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37 T ' 1
Rail Road Time Table.
Lint Mum 4- OottmeB 4 Xnul &. . '
n t i 1. 't Luna. Arrive
Nl.ht Iiim. via Duiteh. 9:00 A. M.- . A. 11.
Oloolnnatl accommodation. 6:10 A M.I M.
Day Bxpreu 155 P. M. -a ;M? f . JJ
Mail and Aocomaodaliu.. 4:00 P. M. i .111:15 P. V
. f ; Jao.' W TV, Agent.
Oolomui A Ciri B-B..7 .'
Mi.hi K.r...r: J.JH1.M, ..1:S0A.M
N.. York K.'ureta..: 3:15 P.M. , t;3P. nl.
',., ' JiMtt PiTTOioH, Agent.
4 ANTRAL OHIO tt.! R. ' ',', r " 1 :'"'
might Irpnu. ....... .7 4:00 A. M. t A. M,
Bay Sxprei........ ...... 3:W P-
Kail TrilB ifc.;.;..i.Wu4:00 A.M.. 1:M A.M.
Sipree Train..... 1S:5A.1. - if.m,
lot. Koiimsoh, Agent.
ouefll at lKBUMoroua, n. n. .. . ,
No. 1 Expre
Mo.S "
8:00 A; M." 14:00 M .
,...v.... J.00 P. M. 8:40 P. M
O. W. Bum, Agent.
Dkuhmio Out of Camp . A few daj lnot
member of Companj B, Fifty -eeoood Regiment,
Cmp Deonleon, oemed Climinti Asaon, was
drammed out of camp under the following ln
diorone elroumBtanoea: He had enlisted, wat
eworn in and uniformed. After remaining in
oamp two weekibe obtained ft lorlougb, and
la a. abort,' time) returned upon an old gray
bone, wearing' a oitiieu'a drew, and baring
bit uniform iu a bundle. 1 He proceeded to the
Captain' qaariorli, and presented the bnndle of
"foger'i olotbee," and made patbetlo appeal
to be released, eaylog his mother didn't want
him to gOi'aod. lhit be was not of age. He
bellowed like a oalf when pleading, notwltb
itanding he "was a stalwart fellpw,., It was beat,
bowerer, to let bim slide, and he . was honored
by aa escort from oamp, on bis old horse, ao
oompanled by a murtial band,' performing ''that
olaasio air, ibe, ,;Rogu''sBIarcb,?.AssoN,' feel
ing himself highly honored, thanied the "boyi,
bat aa he o'f to .the, catposte -with' bia 'ani-
mule," numeroua bijonets were thrust a pit
friort into tbe quadruped, who rushed, rapidly
away at a'?:40 gait, amid the jeers and abouti
of tbe boys. ' . ., VV -V .'t-'-Xi
if .I' na. i . : ', , ' :
Rearrest cf Robert Maodox and H. D.
Him. These' gentlemen, belonging: to New
port, Ky i we're, some days since, by the decis
ion of tbe (Jotted States District Judge Liar
ITT, discharged from this custody tf the) mill-'
Ury, and delivered over to the Up! ted' States
Marshal or Kentnckjr their arreet by order of
Oen. Mitohbli. being deemed Illegal.,,', The
Cinolnnatl Sagtifrer saysf - "
It was known that the latter officer General
Mitchell had expressed a determination ' that
If auch result abould follow the Investigation,
that he would order their rearrest, and, accord
ingly, Deputy United 'States Marshal SmithJ
having obtainea an ctaer irom uoionei Jones,
nroceeded vesterdav.witb a file of United States
soldiers belonging to the Newport Barracks, to I
Covington, where tbey jnen were, to une tnem
Into custody , , . .." ...
Mr. Helm at ooce surrendered himself, bat
floally agreed to aoconpaoy United States Mar
abl Sands to this side of tbe river.- He bad
walked but a few steps,' however, , when he
changed bis mind, and abruptly leaving tbe
Marshal, he took refuge in too Madison House,
declaring., that be would not be taken alive.-'-Tbe
exoitemcnt was great; a large crowd col
lected, and there was some talk oi shooting him
down. '''- '
As the soldiers advanced he drew a large
bowle knife,' when about tea of the troops ad
vanced upon bim, two of - whom were slightly
cat by the weapon with which he attempted to
fight bis way through tbe party,' Tbe balance
charged upon bim with the bayonet, and he re
ceived an ugly wound in tbe face, and his clothes
were perforated at the waistband, the weapon
just grating tbe skia. i He was finally disarmed,
and with Mr. Helm conveyed to Elm street
Barracks: Wbet.the result of the affair may be
we can not conjecture. " ; ' ,
Col.' Cammoton and the Fallon Cabi
Tbe Columbus correspondent of tbe Cincinnati
CommtrM and QtzeUe, after qaoting the pi
sage In Col. CiaBiNOTON'e published letter, re
ferriog to the case of Michael Fallon, says: '
This tentence may be regarded aa decidedly
frigid. Tbe people take an unmilitary view of
tbe affair. Fallon - is. doubtless an offender
against law, but what was the Lieutenant, who.
after a polioematf for want of authority, bad de
clined to arrest fauon, oraerea tno aooror nis
house broken in, and in defianoe of Fallon'
warning, aa reported on good authority, forcibly
entered and abit him.?
We are not yet, under martial .law,' and if
there la civil Law for a restaurant keeper, there
is also for a regular Lieutenant. .The affair
will be thoroughly Investigated.
We trust that what is promised above will be
realised, and that, tbe feffilr will be thoroughly
Investigated." The publlo voice and the pnblie
safety alike demand it.. , , ., , ,,. .',; j
17 To ',th LiniES Your attention is re
spectfully dlreoted to tbe card of Mrs. Sills la
another column., Her stock of millinery goods
is very tnperlor,; and her taste and skill can be
depended upon.- Ladles in tbe city and from tbe
oountr'ytw)ll dp well to give her call for eon
saltatioa as well as for making purchases.! . J.
Goob to. Jlaw" Township- This; township
ent tlx more merj yesterday to Camp Tbomaa.
This makes thirty-five men from' old Plain for
tbe Eighteenth Regiment, and about, ode hun
dred in all, for the war. Thlt it one of the
atrong .Democratic townships if this oounty,
Whert. are; Sharon and BlendonT '; ' '
Thi Bioi at Camp CHu;-The following Is
list of, the sick In tbe hospital at Camp Cbase
Measles, sixty-six patiente eoldiere fifty-one,
prisonere, flfteen; oontinued'itjpbold) fever,
twenty onit.bldlorj J Jblne, 1 prisoner twelve;
erysipelas, one f rheumatism, : one; gussbot
wonnds7on'itheir Injuries,' Cnet Diseases of
the eyes; one: Varicocele, one." Total, ninety .
three. ; 'i.'' :;j; u .. ..,.,,, .
I,,.t mmmmm i ' i 1 I .
BT Tbe City Counoil ef Cincinnati, on Wed
needay evening, appropriated $1001 for the re
lief of families of volunteer. . - '
.1; tn
COTerofBroa3 &' -Ifidnt Strei;
-.i il f'1
,0 0 ii u pi u u b;
!v"nxri . DXALiBB IN
hi . .'j-)..it..,.vn )eii..i-,i ,
jjjjjj '"'' -''. ...MuJl
Attorneyand Qpupellor m 'XMf,'
i. (HUi.O-'-!-tUi'OT oi--sY ri
t .., t-t.
OoUwtloaa ,n other matteri promptly Attended to
ifmaai sjTawaariturKi-ar-
IT I aa lodUpatebl fact, that If tor penoo want en
GOATS. h wtU ueually Sod taera In large- 5TjMtle at
Tl any penon dealroni of owning on of th laU ityle
i si naivia uviH uuua. mm can atteonea.
don't break your head to learn when to And tha, bat
go loth .
V. ,i Oppoilt In BUM BOOM. .
Yon will And them Iheia In all eolora, kept by
1ID von nera.-wear anr of the SILK MIXED OAR-
U 1IMKRB 8UIT8. wblob are told at the Capita Olty
Aroader Knib In and yon win end tnem in cwea, at
YOU may alio b In want of PANTS md T18TS. and
than la luit nna aatablialiment in th Welt where
Panta and Yaala an to be bad In all Itrlpei, enapei.
alylei, quintltlee And qnalltlei, ana thai piao in
TVOH'T fnwst tha axteneiy aaaortment of luBIuBH-
U ma QOODB, partlonlarly In WOOLBN SHIaTg,
which yon ou and in -nea, wnuo ana nine, - at ui
I Bnperlntended by Mareni Ohildi,
II yon with to wear garment ITIAVDE TO es
niM.. won can do no better than to co to th Mar-
ahant Tiiorin atabllahment. next to th Aroad, and
eeleotyonr goodifroaaitock comprlilng nil oolore of
unm viotn. UBMunsrea, sua iwmiim riu.u im
ton, and yon will eurely suet with a good fit by purcbu
llDglt j . ,( -, . MVTV.
, ... AiAKua unii.L'a'B,
f,f ILITABY OiNTLIMEW, when they come to thU
HA eltr. ai atnncen. and wlih to ee a UOlfOBB. It
la to their beet aaranuge looana.
When a Irge auortmant of BLUB CLOTH and other
artlolea belonging to the equlpige of an officer ean be
naa at eery moderate pnoei.
' in inort 011 ai ....'
Itlarcus Childs's,
! Proprietor of that axtenilT builneM loeallty,
HO. 81, 93 and 25 BIGU iTBEET,
- ' I Oppoilt thlttHouM. .
If II I intlC fllT' MslMEY
ItllLLIUIf O Ur , liiUllb I
For an Inch of Time!
a dying Qoeen. That Inch of time osn be proenr-
a mooh cheaper rat, ana many long yeara 01
enlovaA br MnenlUna Sr. MBBBYWBATHXB, who
ourlnt tna noat ontinai ana loEg icanuing oihh-i
racta are tobTwra T-lns!
Bear what the Philadelphia oompndent lay In the
Oommonwealth," Wilmington, Delaware, 0th of April,
"Aa Ingllan gentleman, formerly connected wun
Brlltih Army, and Who itylea bimaolf th 'Indian
Botanto Physician, ha of late gained an ntenelT repu
tation hen br his aktll In cnrlne all manner of oom
niiinti. Bom of hi natlent f bar oonrened with.
and ther nronoano hi remedlea and mode of treatmettt
aa -try inperlor. Bom bar been reetorod as If by
maglo. . Th medicine no nies 1 atiiuiea ny oineen
from Tartoni herb doimuur- rare enratlr propertlee.
' "While aounff tn tn army ne aeyowa nu wiiura mo-
nenti to thoroaeh etadv of th effect prodaoed by
oerUin medicinal roou ana nert on an manner 01 aic
eaaea. It aeem he ba found a lure and apeedy reme
dy for all th 111 that fleih I belr to.' His praotloa I
already xtanalT and 1 dally Increasing, in tna oom-
nlalnta to which female are rahleoted. he ba so equal
a a larg nnmoer cere nan leenuea wai uwy pn
only their prunt good health, bat their live, toth
kill of thU Indian BoUnHPhyilolan.' '
Office 37 East State Street, Columbus.
angl7-d3m ' ' ''.'..' '..).'
Colnmbns Wholesale Xiqnoir Store
... , - . . k ...... . , '
Foreign and Domestic Winei, Brandiei,
. :' ko. Jw. ALSO, , , , . , .
.Sheriff's. Sale..
Wm. W. Blchard, Ada.)
ti. ' vommon rieea, '
Jacob Jlodt. '
BT Tlrtn of an order of sal to m directed, from tn
Oonrt of Common Plea of Franklin county, Ohio,
I will offer for aal at th door of th Oonrt Horn, In
th city ot Oolumbua, . ,
On Saturday, November 16th, A. D. 1861,
at 1 o'clock, P. M., the following deecrlbed real atUte,
Lola thro (3), twenty-three (a3),nlhten (10). ty.
a fltlt r,rl fittm-Av IST,. In tha town of Bom. Prai
rie townihlp. In th oounty of franklin, and Btat of
Ohio. AUo. 40 one, mora or 1M. which said Jacob
flodt bought of John W. Baker.
.Apprauaaat iiot no. 3, frc.uu
1. . " ' S3, ' SO 00 ; 1
a ' , . . . .. " " 19. 850 00 ,- ' '
i . .. .. 8- so OU ' '
W ' ' 85, 80 00 '"
,.. " 40acriat 8 00pacr. "
i ' ' ' ... 0. TV. HTJfF alAN, Bherllf,
r ' By Bo. Davu. Deputy
Printer'ifeei 8 OO.
octll-td .
'Master Coromissioner's Bale.;
- . t
James Clark t at. )
t. Common Pleai. . , )
Daniel Decker at at.) ' " ' A
directed, from the Oonrt of Common Pleai of Frank
lin oonnty, Ohio, I will offer for ! at th door of tbe
Court Hon In the olty of Colombo, on .
Baturdiylthe 16th day of November, A. D.j
$ ' 1001,-.. . . -
at one e'eloek P.M., the following dKrlbd real eitiU
eltuau in th oounty of franklin and Blet of Ohio, to
wtta ' - . .
.A nartnf In-lotNo. SM.In th. eltr of Oolnmbua.il-
glnalng at a point on the Sooth line of Gay etreet tnd
the Mortbllnaof eald lot, 93 reet 9 Inche Weitfrom th
Northeut eorncr of said lot; running thence Wait on
ira.eaia norm no oi tela lot Vi reel ana o incne.i
thao South en feet and 6 Inohee to the South line or said
lot; theno But with uld line S3 feet and 6 Inohea;
theao Mortn tul feet and S Inohea to the place of begin
inft bln(thWethalt'of aaidln-liitNs 639. let
fetand3 Inohee,. heretofore conveyed to th Truitae
the f Irtt Oolored Baptiit Church of Oolumbn by Bam-
uel Pike, by deed dated f eb'y 3d, 11. being th am
landi ordered to be oonvejed u aforaaald to Jams Olark
and Barah M. Bailey, heir of Bamucl Olark, dee'd.
Ki . BEOBGM W: HtTfTBAlf.' Bn.rlff;
ana naiwr uommtiaionar.
Prlnhw'sfeslt 00. ' - . . ;..,,
oetUtd . .. , " ' . : .. l
ptBTiArifil Uawa "wr
'f 1 w
ATI Plain Ottoman Cloths:
ktaa-ntk and Bliek Check TlnolM. r
Broohe Kool.ii Dree Ooodir "-
bmt fWaoralkrUiM ,A3,l.a
1? ei-Aknudera' Kid Uti; , wjj J
.-OoroTraUUoep Skirt.
AVQ r'r--eo-. Hair Neta,
riata Aterino.
eettt Be. ft totb High Btrtet
From all Parts of the World.
Rebels Strengthening their
Batteries on the Potomac.
Unionists Burning Railroad Bridges
in Tennessee.
Secessionists Alarmed.
Secessionists Alarmed. BEAUFORT TO BE MADE A
&c. &c. &c.
From Washington.
[Tribune's Dispatch.]
Washington, Nor. 13 The report that the
rebel forces on the lower Potomac have been
'diminished proves aotrue; they have probably
been Increased ua Monday Uen. Hooker es
timated their du fiber before his headquarters
at nine thousand. ' The Forty-eighth Alabama
is encamped at Shipping Point. They still man
liest a dreaa or an attack, rattier than an Inten
tion to make one. Almost every night the
long roll la beaten along their lines.
Two steamers and eleven schooners passed
the rebel batteriee in one night. Oo Sunday
tbey were at work atreDgtbeDiuK their nrinoioal
batteries. Monday they threw two dozen shells
at a small schooner, not one of which touched
her. Our Parrott gune atBudd's Ferry, man-
nmA K - m.,,mA f Ik. ITl.a. A.(illA.. A l
Thia battery commands Quantlco Creek
end prevents the exit of the George Page,
whose smoke stack Is visible from the rebel
Althoneh all the boats oo the Maryland tide
have been teized and our pickets extend to
Budd't Ferry and far below, the mails between
Washington and Virginia are still believed to
be regular, women serving at mail carriers. .
[Herald's Dispatch.]
A scouting party, tent out by Gen. Smith
yesterday, reports that the enemy had advanced
their lines to Hnnter'a Mills, two miles beyond
Vienna, which place tbey now hold in force.
The rebels have burned two bridges orer diffi
cult creeks on tbe Alexandria and Leeeburg
turnpike, three miles thi tide of Dralnsville.
It le believed tbelr movements in this direction
are made to cover an intended retreat on their
part in ease of an advance by Gen.. McClellan.
Gen. Denver is ordered to report to Oen.
Hunter at Fort Leavenworth. .. .. .
Gen. W. T. Sherman baa been ordered, when
relieved by Gen. Buell, to- report' for duty to
Aiaj-uen. uaiiecK, at at. Louis.
Generate Hajleck and Buell left Washington
for their commands this morning; both are ful
ly possessed of the plans and pulioy of the ad
ministration, iiencefortn it is believed there
will be a thorough unity of aotlon among the
Generate commanding tbe several Departments,
and all their actions will be parte of one cam
paign. ' -
The Associated 1 rest reporters account of
the recent vlolory and movemente of our fleet
ia substantially tbe same as others, bnt gives a
few more particulars.
The steamer Wlnfield Hooti reached the ren
dezvous on tbe evening of- the 3d with the loss
of meats, and bow atove In. She threw over
board her two rifled oannon, all her freight, the
muskets and equipment of her five hundred
men, and everything butaher rations, to keep
her from slnkiog, and but lor tne labor of tne
soldiers in bailing, her fires would have been
pat oat, and nothing tnen coma nave tared ber.
The steamer Bienville went to her relief when
ber chief-engineer, bia assistant and . thirteen
seamen, jumped aboard the Bienville, leaving
the Scott to ber fate. Their action nearly cre
ated a panlo among the soldiers, who gave op
all for lost; bnt tbe Captain of the Scott put
tbe chief-engineer In Irons and brought him
and tbe recreant crew back, when things went
on better.. . ,, .f,", '' . '"."'
Col. Clarke, of the Fifth Pennsylvania Regi
ment, five hundred of whom were on board the
Soott, describes tba night at one of horror.
The gaiewaa terrible and the vessel a mere
shell. The Soott wat taken In tow by tbe Van
derbllt, which bad out clear from the Great
Repnblia In the Bale. Tbe steamer Governor
went down with twenty men. the Pembina tak-
Inrc off all who oonld tesoape. - Tbe Seminole
bad five shots In her ball. The Wabash bad
ber machinery disabled. .". ' " '
rive of tne twenty sunt of the fort on Hilton
Head were dismounted. " There were eighteen
hundred rebels on Hilton Hill and fifteen ban
dred on Boy Point
We have oaptared fifty-fire oannon, five hun
dred muakoti and any quantity of ammunition.
Tbe road by which tne reoeia esoaped is covered
with muskets, knapsacks, etc. We have taken
at least two thousand five hundred blankets,
and tents for three thousand men.
The rebel guns were all33-pounderi, four be
ing rifled, oast this year at Richmond. The
others were from Norfolk, Including an Engll b
Kun oaptured in tbe last war. ' The muskets
and ammunition are of English manufacture.
Tbe cbief engineer of the Susquehanna was
killed. Thirty dead rebels have been found,
and more are being fonnd, having been hastily
bnried in the tand. .7 " !
Tbe Georgia troops ran first and the South
Carolina last.
A German artillery company, who served tbe
guns, stayed till the last. , " 7 ' ;
Washington, kov. 14 uommissions nave
been Issued to the following named gentlemen
under tbe recent appointments: Cols. George
Wj Cullum and Behavior Hamilton, lately at
tached to Gen; Soott't staff, to be Brigadier
Generals of Volunteers, to report to MyGeu.
ualleoki Captain Jesaee a. Keno, Kegnlar
Army : Chaa. C. Harror. G. W. Mortran. J7 Stahl
and Colonel Philip St. George Cook, aleo to be
Brigadier-neutrals of volunteers, to report to
Mai-Gen. Halleck.' '.A.:,
, A general order bat been issued referring to
relieving Fremont of hie command, and order
ing that all those appointed Into the military
service by fremont, and wbose appointments
have not been tanotloned by tbe President, are
hereby discharged from the tervioe of the Unit
ed states. .....
By command of Gen. McClelland, ,, ., ,7 ;
Southern Accounts of the Attack on
Port Royal.
Daybook of yesterdaf ha the following dU-
. Richmond. Not. 12. There Is nothing of la-
tereet from any of the eampa or from the South
ern coast. ' Tbe naval attaoE on rort noyai
7aa a terrlfla cannonading. The batteries were
abandoned. - The enemy It In fall possession of
tneBerootv -m ,!iu .n a mv'.j.. ,
Oar Southern pacers bring nt accounts of the
naval attack on Port Royal, but in the confusion
of statements It la Impossible to give e very
eonneotea or circametaoolel aeoouut of too so
gtgement. .' The Savannah Republican lurnlBb
es tne louowing: ., . ... " "
The Bring between t ort Walker and the r t
oommenoed about nine 9'olock, tbe fleet Klvinr
fort ten O'olock terra of rhe largeet .learners
Of the fleet bad pasaed the batteries, end when
the St. nary t leit, from wnose passengen we
obtained our account of tha first cart of the
aotlon, most terrible cannonading wat foipg
on. The fight eontlnuod till the departure of
tbe fimmi at twelve o'oiocxi ana woen me
Savannah left, at two o'clock, the firing: wae un
abated, exoerjt at the Bov Point battery, which
had been tllenoed. Between eleven and twelve
o'clock a tremendous cannonading we Kepi op
by. the fleet, oonsistlng of vsome .thirty-odd
Steamers and gUnboabJ, X
Savannah, Not. 12, J-The Republican of this
morning it informed by a gentleman from the
Interior, that the brldgee Over Cbloomerge
Creek were burned br discharged bands, and
not by tbe Unionists, at stated. - .
A negro, who esoaped from Hilton Head, eajt
he heard Federal officers lay that their lose in
the battle at Port Royal was forty killed.
, Columbus, Ky., Non 12.A dreadful aeol
dent has occurred here. .A Dahlgran gun ex
ploded yesterday, killing two LUutenaute and
tlx 'privates, uenerai roirt narrowiy ei
oaped; a portion of his clothes were torn off.'
" A Savannah paper aayt Fort Walker 's arma
ment consisted of sixteen guns,' nine of wblob
bore upon tbe shipping, the balance being in
noaltlon on the land .aide.' Five or six of the
guns, among them a 24-pounder rifled eannon,
and one 1U inch Columbiad, were aisaDiea aur
ing the forenoon.. Thus disabled, and their am
munition exhausted, the) garrison evaouated
Fort Walker between three and four o'clock,
retiring In' the direction of Bloffton, leaving
tbe (tuns In position and nnspiked, having no
spikes for that purpose. .
In tbe course of the morning and previous
night, considerable reinforcements of Infantry
and artillery from ueorgia ana oouw uarofma
bad arrived at Hilton Heed, and were atationed
in tha vicinity of the batteries.1 bat we are on-
able at nreaent to ascertain ' the number Of
troops engaged in the battle. ,1 Capt. Jacob
Reed't artillery company, of the Firet Georgia
regiment of regulars, arrived af; tha scene of
action on Wednesday night, and yesterday b6re
a gallant part In the fight; four or flvf bis
men were killed early In the action. The corps
lost two of their guns and several horses
Col. Randolph Spauldlng'a Georgia volunteer
regiment, commanded by Capt. Berry, wae also
In the engagement. They were marched to the
beaoh and received a calling fire of round ebot
and shell from the fleet, which they were nnable
to retnrn. . . - rn-. -
Col. VV H. Stiles't volunteer regiment, of
Georeia. rcaohed the scene of aoiioo at 11
o'olock, having marched seven and a half miles
at double quick; but they were also unable to
Are on the fleet, which was ont of reach of
tbeir suns. ''Tola regiment bad several killed
and wounded by the shells. The Colonel and
his regiment was at one time exposed to a ter
riflo ebelllng from the fleet, and It is only sur
prising that more ot mem were not uiea or
wounded. . m t
Our informant aayt seven Dahlgren guns
from one of the frigates fired many shots at the
hospital containing our wounded, bitting th
building' several time, notwithstanding the
yellow flag was flying.' Tbe Surgeona were
oompelled by this barbarous act to have our
wounded removed further Into the interior.
The Minnesota is reported to have been on
fire three times from hot shot thrown from tbe
batteries. ''- ' . i '. 1
Colonel Spauldlng'g reinment lost art It
baggage,, blankets, etc., but saved all their
arms. . i-. - ..; .
We understand tbe lost on our aide ia about
twelve' killed and forty wounded. Among the
latter is Captain J. A. Yates of Charleston, se
riously injured by a shell. Dr. Balst of Green
ville, b. U., was instantly xiuea dj a tnen
etriking hint on the head. , V '
vv e have no positive information irom.coy
Point battery, further than it waa eilenced at
eleven o'olock. We hear it suffered a serious
loss.' It is reported that the garrison retired in
eafety to Beaufort. .
Of Colonel Derossare'e Regiment, stationed
at Fort Walker, four were killed at tbe batte
riee and twenty wounded. We understand tbe
Confederatea lost no prisoners, except, perbapg,
one or two from Col. Derossare'e Regiment
Tbe killed were oovered with blan'xeta and left,
the wonmled were all plaoed on board of schoon
ers and will be in Savannah to-day.
Tbe abandoned batteries were taken posses
sion of br the enemy, and the United States
flag wayed over them when oar troops retired.
j Nashvilu, Nov. 13. Five railroad bridges
were burnt In East Tennessee on Friday night,
by Unionists two on the Georgia State road.at
Cblcomonge creek, Hamilton county, ana one
on the Eaet Tenneesee and Georgia Railroad,
on Uiawasse river. Bradley oonnty. - Five min-
ntea alter the guard passed through the whole
bridge wae In Dames, two oriagoson tne 1 eu
nessee and Seoreia Railroad, on Lick creek,
Green county, and another on the Holateln
river, were aleo burned. It wat thought unne
cessary to knard tbe bridge on Holsteln river,
aa Ballivan oounty was atrongiy ooutnern in
feeling. Tbe bridge over Holstein river la at
Strawberry Plains. In Jefferson comity tbe
bridges were fired but tbe fire waa put out by
tbe people. . A guard had one hand cut off 'and
bit skull fraotured, and tnere are indications
that one of the inoendlaries hst been killed
A centleman lust from hast Tennessee re
ports there is great excitement In consequence
of tbe burning of the bridges. If wat evident
ly a preconcerted plan,.' The lost is heavy and
will cause great inconvenience and delay.
Matters In East Tennessee are regarded at in
a critical condition, mueh anxiety is felt for
Zollicoffer. .1
Bjcoq It thirty cents per pound in Jackson,
A Collecter to be Appointed for Beaufort
—Soldiers not to be Use
Slave Catchers.
New Yoax. Not. 14. Speolalssay that See
retary Chaae intends appointing a Collector for
the Dort 01 Beauiort, aa uovernment win maae
it a port ot entry.
" r.. .11 1 . .Ll 1 T
senator Bimmona . will sena a uip w Beau
fort with aa assorted cargo to exohanga for
eotton. " " '"" ' " - ' - -
Generals Banktand Stone are in consultation
with MoClellan. to dev.
Secretary Cameron baa declared tnat soldiers
shall not be used as slave catchers, and army
officers will not be permitted to engage In the
business or order subordinates to oatcbor return
fugitives.-' --.. "'''.....
A letter from General Vielle states tbat sev
eral of the rifled oannontaken at Port Royal
were lately imported from togland. .
Colonel Corcoran and Other Federal
Officers to be Hung.
Baltimoek. Not.'
of tha 11th It received, which contains tbe (oi
lowlns: -
Riohmomd, wot. 11. uoioneitorooran, tnree
Captains and eighteen Lieutenants, all of wnom
were oaotnred at Manassas and confined in jail,
at Richmond, bad been selected by lots to be
hung by way of retaliation for the hanging of
Captain Haker and crew 01 tne privateer oa
yannah. The Hon. Mr. Ely drew lots for Corcoran,
who la now In nriaon in Charleston.
In case the Court at New York condemned
the crew ol the Savannah to deatb, the federal
0 (finer will ba immediately hung.
The Charleston Mercury of tbe 10th, has the
The Yankee prisoners are ell .safe in JaiL
where they will abide the issue of our brave
privateersmen at the North. Should one drop
nf Southern blood be shed by (be Northern' court
for, defending tbe Soath on tbe seas, n will be
nald with Interest in Charleston: Self protec
tion and the enforcement of the laws of nations
and humanity alike require. thlt instance, full
and -mnla retaliation. . - C t K ',
The Mercury says the' Federals would capture
a large amount of cotton ia the violnlty of Port
Mercery of the 9th publishes tT letter
with the startling headlines In cap! tale, "Naval
Attack OS Port Koyal Batteries Abandoned-
Enemy in Fnll Possession.' We are in the
midst of a mast of conflicting rumors which
reached us yesterday from Port Royal. Early
in tha dav It was generally believed that the
abandonment of Fort Walker waa owing to the
annnlv of powder being exhausted. Our latest
dlanatanee are no very uiuerwnt uu. very ww
til.lnir. Tbev ttete that the fort wat gallantly
held by Its defenders until, twenty-eeven of
battery of twenty-nloe guni bad either ; been
itiamnneted or rendered useless.
Tha Mercury continues t There to no doubt
tha - fleet will saooeed In tbe eeptare of tn im
mense qaafltity of, cotton of he beat quality,
We understand oar lorce nave piacea tormiaa
hia Ahitnutiona In the river four miles below
Beanfort. Gen. Lee le at work noar.Beaufort,
and CUtt. RJolev at Boyd't-landing. Jot tbe de
fense of. ttej Charleston and' Tennessee Rail-
'mbA. "' 'P . '.M.',1 .'
' Adfspaton dated Pooatallgo, Nor; 8th, tayt
Gen. Praytoa rttlrrd la two iteajneri by rlpet'
Ferry, and le now in LiuA wri. '" The number of
Msualtiea kt reports from thirty to forty- .
Gsn. PonnovaoJ retreated by .way of, Lady
Island and Beaufort to Port JRoyal.? , H
Baanforl hod not bnan bnrned.aa WAS first re
ported. It oooialnedt an Immense) amount of
cotton, wrhlcb, It le well known, would be Darn
ed In eate) It wae attaled. S -T ' . '
The railroad at feoeteligo, Charleston and
Savannah ate la great danger.
BermnfU dates of the let elate that the pirate
Ntshville waa then oomlng Into harbor ror coal,
having been refused a supply at the other end
of the launa, ana win prvoaoiy-ootataariuau
litv from nrlvate etook. , .
The boat fronx Old Point baa arrived. The
Charleeton MerOury ia' quoted by the Norfolk
Day Book of y eaterdaf, at follow "" .
We have no authentic newt from Beanfort.
A report' came over the wire yesterday that
the -place bad been, bombarded and burned.
Lata in th- da, however, w beard, tbat the
town wat not burned, bnt waa occupied oy ine
enemy. .We oannot vouch ror' timer state
ment. ! OvA'Ttif ii. Tt r t
A flag of truccbfrom Norfolk' brought down
tome twenty paesengers, all of whom aald tbey
were leaving Dixie, on account of high' prioee
01 living there, ana tne unsettled, auto 01 so
eiety. , All tbelr baggage waa searched. South
ern papers were very aoatoe; .only, thirty were
found on board, and from them we gather the
louowinf additional items: . .
Auocsta. Not, 11 A report hat been cur
rent for the last day or two tbat black flags
have been hoisted in Bavannah, Charleston and
other point! 6a the Southern .coast, whloh indi
cates tbat no quarter will be given to tne in
vaders. Tbe Norfolk Day Book bat tbe following ad
"Attintioi), Rattl Snaees I- Charge with
full poison, and be prepared to strike. We find
many eubjeete in this town who merit to receive
the forcea of our venom.
."Call earlv at. the Hall and hear the Big
Snake. Little Snakes keen vonr eyes open an.
bring in tbe laet of thoee unfriendly toonr holy
oause. r ' I , -i
"By order of the Big Rattle. Nov. 13, 18G1."
BoitomJ Nov. 14. On tbe oereon of James
Brown, arrested aa a secessionist yesterday, was
found a letter from Wm. L. Yanoy in Eng
land to bit son In Alabama, In wblob be tpeakt
disoouragingiy of tbe prospects for tne recog
nition of tbe Southern Confederacy by tbe Eu
ropean, powers. .
A vessel arrived at Halit lisle reports a
large English steamer, laden with munitions ot
war, bad been oaptured by a United Statea trig
ate, and taken into Key West. -. n
PjfiLADKLrBiA. Not. 14. The Iron Works ot
Rldgeway 4c Co., at Germantown.were destroy
ed bv Are tbis forenoon. 1 Lost $10,000; Insured
for $7,000. Tbe works were eagaged in tbe
manufacture of carbine for the Government.
The fire le aupposed to be tbe work of so incen
diary. , . . ;.j V .' . ' -:
From the South.
Louisville, Nov. . 14. The Louisville Cou
rier, dated at Bowling Green on the 8ih, con
tains a Richmond correspondence saying that
Colonel, now Brigadier-General, Humphrey
Marshall is to command tbe eaetern diviaion of
tbe rebel army In Kentucky; and tbat Brigadier-General
John C. Breckinridge returns to
southern Kentucky this week to organize hie
brigade and put the provisional government in
Kentucky in motion. -- -
The eame correspondent' complains of tbe
delay in getting the steam frigate Mcrrimao
ready for aea, and apeaka of twenty-one rifled
oannon whioh oame in tbe eteamer Bermuda,
itb twelve groove., eaoh. throwing sheila of
one hundred and twenty pounds five miles and
bair. .
Tbe Fredericksburg Herald of the 1st gays,
that John A. Washington's family residence,'
two miles below Mathiaa Point, waa bombarded
and burned.
Richmond, Nov. 7. John Tyler and Roger
Pryor are eleoted to the Confederate Congress.
The eteamer Bermuda with eighteen hundred
bales of cotton ran tbe Savannah blookade oo
tbe night of the 2d Inst.
Chaeleston. Nov. 7. Gen. Lee baa arrived.
William Poroher Milee it elected to the Confed
erate Congreta.
Arrival of the Niagara.
Halifax, Nov, 14. The Niagara, from Liv
erpool the 2d, via Queenstown tbe 3d, just ar
rived here thle forenoon. Her datee are two
daya later. - u . . 1 1 i i i
1 be rant correspondent of the independence
Beige profeesee to have reliable information In
regard to the Mexican expedition. ' He eay
that it baa nlterior objects, and tbat if the
Southern Confederacy can hold its own until
January next, France and England will recog
nize it and oreag tne reaerai Diookaae. mis
statement it pronounced in England utterly un
true. -.,., .
Private olronlars repoit a decline on tbe week
Liviefool PaovisiONi Maetcet. Beef quiet
and ateady. Pork east er. Bacon steady;- - Lard
teady , but quiet at ou. s ogare and coffee
very doll. ' . . : , ,. .
London Maikit. Wheat dull land declined
la per quarter; red weatern 65067s. , . Flour 31
(gj4sr coffee steady. Tea buoyant.
Amerloan securities quiet and steady.
Livebvool, Not. 1. Manchester market flat
and pricee tend downward--- ' '
Liverpool Cotton Maexti Circulars gen
orally quote a decline on the week of J
LiviarooL BaiADSturrj. Flour steady ' at
28Q31s. Wheat firm; red western at HQlls
4d; red southern at I212a 9d; white western
atlas ad; white southern at 13313s 3d.. Corn
tends npward and all qualities alightly advanced ;
mixed western Is quoted at 3333 6d;. yellow
at sua oa; white 8b37a..-... r
" The Times publishes a long letter from Hon.
Theodore Fay, Amerloan Minister to Switzer
land, mainly devoted to a refutation of barl
Russell's lata epeeoh at New Castle, in which
oe asserted tbat one tide in America wat Btnv-
ing for empire and the Qther for independence
or power. Mr. Fay protests In tbe strongest
terms against Lord Russell's reasonings, and
complaint of tba tympathy accorded to rebels
by the English and Continental journals.
The Times editorially critloisea ray's letter
and aayt, although it oarrlet American prolix
lty to thb farthest point. It la not to be compar
ed to the abaqrd and peevieb utterances oi uaa
siut M. Clay and other of Lincoln's Diplomists
Feanoe. It it reiterated that France has
opened negotiations with Austria for tbe ces
sion of Venitia.- -, .., .,v..., ...
1 BAIN & son,
Bo. 29 Soutli High' Street, Columbui,
S000 yard. Travails
Dr. a Qood ttex.vtlue
IV X oenta.
2500 yard Traveling Pre Good at UU, Talue 90 eta
8UO0 yard Engllth Betage tt Vtla 25 cent.
1(100 yard frenoh Orgtodie at 12M, valne 20 etnte.
200A yard fait Oolored Lawn at 10, value II oenta.
1(100 rani, onltnl Dim. Hilk. tl 37 K. wtla 50 cent.
lioe yard super nam hum suik hiin. ytiue i -
Bob of Organdl Ber-, and Bngliih Bciage, at on.
hall their value. -
a I ' r.r ... rr ..in - pvn,
tTM : . o. ,n. ..; tj ,i. i 29 Bowtb High gtreat.
VX n . OIJBN BILL BHIRT8, - r, .,
1 flOLDail HILL BHIRTI. 41
Th. nattm of than hirt an sew. Th Bodl, tek,
dene tnd bosom tr formed to sit th wrm with eat
and comfort.- The mere epon eacn one niwigntnni wa
it M may NnlMctM being eorrect, tad ete-ihlrtl
guiranteed well made. A (alt (took of all qaaLUe
oontntlyfrlat. . ' ' ,".'''' B'1'!L!.
Ho. v r- Rnpi.uiBi. hi
; ; -coiiCirrars.oiifioi'
' I i And 8e3d Store, i '
j '' -i -'Mun'ot ' v- '( J ' '
j AiX., fltABI, BABB,' rtJTTT. COBDAB-,'
Gua, ristala WaaAdkWlUew ware,
ther and BubbarBeltlmr. Iae Leather, bom bi
J ttaiF ,'"- '" -.ebl-eut
4riwnw- aTTi.fimaTaiPED
" V Bll AWLt. In n- dealgn at 3 00-rV tin 500,
Lima vu-d Buov Bithv.iMk 0k at At Oo-Ti
tnen- VinaoA iw l-Tltt 87 eta ajard.
etis , Wlou&a Btretf.
New York Market.
NEW YORK,Nov. 14.
COTTON Market quiet and without material chanie:
tie MO Utw Mlddllnff Upland at 9o. . , .
ELOU- Ooaned steady and eloied (nil. at .hnt
yeiUrday'squouiloa; asieior w.ouu ouren at ti 40
W3 80 lor reiec.Mj ,J oo ror aupernn atate;
S3 01X33 eu for eiira bum, coreny at wo Ywas 7;
BS Sinai SS far anor&M wltnu ti 85(S 90 for con.
mo. an Madinm .lira weatern: t5 9i2i0 00 for ahln.
ping brand extra round hoop Ohio I 0 KtBS ti for
trad brand do. ' uanaaaw noar m awaurnw a
wlthontobann of price.; aale of 600 bbl at 85 W)
CM K Isr uperBnei t 7Wi e ror common to cbeloe
eatra.. , - .
BIB f LOCB Oulst and steady with atlei at t l t .m
4 40. " - (
CORN MB AtSteady with sale of S75 bbU at 13 9ESUB
s 30 lor Braaaywlul mi oOIorexa weatern.
WHIBKI Kather more Arm: tale M barrel at
WUBAT Tbmakoton4ehad armor, W1W a
limited aarolr nod modent eioi rt Inaalnr: elated
quutatyeateraAyi prioee; wie or nzpuu nuaneu unl
earn tprlng at tl 83(81 95; Bade iprlng at tl 4
1 25; Ullwauko (lab at t)l S5(S1 88; Amber Iowa at
II Sftl SOt nd atate at Bi M1 S4i ember Unm Bar
tl 30: witter rod weatern tl 35(A1 33; amber atichlgan
at tl 9I 40; Canadian club tl 26; whit Canadiaa at
f I 39(1 45; whit AtlehlgaB at tl 45. .
BYB Bcaroe and rer firm: aalea of 3 500 buthala at
BABLIT Qulot and Arm; eale of 3109 buahels two.
rowed atate at otto.
COHN Market ruled very Bra, bnt ltn aollrei I0.3CI)
boineU at BOKffleao for mixed weatern; 6eV369o foe do.
in tor; (97Uc for wealcrc yellow.
OATB Quiet and luady at 44t5K(4eXo for welt-
ern and itata.
POBK Heary and lower; tale of 1138 bbli, part thi
erenlng. at lt 5015 00 for meu; I'J U09 50 for
BEEF In fair demti:I, wllhont' material change In
price; tale 700 barrel at t44 50 for country prime;
tS5 AO for country mesa; I1 50919 for repacked
meie; 1 13 for extra met. Trime met. beef inaetlv.
BKiy HAMS Unlet: nle of XbV bbl prim weitern
at 16o. .
OUT HBAT8 A little mors iteidy. with a fair de
mand; laleaof 150 paokagei at 4Ji6c for ihonldera and
5Xo for bam.
iiOUH firm. .
BACON In Kood demand, chieflr for future delivery.
laud Market continue aulet: lalei or rcu uereei
and barreli at 8 o.
BOTTBa firm and In fair demand at 10314c for
Ohio, and 1420o for itate.
OHBE8B firmat5Xca7Ko. .
BUOAB Baw let! aeure. but without decided ohang
In price; sale of 262 bhda Onto at 8Xm8lia, Including
SO hhda Porto Bieo at V)ia by auction, 75 boxe Havana
at 8X7Xo. .
.MOLASSES If (teady; sale of 10 hhda and 20 bbU
Barbadoea at 30(9)360 by auction; 13 hhdi Porto Rico at
New York Cattle Market
NEW YORK,Nov . 13.
BEEP Bull and heavy; receipt wr nnexixctedly
biary and prl.ee receded half a cent. - Ther wer
large number or poor cattle, tna pricei varies rrom ae
to 88 HO por pound. . ..
BILUU ouwb-wereiteaay.
VEAL OALVBS In full demand and full previous
price, were re. Hied.
oHKKp AND LAMB3 Demand eonllnuts fair and
prioe. with Utile variation from th current pricei or
hut week.
BW1NJS 3K4'ic, acoording to quality: tha lunply
U enormoua.
Total receipt! of atnek at all the yardi for th week
beeves, 3,940; eowi, 103; ctlv, 704
Cincinnati Market.
PROVISIONS In th provlilon trad nothing wu
don. Clear bacon aidee are dull nnd heavy,' th very
beat In the market being freely offered at 5c, witb
buyer tt 5;o. bugar cured bam can be bad tt 5,V3
So for the be.t brand.. -
ILOUK A better feeling In tha flour market; euper
flue, mad from original atoek, ean not be bought bflow
4 10, the general aiklng price being B4 15.
WHEAT Prime red i in fair requeet at (So, but held
at8887o, tt which the market cloeed dull; white H
inn tl 9o, with buyer at Soo.
OATS Are active tt 27o, bold tt 27c, In bulk.
CORK A good demand for new at 25c (nd old at 21IA
30c for car in bulk. . .
BYB firm at 43c, with a good demand at 42e. '
BAULKY An Improved demand for barley, holder!
having coma down to th view, of buyera; apring in good
demand, for prime, tt 40o, and fall at 443:460
G ROC B RIBS Unchanged .
WHISKY Actlv tnd firm tt l l)'c.
HOOB The only eale w htud today wu a lot at
82 80 gron. Th weather io warm, mor Ilk April
than th middle of November. The aale of hog one
ytar tgo to-day war 1200 hetd at SO 65(39 75 per oenttl
aet. Bam sold rrom tn diock tt oo, tna to-aay of
fered tt 3o without buyer. Th only part ot th hog
that ia actlv now 1 prim leaf ltrd, which la freely
taken on European account, delivered thi or next
month, at 7o.
Bale on 'Ohang tr ti followi:
Than waa a tome-hat tetter feeling in bur tt the
Close, but then is no ohang In price: tuper&ne can not
be told at over 14 iu. Tne tale were u oou ex-.n ai
4 25: 50. 65 tnd 75 do tt 14 30 1 150 do. at 4 10 (t
low graded, tnd 100 do. do. fancy at 4 45, delivered.
Cleveland Market
f LOUR No sale. Prfce unchanged1.
WHEAT Better; nle of 5000 baaheli free on board
at 94o.
CORN firm at 33c.
OATH Finn tt S5o. '
APPLES 20 bbnaoMtt t4 10.
LARD 7 bbl. Kid tt 70. .
EQOil Dull ttl4o. -- -
BHOULDBBJ 14 bbU pUkhrd honldra lold t 7 09
hhl ... . . .............
CRANBERRIES Dull tt 97 50. ' '
BUTTER In good demand at 12X0 for eholc WMt-
naBeserve; . .,--
Oysters! Oysters!!
Ol A- 7"W-fl-C--5a"H!H.
I .
Has just receive vi and will
be in daily receipt, by BxprtM, of - " ' ;
Fr?m Baltimore tnd fair Btven. : - t (
Call tt Wagner' Oyatertnd f rait Depot, No. 21 Bail
Btat etreet. . -
angsttf : t . . : -.
Cranberries! Cranberries!
l)VF ORDER, on consignment
for lale low by
100 South High Street.
or LoirooK, a d
oe anw voaa,
The aotao-rtedged Head of tbe FreCtMloa at efthsT
The best Diuretia, Tonlo, and Inrlgoranl The
rinwt Iztrac of the ITATJAKr rUJXJjmu
BXB8Y. The rnreat and Meat Costly m B
.".'lax ... nw.. .-f r. . . i
' INVALUABLE IW int. oiwa, -j
rot Bala Plata ana oaarcs, dt wary
Druggist Grocer, or Country Merchant.
DON D O N-' G- I N
thb onlt oEfnnira Axnout is
: J B. BALDWIN & CO., "
' i Importers, 81 Liberty- Bt
:;; - NEW TOBX.
-I1JI U. fl-1-tV.a W '--" jv 'T ' ' " Y '
- VMoK-, a MBTIBAnX. X'i
v WsolMtl aU XW I Oneen. - a'H
I 0. A. WAONKR.and ether., .
"XaOtoetentH.b- .. BDIBB, B0BAIB1B A CO.,
I ec8-eodaiyw, :.. ' '.. , ' andetber.
1 BU0HE8, newitylejortepenby
They go Right U the' Tsstilil
i .
.1 T ' v -t JJ1 V I
lamni aaciiei I
I Mot year Coiisj
I Pnrlfr your Breati..
Ktrengtben year Vole!,.
GOOD FOR LECTURER3, ' 1 ' j 1 '
i '-' eBNTXtMlft OABBI ; ' . J j j
, v.wii. 4 .
' :,.
tADIIS ABK DCLianTBD wirji . . .
0HItBBN UHV fOB ; r ;
They relieve a Cough lnstantl
They clear the Throat. . .
They give strength and volume (o tbe volee.
Tbey Impart a dollctoua aroma to ihn oreath
They are delightful to the taste. T r
They .re made or simple herb and cannot
harm any one.
I advlie every on who has a Cough or a nu.ky Veiee'
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a package or ay Threat Confections; th.y will relieve "
yoa lnaantly, tnd yon will agree with m that 'fhey
g right to th ipot." loa wilt And them very oceful
nd pleutnt whllti Irtrtllng or attending publlo meet' '
lngfortllluigyourOonghorally;ng your thlrat II.
you try on package, I am fe In laying that you win '
ever afterw.rde eonilder than lndlipeniable. "'"
You will Bnd ihemtt tr Druggtet tnd Detlenli .'
- VA T
PKIOB . ' '' '' '' '
Uy algnatur Ii cn each package. All etb.n .r.
A package will be nt by mall, prepaid, on recelf.l
Thirty Cent. . , .
Addrew,' ' '
Henry O. Spalding, ,t
w v ; t irjii'irin
A xiinr -Cf
- A
By tbe m of theie Pill th periodic ttttcr o( Aer
eou or Skit BeaJacto may be prevented; tod if taken
at the commencement of an attack Immediate relief from
ptlnand lu tneu will be obtained.
They teldom fall In removing the Satitta and
ache tfi which femiln arc io lubjeot.
They act gently npon th bowel removing Ooite
for Literary Men, Stvdtnt, Delicate fom.it:
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u a ZmoHv, Improving th oppttiU, giving ton '
tiQttr to eh dlgeatlv organ, and reetorlng the natw
.uutloityand atrength of th who! ytem.
THB CBPHALIO PILLS r tt reealt of long lav. -
Bgatin and fart fully eondooted experiment, bavibg, .
been tn' aa many yean, daring which tun they have
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may be taken at all Urn with perfect eafety without
making any change of diet, and t A alt run of aim
HMyrrmaiU tatU rmdert tt tav to tdminU er lAtm
The genuine bay Sve ilgnataiaa of Henry 0 epaldtng
ob each Box. -
Bold by Dragglit tnd til other Dealen In Medicine..
A Box will be lent by mail, pnptld, oa receipt of thi
Prloo, Q5 Oonts.
All (rders ahoald be tddroeerd to - ' :- : '
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from the Bxamlner, Norfolk, Ta. '
Cephalic Pill tooomnllah th object for whteh th..
wen made, via. : Con of headach la all lu forma.
From the Examiner, Norfolk, ta. ' '
They have been teated In mon than a tbooaud rn.n.
with entire raccc. , , , .
a 1
from th Demoortt, Bt. Cloud, Ulan.
If yoa an. or have been.' troubled with the headxiiia . t
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oovered. '
from Die W.stern B. R. Oaietie, Ohloago, III.
We heartily endone Ur. Bpaulding, and hi norlvaiei
Cephalic PHI. ,..,.
fro Ktoawbt Vtltey Btar, ktntwha, ft
W an inn that peraoni rutrertnr with th needaob.
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