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Thursday MORjjmai Moyiti, isai.
Rail Road Time Table.
Lirri 0H oifc XWA R. V.
i. ' v Rew3 1 "?
Slight Viintu, vl Peyton,' 8:M .!.,,
Uloctnnatl AocwiqMallon. H P.
naw & mat ji !; - - - ' r . ,
v.-r- -. . -r- ..
St "w MArHW?,"w .J
Mall Into..
OowHBot At Iminorom, B. BY. tit
tfian. Ai laDUM B. B.)
l" -''"o nn ! Hi t.an U .
ti nU
.rt:io r. u.
d? vci5l6rf W 7VcIckfr fa th pwpMwi glr-
.AH rniM l ill 1 M r i t. .,4!f
Tt p'tr IlioBktL FAttow. We- oopw
It high 'time thy Mme afllK ModewUnding
by wbom theU"l1onld k dmiaUtered
glni;thd8( who yroJl l$TW nslmlog of
Fallow ta i tt atrtg rUlah liuuti ao be altow
td to go liDpuuUhed. . iht,a XK , , 4, , ,. n , .
Col. Camikotj" 'BUtbeaieteirrom hli
' hwdaartrii V from which wo plip the foN
lowlog 'itVdfoaty 'paragVeiili:1 6
7. TboflM U Mlphrol'ftfib'nwae. reported
to meT t Vaip Tbom8, three bonr alter iti
ooourreo& I woe Hot. We city th&t night
TbeofftpMoi..FAillaOiWH vt.,iiBlJ,.tbttV or
telling publlo arm, but oue wbleb would tub
ject auj Qtilzun to heTj fine Mid tUf oere
puDtabBeati llie. o warning ,to tboje
wbo bmrtxjadotrumx orwll ,eoiair, liquor,
and lie tffect wHt'not beloettipoo eoldier who
tamper wiin thel'r'dulj, (ind-bld from leglU'
mate pursuit.
SepjTALLOif (!J tommU the offettdo tere
tuted Wb'Mbe7. U CoD CaI-hotoji
hit offl&jf j jBetrepof ered to puoUh tbete
offeotei I njlja to be the jodge. r"
If Fallow caessitttd offense - wbtab, would
evere panldhment," there U a way preeoilbed
by late to try and punleb hlm.v If tbwAot ht
Col, Cariimoto'n jip'd b ioldJeTS ' rb etationed
hero to do awAy.wiib alL ifU proeeu, and
tbat iiry are to try aod punlh olTentet by shoot
ing peopleri irbai, lirgt or beads off, for the
good effeot l may hare on the ditcipline of hit
men, the'Vooner they are ordered off the better.
Tut Fh.lom SuoariNa ArvAiij-wAfr.. Editor:
There are leversl point bout your notice of
the "abootiog, fuir.V&oQ Monday nightt wblcn
teemtoidwearve attention; and if you b?e
iMted- the fact, tier are ' some leeaoni to be
drworft on the occurrence which should not be
lol on all citi.ee:.. In following yout state
ment,tt will b-ln that Fallon- wrongfully
secured the.p3CMloa Of a' United States gunj
that ha persisted In keeping It, after demand
for itl return was madei and that be drove a
party of eoldiers out of bl own house, which be
had a perfect right to do.
I ant jjot a UwjeMr.XclHiTT, but ibe after
piece of this unlortuoste fflr knocks" my
former notloos about etery mn' house being
bis eaiflef ,'The soldiers f the 18th sgaln de
manded tbe frun they attempted 1o the night
eaon to posh the door of Fallon's houeeopen
"tbtj procurta a log tj wood, ana jorctt the ttor
jxn,.,and' Vie pari ntcrtd,"; lf.Jt'allou had
knownrbis rights, at rthlt Junotnrev and bad in
ttantly killed the person yon so mildly denom
inate .Vanjoffloer," there Is no court or Jury In
the land. Lhat eouid :bave harmed hair pi bit
heedt i v'; v ? .'i. ,. ii s,- ,i
After that, "cCttcerV bad procured the log ol
wood and forced the'dooK, bis .manner of pro
cedure, as related by you-la a new aod refresh
ing mode of wdmlnlsteringlaWt 'Being armed
oih m revofotr hejired m tKLf Dtrmti! And
wo are coolly told that Fallon lost an arm! Ia
bis owa-bouM, thoev-ln trying to oppoe the
entranos-of an armed party and after warning
the intruders off la hWownhouie man may
be hot and fiud an apologist ready to say it was
don ir) ieli defense L Thui; step by step, art
wt becoming" nocustomed to the march ot det
potUmMike Fallon' house may be broken
open and himself maimed with impunity now,
how long are any of-nt safe from iuch. e Titlta
tlon7 uJHH.Uit
We must naVf more courage on, tbi "part of
our newspaper and people courage. i speak
oni lor lugbt andXruth, though they De not oq
the winning- tldeeouraee to stand otr fot law,
even thOugbonir .regular eoldlertt headed by
regimentals or ; company, offloers, are the . law
breakers. We want oourago M give the wrong
Its troe came, no matter what others may think
Thi JUojwDarVGooii ,tSroar--Jf any
body UoJfi$d$eMr)iem (.or tb roultltndld-
ous, and yet rwkl Reelected assortment of dry
goods at, Kib'(.-r';, iiitti RicBAkos, 250
and 252 Boutlffltgh streOt, we would thank him
to hand, over.ih preerabU; detignatlon. .', The
partial enhmerattpn pf the aftlblei there on tale,
to be found In an advertisement in another col
umn, showfr Aft VslUotioi to be like C3cETBr,'i
perfect' taan ibj';glded: jknd every tide
thoroughly cultivated The, reader oan not do
betted thin cf p4.1ie4iVl V curiosity sbhp';,
in the dfy goods llhe for himself v u He will find
it tqoal.lA.Iuj mjh;i'i&$mifck:i)Sih
It gives us pleasure to annouuoe 4o
meroaj ftiende. .pf;! JtrVjKa'bs 'tf W? a't'tehd's
totheeleildn and jnjohBM pfthe goods, tbat
he baaj reiuwedroDj! iiat woeniwTlsi.tQu'ihi
Eaat, anajs'ojv;rea; fthpthe''Srtn'e
and olerks of this snammoth establishment.' to
attend to'rMHnt ln4:;pleM;liif4yie,,.pf
friends and WistOmers,:'J w t
Jffi.mu...: ,j Tv.K-i.jM ,,MIM u u
Njsjr.EooK-BmDMT. The avtentiotf Of pub
Ushers and of those who have bopk-htndlng jai
any de'rtp5otf,WJ)? j!j?cii(edi I tesjpectfplly
invited" -to the- advertisement' of iti WLsfa.
toe, ff hlcii'jwUrVe 'jbn4f aaHotheiaVlUiD&ji.''bS
the S(fettetfl' Mri itVAvaa has alt the appll-
perienoe Cih urnlBTor Jtujfnlng Out tfifl neatest
and most substantial work and at rates equal to
the Uwet.t iu ropuUtlpo. too, Js woitesuh
liahed la this comtnuultT ae r gentleman upon
whom Reliance, can, be plaeed1, and by whom ooo
tracts performed 'jjtcootdlng'fpihetr
spirit and letter.' Giro him ev call and examine
peelmeni ot JtUiwprk ui prices., 'T
br ougnt to Camp Aylieee, on l ueeaay nun
J 1X0, oppoit th Stat hoom.
olIwtloB and other matter promptly attended t.
aetaraneat lvB Wbtn lqulrd.
It If an lad Upatebl fact, that If any senon want on
f ihoM oemfortabl BSQUMAOX BKAVBft OVJIB
COATS, be will utually And tbem In lar quaatitletat
Tl toy Pron delrous of owning an of th 1U Ityl
1 ofBAVJiB OVBR 00AT8, With etna ettaobed,
don't break your head la Inn whtr to ftatr them, but
1 i OvPol( tbi lute Hoom. ..,, ,,,u,i
fc' You will flea them therein ell oolort, hi iv
TvTD yoa nvr wear any ot th BILK BtlXBD OA
XJ BHURB IDINt vhlolkanwUattMOtpUtiOltr
AmM) Kiun la taU To will Bod una in enw,
trOTJ ta aha ha ia wowt iif .PAWTl sa4 8TB, a4
X..toriibaliMMaMlibaMliiw Ik Watt wiMnw
Vatn VmK m la b bod Is all cuIdm. (hnw.
itjlM.lqauUtiai and qnalitlei, and that plao It Mm
ITION'I foiheantva anortmMt of IVBNIRH
U IN4 OODB. patltaalarly la WOOLBM BIUoXS,
wbloh TOO u Bnl In "Red, whit and bliu at tn i i.
! . BoMrlotraded by Marooa Obllda. 1
It "yen wUb to wr rainti JTIADB TO OBa
DIKaC, von aaw do no bfttor tboa to a to--the Ur-
bont Tollorlnc BiUblUbiMat. ml to tha Areadft. tnd
HiMt j oar town mat a ttooa eotaprMinff an ooiorcor
aavor uiotna, uanimore, ana nimiH riuon v
las, and roa will ranly nxtl with a foad lit br purofcaa
iingat 'ir.va . si n 1,1 tufm-K. -n tM'1 aif-HI l'
eom to thlt
ax wj, atmngor. and wun. to get, a UMlfUHtt, it
Whrrt a' larg aatordhrat of BLTJ1 CLOTH and ether
arusi Mionttnf 10 mm tqnipigo ar an o in cor can M
had at vorr aodorat prioei.
in anortaauai
i rropnotor or tnot exttniive bniinea wcaiiiy,
NO. Slf 83 anol SS HIGH STREET
, toXMB , ... j....0,.,i,
i1 1
::F6r an Incli of :Time! ;
a dying Qnoon. Ibat Inch ot (In oin b proeur-
a 'i : a maoh oboapn rata, and man long yaar of .-1
enjoyed by eonanltlne Dr. MBRRTWBATHBB, who
U ounnf tna moot ewtinata ana lons-stinaing uurara
" Fact are Stabborn Tblngs! .
Hrwhtth Philadelphia oorrnpondtntaayi lo the
"Commonwealth," Wilmington, Delaware, ftib of April,
I860:' " ' - -
An Bnfllah Mntlomjin. fortnorlv mnnacted with th
Brltiah Army, and wbo atywa hlmaeU tba 'Indian
Bo tenia Pbyaieian ,' bat of lata salnad nxlonilTrtpo
tatloa her by bit tfcill in carina ail mannar ot com
plalnti. Som of hit patient i hav ooovorted with.
and (nay pronoonot nit nmeaie ana moan oi iiwanni
u Tiry tapariar. BomorbaT baea ret to red t if by
mssic. - Tha medicine he ntea ).dUtillad by hlmJ(
from varloa horbt poiMHlrn ra aaratlv proparUea,
'Whll ootlof in tn army Jm devoted kit letiar mo
menta to a tboiooih ttadv of th affaott produced by
oertein madlcinal root tad hcrbt on ill manner of dlt-
eatea. . It team ha bat fonnd a tar and tptedy reme
dy far all th 'ill that leth ia heir to.' Hit praotiaa, i
already extemlre and ia daily lnorenlng. In tbe eom
plaint to which Vamalet aratabjeeted, be hat a aqoaV
at a larta number her have teetlfied that they owe not
nly their pretent good health, bat their lire, to tht
kill of (hit Indian BotoioPhylolan." -
' Office 37 East State Street, Colnmbus.
for elrht or tan Demon, oan- be had by applying to
PATTKRSON. No. 118 South Iroat gtreit, between
8IaU and Town Btreatt. -
Belnr bat one iquar from the Btat uoute, mates it a
dtalrable plaot for bnaipei t men.
Columbus Wholesale Lienor Store
"l . IMPORTERS ATaAIJBiiilJ it j '(.
Foteiga and Domestic Winei, Brandisi,
! kt. ko. ALSO, o J .
' : i ....
W H 1 8 KYk '
7.C t i
u i ti
.UsUVM. -w.-t
- Sheriff 's Sale;
ifl ji . V e It J;
. u.,:
Wm. "7. Jtlcherde, Ada.)
Common Pit,
Jaeob Bloat.
BY vlrtn of ah order of ale tb m directed, from th
Court of Common flea of Franklin, oosntv, Ohio,
I will offer for tal at th door of th Court Home, Is
Ihttity of Oolumbat, ' ' " '
v On Saturday, November 16th, A. D, 1SC1,
al l o'elotk, P. U., tht following deribd real Mtatt,
10 wiu .....
Lota three fS. twentv-threa (23). nineteen (19). fifty'
one (51). and flrtv-ftv (ii). In the town of Rome, Pial-
rn towoahlp, la th county of Vranklln, and' Btate
Ohio. . Alio. 40 aeret, more or lea. which aald Jacob
Klodt bought of Jofaa W. Bakr. . A? 'j
Appraited at Lot Mo.
, - mvn.Yn - v- i:
sn. ao oo
eshsiKA.")!;. '."BM.eftrMx.':''; uja
" " tl, u 00
' '''"'WieiMit 88 Ot) per acre.
t.-.taa-,!,- W-GUNMAN. . v
..j.l Aa ra.aaa 'a'A -
PrinteT'feat gO 00. ' ' , , ... , .:
Master.' jCofluniSSioGejry. Said.,' ;
amteoitrKttai. ) '
tanlel Decker etal.) ' '
directed, f roi
Dm 'the Onnrt nf (liifnmnn Flea or
tn Court of Onmmon pimi
t frank
Hatoonty, Ohio, I 'rtn offer fcriile at th door of tbe
CWr Hoot In th ity of ommbiu(
Satmrdy,,th,.6 J, ,pfpfmber,. JXJ
f I -OUvjii :ij ioTO.iKlBOld ci. lsi.fln .o j wlyii
itoM, h'elockT. if .', the foilotrtn oWfted1 ' real ettat
altnat ta the county of Jranklm and State of Ohio,
A part of nt-iot Kd. B89,1 itf 'tt ity bf Oclnmbo, be
f Inalng at a point on the gontb line of Gay ttreM tnd
tha North line of tald lot, 99 feet Inche Wert from tht
Mortbeaat oornar ot Mid lot; raranina then Weal
U aald North lis ot anid lot 69 feat and tnohe;
tbeaoa Booth W feet and 6 inch to th Booth linear Mid
lot;; thane Bat with Mid lint eg feet and tabtj
theito North OS feat arid 6 inche to th place ot begin
ninct being th Watt half ol told In-lot Ho 038, le
feet and I Inch, boratofor eamayed to th Sroetaat
th Virat Colored Baptltt Ohareb of Colombo by
ael Pike, by deed dated leb'y 3d. 1841, bain th am
Und ordered to baeanveyMuafoMMid toJamaaClark
and Barah M. Bailey, heir ot (Samuel OUrk, dee'd. .
(Appralted at BWO no, ' " ; .
1 4.,'MW 4 taB0Mt!vrLirrjrFMA5, ihertir,
' ' and ktuter Commiuloner.
, jrrinrer t re (0 uu
". W "'' i W.vn-J
i. liw" ',"iT',M riitw ,f.ii,
J s'a'.a tl'm it )'"' '.m '
Tlf:. .lfW
: "" . .-. . t -. . .. s u-i....- .
i.'ii, j .u'erf V ;' J
ai; it'j 'ft , I !?-'. L .:':.-;., .n
? if v
Glorious News!
Beauregard and Walker Captured
The Union Army in South
Rebels Attempt to Blow
Rebels Attempt to Blow Up the Forts.
Negroes Pillaging their Masters'
Negroes Pillaging their Masters' Houses.
MUTINY at Norfolk
The Stars and Stripes Flying at Pig
Point. &c. &c. &c.
From Washington.
, Wabbinqton, Nov. 12 Six regiments of in
fantry, two batteries, and tbree companies of
cavalry, under Gen. Helntselman, made a re
oonnoissanee to-tfay as far as Occoquan creek
CapL Todd' company of Lincoln Cavalry, who
went In tbe direction of BurkV Station, were
sent out to make a reconnolesanee In advance of
the infantry. r When several miles from the
other part of the division,' they were suddenly
surrounded by a large number of rebels, who
had been concealed in the woodt A skirmish
ensued, and the cavalry rot their" way -through
with a loss of tbree men killed" one' wounded
and tbree prisoners, including, it is-supposed,
Capt. Todd, wbo had ventured some ways In
advance of his oommand. . 'irrfn
. Gsnerals Halleck and Buell leave- to-morrow
for the West Ij enter upon 'the command of
their respective militarj pepartmenta. . ,
[Tribune's Dispatch.]
On Sundav eveninK font hundred men of the
Graham Regiment of the .Sickles brigade,
crossed to Math las Foint, and made a thorough
examination. " The next morning the brush and
house which have served a shelter to tbe reb
els in Aeoomao were burned
Tb Union men are believed to be in the ma
jority in Northampton. In the other counties
or the eastern snor oi Virginia, in reoeis
hay the upper band.-, Wver one .tbonaand are
in arms, and, at One pojnt there ia a fortification.
(Times Dispatch.)
Cntain. MoLaver. th Asiistant Adiutant-
Generel of th Department ot tbe West, arrived
here to dev. and., was immediately . ordered to
report himself ' nnder .arreet. , It is" dhderatbod
that bis arrest was based on on order from Gen.
CrrrtW.f at St. Louli. ' .w two&t
r"Lkat ihlbhtMr. Lowe and'Oen.Sicklet'niade
a balloon aeceMlon from near Qaantico Creek,
. . mi t. ,1
ana remained npior some lime.'- ado oauooo
waa wafted almost direotly over some of the
rebel cams. There if no- doubt of the rebels
being present in strong force.,'-1' t : i
1 am lniormefl upon gooa antnontj tnat uoi
onel Miles will, not again b atslgned to a com
mand. l-w ,n'- i .f n'...' i j t v
[To the Associated Press.]
VVAHJNifroi!,:'Nov. 13. Ctut, Steidmaa'ar.
rived here at noon ta day, bringing official, dia
natohea Of the naval expedition.' He is also
th beater of two rebel flags', one Palmetto flag
and the American flag flrat holttedjtt South
Carolina, over tort Walker .
Capt.1 Bteadman report that the captured
forte are magnificent, with covered ways, bomb
nrttdf and that all oar troops had to da was to
oocopy them. They on be held against -any
opposing force. . .' .' ' '
Among in most cmcieni vesaeig wtra- rounu
to be tb new gunboats, of. which tb Navy De
partment pad twenty-tnree constrnotea express
ly lor suca purposes, ana tneir snooeas, notn in
tbe gal and under the fire, was perfect.' '.V
a Com mand e Drayton of th PoMhontas is the
brother of Gen. Drayton, who commanded the
IWV ... r. . . . , ' ,1 -
Cant. Bteedaani who brings tbe dispatches,
Is tneeonoi a former mayor oi onarieaton.. ,
On the reception of tb official diapatches
the following order waa issued: " ; : ' '
General Order. Tha Department announce
td tbe navy and to tbe country lu high grhtifl
cation at tbe brilliant' success of the combined
navy and army forces, respectively commanded
by flag officer S. F. Dupont and Brigadier-Gen-eral
W' T, Sherman, In th oaptureof Forte
Walker and Beauregard, commanding the en
trano to Fort Koyai harbor, boutn Carolina
To eommemorat thi signal victory il ia order
ed that a National salute be fired from each
navy yard at meridian, on th day after the re;
nantion of this order. , .
.The following ar the offioial despatehea to
tb Navy Department i i -
PORT ROYAL,Nov. 6, 1861.
Sit The Government having determined to
eeize and occupy On or more important points
upon our Southern coast, where pur, squadrons
might nno sneiier ana possess a aepa ana ai
lord protection to loyal citizens, committed to
mv discretion th selection from among those
plaoea which it thought available, and desirable
tor these purpose. - a iter mature oeuoerauoo,
aided, by tbe professional knowledge and great
intelligence of the Assistant-Secretary,. Mr.
Fox, and upon taking into consideration the
magnitude to which, the joint naval and mil
itary expedition bad been extended, to" wbioh
you have called mf attention, I. ctme to the
conclusion that the original Intention of the
Department, if carried out, would fall short of
th expectations of th country and of th ca
pabilities of the expedition; while Pore Royal,
I thought, would meet both in a high degree.
I therefor submitted to Brig General Sherman,
commanding tb military part of Jb expedi
tion, ibis modification-of our earliest matured
plans, and bad th atisfaotion to receive his
fsll concurrence. , . . .,'
1 On Tuesday, Ootober 29th, th fleet nnder my
command left Hampton Roadi, aod with the
am transporta numbering fifty vessels. On
thrdavweyloualhaddlspatohedfterioal Veair
in aay previuut "pi"wi wi w
aele, twenty-five , In number, under convoy of
tho) Vaadalift, to rendezvous off Savannah, not
wluhlne to Klve the true port of tbe fleets-Tbe
weather had been vnaettled in Hanipnj Roads.J
though it promised wen when we sailed, but on
Hatteros it blew nara. eome imp got into in
breaker and two struck, hut wlthouUojury . ..,
On Friday. Nov. lit, the. rough , weather in
creased into a gale, and w had to encounter eta
of greater violence. ' tb neet wta utterly ais
nersed. end on Saturday morning one sail only
wa In alght from th deck oi th Wabhrr
On tne following day th weather moderated
and th steamer and ahloa Wan to'amiear.'
Tb order.wer opened, except thoaeincaae 'of,
teparauon. . toeec- iae were lorniahta te -eii,
th menor-war by nytelf, and te th trans ports
ha Riloarita.flAnAral flliBM,.n
A th veteela rejoined report cam- in of
disaster In reference tp th. men pf-wfcf: 7 The
Isaad Smith, ft most, efficient and wli rtn(i
visaal-ftx the class, parobaaad but not intended
ta eroounter anon se ftttaywrltirftaaT u ttM
her! formidable battery overboard, to keee-from
I M ... t. . ,. - . . . .
lonnaenug i nut tuu reuevea an wa anaolM
to go to the ftsaiateac o( th ateamer cioTff
nor, tben in a vtrf danrerous position, and on
board of -which was our fine battalion of mi
rlnej, under Major Reynolds. They were final
ly jeapued by Captain Ringgold In the' Sabine,
oooei ainicuii circumsianoeo, aret wnuiav in
ttatratnoa'went down. I'ftalleveUhat tewesi of
the piarlnas were drownedV.by their own bnpro
flenoet Lieutenant oommandlng Ntcholton's
eondoct la the 10 Bmith bat met my Warm
eommendatlon. The Peefleet trantpore, In a
linking condition,: was net by tha mohloan,
Commander Gordon, and all the people on
board, twenty tlx in number, were saved under
very peculiar ciroemstanoea; in which lervice
Lieutenant' H. W. Miller was very favorably
noticed by bit commander.
i On Dtttlns Charleston, I sent in th Seneca,
Lieutenant Amman commanding, to direct
UMTUvVUtMlf 4a, IAJ LB Lj WW a 0 w '
Capt. Lardner to loin me with th etetmer Sua-
qaenannaon rr Koyai wiuwut-awy.Trf i t
- On Monday, at eight o'olook In.the morolng,!
I inobored off 4h bar, with, torn twenty-fire
Vessels, in oompsbjMwith maay tmore heaving in
sight, v
The Dpattaiu't tl www that ail the elds to
navigation had been removed i thai th bat lies
ten mils to . seaward; and that Jher.. are no
features on the ihor , line of suffloWn proml
nenc to make any bearings reUablenhut.by th
skill of Commander Dov, tb Fleet Captain,
and Mr.' BouWtte,- the able Assistant: W th
Coast-Survey, in cbarg of the steamer" Tlxen,
a ohaonel was lmmtdlatefy. found. By three
o'clock I received assurances from Capt, Dove
that J coild send forward, the llgh iraMports,
(hot tinder eighteen. ieeV with alt the- gun
boatif which wa InttnedUtel don, endbelore
dark they were securely apclored jW .the road
Stead of Port Royal, A The. gunboat .al
moti immediately opetred their beMeriee npon
tar A feMPthFaa rnhh I ittaamera nnder1 Com. 'Tat-
. ..t k j-i
nail, instantly chasing bin under the shelter of
toe Datterie tn ur :!vu .,i i i.-r('.'.
Pn ' the morntnr"of oTuesday the i Wabash
crossed the bar, followed closely by tbe frigate
Suequehannab. the Atlantic, Vauderbllt' and
other transport! of deep draft through tbat por
tion of the fleet already in. The tafe ptttage
of this great eblp over the bar was hailed With
gratifying cbc$frpmthe crowded vessels'.,'."
wW anohored .immediately and commenced
preparing tbe ship for aottoo . In uraaxlety to
get : the; putltoe vt : the", forts before dark, we
ttodd la too hear the tboals, and the ship
grounded. By tb time she was got off it.-tras
too late, in my judgment, to proceed, and'I made
aignal for the 'squadron to. anchor put of gun
shot of the enerov. "" "
c To-day tbe Wind blows a gale from tbe South
ward and Westward, and the attack la unavoida
bly postponed. ;
; a nave tne none yo pe, ,3ir,
' '' i RpHtientfullvi. vont obedient servant.
. 1 "i"x. j. ,
-U 'perforlnBn.ce of thla duty, minor, bbt
s i K M nni1- Ki, mtritMiX t.
Flag Officer CommondiDgB'outh Atlantio Block-
no ing pquaurop,, nt. t,u-j , j imut.,
Commodore DuDOnt'a offlcUl disp'itca' to Sec
retory Welles oontalns nothioe of additional in
terest, Deing merely a snort narrative oi erenit.
Aocompanymg tbe dispatches' were-several
troebiee csntured flute, and two btass cannon,
letely belonging to the State of South Carolina.
A tut of oatuaitie la -aiao receivea. i otai
killed, eight; wounded eeverely, six; slightly
wounded, seventeen., loiu xuiea ana wouna
ed, thirty-one. i in.na m i't .-i . ?i .! ,
' A letter to Hecretarv weiiee from iom. wa.
pont -Bay since 'making his offioial dispatches
he naa aeni gunooata to ueauiort to utae pos
session of tbe town and proteot the inhabitants,
but found th place aDanaonea to negroes, wnu
are'reoorted in a lawless condition'.'.
- The fallowing is an extract from a private
letter from an officer. engaged ia the bombard
Qur success has been complete, and terror
run over th whole country. -Tb negroes are
armed and plnndering tboir matters' houses.
The whites have been driving the negroes away
by force and shooting f hem down, but they still
come to the gunboats,. .-The; moment" General
Drayton took to hla horse in the panlo ot tbe
7th, bis two hundred servants went directly to
the Wabash- This la worthy of notice, aa put
ting down the nonsense .that the slave . were
ready to fight for. their masters.: . They -eun
rounded Capt. Ammen in crowds at Beaufort,
one of them crying out In the jdy of bis; 'hf art;
"i oiannnjn youeowa ao it, mass. .,i;,nw n
fi i Oh.MM.n'. i aT.. tar AHinBk-lanl
Thomas ia received: L He Jays If was agreed beH
tweed Com:.UoD0Qt una himself to flfut. reduce
the armv and navy UuU.might be found at Port.
Kojal,nd thus open tne nnest n arbor on tt
coast eoutn or uatteraa. " -
He says tha tuuadron bad been almost entire
ly dispersed by the gale, and the vessels have
been straggling lmjp wj&n aaie. . me trans
port eteauers Union, Belvidere, 0coU and
Peerlea bar not arrived) on of them ia knows
to he lott and it ia probable all are. ; It Is grati
tying, however, to aay that hone of .'ibe troonj'
transports eonneoted. with the land force were
lost, though the Wiofleld Soeet bad to tacriflo
her whole cargo ana tne. xcosnoke portion or
bers, to' save -tne uvea ot lue regiments on
board. Tbe former will again be unable to put
to aea.'i Of tha vessels eonneoted with th na.
val portion of tb fleet some have been lost.
-After a Careful reconnoistanc of Port Royal
bay, it was ascertained, the rebels had.; three
field -works of remarkable strength,, strongly
garrisoned and covered by three gunboat, be
sides strong land forces, which the rebels were
concentrating at Charleston and Savannah.
. It was deemed proper to first reduce tha fort
ont Hilton Head, though to do this a great or
leaa fife might have to- be me from the batter
ies dd Boy bont, at the same time CuroHglnal
plan ot oo operation ot the lana loroet.ia this
attack had to be set aside in consequence ot the
loap' during tha voyage ot the greater portion of
our means of jjlsemberkment, together with the
fact that the only point where the troopt should
hav landed waa five or six. miles from th an
choring place of our transports, altogether too
grst a distance for successful debarkation with
our limited t means. - It"as therefore agreed
thai the place should rbe,'reduced.bl th. naval
foro lon',.'j,v' i' Mi-i .rinew' i.s,
I waa a mere spectator of the combat." It is
not my province ta Render any report of this
action. ,t deem M an imperative duty to say
that the firing and maneuvering' of our fleet
agalnet that of tha rebel! and their formidable
sand batteries, waa a,, master-piece of activity
andpiofesslonal (kill. , :'- ,..
. After tba worka were reduced I took possea
sian of them with the land forces: The work
on- Hilton Head waa eeverely ctippled, and ma
ny of the guna dismounted.., . i j - -' -.
, IMuch slaughter had evidently been made
there, many bodlea 'having been burled in the
fort, and some twonty orjbirty found, som half
Stile ob. , , .,,,. . . i
After landtog pnd taking poaacaaion, of tbe
torts, Gen. Sherman issued a proclamation-ito
the people of South Carolina, taying:
In obedience to oidera of the Government,
I have landed on your shores with a small force
oV National troops. We come among you
without feelings of personal animosity, with no
desire to harm your citizens, destroy property,
or interfere with any of your lawful laws, rights
or1 social or loyal institutions, beyond what
caUaee hereto alluded to will render nuavoida
Gerj.' Sherman then reviews the action of
South Carolina in the present rebellion, tndim
plores the people to pause and reflect apon . th
consequences or meir acts, ana taji:
W hay come among you a loyal mah,'- ful
ly impressed with our constitutional obligations
to the citUent of your -State. '"Tbeee 'oblige
ttona shall be performed as far aa in our- pow
er! but be not deceived tha obligation, of. the
suppression of armed combinations egainat con
siiiutional authorities te paramount to all oth-
importanrobllgatlong ihonld- be rregleieted, it
must ba attributed to thbectsttlea-f tb ease,
because rights, dependant the law of the
Btat must neoesaarily hucmb to military txi.
geaciet, oreated by lnaurreetion ana rebellion.
Prof. Lowe made a. balloon ascension on
Monday night. His observations showed camps
along tb rear of tb rebel balterieslotstea r.
twelve milei In the direction of Manaaias, In
dicating tha enemy yet in force In that vicinity.
, " lohn Cochrandeilrexed anaddreaa.to hit
regiment in tb preeenoe pf Secretary, Cameron!
ana Outer uuuuKuuueu, pwwp. , i a mint important
point iubie argument waa in relation to
r. . .
tne treatment 01 a uuuug iui prevent eon
fliot.- Hrstld we need to noe every means In
out to to subdue lh rebellion; V ahobld
Uke theW-cotton' 1rtd; sell ofbarQ ,lt, s wt
baatreonfiacat their Droperty, aud when necea-
aarv. take, their, .lives; and -ae tbeb lavM are
used a.as element olstr en gtk-agalnaLua. we
ahonld'trt awitsmtaM ttemace a .-neaesev-
to dice irmi I tbiT hands. thatthev nicht
ftsaiat in es'UblUblng the right of Common fan
manlty. Tbla aenUmant waa receivw vlVB bb
bououed fnthuelaani.
S. F. DUPONT, Further from the Fleet.
tiru' Monkdi; Nov." 13 Tho steamer
BlentiDe he utt nivd at Old Polpt from the
Great wrpeaiuont. i;tn i, t,i jw . ;
Sh left Fort Royal od Sundev morning;, aod
brings cheering intelligence. CapL Bteedman,
however, leu ner i idib pwca uu prwvcu ui
reot to Weiblogton.. Jb, diepatcbef aadtro
phlee two brais c'unon and seoeeston flags.
Ha ranOri a 'the sale )noountered , bv tb fleet
a war tvere. The Union and Oaoeola went
atbore aed were loat.as previously reported.
'be Governor Kmnaeroo ai tea ou ua tiaac
'. Shilth tuooeeded in saving all her qrew with
ie exeepUot t a few mart Da. -, . ,
Tha fleet arrived at Port .Royal on Monday,
tha 4th. ' On Tuesday the- 'smaller gunboats
rounded In the channel under a Are from the
r -r- - J jfc .. - .
rrortsj which did' no' damage." Oa Wednesday
Thursday morning', tbJth lu-. the men-qf-war
j and th gunboats, adranoedto the at-
tCj?- ,... ...... -....,. A
The action commencsa ai ten A'w.,aaa was
hotly oontested on both sides and lasted about
four hours, at tb end ot which time the rebel
were eompelled by tbe shower of shells to aban
don their works aod beat a hasty retreat. ' I
Oar loss waa olitht mn and on oBlcer, tb
chief englneerof th Mohloan, killedi Ud about
twenty wounded.' Rebel lots unknown. Fiity-
two bodlea war round by our men and oorled.
All their wounded except two were carried off.
- Two forte were captured, Fort Walker, on
Hilton Heed, mounting twenty-three guns, and
Fort Beauregard, on Boy Point, mounting nine
teen lQD and of heavy calibre; Tbe fort war
both new and splendid earthwork of great
streegtb, constructed .in tbe highest styl of
military science, ana pronouncea cy our engi
neers as Impregnable against any assault by
land fbreet.
The float retreat of Mia rebels wag a perfect
rout. They left everything, arms and equip
ments of all kinds, even to tbe officers' swords
and eommltsions; all tha -letters and' paper,
both pnblio-and private, order books, and docu
ments ot. all kinds, affording our officers jnuch
valuable information. Among the papers waa
a telegram fromf Jeff. Divls to the commander
of the post, Informing him of the sailing of the
fleet and that b knew thtir- destination, to be
Port Royal. -,
Th whole surrounding country waa seized
with perfect paolo. - - - , . , ,V(,
Thday altar th fight the Seneea and two
cttnboata nroceeded to Beanfort aod found but
oo1 white man in the town, and he drunk;. A1J
tbe plantations up the river seemed to be desert
ed except by thef negroes, wbo were- seen id
great numbers,, and wbo, as tbe bott passed,
came down to lbe shore with bundle in their
hands aa if they expected to be taken off.
iney seized ail tbe letter in tue roetofllce.
After the capture of the forts the whole army,
about fifteen thousand men, were safely landed
and established on ahore.
The forte were but little injured, lot the
rebela could; not stand the explosion of our big
Tbe forca of the enemy, aa ascertained from
thefr papers, was four thousand men, under Gen.
yrayton, of south Carolina. - - ' 1
Our victory la complete, tba rebela laavine
everything but their Urea, which they saved by
running. But four persoos were found, and two
of tbem were Wounded. VAU hands of th fleet
are represented aa aoting In, the moat gallant
i. The reporters who accompanied th expedi
tion from New York, are on tb Bienville with
full detail. ,i ,;,,.:. ,ac: x:v 1
' Nbw Yobi, Nov. 13. The Tribune's special
from Fortress Monroe says tbe entire fleet
fo sied in two grand lines for the fight. The
Wabath led, and the. Bienville flioked tbe
movement, which was In a circle, flitt deliver
ing broadside into Fort Beauregard, on the
north weBt, and, as the fleet came round, raking
rort aiaer,oniDtoutnwut. Usth lorta re
tponded vigorobaly. j .' ? t , k: ; .
Tne rawnee and Mohican got aground and
were considerably damaged." ' -
Tbe rebel lost ia supposed to be two hundred,
uenerai urayton commanded at Fort Walker,
and Col. Elliott at tort Beauresard. : ' .. .
. The rebels' retired across Scull Creek td a vil
lage twenty-five miles In tbe Interior, where it
i supposed they intend making a stand.
' The negroes bad already beean to nillaca and
f destroy Beaufort, The white population fled to
bharleaton by small, .steamers by the inside
tOUte. " -' - f j
F General Sherman, hap hundreds of negro la-
uurera. .
1 here waa a camo at Savannah, and It waa
believed Its Centura woWld be aaav.
, is it vuuerstooa -BiiefrBao will improve tbe
oeioune pi ma poeipou,oioe making any tor
ward movement. .- .-) b !..-. : -, j
In th fort waa founlNr ar atfpply of am-
uuaitiun ana iioret onne Deet aetenptton.
... Commodore Danont will immadiataiv aurvav
th barbor, place buoya, and ereetrlgbts. Tbe
pot it lott will be made a permanent base of on-
erationa. . ., .... . ' .;.'!', ,
The fleet ttood within eieht hundred or aa
thousand feet of tbe forte.- niint? five-aecond
fuses, and poured shells into them at the fatt of
. ,Un,,..n4 1
Nat ft single shell sent by the rebel burst in
the thlpi.' The Wabash was struck several
times, as was most of the. fleet, but .eyery ship
waa in a fighting condition, when therebtja took
to their heelti. ' i v rjui:, ,. ,tuc
Tbe 8urgeonr of Forr Walker'is kffled.
At Charledtoo next dav thirteen jhiniita-enna
were fired Ipdioating. the burial ol BrlgaJter-'
uenerau.. ? . ...
The troops had not ooennied Beaufort-, when
tbe ateamer- left, belnir better eniratr-d lh
Strengthening their1 position.
Baltimobb, Nov. 13. From, an officer inst
cumo up, we gainer me ioi lowing additional
particulars. - . ,
None of our veseels were sank. The Paw
nee. lott six men killed and two wounded, and
suffered mora Injury than any other, bat we not
diaabledw 'A round that went through her ward
room. The Wabash bad her main mast badly
hurt w'tb round shoW: The Pocahontas had one
man injured. Tb Assistant Surgeon of ibe
Mohican waa badly Wounded end the Chief Sur
geon killed. " -
Whet our troop took possession of the forte
they found tho flag flying on the fort on Hilton
Head. Tha rebela bad, mined tba worka and
fixed the halyard cf the flag so that when tho
flag ; should be: drawn down the mine wonld be
sprung. r Tbe halyards anrnns- a mine in tha
house need by the officers, but did" very little
uamage ana nun no one. i n magazine did
not explode,' A large quantity of powder wa
round, also ft targe amount of Kngutb ammuni
tion and projectile.
From the Upper Potomac.
Darmisbown, Nov. 9-An arrival 'from Watt.
erh Virginia brings dates from Manassas to the
16th' Oct,'.",-'- :- ;.'.." 1
The central division, of tb rebel ermy was
at Centreville, and-an immense numbee ot
hands were engaged la erecting entrenchments,
anticipating an attack Dy lucweiian. Johnson
waa at CentrevUle,BeAuregard at Fairfax deoot.
on the right of the Braddock road, and waa also
busily preparing tor tbe anticipated attack.
Tbe combined forced of Johnson and Beaure
gard etUmated at not to exceed one hundred
thousand nghtlng men, bat reinforcements are
exfaected front Richmond.-, Their artillery
amounted, to two hundred piece, mostly indif
ferently mounted and bon of poor quality, '
U ,- xi - I "I I i" ' I f '
Mutiny at Norfolk.
Boston. Nov. thousand of Gen.
Barber's New England Division ar nnder oe,
der to leave on Wednesday. They embark at
BottOtt. The llth Main Raglment arrived to
day, en route south. -r - ; .: '
A tetter in tn x tanaotipt from, ortres
Monroe, dated the llth, tya new lust reached
here that three' thousand "rebel soldiers had
mutinied at Norfolk, i,lao that most of tha oltu
tena had determined to fight for the Union r
In confirmation or this captain o. Tar; United
States army, says the stars and stripes were fly
ing from rig roint,. opposite Newport IN ears.
where th rebel nave lor ft long time bad
fortaldabl battery. - "
From Fortress Monroe.
[Herald's Dispatch.]
Fombbm Mobbos, Nov. il.T-Coi. Max Web-
Or, with Ix eompaole of the Twentieth Regt
menl New York. Volunteers, mad recohnols
Bancf if, fore this morning, at New Market
bridfo. ina-toouEa renortta two nowtixert in
position by th rebels.. Cel. Weber immediate-,
IB. navbceaa arw uw urm,. waioa we
steadily retoraedi the "enemy losing-'two ' men
killed and leveVaf wounded- T rebela then
Withdrew, taking with thea their guru and slain
1 Col. Weber did BoUoei man.
Ordnance Stores for Port Royal.
,Ubw Yoaa:, Nov. 11 drdere have been re
ceived to-day for the ehipi tent of ordnance and
ordnaaee etore --4'igaioyaJ.rrTliey will he
lerwarueu lmmeuiaioiy. r - --- . .
Abetter from Bermuda, by th brig Prleat,
atataatbat th rebel ataame NathvUle was at
Bt. ueorgfa etf.tpf natn oi yciocer, taking In
L'l ur'
"Duwroa, ov. . www. a.- uooawin'a me
nactri waa burnt tbht evtnine and all th ani
gaalt tmothered to death com aeyenty or eighty
in nnmoer. ( i.-ii ii r .. zi a
. I . - . ii i. m
I PdiLAntxrHiA, Nov. IS. A public 'meeting
ia to be held In thla city to take Into coundera-
tioa tbe relief of contrabands constantly ar
rlviog here. -
- -- .i .
Further by the Nova Scotia.
LrvtErooL. Oot. il . The cotton Bale of four
days amount to 27,000 bale. Market 'dull at
the decline oi from tbe oaotaiion t the
deDartere of the Persia, bat , the usual srAdee
are arm. ' Bales to speculator ana exporters of
io.&uu bales. ' .
- The Manchester market U anUt, Ith ft de
clining tendency.' - v i,r,-j ,
LivnrooLi Oct. 81 Wakefield, Nash lr.Co.
and Richardson, S pence & Co. quote floor quiet
ana ' easier at eo. - wneai quiet r.ana
eteedyi red western lO(212Vsi red aoathern
13 6dia 9d; white western and white south,
era f5s13s 9i , Corn stetdyi mixed 33i; yel
low 33s33t Si white 3C37s. . Beef dull.
Pork dull. Sugar quiet. ' Rtoe, no sties.
LoaooN Mabkbt. Breadttufft dull and all
qualities slightly deoUned. Sugar thowt a. de
ollntnltendeney.' Coffee steady.- -
AuisicAif dtocks Illinois itmrai anarea
38 W ditcount. Erie 20. t New Toik Ccttral
69(370 (' '-'..: 'lAti r -. -jj
LiviarooL Breadstuffs"' quiet - and-.- steady.
uorq nrm. -rrovltlontqalet.'- aj. i ,
--..The Perls Patrle saya: The' convention rela
tive to Mexico will be announced to tbe Amerl
can Government, with an invitation to loin' tn
the expedition. Tb aaase journal sure, on ob
ject of tbe expedition l, to eonctitute etrong
government for Mexico. ' '
Two first class British men-of-war are order
ed to be ready forthwith. . . . '
Tba Duke of Argyle id a speech had taken
strong gronna against any interterenoe, whatev
er in American affairs. ,i.uO k
Tha Ecrlish Board of Train fetfrrnt nlinw
contlnued decreat la xports ' ; .
It was stated that a pamphlet bad appeared
In Paria, calling on the American Government
to take military precautions' against aFrcnch
Disturbance have" been "Reported' at St. Pe
tertourg.. .. ,
Tbe Indian cotton crop waa reported laree
and encouraging. " ' ' ' ' . .. .
Tbe Time lays it should not be surprised If
in a short time intelligence from Russia became
exciting. , Things are moving on gradually, but
aeciaeuiy, towara Ci-uis.
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Nov. 13.
tile aoCmIm tliddiin.
TJplaod at Big. - f i , -..-. . . -i
VliOb 11 Opened (teadv and oloied a ihada firmer with
tooddamand for export and home carunmn Ion: aaiaiSH
tOU btrrela at i 'JiXAi 55 for lelea.ad: B5 S(kai5 ii for
nptrfin tute; $5 55 80 for extra ttaw, chiefly at
3 limi IS: aj 30X3 S3 lor unar&n we. Urn: S5 asm
5 80 lor oommon to medium (xtra wet tern; 5 taS8 00
for ahlpplng brand extra round hoop Ohio: Sli 1U4 75
for tmie brand do. Canadian floar a tbad flrmer
wuo moderate demand: ult, or lituu bbl at as ion
lii ii forttpemiiei 5 Hx&f 50 for cominca to choice
extra. " - ' '
RYB TLOUB Qdlet and dead with le at il&ai
CORNMKAL Q-aletindttuchanred.' '
WIlISblY Bather mora llau!,: ule 100 bamtle at
sic a,... ..j .,.
WHBAt One to two cent better with a good demand
for export at tbe advance. Sale of 18,600 bushel Chi
CM IDrlrji at Bl ttliall 34: Haelc aorlna at ! B4
al 25; llllwaakee elnb at $1 951 S8; Amber Iowa at
nwii rea ttatett i 84au 35; iprbig tut at
1 80; witter red western (1 3501 88; ember Michigan
at (1 3ai 40; whiU Canadian at tl 4091 53, tbe lat
ter price for very choice; white state at fl 45; white
allehigan at $1 48311 52; while Kentucky at 1 504
1 53. i -j , i n -
HYB-Bcarce and very firm; talc of 1,500 bushels at
BABLIY Firmer; talet 1,500 butheU CanadUn at
70ov . .
CORN-Opened firm and doted a abide better with a
moderate demand for export and home connmpUon and
peculation; tale of 223.000 bnabeleat 6iXtfli.io fordit-
tllltry mixed wee tern; 67(08 for good to prim (hipping
a anot, cnieny aioxawa; and ucxawt in store.
. OATS Scarce and flrmer; le at 4S4so for Canada
44oo for wealarn Peonaylranla and atate.
POBET Dull and beary; price lightly ftvor th pu
ohaier; ealeoef BMkarrelt at C14 Basis 25 for xneae;
9 50c9 tiSX tor prima.- r . , .
BKBr Bule auiet and nnehanirea: atle 120 barrel
at4(a4 Hi for prime; B5315 50 for men; lll for
repackedmau; 8 13 for extra meat. Prime me beef in-
aetlv. -
BBRV HAMS Qaklt.- ' - -
H008 Dreued , ia active demand at 5c.
CUT MBATa Dull with aaleat41 for abonlder and
5o for birna.-. . - ,,- - .
BACON In looi demand. ohieSv far future dollverv.
at XX. Sale of BUUO boxes aatorted deliverable in
ueoember, J anuary and f ebruary on private term. .
LAUD Dull and favorath barer: tale 150 barrel
at )(9Xc,tbe Utter an extreme price, and 330 kegs
mferioratOs. - ..i' - iJ.ij ! .... ,
BUTT Bo Shade firmar-atlOAltn for Ohio, and 14
le for stot.
C uk B B Firm at 53S7)c. ' -
COFFBB Very firm and ia active demand: tale of
3500 big Banto on board for export to London on sri-
hrite term; 300 bags Bloat 15Xe; 300 bag Maracalbo on
priTit terms; luu nag ignayra at leo. .
8UUAK Raw. tn good request, and market very firm;
fair to good refining quoted at rxSHHfo; sale ttnc lait
report of 849 hhd Cuba at 7X38c; a few hbds Porto
nieoaioxiAjvx; siuo bagt Manilla at 7c; and liuv
bag Calcutta oa private terms. . Refined steady and un
changed at 9xaVl0c; yellow at UKattOXeand lie for
ground, granulated and eraahed.- . -' "
muiiAbBEB Httady and flrm; talet pf 35 hbds Cuba
Mnaoovado at 6c; id hhdj Batbadoe at 30e; 38 hbds
Porto Rico at 40o. - -' " .
Cincinnati Market.
tLOTJB Is unchanged. Holder ar not disposed to
make conoetaloa to meet barer, and henoe but little
bat been done. Wt quote luperflne at Itiatt 10 extra
4 S0S4 30; and family 84 4WS4 59.
. WBBAT Firm and in good demaad at 10285 for red
ana tvue ror wnit.
iATB in gooa aemana at xic.
VB Unchanged, and flrm at 43343c.
BARLEY Pull and drooping at 43c tod 48c, ar tht
for and fall.
i: -. .. . , uimwiorcto.
Cleveland Market.
No tktts Price unehangr'd. ' ' '
WHBAT InaotiT. Ib only toiet reported ar 9
oar red at 93c on track. , .
CORN Bale of SOW) buih from tore, at 33af, '
i OATS Quiet artSo-n -
HIGH WIN Be Bt let of 25 fcb(s at IGo.' "
BDTTBB Bale of merchant W. B. at 10o..
IQQo Jinn at lie. - I. c. ;. r-: :, 'it
Oysters ! Oysters I !
1 ',','.-.-
xJL be in dally receipt, by liznr, of , -
( .ol.;' '1 .- 'J c r-ti . i : i,.- .M
PrJm Battlmor and lair Haven. .....
Call at Wagner's Oyster and. Pratt Depot, Ha. 21 Salt
Btat street. ,- 4i:rT t.-. . ; o.
augS4tf . .:, .... ,,.,,,.
lOGl. '
Ce)ltl Stetee Exprea
Co., Prep'r.
. j Via Sew Tork & lUlLcoad,.
Arid all other Roads Leading West
r,; j .1 andSoutliwest.:.::';
' . ,- tt Trtft .r rrT
Chartered Oars over meet Road on Piano yer TraW
HCtVtr. Ae'L I A. 1
t. KirronT, Ag't, 1
851 Broadway, N.'Y. f ' -
W Btat BU, Beaton.
WMv. ,PltET, Buperlnlendent; Buno,'
'.'i FITCH Ojr' AgeiitM.-.'-.
IT Weet Breed Street, ''
"Ttey go Bight xaits
A C-2
lnttuat liaise! I
1 r vr--4le Kg
rlfr wear Breeta.'
r-8 V.., ,- ' . Ji, (A
',. i" . ' '' "ABa'1' " a-iWM ltfv t
r j-i fi-ji ;, jr. -.... i j A.JM
. j -..- anrtuini oabbv - ..- .... , .
. ! l-- ' --Vt .. :
r. ',:
They relieve a Cough instsntly
They clear the Throat" ' ' ' ' ' 1 ' ' ' "
Thdy give atreogth and volume to tVvoico.
Thoy Impart a delioiods aroma to tlirareaia' i
They are delightful to tbe taste. . . ; .,.-
Thpy ar mad of simple herbs and cannot'
bkrm anyone. ' ' ' ni -j or,-,-,
I advlM every ont who has Oouihera muk Vatir".1?
or a Bad Breata, or any diflioulty of tbt Throat, la ',al
apackagtofmy Throat ConttcUons; they Win relieve
you Initially, and yon will tgrtt with m (bat "liny
go right to tht spot." Yoa vrlH Bad them verv ntefn I
tad pleatant while traveling r attending aabllt ajt,-.
lnga, for stilling yonr Cough or allaying your fhlrtt 'it"-'
youitry on package, I am tail in laying that yo j)ll4
ever afterward eonilder them lodlipenaable. - .. .'t
Yoa will find iheai at tb Pragglvbj and Dtaicn In
Xtoacfnee. . .iii. ,. i ... . .
V lignator ia en neb pockag. All other are ,
A package will be tent by mail, prepaid, on receipt i-- 1
Thirty Cents. '
Addrct, 1 ' - "
: Heaxy O. Spalding.' 1 J i
; NO AI CBBAft'otRBtT,1
B the uu of the Bill tht perlodia attack ot -tr
torn or Hid BtododU may ka prevented; and if tal
at tfce oommencement of an attack Immediate relief tr.m
pel? sod fiexnea will be obtained. -
They teldom fall in removing the Aiuwi an-1
acAt to which females are o subject.
They act gently upon tht bowel removing ObHiv
nt-f . ...
ror IMrrary Mm, . Btu&tnis, Pelicata tViaalt'
and all pertoa of ttdentani kaMU, (bey are vnlut .,
a t ZamaHvt, improving tbt appetite, giving ton-- '" -"
' : - . i.-ii j
vigor to to aigoiuve organ, ana restoring uit oaiji,,!
tlaiUeUranaitrength at th whole ,yt tern. u .s';..
TUB CXPHAXIC PfU.3 ire the result of long level
VjTH u nt a M
cure x HIS
JaT -w . 1 a V'i -I
ligation tod earefully oondooted experimeata, iU,j
been In ate many yean, during which Urn they ba;.,,.,
prevented and relieved t vast amount of pain and soWery;-;'
tng from Deadich, whether originating in the eswttt" 1
tystcm or from a deranged slat of tha etomiai.
They art entirely vegetable in their oompi'tliiot,. an
may betaken at all tlmea with perfeot aatety without
making any oh age of diet, and the abttat of ary
dltagntcM lott render, it eaiy to avimxi ar ihM , , .
dWMren. . . -, . r-' J-'
; BBWARB vf OOUNTaaiTSr " " "
Tht genuine bavafitignatu,(r.Benrv 0 apaidicg
oneachBox. . ': :
Bold by Druggiali and all Other Dealer la medicine.
A Box will be tent by mail, prMd, on receipt of the
Ixroof) 133 pexxtB
All order shonld be tddreand to
;; . HtKV C.lrJPAJ'ItCkVjTl
48 Ceder street. New fere.
i .rn ii.
from th Bxamlner, Norfolk, Va.
Cephalic Pill aeaompllah th object lr which thoy
were mad, vh.: Cunrof headache In all It forme. -
' from the Xomlaer, Norfolk, V. ; T v ,
They hav been tetted to more than a thatamad otiii
with entire sneoeae. , .,. ... .-if--, ..--:! , a;;,-.
ftein tb Btavtaiat, U,,o4, -ttttjuj j-;,
' If yoa art, or have been, troubled with lh headache j v.
send for box, (Cephalio Plll, ao that yoa may have
them in ce of an attack. ... .
from th Advertbwr, Providenc, B. I.
The Cephalio PHI ar (aid to be a remarkably effeot ta .
remedy for the headache, and on of the very beit'fbr J
that very freqeent complaint .which hm ever been
- from the Western B. B. Sasette, Chicago, 111, , .
W heartily endorse Mr. Bpaulding, and hi unrivaled '
Cephalic fllls.t.
. i fro. .,7 Sanawha Valley liar, Kaoawh. Va. rf .
V areiure thatperaont tufferlnwlth mt headache ' v
who try them, will stick to them. -. ; j i
' from tha Southern Path lndr, HewOrleaatf te." e
Try tlientl yoa that are afflicted, and wt are tut ihAtTJTi
yotr teetlmonycaa be added to the already nsmeruui ,. ",
Hit that ka reeekred beneSI that no other me-iieoetau.,
prodaoe... , ' J '
.1,1 -" -
" ' i ' from th8t. lanlt bemoortt.
' Tht immeaae demand for the Brtte'a tGtbolfc F Ilia
is rapidly increnlog. ' ' ' - '
t theOaeotle, PaveaporU low,t,... :.r- a;i;
Mr. Bpaldtug would net ooonaet hb) aam win, aa or .
Hole be did not know to poaaeat real merits
TJ7A tmgle bottle of BPalBIWfl'g PBBPABBP
. , CLUB) ertli aav ten Umea lu ot annully.rj , u ,v ,
: t-i i ! -ui-i-fS ttjfl
.fiinjru.j fir? B-Yi-
I bat ma riBOBBi -
BOONOim . , ... , BMPAtCHI
1 A SO
HJA BTtrca n imm bitb na. -ji wVt,,
At accident will happea, area, ia waljaragalatad faat , . ,
file. It la very dMlrabl to hav torn cheap and eon J
Tentent way for repairing famitara, toy, Crockery'--'.'-'
T, '"'"' gPALDIIf S'8 PBBPABBD (3L01 j f
meek lit mob emergonclea, and no booaabold oao afford"
to b aitboat it. It Ietlway ready, and np lo ah "
ingpoint. - ' - -...'rib r! p4jic to
Tl B.-A Broth aaoompanle eaeh kattl. ,fj ... '
BBNBT 0. BPAXDlttt,' "
. Na. 4d, Oedar Btraat.Mtw forh. li
litj! Y,'t:- 1v- j.
As certain enprtirfpled peraonf art aMesaptJuf
rilm off on the nnnupeetlng publlo. imitation of at ' 1 -
BBPARBD 6LUB, I would caution all pertoo tpi
amine befnre pnrchatlne;, and tee that the full nam,'- - "' 11 '
Is en tEeouUld wrapper! all others aratwlndllng
lerreltt, aov

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