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gATURDAT MORXmq. NOV 6 1861.
Our White Allies in the South.
fV,f ..' man in iha North are io i Ureat fever
of excitement eboul emploj tog the blaoke In the
flonth.nerilcularlvtheelaves, as allies in this
war lot the Union. If this could be done, they
I A .1 . J
profeee to believe that the war woma oe euuw,
.i nnl.. ahri tha Union restored. Bat they seem
to forget thet If It were practicable, which It Is
sot, lor the Government to eall into Its service
end use tbeeleverfof. the South, it would nite
against It the white population of-all too bouw
era otaies. ai nerce auu miuu-j
tor? bee vet reoorded would follow, protracted
through many jeere. end ending elast, heB
both parties were worn ot end exhausted, l
the permanent eeparetioo of the.Northrn , ud
Southern Butee. or in the extermination of the
white race In the South and ibe esUblUbment
(here of Black Repuhllo or Empire.
We are pereuaded that this ia ft osmomma
lion which few Norths n men desire. If thie is
not what we want, then the idea of using South
ern, slaves, save, perhaps, as they may come
within our linee, and may be U3efal!y employed
for Denial services and in digging ditcbee and
building, iortifioations, muat be abandoned.
We can have more efficient alliea in the seced
ed Statee than negro sieves. We mean free
white men, who are ooly waiting for an bppor
tunity, when they may, with the leas', prospect ol
protection for their borne and families, em
bark, heart and hand, In the Union cause.
Tkeae are the men, through and by whom, the
respective eeoeded States are to be made to
again take their ptac.-j in Jhe Union, and once
more join hands with their Northern eisters.
All the border elave States, ' Maryland, Vir
ginia, Kentucky and Missouri, are swarming
with Union' men. Eastern Tennessee and
Eastern North Caroline are alive with them
We doubt sot that ai the Union war ehipe line
the Southern coast, and Union armies penetrate
the Interior of cottondom, Union men will
apring up as if by magio out of the earth, as
giants did of old when the ground was sown
with dragon's teeth. It is white, notbUck, al
lies, that we want and muat have In the South.
And It is oanse for deep joy aud ratitade to
lit Great Disposer ot events that the prospect
is, that such allies will not be wantiog-
The Tables Turned on the Rebels—
Union Men Destroying Railroad
The cutting of telegraph wires, and the firing
and destroying of railroad bridges have beeo
heretofore almost exclusively rebel amusement)
Tearing up railroad tracks and eettiog fire to
railroad bridges to prevent the paseage of vol
unteerl through their State for the defense of
Washington, were some of the earliest pastimes
of - the Maryland secessionists. These were
followed by similsr feats in Western Virginia
and Missouri. i - -. ;
This example or illustration of what men may
do without arms, has not been lost upon South
era Union men. Heretofore, beyond the border
slave States, they" have been crushed down
under the secession "reign of terror," and have
not dared to mefe. Bat now as they begin to
hear , faintly and io the distance the notes of
Unele Sam's bogie and the roar of bis cannon
thev take courage and do all In their power to
prepare the way for the triumph of the Union
cause and the discomfiture of its enemies.
We have heard much of the etern determina
tion of the loyal men pf East Tennessee to
stand by the Union at all hazuds. Kecent:y
they have given substantial proof or mat aeter
ruination. Without military organization, with
oat arms, and surrounded by the armed minions
of Jrr. Davis, what could they do? They
cut ! off the , telegraphic communication of
one part of the rebel forces witd enower,
and deetroved railroad bridges In that great net
wor,k of railroads which connects Washington,
Richmond and the southeastern Atlantic end
southern Gulf coast with Tennessee, Kentucky
1 and the West. Nothing, not even a great and
decisive victory over the 1 rebel army near
Washington, could so weaken and .disconcert
the secession leaden ai the obstruction and ln-
terraption of these great lines of Intercommn
nication.. - .'i ..; "
' Thus axe the secessionists met by men upon
the toil which they claim as exclusively their
own. .The chalice they prepared for others is
not to' their own Hoe with a vengeance. Let
the efforts of these daring Union men In East
Tannaaaea ana elsewhere in the South be sec
onded by the Federal Government; let them be
fastantly succored and protected from secession
marauder. The time is tin with stirring
events: there sbonU no longer be any delay,
but blow after blow be struck for the Union at
the very heart of ebeldon until the secession
monster Is quieted forever.
Rebel Strategy.
"" There appears to be, no apparent diminution
of the rebel force on the Potomac and in the vi
cinity of Washington. Their pickets extend to
within two miles of Vienna, and in other respects
their appearance is as threatening as ever. Of
course, it would not do to show at present any
symptoms of a disposition to retreat from the
Federal City. It would be ruinous to their
etMM...It would fill the entire area of rebel-
dom with consternation and alarm, besides ruin
isg any slight prospect the Confederates may
have of a favorable hearing In foreign courts.
The rebel leaders know that their all depends
upon the keeping op at least the appearance of
a strong force wpon the Potomac. When they
. are forced to retire to Bull Ron or beyond it,
aa we trust they soon will be, the day of their
doom will not be far off. .... -. .... , , ... , & : .
1 1 'i 1
The "K. G. C." Bubble Exploded.
The November term of the United States
'"'Circuit an! District Courts for the Northern
District of Ohio was opened at Cleveland oh
7 Tuesday morning, Nov. 12ib, y Judge Wil
son. After the Grand Jury. bad been sworn
aod charged, the" Phindealtr :': r' ' " ,
The District Attorney announced that he
would discontinue any prosecutiono against
Dr. Christian and others Donna over oy um
issioner Whit on charges of conspiracy
and tba defendants were discharged from lur
t ther attendance as by their recognisance: re
qnired. , s m i n r, 1 .,
The Hertld adds that the cause of the d!a-
whargeoi the aocuted "was the want of testl-
r taooy' very aubstantial reasOa;v" 1 t
A Wretched Appointment.
""Vft find the following in tho special dispatch
"W th fJoB or yesterday r I .
' wlmpeodiog Crisis Helper has been appointed
""JConuul to Buenoe Ayree." ' j
In tho language of Daniel Weheter, "this ep-
ointment ie one sot fit to be made." Cin.
f., Asa. 14.
[From the Boston Courier of Tuesday.]
[From the Boston Courier of Tuesday.] Opposition to the Government.
we are ny do bu mj m .
uent ou foot In this city to create a combina
tion against the Government. In coneeqoe of
tbe removat oi remon vaFP 77.".7:
Here, in nnuiual vigor, vne eiemeuw
and sedition, under every varied phase, tot
Men tne avowea eueuiio v. -----. .
utve Ptl, denoucced thvConstitut o b.
. " . r t . Mnwnti0iOtlallT. WO
to DroDtrite to anommuiw - ----
Wea3ud rectly eountenaoclog notions, which,
if thev prevail the or.h, wou d oveTthrow
the Coustltutlou and destroy
Thodchtful men- who have fallen Into this lat
ter error, are now perceiving It, and separating
emselv'e. from ?he f.!,;
heir country, who are now. by the action of
ibe admioistration In opposition to their designs,
brditghl Into dlreot cootlicl wl l-
. . i .m .(.( anil thnjia ID
. '1 be OCterminea nii ---
ivmpathy with them, are attempting to take
J. v ' " .t nf Pramnot to atlr no
aavamage oi mi -- -- -- ----
hoetillivto the Government. . Io the State or
New York, as we learn by the statement of
. ... . MtuRnnnntion waa not lone
since In process of Incubation, "for the purpose
of sustaining Gen. John C. Fremont and the
principles Set forth In his proclamation." What
has become of It, we do not know; but Bow a
....KI. I nmmnnMI ID tDtS OltV. IOr
tow same purpose, however'fuUle It must be In
tl ai- t ansiitiit Jnhn C. Fremont U to
resist the President and his official advisers,
who have removed blm; and woo were romp...
i li. Mnjn.i oithar to dismiss him.
or, since be refused to obey their commands, to
allow him a separate sna murpeuueu. vm
thm aithr to divide the Union at
the North, or to abdicate In hie for.
The reasonableness oi sustaining mr. era
nt Trviiinp svmDathies with
him, and the proofs which they give of loyalty
who do so, are evweni. ror inma
give tbe following oall for a "Fremont Maes
Meetinc" for this evening, ai too pi. n
nated: 1 . ....
"r'aiaoNT Mass Meitino. ine Aaminis-
..t. . k.. In I, i liHnni. thntlf HI DC? I 10 re
r .r th taw men who are
,.... .-!ik thai whnta enereles In the
. " traasnn and slaverv.
urvBeut an uftio - - -
od that removal has been made at a moment
anao he is prepared to moot, aa ne nas aireaay
m. ih nnriT. fma to face, and when a deoi
live battle was hourly to be expeeted. '
. iiw. hwriiv mfflmnn our UBrmu iciiuw-vi-
,Jt xnr thlr nnlnlon with reeardto tbe
action of the Administration, and to show that
we arc in favor or a vigorous nana agains mc
.;.nr C.unm nnrt tha Union, aud bv suit
able reaolutions to express 1 our sympathies
with lien- rremoni. ....
nr.. hU nnmua a mpptine Will DO Beta DV
all who are friende oi Gen. r remont, and who
appreciate the energy he has displayed, on
Tuesday evening, Nov. IS, at elfht o'clock, In
the 'German Turn-Uall,' No. 677 Washington
street. Com in M."
Gen. D. C. Buell.
Acortesnondent of the Cincinnati Commercial
gives tbe following brief sketch of Gen. BtrrxL's
mllitarv ctreer:
Don Carlos Baell, of Oaio, was a cadet or tbe
vv.a, p..ini Milimr Aeademv. aod eradoated
there ou tbe 1st day ot July 1S41, when be was
. . . c X T - --. . I U .
commisaionea as a oecona liicuicuaut m we
Third Regiment of United states inuniry, in
.kll. ..n..iftr ha aftrvpri nntil tha 1st Clf JllDO.
U4G, when be was promoted to the rank oi
c-.., l l.Mt.n.nt. fin lha Q.1.1 da of Seniam
her, of tbe same year, be wae made Brevet Cap-
... n c.llarf anil mflritnrioua rnnduot in the
severe conflict at Monterey, Mexico. In 1817
he was appointed Adjutant oi nia regiment.
h diatinsniihail himself at the battle of Cerro
nrt.,l.- .oiiii in tha battle! of Contrerai
W.UV, BMM HQW.H mmm -
and Cburubusco In the latter of which he was
severely woncded. ror tnis aisuoguisnea con
duct he was then promoted to the rauk ot Major.
In tha mnnth nf Jann&rV. 1848. he WaS aDDOlnt-
ed Assistant Adjutant General, when, In 1851,
be reiinauisbea nis race in tne line iu oruer to
m i tiT. .
become a permanent omcer in tne w ar iepart-
mem at w aeuington.
.... . ... 3!-.! ' -V.
in all in... .uur.i pin.'Him nnu hlii vuiui1
ed himsell with marked ability and courage.
inn ... n. hhaii nni a it 1 11 11 rariiru an a. 111 1 ii-
.... man. anil (IVin ahimld ha nroud of auch a
man, while Kentucky has nothing to fear, In re
gard to nis aoillty to eonauct me campmgu auu
ccsdiuny witnin ner Doraers.
Mrs. Lincoln.
The New York Herald makes the following
nnnrnnpiatsl ratrnarlffl
TVBW ef -w a a---
During this terrible rebellion, which has ex
cited sectional enmity, jealousy ana spue to a
degree unexampled, no rebel has been so lost to
tbe instincts of a gentleman as to attempt to
connect mrs. jumcoin wun toe cause or mo upo
ratioos of tbe war. On tho contrary, while the
Seutbern press has said many silly things of our
President, and reprobates and despises his very
name, there baa nothing been printed at the
South in regard to Mrs. Lincoln which a gentle
man mtcrht nnt rlt anil raail. It remained
for the New Eogland Abolitionists, throngh the
n a i i n LI . . . . : I.. V. A .4
oprmgneiu levvucaa, hj aiiaiu, ivr u
time, theannalaof thie country by a personal
attack upon the wife of the President, because
they were displeased with the political course
of the President himself.
Commodore Tatnall.
The commander of the mosquito Csct that
made a show of resistance to tbe fleet when ap
proaching Port Royal entrance, is an old navy
offioer, appointed from Georgia. He was in
command of tbe United States fleet in China,
at the time of tbe allied attack on the Chinese
forts in the Peibo. "Blood ie thicker than wa
ter." is the memorable language attributed to
bim when be sent a gun-boat to the assistance
ot tbe discomfited allies. Had tbe Ummodore
and bis infatuated southern friends adhered to
that sentiment, the country wonld not now be
plunged into civil war. '
Military Departments of the West.
The War Department has issued orders con
cerning several Military.Departmenta The De
partment of New Mexioo is to bs commanded
by Col. E. R. 6. Cauley; tbe Department ol
Kansas, including Kansas, part of tbe Indian
Territory, Nebraska, Colorado, and Dakota, is
to be commanded by Maj.-Geo. Hooter; the
Department of Missouri, including Missouri,
Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Arkan
aae, Kentucky west of the Cumberland River,
ie to be commanded by Maj.-uen. iiaiieck; tne
Department of Ohio, including Ohio, Michigan,
Indiaca, Kentucky east of the Cumberland Riv
er, and Tennessee, is to be commanded by Brig..
Gen. Baell; the Department of Western Vir
ginia, lnoludlng that portion ot tbe State lately
in the old Department of Ohio, Is to be com
manded by Brlg.-uen. Kosecrans.
TaKiif to Fort LarATtm Fort Lafayette
Is still need as a residence foe secessionists,
pending an Inquiry into their cases under direc
tion ot Marshal Murray, who reports the tacts
to Washington for further orders. The follow
ing prisoners were taken down to tbe stronghold
oo Tuesdays Wm. Pennington, captain, and
W tl Ay mar, owner, oi tbe prize ecboooer
Erilda, aud two other men, taken ou board of
her: Charles Brown, captain, and T. C. Moo-
sell, steward, of tbe prise ecboooer Joseph H.
Toooe (owned by Mr. Aymar); also John Bone,
C. B. Straiten, FiancisCook and John Price,
seamen, and Anthony Penally, a supposed pas
senger; Jueeph B. Mariam, Robert Walsb, Jno.
Kenny, Henry uostiora, jonn bimaet, i nomas
Murphy and Peter Walsh, crew of tha prize
schooner Joseph Bernard. All these men were
brought here by tbe steamer Nightingale- Eu
gene Bohl, peter Thompson and William Mary,
tbree ot the crew of tha privateer Sumter,
taken from the prize schooner Abbie Bradford,
of Commerce.
07 If the "Confeds" want to wake op about
60 000 lire Irishmen In the North, every man
of whom will be a hero worthy oLthe gallant
69tb, let them bang Col. Corcoran. It will be
tba costliest, hanging the scoundrels ever indulged-
rrThe resident Is said to be hard at ..
upon lis' message, and receives visitors only be-
taraati the . knnra of ten and twain nVlimt
The quidnuncs al Washington as yet giver aa
no clue as io wnat tne message win probably
The Massacre at Guyandotte.
Rov. J- C. Wheeler, Acting AJjutant of tha
Ninth Virginia (Uoiuo) Regiment, oommunl
onits tbe toilowiog aooouot ot tbe uasaaore at
Guyandotte by tba rebels, and lb subsequent
burning of ibe town by our . troops, to . tba
Wheeling IntcUigtactr:
The undersigned, acting as Adjutant or tne
Ninth Virginia Regiment, would beg leave to
report that on Sunday evening, tho llUh lost., a
Utile after seven o'clock, the said regiment,
consisting of only one hundred aud fifty men
yet In camp, was completely surprised by seven
hundred cavalry, under . command of Jenkins,
tbe guerrilla chief, and out to piece and captur
ed, with tha loss also of about thirty horses, a
small stock of Government store, and two
hundred Eufield rifle. The dead and wounded
on either side could not ba clearly ascertained,
but are supposed to be ten or twelve killed and
twenty or thirty-wounded. Tbe enemy captur
ed seventy prbouors, and their lose. In killed
aod wounded was equal to, If not greater than,
ours. . Tney left one ol their Captalna dead in
the street, uis name waa uuooeu, or a name
similar in aouod Tbree other dead bodies of
tbe enemy were found la tbe street, and they
were eeen to throw aeveral from tha suspension
bridge iqto the Guyandotte, killed by our men
while tney were crossing tne nriage; oesiass, a
waeon load waa hauled on in toe night. Throe
of our dead were found one was kuown to be
shot one mile above town, ou tbe bank of the
Ohio river, and tour In crossing the Guyandotte
river. Several others arc missing, and are sup
posed to be killed. Among tbe numbar Is Capt.
G. W. Bailor. of Portsmouth, who oommsnded
a oompany In tbe railroad masked battery affair
at Vienna, ana also at nun nun Among tooee
taken prisoner are tbe Hon. K V. Wnaley,
ho waa In oommaodof the plane; T. J. Hay
Up, clerk in tbe Qaartermaoter'e Department;
Capt. rayne, oi unio, woo was one oi tne nrst
three lo otant the stars aod stripes on tbe valla
of Monterey, In Mexioo; and dpt. Roes, of
Ironton, an Intelligent Sootchman. Captain
Thomas, ot Higginsport, 0., Is supposed to be
taken, and also Dr. Morris,of Ironton, the First
Surgeon: '."L
' I ue reoeis ao arreaiej ana iook wna mem
the following Union citizens, alter baring first
taken and destroyed their goods: Wm. Dow
ihit. merchant, and bis son: Dr. Rouse, drug
gist, who was also a Commissioner of tbe Fed
eral Court; Alber: Wbite, and perbapa some
others.' At Barboursvillfe tboy captured John
W. Aliord. candidate for the Legislature; Ma-
thew Thompson and all bis goods; old Mr.
Kyle and Morey. These prisoners were lashed
together and compelled to walk. ' Among their
other cruelties I will mention one Incident:
James E. Wood, a citizen of the place for many
years, but how in tbe army, bad his band ebot
off. lie waa then run over by lb cavalry and
bis hips put out ol plaee, but be managed to
get to tbe middle or ibe eutpemion bridge,
jumped off and twain to tbe opposite shore of
Ibe Guyandotte, where ne was taken ana nis
bands tied behind blm and refused anytblog to
eat nntil a accession woman almost eompelied
them to allow her to administer to hia wanta,
and when they marched off be was compelled
to march afoot .n his disabled condition.
The attack was ao sudden and unsuspected
that not more tbao forty of onr men got Into
line to reist them. Others, however, (ought
them singly, and thoia only made their escape
who were eaiianea at ine atari tnat tne number
ot tbe enemy waa too great (o contend against,
and fled immediately, txcept in a few Instances,
where they bid nndor bouses and log ones nn
til tbe enemy retired. Some fifty or sixty were
known to have got away, and perhaps others
will turn up. ' '
Tbe rebels held tbe place until about eight
o'oloek the next morning, when the steamboat
Boston came up with about v or tbe rutb
Vicgioia Regiment, under Col. Zelgler. They
were joined bv a number of the Home Guarie
of Lawrence county, Ohio, who had assembled
at Prootorsville, opposite, to prevent the rebels
from landing in Ohio, which they had threaten
ed to do.
On the arrival of tha Boston some shots were
fired at her from Guyandotte, which were an
swered by a ebot from a small two pounder,
sending a ball through a rebel's brick honee.
The rebels immediately leu on double quick
lime, and the hypocritical secession citizens,
who had been instrumental In getting up the
attack, came ft tha bank of the Ohio witha
great numbei of wblta Bags, which tbey waved
quite enthusiastically, aupp ising they could still
deceive our brave union men woo naa pieaa lor
them and saved their property from destruction,
but it was all In vain. : Their deetruction was
decreed bv an Indignant people, and three reel
meets would not have prevented them Irom
burninar the town. Our troops passed overt a
few shots were .fired at the rear guard of tbe
retreating rebels, and a lew arrests made ot
leaning secessionists, among them II. H. Miller,
who bad been lor some time wun toe reoel ar
my, and came in with Jenkins aod got trapped
at home; i. a. emtio, woo was seen nrine?
with a revolver on our soldiers In tbe street;
John o. Everett, who shot at one ol our soldiers
swimming the Guyandotte, and several others.
Aod then tbe town was soon In flames. No
Union man's bouse was set on fire, but several
caught from the others. Tbe town is, at least
three fourths of it, burnt np. AH the store,
tbe hotel, and tbe finest dwelling bouses, are In
It is supposed that Jenkina went with his
force to hia own plantation, ai tba next night
hia warehouse waa thrown open, a large fire
burnlne In front of it, and a man with a lantern
under the bank hailed the steamboat Moderator,
bat our Captain waa not green enough to be
caught in that Seceeh trap. He, however, rang
tbe oeu twice, as tnongn ne waa going to land
But ten or twelve men ehowed themselves, and
there Is very little doubt that the warehouse
was full of bis ragamuffin crew.
When I left, there was a report that tbree
thousand Infantry or tbe rebel army were at Bar
boursville, manning on Guyandotte, but I sup
pose It to be a false rnmor.
Mr. Wheeler says, In addition to what he bas
written, that the firat Intimation bo or any
one else bad of tbe attack upon the town, all
was confusion, and indiscriminate fighting was
going on in tbe streets. Tbe attack was made
about 7 o'clock In tha evening, aud In a abort
time the rebel bad formed their lines around
the town. Hi Wheeler made his oapef in
oompany with bie little boy, by running Into a
cornfield with a heavy fire In bis rear. He
walked all night before he met a man whom
be dared to approach opoa tha subject of crow
ing tbe river. When he did finally encounter
a Union (?) man, bo bad to employ the per
suasive chink of the almighty dollar before he
oould be accommodated. Congressman Wha
ley acted gallantly, appearing In the streets
and nrging his men to resistance. Tha seces
sion citizens who knew of the contemplated at
tack, had succeeded la completely deluding
Whaler's men. 1 here was not a single picket
out at tbe time of the attack, and no alarm was
given. :-' i
Fremont Nominated for President.
, At a Republican meeting in Chicago, on Sat
urday evening which meeting Is represented
aa large, barmonloue and enthusiastic Fre
mont was nomioated tor Ibe next Presidency,
and President Lincoln bitterly denonnoed. The
following resolution was among tho number
adopted amid thunders of applause:
Huolvtd. That, In tbe measures or the Ad
ministration for tbe enppression of this insurrec
tion, we have so far aeen nothing but Indecision
and vasclllatloD, and a desire to shirk . the true
issue of tbe contest, aod lo decline a riwpooui-
bllity which the rulers ot a great nation like
ouis ought to and which tbe people expect them
to assume. , -i . - . ;
That ther is a concerted movement of tbe
ami slavery men throughout the North to bring
remont out lor the next rresidency, aeems
beyond a doubt. In New York a movement of
this kind is fairly Inaugurated. , At St. Louis,
on Saturday, General Fremont was received bv
his partisans with a torch light prooesaion, af
ter which, at a public meetlog, resolutions were
passed declaring bins the embodiment of their
Milwau. News.
, ET Tberele a great movement of Eastern
troopo t,i Washington and Annapolis. The
regiments are pouring Into Washington at the
rale of about tea per week, and about twelve
thoosand men have been 'concentrated at An
oapolia, where they await transportation to the
Southern coast, four new xork regiment
were under marching orders on Tuesday, and
thet keen eomlor Irom New England.. Tbe
strength of the United States wilt be balf a
million fighting men dt tne oiose oi tne year,
'. tT Col. Mnllisraa las lusued an order oom-
mandiog companies or tb Irish Brigade (23d
ReirimenL Illinois Vol.) to recruit their com
panies without delay, and report al Camp
Choriff 'a Calo.'
-t Olauila anbae-u... ) .v. -v-aw
- vs. ' v
jo. BUnmaokar atal.) , . r , ' i .-
0,mv.r.?u .UU l ho A) is
fleo. Xaaatackaret el.)
Abraham Oarllsls
Oaa. Kanmaoter
etal.) vT(7
me dlraotsd from the Buparlor Court of Iranklla
ooantr,Ohle,l will offer far sals, on. . i.i ,,r , i.
Thursday, tb 28th day of November, 1861'
atweea the hours of 10 o'oloek A.M. and 4 o'clock P.
li.. the fblloaiDf property, at the Xub and Buokot fao
lory, on the woat slds of lb eeloto ilm, opposite lbs
?Jne omoa ear, one stove, one ds'tk, one elcok, one
vuron, om aura, eoo lot of hoop iron, aboat 11)00 tabs,
BnUbod aa anttolibed, SOW bncktta, oaa kiln of stevaa,
eueiotof aai,MdoBelotof ttmbjr.
0. W. HOFFMAN, Bberlff.
Pilotar'a fees, 0 00. ; ,.
BOTl-dtd .
1861. 1862.
Winter Arrangement—Time
. ' i .
3onneUn! al Creatllne with the FITTBBTJBQH, fT
br PUUbwrtK, PhUaAOptte and MaUUnort. AUo
for fori Wayn ami CMoogo.
Connecting at Cleveland with the LAK1 BTJOBI BAIL
; ' ' BOAD
i'wr DanalrkL, Buffalo). Albany, Hos
loa, aid New lrk.
from Colombo, la connection with Trminton the
NIGHT EXPRESS Leaves Oolnmbos al 1 50 A, at.:
will laavo pataengert al all stations, stop at Delaware
Uardinglon, Ulltu, Ballon, and at all stations Norm ol
Qalioo, and at all other stations upon signal, arriving at
OltTeiandatS W A. St., Vnnklrk 4 W p. M.. Bntfalo
6:05 P. al., Albany 6:15 A. M., New York ISM., Boston
3:30 P. al. r
NIW YORK KXPRE8S Loaves Oolnmbos at 3: IS P.
H.; will learo passengers at all stations. Qresnwlch,
Rochnttr. Columbia and Olmatsd being Flag sutlons,
IhU train will not stop for panangers except opon sig
nal. Arrive at O'OTSland 8:30 P. M.,Ponklrk 1 A. si..
Bufftlo 4:3$ A. H . Albinj 4:15 P. M., New York 9:50
r. at., Bcaion VIM A. M. .
AtCrestllnewlthPltlsbnrrh.pt. Warns andOblsaso
Railroad for Pittaborgh, Pblladelphia and Baltiaors
Also for Cbktago
Al ghelbr.wlth Saodoikv, Manifleld and Newark Ball-
road, for all points on that road. Also for Toledo.
At Grafton, with Olevoland and Toledo Railroad for
Toledo and Cblcaio.
Al Cleveland, with Lake Shore Railroad for Ilie,
Dooklrk, Buffalo, New York and Boaton.
Patent Sleeping Cart are ran on all
Hignt Xraini to cnioago, Kew
York and Boston.
Sagoag Cfocttd Through to Jtw Torkand Rotto
M LteeefcMuiy alto, to rhuaaelpMa ana.
Hew Yoritvla Or-Uint.
MlgbtIzpressarrlTeat0olnDbosat...l:30 A. at.
Cincinnati Mzpreas arrives at Oolombas at 1:30 P. M.
Fata aa Law aa br anywther Route.
Atl for Ti'Juls via Cr inline or CUrxUnd.
R.8. tLnit.
superintendent, Cleveland, Ohio.
JAMR8 PATTB&SOtf, Agent,
Colnmbna, Ohio.
Ooloabos, Nov 16, 1801.
Pall & Winter MUlinery.
No. 14 East Town Street,
which she will sell at the very lowest possible price for
Ladles, please call and rxsmtne our stock before yon
purchase elsewhere.
On short notice.
. ' ".' " '. AND . ..
N. W. LEFAVOR, Supt:
' - HOB. 39. 14, 36, 38 HOBTH HIGH BTR1BT, -
Stateeiuaa BalldlBg-, liecend Fleer,
orer B. HeTlne'e State IIsim
Priatiag- Rooms.
With or without Printed Headings, on Superior Paper.
'' To any required Pattern.
; ,.' BANKING B0C8BS. "
, . etifatti orriou,
rarolahed at the Lowest Prices.
By the Idltloa or BlDgle Volume
PAHPHLXTB, ' r.; .
PAPBB8, ,',
' Bound lo any Required Style. '
Por Peblle and Prlvats Libraries. -
- Orders from abroad will restive prompt snd tpedsl
attention. Address, . .. . t ,
J. H. RILEY, '" or, N. W. LEFAVOR,
Bookseller a-l gtatloner, Superintendent
M South High Blrtet. ' ' franklin Bindery;
bov14-o3ji ....... .
.s. . . ,. ..." t :' '4. ; : 1 1
' Bhooting Gallery. '
rpOB ondenlsned befs leave lo Inform hli friends
ja. inai nana nuea up a r
; v" '' jjj, -.. ' ' f- i
Good Odds, Air Guns, Pistols sod Befreihisenb. '
Glvo aea call.
Ileadley, Ebcrlyl & Rkhrds's
0 r y r i i -C30:and
'south 'tticrnEir r
li -ufi'uv;. viih
I Are now opening large, lot of .
Ladies' Cloth Cloaks,
Ghephard'i Plaid Shawl.,
' i '.,.; 'fl v. ,e.; ,.i "
x , - ' .v : i,:v,c-t r- -: 4
, Ladies' Merino Vests & Drawers,'
Boys' . Merino ' Shirts & Drawers,
. ' i" ' I. i. , Nl'l V t
Embroidered Ilopps,
Vcpera H00D$a .y:::';!
Opera Flannels,
No. 17 East Town Street,
0 A large stork of the GOOD SAMARITAN on
STANTLY on hand and for sale, the best quality of
which he will Mil at the lowest raarket prices. -
Oall and emlne my Coal betors purchasing elie-
Office at the store ol Bradford, bujdam a Co., bead
of Canal.
No. SO,
Comer of Broad & Front Streets,
The Peril laughed In his sleeve as he surveyed the
hosts of emaciated living skeletons earned by tbe use of
hapore Imitations of Saleratoi, bat when he ssw James
Pyle'e; pore Invigorating Sietetlo, he exclaimed, "I am
beaten) Pyle has done ltl People will have health
nowl" Depot, 34S Washington street, Hew'.Tork. '
Or Tbeee Contemplating; marriage
TBB undersigned will give Information on a very in
UrttUng and important snhject, which will be valu
ed more than a thoosand times Its cost by every married
coople of any age or condition in life. Tbe Information
will bs sent by mall to any aldi"is on the receipt of 85
cents (sfleer) and one red staiai .
All letters ihould bs addressed to
H. B. MORRIS, M, 1). (Lock Box 60),
oct31-ly3tawdfcw : ' Boston, Mass.
for Female Generally. The Brandreth
Pills eannot be too highly spoken of. They remove all
obstructions, give energy and strength; core the dis
tressing headache, unfortunately so prevalent with tbe
sex; depression ot spirits, dullness of sight, nervous
affections, blotches, pimples, sallowness of the skin, are
removed, aod .Juvenile bloom and general sprlghtllness
Indicate the power and healthfulness of BBANDKBTH'S
Ladles, at delicate periods, will find them unrivaled;
they are lbs best medicines for mothers and children,
and cure worms and eostlveness.
Let It be remembered, that BRANDRBTII'S PILLS
are easy In their operation, and yet unite mildness with
efficiency, and require no alteration of diet durlcg their
US. -...!.
IIis. Morgan, comer of JSth street and Union Square,
Mew York, was dying, apparently, of ComcarrioN.
Bh was given up to dl by her Physicians, and all her
friends, but after nslng BsArinana's Pius for a few
weeks, tb eough left her, and ah began to regain her
strength, and Is now able to attend to her duties, and
feels rare of soon attnlnlrg robust health . -. , . v-
Mrs Wilson, of Mo. 31 Beach street, New York, has
eared Dyspepsia, Small P'X, Measles, Dropsy and Ty
phi fever, and all Headaches, and Bilious diseases,
with BaaxDarrn's Pius, will t pleased to answer any
questions. . ' ..' ". 1 "
Bold by torn B. Cooi, Druggist,' Oolnmbos, and by
all respeetabl daaUrs In SMdlcines. . , ,
OCISO-dlB ;, : I . . :, , .
Just Published In a Bealed Envelope; Price Bets.l
Waaknea, Involuntary Emissions, Bual Debility, and
Impadlawnts to Mas riage iienerallly, Nervonimess. Con
sumption. Bnliepay and Pits, Mentnl and Physical In
capacity, resulting from Berf-abae. lea. By hnbort i.
Onlveraell. U. P., author of thu Oreeo Book,, j
K Boon tm Tkonaaasla at Baffereret
Brat under seal, "in a plala eavatop. U any address,
Son p.l'1, on receipt ot two stamp, or ut uuii,
. 0. RLINB, 17 Bovsry, Mew York. Post Offie Box
nn tt
r?. r
7 ;. N0T7 'ig Tim tiiie to suescribe i w
I : r .'.f 1 1 Jit ii VI 'A ,-. .i SJ vlJi A ..'-. . .
: iiaii i .-. ;; : . I '".t
The DAILY, MrXZC'',,. ! " ' f ' Sil Dollan per Annum; v
The TW-WEICKLY, ', '&' ";'.,.;,;, . Three Dollan per Annum
The "WEEKLY, at the low rate of 7. One Dollar, per Annum.
,..; Subscriptions to the Pailt ao4 Tw-Wiih.t Btnttatui will be reeeived . '
. ... , , ... ., , ; 1 v ....... -a',; T,.;..i . . . .. v ...
At the aWe rates; and the Daitt will be farnished ' " '
j At the usual rates. As an established and reliable organ of the Demooretio party, , -f ,
, In the future, as in the past, it will uphold and defend the
Whioh has been so fruitful of good to' the PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES; and wit
faithfully urge the re-establish menl and supremacy of the
As essential to tha complete and perfect re-eonstruetion of tha
. " ' TP 33 X 33 rt JZL Xji -UN X03NT , :
On the basis ,on which tbat.TJnion was originally formed.
Tlie Statssuar will eupport the Administration of the General Government in all legal and
eonatitutional efforts to put down rebellion j and sternly resist the efforts made in some quarters
to convert the present unhappy war Into an . Abolition crusade.
It will eonstantly Urge economy in the publie czpendituree, and the most rigid accountability
of all publio officers. ,;... .,..'.. I -
As a medinm of general news, the SiATiaiuit will endeavor to make itself acceptable to its
numerous readers, and at all times supply them with '
, ' Tlio LatoBt mxL MAoesit Xtellovtolo Xlojiortiea
Of the' home and foreign markets '' In its columns
Will find their interests consulted and attended to, and no effort will be spared to make it a first
class newspaper. . " . " 1 :' ... . ' .... , ,
During the approaching session of Congress we will have a talented and aooomplishsd corres
pondent at Washington, through whom our readers will be furnished with much voidable and
reliable information. , . ' , , , , ...
- The doings of our own State Legislature will be fully reported, and the boat news uf the
State and our own immediate vicinity, will have a due share of attention. -
We urge upon our friends in all parte of Ohio, and the North-Western States, to aid ia extend
ing the circulation of the Stawsmam, since by so doing, they will assist in the promulgation of
sound political doctrinee and reliable general intelligence. ..
' To any person raising a Olub of Ten Subscribers to the Wieklt Ohio STArtsatax, and
sending us the money ten dollars for the eame, we will send one copy gratis.
All orders will be promptly attended to. - j
... . . f Address, ' MANYPENNT A MILLER,
, .,- . . i Publishers of the Ohio Statesman,
November 1,1861.' ' ' ' I , , Coltjmbps, Ohio.
' .. a.'
i . i .
O 1VE -
a leas on tb Btor Boom
No. il East State St.,
has opened it as aa . . '
Auction & Commission Room.
lie Is bow prepared to receive on 0 ommlssion every
description of property, such aa Dry Goods, Groceries,
Liquors, Furniture. Carriages, Hones, etc. He also
intends to devote bis attention to sale of Seal Estate
ud Personal Property, at any point, within twenty miles
of the city-. v i
Auction Sales Every Evening.
Oonslgiiments resreifally solicited.
; W. B. KENT, Auctioneer.
ectlB k '
102 south man stbeet .
t . !
Hav a Fall and Complete Assortment of . j
iStoves cfe Q-rvtoia,
Of almost svery kind,
Elegant Chamber Sets, !
Tin Toys, and Articles in that Line,
For tlttU People. ,
Knirets and. Storks, Spoonsj, Tuba,
Buckets, Shovels aeid. Tongei,
Coal Hods, etc., ' , ;
Tor the Larger One.
W wonld call your further attention to the fact that w
ar SOLH AObNTB for the sals of the , ,
Which Is, In all respects, clearly the "AUTOCRAT OF
TUB KITOHBN." having no equal In the completene
of Its perfonnan and economy of fuel. Thecleareat
testimony f IU superiority- Is the fact that manufac
turers and dealers ar eonstantly Imitating it, coming as
near its possible In EXTERNAL APPlARANOK.
Oall and examine our stock. It is no trouble to show
..rg.KU.,. AKm & EMBRj
eettS-dlss . !.- .. . . ' ' j
The Union " Forever, i
UANUf AOTUBEQ AN. BoiD.Bt . 'l ...,
Ko. 90, 93, OL' 90,;
NOBtlt mOlt.HiTBF.ET.
. j i' .r iff
v. ..L, . mttl eomplet Btove for Officers'
Sold at a very low "-; , .
Oall and xamm bwi pu.vuaui nwnuwi,.
1 oeta5-dtf , - . - ;r " V -y .'; T
L .Allsraasand lese.atopM4 al BalHt,
M.I 1. tooth Bl(h ,
1861. EAST.
ooNNsoTitta at pirrsuoRan with the
Pennsylvania Central Railroad
otrn tbi
Shortest, Qnlckeat and ITIoet Deelra
ble House ( all Kastern Cilie.
Train Leave Columbus u follows:
vussiLAiBs. vu rrsosnmu,s.
Jtiornlna; Express.
rarr nut.
4.00 A. M. 3:20.P. H. 4:00 A. M: 19 -ii t. II.
axaivs at stLLaflti
-10:18 A. Kb .: IH15 P. at.
r- aaRtvs at nrmsDSoa
4:10 P. U. 4:10P.M. 10.00 P.M.
asrivs at suaansnaa
. 3:10 A. M. , . f ... MO A. M. 3:16 A.M.
: ... AMIVI AT lilTIHo.S
S.30A.M. j 6:iHIA.M. 1:40P.U.
aaarvs at niurauniia.
7:40A.M. 7:40 A.M. 18:50 P.M.
mr toai vu aunrrowe
:i:0OA.M. , ll:W A.M. 4:08P.M.
via rauADitrmA
1:45P.M.- 1:45 P.M. 8 15P.M'
j . . . f t vu aitBrrowir.
Pssiengers by this 11a reach Mw Tork ia advance ef
any Northern route.
18:35 P. M. train Is the only one from Oolnmboe at
this hour, and tha only train by which passengers eau
reach Baltimore or Washington th following day, and
arrive in Philadelphia or New York beforadark.
iL'BletpIng oars on all night trains.
Tb nly Route from Colnmbne te
Baliiinore, PbllaelelptUav or
, now York
This train also connects at Bellaire with the Baltlmer
and Ohio Railroad.
- ITTIhls rout is 30 MILES SHORTER to PltUbnrgh
sodrnor tbao 100 MILKS BUORTBtt to Mew York,
than Northern Unci. ;
"UT Baggage Checked Through to all la
portoBt polBlo Eexs. -
ITT Ask for Tickets, via Bellaire or Bleb
beoville. D7 Tickets Good over either Route, i ,
: - JOHS W. BROWN, -
Oensral Ticket Agent Centra" Ohio B.B.
'i , . t IRa A. HCT0HIN8ON,
. General Ticket AffntBtsubBVlll Bhortlln.
Columbua, Nov. 13, 1UU1.
Domestic Cotton y-pods-
OrfEH the. most Exteneiro Aeeorts
ment of
Brown and Bleached Cotton Planner
, ., - ." . . . . .". Muslinsi w
.' - BamsleyOottoaBheeUngsi ?
Beleot Sty ft of Calico's and Dslatnes;
TIcklDf, Shirtings. lnghmK tj
And Oottou Battings. -
Also, Blankets, Ilannels,
, Oaailmeras, Cloak Cloths, ete, etc.' yt;;
Much below regular prices. ' , !
. 99 South High Stmt.
Cranbcrric3 ! Cranberries I
pvvis.!eBAwiiiiKBiE8 in :aoi
OKDKtt. on cmsiaaowBl., -,.. .;.. i S
JorsaMlowhy ' . w4
n n uiav a
lOS loath High lueU

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