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The Foothold Gained in South Carolina.
n,. tM of .uocfBi leemi o to be turning
la favor of the Union arms. Long beve the
u-.u. ntlnt'. amicus and expeoUnt,
iia et last a loridbC1lt bas Illumined wr
gloomy BoutlerhorlMO, benishtag aespoDuea
ej and cheering every heart. , ,
The news tf be brlllleiki ausMea of Ibe
...'iiitinn in ant Southern Atlantic coast U now
confirmed beyond 'doubt. ' ForiV Iblntfs may
.,. hkwinv been aoeompllibed, aside
ftoa liJe umort nd ft!0Dlctnte8: First,
thatror fleet la lo peetesslon o na. .
. o.. d i. .i,w. thai the well-built and
almost Impregnable forts, Beaaregard and
Walker, commending the entrance to Beaufort
. . . . ...... . c....h ami rlharfoa.
and the mw leading w .. -----
. ra nnnnnied hy federal troopu thirdly,
v... .v. t.n nf Buufurt bavlDK been deserted
by its white Inhabftante, also been taken
poesesiloB f DJ Jhe Union lorcea, ana jourmij,
.um.f, Ruii.ii hai landed 4 land force to
the number of fifteen thousand ttwps.whe have
nmm Mioed arMtlDr fortifications and prepar
in. not onlv for maintaining the ground already
won, but for extending the career of conquest
n... the rebeli thai auBoIclouelj commencea
It Is worthy of notice that on Thursday, the
7.K u.t .. th Tr dav on which we obtained at
Belmont, M4" ' !? viotorj and goffered a
half defeat to balance It, our fleet at Port
Royal bombarded and reduced forte Boeuregara
and Walker, with a loss of only eight or nine
mea killed, while that or the enemy was proDa
bly at least ten time a great. Thia caused,
without further effort, Beaufort and the sur
rounding country to fall into our hands. And
on the neit day, the 8th !nst., Gen. Nilson
gained his signal viotorj at Piketou, Ky. .
Probably no point lor occupation on the South
ern coast could hare 'been selected io appro
priate and advantageous as that ot Ptfrt Royal
and Beaufort..- The reader will find, in another
part of this paper, an Interesting article on the
statistics, vital and agricultural, of Beaufort
district or oottnly. -i ! " . - '
Soutu Carolina secea.ioniaU, if not the sole
cause, were the prime movers lii' and principal
inetlgatora'of this rebellion. . Their 8enatore
and Representatives first resigned their seata In
Congress. The" first-ordinance of secession was
pusicJ in the Palmetto Stale, and in hr waUrs
the Union flag was first fired upon Hitherto,
her soil bat keen ueaUind, by the blood which
seciwion has caused tp flsw in other more loyal
States. But we trust the day of retribution
has now eome, not only for the rebels in South
Carolina, bit In the'other cotton States, as U
M a day of joy and deliverance for the loyal
Union men in the same region. ' .
Telegraphic Philosophy.
The UJegtaph.reoorditig eerreut events,
not unfrequently puts on" tho' airs of a phllo
eophlcal historian. 'H sometimes draws deduo--tlons,
not warranted by the facts, and quite
diverting to sensible people.1 For instance, In
the dispatch to the Associated Press, Informing
us of theittoeeseof our fleet In the bombard
ment of Forta Beauregaid and Walker, in Port
Royal Biy, we are told that, "The moment
Gen. Drayton took to his horse, in thepanlo of
the 7ih.hi two hundred servants went airecuy
to the Wabaeh. This U worthy of notice as
putting down the nonsense that the slaves were
ready to fight for their masters.
Tk rut was doubtlecs aa stated: the- infer
eno 1 merelv the expression of an opinion as
to a matter about which; telegraphio operators
. talti.
know aa lUUe as other people, zreij miem
gent and sensible man know) that, as a general
. rule, negro slaves will fight for or against their
masters, according to circumstances. 'The na
ture of an Ignorant, servile population is every
where, white or black, to fight, without, regard
to the justice of the cause, on the side that, for
the tlm being, feeds, clothes, arms and pro
tects them. :. We need the telegraph to tell cs
the news, not- to teach us politics or philoa
obw." ' J!- ,
-i i
Two Sides to the Question.
The New' York Tribunt eayt that "it would
be difficult to find a. person; not at heart a
ecessionisi, wno would not say: If either slave
ry' or the Union must fall, then let slavery In
etantly per inh.' ;; - '
An old Union Democrat at our elbow rejoins
that ''it would'be still more diffienH to find a
person, not at heart a disunionist, who would
not say: lf either Abolitionism or the Union
mast perish, let Abolitionism be instantly wiped
out.'!' ,: :. ' : r: :
Col. Ogilsby's Expedition.
This expedition which left Cairo on the 3d
instant arrived on the 8th at Bloomfield, the
camping ground of Jeff. Thomnon.' The rebel
chief, with hie band of thirty-four tundred, had
decamped the night before, so that oni troops
found no enemy to fight.- Colonel Ociusr then
returned with his command to Cairo.;,.- ; ,,. j
A Genuine War Speech.
At the grand torchlight procession, given at
Wuhingtoo City, on the evening of the 11th
initaoj, by three thousand Germans of General
Buxus'a Division, In honor of General Mc
CtiLLAH'a promotion te-the Generalahip-in
Chief, speecbei, addressed to ;Citiene and
Soldiersere nude by becretanes wMiaoii
and 8119 , when loud calls were made for
Gen. Bluikik, who mounted the roBfrum and
aidV"'"" ' ' ' ; ' '
CmiiNS and SoazRs : I will say' b few
words, and it shall be few. If ever I find the
-enemy, I will fight toueands, and tousaode of ns
will fight better as I speak this noble English.
Immense applause. v . , . i . ,
O" Gov. MaoornN, of Kentucky, has appoint
ed Thursday, the S8th ii)iV,as a day of thanks
giving and prayer. .. . . ' , m t, ,, . ;
tT On Sunday morning lest a large block of
buildings was bocnei in .Fremont, .flhio.--. The
It wu Altogether the'wioet terrific fire we
have had here for years. f We must not omit to
notice the beroio eondoot of these lidics who
bore a helping hand at the "brakes," so that a
large number of able-bodied men conM enjoy
an uninterrupted view of the fire-
KT The Boiton Courier closes a long article
oa the removal P,FxMqNT aa lollows. , . . . '
6tiU.it la so palpable that the dismissal of
Fremont is the fatal knell to the Abolition wing
of the iUpubuoaii party, that their sensitiveness
je nU to ie wondered at. Bat In so decisive a
, viotutj of coMervatism over wltralsm.all trne
patrUxe will heartily rejoice. A mdler, clear
er, profounder poblio confidence will follow this
act of the National Government. And from
this point the Ship of State, long tossed by the
etorm, may now take a far more propitious departure.
Interesting to Unpaid Soldiers.
The following letter trom Paymaster No
Dowitt, U. S. Awhose headquarters are In
this" oltv.lias been eublishefl', InaDSwer'to' In
quiries put to him, renpeotlng the manner in
which discharged, and ether three montns men
can got their pay. .
COLUMBUS, O., Nov. 12, 186.
Q,.. l,tua- kail HTM SO DSi
different Paymasters that were engaged fa pay
t x . . a eeaAsl cnsl"
Ute the twenty, tbree regimenw m -
men In Ohio, ebtreota of their pey-iolle, gm.
iog the names of all the unpaid eoUllers on these
rolls. C; . ,
Such soldiers ae have noi arawu iuir ij
he nald ra separate pay account; tnc neoorj
blanks for this purpose I will finish on proper
anolicatloB ol a eoiaier weo iuouwubu
,. ai LI. JImV.... uiumk
eommanains; woNrism ,r . .
i...n. anniiinv for saiment should Bive. the
name Ot the eoiaier in run, Die compim mu
Mirtmant. and Irt caafl where the discharge is
sent to Identify the man as being tbe soldier, it
will be returned to aim who we oiaB
slgnatore, on receipt el which I will remit bis
mnn h aSnreM. Powers ol Attorney should
tQ all cases aooompany the account, when s,tgn
ed by an Attorney in fact. !
1 anil URfl. in ine nm, mmnuur. vt u uv
nald members of the f irst and Beoona A.en-
tnnk Koeiauuita. on the discharge elven them
by their commanding officers, at Camp Clay, at
the time they were discharged, with tbe excep
tion these discharges wilt be retained by the
Paymaster, wnion w tne oniv amnoruj iut
Ing tho payment, which will be fromdate r en-
anllmant til data ei diaoharce at CamD Clay.
The getting of the necessary funds out from
Waahinrtan haa . caused the delay in making
these pejmeaw. 1 - am - now. var j
have thee accounts elosed up, and will be very
much obliged to yon if you will give it all the
can. 1 am yours,
Major MALCOM McDOWELL. The Victory in Eastern Kentucky--
Newspaper Accounts of the Piketon
Newspaper Accounts of the Piketon Battle.
[From the Lexington Observer, Nov. 13.]
Tha fnllnvinr letter from Dr. B. P. Drake,
fnrmari tit thia citv. but now a resident of
Mt. Starllnr. has iust come to band, , The
inrnpniatimi it contains is in the biehest de
ra harinv to the friends of the Union, and
speaks well for our mountain forces. .The
braggadocio General Williams (Cerro Gordo
John; nas eviaenuy met wiw aa luguifiuwa un-
feat: ' " ' f" u-'uiffei 4s i' n:
[From the Lexington Observer, Nov. 13.] "MT. STERLING. Nov. 11.
D. C. WicKtiml Esa". Mr. Hurst, a relia
ble gentleman, just from tbe mountains, reports
that on Friday there was an engagement this
side ol Piketon. "The engagement was stopped
by the coming on of night. Both armies laid
on tbelr arms and renewed the contest the next
morning. At ten o'clock tbe reDeis surrender
ed. Their lose was four hundred killed and
anout two thousand taken prieonerfl. .This In
formation ia considered reliable, w
"B. P. D."
A letter from Calvin Brock, the pro tern, edl
tor of the Mt. Sterling Whig, dated..Monday
night at that place, sjb: , , ,
I haT Inst received a dispatch from Preston'
bare. It runs as follows! On Friday evening
laat. General Nelson attacked the enemy at
PiketoD, Pike county f fought fromour o'clock
until aighti both armies slept on, their arms
until next morning, when they renewed the
conflict; fought till teu o'clock; enemy whipped
their lose ie lulled, four hundred; one thousand
frisoners taken; balance fled to, tbe bushes.
ederal loss comparatively small. This I get
at eight o'clock to-night fxam a reliable gentle
man who has just arrived here from Hazel
Ureen, who neard ien. neieon s uupatcu tuyui
Grigaby read at that plaoe.
[From the Frankfort Commonwealth.]
. By a private tetter received by a gentleman
in this city, we learn that the number killed was
four' hundred and eighty, and tbe number of
prisoners about fourteen hundred, and among
the .-prisoners was Col. J. S. Williams and R.
Hawes, Esq. 1 . r ., s
[From the Frankfort Commonwealth.] STILL LATER.
The was on the post bill .reoeived
at tbe poetoffice in this city from Mt. Sterling,
on yesterday evening. "Huzza! Nelson has
whiDced out the rebels at Piketon, killing four
hundred and taking tiro thousand prisoners.
This is perfectly reliable. He gotin behind the
blackguards." . ' ,'. ".
[From the Louisville Journal.]
Tbe following proclamation from General
Nelson is in the right rpirit, and shows that
the advance or toe arraieb ci me union re
stores the civil authorities to their functions:
November 5, 1861.
Having this day vceupled the town of Preston
hnrir with the forces under my oommand, I de
clare to all whom it may concern: That tbe
jurisdiction ot the State of Kentucky Is restored
in this section or tne state, ana taat toe regu
lar fall terms of tbe Courts will be held in those
counties in which the time for holding the same
has not passed. All the civu offlosre are order
ed to attend at the time and ilacee of holdlne
said courts, and attend to the duties of tbelr re
aneetlve offices. '- "" '"V :
. - , ... m . .T
1 By command of BrlgGen. Neuoa "
( Jo. M. Dtrcf, Ald-de-Camp. ' ; .. 0 1
; After this he proceeded toward Plketori.'at
which place he arrived last Friday, and com
menced an engagement about four o'clock, P.
M. Ine Cght continued nntu nigut, ana now
armies slept on their arms. The next morning
it was renewed and continued until about ten
O'clock A. M., when the rebels made an uncon
ditional surrender. Their loss is said to nave
been four hundred killed and wounded, while
the prisoners are variously estimated from two
thousand to four thousand. The route was com
plete; and it is probable that nearly all of Wil
liams's forces have been taken in the gorges of
tha mnnnUina. '" '"'. ''
Where is Cumberland Gap!
Cumberland Gap ten
from Cumberland f ord, in Tennessee, and has
been celebrated for a eentnry as a great depres
sion in the mountain ridge which traverses the
continent from New Hampshire to North Ala
bama. Through this gap, very similar in ap
pearance and characteristic to tbe Booth fees
n the Kocky Mountains, formerly toe emigrants
from Virginia and North Carolina pasBed on
their way to the virgin wilds of the West. For
halt a century thousands npon thdnsands tponr
ed through thia natural gateway Into tbe Mis
sissippi Valley from the Atlantic elopes. Boone,
Kenton, and other pioneer eonwet, first enter
ed the land or "cane and turaey" over tne pre
Adamite turnpike. It really forms to this hour
the best, and, In fact, the only, practicable road
for the transportation of troops and heavy mu
nitions of war from East Tennessee Into Ken-
Lou. Dem.
Fusion in New York.
' The Buffalo Ctntier eays ot the Fusion Pop
ple's party of New York: " ' -Tbe
People's movement in 'Ihls Sia'te was
controlled by extremists, not. by conservative,
Administration Republicans. Its' leaders were
Horace Greeley and Daniel S. Dickinson.' Hor
ace wished to smash the Republican party, so
that he might make an end of Messrs. Seward
and Weed, and force tbe Administration Into
the adoption of hie emancipation scheme. ' Mr.
Dickinson wished to smash tbe Democratic par
ty, so that he could destroy tbe political infia
ence of Dean Richmond, and Create a future
for himself. This is all the patriotism there
was about . thia "nd party" humbug, at every
Intelligent politician knows.' ' ' , ' ' :
We rather suspect that this Is the whole
truth about tbe matter." It was, as the Cincin-i
natl Vrm well said, a union of jJollticiaos who
had "dropped out.' 'itv,
Guyandotte, Virginia, ecenfly deatroTl by
United. States troops, is' situated on tbe Ohio
river, at the mouth of tbe river from wbloh it
takes its name, ind ie one of the meet import
ant polnta of steamboat navigation hit Western
Virginia.' It rontwoed. about firs-or six bug
dred inhabitants. e.(f j c ,t'
"' irr-'lW.'theV' f- MarirV. t SetMHrtofdeii h
waa arretted at Cleveland a few days Ago, obi
rharira of earrvine on treasonable correspond
ence with the rebels, passed through New York
on Sunday, en route to Fori J-afayette.
Latest From the South.
FroultliS PhtUdei'la pcre we"towt 9 fol
lowing: "v-J
Latest From the South. [From the Charleston Mercury.]
Tm F.imD Battl 0 a Potomac.
HVa iliehmond narjers still Ipeak in conllilenoe
ol a battle soon to taxe piece oaiweee mm u
nt iha twn eraai arm ea on the roiomao-
Such a battle must be terrible la Its slain, and
most eriiioal in its ooniequencee. cut tnere u
ka.dl. erasnma. a man In the Confederate
army, or in the Confederate States, who 111 not
X .. a . a . -a. t
gladly nerve tnemeeivee 10 snow tuo
of each an event. Even, as a matter or me,
the hasardo of a battle with tbe enemy are pre
ferable to tbe disease and destruction which
mn.t aw.tt-tha arm In the nnorepared and
aespetat winter quarters near ventrevuie ana
Hniuii' -1 on l.oniftaffrain aroona '
qaered in every battle whlen nan been. longnt
boob the rotomso.-" :,-...-:
, . WhatTiM their lrjoeriotltv oonaietain superior
oourage and enthusiasm; ' saperlor use of
arnus or in coin or toese eanaea, b un
questionable, thev are enperlor to the United
titatee troops in bittle. Gen. Beaaregara's re
port, just submitted, or. tne oatue 01 juauaooaa,
states that, at that battle, there were 98,000
man in th Confederate army. Oar readers
will remember now the correot statements of
ouf published correspondence in thia particular,
and with, what Incredulity, these low. figures
were reoeived shortly before the battle. It was
mistakenly believed we had,Tunder Gen. Beau
retard, from 40.000 to 60.000 troops.
OX these twenty-eight thousand, there were
but . seven thousand immediately engaged.
What a vast disparity in numbers did our troops
vanquish on Jhat, .eventful day! And what a
fearlul rick was run by the previous rejection of
tl n.nntho irnlllntaAra! 'OllF MT.in BCDia
providential.. .The UniM, States authorities
admit they had filty-six thousand men in the
field, t Gen. McDowell,. In hla official report,
statea that eighteen thousand crossed Ball Ran
and ware eneased. This would make the pro
nortlon nearlv four to one, besides an Immense
body in reserve. Gen. Evans, in bla- reoent
gallant viotory at Leesburg, where there were
three to one, only repesteu 100 prauuuu ,iji uu
darln? and aucoess. wn. i.-.t-.
Will Gen. MoClellan, after the delea of hie
boons at Both el Church, Bull Run, Mnassas
and. more recently, at Leesburg,, commit the
consummate foil? of attacking the grand army
of the Confederate Statea on their chosen field,
behind their Intrench mentst Tons it appears
absurd to expect it; and yet it will not be more
abiiurd than tbe whole war. -. The attempt to
subjugate tbe South is as stupendous a folly as
to attack our army again at Bull Run.' We
earnestly hope that our . enemies, like rattle
snakes In August, may do ounuea oy tneir own
We verilv believe that. In 6ne day, on k fair
field, our noble army can settle forever the
destinies of the Sooth, and make na at onoe a
great, independent and triumphant people. '
While, therefore, we look with confidence to
future achievements ol this army, 11 permuted
to fieht. we cannot but return with regret to Its
psst Inactivity. We are floating along, relying
on possibilities. rf ,r . .j j. j
Tbe Richmond Whig of Monday laat says
We have reason to believe that tbe rumor which
has found its way into some of the city press,
that Mr. Breckinridge has received tbe appoint
ment Of Secretary, ia without foundation. The
presumption ia; instead, that be will be given a
oommand in Kentucky. Unless we are misin
formed, the gentleman who has, since the re
tirement of Secretary Walker, so satisfactorily
and ably discharged the onerons duties of tbe
War Department, will be retained at that post.
We have beard no conjecture Indulged in as to
who is likely to be called to tbe Department of
Justice. " r i-rna w - .j'.'r .
The brig Betaie Amea has been brought into
Charleston aa a prise. 8he waa from New York
for Uardenas.' ai r-a . 11. 1 . if.;
General Richard Taylor, lately appointed
Brigadier," tbe Richmond Dispatch says, has
been tendered the appointment of Quartermear
ter-General. T-ain ju-j- .1 t.'ir. ; kc .
It ia stated on Richmond authority, that Gen.
Lce'a command has been divided Lee taking
command in Northwestern Virginia, General
II. R. Jackson, of Georgia, In the Valley, and
that Gen. Holmea takes oommand on the Lower
Potomac" in oju vi! v , ?-1. - Ji 1
Gen. W. H. F. Walker, of the Louisiana
Brigade under Beauregard, haa resigned .:
Mr. Chaa. P. May, of Montgomery, Ala., haa
commenced tne manufacture ei "patent ieatn
er" on a large scale in that city. . - a
- There la a great scarcity of printing paper at
Richmond, and the JEnjairrr, in consequence,
haa cut off all subscribers who are In ar
rears.-i-'-: -t- " u ... ;
; Tbe Virginia 1 Fire and Marine Insurance
Company baa declared a semi-annual dividend
or ten per cent. 2: .-e m ..v.
Army and Navy.
Governor's Island begins to pnt ori a wintry
appearance, and overcoats and blankets are in
requisition. .'.Beyond the ordinary guard duties
and drills, there are ho movements to report.
The Texan soldiers are now quartered in Cas
tle William, vice tbe rort ilatterfta prisonera,
and (he men of the new battalion have removed
from the tents on the north aide of the Island
to the garrison. . . -"' i t-Z" '
The company of muaic boya la maklpg good
progress, though It haa not reached the maxi
mum of one hundred and fifty, to which It ia
authorized to be increased. ":
One company of the Texan soldiers la on
Bedloe'a Island, and the company (C) of the
permanent party which waa In charge of ibe
State prisonera at Fort Lafayette has returned
there, to be ready for any other disaffeoted gen
tlemen. ' . . -r "' ' ;-,'''
There are abont twenty-five officers now on
duty on Governor'a Island, most- of whom are
learning their, duties, having only recently joia
ed the army. '(' - t 11
At the Brooklyn Navy-Yard, yesterday, there
waa no particularly Important business transact,
ed. Tbe crew of the bark Roebuck were engaged
taking in purser's stores, wood, etc., alter which
she waa towed down opposite the Battery to re
cetveberpowder.ni 1 s, , . -ih-f,,
The United States steamer Powhatan, whose
arrival from Key West we reported yesterday.
has discharged her powder, and, -will take, the
place of the Crusader , in the Dry Dock, . her
boilers beieg greatly in need of repair. .They
may have to be replaced altogether- -It Is re
ported that tbe tsason wbj the Powhatan re-,
linqulebed the chase of tbe privateer Sumter,
and aent the Iroquois after her, was that, in
consequence of, the Inefficient stale ot her boil
ers, abe could not steam more than eight knota
per hour, while the Sumter's speed ia fen knota.
The Wyandotte hauled Under the -shears to
receive, her armament, which,) will consist of
ten gone. Sh wAU shor.tly be putjntp epm
mission, r u.- vt'ft,- t. .n- i ' i .-v ji
i Tho Nightingale, which arrived hereon Sun
day morning from Key West, is waiting to take
her place by the dock, and discharge thirty
thousand Springfield rifles (not ten thousand, aa
reported by some of our cotemporartes.) ; It will
be recollected that the Nightingale was former
ly a slaver. Alter Per condemnation, abe waa
purchased by .the Government, and converted
into a supply ship.-. 5 op- v- -
- The ue bote ie expected to oe put into com-
siiesioa tO-day5Ci r!J ! ;: w, 1. ! .
Y. Tribune, 12th.
The Money Gone.
We learn that Governor Randall is in the
city thie morning, on Ms way to Washington.
He thinks 11 profiauie mat ne win oe oDiigea to
disband the fetate troops not yet ftnitered into
tbe United Stales service, for the reason that
the General Government has made ae provision
for expenses. -The bottom of tbe State Treasu
ry bis been reached, and the money all scatter
ed. A large part of thie has probably bea
consumed by the Governor's wet nurses. Now
tbe election has passed and the treasury la dry:
their services will hereafter, fortunate
Milwaukee News.
Massachusetts Election.
[From the Boston Courier of Monday.]
The returns Ot tbe Governor vote from 295
of tbtf 533- towna be tbr 6tatw: -foot op as fol-
Whsle aombenot eotee, " a w,Wk
i lnhn Ai Andrew Rep t tevi, 62,45ft ,
iaaao Davls (Dem' l j t.-8U,036-.i
U iiJ''Maioftv lor Andrewi jpyj '33.419 ;T
Hsl year the vote stood, Cor Andrew, sbput
mi nnn: far the ommeitlon about be.uuu.
Tbe Republican vote thue falls off 43,000,
and the Demooratlo not far from 10,000.
-tv... i. ... 3 iMMnn.v'i'hii ilTu.D.,
trolt elected De- orattl Ma it turee hun
dred majority at te Uta eieoi; n, va .ybu q;
the ten aldermen chosen are of tb.same party.
LMiaaiUi-lncoliljjaa pve nu"w u, luur
toed majority over iwugiea.- jr,pa,iug
. " rv . .ia E fkriaa atainaif
"lSia IS astouuuma
I,.. .I.U.. vnd the defeated. MDe-
cially when It s consldersd that a large number
01 uemocratt, not whu " 0
their prloolplea r raeir panyi ir.'J'V.
1. .ui...i in nnn.lnaiintf and faithlully
support the cltlaens' ticket.
it win notes long oeiore u
will aasume IU old Democratic position. Buob
revolution la Inevitable".. " . ,
' lD Tbe Nashville papers allege that we tell
falsehoods on Backner.c Tbey badbettai 'let M
alone, or we may get mad enough by and by ; to
tell the tenth on him. ieatrsiiie Journal. , , j ;
'''. "Hi 1 p.Uiv Tha Catholic
Arohbiabop of Tuam b dd"ed.M0,iI
letter to Lord raimersron, m wi - --ti
41.. t...u Mii.Mtf Aha aandltlan of Irelauu.
where, be uys. .'the P.
ita peopie-r-u gone,- auwu " ""- - ,
Government ahould adopt prompt Bieasure! 1 of
.-i:.r i .1... ... JaaiMina (hat the remainder
of the Irish people shall not be swept sway."
1 On Thundav. the Mlh laat., Mnf. Jab Pow, in
,. rri.nH and amualtttaaoNot thsCamlb; artrai-
Jwtfull rnHtl to atUo4 hr mnaml tna-& nd-
dtno of Ma. Iiaao Salasr, no, w m vi ff .
athalt part sue e'loek.-.t- "" : vcn. u ,:n.
Fall Winter MUlinery,
.1: .(
1 ,
:: No. 14 East . Town , Street,
whleh aha will tall at the rtry lowest ponlblt pric for
eua, 1 . , r 1 . .. .
1 Ladle, pleat call and txamlne our itook befora yo
porcbaM auewnere; , ' ' 1 ' '
J"7 1 . ;T On short notice. .
ao14-dl ' - ' ' ;.,.,:! 1
..( I
it '
. r! bpmhbidlV" t mvizb' with; t j ;
r '.8.T.E A B .PO ff E R.
r: W08. 38, 84, 38, 38 NOBIH BIOH BTBIET, ;
Stateamau JBaUldlsia-i tlecona rieor,
' , orer B. KeTlsia'e State Steam ,J; f
1 . -.. H FrlnUDB Beeias. , .,. ,,v
i " . , .,''i Ill IM r . ,ut . . , ,
'Z : Zn' wta 'atfuMiwrnr,.'' 7 '.V
With or wlthsat Prlatad Headings, on Superior Fipir
, --' " '
btati jfntxmnvn. 7 .c.6?,atw1 c v
-li KlILROAB.OIflOB, -K n
.j v s BiKKIKQ HOnBM.- .i -J ,
J I ' fomlthtd at ' the lowest 'tf rices. ' 'i i 1
A ! ,
'I I
j By the Edition or glrile volunie
j MAQAZIHX9, ft f r.': , jj ;
;! '' - PAMPHtEIS, ,''1' .0'
' o.j.:. piPBBJ.i .
J 1 bl Bonnd In 'any Rtqntrod Style;
I for Publlo and Private llbrarlei. , ,
Ordara from abroaa will reonTO prompi ana ipociai
attentloa. Aodreis, - , ..; y j-i f -
Bookaallarand BtaUoner, f i.t Superlntenent n f'
1 13 Bourn ni oirib v fl """r" ''' , U
'novl4-d3a - ...
: . .
.lAioi'no cviiTriaioi .iojtVaj
naOO a,XXSL 2313,
j aaiau . . 'i-t. aa-r'js.! ionsi .'.' tvJ.t.rs X
j -j? i- 'mix n) inline r rt-si1,, ,M ;
?.;2 Tj - n 1 i:ji-- .
i 'i-(- .. j - a .. .r-r
I Arc dow opening a large lot of
. i'. "... I
I n Hi w
JjaUi VO r UiUbU- J WAWUAk)
rVrivQ j - ,1 nil
Bhephard'a Plaid Shawls,
Ladiea' Merino.Vests & Drawers,-;
.ift, t Ira..
Boys'-' Merino Shirts &' Drawers,
Embroidered Repps,
, t. i 1 ill, J ,r!.-. 'Ii n ,.i , III
' " f .-V KiAil ',C4 '.'; c-'l til!.
ln.i-.ft: ..--' ','' :r ' -
j.. . ... v ..isy, m:i r-..ja- . :.-t . t ml
., X .'f ;i -f -' - J i ' -ia' ' T'.wrt
.if!.' "J
.Opera :rianncWi
' : , r f' n i 1-i .1 ' w-c' -si ,-: v I
lo'i' ,tAtnl .ifttai .tA siel4
.t-ylu'4 t't hi: ft
oloa mv.oiq o$MP)
noriii'OllTSMilA .n X -Jh
..i 1 1 ,i 1 n . u 11 1 'i" . nT i Uu U a
- Shooting Gallery, -
rpH aade-rtitrflea kv1laf0& Vt w1
Good aoac Air Oano, PUtols and BoftosbaeaU.
Sinaaic lu eoma mohaws.
E . B . ' "A RM3THONG.
No. 17, ,Easf , Town Street, j
tTT A Urge Stock of the QOOB B AMAEITAN On
..tll'I ,;
aovl3-d3ffl r'
1 .1 v .' , '- , ,r .. -,'(.
1861. 1861.
1861. 1861. EAST.
'' ' ' AND ' ' '
Central. IJRailroad
UNITED. ."'"'"'I '
r, - ' .'. 1 '') nil'
.7 . orris TB"-'t- .ii '! r-'
Shortest, Quickest audi Meet Beslra-
Trains Leave Columbus aa follows:, ; .,, ,
vuasiums. ''. r '' e swiieaavit
Momlna; Eiprise
'' ... Vi:..:n -,'1 f.li I
3:!0P. M. 'l'''l:00 A. M; 12 35 P.M.'-.
4.00 A. M.
10:18 A.M.
S ...
"':10P. M.
3:10 A.M.
flMl M.
anrvt aT'kattama . . : -i -:fc
11:15 p. m. ,. ;i
aaaivt ATnrrmoaoH, , ' . i-'u
. .,- (i JO.OQP.. ,(
aaaiva at.bauii6ro , .
. , , .3:10 A M. 3:I5A. M.'V
v.w a.to..' i.wr.n.
'Aaatva at riiAiirhA.'' '
HOA.M. - - 7:4U A. M. 12:rjQ P.M.
' " KIW T0K VIA AtlrttOWH ' ' '
:i:00A. Hi" . ll:UA. M.:00M.
... '..:T'i: aiJ.L ,u nmADIOTIA !- '
jllSP.M. .!..'(!. J;4SK.M. 0-J5P.U-.
Paatengert by thia Una teach New ork la adnace of
any Nortbera roote. '.' - - ' ,
13:35 P.M. train h the only one from Oolomhoa at
Uiia flour, ana uu uu ij nwu vj .... t' vw
reaoh BalUmor or Waahlnsion the . (oUowing day, and
arriretoPhlWalphUorNew Yorkberbredark-. c-
' AtrSlMPlnf " on 1,1 nl8n tln, ' ' '
Tbe Onlr Rente from Calamkni to
,. i 7 Baltimore, Pbilm4elpUla or u:
, ' . w t.' , ), -,. iJt,
.' Vhli train alio connect! at Bellalre with tbt Baltimore
and unio aaiiroaa. - . ' . ,
ii rim. ni.w . w " - e
aadnore than 100 MILES SHORT KB to Ntw York,
Ik.. V..l),.n, II.H.'' i .'
HT Baggage Checked .Tbroogh .ll Im
portant points East.1-
ITT Ask for Tickets via Ueiiaire or bteu-.
benviiie. v -.- -.; ' !" ' ,'"'Y.".'';' ""
IT TIcketa Good over either Route. . :; i '
' General Ticket Agant Central Ohio R. K. ,
-i" . IBA A. BDT0HLN80K,
V ' ' Ooneral Ticket AsentBtouheaTllle Short Jilne..,
4 Oolumbna. Nov. 13, 1801. , ;, ', '
JL BIANILY on band and for sale, the bait qnallty of
hiih lia will Mil at the loveat market prleet. ''
Uall and enolne mj Coal balore parchailna elie-
-ihere. 1 - , i ... .. ., -.
Office at the itore of Bradford, Bojdam A Co., head
, ,, , , D f grjjDAM
SSPSMOS'- ' ' ' ' --
i. '
No. 178 North High Street, ',' ,;n
! coLUM bus; 61116;
1 hat. ROTJARHS from tht Depot, and peraont ar
riTini or wishing to take paauge on any of tho trains,
will Una mount .noun aeciaeuij wora ivt
Fauongsrs waked np at all bears of the night for any
or toe trains. ' - 1 ' it-.
Terms moderate, to mil tbe times. . ,
Or Those Contemplating: iriarrlafc-e.
1 TBI nnJcnirnod will giro information on a vervfe-
UrHilna and important rahleot, which will be ralli
ed more than a thousand times Its coat bj every married
couple of any age or eondillon In life. The Information
Will bo tent by mall to any addrou on the receipt of 85
oenta (tifoer) and one red stamp.- a. 9
All letters ihonld be addrea ted to p . I
H. B. KORBW, 9; (lock Box CO),
':' Boston, Mm.
For Females Generally. The Brandretb
Pills cannot be too highly spoken of,. ' They remove all
obstraotioni, give energy , and strength; care the die
troailDg headache, unfortunately so prevalent with the
sex; depreiiion of spirits, dullness of light, nervous
affections, blotches, pimples, sallowness of the akin, are
reoored, And a juvenile bloom and general iprightllnese
Indicate the poworaad health fulness of BBANPBEIH'8
PIUS.'- h-.s. - V -
ladles, at delicate periods, will find -them anriraled
they are the best medicines for mothers and children,
and eura worms and costlTeness. ' -
let it be remembered, that BBABPEETH'8 PILLS
are euy in thrir operation, and yet unite mildness with
efficiency, and require ao aUeraUpri of diet during their
Mrs. Morgan, corner of uth street and onion square,
Sew Tor, was dying, apparently.' ol CornitiirTiow.
Bhe was givan np to die by her physicians, and all her
friends, but after using BaAftDarrn'S Ptus for a few
weeks, the cough left, bar, and aha began to regain bar
strength,ana Is now able to attend te her duties, and
feels tare ef soon attaining robust health. . . r . ,.
Mrs. Wilson, of No. 32 Beach street, New tork, has
eared Dyspepsia, Small Pox, Measles, ivoptj ana Ty
phus lever, and all Hoadachee.and .Bilious dlsaases,
wlthBaATOWrrti's PM.U, will pieano to-anrwerany
, . . .4.: ;-J 1 - ' 1'. Jj , 11 1
quatllODS. T it.i ( IJt. , ..'j .-,-.y - in., ori
Sold by Jaaa B. Oooa. Draggtst, Ooluabut, and If
all reipeotable dealers in aadioinee.-,.,, ,w k,,, s
Waakneas, Involuntary -Kmiaiions, Stanal Debility, and
Impadlmenta to Marriage iraaerallly, lierrouansa,-Oon-tunptlon,
Spllepty an fits, Mantal and Plirsloal In-
capaoltr, raiumngina isMic-amin, . .'uy-noMrt 4.1
GulTanreU, H. authetal US BrD JBooi,Aia I
AlCloaii ;e Tkenernds nfleira
Baikafl ler teal, hi a-clatn envelope, to any"'a1nW,
r paid; on rtotlpt of two stamps, by Dr. CUA8.
0. AUDI, W7 BowetTi to, Offloe Bos
as spee, avyi.w
W..a-"H0Wr r)B7CrL0W B,T0MD-
Just Published la a 5eed JJDTeiore';' frlce'd cfe.i ?
A T.rnTTTna OH TBI natdbk. trsatmskt,1rd
'ittP .'..':Swi q,jii..ii.iiB'ar
" ;", '''"..ll.'llll
omr otp ooxeXJAiiirro, ; ohio.
"' ' ' I ' b.aait-'T I-, l.-ltlf i i . ....
The PAILY."t' ""j) " .
The TJU-WEEKLY, at - a " '
TJio WEEKLY, at the- low rate of
. f i-h BultoripiioAA to tLa DaULi d1 TuWjcuxi Statbmajt will be received .
j At the above rates; -end
, ' -AI the nsusvl rotee, f'iAe an establUhed
... 1 . r In the .future, as in the past,
. Which has been so fruitful of good'to the PEOPLE OP THE UNITED STATES; and will
:-i :' " " faithfully- urge the re-establishment and supremacy of the
m j i;,-Viv n Aeeeeenaa 10 me compieie ft
na s m s-s'-Am
On the basis on which that
u j .1. ..
. . " liaall
The Statxsiiaic will support the Ad ministration f the General Government in all Wat' ami11
constitutional efforts to put down rebellion ; and sternly resist the efforts made in some quarters
" to convert the present unhappy war Into an Abolition crusade.
' ' It will constantly orgeteoonomjr Jn,tU pnblie expenditures, and the moat rigid accountability
of aU pubUo effioers. . ' -
As a medium of general news,i the Statohah will endeavor, to. make itself acceptable to its
numerous loedere, and at aU, timea auppjy them witl , Jlt . , ,!.
. vjTlio'Xjate Heportai
r.'t: v.i W the home and foreign markets.' In its columna
Will Ifind' tiieit IhteresU'consnlted'ahd attended to, 4nd no effort will be spared to make it a first
class newspaper. .. v ,
. (During the approaching aeaaion of Congress we will have a talented and aooomplishsd corres
pondent at Washington, through whom our readers, will be furnished with muoh valuable and
reliable information.'. "o v it-- i r .,.k
. The doingaof our1 own State Legislature will be jully reported, and the local news of the
, Stote and 0Tr own immediate vicinity, will have a due share of attention.
'We urge upon our friends in all parts of Ohio, and the Korth-Western States, to aid in extend-
ing tne circulation oi uio dtaxsoah, aiuua uj w
sound political aocuines and reuouu ouenu
' To any person raising a Club of Ten Subscribers tr) the" Wmkit Ohio Statmicaic, and
sendine us the money &n dollars' for the same,i we will send one copy gratis.
! All orders wiU be promptly attended to. "
avje.... m '...f.. . ,...'
Six Dollars per Annum;
i n- . Three Dollars per Annum
; .-One Dollar" per Annum.
.-.J ; f i (
the Daixt will be furnished
and reliable organ of the Domoorotio party,
it will uphold and defend the
)MB$ff$m states;5'
do, peneot re-oonsirucuon 01 tne ...7r-.
; 11 rvj l fi rvi
Union was originally formed, ' i
uivug, tuuy wuv assist in jtne promulgation ol ,
" ' j u
" Publishers of the Ohio Statesman,
SwJi;.-;.. Ooitmaus, Ohio.
a lease on the Store Hoosa ;
JSTo.-iiast v State Bt,
has Opened Hasan' oJ tan . 3 '
; Anction' & iCoinraissioh Boom.
' ' 1 ' .' . - - -'" ' " ' ,- , ''"
' ' He is now pt4 to, receive on- Commission every
description of property, such as Dry Goods, Orocerlee,
nienaa 10 aoraw u - 77. . " -"
and Personal Property.at any point, wlthla twenty miles
Auctibii;; Sales Erciy, Evening.;
! V-.v.-.ts tr- . ..r , , .1...-. " - , ,1
-v Have a full and Complete Assortment of ,
Stoves eto GrS?axc3, '
n if
i t
Elegant unamoer oeia,
.1 JA lW 1 .li-:i r . . .... a - . . .
Tin Toys, and Articles in that Line?
ii il 'i for Little People, a-r7i'
..A'r t ... ....
Knives and ortoa, Spoovui, .Tub,
Buckets, Bnovelfl ana 'i ongs, v 1
for the larger Onee.j
., n. T.-i.aSIi
,riil' 'i i'.n
'1 Ml II , r f,
We would call your further attention to the fact that we
are BOL1 AGBNTS for the sale 01 tne-i -r
Which it. In all respects, clearly 'the "AUTOCRAT Of
TBS aiTOHSHybavtng ne equal In the eJJn"
of Ita wrtormanta and aeoaomy of fuel. Tnecitaretl
. ., . 7 s ... ,11. la tha far.t that nannbu).
(esumony wt in "-r" --- ---- lt ,
turers and dealers ar constantly Imitating it. comlDg at
nearitaa pottinie in uiiwu
Gall and examine our stock. It is no trouble to show
ourgooot. .
-t ! AiUrt K .JliiUlUlJ.,,,
ectSS-ilm - - A no .-.iU .a tr:
Union Forevf.,
1"'.. nws,t
'i t-e .o
maWaciijmd and' wto nr;-
k JOHN IiH GILIi & SOIvj 1
Hunt BA11 JtOOMI, jI;-
-.-it artwl in mf: .?. .. I. ,,,!-p:t;
K. a e'Vlf "
Aitiiuii'.r aunt eomolete Stove for OUitert'
Ci'JxamUrtoipurciuM& CT !
, All stats sad eelen Just opu4 at BAISS,
aatai. p.tnwiaiaSBini
Domestic Cotton Goods.
FFEH tbe most Extensive Assort
men! or
. Drown andBleachUOottou flannels; . ,
" " MuMlns; , .
Bamsley Cotton Sheetings;
Beleot Stylet of Calico's and Delaines;
j Ticking, Shirtings, Ginghams,
f ' 'And Cotton Battlnga.
1 - Also, Blankets flannels,
' - . Catsuneras, Cloak OloUia, eto, eto. -:
Muoh btlow regular price.
' - ' " BAIN A IOH, ' '
oetlS --..t - '. . 89 gouth nig, gttcet.
"I -1
I Flannel hirtings.
1 ZD. .. The most extenaive stock In the olty .
i Army- Woolen Boost.
!;"' rfbaker Bibbed Socks,
r Under BhlrU and Drawers.'
' '' - Cotton and Merino Socks. 1
, ' Golden Bill Shirts.
Gent's KldOlovet.
Gent's Llntn Collars, Nwk Tlas.
No. 29 South High Street.
Machine Masnfactnring Conpaajr,
MAKirrAtnvaoe or
j Oastlnfs, XlU-flearinf , Xaehlserv.
XlAuLxroacl Worls.
I .... 01 iviiit tiacmirnow.
'. :' 1 OOIiCBlBTJIi, OHIO.
HAS. AVB0S. lupt.
T. AMBOB, Treas.
deoll, lBSS-tl
Tan entirt new stock of Goods In my line. Just purch,
aaed in New York at the cheapest panio rtet,all of whleh
I than tell at the amallost proStt, for Oath. My eustom
era and f rlendt are napeetfully InTlted to ealtand exam
ine my Cooda and Prlees, at I am determined to tell at
cheap or cheaper thu any otL.1 host in the lly; and
aa I do my own Cutting, and superintend my own busi
ness, I feel assured, froai my lonf experience mbual
aatt, to give general satltfaottui. The finest of work
men are employed, and all wurk done ttriotly to Mm sad
on stiort notloa, aad warrantee ta SI. Strangers Tialnntj
ourctty would eoojralt thalr interest fey (lvlng me a sail
before purohaetng elsewhere." ' x. BOHS, V
tnarchSS-dly Cor. Bigh and Town tts.
XXoxxvy 1X001x10,
(lata of Phalon't Bitabllshment, ff. T. ,) -
fashionable Sharing. Hair Onttlac. Shampoonlni
Curling and Dressing Saloon, '
South Slach fit., ovexr 33aln'a) Store.
where satisfaction will bi glTta la art tht rarloas
branchee. ..... . ...
Ladles' anaCttildreBl Saw B rawing dose la the best
sepiaaifT - 1 -i
tOOa.T ... .1 ! : 1
KorelUet in ck Tlttand Soarfi.
H M Byroa and Oarrote Collars.
"lvaibroMerd foeWt Haadkenhltlt
Parli Kid Olovat, tuptrlor make. ' '".., ,
Golden Bill Si Iris, vartoes stiles, .. .... l l
aMrfn.MM.Ulil Uliirla. An
l.i,-.rol VocM auuUerolulerf, Vaflottt fjtel.
apruf Xo. tt loath Olgh strttt

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