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die (yhio-Statointii
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WEDNESDAY M0RN1N?, NOy. 131861
Rail Road Time Table.
Littu Mum OoLnKuci 4 Xuu B. A.
. .. . Lhim. i ArrlTM
Ktaht Bivreu. Via Dayton. :00 A, M. 71 3:30 AiH.
01iwlnnatlAeoommodattoa.tilOA.ll.' J :0 P. M.
Day Express... ...... 1.M P. M; 3:1(0 P. M
Mull and AixaimodatlB.,,4:0 t. M.' ' 19:1 P. U
V ,Jvsw'. W.'Boumtt, Agent.
OuLOMlDI fc OLIVttjkKD R. R. . lut ' '
Nleht Enrm 3:50 A. HV I 30 A.M.
Naw TorkXiDreii..i 3:ISP.M' 1:30P.M.
X'. V- " " 'IslTSt 4M.
OuntllOUlu K, H., ,.,,,)., ,,,...
Night Exprett.i..:;..... 4:00 A. at. ' l 1:30 Ai M.
D.Sxpt.v,....... 3:0 P. M. 1:30 P. M
, .. .. , ,i.5 ,'. r.i...Wf 1. Isu, Agent.
tll-MieXBl, OotCMlClk ClUOlKlUTl B.R.
Malt Train . '. ... .-.',' 4:09 A. H. ' 1130 A.M.
Bxprtii Train H:33 A. II . 1 1:80 P. H.
M ,iar : 0M1i fS"K
CuLumut a iHDimorom, It. R.
(OOKmSDt PlqOl fc iMuuru R. R.)
No. li Ixprets rjr'.W flOD A. If. 100 M.
Mo. 9- .f... 1:00 P. H. .,..'8:40 P. Its
. ... 0.' W.-fMITM, Agist
Motor & Co.'i Colliqi. Th evening
class of thl) institution will oommenoeon Mon
day erenlng at 7 o'clock, for the purpose of glr
ing Instruction la Bookkeeping and Wrltlug.
Term! for twenty lessons la writing $3.. -
2wd, - '
.. ,m . , . .
Tut WiiTiiiNSTia RETiiir.Th October
mmber-th re-prlot bf Lionaip Soott & Co.,
New York if tn Weatmlastec U befori ui.
Seldom have wo teeo more lntereatlng iiaoo
of tble Trweleoma journ&L The tarfle of
contents cod'tatna the following Hat of articles:
MrtOoldwlo Smith on the Study of History;
Biography, PMt and Present; A Visit to the
Mormoui; Count Cavour; The Apocalypse; The
RUal American Coofederaoles; Trades Unions
aud ample'notiocs of Cotemporary Literature.
The article on the "Study of History" treats
Mr. Goldwin with marked courtesy and moder
ation, aud je't it is one of the severest and most
(carolling criticisms we ti'are ever read. What
the writer contends or in oppoaltioo to tie
learned IVolVeor, is that there is a Science of
Society, an ij ui Cju.-hC a Pullosophy of Hittory.
T('tud of a logical aod philosophical turn,
the oriiioibius abd'.oLiarrviktiorjs .'ib'thls article
possess nu absorbing Interest. ct
"Biography, Pdst and Prefent," is lively and
entertaining, commendatory of the "Biographic
Uaiveiselle." lu the '.'Visit to the Mormons,"
we bavo a' Condensed account ot the rise And
progress of 'that strange community, whose ex
Istence and flourishing condition In this age'and
country, is as much of an enigma to'many minds
as Is that of the insiitution of slavery under
oar free and democratic government. . ', ..
We pasa by the articles ob "Count Cavour"
and tbe VApocalypae," both of which are well
worth readiog, ud come to the essay upon the
"Rival. American Confederacies." And here
we find the liberal reviewer taking pretty much
the same ground as the radicals la this country.
He finds the uuioo of Stiles "an ill assorted
match," and a divorcja between tbe parties now
on the eve of consummation.- But whether a
separation takes place or not, slavery is doomed'
As the North can never, in the reviewer's opin
ioOj, eubjogate the South, he recommends that
the former agree to a peaceable separation as a
means of hatteiiing aud assuring the final ex
tinction of slavery. Ao array of figures is ex
hibited to show that England can get along with'
out our cottjn ' '
The disquisition on "Trades Uoiona'Ms clear
iy and tersely written, and presents in bold re
lief the social struggle now going on in Eng
land, on the old question ol tbe relation between
capital and labor,
Tbe prioe of the Wtetmiuater is $3 a year;
with Blackwood $5,
i ' i i
07 Don Cmos Buell, ordered to command
in Kentucky, is a native ol Ohio, and a gradu
ate of West Point; was 21 Lieutenant, 31 in
fantry, July, 1841; appointed Lieutenant-Colonel,
May 11th, 1861, and Brigadier of Volun
teers, May 17th.
Geo. Boill leaves Washington for Kentucky
ST- Attention Is called to the card of Conrad
RicHaaDi in another column., Mr: Richasos
has fitted up a Shooting Gallery, over the Ve
randah, in the beat style. All persons wishing
to become good marksmen should by all means
patronize him
ST Three soldiers of the Eighteenth Regi
ment have; been fined by Mayor ThomaS five
dollars each and oosts, for an assault on a house
on Frlendstreet, ou Saturday,' , " , L
ST There are now in Camp Chase three reg
imenU of Infantry, the 40th, 42d, and 57th, the
latter not entirely fall. There are nine compa
nies of cavalry, numbering la the aggregate
eight hundred and fifty-five men
ICT.The new camp for the Forty-third Regi
ment, scar Mt. Vernon, is called Cany) Mor
gan, in honor of Gen. Gio. W. Morgan, of that
BTThere are at present eighty-eight patients
ia the hospital at Camp Chase.
I ... . 'mi i, i.' " m
ET The subscriptions to the National Loan
ia this city amount to $77,000. The expecta
tion is that they will yet reach 1100,000;
. ' ' i , . , :
IT When we have oocesioa to lash the dis
union party, aayi PtiiNTict, we are. very partic
uliar to lash the abolition party also, for tbe two
deserve to be kshsd together.
i 1 i
ST The two most precious things now in
closed in hoops are girls and kegs of powder-
danger of .blowing up from 'both keep the
sparks away from them
BT "Figures will not lie," la ad old aqdjusd
to be a well credited saying. ' But the introduc
tion of hoops, crinoline, hips, bustles and. cotton
breaat-rorks baa played the dickens with the
proverU - 1
i i
'To Military Gkntlcmen anb Civiuans
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S.HIgh street, next door to the Goodale House,
large And superior stock of ready-made cloth
ing, and a like excellent stock of cloths to be
manufactured to order In themerohant tailoring
department .of nla eatabllahmeat,, Mr. R
Sroiuwa, who-' laperintends this denartment,
Is , skillful cutter, whose ability and reputation
afford an ample guaranty thai none but thebesl
of work will be made under his inspection.",!
Oar reader; military and otherwise", win find
it to'their advantage to purohaae their olothing
reaay maae, or leave tneir orasrs wita Air. usn
BtUBEiwxa, who la an old and experienced met'
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tttfwn Bga-." :'"r"'";, TTr
Ren? ember Gundhbheimir, No. )29 6outi
Blgn stre:,;Ti"' ' tkVJ; ctl2-lmeod
All ataes b4 selen Jusl opeMd M BAtNl,
' to.U. Me. tt teeth HlgA stmt.
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ocW7-d6tn '
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1 .. Facta are Stnbbern TUlncsI
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Brttiih Army, and who styles himself the 'Indian
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tation here by his skill in enring all manner of com
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maglo. The medicine he uses Is distilled by himself
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eases. It seeme he has found a sure and spsedy reme
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Office 37 East State Street, Columbus.
33C. T. W ItTXjXHS.GSi
Attorney and Counaellor "nt law,
artn "
"vtfiob No. S7 man street, odkon build-
j 1HU. opposite tn Htate nones. -
Collections ,and other matters promptly attended to.
References given when required. - i
noviHiy ,
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,1 'if '
From all Parts of the World.
Accounts from Rebel Sources.
Beaufort Taken.
Glorious News from Kentucky!
Battle at Piketon.
&c. &c. &c.
From Washington.
[Herald's Dispatch.]
Washington, Not 11 A gentleman oecu-
pjing a higa pasitioa ia Mexico bis just arrived
hero with important information which hn has
laid before the Government, from uhe WeBt
eoast of Mexico aud Sonora. It appears that
the whble West coast is greatly excited at the
contemplated intervention of England, France
and Spain In their affairs, and they have appli
ed to onr Government to know whether it will
sustain them in their stand against the Intrigues
of Spain.
Tbe rebel aeenta are now verv bnav in that
section of Mexico. They have thus far found
little sympathy, the people nearly all favoring
the cause of the Federal Government. This is
tbe case In all of the States throughout Mexi
co. The rebels, however, hold out flattering
promises, and offer to make any kind of treaties
and to aid them with money.
[World's Dispatch.]
The excitement has been intense here all dav
in reference to the coast expedition. The news
coming from' Fortress Monroe and flattens In
let is credited at the Departments.
in case tne expected steamer arrives at An
napolis, arrangements will be made to dispatch
me news immediately norm ana eoutb. ' '
.verytbing is quiet on the f otomao.
Tbe steamer Harriet Lane bavins; beerr tho
roughly overhauled, will go down to the flotilla
10 a day or two.
Tbe President will not pardon CaDt. Gordon.
convicted at New York of being engaged in the
slave trade. The government deeii es the prompt
punishment of such offenders.
(Times' Dispatch.)
Yesterday General Hancock sent , five com
panies ol the New York 49th and three of cav
alry to Peacock Hill, five miles beyond Lees-
vine, i ney discovered no signs ot recent pres
ence of rebel pickets, except a few extinguished
camp fires. Tbe cavalry weDt three miles be
yond, and was in'?rmed that tbat place had but
recently been occupied by rebels. They brought
in one prisoner.
Our pioket lines extend from the mouth ot
the Acootink up 'the Accotink ridge ten miles
inirontot rort Lyon ana lour in iront ol Mt.
Vernon, which estate is now within our lines
The rebel pickets appear about two or three
nines neyond pur lines and about tbe same dis
tance this side of Ooooquan.
Scouts in the direction of Fairfax Station state
that the rebels have thrown uo two field works
at tnat point, ana tbat ueo. uweu is tbere with
live regiments. t.
[Tribune's Dispatch.]
Several rebel batteries on tbe Lower Potomac
bare been withdrawn. It is probable that they
were composed entirely of field pieces.
i ne officers generally ridicule tbe idea of
going into winter quarters. -
A person in citizen's dress, with a oass from
Geo. MoClellan's headquarters, visited all the
costs of tbe left wing of onr army on Saturday.
wno was recognized on his return by a gentle
man in Alexandria as an omoer in toe rebel
army. .
Washinqron, Nov. 12.--From officers who
have arrived here it is ascertained that recon
noissance by sixteen hundred men was made at
an early hour this morning la a southwesterly
direotion from Alexandria. Two thousand
rebels arrived near Accatlnk yesterday, from
tne main Doay oi tneir army.
The rebel steamer Page still harbors tn
Quantlco oreek, and may be seen from Budd's
Three schooners ran the blockade in open
day yesterday. They came abreast of the rebel
batteries about 4 o'clock A. M., when fire was
opened upon them.' They sailed slowly np the
Bwsen cnannei by tne Maryland above, and ai
thongh forty-five rounds were fired at them,
they all escaped untoucbed. Most ot the shells
fired were apparently from rifled guns and struck
on tbe Maryland snore.
A family letter received here, dated Ootober
35, from on board the frigate Sumter, off Gal
veston, confirms thfreport of the capture of the
pirate Sumter. The writer says she was caught
in her own trap. It seems she mistook one of
our gunboats for a merchantman, and started in
pursuit. When the gunboat had drawn her out
lar enoneb sbe turned and run her ashore
Her offloers and crew are prisoners on board the
Niagara. '.",'" .
Tbe substanoe of accounts published' in the
MorioiK uay book nas been received here, con
tiluirig Important particulars regarding move
meats ot tne great neet. une aooount savs
forty-two vessels made their appearanoe off
Port Royal. One dispatch says filteen and an
other that seven vessels mo by the rebel batte
ry, and at Hilton Head and Island Point.
The rebels say all the guna in Hilton Head
and Island Point were dismounted.
The Charleston Mercury says these guns
were dismounted by their own recoil; rather
a remarxaDie statement.
A later dispatch, dated Thursday evening,
Nor. 7, five P. M., says five Federal vessels are
now in sight of Beaufort, and an attack Is ex-
Eected to-night. The dispatches in the Norfolk
lay Book were mostly from Charleston,
Charleston Mercury amounts.
Official advices from Europe jutst received
show a strengthening of belief In tbe restore-,
tlon of the Union and Increasing confidence in
the ability of the Administration to re-esUb
lish Its authority. News from England is es
pecially gratifying.-- ' f
There is still a prospect ot a general exchange
of ptlsoners, although no definite arrangement
is yet made. .
The Administration will act with promptness
in maintaining 0.1 y success the expedition may
bare achieved. ' Secreay la still observed in the
departments relatlre to present or prospeotire
movements of the expedition. ' k" " '
A general order, dated the 9th, designates
tbe Department of the West, Cumberland
and Ohio, First Department, New Mexico
to be commanded by Col. Canby. Second De
partment, Kansas to inolnda It annua: Indian
Teritory west" of Arkansas, and Territories of
nebrasKa, uoioraoo ana Paootah, to be com
manded by uen. Hunter, headquarters at Fort
i Third Espertment, Missouri including
Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois,
Arkansas, and (bat por(ion of Kentucky West
of the Cumberland River, to be commanded by
Gen. Halleck. a ,
Fourth Denartment. Ohio eonalstlos of the
States of Ohio, " Mloblean, Indiana, and that
portion of Kentucky East of the Cumberland
Kiver, and tbe Stuie or Tennessee, to-oe eom
manded by Gen. Buell headquarters Louis
. Fifth Department, Western Virginia to be
commanded br Gen. Kmeoranf .
. A letter received from Darnestown represents
all quiet on the.opper Potomao.
Particulars of the Landing of On
Fleet at Beaufort.
Philadelphia, Nor. 12. The Inquirer has
the following from Fortress Monroe, derived
from a rebel source:
In anticipation of the arrival of tbe great
expedition tbe rebel! bare been engaged in
erecting batteries upon a point at Hilton Head
and on tbe opposite neck oi una. . xneprinoi
pal fortification on' Hilton Head was denoml
nated Fort Walker, and situated on the low
land and partially oonoenled by . underbrush.
Adjoining it were other battsriee of smaller
slae, but so connected as to prove a formidable
bar to tbe entrance of vessels. ,
Fort Beaufort was of considerable import
ance, baring been mounted with beary suns
The garrisons are supposed to hare been South
Carolina regiments, assisted oy additional regt
ments sent from Riobmond.
Near the batteries at Boy Point, opposite 1111
ton Head, were equally as formidable Inside of
rort Koval entrance, and neaina tne catteries
lay the fleet of Commodore Tatnall, which con
sisted only of small ressels, carrying a lew
heavy guns, but principally light ones. Tags
constituted a great portion of the fleet. Many
of these remained outside the mouth of tbe en
trance till tbe arrival of our fleet, when they
formed In miniature line of battle In tbe posi
tion already stated, behind the guns of their
own forts, and across the entrance.- - "
On the morning of Thursday last, theU. 8.
fleet, numbering lortv-two ressels, headed by
the flag-ship, approached the mouth of Poit
Koyai entrance. I nla was at na it-past nine
o'clock. Sereral of tbe transports remained
off the coast. ,
Upon arriving at a suitable poBitioa tbe guns
of the fleet opened a continuous fire upon Forts
walker and Beauregard, as well as upon those
of Boy Point. Under cover of the fire an ef
fort was made to run the gauntlet of the batte
ries, which they did, A number of the vessels
passed through tbe fire from the shore batteries
witn very trilling injuries. At least Bfteen ot
them succeeded in passing up beyond the reach
of the land batteries. '
As the Union sailed uo the muraulto fleet of
Tatnall opened fire, but seeing the impossibility
of making any resistance, soon dispersed. Some
wero forced to run on shore, o'.hers were driven
up tbe Inlets out of sight. Commodore Tat'
null went on shore with hla men to assist in
woikiug the batteries and use them against our
ressels, which were endeavoring to follow tbe
advance of the others.
Tbe paessge of the fleet through the channel
was not accomplished until the firing had con
tinued from half past four in the morning until
nearly five in the evening. -
One of the -Union gunboats is believed to
have been burned, and three steamers disa
It Is acknowledged brthe enemr that ther
had twenty men killed in Fort Walker, but it is
impossible to state what their loss was at the
other batteries doubtless rery great, as our
fire is said to hare been rery effective, aud guns
wen aimed and ot neavy calibre.
No sooner did our vessels go past tbe batter
ies at Port Royal Entrance and slide into What
is termed Broad River than they made for the
mouths of tbe inlets leading to Beaufort, Sa
vannah, and Charleston. These ther immedi
atoly blockaded, though not in time to preveut
tne escape oi email reoei vessels.
Not one of tbe Federal vessels was sunk, and
the cnlv one believed to have been dostroved bv
fire was tbe gunboat referred to above. Tbe
crew are said to have passed through a murder
ous fire to another vessel, which thoy reached
with rery little If any loss.
ibe Union ressels aoted under sneoial in
structions in blockading the inlets which led to
tne most important points, and which afforded
loop-holes of escape to the enemy. ' .
While a portion of this fleet entered npon this
duty, four ships made at once for Beanfort, and
at three o'clock on Thursday these ressels were
In eight of the town.
A dispatch dated Beaufort. Nor. 7th. to the
Charleston Mercury, says that at that time the
Union forces were preparing to land, evidently
with the design of throwing up entrenchments
ana attactttng tne town.
We have no means of knowing the exact loss
of the Union forces, but tbe rebels confess their
own firing was rery bad, and that their artillery-men
were badly In want of praotico. They
declare, moreover, . that the guns in tbe fort
were not properly mounted. When Com. Tat
nail went to assist the men in the forts, he
found that many of their cannon were dismount
ed by their own rebound. To this fault the
rebel journals attribute their defeat, and loudly
call upon the Confederate Gorernment to find
out where tbe blame, rests.
A telegram which left Richmond on Saturday
last, stated tbere was, nothing particularly im
portant from the Southern coast.- It Is evident
from this that the rebel gorernment has pro
hibited any further -information from coming
north of Richmond. This implies that they
hare suffered a beary defeat.
The Charleston Mercury of tbe 8th ioit., aft
er summing up results, says: '
"Tbe Yankees seem to have driven Commo
dore Tatnall'a Mosquito fleet up the creeks
leading to Savannah, and cut off all water com
munication with Charleston, by sealing up Skull
oreek. Although the Yankees have effooted as
yet no landing, it is certain they have made
some progress, and it behooves us to imme
diately send such reinlorcements aS may be
needed to check any movements they may make
toward gaining eren the smallest foothold on
our soil. If the Invaders can take Charleston
with twenty-fire thousand men, let them, as we
would be unworthy to possess It; and it will be
a fit memorial, laid in ashes, of our own South
ern Imbecility." tr., -
The following Is a special dispatch to the
Charleston Mercury: '
"Hxndersontilli, Nov. 7th 9 P; M. The
prsctioe of our artillerists at Hilton Hsad has
been rery bad; hence the successful passage of
seren of the enemy's men-ofwar. Their
transports are still outside. Our loss thus far
has been rery slight, and tbe troops are In good
heart. Tbe firing of the Yankee war ressels
was rery acoorate.
"Hilton Head and Boy Point, as at first re
ported, receired the brunt of tbe attack. Our
failure to sink any of the ressels which passed
our batteries, is owing to the poor practice of
the artillerists. The enemy's ships which pass
ed our batteries oan be distinctly seen from
Beaufort. Forts Walker and Beauregard are
still firing, Tbe enemy has lost one gunboat,
which was burned. Shells can be seen from
here bursting in the woods. Our lines of com
munication are completely cut off unless more
troops are sent nere witn artillery ana cavalry.
Four ships are now in sight over the land and
up as far as Skull Creek. There is reason to
believe the enemy erenow making preparations
to land a large force at Hilton Head either to
night or to morrow morning "
Norfolk Custom House Burnt—From
the Fleet.
Baltimom. Nor. 13 The Norfolk Custom
House is reported to bare been barned on Sun
der night with a large amount or stores.
The bark Seraphine, of Baltimore, from Rio
with A cargo of coffee, was wreo'ied on Cape
Henry, -'All bands were eareo. -u ne eargo tell
Into bands ot tne rebels. ,
The following are additional particulars from
the Charleston Mercury of Friday, the 8th I It
says that the fleet appeared off tbe mouth of
Broad Kirer between nine and ten o'clock
Thursday morning, and under oover of a heavy
fire. ' ' "
An account says fifteen steamers passed the
batteries. One account sayi one of the Federal
ressels was orippled; but another account makes
no mention of any disaster.
The rebels report 'their loss in the Mterlea
quite light. , :1 ' ... ;
From Fortress Monroe.
FoTiss MowioK.'Nor II, Via ''Baltimore,
Nov lit. No intelligence as yet irom the fleet,
A flag ol trnoe brought np to-day tbe crew
the French corvette Proune, wrecked last Toot
day night new Occacoket Inlet, N. C. She had
no pilot and went ashore - during' th heavy
weather.' ' The orew, one hundred la, number,
were ell eared, and reached " Norfolk t via
Charleston. Four fishermen also cams in from
across James River last night, girt tbf swot
roopa bad
Yorktown, els,, that' our- troops
Charleston.:, -; ',, t ' 1
The Dawn arrlred to-day from Wasbiogtoa
baring successfully run the bjockade. Thirty-
two shots were fired at her. r
Another flag of trnoe sent from Norfolk yes
terday, brought down reports that alter the cap
ture of the batteries tbe rebels fell back to
Beaufort where a most desperate straggle took
place. Thorewas terrible txoitement at or
folk. . . .. ,;zvr"" -r;
The Enquirer speolaf dlspatoh from Fortress
Monroe says Union, men of Eet Tennessee hare
burned a namberof railroad bridges aud onttbe
telegraph lines, to prevent the transportation of
troops, une onage or swo uunareu leei span
was destroyed on Saturday morning last, on tbe
East Tennessee railroad- rour structures on
the line north ot Knoxville were entirely de
strayed A very heavy wooden bridgo at
Charlestown, Brady county, Tennessee, was
destroyed on tbe erenlng of Friday last,
Charlestown Ii seventy-fire milis lonthwest of
Knoxville. v
This aotion of Union men will conrlnce Gor
ernment that Eat Tennessee will; redeem bor
self If an opportunity offers. J i '.. w
report as the fire deserter!
Battle at Piketon, Kentucky—Union
Troops Victorious.
Paris, Kr, Nov 13. General Nelson met the
rebels on Friday last at Pike ton, Pike county,
and won a glorious riotory. uoi. tiabe Moore
attacked tbe rebela in the rear with thirty-eight
buudred mens Col. Harris, 3i Ohio, in front
with six hundred men Harris falling back and
Moore pressing forward, till the enemr were
brought into the midst of Nelson's brigade,
when our forces pressed tnera upon ail aides,
killing four hundred and taking one thousand
prisoners. Tbe balance were scattered in all
lUreotions. - . ,
Tbe loss of the Federals Is small
LtxiNOTON, Nor. 13. A courier from 'Nel
son's brigade with dispatches for Gen. Thomas,
reports fighting at Fiketon for two days.- The
rebel loss is four hundred killed and one thou
sand prisoners. This is roliable.
Lixinoton, Nor. 13 Nelson ha! whiDoed
Williams; four hundred rebels killed, and one
thousand taken prisoners Among the latter
are Williams and Haws . "
The fight took place at Pikerille on Friday
and Saturday, . Federal loss comparative!?
small. '
From the Kanawha Valley—The Attack
on Guyandott.
Cincinnati, Norri3. Tbe battle at Piketon
lasted Friday and Saturday, and tbe victory was
complete. Generals Williams and Haws are
among the prisoners. - . . t
Advices Irom tbe Kanawha state that tbe
rebels who had been shelling Camp Tompkins
from Colton Hill had retired upon the approach
of a foroe under Col. De Villiers. Nine of tbe
enemy's pickets were killed, with no loss on our
Col. De Villiers has taken possession of the
The defeat of the Union forcea at Guyandott
was accomplished by trickery on tbe part of tbe
Inhabitants. . '. . . .
It seenis a force of rebel- cavalry,-rarioosly
estimated at fire hundred to a thousand, bad
concentrated In the country back of tbe town
They were prepared, with tbe assistance of tbe
rebel inhabitants of Guyandott, to annihilate
the rederal forces In the town. This force con
sisted of two hundred of the Fiftieth Virginia
itegiment, and a ..I.ew . or. .sigier's Virginia
It was arranged between the rebel cavalry
and rebel citizens to massacre our troopj in cold
blood. Accordingly tbe rebel citizens were very
kind to our troops, last Sunday evening, and In
vited them to their houses on various pretexts,
and all who were off duty accepted tbe invita
tion Whiie they . were being entertained, at
about half-past eight at night, tbe rebel cavalry
dashed Into town. Signals were displayed from
every bouse where Federals were, and into these
the rebels rushed, murdering the unarmed sol
diers in cold blood. The rebel citizens, men
and women, rushed to arms and aided the cav
alry in the slaughter. The Federals In camp
prepared, as soon as possible for. defense, but
were overpowered and bad to break.
Some few were killed in the engagement with
the cavalrj nearly all killed being murdered
in the houses. When Col. Ziegler arrived, on
learningVthe particulars of tbe affair, ordered
the destruction, ot tbe town. Buildings were
immediately nrea, and tbe whole town was re
duoed to ashes. . t
Gen. Grant's Report of the Battle at
Cairo, Nor. 13 Gen. Grant's offlclal rrcort
oi tne Belmont oattie says ne naa but twenty
eignt nunarea men. i ne oDject ot tne expedi
tion was to prerent the enemy faom sending re
inforcements to Price, and also from cutting
in two the oolumn that be had ssnt out from
Cairo and Cape Girardeau, in pursuit of Jeff.
Knowing that Columbus was stronglr guard
ed, I asked General Smith, commanding at Pa.
ducah, to make a demonstration in that dele
tion. He did so by ordering a small force to
Mayfield, another in tbe direction of Columbus,
not to approach, howerer,-nearer than fifteen
miles. 1 also sent a small force oh the Ken
tucky side with orders not to approach nearer
than twelve miles above Columbus. At day.
light we reached a point just out of range of tbe
rebel guns and debarked. -Onr troops were
marched one mile towards Belmont, though
drawn in line, one battalion being left as a re
serve near the transports.
it was bnt a few moments before we met the
enemy and a general engagement ensued
They were driven fast by foot back to their
enoampment on the river bank, a diatanoe of
two miles. Here they had strengthened their
position by falling tbe timber for several hun
dred yards around. Our men charged through
this, driring the enemy oyer the bank into their
transports, leaving us in possession of everv-
thing not portable.
Belmont being in range of gans on the onnn.
sits shore, could not be held a single hour by
our troops- Having no wagons we could not
move aoy captured property, consequently I
gave orders for its destruction. '
Betore getting tairly nnder war on onr return .
the enemy made Its appearance again and at
tempted to surround ns. ' , .
Onr troops were not in the least disoourao-ed:
they charged the enemy again, and defeated
them. Our loss is about eighty five killed and
one hundred and fifty wounded, many of them
slightly, and about an equal number missing.
neany an ino inner are uom toe lOwa regi
ment, whioh behaved with great gallantrr. and
suffered more severely than tho others. The
bahnce of the report details individual gallant-
T3- , ' . , . ...
The Memphis Anneal of tbe 11th lost, con
tains the following dispatch: , -
Savannah. Nor. Bib. via New Orleans. Nov.
9 The steamer Lampion has arrived from
Port Royal with the wounded from the en cape-
ment. Yesterday fifteen ressels were inside
and sereral outside. The Minnesota was the
first to enter, rapidly followed by the others.
ine attaaK on tne lorts was from three sides
After the second roifnd from the fleet the three
prinoipal guns In our battery were dismounted
I he engagement laetetl fire hours. During its
continuance an our guns were dismounted.
Ulsoatcnes to Ubarleston tuners sar the bat.
teries were badly worked. The enemy'a firing
was excellent. Total Confederate loss one
Lbuudred. - , .
Missouri Dispatches.
Warsaw, Mo., Nor. 13 The followins? Is a
correct list of Gen. Hunter's staff, as officially
announced: Surgeon, Jos. K. Barnes; Medical
Director, luaj. Ubas. U. Ualpine; Assistant
Adjutant Generals, Capt.' Marcua J. Panott.
Lieut, toward u. bmith. Captain John W.
Ananeri uuartermaater, uaptaln John . W.
Turner; Commissary of Subsistence, Major
bawara rvrigni; Aia-ue-uamps, Major n. m.
Hough, Major Louis D. Hubbard, Captaiu Rich
ard Thompson, Lieut. Samuel W, Stockton,
blent. Arthur in. Kenale, Lieut. Charles E.
Hay, Lieut. Anson 0. Doolittle. ,
St. Louis, Nor. 12. The followioV ceneral
order was promulgated to-day: '
November 10, 1861.
, The of troops in this depart-
ment win. arout extension movements wnjen
offer battle or diride or Pro loner our lines nntil
farther concert and concentration of action oan
be arranged and i Detractions givsn. - Full and
eODdse reports wilt be forwarded Immediately
to Brig.-Geueral Curtis, a St. Louis, giving
the strength, position .tod condition of even
command ia the department. These reports
will be consolidated under his direction and
.1 1.1 '. t -. '
weekly abstracts forwarded to the Commanding
" '
Major Gen'l HUNTER.
R. M. HOUGH, Major and A. D. C.
: Henry W.ClemenU, Chief Clerk in tbe Quar
termaster's office nnder General- McKinstry,
wu arreateu tu-unj, uj oraer 01 Ueo. VUrtiS,
ana sent io jeuereoa Dsrrocia to await Investi
gation Into McKinstrt'e administration of of.
fairs In that office. It la understood that Mo
Kinetry has been ordered to report to Washing
ton and will reach here to-morrow night. - -
Railroad Bridge Burnt.
' Cincinnati, Nor. 18 Tbe correspondent ol
tbe Gazette, writing from Gen. Sherman's bead
quarters, says the bridge over the Cumberland
river cn tbe Louisville and Nashville Ruilrosd,
in toe rear or lluckner, bas been burned, caus
ing great consternation among tbe rebela. ; , The
union men are at won. ' ' - -
Philidilmiu, Nov, 12 Tbe Inquirer Los a
speoiai which says a privateer and two schoon
ers in Swan Gun Inlet, were burned on the ntoht
of the 4th by boats from the Tuscarora, sta
tioned at Obenegua. ..,, ...
The rebel shin Bermuda ran the blockade off
aarannab tbe night of the second of Novem
ber, being towed out by tbe steamer Huntress.
She is loaded with two thousand bales of cotton
lor Liverpool, -
Arrival of the Nova Scotia.
Farther Point, Nor. 12. Tbe Nora Scntia
arrived with five days later news from Liver
pool diet, via Londonderry 1st. ' News Impor
tant. " -, "" "
Livirmol, Oot. 31, Cotton Dull at a dnfin
of d sinco tbe departure ol tbe Persia
Breadstuff quiet and steady. Flour quiet and
easier. Wheat timet and stead v. Corn steadr.
ft Niwark, N. J., Nor. 13. A letter from Pro
vost Judge Freeze, of Alexandria, appears in
this afternoon's Adrertlser, in whioh be says If
the Government will allow bim to follow out
his course be will undertake to collect one third
of tbe $150,000,000 due us from the South,
without doing injustice in a single instance.
Bank Robbery.
New York, Nor. 12. Sometime during Sat
urday night or yeaterdar morning the Winsted
Bank, at West Winsted, Ct.. was burglaromlv
entered and robbed of ft 58.000. with whioh the
thieves made good tbelr escape.
isoieuusuce lancy has postponed tbe Balti
more treason cases till April. He intimates
that the question will be fully considered bv the
Supreme Court this winter." .
Adrlces from tbe frigate Niagara to the 24th
of October say nothing about prisoners from
tne sumter, ana ner reported capture is likely
untrue. '- .
A Washington special savs a force of Federal
troops has been sent to Mathias Point to clear
it of woods and bushes and make a rcconols-
sauce ' . . .,
ZaNESVILLC. Nor. 12 Butler D. Ahhntt.
Superintendent of the C. W. & Z. R. R., was
instantly killed near Lancaster about eight
o'clock last night, by striking a bridge.
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Nov. 12.
COTT0H Continues arm: ulei 2500 ba'ea MidJIIntr
Upland at V4c.
FLOUR Mnrket may be qnoted a shade easier; moder
ate buaiueii fur export and home coniumptlou sales 81,
700 barrela at IS fi.1 fur rrjec:ed; 95 5tX&5 S3 for
uperflne stale; i 65Tt 75 for extra itaie; as SO
lor super fl n j weilern; $5 63$5 80 for common to med
ium extra western; S5 1U 00 lot shipping brands ex
tra rouud hoop Ohio; Sti 10afi?5 for trade brandi do.
Market closing quiet. Canadian flour a ehade lower
with moderate demand; inlra of 6.900 bbls at 15 IOmS
S3 55 lor superfine; 15 ti3$7 SO for common to choice
RY E fLOURQuiet sad ireidv with mtes at f 3 10
CORN MS AL Steady; sales 300 birreli at J2 5(3.3 90
rJewyj 3 SO lor extra weilern.
WHISKY Scarcely io firm: filei 5S0 UmlaitSOk
W11B AT One to two cents better with a brlik demand
for export. The heavj decline in foreign freiglila hi.
Imparted a very cheerful tone to tbe market, rnlee of
39,000 butheli Chicago spring at l 30 A I 33; 3,860
oaineis uacice aprlng at tl Wl V4; 14,700 busbeli
normweirern ciud at ii ia. me latter Drlce for
verv choice; 88,000 buibels llilwaukn elub at a I 24a
i ; ji,jw Datneis Amiier lowa at at V.S1 m; K.uoo
buibels red state at gl 31 I 34; tt OOU butheli extra
Amber Green Buy at l 30; 138,000 buihels winter red
western at $1 32.il I 37; 35,000 bushela Amber Michiian
at ft 37(S1 38; 1.000 bushels red Kentucky at SI 35;
u,uuubusnela Canadian club si am 3ti; 10,400 buih
els whlct weatern at $1 3B&1 45; 0,300 buihels while
Kentucky at 91 46(31 50.
RVfi-Scarce and firm: sites of 4.300 bushels state at
BARLEY Shade Ormer: sales 5.300 buibels Caoadiin
weatern at 71c, and 7,400 busbelt Cauadiau eastern at
CORN Good export and home trade demmd and fair
speculative Inquiry; ealei 13,000 bushels atO'So for Infe
rior mixed weitern; CSiC7Xc for good to pilme spring
do atloat, CtKSGBHo In store; C9j for weitern yellow;
67e for Jeney yellow. -
OATS Scarce and firm; sales at 4245X for Canada;
43344io for western Penneylvania and state. .
PORK Market dull and lower; saleeof 170 barrel! at
14 75&15 35 for men; til for Philadelphia mess;
99 55(89 A3 for prime. -
BEEP Rules qntet snd unehanged; sales 300 barrels
att4cS4 50 for prime; t5i$S 50 for mess; flkSlS for
repacked met! ; t id for extra mets. Prime meat beef In-
BBKF EAM3-Steady with small pales wejlcrn at
115 50.
CUT MEATS Bail with sales at iio for shonldsrs
HOOa Srened, ia active demand at 5o.
BACON Quiet and unchanged.
LARD Bbaile firmer 1S50 barrels at K9X, Included
in sales are 300 barrels deliverable In December, at about
BUTTER Bhads firmer at 10 14c for Ohio, and 14
30c for state.
OUKESK Alio a ihide firmer at SSGe for Ohio, and
87c for state.
SUQ AR Haw. In better reqneit, and market rery firm ;
talea 1400 hhdi Cuba at 7SXi a few hhdi i orto Rico
at8V9ii: 360boxei Havana at 74b9X-
MOLASSES Quiet; salei 80 hhdi Barbadoes at 36.
100 hogiheada Porto Rico, by auoUon, st36)i4o)i.
Cincinnati Market.
The mirket, for the various articles of sroduce. wii
quiet to day In all Its departments, and though print
uia not unuergo any cnaDge, mere was not mucn done,
and the market closed dull.
FLOUR Was bought sparingly, and buyers succeeded
In obtaining the commission they hare been asking, to
some extent. Snperflne lold at t434 10; one lot was
reported at 94 30, bnt the quality waa low extra. Hold
ers, however, are not disposed to tell at 94CS4 10. Gener
ally, for if they were then oould be a good btuinen
done. '
WHE AT Unchanged and dull; red, 80S 853, and
White, 8590o.
OATS In aood demand at K7c. '
OORii Steady at8930e for old, but new is down to
idj, witn sales. -
BY H Steady.
BARLEY Dull and would not bring over 45348c for
WHISKY The demand it aotive at 14 Ko.
BACON We noticed tome little demand for aide,, rib
In, at 5Xc; but the tick ii light, and ihuee holding want
to no a little better. M s nearu oi no tales ol new sins,
HOGS Some ottering, but packers will not offai over
gJ; the owners are generally aaking f3 sa.
GROCERIES Nothing transpiring in the trade to
ebange the nneral aspect of the market aa heretofore re
ported; the jobbing demand continues fair, and tugar
ana couee are neia nrmiy at nui pricea.
: ; Commercial
Cleveland Market
7L0UR Sales of 50 barrels extra at 4 37; 50 bar
rels red double extra at 94 03) ; 50 barrels double extra
at 94 70; and 100 barrels oholca whits do at 93 37K."
wheat inactive, xne only sale reported was near
nvmnaiwo. r.v
COHN Sales I ear on track at 33:1 3 do do at 33c; and
1 boat load from store at 33c. - "
OATS Sales 1550 bush afloat at 84c; and I ear on track
HIGH WINES Sales 54 bhlt at !5o.
BICANS 8alet35bushat9l. - .- f - - iw
EOG4 Sties S bbls at He. '.
LARD Sales 10kegeal7c. - - ;
Oysters! Oysters!!'
XX es tn dai'y receipt, by express, of
' 1 - '.'.....' ' .i.j. . : (wt
from Baltimore and fall Haven
Call at Wagner'! Oyster and fruit Depot, Ho. 21 Sail
: . .'. - -riM f ... . i. S A.J1
ugnu . .. j ,
NC DHES1 MILKS. .',,."'
IANOV bRKbS SILKS, - ' " - -
We are bow of Mi ag oar Immense steak of fancy Brett
buss at rncea leas uun ever beiora oueree la tbli olur
The attention of the ladlta of this city and vicinity a
aoitottaa, an our etoct it very teieoi ana eomuiew la all
grades of gtodt iu this lint.
rnTKa main,
He. 88 South High itreet.
"iThey go Righuu lfct it
Instant HelUfl - aa ysT.twXewclk
, Pnrllr want Breach."
1 1
t 'T rarTf:
iiiol,. ,,?!a!it melt
l99D FQK.tECTURERay" ; Mi
GOOD FOR PTfnfip. obt.'V.u'Jo-s
- Miauue.auue.is
DDI r nivm.-. mr..A . m.
they relieve a Cough Instantly
They clear tbe Throat. Z ' , 1 ,
They give strength and rolume to the roice.
They Impart a deHotoiiearema to rtra aseati
They are delightful to the tastaiirj iv
They are made of simple hetbtand aulas'
harm any one. . ' i ra.ii
I ertriie ever; one who has a Cough or a kbikV Vdld
or a Bail Breata, or any dilllanltr of the Throat, to eel
a package of y Throat Confections; they will relieve
yon Instantly, and yoa will arrs with nt )k4Athsy
go right to the spot." Ton wilt And theea very nsefn I
and pleasant while traveling or attending path. att
logs for stlllbgyour Ooogh or allaying yonr tbttittt
yon try ens package, I an safe In saying that f9tji)
ever afterwards consider then hdlsptneakla. . itJx
Yoa will Cod them at tne Srngglste-.enA Dealer, In
Hedtclnee. - "irTl:Lil
rniui '" -p.--
My aignatnrs is cn each package Ail otheiv jj
ounteifeit. ,
A package will be tent by mall, prepiIJ, on raoelaAjw J
Thirty Cents. - ' ' :u
Add rest, ' '" ' "
Henry O. Spalding, !M
'NO ! 0EB1 STBBfT,
: n'it:ii'
, By the nie ot the at, Piiii the periodlo atlkcli--of, fir- -sous
er Slet BtaUaeht tuy be frevsatsd; and If taken
at the commencement ol an attack ImmidUlt relict rrn.
painand sickness will beobUuned. ;
They seldom fall in removing the Jtautta and
ocis to which females are so subject.
They act ges'.ly ajxa the bowels nsatiVidg Joif
tot lAUrary tn, Sudtnit, Delicate' female L
and all persons of ttitmtary kabiti, they are taliu,.,',
as s lamaUDt, Improvlrj the apptttl, giving tan . j
xmor to (he digestive organs, and restoring the' nafrrr '
elasticity and itiesgtb ot the whole aystea. .. , ,
TH1 CEPHALIC PILLS are the rsnltf long lavea ,
ligation and carefully conducted expertmsnti,' a.ygJJ
been In nae many years, during which (ime. Jvheg btTva
prevented and relieved a rut amsanl of pain and snlatrrt
Ing from Headache, whether originating m the
system cr from a deranged lists of (hi ikmarh.' '
They are entirely vegetable In their coapoiiiioi., a
may be taken at all times with perfect salt! nHhoat
making any change of diet, and! IA oosmci of any
dtoaort&abU tatU rmdtrt U taty to adnUiUt er Am ,
e.tfr. ... v .-..Jn
The genuine have five elpiatojet of Henry U Spalding
on each Box. - .
Sold by DraggUti and all other Dealers la Medicine.
A Box will be sent by mail, prepaid, on receipt of the
PripQ, QQ Oozxtdif
411 orders should be addressed to "
49 Cedar street, Sew Vara..
: , uioii;, .J
- from the Examinee, Norfolk Va.
Cephalic Pills accomplish the object for" whfch they
were mads, ris.: Core of beadaohe In all ita ronas.
r from the Examiner, Norfolk, Va, nry
They hare been tasted In mors than a thetuBEf dun,
with entire suocess. r , ,. , ....
., .' rromtUpemoent.BC'tjioti,'
If you are, or have been, troubled with thn hi)itanhm -send
fur a box, (Cephalio tlllij so that you may bar:
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v . '. tfti K
from the Advertiser, Providence, X. 1. '
The Cephalio Pills are said to be a remarkably eHeuttt j
remedy for tbe headache, and one of Mm rery bntilSfA
that very frequent complaint whioh. has ever bean
covered. . - . , , .
from Uia'WetUra R. R. Qaiette, Ohloagu, 111.
We heartily endorse Mr. gptmldlng, and lis nnrlvstej
Cephalic Pills. , ... r
fro Kanawha Valley Btar, Kanawha, Va .
' We art ears that nereent mfferlny wltk 4h hdrl
who try them, will stick to then.. : r5,
' from the Soathara Path Vtnder, Hsw ireantsti. oX
Try them I yoa that are afflicted, and We are sirs ftaV
yonr testimony oan be added to the already nntneronr
Hit that has received benefits thatao other medidne nair '
produce. - ' -J" '
rr'tteU UuUDesnoori,
Tht Immense demand for the article ..Otphalto PUla
IS rapidly Incrwrting. - - - ... . ,iaL
' - ' J lu:)'ut43'Jtfn
, . i rum. Uiu Qawtte, Daveucort. taem.,,
Mr. SpilJlnst would not aonneot his naaa ertti, a'
tlcle he did not know to pottem real merit. '
JDA ringla bottle of BPALDINS'l PRIPABJID
ut,uf win ivwp tuutauioottannuJlyHSUi r,
....,.,..'? .: -v tiTiy.M tif
c ID-'a t.Tc tii Tina sivst KM. IX
i Ai aoeidents will happen, area Is well regnlatool'faaj'1
lllet, It Is rery detlrablt) t have too cheap and eea
venieat way tor fSpalrlng furniture, ,Toa Ur istaui n
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'"..trgrtDiitr lyggr HJVsa.i'4B,
. Bruth" aecomnables 'each bollfi."1 "
can. "" -' : 'addra - -"- w nutMt
, . - UlSHtT 0.PAXirfa.r VTe
i h-H; a. H, OedJtitjeMlaei Jat
i Ll . CAnTlOS0 ? ""jr.'.i
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AS sertaln nfirtndplsd ataweaa an- tUapttinr'il'
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atnliM befet parebMln, and see that the
Hj-Bt-Abu intra raaPAKKDttLDio
It on the oiUlds wrapper; all otters are twtadung
Itrfetts, bi
V?ir CURE " ijx

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