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Rail road Time Table.
UrxiA Hum ft Owasvsefc Xuru X. B. '
; J J " " Leaves. Arrives
Night Ilimu, via Dayton, 8:00 A. 11. 3 3 A. U
UluetnuU iKmnodumii. 9:10 A. U. KlVll P. M
Dai Emma 1.U P. Uw Si 00 P. M
Mill and Aooommodstlon.. 4:00 P. if. 13:15 P. H
- .', . Jmo. W. Dohtv, Agent.
OubOMlDI GutvsuXD E. K.
Night lxpress
I..S:5(1A. M. . 1:30 A. M
. 9:15 P. M. 1:30 P. M
New York Express
Jas ,Armsoii,'Afeni
Cax rr. On 10 II.
Might lxpress.....
. 4:00 A. M. " 1:30 A. M
. .t0 P. M. 1:30 P. M
W. J. Fill, Agent
rrrmvaen, Oor.tmsrs a Oikcixhati R. B. '
Mall Train 4:00 A.M. 1:80 A. M
apiest Train,.,.., 12:85 A. M. 1:30 P. a
" Jos. Bosiirsoa, Agent,
Cultjmsos a iKouxoroui, B. R.
(OolOMSCS PlOOa ft IltOMNA R. bo
no. 1 Express 0:00 A. M. 13:00 M .
No. 8 " J.00 g. 11. 6:40 P. M
.i , 0. W. Shitb, Agent
Motor fe Co.'i Colleok. The evening
oUas of tbia institution will oommenoe on Moo-
day evening at 7 o'clock) for tbe purpose of glv
lug Instruotlon lo Bookkeeping and Writing.--
Terms tot twenty lessons la writing $3,
Council, Pocmdmos. Tho CltvCoonoll met
last' evening President Donaldson la the
Cbilr. Miputei of last evening1 read and ap
proved. '
By Mr, Smith Of D. Davis end others for s
sewer on Hickory Alley, running from the west
side of Fourth street, west to the Third street
sewer. Referred to the First Ward Com
mlttee. " 'J",."..',".. " ' '
To assess a special tax of thirty-three cents
and eight mills on each foot front of the real
state bounding .on' the north side of Division
atrset from new street to Poor Home lane.
To assess a tai pf forty-four cents and five
mills on the south side of said Division street
and within the same limits. '' '
' - - -
By Mr. Smith Directing City Civil Eojtt-
i prepare a plat and estimate) for grading
lOi i utreet from Washington avenue' to Pike
ttfttt. Adopted.
By - Mr Butlh Requiring the owner or
owners of in-iot No. 18 in Win. Donnison, Jr.'s
subdivision of out let No. 13, to pave the side
walk In front thereof en Rich street, by the Sd
doy of December next. Adopted. - j
Adjourned. 1 : t'"' ;
Aa Unfortunate Aryan An unfortunate
shooting sffir occurred on Sunday evening, In
a grocery kept by Michael Fallon near the-depot,
a short distance west of the St. Paul Hotel.
A squad of soldiers, belonging to Col. Caisino
ton's Regiment entered the grocery by foroibly
breaking open the door. The cause of this vi
olent entry was, we understand, the refusal of
Fallon to give" up gun belonging to one of
the soldiers of the regiment, of which he, Fal
lon, had, atari' early hour In the evening, ob
tained posseesjon. ", .. . f
After the soldiers had effected their entrance,
tho.guo was again demanded, and Fallon still
persisting in bis refusal to give Itnp.ooeof
the soldiers fired at hiin, sending a ball through
the tight aim near the shoulder, and slut'.erirg
the bone. 1 '-
The soldiers then took tbe wounded man out
of tbe house, and were proceeding with him
down High street, when tbey were met by Col.
Cahrinoton, who took Fallon into his carriage,
and conveyed him back to bis house Yester
day morning ,lbe arm was amputated olose to
the shoulder by Drs. Gay, Dburt and Loving.
We have beard different and contradictor;
statements as to the origin of this unfortunate
affair. It Is time that some means were devis
ed, if possible, to prevent collisions, between
soldiers and citizens. The prospect Is that we
are to have a camp or camps in our vicinity for
some time to come; and it Is therefore incum
bent on both our civil and military authorities
to guard against tbe repetition of similar
scenes. , l . ' "-j i
ET"He that providcth not for bis own house,"
eto. The reader undoubtedly remembers the
balance of the text, and will take good care
that it has no personal application to himself.
Ho will, therefore, see to It that his house Is
comfortably warmed, and well supplied with
the te cessary cooking and kitchen ntensils.
Stoves and Tinware for these purposes oan be
obtained of E. B. Armstrong, No. 17 East
Town street, whose card appears in another col
A Chaplain Arrmtid Chaplin Brown; of
the Ohio 7th, has been placed under arrest by
order, of Col. Tylrr, -A difficulty originated
between: them about the. time of the affair at
Cross Lanes, the Chaplain censuring the Colo
nel severely in a letter, for that disaster. .
- ......
Thi ErnQr' Sordino at Zanisvilli The
telegraph-operator at Zineavllle has published
the following card: J.' .
A Casd. As I have been accused of being
the author", of the dispatoh published In the
SiaU Journal of yesterday morning, I deem it
advisable to make tfle following explanation:
On Wednesday evening (6th inat ) two gen
tlemen of high standing .in this community,
came into my office and stated that there was
considerable excitement ' tip street caused by
burning an effigy of President Lincoln. Tbey
wanted to send . an account to the Associated
Preset-- Being - 'a reporter for -the Associated
Press, and fully believing the statement to be
true, I told the operator sit Clnolnnall In oon
versatlon about it, bat had no idea that it would
bt published, as I had discouraged the sending
of the dispatch when requested to' do so. "
Oar regulations prevent me from making pub
lio the names of the persons who wrote tbe dis
patob, even If I was so disposed. -'' r' '- '
J. D. HOGE, Operator, Zanesville.
ZANESVILLE, Nov. 8th, 1861.
Cssir Dinmbon. Three tq regiments arrived
at Camp Dennison last week. There are now
nearly six thousand troops on the ground, as
toUom '-''-'i'i'-'s'- -! -'i t -
Slet ReglWol. UatUuwiw.V.V.'...'977 men.
4Ut Keglmeat, Ool. Uuao, bout..,,,..U50
lBih Saylment, Col. lieitty,about..,.'..,.l.ooO n '
SSd lUilnent, Ool. Sergeant, About.. .t... no '
8ih Regiment, Ool. Sullivan, about......... Too '
Mtk KeRlmeot, Ool. Bmitb, about 700 '
let Artillery Ool Barnett, (J batteries,) 700 ', " ,
Oltv Btlter, Capt. Ujman.u.. ............ do 'X
One Company, 7m Caralr... 100 .'
Workmen are busily engaged in constructing
winter quarters for the troops. ,, Ten large build.
logs, Intended to accommodat one hundred
men eooh, aire now completed, and it it expect'
ed that within the next fortnight Jwenty more
of the same kino; fll be fjnlshed. , These quar;
vers are each one hundred feel long by twenty.
and verv eomforUble. hTeree torts arsito bt
.1.JiU-yJ.t.'n'41Jil:' .'"-A .611 ivJi JtAOayi
rjf.',W z a k'K.: LlMlMs.i
tT T Wisconsin tegitaent the Tenth
and Eltventh go Into Ksntncky this week.
Col. Gioros W. Mosoan. We are glado
bur thai this gentleman baa been appointed
Brigadier-General. This Is an appointment fit
to be mado." General Morgan served his coon
try with distinotlon in tha war with Mexico,
and was wonnded at Molino del Rey. If we
could have a few more snob, appointments there
would be no danger of any more Ball's Bluff
ST Mrs. Mat Pkil'i Minotrels, at Armory
Hall, were greeted with a full house last even
ing. Tbulr performances, for their variety and
excellence, were exquisite.
They perform again to-night with an entire
change of programme. '
We trust their effort to amuse during these
times of universal gloom, will be duly appreci
ated, and that the Hall will bo again orowdod
this evening. It will be prudent la those doslr
Ing convenient scats to procure them early.
Madame Constanz.
Ma. Editor: Allow me to call the attention
Of the citizens of Columbus, or those who ad
mire good singing and dancing, to the perform
anoes of the above lady, who takes a boueUt
this evening (Tuesday) at Apollo Hall, High
Street. This lady has appeared before large
and appreciative audiences both In Europe and
America, and bss invariably received enco
miums of a high character. We dropped in
with some friends a few evenings since, and
were highly entertained. In New York, Cln
olnnatl and St. Louis, we are informed, she has
met with well merited soooess. Here she bag
appeared exclusively before a German andience
among whom she Is moatly known; but who
bavs taken no pains to give general publicity to
her merits.
Wetrnstthls brief notice may answer the do1
sired end, and this evening we shonld be glad
to sea Madame Constanz reccivo such a flat'
terlng testimonial of her worth, as a Columbus
DT Tbe ground was oovored with snow to the
depth of five Inches at Cheat Monutaln Summit,
on Wedneeday last.
O Capt. Bmooi, with seventy-two men re
eruited at Maseillon, Stark county, passed
through Zmesvllle, on Saturday last, on the
way to join the Sixty first Regiment at Lancao
ter.'. .
Bad Powdrr. A correspondent of the Ciu
clnnatl Oautte writing from Nolin,,Ky., the 9th
lost., says: . '
The ammunition furnished at Columbus for
tbe battery of Barnett's artillery, on duty here,
proves to be ot a very inferior quality. Two
obarges have to be need for a single discharge,
and even then the projectile force Is hardly
what that of one ought to be. The State Quar
termaster should see to this. .. , . j,
17 The office of the County Clerk of Marion,
county, III., was recently entered by burglars,
and tbe 'strong box' of the Agricultural Sooiety
oarriedoff. It oontalned but ten dollars: the
Society is expeoted to survive it. .
For an Inch of Time!
a (lying Queen. Tbat Inch ot time cm be procur-
a much cheaper rate, and many long years of
enjoyed by consulting Sr. MERRYWE tTIlER, irbo
curing tbe moat obitlnata and long atiindlng dleevee
. Facta are Stobbwrn Tbloga!
Hear what the Philadelphia comepondent eajt In the
"Onmmonwoalth," Wilmington, Velawaie, Din of April
lBJlfc '"- -' .
"An Engllih gentleman, formerly connected with the
Brltlih Army, and who tiylee hlmaelf tbe 'Indian
Bntanio Phyaiclan ' baa of late glned an exienelve repu
tation here by hie eklll In curing all manner of cum
plalnte. Some of hie pattenta I have convened wuh.
and tbey pronounce his rtmedlee and mode of treatment
as very eaperlor. Some have been restored aa If by
magic. Tbe medicine he utea la distilled by himself
from vartoua herbs possessing rare curative properties.
"While acttog in tne army he devoted his leisure mo
ments to a thorough study of tht effects produced by
certain medicinal roots and berbe on all manner of dis
eases. It seems he hue found a sura and speedy reme
dy for all the 'ills that flesh is heir to.' Bis practice la
alrrady extensive and Is dsllr Increasing. In tbe oom
plaints to which females are subjected, he has no equal
as a lartte number here have testified that they owe nut
only their present good health, tut their lives, to the
skill of this Indian Botanlo Physician."
Office 37 East State Street, Columbus. .
augl7-d3m .
1 '
Coinmks Wholesale Liquor Store
Foreign and Domestic Wines,' Brandies,
to. to. ALSO,
WABaHorjfiit And opficb, sj south man gx.,
senBdJyls .,, ,
onauToniia nxs.
CO "Waall - street,
... .- (Offloes ef Oily Judgs.) "' - , . .
NE W YORK. 's:
Ktm to -' .
lion. James Honcrief. N. T. Snpsrior CourU .,L .
Bod. H. B. Payne, Cleveland, 0.
' Bon. B II. Hunter, Lancaster, 0. .
novS-iiiB - . .. . ,
f: r Corner Spring & Water 8t.,
Oolumbuo, onto.
tal MaDOfactnrere of Bras n4 Oomposltloo Oastlnrr-
! glnlabed Brass Wotkof all DctcripUom. -;
Electro, . Plating aiifiGrildiiis i
m" mnciL CUTTING, c. -
tdi$Hi-; lid
From all Parts of the World.
Good News from the Fleet!
Beaufort Captuerd!
Halleck Supersedes Hunter.
Halleck Supersedes Hunter. George W. Morgan appointed a
Halleck Supersedes Hunter. George W. Morgan appointed a Brigadier-General.
Torchlight Procession!
Guvandott. Va., Burnt!
Guvandott. Va., Burnt! FIGHT ON THE PLAINS--REBELS
From Washington.
Wasuinotom, Nov 10 Gtn.Sco't's staffing
been assigned as fullow.: Col. Culluui lu --till'
ol ftlajer GtnernI (Ullpck, with v,uk of Bn-adier-Uoneral
; Col Van Rensselaer sutceedj Col
Scott as Iunpteior-Geofral; Cul. li imil'nn cm
the staff of Geo. McClellao; Majur Wuglit
Ukti commend ol' his regimtut
Atnooe the recently apijoiDttd Br!ffariier.;pn.
erala are Morgan, ol Ohio, aud C i. Pnliip bt.
Georgo Cook, who reivntly hrotirjht Wilier big
eivairy troops'lrom L'tib. ile is a r.aiivo, tir.d
appointed from Virginia.
Aa official diapaicb from Chilttcique JuUl,
VirginU, shows tbut tho U. 3. stcaruer Lomi-
ana baa been active. A part; lrom her, with
Volunteers from inland, went up a criolc one
mile or more, ana louna aud destroyed a schow
er end two sloops, without the less ot a man.
Advices from bt. Louis state thitt M ij. Fin
ney, who loft Bpriugheld, Wo . with Geo. Fro
moot, brought away a cheat with about Uli'M.
0U0, having faikd to pay off tlie tronu.),- Tin
money has been sccuicd, and tho M j r arret
ed and returned to SpringCelii.
Under tbe circumstances, the action' at Bel
mont, Mo., is considered hlghlv creditithlo to
our troops, and tbe credit ci a brilliant move
ment is due Gea. Grant.
A diipatch lrom Western Vir;riti id.iv hxh
Gen. Roeecrans and command arc In a 1,-iu con
dition and prepared to reocive tho enemy, nnd
are confident of success.
[Herald's Dispatch.]
The Government has lesned Dermita to Dir.
ties In Rhodo Island to Undo with hviil cituens
the Southern coast; Vesncls are fltt'ns out
for that purpose, loaded with- supplies of van
ous kinds, among which are sale, clothina end
other articles ct necessity, which, it ij.cxoc'z'.cd
will bo exchanged lor cotton, laid it a now
feature in Government colicy, and emt lend to
Important result. - -
aenatjr bimmons ol Khodo I:-uad Laa been
tbe principal mover In this matter. It miy be
that these vessels and others low flttiu cut
will also follow the expedition; uud aa eoou na
opeuing is made and a permanent f oot'iD?
obtained lo South Carolina or Ueorgin, oroes
cotton will be at once shipped to Lirrr'poul
and tther points. TbU U a very impnti'int
movement and has the lull an tiii ol tlie.Guv-
eroment. '
Mujor Gouer.tl Hallec!: ii ui c.uj i.ctli.t.l to
tho comnuud of tlie Denartmrd'. of tho West,
and Geu. Buoll (o Keut'ickr. TI,o selection ol
Gen. Hillock was murie at tho fujication of
ien. McClellan, and it cuuqt to lan a btluro
the predbut couditioa of uu'iiu in thut Dooarc-
mcnt, under thisablo and experienced Gcuorikl,
will aeauue a satisfactory cauditiou.
ibe non-reception of news lrom the navy ex
pedition throueh rebel eotirues is coueidiin.'i it
the Navy Department us evidence thit hj,13
factory results have been attained. . , ,
There was an extraordinary Cabinet moetin
on Saturday night. General McClellan was
present . . . , .
Nu aulhentio information lias hceu peca-lred
that the rebels werj wcakeniii" their lorcts on
tiie lower Potomac.
[Times Dispatch.]
la three vecks there will bo half a million
Federal troapj in the Cold.
It, is rumored that the rtbol pickets have
been extended all along our lines, bur. it is be
lieved to bo only a feint, cavcrlnc ttio wlthdUff-
of tbelr troops to the coast. . . , '
Ooverumeat has resolved to release o pirole
two hundred and fifty pri-oncru, rarr, of thosu
captured at Ilattaras, t j proceed Eoat'o "ou sim
ilar miiiaiuua. If they succeed, two huodi-ed and
fifty Union prisoners, now in tha South, will
soon be returned to ns, and the crincinlo and
manner of a full exchange of pridoaors will bo
fully establiebed.
Government is about to send moncv,cloth!n!
and comforts to Union prisoners iu tiio South,
the Confederates co-operale in ibo uiei.tute.
An arsirer to such a proposition will bo had
from Richmond in a few days. '
[World's Dispatch.]
General orders have been issued di.tct;nr:
punishuient by certain death in future tj be
visited on any soldier found bleeping on his
There is no littlo indlzuntlon felt here Ij
ofldial circles, at the attempt ot Gei . Frviriom'd
friends to iiiumidate Uovernment by the fabrt-L
CNition of dispatches bom pubi-c and private, re
specting the etate ci leeling in too wsatern
army, not warrauted by foot. If the. reports
wkiicb reached here bo true, the Government ai
Olio time had tbe alteruative pre-oiited the.n of
mutiny or disperaion of the wc-Ht.ru army. ua
lesJ Gen. Fremont was rcliavcd in cofnmaud
has been found ttmt Fremont's frieuds have
been managing telegraph aud newspaper ourrts
pondents iu camp. Tbe correspondent of the
bt. Louis Republican is knoffn to be t'je author
most of the bogus dipatcbs, and it seems
that he has been liding and living at t!io Gov
ernment expense for some time. It 1.1 S'tid that
be will be arrested.
[Tribune's Dispatch.]
Government has contracted for the manu'ao
ture of a large number of tho be-t SpncgnVd
rifled guts, and also fur breach loading ones, to
be made la this country. These, together with
contracts anthorized abroad for lmmediato use,
will soon givo a sufficient supply for all prcaeui.
and future wants ot tbe army.
Geo. Ileintzelman, from the k't, wiugof tho
army, confirms tbe report that tho rebel troop
are leaving the Lower Potomao au.1 moving
southward, seemingly to Carolina lad Georgia,
which is the looked-for. effect of a dejeem" ou
the Souihern coast.
Washinoton, Nov. 11. There is mo. intoDSo
excitement here to hear further particulars iu
regard to the Great Expedition.
Groundless rumors are circulating that
Charleston has been bombarded.
No intelligence has beca received in afl7
quarter up to noon to-day, additional to what
has already been telegraphed. ',
Col. Frank P. Blair leaves hero to day for
Missouri to Join his regiment. . , . .
"Misapprehensions bavinc txialed touoMnir
the Postmaster-General's order of in 3Ut of
Uctober, puslmasters will recoguizs it as fel
lows: -- -
The certlficato of soldiers', letters may be
signed by any acting field or staff ofHoerio the
service of tbe United Stttton. aa wpII n th ma.
jur, du neu aucu ccr titled letters maybe for-
warueu wnnous pre payment or posUgo, wtioh
must, nowever, oe collected at the cflice of de
livery, as before. ' - , , - L
First Assiaunt-Poatmaster Gen'l.. .
Grand lorohlight prooession-teright by Genr
riUi.V. iulmminl in . il?
u uuuui vi. kuu . aocersioB
of, McClellao to command of the army. .. They
baited at. McClellan's residence, ercetlfla? him1
with load cheers,. -.'.;
SsoretMies Beward and Camcren,'nJ Gta,
Blenker spoke
Missouri Dispatches.
[Correspondence of the St. Louis Democrat.]
. Roll, Mo., Nov. 9. A portion of the force
sent out under Col. Grusel Into Texas county, to
cliittfhao the rebels who have for some time in
icutcd thit scotiou,. returned bere yesterday,
brining nine prisoners, five hundred bead of
c alio uud forty horses and mules, tbe property
of aimed rebels. - Among the prisoners are
Spencer Mitchell, Quartermaster, and Lieui.
Col.. Taylor, luupector ot Gen. MoBride's brig
adit. -
Dcfor a leaving Houston, Col. Grnsel issued
this proclamation:
To tha people ef tht town of Ihuiton and
coun'ij of 'ltdi, Miitouri: I have this day
placed upon your beautiful Court House tb
lhg of our Union- I leave it in your charge
and protection. If taken down by rebel bands,
1 will return here and pillage every bouse in the
town owned by secessionists or those who sym-
patuizo with, tuo rebels. Any outrage t) creat
or committed upon Union men or tueir fami
lies, wiit bo returned on the secessionists two.
fold., Prooertv taken from. Union mea- In or
out of the county, must bo relumed immediate
ly. I hereby give the rebels ten days to make
1 -II . I . ' ... , I L II. f! I.
guuu ait nimeb nuBiaiueu uy uuiou lamiues in
Tt-x is county. I neglected the eonsequeeces
will lio uoou their own heads.
I shall soon return to your county and see
timt this proclamation Is complied with to the
li'vier. It' you wait for me to execute it, I will
Col. Commanding Expedition.
RjttA, Mo., INov. 11. AH dur 'sick; and
wouiided iu Sxiutifio!d. able to be moved, were
to leave there on bturda merit lor ef. -Louis,
and orders had been frlven to have the rest start
ai ooo as they are able. .... . , v.,.;
P. ioo had faUeu back eight tuiles from Case.
villo, dhi the Htate line, and was moving
town:' it was Deiicvca to oeteiiuijiy avccrtalu.
e l thitt'liis policy wan to lead our army on. but
not O tight. Ilia djuigu is merely to keep a
i:irf;e i..rco nitre nn as to draw our troopj from
tue Mississippi viillev; -
Tho gcucrl coMcf hills caiup wu that St.
Louis would f )&ii be iu ibo luucio of tie rebels
lidtn Colbmbui, lit. i
. I here b.r! be,,ii a florid anl of troublo sbout
I'ivn i:t'.:liJir.t;' 10,1 LuleY and o'her corps, aud
Ueu. it ii!-r u..ii "ivuti peirnsion to onners to
search our campa anii reclaim them if they
c?uld find lhm ' . . '.
The tuu iuiriu! uieutbora ot I'roinoLt'o body
fi ird li id lelurLed to tf(j iti;fi(gtd from Cass
viUe. They report Price, force to be abont
thirty thousand ttrong, v. lib thirty pieces of ar
lilUiy, twelvepieeeH of which had recently been
lecuitred from Memphis, whence other supplies
wee bciug received. . '
Kaness Citv, Nov.' 11. This morning at ten
A. M., Col. Anthony, with one huudrcd and
fifty taouiited men, was sttieked on an open
prH-rie, i.bout -ten miles from this nlnce, by six
ln.Ldrcd r'bels nuder command of Uplon Hays.
A; tr;' a dt-'pirato tiuggle,.the rebels retreated,
j-kjii hh lief in the woods, lrom which they
f t. ti u aiu routed., Cul. Anthony then fell
b;k u six uiilei,- to await reinlorcementB,
v !i:oh v II cpetdily be forwarded to him.
Thid U suppli ed to bo the same band of reb
v't; tunt cap;urel part of Capt. Scliild's compa
ny c.' Fremort Hussars, near Li'tlo Santa
be. ;: ' .-
I; ij s".M lUut there are upward of a thousand
arint teset eijoist in this conuty. ' '
Beaufort Taken by the Federals.
FoR'iKSis- .Monroe, Nov. 9. The ferry-boat
Com. Perry arrived this morning from the expo
diiioo. She ul si(;ht of the fleet on Friday,
off Bull Bay) the Quel, bearing toward Port Roy
al. The C tptain knows nothing of the reported
Ir.a of the Union and other transports The
Perry was disabled, end coold not proceed furth
or.. The Mijfijwor w.trf soudo dioLauco behiud
the fleet wit'i a signal' of dittresi flying. The
Captain thinks It could not bnvo reiched its
destination, "',
A lLg 01 truce uirived to day. It brings
uotliiriy 1,0111 the great expedition.
The Twentieth iodiana Regiment r:ll return
to Old Point. - " ,
Ren jrt B;ivs tho pilot of a :cbtl steamtir said
to unQ ot toe hundd of a Federal steamer that
Boauwrt had been taken. .. ' '
Aa urrivr.l from tlie fleet wji hourly expect
ed. ',
ra.-uroKersby tho Old Point boat say. the
Richmond Enquirer ef Friday contains a dis
pivtch from ChiktleaO::', dated Wednesday, sim
ply announcing tint tho l'aeral Uooys had
iaii'k-d ut two points and were marching inland.
It d'ten not ety at what points.
Tho cflioers of the rebel &is of truce refused
to eive intormati .n, but the wheelsman told a
pallor that Baaufnit was in pos3es-ion; of the
Fedcrala, nnd the National flag was flying from
tae uourt uouse.- t
Tho gunboat Young Rover, arrived from
Cupe Fear, reports the steamer Governor in dis-
trojj, and her machiucry disabled. The rest of
tho deer, is auppo3od to be eafe. The reporter
nay: I have just learned from a 11 ig 01 truce
tbit our troops stormed and captured two forts
at Beaufort. . . '
Arrival of the Santa Fe Mail.
Cat sou City expreis arrived at this .place yes
terdav. brmg.m; Sjnt Fe dates to the 26th ult.,
and . S5U(I(J iu gold dust. There were no
thritigU'p:kS3i?ngers and no iiws of iinportance.
The umila lrom Waahingtan were arriving very
irregularly, Specie bad become verv soarce in
the Territory, and none could be obtained.
Cp. W. V. Louis, of tho Fifth Infantry, Is
appointed Pi'ovobt M ti.hal of Santa Fe and vi-
eiuiiy. Snow had fallen ia Suuta Fe and the
TfeatJcr was very cold.
Marion, Not. 9. A shocking murder was
cosiuiittd live miles caul of this place last
niijhi abjut seveu o'clock. Whilo Mrs. Levi
Uieh was sittiug iu her room knitting, some
one tired ut her through tho window; one ball
I'iJSjd thrO'.inh her breast end lodged under the
skiii of her b ici, aud auotiier ball and seven
shots tiruck tue wall at 1) -tr side, lane died
about au hour aftervrard. N.) clue as to tho
perpotrstar. ' T .. ', ::
Maryland Election.
iBiLTisioitsNov. 10 Tho full roWr'iis of
the Marj-laud eieetiou thow but one rebel Sen
tor aud fcix UelecatdS elected. ' Tbe House
sands eixtv-eigbt Un'on and six rebels. The
Senate stands inirtoea Uuliio. and eight robuU.
reveu of the latter are of the number who hold
over, aud six of thorn represent- strong Union
counties. Bradford's msj'nity IS about thirty
Maryland Legislature—General Wool
Will Not Resign.
Baltimore, Nov. 10. A special session of the
Le-iolai'i-e will be called by Gov. Hicks to
undo the rebel legislation ot last spring; to
cu.io; new polic9 .lava and put Ibo State full
and square on tho Union phtforrn. The seats
of Senators uuder arrest will be declared va
cinr., and a nc7 eleotiuu ordered.
Dispatches iro,n the army cf the Potomac,
from all poiuts, represent everything quiet.
A penueman who bad a conversation with
Gen. Wool says, he emphatically pronounces
his rumored resignatioq as a base fatjehood. ,:-
Muntkeai,, Nov. 11 Tho brig Despler ar
rived ut Faither Pjint at eleven o'clock yester
day morning. - Shu cigualled for a pilot, aud
tjenl. tue lollowing cieisBago Behore: "
"Nov. 7, P.cked up the North Briton's-boat
No. 2, with seventeen of the orcw aact one pas
Ri'uger aboard. Tho Nor;h Biitoa is ashore on
Minion lslaod.'?
These ore all the pirticuluis yet received,
but full detail will ho obtained ou tho arrival
of the brig'at fjiiebec.
... m- ; , v,
; FmUDir.vfiiA, Nov. 11. A young man nam
ed Hughes, aud bU tiro sisters, while driving
over a cro.-siog of the West Chester railroad,
near the junction of the Pennsylvania road, the
bonis beuarao frightened at the approaou of. a
train and thrt-,v ibem all out in frout ol the en
gine. 0 ic sifter was Instantly killed and the
others.terribly injured. nnd ills supposed iltally.
,Jtho tfi l of the pirates has again been post
poned, on account of the absenoe of Com. Pur
viance of the navy, Frank Alboo, one of the
pirates, died In prison of consuroptjoa.Ti,o
was to bo a witness tor the prosecution.
Prisoners Released.
f BosTOjNoy.. Ul-MaMrJideXtJifJifjfc.
bile, aud, Wm. Tstfce, of ..NevOcUianss. were
to-dai diacharced from tort WarrtBi-ioe ---,
' Senator Henry Wilson baSrttf "retter.
explicitly denying thai he ia eitper,.direotly oi
indirectly concerned in any Government -oon-traot
for furnishing army shoes, as has been
Good News from the Fleet—Port Royal
in Possession of Union Troops
—Great Excitement at Norfolk.
, f oiTRXss Monroe, Not. 10. The steamship
a. K. Bpaulding arrived. from iJat'eras luUt
tnu morning with the. Twentieth Audlana Kegi
ment. '. ; '.' ,. j
A deserter, who reached the lulet U a small
boat, stated that new. nad been received on the
main land of the taking of two rebel forte at
rorl ioy .i ana tne isnoing ot a large feaerai
loroe... iiaaufort bad also been taken by our
troops, No particulars) have arrived,' but the
tact corresponds with those reoelved lrom Nor
folk bv a flmr of truoe.i- - - : - - .
Great excitement prevailed on the arrival of
tbe news at norioiic.
From tbe same source wo bate a rumor tha)
the railroad above Beaufort has fallen into the
possessor of or.r troops, with an Immense
quantity of Stores--
Five deserters who reached Newport Newt
this morniu2 say tbe rebels up James river are
In consternation. They also bring the Improba
ble rumor tbat our troops bad advancea up
the railroad as far as Charleston. .
Tbe ' French frigate Calabria was burned to
the water's edge on Friday -uigbt off Hatteras.
All hands were Saved. ' -- .
Tho captain ol-the Albatross report that he
discovered the Union ashore, on the 6th Inst.,
about eighty miles eastward of Bogue Inlet,
but in conseqqenco of tbe heavy weather bad no
commuuloatioo with the shore until the follow
ing day, when he landed with a flag of truoe
and learned from a rebel captain that the Un
ion was ruu ashore in a sinking condition on tbe
1st Inst., and soon after broke lo two. The
erew, thirteen In. number, and filteen boraes,
were saved. The men are prisoners at tort
Mason and Raleigh, N. C. Luge quantities
ot stores were seed tiled op on the beach. The
steamer WinSeld Scott was in company with
the Union, Tbe captain of the Union fears she
was loBt. hitviiiL' suddenly disappeared. - ttotn
ing id known concerning the rumored loHSof the
Uoeac kEiDicss. . There are rumors oi inree
Federal vessels having gDe ashore.
Departure of Troops from New York.
New Yoek. Nov. II. Thoe. F. Coogen, a
waiter at the St. Niobolas Hotel, was brotally
murdered on the-sidewalk ia front of that hotel
by a loafer named Tbos. White, with diik,
Whitu was arrested. - -i ;
The Fifty-fifth Keglment left tiiis afternoon
via the Camden & Amboy Railroad, from 8 tat
eu Ialaud. Thrca more regimeuta leave to
morrow. Fouiteen cases of soldiers' clothing, valued
at $10,000, belonging to the Seventy ninth Reg
iment, were found this morning at tbe brie
Railroad Depot, deatined for the West. I bey
were seized, and Quartermaster Ostrander of
that regiment, together with Juo. Rsyno.ds, tbe
Sutler, were arrested on a charge of defrauding
tbe Government. -
Tho specials state tbat the President and As
sistant Soorerary Fin received dispatches this
morning confirming the report of the suocess of
the naval expedition. ' But they are founded on
the same authority as those from Fortress Mon
roe to the Associated 1'ress. "
v. i-
From Baltimore.
TUiiru.mir Niiir. 11 An nffii.flp nt l.hn 0.1)
Indiana Revimect from Hatteras Iolst arrive''
here says he had a long conversation with the
party who brought the news to Hatteras. He
was not a deserter, bht a citizen,' and a man of
considerable intelligence, who bad erocsed tbe
sound at the risk of bis life to bring news to cs.
The officer reports his conversation to corres
pond exactly trjfb what baa already been trans
mitted by telegraph
Outside this statement there is a report tbat
In taking Bcaufoit a large part of the town'was
It is reported by tbe boat from Old Point that
a steamer came lo the Capes last evening, and
continued up the bay without stopping. She
was supposed to be tbe Vanderbilt with dis
patches from tbe great fleet. Nothing has been
beard of ber arrival at Annapolis. There is
nothing but outside reports to warrant tha state
ment. li- .'I U. -. - .i-V . '
At last accounts our troops had advanced to
within twelve miles of Charleston.
Capt. Dorroll, of the Twentieth Indiana, re
turned from Hatteras, says it waa found lm
po?iible for the regiment to remain longer on
that narrow peck of land. Although suffering
from severe privations, but few of the men
were sick. -
Hawkins's Regiment of Zouaves will return;
their places will be supplied by fresh troops.
Cant. Dorrell says the person who informed
him ot the success of the great expedition, said
the troops landed at Fort hoyal without dimoul
ty, but at Beaufort the fight lasted two days
Arrest a Traitor and Seizure of
Baltimore, Nov. 11. The Superintendent of
the Government Detective Police arrested to
day John Reuwick, son of Robert Renwlck, ol
this city, aud Im is now a State prisoner for
treason. . - .
The premises were searched for arms; and
notwithttanding two previous searches had been
made by the police, here, tbe officers to-day
found a Dumber of valuable rifles and oarblnes
secreted between tbe partitions of the stalls of
the stable attached to the premises,
Young Renwlck. goes to Fort Warren to
night. Tbe riflos were valuable arms from
tbe Government, marked 'aud stamped "Har
per's Ferry, 1861." ' , , . .
Portsmouth, O , Nov. 11. Tbe steamer Lib
erty brings the foljowing:
JLast nignt some rebel troops came into Guy-
andot, Va , and captured some sixty five Union
soldiers, three hundred State and Enfield rifles,
and some horaes.
Reinforcements went : there from Gallipolis
and Ceredo, and drove the rebels out and burn
ed tbe town. Seven or eight on both aides
Whaly, a member of "Congress, was taken
prisoner by the rebels. :
New York, Nov. 11. Tribune's eoeoial from
Fortress Monroe states the rebels said to the
officers of the Albatross that two vessel of tbe
fleet wcro ashore above Charleston and others
below Hatteras, no names given.
Lieut.' Lowry of tbe steamer SpanldiDg re
ports that on Wednesday morning he beard
boavy firing south of Hatteras; and news was
received that tbe French war steamer Pona was
on Ocoroceke beach and tbe gunboat Under
writer was sent to ber, but could not get within
three miles of her. At eleven o'clock the same
day tho French steamer was seen to blow up,
and it is supposed she was abandoned. -This
and another French steamer had been in the
neighborhood for some time, but repelled all
intercourse with our ehips of war.
PiiiLADiLrHu. Nov. 11 A special dispatch
to tbe Iuquirer, dated Fortress Monroe, says
that two lieniog smacks took refuge under the
guns or the cnmbertanil. . -Tbe
Captains were Baltimore'ans.- Tbey re
ported that .they had been fishing in James
Riveri ' -H - - -
When they left the report was ourrent thai
Cbarleston bad been attaokedi and. on Friday
last. several rebel regiments were sent South
frOm York nnd James Rivers. . -1 -
The embarkation took plaoa In great haste.
The shores of the James River were almost de-.
serted. .-.- a-
From Cairo.
Cairo,' Nov. 11 -Memphis piper's received
to-day contain dispat'ohes from Savannah fully
confirming the landing Of tbe Naval Expedi
at Beaufort, and the capture of the fortrt at Port
Koyal, Hilton Head atd Bay folnt. ;. , . .
. Tha Federal troops bad possession of the
town of Beaufort. . - ; . . . .
The rebels acknowledge tHelr loss to be very
larcre.' , . ... J . ,'r $..",. .
New Orleans papers, also reoelved today,
speas ot an immense neti on eptp island."
Another Expedition Ready for Service.
New Yon, Nov. 11. The Pott says ttdf ex
pedition Is prepared, If not already sailed,
which, will seal tha harbors of Savannah and
Charleston aealnst tbe exit or entrance of any
further Theodora or Nashville ; also that a fl-
tilla of thirty vessels is now in this port, armed
mapBd,ana ready to salt rot tne uuu or mext
co. , The vessels are peculiarly, fitted by size,
fraught of wa'ter and armament for harrassuig
ItA'nvafa nf r.nnfnlBWa anil AlahafnA. '.'
' Only Ihe compauies garrisoning the fortinoa
lion's around .Washington have been ordered to
build log hnta for winter quarters. r
Tho new steamship Conttllatioa bss been
ohartered by the Government.
Wreck of the North Briton.
Momtbeal, Novi W Evening The third
officer of the steamship M orth Briton has arriv
ed at Farther Point ki choener. Ho reports
inat ine a oriu onion auruca on f araquet Isl
aud at one o'clock ou tbe morniog of the 6th
It was then blowing a gale. She was totally
vrrov.cu, vu, uo n.va -w, iuss. ine passen
gers and arew were landed at Pott Mingon. Ooe
ooat witn scveu nanus caa not Deen beard from
since it felt tbe ship.
The North Briton sailed on Saturday, Nov
Sd, with fifty-one cabin and tblity eight steerage
passengera ior iiiverpooi. ' '
The followintt is the statement of Mr. Brown,
Hhe third officer: -
When tho ship struck Jt was blowing a gale,
ana tne weather was very thick, i ne snip con
tinued striking very hard OB tho reef ou Tues
day night and all day Wednesday; it was ex
pected she would go to pieces every moment.
a ooat witn the crew broke away from the
wreck beforo it was loaded, at-.d could not be
Drought back uuitl Tuesday moraine after day
light, when ail the pesaeugei were taken. off
witnout acoideut, sod transferred to two
schooners which landed them at Fort Mingon,
nu a lew nouses aoout nine miles below.
At Mingon the passengers were alt boused in
eiore nouse, havmr a few blankets, wh ch
were got from tbe wreck, to sleep upon. . . ' ,
Tbe store rooms were all under wateri caus
ing a scarcity of provisions. The lower cabin
was all broken up and oioit of the baggage.
Only a few of the mall bigs 'were stved, and
those were perfectly unturned.
FlTTrBDRoa. Nov. 11. Tbe Snnrema Court
of Pennsylvania to-day granted a special Injunc-
uou on tue rutiaoeipmaelec i dljraud, restrain
Ing Charlie C. Knlffbt. protboootarv of Phila
delphia county, fiom delivering tbe returns of
me j.-n-negment, and restraining remm
judges fiom cjmpating tbe votes Included in
jealrl return.
The Court was ably addressed by James E.
Guwau and Geo. W, B.ddlo on behalf of the
Guyandot, Va., Attacked by Rebels—
The Town Burnt by Federals.
GaLLiroLts, Nov. 11 GuyaudotfVa., on tha
Ohio river, ibirty-six miles below, this place,
was attacked last night by six hundred rebels.
Out of one hundred and fifty of our troops sta
tioned there, only about fifty escaped tbe rest
were killed or token prisoners. . The rebel.-,
both male and female, fired from their bouoee
on our men.
I hree steamers, which passed down last
nigbt, were compelled to put back.. JTluiM
steamers started back to Guyandot, this morn
ing at ten o'clock, with about four hundred
Federal troops on board, from Point Pleasant;
but nothinK has been heard from them since.
Tbreo cteamers passed up sioce the skirmish,
ana report not a person to be seen In tbe town
Latm. The steamer Empire City has just
arrivec, irom viuyanaoi.
Tbe secession portion cf tho Inhabitants. It
appears, were looking for ton , tiack, sod had a
supper prepared for the rebel aavalry, who were
beaded by the notorious Perk its and numbered
eight hundred. , ...,.
Eight of our men were killed and a consider
able number taken prisoners.. The rebel loss Is
not known.' .
Col. Ziglar's Fifth Virginia Regiment, on ar
rival, fired the town and the principal 'part U
now In aahes. . .. . .
The rebels left ahnnr. an hnnr hn(Vir li, r.
rival of Col Zielar. .' . . .
. .. 0 i I DGALCK, 17V ...i x I::
Groceries, '.V.'."'.' -'l"i. .".
.v , i - Produce,
Foreign and Domestic Liquors, .
Fruits, etc. etc., ; '
TO '
Ko. 106, South "High Street,
Ihe old stand recently occupied by.WM. McDOSALD
' He It In dally receipt of
; Which he will soil
Cheap for Cast or Country JProdnco.
flood, delWrd to CUy trod, free of charge.eQJ,
yK , ......
conjiriBi's, omo:
.. Ajrid Seed Store, . '
, . Diaua IM r .
tlnat, Pistole, Wood.i:'tllor ware,
ether and Sebber Wtlng, laet Leather, Hose and
King. A euidJj
TO AND FHOitl . .
Liverpool, Montreal, Quebec,
The Montreal Ocean Bteanuhlp Company's flrst-clans
fall-powered Olyde-built Bteanieis sail every Siata
urdav from PORTLAND, carrying the Canadian and
United States Mail and paaaengors,
Miorteat, Cbenpeat suiel aickctOon
vvraooe from -
Katea ot Pasejase to Euro,e, .
S30, 66, SSO.
Will sail from LIVERPOOL every Wednesday's
and from QUKBHO every Saturday , calling at
LONDONDKRRY, to rewire on board and land Hails and
Passengers, to and I from Ireland and Scotland. . t i
UZpTheee Steamera an bnllt of Ires, In water-tight
compartments, carry each an experienced 8trgon. and
Tory attention la paid to the oomfort and a ocowmorf ti
tles of passengera. Aa tbey proceed dim to LONDON
DKKY, the gieat risk and delay of culling at St.. John's
la avoided. r ;
Olasgow passengera are farniabaa with nun passage
tlokets to and from Londonderry. ..; . , ., -
Remro tickets granted at reduced rates.
Oertiflcatee iasued for carrying to and bringing ont p.M
sengers from all the principal towns of Great Bntatn aud
Ireland, at rednoed rates, by this Una of eteamen, and
leaving Liverpool every week.
Sight Drafta for t and epwarrls pav
' able In Clngrland, Ireland, Pcot
; Latud or Walts, -
For passage, apply at the Offloe. S3 flHOIB.
WAV, Now lork, and 19 ffATEIt S'A'.,
1.1 verjtool, . .'-,.' ,
BAIJEI, k SSABLE, Oensral Agents,
Or to- ' J. R. ARMSTRONC. V
' aolO-lTdstW .'k Post Ofllra, Colnmbas. Ohio,
Wlioleaale and He tall Dealer In
., ; , ,....'Xfo. S3 .FiOlv Btroet, -. . ,
P IT SBUR Q H, .P a.j
Koe'p .onstantlr ess hand all Ut Va
rioua BHAN wei of
Inayoxrtea. OierAirin.
: Ladies' Linen Pooket-Handk'6. -
kerehletk very wide hems.
Bmbroldered Linen liandk's all prk-et. '
Bammed Btttohtd ana plain do, do.. .' ItdV.u
vi . do do colored borders... -, . .
-Jk. Uonrnlnf do ' " black borders . .
ho-- ! 4o '' newiiylecroasfltched. "i
Pin Apple do aewpatterns. ,
UlstesrPlaln and Beamed BUtched do all nrlces.
Oomprislng the most select assortment In the olty and
ai lowest prlos. bain a BON,
eb98 He. loath High Street.
NEW YORK, Nov. 11.
l(i.01JB-D-J..Da ls aotfVe, n.raat sctl, A'm
and prjs V-ner.lly wlihnni n.'.rl.l ch.n,,, Utult
bbls at S VS M ftfr rrjeo edi $i M tor ennir.
flue stai.i $i 703J 73 V,r ,T ft,, VstoStmw
roriuM.rBn. we.i.rni V is OS fis uLZUmifl 2
Market closing qal.t. tSUSi
and without mterit -TT.. .? A . '" reqet
i eo fo, .un.rflo.7ii i.?: r: " w"
Wi to asiM
S.y.?..JL..?tt-lulet and steady at 11 Wrt IV"
ti t
Br.n,.,wi,.t 3 9ui3i5. ' I.?, ,"'
WllISK-ilarl.(...u.,.'u' I,....:,'.'.. i
31o. T ,""' 91 biihj at WJ
WUB AT-Haa allnhtl. . . i. ' .
port demand. Inciudlog '.xlZJZZd Fl
'.'3 500 bushels Chios,", snrt'iOT"
bushels v.ryoholo. aorlbwasbn. TJus , . -? V?- S3
bmliels Raclna snrlnu ai ua,. T Av.S'. "'jOwl
Mllwanken cino at H is; M Ouo bnViT. .'"I1
Iuwaat al QV3i 0? ii..T...r. . . ' u Dn,hel Aaabsr
. T ? for vary chnlm in (um
""J1?'" Cadlanelubat$18; e,100 bS,. .as st2
ae 1 1 !!7 i as, tb h.rtde prtoe foi sprtol-iu oo 2Z
M winter red western at at sami xi -fr
Amn Michigan at l Se,l 48 "-. A :rT'-.'i".,''J,f
HVK Searea and Arnnr. li h i iml... ..
C0. , I 1 , , I . : . . T, -
HAELEV Quiet With sales at 3 r.fifl hn.h'.r. .1 k. ...
stare. ' J . ., . , v " "r
COaN A shade bstler with nnM mA a a -
or, and home o,pu iTtftsK
Uv. Inquiry, ,, 0, sl3 , 00 , ,t m 'lm.
tot w...ert rPannviTttto V ' "
do,D ai arkt without deel
dedohanrti lales I057hsrr.l,. TMrt A.,n w ,
SIJ4.IJ suformejs: tiSts sa r. an .ji."
prime ' "
...'.r""1 Bi wlv eafesfea ISO barreU at
.oor ooun,tr P"l M fot OMntry mas:
113 f-r repacked mesa: Ai3fnr.nr. o.. '
mes. beef oontlnues dull and prices entirely nominal.
UBr UAMS-Qulaiat 18,for wetter. . 77 1
CCP MBUTS-KBiSduli and prices favbttnsWer.
DACON Oo- tlnusrn demand: ul,.Wu.l'..
snd short rihMd middles, for Ccosmber and January de
livery at 774c . " " J
nous i.re sea in rair request st lTtie. """
Lattu steads wumair oemaud; sales ot HSff lafrals
at 8hXc and 100 We at tl.e leltrpr!e. -
BUHK liria at 8aMo for Oulo, and KftftJtlii'for
state. ' -7-
CUKE3S Siealy and unchanged at SOTlt'c.''
0 iKf'rE Fii steady wiih fair demand; sales 1200
bagsst UxailOc. - . i". . - ,.;
OIC iiuiet; ' safes of SOO bogl' Kasffndirs oh irlrate
BliJAR Raw: unchsnred: sales sTB hfid. rtnhi atava
,cj UK Mids Porto RIt) at 8l: 170 boie MsVana
private terns; 10 006 hpt Wsollla at Vo..
uuiei; taie, ov nnas autco.sd tJrV
TALLO IV Continues firm whit fair deintridc srsVof
OUU bbls prime oi y and couairy al8i310s.,
llul'd Steady with a fair demand, cuteflylicma can-
umpMon. .. . . r
" 01
Cincinnati Market.
PLOLK Continue dull, with-St as lOo dm bbl differ
ence between the estimates of buyers and sellers, and
hence rrot mnch done. Superfine would not- ff W"
fair extent at Sli 10, bnt generally spnklng 4 104
120 Indicate the range of prices asked. SOO bbls saper
fine, LeuliTllle lnipeotlon. sold at S3 86: It vould tint
pi. superfine in this oily, however. Extra may ka
quoted at ir0iS4 30. and lancy al (4 40S4 6. , , . -
v BBA1- No ehsn; there wat a IslruemaaJ at 9V&t
Ejo for red, and WSltf fur white.
OOHN firm at 3ixi. at lbs lower railway stations.
There Is more new olferidg. ead the dlstlllors want to get
itatvst. . , t c.j
WHIsKY The demand still continues active. and, floo .
kilssold at MHo. . .. rU He 3y. i ;,(
l'OKK i4Ut,:ilso1dDessoldat10 SO, do af10 75.
snd 50 dj new meaeat 18 7i alloa the spot, i tbent: bv;
lens uemsnn sua more onericg.. t - A '
BACON-Very dull. .,. iiaO0
CUt MEATS Shoulders told at 3',S3ev. aaoVau
Huall lot olear sides at oo . !'', ' ; il i'.wsc
LARD I here le .till a demand at 7.
'UOObV.1 here was qulteaaumier of people from the
country iQ tlia city Uymg lo sell ioB-hey itialiy.
aised g3M but (3 ws tb rate mostly offered ; SiNr ,
bead sold ai 83 12s. to ba delivered next eH, : tb)
feeling 1. aa depressed as ever, and tb deposition to
Bold oSaa gei.eralasheretcfure. Iheweatherwuaaeh
cooler io-day, but it had no Influence npon the feelings
pscie.-. , i an receipts or noge are iigni, aut were
Ihore a demand tuy would auudenly and larnly in
ereaie. " .......
CINCINNATI, Nov. 9. Enquirer
Cleveland Market.
Cleveland Market. CLEVELAND, Nov. 9.
TI.OTJK Quiet acd wi'.Uant change fa quutationa. ".. 'i
V HttAl t'rans.c lions light. Bales of four cars red.
trees. et3J,c; andJ caies whits, oo track.-at Wa. i
Kscelpta Wears, r , .' J.l . i'lixll 1HJ
COnN Quiet at 3JS33c. '
OAT-(luletat84o. '' i '''
11 10 a W it E a Bales cf 55 bbls at 18a.'
bUri'BU ChoLe W. 11., In g.d demand at19t3
154c. . ... . .
HOO Sales of a few bbls at 14c; ' A T
CUKKSEUood qualities In dtmand at SKc. : '
BalT Coarse audfine eolarls soiling al SI iO. Sack
.tne. ..
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Call at Wagoer's Oyster and Fruit Depot, W&'tT Sssr
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