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Dl)i0 Stotemnu
n. Thursday jwornincImMOv. 7, mi.
Adjutant-General Thomas and His
Adjutant-General Thomas and His Report.
T"TTJw RsDublloao rata of tn country ,ier very
aeattgeant and bltttr Id Its Oeuupolatioua of (be
1 Report of AdiuUntGeneralT.MOMaaontha.con-
partaaiti and no language appears, to be,too
.v i. ' aoafae or Tnigar' for them to nia, toward the
,?';U. author of 1Mb document i
I .to N observe that Adjutant General
1-. j .iTaosui h in no wai reirponsiblo for the publi
.e aMVatloo Of bti report In the newspapere. It wu
' k furnished by thenar Department the plaee
r- trhere It waa lorlMd, and Its- proper depository
to the New York 7Vt4. " Its euUloetlou may
' ' f of roay not bare been an eirorj bat with that
' , , 0- matter Geo. Tjiosue baa notblog to do, ana an
.1 the abate beeped opon him In connection with
' the printing of hli report In tbe newspapers, ia
. .... v .... i
' (rroailj unjust ana tiuiair. .a 4
,", 'if; The report of Adjutant-General Tho as was
i . t aaade in pursuance of a 'duty Imposed on him
by tbe Administration. .It wea jpo't a.roluntary
or an unoffloUl aot, but the aot . of a anbordl
. v;' nate effioer, made In ptfrenanee of the order and
f direction oi hli inperiojr, and embraolng mat
' ir or great. moment, IcTolring tha oapaoit of
j ' , .' tome of tbe principal efBoera la tbe Western
: Military Department, and tbe Integilty of many
of them. ' . , ; . .,
' ' Tbe Adjutant General repotted on thloga aa
. hm found them, and not a be could and no
; t doubt did deah-a that the? should be. What he
'' has embraced In bis report, Is fully oorroborat'
' . V, ed by the inTestigetlon of. tbe Congreatkal
committee reoently In St. Louis, and It seems
at length to be pnt beyond dispute that tbe facrs
' stated by Gen. Thomas bare compelled the -Ad
ministration to Supersede Fumont In the com
mand of tbe Western Department. ; '
These being tbe facts and such the state of
the case, It Is a matter of wonder why so many
of the Republican papere should be ao vefcfr
menl in their denunciations of Gen. Tromu
and his report) but tbe reasons which gorern
and control them are easily understood
Tbe papers most forward and furious la this
matter are those 'who represent the Abolition
politicians and the speculating army contractors,
of the clau that FauoNT bad around him. In
tha enrUllment 'of Fatworfs authority, the
Abolition politicians feel that they are wouedd
, and set back a great way in their nefadous de
signs, and;the shoddy" army contractor who
deal in bad food for the soldiers, damaged clotb
-:HfSrtnelr raiment, and epavlned'torsea' Tor tha
military service, understand well that the effect
of the report of Adjutant General Thomas will
be to damage their business, If it does not en
tirely destroy It. 1
The great msa of the people the sober,
thinking, tax paying men of the land, will not
be moved or Influenced by the yell of the Abo
Ution press or tbe army contractors. They will
respect Gen. Thomas for bis independence and
probity In making his report, and approve of tbe
action of the Administration, based upon It.
Tbe people want tbe war carried on vigorously,
and they alo desire that economy and integri
ty should pervade tbe public service. And they
, will be very sure to stand by those wbo advocate
this course, while tbey will reject tbe whole
brood of pretenders and knaves who may have
been or are now In the public service. ;
The Removal of Fremont.
Tbe removal of John C. Fsimomt from tbe
command of the Department of the West la at
last a "fact accomplished." His successor Is
Geo. HoMTia, late second in command. We
are told by telegraph that tbe order for tbe re
moval of FaiMoirr created great excitement and
indignation among the troops, whole companies
laying down their arms and officers threatening
to resign. We presume ere tbis the mutinous
soldiers have bad the .patriotism and good
sense to resume their arms, so as not to Incur
the Densities of insubordination, and that few,
if any of tbe officers, bave carried, or will carry
into effect their threats of resignation, or be
suffered thns wantonly and treacherously to
desert tbe service In this hour of peril
There will be doubtless a howl of indigna
tion raised among tbe war-exterminators of sla
very from Passamsqaoddy to Nebraska. But
it will be the howl of tbe famished wolf with
its teeth drawn and its claws clipped. Tie
genuine Union sentiment of the country will
not be moved by it, b,ut proceed right on to re
alise' Its grand idea the restoration of every
recusant State to tbe Union with its sovereignty
j untouched, and its rights unimpaired.
Erery candid and Intelligent man wbo bas
taken the trouble to read the official documents
already published In regard to Fskmont's man
agement in the Western Department, most be
satisfied, after making all due allowances for
".possible mistakes and exaggerations, that the
Government it not only justified, bnt should be
applauded, for Its firmness In removing him.
It is Impossible for the public to know all the
facts and circumstances upon which the Admin,
titration hu acted in (his matter. ; Voluminous
testimony has been taken at St. Louis by tbe
Congressional Investigating Committee, and
forwarded to Washington. Only an imperfeot
synopsis of tbi evidence has been, or could be
published. ' ' '
Jhe, BfaHpra oi patriotism and attachment
to tbe Union was with certain men and journals,
not long since, an unlimited and unwavering
confidence in the Administration. It was claim
ed that, as In these war times, it must necessa
rily act upoa facta not proper to be made known,
and upon plans that could not be prudently di
vulged, trust must be reposed In it that it meant
well and would do right. For onraelvea, we
have never felt like reposing an implicit and
unreasoning faith In any mat or set of men.
Bat now, if evei, the Government needs the
confidence and generous support of all loyal
Men. - Wo, therefore, call npoa those who bave
been preaching up confidence In the Admiuis
tratloa as tho same with loyalty to the Gov-
. ornment, to show to the world that they, were
not "wolves la sheep'f clothing," proclaiming a
doctrine tbey did not believe In, and nowrefuse
to practice themselves.
General Fremont.
reported Saturday night that
tbe order for Gen. Fremont's removal probably
went out week ego i Wa do not believes
' word of H.SanduMkf Ritter.
' Tho RejUUr by this iue, probably believes
tbe report, .Wo suppose the RtgUter wfll su
tain tbe eetioo of tbe "Government;" or b it
yet been convinced tbat there is a difference in
supporting the "Government and the "Ad
mhritraonl ilow ll th4t PleaBelrxplftinJI
t 1 1 i ';'! '. Vv" V
TfGnjf. Boris, i! tbio, le been ctseed in
command Of Col CaKer's brigade- tie M Me
isle Mc
Clellaa'o enoice for the piacer l, ;
General Fremont. The Fourth Regiment of Ohio Cavalry.
Oa TaWey Tlbe Fourth Regliaeat of Mo
Cavalry pad an ImpotiDg parade at Ciaolnatl,
on which occasion Cdl. KiMrr,Qeeoramend
er oi me regiment, dm presenilis in una
obarger and complete equipments ..wi"-
Gov, DaieMrsat wai present-, and after Us i re
view and premutation service, the oomwu
tonad offioeie were drawn urw la line, torviba
Dnroose of receiving: from the hande o-tbe
UomttMt shelr eeverel oommtsslone." ,
The Governor eddt'essed them as foUowet f
"iii all the duties which have devolved1 cn
ne'as Governpi of Ohio, none baa taenjaomi
raaabla than inai. WD1CB I auw mviwo v
jr..i -
I bold in my bands the eommlMlona of tbe
State of,. Ohio to you, the respective cowers
of tbe t ourtn Kegimens or vnto wwif ""
1 now have tne pleasure oi piwowuB i w
Ml. - ..i ! Vi ' -.' ' U'il
. i nese commissioos, awivtcaiau, un v.
aleniflcanoe. and. I trust, of honorable Import
Tbey are to be delivered to yon a aba repre-
aeotatlvaa of a noble and callant canae ur
talniua- ourcountrv airainst rebellion and tree-
aoo.,.lutsecommisaiooa are dhutctn
that ion may upnom tne oesi uoieramoui um
a righteous God ever bestowed upon any coun
try. With these commUsloas you go into the
field to upboli and perpetuate tbat Constitution
which was consecrated wlta ue oiooa oi your
lorefathers. . . r - , . ? '
In dianharelns tha duties devoUloc upon you
under these commissions, 'tail not .to bear, in
mind that tha ereat oblect vou are contending
for Is tbe maintenance of the Constitution made
by your fathers; not for any one State not for
any number of States but Intended to cover
avarv foot Of territorv within these United
Stiles, and to bestow upon every section, oi in
country equal and alls. a baneuta.
Bear in mind.'vonr dutV la DOt .to. war upon
the institutions of any Slate, but to preserve the
local rights of every State and every municipal,
ityof tbe Union; but fail not to remember,
that tf the contest Is to be between Union and
anything else, that tbe Union must be preserv,-
ea, Jet tne consequences do wna mcj m.j .. .
Not doubtlne that under any and all circum
rtanriMi. bnt balievlno 'that JOU will be true to
the trust reposed In von by the State, I take
pleasure in presenting these commissions to
1 know not what others may have found la
history: bnt I know of no rebelHon to nnjustlfi
able, so groundless, as tbat Which now threatens
our land. . I know of no rebels. deserving se
verer or moW condign nun'shment tban the
leaders in tbe Southern rebellion. ".While you
bold tbeso commUsluns; I would again impress
noon vou tbe importance of respecting personal
tod Individual rights but at tbe Same time re-
meouber tnat more is, no apoiogy jot (reason,
and no punishment too severe.' -
. Without delaying yon any longer,' I will now
hand jou your commissions. "'
Brutal Assault.
The Washington correspondent of (be Phila
delphia Pnu of the f ays: ,T '
Last nlghi, about ten o'clock, aa Lieutenant
Wa. Biddie. of tbe Fsnnsvlvanla cavalry, waa
passing along Fourth street, near Pennsylvania
avenue, be was brutally assaulted by four men
wearing tbe United States nnllorm. He" re
ceived a frlsbtiul wound on tba riebt side of
tbe temple from along-shot. "Tbe villains
then se.aed the Lieutenant, and choked him
Toev robbed bin of all hie money, and lett mm
on tbe ground for deajl. He remained in an In
sensible condition lor . half an hour, -when" he
succeeded In reaching bis hotel,' , The police
force in this oity aae toed tor nolhingv , JXJgnwy
occurrences of tbis kind take place.
A rumor prevails to me enect uat nine oi
the -teste la (it the great naval expedition were
disabled in the late storm, and tbat they bad
to put back lor repairs.. The other, reports
irom the expedition are lull of encouragement.
Brutal Assault. A New Ally.
The Olio Slolcsmea is going to . support the
Administration, because Uiaiitieipeteo the de
fection from it of some that helped to elect the
President and bring tbe Administration into
nower. We congratulate the Administration
on such support, and congratulate : the ' Stsret-
min on lte "change of heart." Sawiutkf itc
iafrf, ftTf.l r11'. r- !' .. : i"--
We will (npport the Administration' when, In
onr judgment, It does jlght; and the bestjaevi
dence of its getting somewhere- near. fight is,
that tbe ReaitUr and Its Abolition allien are de
nounclng it. ' We csn fnfdrm tho Regitter'l tha
It must be a little careim, now it opposes tne
'Government" for removing . Fskmobt. That
paper bas been trying all snmmer to prove that
it was ,reason"tpppos'o the "nctlo of the
"Government-" Bow is i( nowtZ,; n au - J .
The Rebel Army.
Tbe Philaofelphia' Prtit of the dUinstant
Late news from the Seatb puts us la posses
sion of the fact that the rebels bave an army of
four hundred and ninety-six thousand, man In
tbe field, which fere Said to be divided ao fel
lows: .-' ' .js 1. 1 .?. j.
Dapartofnt pf tha Potomac ........1JO,009
r).nrfhifir srriieirtikaiiil rest of VintloU.. 00.000
DaaartMat af Kentucky and lecnwiea ,117.Uie
Department of Mluouri 60 O80
lfc-io of tha SdlsilislDpl 38.000
At Charwstok, OsvanDsA tnvue ana oaiveston. w,wu
The amount of small arms proves to be eight
hundred and ninety-eight thousand, which were
obtained aa follows: , . ''! "
Btnt to (hs Booth by Ilojd while' Sccratary of
War..w r se,ui
Rclaad ia taataafli aiMnalt 100 OUO
llada la atolea amnais,..............k".-. SO OUO
Shipped from Kuropa...,.,. .v.M.....ivOU,0ue
t ft " j.
This Is the largest estimate of men and arms
we have seen since the war commenced.,.. 1
r. , ,. i i " ' 1 - r
The Generals in Kentucky.
Kentucky is well supplied- with Generals.
She bas now (men of them in active operation
within her limit, besides a number of native
aspirants, wbo .am already rejoicing In tbe
titles, but whoee-oommissions are dependent' oa
their raisine their brivadee. Tbe General in
commandall Brigadiers are Sherman, Mo
Cook, . Wood, Jobneon, . Roossean, Naglee,
Thomas, 6ehorff,.Nelson, 8mlth and Wallace.
Ohio bar tha honor of having both the com
mander in the department, and tbe commander
of tbe most important column. Kentucky has
three ont of tbe eleven, and three of tbe ablest
Gens. Wood, Johnson and Rousiean. . Penn
sylvania baa one. Gen. Naglee; Indiana, one,
Gen. Lew. Wallace;, one la a Hungarian, en.
Scboepff s one la from the U, S. Navy, Gen.
Nelson; and two, Gens. Thomu and Smith,
bave been eo long In tbe regular army tbat one
would hardly think of them now aa attached to
State. : ." " : '
[Correspondence of the N. Y. Herald.]
Prince Napoleon's Report to the Emperor.
PARIS, Oct 18, 1861.
I was not mlsUken lot the Information'! gave
yon In my last, as to the favorable report Prince
Napoleon had given to tbe Emperor, of what
he cooooived to be the chaaces of success of the
South. Tbe fact Is now notorious, and the Ian
guage he bas held to more than one tf the
Mloiatera here makes It evident that, In bis
onintnn. tha Colon is broker! loreveT. It is easy
r ' , . . 1
to see ' the uoverBmeni journals obt oeoome
more Southern in their views since bis return.
Tbe CflMtilfoaf of this morning Inserts a let
ter Irom Manatee, flatly contradicting alt that
baa been said about scarcity or food or ailllcnl
ties of any sort among the rebels. ' ..
We are all watching with the most intense
interest yonr military movements, ' and,' what
ever may be the views of tbe Gorernment, I
an now more than ever satisfied tbat till Bipo
lar feeling tree tbe side of the Union. Prince
Napoleon told Ms- eomin that he did not be-
- 1; In the power or the FeaeVal army to rja1h
any important vletbfy over that or tha Confed
eration, w u,-r '
3 That, admlulng the possibility of the fscf.
it would on the morrow of victory be at far off
its object ae before.. ... .
S. That the whole Uh Ion", kn nmbrtsed bv tha
North, wae a rope' of Mb ' IJe gaVe Mr voice
in an early teeognitlon of this Bouttu '
MI have' not tbe aiigness oesitanon in giving
ail if ,ie "'1 &'lw 3il
Ttifpft WW h4 h- Uf tU Coatt
jFWs far (h 6rn l'iniitinn-Efftctl of thi
Mum in A w ri eii tUtuiUt, etc, , i
The treat bloV f Stnrdav . Nov. 3, was
evidently one bf those Atlantic ism pests which,
It ! wall known bv exDertenco. commence In
tbe tropin JtglanjlBd prossad aleag theerholo)
ooaat, beating up agdoat tne AOKQeaai wluu-"
These Storms, which Irequently ,oocsr"ln ad
tunm bs'wlnter, generally , take fron three to
flra davs to travaraa the Atlantic ooast.'and ex
tend northward to Uelifa,eewhloh. they
whirl off upon the waters and are lost Irom du
nut. ohnsmtinn In tha Alotifl seas. The prln
ainal internal aitaohini la thle naruouler tem
pest Is, that it waa of euoh extraordinary vehe-
menoefmna tnas trooenrfea jest at u
whan our naeal'flaet ia soDDOaed to need Only 0
propitious sky to strike a powerful inccesslon of
nrnws atona-tne Dontnern coaas wr us vmuu
fit A fFll t Ma)i thaatnrm ma hara nroduaad
ibe action of tbe expedition, is as Jt uu
known, and we 'can
InAhls oltt to tetoeest rafted with almost un
precedented furyfnd considerable damage was
aono M some Of .ttte shlpplne'lft tbnljVbor, and
fb bnildini-it bn "fhA iand. The, canai boat
Northampton, atilT lying at Pier ft aat river,
loaded with grates-filled with water and sunk
during the ntgfctweayetm J-' i
Thceaiterntooats dtfea to rtJrBour this
(aunaey; moraine, qia not erriv.e until u
ternoon. ' The City of New York, from Sum'
Ingtonat a P.1vi.;kdd thv TlymOnth Rock of
the NorwrcH llne'al '(foCk:elpg detained.
10 me Douuu oy tne tuim. , u wiy' owo
of the" Fall River line bad cot arrived op to last
evening;-n.Tae 8oad boat rXmnd-'eaot were
neased at 4 K; M fSdndav) ofrflantlnittoo Bay
by ths''Bteainr; PellcaUtCapt., Jooss, ariived
yesterday morning irom rroviaeoce. . captain
Jones a also report a r her. brig ashore , on
Rlketyclflland'snd a sloop1, oh Vh'ealoM
Tbe steamship Delaware, Capt. Cannon, doe
here early 'Ibke morning from (Philadelphia, did
nnl arrfra aatll 1 V- M. ' ' '- : -' -
Tbe canal boat New Yotk, laying at pier two,
Eaat river, loaded with Cats, was swamped, and
only the deck cargo eared. - Tbo tide In tbe
Eeet.esver-'was aisher on 6torday night tban
baa been kudwn for some leot..flve years.
some ot tba docks being completely submerged,
while the atreeta fronting the' river were in
many placea covered keee deep.'Broltd street
was under water for a distance of1,, ftreu blocks,
up to Beaver ttreet, and hundreds of cellars wave
filled to tbe level of the strM. Large quanti
ties of floor were tbns damagel and scoree of
families of poor people were obliged to apply to
the station bouse lor .shelter. At a hotel In
West street, the bar room' contained some two
feet of water, jind when an internally dry and
thirsty Individual wanted to "wet, up" with
whisky or old Bourbon, be was taken to tbe bar
In n smsll boat and returned by tbe same means.'
During Fridav night and tbe early part of Satur
days most of tbe merchandise on... the, docks
waa removed to places of salety, , so that
the loss of shipped "goods ' was o jpsidera
ble. ' One' or 'two' pilot boats came in from
sea with mainboom "carried away, , or other
damage. No buildings wero .known to be
seriously damaged Iff this city, except a few
shaky old tenements', and some partially ereoted
small frame houses. Tbe Central Park yester
day presented a lorry aspect, many of tbe walks
beioe badly cut up, especially k upon the hill
sides, a number of trees uprooted, and tbe lakes
eitcndlog amongVlbe surrounding shrubbery,
making a turbid swamp. Tbe New York and
Brooklyn ferry-boats were much retarded, the
tide being eo btgh tbat their guards ' projected
over, and Sometimes caught on the rocks. Tbe
Atlantio and Wall street lerrj-boats were stop
bed for about two boom each. , ' : , ' ,
1 In Brooklyn Dearly all tbe telegraph wires
leading from tbe City Hall to tbe various sta
tion booses were blown down, several buildings
nrooled, and chimneys overturned. , A new
three story brick building In Elliot street, be
longing to John Biopby,' wu demolished, tbe
loss being about $1000. 4. ; ;',:'., j"
At Staten Island S bier was Undermined and
partially carried , away, precipitating a large
quantity of cfoal end briok into tbe river. AT.
A GREAT ATLANTIC STORM. The Case of the Slaver Nightingale.
--Io tbef , case of. the slaver Nightingafe' on
Wednesday next,' the three mates, Hanes,
Westervelt and Winalow,wbo are indicted for
a capital ofreaeeiWUI be tried in tbe United
States Circuit pdurt, before Judges Nelson and
' The Nightingale loaded at tbla port In Sep
tember, 1860, sailed for Liverpool, from there
to St. Thomas, and thence to tbe Congo River;
where she took In eight hundred negroes, and
Wai captured on the coast by tbe United States
sloop of-war Saratoga. .Tbonegrprs were taken
to Monrovia and liberated. The captautof the
Nightingale eecaped, bnt -the three mates were
broogbt to this city, and have been confined in
tbe Tombs awaiting their trial. . - 1
Two lieutenants of the Susquehanna who
wero important witnesses,' have deserted the
nary and joined the rebels. Their testimony
as to the circumstances Of the capture. is, of
course, lost.' 1 Tbe case, which will be, interest
ing, will probably occupy several daysyMessrs,
McKean and U 'Conor are counsel lor the pris
onaML c: r '- " - : . -'VVT ..lr
1 Jv)B
Heavy Exports from New York.
The month of October haa been marked bv
Immense exportatione ef dosses tie ptodaeu from
tnis ci 17. i-,ivieoj, inevaioaoi anegroastnus
sent away has twice daring the month exceeded
S3.6UU.UUU for week, a teemt wbion bar sel
aom bee equalled, even when trade was most
prosperous. Tnia la a remarxaDie -etatey ot
thioKa when we consider the great value of the
cotton exported la .other years, and remember
tbat, at present, the exporialior of this! irtlole
has almost entirely ceasedi'. j :a:a iu .; . .
Diirlng the past week the number of bales of
cotton sent to.. loreiga counuiea waa odij auu,
while tbe average number exported per week in
1860 was 4.04.0.; Tbe Dumber of bales reeelved
In this citv sinoe tbe first of January is 863.691
while during the same time last year 382 935
balea were received.. Here, is a Jailing off of
over lOU.OUU bales. . Too: deflilenov Jim been
more than supplied, bowever, by tne grain for
which Encland and Franoe iiave such need,
owina? to tbe failure of their crops. : k ,i I
"Since the first of January, 1861,8,376,290
barrels of flour bave left tbis port .foe foreign
countries, while during tbe same, time last year
but 1,452,651 barrels were exported . Tbe im
mense number of HU,r2UUJbUi;buBbslt or wbeat
have been bought from us this year, against
9,098,833 In the eame time in, 186Q.! Foreign
nations bave also purchased tbe sollowlne; arti
clesb the time mentlonedi' ofom 9.812,648
bushels, against 3,000.01)0 in 1860; of rye ab Jut
60U,UUU bushels, against 0 uwj 01 Dntter 19,
355,300 pounds, against 7,708,600j ef tobacoo
94.000 packages, aeainst 75.000, . .. ? a
Duri.e tba week oar exports of wbeat have
been 844,455 bushels, and of corn 585,713, the
greater part of which baa gone to Ureat xtrl
tain, Franoe end 8palo, as will be teen from the
following Ubie:ci ,,,rii -j .t1" '';
acswsu er sut i aatrostvae To wi mntcrnL roXTs
am n b. w mm .... ia rihii ,n flv.n
Loadaa ..1IS tWlOearte .'. .. .....'. i n 1V
QueDiova,,tf t. W tei
QloaoMter....iV., 1SS38
Lirerpooi.vfr.n p; iw
Iirimouth .....i.... S7,m
uubiia . d. . m ia. mi
Havre 17 UtiT
Marseilles ......a..
. t: eiaibtfi
Theexoortderoaesl for better and crieeee
also been large: 11,433 packages of lOOpoends
each, os J,143 SOU aounds of butter, and 13,723
packages vflU9' pounds each,' or i,3ia,3UU
pounds of crieeee, baring oeen sold to joreign
buyers. - ' '
act a A
Heavy Exports from New York. A Fast Age to Live In.
Men grow bid rabidly In such times as these.
Oar intense life' wears, heavy ppon bona and
flesh and jnuscle. Measered by eeneationa and
experience, WB have, lived a generation sloee
Fort 8umter was bombarded. . Even Ball Ran
seemi half an age ago. We have to stop and
think when-we read the words "Big Bethel"
end "Laurel Hill" and "Phllippi." - The Bu
chanan Administration saeros - a horror (pf a,
former' erfe". We have alwoat . loreotten Aha
death of Pooglas, prolouqd a; waa. aewsa-
lion wcwiu --m - i" 1 ',';', s7' '
IIjw erects rush on I Tie Rebellion ,! not
year old, ana Jet wbt a page baa been added
to me wprio.a -mauf'j tynuu wi nurj
mmm,nii nt amils filuDired into civil wart leraa
Stiles VevOHed from tbf Federal paio, with
three Otbert trembUng fa tbo baluoea a. flcat
larger than tbepauUfh Armada swopping dowa
finnrt the Southern coast: whole State .tram pled
ueder foot by ih.,marcb fit f ushjnj, isasdrooe,
ttaJX.ml-SMft,xi Iseyetcsi edi
Diplomatic Wedding.
[From the Philadelphia Press, Oct. 31.]
.""the rumora in
months, of a marriage bete-eea one u.. u.gu
cffiolals of her Britntc Mel-sty's Covernmeul
In the United tates and tne oauguwr . -
tlnguUbed and much esteemed citiaen of Phila
delphia, have been confirmed. Cbarie I Edward
Kalth Keelrigbt, her Britannic raJeity! M
Tor the" Statrtff renusyivama,
mors.sg at half past twelve uoiteo
daughter Ct John Ricbardion, Esq. of this cjry
the fatter ot .tne onae,,-- ' "
and Ihe ceremony was performed by the Rev.
Mr.. Jenkine, of Calvary Church, according to
the Enaliah Protestant servloe. Tbe bride wor
. ;;; .n....4 with laes flounces, a veil to
oorreepond, and a wreath of orange blossoms.
There were no oriaesmaiuw . -
ding gneste were Lord Lyon, the British Plcn
lpoleitlary at Washington his Seoretarr of
Legation, M. Irvlngl and Messrs. Warre and
Munaon, attach; -Mr. LUboa, the Braal Ian
Minister at Washington; Colonel Raas off,
Danish Minister at Waehlngtoni 8ignor Molina,
tha JllaUter from Costa Rloa, at Washington,
aad the Jrenoh .and Spanish Xonsuls residing
in thie city. .Many of ihearrlstocracj r of Phlla
i.inki. . nnnt. It is estimated that-at
tmn hnnAwmA narSOna tendered their' cou4
gvitnlatlone tetthe happr-pair.-The reception
continued from one to three in the afternoon
The company partook of a sumptuous collation.
The arrangements and appointments were ele
gant in tbe extreme. ' Mr. and Mrs-'Kortrlghl
started for the North in last evening's six o'clock
E7 There Is a report from Halifax tbat IL R.
v.r Al(pd haa recently bad his royal
ears slapped" by a British middy, i A complaint
waa made to the omcer an oommanu, wuisn -suited
in H. R. H. being told tbat It was neoes
sajyToyWrn.tqkeep ajBlvllongue InJbU bead.
it Is said of Mr. Dayton that he It no 'match
for Mr. Slldell at Paris. The former Is aa Ig
norantof the Fieoob lanauace as of French
eocloty, usages, prejudices aud - peculiarities;
while Slldell hi conversant with them all, and
will nlav in Franoe ratber the part of a French
colonist, than tbat of a stranger from a foreign
land. ; ' ; ' .1 '
) In this oltj oh Tastday, Nov. Sth, CiTBiittKi
itiito, wife of Thomas Winning, la ths 23th ar of hsr
. Hsr funeral will late place from her latr reslJeoca on
tba National. Bead cut of the Blind Avion,' to-day
(Thursday) t I o'clock P.M. --
. Friends and acquaintances tro respectfully invlttd to
attand - -
1 Uriah Latbrop. Oiyll Euitir, bas filed In this (
floaa plat and profila of a aitoh to ba 'loeated In tha
lowniblp or rrnkllo. in rrankiln county, Ohio, tho
tabllthment of which It petitioned for by Wm. A. Piatt.
John Oraenleaf and Wei. T. Martin, Trustee of Oreen
leva Cemetery, through whlsh the lloe of said proposed
ditch. If established, will pul.""'Ihe prayer of lb peti
tioners Is set furth aa follotar; ' ," "
2b Hit Oommiuionert of RramlcUn Count), ditto: '
. Your pUtion(SXaM ol-iren bawn Cemetery,
aodownanof Iota-la aiaU)eaietery , wtmld respectfully
set forth that there Is within the Cemetery enclosure a
lqw piece or (rroun, fotoilrg a kind of basin. Into which
larg quantities of water Dow ia Hi epilog of the yeer
and other wet seasons, and there stand in a pond of 4,
5 or I feet deep, sometlmti for months, and cannot wall
be drained, in eomequencs of the turreundloy. lands be
Inf enislderably hignes than the 'bottoa of tbe basin;
which pool Is a blur upon the Cemetery grounds, and
Is belieTod to be prejudicial to the health of tba neigh
borhood. And we eoncelre tbat Ibe eril ean ha leme
died by the oonstrnotion ef a ditch between tha points
hereinafter named, that would carry the water in another
direction and prerent its sosustulation on the low ground
or bailn befor described. '
We therefore petition yonr honorable body to canes to
ba located and stablisbed (under the act of 27th ol
March last), a ditch of tuOcleai capacity, eommenclna;
at a point nearly oppoait to the Cemetery gate, near
where tha water enters tbe cemetery grounds, and run
ning from thence northward on tba eaat edge of the Co
lnmbos and Harrlsburi turnpike to tbe bend of the road
north of Ih toll-bouse, and there orosslng to tha north
side of said turnpike, and running eaa'.ward on the north
edg of saidiurnplke as far aa will b neoeesary to carry
the water down tbe bill to tha run east of Mr-, Oemo-
bell's reaideno. . ..--, v'V '.: I - t
Therefor, all pemons Interested are hereby notified
tbat the Oommtaeloaar of fraaklla ooanrjr have fixed
upon Wednesday, tha 4th day of Deoember, 4li D, 1861.
at lOptalook a. M., u hear said petition for nld ditch,
and if caiabiiaiM, t aptwruoa-tMoost of astablualng
asm tnaiaoor oi vonatruotinf in Miner- - - - ;
- -' 4 iom fniutpsj
;-l0 !-f." 't -ri 5i,' "Auditor f Franklin Co.
i noy7rltdkw3w .- e :iar ' . ,
Master Commissioner's Sale.
8. S.Tasiwooa ) ,. ,
- vs.... - Bnnerlor Court. Z1
0. B. Barrett at al.) 1 1 oi -
to me directed, from Ihe Superior Court of Frank-
me directed, from Ihe Superior Court of Frank
lio County, Ohio, I will offer for eale, at the, door of
ibe Oeurt Hen, la th elty ef Columbus, on
. I
Saturday,, the 14th day of December, A. D.
at one o'clock, t. II., the following desfrihed premises,
sitoetaln th county of Franklin and 8 lata .of Ohio,
Being th east part of the'rjorth half of ln-lot No.
107 of the oltv of Oolarabua, bslos thirty-on and one.
oaarter (31J4) feat wide on front street, and exttodloa
westerly of the saffl width on hundred and tblrty-Mro
W. HUFFMAN. Bherlff,
and plaster Oommisaionar.
. : 1. . s- at" ;
1 fTJ.-1.9 If
H.-O. HcSLB, Atfy."
Printer's rees 3 (10.
nor7-dltliwtd '
IOGI. - 1061,
mj c . :
Unllea State Express
And all "other Roads Leading West
0bartredcjtri. pyexmoat Boad aa Saawoger Trains.
, 1 . ' j.-?--1., . :
It. IT. HOTBT, Ag't. I A. L. KNIQnT, Ag't,
SSI Broadway, N. Y. its Btate Bt., Boston.
; .A
Tat. Q. PERttY, Boperlntendent, Baffalo.
II. FITCH ic BON, Agents,
8T West Broad Street,
, cuLiiiriBus, onio. ;
i - . . .. . . - i
' I
iT:r t .. i.1
No. v 106, South High Street,
oox-TTiviiiTja, , 1
PROVI8i6(fjS KM- !
:i?or'eign' and Domestic Fruits:
If t'O TJ B. 8 ALT,' L I ltf O R SiB TO.
-, titia tjnion dijojc,,..,
. i '.
v;;ih ?.f'.L. fa'Mu.t. i
Ava VAAV r Alt 1H7D TilV
Cranberries! Cranberries!
nn BBUKCBinBEHHiKs, in uovv
QyJ OHUCEt. ssjii
lor sale loir by . . - . f a
seers hrflX m r -f W"
yiuyorAfiXDjui) and bold tfir
i ) rt t H i' I
No. 90, 92, D4: '& 96;,
Tha neatest and moit eoupVst Btor for Omoers'
Tenia rr mannfaotured.
Bold at a very low figure. . . i
Call and emloe before purehailng sUvtwbere.
aetU-dtf -"- " ' " I
j r; wo, no sorur ultra numw . nl
' i ivy .-, 1 ' in'tf"
HALF BQTJARKS from the Depot, and persona ar ,
riTftig or wishing to take pasaag on any of the tralni,
will find the Ojt jlouae decidedly a oonvsoUnt.atop
ping place. ,s 1 '''
Peasengars walcsd up at all hears of the night for any
of thstsalns.'-"- ' - " - - ,
tPvma iu Ur.1. ,A suit Ilia lllBflfl. , - . "T i 'I"'
' i .1 '
AKIN : & :EME R Y?
"; Jim fall ridoraptete Aiwrlmcnl trf j c'"!
i ... -v. , .' r . I''-
Stoves cto Q-ratcS;
6f almost very kind, J-' .' 1
v Elegant: Chamber Sets,
' ----- ... . ta;r
Tin Toysaud Articles in that Line,
r-. . ' iorXHll People. -'.
i 't ! n '.-) -" . j .. t '. l.'
Knives B.nd VorTx Upoona, Tube;
1 BuolteteC Shovels euid Tonp-a, 1 ,j
'Ocal tlo&i. etc..
.' For the Larger Ones.
. '-yi;
. ' I: '
. CSBUti -' ! .'"v .' -v: .
We would call your f urthar attention to the fact that we
i '.araBOLB A0KMT8 for Ibesalaof th'
... i--.t,-'I .4J.'",- 'v - ' .". .
Which if-, to all retpect', clearly the "AClfoClUf OF
TBI K.IT0UBN." bavins ao eaual In (baenmpltneae
of lu performacee and economy of fuel.. The clearest
teatlmooy ef ita anpcrlorlty la th fact that mannfss
turera and dealers an constantly lmilatirg It. coailbgas
nearUas aoselbl In SXTSBNtL APPSAUANOK
Call and examine onr a took. It Is no trouble to show
our goods. c . - .
X BTANXI.Y on band and tor aala, the beet quality of
7. U
which he will sell at the lowest market prices. !
Call and examine my Coal belore purcfaasinf else
where. ' v , ' " ' , I .
onic at th star of Pradford, Bndam fc Cor, head
of Canal. ' ' l-
. sep0-3ui ' ' ' J .; .f' . -' j
. .... - i
X for eight or ten persons, oao be had by applying to
Q. PATTLI180N, No. 118 Soalh front Jltreet, between
Btate and Town Streets - '
Being bdt one square from the Btate Dome, makes It a
desirable place for baslhess men.
.eetl9-dlss - f ,-
Not of rain, hall, or snow, bat among the cooks .who
rhsv been Imposed upon by th venders ot bad Baleraros,
Ilk that commonly found la market. James rule's
Dietetic hu folly satisfied them and quelled th disturb
anc. Depot, 345 Washington Btreet, New Toik. Bold
by grocers everywhere. 9
Or Those Contemplating; Jflarrlare.
.TUB anderslgned will gin information on a very in
Uniting and important subject, which will b valu
ed mora than a thousand times It coijby every married
couple of any age or condition io life. Th information
will be sent by mall to any address on th receipt of 85
cent, (sueer) and on red stamp. . r
All letters thonldke addressed to. . i
B. B. MOBRIS, MD. (Lock Box 60),
Boston, Mai
Is an Infallible remedy for Fever and Ague. Th ex
periene of many years, In almost erery climate, proves
tbat where nsea m strict accordance With the directions,
It ha raraly failed to cure, not only by breaking the
chill, but by removing the' morbid habit of the , system,
preventing the recurrence of ths disease.
PEVEE AND AQOB, though not in llself dangerous,
Is apt, unless spee'dlly removeov to Mv' inch" A pernl.
clous effect on Ihe system, as to engender disorders much
more baneful than itself, and which not only render the
after-life of the patient miserable, but ar in them soiree
often fatal. A prompt aod effectual remedy Is therefore
what Is wanted, and as such Da. D Jayhs'i Aoua Mu-
tdss Is confidently recommended for sal by Messrs
ItosutT Is Samuel, Oolumlms, a d by. agents rery
wher. s -T .
iep?ia4w'rlfcsataw4w . ' " "-T '''
For Females Generally. Th Brandreth
Pills cannot be too highly spoken of... Thsy removaall
obstructions, glr energy and strength; cure th dis
tressing headache, unfortunately so prevalent With tbe
sex; depression of spirits, dullness of sight,, nervous
affections, blotches, pimples, sallowness ot tbe akin, are
removed, aid aurenlle bloom and general sprlghtllness
Indicate the power and healthfnlneesof BUANDBEIH'B
FILLS. . ...v .. ". .,.'.-:;...,.
ladies, at delicate periods, wilt And them unrlraled;
they ana the best medicine for mothers and children,
tnd cure worms and eostlveness. " . . . A- I
Let It be remembered, that BBANDBBTB'B FILLS
are eu, in Uielr Deration, and re t unit mildness with
efficiency, and reiialre jlo' alteration of diet during ihelr
use. auAvrs4
Mrs. Morgan, corner of 15th street and Union Square
New Tork. was dying, apparently,1 of fjonstjumori,
She wu glved up to die by her Physicians, and all her
friends, but after using BSAKDarrn's Pius for a few
weeks, the cough left her, and Ibe began th regain her
strength, and Is sow abl to 'stteb,d.to her duties, and
feels sure of soon attalnlrg robust health." " " i
Mrs. Wilson, of So. 31 beach reet. Mew Tork, has
cared Dyspepsia,! Small P x, Measles, Dropsy and. Ty
phus Fever, and all llcadaches, and Billons diseases,
with BauDarra's Pitu, will b; pleased to answer any
questions.- , '" . '-' , ,',,
Bold by Jonn . Coot, Drui-g'st, Ooluratus, aad by
all retnec table dealers In medicines. ' " ,
ociiO-dlm .
-.. n r.;;t ..?-er i.l
i ' .. .
. Jnst Published In a Sealed Invelope; Fries t ets.i .
Weakness, InToluntary Emleelona, Beinal Debility, and
ImperliBMnts so Marriaaa iraaerallly; Nervonaneaa. Con-
etunritioti.tpllemr an fit Mental-and Phyteal Ia-
eapaoity, Meultlng fraat Blf-hajecc' By Hotjert fi
OulverwaU.4a, B.uthoTOI Uie Green Rook,. ,; "
A Boon to Thenatid' ojtTJntfererS
Serirunder' seal, In a plain nTiop, to any nrtdrees,
Son jpaM, oa eipa ei teo stamps, by ir ' uhah.
. O. KLIMJi, mMrwmr.Mvn.Tks fast Of&MBoa
Nasm Kills
, SUni), t3 lo1 -et
r 7avs 1
1 4
P Tin LI
The DAILY, at -
Th TRI-WEEKLT; at; . -
-aTk. rrn -m
'. The WEEKLY, at 9 Jow rate" 0:,."
'? ft. '
Subscriptions to the DAtir anj Ttu-ttacxLT Statxsmax trill be reooived '' ;
j! tM 4. - ,e .tr .'
...ia iaji -' " At the above rates: and the Daily will bo furnished ', " ,;."t-.v .i
, r-' :Jio, . ' ' ' ; ' 'f , (. ; .,., . . - w '-' '...' ' "
. .. t Lxwti ''.i i-""..', 1 r' ' i . ' ' ""' . "". T. J ,. .
o At the usual rates. "As an established and reliable oitfnn of tlio Ddmooratio party,
m .. wat s .'-,:.; ,, ,,' " .
a-;..!-' r-u-'i . ''.., ., . . '..
..x: 1. iv . In fte future, as in the) pnst,t will uphold and defend the ' '.'f ' '
Whieh has been ao fruitful ofgood io the PEOrLE OP THE UNITED STATES; lnd will
",J, j faithfully urge the re-etabliahment and supremacy of the . . - --sr.
,,..-) As essential to the eoniplete and perfect re-construction of the -z .
- .--v r' i- 1 . ... - t t
0 we On the basis on vhiothat Union was originally formed. ..
"V vi
3 B "
...I .V-'l
1 The SfATtsirAit will support the Administration of tho General Government irutlLlcgal and
constitutional efforts to put tfowa rebellion ; and sternly reeint the efforts mode in some quarters
to convert the present unhappy war Into ah Abolition crusade.
. il will eonstantly urge economy in the publio
ef UpubUeoffioers:. . 'x i '
iAs a medium et general news,. Uie statesman
numerous readersand at all timea aupply them
o Tlxo XeAtesst ' tk.-xxtftl 'ua.omt Xlollct bio
"::li'?.l?'x'i'Wto hi id foreign
; Wplfind their; interests consulted and attobded to, nnj.o effort will be snared to make It a first
ejaaa newspaper. -'' ' Mt J rr-r . . ,:.- r...... :".:--
-During tba approaching eeesion of Congress we will hove a talented and accomplished eorres
poTdent at Washington, through whom ,oqr readers will be furnished with much valuable and
reliable Information., . ' - v j l. . , 1, . , r
The doings of our own State Legislature will b fully reported, and the loom news of the
State and our own immediate vioinity, will have a due share of attention.
We urge upon cur friends in all parts of Ohio, end the North-Western Slates, to aid in extend
ing tbe circulation of the Statksvah, since by so doing, they will assist, in the promulgation of
tA X ,y o i ' ' ' ' ''""' .'. :. ' ' . , -
.4, . t." V"! ,',,..u ' v, ' ' . TT" - ' : . '
To' any" persoa raising a Club of Ten iSubseribers to Uie WiMtr Onio STAmuaif, and
, sending as tbe money ten dollars -r (or the same, we will send one Copy gratis.- -
jAU wders will be promptly attended tot" "v. ' "-'.-.' - " '
A' Address, I .
November l,l6Cl.
t l ' '
8 it JED
Six .Dollars per Annum;
Three Dollars per Annum;
One Dollar per Annum.
i -J . .. a .. i jm.1-
expenditures, and the most ricid ateountaLilitv
will endravor in mnlro iulf nnr.pninl.la tn if.
with - ,- .
In its columns
Publishers of the Ohio Statesman,
Columbus,. Ohio.
1 salet . I
f ' -
- ... u ..'i--.- , - J
Hoi.. 250 and 252 South High Street,
and have associated with themselves WM. RICIIABD3,
under the firm of ' ', ,
m Headley, Eberjylc Richards,
' ", '. . . i m . r- ' '
Tormlnc On of th largest Dry Goods Houses In th
Test. ."
This i Hons la constantly noslrisg New Goods,
.u& Vtfr",w "'' 'v
PLfilN AND FANCY S)t3. ,
The Newest and Reajlest styles of ; '. (" , , v
Hamilton -Manchester and Pacific
; , 'CDelaines v J
In tha City, can b found at '. i j
"u " Balmoral Skirts,
In great variety, just received by v
4 9 a
r;, ,, ,"i'. --AISO. .. r. t
fcEPHYR WORSTEDS, " " 1 1 1
Of IhsKewest Styles, Just received, and also made ti
order, by -.t t ' ' .',' t7 nZi.
HEATif.ifv. r.nr.Ri.v . Richards.
tSJ;-.. 4 e " -
i . . " v I .
CLOTHS,- ,m i'J
CASSIMEBESv. . . 1. vi
This firm, bavtna adopted the Cash system In the Pur-
haailaal of Goods, ar enabled to sell from 15 to SO
percent., lss than other houses under th credit system.
S50 and S52 South Higli BUeet,,"
' ' Celnmfcuea OUlo". t
oct8-dly ,4, , . s tu i o ;
,h..Bth.tor..o-; ''k;;
N6;m:;East State St,":
Auction ' "ComralssioB Bppm.'1:
He 1 now prepared to recetr on uommission every
deeeripUon of properly, such aa Dry Goods, Groceries,
Liquors, lurnitar. Carriages, Hones, to., 1110
intenda to dent his attention to' sales of Beal Islate
and prsonl'!ieprty,at any' point, within twenty miles
Domestic Cotton Goods.
BAIN & son;
-e ' . :"; '
OFFER tho mot Extc'uslTo Assorts
mentof T" " . i -r,-
i J Brown and Bleaohed -Jotina Flannels;'
" " ilusilne;
Barnsley Cotton Fheotlngs;
Select tltyles of Calico's and bthlnes; -'
Tleklhge, Bhirtlngs, Gingham t .
ii And Cotton Battings. . -1 ,
Also, illinkete, FlanneUv .
Oaeeimem, Cloak Olotlia, etcetc.
Much lielow regular prices. -. ,
" '' - BAM at SOU,
octIO r,; - ' 50 South High Street.
" ' Flannel ; fildrtings.- ,
ED. The most exteosire stock in ihe all
Array Woolen Socks.
etiaker JtiMied Socks. :
Under Shirts and Drawers.
Cotton and Merino Socks.
.Golden HIH Khlrts.
. Gent's KidGlOTes. ' '
i!l : 'm
H Vi.'A ,t s
. Uent's Linen Collars, Neck Ties
nam at bun,,
SO South High, street.
:, ) . - - - y
Tbo (Beat Artificial Help ' tV ihe
-. Human Sigbt ever Invented.
(!, JOSEPH S. PEELEY, h4 -
mant of th most Improved kinds of Spectacle.
All his Glasses, whether for near or far-erlghtedt are
ground In concaro convex form with th greatest rare,
so as to suit Ihe Eyes of all cases, curing Weakntai,
Dimness or Inflammation-of th lyes, and Imparling
strength for long reading or fin sewing. -
OIDce, 13 JKast Stats street) at SeltseT Jr. Webster's
Muslo Store. VJ v-. , - mJ i..L . "
ojr.'wtig - , , i urn
"an entire new stock of Goods ia my lloeJuat porch,
ased In New York at Uie oheapeat panl rateail of which
I shall sell at the smallest profits, for Cash. My custom
er and friends are respectfully invited to oallaad exam
ine my Goods and Pricas, a I am determined to aell aa
cheap or cheaper than any other house in th oity; and
ss I do my own Cutting, and superintend my own busi
ness, I feel assured, from my long experience In business,-to
give general satisfaction. Th flneat of work
men are employed, and all work dona strictly ta alssaaad
on short notice, and warranted to fit. Btranger visiting
our oity would oonsult their Interest by glring me a call
befor purchasing elsewhere. X. UuHH,. .
r r r it '" v i" Merchant Tallaiy.
-rmarchS0-diy Cor. High and Iowa sts.
Henry J3Sicxililojm
(Late of Pinion's EstsAHshment; If. T".," '
Fashionable bhaving, Hair Cutllsg, Bhampoonlna.
Curling and Dressing Saloon, i iXT
South Hisih St., OVer feain's Store),'
where satisfaction will1 be given
in all th varlaue
oraBcae.- , .
Ladies' and Children's Ealr Dreuln'g don In ths bei
Style. v.J 2l'" ';
eplSdly. !
ii , - - a
r E NT 1F.HKN'll
A UOUD.t!.
v . " - - A
Nrmltlaa In Nank Tl. .r, SmrTa.
' " rr" ' Byron mn 4 Oarrcte CollifV.w.. ' ' . '-
"-- Embroidered Pocket Handkarchlfs.
Paris Kid Olereeiaapariaratak. va . a
Golden Hill Bhlrta, Tarious style. , m
r Boys' floldeh Bill Bhtrta, 'do? pT'" '"
4. J)rtlngae4 rltreM OiareeySo! eti
Hemmed Pocket Handkerchiefs, various styles,
Halt .Uojs Bn?r.ynara-7I .
SprllS Ko. South High street

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