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Rail Road Time Table.
Lira Mum k. Oot,uiiBn Xuu R. R.
.',1 .. ';. i ' i ' lV.
Night Ixpret. via Dayton, 8:00 A. M
. 3:311 A. t
Cincinnati aaoomiaodntlon. 0: 10 A. M.
DayKxpres I MP. M.
lUiiil and Accommodation. ..4:00 P. 11.
U:0 P. M
3:00 P. If
14:13 P. hi
, ...Jao, W. Dohiat, Agent.
Ouldhioi 4 0nvn.iK . R.
Nl.ht Iidih 3:50 A. M. 1:30 A. U
New YorkBxorss 3:15 P.M. 1:30 P. U
; , Jams Pattsiiso.!, Agent
, CwTiutOmoB. K. ,'
Kt.ht Kinross ...'4:00 A. M. 1:30 A. M
.. .... .t.fc -: 1:30 P. M
, , i . 1 ... . W. J. Ptu, Agent.
, PiTTseuasn, Oolumbi; At OiacunuTi R. B.
Mail Train..... i 4:03 A.M. 1:30 A. II.
' kiprau Train ........ 1HJ5 A. at. 1:31) P. it
' , . ' 1 ' Jo. Robimson, Agsnt.
COLOMBO fc iNOlaftOFOLU, R. R. ' "
. -w.(Coumbos 1'iquaet lauuiuB. H.) Y, Y ". .
No. lJtxprcss HW) A. M. 12:00 U.
No. 8 3:00 P. M. 0:40 P. U.
' O.'W. Imiti, Agsnt. '
; . -Council PocgiDias. Tbe Citj Council
mt lui evening President Donaldson In the
.Cbatr. 'Minutes of last meeting read and ap
proved." . .
By Air. Stadrino To assess special tax of
fifty cents and lour mills on each foot of the
real - estate bounding on the South tide of
.Mound .street' between Sixth and Seventh
StrootsY Read the first time." "
-i: By Mr. Smith To grade Boons street from
, Washington aveons to Pike street. ' Read the
Adjourned.. , . !'.'. 1
IsBr LINNEj or, The Earl's Daughter: A Story of
a uooern Mie. newxora: via at jriTzaxaAio. .
It Is well said that thl Is a complicated sto
ry; yet the pM id wtll kid, and the tangled
web haodtiorutly unwound. The simplicity of
the style U st!raatie tho geueral naturalness
of the characters tvA evsuts enchant ua, and as
t.wf proceod with the Bt.rj, we can hxrdly oon-
Tioce ouriolvra t( at we are not coo?eraiog with
real pcrsoiu and pariicipvtlng io actual tventi.
There are some nurjriH but these, iosteid ot
' serrlog V dispel the illusiuu, ouly uaka ua
'sore eager 10 ttojuDter olbrr unexpected
events and auomalies In dotncatlo life.
The drdOiatlo pow;r of the author of "Eaat
Lynne' will bo acknowledged by ercry reader.
The dialogues are well sustained, and every
a scene drawn with the skill of a praotlced artist.
', We recommend this fresh novel to every one
who would like to read a well-written story of
English domertio life. The publishers, Dies t
Fitzoiuald, No. 6 Ann street, New York, will
send the book fur fifty cents to any address, free
of postage.... ;.' -, .
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Fashion, furnishing In style the Parisian beau
ideal of beauty and fashion, and the perfection
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of September, November, March and May, at
t 473 Broadway, New Yoik, at $100 per year,
or twenty-fire cents the single lumber, with
plates and three full sized patterns, comprising
the most desirable novelties In dress, suited to
the seasons snob as cloaks, sleeves, waists,
, Jackets, wrappers, eta. . .
, SgAsoNisLi Notice. One of the oldest and
most popular merchant tailors in this city it P.
Ross, whose establishment on the corner of
' High and Town streets will be found advertised
elsewhere In this papor, Mr. Roai has on hand
a floe stock of cloths of every description, suit
able for the season. His well-known skill and
experience entitle him to the patronage of all,
and particularly of military gentlemen, to
whose accommodation be pays special attcn
t tion.,' 1 :, '.. Y .
v IC" New and fresh groberlea, Including the
choicest family flour and every variety of do
mestio and foreign fruit, are constantly received
by W. II JlisTiiaux, at No. 106 South High
street. Bee advertisements In this paper
Matob.' Couat Six persons were fined by
the Mayor yesterday morning for drunkenness
(and disorderly conduct. One was fined eight
.dollar and costs for assault and battery.
M- .
v ' ' DiraaTORi or Taoors ro Kentockt. The
Fifty first Ohio Regiment, Colonel Stanlit
Mathiwi, and the Nineteenth Ohio Regiment,
' Colonel Beattv, arrived at Cincinnati from
Camp Dennison, and loft for Loulsvllle'on Sat
urday, the 16th Inst , on the steamers Jacob
Strader, Monarch and Hastings. The Fifty
first took passage on the mammoth Strader (
nd the Nineteenth Ohio on tho Monarch and
t Hastings. - Both regiments were in fine condi
tion and fnlireqnlpped. ,.kl..'J. Q '
" PsiBONKgi at Ciur Chase. Tha whole num
; berof prisoners sent to Camp Chase Is three
hundred and alxty five, of which number three
; hundred' and "forty-two are itlU; there'. Is
moat likely that when the 8anduky Bay Depot,
Ton Bull's Island, Is cops'trucled, the Interest of
'Camp Chase as a prison for " sccesh " will be
transf erred ":. Y 'i " !
--..M.i-1..r- , mi ' , ,,,,
"f&tolfWmuxit if the 9th Virginia,
who fas reported aa bptured itnd killed, by the
s rebels, when they made Hbeir esoent on Guy-
Vndotte,Laa turned up afe. andCsoundY, Hj Is
t now In VCeredo." Two'incrf fr6m 'Galllpolls,
named Lawson and Berrlage, taken prisoners at
, Guyandotte,. having been releasedthave return
Ved to ,1BeIr!' bomes.ne;ver4i taken thirty
(mile back of Gayan river, where they were re
lcaaed.',They oomplaln that (hey had nothing
to eat far two days exoept a few sraios of com.
They also state that Jenkins's rebel cavalry are
"'Without supplies. " Point Pleasaut, Va .Gailipo
i, and the "Narrows'! btlow MarietU, are !be-
ijitig fortified bj, Union troops. There.bave been
v one or two alarms at Ceredo, yet the rebels art
- not.uiougnt.to be la the violnlty or thai piaqe,
ii "iwi nmmmmmmmmimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmamm
. . 1 1 ' - ' ,"
HTho, .TJnionV Forever.
f If .1 til . . :i.''-T,
Wiii..'a I ' I I a a r I I n .
i,li VAjnTTArjTTJMD ANA f)T.Tl IV,
r i,
aTQTTTI T. GTt.T. nnTar I
j "'it tHsiRAiji roomby:';,',:. i
6&My92. 94 96r;
ft" t'aaO ' ' i J " ' " 1,1., , , ,.j 1
A Yii;-w j
' The' Beateit' anl' Wont ' complete' StoYe fut Offlcer'
"Tenia erar mannfactarad. - ' ' - -
Bold at a vary low figure. ' ' '"-'' rJ
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otat-dtr- - - - . w
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T WSoataBisast.
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TTO yon never wear any of th SILK MIXED OAS
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YOTJ may also b In want of PANTS anil T1BTS. anil
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' ....
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in snort oau at
Marcus Childs's,
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NO. 21, 8S and 25 niGII STKKT,
Opposite tha State Boose. .
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Commonwealth." Wilmlniton. Delaware. Sth of Anrll.
16591 ...
"An Ingllth gentleman, formerly ooonected with the
British Army, and who styles himself tha 'Indian
Botanic Physician,' baa of late gained an extensive repu
tation hen by his skill In carina all manner of com
plaints. Some of his patients i have conversed with,
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magic, me mMiome M uses Is distilled by himself
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"While acting In tna army he devoted his leisare mo
ments to a thorough study of the effects nroduoed by
certain medicinal roots and herbs on all manner of dis
eases. It seems he has found a in re and speedy reme
dy for all the 'ilia that flesh Is heir to.' Bis practice Is
already extensive and ia dally increasing. In the com
plaints to which Females ara subjected, he has no equal
as a large somber hero bare testified that they owe not
only their present good health, but their lives, to tbe
sldll of this Indian Botanlo Physislao ."
Office 37 East State Street, Colnmbns. ;
Sheriffs Sale.
John R. Billiard. 1 Doo 3, page 161.
vs. Sunerior Court of Frauklincoun-
Mary Young et al. ) ty, Ohio. -
to me directed, from the Superior Court ot Prank
lin onnnty, Ohio. I will Oder for sale at the door of tha
Oonrt House, In tha city of Columbus, Ohio,
On Saturday, the 14th day of December, A. D.
- 3' - ( lobla r - :
between tha hoars of 10 o'clock, A, M., and 4 o'clotk
M tna followlm desorlbed teal estate, situate In
Franklin county. Ohio, to wit: s
A oertaia tract or panel of land In tha township of
norwion, eounaea ana aesanoea as follows: Beginning
P. t). Avery's B. w. corner; thence S. on tho line
between the Avery and Merlbah Crawford's line to the
boundary o( the O. P. and I. K. R.; thence N. W. wltn
tbe J&. B. to Avery s line: thenoe 8. with the original
survey line to l-a place of beginning, containing one acre
ana, mora or ices, neing partot survey no. n,u,
the name of William Barkidale.
Appraised at I ISO 00. '
O. V. HUFFMAN, Sheriff.
Printer's fees, $8 00. -
sov3-dltaiwtd s
Superior Court.
W.S, Rose.
to ma directed from the Superior Oonrt of
Franklin county, Ohio, I will oiler for sale at the door of
the Court House, in the City of Columbus, on
Saturday, December (he 14th, A. D. 1SCI,
at two o'clock, P. II., the following described real estate,
annate In the oounty ot franklin and State of Ohio, to
wit: . - - -
The loath half of a lot of land containing eighty aofea.
mora or leas; tha aald eighty acres, of wtilch this part
tnerany conveyed, is a tract originally owned by Dr.
George Stevenson, and which by certain proceedings in
tha Oonrt of Common Pleas of franklin oounty, now
partitioned to and divided among the children and heirs
at law of said George Stevenson, deoeasedi Bald prem
ises hereby conveyed being known aa tho south half ot
lot No. 17, aawill fully appear, refennoe being had to
said proceedings in partition, set fonh In the Chancery
recoraa or sua vommon rieas, in dook , page 410.
Appraisea at : uu per acre.
wXUnUH Vr. HUFFMAN, Sheriff,
By En. Davis. Denutv. 1
B. SuiatO, Att'v.' r.i ' ', . , i.' ''
Printer's fees d 0t. i t'. J ft. '
B, Wilson :. ;.--. '.-,- - r ', .,.t
vs. ... , Sapeilor Court. y . ...
,t W.-R.Roseetal..; .. , .... , , . ,. ,
to me directed, from the Superior Court of
Franklin oounty, Ohio, I will offer for sale at the door
of the Court Bouse, In the oily of Columbus, on ' ,'
Saturday, the 14 h day of December! A. D.
.... ... , .,.1861,,- :'
At (wo o'clock. P. U.. the following
tetA. ittimta In the county of Frank-liD, and Bute of
Tha south half of A lot of land containing eighty acres.
Bora or lees; the said eighty acres of which the part
hereby Conveyed Is a pari of a tract originally owned by
Dr. George Stevenson, father of Catharine Kmory, and
which by oertain proceeding In tbe Court of Common
Pleaa or franklin oounty, was parted to and divided
among the children and heln bf said George Stevenson,
deceased; aald premises known aa the aoath hair of lot
number seventeen (17), as will lolly appear, reference
Ming naa io oertain proeeeainga in partition set forth In
the, Ohanoery records of aald Conn of Common Pleaa
In book No. 8, page 318, and being a part ef the same
tract of land oonveyed to James P. Boston by Robt.
Emory and Oatharine Emory, by deed dated the ISth day
of Ootober, 1847, and convoyed by said Rostoo to John
W. Baker, by deed dated the 9th day of November, A.
D.1850. .-. . , .'. ,: -
, Appraised at 853 00 per acre.
OE0ROI W. HUFIM AN, Sheriff.
' i ! D' PT"' DeP'y. '
R. Smttb, Att'y. ,
Printer's fees 8 00. . . '; ' V "-..
novs-dntwtd . ;. : : '" -. :
: bain i sorj, i
No. 29 South High Street, Columbus,
SOM yards Xravalln Drea Hoods at M, vain
MOO yards Trayelln Dress floods at MX, vain 80 ets.
SOOO yards Inglish Bemgee at KX, valne Si oenta. -
1O00 yards French Orgradlea at UX, vain 80 oeots.
8O0 yards faat Colored Lawns at 10, value 13 cento,
lot") yards Poniard Dress Bilks at 37, value SO oenta.
16U0 yards Sapor Plain Black Bilk at SI 00. nine 18S.
?f OV "" """ rag, at en,
half their valor. , " .
j. .. ,.-. BAIWagOW, i
JW f South High Street.
BY TELEGRAPH From all Parts of the World.
The Rebel Army on the Potomac.
The National Intelligencer on the
Capture of Mason and Slidell.
RICHMONDERS ALARMED. Clerks Charged with Disloyalty.
loyalty. :
Senator Gwin Sent to Fort Warren
The Canada Press on the Capture of
Mason and Slidell.
&c. &c. &c.
From Washington.
Washinoton, Nov 17 The Seer e tar r of the
Treasury baa made the followiog deoiatoos un
der tbe tariff act ot March last: Lithographic
hand bills or show bills are lir.ble tj entry duty
at a rale of filieuu per cent., as printed matter;
woolen Jacket not made ou frames, but Iiand
knit, open In (root, with buttons and sewed but
ton boles and pockets, were properly charged a
doty at the rate of twelve oeots per pound, and
an additional twenty five per cent. TLe decis
ion of tbe Collector of Boston, assessing n duty
of forty cents per pound, in addition to the teo
per eent. ad valorem, on cigars costing tight
dollars per thousand, is affirmed by tbe Secreta
ry ol the Treasury. ;
[Herald's Dispatch.]
not yet been assigned
any command, but in view of bl long experi
ence and services in California, Gen. McClel
lan, who waa ' formerly a Captain under him,
will detail bira immediately to some responsi
ble post.
Soon after the announcement was made of
the contemplated intervention by England,
France and Spain in Mexican affairs, our Gov
ernment dispatched a ship of war, commanded
by an experienced ouicer, to the Gulf to look
after our Interests. . Another vessel waa also
dispatched up the coast to Tampico, to prevent
the transit of passengers from tbe rebel govern
ment across that country, and also t j prevent
the shipment of cotton, etc, Irom tbe rebel
States. This wise precaution, It Is said, has
suddenly put a stop to an extensive trafflo which
was about being inaugurated.
At about tbe same time Secretary Seward)
sent a reepeotful communication to England,
France and Spain respecting tbe alleged inter
vention of these Governments in the affairs' of
Mexico; but up to the last advices from Europe
no satisfactory answer has been received by our
Government. . Tbey. appear to be quibbliug
upon this matter, and seem disinclined to state
their real objects and designs. Our Govern
ment is keeping a most vigilant watch, acd will
not permit tois formidable European combina
tion tj make any advances or aggressions on
this continent.
[Herald's Dispatch.] [Special to the Tribune.]
Washington, Nov. 18 Heintzelman's pick
ets extend to Aocotin Creek, down tbe river.
No rebels have been seen by them since the re
connoissance. -
The President baa appointed Lieut. Henry
A. Wise, oi the navy, acting ohiet clerk of the
Bureau of Ordnance and Hydrography io the
Navy Departmeot, during tbe temporary ab
sence of Capt. A. llarwood.
-It is not believed at headquarters that any
considerable number of tbe rebel troops have
been withdrawn from the rebel army opposite
Washington in consequence of the luvasioo of
South Carolina. Beauregard has not gone to
Charleston as reported. The rumor, however,
which imputes to him an inclination to resign
un'eei a more vigorous Policy be adopted in the
conduct of the war, Is not without foundation.
On Sunday morning our guns at Budd'a Fer
ry sent thirteen shells among the rebels behind
Shipping Point battery, driving them from the
fortlfioations. -
This afternoon Ave hundred seamen, under
Commander Walnwright, took the oars for Cairo
where they will join Commodore Foote's flo
tilla. : ' -
The National Intelligencer this morning con
tains an elaborate article fully justifying the
oapture of Mason and Slidell. It cites author
ities to show that nnder the. acknowledged law
of nations Capt. Wilkes was authorized te
board the English steamer and demand the de
livery of persons oharged with rebellion against
tbe Government. It is believed here tbat this
article foreshadows the ground which will be
taken by the State Department on this ques
tion, wt. J -- .
A gentleman who has just arrived from Rich
mond, brings two hundred letters from Federal
prisoners In that city, all franked by Congress
man Ely. The people of Richmond are report
ed to be grea'ly altrmed, and are exceedingly
anxious lor the future. The rapid and heavy
plans of the Government lead them to., salutary
refleotion. - ! . j v h .
; Col. Kregan's Regiment having bcerf thor
oughly weeded is now In excellent condition;
eighteen of lis officers have been dismissed.
- Sevs?al clerks have been notified of charges
of disloyalty agaluet them by the Potter ' Inves
tigating oommittea. . ,,i ,. ' !f ,
Col. Harding, of Missouri, made an arrange
ment by which three months' Dome guard',
mastered Into service under Gen. Lyon, will be
paid. i ' ' .
, Geo. p. Kellogg, of Chicago, has been ap
pointed Assistant Adjutant-General of Volun
teers with rank of Captain, and assigned to Gen.
Stanley's staff. " ' ....... , 1
The steamer E. B. Hale has arrived.' Sevjr
al vessels have run the blockade of the Poto
mao. ' . j
Ephralm Ellsworth, father of the late Colonel
Ellsworth, ha been appointed military stare
keeper by the President, but is not yet assigned
to duty. .,,..( ,
The heads of the departments have been to
muob annoyed by visitors ' that they have not
been able to commence their annual reports
Tbey have, therefore, been compelled to reaolve
to exolude all visitors till after the meeting ot
Congress, and, in view of tbe determination,
parties who oontempl&'.e visiting Washington
for the purpose of an interview with the beads
of departments, are advised to deter tbeir jour
ney hither until after the assembling of Con
greas. i ., n, , ..j .. i r- ,-. j
The Rebels Preparing to Make another
Attack on Wilson's Zourves
Niw Yoaf, Not. 10 By the Cosmopolitan,
from Havana, we learn that Mr. Bavage, U. 8.
Vloe Consul at Havana, had been to Key West
and returned.on the 10th Inst. He reports that
fifteen hundred rebel troops were discovered by
the Union patrol some twenty miles from tbe
Fort en Santa Rosa Island. The patrol Imme
diately informed tbe commander of the fleet,
who sent a foroe and shelled them off the island
wltn great loas.- Their object was, to ret to
gather some five thousand or mora rebels, and
make another night attack, on Wilson's
Zouaves. The greatest vigilance is exercised
Dy tne commanaer ot tne zouavesr
From Fortress Monroe.
Fostmss Moitaos, Not. 16. A flag of trooe
went to Norfolk, obtaining? no papers. Several
ffnnhnuta hara a-one to NeWDOtl hlawi. f
The rebels bave assembled In considerable
foro at Great Bethel. An attaok on Newport
News Is not improbable.
Tbe recent fire at Norfolk oonaumed a large
quantity of valuable stores, Including nearly the
entire supply of oil. I
The steamer Spauldlng leaves for Fort Hat-
teras to-night, towing two vessels loaaeq wita
frame bouses lor our troops. - - ,
FoBTftigs Monboi, Nov. 17. Our naval loroe
at Newport News bas been Increased In order
to check tbe rebel expedition fitting ool io tbe
James Klver, of which three lormiaaoie nre
boats sre said to form a pare.
The Battle at Piketon.
Louuvilli. Nov. 17. A slight snow, tbe
first of the season, fell this morning.
Tbe Mt Sterling Whig Has a report from
Thomas Turner, one of Gen. Nelson's aids,
relative to tbe Piketon engagement. He saya
at Prestonburg tbs Federal army divided into
two columos. one. under Col. Sill, advancing
via John's Creek; the other met the enemy by
another route, at Ivy Creek. The latter bad a
sharp engagement for an hour and twenty min
utes, routing the rebels, Killing six ana wouna
lug twenty lour. ,-.
Tbe rebels reported to Unionists that they
lost from two hundred to three hundred, of whom
forty were killed and about sixty wounded; an
other account says the Federal loss was six
killed and soventeen wounded. " The. previous
aocounts from Cinoiuhatl appear to bave been
greatly exaggerated. -
Baltimore. Nov. 17. About four thousand
troops, Inoludlng Nims's Boston Bittery, march
to-day from Snow Hill, Md., into Aocomoo and
Northampton countloa. Acoomoo Is for tbe
Union, but Northampton shows fight.
Senator Gwin and Companions Sent
Senator Gwin and Companions Sent to Fort Warren--The President Elated
Over the Arrest of Sildell and
New York, Nov. 17. The Times special
says tue uoveromet t is consiaermg the question
of resumption of commerce with Southern ports
as fast as they tall iuto our bands.
Orders were sent this afternoon to convev
senator uwin ana companions to rort warren
A special dispatch to the Times savs Geo
Dix sent an expedition of five thousand men to
Accomoe and Northampton counties, Virginia.
formerly Wise's Congressional District, and alo
sent a proclamation to the people aasu log tbem
of Detection of all rights as Union men. but
any disregard of the laws will be punished
severely. Tbe expedition is commanded by
Gen. L'jckwocd.
A Herald Washington special etite ibe Pres
ident and Cabinet are quite elated over the
arrest of Slidell and Mason The proposition
is, If England demands satisfaction, to disavow
the act and assert t!nt Wilkes made tbe arrest
on his own responsibility; apologize if necessary,
and promote Wilkes.
A rumor is anoat that tnree hundred ot the
New York Thirtieth regiment have been taken
prisoners by the rebels.- It is discredited.
Baltimore, Nov. 18. The steamers Georeia
and Georgians arrived this morning from New
town, Worcester county, Maryland. Four thou
sand Federal troops were preparing to go Into
Virginia. On tbeir way up tbe Potomao a boat
was sent ashore with Dix'a proclamation. It
waa read to a large number of Virginians in a
farm bouse, who dechred It entirely satisfac
tory and claimed protection of the Government
from secessionists, who were forcing them into
the rebel ranks aeainst their will. The gun
boat Resolnte bad been giving them protection
through tbe day, but at night tbey would have
to seek shelter In the woods. - ,
Nothing new from Fortress Monroe. ' All
Hostages for the Savannah Privateers—
Arms and Clothing for the
New York. Nov 13. The Richmond En
quirer of tbe 13th gives the names of twelve
nosiages to await the result or tbe trial ot tbe
privateers at the North., They are Colonels
Corcoran, Lee, Coggswell, Wilcox, Woodruff,
and Neff; Majors Potter, Reveres, and Hedges;
Captains Rockwood, Bowman, and Keller.. .
Tbe oareo ot the steamer said to have - ar
rived at Savannah, consisted of ten rifled can
non, twenty-eiebt thousand stand of arms, and
a large assorted cargo of medicines, clothing,
blankets, etc. The vessel cost thirty-eight
mousanu pounus, ana is regarded as unsurpass
ed in speed. Her commander is J. D. Bullock,
lormrrly ot tbe United (state Navy
Niw York, Nov. 18. The Times says we
nave rename iniormation mat wnen the news
of the capture of Port Royal reached the Con
federate camp at Manassas, three South Caro
lina regiments demanded permission to declare
their intention to return at once to tbe protec
tion of their own State. - Orders were issued
from headquarters to prevent their departure at
all hazztrds. Tbe dootrlne of State sovereign
ty and tbe right of secession does not seem to
find as muob. favor with the Confederate au
thorities aa it did at the outset of tbe rebellion.
The Herald says tbe 5th. 6tb, 7th and 8th
regiments of New Jersey, forming the Second
New Jersey Brigade, have been ordered to An
napolis, from whence tbey proceed to pollute
the sacred soil of South Carolina. , '
The Canada Press on the Capture of
The Canada Press on the Capture of Mason and Slidell.
Toronto, Nov. 19 The Globeland Leader
newspapers have severe artloles to-day on the
seizure of Mason and Slidell. The Globe Bays
It will add to the strength and dignity of tbe
American Government if the eaptives are liber
ated without remonstrance from Great Britain.
The Leader says it ia an Insult which the mean
est government on earth would not submit to.
Missouri Dispatches.
Sr. Louis. Nov. 18. Generals Ilallni-k and
Hamilton arrived this morning. Gens. Sturglss
and Wyman arrived last night. -''--
The divisions of Gens. Hunter, Sturgiss and
Pope have marched to different nolnts on tbe
Pacifio Railroad, where, they will await orders
irom uen. tiaiiecK. -' i
Gen. Wyman's bcigado marched to Rolls yes
terday, and the divisions of Gens. Sigel and
Asboth will arrive to day or to-morrow. Geo.
Wyman brought a number of rebel prisoners.
among whom are Cpl. Price and several other
Officers. ,., ,, ,.,
A Seized—The N. Y. Sixty-
Leaves for the Seat of War.
New York, Nott- 18. The British' brie
Wm. R. Kibby has been seized lor running; the
blockade, and the Captain committed to Fort
liatayette. , ., - , ,
Tha old Sixty-ninth (Irish) Rxciment left for
the seat of war this afternoon, is the first regi
ment of the Irish Brigade.
Marshal Murray goes to Boston, to deliver
Mason and Slidell to the oommander of Fort
Warren, ' . - "" i
Further by the City of Manchester.
- LiviRrooLi Nov. 6th Sales of ootton Man.
day and f Tuesday 7000 bales; market easier
and dull, wuh a downward tendency, but un
changed. ' Tbe market elosed on Tuesday a( a
nominal partial decline. Advioes from Man
cheater are unfavorable, the market for goods
and yarns having a downward tondency; quota
tions nominal. , . i
Richardson, Spence & Co., Wakefield, Nash
St Co , and others report flour quiet and steady
at 29j32j 6d. Wheat firrd and advanced SI
on interior quail' ies,' quotations are red west
ern lis lUdQtiM bd: red- southern 12s 7d12s
9d; white western 1313s 7d white southern
12i13a 4d. Corn eas er; mixed 33 6d; yel
low 33s 9d; 'white 6557s. - 1 4 ' ' j
Provisions generally dull.' Bighnd. Athena.
and Richardson, Spence & Co. quote beef dull.
Pork dun and downward, iiacon steady. Lard
quiet. Tallow steady but quiet Sugar steady
and in active demand. Coffee buoyant;1 Lin
seed oil active at 6555s 6d. " .
i London Markets. Wheat has art upward
tendency and advanced If per quarter,1. Sugar
buoyant. Cotton firm. . . , t
Amirioan Stocks The latest sales no to
the evening of tbe olh were, Illinois Central
shares at 39 384 discount; Erie shares at Sti
26J dlBoount. , - .t-.,-.-.
London Montr Maikkt, Nov. 8. Consols
closed at 93(393 for money.
The Times exposes Lord Lyons's bad gram
mar in his letters to Mr. Seward. It says the
English side waa argued exceedingly ill. and
the American side with much ability, bat tbe
only result Is to entirely ooovlnoe it that In
taeir own snowing, in aota oi tne American
Government have been illegal as regards Amer
ican eltlxene, and violations of tho .rights of
nations ag regards foreigners. . i
' Tbe London Herald says Lord Lyons bat ex
poted England Io rebuff without the right to
resent. The Herald t ackr Eail Russell f,w
Impertinence lu lecturing . on the Ameilcan
Constitution, nod quietly enduring robbery and
outrage, ki-J says: He will find be has drifted
on to war. -
Tha Post says Secretary Seward bu wanton'
ly added another to the many differences, which
be wishes to perpetuate between tbe two rouo
tries, i , . ...
Tbe Dally News thinks the course pursued
by the uovernment premature, meisoreet and
Inconsiderate ' :'
It was reported the Amerloan bankers were
holding out liberal commissions to English
financiers to plaoe a portion of the Federal loan
in tionaoo.
The Spanish Fleet—Affairs in Mexico.
Niw York, Nov. 18 Tbe Coemopolitan
arrived from Havana on the 12.h. The Spanish
lieet lor Mexico la now only awaiting tbe ar
rival of vessels now past duo from Spain.
Tbe Mexioan nows Is not favorable to the
Juares government. The disaffection of Geo.
Urtega, who bai retired to bis own State ol Zic
ateoas, tells against tbe government. General
Marquei, though onoe defeated, was approach
ing tbe valley of Mexico. It was suoDosed.
nowever, ne wouia do Deaceu.
Tbe constitutional guarantee, susoended bv
Congress, bas been restored to the edict of
Tbe report tbat Mexico baa acceded to the
demands of England and Spain, was not be
lieved at toe eapitoi.
8t. Louh, Nor.' r8 The Memphis Argt;s of
tije tain, no a dispatch dated unaricston, Nor.
Hid, which aajs tbe Federal forces bave pos
session of Poaney Island, and bave seized all
able-bodied men on the plaititions, taken
tbem aboard tbe fleer, and prevent others from
fleeing, by force. Tbey have made no attempt
yet w enect a lanaing on tne main una.
Tbe Memphis papers express alarm at our tire
parations for an expedition down the MissUelp-
pi, and demand mat tbe entire resouices of tbe
country shall be brought to bear egaitist it.
1 be Argus says f rice bas done mucb fur Mis
souri but lar more for Memphis.
Arrival of the Norwegian.
Portland, Mi., Nov. 18. Tbe steamer Nor
wegian arrived to day, with Liverpool dates .tj
the 7th Inst.
Tbe Paris Patrie gives the particulars of tbe
convention of tbe three powers on Mexlcsn af
fairs. Tbe Washington Government will be
invited to join, and it will be optional with it
to send ships and troops.
The Times bas an editorial on the ill feeling
of the North toward England, aud argues ou
its groundlessness that tbe Federal Union it de
stroyed and to whichever side vlotory inclines,
its reconstruction is impoesible upon tbe old
basis. -
Paris Boorsi. Rentes 681. 60o.
There bave been several beavy commercial
failures In Paris, - - -
It was stated tbat tbe arrivals of grain in
France are so excessive tbat some wheat was to
be exported to England.'
Ntw York, Nov. 18. Charles 'JefTerds has
been re arrested, charged with the murder of
Messrs. Walton and Mathews. He has once
been acquitted of tbe erime.
Felix Sanohers, awaiting trial for the' murder
of his fatbevin-law, attempted to kill a fellow
prisooer named Meyers yesterday afternoon.
Tbe Supreme Court reodered a decision re
storing old or Mayor Wood's police to office and
Superior Court .of Franklin Coun
ty, Ohio. : . :
- Joseph Pries and wife, Boe S pwmi
John Cramer t al. ' In partition. .
tho said Court to me directed, I will offer for sale
at the door of the Court House in the city ot Colum.
bus, on
Saturday, the 28th day.of December, 1861,
between the hoars of 10 o'clock a. m.. and 4 o'clock n.
m., the following described real estate, situate In the
codnty of franklin, and Bute of Ohio, to wit :
The remainder of a tract of land estimated to contain
one hundred and five aores, known aa the Old Poor
noaie rann, wing tne same land conveyed by John An
derson to biS sons Robert. Joahua. Raadlni and John
Anderson, by deed dated July 13th, 18 SB, after cutting
J wsraw irom u east sme oi sal tract, wnicn was
hi eu io nooen ning ana wue, 1 1 an amicable partition,
by deed dated December 18th, 1855.
Appraised ot 165 00 per acre.
GEO. W. HUFFMAN, Sheriff.
Printer's fees, SO 00.
Nov 17, ltBl-wtd -i
Sheriff's Sale.
John O. Doran
i ran
Superior Court.
W. H, Zigler
to me directed, from the Snnerloe Oonrt of Frank.
lin County, Ohio, I will offer for sale, at the door of
the Ooart-House, la the city of Columbus, on
Saturday,, the 14th day of December, A, D.
1001, i .
on o'clock, p. m ., the following described real es
tate, suuaw m ue oouniy oi rranklln, and Stat of
Ohio, to wit:
Twenty-one feet (SI ft.) off the North aid of lot nnm.
ber four (4), In a aubdivlaioa of lota 37 38, 39 and to,
Deshlsr's addition to the city of Colombo, reference
being had to the plat of Deshlsr and Hardy, recorded In
the Recorder's offic of franklin county, In book Ho.
page 1B1.
Appraised at f 1,300.
0. W, nurPMAK, Sheriff
. . . -. By Ho. Davis, Dept
Printer's feee (8.00 . '
aovS-dltwtd. ..'".'','
Master Commissioner's Sale. '
Louis Llndeman .
':' 1 nnnti r.n.1
Haldamond Orary et al.
BT virtue of an order of sale to me directed from the
Superior Court of franklin county, Ohio, I will of
fer for sale at the door of the Court Hoar In the City of
Columbus, on
Saturday, the 14th day of. December, A. D.
oneo'olock P, M.', the following described real estate,
.iiu.1. in ui wiuui vi a raii.un anu piai or unto, to
Lot numbered thirty-nine (39), forty (0). forty-one
(41), forty-two (44), and forty three (43), in th addition
of H. Orary and others to tha olty of Columbus, as
designated in the plat of aald addition, recorded in th
appraueu a : i i . , i
Lots Nos. 89.40 snd 43, f KO 00 each. - I
,... ,- tlandtU, 300 00 - ,.-!
,; ' Sheriff and Master Commissioner.
Printer's fees, !. -'-
nevS-dltfcwtd -r -' ' .
t Master , Commissioner'. Sale. -
Sale of Real Estate by order of Court.
" W. at. f inon, :) . e t-, : -, .
v. . . . S Snpertor Oonrt of Franklin Oounty .
John Brown at al.) .i . , ... . ,
rl parsnaio of an order of th Superior Oonrt of
franklin oounty, Ohio, made at the May term thereof,
A. D. 1861, In the above entitled aoUon. there will be
offered for sale, at pobllo auction, to the highest bidder,
u l - i ' ' ; ... - I
Saturday, the 30th day of Nov., A. D. 1861,
at the hoar of 10 o'clock A.M.', at th door of th Oonrt
House, In th city of Oolumbea, ia aald franklin oounty,
tbe following real estate, to witt ......
In-lot number SO of Robert Nell's addition to tho city
of Columbus, being the north-east corner ot Itockwin
turnpike and Johnstown plank road. i -
Appraised at l,3as.aflv : . b .. i
. Terms of sal, oash. ,j . . . ""-..
,--oit ; .:..; . WAQBB BWATNI, ..' ll:
- 'J. ' ' ." ' Poll "easier Commissioner.'1
S. It H. Chittenden, Attys. , , ,
, Printer's free, 10.00. . 1JU ... , . , ',
Z. Master ' Commissioner's Sale, t
Olark Jk 0. .
.' . '..'! " t Oonun" Pleaa.
John M. Kinney etal.) .. , . .
directed from th Oonrt of Oomraon Plasa of rrank
lln eonnty, Ohio, I will offer for sale at the door of th
uoart uouse, in ue uity or Columbus, on
Monday, the 25 Ih day or November, 1861,
at on o'clock, p. m., th followin described real ea
tata, situate In the eounty ot franklin and Btat of Ohio,
to wit! '
tot No. S. subdivision of oat-lot No. 30, In the Ity
pi uoiamnus.
Appraised at 11800 00.'
0. W. HTJITM AN, Fherlff, !
and Master Commissioner.
' Printer's fee. f4 00. -'
. et2Y--td-e - ... . ' -. . .
' ' ' '
i.U of elegant qaallUs for Ladies, also, Hlsaes' Mlth
B great w-tf BAIN S.
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Nov. 18.
f - mors doing and market without deeU.
ed ahana! sales of S.i.400 MiU al mi nm u TT
Jeoted; 5 555 60 for snperSne state; al 70AJ an
ror extra sat, vmi 00 (or superBa weaterni 05 70
IBS IN) for common to medium extra weatarai aj B5
aS 00 for shipping brands extra roand hooo ohla
tt WW 73 for Ireoe brand ds, asarkel eloemg steady,'
Canadian Soar rales steady and moderate boaUieas dolus:
sales 1XU0 bbla at 5 iMUi 60 for annarflnai at l-.V
7 SO for common to cookie extra. .
KYI FLOUR In aaoderat request; aales lOObbbls
at S3 a.'xa4 40,
CORN M SAL Steady with aalaa of 100 bhlaMmwum
Wtsiera st S3.
whisky active and Ira; ale of SCO bbla at 8U.
WHEAT Onened lo hattar and alontf r.ih-r nu
fall price ot Saturday laelt aalaa S.400 baah dhlnan.
spring at SI 01 Sell 17,000 bwakeia BaolL spring
at SI 7t)l SR; 4,400 baih Milwaukee olub at SI 8a
1 SOi 36 &00 Amber Iowa at 1 Imal at. wn.. n.i r..
ohaloe;6,00 amber 6reen Bay at St 31; U MOaaah red
state at SI 331 3D; 3 800 wlatar red WMtara at SI 3S
,uamoer micnigan at al Vla3 woba
wun Biouitan at i atxat ax; s.vuv euab whit Dana
BIB rirmeil aalaa of S 900 hn.h at asiztaiw,.
BARLBY OnBtlBUH l( Ml.a I otin ..... ..
. ' 7 Ju aoaua aast at TJet UM) bnah Bay Quia'
tee at 7co,
CORN Onettd haawan .l.... iaa, ...
76,000 bush at 65o for Inferior mixed weetern; 06W07
,vwi iu priaia inippibg 00. -
.OAT-ltuleqolteflrmi sales at 4SJVt8 for Canada;
joatioo ror western and stale, Included sale el 1,000
uu.u ai jva, iraa oi storage ror thirty daye.
a-iiRn, llnll and haaw an. n.u .m - t. ,- -
a,olIrQ,Vn,e 01 lu W"i ' 8BM W' m,u at
BKKr Prime more active and markat a .h.. a
salee 1,400 b da at SI 0044 SO foroountr nrtm.i aa no
mi SO lor country meaa: All OOiaiil 00 in. n...Li
mess; S 13 00 13 50 for extrs men. Prim Mats Beef
u i.u uciuauo ; aaiea or juvdoibuo. meesatllilO.
BKEF HAUS Steady at 15 5016 00 for prla
CUI IdSATR Tlnll turmiv. t. .v.ii. a .
(83KC for hams. --
BAtJun Uontlnuee In active request, chiefly for fa-
iuro oenrerr: wenot aa aalaa nf 11 k.i.
DuaeaiD Hoaa in
LARD Dull and nrkaa f. fflf bnvarai aala Iftsl IL aaa.
atSxaiOHc. ' "'""""
BDirkR Finn at 10 14c for Ohio and lti'JOo for
fcUGAR Raw flonllnnaa nnlat iaa kkj. .. ,
flist'. .!.., . 7.V '.""."
. vvm bum waioo lor rorio nieo.
A10L 4S4KS Uul.l: UlM n, in hhrf. n..j... .1 I.
.Il9?BBtttd3' bat node;ate demand for brewing; sale
of 300 bales at lScaWOo. .
STOOES-Hoderatelr sWtlVal sMtrl tllavhaasi. tf? lea
and Toledo ; Oalena and Chicago 73; Cleveland. Co
lumbus and tilncinnatl lAffc; alloblg.n Soathem W: do
Mar,nteed38X; Michigan Central 58Xj HarlemiOXi
faclflo Ma i 90: New Vorir r.nt..i .nis. u..a :
nV?' ,B'00k,J dty loan 97; California asyens
IHXj Ohio sixes 60; Uietouri 44 Tennmae Uni
ted States fives '65, SB; do sixes '7,84X; sixes '81,
Cincinnati Market.
was anlmttlsn In the general markets.
f LO OR Met wrtu a fair damanrf r,,ll n.l.
One ft 10 ajil extra S4 M3ii 30.
WHUaT Aa tm proved demand, and lha aaarkx ln.
r at feOjtt 5e for red, and 83090c for white.
CORN In good demand at full prices. New 84o, and
old xO&liOc; 15,000 bush new white sold at x7o, to be do
Uvered before next January.
OA 1 8 Heavy receipts depressed the markat. and it
clot-d dull at 28a, being a decline of to.
.no- l . . .... . . '
a i m,v ncnangea.
SJ1.-1 '" dB1n for prime fall.
WHISKY Waa halil Wnhlk. I. .v.. .
- - -- - " WVIUIUB, UU,
th news fiom New York betnx less favorabla thwi, w..
expected, this advance was not established, but tha mar-
. naa urui a, 11,0 uie price wblcn ruled previously.
Philadelphia Market.
WHEAT Scarce and dull: whit 1 iio .nnihan.
red SI 40. "
50 So"-40""' 0I1 yellCW W'"lUli ' 8SC! "W iM ,t
COFFJg-Elo l31Ctro.
PROVISIONS Dull and declining. '
WHISKY Lower at x0 21,o.
Rheumatism, Gout and Hauralgia,
All Mercurial Diseases.
It is a couvenlatly arrannd Band, cont.l nina a mail.
Icated oompouud, lo be worn around the Waist, without
Injury to the most delicate persons; no change In habits
oi living tt required, ana it entirely removes tbe die
eas from the system, without nrodudne tha tnlnrinna
anaiug iruu. wjb uso 01 puwanui internal medi
cines, which weaken and destroy the constitution, and
give temporary relief only. By this treatment, the med
icinal properties contained In the Band come In contact
with the blood and reach the disease, through the pore
ot tne akin, effecting In every Instance a perfect care,
and restoring the parts afflicted to a healthy condition.
This Band is also a mostpowerf ul Aim-MnciraiAL agent,
and will entirely relieve the system from theyierntoiotM
effects of Mercury. Moderate ease a eared in a few
days, and we an constantly receiving testimonials of It
efficacy In asmvated eases or long standing.
i'aioa t,00, to be had of Druggist generally, or can
be eentby mall or express, with fall directions for sue.
to any put of th 00 on try direct from the Principal
ITo. 409 BEOADWAT, Hew York.
O. SMITH & CO., Sole Proprietors.
N. a. Descriptive Circulars Sent free.
A. J. SGHUELLBR A EON. Daneniara. iumi Ka
x77 S. High St., bet. friend and Mound, Columbus, 0.
JZf A;enta Wanted Everywhere.
mhSB-lylsorlitp.dfcw - -
Sheriff's Sale.
B. A. Chapman 1 t. , psf,
V. H. Rarey. J franklin Common Plea.
to ma directed from th Oonrt of Common Pleas of
franklin eounty, 0., I will offer for sale, at th door of
th Court House, in th city of Columbus, oa
Saturday, the 14th day of Deo. A. D. 1861,
between the hoar of 10 o'clock a. m and 4 o'clock p.
m., tbe following described real estate, aitu&M In th
oonnty of Franklin and Stat of Ohio, to wit
Beginning at tbe northwest corner of th southwest
quarter ot aeeUon number twenty-one (SI), town (11),
rang twenty on (SI); ihenoe south forty-fly poles to a
slake; thenoe eaat three hundred and twenty poles to
th eastern boundary of the southeast quarter section
10 a state situate or a nickory, etgbl inches diameter,
north 67, west forty three iinke to a jaok-oak, eight
een Inches In diameter, seulh St), west fifteen links,
thenoe north with tbe boundary of tbe same forty-five
pole to the northeast eorner of the sun; thence west
three hundred twenty Boles, to th nlaoa of be.lnnlna.
containing ninety aores, being the same Premise oon-
veied by John S. Rarer to said Wm. H. Rare be dead
bearing date December the 8th, 1851, and dnly recorded
m tne taia rranxnn oounty.
Appraised at (40 00 per acre.
. O. W. HUFFMAN, Sheriff.
P. B. Wilcox, Att'y. -. . v ..
. Printer's feejtS 00.-
Master Commissioner's Sale.
B. Kutwood
rood ) ' " " "
' Superior Court. ,
!tat. '. ,, " '
. ; vs.
0. R- Barrett
to me directed, from the Superior Court ol Frank
lin Oounty, Ohio, I will offer for sale, at th door of
th Court House, In th olty of Columbus, on
Saturday, the 14th day of December, A. D.
at on o'clock, P. U., th following described premises.
situate In the county of Franklin, and State of Ohio,
to wit: '
Being th east Cart of The north half of ln-lot No.
107 of the city of Columbus, being thirty-one and one
quarter (3lx) feet wide on front street, and extending
westerly of th sun width one hundred and thirty-two
lL)ieUn 1, . -)vi . ,.,. -
. Appraised at 11,400. ' . - -
. . .., .. J, ... . Q. W. HUT f MAN, Sheriff,
and Master Coaamiaeioner.
- H. 0. Ntsut, Att'y. .. w .. -1
Printer's fees $t OS. - : ,
t aoy7-41ta;wtd , - ,
, . Flannel Shirtings.
JL kd. lbs most exnnstrs stock la th city
Army Woolen Sock.
Shaker Ribbed Socks. '
- Under Shirts and Drawers.
Ootton and Marine Sock. - ; ;
Alnldaa Rill Rhtrra. - XI
. Gent's Bid Qlovee. " 1 i -.
Bent's Ltnea Collars, Neck Ties. -
octlS Ho. t South High Street
Irish linen Goods." ' j
, Linen Shirt Boaom - Piatn and f aney '
: Bhirttng and Boeosa Lioaos. .
- Linen Hheetlngs end Pillow Oaelnga. ,
t; t, , . iilsen Cambrics and Long Lawna. -Unen
Pocket-handkrfs, ail rises.,
Linen Towellings and Diapers
T.lnen Napkins and D'Oyltee. -LinenTableOlouieaodSatiaDawiaake,
Linen Towels with colored Borders. -Linen
Stair Coverings and Oraah. .
for sale at low prises. '
febSS' N. 19 South High street
" Thejr go Bigbt W'tbeLa,wt
. - a - h. a K h l i
lamtaat Relief!
'0R your Cons;
Parity rat graaSAi 1
treafthesi wafr faipef
' . r '1 ' ' ' " 1 ' -
ajj ...'' l ts) k
' ' ' T' -l lit SU.BI.
MNTLKlIlg? CAKal ) t i.
,!" T,
They relieve a Cough Instantly ' ' ' "
They dear the Throat.
They give strength and volume to tbe voice.
They Impart a delicious aroma to the orealh
They are delightful to the taste. .
They are made of simple herbs and cannot
harm any one.
X adrla every on who has a Cough or a hasky Voios
or a Sad Src;!f er any dlfflculty X the Throat, lo tet
a packag of ay Throat Oonftotion; they will relieve
yoa instantly, and yoa will agree with at that 'Ihey
go right to to spot " Too wUI find tbea vry asef 0 1
and pleasant while traveling or atteodlnj publlo Best
Ings for suiting your Oough or allaying your thirst 1 1
yoa try on package, I am sals In saying that yoa will
ver afterward eonslder them IndUpenaable.
Yoa will Sod them at tt Druggists and Dealer, In
Medicines. ,
My tignatur is en each packag. All others are
A package will he sent by mall, prepaid, en teoelpl
Thirty Cents. ,u
Henry C. Spalding.
By the use of these Pills the periodic attacks or Acr
eon or 8teh Btadacht may be prevented; and If taken
at the oommenotoaeat of aa attack ImmeJiaU relief from
pain and slekntrks will be obtained.
They seldom fail In removing th JVuewtti an I
ooA to which females are so sohject .
They act gsntly npsn ths bowels rsntoving Oot:
lor IJurary Mm, . Stndtittt, Delicate female.
and all peraou of ttdtniary kabil, tli:y are valna
a umaUvt, haprovtog th apjuUt, giving km
tiger to th digestive organ, and restoring th aator
sUaUtlty and strength of th whole aystaa. - "
TBI C1FHALIO PILLS sr th rasalt of lung tires
tlgatton and carefully eondnewd sxpertaenta, baring
inta as many years, during which. Urn they have
prevented and relieved vast amount of. pain and sailer
lag from Headache, whether originating m the tvrvovi
system or from a deranged itata of the ttomact.
They are entirely vegetable in their oompoiltloi., a,.
may b taken at alltUnaa with perfect safety althoU
making any change of diet, aaet IA admt or una
dinorttabk UnU rtruUrt U mty to adnvtnU er lAarn
Thgnnln have five signttarea of Henry 0 Spalding
an each Box.
old by Dmggirs and all other Dealers In Medicines.
A Box will be sent by mall, prepaid, 00 receipt of the
Pxrloo, QS Ooxrtss.
All order should b addressed to 'v.
Cedar atrwet. Newr Vara.
front th Ixamlner, Norfolk, Va.
Oepballe Pill aooomnliah the obleet for which th.
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' from th Advertiser, Provide aoa, sV-'l ...
The OepbaUo Pills are said to be a ramarkahlw awti..
remedy for th headache, and on of tha very beet for
that very frequent complaint which aaa are ka.
From the Western R. R. Qasette, CTbioago, III.
We heartily endorse Mr. Snanldln.. aawl au nnrlwa lat 1
Oephallc Pills.
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Who try tbem,Ulaaok4e akeaa. v. . -jt
from the Southern Path Tlndtr, New Orleans, La.
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H7A single bottle ot SPALDtNOt PRIPABBD
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. ' spalding's prepared glue i '
: -spalding's prepared glue i
Spalding's Prepared gluei
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venlent way for repairing fa nr! tare, Toy, Crockery;
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. . "D81fDL IV IYI1Y HOUSI." , . , ,n
II . A Braali sawoapanje aaoh bottl. ,
sent. . Address,
. No. 48, Oedar Street, Mew fork.
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