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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, November 14, 1861, Image 1

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frn TT r"ri r ' ' IT ' r ..jT , I , ' "
yteoiMtoi fogy seribs
s j. Li ' ap 1jssssr- ,
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I cooluiibus;
1 ... u, : ' -t . : .. ... 1.... J J p, i. f ., ..
iiif--.r.- . - "-. ........
' tMmwtMuMjummu.MM. n ajaje. m-jr HyTTVrn "
r .1 - . :.. g, .)
IayAriAbly ia Ad'Tanef,1, .
X - ; - H I ' - ! I
U OffiM Boa. 88, 88 and 40, Korth High t
-7 pas im, 1 testa
-n.iT ... oo ptr mr.
rerti.i Advcriuuir byfhe Sana..
eai.tOO M
one nun 1 weak., .as mi
'Vma mfctlia-.JB M
0i e-iO t week., sot
-ne month! 98 00
"no " 1 Week... 1 75
On 2daya,. 100
On 11 Iiin... n
" 1 month! 0 00
" V month! 8 00
" 1 month. SOD
Dm. . l
Displaced adveruiimtntt
half mors than the above
All U0
lioei l-Wfiuirtw. n tun -..kii-i j t. .
If ordered JiT"i ...7 r.""" DZ ""rate.
per con., more than the above rates: : but all inch wil
apiieer In the Tri-Weeklv with.. h..L- wu
Motloti i of meetings, chariUblat ooletlet,flrt ootnpanlct.
to., hair prrta.4 jUkiiAju.CX e. '.- .r
."J"1' adrUmmU mutt 4 prtd for in
thHlfBllly 'rtoiHi-vWh
M k.k J L . . fOOI
-uiupju, lavBuii onarira irth WmIti. in t
No adverUvemeut Uiten tzoepi for ft deflnlU poriod.
cntuToniu tut. '
(Officti of Olljr Jndg t,)
hob. mn noneiMr, n. I. Bap
Mom. H. JI4 Pun. Olmluiil. A.
Moo. U. Xlf UuiiMr, Lucutcr. O.
F. A. B. 8IMIDI8, ' .,.
Atttoi-rioy at liaW'
uaoc-ttmVft imrlitiig, oppoilt Oapltal Bqura. . ,
. ?utootuB08,oflior
Attorney & Counsellor at law,
. ... M. C. LLL6Y,,
book DXOTDasan,
1861. 1861.
1861. 1861. Summer Arrangements,---Time
Connoan M OrtiHbt'irlUi th PITT8BUE0A. IT.
for ritUbwruK, rtMwUlfMti and Maltimori. M
-tor Mart Warn a Itogo,
OonsefbJif itClerelmd wHb IH0I1 XGt-
fr DnnrfcrBrrloVir)aar, Bo.
from Colambuj, ! oiiDUoa wltiTriimon ih
LITTLE fliini Ancoi.rraHU
IIMT-'tBAM1; ' -in'
NIOHT XXPRI38.-Ltm Oslupbifi at 1.40 A.M
wlU Man puMDm at all tatioBanoath. o( Gallon,
itop at Selawara, Aiblay, Oardlngtoa and Ollead, and
at 0:0a A. af., Ponklrk 1:00 P. M., Bofl.lo tat. la,
hU S:10 A. M. Chlofo tU Oreatllu at 7.00 P, 11.
8-I- .J-mhin at 11:10
Sprlnf ), Selawara, Oardlngtoo, Oallon, OrMtllaa, bhtl
bj, ii.w London, Wlllnton acd Onftoa. arrin at
Clef. land at 3:33 p. a.; Dimklrk, HMp. m.t Bul
lo, 10:iO p. nvi AUa,, 8j a. m.j NewToik. 1:45
t:?LB'!,on4:0Pm Train ooonaoUatBlwI
byfor 8anduik7,aod at Oiaftoa for Toledo. ariMnt- at
Toltda at 0:40 p. n. ' "
. , .. . -.-if fun tkaik. " '
al";2 P; .Pr-"1 tu " Uooa grata -J
Shelby, and at New London. rVelllnfton, flrafton,
and Boreal nivfor at Olmland U 8:30 p" B. Dun
kUkV 1:00a. m.t Botr.lo, ISO, m.; Albany, 8 SO p. m.;
lUwTortt, 70 1. m.( Boatan, 11:43 p. m.l Plttibargh,
11;SP-M PhlUdilphl.; IrOOpTaS",
Ohkaco, via Orettline, 0:45 a. m. lh Train connect!
at ehelby fdr.Bandueky and Toledo, arrlTlng at Toledo
atBJSpB, (
Patent tleepin Cari are run on all
Sight Train to Chicago, New
;.(. York and Boston, v. ,f
MaggatiCfacit& Through to JKne Tort and Boito
. i Jim Xurkvia OruUim.- ,
' returning;
Hlght Xxpraa arrlTea at Oolomboi at. 11:13 P. M.
CtDclnnaUkxpreeeaiTiTe! at Oolombntat 10:30 A. M. 1
noenuBOdadod Kipren arrlrei at Colombo! at 7:30
n v - -i". ' - ' .
-w fty tany other Rente.
' .IW.TSiJtCJ'BiB.raNTr -,
Ootambua, June 17, 1861. ? u.nB,i.
(nd Kinefirturert ot'Waat ind tfornpolt7oh Waiting!
-"pinihd Brait Work of all tetcrlpUonl., V ' ' '
OA "hsi-Aii,:,:x' cl"'' '"" ' 1 0 ' ti,i'Br"' ik
,o4, j-oai .,(, m Jtni an a.'un rrnla o
(buooibborto Uokii wTniAtnu. .,
. - I.DlAI.saII'',tl, '"'"
or rAnan- if Ytr. rrs -r rv1? ni
FLOUR, SALT Lx.an&Kk'Tjir
1119 ' -W"!-!!"". aV .l.U HUd tijj .
IKK Htnnfll .TtOTORWtl'anaCWrfl wa1 are
new aclllng at Yery low BrlwJ, a- all o r k.
mi li, in ill, lan.
thilteit Tie Largeit The Bert,
" hpert Beoaue the Bert, , N
"The Aleat llellahj lUntu An
n titerltf ef the Eariuit Langrtace.
trr ttoVkmMmilnirtWaMtmrtvf Ohio,
mnl"'" meanlnga and derlrmtlona, totreUier
to &JA1 Vol lil dqta'T
JgnAAiawaiM Ma Jhtm M OMoBtat
" indfltrMd,'Mmben of tba Ohio Itata Taaohan'
omaoa, adopt and aha to nee In teaehlnr, writing
Srf??-.1"? ttf orthogniphy Md. pronunciation of
"7"' otm vnario Dictionary, and wt meet w
4lallr- reoommend It at the moat rellabk itaodard an
thorlty of tba BnglUb langnaga, aa It la now written and
apoiaaja :mUi vo-j . . .a
Loam Airmawa, PreeMent Kenyon Oolleaa.
M PI laaaat IS ' Baparlntendent CanetTtlla Bdhooli.
Tana W. Hakrar, iap't Meeellon Dniori BchooU.
M P. Oowaaav, Bop't Pnbllo Bonoola, Banduky.
iomnLnam, irt PablWiohaoiai OtretaeillaT
N. BAireas, rind pal Owralaad lemila Beenlna-
W. Kmarmt. Bapt Pablfc "ckotja, Mt. Odm-
uj' wemaipa aiaee Dowaut acnav aluiBa
Olo Jan' J0"' 'Iilaalp' wrUl Interned laU Bchool,
H. B. MaIto, Bnp't Canton Union School!.
JtaaaJ, Principal HoNaely Normal Bonfrdf; Ci
Ju T. Tarraa, Prof. Mathematloe, Ohio Unlrenlty. '
w. cowaaaa, Bnp't Troy Union Bchool.
, A, a. BowgavPriaotpeJ Wait Hit Bohoat, Olara
land. ,
8. A. RoBtob, Aaaoaate Principal High School, Olerf
B. l'Hoilrroa7TrWpal 0lriean4 fnUtnte.'
iA. Uwwa),Prefldat of llaoU Inttltata, El
tun. W. L. HAUm. Prof, of Ohamletr. nhli, 1I
UDltanlhr. , iT " - '
H. H. lUBnar, Ix-Oemmliiloiierof OoouaonBohooIa,
Ohio. ,
' Java Homoa, Prof. Khatorle,' Oberlla Oollega.
Tnoa. Hut, Preeldent AnUoch College.
J! 0"i Prof. MaUMBuUea, High
School, VlTtOB.
B. CYC.sxa.oejt, Prat langnaga, Hlgft Boheol.
vajtwu) -i ,,v ... .
- 6. if. Kutuk, Inp't TJoloa BobooM, Aihland. ' "
Afore Um Ma Bvndrtd eOer Prttidtntt cf OJU.
or, Aaw Aro!armB. .; ,:., j j ,.
I't'-r--- rj : t - m i " to ritHm ,
atunrrra OoLLaoa "It k trala a amamlflmnt work.
an honor to the author, the anbllihara.ud Ut.erh.ie
ouutry."-Pr!ident Andnwi.
Ohm WanaraB TJanaaiiTt It arneede wiv mwivte.
Ilonav ' It Will be mr raid In arthorreohr and immie.
oeUioa, and will often be eonealted bj me (or U neat
and aocarat deflnltloni.'' f raldeat Thompaon
w. R. lotjamo Cotiaaa. "Heretofore we bat mad
Webeter'i orthography. At a recent meeting of oaf
Pasalty.lt waa decided ta abasga it to oonfona to that
of- Woraeetar'i ltoyal Qnarta DkUecerjr.'V-Prealdent
Oarnald. ,.,,. i '
Waam Saatawa CoLLaaa. flnd' It worth. nr
oordlal approhaUon." Preeldent Hltchoock. . , :
. ObbBLDI OoLLaam."It mar. then tntrntm wiw a..
tlom. I reoommend It at the ataadard authority In
orthoepy to Btythlldm and' my paplle." Treekienl
atOTgaa. I . . ic.i-.i . .i .;. ., , . . .,
. Ajmecat fnnaaa "T adontand alee ta aaa In taaeh.
mi, wnun
etanoa of
l fin all
to eanfora ta the ralea for ortborranhw and
pronunciation at contained In Woroatttr! Dictionary."
Horace kUna, late Preeldent.
KJoraoa Oonaaa.OAManra. '! moat eordlalla ramea.
Bond It at the matt reliable itandard authority of the
Bngllih laagnaga at It la now written and tpokea."
Pteaidaat Andrewt. . i : . .
IYvSm. Utum SmfiX, Oomnittiomr of (kmmtn
C . ,
"The Dictionary to aa baprrlehaMe manninent to' the
learning and indmtry of iti author, and aa honor it the
world of letter.. Jbe mechanical execution ta fafwupe
.fa. ft. !,.. nt .nw n,... ImUiI M.U hll. T -
Jqualntad.H -- 'y t,u wiluji
from Mom., B. a. Barmy. aa-CommUtlontr at
,.i S, ,.-' fiohooit in Ohio, .
"The mott rellabl itahdard authority of. the but-
r?v'" t. - :i7.fv; " ' - f -jo - .. ,
wmiTB ,.' v
Iiondlng N"ewarpierai of Oixlo Say.
Jrom Vi CltMlanS Aro24 Qt.itartk 88.
The orthocranby of the Woroeater Dictionary la that
uttd by moit, If not all, authora of dtetiaotloa ta thla
country and Xngland, ana eonnrau ta the general uaage
af ordinary wrltert and epeakera. ...
Whaiarer prejndloea may hara exlated prerlouly, a
oaretol ttndy of thle rolase will brarlably be followed
by a warn appreciation of Id greet merit!, and a deetre
to add U to liia well eeleoted library, be it Urge or (mall,
It lea library Inlteelf, and will remain aa imporiihe
hie noerd. of the learning of It oompller."
Jrom Md OlaoeniiaM Oommmrtlal AprU Si,' : ,
Here are upward! of a hundred thou Band word good,
bad and Indifferent whoee multUerioaa aeaaalngaand
derlratlona, together with their correct apelling and pro
nunolatlon, art eat dearly before the aye. The work It
anqueetlonabiy tat greateet Tbtaaoraaof Xnsllah Word!
tTtrjrabltihed. - rt
Stldeaflf WomcrmVt Botal OtjaBto DronoKAT it
ftod aniy mo aaai, Aaf Ma. nnrr eaor A of (At kind aoar 4e
eaed ,and oan by no poajibtlltgr tufftr by oontparleoa or
oontrortny.i j , ' kF't-T" .-,.
JYvm Mt TbUda BUtd 6 May 89.
U to raowtTwotATtoa, Woaoavnav it raa Itaxdajld
followed by ,our beet aatbore; In definition! ht learet
nothing to be deeired, and in uaTHoaaAnrr It n tufflotent
to aay that W'oacawnta aaa be aafeiy followed.'.. j(. 1
Pn bllaiaerw, Beekaaliera tt Statloatei-a,
ma, '' A.'.y U, y.Xx
Nowariat; 3XT- J.
DlTldena Jueiaury it I88lta Pe ir f tni.
A8BBTS ......M.M.Pf.,,t...t3r81SrS 30.
Statement January l, 1861
Itecelred for-Premlumajdnr-r. ., -,Jr,r..j-
ing the year jiu....-.M.A(4,ip3 ao
leoeired for lirtereat during
the year 1800 .,..r..f.. 814,014 10
Total reoelptl for im0....977,007 74
PaldOlalmibyDeath.BW.OMOO -
Paid Polloiet eurren-
dered ............ 41,111 8B ti;-,-i; h'-Ki If.
Paid Balariaa, tetai e i ,' : :i,A. ki.I 't pic
age, Taxet, Kx-
ananga,eo.T... 11,620 54 ,, ,
Paid Oom&lwpoi to ' ! a j t v
Agentt 51,343 90 ' Wj! !-
PaldPhTiiclana'cei, . S.iXid 75
Pal4 Annaltlot. .wJ.'WW J0 ! t .-.atfT.'
Paid Dlvidendi rjdr-1"-! J ...'.. :H'
; iKfttHJtar v.y.lM.WTB'SnS.OBl 43 411,870 H
Net Balance' January lit; 1061. i ...4 ,.,.aj J 18 go
tc u o., j ; Assxta;.' ,.; ".:;t,;''r.;:
Oath on hand....,, eJB84 W .-. j 'ir
Bondt and Uortgagetoa Real 1
JUUte, worth double the 1 ' '
la foroe, only drawing per, " " '"
aent. Interee.....rt.a74,p4'l7 flti's?
Baal Ittat 90.893 07
TrwaiffnHT'r - 3, Ml 44
Pramlumt, Hotae and Oath, la
ooumof tnaunitiioa.A.1 43,laTa -v
Ulli II 1 1 1 I
. Total Attala BMlSJifl to
InBl a.jrouw- pi lorouj iniunng.....a5t430i688
1,433 aaw Pelldat hara beea laeoed daring the year.
After a eartfol oaloulatlon of tba praaant talae of the
outetandlng Pollcleeof the Company, and baring the
0Mt(iry amount In rettrra therefor, the Direotort
hara dtolarad a DtTtpann of 45 par sent, on the Prem!-
ami paid at the table ratee, to all polMee for life In foroe,
ieaaed prior to January 1, 1800, payable aoaordlng ta tba
preeent rule of the Oompaayt 111 1 ' ! r
Batea for all blade af Life OoaUaganolea, Prorpect
atew, S iatenenta, .and . AppllcaUona, will be fuaaltbei
witraooTcaAaa,atueuxuoear AgeneMaaf tba flow
1 .T3;80Bt. Tr. ATTBB80N, Pieatdant.
t. 0. OK0VKR, Vice Preaident.
MM. 0. bULLBR, Beoretary.
, H. He BtlilSSOU, Agmt,
r-:-.1.,t .van tiU'i-.i r. He. A ehoaoa Bleok, ' ,
MarobSa, 1801. c wvc..ColaUt,0. :
I 1 ,' I. lit Bill I
JpUM SILB.a.. of ererr grade, . Ibe atott jtlo(
aweAB. w eivi ,uo at naai raBBonaoie raiia.
. T c t m JvS ft- ei """" 7":
tana apeutng, tne ortnograpny and pronun.
Woroeeter'i Koyal Quarte Jlettaaary."
BUI,' . .. u H-f rU '!'
aty writing, tpeakisr, and teaehlna. I hare an.
1 compound remedy, designed to be the mott
ircotu&l Alterativa tliat enn ha made. 1. It in
t :onopr)f.rflfe(l xtrPt pf Fata Rrtrsnparilln,
4 eombiitud.wUh . otJux-arlrTilfiiSt,i)ft ttiSl
ji cater alterative power at to upwijui Hec
tlvf ilrrtidote for the dieaset..SxtrMiparilla i
putaU to Cure; It it bcliT'that guch
nw4xJ. vanteit by. thow j ho., suffer from,
tiiuiiout aompUiinK ajol tlit ufld hwhw ill
arcomplith their cure jrust prove of iinmensc
trvice to thlt large iplast of burfHfstfcl frllqw.
tizent. How completely this compound ill
Jo it bab IWin provsii.by xpetifBont on plicnyjl
( t the wont case to be tounu or the tollowing
(omplalnbW lil'? (W J4V(f
SOltonrtf AND DCBOTOtOVB CbxfPfilIrrT.,
Eavraoii and EuwmB Diseahe, Ulcrks,
ScaidHead, Stphilis and Stphilitni Are
1 r t w . .
riTIONe. aiEKCUniAiUISEASB. lliinpev. rM!-i;-
AbQTA-eitTio DooLooiiEux, Deiiimtt, PyH
in St. Anthony' Fibb, and indoed tlte.whole
4I0M of complaints ris&iufim.I'jteU'r
!1IB liLOOD,
,'Kiirt eompouml will 7t itmnd a great pro.
loter, of htaltb, vlea token in the pHn tq
xpeljthe fdtil humor wtltfh, fcitef , ijll AM
Wood at flint scasoft 6t the ycarT By thitPmb.
fy expulsion of tberfl manl'atiknng'iBj(Wffpri
are nipped in fhe' bud. MultittloVe can? by
the aid of tinfemddy, tpafe themiclTet frdm
(he endurance of foul-, eruption wnd uleerout
Joret, through which .tha tyetem wtlr-atriveto
id iteelf of xorruptional if not ksaiKtudtOido
iliis through the natural channelt of tha body
iy an -alterative medicine. Cieanse out the
itlated blood whenever you find its Impurities
bursting through the akin in pimple, eruptions,
or tores t cleanse It when yovi find it la ob
truoted and eluggiah in tlie veina ; cleanse it
whenever it Is foul, and your feelings will tell
yon when. ' Even where no particular disorder
is felt," people enjoy better health, 'and lira
longer, for cleansing' too blood". Keep the
blood healthy, and all is well ; but with this
pabulum of life ditordertd, 1 there can be no
lasting health.-; Sooner or later: something
tnust go wrong, and the petit machinery of
life is disordered or overthrown.
' Sarsaparilla has, and deserves much, tha
reputation of accomplishing these ends. ' Hut
the world haa been egregtously deceived by
preparations, of it, -partly because the drug
alone haa not .all the virtue that is claimed
or it, but more becSuse many preparations
iretending to be concentrated extracts of it,
contain but little of the virtue of Sarsaparilla,
or any thing else.',
1 During late years tne public- have been mis
Jed by large bottle,,pretending to giva a quart
of Extract of Sarsaparilla for one dollar. Most
of these: hove been frauds upon, the sick, for
Ihey not only contain litUe, if any, Sarsapa
rilla, but often ho curative properties whatev
er. Hence, bitter and painful disappointment
has followed the use of tho various extracts of
Sarsaparilla which flood th market, until the
bamo itself is justly despised, and has become
synonymous with imposition' and cheat. Still
we call this compound Sarsaparilla, and intend
tor supply such a remedy e shall Mtcuc. the
riarao frdrrV the load of oblbquy Hyhich Msta
upon it.. And we think we huvo pound for
believing it has virtues which aro irreaijrtible
by the ordinary iruiLof the tliseases it is intend,
td to cum' lit order to secure their complete
eradication from the svsterrr. the remedy should
bo judiciously taken-aocording to directions on
:he bottle. u;inur-.i -o-Boa.-i' eiml e'.f-
PnEPARED BY .bcf-uih ,r'r, r
1 IjOWJSIjL, MASSsnoitf1
Price, $1 perUottle 1 Bit OoUlea fire $3.
has won for itself such a renown for the citrt of
every variety.of Xhront and Lung Complaint, thai
It is cntirClv unhecessory for us to recount the
evidence -of its Virtue, wlierever it has been otn
fc'.oyeoV "As1 it has long been in constant use
tliroiigliout this section,' tvejoeed nntdo more than
assure the people its quality it kept up ta the best
it ever hat been, ana that it may he relied cn to
do for their relief all it hat ever been Toufltrrrnlo.
'c : .'-,' : ran tiii com op . 7 . iv. . j
,CostUnis)i.. JuuniliiSy .Oitjicpiia, f UfftiLion,
Dysmtery, -FnU'-miimrh. firjhfk-ktst lrtiAiiic,
Piles, IlicumaiitaitiJintiiioii wd .UlUiiUb' tft.
Liter ComptttUit? 'Dmp$tfl 'ttltf, Turnon trnii
Salt. Tljttnm,. IKswi$, . .(fmU AVwrwyi ga
Dinner rill, and for Purifying the BhioJ.' -J a-
Tfcty itta uo;arcnatcd( so that the most aenai
tive can take thorn pleasantly, and they are the
best aperient iu 4Ua worlu fur ail.tnc purposcijiLa. .
CtmUy phytic . v .. ,.
Prca t5,c.sct3ji3f.JBotJ riv fir.ClJl
Great nitntUcm nfClert;viipi,Xliviuiiuis.f:t:'i
mcn, aaii Miitieirt i fonwHrvfe;- !! I'V.t4 i'i-
names to certify tlio uniarujlt'letlii&ul'iiliiesswiilioe
remedies, but our space htrd wilt in peitnit the
insertion of rltein. The ARentt below rmnwd Vr
ntli iuVj(ihic Ambrican Almanac ii uhiclulu.')-.
aro given ; witii ulsy fi'Jl dp&criptinnt .f!ie .V"'--'!
eoniplaiutt, a;il tiuV trviitmeut tbut altottU tjcTA,,
ioweii.lbr thcK tu:.' a !1 ... j; ..li b.-9 Hi
Do not lie nut olf by unprincipled (le:ilct,M:.tl 1
other prr-psrations thy .ennko- more tirotlt' om
Demand A YKit'x. and take no otliors. T'lf 1 A -k '
want the i.e.it aid there is for thetn, enrj tlltrvli'-i i'4
have it.
, All oui remedies-are for tale by - vweawT.i'vwr:,
, BOBIKTB a BAMUIL. dolambua.
Acd by Dronrlita and P talari everywhere. , w -i J
, i-4 taJui, AAi.ji.;i ;;iL.s7 .n,. WjjjJ
i.s.'-;vaTE1! TrJC,'.-fi".riol Usn '. f
I rr..i 7-3Vv.':i'! .': :..al
fic:-i.ir;r"i !..-.'T .. ii..tcl njit '.B-:
A-ri - . , fif; 'a:.
e.ui'i.'-rTSi itiwark ohio,.: ;) i.-.r
Blstnnfactnrera ( all klnda of par
table anet Mtatlenarp Mteam Bti-,ii
g-lnea, Haw inula, urlst Ml I la, e
UHX Boiuh iaatW et i'itAM r Asafenf
,jf. ,dt M.,JOVYMl atmllJ VVi.UX,BVU
iiL A 00. MmUmttfU... . .
Our TorUWB KdrUh And: tW.fclll ,k'li
Was awarded tat Ant premium of (30 at tha Indiana
State fair for 1960 ovtf Lent a Bodleyl' en 1 account ol
Price, lightness, simpliotyVnom 6f t
. and tuoerlor oharaoter of lumber sawed.
' Oor Stationary Bnrlne wet awarded at tbt earna! fair
the Bm tremlum af BliOO. -- - 1'" --.i.iAj.d ..
Our Portable Bnglna was awarded Ibe first preealam af
100 at tba Pair at Memnhla. Tenn., over Blandy't Da-
vall't, Oolumbut tlachlne 0o't. and Bradford Oi.Ov'a-ri,.
. Jmloe.eadJernii addreet "
WU.LARD WAANra,"Trsardref,
e-dAwlyeoTa' j j j f ( Newark, Onlt
VXaclieif linen JpokotandX'flr;
Hfi2f,EI8,r,'llrCHBP,I?,E rVD
0l, Embroidered tinea Handk'aau prices'?.
wv - s B.iAt. a ..1. 1 . a
' Koumlar do e alack borders
aa .1 do ,i aaw stTlacrMa.1
BM.. A1.A. " ,.T"
err 1
Tol mJLlO'l Wn KaTATfllavsaUatl. K 10V Bfl
. .. . -1,..,- ... ., . oy-.'it 4 v
RAILROAD. Winter Arrangement.
Little Miami Columbus & Xenia
For Clnoinnatl, Str(oa't Zndlanapolitl
Through to IndianaioJS "rfthBf Cipgaf Caraj
'tna-Mi una unang or tars oetween
,.i7.1MojnbiBjn4iHLonsJ ,rc Alt'.
seell fciieoaB jj:fillrjt i.sxasir
txTntria erWimemlJ- fl CA .nn-A.UA.i..
riuui JaArnagp, via iifyK, M . a law .wifuig
at London, Zenla, Dayton, Mtadtatown and Hamilton,
arriving at Cincinnati at 7:40 .4av-and at Pay too at
3:03 a.m. eonneetiag at Cincinnati lor Loulerllle, Tin
oennet, Bt. Lou la, and alt point! Bouthweer; arriving
at Bt. Loult at ll:M p. m. eonnaeilog at Dayioa for
Indlanapollt, Lafayette, Terra Haate, Uhtcaeo, and all
pofnu Watts arrlTlng at Lvllanapelli at 1040 a b-
SEC0NTJ train;'
iaOOOMMOBATIOafatiisVaVa'., ttopplog at all na
tion! betwaea Oorambui, Clnclanatl and Dayton, ar
riving at Cincinnati at 10.-83 a. m., and at Uajton at
843 a. m.t eaaseetitar at ClacioBett with Hall Line
Btaamboeta for LpoJivUle, and .at Paton ftr. Jadlanap
oUtandtbeWeit. . . M
jamir tkaiw. " "
l I ! I. a ... 4 -'i .9
1XPRK38 at 1:55 p. m., slopping at Jefferson, Lon
don, Charleston, Xanla, Oorwln, ilorrow, Be. Lobe aaa,
Potter!, Love land and MUford, arriving at Cincinnati
at 6:45 p. m., at Dayton at S p. m. ; eooneotlng at Cln
with tba Ohio and ktiialtalppl Train for Loalavllle, Tin.
otnnea,, Bt. Loult, eto., etc, arriving at Bt. Lonlt at
10:45 a. m.; connecting at Dayton for Indlanapollt, La
fayette, Terra Haute, Chicago and all point! Watt.
. . ) .uu jj f ,, a
MAIt at' 4 'p." bit itopVlng at all ttatloni between
Oolnmbut and Clndnnatt; arriving tf Cincinnati at :5
p.m. .-. i i.T eir-v'-'i j v'jk-:: i i
7X7 for further Information and Through Tickets,
apply to tf , L, D0HEBIX, Ticket Agent. Union Depot,
Oolumbut. r i. . .'' . i.
- , i - - P. W. 8TRADBB, , ..
; Oeneral Ticket Agent, ClneloaaU.
' JN0. vr.DOMRTTfv -t
..Agent, ColonbuaV..
a'r,l :.-r'. I.W.WOODWARD, I r ,
. 'rf, v J' , ,i Superintendent, Clnoinnatl.' !
Oolumbut, Nov. 10, 1861.
flamantioa and pain, and bealt tba worst barn,
eeald, bruise, cut .or fresh wound of any kind, prevents
swelling and pain from bee etingt, mosquito bitee, and
potsonouB plants, aeuralgla,- rheuatatlsm, area la the
breast, salt rheum, eta. Wkea taken Internally, It will
positively cure croup laohlldren, and glvet immediate
relief In the wont cast of this terrible complaint', alto,
removal hoarseness and tore throat. Priot, 83 center
bottle. Should be la eve rjhoaae. tor tale by Drag.
yU and Storekeepers. IRV1HBT0NI,
. Bole Proprietor, R Spruce it gltw Tork.
ooMdltwlylB , "-" i . ' T
No rati juttioa can bt flone the above preparations
but by procuring and reading descriptive pamphlets
be found with all dealers, or will be aent by Proprietor
on demand, formulas and Trial Bottles sent to Phyti
slant, who will Bad developmenta In both, worthy tbilr
aooeptaoce aad approval. ' ,; -S
. Oorraspondenos solicited from all wbote aeosttltlta or
euriotlty prompts to a trial of the above reliable Rome
PorT earn bp (ht uroal wholeaale and retail dealer'
aatrywhere. ' .' 'U-
ionit I.. nrjNNEWELLi Preprlet
, j OHBkTIST AKI) PaMACraT,r. ; r
1 B6. 9 CbmmeToUl Waarf, Boatoii, Ias.
Roberta Jc Samuel. If. B. Harple. J. R. Oook, 3. If
Denlg, 8. Denlg 4s Bona, A, 1. Bohueller a Bon, Agents
jig a So
.1-.: czzdi01?1)
Baltimore, Clothing Eonsp.
AMorAOrcxm 'in wnojaALa atALimB nt.
N6;30S Wf BdtimoiVstreoV-1
(Bfiwata tiataiT aaa bowabb,)
Large , Astortmsnt of Pieea and Foralahtni
.'Qoods CoasUntlf on HbSS PTi r"S
Beat Artificial Herts'-(V inc
Uumaa tfigbt ever Invented
ment of the moef- Improved klndt of Bpectatlea,
All bit Glaieea, whether for neai1 or rarelghted. are
around in ooncaro convex rona wtta am (resent care,
to aa to suit tha Ires of all eases,- earing Weakness
Diastoese at IsaaaunaUoa -of the RyaanA Imparting
Itrengtb for long reading or Una sawing.
: Offioa, IS East. State street, tt Beltte At Webstsr'i
MusioBtorei' -...-' -"-li. -a ,t
TaneS-dlT : "B 1) iM.i.-ar
JW.3nf)9 sin '.. li adiu:av,l B.fivl.' ,
' p i?:inu'l VJV 'W u
, .... ..... . BUU
Oil ;
' Tht Montreal Ocean Steamship Ooasoahyla Brat-etaae'
roll-powered Olyda-built Steamers sail every Sal
n relay from PORTLAND, carrying tba Canadian aa 4
Called Statei Hall and passengers,
Shorteati Clieapeat and QnlckcatCon.
Itateet ot Fsmsks to Kurcrpti,
' -i-" 53o, tjeti, so. j -"-'' '
WIU tail from ITTBRPOOL every Wedneaday,
and from QUKBHQ every Matardaya ealllngat
LOrTDONDBRBY to receive oa board and kuid klailsaud
Passengeis,'ta and from Ireland and Bootiand,
: JO9hasa Btaamara are built ot lrot in va tar-tight
compartments, carry each aa azperienoad Burgeoa. and
svery attenUoa la paid Co tba comfort and aooommoaa
Uoa of passengers. , As they proceed direct to LONDON.
DRRT, the great risk and delay af calling at Bt. Johns
It avoided. , i- , rr 5 r ,t
I eiaagow ptattagsrs aire fnrnlthea wUa) mat pattags
tickets to and from Londonderry.
Return tlokeli granted at reduced rates.
1 Oertluoates Issaed for carrying to and bringing out pas
sengers from all tha principal towns of Great Britain and
Ireland, at reduoed rates, by this line of steamers, and
.leaving Liverpool every week.
niiht Drttfte for art and wpwardt jar
able 1st England, Iretaad, hcot-
, faua, wt- wtteiii
for passage, apply at tba Offloa, 93 BROAD.
wiT) New, Verkt and j tv ate si,,
r,rr lASSTi tTxASUh) 0estral Agtatay
Or to. j. R. ARMSTRONCs
aolO-lydAna-iaM t Posk OoUaCt ambus. Okto.
I' ftivE -tliis DkH A toirjriTTEn
sea JAMES ADOBE BAItf at partner ta mi, bw
eea, whlebwill baj. after ce enndeotad tmler tua lira
af Bala A ton. 7 P.&aJUf, li BoaUt fcJh Bt.
Oalm)bn f e lA fsi
dgitt An. HI !" ,on 1 4 v.'.':-
fpT.io-j.)a i.. i' r a 6j- . -i lt7 . ' ,.
.......is oe
Trl- Weak ly , aer i eaj. M,.,,i.a
..i, 'Bee
j ui St came tof lelethe toast bad dried -irm
tMomtht lretao Icngl -i. i -
j :: Tbeeaaaa were toraednpea their tide, i
erythlag went wrong.
i, . Bhesoornedtoatltallnlthtforone
' i m u tFk. a.MM.1 ki. - - j . n .
rilmadaoelu teok bar taaaeaae, ,-.- o-!; l:
rf,.jtnateaH the .things away lt4t
1,uj:ltA ? r ' iji ' . j
tr.Mm. ul.1. M I, l ' . ' -IJ''U V..
4.1 ,i-t-" . saw at onus . .', r ,
Thut rapper tint Wat o'er : ' Ll'
' tf Indtffsronee la keraalm smile 4wslt '!:'' :
She closed the pantry door. " ',
. The table eloth had passed, away, ,,
' Nodleheeeoald hiZii: I
fr''1 Bbe met hlo aad her wordt were gay, '
' j M she never (poll ( tw. .
i.'t 'r JwiB.yis ."'"K'li 1 -, .
.C.rVaeamt too lata the fragtut tttaai !
, ' j , Of tea bad long tloce Sown i , . . . .i
The flies hd fallen lo the creem,
' The bread was hard at stone,
f I And when with ward an look he tiled -Uli
hungry itate to provt( ,
She nerved ber heart with woman's pride,
And never deigned to mort.
(i i
The Abolition Issue.
Read the Sieisft. Pur abolition lournalf . tack
at Garrison's Libtrttor. the Aiiri.Saiwrw SiaaaU
ard, and tbe New York Independent, and II will
do seen tnat tity now make but one lssae, and
tbaUa this, tbai "slavefy la the eeuee of tb
war. and the only way ta ooncraer tbe ttoath and
Stop tht war, It to abolish aiavery." All their
aruoieai origmai at copied, est the slavery ques
tion, have bearing oa this DolDt. and to li all
tbtlr efforta are directed.. It it tht abUtU
iitut. , Tbey have no other, and those who take
Mat position with them, are simply aboliUonlste,
A press that takes that side of tba qoeatioa la
aa abolition journal in principle, though it may
otrry the fiac of republicanism at Itahead.
The. preea and the people are rapidly taking
tides oa tbit question..- It ia forced npon them
by tbe abolition journals who are eonatantly
pressing tne question upon their ttentloa with
a view of working up a pnbllo opinion to influ
ence the Administration to change ite policy,
and adopt their wild scheme. Their sophistry
mast bo met and exposed, and it behooves ev
ery conaervalire pre in tbe eeuntry to point
onl tbe fallacy of their argument. .1
I Slavery it tbe cause of tbe war jutt at Cbria,
tlaoity was the oaute of tbe ionnmerable wart
wbicb for to many centuries followed It Intro
duction into the world. If there had bean no
Christianity those wart wonld not have occur
red; therefore, Christianity wat the cause. If
there bad existed no aiavery, tbit war wonld not
have occurred; therefore, tlavery it the cause."
That is the arKumenl. -
1 Therefore tbe way to hart rtd tbe world of
those ware wat to destroy the cause. "Crush
out Christianity" wonld hare been the watch.
word or our logicians bad tbey llfed in those
times, at tt ia the doctrine of many of their
leaders at tbt present day. The fallacy of tbe
argument is apparent. - ........ .
1 Mr. Howard bit tbe exact truth besides over
throwing hit celebrated "Irrenreestble conflict"
doctrine, when in bit great speech in the Senate
January n-o, 1001, ne said: -
"Ike etffrrewf form tf laser, tf tZtoerv teert
not ftrttrttd ft pmrpotet of political ambition,
need net etnttitule an element of ttrife in tht cm-fider."--
-." ' - -
I That li tbe whole thing In a nut-shell. These
u no "lrrepressime conflict" between free and
slave labor, btcanie tht tlave works where the
white man oannot, and produces that which doea
not com In competition with the white men'i
labor, bat which haa become a necessity for hit
eomiurtaoie existence. , men so far aa our ma
terlai Interest are concerned, there la no"ir
Mpreealble oooflfot" between the twt) tyatema
Of labors : It laeala because slarerv baa been
"perverted to nnrDoset of nolItJoal ambition bv
bad men North and Booth, that any eonteat haa
arisen toneernlDg It, : That It baa been so meed
are the abditio.ist bore retDonalble than anv
other olaaa of persona In the country North or
Soath.t Previous to the attack upon it by tbit
olatt aiavery waa not ased by anybody for nolitl-
cal pnrnotea, and there wat tbe greatest bar
mony exiaung Dttween tbe two teotion. rTil
lanthroplttt over the whole country were exert-
DBaoeiriDesi errorta in endeavors to meliorate
the condition of tbe slave, and if possible find
ont some practical mode by which emancipation
tould be gradnslly effected without dieestroo
teanlta.i With tbit view wat the Colonltacioo
Society' organized, and It counted among Ita
toembert the best men' of the country, elave
s aiders u well- at non-tlaveholdert. ' Henry
Clay wat on of lit leading member, and at
One time lta President. That their efforts were
Successful, the tmanoipatlod of tbe tlave by
legal enactment and without irritation or disas
trous results la Massaohusetts, Rhode Island,
Connecticut, New Hampshire, New York, Penn
sylvania And Now1 Jersey well attest. ' Added to
thia,:, the movement la Maryland, Virginia,
Kentucky, and the Pis-riot of Columbia, gave
the most confident assurance that it would in
short time ba abolished In tboae States also.
Bat nnfortunately for humanity, aa well at for
the aJavea, at tbia point of time tha monater
aoollUonlem, Btarted into being.. .Ita rise and
progrett haa been marked by evil and evil oply.
it eame into tnewona fulminating enraea and
maledictions, imprecations and anathema npon
an woo joined not mita wnstde. - its acta bare
been aa dutbolioal Be ita. teaching, .la all its
hittorye from tht day of its birth to the pres
ent hour, there It not one redeeming not. . We
challenge any individual to point to s tingle
Deneni eitner to in aiave, to tbe country or to
mankind, wh'oh hat resulted from tba birth
tbia monster.-, at disbanded the Colonization
Society. . It atopped, tbe efforts, of pbllantbro
piste, who ware nelng their best endeavors for
the benefit of the. tlave. It atopped all effort
in, Kentucky. Maryland, Virginia, and lao Dis
trict of Columbia, for the emancipation of the
Slaves la mote states. . it baa spread strife and
contention over tbe whole land. , It haa de
famed tht fathers of out country, tbt best and
mirett man tho world hat ever known. . It hat
lnoaloated contempt for the Constitution of the
country.: It . bat incited . rebellion , and riot
against tbe execution of the lawa and It haa de
stroyed the harmony previonsly existing be
tween the different section of the country. "
bat aided, more, than all. other thines com
bined, the rebel .coospiratora In atirring up
war .between tbe . two sections, which, at the
best, will cost tent of thousand of lives, the
national treasury a thousand' millions of dollars,
and our citizens more than1 that in Incidental
loan aa . . ..t li..;, ,
losses., , , , , ...... .
These are tht unmistakable results of aboli
tionism. - This Is oct aide of tht ledger. Now,
where art the compensations, where the eorres-
pondlng benefit t Echo answers,' where t
baa not madt one foot of slave territory free.
It' haa not ameliorated the1 condition of the
slave, but hat only tightened his ebalns. It haa
not bronchi nearer the day of his emancipation.
but haa put it off to an indefinite period of time,
it it haa not made it altogether impossible.
What, then, has It dobet It baa clandestinely,
with midnight tecresy, rati 'off a few negro fu
gitives to tuffer In the Inhospitable climate
Canada, ana it nea aiaea tne elevation or a tew
fanatioal demagoanet to office, bod tbia It all.
These are it brilliant achievement whioh
to comoensate 'for ' Innumerable evlle.-1 How
much longer will this people tolerate and
eat to these political demagogue, whose teach
If followed, will still
Detroit Free Press.
Detroit Free Press. Major-General H. W. Halleck.
General Henry Wager Halleck Is "one of
four Mtior-General of tht regular army of
United States.. Ht it about forty-two yeara
age, and wat Dora in fiW xorx. ne entered
the Military Academy, at a West Point cadet,
ia 1835i stood third la the olase and wat bre
yetted Beoond Lieutenant of Engineer July
i833.n,Ha waa acting; Assistant Professor
Enctneerlna at tha Military Academy from
July, 1839, to JuntlSlO-r.Id 1841 ho wai
.author ot a military work oh ""Bitumen and
Dim." eto. In Jannarv.,1843, bt wat .appoint-
dllrst lieutenant. "f J??f tosl;;ar
.ttm"w4 ot V"i l-3 r.t!:tciad ?, f"Xw
was selseted by tbt oommltte of tbt Lowell
losumte. at Afjttoo. to dallvar ona of tha n
lar eourstaof leotnree tht obJcl being "Mil
nary Bcisooc and Art." These leeturtt bt
eompuea into a neat relume during tbe follow
Ing year, adding thereto a lengthy Introduction
on tbe Jostlublna of War." . The work
oonitini moon valuable elementary Instruction,
vw wau aa aoaoaaoo or htetorioal lllustratleo,
and it written with eomiidet able ability. In 1847
b wu breve lied Captain for gallant coadiiot la
affair with tbe euemy - tea 19th and SOtb
dtya of November, 134T, and for merlioriona
arvloe In Caiiruroia. - Wat Beoretary or State
of the pro lace ef California, eoder tbt military
government of Oanaralt Kearney, Maeoo and
Klley, from 1617 te tbe end of 1B49.:;' He waa
oh lei of the tuff to Commodore Bbubrlok, la
the naval and military operatloo on tba Paoiil
coast ia lMi and 1848, and waa a member of
the Convention in 1819 to form, and of theoom
mlttee to draft, the constitution of tha Stat ef
CtlifornatV lu July, 18S3, be wat appointed
Capulu of Eogloeei,' and resigned August 1,
1864". 7 ft lr, ',. .. .
' ladependeot of his military capacity General
Ilailtck ia noted as an able lawyer, be, at tha
time . of hit appointment, being the principal
partner In tba law firm of Halleck, Billloga It
Co., of San F.aneisoo. , Ha left hit looratlvt
basioest to take no arms In daf anaa tA lha nan.a
of the Goveromani of tha United
inv.filanaral nf
i o lmj Di oossmbisioa bearing date August
19, 1861. Id is, with good authority, reputed
to be a Verv wealth man anrl a auul mnA.mm
His clear criticisms Of military blunders, and
hi lust appreciation of military excellence,
mars mm aa a ripe, ready and practical think
er, and promise the best result In action.
Wherever be ia placed he will, no doubt, five
a gooa aooonot 01 nun eu and of .tbe enemy.
There la no one at present before the public,
General MoClellan exoepted. who I a more
promising candidate for distinguished and aep
arate command.
Dora and I had been allent fully fifteen min
utes an unusual occurrence for us when tbe
tnddenly broke out with one of her gayest,
sweetest peaia or laughter. The ears were go
ing at tbe rate of forty miles an hour but Dora's
laugh rang; ont above all their noise and con
fusion. - ' r
"What Is It Dora, yon witch vouT" I said.
half piqued that sbt had not first told me what
pleased her, and laugh afterward,
"Nothing, Nell, only I was just thinking of
eomethlng funny. Do yon tee that gentleman
just In front of us, with beautiful blaek whiskers
and dreamy black eyeaf Well he's been watch
lug yoa behind that book for tbe last half of an
bour, looking as if bt should love to take a bit
of tbe fed rose ea your cheeks. Don't blush,
but he's in love with you, I'll bet my cold
thimble on It, J waa just thinking of ome of
tne stories 1 nave read about young ladlee mis
taking bandaome fellows for their bro there,
etc, and thought wbat fun it would be if you
eould only manage to mistake that gentleman
lor your protoer r red." ... ,, :,
1 l wat ready lor fan la a moment.
"Tell yon what I'll do, Dora," I broke out
eagerly. "Xou know 1 nartn't teen tred. auitt
I went to achool, tbrtt yeara tgo; and of course
he't changed a great deal since then, Well, 11
that literary gentleman with brown eyea (he ia
uandtomt, isn't he Dora D tbonld tot off tht
cart at ont depot, wait until bt gelt mixed
op with the crowd, ace him tnddenly, aa if for
the first time, tush np to him in a flutter of de
light, otil him brother Fred., and glvt him such
another kissing aa be hasn't had since he taw
hi sweetheart last." . ..
I "Yet I would, If I were you." said Dora sar
castically. " xou daren't, you know."
1 "Don't I dare. tbooehT Wait and aee."
I And to I dropped back into tbe cushion la
perfect alienee till the train atopped at our
itauoa. .. -., 1 1 ,. ... . -. ..
i Dora gave me a wicked look, and whispered
that ahe knew my eouragt would fail me, for the
gentleman waa really getting off. ,
t 1 waa not to bo triumphed over though;. and
to,. ad wt stepped ont on tbe platform, I aw the
iterry gentleman standing amidst the crowd,
aad with a little bound, threw myself into hit
areas and kissed him full in tba moutb, bv.teri-
cally tajlng; ,
"r red., my dear Drotner, now are you"
I caught a glimpse of Dora she was in dan
ger of going'into contulaiona. I expeoted to
hear the stranger confusedly aay that there was
tome mistake hut, to my surprise, he gave me
a ne&rty embrace kissed me two or tnree
timet said be was well that I bad grown a
great deal; and. then inquired for my llttl
friend Dora who all this time wat exciting
tbt sympathies of the crowd, aa they aupposed
aha wai Insane, judging from her frantic laugh
ter. - ;: . .;1'" ' ' " - - '
"Father and mother are expecting yon, Nel
lie', and art so Impatient tbey can scarcely wait
to tee yoa. I was afraid yott wouldn't know
me: bnt I am really clad that my image baa
been treasured bp so' carefully ia my little sis
t...t 1, '----
I was bewildered beyond measure. It really
was Fred . then, and I had not known blm. I
felt tllahtly ridiculous, and whila Introducing
Dora to my brother," whispered to her to keep
quiet with retereno to my intended tries:. 1
wat too .much contused 10 tnicx or inquiring
how be came to be in Ibe cart without seeing
me; so we all went. to lha carriage that was
waiting for us and rapidly drove home. ,
We reached the gate. Mother klesed me
anrl nriad over rnB all at oncer father resetted
It; and finally a frank hearty voice brcke out
with. " " '
"Hallo, sis! aren't you going to notice your
scapegraot ot a brother at allT"
And to my astonishment, a nanasoma leuow
I had not seen cave me a genuine hug, and a
kisa that you could have beard across the yard.
"There it soma mistaae, ' 1 murmurea. -
"Are vou mv brother FredT I thought that
gentleman was," pointing to the bandaome fel
low I had embraced at tbe depot. '
"Why. sis, are you going crazji UI course
I'm your brother, and that fellow there is my
college chum, Archie Winters, who went half-
way up tne line to meet you. - rvoai are you
bloehing at, Nell? There wasn't anything
wronc la his eolotr after you, was there? I
didn't have tice to go, and lee him take your
picture with blm, eo that ne wouio ne aure to
know you. He'a been playing eff some of hit
mad pranks, and passing himself off for me I'll
I looked at Archie winters Deseecutngiy, and
as they were all going Into the bouse I whisper
ed tohlmr - " - - -
"For pity't sake dont tpeat of that mis
take." ' 1 ' ' : '--
"I overheard you in the ears; and will prom
ise to keep your aeoret only on one condition."
Ha whispered something to mt that made tat
face flnth scarlet; bnt I was at bit mercy, and
said I wonld think of it. 1 did think or it,
reader; and, to the delight 01 the wbolt fami
lyDora and Fred, in particular Archie and
I were, In lest tban two montns, united togeia
er. Ana uort taia to me, at t naae oer i-
bye, that It would give unspeakable delight to
Fred, and herself .11 I would be la attendance
at their wedding ia a month from then; and I
did.i rl , I-.'-- -i ; ' '
Bed, Flute and Blue
if .'u:J 1
ONS, ' -r -
Jast opened by
!(!; 3 f ' -. r i v
rr BAW fc ION,
. , Ko. M Booth High street. -
. ,,.,,,.;,;, No. 89, SOUTH BI0B KBf ET.T .1 '
Have last reeelved a aaw make ef HOOP BEIRT8
S Dished in a manner tar superior te aay yet introduced
'a iii.c..;. I f.w il . ; - t
tthB. a; -.'I t-'-i-O- :T :;.$:
3nt m vr
t 'i:
e J t J
ra f
j ' - , . ...
Mi l CI
ft tU . it
0a 01 tht UiTMtAnaBHtBalMt41at4
i -" ' ' . ia. I, cut lis a
: , '.!.".."' .o-'T. .. 1 I s..,.,MU. .--O
ea 11 ia, aa .a. .aa.. ww ea, mr Mi m..
-i t
.-fff-t itii-a
i-l .
House;0. Builders' ; FuraisMflga
w J
? f! . Nit
S7remr.il A- imaleaa
3 r.tii,
XTSTlxicXoxxr Orl.ck.aek rM
i 'J fAlNTS G BOUND tH Oltf'T''' '
- . . . a ...... ..!") en
tad pat ap la half pound aaai for fatally ass, and Op
1 .
f alatt la balk. ,1,
,rv hi
tirushes of every variety & quality'
:l A Splendid Aaaortment of
BELTINa. ' -:
1 'M
W EDGES, MAULS, PUMPS, . , . . ... ,
SCYTHES, 4o., a l' -T
Table and Pocket Oatlery
' I especially invits lbs attention of all Inbrreeted to my '-1
stock of Pocket and Table Cutlery, and - 1 ;. 1 4
Table, Desert, and Tea' Spoona;J
I Butter Knives, e&c.,,.'
ol KOaBRRb A BRO'B. kUoofscture, warranted bp be
ettrabarry, Electro-Plated, oa genuine Albatta. , u "
- Country Merchants, Mechanics, and others, are Invited
10 call and examine my Block, aa I am prepared to sell
rV hol-sale and Retail. 'WW. A, GILL,. '
Oolumbut, Ohio, Hay S, 18C0.
Effective, Safe And
Compound, '
To IU original oolor without dyeing, and preventing
Hair from turning gray. 1 ., - .,'
And oaring It, wbea (her to the least parttomot vltait
1 or recuperative energy remaining.
j ' And all cutaneous affectioot of the Scalp.
Imparting to It aa astqaled gloat and brilliancy, making
It tore ana silky in lis texture, aad causing it to cm'
i the great celebrity and Increasing demand (of this an .
equaled preparation, oonvinoet the proprietor that ont
trial It only necessary to satisfy a dtsoerning public of Its
superiorqualitlssoverany other preparation in use. It
Cieansee ins head and scalp from dandruff and other
eutaneous diseases, causing the hair to grow. luxuriantly .
giving it a rich, soil, glussy and nexibie appearance, au
alaov where the nalr ie loosening and thinning, It will gir
Strength and vigor to the roots and restore lis growth to
bote parts which have become bald, causing It to yield
rash 00 raring of hair.
There are hundreds 01 ladles ana gentlemen la New
Tork who have bad iheir hair restored by the uee ef tbia
avtgorator, when all other preparations bavalaUcd. s. .
at. net In his possession letters inuameraole tesufylu '
to the above facta, from persons of- the highest rodsuuta. :
bility. It will eBeotusl ly prevent tba hair from turaicz j
anttl the latest period ol (lie; and Incases wnere'the hi;a
has already changed its color, the Bsc of the Invigorate ,
will with certainty restore tt to It to lit original hue, giv- .
Ing It a dark, glossy appearance. As a perfume for tar 1
101104 anu a uair aestoraure 11 is particularly mjcem-i.
mended, having an agreeable rragranoei and Ine great (a
ollltles It affords in dressing the hair, which, when moba :
with the Invlgorator, oan be dreated ia any required
form to at to preserve its place- wnether plainkirla curls
Dense the great demand for it by the ladies aaa standard
toilet article which none ought to be witbouts the price,
places It within the reach or ail, being . - . ..l i
Only Twenty-Fivs Cents' '-w
per bottle, to be bad at at, respectable Draggiiur aa j
, , - ' .. ronamers- -t
L. MILLER would cali tha attenilonof Parents and'
Ouardiaos to the use t his Invlgorator, In eases where
the children's halt Inclines to be weak. The use ot it
lava the foundation tor aooOd Aaoo, or haw, at It rt
meres any import uee that sans have become euaoacled
with the scalp, the removai,oi anion It necessary no it
for the health of the child, and the future appearance of-'
HsBalr. ..j-'.. . . ; . , . a,.',J fii
Cactios, Kone gen nine without the fac-slmlis LOOIS
MILLItR being on the outer wrapper; alto, L. atfL
LER't HAIR IMriUORAIOR, W. X., bwwa la the.
Wholesale Depot, 59 Dey street, and tol l by all the -principal
kterahaats and Druggists throughout tbe world -
iinenu ojacouut w purvnaaeiu oj sue unanuty. .
. ' ' ' i
I alto desire to present to the American Public my .
sew and ixtbovzd nroTAsTARsoug
. . . I.. v,. ,.-T:T7. iM-
which, after yeara ot sotentUlo sxperlmentlng, 1 hare
brought to perfection. It dree Blank or Brown Instantly
withoutinjury to the Hair or Skin; warranted . the beet
article of the kind In exlstanca. .......
Depot, 56 Dey St., NewYarK'
oet2S:dAwly.' " ''-"' '- ' .iJ'.-'X.'i
, ."'.BAm&'SON-i:
. . H0 j w jQrrjg HIGH ; ITRSXTr '
Ark now. .QFFKRis1
1,000 yardtSuctr Plain Buck Silks at 0,00 valaa
1 tt SSperyard- - ' -' ' Hl r .1 U
8,500 yards Traveling Dress and Mann' Oooes a
: It 18 cents value SO cents par yard Jl; j t . . v
8000 yard! White Brllllante at 12 1S cents-j;
value 80 eenti per j ard.' - - -
8,000 yards fine and Domestic Qlnghamt greatly aa
der value. ' u-n-i.' ',, v-j twmX
( t--.. i .'.y . ' Aa.irO--i y"! 't4V.
KOZAionftTOs. moBDrra,f"fw ''
. .: inransH BAiactWZA.VaaiAa, ?
New srtd S1a1obTjWtj
la tht stoat taalmkla stylet and at vary kttrt prlots, -
Of all materials, mad ta tbs aasst stylish aunaer tfet
tbt latest Ptrlt fashions the most elegant try let
tha city. . '.
Sou High street.
may SO
af tlegaat gaalloea fat Udins; al aileaet' Mit t
agraatvarMtj r,,.m - ,j - -f 1, ,r', er BAW'Bj,
-"T v-' '"" m I- '-:f-.-- o -r,rt
: -'

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