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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, November 10, 1861, Image 3

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Rail Road Time Table.
Litti Hum Ow.ti.erm fc;3Clrtr-,'B,J
. . "W ' .fcve..
... . . 7 , ' -v .n.An a u
w at j iMi'iti n ibb j f.w r
Night ipw. "?!! i?4
N Vnrk KlnMI BlSJf. IS.
,. 1:39 A.M.
t V b Pawtweow, Agent.
nignt iFiwiiv.rii' .m p m. 1 1:W F. 'lf.
Pi. If
fu. A sent.'
io r
5 PirrotrkaeK OouMidi uixwt . ., i,:
'.' MJ- A Mw 1. 1:4 A, M.
, ,. Ban Tram .i
.'1 MM an
Ooicaosltlwoiaworoats, BU i " 'J s w
(Oolsmsus Piqu ikbuj
No.l Xxprsss . -2ZIS,J 2'
Nn.S " i. I:8P; M.
12:00 M .
'it :40 p. M
.t'jKU in . 1,1,1'; w. iMtta, Ainu
[For the Ohio Statesman.]
tM Hot la i ear, '., ' t ' .'i,v it r
Ilk drimiot of tt fc' ff " -i..
Th(WbQtflntlyhr. (wv-rr
And Hw klrtbrUM (orUtltMtr wft Mmnt-
aoiinr hlMMtiwtfi' " ' '
AddOlVshWfwHowtHtapiHihMd.f'H-. j :
To MW tna'tod!.i'l sr.f . 5 At f.
. l.r'MMl' fl 1 ,t IkiT,' n?l40'J4 II
Wmi omOi'U tppe to I't 'i.V'.'
And all of naturt'i falrwt pt .-i.c-f a:oii
ArohMUrilngmboomb,, . , , r
OMUndWRodmjr row bo Ikji lj jt'jp
Mtthouglt,'iiroua Wouom aooui ,,, , ( ,
Aw) 0.1 few (.UM'tU rt :j J J
.' V" ijp-i1 vi"iu?. Ill V
MothraghttattiriteitUiAfMtvortfooo, r i.-t
Thli little bod would bloom;
Aod that 'twonld eheXray hrljrbmi, i'l
1 WtlW allbat-K wngMl - "-.'
aiu, w'),.;;.
The blight 11 ootildtttJ be!;?' .
Vv little bad ne'er bloomed, not ihed
, JufrHraBceoothat l,l(,l .,
t : nit.T. v .' " "r bce,j .j'ic.
Aua to It li wun earioij wing..
'hilaet but for a dajr ;.'.' I
Ajid that we foodly Ion the aoit ,
.lrth4ulolitypMiwa( .j.
BT Tl'cee Ylrglnjif .prisonere, Fkoiwok El
hr, David Yocno, and Johm Wiot, wcently
removed fcrom Cp.Ch'ase tq Wheeling, 6n the
order of Geo.' Ro8ciN,wereJ)rought before the
United Butei Court it Wheeling, on Tburedar,
end released on taking the oath of allegiance to
the United State Government id the new State
of Virginia, and giving bonds .of $3000 each to
keep the peace. '' 'v . - ..'.as
t.., 1 I . I I iij ,.,-r .'.; .
Off fob th' Waai-The MoConneleville
Enquirer bu tnelullowlng'C.". ; ' j oi.:--..
A.' W,' McCbrr fi-Werly editor of, the
Marietta gtpubtictih has, iwlgned tbaTpoBt
whiehbeaeeoabryfllUd, and enliated in tb
army. 'TbeXJolonel la the right kind f a man
for that sort of service. Who of the Marietta
editors will lollow hie lead? That U the quu
tion. Yon know yon laid a while ago that
Mac. wag a leceaeionlals. Nov, he ii off to the
war. Will yon doat mncb? If not, from now
henceforward bold your, peace. .. - T
O Star gazers tay the rwrtqd Iron the 11th
to the 14th of November will probably be dis
tingoished by f emarkable nomben and displays
of meteors." ' 'J ?r .,;-:-
07 Hon. E. D.vMoaaaN. Governor of the
State of New York,4 is now receiving $6,000 a
year salary at Goverhor, and Upwards of $7,006
year as Major-General U. S, A. Happy Mor-
D" Tbe real or pretended apprehensions of
the London Timet in relation to 'the military
employment of the French Princes in this conn
try, are all if it em' sufBciently absurd but' the
Time'$ Idea that their, serf lots may pbanoe to
be requited in their Princely capacity Is so pre
posteroui t()t no one but a mutton-patedj Eng
lish man! could litis 'conceived .it," fiThnii-
derer " must have got .the idea', as Jove made
Minerva out of hirdwd tead.';it(mnst be a
' very intense and extremely stupid worshipper of
the "divini i right. 6f kings'lrbo has ttileo to
obsetve the thorough aontempt which AmerL
cans eutectaui or auy government in whloh the
, people are.Bpt' superior to any hereditary dum
j my of aPfince in pantaloons or pettiooata.
p McUot ' Co-'a .ColUoi. The .' evening
: class ophls institution will commenoe on Mon-
j day evening at i o'oiocK, lor tna purpose or gir
r Ing insUwctiOn, lf poUtoeplng'.'and Writing..
1 erms tor weniy leesoai to wruiog (4,
1 i.
Ricsnt' MitrrAr ArroiNTMiNT-Th fol
lowing Wppoifttments har been "recently tends
at headquarters: ::',"". :,
Wm. B. Woods, Newark Lteutenant-Colo-
nel 76th"BetIment.
Alexander RaraBoy, enton, Adjutant 824
RfifflmenD.., . t -.' w,w i' ' .11, "
Alden HCUmttock, Bedford, (i oar term aatpr
45th RejimeMJ " ' ' v.cwtw
Chas.,t;;0ani,1trnbj!flV.t Mjo ; 69th lr;ei:
IUlll Mfpvj ft mo. ml iv7j. v.'1 n ;; i-n u-t ..
Ifltiio -UlmftiN Ctrrolltmi CftpUin (A) 80(k
Dai.lmaa4wu1"' y HfU IH '. ' UX . 4. J Ml J1
Wm. 0iiwiPiiifl4Afn.
Ha Lavjar w mw .utocrt ,.
Thoi.wtf. Hood; Newark, Assistant Surgeon
J. Rretlor4; letehrplu 'Surgeo uJfr
Reelmentwu . - -' ."( t ..
. B.HatriSon, Napoleon', SjrfgweSthR.eg.
W.'b; Sba'ffer, Celaware,1' Xaalaiwi't' qrgeoji
83d Regiment. ,j"ut,j.j'j , x im1 ;ii (a i ,
C. L. VVHSon'. Lee,' AWlsts'nt" Snfs;eofj"79th
JT. W. Brook, Nntawubnrg, Assistant So
seon 66th Reir!ment,v" - ,u :.; ii j' ,joc ,
WmJit'jj:sr)utt 8ttreiJRd
John Q'EenaL Pinna. Main 7th Cavalrvji n.
Cbarlap T' Wilbur, Marietta', Assistant 6nr
seonotb Kegirnent.' , ,( u"-
Samual rB7M;ClilQi VA
73d Ree ifoeat. - mu-.t!i ,,. u .i.
John H'CnrW.' Cincinnati Llrtt..CoIonel
52 Regjinent., n , , ,
Thi IwDDgTiou. ficaooi., The SeortJbf;
tne industrial sonow reports tna oaring tne
past year h gcltooi.lW UiwM mORliflonrlah.
ing con4 tion.;, ftii ttgnest, Qnmbef kWWoV:
anew uerog vainawnuu unaTmseiguiy
- . a ' a V" lim.il ni yn; ..
lour. fl ... bwAVk feu
Ths pr6jiWjh'dMtfalldrea
nhans biina liaaanUVariielbrev'k'u aVo4 V'
Mora'ftarXbrie5JndTcd garments navl beefl
made and given outi shoes hare also been sup.
piled to ths ttosl IB heed, k Oae hundred dol
lars has bcri ,,pwclpd 4uriDg fllOO"
As thU food work rOT-enlT- be sustained by
the ee-optlprfl
hoped that AllTrho1 feeea toterewt letaobretK
perttr will atteneCsneJfeppperi wtfcB"' Ifs to be
given oa Tuesday evening-, Nor. 12th, at the
f.CTThe Pay of General Scott U $9,240 per
Teiunii; 0)5rs.MWry CotimlOe, tte.i
Praanminv that vou are aware of the Orran
Ization at Washington, by authority of tbe War
Department, ot a seieot 'oorp ot troops known
aa the U. 8. Sharpshooters, whloh le under tbe
immediate superintendence or Col. J3erdan,and
is -oomtioted of the best rifle shots from the
n voral loyal States, we would say that as yet
UMo is not represented in tbe brigade. By re-
quoetof the Seoretarv of War, Captain Milton
if. Pelroe; of Cleveland, bas been appointed to
raise company in this estate for this brigade.
uaptain reiree nas ample testimonials (Dota
oivll and mllltarv) as to bis obaraoter and ea
paeitv.and we would earnestlv reoommend rout.
otHrperauon in me speeay formation oi toe
H. G. BLAKE, M. C.
fteferrins the riflemen of Ohio to the above
Introductory recommendation of Senator Wade
and . congressmen1 itiaaie ana mate, i wonia
say that when I reeelred the order from Wash
ington, Jt opntemplated the oo-operatian of the
Governor, wbo savs he "cannot enoourage tbe
salalng of any troops exoept ny regiments and
id in ngqier way. .... , ..
" As no man oan ne aamittea into wis uigaae
?i . . . L . . t 0 I I
hi obbdoi maae a ten snoi sirinw si but men
seat two hundred yards, being globe or teles
cope lights, or the same string at one hundred
yards; using open or hunting sights, both at reef.
it will oe wiinoei ' oount, imponiDie to raise a
regiment of, these pioked marksmen . at the
present time, but a battalion oan bi iajsid,
and I propose that tbe marksmen of Cincinnati,
Toledo; Cleveland and ether principal points
throughout the State Jlmmedlately call mee tines
and appoint committees, wno snail cooler with
eaob other and act in eonoert. For the purpose
of .expeditiously ' organising ' this - movement,
oommunloatlona of oommittees and Individuals
oan be addressed to me at Cleveland, and 1 will
furnish oommittees with copies of my Instruc
tions.1 ;;':," r
As 1 3o not expeot or desire any other than a
subordinate position in tbis- eorpe. . 1 do not
wish to take a oonsnlonous part beyond the first
inanguratory step, necessary to- ineare a gen
eral and prompt movement in all parts' af the
State, when all Interested eaa aot through their
respective committees.. It is Important, how
ever, that all pull together. This brigade thus
fas (and it already consists of two regiments)
baa been made up of squads' or' single com
panies at most, who hare gone forward to Wash
ington, where a oamp of instruction has been
established for the express purpose, and there
the regimental organisation bas been completed.
By enrolling all this class ot men In the State
at oooe and proceeding to Washington together,
the battalion will seonre ita proportion of regi
mental offloers. i At least two or three full com
panies of aa expert marksmen aa .the country
oan prodilae, ought and oan be enrolled in Ohio
within! 'the ( next fifteen days, when they can
be rendeivoused slmultaneonsly at some central
point and move to their destination, r
m . .... . M 1L..1.T rt.
1 nave tne autnorny ror saying mat tne uov
ernment will refund all necessary outlays In
volved In the raising of (he Ohio battalion, will
furnish, transportation, eamp and garrison equip-,
age,) nnlforma, etc... Also, the most valuable
rifles tver manufactured for service (costing the
Government about $50 eaoh.) , They are of
Sharp's late and improved patent, cast steel bar
rel, double, triggers, eto.,v Expert marksmen,
who pride themselves opon their skill aa snob,
are not willing to go into service armed with
the bangling apologies called rifles. Govern
ment is aware of this, and hare had these splen
did Weapons manufactured expressly for this
corps; and no other troops bare tbem. L Marks
men of Ohio, will you be numbered In the brig
ade oi U. S. Sharpshooters? Respond promptly!
Call meetings at once in every part of the State,
and appoint committees in every prominent
town and city at least, and. let ua confer with
each other. Until preliminaries are arranged,
: i - --
Cleveland, O.
Will Diners thronthout the State olease coov.
and Postmasters cut out and post np conspicu
ously in their offices. . .... .
To .MiuTAir Gmtumin ) AND ClVlUANS
Yda will find at N. GoNDXiSHrjMia's, No. 129
S, High street, next door to the Goodale House,
a large and superior" (took of ready-made cloth
ing, and a like ' excellent stock of cloths ' to' be
manufactured to order In the merchant tailoring
department of his' establishment. Mr. R.
SrtrsxlNO, who superintends this department,
ia a skillful cutter, whose ability ana reputation
afford an ample guaranty that none but the best
of work will be made nnder his inspection. ;
Oar readers, military and otherwise, will find
it to their advantage to purchase their olothing
ready made, or leave their Orders with Mr. G vrt
DxuBkima, who is an old and experienced mer
chant of this city, and is enabled, from .the fact
that be buys bis goods tor caeb, tosell at a
very low ngure. w .-.:. - i
Remejmher N. Gundiishkimir, No. 123 South
High street; octl2-lmeod
TT ta an lndlinutable fact, tliat If any mrsoo vanti one
X of thorn oomfortabl E8QUIS1ADX BEAVER OVKB
COATS, he will usuallf flna tbem In larga untlUat
ft aosrpenon deelreas of awning of tne late slyle
X or aiAV.a uv aa uuaib, wun .p budn,
don't break Tour heads to learn where to find them, bat
to to tne 1 '
. n . b.h. . ' smw i n n i TM. ....
!"!' pfpotltt the State Bouie.
You will ftnd.thea thai In all colon, kept to ' .r,
Din yom never wear any ot the SILK MIIBD CA8
8IMJSBB sails, which are sold at the p.plw) Oltj
Arcadef Both in and 70a will find them in pilot. a.
'I M I- t I- . ,
-TOa mar alao ba la want ef PANTS and VI8T8. an
' X tbera ia hat one ealabllehjneot in - the West wherei
ranla and Teats are to be had In all atrlpea, shapes,
styles, qoanUtles and qoaliMe. ad that bIms Is the, . ...
1 f 1 ii- -...
VOS'I format the extensive auortment of IITRNIBH
I IKS QOODB, particularly in, WOOLEN SBIalB,
which jou can Hod In "Red, white 'and blue," at the
oAril Au bill AKUAUJS,
j I Bnperintended to Marcos Ohlldi.
f jln wUid weaiarBents MAPfc";Tb Vtf
DElC. you can do do better than to go to the Mer-
ohaot tailoring XstablUhment, next t tlie Arcade-and
aaleot your good, from a stock eomprliln all eolors of
Beaver Oloths. Oauimerea, Bilk Telvet and Ploah Test
Inge, and yfeaWlll sorely DKet with a goodfi(toyurbhaS
MILITARY OINTLEMSN, when they com to tbU
city, as stracgere, and wiih to get a UNIFORM, It
Utetnelr besi sdrsntage trreallat u - ,,
.o.i :y- n.MAaCUa CHILDS'3, '
TTbese! a largo' assorimsnt of BLtJB CtOTh ' and other
rncies neiongmg to the.qulpjje of an pmcer can Be
had at very moderate prlocs. . , .,.''
" ItLShort eall at , w-r.-A . . I. A t
I .lM.WttM , WUiaUU W) v
V Proprietor of that extensive tmstness locality,'
Ln 1
r1'- -oierouOnnoelta tha Htu. Hnnm. ,
"c7-dm iiu , ' . i..in -.Jliiiij.. l''.!.i: -.vt
(8U00ISB0B,Tp cKM BEgTIIACirj ,
(IKm HigK - StM"
v,r io: y'a'. '"-1 y
fiw MliMaxB"lT '
17 ,q. .iie.i' mn.a
Ul )' 'f.'ii i
,r0 .!;ftVirtfNS':':
riw -Jr" b.ta,.salviTS( to '; . r'-iL mi n.ct -.j
rlprwgn ,nnd Domestio rruitgs,".'
u,1 ri ! ,r.Je le inl I tii t"i'iS i,'lr,i
ih W 10 inn Amiin euj ui t .,, . , ' '1 - n.j -
a "I
odLUiiit kill mfntt."'-'u
iiattesxrw uneeeBirBjarenew4 rvas Bodlest Tseaei
htavree and besom arc formed a At theemea with saas
.aauriirt. The swrk apwa- each on desicnaUng the
etawaou ba,rerHd oav at beiag correct, and each shbrt is
guaranteed Well mad. A full stock e .11 m
aonamntli far sal at BAla 'A.
aevM. BTo. South High plveet
From all Parts of the World.
Price at Crane Creek.
Gunboat Rescus Shells the Rebels.
General Scott Gone to
10,000 Stand of Arms Captured
from the Rebels.
EXPRESS. &C. &C. &C.
From Washington.
[Herald's Dispatch.]
WaSHWOtow, Nov. 8-Reoorts that General
Beauregard bas been relieved from tbe oom
mand of tbe rebels on tbe Potomao seem to be
well founded. A letter just received from
Riobmond states that strong iflbrta for some
days have been made by tbe people of South
Carolina and Georgia to induce Jeff. Davis to
detiil Beauregard to command the fortifications
at Bull's Bay or Port Royal, in the event that
the fleet should attempt a landing at either of
the paints.
The Utter States that the belief Was that" the
fleet waa destined tot Beaufort. A tretty large
force had been dispatched from the Potomao to
defend tnat point.
The oflloial announcement to the armr of the
retlraey of General Soott aooV the assumption'
oi command bf ( General JHcClellan .has baon
IwnMH . . ...
The headquartera of the armv will be estab
lished in Washington. ' l' ' 1 :
Tbe duplicate returns, otdera, aad other pa.
pers, oerewiore sent to tne Assistant Afljntant
General's headquarters of the armv, will be dis
continued by tbe order qf the Secretary of
War. ' ' r-IJ --- ' 'V . ;
Adjutant General.
[Tribune's Dispatch.]
Gen. Halleck has cot vet received his orders:
tne indications ere mat he. win bi assigned
Anrmmanii In Mlunn,!.
. Scouts discovered to-day that 'the rebels are
tbe habit ef keeping, wbout resimenb in
ambush near Hunter's mills, for tbe purpose of
oapturing wBeieveroecnee in rfeaca.-. rrabably
more than one careless, picket, or atraggier in
advance of our lines, has already fallen their
viotfins'' " ' ' j;"'"'' 1 - 1 -'i ,'.-. ... .
A. nrivsie of .the'.2J-' Mfohlian waa wounded
and captured at Ball Run and returned because
hid permanent disability of Teaching his reg
iment. He says one of the fortifications 00 the
north l side of Richmond,' when he left, waa
more than three quarte a of t, mile In len&tb.
Our soldiers In the hospital with him were well
treated. Those confined in the. tobacoo bouse
were generally abused. " : '' ,:,.
Tbe Georgia troops at Richmond Were great
ly dissatisfied and anxlona to return bome 1 -
A diepeteh from Gen. Roseerans, the only one
sinoe bis reports about his fighting Floyd, was
received at headquarters today, it saya not a
wordDi tne. Virginia tniei, or or the engage
ment 'or Immediate prospect of. an engagement
with tne reoeia.' . : ;,
. Washimotom, Nov. 9fThe Treasury Depart
ment lias suspended the printing of the three
year bonds to tbe 10th of August, and directing
the plates altered to the lot of October, fire
mllllens having bean printed. ' ..' . ? '
, The Department this week have been' psytng
with toe greatest 'possible expedition; the .ac
counts for the army and navy, these being con
sidered tbe most urgent and important . Other
accounts are all necessarily suspended until that
branch shall be completed.'1'.' ', ; , .''.',: "
The Wat Departnusnt hat received an' official
telegram eonoernlng thebattleof Belucot, Mo.,
whiob generally confirms the newspaper stater
It says that Captain Bellaskl. of Genual Mo-
Clernand'a staff, was killed, and among other
particulars, that we fought all tbe way into the
eamp of the enemy, running under the guns, of
Voiumoua, spiaea two guns, and brought away
two, together with two hundred prisoners. The
Federal roes is stated at three hundred, and that
of the enemy much heavier. .. . '
The uowernment has no antbentic to ror may
tion that the rebels are weakening their own
forced on toe lower rotomao.
[Special to the Post.]
An exchaDre of prisoners la likely to be&ftne
aeoewplisbed On satisfactory conditions. VThe
Ocvei omeatit now engaged in disouasing the
questioarx! "-''' . " '
. ailflutenact Kurtz, wno was released I rem
Richmond on parole, in order to urge upon the
Government .the . expediency of maklne ti-
ohanras, eipfseees great eenfldenoj In tb auc-
OeeS ef hiO'ission.i ,''','-"i'U- oiuor .li.nsq x:bt
The President bas commenced the preparation
of h is annual message. - ' '
The Long Bridge over tbe Potomao. la being
reconstructed and will be kept ia repair for-eotl-
ItarvitMM rlurln thn wlntor. '"' y i. -
P . t, - w, .....I . , o. :
r tkrrernment has decided to bold the position
now occupied at Hatteras. Reinforcements will
probably be sent at once, Including regiment
to replace the Indians troops who have suffered
; tm story that tbe rebels bare erected a new
baUerv on the Potomao,' twelve' mile' below
Alexandria, la denied ' ry tne otnoers or tbe
Washington navy yard. ,j t mi.a vt
' 1 ;
Important from Missouri.
. Catoaao, Nor. 9.A 'epecial k- the Times
from Cairo sdjs it Is "impossible Jet to obtain
anything like an aoourate report of the killed,
wounded and missing in the engagement ! at
Belmont on the 7thi '
It la estimated that twentr-fire of the Twen
ty seoond Illinois are missing.. - There are
tbougbt tobeuree aundred and ntty mining
ef tbe Seventh Iowa;"' ' '' "'" 'J.' '
1 Cot, Lanmon's wound is not dangerous.
H Llent-Colottel Wendt was killed the Major
is snisaing and trie Adjutant missing and report
ad kiihiRf t I f. J t T t ' ilul1
Id togan's Reghnent thlrty-flfa 'wete'fcljfyi'
anu lortj-aeven wounded, -.v v i--!,-,. ,r
,'AU but forty-four of Col. Fouke'e Regiment
antwerea ine roil can yestorday Atsernoon: : "
-Theloaa fn CoC Buford's Regiment not, a;
ucneiwcuj auppoaea not 10 DO neary.ix.ui ri-r
?One htwdried Met ihirly-iort'piibnefVere
All aeoounta oonour la placing ths loss Of the
enein muoh heavier than Ottrs., u ,-
" There la no reliable news frprni Col, Oxllvie's
commana. ii is rumoreq nai n Has encounter
Ufe .U IUO.Mb .m m rnf f. , ,j ,
Salmqnt. nasbeeni ah and on ed by ,,the rebels.
They hare one hundred and fifty prisoners, and
acknowledge tnree b snared and ntty killed, bat
would net permit reaerai omoers wno went
Colurabnt with a", flag of trnce yesterday, to
visit the plaoe to wbloh they oooveyed their
dead. li u.
SmaariiLo, Nev. 6.-MaJor trk Wright,
who haa Uat returtud from aa extensive eoout-
InV'iTnudltinn. rennrta thai the main bddf Of
,tne enemy is now etationsa on mf norva-
of Crane croek about fort miles south of here.
He thinks this force Is about twenty-live weus-
and stk-on. MoCullooh s on Flat creeKi-wun
eeveeior eight thousand, and there are tinner,
ous 'bjaodr ranging; from' one hundred to. roe
thousand scattered about fbe country. Pride s
positlqn on Crane creek le favorable fordofense,
and be bas planted batteries on ine oiuns over
looklnff th &nnrnanhna in the olaoB. '
8t. Loots, Nor.9-General Grant4elegraphs
irom i;alro to bead quarters nere snai our no
ton avt Bfllmnot waa com Dlte. We captured
one hundred aod thirty prisoners and all. the
rebel artillery, but were obliged to leare bart
of the guns behind lor want of horses to haul
them., Some of I ithef prisoner (t:tfjsfc
lane force wai nrenarlnff to start 10 relnforoe
Prloei but oar attack will no doubt prevent it.
Oar loss was about two. hundred and otty, about
ouelhalf killed and mortally wounded.
From Fortress Monroe.
FoaTirss 8.
boat bas arrived. . A flat of truce vaa?aent :to
Norfolk yesterday, but brought so news what
ever of tbe fleet.
Yesterday the gunboat Resoue went op the
Rappabannock as far as Urbana Creek.',' Off tbe
mouth of the creek she captqred a large schoon
er, from whloh she took all Let stores and mor
able property and burned her to tbe water's edge.
The Rescae was fired upon byi masked battery
on shore.'"Tlie fire waa returned, and tbe rebels
completely v shelled outi o The commander of
the Rescue 'occupied the'eotr day shelling
every; spot "wheref there wire indic'tjyona of the
presence-of rebel troons..r t.t r - i
-VlTbe Rescue and Cambridge will return to tbe
Rappahannock river to-day, and aneii tne wooos
where a rebel force If supposed to be.
A physician pf tbeU,B, N . sent to Norfolk
on Monday, with a flag ef trace, by Gen. Wool,
on business of bieown, waa i brought back tbis
aftcrtoob by a rebvl flig of trace.' He reports
that telegraph dup'che were received to-day
at Norfolk that our fleet was tbea (the 7ih lust.)
bombardiDff Fort Rjfal. 8. O., and the work on
both t; Jcj w4 rcry sharp and hot,. Two of tbe
transtUrone supposed, to be tbe Ocean Ex.
press, .having ammunition on board, and the
Union, carrying norses, were iobi curing me
gaie. .... to.u --,
106 teiegrapn at norioua n in uuuautun ope
ration, brinirinc from tbe scene of operation die
hatrihsa. The wildest etoitement crevalls
among the rebels at Norfolk aiw among tbe
people at wis pome. .- 1
The Union was a new vessel, built in New
V, V and intended fer'the wv of the Q. M.
Di partoent here. hBUft was a tery fast sailer';
ano pripoaedtdbe tbefretttm reiael t4, bring
tb' nev or tne result.
Ta supposition is that fort Koyal Is reduced
ai d I lt.oui;j troopt had elected a landing by
tl il time. T I, i-rt'l mm n l. - - J- 'ni.
To morrow we expeot particulars aa a vessel
is bo wly expected, ; "t't" '" ' '' '"
Maryland Election.
BiLTjiioBi. Nov. -Returns from
three-fourtba of the State Legislature stands as
far aa heard Iron about sixty -five Uniovt eeoes
slon none- 'The Senators elected are ten Union;
cMiiinn nana. . u Seven secession Senators, wno
are priDOipejiy ooamioi con m;mi uoiu
over. I The maioritv for Bradford for Governor
will not be less tnan tnirty xwo tnonsapa.-, ine
rote in tbe largest in all the conntles ever east
fl tbe State.
Nxw Yosw. No. 9-The Irirate Powhattaa
has arrived from Key West In f ix dayrfor rej
pairs ana aoiiorw. , , p , 3... .?. t1 i ,
The store ship Nightingale arrived from the
Sodthweet Pass In ten daw " She left the Ni'
agara and Huntaville and. store ship Pamereo
and J. J. Knhn at that place.
C.The steamer, Araw sailed for Europe at
noon. t. . ... yu hs :..
Among hef 'ya'ssengerd'-are Geri! Scott, Col,
H. L. Scott arid wife' and Tour low WeetL'.';' :
Tne General went aboard-at ten p'olock and.
nobodrbttf paasengers were' allowed to go en
.nH.,dnH"" -J'1 '"- " " llMa " ' C
The, atoTMhto'NiahtnVaIaV which lirriv'ed
this moralng from the, Paaaea of New Orleans
bas on board tM .eargoer er nre sonooaere
oiotnred bv the steamer South Carolina, in.
Cladine two careoes of munitions of war among
which are an immense quantity of powder and
ten tnousana suna 01 wu-..u?.iz j'.vr':-''
Col. Baker's Remains in New York.
1 Nxw Yobk, Hot. 9. The funeral procession
of CaL Baker passed up Broadway at noon.
The hoarse was drawn by four white horses-
The! remains are to lay in 'state in the City
Hall until Monday, when they are to be escort
ed by tbe 7 1st Regiment to tne steamer xvoria
erni Jjght, on Which they will embark for Call,
fbruie. -
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Nov. 9.
XLOBV-Demand less astive, matket scarcely 10 firm
and prices generUly wlihqut material ofeange;, 15, -Hal
bbls at t5 SZ&ii 55 tor reJeciedi 5 5UiJ su lor lupeur
ftn statsaj 1W5 7 for extra state; $S, SOQtStO
lot cuperhne .western; J Si foroommon to mod-
iam extra western; a vuo uu nr auppiog Draaa. ex
tra uod hoop Ohio; Stf 75 for traue brands do.'
Market cloalng qaiet. Canadian flour In fair requeit
and without material change; aalee of 000 bbls at S5 40
ii5 61 lor superfine; S 70JC7 &0 for eommon to choice
RIB flour Mere active ana urate) taies 01 saw
bbll at S3 854 40." . -,' .. 1 i ., 1 o r, c". '.
CORN MKAI-!aletan4uiKanrerl. v" ' '
WHIoKY Market lower) sales 80 bbU at SloVji '
WUBAl lUrketaahadekeHev and moderate bail-
Beaadoun for export; eaieaof ae00 bosh choice eprlng
4t(l X1 8S: i,O001lacaepiwJgatet 8S1 U.-4U.
OUOMIIwaakeeelubatei usuiui xj,uuu amoer lowa
at St 96cAU S7( I3.SW red eute at. t SBet 81; S3.OU
winter red western at i wri w ouw amair sucnigan
atgl 3d) tot extra d at et Wl iio,UOO Canadian oluOal
1 S-XAU Sd; la,eu0 white Canadian at t 38Mwl 40,
and B.4IK1 while weeternaf St 30dal 4. .-o 1
RVH-ttiu.t andflrmat7daMilc.i j: t,; .j
B ABLKVrBteady with salee of 3,aO0 boslrot stats at
bSaaS4eOanadaaaata4aii. i v".-.
i;grLnuaa again aaraasaa witav iair mhwm ror ex-
port, horn oonaumptiun and speeulaootii aalea 818,000
bush at tt3 for eommon' mixed western, 4 ana 64M for
good to prim aprlni do and 71 for whit .weeiern In
cluded in sales 11,0110 bash mixed western to store at
5496oXev- .-. t k . r. v--v ,.w
O Aid Firmer; sales at susaeio roNersey eaa lJc
for weitern Pennsylvania and Hate ,
' POBB. Continue, quiet ana prices are wilnout mate
rial chanret the sale, are IU0 bbls at til OO&llS 50 for
faet and $9 BSH-W for prime. a "
' ' BEEF Market Is dull and unchanged and sales of ISO
bble at 4 CKK4 SO for country prime, ti 00&3 60 for
country mess, 11AU for repacked meat and a 13 40 for
extrameu. Prime mess Seat inactive), "
BKF HAMS in fair request; sales 01 ddis
prime western at It 00.
our i
MBAI8 Dull at IXCMo for shoulders and So
for hsm.
BaOON Oontlnns. In eood demuid far future deliv
ery at .toady prices; bacon aides quoted at 6XS7c: sales
of 1000 boxes assorted for December, January and Feb
ruary delivery , en-private terms.
L ABD There I. lea, doing but market without change,
salee 50bblsat.8lo... '. ., 1 -
VKBeHKii I10UU Are in lair demand.
BUl'TSHr-tloaUnao. firm with moderate sates at 8
I4o. for Ohio and 12is20c tor State. ,e.,ai,dj:'
f I HIIMU Vrm . ' .
SUHAJU-Baw oatet and steady: sales, of. J49 hhds
Cuba st 8 Ho and 76 boxes Bavana on PriVats terms. ,
unMajwa A.. 1.. . ..lu .,.
- tfM llvnm.,
...... .-".-.I. ''.,.1 -.1
Cincinnati Market.
. FLO UB Market tMntlnues are un
able t eSeet sales its export uaMas at a decline, which
fc fin.- --
WHBAT la dull at 0i$85e, far red andw8i90o. (or
VI,.. .'."- -
COBN-I. la good demand a Ws tor ear in rnllr salos
qi newavaio x , i r VA'iiV ' .i. M. s
OATS ire firm at no.
BARLEt-4. doll kt489tQs;l 10 rUiO. J'Awdilii.
DV, T- ftM AQSiAl '
T H18KI-IsingooddtajmJatlgJ4ci-C
tie I
1 V.v
... .'yrfitv,
Cleveland Market
- t,
bangs ta not in Other gradee, . rnl
05c; M.00Q buih do at Die: 1 oar do on 1 track at S3cL.ll
ears white on track at S 1 00; 1 ear do at OBc; and S can
nber ba track at 05c. H Jf,lA. l?l t..,
WBBAT Bales ot f.vuu.Dusn reo, tree on noam, at
C0K.N Quiet at ta33ei'lwi el . ! er'd'M
o aTB Bale bt a ear ea track at xeo.
h IOH WUiASaale f 4U bble at 1ft K
BUTT a aT-Piim Western. Heeerv taioo!dAmand
bat W&MXo! Ja xB, eill lo tM-Titnarle loiaio
M kub Bales at 140. .1 .2 ,:rm.;n jiijiti le elai
I ,.CHBB8B.6oe to eViee Wettera Beaerre is In de-
uandatsxiaw. aai ot eu a.ai ai ue testae ngnrev
., fcAi.t laar has been a material adranc In tail
at He.
Gears ass fine solar Is held at ft SO,
CLEVELAND, Nov. 8. Philadelphia Market.
fWTS-flnnl , Jt ...rOna U as M.r W
WHU A1-4.IM SAUUkaiUal-ki aUafcl U.M ttl ked
COrlN-Salei 'of f,m tntt &63f. !f
WlUBKT-rinn at !)lrwi , . fn-At
t. Wllaoo -
riirViRTiieoi' ah iikdch of i ii.f
ta aae dlroot! from 1 t!i BuprU OobWt or
Franklin eutatf 1 Ohio', 1 will if. r for .ale at tUoout ef
the Coart Uonae, fa the City of Oelnaieu,n , 1 till ..
Sattardav. December the 14th. A. D. 1861,
j 77 . , " '''J 'I' n
at two e'elock, r. M , the 'fofloirlng'ileaofihed real eiutci
tltaaUtteeaa!atyrklJrflll!t of OJrto.e
The sooth half df a lot of Iknd eontarnlnrelKhtyaores,
more or leas; the aald eighty aorea ef which this part
thereby conveyed, Is a traot originally owned by Ir.
Oeorga Stevenson, aod which by certain . rraeatdtngs is
the Ooart of Common Plea of Inuklln County, now
partitioned to and divided among theobtldren and heirs
at law of said Oeorga Sterenion, deceased! said prenv
lies nerelM eonveyed Ming known as uie sonw n.u
lot No.. 17. aawlll folly appear, rtleraaoe being bad to
aald proceedings in partition, sat forth la the Chancery
record, of said Common Plvae, In book 3, page J18.-
Appraised at f.ra uu per acre, - v., ,- 10
. I ' GIOROB W. HUHMAK, Sherlfl, '
, , 1 By Kb, b.vie, Deputy.
B. SniiLB, Att'y. - . . r . --
Printer's fees U 00.. , 1
aots-dltkwtd ' '' '" ' lv, . 'l ,-.'; f I
1 ftnnortAF flntirt.
f'Tf. .. Hose st ah il . . b 5 : 1 ' 1
13 . to me directed, front the - Superior Oonrt of
Faanklln county. Ohio. I will offer lor sale at the door
ef toe Oonrt House, iuthe.eitr of Oolaaabas, oa wr. 1 .
Satutdai. tho14 h day of December,, D.J
. I 4 a
At two o'clock. P. SI., the following descru
bed real
tate, situate in the; bounty f Ttanttllo, and Ptato of
Ohio, to wit!
I f ir A I :
The aouth half of a lot ofland oontalnlng eighty acres,
more of letei the said elptati sens of wblcrj the part
benby eoDeyed isa parfref a tract erlglhally owned by
I)r. George HWTensoo, ratner or uauiarine smory, ana
which by oerStla preceding, in the Ooutt of Oonmea
Plea, of Franklin county, wa. parted to and dirldcd
among the children and heirs of laid George Btcventn,
eeaaeed; said premiieS known aa tbe south half of lot
number SBrenteen (17), a. will rally appear, reference
bk had to certain proceedings in partition set lorin m
the; Ohancerr record, of said Court of Common Pleas,
in book No. 3, page 310, and being a part ef the same
traot of land eonveyed to Jamee P. Boston by Root.
Kmonr and Catharine Kmorv. by deed dated the IS.h day
of Oetober, 1847, aod eonveyed by aald Rot ton ta John
W. Heker, by deed dated the am day or novemoerr A
D. 18S0. ' ' - V.'' ' ' ' ' '
Appraised stfM 00 peraeref v--'-
, QJtORqa W, HDFIMAN, Bherlff. .
r4 . Bjr$o,vts, Deputy,
R. Ihisld, Att'y.
Printer's fees i 00. Aii' 'i'Aj'
noTB-dltlcwtdHO.liVA.J ?Ji?'v
I I , 11 ,1 1 1 1 n
A. Chapman
.' '
, W. B. Barey.
r Coo. at, page 79,
1 franklin Common Plea..
) .:.:
By vib rcF. of a wnir optkbidi
to me directed from the Court ef Common fleas of
Franklin count. 0 I will offer for sale, at the. doer ef
the Court House, in the elty of Columbus, on '
Rntnrrlaw. the Uth da af DeoA. D. 18CI.
between the hours of 10 o'MoclTa. m -and- i o'clock p.
m., the follcwlnr described real eetat, -sltnats In, (the
ooonty of Franklia and iu 01 unio. 10 wiu
. Beelnnine at the nortbweet corner or tne santawen
quarter of eeolton nrtmber twepty-one (31), town (II),
lange twenty one (31); thence eeMh forty-five poles to a
rake; tnenoe ease tnre nnaniew asa nraniy pom n
the eastern boundary of the southeast quarter section
to a stake silaate of a hickory. eUht lnchei diameter,
north 67 C wees fert three link, to I Jaoavoak, eight.
een ificbee In diameter, soutn xv, west nrteea Unas,
thence north with ths boundary of ths saas forty-fire
polee to the northeast worner ot the same; thence we.fl
tnree nunarea iweniy pom, w mo piaov or ucgnraini,
containing ninety aorei, beinc the same premises con
veyed by John S. Barey to raid Wm. II. Barey by deed
bearing date December the 8th, 183J, and. duly recorded
nt me aaia FmoaiiB eonniT. 'nr-1 ftfnf!?i5f
"Apprised at 40 SO per scre'V r-
'rI O. W. HUFKMAlf, Sheriff.
P. B. Wuook,' Att'y.' J Bi br.i koj :c unl v,:co
Printer's fee. 00. .
no4-dltwtJ. - " - ft nifr ra
I 1 1 , n nr, hi npni
oale,!ii-ivi yiiw.
1 .vi,,n , ..'ill'
Wsa.,Hr.BIchardsL Oilnli
iHau I vs. uommon ruai.
huoo eacoo j-iout. vn,f ai yrrtll H tlTW
BT virtus of an order of lale to me directed, from the
Coart of Oenmon Plan, of f rankrtn eounSr, Ohio,
I will offer for sale at tbe door of the Court Bouse, In
lhtt nl tlnlnmrnlL 1" '" J '
Od Saturday, November IBlb, A. U. 18CI,
at 1 orolook, P. B r tar folIevlritesTrtbedmt esuta,
towiu-tw- . i.ti'.i , ' i! ,H.t.J
Lota three (31. twenty-three CB). nineteen tivi, ntty.
ana (in. and firbr-firs I5S. In the town of Berne, Prai
rie township, In the county of Fraaklto, and State of
Ohio. Also, 40 seres, mere or less, Which said Jacob'
riodt bought of John w. Baker.
' Appraited ab-ot Wo. fSlS.On-it
ii at
" " 1,
" " 45,
350 00
SO 00 e ji .:.') e i
80 sra Ii "-'4 u
40 seres se
SB ouperaer'
O. W. BDrrilAN. Bhsrll. .'
By Bdu Davis, Beputyv
1 fcH,,!". O .fi 1 I HI frS I
- :. ';. 1, . if, 1 C-''T
Printer's fees 6 00.
.'Master Commissioner's Sale-.
gale of BoaiKUt Toy order pfQjutirt'.
iiW.M.rinch ) -n to i.i-iri,
.'.ui' wa.: it'1 Suoerlor Court 01 raaklla Oonntr,
John Brown etsj.l ' sieiii i i . v u. ,! .
N pftrtuaace of ad brdsr of ths ftrfiefldr- Oonrt of
Pranklin county, Ohio, made at the May term thereof,
Tl . 1QKI In Ih. .h... anlllUl Uflnn. 'AlDni Will b
offered for sale, at pebllo auction, kberfghest bidder,
nil .,-, a -Mtr. ..ir uirllllr r.t
Saturday, the 30th day:qftKsvyA. J.;1861r
at the hoar of 10 oUoek A.M., at ths door of ths Court
House, in tbe city of Columbus, In said franklin eounry,
the following read eetate, to wit: .
In-lot number SO of Bobert Nell's addition to the elty
of Columbus, being the north-east corner of Lockwln
tarnplke and Johnstown plank road v. l
. .Appraised at $1,366.08. , .' r 2S-,l 'viilttf
n AUBW .IIAin., -
Special Atastet OommlMioner.
Printer's feee, SG.OO, .. ,
Oct. aa, lbot-td. Si
Gents' Jjnp:.SJ)irt;,Collar3f-
BOTB. Standing, Byros, Perstghay, Benfrew and
ether new ahaoea. Ilemmed Pocket Handkerchiefs. Neck
Ties, Blocks, Street and Bvenlng Cilovee, Half Boee of
every kin. Under oarmeais anu all tines or uenta- xur
niahUig Qoods in great var'ctl and at moderate price.
1 Z ' HbACI Ai BON,
rebp.i ,-, -.'iiM 1.. , n snttta suae etresv ,
" Wholeaie'Bd Beta.il'' Bealer lit '
I.- -i ..! f . ; ii!.?. . . :tr"f"
Keep vjoMetantly A and. all Uie rat
- 1 .., yra rlwaa BUAH AXS.Wf c rr-
1 oifcfcis.aJ'iDiJj
oi by n-i jk nta a -' i iw ji ,j Jis z.i
nl'A' " " l--'" ' eaa lM.bo.c'
Grdcenes, ..
y) I T.lr m Jp
Frodace. vi.io k
IS l-rJ ,
ll lll fl
. nrlv il tI'V13lOnB.
t;,l V
ForeTM ihd D6mestid LfqMrs, "
b .it HYtiir..q 'r.iT.-ma: :.- l
too Pi- -. ,. c o 7 t.i Y'frr;.
l IIIK rJl ASrHPIM 1 .1 Vl!
II ,1 'Ult "I'l tKl. i-uioa, ma,;, vi VT
1 mi i-JUt .t't'Tij v "T"trt l.ij VJ I)tSWJt
fit . vtaitti: t nifi, i to faau tsiU
Nj,106,:Sotith High'5 Street,
The did stand recently occupied kry.Waf. MoDMALB
F.:tr-.IjWhiehaw1IseatH l r'J
" 'W7M H"l ' '-i"r
I mtni ir.rc .., .'' "" Jiii
BeiAeUvrdalls(,irre f ohart.Jl
1 y VI ORDAlaj a eeii1iuaaUelt
For sals row by .t-t
9tn lOtffo.lhHigh StreeU
f oxiiq o -.1. j!
3 U M"I , ,13A !i f l!.Jiir-, . f
7 Ji
For an Inch of Time!
a dying Queen. I bat lnoh of time can be proeur-
..hm-wh wKmywi nil., ana many long years or -
snjoyed byeooiultlng Dr. MEBUTWEATBSB, who
le euruig tne most obttlnate and long .tandlng diieaies
VI u uunuo, iiH1, liKIU, SIUNIlH. BLAD.
iinuura, 01 mi erJS AMU aAB.
' "' Facta are Mtwbawrn Tbingel
Iloar what thePhlladelnhla enrrMinnr,i1nt mm i tv
'0ttonealth,r rr littlngtoB. Delaware, th of April,
"Ad Engll.h gentleman, formerly connected with the
5 . ? A""7' ,ni wh) himself the 'Indian
Botanic Phy.iclan.' ha. of late gained an extensive repn-
plalnti. Some of his patients f hare eonversed with,
and they pronounce his remedies aod mode of treatment
as Vry superior. Soma h h.n rm.i..A 1, ..
atio. The medicine he nass Is distilled by htmaelf
rum tumoui uen poimnng rare euratlTe properti
"While actios In toe armr ha riavoteil hi. faimn .
ments to a thprough study of the effects prodnced by
certain medicinal roots and herbs on all manner of dls
aaaflaJ Ik nma ba hwm fnnnA hi.. n.i ... 1-
ay forall the Mn. that Bttb Is heir to.' His practice is
immiwniniHiigiii, increaaing. in tne oom'
plaints to which rem.lr. are mblesied. he has no eonal
as a large number here hare teetltted that they' ewe not
oniy moir present good peaith, bia their lives, to Die
sain ot iuiaMtauu,i(iaBie,;nyk.iwi..".
4 Oi?oe 37 East State Street, Columbus.
' sugir-d3in , ""' ' "'
i rornor Spring dc Water Nt.,
1 i . t - j-
Ooliarraloxxja, OIilo.
Wl B. , POTTS & GO.,
tad Manufacturers' of Aram atid Oorapoiltlon Callings
it 1 fininhed Brass Work of all Descriptions. .
Eleetw Plating and Gilding !
r Stencil; CUTTING, ic.
febl'ttHHy - ' - ,
Coltmbui Wholesale Liquor Store
Fbreifirn and Domestic Wines. Brandies.
I it. c . H Aa,. Ae. AligO, i.
.f'i Jt 'IA
'fJOitlilBtS, OHIO.
to an it ruuin
Liverpool, Montreal, Quebec,
The ltontreal Ocean Btoamshlp Oonrpanv's flrst1ass
full-towered Clyde-built Btesuers sail every Hut
araay from PORTLAND, carrying ths Canadian and
United Dtaces mail ana pauenger.,
Shortcat, .Cfieepost and antckest Con-
, . , reiance iroui
j,t .Rates pt paeeiaKe to Europe,
- ! , .,, .830. SO. , ... . ..
Will sail too iLrvxBPOOL every Wednesday,
and from QOKBEO every Saturday, ealling at
LONDON DBRRT, to receive on board and land Mails and
passengers, to and rrnm Ireland and Scotland.
. ITpThese Steamers are built of Iron, in water-tight
nmrJuxtmeste. carts each an experienced Buiiieon. and
er-rj attention te paid to- the comfort and aocoirmroHa
tion 01 pusengara. inryproocea mrn 1,'W uvia.
DJCRY, the great risk and delay of eeilliig at fit. iihn'a
ISaVetdSd. ... n :i.(( ,
Qlaagow passengers are forniaued with rata passsge
tickets to and from Londonderry. . . . ,
Ketnrn tickets granted at reduced rates. v '. . ...
Oertincates Usued for carrying te and bringing out pas
senger from all the principal towns ot Great Britain and
Ireland, at reduced rate., by this line of steamer., end
leaving Liverpool every week. .,
Sight Drafta for t anst apwardi pay
able in Ensrland, Ireimnd, Mceta.
land or W alee. - u ;.
for passst, apply at the Offlce. 88 BBOAU
WAY, New Vork, and 19 WATEK HI.,
I.lverpeol, . ,.. ,
tASEt, k SSABLS, General agents,
Or to . - J.
Post Offlce, Columbus. Ohio.
cBkurrorasa rnm.
'. 1:
1 STSRHk CBtTTkNnnii
Counsellors at' law,
"SsOroJLX ; JStroot,
t ' ' ' ,J' "'
(Offlcet of City Judge,) ' -, 1 't '-
Hon. James Monorkt, ti. I. Superior. Court. - .
b Hon.H. B. Payne, Clevelaod, O. , , , ,.
(,on.H HfB;onter,Lanoattrfig. j,,,.. ,,rw., ,
. mn.'2-Rm ." ' - .... . . . i. .
.'irrr'jr arr ... -. . .: , ' ..in.' . ,
And Seed Stpro.'V : ;';.'
ll '.J
' ntaua IH '
wailb, fttnv; iBr?.:ftnrr, wmass,''
Qnna, Itatelaf WoedeV Willow Ware,
, .tber and Rubber Belting. Tc Lee thHr'.". Hoe and
..,4 M trf
.V Hgl. -' '
Oysters! Oysters!!
,BltaiMl Ift UN ' ' ' -1
to daily receipt, by Jixpress, or f f x ,
TfWn.Utaorad Fait' Battn.' ' I v' '
i,trJeUi Wagnn stryewanu rruii vepoi, ae.ii aw
Btal street.
M ug84tf
Plain Ottoman Cloths:
1 eiagentaand Black t3hKlbTleTiohi , "?
I'BroeheHenemxDnetOoodsl At.l
to Balmoral olrlrun " i.-tV V-
Alexanders' Kid aieveei : 1" . s ' "rv,i.
Uoreete. Hair Heta,
' Plud M.rince.
Io i -vrq 1
, t A J l il , 1. Ko. 99 Boath Hlik Street.
t .11 mtes and oolors last opened at BAINS,
dee 11. Ne.l South Sigh slrsil.
f IS?
w i
) ttfH
'..- I
fttvr. ti
.mww. . --vw.-r . ,..f 1.,. a'lfi,sa1tlWli,.fcw ,4sfjB.WmV-Jte4
'They go Eifihtstclhe-L-fipcU u'
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w ii... In ,3iii f)? ;t ',V
.1- r;-,eM"i it tfr.i!.y.,
'W wl ii 1-
A(.l l, II I .i.-U' I
"OOODKOR LRCTl)RRR,,.- ,r.. ,,,,
; ui, run smbtiKa,
'); OaNTLBMBB OABBT m; .,f, ,. . (
LADIES ARE riKLlOntB0 klli (i
w -.'Kihav
They relievo a Cough iiisUntl) .':
They clear the Throat.'' ' " ''; '
They give strength and volume-to the roloe.
They impart a dellolotts aroma to thabrealU 0
Thetj are dellghtlul to the taste. . ,0 ,,,.
They are made ol simple herbs and. MneA,..".'.,
. harm any one. ' w' "' niri.'t
' ' ' . . '!( ,1' i--r,., "
1 ' I,' . . . . I!, ' ,,r,,4
I'sJvlw everyone who has a Court or a nu.lt fii".
oraBadBreatn, or any difficulty of ths Throat, to sal
s package of my Throat Confections; they will relieve
you UHtantly, and yos wllf agree with ie rht,-tae
go right to the spot." Voa will Sad them very usefal
and pleawnt while traveling or attending Pauls' me- V
logs for stllllngyour Cough r allaying yoar Thirst 'tt''
you try on package, I am safe In saying that you .will,''
ever afterwards eoniider them IndJspeasabM. ' '".i -io.y
Yo will find tbem at ts Drunisbj and Deal era In
Medicines. ''l"1'', , '' ...vl
. 1 ; PIMOB. tv',fJ
My signature Is en each package., tt tori are , 1
scunterfeit. ,1, ,"or.
A package will he sent by mall, prepaid, on receipt . ,
Thirty Cents. , . " '
Address, , '
.: j Heniy C' Spalding V i
NO. 48 C V; D AB ST&l 1T '
1 '-NEW',YORlvi.- :7
L , ,
Vr :.iinr
4aV . VeUtVC ,. Cf
a I.. 4
By the use et these Pllr tb periodic attacks ot Kt
eovs or ateM Btodacht may tb preTwted; ail if taken '
at tha commencement of an attack Immediate relief from
palnandalclmeM willbeobtalned.
They seldom fall In removing the Jautta and
aaha to which female, are 10 subjeot. .
- They act gently upon Us boweU temotlng Cbsd .
aess. f : t . . '. k ," ,.
For Litonary Mm, Stlklwi; Delicate Female, i
and allpersoni of tadtntaty Mbitt, they are valna
u a toesativa. Improving the apptiiU, giving lone ' '
tigor to the digestive organs, and restoring the natu . ',
elasticity sod strength of ths whole system. - ' "
TIUS CEPBALIO PILLS sre the result of long iBve
tiicatkin and carefully eonduoted experiment, havira .
been in us many years, during which time theyhrV
prevented and relieved a vast amrant ef pain and SuSer,
Ing from Headache, whether originating in - the mamms
J 4111
system or from a deranged slats of Ika atroiaatp
They are entirely vegetable ,ln their cocapoUtloi,, an
may be taken at all time with perfect safety wtihoul
making any ehang td diet, and th4 abimc 0 owp
dUaamablt tatle rmdtrt It taty lo itrJurtnts tV". ,l
aAUaVew. , ,'t; ;
The genuine have five .lirn.u,e. of rJenry 0 Spalding
on each Box. ' , ;' '
Sold by Druggists and all other Dealers In Medicine..
A Box will be sent by mall, prepaid, oa receipt of the
..' - ' -". t av I
inoo, sua iuox)
All orders ihoald be addreeeed to
- , tg Cedar street, Newyerk
Irom the Ixaminer, Norfolk, Va. .
Cephalic Pills aeoomplierl the object for' which tbey
were made, via.: Cure of headache In all its forms.
From ths Examiner, North Ik, Va.i , ) " ,)
They have been tested in more than a thousand eases' '
With entlrsccx. ' 1- ' ''" T '.' w.ue iamJ.v'j,ii
., I . Irom the Democrat, St, Oloed, Ulna. .j.. 1 1 -.'-, .'. ;,
If you are, or have been, troubled with the headache ' '
sead fur a box, (Cephallo Pills,) so that yoa may bare
them in case of an attack. . v - r 1 ' 1 j. (,
' ' from the Advertiser, Providence, B. I. ''
The Cephalic Pills are said to be a remarkably ttleetive "
remedy for the headache, and oa.-ol the rery beet for
that very frequent eompUlut.whlch. has ever been
eovered. , , , " , ' '
froin the Western B. B. Oaaette, Chloago, 111, r 1
Ws heartily endorse Mr. Spaulding, and tus anrlvaled
OepimUcPUlS' f fv v k,- r.'.,
-.il ' . '
1, fi:, r,jjy Kanavrha Valley Star, Kanawha, a t
" Ws are ears that persons lufferin with' the headache
wno fry inem, win auoa eo erjesa. -' . - j
From the Southern Path Finder, New Orleans, ,ij ;
Try theml yo that an atlicted. and we ar (nr that
your testimony oan be added to the already an re :.-t-.
Hat that ha reeelred benefit tfiat no other .saedicin ea .-!.
produce. - . .. . .
! From the S(. LbuUDemoerat. ' ' '
' The inuDooe demaad far the artMe iCepbatla Pills .i, ''
is rapidi, i!icrea.ing. ,,. , ..;,., (,,,,
From tne Oaaette, Dave. pert. toWv''i v '1' aH 1 f
Mr. BpaliHrix would not Connect hi. nam Wtth aa ar- '" "'''
tide be did not hunt toDeewai real merit. ,r.
1 1 maaaeamea ,
TTTA singl bottle, of SPALDINtrt PRaPARSD
. , OLUa will save ten tiraeUa c annually. Oj1t:,.:
'Z srALjDiNO'3 Prepared glue tii,B
Ic.ti- in mmm',:'i ?e n.'? f..T
', ;.' it lielwrny I,
aava iia - ''jj',
00N0MYI -
Jj"A BTrrca ia tuti Saves fhs.Jjr
A. ucldenta will haopen, even In well resulated fam
lltee. It Is very doalreble to have some cheap and eon
venieot way for repairing Imraltur, Toys, 4rckeey : iwn
' j -SPAtDINdiSPMPABDaLn-''f
meets all suoh smergenclee, end no household eaa alfcrt" w
to be witheat It. II 1. always aady. and p to ta etiek -1
'"''ylJSBrci in iviax eoub . '
I 5ft 1;
V. B Bmh aecompanlM
UHNBT 0. SPALDING, ' 1 . W , vii
Us. 48, Cedar StrA,Nw lort.,, W
TCWiO V -.451 J JU. 1' i-wfl
1 , . " .j w.i .1. .
-''is certain tmprtaolpled rsen are sttempttnj t '
palm off on the unsu.peeting publle, tmltaUons of '
PBIPABBD etOB, I woo Id eaatton all persons tot
sain before purohulns;, and ee that th fall Bam, ;
1B1'A1.DIIU B FKar'AaBDeLUB,cra
Is on UHOUtsid wrapper! all ethers are swindling
tertetts, a
! I ll
n -a

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