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rj rtr S, t V T tT .
Rail Road Time Table.
Littu Mum Onraifi Xxwia B. R
Night Sxprnt. via Dayton, :00 A.M.
Jiro. W. DtniTt, Agent.
OuLuaact it OLivtLiiro ft. E.
tllffht Ixoreei ?:S0. A. M.
3:15 P.M. 1.30P.M.
New York JCipreil..
JtlH pATTIMOIf, Agent,
CmthilOhio R. R.
Night Exp re.. .
Day Expreei
; 4:00 A. M. 1:30 A. M,
, 3;M P. M. IM P. M
W. i. Fill, Agent.
Pittuumh, Oolcmici It OirnrrnuTi B. ft.
sprees Train IMS.. 1.30P.M
Jut. Hoiik.o,- Agtnt. t
...,.. f
CuLUMaul Jt IXOUMorOlia, n. B.
No. 1 Ixpr.il 8:00 A. M. 1:00 M
Noli 3 00 P. M. 6:40 P. M.
' 0. W. same, Agent.
Qoodilk Hobje. We ars gratified to an
nounce to tb traveling tod buslnees public,
that Messrs. Wheelee & Faiumo, the formor
popultr lesseee of tbo Neil Home, bare taken
the Goodale House, where they will be happy
to eee their old friends of tbo Neil, and the pub
lio generally. Their aecommodatloDa will be
found ample, and tbey Intend to keep a hooae
that shell be without a rlral la the city.
Death or a Boloier.- Sergeant Samorl
Jrroo, of Company D, Forty-second Regiment,
died at Camp Chase, on Wednesday of raeaaela,
after a sickness ot only two days. Tbo corpse
was escorted to the depot by bla late companions
io arms, and sent to bla ftleoda In Noble oonnty.
Ohio, for Interment.
Bouao Ovfa The man Human baa been
bonnd over for fata appearance before the Com
mon Pleaa Court, in the aum of two hundred
dollars, for stabbing Mr. Ram on last Monday
night. , ,
Laoies' , Donations roa thi Soldiirs. It
appears, from a communication in the Cincin
nati Commtrcial, dated the 4ih Instant, that the
ladles of Lndon, Madison county, and sur
rounding country, are responding nobly to the
call for the relief of our alok and wounded sol
diers. They bare orgaulied a Hospital Relief
Society, and, although It baa been formed only
about tiro weeks, they hare aent eight boxea of
goods to the hospitals in Western Virginia
and Gallipolis, containing the following arti
cles:, Twenly-elght cotton comforts, 27 do quilts,
29 woolen blankets, 94 sheets 4G pair woolen
aocka, 63 do cotton socks, 73 muslin shirts, 33
pair cotton drawers, 23 pair Canton flannel
drawers, 15 pair woolen do, 20 Canton flannel
shirts, 7 woolen do, 33G pillow oases, 45 large
pillows, 65 small do, 6 ooverlets, 16 pair slip
pers, 18 dressing gowns, 2 bush, dried fruit, 26
magastnee. 38 cases fruit, 70 lbs. of butter, 11
bowla jelly.
Indian Sdmmir' We are probably now bar
ing aa fine a specimen of the IndianSummer as
we shall get this seaaon. To aee the "instltu
tlon" in all its beauty and magnificence, we
mutt go a little further North. But those No.
rember daya are very pieaaant. A holy calm
perradea the atmosphere, like that which eano
tides "the chamber where the good man meota
bla fate.'
AaaiTAL or Aaur Orricim. Major Under
wood, late of the Fourth Infantry, now of the
Eighteenth, Col. Carrington, reached tbia city
yesterday, from California, for the purpose of
joining bla regiment. Col. Carrington baa as
signed him command cf the fliat battalion.
Capt. J. W.Forsyth, late of the Ninth Infan
try, btit recently attached to the Eighteenth,
also arrived yesterday from Washington Terri
tory, and reported himself immediately at head
quarters for service.
Qorrt a Chanor. The Boston papers, in no
ticing the arrival of the Fort' Lafayette prison
ers at Fort Warren, In that city, that the last
time ex-Governor Morrriad, of Kentnoky,
was there, hie arrival waa announced by the
firing of oannon. What a change In situa
tion! Arrrstio yaR Hiohwat Rosstar. The
Zinearllle Courier statea that Looia Jordan and
Wm. Blasi, on Saturday night attacked Mr.
Wat. SriNKa, near the corner of Main and Eighth
atreete, and while one of them held him, the
other took his pocket book and aome email
change from hia pocket, when they made their
scape. Blarr waa arreated by the police on
Monday morning, and Jordan on Tuesday at
Camp Qoddard. After a preliminary ezamlna
tionby the Mayor, tbey were committed to jail
to await further trial by the Common Pleaa
Court. , Both young men are residents ol Zanea
ville, and both bad enlisted in companies now
being raised there..
kr The City Council of Cincinnati, on Wed
nesday night, appropriated $3500 to the faml
Ilea of volunteers. , ,, , , ,
O Lew. Cvrrt, Etq., of Mayarille, Union
county, Ohio, has been appointed Paymaster in
the U. S. gunboat service. ;
: LT The Eighteenth Ohio Regiment, Colonel
Stan lit, whloh has been for some time e
camped at Camp Dennlaon, went down to Cin
cinnati on the Little Ohio Railroad, on Wednes
day, fand embarked on the Jacob Strader for
. LoulsTille.'.- : , " ' -
I HT The steamer Dunleith, Captain A. D,
Wilson, arrived at Cincinnati from Cannelton.
oo the Kanawha, Wednesday afternoon, bring
ing two hundred and three alck aoldiera and
twenty one secesh prisoners.
V: ! Ml , ,
' Mori PaiaoNias. Twenty-four aeceesion pris
oners were, taken to Camp Chaae yesterday
morning. J ,
y ' -, ; - . '
7 Gen. HaRNkr is reported to hare beet
seen on bis way weat ' - ' ' ' '. 1 '
h Oysters I Oysters! I
i s, m m oauy rtctipt, y jupreta, or
, r..-. ,t ' -j . ; ; ......
fr.nn Baltimore and fall Haven.
Call at Wagaer'e Oyaterand Vrall Depot, No. 81 Beat
fHaS aittaja w .!....
aag4tl .
Gents Linen Shirt Collars, -
0X11, Blaodlnf. By roa, Peralirnay, IWufrew and
U. . UeBuned Pocket Handkerchiefs, Rank
Tvta, Stooka, BUott and BTtnlo( Olotea, Half Boat
Tory klndVCadas OaraatnU tod all kladt T Genu' u
bWiIbi Qooda la freat yarltty and at taodtratt prlots.
BA1M aa BOM,
a. m Boat ni( a suh.
., AMnVAli A WAttOM Of 1IU.
t , . DEf ARTORKfr '' v "
Malls for K Taik Oltr, Boa ton, Albany, Bnffala,
rltUbargh, RUaltanTlll way. Owvauuiil, Siawrllla,
inrfc, araoTlll. Wathiogtoa City. BtlUiaors, Phila
delphia and Maw OrUaus, eloM dallf (itaodaf a Swap
ad) At a 'cloak p. .
A through auil (or Haw Tort and Olavelaad eloaai
dally (HaDdATaajuapud) al I o'olook p. m.
V. w. w. . "J auiiioinNa omigr VDuuul '
aaptad) at a a'aiook p.
OaotralOhlo Way Mall
antral Ohio Way Mall clotas dally (Sunday! (Xeapted)
10 a'aiook a.
Cincinnati Way Mail oloaea dally (Bandayshzoaptsd) at
o oioos a. m.
Chicago. Dubaaae. Dalawars. Mariott and Worthing-
too MaUs cloaaa dally (Ion daya axoaptad) al SI t'olook
Malls for Xanla, Bprlngflald, Dayton, Toledo, Cincin
nati, Indianapolis, LouUiTllla. Bt. Iioala, and Datrolt,
cloaaa dallr (BandaTi auantad) at S o'clock p. m.
A thronih null to Xanii, Bprlngflald and Cincinnati
eloaaa dally (Sundays azoapwd) at 10 o'olook a. m.
Drbana, Piqoa, lUBn and Union City mall a lorn dally
(Bondays exoaptad) at 8 o'olook p. au
. Lancutw, Logan, NalaonTllla, Olrclarllle, Chllllootha.
Portamouth, Washington C. Athena, Mariatla and
Billsboronitb aulls cloat dally (Sundays sxosptad) at 9
clock p.m.
ait Wai Mall by National Eoad to Canarvllla slosas
dally (Bandaya azoaptad) at It o'clock m.
Uarrtibana jaatioioaaa uauy isunoays awapwaj mi
o'olook p. nt.
Ut. Tirnon Kail, by way of Waatorrlllaaad Banbury,
aloaaa daily (iundaya axoeptad) at B o'olook p.m.
Dublin Mall aloaaa daily (Bandaya azoepted)at 8 o'clock
p. aa. ...
Uneaatar Way Mall cloaaa dally (Bnndays szcaptal) at
O'Olock p. B.
Malla from New York. Boatoo. Philadelphia, Buffalo,
Albany, Plttaburgh, Clara laud, Dayton, lolado, Xanla,
Datrolt. BDrinK&ald.ClnoinnatL OhilUootha, Bt. Louis,
and all Boutbam eitlaa. arrtva batwaaa Um hoars at t
O'clock p. aa. and 4 o'olook a. aa.
Mail! froat IndUnapoLU, Chicago and Dubuqua ntvt
at 3:40 a.m.
Malls from Wuhingtoa City, Baitloora, Wheeling,
Zanaarllla, Newark, BtaubanTtlla, Ml. Vernon, sad the
0. O. B. B. Way MaiUarrirtM 18 o'clock m.
Way Mall from Cincinnati arrirea at S o'clock p.m.
Lanoaater Mall arrives at 8 o'clock p. aa.
Bait War Mall over the National Read arrival al 11
O'clock a. aa.
Mt. Vernon Way Mall arrive at 11 .-00 a. aa.
Mall from Dublin arrives at 18 o'olook m. .
Drbana Way Mall arrives at 8 o'olook p.m..
Barrlaburgh Mall arrives at 11 o'clock a. m.t
Lanoaater Way Mail arrives at 18 o'clock m 1
Othoo deUvarr oven ever daf (except Sunday) from
7 o'olook a. m. to 6 o'olook p. m. Open on Sunday e
from 7)f to 8 0010011 la the morning, and from t to V
I Is an lodliputabls fact, that If any person wants one
of those comfortable E8QUIMATJX BKAVEEOV1R
COATS, he will anally find them In lane qnantltle at
IB any person dtalroas of owning on of th late style
of RMAVXE OVRtt OOAlB. With aane altacbed.
don't break your heada to learn where to find tneai
go to the ''',''"
(JArilAli Oil X AKIAUb,
Oppoait the BUM Mouse.
Toa will Bud them there m all colore, kept by
DID you never wear any ot th BILK MIXBD CAS
BIMKRB SUITS, which an told at the Capital City
Aroadef Ruth In and you will find them In piles, at
YOU may alto bt In want of PANTS and TB8TB. and
there la but one eatabliahment in the Weat where
Pants and Teats art to bt had la all itrlpea, ahapes.
Styltt, quantities and qualities, and that place It the
lArl 1 ALi Ull X AUUAUC.
DON'T forget tht txtentlvt auortment of FURNISH
ING BOODB. particularly In WOOLBN BHIdTB,
Which you can And In Red, whit and blue," at th
Superintended by Maroua Chllda.
If yon with to wear garment! HIDE TO OB
DKK, you can do no better than to go to tht Mer
chant Tailoring Establishment, next to th A road a, and
select your goods from a slock comprising nil eolora ot
Beaver Oftlhs. Caaslmerea, Bilk Velvet and Plash Test
ings, and you will tartly meet with a good &t by purcbaa
ting at i ,
', irlArtOUS UIIIIjUS'9,
MILITARY aiNTLBMBN, when they come to this
city, aa etrangers, and wish to get a TJNIfORM. It
la to their btsi advantage to call at
Where a large ataortment of BLUB CLOTn and other
artlolea belonging to the equipage of an officer oaa be
had at very moderate prices. ' '
In short nil at '
Marcus Cfcilds's,
Proprietor of that txtantlve) buainett locallt;,
NO. SI S3 and S3 niGH BIKEET,
Opposite th State Hout.
Corner Sprint at TFator sta.
Oolxxxn'iDixg. Olxlo-
W. B. POTTS & CO.,
tnd Mannfacturert of Brats and Oompoaltlon Castings
finished Bnua Work of all Deecriptloue.
Electro Plating and ; Gilding !
"olnmbns Wholesale Liquor Store
Foreign and Domestio Winei, Brandiei,
Jto. ke.
atpSdlyis ....
dealer; m
x ruviuiuuc
Foreign and Domestio Liquors, ;
. . Fruits, eto. etc., ,
TO ' .
No. 106, South' High Street,
ThtoMatand noeolly oocnpled by.WM. MoDONAlD'
: HtUb dally ttotipt of
- ' ; . Whloh ht will sell -ii .' i- . '. ...
Champ tmt Caala tr Cenatry- Produce
Uj floods dtllftted to City tiadt fret af chaTftuDI
-WlUlCUXI. Jl.m Grill
And Seed Store, ..;
GalBitH Platola. Vaat 17IUW Wairarf
atheraod KabUf Beltlnf ,
Iaoa Leather,. Hoot andl
ami. ,d.' f. .i- .
v aoi-tuy
1 "
Tht pattern of tbett thlruart new. The Bodies, Tokstv
BletTat and bosoms an formd to fit tot person wttn i
and eomfort. Tht aoarkamnt eMh en SeelmaUnfl
slat aaay bt railed oa aa bain f tomei, and taoh ahlrt
narantotd well audt. A fall ttook all anasl
LxtanUe for tale at B Alii -a.
SwtBsV XfcniMUHittml.
From all Parts of the World.
Col. Miles Acquitted.
The Palmettoes Frightened
News form the Great Expedition.
Battle at Belmont, Mo.
No Rebels Near Springfield.
&C. &C. &C.
From Washington.
[Herald's Dispatch.]
Wasuinoton, Nor. 6. The appointment ot
Quartermaster General Meigs Is strongly urged
by Influential parties al auooeBsor to General
iremont, to oommand tne Western Department,
while It la thought probable General llalleck
ill be tent to Kentucky, 'ine same persons
-who wish General Meigs sent to Missouri are
pressing Major Belger, now la charge of the
Department at Baltimore, as his auoeessor In the
Quartermaster's ueparimeni.
Gen. neintclemao it la bellored will be raised
to the rank ot Major General. .
General Hooker, commander or the Uuion
troops on the lower Potomao, made reconnoia
eance along the coast on Monday. The result
of it will have much loflaenoe la guiding the
moTements oi mat portion or. onr army.
The intelligence that General McClellan has
asenmed entire control of the Union army oi
the Potomao was reoeiyea witn great entuusl
WashinotoNi No?. 7. No arrivals from the
flotilla to-day, and none from the lower Poto
mac. The rebels still continne active. It is be
lieved they have thirty or forty thousand men
near Shipping Point, within immediate call.
The indications are they would rest satisfied
with an effectual blockade of the Potomao, and
a successful resistance to any advanoe made
npen their position. They are erecting new
batteries at points below the mouth of Quantico
creek, the batteries already erected being in
sufficient. Every night some craft eucceeds In
running the blockade.
Information received nere iron persons woo
have lately been among the rebels at Richmond
ana Manassas, gives assurance tnat or late tne
rebels have not been kept posted as to the
fiurposes of the Government, and are at great
oss to know what McClellan intends to do and
at what point the btyw la to be struck, that they
are sure will fall upon them soon.
The committee appointed at the last ses
sion of Congress, composed of. Senators Hale,
Grimes, and Andrew Johnson of Tennessee,
to lnauire into the facte conneoted with the de
struction of the Norfolk and Pensacola Navy
Yards, and Harper's Ferry Arsenal, assembled
to-day, only two jnemoera were present, Mr,
Johnsoo not haviDK reached the city. Com
manders MoAuley, Paulding and Pendergast,
and Paymaster Bradford appeared before them
as witneeees, and will give tneir testimony to
morrow. '
The committee are determined to make a
thorough Investigation into those matters, let
the consequences tall where tbey may.
[Tribune's Dispatch.]
- All the Northern Governors have by letter or
messenger responded to the recent circular of
the Seoretary ol state, promising to see to
the thorough fortification of our sea and lake
Gen. McClellan issued an order to-day that
the nasses of Gen. Soott should be honored the
same as though he were in command of the
Gen. Havelook, a brother of the late Sir
Henry Havelook. arrived this evening to offer
his services t) our Government.
Col. Ward H. Lawson haa raised his brigade
one regiment composed of Virginians, one of
Pennsylvanians and tne turd almost entirely oi
[Times Dispatch.]
Gen. Halleck or Gen.D. C Bael will be as
signed to the command of the Western Depart
ment in place or uen. rremont.
The Court or inquiry in tne oase ot uoi
Miles, has made Its report. About fifty-eight
witnesses were examined. Their evidence pre
unt. extraordinarily connoting testimony:
twentv-elcht awear positively that tbey saw
Col. Miles drnnk on the day of the battle of
Bull Runt about twenty swear lust as positively
that they saw him within the hours alleged, and
be waa not QrunK. Alter weigning me testi
mony, the Court decided: That this Court Is of
opinion that no evidence oaa now be found
sufficient to convict uoi. miies or arunaenness
before a Conrt Martial, and suoh Conrt oannot
be convened for this trial without great lncon-
venienoe to the service; and recommends tnat
no further proceedings be bad. 1 he proceed
ings were laid before the Major-General Com
mandiog, and approved io-aay. -
[Special to the Commercial.]
The ordinary roads In Virginia are in a shock
ing condition since tne late rains.
The trial ot a number ot persons under in
diotment for treason, commences In Baltimore
to dav before Jostieee Taney and Yates . Some
curiosity Is expressed here as to the oourse like
ly to be pursued by unier justice i aney.
' A gentleman from Charleston who was re
cently in this olty states that every preparation
had been taken in tnat city to prepare lor tne
naval expedition. The famons Washington
Artiller? nad been sent to uuirs tsav, ana sol
diers and artillery bad been sent to all points
nn the coast of South Carolina especially ex-
nosed to danger. The Palmettoea were evident
ly in fear of a quick and well deserved punish
A letter to the Post says that Gen. Stone of
fers to make exchange of prisoners with the
rebel General Evans. The latter says be will
refer the whole matter to Kicnmond.
It is not imnrobable that Government will at
an early day assume tne responsioiiity ot
arenaral axohanra of nrisoners. A
... .. ......
car. fox. Assistant secretary oi war. re
marked this morning that no news was expected
from the fleet this week.
n - . nr.
[To the Associated Press.]
The newt from Europe at the State Depart
ment le understood to be eminently satisfactory.
Official diepatohea corroborate the Impression
? ;lven by the telegraphic reports already pub
ished In the papers. . :
Unofficial communications from loyal citizens
of the United States residing In Paris and Lon
don say that la France Prince Napoleon has
east oil all reserve, and declared that the In
sorreoUoa eannot prevail; and other lettsra say
thai Moeesloa le dead in France, or at leaet
that It gives bo sign of Ufe.. m t-. ,.--.,
' Count Ploer, the new minister resident
Sweden and Norway, had his first audience
the Secretary or state to-day at the department,
It la officially communicated to the department
mat tne selection or tnis oisunguisDea nooie
man, a lineal descendant of Co not Piper, iden
tified with the glorious history of bls'oountry
in ins period of unaries lam oi oweaen, is as
signed as a special mark of respect and good
will on the part of Sweden toward tbe United
States, It Is not unlikely that the Government
of tbe United Slates will make some suitable
recognition of this notion on the part of Swe
den. - .
' An Order has beenprepared officially inform
ing the army of tbe retiracy of Lieut. General
Soott, and embodying the letter In which be
states his reasons for thia aot.
The indlcationa are that General Buell will
be assigned to tbe oommand of tbe Department
of tbe Cumberland, to relieve General Sherman,
who will probably return to tbe army of tbe
General Halleck has not yet been assigned to
a position. It is believed be will remain here
to become thoroughly acanainted with the plans
of tbe General-in Chief, whose policy appears
to be, while acting with a view to tne good
government and efllclenoy of the army, to ren
der his appointments, changes, and transfers
entirely agreeoble.to those direotly concerned
In them. . .( .n .' I j
General Mitchell who recently tendered bis
resignation, has arrived In Washington.
A letter received to-night from Darnestown,
says it is believed the rebels are strongly reln-
loroing tbelr costs and fortifications at and
around Winchester, fearing a simultaneous at
lack trom Uen. Kelly and U1. Ueary., ,
The rebels have recently resumed the prac
tice of firing on our pickets. ; '
ine letter (urtner says were is no danger pi
either party crossing the Potomao at present.-.
There has been no Important event on tbe
Virginia side of tbe Potomao for some days. '
1'rof. Lowe bas completed a contraot for five
baliooa tor observation purposes.-.' ,. - '
Government has no information from Rose
crans's army of particular Interest. ' , ' ;
Destination of the Great Expedition
Destination of the Great Expedition--Capt. Hunter's Report.
Nxw York, Nov. 1. The World says the
seorecy m&intaiuej respecting the destination
ol tne ueet nas created no little speculation,
but Bull's Bay has been fixed upon universally
aa tbe point of debarkation. We are enabled
on authority to state the real dest'oation is
Port Royal.
Tbe Herald says: "Tbe report of Captain
Hunter, of tbe rebel steamer Curlew, of the en
gagement between himself and tbe Federal bat
teries at Hatteras, reminds ns of tbe report of
Captain Holllns, and Is equally true He stated
be sighted his rifled gun at the Harriet Lane.
The Harriet Lane la not anywhere near Hatte
ras, being now flag ship of the Potomao flotilla.
Again he says he came within easy range. A
person who was present at the time informs us
the Curlew did not venture within four miles of
tbe batteries, and that his shot fell short about
a mile and a bait."
From Cairo.
[Special to the Evening Journal.]
Cairo, Nov. 7. The expedition which left
here last evening, destination .supposed' to be
Columbus, are having a warm time. - Heavy
oannonading has been heard here tor tbe last
few hours. We are expecting momentarily to
bear of the capture of Columbus. .
From Gen. Rosecrans's Army.
Cincinnati, Nov. 7. The Commercial has
advices from Gen. Roeeorans's army np to eight
o'clock Tuesday morning.
The rebel batterlee commanded from the
west side of the river tbe road on-the east side,
used by Geo. Roeeorans's supply trains from
Kanawha Falls, one mile and a half below tbe
junction of the Gauley and New River, to Gen.
Rosecrans's headquarters, at Tompkins's Farm,
on New River, five miles above the junction.
The supply trains of our army are therefore
discontinued during the day, and mo only at
The rebels had three batteries of two guns
each one opposite Tompkins's Farm, one oppo
site tbe mouth of tbe Gauley, and one opposite
K.anawba falls, tbe latter being tne most dan
gerous. Tbelr tiring was sharp on Monday
morning, but very slow in tbe afternoon, and it
is supposed the rebels were short of ammuni
Our artillery replied and silenoed the battery
opposite the mouth of tbe Gauley. Two of our
men ana several norses were wounaea Dy
shells. , .
On Monday morning nothing definite was
known ot the strength of tbe rebels, but their
operations indicate desperation or great confi
dence. Monday evening Gen. Benbam'a Brig
ade was two miles below steamboat landing,
five miles below Gauley, and is believed to have
crossed tbe river during tbe night. A steam,
boat was detained at that point for traneporta
tion across the river. The troops were ordered
to prepare four days' rations and be ready to
Gen. Rosecrans had Just received a battery of
ten Parrott ten-pounders. Uur troops were con
fident that they could cross the river and bag
the enemy, but some expressed tears that euob
a movement bad been calculated lor and desir
ed by the enemy.
Tbe elevation opposite the mouth or uaniey
s known at wotton mil, and considerably high
er than the ground on our side.
Battle at Belmont, Mo.
Cairo, Nov. 7. Tbe expedition which loft
here last night under Gens. Grant and MoCler
nand landed at Belmont, Mo., ten miles above
Columbns, Ky. At eleven o'olock this morn
ing tbe r ederai troops numDenng three tnou
sand, engaged the rebels, about seven thousand
Tbe battle lasted until sundown, i ne reneis
were driven from their entrenchments across the
river, with great loss. Their camp was burned
Tbelr stores witn all naggage, cannon, norses,
mules and one hundred prisoners were taken.
The Federals then retired, tbe rebels having
received reinforcements from Columbus. Both
Generals had their horses shot under them.
Col. Douehertv. of Illinois, waa wounded and
taken prisoner.. Rebel loss not known. Fed
eral loss believed to be three killed and five
wounded. "- j ." . " c
Missouri Dispatches.
Sminofikld, Mo., Nov. 4. It would be im
possible to exaggerate the gloom which prevail
ed in our oamps yesterday, and nothing but
Gen. Fremont's urgent endeavors prevented It
from ripening Into a general mutiny, tils quar
ters were thronged with officers all day, ex
Dressing their indignation and inclination to re
alsn. The Germans were there en matse, and
talked loudly aoout resisting lorcioiy nunter
assuming the command, as tbe enemy were en
trenching themselves on Wilson's Creek, and
nnthino- waa heard or uunteri ana, in eccora
ance with the most earnest entreaties, Fremont
promised, just at dark, that he would lead the
army to attack mem wis morning, u nunter
did not arrive.
I never saw anything approasblng tne exolte
ment which this announcement created.
caused Iminense cheering around the headquar
ters, which spread in all directions from camp
to camp, and there waa almost uninterrupted.
obeering, growing more and more remote as
the news reached toe oamps iartner ana miner
from the armv. for two hours and a hair. A
doten bands were serenading the General; at
once everybody was preparing to start at day
light and the ail pervading disappointment was
changed to universal joy. ' ' . " " !
Our army under that Inspiration would have
whirled a hundred thousand men. but at tea
o'clock Gen. Hunter arrived. He spent an hour
and a half with Fremont, who gave him bla
nlao of battle. Gen. Hunter assumed com
mand and Gen. Fremont left for St. Louis via
Tlnton this miming.
If we have a fight before the army recovers
from the last and cruel disappointment wa fear
greatly for the reeult, bat hope for the btst.--Ueneral
Pooe Is here with his entire division.
and General Hunter' division will be here to
night wten the troops will an be np. m-.
All of General Fremont's staff left with him
excent Colonels Love joy. bbank and Hudson,
IKL. f.lllnM la llaHMl I H BnU.! AaM Ak
assuming oommand: ' : y
SPRINGFIELD, Mo., Nov. 4th, 1861.
WrYo 1. The command of this" Depart
ment having been relinquished by Major Gen
eral John C. rremont, la assumed by the undet
slgned. Offloers commanding divisions togethj
er with their brigade oommandarsrar request
Major General commanding.
LtiTMwnarK. Not. 6. The election tester-
toy for eoanty and a portion of Start offlwrt
a"'--""" " - -
J 1
passed off quietly in thla county. Tbe officers
a about evenly divided between Republicans
ana ismoorais, 1 1 nere was out one bhii nva.
tin tbe field,
it u
Wo bare account tof a devastating' prairie
fire In-the-weatera part, of the Bute, sweeping
ver tbe greater-part of Davis tad Dickinson
counties, Involving .th destruction of fences,
grain, bay, steatite, stocky etezM'ha fire waa
kent a way. from Junollon Cltv only by tbe
greatest exertions of the silicone, i Rumors, of
loss ot Human lue were current.
I Kiaiat Cm,' Nov. C One hundred end
twenty Federal troops,' under Capt. Shields,
were captured by tbe enemy near Little Santa
Fe, Mo., this morning, : The Federals were on
their way to join Fremont's command. Tbe
reported froe of the enemy waa five hundred
men. ' ; i ', i i 'h i -; ;
' St. Loots. Nov. If A letter from an officer
of high rank In Springfield, dated the Oth, says
ths army waa quiet and in gooa spirits, ana iubi
there was no enemy near, and that General
Hanter had no expectation of a battle at pres
A dispatch, from Gen. Fremont, dated In
Camp, near Qoiney, Mo., 6th, says he will be
In Btvijoais on friday, accompanied ny.rour
hundred and eight men v . , -
The baggage factory of John C. Ball, oorner
of Mulanphy atreet and the levee, with abont
one tboosand bales or bemp, was burned, tym
pany's loss about $130,000. Iosuranos not as
certained, but it Is light, ,,
[Correspondence of the St. Louis Democrat.]
Colonel Dodge,' which' left here a few daya
aince la quest of Ex-Jndge Freeman's band of
marauding rebels, took possession of Houston,
Texas county, on the 4tb Instant, and oaptured
a laage amount of rebel property and several
prominent secessionists, including some omcere
of tbo rebel army... A large mail for tbe rnbel
army was also captured, containing tniormaiion
pf tbe position of tbe entire rebel lores in Mis
souri. - l.4- i I-'; ,"v.-.i
Captain Wood with his rangers bas gone for
ward to Spring Valley to route tbe main body
of Freenmn'e band stationed there.
Capt. Steavens, who left Springfield Tncidar)
morning, bas reached bere and reports that
Tuesday morning our pickets . were to be ex
tended beyond tbe old battle ground at Wil
son's Crsek, tbe advanoe guard of the enemy
having retreated from that position. Their ad
vance guard at that point numbered sevsn
thousand five hundred strong.
uen. wyman has Deen appointed rrovoat
Marshal of Sorlnefield. and onr lines were
strictly guarded, do person being allowed to
pass west or aonthwest. ., -
From the South.
Loouvilli, Nov. 7. Late Southern papers
say the Theodora arrived at Savannah with a
valuable cargo of coffee, ammunition, saltpe
tre, sulpbnr and small arms. The Theodora
brought the ex-Minister to Brasil, Mead, and
Capt. S. J. Short, of tbe British Navy, who
tendered bis services to tbe rebel government.
Tbe South Carolina, arrived from Europe,
reports the feeling In England and France
warming np In favor of tbe South. .
Col. Tilehman has been sppolnted a rebel
Brigadier General; he supersedes Gen. Alcorn
In oommand at Hopkinsvillo. -
Benjamin was formally appointed Secretary
of War.
Tbe vote lor President and Vloe President of
tbe Confederate Statee on the aixth, was x
peoted to be small, and it is thought Davis snd
Stephens would encounter little opposition.
Uen. Hardee has been promoted to a Maior
Ueneralsbip. He and Johnston were at Bow
ling Green on the 4'.h.
Zllicoffer has fallen back to Cumberland
Gap and sent to Knoxrille for leinforcements.
An armed Confederate steamer has broneht
into Charleston the brig Betsey Aon Wells of
Maine, m. cnaei renn, ana six others.
Tbe privateer Sumter is said to have been
captured to t.e leeward of Barbadoes.
Wigfall has been made Brigadier and Benham
Major General of the Confederates.
It waa stated in luenmond that five hundred
and sixteen vessels have run tbe Southern block
ade since tbe 15th of May.
The Little Kock Uazette says that Solon
Borland has been appointed Brigadier General.
The Journal Is credibly Informed that in coun
ties south of Green River Buckner's men, with
in tbe lost four or five days, have stolen or
seized from six to eight hundred wagons.
Nrw York, Nov. 7 The Poet says a gentlt.
man of this city has received a private letter
lrom fortress Monroe ol the otb, saying we
have just received a second dispatch from tbe
Ureal expedition, 'the Ureat Kepublio bad
grounded and loet some of the- horses; every
thing else was rigor. They were air Bull's Biy
Tbe story is doubted .
Gov. Morgan and Senator Harris have aent a
dispatca to Gen. Wool asking him to delay his
contemplated resignation, and continue b bis
present position.
Tne Chamber of Commeroo bas ptMed reeo,
lutions expressing its sense of tbe eminent ser
vices of Gen. Scott in flattering terms, and a
committee waa appointed to present him with
a copy. -
The .Uhamoer ot uommorce to day adopted
tbe following resolution: ..
Kttoivta, That a committee be appointed to
prepare a memorial to Congress, asking for the
establishment of a line ot steamers from San
Francisco to Japan and China, to be suitably
armed for tbe protection of American commeroe
on the Paoifio, and ot sufficient epeed to Insure
tbe rapid transmission or ths mails.
Ex-Gov. Dotv. of Wisconsin, lately appoint
ed commissioner to the Indian Tribes la Utah,
Is in tbe eity to-day, on bis way westward to ful
fill his mission; be leaves to-morrow.
Cleveland. Nov. 7. Matthew F. Manrv. of
New Orleans was arrested here to-day by U. S.
Marshal Bill. His trunk contains a large num
ber or letters to parties la the rebel States.
Baltimore, Nov. 7. Bradford, Union candi
date for Governor, has 14,475 maiority io the
city, and will reach au.uuu in the state.
Tbe boat from Old Point has just arrived
She experienced a heavy gala in the bay.
1 here is no tidtugs or tbe great fleet yet. :
There had been no arrivals from the South
Tbe Spauldiog baa not yet returned to Hat
terae Inlet. -. , ,
BurvALO, Nov. 7. Job Collamcr, Assistant
Superintendent or the New York Central Rail
road, died this morning. ... , ,., ,
A Propeller Burnt.
Cbioaoo, Not. 7. The propeller Hanter. of
tne Bunaio s ontoago line, waa burned tnis
morning while lying opposite the warehouse of
Stureiss, Smith & Co. Valued at forty thou
sand dollars; Insured. Twenty persons, names
unknown, supposed to be deck hands, were
lost. " " - ..
Wisconsin Election.
MiLWACKRB, Nov. 7. Later retarne show
large Democratic gains. Raoins oonnty, usu
ally one thousand Republican majority, reported
Demosratio. Keauit very close ana ooudi
ful. " - " - :
The Tenth Reelment, Col- Chapin, leaves
here lor Louisville Saturday. " s ..
X - - riatn ottoman uiotns;
Magenta and Black Check Valencia.;
Srocb. ttonbaia ureas Uoodt; " ' ' " ' '
' Balmoral Skirt.;
Atoxanden' Kid dlovti; ; 2
1 1 tlon Trail Hoop r-klrti. '' i
" CoraeU. Hair HeU, J,",
' ' ' '- Plaid H.rlnoa. "(' V ' w
1 BAIU fc BOH,1
Mo. M Bosth High Btr.eJ.
Irisli Linen Goods."
LlneaBblrtBoiomi Plain and fancy j j
Bhlrttng and Bosom Llnena. r
V - ' Linen Bhtetlngt and Pillow Oasrngt. 1
'"-. r , Linen Cambric aad Long Lawns.
Linen Pocket.bandk'fa, all aiaet.i
Limn Towellings and Diapers
- Linen Napkin, and D'Oy Ilea. .
tTe. ti Booth Elfih atreet,
V, BHAWXS, tt w dealgnt at JJ wsyvaiot a w,
tS0Q-rVaIae ft OOi
Bilk at 100-yya
1 00 a yard. '
I'rocoh KtoVrrfofcrr
He, w Boata Kia Street.
NEW YORK, Nov. 7.
OOTTOR ContlQUta flrm: aalta Hue kaiM iniin.
tplaod at 84c. . , , .
VU)Ck-Mdarato MslntM dolae or rrf aaH
kome consumption, and tat asarhet Is without material
obaaei talet rj SMOOboli ats)) 'o U for relatted;
) 4iia45 (Ml for tuporBnt ttatt; Si 704S 75 for ex
tra state: BS SSaS 60 for au perdue western: 8) ?S
S H for eoauaoo to aaadiua extra wee term; (i IKvgiQ imj
for thlpplDf brandt tatra round noop unio; to 103)
S 75 for trade braodt do. Market eloalug quirt. Cana
dian Soar witliott rtiportant ohaoia la prlat and in
soderau detaaudi tale of 7iQ harrtU at (S i&li 60 for
anperflae.and ti 7.VA7 SO for eomaoa to eholeo extra
m HAW a Qoitt ana .ttaay ai a i iwa io.
(JOHN MKAL Io moderattreaueat; sslfS of 130 kbit
Srsndywine at f 3 vs. '
WUI8KY In fair demand and the niariot la nnctr;
let of SU Milt at SlIWIl Xa. ehtrflr at U I &SI Ho .
WAR AT aulas aulte Srm with protty eeod UeBand
JOT export I taltt IH.4UV boahelt Qbloafo aprlng at SJ1 10
(SI Si; iH.OUU lmah.lt KaelM tprlns at SI Ual il
UllwaalMttlabat 1 ?Ml ; amher low at (1 xi
1 iSXt red eteie at SI 271 Stl; winter rad weat.
ern tl (I iliS: ia 000 tmeh Canada oleb at tl IS
1 4! x7,U0 on ataber Mlehitma al 1 KkSl 30, tht
latter prloe for very oholc.; i,ie baab.lt whltt Cana
dian at 1 W-ml 40; 3,000 bash white Kentucky at (1 44
1 SOt 13,500 whllo Indiana al $1 311 40; 1S.6W
boahelt whit. Michigan at SI elcftl 44.
KYB-Vlraa: talta of 3500 bnahelt al BOASle for Cue-
da and afato.
BARLbY Qntelai about orttlcoa taotallonai 800
baahela Canada artrt told at 8Uo. . ttttM
COHIi lo moderate aupn.y tnd aalta firm, with fair
demand for export and home tenaamptlon; taltt of
159.000 baahtla at GlKa for 'daman aatxed weaitrn:
651(9630 lor eastern do bin tat print tblpplog do.
OATS firm and in modeiatt doanaod; Canada 419
2c: we.terdanil.ul4SA4Sj, ' . . .
J?UKB. Ibtit It a little mora doing in pork to-day,
but the market la generally wllhoatdicldedohange; tales
of 875 bbls at 15jSI5 50 for mess; 1 for print preaa;
ajv eK(av 4 i or prime,
BEE If Moderately aellrt, without material alteration
In qaotattnnai talet of 350 bla al fi(S4 SO for prime;
S5ut)S OOfor metsi a 11!$ IK for repacked meaa, SU SU
for extra meM. frime ueas beef lnaotire.
BBkf HAMS Arb iteady; small aalel Of weetern at
16e. ' - - - I
OUT MR ATS Ball at 4V5o for anoaMaia. and
JSXefor hame.
BACON Continues aleady with fair demand, eulefly
for future delivery, at 6 i7o for amoked aldea; aalea
Include 1000 boxea Oumlierland rut middles for Decem
ber and January delivery on private term.. .
DUK88BO 11003 lu food danund-, cUitdy for pack
ing, and firmer; taltt at 55,c.
LAUD Ountlnuea In actire reqneat, and tht market
for choice qualities may be quoted a .hade firmer; aalea
of 13Mbbleat8((39Xoand 60 package, at t(&9Xr
Included Id the lalee areSOObblt for futart delivery at
9c for December and HJfc for Jaoaary. .
BUTTKB rirmat twite for Ohio, ana ixxtsioo ror
State. ' .- -
OHBEBI vail and heavy at 497o.
BUGAR Raw oonlinnea very firm tt SSS'io for fair
to good refining; aalea of 300 bhdtat " Cu
ba and 8H4o for Porto Rico; 448 hhdt Mtlado at SX
and 700 home Uvaca at H9a'
MULA88KS tialett tales 1 hhdt BaratUnet at uo;
10 hhda do at Brio 30 hhda Porto Kioo at 40S43o; aud
lSbblaNewOrleantat 14c. -. .
SrOOKS-Very quiet and prices higher.
Cincinnati Market.
FLOUR Tht cava from New York was mora favora
bit for breailetafft, tod prlctt of flour closed ratht
higher, anptrflne telling freely at S4 HAi 0.-
WUSAT waa arm. itea vnaicjo; ana waits csw
90o. . , . .
OATS Firm at !SK0
COHN Unchanged. . '
R y E Unchanged .
WHISKY The demand continue, actire, and was la
advanoe of too recelpta to-day, at MX", tht market
dosing buoyant.
PK0V191ON3 Tne maraet ia very unsettled, ana
holders of meet pork made large concessions, and there
waa a good deal done, but tht terms art not permitted
to bt made paoiio, -i nre was a gooa aemana lor oacoo
aldea. rlh In. and tome 500 hhda told tt abont SKo. and
500 do..-dellTered in New York, al 6Xo, Shoulders can
be bonnht at so. mere it no aemtna wnaiever ror citar
.Idea, and holder! art anxioot to tell. Th ttock of all
kinda of Won la ireatlv redneed, and of rib tides la
nearly exhaoated. Wo mrta pork ia offered at (9. There
are burera of new lard, to be delivered any timt thla
month, at 7c: aome keg laid sold it en. A aale of 300
hoga at S3 and of 1000 pieces green meats at 30
inr mhnniAmrm .nd 4c for haDB.
finnnnRrKH There warair fohbinr eaainew doing.
atfnllratee-augr9i'4l0,c; collet loSlOXo; and
molasses 4S4tio.
Cleveland Market
FT.ntTR There were aale. of imall lots, Inelndlng falr
country red wheat doable extra, at Rl as.
WHIAT Balet of 6000 bushels red from store; IWO
tm.hela. and 400 bntbels do do. 4000 bushels, and 1500
bushels, free on board, and 4 cart on track, all at 02c;
and 1500 hnahela while from .tore at 9?C,
OOaN One car told at 3.'c, and two cart at jjc an on
OATS Bleadv at 24c.
HIQHWINE3 25 bblt told at II and 2j do at
15X8- . ,
For an Inch of Time!
a dying Queen. That inch of time can bt procur-
a much cheaper rate, and many long yeara oi i
enjoyed byeoniulllng r. MKEETWBATHIR, wht
It oaring mt mott oojiinat. ana ioDa-mu"ua
Facta are Stnbbarn Thlng-tt
Bear what tha Philadelphia correapondent sayi In the
Commonwealth," Wilmington, Delaware, 9ih of April,
1&50: - '
"An English gentleman, formerly connected with the
British Army, and who ityltt himself tht 'Indian
Botanlo Phyticlan,' hat of late gained an extenaive repu
tation here by hit tkill In caring all manner of torn
plaints. Some of hit petlenta I hart oonveraed with,
and they pronoanot hit remedlee and mode of treatment
at very superior. Bonn hare been restored aa If by
magic Tbe medicine hi uaei Is distilled by himself
trom various herbs postetalng rare euratlTt propertiet.
..nrhtiA udn. in tn. armv ha devoted hit lehmrt mo
ments to a thorough etudy of tht effects produced by
certain medicinal roots ana netDt on an uausor u.
taaet. It aeema bt hat found a aurt and tpeedy reme
dy for all tht 'Ills that flesh la heir to.' lilt practice Is
already extensive and is dally Increasing. In On com
plaints to which Females art tubj acted, he hat no tqual
at a large number here have tesUfleE that they owe not
only their present good health, bat their Uvea, to th
tkill of thll Indian Bottnlc Physician." .
Office 37 East State Street, Columbus, ; .
lugTT-d3ut" ' .
ladies' Linen Pooket-Handk'Ci.
kerchlert, very wide hems.
Embroidered Linen HaDdt s til prioei.
Hemmed BUtchtdsad plain do, do. -, v.
do do oolored borders. -
kTournlni do . , black bordore
do i do , - new al.vlo crow stitched. )
Pint Apple do now patterns.
Plain and Rammed Btltchei do all prices. '
Oomprtalng ths moat tcltot ataortment In the city and
at loweat prices. nam ,
febvv ... . no- xi, ponm nigu dkw
- ' -i FAN 01 VkVBM. Btiasi
m i Ibh.m. ml flf VmaM IT 1 1
TH. atteouon oi ui m v. ------"-',-solicited,
at omrstooklavery ttltot and complete In a
i" . 40 ItStLmV,.
iTaaxa cmrruiDtx.
QO Wiair ' Dtreot,!
vr , (Offlctt tf Olty Judgt.)
1 rrri -r. M E Wv YORKtr-, rIT
.Ji V a.,.-..-. .J v. fc-i.Ji-a. A.
Brr to-. . , , , . - i" j-j jr-.t
Hta. James monetier, 0. i. superior voun. , .
Hoa.H. B. Payne, Olevtland.O. ' -1 w
Ho.tt U. HuntivLaoaaStM,a KUlt J
rat- (J -,4 1 40 aa wrwT-i oaj . c .a
- '
.., .a..t. ..n
l All stats aud oolors jwst optrnd ad BAINS,
dtcll. " -Ne,wBoaiHlfhitrtt
j" They go RishttoihSpot
.m.iit, n.Jl
Irutaat Kellef I, iet j.ar Coagk
... . P.rif, raw., Prtat,,,,
rnthcn ytsir yUVl ZrI:
, ARK "
, ' on. r !
'jrif 'f l.-IHr
GOOD FOB t'v'hmi'nLinn
r -a "? a' t
i . . j i i i i
'BNTf.HMtiflAtlRY. J:
An 1'.J rl f.n.i
onir.DRCN cax toa- -.awts
They relieve a Cough instantly. " "U1B
They clear the Throat. , r . j. ,
They give strength and volnme'to the roiee.
They impart a dellciom aroma to tbe breath
They are delightful to the taste.' " " V
Tbey art made ot simple
harm any one. '
herbs and cannot
I adrl.e every one who bu a Cough or a nusky Vojce
oraBidDreatn, oranydlfflculty of tht Throat, to gtt
a package of my Throat Ooofrotloni; the trill ralleTt
yon InaUntly, and yoa will agree with me that Mhey
go right to tha spot." Ton will fioitthtm vary. useful
and pleannt while traveling or attending pabllo meet
ings for Btllllngyour Cough oalla;lng yoar thlrat -' If
yoa try ont package, I am safe In laying that yon will
ever afterward! consider them lndlspanaablt.'
Toa will find them at t'e Srugglttt and Deaton In
Hedlclntt. . , ;
twenty-five cents,
My elgnature Is cn each package. ' All others tra
aounterfelt. . . ', .
A package will he tent by mall, prepaid, on rtctipt o
Thirty Cents, .. .
( Henry C. Spalding,
By tbe use of then rill, the perlodio attack, ot AVr
eout or Sick BxfLioht may be prevented; and if 'nkrr.
at the commencement of an attack Immediate rrlrTrr.ici
pain and sickness will be obtained.
They aeldom fail Id removing too Xan$ta and
uAe Io which femaleaareao aabject.
They act gently upon tht bowelt rtmovlcg Cbttiv
lot Liurai-D Mm, Student; Delicate Female
andallraon of UiUntary hcMtt, they art ralu.
w a (jitwttliH. Improving the appetite, giving ton
vigor to tho dilative organs, and restoring tht natur
ela.tlolty and atwagth of tht wholt lyatem.
TUB CKPHALIU PILLHire tht remit of long love.
ligation and rarcrully ennducted expehmente, hating
been In use mauy euia, during which time the J JbR
prevented and relieved a fast amount of pain nod luilei
Ing from Headache, whcthei origmatlbg tr. the trwoa t
ayatem or from a derailed Ute tA Bit ifomticji.
They are entirely vegetable la their ooap'.kitloi., ...
may bt taken al all timet itb perfect tet, nh"ut
making any change of diet, and the abnu ot i' V
HiaarttaiU tmt rmiltri it wiv to aitmlnit er item
ehUdrm. , . , ,
BBVTARBUir COUNTS ul'BtJ'lJ I 1 ' '"
Thegenaine htve five tlgnatuvtlt Uenry U Spalding
oa each Box. " t :
Bold by Dragglsli and all other Dealers In Medicines,
A Box will bt tent ty mail, prepaid, on receipt of tht
jFrIoo, QS Cents. ,
AH orders should be addrtatcd to yf j '.
i . : - -', 8 Vetfstr NtreetNetw. task.
. From tht Bxunlaer, Norfolk, Va.
Cephalic Pills aocomnlua tht object for which the?
were mads, vla dart of oeadacht la all ita forma
- 1 j, r i, i
from tha Examiner, Norfolk, Va. -Tbey
have beta totted la more than a thsusand oases
With entire euoasas. , 1 1 ,1 .-...
From the Democrat, Bt. Cloudf If Inn. -
It vot art. or have been, troubled wlli the haaJaoae
aend fur a box, (Cephalio Pills.) to that, yaa oai,hare
U1VU1 IU DAM V, .11 HW.I
from tht Advertiser, Providences a..l4.j .
The Oeohallo Plllt art said to be a remarkably tffteme
remedy for the headache, and ont of tht very beat for
that very frequent ooinplalnt whloh hat ever, beta- 4
oovered. -'. j
from tht We. tern B. R. Oaaetto, Ohloago, III.
We heartily tndone Mr. BpauUIng, and hia autvaled
Ctphallo Pills. . - - .y.
fro Kanawha Talley Btar, Kanawha. Ta.
We art sure that persona tufferlny with tht headache
who try them, will tack Uitn.- ,
from tht Southerd Path finder, NewOrleana, La.
' Try themt yon tliat an afllWed, an Ajar. mtgjtT thai
your testhnonycan be-added- to tht already aomeron,
list that hat received btneflU Ihatao wthot. aatStciwt- no
product. . , ' "',
' . - from tht Bt. LotHa DenMMratv.
The rkiinenw demand for the article t Ctphallo Pills
la rapidly increasing, '
... - . .- y, 1 l."'TWT
, gnua Hie flaaette, Davenpor. Uwa. -. .,!.
Mr. SpaWlnn would not eoouaotbia naaotgwltw aa ar
ticle he 4.J not know to uoaaeat real uieri.n v. , t.
SjfA aingl. bottle of SPALlUHtt'o PREPAU0
t GLUa) wlllanve un tltuea lta oot anuually.cJI
... ; . K V . -. Hi . I'' W
W TrITrrBOISl''- 1,4
4 - jrj"A Bvtwe u Tiaw Bivat Nta.,(irjl ,
' As accidents will kappeo, even la well rfgutatroTfam
lllea. It It very dastraole to have soma obtap aaSeeo
vamltBi wny for rpruig fuwaltart,. Ie, qe)fery
' " BPALDfNa'l PE1PA ft ID ffLTJIT
mtets all tweb emrgmtlet, tod a botaMhtld taa afe9
to bt without It. It It alwayt ready, au4 up t ah. attofc
.rnnriirfW'iit Main
' N. i'i Brush aecompanlet each botllt
M.ia. - -: ' Address. ;- - i ji
- t. tt
ft , , Nor). Oedas Street, Me Xaif
b.'UJ f-J) coaCT10!(a .;..3 ':, i i)
Am certain, apslnctplea' V!. ' 'k'tfenptiiiT
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