.
AFFEM lUev-mosf KxienetTo
ment of
BrewhandBleatheil Ootloo flanneli; '
' " " Mu,,Iqi;
" Barnaley Cotton ShaMinsa:
,eeie( atylae of Calico's aud Delaines:
Ticking, ShirtlDM, QingUmu,. , -, .
1 1
Also, Blankets, flanneli, " 11 r '
Oamlmeres, Cloak Oloths,ef9, tc.
, uui- iicivw ivguiar pricra.
I : "I I in- .(.: . "- '- SATW Ac SOW, :
: joetlt) u it- ,.i : i. S9 Sooth High Street. '' '
j Ti-iei&anhi 8 ibirtingSL ::;ri
KB. The most exteailve itock in the city
ij Arrar Woolen Socle.
: Shaker Ribbed Booke. -
.-. Under Bhirte and Drawers. ' " '
I Oottoaand Merino bocks. '
t Ooidan Htll Sbrrts.-'- " i.. .--'
-i' Vent's Kid Gloree. 'zj'i . -l
ment'l llnea Oollart. Rack Tie.
, l;. -7 m . -j
:- i
Ik l.-.-- -v.
,- I .oi.,
,.ouu, a.-i ti i BA1W Ac eon. "'.
setts. ivi i t . wor 9 South High Street,, '
1j- iUv.
..I ii. i
rni-,.- ''i' i 1 11 ii,. -
.11-1 y .
tne ,
I le Heat Artirtcial' Ileln !- to
Human Sigb ever invented
ment ot the moit Improved kinds of Spec tac lea.
All his Giaeaee, whether for nar or far-tighted, are
ground In eoncavo convex form with th greatest cere,
to- as to suit th Iys of all oases, curing Weaknees,
Diasineas r Inaammatioa ef lb yYn4 Imparling
Strength tor long reading or flneeewinc.,. n no!
Pffloe, 13 Bast State street, at Bellaer Ac Webster's
Iuilc iBtorsi j-j wwiVviO a ' S t-
, aug9-aiy mit h . .
,i.1iTi 'J
f yal
-n . . oi
Jk,.an enure new aiocx ui uooas in my iina,juu yureo
aeed in New York'at the cheapest panic ratesU of wWd
I shall eell at the smallest profits, for Oaah JUy ouatom
er and friends are reipeotfully invited toealland eaam
in my Goods and Prices, as I am determined to toll: a
cheap or cheaper than any other hone la th city: end
a I do my own Cutting, and suotrinund my own bjA-r
ness, I feel assured, from my long exparieno is butt
ness, to glv general latiifactlon. The finest of works
men are employed, and all work done strictly to time an4,
on short notloe, and warranted to At. Strangers visiting
oar oily would oonee.lt their tntereet hfgivtnr n eell
man imgiiwiu. . .
arollXU-aiJ uor uigu una a own w
T (Late ef n1mBtmblJhBIeBt-. T; ,J- '
laahionabl Shaving, Hair Cutting, Shampoontng
Curling and Pressing Saloon, ,? m SJfT
South High Bt oytjitOBUifiW Store, 'VX
wMiir eatbifacUon will be' given In all th various
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Golden Bill Stiirts, various styles.
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