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Rail Road Time Table.
Livf ls Muni Columitoi Xixu B. II.
- , t. J ''IUmii.", 'Arrives,
fight Bxpreu.'vlA Dayton, 1:00 A. M. 3 :3U A. M.
UiaclnuU AaooaimatUtliia. 8:10 A. M. V SjUO P. M.
Day Xxpres 1 53 P. M. 3:M. M,
Mill and Acwmmodatioii.. 4:00 P. M. W;15 P ,
f 4 '-,'4 ' Jno.' W, Agent,
06luCi a ourauP
Nlirh, In,r :, ..3:50 A. m.
New. York Bxpress
' Jamu pATmio, Agent.
I ' tt
CXNllULOmO il. U. I .' i, I
Mlbt lipn.;....;.''' A' S'
Day Express...-. " Ml 1:30 p- M-
.' . . - W. li Inx, Agent.
' PlTTUDHsa. QvMxrsoe k OWCIHHATI R. B
Mull Train ...".....L.. ........ 0D A. Mi- i 1:30 A. M.
mm Train ,w :vi. ' : " fc M
in i' i.: ..,( , l.' j",.Joi. Boiiiuon, Agent
COLUMBUS IXDUMOrOLM, B. B. r"' -'' 't.c
' " (Ooiomo. Piqda at Ikdiak B. B.) ; -. v ...
Ho. 1 Zxnrees i. 8:01) A. M. 13:00 M.
Mo. I " ............ 3:00 P. M. 0:40 P. M.
ViiKUAf ..' ,! ,, ' 0. W. Barra. Agent,
Board of County Commissioners.
FRIDAY, Nov. 15, 1861.
.''Bord mef.". Relief granted from the County
Volunteer Relief Fund to glxtj-turee different
Individual!, in itima tarytng from three to five
dolUre eack.
r, D. C. SAkDV bill of $10 allowed for re
palre on the Lockbonrne bridge. ' -.'. 'T.i',, 1
v .' Liiut.i Cot. Woone.-r-Tbe Newark North
'American etates that Hon. War. B. Woods, late
Speaker ot the Ohio House of Aaaembly, hat
.been appoluted , Lieuteoapt-Colonol of the Sev
enty-ilxtH ' Regiment, doit organising In that
- Tha Nwth American adds, that Mr. Woodi
-haa noli bail1' a Titinnarieducation, and may
probably have something to learn Jo' field tao
tlcti and itraigy ; but be bat the capacity for. a
good ofBoer, and the regiment kma reason; to
congratulate ite'elf on bia appointment.' "'
Niitwek Stabvino Wog Nakbo. The New
u ark, 7Vri JLmtrkan has a note from Gio. W.
MoViotcr and IeaiaR Downs oil Newark, Ad
OLracs .Mrcai of Homer, and Wat. Milur of
..Zaneaville, all belonging to the 25th Regiment,
' denying that the soldiers of their Regiment are
either half 'fed or half clothed. 1 On the other
hand, they assure their frlende that they have
I plenty to eat and are kept in good warm cloth
'Ing by the Oovernment. ;Jhej also state that
i .they are well.salUfled with their officers, and
! "ready to follow them at any time to the field of
' duty. The letter is dated at Cheat Mountain,
iNov;4 i:-' ..nij .'r-.'a (;.
- . . !, :i . '- ' i i . i gsj . i i i r
;' GonET'e Laor'a Boob; Godit for December
ii already received by R. KsidCD?, at his Pe
h, riodtcal Depot, near. the Postoffloev '.; ',
- It le a superior number, filled with the usual
variety of choice reading, and more than the
usual immber 'of beautiful engravings. The
doable extension fashion plates are superb, and
' the fadies will find the fashion department more
than usually full and iuteresting, ;,i
The author nf "Miss Slimmena" continues la
this number her. exquiaite "yarn" about Mr.
and Mrs. Rasrk; and Godct, who always keeps
ru his , promisee,'', announces another, humorous
' story for the next year by the aame writer.
: Call at KiNNior's and get the December num.
ber by all means. - ' j.
. ,1 ICT'Nlneteen secession prisoners from Wln
field, on the Kanawha, were brought to Camp
LChase on Friday.' i ,; !
General Grant. General Gbant, the hero
of the battle of Belmont, is a resident of Gale
na, Illinois, and was appointed on the recom
mendation of Euro B. WAsmcjiNi. . He grad
uated at West Point in 1837, and was brevetted
.First Lieutenant for. gallant and meritorious
oonduot at Molino del Rey, and brevetted Cap
tain or elm liar conduct at Chepultepec. i He
. was In many battles in Mexico, and resigned
.".his commission in the army in 1855 ) ;
" '' " " . j
D The Forty.first Regiment, CjI. Hazen,
left Camp' DennisoD on Friday for Gallipolis.
They were attended by two pieces of artilley
and forty men from Col. Barnett' Regiment.
Drowneo. Kinoaid Leonard, the only son
I of, Rev- L. O. Leonard, pastor of the Baptist
Church at Marietta, was drowned reoently while
Attempting to cross Duck Creek in a canoe. He
was a stnrjent in Marietta College, and a young
manofjromjie,? f-; j
H7 The Cleveland Htnld of Friday evening
Stated., that the Forty-first Regiment left that
i morning'' for Gallipolis. !;.. ., 1
( ;.. ( la the U. S. District Court at Cleveland,
2'rjiniFifly IiAo Garwood,' indloted for coun.
.''Wtlog-eoln, pleaded guilty of the charge,
tall "waasentenoe4 "io the Penitentiary for one
!-i. u eiw j,
,,:,. ior.Th
e Bixty. second, Regiment left Camp
. uoaaarn on r firin. fn Ma-utt. ... ,
vtoaaara on many for Marietta-. .
BoARD!NO-HooBE.i-U la one of the laws of Bow
afcfii College, jgie that students' shall not board
'Vl1?' ' term or two past ' the students
iiaregarded the law, and taken the risks.
TnMerm i, the Faculty discovered the transac
"i:l0D,na ?rare,11ne tudentB boarding at; ho
- tela to find other place. -.Thereupon the lacd-
Fjl-'ffor .'Qoo ip'f 4tlie) hotels, who has had quite a
' Hiljber; 'of udenta 'iward ing with him. took
H dow'n his signi and Vueu the Faculty came to
1 ",ifiqalrs of 'the students why they ttili boarded
A jat the hotel, In disregard of the mandate, they
were politely Informed that the landlord of the
hotel bad tnken down bis shingle, and the place
v.waa no more a hotel, but oufy a boarding-bouie!
fjThere tbeing- no1 section In the college laws
n against boafding-houses, the Faculty had to
';' We. jThe landlord ' evidently ' knows how to
keep a boarding-house, if not a hotel. ' ! i
Too Much or a Good Thwo.-A ' clergyman
. ; In New. Yerk, recently, preaobed to prove that
" ' fireeent war, wiia.aik its . oorrors, was on
udrobdly'!,f;,rejtt; blessing to ;the Amerioan
V P60019, 'n? mil(, peetty strong oaae of it, but
.. when ;he came .to,' ,the' closipg prayer, no one
could ' doubt the Sincerity of his petition that
t'tbls great national calamity may coma to an
., AiwuuiBuio uu eeeuj lerminatton. r it was
K u clear enough thai'tha-orator, thought there
" might be "too muoh of a good thing," a fter all,
.TBI Lrrnta Bw The alliteration la the fre
names of Important battles and stragetio points
commencing with the letter B, has at tracted the
attention of the curious,. We have for instance
Big Bethel, Bull Rubj Booneville, Ball's Cross
Aoada, Bunker Hill, Bailey's Hill, Boone Court
House,' Bowling Green, Barboursviile, Banning
i orBuokhannon, Bird's .Polut',"Beverly,Buiri
; 'Bayj Belmont, Beaufort. V ; i'i.)
.: TaioLoaicAt Vaw cr Crinoline. A French
Bishop" laid lately lB"wmorjr'Let women
iremmber,.,while pnttlnej on ' their" profuse and
rtpanslvS attire, how narrow are the' gates of
. Paradise.
Headley, Ebcrly Richards's
Are now . opening a urge lot vi t i
Ladies' Cloth Cloaks
. t , , . . . i -, ,. '
Shephard'a Plaid Shawls,
Ladies' Merino Vesta & Drawers,
Boys' Merino Shirts & Drawers,
Embroidered Ropps,
XjlCi Chios' TSTVllOlClB,
OPERA .'H00t)$7;
Opera Flannels,
.-1 ) "'
nev!4 - "
Fall & Winter Millinery,
" Hire. , o ESXaXjO,
No. 14 East Town Street,
which she will sell at the very loweit pcmlble price for
Ltdlee, pleiie call and examine onr itock before yen
purcnu elwwhere.
, On Short notice.
novl4-dlw , ...
Shooting Gallery.
rpBH undertlgiied begw leave to Inform hie friend
X that be ha fitted up a
' Good Ouns, Air Oani, FUtols and Befrethments.
Oiie me a call.
IT Is an lndlepolable feet, that if anr person wanti one
of itaoM oomrorwole BSQCIUADX BEaVKROVEB
COATS, be will tuully Aod then In lerge qntntitleeat
18 any person desirous of owning one of the late etjle
of KM AVER OVB& OOaTS. with tape atuofced.
don't break your beads to leani where to Bud them, bat
to to me - -.
Opposite the Bute Uoaee. '
Ton will Bod tbem Uieie in all colore, kept by
DTD yon sever weir any ot the SILK MIXED OA8
BIMKRB SUITS, which ere eolrt tt the Capital City
Arcade! Koih In andjroa will And tbem In pllee, at
YOU tnay alio be In want of PANTS and VK8T8. and
there ie bat one eetubllehment in the West where
Pants and Veets are to be had In all stripes, ehases.
stylee, quantities and qoalltlee, and that place la the .
' UAril Ati till X AKUAU. .
DON'T fonret the extensive usortmcnt of F0RNISH
INS GOODS, particularly in WOOLEN BUIaia,
which yoo can And In "Bed, white and blue," at the
CArlTAb Uli Y.AKUAUrj,
- i . , Superintended tj Uaicus Ohilde.
1 yon wlih to wear garments MADE TO OR
DEM., von can do so better than to m to the Mer
chant Tailoring: Betabllahmeat. next to the Arcade, and
eeieot your gooaa rrom a stoct oomprieug an colors oi
Heaver uiotos. cueimeres, bur velvet ana piasn vest
Inn, and too will core ly meet with a good fit by purchas
elngat . . , ,
.. ; . Jt i A .' MAKUUO LiUlJUUS'tJ.
MILITARY GENTLEMEN, when they corns to this
eity. ae etra sera, and wiah to set a TJNIf OBH. It
Is to their beet advantage to oall at
D.-a.. ..: MAKUU3 CUILUS'S,
Where a large Hiortmest of BLUB OXOTH and other
articles belonging to theeqnipaga of an officer clin be
bad at very moderate prioee.- - .
in snort oall at " . . u ; )) ...
1 Marcus Childs's,
. - Proprietor of that extensive bmlneu locality, '
. ' " " Oppestte the tuts Hoase. !
ootw-4em ', . - '. . :i
. For an Inch of
y. a dying Queen. That Inch of time can be procur
, a much cheaper rate, and many long years at
nloved tv oociultlntt "tu MERBTW14THBR. wha
Isouringthemostobitlnataand long-etandlng dleeaie
or me fcunuB, njiarti', liiiin, niuwKKg, 0 LAU
' in
- - Facta are aUnbbarn Tblns;al '
Hear what the Philadelphia oorreependent eavs In the
"Commonwealth," Wilmington, Delaware, BU of April,
ltar. ..... 1
"An Ingliah gentleman, formerly oonnected with the
Britiah Army, and who styles bimietf the 'Indian
Botanic Physician has of late gained an extensive repa
tatlonbereby his skill In earing all manner of earn
plalnte. Borne of his patients f have converted with,
and they pronounce his remedies and mode of treatment
aa very aanerior. Bom hare been reetored as if b
maglo, the medicine be nies Is dlttiUed by hlmaelf
mm vanona herbs poteeeelag rare curative propertiea.
While aotlng In toe army he devoted his leisure mo
menta to a thorough stndy of the effects prodaoed by
aertaln medicinal roots and herbs on all manner ef dla
emaea. It eeeme he baa found a sort and speedy reme
dy for all the His that fleeb is heir to Bis practice Is
ainaay exianaira ana te eally increasing, in tnaoom
plalnte to which Vemalee are aabiected. he hae no Moat
asa large number here have teetlfled that they owe not
oniy uwir proem gooa nealthi but their lives, to (he
aamoi wuainuiau votanwi-nyalclaa."'. ,j ' I
: -Office 37 East Sutej Street, Colmr.bns.;
THE LATEST NEWS BY TELEGRAPH From all Parts of the World.
Mason and Slidell
Union Vessels Run the
Further Particulars from Beaufort
News from Western Virginia.
Flovd in Full Retreat.
Important from Kentucky.
Gen. Johnston with Forty Thousand
Men Forms a
with Zollicoffer.
Union Army Preparing to Withdraw.
&c. &c. &c.
From Washington.
[Tribune's Correspondence.]
Wabhinoton, Nov. 15. Information has been
received by Government from Port Rojal totbe
lltbinat. Pillage bad nearly ceased; powder
which bad been secured in the Light House,
and the channel bnoys, had been recovered.
A large force of South Carolina troopa was
gathering at Port Royal Ferry, estimated at
from three thousand to ten thousand.
It was the expressed Intention of the owners
of houses on the Island, to burn tbem.
Gen. Stoneman baa been appointed to the
command of the entire cavalry force of the
United States.
The work of raising a brigade, to be compos
ed entirely oi Virginians, is progressing lively.
There are several thousand refugees from Vir
ginia, who are anxious to enlist lu the defense
of the Government.
The rebels set fire to the schooner Maryland,
thought to be loaded with eoal, passing their
batteries on the Lower Potomac. The crew
escaped in boats. A party oi the Massachu
setts First rowed to her, extinguished the flames
and towed her to the Maryland shore.
[Herald's Dispatch.]
A personal difficulty is progressing between
Col. Hlnoke, of the 1Kb Massachusetts Regi
ment, and the Major oi tbe Tammany New
York Reglmeut, The affair grew out of tbe
report of Col. Hincka to Gen. Stone In regard
to the engagement at Ball's Bluff, which con
tains severe striotures upon the conduct of tbe
Tammany Regiment. It Is understood that a
challenge has passed from the Major to Colonel
[To be Associated Press.]
The (J. S. steamer Hetsel -went down the
river last night, passing the battery without be
ing fired, upou.. As tar as we are aware the
Bachelor and' another echoouer passed down
ward this forenoon unmolested. Tne steamer
Resolute and another in passing Cockpit Point
was fired upon irom there, and as she passed
down tbe whole range o batteries opened on
her in succession, several batteries throwing in
shot and shell together. - Several shells were
seen from tbe deck of the Yankee to burst over
the shore. --'
[Times Dispatch.]
The rolunteer service now namlers lour bun
dred and eighty thousand men, leaving but
twenty thousand more enlistments to reach the
number authorised by Congress, ,
Washington, Nov. 16. A special says there
is reason to believe that tbe Government ad
heres to its determination to make Beaufort an
Open pO?t.l .. l . .
1 be ireasnry Department emDhatlcallv de
nies that counterfeit treasury notes bave been
put into circulation. . .
Laat night was the coldest of the season in
camp. ' ' - '-. ::. ' . .
The Eleventh and Fourteenth Regiments (J.
3. Infantry are to be hutted during tbe winter
at Perry ville, Maryland. Sixteen . hundred
troops will thus be quartered, and form a oamp
ot instruction. , Eight hundred are there al
ready. -The intelligence of the capture of Slidell and
Mason bas diffused the greatest possible joy
among all classes, inoloding of course, Govern,
ment offloers, from the President down. .
The brilliant exploit at Port Royal was cer
tainly not more it quite as electric in its ef
fect upon tbe publio mind, as the taking of these
generally regarded unprincipled and dangerous
emissaries. . , . . .
Sia: It is with no ordinary emotion that l ten
der io jou and your command tbe heartfelt con
gratulations and thanks of tbe Government and
the country for the brilliant auccees achieved at
Port Rojal. la the war now raging against
tbtt Government, in this most causeless aud un
natural rebellion that ever afflicted a country,
high hopes bave been indulged in the navy and
gieat confidence,, reposed in its efforts. The
reeult of tbe skill and bravery of yourself and
others bave equalled and surpassed our highest
expectations. To you and your associatee, un
der tbe provideoee of God, we are indebted for
this great achievement by the largest squadron
ever fitted out under that flag which you have
so gallantly vindicated, and which you will bear
onward to continued success. On the receipt of
your dispatch announcing victory at Port Royal,
the Department issued tbe enclosed general or
der, which, with this letter, you will oanse to
oe reaa to your comtnaoa.
I am, sir, obedient I
To Fag Offlser, Samuel F. Ddpont.
Commanding Atlantic Blockading Squadron,
Port Royal. ' . .. i v. ,
4 Capt. Taylor, who has arrived here with dis
patches, reports that, when tbe San Jacinto stop
ped at Cleofuegos, the escape of Slidell and
Mason wss ascertained. Proceeding thence tj
Havana, it was understood they bad taken pas
sage on the 7th inst. on tbe British Mail steam
er Trent, plying between Vera Crsz, by way oi
Havana and St. Thomaa. anrl Smith. mninn
While the San Jaeinto was In tbe narrowest
part of the Bahama channel, about twenty-four
miles to weetward, she met the packet, and as
usual in suoh oases, fired a shot aoross her bows
and brought ber to. Two boats were sent to
her under command of Lieutenant Fairtax, who,
u.,uiuH tum pauuet, arrested Mason and Sli
dell, who were personally known tn kim Tk
at first objected to being removed without the
employment oi lores lor that purpose.
However, tber were soon aft rm,j :iv
out further trouble and oonveyed to the Sao Ja
einto.' Their respective secretarlM. p.tt. .a
MoFarlaa, were also brought on board, and ars
uvn vi uvir w.j mi new aors.
The oaoltet bad no other save her own flag;
The remainder of the passengers, Including tbe
laaies oonneotea wita tne miaeii and Mason
parly, were not molested, and were therefore
leit to pursue their journey.
The dispatches are voluminous, and Inolude
Several aooounta of lbs oapture, together with
a protest of Mason and Slidell against being
taken from a British ship.
The Coeor Da Lion went down to tbe flo
tilla last night and returned at tea o'clock this
morning, ens reports snairs unchanged aown
the rive?
A coasting sIooD ran the blockade yesterday,
and although forty rounds were fired at ber from
the rebel batteries, oot a shot struck ber. Tbe
Harriet Lane started down this afternoon to
join tbe flotilla.
A ladv.wbo arrived at Darneatown from
Martlneburg. last Monday, reports that the se
cessionists are still crowding troops Into Win
chester to oppose the progress of General Kelly's
command, wbo they imagine Is much nearer
Winchester than be was repotted at last ao-
oounta. ' "
Tbe defensea of that place are being strength
ened and every preparation Is being made for a
desperate resistance.
All tbe mllltla of Berkeley and Jefferson
counties bas been sent thither with such arms
as could be gathered.
Uar Informant confirms a previous report that
General John t ton's foroes were congregated
at Centrevllle, leaving but few men at Manassas.
Rebel Ministers Mason and Slidell at
Fortress Monroe.
Fortius Monioc, Nov. 15. The United
States steamer San Jacinto has just arrived from
the tout of Africa via the West Indies, where
shehasbaea cruising six weeks. Old Point
wae electrified by tbw tidings tbat the 8an Ja
olnto bad on board Messrs. Slidell and Mason,
wbo were going abroad as Ministers of tbe
Southern Conlederaoy.
Commodore Wilkes renorted the news at
headquarters in person, and will forward bis
dispatches to night.
The Belvidere, having been repaired, will
leave for Port Royal curly tj-morrow, with
mails and dispatches. .
A flag of truce ftum Norfolk brought down
to day one hundred and fitly refugeca.
The rebels assume to make liitbt of the effalr
at Port Royal, but at the same time betray their
apprehensions of Its results.
A report from Norfolk thinks there are near
ly twenty thousand troops in sod about tbat
Tbe Merrlmao is not yet completed,
Mason and Slidell Captured.
linn,. nf Ik.
Steamer Delta, from Bermuda, at Halifax, re
ports that when he left Bermuda the British
steamer Fingal and the rebel steamer Nashville
wore iu pgrt. me c ingai naa transierred ber
oargo of arms to tbe Nashville, and the latter
had nut Messrs. Mason and SlfHoll .nrl .nU. nn
the Fingal, which would take them t j England,
wuuv iue uasavuie wouia run tne olockade
with the) arm.. Tha namA nf th. P.i.i.h
- W W. .UW A.fVIBU
vessel tbey were taken from bas not as vet
A ! 1 . 1 1 .1 . -
trauspirea. ah me aocuments ana papers oi
Messrs. Slidell and Mason were seized. Their
lamllies were allowed to proceed.
Tha eantnln of tha Brit .h
up Slidell and Mason under protest.
This is tbe substance of the repot ti by pas
sengers on the Old Point boat.
- -
, a a
N'sw York, Nov. IC A recent letter ta tha
Charleston Mercury says tbe iron sheeting made
for the Merrlmao bas proved worthless, under
trial with colurablads.
A Fortress Monroe (Nov. 15) soeclal sat.
Slidell and Mason were taken from an English
man steamer on tneoin, on Bermuda -
Lieut, f atrial and thirtv-five armed men
went aboard from the San Jacinto with five of.
fioers, and picked out tbe Commissioners. Tbey
made a feeble resistance, but were induced to
Tbe Captain of the steamer raved and swore.
calling the U. S. officers piratical Yankees, etc
bustis, one or tbe rebel becretaries, also resist
ed, but himself and colleague accompanied
their employers into confinement. Slidell bad
bis wife and four children aboard, wbo wore al
lowed to proceed to Europe.
Commodore Wilkes bad an interview with
General Wool and expressed the omnlon that
oe am rigut, anu saia mat right or wrong, these
men bad to be secured, and if be bad done
wrong, he could da no more than be cashiered
for it.
New Yotk specials state that Government
had advices stating tbat the Federal troops oc
cupy oeauiort, ana are ;eugaged in fortifying
Tbe general meotlne of the Bmk committee
naa a lengtny session this altcrnoon. at which
Secretary Chase wae present. It is reported tbat
the aotlon of the select committee ot yesterday,
In reference to tbe third fifty million 'loan, was
concurred in.
Missouri Dispatches.
Citt. Nov. 16. The Bank of North-
rnp & Co. and tbe Union Bank, at this place,
were robbed to day between twelve and on
o'clock, by a gang of twenty men, belonging to
Fortunately both banks, anticlnatiuo- a rub
bery, had forwarded the greater portiou of their
money io a piace oi security.
Northrop & Co.'s loss is about $3000 and
tbat of tbe Union Bank $850. This will not
prevent tbe banks carrying on business as
A wagon-master, just arrived, clvea Informa.
talon of the oapture by the rebels, at 3 o'olock
this morning, a mile and a half from Pleasant
Hill, Cass county, of fifty wagons and five hun
dred oxen, on their way to Sedalla. When the
wagon-master escaped, the yokes were being
burned and preparations made to burn wagons.
mo. Hamsters are au prisoners. Jcnnleon
marches immediately for Pleasant IJill.
St. Louis, Nov. 15. Gen. Hunter and staff
arrived to night. -.
: Sedalla and Rolls will be strongly garrison
ed, and sufficient provisions, stores and muni
tions sent to each point for an army of fit teen
tboussnd men, should necessity at anv time re
quire tbe.preseoce of such a force.
ihe bulk or the army will come ti St. Louis
and be held in readiness for movements lu
Kentucky. Southeast Missouri or down tha Mis.
asippl river.
St, Louis, Nov, 16. Gen. Hunter has sm.t
a letter to Gsu. Price, by a flag of trace, repu
dieting tbe treaty between Gens. Fremont and
Price, entered Into Nov. 1st, and baa addressed
a letter to Adj'l-Gen. Thomas, setting forth bis
reasons therefor.;
St. Lome, Nov. 16 Price and McCullooh's
armies have retreated Intj Arkansas, Ic is
understood that they bave gone to Fort Smith,
where supplies bave been collected and winter
quarters are being built -
Before leaviug Missouri, they fired all tt)e
hastacks, corn cribs, etc , iu their vicinity to
prevent our forces from obtaining forage in case
we pursued mem.
Previous reports regarding the Imminency of
a battle on the 3d, originated in a large forag
ing party of tbe rebele on Wilson's Creek being
mistaken for an advance guard of the enemy.
From Gen. Rosecrras's Army.
Bebel forces by way of Raleigh and Fayette
nrntented hv Naw RivAr. whinh f.ll. (hMinnk .
r j - -. .. hii...
preoipice gorge six or seven hundred feet deep,
Btwiacu tun aiioiu(ibvu w uieiuugo uur troops
irom tneir encampment on tne iewisDurg roa,d
at anrl about GanlAV. Thair o.nnnn.Him. a.aa
replied to with suoh spirit as induced tbem to
one uu lurww luvvsbiueijba iu mat way.
.. On the night of the lth inst, preparations for
attacking and possibly capturing the rebels,
were so far advanced that a select force from
Gen. Cox's brigade crossed the Kanawha and
New Rivers, and by ten o'olock tbe next day
had dtiven them back three mllea fmm u
heights. A column under Gen. Scbenok In
tended attacking tbem in tbe rear, but were pre
vented from crossing the river, owing to high
vat. Annr.hAP An nmn linda. ftn n.nk.
was placed to attack their front, flank and rear,
anu uiutcu up a. ia, as giuoBiuio ana oegau to
leel tbeir front, when a sharp skirmish took
nlana. Latino- Irom 4 P. M. till rlark- I
. While Benaamy columns laid on their arms ,
waning lor morning, tne rebels began to re-
r .1 ! ..... -I... . .
treat irum tueir eutreuvueu camp, ana Deiors
our tronne dianovared tha mnrAmnnt tha
well on tnelr way to Raleigh. Tbeir cavalry
horses .were used in hauling their baggage
wagons. ' , 4, .
GanApal A.nh.m. on lA.rhtrtfr nf that.
nnranad thorn (nr twAnte-.R.a mllaa .mMit
ureucumg rain, over muuuy roaus, ween nnOlng
that there was but little chanes cf ov. YtaklD
mem, turned back from tbs pursuit. -)
In a skirmish with tbe rear guard, Col. Cr0
gon of the rebel cavalry, and a few others .,ere
killed. . i ::
It la thought that Flovd baa borne to tbe con-'
olualou tbat Western Virginia is not worth
fighting for. , . v. ," "
fbs loss on onr side was but two. -The
above It teut by content of Gen. Rose
From Fortress
[Special to the Tribune.]
Fortsiis Monroi.Nov. 15. Mason and Sli
dell were aboard a Britiah mail steamer
Wilkes sent aboard and demanded their surren
der. Tbe reply was there is not force enough
to take tbem. Wilkes sent additional force,
and put tbe San Jaointo In convenient Doeition.
Slidell and Maeon were then surrendered.
Tbe Eoalieh steamer took tbem on board, not
knowing who they were, tbeir business or tbeir
Capt. Wilkes, It is understood, acted on his
own responsibility. -
uenerai wool granted uuaeii ana mason per
mission to send off letters to their friends this
evening. ,i
Between four thousand and five thousand Un
ion troops are In Aooomao, on ,the Eastern
Shore, wbere there are eighteen hundred rebels
in arms. com. uoidsborouga sent a gun-boat
there t -day . A regiment of cavalry ie expect
ed here in a few days.
1 here are fifteen thousand men now In An
napolis ready to embark. Tbe current rumor
is they are to reinforce Gen. Sherman.
I be Beet is understood to bave gone to Pen-
sacola. '1 he news of another exploit may be
expected soon.
Geo. Sherman is renorted to bave ee zed
Pinckcey Island and all tbe able-bodied ne
No attempt bas been made to land on tbe
main land.
Rebel Lass at Belmont.
Chioaoo. Nov. 16 A eoocia! to the Evenlne
Journal from Cairo eays it bas been ascertained
mat tne loss ot the rebels at ine battle of Bel
mont is two hundred and aixty-eix killed, lour
ounared ana twenty seven wounded, and tro
Hundred and seventy eight missing.
Arrival of the Saxony.
St. John's, Niwvoohdland, Nov, 15 The
steamship Saxony from Southampton on the titb,
arrived off Cape Rice with three days later
news, but it was impossible to obtain it.
Lr.AVXNWOR.TH, Nov. 10. General Lane's
command was expected at Fort Soott on the
evening of tbe 14;a inst. A doubtful report
says there wae a force of one thousand rebels
at Bower's Mills, fifty miles from Fort Soott.
1 ue creatine ot new military department of
Kansas, with Msjor-General Hunter in com
mand, gives great satisfaction and confidence
to the oitizens of Kansas.
Tbe recent election in this Stite resulted in
the choice of Topeka as the State capital .
Captain Bell and Seven Privates of
the 44th Ohio Drowned.
Point Plcasant, Va . Nov. 16 A sad ac
cident occurred at Camp Piatt, twelve miles
above Charleston, this morning. Captain Bell,
of company K, of the 44'h Ohio Regiment, and
eleven of bis men, whilo crossing the Kanawha
in a sum, ran uoder the ateamer Commodore
Perry, and tbe Captain and seven of privates
were drowned, the remainder were saved.
Important Movements in Kentucky.
Cincinnati, Nov. lb. Tbe BDecinl corre.non.
dent of tbe New York Times arrived bere to
night from Gen. Schoepf 's command. He says
that on Wednesday Gen. Thomas ordered Geo.
Schoepf to fall back by a forced march from
London to Uanville, Ky wbere the Federal
force will concentrate to ooiose Gen. Sidnev A.
Johnson, who is reported marching north with
lorty vnouoana men.
The 14th, 17th and 38th Ohio, and the 33d
Indiana immediately took ud the line nf march
for Danville.
Tbe Tennessee Brigade refused to turn their
face backward, and tbey, with tbe 3d Kentucky,
were ordered into their old oamp.
Zjlliooffer bae joined Johnson, leaving a small
force at Cumberland Gap.
Our troops arrived at Crab Orchard Springs
this morning.
Important Movements in Kentucky. Special Session of the Maryland Legislature
—Southern Items.
Baltimore, Nov. 16 Gov. Hicks bas issued
a proclamation calling-a special session of the
Maryland Legislature at Annapolis on the
'41 ta iuBtant, to establish Mary laud In her old
pesition as the heart ot tbe Union, and render
tbe traitorous Legislation of the Fort k Warren
membere of no account.
Toe Norfolk Day Book of yesterday contains
the following:
Macon, Ga , Nov. 14 Tbe Planters' Con
vention adopted a resolution Indorsing the de
fensive measures of Ihe Government, and rec
ommending a discriminating duty of twenty per
sent, on tue prooucuons ot tne united states.
It was also resolved, if the war continued and
the present crop remain unsold the planters
should not plant next spring beyond the wants
oi come consumption.
Savannah, Nov. 14 The Federal fleet is re
ported to bave passed Fernandina yesterday,
bound South. General .activity prevails in
strengthening Ihe defenses of the city, and
there ie a geteral feeling of eeourity. A
Savannah paper eats the steamer Fiocal baa ar
rived at Savannah with a oargo of war muni
tions, etc. ...
The Richmond Dispatch ears, we have In
forma' loo that tbe authorities of South Carolina
have communicated with the Government upon
tbe subject of hoisting the black flag, to which
allusion has been made since the attack on the
coast of tbat State.
It is believed that Geo. Lee has received or
ders from the War Department urging that
tnose captured must ne regarded as prisoners or
It la eaid tbia will be disregarded hv tha an.
thoritiea of South Carolina; tbat the aame
course will be pursued as tbat adopted by Gov.
Wise at the time of tbe John Brown raid, and
that when South Carolina Is done witb the in
vaders the Confederate Government can have
Petersburg, Vs., papers of the 14th instant.
are reoeived. They appear very much In tbe
dark as regards tbe operations of the fleet.
Tbe Richmond Examiner says intelligence
was received in this city laat night and couvei
ed to the War Department, by Mr, Fisher, a
member oi Convention, who arrived yesterday
from Eastern Virginia, that a large force of tbe
enemy, about forty thousand etroog, bad invad
ed the Eastern shore of the State, crossing
fiom Somerset county to Accomao.
It is stated that our available force for tbe
defense of tbe Eastern shore, InciuKng Colonel
Smith's Regiment, stationed there, is about
eighteen hundred and ninety men. It would
doubtless be impossible to send reinforcements
aoross tbe water.
Lynchburg, Va , Nov. 13. It Is renorted
but not confirmed, that the Union men ot Ten
nessee have taken psiMMioa of Bristol.
I ue ptsio at uavannan in eonseqaenoe of tbe
victory of the fleet, was so great that even men
were running away. Small ware merchants
wbo were packing up their goods to leave, had
been notined by the authorities tbat tbey would
not be permitted to carry off their goods.
Tne Savannah Republican is indignant at this
cowardly desertion in time of danger, and urges
uenerai lawioq to issue au order preventing
any able-bodied men under sixty years of age
from leaving. . . . . ....
New Yorr, Nov. 16 Tbo Regulars from
California left for Washington this morning.
The British steamer Orion, which arrived at
Asplowall ust before the Champion left, reports
that the privateer. Sumter was at Barbadoes,
UCt. XV -" . . . s - ... .. ,,, , I -
Wm. B. Astor declines tbe nomination for
1 be reported capture or two million dollars
worth of cotton at Beaufort is pronounced a
cauaru. . ...
New Yore, Nov. 16. The nominating coav
mlttee from the tax payers union association
met yesterday, and R. B. Minturn having de
clined tha nomination, owing to ill health,
unanimously nominated Mr. B. Aston, Esq , as
their candidate for tbe mayoralty.'
A Sao Francisco diapatoh of the 12th says, the
piraio schooner Neva, irom China, bas. been
seized. - r ..........
. The United States steamer Bienville will
leave to-day for Port Royal. A mail will be
sent by her to the fleet and to General Sher
mans division.
oT5iNJ"Th NIKr4 arrived at
-IJU i a. M. Her mall were sent south and west
uj uib morning trains. "
. ....! ...
Convicted of Embezzlement.
- jjetroit, ov. lo.-.Joha MoKlnney, lata
t J Court, for embezzling twenty flv.ousand
dt 1'laraofMtateFund.a, has been eonvloted
MachM Manafactnring Company
Mimvsaotoairj or
castings, KUi-Csarlng, Machinery.
i-tva,iirotaaL Worlt
. Of EVERT Ct8Cim0N.
OHAB. AMBOS; tlap't p. AH BO 8. Tfmi
aeon, icsd-tr
Of .
"JT? 'i"nSw. ,,0? or ""H" I" Una. laat porch
FT? u "f." .Y.Jk " "1.,ehP" P"l ratee-all of which
I aball aell at the tmalleet profits, for Oaah. My cnaton
era and friends are reapeotlully invited to call. nd exam
ine my Qoode and Price, aa I am riKl.rrlr.ul ..II
oheap or cheaper than any other houee In the city; and
ail do my own Cutljnfi, and saperintend my own buei
nete, I feel aaaured.from my long experience inboal
nesa, to gtre general aatlafwtion. The fineet of work
men are employed, and all work don. uriMi. b. ..a
-" iwhwi uu iwnuica 10 nt. Dtrauaers vialtioi
onr city would consult their loterett by firing me a call
before purcbailng eiiewbere. ?. EOgE,
. ,. Merchant Tailor.
march-dly Cor. High and Town its.
.Wholesale and Ketail Dealer in
No. 85 Fifth Street.
tietantly on hand all the va
rioua OUAN OS oi
Importod. Olff ax-0.
Rheumatism, Gout and Hearalgia,
All Mercurial Diseases.
It It a convenient! VafTantrf1 Ran1
tested compound, to be worn a round the Waiat, without
Injury to the moat delicate peraoua; no change in habits
of living is required, and tt entirely removea the dls
eaae from the ayatem, without producing tbe Injurions
effeots arising from Ihe nae of powerful Internal medl
sines, which weaken and deatroy the constitution, and
iuuiiurarjr reiici oniy. uy ion treatment, the med
icinal propertiea contained In the Band
with the blood and reach the diaeaae, through the pores
of the akin, effecting in awry tnatance a perfect core,
and reatorine the parta afflicted to a hMiih nH(ti.,.
This Band ia alao a inoatpowerf ul Ajm-UxacoRUL agent,
and will entirely relieve the system from the ptmtokru
effects of Mercury. Moderate eaeea are cured in a few
dare, aod we are conatantly receiving teatimonials of its
ciuucy in aggravaiea ca-ee or long atanding.
Paics 2,OU, to be bad of Druxgieu generally, or can
be tent by mail or exprns, with full directiona for nae,
to any part of the country direct from the Principal
Tfo. 409 BROASWAT, Nsw York.
O. SMITH & CO., Sole Proprietor.
N. 8. Inscriptive Circulars Sent Free.
A. J. BGUTjKLLSa tt BOK. CstoottTs, Aomts, No.
CT B. High Bt., bet. Friend and Mound, Columbus, 0.
UTAfonts n antra Fvnry vvliere.
Master Coirimissioner's Sale.
Louis Lindeman i
VS. Sunerlnv (Inn.,.
Caldamond Crary et al. )
BT virtus of an order of sale to me directed from the
BuperiorOourtof Franklin coanti-. Ohio. T Mlf.
fer for sale at the door of tha Court House la the C Ity of
Columbus, on
Saturday, the 14th day of December, A. D.
at one o'clock P. M., tbs following described real estate,
situate in the county of Franklin aod State of Ohio, to
wit: 1
Lots numbered thirty-nine (39), forty (40). forty-one
1). forty-two (42). and fortv tb,M mi. m ih. ri.iin-.n
of H. Orary and others to the city of Columbus, ae
designated In the plat of said addition, recorded In the
necoraer a omce or jrranklia ooanty, Ohio.
Lota Not. St. 40 and 43, $250 00 each.
" 41 and 42, 300 00 "
Bherlff and Matter Oommiuioner.
Prlnter'a fees. (6.
Sheriff's Sale.
John O. Doran )
VI. V flnn.nVi.flAn.1.
W. H. Zigler etal.)
to me directed, from the Booerlor Court of Prank.
tin County, Ohio, I will offer for sale, at the door of
the Court-Boute, in the cltv of Columhu.. on
Saturday, the 14ih day of December, A, D.
at one o'olock, p. m., ths following described real es
tate, situate la the county of Franklin, and Bute of
Ohio, to wit:
Twenty-one feet (31 ft.) off tbe North side of lot num
ber four (), in a aubdiriiion of lets 37 38, 39 and 40,
In Deahler's addition to tbe city of Oolnmbut, reference
Being had to the plat of Iieahler and Hardy, recorded in
".T wwi.n,viii(. ui .rauaim county, in nook no.
38, pageltil.
Appraiaed at 91,300.
Q. W. HUFFMAN, Sheriff
Prlnter'a feel (6,00
Sheriffs Sale.
John 8. nilllard )
Doo 3, cage 161.
vs. S
Superior Court of Franklin coun
Mary louug
etal.) -
ty, Ohio.
to me directed, from tha SuD.rlor flnnrt nf
lln county, Ohio. I will oSer for sale at the door of the
Court House, In the eity of Columbus, Ohio,
On Saturday, the 14th day of December, A. D.
between the hours of 10 o'cinrir. a.m.. .nit a ..ii.
r. tu . ue lonowing aeaerlbed. real estate, situate la
Franklin oounty, Ohio, to wit:
A certain tract or naral of Unit in th. hn.kk.f
.....iw, wHiiumi wu imvnim h louowa: lseginnlng
at P. 8. Avery's B. W corner; thence . on tha line
oetween tua avery ana uerlbah Orawrord's line to the
boundary of tha 0. P. and I. tt. B l thence N. W. with
tbe ft. K. to Avery's line; tbenoe 8. with the original
.ui .r, u. ,w uiv piac oi oegmning. containing one acre
of land, more or len, being part of survey Ho. S.4S3,
In the name of -William Barktdale.
Appraises at I5U 00. .
0. W. HUFFMAN, Bherlff.
Printer's fees, $3 00.
nov3-dltAtwtd v
No. 29 South High Street, Columbus,
IX. 8000 yards liavelia Dress Goods at 8X, value
B500 yards Traveling Dress Goods at 19X, va'ue SO ets.
8U00 yard. Kngliah Beeagee at 1S1X, value Si casta,
inuo yards French Organdies at UK. value 80 sanh,.
SUUn yarde Fast Colored Lawna at ID, value IS cents.
iuuv yaras rouura vreea Bliaa at 31 Xi value 90 cents.
1500 yards Super Plain Black Silk at at no. h. a i a
Robes of Organdie Berage, and Ingliah Beraga, at one-
JeM i '
SO South High Street.
ft av -W-E a J L I I If
XjT Tses o e so . u e oats saexjrywjjt
Irish Linen Goods.
Linen Bhtrt Boaoms Plain and f amy
Bbirtlng and Bosoae Limns. t
' ' '?.' - Linen Mheetlngs and Pillow Oaalngs.
- Linen Oaaibrlea and Long Lawns.
"' - - Lumb Pccket-handk'ra, all sises.
Llsea Toweillngi and Diapers
. Linen Napkins aad D'Oy Ilea.
' '. Linen Table Olothsand Satin Damaaks.
Linen Towels with colored borders. ' ' -'
' " " - Llaen Stair Coverings and Craab.
' toraaleat lowpdoes.
BAUf a I0, -
tsbSt Vs. 9SotaBlch street,
"They, go Eighljto Ue.FpoV
Instant RelUi at.,, Covg
I- .... JPorNr rauf Brat.
Strens;thea your Valool '
GOOD FOR CLERGYMEN, " " ' ,'; .' ,T.,: ,.'
They relieve a Cough luetantl) . '
They olear tbe Throat.
They give strength and volume to tbe voice.
They impart a delicious aroma to tbn oreatb
Tbey are delighllul to tbe taste. j
They are made of simple herbs andwnnot
barm any oue.
I advlas every one wbo has a Cough or a na.lt iri.
or a Bad Breato, or any difficulty of the Throat, to ei
paciage or my Throat Confections; they will rail.,.
you instantly, and you will agree with me that 'they
go right to tha spot." Toa will find them ver. B.fnl
and pleasant while traveling or attending public meet
lngs for stilling yonr Cough or allaying your thirst 1 1
yon try one package, I am safe In saying tbat yoo ml'
ever afterwards consider them Indispensable.
Kou will And them at tfe Druggists and Dealer It.
My signature Is cn each package. All other. ar
A package will be sent by mall, prepaid, on recelai a
Thirty Cents.
Henry C. Spalding,
By the tue of these Pills tha periodic attacks ol N
tout or SkJt Beodookt may be prevented; aud if taker,
at the commencement of an attack Immediate relief fron
palnand sickness will be obtained.
They seldom fall in removing the .Viuttn and
och to which females are so subject. -
They act gently upon the bowels removing Uaari.
Fot Literary Mm, Studmit, Delicate Feiule
and all person, of ttdtntary kablti, they are valua
u a Lamatftot, Improving the appMiU, giving km
HQer to the digestive organs, and restoring the oatu,
elasticity and atrength of the whole ayatem.
THE CEPHALIC PILL8 ere the result of long invea
Ugatloo and carefully conducted experiments, baribi
been In use many years, during which time they have
prevented and relieved a vast amount of pain and suffer .
ing from Headache, whether originating is the ntryrmi
system or from a deranged stats of the ittmacA ,.
They are entirely vegetable la their eompoaittoi.,
may be taken at all times with perfect eafefj atibout
making any change of diet, and th abima ot ant
iUwreeabU IcuU rmdert U Kuy Io tdminu tAtm
The genuine have nvsslgnataie. of Henry li Spalding
on each Box.
Bold by Druggists and all other Dealers in Medicines.
A Boa will be sent by nail, prepaid, on receipt of tt.
Price, 53 Oouts.
AU orders shonld be addressed to
henry c. sivaxmivu,
4S Cedar Street, Hew fork.
From the Examiner, Norfolk, Ta.
Cephalls PIIU accompllab tha object for which the.
were mads, via.: Cure of headache In all its forms
From the Examiner, Norfolk, Ta.
They have been tested In more than a thousand cunt
with entire success. , ,
from tbe Democrat, 8t. Cloud, Mum.
If yon ars, or have been, troubled with tha headache
send fur a box, (Cephallo Pills,) so that yoa auy nan
them in case of an attack.
From the Advertiser, Providence, R. 1.
The Cephallo Pills are said to be a remarkably effectite
remedy for tha headache, and one of the very best for
that very frequent oomplalnt which haa anr ba.
from the Wei tern B. K. Oaictia, Chicago, III.
We heartily endorse Mr. gpaaldlng, and his unrivaled
Cephalic rills.
fro Kanawha Valley Star, Kanawha. Ta.
We are son that persons lufferlnr with tbe headache '
who try tbem. will stick to them. .
1 'v- 1
from the Southern Path finder, Mew Orleans, U.
Try them I yoa that are afflicted, and we are sirs that
your teetlmonycan be added to the already numerous
list that has received benehte tbat oe other medicine can
From the Bt. Isiats Democrat', T
Ihe Immenn demand for tha article .Oepaaito f Mb
Is rapidly increasing.
from ibe Qasette, Davenport. Iowa.
Mr. Spalding would oot oouneot his nam arlth aa ar
ticle ha did nut tnoto to poasees real merit. -
0A single bottle ef SPALDING'S P SEP A BHD
01,0 a will save tea times Itseottaanually. J
Uj"A Btitcw w Tisre 8va Wu,w.nJJl
Aaaocldenbj will happen, area hi well retalatRd faa
Ulee, It la very desirable to have soma cheap and eoa
rentes! way for repairing Furnitara, Toji, Orookery
sets all each emergeneiM, and aw SKraoefeoM eaa afori
lob. without It. It is always ready, and ap totbe stack
Ing point.
B. B.-A Brash aroompanlse eaoh battle. '
ssats. - Addraa,
. , HfiNRT 0. SPAtiDINO,
Wo. 49, Oadar Strrrt, Tork,
- CAUTION ...... .:. . '
As sartala anprinolplea persons are attemptlBg I
palm off oa the untuatwetina nnhiiL J J
PBBPARBD SLOB, I would motion all pint
alue before porohMtnt, and see that the roll
rsoos set
oatsUe Wrap pert all Moan are ewuuuia

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