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Review of One Week's News.
ffit . U.AAV a-tiii'int? Y
terday, Not. IB,
.brlghtcsi.moet eucour.g'.ns w4 hopeful for
" ilnoe tbewarbeaaD. Were
. .nUU would seem lo reqmre.lt h
Smdavb. turned iuto M f .,hM
- - "
giving sura uum. r-j .lorious
t ... K.Ufl. Unrt at Borne - -
"... -'.u. . .....trd U9 during the P8t
items oi new 6,v . tnr
. v.. .hm.nVnt ouse we nave ior
ween, tu e wu ... .. .1,.
.,,, outflowing gratkad..Dd cheerful hopefo
:. ,., ? f nn, c.QBe. Dating the last
. . davs.we bare becu, ia the lan-
.aace of the gallant aud lamented WiNTHRor,
. ..making history band over baud," and bUtor,,
Wthatweneed not bcasbamtd tohare our
-v,., ...a ,n treasure up Iu their memo-
Thursdaand Friday, November 7ih aud 8th.
. 1861. till hereafter aland as remarkable days
la our calendar. Oa the 7tb, our fleet bomoara
.A d,.eed Port Royal, 8 C, and Gen
-Shiiman landed our troopaou tbo soil of the
Slate tbat wai the firot to secede from the
iiMn. Th,. seoms to bo no need of arming
' ': the negroes; for the oheerh.g ueWe comes that
man of the white inhabitant there are ready
- iiin tn ha armed to fiffht for the UuIob.
b J The effiir at Bolmont, Mo., which took fc.lace
uo the nme day, the 7th, at fi.t looked gloomy
and Inauspicious; but is the he's are aeve.up
.a .i...in.M elearaaattv; ihe indomitable al
or of our troopa stand, forth prominent, and If
the victory won on the field was afterward par
tially eclipaed by lometiing like a draw a bat,
tie. the rebel were taught a lu-.son, wuicu tbey
will not care t J have npeatea
' Th. two days' CEht, oo the 8ih and 9iU inat.
at P.keton,Ky., though greatly curtailed .rout
.v. -i...., ;,.i.niinl. btill ahowa that our
IDS unn gi"'"a ,
nnrt General NieL aade a gallant
At about the me time t1., this RiUnt fight
was progrewing iu Kcniutky, th Union men w
'' ' Eat TenneBee. aa If acting iu concert, were
'O-cutting off the telegraphic wires and burning
., . ...lrod b.ides. io cUivairous una ,.u
It. linn of cecettiuo ittaligj
-. k aeo. on Sunday, eveniug, the lOtb
: i.. .ncre of our troops at Gujandotte,
'" - v. ... nUre: which was fcsrfully avenged
th.'next day by th burning of ubout two-tbirde
.u : K!.fl thA nroncrrv oi me leui-i
, .Wbile ia KeiiUcky, the rebel chief, Z)lu-
c'jFr.a.lerror-Btrioken, ia hurrying southward,
- 13 Mn-ouri Paici and MoCulloch are striving
to make good their retreat into Arkansas.
. Not the least cheering of ihe recent new ia
' that of the capture of the pirate Sumter, which
s has eo long preyed upon our commerce and
eluded our cruisers.5 The intelligence seems.to
be confirmed that ahe has at last been caught
lj her own trap. . ,
Bdt we cannot atop ta give further details or
the good news of which we have been in the
receipt daring the pt week. The above suf
fices to show tbat the tide of success ia turning
in favor of the Uaioo. cause, aal all that is
wotiog i ttout hearH and Willing, patriotic
bind, to mike that eauee triumphant.
The "Military Necessity"
.The' great "military necepjiiy" of th day le
i .i.. nu.rn...n tn fnuin ana arm an me
JUr u wwMM.fc- -1 r
white men, North aud South, anxious to fight on
. the Union eide Tne Government, it it wouia
" .nM 1a tlii. miiiht soon swell its active
military force in the field to a million of men.
But notwithstanding this, there are crazy fa
. nUica who are IncesBantlr preeeiDg upon the
Government the arming of the negro ve3,
. "1 as a "military necessity They want above all
things to see a "nigger tight," and cannot bear
tohaveihe Union restored without one. Thl
U what made them bellow n loudly for the
Union a short time since, and feel so vindictive
toward everybody that was not disposed toeurae
the whole South as heartily as they did." .But
- since the prospect of making Cwk ? Major,
". " and Samsj a Brigadier-General has rather
waned of late, these "military neoasity men
have grown nstonlahlngly cool about the Union,
' and speak of our victories with all the cool in
., difference of disinterested spectators.
- Theee gentlemen are not Abolitionists 0
no; not they I .Tbey take good care to toll the
world that; and "all the world and the rest of
mankind" ought-certainly to believe them,
when they declare they ore not Abolitionists,
bat that they only strenuoualy hold and insist
that, as " military necesEity" of this war, the
Government muet emancipate all the slaves of
the South and arm the able-bodied to fight rcr
, the Union. This may not bs exactly the Abo-
lltionisas of tea or twelve years ego; bnt it
looks wonderfully like the same old thing
, T"gone to seed."
Rebel Account of the Battle at Belmont.
The Memphis AppuU of the Ilth inat-, ad
mits the rebel loss at Belmont, Missouri, on the
' 7th lost., to have been six hundred killed and
wounded. . It admits also that the Confederates
had a force of twenty-fire hnndred men at Bel
" ' mont, when It was attacked, and that this force
was defeated, the oamp burned and the .artil-
Urv caotured. The report ot the action by
' the Appul shows that the rebel force brought
' to bear before the close of the fight, consisted
- of eleven regiments oi inUntry.one battalion
r &lrv. r.d two batteries of artillery. Vet
( In the face of this superior force, onr army,
- which at first only numbered twenty eight boo-
drcd men, made good iu retreat.:-,
,,AiotwioM BanraiiT. We make an oc
casional extract from the iVotional Anti-Slavery
Standard, to show the aslmu.s of abolitionism.
i.Patket Pillsbury writes as follows on the Fre-
mont affair!-'M.' -i . " . ' .
"Let Preaident Lincoln understand that the
in h Wt. wish to eee the evi
dence precede the condemnation and cettiinly
the sentence and xecutin. And some may
wish yet to know whether, tbe prudence and
bout WasbinKton, have been such as
to demand so summary proceedings m Mis-
lourl. r: - '"
Will U be treasonable to petition Congress
to impech the President aud bis advieera. on
. the first Monday iu December next befjre the
going duwu of the sunt If io, a Rood many of
us are traitors iu heart, to the extent ef deeir
u'lt h.' " A'id I kDow of nothing, were Congress
- brave awt honcet, 'hat would so tend to sub-
and - 1
Noihlug prevents Mr. PARKWPiLupa from
going to Fort Lafayette but the fact that hi Is
tf If lufia" abolitionist.
Gen. Nelson's Victory at Piketon, Ky.
Wt art forrsd, rctuolnotly though, tolet down
our concepilun of the great Uulost victory at
riktton, Ky., on the 8th and 9.h instant., a peg
or two. It now seems by a dlepfitch from ways
ville, dated the J 5tU iuet., that liutead 'of four
hundred, only eighty or ninety were killed, ana
nstead of one or two thousand prisoners, our
mn nnl Mnnred fiftv. The rebel uenerai,
John Si WiLUim, It la also stated, effeoted his
escane. . , . . - .- .
Another' account places tne roi "
thirty six killed; our loss at five killed and no
Th following is from tfe corresponaenoe oi
tbe Cinoinnati Gaxtite, dated Mt. Sterling, Ky.,
Nov. 14: .: ' - -
n Friiinf aiiIAp last, as the main body of
1 O ,- . t .
our force were pressing lorwara irom treouu.
bure to fiketon, tney came upon n ruoi.
mii.. from tli m Utter nlnce. when Quite a brisk
hitia fii-ht tank nlace. the enemv firing upon
our troops from ambuscades on eaoh side of the
- .. .it 1 r - a I .
road; but atter stanaing tneir grouuu wriiium
the puts wt and aoatterea in tne surrouuuiuK
hrnsh. and made pood their escape, leaving
hnnt twentv rive deaa noon tne neiu. n u
. . , n i 1 T . I
supposed that their wounded were taken away
with them. Colonel Sill, with tbe Ohio Thirtj-
second, was sent up John's Creek, a circuitous
route to melon, having wun mm a iew uuu
AreA irregular Kentuckv volunteers on horse
hick. nd reached there sometime tbe following
day when another fight toot piece, tne reoeie
being on one side of the Sandy river and his
Inruinn thanther. Aller a time uo aucceeueu
n Hrivinv th.m from their oosition, and croesed
aver und took ouesessioo of Piketon. In this
ttr nniininiiL tne euemv loaw aouut win-
tr flva in killed, hnd bow manv wounded I did
not learn; and thus ended theee "hard fought
battles." The rebels retreated towara we vir
elnia line, and are now doubtleas on the "sacred
soil." Uur entire loss in meso wu cu5b"-
mmits vii six killed, two mortally wouuaeo.
n tntT-fi mora or less sliiAtly wounded
r. J t I A - M....1..I1'.
rive oi tne auieu peiongcu u vui. ii.n.o"-"
Kntnok Raiment. and one to Col. Harris's
Second Ohio Regiment.
XT The ee companies which are being re
cruited in tbia county lor tbe beventy-eixin
Regiment, are still progressing steadily. Two
of the companies are full, three others are two
thirds lull, and the remaining two are over half
full. AIL of them will undoubtedly eo mrouRn
if tbe work of recruiting Is pushed torward lor
a little while longer with the same vigor that
h.a han nut forth durlns the Dust few weeks
When tbey are complete, Licking county will
have furnished fourteen full companies for the
war. Pretty strong tbat, for a couuty which
..v. aii hundred maioritr for what the AbOll
Union township, Licking county, gives about
one hundred Democratic majority, and has sent
seventy-nine men to fight for tbe Union; Gran
ville township, of the same county, gives two
hundred aud seventy-five majority for the Re
publicans, has sent about twenty. It has sent
a petition to Congrces, signed by about the
same number of men, and some women, asking
Congress "ta lose no time in enacting nnder
the war power tbe total abolition of slavery."
This is just the difference between tbe parties
Morgan says that out of respect to tbe sex he
omitj tbe womeos names, and add?
A correspondent at Granville has sent us a
copy of a petition to Congress which is being
sigued by the Abolitionists of tbat vioinity
The petition aeks slavery to be abolished be
cause it is the cause of the rebellion. This re
minds us of tbe tbicf who thought stealing
could in no way be stopped aa effectually as by
abolishing all property rights! Tbe Granville
folks bad beat Ktve their attention tj furnishing
a Inner number of volunteers beore tbey nn
dertike to instruct Congress how the war shall
be managed- Tbe Administration wants vol
unteers, not petitions.
Compliment to the Union Troops.
tets-'i Siuthern in its Uoliuga, in speaking of
lb Northern troops, says;
1. is idle to deny that they have contested
llruojt eva j battle in whloh tbey have been
eiigeo iu a louauer which establishes tbelr
juungt', u.;d reflects credit upon tbe men by
whom tbey were vacqmshes. We have seen ol
doers and soldiers o have been engaged In
almost every one of our important battles, and
their uoi'orm testimony iff, that tbe enemy stood
ud to their work muntully, and proved tbem
selves, so far as fk Virig qualities go, worthy of
a Bontbern soldier s nteel!"
Some fools North and South will learn, be
fore this war is brought to a close, tbat there is
not much difference in Americans after all.
Whea onr countrymen were fighting shoulder
to shoulder against a foreign enemy, no diutinc
lions were made as to bravery and skill, by sen
sible men. -'
"Andy Johnson" and "Jo. Holt."
.' A eood natured-. friend inquired of us if
"Andt JoBNaoHn.and "Jo. Holt" were dead?
He eaid he had not seen a word about them In
tbe Republican papers since tli e election! Our
friends must not forgot tbat the Republican pa
pers were blowing about' JaWNBow" and Holt
for a purpose. Tbey desired Democrats to be
impressed with the Mea tbat if tbey wanted to
oe considered good patriots and. Union men,
they must vota the Fusion ticket; which con
tained Republican candidates who could r.of be
sleeted unlets Democrats voted for tbem
- JoBNsoif and Holt are played out with the
Republicans, ever since they insisted on the
President modifying Feimeht's proclamation,
, The Oswego (N. Y.) Tim Republican
paper, says: "We respectfully take leave Of the
Union humlvg, and shed do tears at the part
log",, .'. ..,,
Thus our party became partially disorganlz
ed, and we lost that integrity and self-respect
we should have felt, had we kept ourselves pure
and nndefiled, lie Aaoe had tnouah of thi$
ouackerv and humbug, iflere Is soaroely Re
publican in the State who is not ashamed oj
himttlf for being "sold" so cheaply. We hate
been bitrayed. Through the folly of being led
by J. and . lirooxs, we nave prooabiy saorinc
edona of the best Canal Commissioners the
Stale ever had, and given a lease of power to a
Ninth Resolution bogus Democrat. . . .
Prairies on Fire—Dreadful Accident.
On Tuesday and Wednesday of last week ex
tensive fires raged npon the prairies to the west,
extendine from Osceola to Qulncy, 111. Tbe
borison was one belt of flame and tbe heavens
were like a firey vault. Muoh Injury was In
flicted npon fences and crops. The woods be
longing to the French settlement at Icarian vilr
tags were burnt through, and near Osceola oc
curred a terrible--accident. Tbe people were
out fighting the fire and a woman named Smith
took some dinner to her husband and ano'.ber.
By some means they allowed themselves to be
hemmed in, and when too late began to fly. Io
their path lay a spot whenoe turf bad been tak
en to construct a chimney, and tbey all pros
trated themselves npon it. But as the fire came
sweeping on, tbe woman and a nan named
Crooks became frightened and again took to
flight. Tbey both perished. Tbe woman was
so burnt as to be beyond recognition; Crooks
wa found charred but still living and trying to
rise to his knees. He died in two hours. ; The
otuer man escaped with a slight bum npon one
Burlington Hawkeye
Burlington Hawkeye Knights of the Golden Circle.
The Grand Jury of tbe Court of Common
Pleas, now aitting In this couutv. made laudable
exertions last week to ascertain whether such in
Order as the Knights of tbe Golden Circle ex
isted in Richland county, it baring been ip
dustilously circulated before the election tbat
such must.be tbe fact, and this rumor published
in the HtrtW, but after a thorough Investiga
tion bv tbe Grand Jury, and tbe cailine of a
number of persona before them Republicans
as well as Democrats the rumor tbat had rain.!
ed credence with many turned out to be a roor-
Brmicuwo urn m..; ...... w . . im,,.
Mansfield Shield
and Banner.
and Banner. From Cairo.
CAIRO, Tuesday, November 12.
Ta tli Editor of th Ctncinnuii Enquirtri
The nag of Bruce wmon weni oowu on i
Memphis yesterday took down tbe wife of Cot.
Dougherty. His leg was amputated, ana ne
was doing wen at iae accumiut. im u
the truoe boat Aleck Scott bulled 85 of our men.
Another truce boat goes down this morning,
oarrvlnsT tbe wife of Major MoClurkao, who is
wounded and a prisoner. " ' " '
Tbe rebels say that mey nave w oi our mou
prisoners, of whom 64 are wounded, 47 of tbe
' . . . i . .... a k T.-. a nH
wouoaea neiougwg ta ine.ouTouiu
Twenty-second iliiuols. & - K -.'.
Of the Bsventh Iowa,' Colonel Lauman is
here, badly wounded in tbe. thigh. He waa
wounded at the Charge on me camp owawui,
and put in an ambulance. When the order to
retreat was given, ne mouutsu m umM, u.
the bead of his regiment and brought them
The body of Lieu'enant-uoionei went was
nrought over yesterday.- Those of Captain
Markley and lieutenant onipiey were aeut
nome. -, : : - . '
Cantain But er. ot the Twenty-eighth nil
nois, who has been sick here for some time,
died yesterday. ' ' ' -- -':'.
Tha Malor of the Seventh Iowa is wounded
and a prisoner, and' the Adjutant Is killed.
The loss of that regiment in killed, wouoaea
and missing is two hundred and twenty. They
have only three captains ana nve lieutenants
left fit for duty. ...:.-,' ,:'
The official report states our killed to be
eighty-nine, including one on the gunboat Ty
lor, but It is ptobably greater, uur missing
cannot fall abort of one thousand.
Tbe rebel prisoners bere complain ot tnelr
treatment. Tbey say tbat tbey gave all possi
ble attention to our men In their hands, fur
nishing them with straw beds, and that tbey
have been compelled to lie oo planks, witnoni
any arrangement being made for tbeir eomfort.
Orders bare been Issued from our headquarters
to have them orooerly oared for.
We are preparing lor another expedition.
Two car loads or arms arrived nere eunaay
night, and several car loads of shell, shot and
ammunition yesterday. ' '
The Second Illinois Cavalry have teceived
their arm and are ready for a fight.
Kentnckians. whojnay be considered as re
liable, report that our troops, under command
of General Paine, burned the town of Mayfield
to tbe last bouse, and tbat heavy firing was
beard this side of that place from ten to two
o'clock Sunday night. 'X bis is . prooaoiy
true, though the report at our headquarters is
that the force returned without meetlog any
enemy. -
Tbe MitBonri expedition, under Col. Ogleeby,
is returning by way ol wane Girardeau. Jt
Thompson bad three thousand two hundred and
-tour but did meet bun.
P. J.
Arrest of Gen. McKinstry.
At Springfield, oo Friday last, Brigadier-
eral McKiuacry, acting Major-General of one of
tne divisions ot top army, received an oraer,
through Gen. Hunter's Adjutant Genera), and
believed to bave come Irom Washington, re
lieving Gen. McKlcstry of his command, di
recting him to turn it over to Gen. Sturgis, and
requiring him to proceed immediately to St.
Louis and report himself In writing to Adju
tant-General Thomas, at Washington City.
The order, so lar as applicable, was almost
identical with1 that received from tbe War De
partment by Miijor General Fremont It was
instantly obeyed, and early the next dav Gen
McKinstry started for St. Louis, traveling with
all haste and reaching Syracuse Tuesday noon
From Syracuse be took tbe first train and ar
rived here last night. At Chamois Station, be
yond Hermann, the General was arrested by
Capt. Sheridan, of the Thirteenth United States
lolantry, npon an order signed "major General
Commanding Army," and served through Gen.
iurtis. Mr. Horn, wno nao Deen acting cashier
of bis brigade, was also arrested, and both pro
hibited from holding any communication with
each otaer. uen. McKinstry was taken from
the oars at the Fourteenth street depot, and at
once conveyed in a carriage to the Arsenal,
St. Louis Republican.
Qoxia Covntst. A letter from tbe Etmer
alda country in California, saysi
"This region produces a epecles of mahoga
ny, the speoifio gravity of which is greater
than water, and a kind of stone the specifio
gravity oi wnicn is leas man water, a pro
pectlng party, having been ont some time.
struck a spot io Walker's river where the water
appears to rou up hill. One of the company
tbrew into the river a piece of mahogany it
sank! he threw in a piece of pumice stone, and
It floated! This was too muoh for superstitions
human nature, and with an exclamation, more
expressive than elegant, he swore he wonld go
no lurtner; "ior," said ne, "i nave got where
wood sinks, stones float, and water runs np bill,
and my minister's warm place can't be far from
The Beaufort Naval Expedition.
-The expedition to Beaufort consisted - of
eighty-four vessels, of which twenty were of
the Wary and aixty-fonr from tbe merchant
service. From these, in tbe storm and the attack
on the forts, thus deduct: - - .,
. 1. Bel vldere, returned disabled. '
2. Florida, returned disabled.
3. Commodore Perry, returned disabled.
. 4. Ethan Allen, separated from tbe fleet.
5. O. M. Pettlt, separated from tbe fleet.
' 6. Uolon, ashore in gale.
7. Ocean Express, ashore in a gale.
'- 8. Gunboat (not named) disabled in action
9. Gunboat (not named) aground.
10. Governor, disabled.
11. Isaao Smith, assisting Governor. - - 11
Total in action
American Gunboats rot iTALT-WUliam II
Webb of New York has obtained a contract for
building two iron Clad screw frigates for tbe
Italian uovernment, in spite or great opposition
on the part of English contractors who wanted
the jod. It will require two years and a hall
to build them. '
Wisconsin Election.
Tbe following is the result of the eleotion In
Wisconsin: - -i .
Tat LxotsLATUsr. A Kepublicao'Senate; a
Democratic Assembly. - - ' - ;
Stati Orricras. Governor, L. r . Harvey,
Republican; Lieutenant-Governor, H. M. Bil
lings, Democrat; Secretary of State, James T.
Lewis, Democrat; Treasurer, samnei v. nest
ings. Republican; Attorney-General, James H
Howe. Republican; Superintendent of Schools,
J L. Pickard. Reonblioant - Bank Comptroller,
James Vollmar, Democrat; Piison Commission
er, J. J. Crllley, Democrat. :
A Hint to SroaTswcN, In" a journal enti
tied Feuille dt Tout le Monde an explanation Is
given of a fact which has pnzzled sporting men
namely, why the left barrel of a gun burets
eo much more frequently than the right! The
explanation is this: The sportsman, on going
out, loads both barrels, and on seeing ' a bird
rise, fires naturally tbe right rce; ha reloads
that barrel, and when he again sees a bird or
bare be fires It again; and so be dpes perhaps
twenty times in succession. But each firing
gives a shock to tbe charge in tbe left band
barrel, and at last the succession of shook sepa
rates tbe wadding from tbe powder and sbot;
the consequence is tbat a vacuum ensues be
tween them, and when the second barrel is fired
It frequently bursts. To prevent this danger,
the recommendation is made tbat whenever
tbe right band barrel is loaded, tbo charge ia
the left hand one should always be rammed
down. v -1 i -, ("-' -.-1
The Claims Against New Granada.
Tbe following is from tbe special dispatches
to tbe Philadelphia Tret, nbder date of Waeh-
ingtoi, Nov. 14: -; .
At a tnaettne of the ioint comAiaalon of the
United BUtea and Ndw Granada, this morning,
it was ordered tbat on the nrst Moodav In De
cember next tbe calling of the calendar will be
coromenoed in its order, and cases In wbieb tbe
eouuael for tbe claimants are not prepared, will
be placed at tbe fool of tbe calendar, noless, for
good aud satisfactory reasons, the Board aball
otherwise prdef. - ' '
Hon. 6. S. Cos, or Ubio, if now nere, attena
iog to casee for some of bis coontitaents, who
... , V, .
are interested in claims atalnst Mew Granada
growing out oi tne ranatna now.
Thb AauaT or Mai. Phinmxt We took oo
oaslon a day or two slnoe to correct ai:y Injuri
ous impression to be derived from the rumored
arrest or MJ. rninney, too v mriermas-
tor ot the Western vsparimem. ius ioiiow
ing letter from Maj. Pnlnney, addressed to
friend in the city, explains toe ocourrouco;
ST. LOUIS, Friday, Nov. 8, 1861.
Mr Dub ..' n' I 1 1 have Just arrived Irom
Springfield, having ecoompanted Gen. Fremont
back by his orders, which seems to have dis
pleased Gen. Hunter, who telegraphed, it seems,
to have me arrested and sent back Immediately.
I write you Immediately, tbat you may not be
alarmed about my charaoter, etc, in ease any
rumor of the arrest may get into the newspa
pers, in which ease I must beg yon to explain
how matters stand. Oen. Fremont ordered me
to return with him, wblcb, it seems now, i
should not have obeyed; but I did so, not hav
ing any orders to tbe contrary from any one, or
any intimation of any. - -
I am very tired now, and oan write no more at
present, and hoping that tbe trouble will not
prove serious, -
ever voure. -- '
Reported Capture of Coredo.
M.!n W. W. Tnhnaton. Paymaster In the U.
8. Army, received yesterday the following dis
Dias MiJoa This evening Captain Rodg-
era reoelved a dispatch' tbat about one thou
sand of tbe rebels have made a deeoent npon
and taken possession of Ceredo. This plaoe
Is situated a lew mues oeiow uuyauuono. ,yi
course boats cannot come up. ' -
Major uowen li in w neeiing. w e are to re
main. People are greatly excited; about tbe
Tbe Wheeling - Intelligencer of yesterday
morning says:
A diBpatob was rtoeived last evening by tbe
Governor, irom Col. Boles, dated Catlettaburg,
Ky., 12th Inst., stating that 4,000 rebels were
marching npon the town of - Ceredo, Wayne
county, Va. The small force at that place
bad fallen back upon Catlettsburg, where they
had rallied some five or six hundred soldiers
and citizens, who Intended to defend the place
to tbe death. Ceredo I only nine miles from
Guyandotte. Catlettsborg ia at the mouth of
the Big Sandy. The minor portion-Colonel
Zelgler's Regiment, heretofore stationed at
Ceredo, were sent , np tbe Kanawha about a
.:r ? :
Small Dividend for the Naked and
The Boston Herald says: '''
' "Rev. Henry Ward Beecher lectured in the
South Baptist Church in Hartford, Connecticut,
on Thursday evening last. Tbe society tbat
procured his services did so to raise money for
a charitable object to feed the hungry and
olothe the naked. Tbe receipts were $106; ol
tbat sum Air. lieecher took one Aunured dot
fars." -' . i '., '
Superior Court of Franklin Coun
ty, Ohio. , H
Joiepb Price and wife
iSoe.S, pigs 119.
Sale in partition.
John Cramer et al
X the laid Court to me directed,! will offer for lala
at um aoor oi tne vonri iioum in tne city or (jolam.
DOS, 011 . : - - ' .i ,
Saturday, the SSth day of December, 1861,
between tbe hoars of 10 o'clock a.m., andt o'clock p.
m., tha following described real eitate, situate in tbe
county ot franklin, and State of Ohio, to wit;
The remainder of a (not of land estimated to eon tain
one hundred and fire acres, known as tbe Old Poor
houm raim, being tbe same land conveyed by John An
deraon to bis tone Robert. Joibua. Readln and John
Anderton, by deed dated July 13th. 1630, after cutting
off fifty acrei from the east aide of said tract, which was
et en to Hobert King and wife. !i an amicable partition,
vj ueco oaieu vecemDer ixia,
Appraised ot 8S 00 per acre. ; : .
OKO. W. HUFFMAN, Sheriff,
Printer's fees, IS 00. ..... ,
Novl7,ltol-wid--' ; 1 -
Master Commissioner's Sale.
- ci ') .; . - ,i
Samael Partona Executors.
va. Superior Court.
John E.Beyl stall.
AJ to mi directed from the Superior Court of franklin
Oonnty. Ohio, I win oiler for sale at the door ot the
uourtiiooae, In the city of Columbus, oa -
Saturday, tbe 28th day of December, A. D.
1861, -
between the hours of 10 o'clock a. and 4 o'clock r. M.
the following deecrlbed real eitate, altnate in the county
of franklin and State of Ohio, to wit: Lots Mos. seven,
(7) eight, (8) nine. (9) and ten. (10) of ," John and Henry
Miller's lubdivialon of lots Not. einhty-nine. (89)!nloetr.
(90) and ninety-one, (91) of Oroaby's addition to ont-lota
eeatof Oolnmbaa, aa delineated on the plat thereof, re
corded In volume one, page seventy, of the record of plat
ot saa eoonqr.
Appraised Lots No. 7, 8, at 1300 00 each.
, . , v 0. W. HUff MAN, Sheriff
' . ' ' " and Master Commissioner
Printer s fees (6.00. :
novl7-dll.wtd j
Master Commissioner's Sale.
0.- Barriager's Administrators,
- va.
D. O.Dunnuck, etal. .
Bnperf'oi Court '
directed, from tbe Superior Court of franklin oonn
ty, Ohio, I will offer fcr aale at the door of the Court
Bouts in tne city at uoiunDus, oa
On Saturday, tbe 28th day of December, 1861,
tntween the hours of 10 o'oloek A. M. and 4 o'clock P
M., tha following described premiiei. aitnate in franklin
county, Bute of Ohio to wit: The three equal undlrld.
ed fourth parts or all tne landa, Mnemonic and water
power leased by Wayne Orlawold. acting member ot the
Board of Publia Works, to Christian Barrioger, and Lorls
Yerrlngton by leaae bearing data May lit, 1834, together
with the undivided three-fourth parte ef all the atruotuiea,
improvementa and machinery on said lands and of the
appurtenenceitueieunte neiongiog. ana or an tbe Hgbta,
beneSU and privileges whatsoever secured by eald leaae
to eaid leaiee. The premliea above referred to ara altuate
on the Columbus feeder at the look commonly known ai
fiiher's lock, and eaid premises are commonly known as
the Oolnmbui Milli.
Terms eftale one-half cash on day of sale, one-fourth
In one year, and one-fourth In two yean, bearing interest
at 0 per cent., defend payments secured by mortgage on
premieM. tr , ;, v
Appraised at $3750. . . '
N. B. The remaining undivided cne-fourlh part of tbe
property will be eoldat the same time and place, and up
on the same terms , . ...
Appraised at 91,850. ;.. -.d-!
and Muter CommlMioner,
Printer's fee 8 00. , - .- -..-;, . .
novl7-s.ltwtd. . a I
o-;'f ':
Sheriff's Sale.
Claude Anber . .t : . ..! . .'
re. . .
Geo. Kanplacker et al. 7 - . ) ,
Cyrus Eberly l
vs. i
fleo. Kanmacker et al.)
Abraham Carllile ) ..
VS. S- ." :i -.. t':
Geo. Kanmacker st al.)
ma directed from the Superior Court of franklin
county, Ohio, I will offer for sale, oa , .
Thursday, tbe 28lh day of November, 18C1,
etween the honrs ot 10 o'clock A. M. and 4 o'clock P.
M.. the followlnt property, at the Tub and Bucket Fao-
tory, on tbe west side of tbe Uoioto liver, oppoilte the
olty: . - i- -
ont office sate, ont stove, ont osik, ont biock, one
waaon. ont mart, ont lot of hoop Iron, about 1000 tube.
flnUtnd and unfinished, 000 buoketa, one kiln of etaves,
one lot of ooal, and eat lot of timber.
u. yr. uurrmAn, pnenn. -Printer's
feei, $0 00. ' ' i ...'. ;-..
bow war, how besiobid.
Jut Publtibed la a Sealed Envelope: Price 6 cts.t
Weakneee, Involuntary Emiaalone, Sexual Debility, and
ImDedlmtnta to Marrian irenerellly. Nervooraeee, Con
sumption, Epilepsy and Fite, Mental and Pbyeical In
capacity, resulting froo Self-abaee. Ste. By Roliert t,
Oulnrwell, M. D., author of the Orwn Book, ace.
A Boon to Tiioutsmde of SuIIerers,
Bent nnder teal, in a plain envelop, It any address,
poel puid, on receipt or two emmpi, dt ur vuu.
i, 0 KLINE. I7 Bowe-r. Mew Vorlt, Poet Office Bos
Xe4Jt.. , ., . ,: .i s i,.v: , stpTamdftw
now telllni at very tow snot, aim an otner ainae
fuhloMble fort. BANS,
tecJl. "0UUlg4 St.
Hungry. 1861. 1862.
Winter Arrangement—Time
ConnsctlniatOreatlln With the PITT8BUB(IU FT.
for Tititntrat t'Miadttphia and Baltimore. Mo
v V v; . "for Ibrt Vavn and ChUaool f
Couwotuif at Cleveland with th SHOBI BAIL-
For Dunkirk, Bnffale, Albany, Bae
i std New.ferit.... ; ,
' - ixcspt bdnpat, '' '
. From Colombia, in connection with Trains on the
, -I1B8I mn.J.". '.;-;
MIOBI IZPBI88 teaves Oolnmbus at S:S0 A. at.)
will leave pwiengers at all stations, atop at Delaware
Oardlngton, uneaa, uauon, ana at an aiations nonn oi
Gallon, and atall other etationa npon signal, arriving at
O laTeiand at 9:80 A. M Dunkirk 4:0 p. M.. Buffalo
8:05 P.M., Albany 0:15 A. At., Hew York IS M., Bolton
' j BI005D TRAIN. T
NrW YORK BZPBB83 Leaves Columbus at 3: IS P.
M.; will leave panengera at all itationi. Greenwich,
BoohMter, Columbia and Olmited being flag elatlone,
thla train will not etOD for paaHnrers except upon sil-
nal. . Arrive al uieyetana e;ju r. ai.,uonira a a. hi.,
Buffalo 4:35 A. H , Albany 4:15 P, M.,KwXork 8:50
. . v .o.on a u - 1
r. JD.., SDIWB .W A ...
' At Oreitltne with Pittsburgh, It. Wayne and Chicago
Ballroad for PitUburgb, I'btlidelpbia and Baltimore
Also for Chicago.
At Shelby, with Banduiky, Manifleld and It ewark Ball
road, for all Dolnta on that road Alt e for Toledo. -
At Grafton, with Cleveland and Toledo Ballroad for
Toledo and Chicago. . . -
At Cleveland, with Like Shore Ballroad for Xrie,
Dunkirk, Buffalo, New York and Boatou. -
Patent sleeping Can ara run on all
- -Wight Trains to Cnloago, Hew
, wt..-. kt York and Boston.' ; i '
Saggog ChecJud Through to Kmo Tort and Bolton
, ,. via jMtumaj auo, to t nuaati'pMaana
; Aew lorkvia OrttUint. . .
'" " " 'RETURNINii'V'-!;
Right Xxpreat arrives atOolnmbus at.. iJ:30 A. M.
Cincinnati Bxpren arrives at Columbus at 1:30 P. M.
Fare as Low by any otber Route
A for Ticket via Creitlineor Cleveland.
E. 8. FLINT, "
',' . ; Buperintendent, Cleveland, Ohio.
r j ) . ' . JAMBS PATTBR80N, Agent, ' '
tt.- ( . Oolnmbus, Ohio.
Columbus, Nov 10,1861. . . . . i ' ''
f 'f AND ," ' ( .
N.: W; LE FAVOR, Supt:
NOB. 32, i, 36, 38 NORTH BICH BTBEET,
Stateaman Building, Second Floor,
orer K. Pferlna'a State Steam '
Printing; Rooms. ; , ;
With er without Printed Headings, on Superior Paper-
To any required Pattern.
, , , c ; ';' ' .count? OFfiOES, ! -;
y . v'. 'y' " ' MERCHANTS,
' FurnUhed at th Loweit Prices.
i . .' By the Edition or Single Volo me i
MAQAZINE3,' ' ' iV''.-!.'.'
; '-. . . MOSTHLt PUBLIOAtlONS ; : . ' .
.....::' . PAMPHLETS, r '
'' ': (--'- . ' PAPERS, ' ; ' j ..-.
'.":rv. Bound in any Required style., '
. t, . , vor ruoiic anu rxiTaw uiumwm. . ? ... ;.
: Orders from abroad Wll reoelre prompt and specis
attention.; Addreta, . . , . t
- J. H. RILEY, 'i or. N. W. LEFAVOR,
Bookielltr aid Stationer, - " Buperintendent . ..
7J South High Street. - ' franklin Bindery. ., ?
novl4-d3n . j.-V'.'.V '-'j '
XJ itUUUBS, sew styles, jut opened by -
.,. , BAIN ft SON,
5nrllS..-.v-. No. 89 Boath HUh atoatt
The Devil lauslxd In bit sleeve as he surveyed the
hosts of emaolated living skeletons oaoied by the use
Impure Imitations of Saleratu,, but when he taw James
Pyle'e; pare Invigorating Dietetic, he ezolalmed, "I am
beatenl Pylt has dont IU People will hare health
nowl" Depot, 345 Washington street, NewTork.
Or Those Contemplating marriage.
THE aoderslgned will give information on a very in-
Uretting and important subject, which will be valu
ed mora than a thouiand times Its cost by every married
conple of any age or condition In life. The information
will bs sent by mall to any addres on the receipt of S5
cents (ether) and one red stamp.
' All letters thould be aodretied to - : .-'
H. B. MORRIS, M. D. (Lock Box CO),- "
. eet31-ly3towdftwi i'" Boston, Mass.
For Temalee Generally' .--The Brandretk
Pills cannot be toe highly spoken of. They remove all
obstruction, give tnergy and strength; curt tht dis
tressing headache, unfortunately so prevalent with the
sex; depression ot spirits, dullness of tight, nervous
affections, blotches) pimples, sallowneet of tht skin, art
removed, and ajnvenilt bloom and general tprightllneea
Indicate the powerasd healtbfulness of BRANDRETH 8
PILLS. ' - f ,
Ladle, at dellate periods, will find (hem nnrlvaled;
they rt tht beat medicines for mothers and children,
and cure worms and cos tlreneas, , . ii . v
Let It bs remembered, that BRANDRETH'I PILLS
are easy la their operation, and ye t unite mildness with
efficiency, and require no alteration of diet during their
v.'.';':1 " ' ""'' '
Mil. Morgan, corner of 15th streetand Union Square,
New York.' wa dying, appatently, of CoxitmrnoM,
She was given op to die by hsr Physicians, tod all her
friends, but after nstng BtAKnana't Prut for a few
weeks, tht cough Mt her, and she began to regain her
strength, and Is now able to attend ta her duties, and
feel turt of toon attaining rolust health. "A j
Mrs. Wilson, of No. 33 Beach street, New Vork, has
cured Dyspepsia,' Small tit, Measles, Dropsy andTy
phus Fever, and all Headaches, and BlUoat dlseaett,
with BaaraatTSi's'Pnu, will bt pleated to answer any
questions,,. ri .... I
' Bold by Joaa R. Cooi, Drargtst,' Columbej, aai by
all respectable dealers la WMdloijuea. j t- ', . L
..oixtt op. ooxsTDriiflcnrTa, f .1 ozzzo
The "DAILY, at -
The TM-WEEKLt, t ' " I ; -
The WEEKLY,' at the low rate of
H s
Subscriptions to tbe Dailt and Tej
u ,1 v, , r. At the above ratest and
vcv-'ej ,vm
,.1 At the utiul ratal. , At aa Btabli8hed
, . In the future, as in (he past,
"Whieh has been so fruitful of good 'to the PEOPLE OK THE UNITED STATES nd will
i - i faithfully urge the re-establishment and supremacy or the J L
. 1 ' j- '. As essential to the "complete
... ,
' On the basis on whioh that
. :t ' - -i
Tha Statcsicah will support the Administration of the General Government in all leiral and
constitutional efforts to put down rebellion ; and aternly resist the efforts made tn some quarters
to convert tie present unhappy war into an Abolition crusade. j .:,;, :, "n'.Zti v
, .. It will constantly urge economy in the publio expenditures, and the most rigid accountability
of all publio officers. . . ', ' . i . - - .
As a medium of general news, the Statesman will endeavor to make .itself .acceptable to its
numerous readers, and at all timca supply them with '" "
.. .: ..-,.( .r , - - s rr f r "-iet A
' Tlx' Xstoat and moat rtoll,"fclo Xlejsox-tss
,i ' - Of the horns and foreign markets. In its columns .
Will find their interests consulted and attended to, and no eflort will be spared to make it a first
'class newspaper. ' . ' . , ' . ,. , - - , -,-.
During the approaching session of Congress we will have a talented and accomplishsd corres
pondent at Washington, through whom onr readers will be furnished with muoh valuable and
reliable information. - .'':Jl-t--.Vr. . vrjsXX
The doings of our own State Legislature will bs fully reported, and the local news uf the
State and our own immediate vioinity, will have a due share of attention. .1, rT
We urge upon our friends In all part of Ohio', end the North-Western States, to aid in extend
ing the circulation of the STATxeatAW, since by eo doing, they will assist in the promulgation of
sound political doolrinea and reliable general intelligence, tr ,r, u ticr--.V
To any person raising a Olub of Ten Subscribers to the Wisirtr Ohio SrATxastAK, and
sending us the money ten dollar for the same, we will send one copy gratia.--.
, AH orders will be promptly attended to.
i Address, ,, . r MANYPENNT A MILLEK,
' .';. :'!.!' Publishers of the Ohio Statesman,
' November 1, 1861; yu. ': ... . .CoLtntBus, QHro.
........ '. ' . ..,, , , .1 f- -a ... .
.,mr- a
Six Dollars per Annum;
Three Dollars per Annum
" ft,
v,; One "Dollar per Annum.
- Wekilt Statisiiau'wIU be received '.f'i
f- J
the Dailt will bo furnished
4 sr.,.. ,. v.. aF - .
and reliabld organ of the Demooratlfi party; '
jt wfll uphold and defend the '.
and perfeet re-eons traction of tha
,t- ; h i
... J ...... . V- ,
Union was originally formed.
rro 7 v m n -
-t i.X
lease on the Store Boom - " , -
No. 11 East State St.,
has opened It as attj a ""--. '." " !
Auction & Conimission Boom.
HE U DOW pirpirca w iwcitv vu w vtoHiin-H
deioript.on ot property, uch aa Dry flood a, Groceries,
Liquort, Famitara. Cirriaget, Horaca, etc. He alao
intends to devote hla attention to aalea of Kaal Kata,U
and Peraonal Pioperlr.at any point, withlo twenty miles
- err. t J a- uuHa a f1 Am ISalnfl at Vt
oi me cuy. ?', ... ... : j , , ......
Auction- MEvieiry"Yening.
A K I N&E P E R Y,
' Hart atoll and Oomplett Assortment of
Otovoa dks C3rra.toa,
1 Elegant Chamber Sets
Tin Toys, and Articles in that tine,
i , Tor Little Teoplt. iwru-
Knivea 'and' Forks.' Spooney Tuba,
Buckets, Bhovcls ana Tongs, t v f
. i -ifCoal Hods, .etq, ' j - '
t,.,,,,, i Sot tht targer OBes.'.'' j
We wonld oall your farther attention to the .sot (hat wt
art BOMS AQBNTB for the sale or tut
- ' I ,V.,..J 1'.. i
Which ta. In aUrespeot. elearly the "ATJTOOHAX Of
mtiu n rrpnil UN V hawln no ean&l In the Gomnletenau
of its performanet and eoonomyot fuel, lue clearest
testimony tf Its superiority 1 the faot that mannfao
tnmr and dealers art constant!? lmllatlne it. eomlni aa
near ltat possible to jsilKHWAb ArrjiAitanuig.
Oall ana examine oar stock. It Is do trouble to show
our goods.,
i ... i.-r .sv ' Y .. "
oct2J-dlm '
j i
The ,i Union: Forever.
-OSTos. 90, 92, 94:, & 96,
r;. I. i', ; ,i rr i
irvL' .,A.f 'rt 4'mAst eomnleta Hat tnr r)fBMraf
, - v ' -.
Tents ever ssanufaotured. ,rsa ,S .fc-wf I . svi--
Boldata very low nFTore. t
r.u Mid examine before Snrchatlns: altewhart.rs -
1 oe-dtf .r IU m. I . ,e r i
iV All si- ana eolonjatt optoed at BATHS, w
OOOeeU mm w ma xua inm
No. 17 East Town4 Street,
IT? 'A'largt ttock e( tht GOOD SAMARITAN en
hBT.. ... .... , T'..-. .
4 Corner of Broad & Front Streets,
O O Jj U M B tj d,
- provisions,
oetSMly . ; ,. ! .JCtt I. "I
A. BTAKTLY oa band and for sale, the beat quality of
Whioh he will sell at tht lowest market prices.
Oall and extmtna ny Ooal befort purohaslng tltt
where. Offlctattht ttor f Bradford; Bajdam Co., head
of Oanai.
. , , 0. I. BDIDAM.
sep96-Jm "
Domestic Cotton Goods.
V I-: iT f i ' '
f rf
Or FEU the most Extenslre Assort i
Brown and Bleached Cotton f Uunttsi..
5 Barnaley Cotton Bheotlnge;D-- ''Vm
. getect Styles of Calico's and Delaines;
' Tickings, Shirtings, Qlnghaaui,
. And Cotton Betting
r " Also, BlsnkeU, Ilnnlv'J0,
-Osesl-neree, Cloak Oloths, tie, tte.., -Much
balow regular prices. . .. J.Y
- Aetlfi pt-yy it louth High Street.
Cranberries! Cranberries I
- , n. awt i- ( . 3T
Ovr ORDKtt, on consignment.
for sals tow py i f, j
Wr H. MBTttAtZ,
wel , .... 4 106Soathml Biit.
BHAVFL8, tn new dealsns at J 00 Taint 00.
1.600 yards Super fUla JIlMk HUH' ? 1 OO.Tala
Si yaio.
trench Merinos, W) oenleTalneeTKottaysrt.
'".(km. " '--BAld I0W,
actW . Ifo. M loiitaiUga Streei.

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