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The Belmont Affair—Gen. Grant's
Official Report.
DStelj it aeeini to tleserre luch an epithet, ia
bcgianlDir, to be eolipsed by more cheering
news. We shall probably, bare to f ell tome
time yet before ire" obtain the precise feote ee
to the Bcltnoiil" ' ettair, Tbo ejoopel V tele
craoh of "tbe Ifllclal report' of Ged. Gtli 1 fr
from Batlefaotory. Hajtatee hat tbe object of
tbe expedition wee to pVercoirelnforteiBeiit be
lageent to ic,,Bna; jJrwft .cuUlpK off
column the! bed been sent oat from Cairo
and Cepe Girardeau la pursuit of Jrr. Tttoiir-
o. -fr . T F"5 v '" .
TuTecoluma.wae wmpowJ, u wo" hart from
.other sources, of elx roglmenti of lolentry,
squadron of omlry.end icrttel pieoee of field
artillery, odder thVeommand of "CoL Ooiu.
It wee eocompenled by e large train of wagool
end bad foerteea-dajVpiwiitone. It left on
Sunday, the 3d Inst , and, at tbe latest datee
from Cairo ndtSkg elTuite 'had be'eo heaid
from It.) ' WhetteOl has met and rooted Jirr
Tbomnom, or fallen Into bis bande or thoeo of
eome other rebel leader, ia aa yet uncertain.
According to Gen.TJBAirr'e report, he request
ed Geo. Smith, commanding it Paducib, to
make ft demonstration, 1, the direction, of Co
lumbia, Ky., probably u a 'feint to direr t the
attention of the .caamr.Xrom thai point. It
eeema that Gen. Bum didLsedd oat two detach
mente who orders' not approach within fifteen
mile of Colambne. Geu. PiuNT.blmee aleol
unt m. small force over to the Kentucky eide
with ordera not to approeeb nearer- than within
twelre miles oJ.Colnmbna. Whether tbeee
aererai felnte 6r dirersioM were carried oat so
cording to OedAGaeitt'a programme, or were of
an? real eeerioe, Is not yet made maoifeet
Gen. GiAiir left Cairo on Wednesday, tbe 6tb
inat., with a force, ke he anye; ef wo thousand
eight hundred men, sod r.Vdwyli-bw- reached a
point jnat oat ot "the reach of the rebel guns,
where the troope were debarked' end .maicbed
one Bile toward BelmonCVSson tbe enemy ap
peared in forge; ft general engagement eneM
and the rebela were , driren (hack and pnraaed
two mllea to their encamomenta on tbe rlrer
bank fttBslkont. Our men charged ppon Abe
enoampments. ferciog tlie rebela down the river
bank to their transvortt oa tbe tivtr... Orders
were given for theidrtructlooi of, ho euemy'a
property, aa there were no wagone or other
mesne for tie remove.!. flow far these ordera
were complied with, does not appear ( from the
meagre report of Ged.uRiftr.
It ippeaii that her lixwps, while id poeeeeeion
of Belmont, were inTcr'itieal condUfBDhelrig
withirj range of the epj'y'a gijns from Colum
bus, on the opposite side of the river.. Snddeo
iy they were surprised by the appearanoe of tbe
reb87ip6nmuBt"haye'cr6fl5ed the rlyer above
them, or emerged from eome conceited lecafltT
Thex wttmpted,f eyl Gen. Jant, "Jo aur
roneJ ne, which means, wr presume, that they
itrove to cat off the retreat of ou men to their
boats. A fieroe engagement fe(lowed, it. which
oar troops, eher hard, fighting and ft he&ry leas,
' 'defeated" the-.enemy, . according to General
GiaNT; which meant, i eeems, that they eoe
ceeded In reaching theif boat nadir avertible
-firs, arid effectlnc their retreftt back to Cairo, i..
Our lose Gent Gsant puta jdowh at E5 killed.
150 wonndud and 15Q miseiDC-rtoUl 3S5. or 335
killed end mlaiinr. The;lowe.t .eettaate we
have eeen item other sources plaoee oar loss at
850. J Heal GKTaya nothing about the prla-
onere end trophies spoken of in other accounts,
as having been brought away by our troops; bat
perbapa the General'a full official report will
supply details omitted by the telegraph. ,
- . .
Gen. Nelson's Victory in Kentucky.
The glorious victory of Gen. Naxsoji'dver
the rebela on thd 8th lnrt., et Piketon; Ky., is
some compensation for the ill-starred essanlt
twai.aays before upon .Belmont, Mo.'"" Four
hundred rebela reported killed at Piketon,
end one thowaad taken -prisonere.Bach new
is Almost too good (o be true; but we beseecli
the telegraph to be merciful, and not decreaee,
but rather .increase the "dimensions "pf 'Gl
union tiptop r,;- lXXt1-
It la gratifying to sea that the 8eeond Ohio
Regimen under Col. Lr,ni Huuii, 'assisted Id
achieving thia great aueoeas for the Union
cease. May it be but the first frails of bril
liant campaign In Kentucky end Tennessee.
The Burning of Guyandotte, Va.
The twB of Guyandotte.on the Virginia aide
of th Ohio river, a few mllea ftbore Galllpolia,
haa been laid in ashes. There were undoubted
ly loyal inhabitant in the town, ahd it to pity
thftt they were made to suffer alike with rebel
citizens in the Joss .of homes tod , property.
Otherwlee, the deetrnctloa of toyandotte ie Ut
tla to be regretted, if It be true that ft' plot was
laid and carried Into execution between thi rebel
citizens and the rebel troops In the vicinity, to
muHuiwe nor soldiers in tne nouses or citizens.
whither ttey had beon invited to partake of
their hospitality. . Such treachery deserves, at
it seema It haa received In the ease of. the Gay.
endotte rebela, eummary vengeance. .
The Scene of Gen. Nelson's Victory.
Piketon, the scene of tbe glorious victory
won by Gen. Jleleon'e brigade on Jridsy laet,
to the wounty seat of Pike ooanty, tbe exreme
eftftern ooHBty of Kentucky. : It le aboot thirty
miles south of Prestonborg, on tbe Louisa fork
of the Big Bandy. Jta distance from Paris, Ken
tucky, is about one head red and. tweatj miles
in ft right lint, and we suppose about one hun
dred and fire miles, aa the Second Ohio
Cin. Com.
ET It is stated that Col. Zcieun protested
against burning the property at Guyandotta,
Vs., hot was unable to restrain the infuriated
aoldiere.-' ''.-. -- . 6-o-
. IT.Geijeral Bnmi has been superseded in
Missouri by Major-General Uitxicx. Of the
lfttter'a military career, ft brief sketch will be
found in Mother jart of this rPper General
Howrni ia traneferredjtojhe newdppartment jt
Kansas. LT i
The Rsw-TOrsf jreM,'rthe flth; apeaking
of the late eleeUoi in New -York; taya :
The result of the State eleotioa io not eo fa-
Torable to the People's party as at .first eopposed,
and tbe straight Republican wing of it especially
makes but ana Indifferent ehow a moo the can di
dates returned. But; apart from the effect of
the election. apoo?ow Jwvf. iioes iaera. u no
ejoeetioa nut oe ,i.egiiuiur eieok ia nuujww
of ft better elasa of men J.han have been eept to
Albany lor B'J"h of yeara ptst. ,v .,
Claims against the Government.
- - Tbe eiaime-which will be brought - against
the Government, at tbe next eeesion tif ; Ua-
gms, will be enormouev .It Is estimated that
claims amounting to fifty millions of dollars
hare already been prepared. The bulk of them
ere said to bo from the Weet.
Claims against the Government. The Jews on Chaplains in the Army.
2'iie ji' iiiic Je lab pper publf aeX,J '
yeiDOVU e w ew Wvwv a - m "
ina i ma inuinn. rriiftuui am nrw wr
poiutsae&W. t4.i.luplaia. io It tmj.vuun
eiulalned by tbe" following article f'om'th
New York J'rioum, which it publiaher I A y
The following letter Irom the BeonrfcrV W
War relatee to a subject which we hsve already
bad ocoaeion-briefly to dlecueet " "
Claims against the Government. The Jews on Chaplains in the Army. "WAR DEPARTMENT, Oct. 23, 1861.
6,Urrl jitV4wil','.A I'1 '.' '. S T4
a-Yooi wmmnnismt the 17 iiia.d
enoloeiog a ieMer from toe eiesn . AnauaB.
in .JaBe to the Cbeplaloey of the Cameron
n...nna. h ha received. r-.-.r. nu-i
'! reply, you ere reepeotfelly Informed that
by the Din section el the aot of Congress ep.
croved Jury 83, 18fil, Iti la provided thatl the
Chaplain appointed by 'toe vote ot tne neia em.
oere end company oommandera, annet be regu
latly ordaloeot mlnietet or eome Christian do
nomloaUon.. 'A like piovielon,ftleo to made in
the 7th eeetiob of the aot of Coogrese,pprwred
Ang. 8,1PI1.' -Were tonotforthelmpedlmenU
thus directly created by the provlaiooe of tbeee
two ftcUftha Department would have 'token
your application into lie favorable cOnsldera.
(Ion. i J j'1 )''. 11 i
'Ihave thfthonor tobe, i 't.ji.
I o . o -, yery reapectfnlly,' ''
"Secretary of War."
What reudera tble'cwe tone of beonllar hard
hip ia that the offioera of the Cameron Dra
goorie re generally, If not altogether, Jewa,
while ft large proportion of the rank and file are
of that religion. There are ftleo thousands of
Jewa in tne army, ana vsry unmuio ui
euoh of them as may be elck, wounded, or dying
in the hMpltals ahouid be able to procure tbe at-u-ndanm
of a minister of their own faith.' We
presume tbM on tbt meeting of Congress the
unconstitutional ftna nnwweprovisionoi ",
of Jane Het will be rescinded. ' l!".; 1
,Tlie Ir'aJi ftlacfr
Dniiaoi on acoountof the WOedbc OblaTfO-
olataation for ft day of thanksgiving. .: We ex
tMnfiM rAltiMrtne from He article: ' '
tttrm itand in the midst of the boasted en-
fiffhisomantof the nineteenth centurv to be de-
fled by everybody almost who thinks fit to do
so. Io vam did our pnuosopners sweep awaj
iha rubbish which 'ChiJeuan...ahplftatica heaped
upon mankind; In' vain did our Mimouides, bur
dpinci.s, MeudelseobBa,JVlAimonB;nd Rieeers
wrestle like Jacob with the jiemon ol darkness
eodbetredi hi vain, did our, poets s.pd compo"
sere attempt to humanise by the gentle influence
of beevea-born geuus; Aueibseh, BosroeHart
mann.V fleine,. David, JUejtrbeer,, loeeiithaj
lived ad wrote ip vain Ia vain the sons of Is
rael eloud at Me dot, every rejoluiionery
attempt in Europe to free tbe naiione from
tbe grasp of despotism; in vain ,t he multitude
of our eooa stand ..now under arms to defnd
freedom's glorious cause; in', vein all these
blessinge and-acbisvemsnti distinguish, ahe
Cbritin people only; we bare no clauq toli;
The Abolition Cry.
! Tbe If ew York TriAune, of Saturday; printt
a five eolomn taeeob of Gertllt 8mith, deliver
ed in New York, from which we make the fol
lowing apeoimen extracts: ,J- d
MI love my oobtry, bet I strongly fear that
be le lost. Perhaps flPwaa Impeeeible to eeve
a country whose people lad been trained to
worship a 'Constitution, enae eccn at toe eev
ting np of God's lew ftbore H. I oonfese that;
when tbe war began, I thought1 It would be ft
abort one; far I was ee Simple site met! lb e that
theeovvrnmeni waa-aireaay.er qnieniy woeia
be, aroused, not merely to fight the rebels, but
to conjuer them. I took it for granted that the
Government would behave rationally ; and
would bo more suffer the Constitution tbaa any
other paper to 'itand lb Ita way slave property
no more than any ether property. Very aeon,
however, 1 began fd learn my great mistake
lor very eooft tne Government, iaetead of mov
ins- with Irreeietlble eelKbt againet the foe, and
doing so with brwfthoutGoustinrtlon-Aoartyieg
it by Ita .side or trampling it nnuer loot, as
might seem moat- expediflutwae fonad wor.
shipping and inculcating the 'worship of the
Constitution, end tying np with 1to previsions
the hands of both Government ano people."
' Farther on, Mr. 8mith ehwgee that the Pree
ident in policy and practice ie with the enemy,
thoucH in heart and purpose with bis oo entry.
This AbolitTonit; whose tiradet against the gov
ernment the TrtouM prints, eonolndeft aa lol-
Iowa : - " Aa God crrce ant aftetrt, irnm this
Nanoir war. Abolish 8lvist,o SLAVxar Wm.
aaousR rr I" ' It ia passing strange o na that
the Adminlitratlon win permit tne pubiioauea
of appeals to the people to fling the Constitution
to the winds. Why ahould a man be incarcera
ted for talking about peaoe, which le only an
absurdity in ibe "present eesdUioa of affaire
when a man like Gerritt Bmith la allowed to
utter treason hnrebuked t Buffou Courier:
..The Csnrtrr, ateuld recollect Abotituin diem
loniam ia not so offenalre to eeM, aa ere 2aprr
dtsunloniem, though it U qui Was dangerouaand
The Report of the Congressional Investigating
! We recently copied from the Cincinnati 'En
ouiierwbat purported to be the . substance of
taatimonv taken iieforft the Congressional In
vestigaung Committee at, st, euia, implica
ting, if not General Tremont personally,' at
least aererai members of his staff and others of
his intimate frlenda- .We are bow authorized
to atote that any and every pretense that this
waa the substance of the Committee'; report.
waa In anv manner authorized or countenanced
bvaaid Committee, or II even ft Mi summary
ot the evidonce takeo'by that or any other Com
mittee, la talee. . as yet, mere paa oeen po re
port made or agreed upon by, tbe Committee,
and np person wnaterer, outside oi tne commit
tee and its clerk, nea naa ftocesi io toe testimo
ny.: 8nch information may have been obtained
aa to tbe examinationa oi tbe committee at St,
Louis, through witnesses who testified before it,
and from persona who were cogmsaht of toe
facte Droved, but tbe .Committee haa made no
report, nor made public the testimony taken be
fore it. Both testimony and report will be laid
before tbe House of Representatives et an early'
day after the meeting of congress, when tbe
nubile will be enabled to judge in regard to tbe
subject wita wntcn tne iommntee wascoargea.
xr v T-.J...... ' .....
a. . inuuiw. ... , .,-,.
Whoever authorized the Tributu'io state that
the abstract of the testimony published in the'
Enquirer waa not fair and correct, authorized it
to state falsehood, . The abstract being brief,.
did not make tbe case as bad aa the whole re
port will be found to De wnen laid upon tne
doeka of members of Coderess. :The Chtoaro
Tribune, tbe leading Republican paper ol Jlll-
... i i 1 r i I -u . . nf 1,.a.iI.m. '
0018, uaa puniiBiiou id uavi w iu svaiiiuiuuj,
wbiob la identioal wltb ours in an particulars.
Tbe.TVioens thu poticee it editorially; 7's
eumortJEeejiirer.,. , ,'' r.
"CoHoaxssioNit Invkstioatiro CommittiI.
At tbe eeseion of the committee in St-iouia;
running through two weeks, in which oearlj
two hundred witneesesa were examined, an
amount of, waste, .extravagance, corruptipn,
raacality, r profligacy and .downright and un
blushing ecoundrelism . have. been developed,
that ' ia without parallel, a, ha history of thia
oountrj.'V r i u,, . ;.( ..' , N
' 1
? : - -' . - 7" Q - - '
. ET The Washington flprreapondeut Of, Ihe
Philadelphia Trers, of the Uth.eaya: .- ,
The ODlnlon that I adraneeo ten' day age In
this eorrespondeuce, tnss we win nave no gen
eral battle In the vicinity of Washington this
winter, is becoming general In tbe army ftnd
throughout the Dietriotr I neve tHeTUneiteon
fldence in ihe eienoe, Inllitory knowledge,
and good Judgment of tne Commander in cniei
of tbe army, and 1 Deneve teas meaeeuione
will be for the best. Whatever tney may do.a
similar eonfidence 'ia oonceded to him by our
citizens generally. 1 1 ii
i aw illiiiiW'tMt '
S3 TBe Stack Republicans wbo have not gone
to ine wars are oissatfened wltn rremonva we-;
moval."The "Black, Rgptibjlcirmrwlia- weut to
tbe ware are much tetter; There seems tube
deirreew eren ia Black Reprbtioanlemi &tiu.
7Ut aVCIItWi' i . j
All the' noise, iai denunciation, on account of
jfawtOKt'e renfttjomei frofcTlbJ pitftUhn$
who etay at home. They have marchedhini
out as the hert"AelArocn4nJda'ufoVtbe Pres
idency. The Bandusky Regltter ta 4w1ttlly
Why General Mitchell Resigned.
4 t I" .v 1 . - . .
The reasbd (i thai I ated, j e CMwaponaeot
rlgnftU.. thioom.u.noUnrV-
' iha DmuMment of the Ohio, eeemsel pnftile
m . n.
" .. . .We
the neoi.lo at bonier rciuaunu laxuit fitiuii"
knaantbat "iha resulare" were the desthJtfJ;
Gen. Kltehell. lheoemmendl6 Qeberal Sd
Uaen, ahermai4hia' i perfect' meals (tberiV4'Jj.
Rinthod and sense In hit madness, too.) tor rrg
ultra . -ila had alrsadr nol haoseomftMltUe
eommand brought down Camp eyin, frop'
the ew reglaint ol ti teirniar rmy. neu
Uie fame of Col Csrrlhgtoh's Toll Wullont kt
Columbus reached bis ears.-. ue at once new
ilned to have it, and made reqaiiltlon accord
Icgly.i Greatly to ble dlgoit, UenMltphell
iii,Ml him thstCol. Carrlnatoa.wat in
department, and that be proposed to keep blm
timra iir ih-niirnsa or iincinuaii' pnvrman
tried to .bos' that the best wavVuef end Cin
cinnati was to remove the war to Tannesse but
Mitchell was Insxoraoie.' uer onesaua next
hoard of the eomoanlee of the Fifteenth- f elan
irvat NewDort Barracka.' and Jliralehtway at
tenanted, to set toern wnen.janwae 4ava an
aback by the gentle reminder from ceadqwarters
at Cinclnnsu, thet"' Gen. Mitchell's flepart-
aiant amhraaed fifteen mllea of KentuokT.
round Covington ftpt .Newport,' H that be
must Insist on commwiOtog jn.nu .ewnflepari
man! .1 ...B niuc t.'J lwtl' i
Sherman couldnt g!Vf It7 BO'fh'e'matter
led to blckerlogi, nd fipally, open dissenaiona,
and Sherman seemed iikelyi te gain his point
again, aa be did aboot the command of tbe
Cumberland Gen expedition.- Whereupon Gee
Mitchell bejeme diluted "end tbret; up his
eommlselon. Tbore lft ft jpng, twry ,ot oioer
differences and diaagreementa In plans, bat that
Is tbe gist of tbe metier." ''
The Resident Minister from Sweden
and Norway.
' Tbeaew minister resideot.rosa Bwedoa and
rToraavEdwatdu Count Pioer. waa creeented to
the President," Oft,. Friday, bj the Beorwtary pt
eute . He ftddceeaed the f resident aa.(liows
' Ma. PaesiMirr: 'The Kinei toy at oaeti ed'
erelgo, having toncbrefed to aanie 'me ae:'b4s
minleMnreeliient ' ne uevernaaeni-'Of tne
Uulted States ef itaserioft, I have the loner to
deliver tbe lettera which aoaredll me neef you
Mr. President, ia that oapadty; The King, my
torereleiii fcavln alncerelT at heart the desire
ei metotelurog tbe good relatione which have at
all rimes tubauted between bia Kingdom ana tn
American l)atoa, hae ordered di to ueeome
near von. Me. Preeldett, tbe erean and medium
of tbe senlimenoj ot lrtoadsb.lp which" animate
bia Majesty, wad of ' tbe valne hhf Majeety at-1
taobee to euKtvating eno-eeaieacwg attir more
tbe relatione ee tapptly exiating between the
two Governasanta Upon soy part, rar. rreel
dent, IehaUtoehsppylf, during the period of
my misatoa, X stay be enabled to maintain and
strengthen tbebonde ol eerteol hnderatandlog
whlob, at all timesfto the enroflt of loternatloot
al lnurests, have so happily united tbe twO Gov
eranreeia,ftd I ball aot fall, Delieve met Mrt
Preside at, to give my entire est' to contribute
tberetot ' ' i-eu.n.; s;iii"o xnci:i'v i
Tbwhfch th President repH'ef: ', r
6u: treceire with pleaeure minister from
Sweden.,,. Thai pleasure ia enhanced by tbe In
formation wbtoh preceded your arrival here, that
bia Majesty, your sovereign, naa eel ec tea yon
io fill the mieeion upon grounds of your deriva
tion from an ancestral stock identified with tbe
most glorious era in your country's noble hie-
tory, and year own eminent eociai, ana political
standing in tsweoen., inn country maintains,
and means to maintain, the rights of humanity
and theeapaolty of man for aeU-govetnment.i-
Tba, history of Sweden proves tnat ttnia m tne
faith' of Ihe neoole of Sweden, as we knuw.that
it is the, faith, and praotioeof their respected
eovereigo. itest aseurea, uereiore mat,, we
. n . m .1 . i
shailbetound always last end internal in war
transactions with four , Government, and - that
nothing will be omitted .on jny part , to mke
vour residence in this capital agreeable, to
youreeU, and satisfactory to your Gavernm.enf
Getting Alarmed.
Wo-icBb then following artiolea from New
Ybrk"baper 1dhowTthapprehenslonar'th:at
re felaaljijt.fatfof; Senator Ben. WlVi.,
Ruuosin rpwncav.uorium-A uemoorftne
scheme ievwhWpored about in Ohio which eeems
to br too mean to be credible.- rne union
moyement in that State ineeeeded in pftttiag in
the LigieUtuie a large number of Democrats,
aomlnatoft onndinciv roo .union ticsets, ana
sleeted by Jotb, Deoeooretio end, -Bepublioan
votes. The JJemocrate, it ie eald, hare a ma
jority in the Aaaembly, and tbey propose eo tbe
rOasip (one, to eleot successor to Hon. B: F.
Wade, ft Republican United Suttee Senator
from teat State. We can-, sot credit ft report
that -would imply each astounding -bad faithr
bnt it- exoitee nneaeiaeaa that auch scheme
should become even - the- anbjeoJ of goitsio.
Bffal Atttttmr - ')(.: 7'.' . -! -. i au-bKHftTOB
Wani. There ia ft threat going the
rounds in Democratic -papere that Btmj Wade,
wbeae Senatorial term eoon expiree, is to 4e
defeated by the 'Union' Democraiein the lower
house.- We oai not believe anoh sreaoheronk
'Union' men have been elected to Offloe by Re
Albany Statesman.
The ''Unloft movement In Ohio Who wo-
feseedly organized for 'the ?tirpOBft of ejecting
abolilieniit from power.,' IX thu' prafeeaion. ,1a
to be curled out, Wade wBl andoabtedly be.re
jeoted, m he la regarded In Ohio e thje of the
moat hltra abbtionlsU In thftSUf We think
w . could same sever'tl JDemoorata leed by
the "Union'- movement, who will regard H as
very wide breach of faith id tboeewho elect
ed them', if they rote for the
Sonfttoot the United tatee.Voj:! snoUt.ui'a:
Good News from Tennessee.
'Oar bewe from Tennessee ia highly efieonr
aslne. 'Tbt Union "men have nurtedft fteok
Ore In the Tear of the rebel ftrmy," buriilDg ralH
road bridgea in xtuckner'a rear, cutting oi nis
communications, end breaking np also the line
of transit Of rebel troope from eaat tol'weef--The
rebela are met by a fire In the rear on their
own policy, and by Southern men. "Tbeee are
indications f the elllea wbieh ft vlgovou ad
vance on the part of our armies will secure da
In the south, w itn anon panic as una enemy
behind will create among the rebels, al bold
forward 'movement would place our troope bo
Confederate eoll; -theh ' the reoeeeioa ' eampa
which have occupied eo muoh of the energlee of
dhr troope in Kentucky, would dissolve into loy-
al men. Xiei ven. uueu not oeiay nie coanot
Mrs. John H. Eaton—She has a Bran-
New Husband.
Vasfilngton Osrfeipo'sde'oce'qt W phict(o"yoinrnat.
. Alanv 01 tne oaor rrousra u u, i varnu, win
remember Mrs. John H. Eaton. ' 6he waa the
wile ol General Jackson'a first Heoretary of
War., ;te was the daughter nf ft hotel-keeper,
hut a nerson of .fascinating manners ftnd ao
koowledged bentyr and was ft favorite with
General Jackson; but the wires, of the other
membere of tbe cabinet, ior reasons satiBtacto
, ta themselves, would' not aeeociate with her,
JL. ..- . 1.1 1 I J I 1. .1 J IT- '
1 HIS dispieaeea JO" om uero, wuu woeiuou ,moir
objections to associating with her unjust, and he
attempted to effect good understanding among
them. Bis uteri erence came near ureaaiuK up
tha Cabinet, and harmony waa only restored bj
eending Colonel ton.as MiniBter to. Spaing
That lady is now residing in the city, baying
recent) , married n Italian, dancing master
of. tbe mature age oro. ,,.jne .noquaiutauce
spruog pp through hit teaching ber , grand
children. The newly married pair are repr
eented on canvass, in their parlor, het head re
elinina on hie bosom In a very loving attitude.
and. aa the artist hat given ber 1'form ftnd feat
ures," one would; not epppose. h er tQ be brer
thirty yeara oi .gflOBj-Ul Jo, afflueht oirenm
atonoea, ie very food pi pompaf 7Kuae fine,oon
venational powers, ,nit ' dispeneea ' hospitality
with a liberal hand.i'"t'" vusil liaoJ
3 ifharVar-'ii'tl.he br'eseni tffrie'fi'ftyViree
regiments' in progMs Of brganlarldh n'Jtt
tucky. The w6rk W eolieolidatltig'1 thes; regP.
iirY-firf ortirmenned next Weil. "-Tbev
are to te iednced it the number bf JelAteerf,
and the w0rkilji, 1 " thooght,'b aeoomlislj-;
ID .Vim 4lfA,.". , T T 1 " 1--T
1 Tit uuu or aa,u"men lourra ennniee.
li.'i...l.V-ftlil t,nAr,.nWf,WJ lat
Camo Rbbiasoni arnrnousufcau-s ongaue. iiu.
in the paet few week fecrolling haa trogieseed
with great animation nnu ramii m
ed wtiu
1 ma
IaKev VortJ Iht eday Moral: 1, QuW-pi ;atT a
Mlokolas u-hsrt ii mins hf t f Kiv.llbue ,
laBihWraf frot. tci. ftar;-re.f Hew Yorit.
f !
-T ' "NiTl. iT5Lii
it m p x eVV $2 Ol f ill 11 T
STEAM til W E R.
KOI. M,Ht X0aIM a fBlM, .
Stateemaw Uwil41air-eeeii rieer,
iiwVe. JUTtaUVs-iOkaeAttftamr x
1 PrlatlagBeebU.
With erwltlwatPrmtdaUaduta,'nlsperlar Paper.
u a-.t-A oahyrhahBfliti,''i'e'0 vei--iiinniMi'n'ili""
i ill' u l a l "
' BiltROMJ Of fldaBt "T-f-! .'" "
l !i liai'nuBi') ,luMlMHiirTg(-J "
Ii, "-(. I I" '' ,-n r?.CI J.i 1.. .j.j.iiJ :j
fl I iralib4 st the Jlewsst Pftoss l m I
oj- il-. , .. . . .t .f'lTtli i v- t.ix?a
i By tht Idttloa or llogls Tolnas
I ;),' . - li U kqjtii ,.u '! - '1 ' ''' 'fll'
' MftSAXIHlS' '. ,-T."t3 r'.ov. , -ir .. J ,1
! :ivrvr; ia6wwcww,;''.: i:
'' - V .'ii'',t'v1rrf-i!'' " tuDiHi trti a
id ,li .it.il iT 1 i PAJBR8, '-'.n "J
,-t-W r j't" .le r- ' .11 . f
n .a it
11 -
Bound In any ftsqulraa ntrw.
lor Peblle and Private Libraries. , - .
Orders from abroad will rtotlve prompt and ipsclsl
altmtlon.- -Address. ' '' '' ' .
7 .In;, . 'maJsjr v.- "'J
II n JJTT.EY. nr. N. Vv. LErAVUK;
Bookttllerad stationer,
' floDtrlntcndftDt
' franklin Blndaiy.
novl-d3a : -!."i -I T
Headle' ;EberIf ikK Richards'a
j v.vr,, AM f 1 V) ';iti"l ii'v fttu ft)':
.(. al.. iv., t'x TtJj tJ;'i 0 S'-ftrw 'Uftihi'
.eA4 111 m1fi;'t LrnaJ
JioJ vtwfa .- V1 Anwi-r.
1 VfVrwr.i'i i Jfir f Mir r . .m9lt,-h i . r.:f hue A ,
J ,:.i'ri ni!.. 'i . V7uk.u1 v,.txv
Shephard's Plaid ' Shawls
j an."qo 'x ,.y.vxrfsf,izi. . i rs.i
I id .L.Aar.n.M .llirtY f .tf .130 lt .IT I .
Boys' '"Menno Shirt3 & Drawers,
Embroidered RoppB,
Opera - Flannels,
; M 138 E9 Vip RIO R LONQB
The Ooart ofCoBamon SPIeasffrank-
' rTU .i ii l Balela partlttsn.-
.4. tho said Gout to b directed, I will oner ror sale at
pabrlle u,Uon at the.dijgr 0( Uie fiojiTl ,,H0iue. jUl,
ciM.ei.waiauinvHve.Miv,. 4 K. ,(: Jim ft! la u
' 8aturday,the Slsf day of December, 1861,
betwoea the hoars of 12 o'clock M.' nd So'olock P. tf.,
tbe followln( described real eetate, altuats la pie coaa
tj at franklin and State of Ohio:
. The nndlrlded two-ninths ( ) ef a certain tract or
panel of land,-araatad in tha eoontjof f raaklla end
State ot Onto, Irlnf on Darby Bif Bun, a branch of
Barti Greek, a patt ot .the original sorrsi Ne. 3,811,
and boanded and deacrtbed ae follow,: .
Betlnntug at a large stone In tbe Bon, lower eorner
to Joelah BItcd,' lot le lb south of said ortfloal
earvev Mo. 3 811; thence with said line sooth eighty
nine (89) degrees east one hundred and fort (MO) poles
a the eontheaet eorner, eorner tree down; thenoe with
tbe out line north one '1) degras ut iixty-three and
one-half (63X1 poles to a bar oak and three red -slow;
north eirbtj-nlna (60) degrees weet one handrad and
flf (ISO) nolo to a oolnt in the centre of the ran. with
lto meander, to lbs place of beginning, containing six)
(00) acne nore or leaa -jftppraiaedatftU
SOperaera. . , v v.v ,i
.Tv'Tt-- ,n W. BnifMftN.fthsriff.u
f rioter's tees f6,.0..-r-iu ,nr.tu'.w owt, wJn i
novM-td. .t TiiMijui tun ii,.'.'. M.jj'i t
fihooting Gallery,
THBlnderl(rned7Dis leave tolhferm nisfrlends
that be has fttted np a ;; J ' ' ' ' ,J - '
, Uiwd OBDa, 4lr uiW, t(i'0.ana wiwuiniJBw.,,
- uive me a vaiu
oive me a eail., , - 4 4iL6 rt(f .
r.0'i-n w M-eaae:iL2 rer',"''" !
Corner of Broad &ront Streets'
9m; iru.
IS:.! tit
B.Vf H ) t .:' -Ill " ( eMM
r 1M.iyi- -.re.., Ii i
. t'nA ... '
tBiielM tlf
n a w i.h I., n UMiimi ax a a. w--j mmm v
m u. ,.Juft at 00 a Trd. M a,"a.
octW J k f 1 1 Wo. 89 ou High Purest.
.V ft
it j?. ' ... .' mtrtMWM mi aVa I etMfw
' y,
I . . - 'at.iJ X M ft - aWT" a
It ,S,.
Be B,ARlVlSTnOilG,
. v r. : ' v j 1 i- r"is '.'"nr Hr.iin u-
No. 17 East Town .Street,-".-
, I.'. . i. :ui.'i,i:i;; s-.L' r'.-jj-.i ." o oll e.i ml
1 1 ,! ' ': 1 if : i 1. .i o-j ol na.'.- :eff: " !
A Urge sleek et tbk O00D 0AMABITAN en
and. ..J
i:i i ii"
' novlS-dSa
: r-'r. a.-.K "i.Torc t
U n.i..
1861. 1861.
iaa'ajrY'twe'Treetf ti
f..: !o f ; tl.lt 4vto"?i' VI ; -: i -
j coitHioritfa it ptrTSBbEa wiTH tbb ' ;
j f . ' r . 1 ' - . il. J m 4U4.L , , tl ? , VIV-
Pennsylvania Central Railroad
1 ; . .- .' : 11 i.i ; -i ...1 t .:n ,T' ) 1 .1 tui-'n
, j .-u .j fo v...orm .B..'.'. ol;.' Io rrai'Hi'c.
snerteet. Quickest Mel moat' Bo sir
, i bie Ateuee te all ttesterM Cittea
,. ..:- ;,-' , -rn.ll LI -i'l
; I j.'jr Trains Leave Cplumbuj) iiio:,
tiiprxLAdts. .' vl.11 i'"fi.i it..-' via snoiawvitiai
'. ;.)-. j it'- nierailni"E:preae.i.iio4J'Tf"'':
t'-.ji.'ii.i'o ri 'n'if "i.t li Joi'fasv'uws. '
.4;.A..t.(-.-J. .-( A.lt!,f8; f ,.0 .
1 ,1- aasira aw anaaiits 1 c' ti.TSi-j:
10;18 P. M. ... , aju; ,,'t '1 . ,"; ! C4 -ii:
". absivi r. tueamscao . .. , ,
J 3:10 A.
M. A, . ' ,,:."' 4 -affi'llMSA. H,'
ASirva at sitnuoits - ,v- V '
M.:- . rM..t&9 A. Hr'i&r.M. '
asrivs a rBiiaBttrBu..'' " tv
U. , :v .7;4iA. H..12iP,M.
' ; mvoadviaaLmrrowiiJ .' 1
' 8;M A
i )
7:40 A
1:00 AU.;
4; li.ww a . ai, j u.w am. ..
1:15 P. If. . . .. kQ P.M.! 81S P. M'
; Patiengers by this line reach New Tork In advance of
any Wnrtbern route. - -1-.
1 12:15 P. at. train Is the only one i rdm Colomeae at
this boar, and tbe only train by which pateeogers can
reach Baltimore or Washington the following day, and
arrive in Philadelphia or New York before dark.
JJj3eieeplngeroaailnlghtrine. ; i : '
Tne only Kaate Sreu Celvmene te
j oiv.BattlB.ere, PJtiladeipttiawa'.
! This train also connects at Bellalre with the Baltlaore
and Ohio Bailroaa. ? 0 "
i TTfThle ronla is 30 MII.K3 BROBTER to Pltltbanrh
sndmore than 100 MltBS &U0BTEB to Hew York,
loan Northern lines. I-. :UJ
CTBaeitage Checked Threngh Id nil- Inv
portent pointa East. .,,.r' . '
BT Ask' for-TlcketW a Bellalre or 'Bteu-
benvillei e.!' vitnv.v.1 .. if-is )rti 11 no im
tT Tickets Good orer either' Rorite.'V, V-1 '
.'.Wj ' JOHW'W.' BROWS, V j.,,
i :.; aneral Ticket Agent Centra" Ohio R,E..r.
"' ' General Ticket AreutStenbenTllle bhortllne; "
Oolnmbns. Nov. 13, 1801. . I ' - '
' mL '
rm gM BEa Ull IfEiBea ie. au Jaw - 19 a-i.e w
X BXANTLT on band and for nil, the belt quality of
f 11WU Off Will I'll r,-w - "
Call and examlna nj Ool before puixlUBlng !
Office at the itore of Bradford, Baydim It Co.. head
m n-t i. .
, . - " i . : j .:. B. I. 8UYDAM.
1 sep36-3m : ' : ! ( -. . ; i - '. .; :
So. 178 Uortli High Street i;
HALT BQOABIS from the Depot, and persons ar
rinns or wishing to take passage on any of tbe trains,
will find the Salt Bouse decidedly a eonrenlent stop
ping place. - -.1 .
Paasengars waked np at all bean of the sight for any
of Uie trains. . , , ,
Terms moderate, to cult the times. . ; . .
' eotSS ' ' " : ",'
Or Theee fceBtemplatlng- Iffarrlag-e.
TBI undersigned will giro Information on a yeryin-
UreeUng and important snhjeot, which will be ralli
ed more tbaa a thousand times Its cost by erery married
eonple of any age or eondlilon In life. The Information
Will be sent by mall to sny addr'ii on the receipt of 85
cents (fUcer) ahd one red stamp. Si"
All letters should be addressed to ' '
.. k B. B, MORRIS, D. (Look Box 60),
oct31-y3tawdtw J c
Boston, Mess.
Fer femalei Oenerallj'.-irbe Brandreth
Pills cannot be too highly spoken of. They remore all
obstructions, giro energy and strength; ears the die-
trsailn( hesdache, unfortunately so preTalent with the
sex; .depression of spirits, dullness of light, nerroue
affections, blotches, pimples, Mllowness of the skin, are
removed, and e Jttrenlle bloom and general sprlgbtllness
Indicate tht poWersoiJ healU)fuJne of BRANDBBTH'g
iPIIiliB.''i,', 'ivjji-' - ! i- r "
Ladles. etdelloste periods', will find them unrlraled;
they are the best -medleines for mothers sod children,
and cure wo'rms and costiTeness, 1
Let It be remembered, that BRARDRKTH'8 PILLS
are easy In their. operiUpn,- aaA yet unite mildness with
efflcienoy, and repairer ae aHarsUra of diet daring their
,f J I I . Ml t.tll. i Will t"li'
Mrs, dorian, (orneor .15(h sbteetand Union Bqnsre,
Ifew Tork.'.'War dyftig apparently,' "oT- ifjoinwkrfioin
ShewuglTetf tpto die tjyher Physicians; 'and all her
friends, ent after tlo 'BAirprrirf Pills fot k few
weaka. tha oonih 'ttft be'r. 'sndehrftxnn to renin her
strength, and Is jbew'lblS.'attend to tor dutlet, and.
rsolp sore or ,8000 ltalnlr( robuspesito.. , . , . dl
ita -Wilson, of No. 3? Beach street, ltewjrork, has
eared dyspepsia, Bosall P x, "Measles, Dropsy and Ty
phus ferer, and. all Bealscbes, tad IBlllob dhwassi,
with BaasDam't Pills, will be pleised to unnrero,
queelluu ) !illj t'.imeni nf-ni el -j-ioi f'f
Bold by fohrf H2 Coot" PrnerrTtt; ()olnmbnjf', ahd tf
ail respeoWBie aesieri m wieoreiooe. - v
eetSMl -- u j
i in ihi n 1 1 1
e$tt f Ubllflnea in a oeaiea r.ayviope; rrice 0 en, I
Al.eUBB fH'1WATto,RXtffl!TTl
- k' . . . w ..1,11ft. .I.L Jk ftl.. M.J. .
Weakness, Involuntary Hoilssioris, KmcBBl OrV.nity.aod
Impedintente to Mtrrlsge tteneralllyi'tiervoamMr tjon
aaaiDUoa. Ipllepm ind Pits; Mental arid Pnyfel. In
capacity, reialtlnf Trotn Ttlf-alm, A&.f By'ttfrherl t.
1.i.ll at. 11 : WnlhAr-nf thft ApMt4 Htxrtw. SWi
AJStwei Ki.e.iia).4e pl,ruf rerele
lent WTtderJeSel, tauaoplatw eareloeee anpaswtreia,
pest ptK' ew feoeips ot two siaaipa, wr met
J.-a. KLttUU mMtem VrtXerk, toet6ffieiMS
ttotO. pey7iii4e.W
v m h. JivLy
. . -T yarr- r
I . . . .... . ...i.,A.Jufti.. .'
aja n xnb r - ..... - -
aftaaaa aaaaaa aanha aanw- aa .
niiinta. "a4 'nil
The "DAILY. 'Bt""' 11 et "
The. WEEKLT-et the low rate of
, sYt.W. i.lf.0 Si'ii ..i afc'.M"!. rft V, '.
j .,te.,T -,flcil5iW lttJiliAifcind Jbi
, ,. 8;tw won s. v sa .vry.el fe:. j.il Tej " iTi' C : ,! l '
.ta4."fl i,'T I'mB .w? .T . ' .. .,.1,.i'.:i'..'
jktthensuAlwtessiiiiAakB'WtabUshedfcndrelb -
! -aulnl alaifl.-T bosiarel'J lo.h-u.i4 eaotnaA .W ( v. VvM Mawn.. i-.-.a.; '
,r-.vwi ateitaaratet fe-jbl hf iire eeH lie" piaei j wiiiuphoid and defend the '" - ' -',
" ' w-f.7 Vt eiuwi .W .ww kLLLL'' " . Ii
Whldh haa been ao fitful of oo4 o Ihe PEOPLE Cff THE UNITED 8T1TE3; and will
-ri3 .l.c ,!V 1. Is.WX? ftft!"!. fcH1? "" -
I'l . i :iiu, jI
"J Ail easentiar to Die' 'eoitiplcte
w, r.-')e h-iiQAVi.PWOB Whwn M
..)'!On-i;-AM.. l-TI-uiU (
nolri .. 'U'tc
J Thi foafratfAirwin sNirtKirt tbe Adminlstrittian of the General forernnent in nil. learal audi
eonstitntioneJI efforts to put down rebellion,, and sternly resist the efforts made in eome qutirtaf
. 1 . .A,.aa.l.a. a mm ft. aa Ia4A .m am A Vvnla amaaMamaa A am ' r 4
to OQnrert tne present, uuuappj war mm wuhii ,
...It willeonstantly. nrce (ftoiMrp.M Jitt pqbUo erpenditnres, and tbe
Ae e medium of geneaal news, the Statiskam will endearor to make itself aoceptable to its
Bmwiaclart.aia'atBll'Umi3iMiplytbem .-a-- -----
. ... :ll1V.I !()(, (i;ii
Of the bomelind foreljft
1 Will find their .interests consulted and at(ep4e4 U, and no eflbrt will be spared, te make it a first".
, elasa newspapea., ., ,, ,,nw,. 'M' ' , '
1 During the approaching session pf ongress -wJ will hare talented and accomplished corres
pondent at Washington, through whom our readers will be furnished with muoh valuable and
' reliable information. . "'" '"'!', 7" V., ' " 1 "
The doing of nur own State 'Legislstnre will be fully reported, and the local 'news uf the
State and Our own immediate" rictnity, will hare a, due share of attention. 1 - v'-w.
i ;. We urge bpor) bur friends lA'all parte of Ublo,
ing the eTrculaUon of the Siatwmaw, ainoe by ao doing, they will assist in the promulgation of
sound political doclrinee and reliable general intelligence, t. , a w t -v.: ,rr '
' ' -:r-'' .:'T' "'t-"J
I )!; . . ,tm a. '.-j r-: ::'r ,r y I it,,, . . v .. --.
I jar ;n-i ;: u ... r .
T6'ny"pwn raieing w Club of iden-Bnbeeribera to the Wotit Qaxo SrATiaiiAtf. And 1
I lending ua the money ten dollare-.for the aame. We Will send one eopy gratis.
i All ordera will be promptly attended to. 'r j .-r-w: : " .",' , ... .ei3.ai y,
I , , Addrcee, P ' -MANTPEITlfr. A 'WTXtErL"
.0Temoer.A.o4V .. .... k
i ion
aft e) .
wl et i o4 r .- .m o : " "
ZW'V k'':rr'' tX'V -;' i"SJW-
- aaawr aawaaaaft-ama --mw mi
tint m; ej f
. .-'.r-:ii
i Dollars per Annum;
wrwP,;Thre"e Dollar per Annum'
t f una uoLr per Annum
-11 I"
fill '!'
1 1.1 I
, t
- WsML WAaBaiA will be reeeired
ltn4 perfect re4oiistraction tot the '' 1 ' '
Union WMongiM ,
....' I W -' 1 '
1 ... ... . v
most rigid" accountability
ttarketsU' In its wliimna
and the Worth- western BUtce, to aid ia extend
C jPublishera of ihe Ohio Statesman,
uowhcbds, uno.
:v. " 1
:".T. - '
s luse on tne evoreAouu
16.11 vEast State St.,
bMpted UMeaj 9 Tt'W'.fi be ), i ' "I " ' f.
liiiction & Commissio? B6om..
uvuvu l.7T,,J ... . -r. 4i'j m ivseJ.u'n
He is io prepared to receive ulPj!LZ
desulpUon of property, such at .od,?r5
tlquors, lornltnre. Carriages, Horset, Jt- He else
lntands'to derate his attenUon to sale, e leal l etete
and Personal Pioperty, at any point, within tweate miles
of tbeciir. - i"i,."j:aj a-n-.
:: AuctiOJi;,Sale3, Eyery., Evening. ;
Oeaenatnt .emUre, W.
. L . . " - 4 7 ' --.WHnj i .1 . " ( tV
Have a fell and. Complete Awrtaent of , , K
; OtOOSCftJlClr'iritPO, J
Axu.,-tlf).gl0MlltTry kind,1 t'"
! .PHP. ANftSEJR -
Tin Toy 8,rftn,i Articles in that Line,
vcx9,t. ?or Ltttl, ,P,8pit ...m,' e
Kniveat and Iforkav Spotma, TttbewH
33ucltetB, Bhorela ttnd Tonw ;M
'1-1 -ra-a- a. ' t, -i
ft iv-ii '7:'a i jv.i-
for thi Urjer Ones.-
r f . I i. -" l 1 ,. n'tn ViT
We would call your further attention tolbe fscl.ujat we'
areBOLI AQINTS for the sale of the -M-i i. 1
Which It. In all respects, eleirly 'the' ''AtJTOOBAT 0
THB KITOHIN." haring no equal In the completeness
of Its performance and economy of roel.' The clearest
luiimmt af its inDerioritT Is the fact that aanufao-
tnrers and dealers era constantly Imitating Jfc eoalng as
near It as
Call an
nr It as Dosttbla In SAtsani
Call and examine our stock.
it i no irouoie to snow
our goods
oot!S-dlm I ","'-.,'. . .L-i. koI l-jucmt
The .Union :.VPotJDi5
'Ci :vr, j: ,...e.tt.C lu'
L: ':"ri ' .i1-- 4cann-
M ,' ) fvjn - . .uatiamu
J Jf.CJil r, L ' -
. ifti , . .tjiift i.t... , t 1 1 as i- iarf ,iu 1 te-avas I
o:tJ oi ji.-V't . .tiirti ,1 Y-jif-nt'C .ri ,tr rems.
AT THEIR BALI BOOMI.'-i t'ji lu-rtjr
-l-yKjs t ji.itUawO au-1 we-.ii M WeiaJf
fcoRfrit 'Wfi Ort; t ebt.
J"'"""' i VnrM'l'i'lfTM 0 ,SI
' AtV ,Wi.iit . .It
u . aaun, teM1 complete Itore for Offloers'
Tmta rar aiavufacturad. .Iir'l dcu:'t
aoldJaa rerr ton si .. r . . . , . .
Call and examine pefore purthailng elsewhert.
i. TT'"'' '-' i.iw.w .rirs aa.t 1
AttJAN iaa. ta.ll VLVVEJ.
AUstWSfeeleaiestepenedat BAI5S,
deeTu. Me. W loatti Bigh ikpsl,
) Domestic Cotton Gobds-
v 'l.U ir,.;H'. i- t..ii.ui.
WrfBU tbe tnoet Cxteaelre Aeeerts
iV-r :
meat ef
, t-fBrown anJBIsacbt.l Ool'ofl Tlinnelt;
viai"- v ' musiuu
. - Vamsley Gotten Ibeetbige). .
Select Styles of CaUco's-aad
- musiias;
licklnaa, 8hlrtlon, taghsiaa,
nd voiion jDstiiDaa.
- ttleo. Blankets, Ilannels.
er-- "1 I lf-ll
i Oatsimerae, Oloak Cloths, atd-atn.
1 1 ivJ
.bob aeioa- iTgniar prices
10 l'
BAIIt At SON,, j u
j eetlO- ' :,. c
l,C.l . ' .1 u
1- i 4 I
I 99 Voutk High Bnt, l
: . . -i. . '. 1 . 1 i 1 ; 1 1 1 1
Planner ; t hirtinga.
JSD. xt, Bost uteattre stock in the eltf ;itin ,u .'
' - Amy Woolen Boctt,,. . . ,,i
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ers end friends are respectfully fnTited to call and exaa
Ina my floods and Prices, as I am. determined to tell at
cheap or cheaper than any other hones in taeoHyra&d
aal do my own Cutting, aa superintend my ewa bust'
nees, I feel assured, from my long experience. In busi
ness, togire general istlifaotlonIUe finest ot work
men are employed, and all work done strictly to time and
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before prohaaltig elsewhere.. Otn.l j
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fashionable Sharing, Half Hutting,' Bbtmpeonlng
OurllDg and Breeslng loonr ,,,7 .
f3outh High St., ore Batn'e Store,
where1 sathrfaoUea rJUe lren,l41aTI tKayfcW
branches. v ....
Ladies' and Children's Hair Pressing dam) le tbe best
Style. twltl Ui .
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