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1UIIPIS3T JOLLKlt, Puhllshsrs.
rr weeeii-Atuaiiay 4 ! -article- o oor
fiTT front h PM" Jr J"14 nUtfd
'Prtl" ,UlconUVn sope wholesome truths
Influence of Christianity.
It wu eatee-ed thfielitol excellence end
crowning glory of .Qhrtaltanlty bv It; early ad
voeaterftO' W". iU bound, ip.one
. . . 1 TA buH
fraternal bona oi union ana uarniuuji , -
rwiu. fiirA and biurbarlajL, bond nd tree
n iiln ?nntlnuM M Droduci'lhe same elfeot, or
its ancient r,lorv bee departed. -v ' '
Granted that Christian, as of yore, barmo
oltea, la a common faith aud common union,
'wn;i"Viflrwia hortUa J tack other,
then, while JLdeef not directly fere with
r-.... -,'nt of the world, lis influence
k. m cause people of dissimilar character
v.rmonloualv under the tame gereral Gov-
aruinrat. af as the original, genuine spirit
of Cfccistlaaity previWU tendency, must be to
ic ,. in una errand civil community, in
.nrWT.(ieableend ha'rtnbntooe intercourse,
all the nations, trlbea e,-VM'6 Pf the
Hrtha, . r r
W'Sat'then must belts lufluence over a peo
ple of a common language; common origin
and.ktlrj, thoAgnldIirring,iu me pi ftal
aocUllnatltutlonj.jot already existing under
.n.l OrtmHimsrit of tbelr Owa choice,
whlokhyHe5Md founded upon just wd
right prlifctple. It mnet be, to prevent the
occurrence of civil coamotlopf; or' if ,by cy
unforeseen fatality they do occur, to bring them
to speedy termination, with- tlx least possible
waste of llfond jironerty,. ,y. j , : ,
The effect of true Christianity snd of hlgb
civllintldn! would, fri this respect, be the same
for, tbo twQinlk band in band through the earth
aud cannot be separated. Either, then, the people
of the United Slates, considered as one great na
lion, are at best obly"til,ChrIsrIaD and seml-
civilised.or the present destructive and bloody
111 sncedilv be brobeht 'to a "ha'r-
morilous' ' cloeV It insy bo' thttf we as
ps pie have retrograded in the path we have
been taagbt-. ,to . belwve we, were pursutsg
toward a .bigbJo'rm of Christian ciyilliitlon,
and bai this scourge it necessarV to bring
back to' the ' point formerly1 reached. -At
all events, whaterer the csuse or the final
purpose, wt r bow passing throogh a fearful
and terrible ordeal", wfcicb, let us, hope, may
purge away
the dross and leave tne reuaea
Port Royal and its Environs.
The qnestiou of the destinAtwn, or of one el
the Domta-af destination of tbo Great. Naval
Expedition Is at length settled. Tb telegraph
reports th)ombarinieut of Fort Royal,. S.. C,
which rndiiatea" that tbe rebels hare there erect
ed wotkjBfofsnfle, aa they probably .chve
done'arouni the inlets and estaarles. surround
ing Pert &yl -nd Beaufort, The object of
the bombardment doubtless is, to effect a land
ing of the tropps.and obtain poseeseiou of Beau
fort. ... .. t,;, a;.-.,6?.v.A..-- - ft-i- '
The Port Royal entrance or bay il said to be
the fiaest barber f Bouth Carolina, and one of
the nohleeVinTsia Yfttjers'pf the Wtiole South
The harbor of Port Royal or Beaufort is vari
ously stated at from forty to seventy re miles
south from Charleston. Jt is,' however, Agreed
that it. ia about equi distant between that city
and SaVaonah. "
Tbe entrance from the Atlantic into the har
bor, between Hilton Head Island an Si. Ilele-
na Island, Is about three miles wide, and has,
even over the" bary twentyne, and probably
tiieuif -Mven feet of water at hlsh tide. With
in, the nav,iea of the world might float Six
teen miles from the sea is the town, of Beau
fort, the water approach to which does cot. ad
mlt vessels Of over eleven fctt draojbt. ' A few
milea back of Beaufort ia the railroad' oounect-
IneharleBton aid .Safadpah. ' The 'whole of
this rpltm has otiite an ampfaibioue character.
The snoetfts of tbe rivers 'and the iqUii of the
ocean Inclose a humber of Islands of considera
ble site, among which may be mentioned Hilton
Head. St, Helena andPoiti Royal- Th.e'pw
Tha Boaseseloa of the fineJarboruof Bean
fort or Port Royal thus gives command of one
of the most Important, and, for the designs the
army of the Union baa ia view in making a
lodgment en tne ooawcra cow uu un
taraooa baaie of oneratioa ia entire rebeldom
Beaufort District b aa area of one thousand
five hundfed and jorty square nines.- ine snr
fica ia law aad level, end the soil sandy and" al
luvial, prodneinr ootton, ice, etc., in great
abundance, unr troops win wius uuu uinu
selvee lodged la the richest district (South Ca
rolina intra for countv) in tbe State yielding
some fifty million pounds of rice annually, and!
thirteen thousand bales Of toe nnesi quality oi
cotton, tbe famous lctig-ttaple eea-ieland,-the
very kind England most wantj. ' Hers are over
six millions of dollars wort of orope, subject
at euce to coalaaation , if tbe proprietors poraist
in their disloyalty. , Jtiaalso one of the .most
thickly erttled diatrlotsof State, the popula
tion in If50 being 38,605.' " Of these no less
ttuu are negro slaves a property repre
sentlogtwenty millions of dollars! .It is on
this spot that the shaded maps of negro d!strt
b a tion show the nightlieet ubade. We shall
thus literally carry the war into Africa! The
place is admirably suited for vast camp of in
struction, and with proper defenses it will .not
be founw difficult to bold this whole Hiatrict
against py force thje rebolscaij rlrjg-agalnrt
us. " ' '.
Wisconsin Election.
The relerhd front Wisconsin look well.' Mil
waukee Tettf gives Fxiausoir, Democrat, for
Governor twvnty-five hundred majorityV , The
Democrats carried every Ward. ' . i
Tbe Demeoratt gain largely ia the State-
Lincoln's majority was about twenty-tiro tboo-gM(j.i-M
Vl St ' -w'-i.f! .'i:'n -.( v-i
Our Wisconsin friends have made a gallant
fight. "'"'-" ; - -
The Milwaukee Ntict vt the 7th instant, says:
Th turns which have thus far been receiv
ed art favorable to the election of the whole
Democratlo Bute ticket. (..There art over eight
hundred cities and tows in the State but ;one
hundred and one have vet been neara irom, in
th. Fflrenaon rebttivelv trains 2,086 over Ho
hart's vote of two vears ago, when fiandall was
lectad bv only 3,950 majority Tbe chance of
all the other" candidates tpoa the Democratic
State ticket Is still better for aa election, tbsa
that f Mr ierguson .. - . i-'.vf.i. . 5
We have also gained several Senators, and
enough members al the. Assembly (0 render, tie
pf that body, doubtful.
Illinois Election.
The rsturne from the county elections i JUl-
noli look wcll for tbe Democrasy.-; - - y-
01 the aeventy-fvolmembera 'tj tbe Stato
Constitutional Convention, the Democrat! save
elected over forty-
New Jersey.
''ilil Jersey Democrat, bave made a eiea,n
sweep. Boib wenonea or tne ,egibawira or
Dtiniocratlq: A v . !l r 1 U
SHorrta oonnty even biiodied
and fifty Pm-
ocratia maloritv.
Uercen couatv Is Democratlo.
Middlesex countv six hundred Dem
h'.tex couniy-fourloen h,MD(lre4 pemqorU9
ttujorlty." - :"" .'7', . ;
tl-a8Baiocountv--s!xbutJred Republican ma-
jorit,.., , !.,..(... -! y. ''t'
1 Union oounty- small RepiibKoan msjOfUy.
! ' Mo State ticket wan runmerely county eleo
'tions..' , .',"1'T1'- " ' ""
jTbe 8tate. has gone Demooratto.':':The te
turns are not yet all In, but sufficient to make it
certain that the Demooratl will have a majori
ty in both branches of the Legislature.' Th
House is composed of sixty member! ana the
Senate of twenty-one. The footings at this
time are: Senate eleen Democrats; ten Re
puolloaos. "House thirty. six Democrats; twen-three
Republicans) and one Union.-' ! i"-'
New York Election.
'Tbsi "People's State ticket, bhose ia New
York at the lots election1, Is as rbllowi:-1 l'"
Horatio Billafd, Secratary of.Ute tortUnd
vile. ., .. ., wv'si ,-.;;) y Su'
Luclns RobiriBiln, Controller, Eimir.' ...
Daniel 8- Lickinaon, Attorney-General, Sing-.
lamtpo. , ... ,i -. i, x ;', an
' W, B. Lewis, Treasurer, Brooklyn.
Franklin A. Alberger, Canal Commissioned,
w'illiam B. Tajlorptate oginewi'TTiW,'"!.'
Williaia B.;Wf8Ut, Judge pf APP1 -King-.
Abraham .,,TPpW,vF?PVPr,le'.
Of these, Mo88ts:8i.tiD,i)t9RiHB0N nd
TirrAK were DemobVlfa; while the others sup
ported Lincot-N'S cl'eHi9ti:n Mr. JLrwii was fot-'
mcrly a Ananoaa. ..,,;, -.- t-n'iv -.
The following are the successful candidates
In the t' '"'J u '' ''
vrff.v..'.;.r:':.Vtj: Wrtpemr ""
Counrii t1i-tk...ttnty . awtt, Mort n Tah,
Hmnrntort,fOtltQU Blunt, ftep, lilijuh f . iatdj
" "J JfMinWlHetf -J "'i "opli'l
! 'J-.mwaTSOollhi,-t 3-.Jloa.iiu
Hupertor t . uioanu in aonei, i m
ri) i- s. JtmM.BaTtjtar,'4
Common j,iirf.;xloht H HrWy, Jnla. ip..,..r;
Marin i',&fr.hu).ua. ,u ,.
Our aoeoial returns cu Citf and County are
complete, with the emgle esoeption of the 71th
Dlsvrie). Eleventh Ward, on AWrict. Attorney
only.i They foot up Jollows:.,j irf ,,i i
jMinhW. Brown..:. '19.W4 I Win H. TwesdA.. .11.918
iKi L.Valu.T.... S.Wl Jml.TDh,k....Sl,9W
ii:riS .-nohoTetBrtwa,J,i54. i, lis.
. Ul Un DlSTBiOT ATnmHBf. .. '.:.'. I
Ab'nlll.lireiie...14,li H. . 'WaUibQry.v.80,73
A Othfj Hall 817 .1 o - h
" .kV.-ii.-, HaWpvar Waterbure.. . .;v.. I
I 'j . .onm em.' .;j.iii v
JoefVbHoita.;..'.H.9A9e I Hnr W. 8iet.....a2
, i . r.v..()aaetogrraoxi,7,VS. .-. w, a. ,j
, r' i , .....j, m i i i - i ; ,,,), jif,
O" Senator CiUrk6aM, of Massachusetts,
delivered one' of his characteristic Abolition
lectures In Philadelphia on jte .feTtjnlng of '.tt'e
7th.j These Abolition inceqularies are. deter
mined tekeep n tbe excitement oa the slavery
qartoneven while so many tbonsands ef eurj
bravf meg. are poQrlng out.thaTr lives and bloo
In tryipg to -putown the febellion, brought
abonPprinclpally by their lbfamous eondnot'f
Such men are doing great damage to (he Union
ante,,' They do not want the iACMtp J,;ltoee,r'.
the Unioa saved unless Ihnr war for, Ue. eman
cipation of 'the1 negroes of tbe South shall be
successful. ; r v ;r ': 1 r . .
If, such men were f uroiihed a home alFott
Warren until the end of the war the oonatry
would be all the better T' .'n.-
Judges' Commissions.
.111-.- ii iiii t
i Our readers will 1 reeolleet a communication
rmhliahed In the Stateiii&n' some' time Blnoe,
suggesting the propriety .of e :f Govern6r
withholding the commissions of tha new. Cw
mob Tleas Judges till after the meeting of the
Legislature. The following 'from the 'Colum
bus correspondence of the Cincinnati Gaitite
and Commercial bears the stamp of official an
thorirv! ' ' " 'h .: ' "'
The question has been mooted In 'circles' of
opinion woriby oi regaxa, woetoer lor ice aa
ditional Common Pleas Judges authorized by
the Leeislature last winter aud elected at the
late election, the Governor ought not to with;
hold commissions, in order that, wilnout em-.
barrasameni, the Legislature might consider
at its comine session, tne propriety oi repealing
tbe statute of last winter, and relieving the
Stata of the increased uoense tor judicial aaj.
. Tha nnpftilnn nnhnilttd to the Gnv.
ernor, and baring considered it, he baa decided"
inatnenasoo auuioriu to wiumuiu, cviuiuia-
sions to officers regularly elected in parsuanca
of law. Tbe General Assembly moat .regulate
ita awn affairs, therefore, and the Judge Ones.
tlon will be vexed onM.sw'nLlJie nex
lgiaiavure is orgfuwp..,,; r.,, U-i,ri oi;
Detroit Election.
For Myor, Dtmcls, Dfeniooratj J30.' .BAtte'
win. People's, nemocrauo mawifj.'jsu.
Tbe whole Dentocratlo city ticket wata eleeted
by from 511 to 2,251 majority. Well done Dem-
oorata of Detroit city! , ;,-,.,,:., w) T
Iu Chicago our friend went .into turioa, and
were sold. Served teem right.' Tbe Ttma
"acknowledges the corn,' and says:;''1'
Demoorata nave tried the exnerimehi.of a
nn'mn with Renuhlicaha. and fatltil. . TheTwant
into the movement in good faithrelying upon
the " no Darty " assurances of their political
opponents, and, have come out of it with a proud
consciousness that they have observed tje bond
to the letter, but witu tbe Diuer morUOo&yon
that tbev have , been deceived and betrayed.
The Union ticket, in the nomination of which
both narties otucUIIy joined. Is eenerallv de
feated., ,The Judgesbip of the . Superior Court
nas Deen. given, to a Kepuoiican; ue-eiegates,
to the Constitutional Convention are. three of
them at least, and perhaps four, Republicans,
wiierever tnere is, real power ana patronage
the Reoublicans have clune to them with . a ter
nacity which cannot be the result of tbe nuor:
gsnized action ot voters at tne polls. The cut
tings on tickets glide around the Republican
names and over tbe Democratlo ones with an
adroitness and certainty wnich prove that' it was,
ntrer inteoded tbat a Democrftt aboold be elect-T
r j T - rr.n j as1 . T'
e J, In this regard, Bryan Hall and Metropol'v
tan linn noBimavioun ware strreu aunp. r ,
Our hone has been disappointed .' ,'. The Datriotic
attempt of the Democracy to mollify tbe bitter
v . 1 - f' 1 . 1 j r . . , 1
ness 01 party aiueregoen una ecu umcaieu-T
tourned. , Jltnetforth the ttc pariia mutt . It t$
distinct ti til and water as far apart as earth
and. sun. Democrats can never again homlU
ate themselves to.be mocked , and rejected, as
unfit for any position of honor or profit Jn the
coun'T oi 'Cook. Our cry henoeforb , ihall
be JUuauT TBX ,OU .itAICH-flltM-r MOMWATI
kTRAiOHT yiCIK 1 SfANP fig aix ijr thx piK9
CSATIC OSAIMSATlCMv.' 2'.,", , '
i Whenever k Dimeorat Arrives at th trolrt"'
. 1 . . I . . 1 ' . ' ' i
mat os caanov. on av paRioaaoa a union saaa
without ignorWg Vs' principles and Joining those
hb believes have been' oa of the great causes
of our troubles he sad Better at pooe go over.
Liiut -GaN.r BcioTrlNcoMaThViurreDi
rdoathly pay, subsietenoe and allowaaee fl Lt,
Gen. Scott were, and tff order of the President
continue to be, while ho is opou the retired list,
at follows: t cr j
Pav. par month. , ..m,,.. ..,,...., T70
ItaUona, per mfiuUi....... ....... v. ...-.,... 3o
Allowance for aervaoU. per mouli. ...... SO
Allowance for boraea, par month.. -...- M
Total monthly pay ,,.,.770
wblcH mataf an aoaqai ipeoma i ,v
[From the St. Louis Republican.]
Mexican Matters.
A t lend teat -'to u oopt:- '
Sxtrii "V pobUai -d at "k " w "in
ula, i -mini: down ae 1- M BeM 20th, which
onhtaia naucot ooeorablfl .yJofeaJf beyocd
the boundaries of that republic. V ,
Wa nntin una Itvm ahowlnf the rhnid trans-
mlialon of Hews from the United SU'.u -to "the
Mexloan capital, Mr. Stagg (formerly, Twe be
lieve, ( St. Loufcl, Resented the editert ol Vie
KxiraAMimaru with naaers. eoatetaidfr dates
hih h.ri han onlv twentv dava on their way
from the United State T hey wertr aonreyed
by pony express in seveu-days, by steamer from
ban riAnciseQ . aqapmca m aovwa
by Mr. Stare's express from Acapulco to tne
capital In six daya. ITUa is we ursa umm
news from Ibis country waa ever conveyed in so
short a time. .-. .
Ilnf.irtnnatlT for US. our' OWd COUntrl II Id
such a condition aa to make at read, no i longer
with surprise and wondersuon aooounta as we
bed In these papet of the distracted condition
Of miserable Mexico. Thus it looks like a too
familiar atory.as we go over the newsi oolhmns
and find, aa we do in the issue of August 8th,
(hat "yeatorday the city was alarmed by reports
of the advance of Marqacz,'! foroes upon Tuoa
baya, and the actual "appearance ot Rlejon's
cavalry at uanu re;" nee;,1were ongiuaieu
h tha forces oi Bentrbn. who
nave tne vauvy
(ot Mexiee) at -tneir' mercy," ana yesieraaj
were 4a ' the" vicinity ' of Tacubuyal., Jejla', at
last dates, was organfclbg'.hle lorces at. Tula.
He has abost five hundred men; and arms for
. . ... . .... ..... .ii . .j
one ihousaaff. -"'-"""' il",l 1
From tti WtSHor wd ha i varlefv' of ' W
morof an alarmtntjhkrriBter for the Govern
ment; bat whether any credit cad be given them
is Ibere 'than we' know' 'The interruptlou of
the malls has put an' end to kit ordinary oorret
(ondence. -li appears certain that Cohionfort Is
in tne nepnouc. Accoramg 10 one reu jrt u
irrlved at Cadereita on the 21at vty. "', 'l '
' T0 days ago Mlxcoao was lacked by a small
party, who carried off what they pleased with
oat being molested"'" 'rt"" " """V ;
Tbe guertllcfos do' not fire fclo railway, bars
In that country, for' the sufficient reason tbat
(here are no railroads there. But tbev exercise
tbelr valor on -defenseless Stare coach' passen
gers, as will be geen from the following account
el a shocking tragedy recorded In tbe same pa
per, as follows: . , , . n 1,0 i, v"
To see a diligence arrive lo, this, "beautiful
capital" jdartcd with almust stark naked passen
eers. Is iio bovelty, Those ibo bave not .seen
the IntercsUiig spectacle, and kre curious to ,soe
U taay repair r the ,"Casa de DUigenolasV-and
wait an oour or u any auruuuu,,wim tuq pi
ihoit c'ertalntv of beinir Gratified. But the nor
etj of, a itage coach loaded with; dead, s,,we
ate tnanKiui to say, not as yev 01 every OA7; op
0irtenc6.J, How soon ltnmay become so 1 ,a
esUon'vpoii wliiuh, we jshudder, U, .speculate,
for the first time since we. haVe. beea.chropl-
cllni Jhe events otitis jinhappy country, this
spectapis) was proougea orina tuiru just,. ,,ue
etage ooach from. Pachucaarrivedhcre, with
one riotlm atretched dead and andtbei; in great
agony the spark of, life gradually Waning.
roe lormer was a oeautuui young ognia wo.
man of four and twepty summers, and tbe oth
er a Frenchman of about' forty years of age.
Both of those unfortunate people were oa a trip
Of pleasure to this city, nd Detfe. asvtp fallen
victims of theBeneraloanaachyof ihffi times
and thetsell arown hatred Id foreiffnersJ "4
' Tfie'taots of the eaee' are '.theeei The dili
geubsfroai PaaUaca on the 3 Was exclnabrely
oooaafsd by foreigterS.-Mnrfand 'Mrs.i Robert'
Chawnevt M. J. Dataporte and two Oermans
Meseri.Cbawner aud Dalkperte had 'with -tbefri
pistobjsmd Mn OhaWnar; feawug- robbers, adJ
ruM me wire hmk u aaaevw .aa awaoa ane was
tq throw heroelf on the loor of tbooaeb,
Nothina- haBneoed t.diatarbi4tbe jouraev until
tbe dilisenoe had .pmesad Qcambilla -A, abort
distance this, side of that coet, eiehf roobare
suddenly cameup anar wonont using any ol
thnrrasaal menaces, fired into tbe coach-nAlre,
bawer , who was in-tha aet. of following utbe
atruotiona ief her busband, received one .of
the balls in ber back and fell wounded on the
kaeee of. her bttSbandr" Another ball struck Mr.
Delaporte ,Jn tbtf rekBt. , Mr-.Cbawnef, with'
bla bleeding and dying wile on hl kneei eitrjv
cated bis DUitol and fired one snoi.wbloh brousht
down one of the cbwardjj assassins, ,7-Tbe iriee
oil his wife, that. called for. his fettantibn, pre-
veiUa pun irom Miiug agaia, auu in. ueiapur
was wo muon aiwmeu oy mis woqu q,ocier any
reaiatanners The,, rpbbem,"; nevertheless', .fired .
something like a dozen shota more, but forta-,
oaieij wiuiopt. VtVW Aucr uauiao, auu.ausi
abandoned their murderous attack. Mrs. Chaw-
Mr expired some two bonri before the diliaenoe
anrlved id this City, 'and 'W: Delaporte on tbe
piorhJag of (he Stnind hottt now are gathered
with the numerous copulation of the dead' of
Ran VminAn.. "- :-''-' '
The editor Isiof ihe! bp,!nldnf,.th'kf "murders
like these proceed from the hatred entertained
ae-alnst foreiehers.-aud instanoes a laree num
ber of borders eommiUed 00 Eiwlishiaao wrthJ
In a few months. 't. ' nseu aii.y amsiir
On the 16in ot- September the ordinary ses
sion of the national Congress opeoedi : The
President, Juarea, addressiog it declarad Us
belief tbat the hostility to . Government waa
erowinr weaker, a donciusion which the. editor
of tbe Extraordinary fears is no aathorized.bf
incis.-r i ne rreaiaent ia anuouiK 10 tne suspen
sion pf relations, with England and France,'
owing to "an act of the Mexican, Government,
wnich tbe rreeident oeieoas ,as perieotiy rignt
laid that there waa reason ta.Jiielleve the
caujy wouia pe aewea, ,wnnou, py arouuie,-
llow far this prediction will be accomplkhed
bmv ba. indeed irom, the fact that a powerful
naval and laud expedition, set on foot by J3paiqr
Franoe and England, ia now on Its' way to the
shores ei Mexico,, witli some proqabimy that the
capital win soon oe in weocoupanpaoirBGO
VWP--'ir,r, r-femi. w : nt. '.U r-'ijf 0 -' 1 W
, oubiecta ol ttbe eovernments whiaa have tent.
eat teae invaders have been damaged by Mvirl
leans, and perhaps by some one ot tne numerous
revolutionary governments wnwh nave Jn- sue;
cession cursed Mexico but no more fareisners
there than their own citizens.,, .put many pf tha
claims: are shamefully exaggerate!.., Iha
Iraordinary mentions one epringiog uf f. seaje
ahesplaUied ? transacuoaa in, 'f. tobacco.,, and
interior bonds, where .the actual damage,
which, was otily $307,"2P, was allowed in the
Conv,enypa,r mXiMM.
K""f-iiSi-ioi1 )j ni:J ftdjt,w;M ifiif-ijuri 4ffi nl .r;
r j - - - -i. -- 1
Effect of President Lincoln's Poliey.
; IWe extract tbe following pieaago. from tbe
lOccIcilal,' fetter 'ttlBerBlftdelpaia'Pre;
dated' WashlbAobVWr."7;,,ja,'u- '" c
tNotbinKtAa done mora toweakeu the seces-
aiOQititbaaj,bf growing jpioioa thai, Mr, Lin-,
cola Is determined not to be driven,; from .his
pdrpoae by thaery, that he fontemplatos aa at
tack upon' the institution of slavery. When
Gen. Fremont's proclamationjeached Richmond
it was teoelved with,houts,oC. joy. but when it
was modihedt this w ot jtoe rsiaent;was con
cealed prmistepreaented, lest lt might operate
against tbe designs of he traitors,' Jfow that
iremoni nas oeeu auperseueu, nowever, a prac
tical, pledge J given, not -merely,' that the
President lias resolved p adhere to, bis original
nolle, bnt that he will .do. uothine- jrhioh can
give -offeAse. o Ibeujal nieaobai cq
vn- .a.
' ild Wis clip the following from "the Lou will e
fent-f,oo the Removal of Gen. FaiiioaT:
It la ludocd BipiVlortunatethai.' there fas
i necessity foi remoying Fsmont a thii jar
Qeular time right in.tbe face qJt the enemy and
dn the probable verge . of a jnigbty and most
eventful battle, yet.t'aat the. necessity existed,
Ve .cannot doubt. i fJnquestloaably . Gen, Pre-,
faont pouessed some. f . the. qualities jof , a
great eommandor, but undeniable facta prove
that be ia deplorably deficient lu mbers. He
was unqualified for bis pition,4and it Is a sad
thing that he fat ever appointed toft.,. Had be
beanrt equal,, , to iiis place,, ibe clorions Lyon
would nave beep, victorious,, the gallAnt 'JttoIIi-
fan wouia oaye-oeeji savea, ano toe wooie con
ict in RfissourXbave been, brooght'weeks hgo
to a elose' GnLyon,' if a'live'w"9uld,1je
worth an army at thfe time td (h taale of the
Union tor'"i "lo iti b'Tn?; a'.4i i
lui lineji i nii ,i 1 1 I
1 1 The telegraph telle1 ejtbarc1y pwttod
of Fremont'e ttaff aod is body guard have
'pedoded,y Jnddr: ATKnrnl tbr correspond;
nl ta nwlaf ric U lb body Euard had to 'de'
serU ' Jo, adaitjoti .to.tbir"flue ijlothesl'their
ntn .fltA ffiiiirtmanta. etc.. were tbev fcaarairteed
the nri'vifege ofhreakWtf their oaths and desert
ins tbe army at whu job UiniJlB", 10 s " w
pnt.tcdfiue a point pin If, ft pkipaBi lie
If tbe
QVCi has eaertea;.Veri meflibe'r'of tbe
bod? ffl AMtld 6e ihot as df8erterg.-Itr.-k!
tiUt Vm,
Swindling in Horse Flesh.
Thefl' ARiglmr.tef rordfesicriC .val.-'y
Is thua a i.loed by ti e Vs.parai 0 andjat ) ij
- Tbla IcglrJ ht Know full.'sidVM rer-' ,4
most ofita uluti. t We iuid it tv.v4 the
other day, and aaw many cj our boys, whom we
supposed to be at home. We may be a Ifttle
putii,"liUrtliIiik1t- U ouf usUoe to say that
Capi Buell'e qmpany-la ttbe finest.OB-tba
irt. M M.nl at them have been In tha three
Ldoatha' aervuMi and know -whit 11 lkv A lot of
horses, numbering two hundred ana nity-two,
ra awirttathlareelment' from Pennsylvania,
Secretary Camejoo't State, and Urwty five of
that number, and oniy-twepty-nve, wr ,Joup
tot aervijpe; ttd hundre and Iwent-aeven
being rejeoUal as aniound and deficient in al
most every ootoelvable maoper. Tbaee horses
bave all been bought and paid for by the United
States, at ixtravagant otloes,apdi!apoaxami.i
nation, prove worthless? This 'la fait tpech
men of Pennsylvania aflndling, connived at by
offloiale high in owetx Let Itba West furnish
her men with their eqalpmente and horeesy and
Pennsylvania retainW Old broken down lacks
for her own' use, if thr Seeretiiry Insists, nprm
using all the rlog-boned, spavined, wiud-gaUsd,
blind, stump-tailed, lamedr ye,rn :ou,. broken
Winded scrubs first.. r a
lb Among the expedient adopted by sutlers
to sell contraband liquor to soldiers, one is ex
ceedihgty novet fTbey drori a cqfinlftof pestihes
Into a bottle of. whisky ..end sell the, compound
for "pickled peaohes-V.' Ajaoie Irreverent ex
pedient la to bave a iui can, men iumu
bb. . kn.hnnlr. and lahrllitd. "The
ComoanioB.1.. k.vlu & .l..'li:)iUv) 1 "
. 1 1 1 f i" a frtf .
(CT The Btiiii' have succeeded '.in getting
V'A . m.i.1 11 11 V. II .iiil
f SWOltT out.), .1 nis IB au wu.
body will get the Bums, out, that will be well
dirala ;.' a 1.1 'I - - T- "'"""; -
Swindling in Horse Flesh. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.
Swindling in Horse Flesh. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. Winter Arrangement.
Little Miami & Columbus & Xenia
For Cincinnati, Dayton & Indianapolis!
' it, ..t ,-r ar 8iii-'..!'i!'i'7
Through to IndHrfVoto without CHange 6r,Car ,
.1 , i and but One Change of Cars between '., . -;
!'- .i..i...':.jlil i..v" ..-."'.
On and After M.6ndAfl November
.a, ,t.rl oi'.ll.-"ie81.' '-""""it-'"
; 1 ...v ir.i. I ' ,. it .vi-t
3 I .H li'.ll M W':l'l r-T .1 Ci- .I
rour;!TralDd Paay.!rdi)rCoIumtti8S
,tliir ,V .i aiLf it! :.H .1 '' ' ,..'".f'a
' I t .eno.jiilf'i ..rmrin tlMfn-n aa.a a:
Hiant BXPBESS. via Biyto, ria.'m.litorplni
at ! IiCDdon, Xaala, Dayton, atlddletown and Hamilton,
arriTlna at OlnolnnaU at 7:10 a. n. ana at Dayton at
5:05 . m. : oonocetlor at OlocinnaU lor LODlivllla, Via-
ceonsa, St.- ton la, and all twtnta Boathweat; arriving
M St. Loola at lliSO cm.: naimasUsi at Dayton for
Indlananolta, Lafayatta, (Terra iUoto, Chicago, and all
point! Wait! arrWlsx at Indlanapolu at 1U:W a. m.
n I avS ioi K..I" t nim 't un ar
J SEOONTJ TRAIr?. J t?wha u!
.. ACCOMMODATION atSrSOa. m., atopplorat all sta
tions between Colombo.!, OlnolnnaU and Dayton, a
rivlnc at Olndnnatl at 1028 a. bho at Dayton at
v.Xi a. aonneausa; attuincinnauwiia man una
BtaamDoaurorlABiaTiUa.asaatvutoa ioj toavanap
olb and tha ffeat. ' ' ' ' ;
;'J-ff.l If ?WlCTWvM!l3
BXPREBB at H ftm If oanWat iaffeaaon. Lon
don. Oharlaaton, Xania. Oorwiollonow tk, Lebanon,
roawra, Loveiana ana miirora. arnnni at Cincinnati
at 0:45 p. m., at Dayton at 5 4a.t oBotlnitatCln
with tha Obla and MMaalppt Train for LoatiYlIla, Tin
BU Loan, ate., ato., arrlTing at Bt. Lonla at
10: 44 a. to.: eonneetina ai iayton ror inaiananoni, m-
fayatU, Sarrt fiiv ObJaagttana all pointa Wait.'
Alt at 4 . W V ttepptnr at alfatatfona between
wolombof and
p. p.- -"
OUMinnati; arrrrinc at Clnelonatl at S.tS
1 ! 1
v lO lor lartnar Information and Through Tlokata,
apply to M.OUEBT a MK Dloa.Japo,
11 111 Kiriti)KTl
o l
,T-a4 irv.u .,wa J vihtPAJin ' .
i QoIniabualfoT.',
I ' i 3V. M ' Oti C-.-f .
J 1 . i- T'
lap; KB
it i
1tJ .JiV' iJli.i. -Jlrda Jf.
:1'-Jr IfILL m A Uim 01111 :
nl?i !lun f-ca It ..i.-. ft4 1 -
AT -fi .ii-!,.
Mail ,0it-;li U.'.WBWia'J 8 .tt
V. I ,ocl -t ,e!.ii .'f . .louuuifl A l 1
MoiaJay' Svening,1 Novli, i8tji,
.-ijhaiUdU Ua liapaelfully fcTlfea'to'ettend.II
. "7T"V
oT-st:' Mn'"
nvM ..-. -aaar T i,' .MM.1' I A
November 11 and 12, .1861,
i j . n, ar sic Jn'iontAt AND o'stf '' ":
UAIVlr'UCbb nuns irfE.i.91,,
Sheeted Jtm the elite of the profenlen, wil give Iwol
n only of their cheats and faanlonabia J
Saserlptioa ef DaiVf Life to Mae Boath,
nsoraepenatj9X-'''ComnivBeeTV;r Adntlaaloh SS ats
i, x - ar.:ttuaxvaix,.aianaireit
Lttom'ind ' Coutiiellor ftt Law,
61 notaiiyj puduc;: HI
INm. ABiMwitAthe blAta Hoaaa.k t - ,;-)-Yr - .. .
Oolleetioni od ether netumpreaptlj attended ta
jwrereaeea ivea when requliMf t('u u nuioiv
norv-,y, ,v. t,-.t ,-.i.-iiij i, h ,i.n p'n i
tflAR UVf ON
re oxtj m b tiRo mbz
' ,rre: u.a r.e?i ri' -u'Vihieuq'o p -! ieas i
IWiaHtNi'VM tj V(...,n XI"1"
I e nt -"' f - " ' I' ' V
i na tn .ef!ai!i .m nn o uti ju n ,-!'ii' -'U
! t8B41,,. ,.,... ON DOLLAtt FIB AJ.: t!.J
r -r .,t- ;f-.tT';.., -jt cm
-aiij; .--4 JiJ.w-T!ies .t
.otriiX0 3Uio! ... iii e
jCornef If Br6ad & TMt ,j3tteets;j
cnockRis. r pr6d(jc1Hd
..i.i.rt j ki
P !? Q VI S1Q tl S-tUrrei t atiar (
.uim ii. .o-. U ia nw -J miiv ''MX "1
" -' ' ''tTl'T,-T. Vln
orniSkW P 0A5 W f BlU ttAftnf.
'Tecti.W'111 w
Th TTnn frrreri.
I .l-.to.i mnki eivu A "
vrittiTvt man
A i li.'o tmtui rem n''i! ,';!
f"5l(liiv, iuJ i "ii
tfe1 'ifatea't and'oat oamplete Btoft, 'for Offloera
Tenia ever aaavtaotared;" ' 1"" - - ' 1 -n n'
fold ata very low Bare.i!.'V'tM -4 (' titIs-jJi J
Call and examine before purchatinf aUayrhere I;
eou-haii . .. ... - .,, ;. i
,in nil
' ,,;: "
CALJ house;
ft. -. ,m -i .ii.. i ): " v 1..
no Bo; 178 North High .Street, .w n
t "Ml il; -in,' ; . I :..i. Mf! "J
hULf BUUABia from the Depot, and penona ar
rinne or viaulni to Uka paeaage en any of the trains,
will Sod Uia f alt Souae decidedly aoonranlent iUp-
pingplaee."'' - ; - ,Ul .-' - ' ' """" ,
raeaensers waMd up at all aeura of the eight for aai
ofthetialna. -,t i- i. .trfiri -vji..-'
i naaeraia, ,iv luituieKwe.jn, ,,,, )
ie aeirTn nion stuEET, "
, , ii-uli ni ' :' .! -.je ' m ii ,r . n.i, , l
,.; navaa fall and Oomplete Aaaortaaeat of -Utr
i II....
?ov .;m 7r Of alarost every kind
i,-l ,
: i.
Elegant Chamber Seta,
i ' L.I J. . I
TCp.Xqys, rand Articles: iujthat Line,
7! li:i.t . ForLmii'Popla.Iii;."i'!l
' i . t .-iv wu'. '. ' ' U'.ij nr j.i'..I :i ! .'
Knivoa fend Forlrt, 'Spoon. Tutm,
Buelcet, Bbvel eubd Ton tew.
:rvt CoaU ZXaas tO; " -
"n. ?i';..:i.Uo.iA'.'J o.'it i-i."
totals A 6 :n
.-Mil ..!
'I l ..-
'I , )
,. I i; i i i-'' fiwi:'. s .y'n J'.'.l . mi
Ve would call your further, attention to th fast that wa
, areBOLl AQBNTSfor thaaaleof the i
wilth'l'ai Inall reapee(a, iaarty the' "AUTOCRAT Of
THB SJTOBIH." having no equal in the oompleteneee
of lie perfomanM and economy of fuel. .She cleareal
teatlmoBT ef 1U inperloritr la th hc( 'fhtt nanufao
tarert and deOera are oonitantiy hnilatlng It. coming aa
neartta poeilbl 1 IXTiaHAL AFPeAaANOH. -,
. Osil sad aaamin our atook.a ,Ia:i ae trouble to ehow
actas-dlht re. i rj ..i.'u'jil bitjing rfvi
X BTANTIiT oa hand and for aale, the beat eealltT sf
which ha will tail at the lowest martdt rloa.i
. Call and fn)in., niy Oo,! balore f urchaaing elae.
Offios'art the l'tore pi Bradford, gdjdial, fcC'.', Wa
oiDaaaiw, ti't, .-"BTrMsik,-
wj-trfu ,iiisiii,iii,ii'Ii -jKiiU'r nl
i ' - - -" - ' "
. i -7fVr. eit
rjnltedl States Expreas Co.y Prep're
e-jT -.f .
Via' New York & Erie Kailroad,
And all other Roada Leading West
IDlHiPlli and Southwest
Chartered Cars over moat ftoada on Pamnger Tralna.
m.'h. mm, ii't, ' i KMiani, Ag't,
tSl Broadway, N. T. .. 8S Btate 8b, Boaton
fVHi B. PERET, Bnparintandept, Boflalo. -H.,FITCa
& 80II, Agenta, V
i '';,.., '. 87 Went Bread Street,
,;' v ,' . COLTJiriBC8,eH10.
aeplS ' n"".'. m "'1 1 .'ii'T . i ' :r . -ii' ,i
Or Tbaee Caatemplatine; marriage
. . THl anderalgned will give Information oa a very v
Urntlng and important gubjeot, which will be valn
ad nor than a thousand tlmee ita coat br everj married
doapla-af anv age ar eandUtof la Ufa J th Information
till ba sent by mail to any addrea in e Hecelpt of V
cents (ttfeer) and on red statfp. "
AH letters ahould be addreaaed to
at: l l li-i.
H. B. M0BRI9. M. DTttoclf BorfM),
Boaton, Maaa.
fhs patron saint of biacolti, eakea, and plnm-pud
diaga, with only common Baleratna to aid him, was about
gtviog np in deapair, but when he got bold ot a packag
hf Jamea File's For Dietetic, he exclaimed, "I have
ndnd it I Now I am ready for Thanksgiving, Christ
maa, and New Yearal" Get Ple'a Baleretua, and ,'ha
wlllmrely oome.,: BU by grocers evarrwhere.. J
Far Femalaa Oenerally.-Ili Brasdreth
Fills cannot be to highly spoken of.. They remoreall
obstractlon, give energy anil strength; ear the 41.
tresslng headache, nnfortonately so preralenl with (he
sex; depression '.of spirits, dnllneas .of sight, nervosa
affections,' blotches, pioplea, saUownesi of th skin, are
removed, and ajnvenil bloom and general sprigbtliness
Indicate Oi power and health fnloeaa of BRAN DEEin'fl
i; ladW, at delicate perlodet will and 'them anrlralod;
fhay are th beet oaedJolneS f or ntoth'ert and children,
and cure worms and coativeneee. . -- f.-"
Let it 'be' touhottAiUt B JUSDEirfffrta
'are easy In their operation, and yet apite mildneu with
efficiency, and reqolra'no klteratlob of diet during tbelr
BM-f'i'J lo tifl;t US S9 OKTWiuiiiuXA
" Mrs. Mormw.''rWpJ.iisWaVj iTafoa li'itare",'
Hew York, wu dying, apvacantly, of COHauiUTioa.
She was givao ip to die by her Fhysiolasa, aod H her
(riende, bnt after using BaAnnaaTti'e UftfiM tot a taw
weeks, the eoagh Jeft hern and-th began to regain, her
etnngth,and Is now able to .attend tOyberdatiee,and
feel sure ef seoaattainlpg robust beeiiky nr,. -ofl
His. Wilaew; ot Ko.'3i Beaoh street SeW Torkr has
cured iSyapepsia laaSl Fi, Measles, Dfp,y and Ty-
phnileven. and aU HasJaobet, and Billon dlawuee,
with BiaatBicw's .Fim, wMl,e paaajl to answer any
f aeatlena. ii --. m l.i.h w "ra1 x""""' h
. Bold by Jowk R. Ooof, Drnmrlsty Oolnmbtn, and by
ell mmMkhh ArUrtin imiIIoIimi.' an ,n. I ...
oet0-etlH 1 ' " i-iui I 1 "'- 't al e lin'i
... . .1.1 i .i,.. :-.i,..mi
I JaaF Fabliehed in aiealea InVelopa: PrlcU cia. i"
AXioTUM orrnvvmtw, tt-tMMXXti and
sumption-, Epilepsy and Vltai MeateS ani 6tiyftoanH
mbicIIt. nsuluni from- Belf-abo. ate. Bv KrthM tl
Oalrertrell, at. D., author el Uiah-eea'BookV AewuJ A
it Baan to xnonsarios r-5nrrererrr-
sent aaaea ai, m rpraa aveior,,ia any yTTW,ir
poti pid. oniptea-earHeaiwiaefby Kr.
0. LtSJ. 'JW.wrr, at Xork, Poet Office Boal
Iteel ' VEaVSr.oi-t ep7.d;W
4 aTTL
, afllTITgA UK
H i
8- LVV.
v i-a- - i -rr if,' ijnuw fi
1 IrlfQV
nTfli rTTTTi'vTTTTT' Tfl
LwwVisfcliU .ft, AaUeaVakaV 4 AUf Ml
. . . w .tr V ' rtl -T a Tf T I lrrH
.V! fc (II t HAii 1WH
- S I' i ara v ' " v
at .titabati MitaiMH U
.t.'O ".ana- t aii;iti'M-iA iViwVl.
phe DAILY, at
,1) Itr
1 r.ft MtlJ 'T .
jThc WKEKLYrBt the low !&E?.iFl
,ill ilirw
.'nK.ai-.f It.-
. fc jvt
v. nva'i 8ubaflriptltms to the VXSir and Tu
' " ' .
Toe oai li'J
'V ft-lfllti ;l'lJCl
am ii i a'telaw.n.
:::.... .. ... ,,. .
Jtlloe abore rales: ana tn
:r B Tin n ft . ,,n
tlvuil-, ell nu.il jooMjaii "ill .Tiwi.- "
I At ttiaosual Hffik. XI ari'nftihliahad
At tfcj -usual trJ'f llsjlitAeVtiaiii
THfi:j5ATlHAl:I S WELL; K1I0W1I.
In' tie fatureas in the past;
init-,1 i.eil '1 a
.r .I.-. i.,h'l .wi' Ah.'j
WWoh1iabi,s6 ,frtUMV a)d' to. fie PROFILE OF,TIia TOITED,8TA.TE8i and will
i -m.t ,: ...i-i'iir'j'eilWullf itrge theratabhraentaa4aopracr of the 1 ' - '
I . .
.sir'H'.iT iA essential to'Uie eompiete ana jjerfeot re-eonstraobon of (be
. mil .mX.I )'. )j"-Ji').1iv,.iii ' i ,y-ii 8 t-"i '! , . . ' i ! " ' v t- "U
.n..,1Vltl-J 1 " . , . "
if roeiirn oi On tha basis on whloR that tTnion waaeinallT rbfmei. - f
, 1
.1 .' .
ylf 0 C ivO . Jioi-i. lf -V
1 Tbe BTirrsJiAiwin sluppiJrt Uie 'Administration of tbe General ,CWvernmfitt''ia all 'legal and -eonatitotiianal
eflbrts to put down rebellion ; and alernly resist tbe Aorta made in some qoarters "
' to convert the present unhappy war into an Abolition crusade, "Si:7.. '' L -&
' I It will oonatantlT urge economy hi the pnblie expenditure, and the moat rbrid aocountability
Of all pnbllo offioera.;-" "" r'.? "'.V L J f i!i' f . fTT; 7, t t '
meroua waden, anditajltimee supply them with ,1 !'
flko Xsr,t9it eta.sa.c3. ' XkAOaafj Xl.ollo.l3lo neportM
r,ii h'.v''.o' !t.'B'pf WlicaM and ibreigti iAeaa(,,Ai ita aolamaa ' ;' ' ''
1 Will fiod their intereeta eoaauUad and attended to,; and no effort will be spared to make it a first
1 elasa newvpapet. " '--'"" ',a -'
; During the apprflrigaalon of Conyrtas Ve will have a talented and acoomplishsd eorres
' potaeht at WasbingtooVvrongh whom oureadera will be furnished with, much valuable and .,, ,
reliable' information .id on V v 1 v- - l 1 ! :,' n I . I. f .'-It.
1 ! The doings of our own State Legislature will be fully reported, and the local news of JL .
' State and our own hnmadiate vicinity, will have a due share of attention'. '- 1 ' '
We uree upon our meads In all pane of Ubio,
. . , . ' I . .1 . m . u-..M
' ing the circulation of the Statwuaw, sinoe by so doing, they will assist in the promulgation of
- aotulo) Uedoetrinta and.rellabia enerai i)teUlgeje7o J'1-" "' '
Ll ! 1 II i,n.-init 1 . ' ,. .., . !
t I .an'i:
las i.'c.ii-Uiii.'' fjin -i w tm ii.
fa Vnv'Derion raisba'a .tOuio'ol Tea 6uibMnbefa'tovthe WLrrHio'STATrnMiK. 'and
stenditur oa the money -eiw dollars -r for the
AU order will bwprwnptly attended to. 1
' ""'"i' " " ":" " 'Address;,
NpvemVer.ii I8CI4 ? q:r
1 eV ft ki ' S
4 1 .a
I .
pwBtiiHsi'W'-'fi'' a' "'?"'' a
': iimi rfitf.a . r,t(R.w: n.it -. o v.ji
Jjialx Dollara-per Annumj
Three Dollar per Annum; .
Vi M..iiiff
rVDO ioiuir pr Annum. t
y t ..fe
I l l-l
HO '.M ''I
l! VI I r, -; r - . i ai nl vt
- wbeIt Stawsman will be eeoeivad .
Ins t.inaa'W ' .!'(' .o"f
.) I Kl III
1 '
l-n.. "
' I
L. -it". .-r.iV
v'-1 .tui.
lUUar Wlu be f anuaaed ; m m
.1 A
1 1
- , . j. ., ... . , .,,.,,,,111,,
I , , . i-.-i ,eu-'' a-f t'- '''" ''"' '""'''
anil mlinhla
reliable organ of the
f HI'
It will uphold and defend Ilia.
I ........ .,1, .1
I " I '. I J ' - " ; Il . I
i . . "' ': i. " i .'.i .
and the Worth- Western States, to aid in extend
J : At -il . . , ,
1 1
same, we will send one copy mtis.
! j it
M4VYPENNY, ck'llIIXER, , -. Jr
t f..,,... putliaher of the Ohio Statesman,
-m -- : OoOTKimt, Ohio; , T
,..( .
iAuvuvu j-wsijh coiwifit jk
ae . Tl'",7" "
W- B. KJMT, AacU
WtW itl ,art W 1
-ifl fit.
n uj in-.n ;ie l.ne.vi.ue a I -
j brie n.n
0 6.
cJ 11
. ant i .-, i ,I,.L - A
N01. 250' anl,,252"So4tliPisli Street,
. . , I ; 4 v-vii. ,. 1 ; . . -
and hav associated With ttremMlve WM.
nnder the firm of ' .Ji-iv.i-.
I H'i;i. -, I-
- - rt'
HeidlefEbferiy & Richards,.
FwmQigono of ttie itrxeify 1M pQ" Ji'ti
wr . t a.. a' - - ,.. 1- , 1. . f
- Tills Hons i constantly 'recelvlnf ' Kw floods,
snthas -' - .'v-w..w. ..... .:iim 1 i
i. a - PitAIN AND. FANCY BILKS. ti0,i, .
TheKewMtandlleataeiatvliaof u .' o-' j!j(v.V
liamilton, lancliester, and -Pacific
I leti-ir -S tTAlotnao ,oirAi.-.JH'-M .1
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trreat variety, jut faoIvd by " -
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Of th Rwt Styles, Just ncelred, and also mad to
order, by uiiLit i-i; uii.
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1 This firm, navina aaopiea ine ussn system in ine par
obese and eel of Goods, ar enabled te aell from 16 to 20
peroent. leu than other nouses unaer the oreuit sjstem.
250 and 252 South High Street,
H (t-m J
14.. I'H i..UW
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Belwaw'iff4teTsetve oa Oewstlaaloa every
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fnj CaoeHa.atauivpolnt.wltbla twentr asiles
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01 nrul.
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toomdstlc 'OoitoaACl-oods.
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ifFER tba aaeat Bxtenslre 'assorts
ment of . . ( .
'Brown and Blaackt J ObtlueFlaonalsi ji ' 1
" Husilna;
Barnaley Ootton Cheating!,; . '
Beieot Styles of Calico's and I(lalnes; . i
Thklnra, Bhirtlnra, Oinghama, , ., ,
Aad Cotton Batting. - t ' ' '
Also. Blankets, PUnnela, ' ' ' '
Oaaalmeree, Cloak Cloths, etu-ete. '
lloch below regular prloes. . - ' -
1 - a .1 BAIN dc SOlf.'.-,
1 f1?8,!! 1- itn: 'm ' -'. Booth High Btreet.
1 ''.
X D The meet extenslr stock tn the elty . '
Army Woolen Boots
HI Shaker Bibbed Book. J - i
,, under Shlrte and Drawer;
.1 Cotton and Marine Socks. ;b-n:j
. Golden Hill BhUte. ..c j.,-11,.
1 ! 11. !
r-S: 0.1 w?S wi '
j-Oent'e KldOlores. . ' . .a .0 ?.i w ovilO '
,( eat'.Iinn Collars, Naak Xie. : " 4 '"
- M 1,1 ...1' n"i "KAtll ai flOit: :
oU n-t, ; 7 t No. Booth High Btreet.' "
H UK.S I,.
Ttt Beat .Artificial Hell t'
nunmaa aiajna ewer aavoniwa
.v JOSEPH a.,EElEYrwi .t -.. -
ment of th most Improved kinds of BpectaoletVr
All hla Olassss, whether for near or far-algbtad, are,
gionnd In eoneavo convex form with the greatest can,. '
so ae to- salt th lyee of all easea, earing Weakness,
Piaeiaes ar Inflammation of th Byes, aad Imparting
strength for long reading or fin sewing. ,, - :
Qffloe. 13 Cut Blat street at Beltaar A Webster' a
atgWly ' '.v,-. 1 .CV UK
! ot '
v. fvAi VI, jmw ay WAWrWMA AJIM VAA'. 1 1
I Am cnt- n "r--cMT-ncv vU 1
y t , , i rujnjij c--ri
AOAlTf OrrER e ' THE Pt ft Ltd..
.Tan entire new atock of Goods In my line. lost purch-
ased in New York at th cheapest panto ratee,all of wbleh
ahall sail at th smallest profile, for Cub.. My entom
era and friend are respectfully Invited to oall and uw
loomy Goods and Price, Ml am determined to sell aa ,
eap or oneaper man anyotner noose in ineaiiy;ana
i do my own Cutting, end eaperlntend my ownbusi,
so, I feel aesnred.from my long experience tnbusl,
sa. to rln eeneral satisfaction. The flneet of work- ,
awn ar employed, and all work don ttrleiiy to time and
on short notloe, and warranted to lit. Btrangsr visiting
enrdty won Id oonsnlt thelr)lnteaat hy giving ma a oall
befr purchasing eleewher. " - ' P. BOB a.
oa , n -- ,r y --j-r "r-x- renent Teuonrvs n
'TenaroliW - diy
- " imp. h jH iiui Tnn mtmr
j (UK of Pnslonl Btabuahant,'T."Tr,)r t"
A Psahlonabl Bharlng, Balr Oulung
Curling and Dressing Saloon,
Bcrath JXiatx Bt
over Bevlii Store,
where eattsfaoUoa will M given la all th various.- .,
araacaea, :rr IVYSn
Ladle' and Children's Balr pressing don U the Mat ,.
epiMiy -
. , 1 1 uma 1 ii et
Novelties In Neek Jles and Boerf. - ' k
1 -i j. wprrpaana o'Trouoiiar-t. .-.
1 "BmbrolderadPoekettlauakeRhleOJ
Parielld aiore,ntriorniaM;', -! , .H
Golden Hill Btilrta, vrloue atjrlea. ... ..,
' fV Ootdea lilll BWroa,' do ' .1..
r. Drivlagand Street atloree, Do -ri su " - -I
Hmna Panket nudkienihleft. various RVlSi t
. jllail 0oraB4 Vb wasp Jii Vi
, eo en,h nu.k Lr 4d
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