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vt-7. Ty . i-ra i . j. w t.. ...I..-.. , . . . ;
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Rail Road Time Table.
Liitrut Miami Jt OoLtwwiat Xnii R. K.
.. " ' f". . n hum. ' Antra
Hltht Kmnu. vis Dsvlon. S:00 At M. A- M
. ni,l,.-il ..,.m.wU,lnn. 8:1)1 A. M.. . 0:110 P. M
i T. It.. 1 5S P. M. ,. 3:00 P. M
Hell md AowmaodiUcu. . 4:00 P. M. i. 1 13 P- M
'; .' -J 'C VI rtTJuft Tr"i Doiintir, Agent
'OoioMioi A Curniwo R. U. '.
d.lii kTT.n... ...... ' .'...3:50 A.M.
New York Bxnress.......:. 3:15 P.M. , 1:30 P. 11.
Mall Train ..(.......... r.. 4:0:1 A.M... 1:30 A. M,
- Expraa l'rlnM.-....i.i.l35A. M. ' , 1;30 P. M.
''' ..ui Jot. RoiUteoa', Agent.
.-" r .....'...., , ., . , .,.. ;
rvCOMIKaOS IHOJiWOrOUIl, R. It, , rr . .. ,' ;
(CoLimaoi Piuoa Sr. Induiu R. R,J. ,, ,' . ,: , j :
Kb. 1 Eroress.. fi.OO A. U. ..- 12:00 Mr (
Mo. " - ....., 3:00 P.M. ' (i:4U P. M.
0. W. Surra, Agent
Night Express.;..,..,..,. 4:00 A. M. t:30 A. M.
d v 3i?0 p. C i'1:ao
, ; '",,. ! .
f FrrrnoiciM, Oomisumjs . Outounutt B. B. y " i
i.- h.- vm; ... r-.-: ft i
"": Removal or Mr
iSohool f-Tbe following Appeared ii a commii-
' iilcitlon ia'the Journal of1 Monday tnornlog,
'th laib Inst.: v -'ft '.w ,rrk v
. ,:i,.Tber baa been a very uuhcaltby cxoiterneitt
- Id oat oitr beoaute of . the recent removal 0t
Mr. Norton, tbe cxeellont teacber of tbe High
School. -without bis bavirje had tbe leaBt oppor
tnoltj of replying to any charges, defending
bl( ooaddot or explaining the ' reasons for "his
course a right wmco tue law gives a common
thief.v Uwaa tried, eonvioted and ejeoled from
bii Dlaoe without knowledge that a charge bad
I been preferred againnt bim; and tbe first notifl
y-oatioa ot hi removal was tnroagn the ouperid-
Undent Mr. Kingeley, on wbote application to
the Board he was unceremoniously diegraced
Where the haety aoiion of the Board is un
known, be wilt appear as a dishonored man, And
. when it is ooueidered tnct be relies noon bis ro
. cation a an. ioeti uctor for a livelihood, the
damaging effect of the oondaot of the Board is
rery apparent, -joo lar as tbe writer knows the
(members of tbe Board (and be believes he
knows them all well)' they are gentlemen ot
bigb character for Justice i and therefore their
. eonduol seems unacoounwDio, i.
v At may be that the Board would rery properly
- bve removed Mr. iorlon alter naviug beard
bis defense but It was due to bim, dne to the
scholars, due to tbe parents, due to themeelves,
to justice 'and right, that the accused should
' have been beard before, he i was sentenced.
'' Jos. S. Sullivant, Esq., President of tbe Board,
did not participate' iu tbe precipitate, proceed
ing, beiug btDl. If it is, not tbecuHtom to
give a. teacber the right to appear before that
august tribunal to defend himself' against
' eharges wbioh affect hi? professional reputation
r and peraoual intercut, it is timo tbe custom be
(adopted and justice be done, so that tbe doings
j of tbe Board smell lees ot inquMion, and more
.: of right Tbe Superintendent of tbe school
' tbe writer knows, and believes bim tj be a gen
, tleman; but he is not'lnfallible, and his charges
.;, against Mr. Norton may bare been founded la
error or mitmnderWudiog, and admit of reason .
able explanation, which (be Board refuses to
er..:' . ; -'" ' ' ' V
' Common sense teaches that a man of good
character should not be assailed by his superior
withont tbe right to defend. That no teacber
wbo baa discharged' bis duty so well should be
denied a hearing on tbe testimony of the com
plaining witness, given in his absence. That
no teacher wbo was so uniformly popular among
r bis pupils, and so well beloved that all of them
joined in a petition to' tbe Board for bis rein-
statement, should have been " kicked out,"
.against all their entreaties and tears, without
.', baring the same chance of defense bofore the
school-board wbioh is given a tolon in the court
house, and that no teacber should be dismissed
' against tbe deairei of all .tho parents of tbe
scholars by a secret court, who refuse to
bear any but the prosecuting witness, is a(
la&at rornarkahln.' Ic in dua to the schol
ars, due to the public, due t Air. Kings,
ley, due to Mr. Norton, due to the' School
Board, due to common . decency, that tbe
Board should reconsider it! action, and al
io ir Mr' Norton to make his defense, if defense
he has. If the Superintendent and he differ in
their statements, other . witnesses or circura
stances may determine who is correct, and the
one who is right ought to be maintained with
out regard ti position. As tbe matter now
' stands, .the conduct of tbe Board la unjustifia
ble, and . their own characters aa just men
(wbioh it is believed tbey are), demand au iu
' vesiigaiioB In' the presence of both parties.
. The. publio will not be eatiufled wiib lets, and
no statement of tbe Board will relieve them of
tbe charge that tby bare condemned a respect
able rnau without a hearing, and had afrtt
dm teacher removed upon a charge they would
not allow bim to refute. . ;
The publio would like to know whether the
' trial of a teacber la a mere mockery of justice
and whether tbe Board are mere cyphers in the
bands of the Superintendent, as to tbe tennre
of their 1 employees, so that bis prejudices or
" passions may remove tbe most competent iu
' utructors, and, in difficulties between Suporin
tendent and teacher, remove tho teacher wiili
out a bearing, althongb entirely In the right.
Such folly is inconsistent with tbo age..
aod Widow. A Mutierof-Fact Rmnco, By Chorus
Kuti, Author of "Nerar too Late to Mend," "Pig
Wollnirloo." "Lore ma Little. Lore me Lonir.'T
Wblte Lies " etc. Mew' York: Budd Ac CiRirrox
Oolumbaa, 0., HiNDiU. Ic AaTOH, .
' i We cannot do better than to quote tbe followr
log notice of this new. work' from tbo London
Saturday Retiewt
Mr. Reade bos here written an historical nov
el tbat Is pleasant and touching to read. There
is a power, a clear vivid life of description, and
a real pathos la tbe last scenes of the book, aq
.Insight into the ways of a distant generation, an
analysis and "portraiture of character which
make this story not' unworthy to take a plaoa
beside the historical romanoes oLSoott. -,
It is soaroely necessary to say that a work by
Mr. Reade, which extends to four volumes, is
. fulL of those affectations and qualotucsBts In
which he dollKhti. . Yt tho eeneral
'impression-it leares is that of a rery unusual
degree of originality, pathos, and force. It is
full of learning, ol pictorial truthfulness, of
sbrewu renection, and of nappy touches, few
novels are so likely to take a strong hold, not
only of the imagination, but of the memory of
'the reader, and this ia a great success in the
llneot historical romance. '-. Weeomi
pare this book with tbe norels of Walter Scott
-an4.1t deserves to be compared, with them. :
J ' O Oar Army and Nary are now making ad
vances which tbe Southern' Confederacy cannot
.reject. Any person who would hare a reliable
map of the SoutbcfA .States and: oast from
which to be familiar with tbe movements of
our arm; and nary operations ia the rebellious
'states can now obtain the best pocket map,
neatlr bound and Terr accurate. ' Tbe publish
Wo, .Messra. AancAft Co.,of Indianapolis, Ind-i
hare -spared no 'pains 'to make- thla map In
svery reipeot as the standard map of the South
W States'.3,' They will lend .'one copy. by mail,
postage paid, on the receipt of twenty-five
cental i.Tboj will emptor one good, smart
agent in each ' county to sell this map,- giving
t good'chanoe to make' money, .; "Apply as
BTTne Sixteenth, Fortieth, Forty-second and
Sixty-fourth Ohio Regiments, are armed, equip
ped andr,edy to be ..cabled intd serrlc? at any
moment. '7.i ''r",,,,w 2 ' n
,. .a
t WTbe ladies ot Town street M. E. Church
will glre a supper on tbe evening of Tbanksgir'-
log dayr November; S8. - Tbe proceeds to 4e
applied, to '. finishing the 1 lecture-room 'bf tlie
church, i ' tia ui oi.'t "? -' ' ,.-'
adlThe new military camp atMd'Temon Js
oalled Camp Andrews, in honor of the late Col.
Loam ArfDaiwl'.'knd'nol Camp Morgan, s bra
been published.
Pat roa tbz Soldisrs. Major McDowell
has been authorized to pay off tbo full compa
nles of volunteers at Camp Chase, up to Octo
ber 31st. a Major MaDowctti will furnish pay
rolls .to regimental and company officers.
ADXLfHi Thratcr im . DejiilsrV Hall
This popular place of ' amusement was well
patronized last evening. The Manager and tbe
Company are entitled to credit for their efforts
to please the public." This evening ia set apart
for a benefit to the manager, Mr. 0. G.Fristoe,
on which occasion he will dellror the celebrated
oratioq of Maro Antony orer the dead body of
C3R. Ilia many friends in thia'clty will, we
bare no doubt, eire hl.n a full houso and a sub
stantiai benefit. ' ' ' t
National L6an. The subscriptions to the
National Loan In this city have reached $113-
II ia ao Indisputable fact, tlmt 1,' any person want! one
of thoio eomfonabls J3BQ01MAUX BEAVKR OVKit
00AT3, ho will usnolly llnd tbem in large quantities at
Tfl any parson dtalrotis of owning on of the late style
oi itAV Jtui oy .tv juAto.-wi n cp awscnea,
don't break your lieada to learn where to find them, but
g tO Ul : f
I..,., oppeslte the State Boose. .'
' You will find thera'theie In all enlori, kept by '
,;.,;.,., ; MARCW CH1LD3.
DTT yod never wear ary ot the BILK MIXED OAB
SIMKRK BVIT8, which are iokl at the CnplUl Olty
Arcade? Ruh in and yon will find them In piles, at
, , , ; iiiARCua childs's. :
YOU may alio be In want of PASTS and VE3IS. and
tbero Is but one establishment In the Vest where
Pants and Tests are to be had In all stripes, shapes,
styles, quantities and qualities, and that place U tbe
... . UAfllAli lH I AlttAUIi,
DOST fore ot the extensive assortment of FL'nNISH
(NO GOODS, particularly In WOOLEN EUUTS.
which yon can And In ' Red, white and blue," nt the
.... Superintended by Msrens Ohllds.
I 1 yon wish to wear garments ITIADR TO Oil
IKt. yon cauda no better thau to go to the Mer
chant Tailoring Establishment, next to tho Arcade, and
select your good from a slock comprising all oolora or
Beaver Oloths. Casalm-res, Bilk Velvet and Flush Test
ings, and yon will sure ly meet with a good fit by purchaa
sing at , ..'
MILITARY GKNTLF.MEK, when tbey eomefn this
olty, as stra' rots, and wish to ret a UNIFORM, it
la to their best advantage to osl I at- 1
Where a larjo ansortment of BLUE CLOTH and other
artlolea belonging to tho eqalpjge of an oOiccr can be
had at very moderate pr.oes.
jn snort oall at
v Marcus Childs's,i
' Proprietor of that extensive buslnsis luality,.
KO. 21, 23 and 25 HIGH STRKiT,
Opposite the f We Hotis'o. '
octi7-d0m J .
1961 1862.
Winter Arrangements.—Time
Connecting at Crestline with tho PIITSCUBUn, FT.
for Pittsburgh, rMXaddphia and BaWmort. J2io
for fart Wayne and Chicago.
Connecting at Cleveland with the LAKH SHORE RAIL
I'or tianktrk)'' Buffalo, Albany, LIf -
i ion, ana new tors.
from Columbus, In oonneotlon'wlth Trains on the
NIUIIT BXPRKS8 Leaves Co'lomMis at a.iuA.
will leave paascnger at all atatiotis, slop at Delaware
uaraingtqn, uueaa, uanon, ana at an atations nortn oi
Qaliou, and stall otoer stations upon signal, arriving at
Cleveland at 9:20 A. M., Dunkirk 4:20 F. M., Buffalo
:ui Y. M., Albany o:is A. .u..nev York 1- 51 . , Ufca'.ou
1:30 P.M. , .
KfiW YORK EXPKESS Leaves ColumbUi at X 15 P.
M.; will leave passengers at all atations- Greenwich,
Rochester, Columbia and Olmsted beiog Flag stations.
tins tram win not stop ior passengers except upon sig
nal. Arrive at Cleveland 8:30 P. SI.. Dunkirk 3 A. M.,
Buirnlo 4:33 A. M , Albany 4:15 P. it., fvtw Vorlt 9:50
P. St., Boston KS50 A, l. !
At Crestline with Pltlsburgh. Ft. Wayne an 1 Ohicaao
Itallroad for Pituburgh, Philadelphia and Baltimore.
Also for Chicago. .,', ...
At Shelby, with Bandutky. UansCeld and Newark Ball-
road, for all pointa on that road . Also for Toledo.
At Grafton.- with Cleveland and Toledo itailroad for
Toledo and Chicago.
At Cleveland, with' Late Shore Kailroad for Erie.
Dunkirk, Buffalo, New Xork and UosUmi. . ,
Patent Sleeping Can are ran on all
Higat Tiains to Chicago, Kew , .
V y;,;' York and Boston. . ';, , ,'.
Bajwj Chctie.l Through to Nii 'o Tnrl and ?ton
; uevdnna; auu, to rhiutaclpMa ana
""f. A'sw Ytyrkvla CrKtlinc. . , ;
' RETURNING. ;:'.;:;.
Night JSxpreaa arrives atColumbn at... J:30 A. M.
Oinoinnatl JSxpreaa arrives at Oolnmbus at 1:30 1. M .
Fats as tow. ari by any other Routo.
Atk fur TichtUtia Crntlineor Cleveland.
' ' U. S. FLINT.
uiwrintc-nJunt, Cleveland, Ohio.
Onlnmhn!!. Ohio.
, Columbus, Nov JC, 1881 . " '.
SherifFs &!c,
John R. Ililliard 1 Poo 3, pape ltil.
1 v. t. vs. ' Superior Oontt of Prankllncoua-
Mary Young et at. ) ty,Ohi. '
to me directed, from the fcuoerior Cuurt of Prank
ltn county, Ohio. I will o.:r lnr sale at the door of toe
uonrt iiouse, In the i-ity of Coritulius, onto,
On Saturday, the 14th riv? of December, A. D,
between the hours of 10 o'clock. A.M.. and 4 o'clock
P. M:, tbe following dtsorllied lent estate, situate in
Prsnklln eininty, Ohio, to wit: : '
Aeertaln traot or parcel of laud In the township of
Norwich, bounded and described as follows: Beginning
ui r. o. ATery s a. v corner; thence E. On ino line
between the Avery and Meritwh ilmwfnnl'a line to the
boundary of the o. V. and I. R .f tbenreN. W. with
theR. K. to Avery's line; thence 8. with ths original
sumy ilhe tot-i place ef belnning.ftnntalnlngoneaore
of land, more or lens, being part of survey No. 3,453,
ID me name or vruiiara aarjeaaate' M "Ji K - "
Appraised at flSU 00, .-.n'-m -..
... . 1 . tj, WfTrrjpFMAN, Sheriff.
Printer's fees, fO.OO. t s ' i, :
nOV-dItWld ii'm; j,. .7 .
t Master Conunissioner's Sale:1
6. 6. Eastwood
I'--'. ' '" - "'' H V
Superior Court, . , . i ;
0. B. Barrett
to ma directed, from the Superior Court of frank
lin County, Ohlot A will offer for sale, at tit, door of
ths Court House, la the city of Columbus, on , , . .. .
Saturday', th 14th'. day of December, A. p.
j. ..... , ' v, .to,-, .. .
ul 7 i- ft .'.h - ' :-.i f-.'i"- r.v
at oneo'eloofc, P. H.j the following described premises,
siroara u tbe eouiity oirranaiin, ana oiaio or uuio,
tewiu ' -' ' - '' - "
Being ths east pert of the north half of In lot No.
107 of the city of Columbus, being thirty-one and one
quarter (31) feet wide on front street, and extending
wrs'erly of tue same width out hundred and thlity-two
(US) tnt.r j s"-j
Appraised at ll.lOOr" "
tt.it i,nn .iWiilWfUAJf, Bherllf., ,
t 7- ' .-tti-ob .:ndiMatsrOoniUslur.f
Tf. 0. StLt, Att'y, ;
rrtnter's feet 00. ...
From all Parts of the World.
Rebels Dispersed from Accomac.
Running the Potomac Blockade
Affairs in Missouri.
&c. &c. &c.
From Washington.
[Tribune's Dispatch.]
Washinoton, Nor. 18. Dispatches rom
Qeueral Dii state that the rebels In Aoeomao
hare disperseil. Dlx's proclamation wout in on
tbo previous day. ' '1 ney rosy rally in IN or to
ampton, bnt uselessly. Union men from Aooo
mao were bovine a Union flair in Maryland to
hoist aa soon as our troops entered tho conn-
tr?- i
It la not improDaoie mat the steamer Trent
may be overhauled by two other Amerioan war
vessels before she reaches her destination. .
Col. Graham, of the Fifth New York Regi
ment, who oooimanded the'reoonnoisaoce at
Mathias Point, has oeen ordered under arrest
by Gen. McClellan, upon complaint of General
Hooker tbat Uranam destroyed prirate proper
ty, Buch as dwelling-houses, barns, eto. 'Col
Graham has arrlred here and reported himself,
and explains that be only destroyed auoh build
ings aa bare been nsed by the enemy for tbelr
pickets, and for the storage of forage, which
buildings the several commanders of our naval
ressels on the river have from time tj time en
deavored to destroy by shells.
Yesterday seven punirtca attempted to run
the blockade.. Six passed without interruption,
but the serentb ran toe Dear the shore, and the
rebel batteries along tho whole line opened on
ber. Twenty sbots were fired, three of wbioh
passed through her sails, but her hull was no
Injured. ' She was, however, compelled to put
back to Indian Head. The ferryboat Stepping
Stones ran the blockade on Saturday night -She
not fired
[Times Dispatch.]
There Is increasing confidence In the entire
correctness of Capt. Wilkes's act in taking
Slidell and Mason, and I aa informed that Sec
retary Chase has expressed bis regret tbat
Wilkes' did not seise the reasel. Connt De
Garrowekle is certain that Great Britain will
not take exceptions to the act.
The statement that the President intends is
suing a proclamation calling npon the States for
two hundred thousand more volunteers la an
fonnded. When the half million 'rolunteers
called for by aot of Congress has been recruit
ed none will bo received except in the regular
service-r: , - ' ' v ' . , . - 1
Ic is proposed to send a portiou of our prison
ers of war to Fort Mackinaw.
Tenders of troops continue to be made to the
War Department. It is probable before tbe
meeting of Congress tbe half million authorized
will be supplied. Offers of additional regiments
of caralry are declined owing to a sufficiency of
that branch of the army. ' - --
Intelligence has just been received of the
confiscation of a considerable amount of proper
ty in South Carolina belonging to Northern
citizens, among whom ia included Hiram Wal
bridce.of N. Y.
Tbe guards hare been withdrawn from the
residence of Judge Merrick, who has resumed
i.i, .... ' v. . : : . c l i-
J11CJ uu fuv virvum VUUlb UCilCU.
[Special to the Commercial.]
this mornicg states that it das positive informa
tion of tbe arrival ot a number of rebel prison
era at the Washington military prisons; that
tbey have been sent to Fortress Monroe, and
will be there exchanged ior union prisoners at
tho South. It has been evident for some daya
tbat exchanges to a certain extent wonld be
Gen, Beauregard Is now at Centrerille: he
haa not been South, aa reported.- - " - 1
Geo. I reoiont la expected in this city in a few
days. . i..,- . ' .
The housubold til cots of tbe Ute senator
Dauglas were sold yesrprdny; they brought good
A. letter is received irom uoionei L,ce, oi tne
Massachusetts Twentieth. He states himself
and officers have been kindly treated. -The
rebels say that . fewer or the Massachusetts ol
fleers would hare been killed bad they not been
too proud to surrender. .'
A rumor is circulated mat ucnerai backs
and command will be ordered to some acjive
duty aoon. - -'"'
Sereral rebel prisoners bare been released in
Washington on Uklne the oath not to bear arms
against the United States. Others hare signi
fied their desire to take tbe oath of allegiance.
This is prslimiuary to their release for an equal
number who have been released by the rebels. '
Democratic Candidate for Mayor of
New York—Com. Wilkes.
' Niw York, Nor. 19. James T. Brady re
ceircd from the Tammany Convention last
erenlng the unanimous nomination for Mayor,
and it is understood tbat be will accept. The
committees of the various German Conventions
who were present signifled their hearty endorse
ment of the caudidate. h.i
The Board of Aldermen passed resolutions
tendering the hospitalities of the city to Com.
Wilkes lor his gallant conduct in taking Mason
and Slidell from a British steamer and bringing
them prisoners to the Government, sod he was
requested to reoeire the congratulations of our
citizens in the Governor's room of the City
Hall ' - '
Tbe Baltic or Atlantio from Port Royal Is
signalled. . .
Missouri Dispatches.
Jennison'a meu, who lelt here on Saturday for
Plea-aut Hill, succeeded in capturing twenty
two wagons and two hundred oxen belonging to
tbe government train reported burned by the
rebels of that place. :. A rebel foroe of twelve
hundred men, encamped three miles from Pieaa
ant Hill, will be attacked to-night. '
LtAvtNwosTH Citv, Nov., 18 The steamer
Sunshine arrired here yesterday from St. LonU.
A lot of commissary stores and government
wacons. destined for Fort Leavenworth', were
taken from her at Waverly by the agency of
tbe rebels under command or jo uneiby. . " . i
St. Loois. Not. 19. General Hunter haa re
linquished and General Halleck assumed com
mand of this Department. .
Additional by the Norwegian.
. LivcarooL, Nor. 8. Breadstuff quiet but
steady; provisions quiet and drooping. ' , I
i Londou, Oct-8. Consols olosed at 93(3
. Tbe Paris Debats, on Mexican affairs,' lays,
the powers at the commencement are to en
deavor to impose a snspenalon of arms on the
belligerent partiea In Metioo. They undertake
not to occupy permanently any part of her ter
ritories, to obtain no exclusive advantage from
Mexico. England gar op the conditions which
she wished inserted in the treaty, namely, that
the three powers should pledge themselves aot
to Accept the throne of Mexioo for any prince
of-their roigning families. If the monarohloal
form prer.ils, the powers pledge themselves
not to ate tnterrentioa for the profit ot any
nrinoe In nartlonlkr.
The Patrie says the contin'geniof fVance
in - t o nni.
wit'nuuiuvr ,VIUU
Gen. Sherman Sends his Proclamation
to the South Carolinians.
Niw Yoik, Not. 19. A Port Royal letter
of the 16th autes that Geo. Sherman on . the
14th sent one of .bis aids, Lieut. Warner, nn
der a flag of true to carry bla proclamation to
the people or rJoutn waronua. ue waa acoom
Danled br Dr. Bacon, of the Sixteenth Conneo
ticut Regiment.' They proceeded within two
miles of Gardner's Corner, place opposite Port
Roval Ferrr. said to be occupied by rebeLtroope
They held an interview with tea rebel oflloers
nnder the Use of trooe. They admitted that
the depredations at Beaufort were tbe work of
tbe blacks, and entirely cxonipatea our rorce
from any complicity. On their relurn tbey met
a squad or reoel carairy, wnogave mem touuer
for tbelr horses. , ,
Arrival of the Santa Fe Mail.
Kansas Citt. Not. 18. The Santa Fe and
Carson City mail arrived yesterday, two days
ahead ol time, brioeing anu r nates to nor.
The through messenger reports ail quiet
aloncr tbe road. Tbe roads are rood.
Tbe mratoe Indians nave oecn commuting
serious depredations in different parts of tbe
Territory within tbe past few days.
Cant. Hatch has been appointed Brigadier
General In the rolunteer serrlee; and will be
ordered to the States soon to take command In
Gen. MoClellan'a army. j 1
At twelre o'clock on the 1st lost, nags were
hang at half mast in Santa .re and a salute
tired to tbe memory or ueo. uioson, wno ior
orer fortr rears orerions to bis death had been
Commissary General for tbe United' States ar
my. '. ': . '
Colonel Canby having made a requisition
upon tbe Governor of New Mexico for' twelre
hundred militia men for the United States ser-
rice. ths latter issued ad order to. the Major
Generals of Divisions, in wbioh he designate)
tbe proportion of men each Is to furnish. Tbe
force thus raised will be stationed, at the diffsr-
ent posts in tbe Territory, to garrison , them
while tbe regulars and rolunteers are in service
in tbe field, four hundred meu win no sta
tioned at Fort Union, four hundred at Albu
querque, two burdred at. santa ro and two
hundred at f ort Craig. ,. - ,
Sent to Fort Lafayette—News from
Port Royal—Condition of Affairs in
New Yok. Not. 19 This foronoon- Mar.
shal Murray recelred Instructions from tbe Sec
retary of State to convey Appleton Oakes Smith,
the repnted owner of the slaver Augusta, to
Frt Lafayette. ,'-
Advloes from fort Koyal, per Atlantic, ssy
that the posTllon of our troops is considered
safe. Extensive works are rapidly progressing,
gndh are being mounted, and entrenchments
extended to Seville, about five miles from tbe
fort on Hilton's Head.
James J. Brady has declined the nomination
for mayor. i . : ;.
A letter Irom Lbarieston, dated uct. JJ, vis
Havana, to a gentleman in England, and from
thence sent here, was received here yesterday.
Tbe writer represents tbe condition of affairs as
deplorable; business prostrate; provisions at
starration prices, snd no prospect of a chaogs
for the better. . . . .
An Indignant Rebel Brigadier-General.
v . rai. .... .
Niw York, Not. 19 An amusinr nnrres-
pondence Is published between Brlg. Gan. W. H.
T. Walker and the rebel acting - Secretary of
War, Mr. Benjamin, in which tbe former in
dignan'.ly resigns ' his commission, because
Mansfield Lorell, late Assistant Street Commis
sioner, has been made a Major-General orer
him. Walker boasta be waa among the first to
desert the flag ho bad sworn to maintain, and
take up arms on the side of the rebels, and be
thinks it rery hard that a New York office hold
er, aa he calls Gen Lorell, should be placed
above bim. . Mr. Benjamin rery coolly informs
Gen. Walker that his resignation is accepted,
and at the same time administers a rebuke for
tbeinsnltlog language employed toward Jeff
Davis la Walker's letter.
Arrival of the United Kingdom.
Johns, N. F., Nor. 19. Tbe steamer
United Kingdom, from Glasgow 9ih, for New
York, arrived this morning. She waa boarded
by the newa yacht of the Associated Press, and
summary of her-ncwa obtained. Her newa
ia one day later than that per tbe Norwe
gian. .
The Convention' respecting the Mexican ex
pedition la, that the inradibg powers shall not
seek territorial adrantages for themselves, nor
nse their inflaence to Interfere wiih the rights
of the people to ohooee. their owa government.
It al.-o contains an article providing that an In
vitation be given to the United states to accede
to tbe Convention in behalf of their own sub
jects.' It does not fix tbe number of ships or
troops to be nsed, nor stipulate for a march to
Mexico. ' ' ,
Pabis, Nor. B. The Bourse ia firm and
rentea are qnoted at 68f 60c-
Niw Yor; Nov; 19. The steamer Rhode
Island arrived from Ship Island on the 5th, Fort
Pickens the 7th, Key West the 10th, and Port
Royal the 16th-
No new prizes bare been taken by the fleet.
An attempted attack on Wilaon'a Zouarea is
confirmed. Tbe rebels wore shelled by the
Colorado and retreated to PcdbscoIs. Health
of Wilson's Zouaves excellent
, A man named Watson, taken from thescboon
er San Bernard, while ruaning the blockade ol
Mobile with a cargo of naval stores, and noder
British colors, la a prisoner aboard the Rhode
Island, and claims tbe protection of the British
Consul.'';', ,(:. v-i t .-i.. ...
Latest From the South.
Louisville, Nov.' 19. The Mompiis Appeal
of the ll'.h, acknowledges the loss at Belmont
to oo an uuuureu nuu twenty nve mieu, woulo
ed and missing, and represents the Federal loes
at one thousand and nine. ' It 'says Col. Logan
acknowledges that the Federals were whipped.
The . Richmond Whig of the 9th says tbe
Confederate army in Virginia is reorganized.
The State ia constituted a department eompris
ing three armies '- .of tbe Potomac tbe Valley,
and Acquis, under the chief command of Gen.
Johnson. Beauregard oommanda the army of
the Potomac; Gen. Thomas Jackson the Val
ley, and Gen. Holmes the Acquia army.. The
fotomao. army comprises tour divisional 1st.
Including all oaralry, nnder'.Gen. Van Dora;
2i. Gen, .W. Smith; 3d. Gen. Longstreeti
4th. Gen. Kirby Smith, w -
Troops continue passing through Richmond
Tbe Fourth Texas and the Ta-enty first
Georgia Regiments left on the 8th for the Po
tomac .,'.
All the Federal prisoners in Richmond are
being Bent to North Carolina.
Tne rumor ia confirmed that Lee baa left
southwestern Virginia for South Carolina.
rloyd again commands the rebel forces opposed
to Koseorana.
Tbe Richmond Enquirer of the 13th publishes
the correspondence between the Secretary of
War and General Wonder, ordering the latter
to make choioe of the Federal prisoners aa hoa
taees for Southern privateers, a hostage for
Smith,' condemned at Pailadelphia. The lot
fell on Col. Corcoran, wbo was ordered Into
olose confinement in a felon's cell. - Tbe other
hostages are Cola. Lee, Coggswell, Wilcox,
Wood. Llcut.-ColB. Btowo and.Neff, Maiors
Potter, Revere. Vogiles, aud Capta.. Richland,
Brownson and .letters. . v. .
Gen. Wise is convalescent. f ' '
Tha Mamnhis Anneal save the lourner from
Riobmond to Memphis ocouples four days, ow
ing to the destruction of bridges ln East Ten
nessee. -I wool tneae Bridges were costly, and
cannot be speedily rebuilt. Tbe railroad man
agers arejisiog erery tujrt to keep open com
munication by ferry boats .and temporarr
bridsea.' Great excitement prevails alone the
route, especially at n-noxvuie, . -. i i. '
Parson Jirownlow left for parts unknown. 1
Five hundred Unionists are reported at'Uuiuu.
town, where the bridge waa destroyed. '
Col. Josiab Anderson, a prominent East Ten
nessee rebel politician, was killed at tbe noils
on the day of election 4
Several skirmishes between Unionists and se
cessionists are reported from various' points In
East Tennessee. ..
Tbe reported iraosier or z,)iuooners lorces
from Cumberland Gap to E isiero. Kentucky is
unfounded. ' The latest Nashville and Memphis
papera show ZollloofTer atui at tbe G.p with six
thousand troops j i A brigade of Tenneaseans
nnder Gsn. Carrol was ordered to relnforoe Zol-
llooffer from Middle Tennessee.-;-Tha Louis
ville Bowling Green Courier of the 19:h atatea,
howtrer, that three reglmenta and two com-
panisa of oaralry and battery ot artillery were
a ant from Bowling Green' In tho- direction vt
'Boottviiie, Kentucky, supposed 19 be for ZoIIl
coffer's relief. Thla movement erldently orle
lasted In the 'report - of tbe advance on Pan'
a no explosion of tbe bargent rebel gun b
Colnmbus killed eight men, including tbree offl
eers. General Polk wis laid tip sereral dayi
br its concussiom ' ,- i
The Kl-hmoiid Enquirer publlehea for the
nrsi time 1 ue oraoial report and secret nroceed
Hogs of last spring's Virginia Conrentlon, fur
memoir iuii ana loterestlna rerelat ions.
, Tho friends and opponents of Beauregard are
carrying on an angry newspaper controversy at
Richmond. Beauregard puolishes a card in the
Whig' requesting bis iriends nnt to notice tbe
attaoka of his , enemies, disclaiming all ambi
tious aspirations, ana announcing bis Intention
to retire to prirate life at the end - of tbe war
Tbe trouble arose from Implied refleotiona upon
the defenxire policy of tbe rebel eorernment In
some of Beauregard'a general ordera aud re
ports. - ' '. ; . .' !
Got. Harris of Tennessee, in his orbclama.
tlon of the 12:h urgently appeals for prirate
arms to arm fire regiments now in camp, and
threatens to disband them 'if no arras be fur
nished , ) ', Hi . 1 If; ' M 1 , 1
The Legislature oassed a law on the 13th an
thorizing Harris to seise all private arms and
oall tea thousand men Into tbe service of tbe
A. G. Brown and James Phelan were elected
by the Legislature of Mississippi Confederate
oenators. .
The Fort Smith Times sata tbe wires be
tween Fayetteville and Van Buren bare been
cut sereral times, -r. .. .. . . .
Pettus was almost unanimously rli-cttd Gov
ernor of Mississippi. , .' u
Niw Yoax, Nor. 19. C. Godfrey Guntber
has been nominated for Mayor by Tammany
Hail, .''
Gsecmpokt, L. INov. 19. Snrreyor Skin
ner seized tbe slartr Augusta at ball past one
o'clock Monday morning, off Matauk. Nine
men were on board.
Annapolis, Nov. 19. The Fifty-third New
Va.It mwvaA Iia.a affam a n.utnu t.F ft. tit- d & a
hnnra. All am wpll. Thi. mim nnnHunrurl I
themselves In a manner to merit the approba
tion of their Colonel and tbe officers of the
transport ; - - , '','
Dasnestown. Not. 18. Everything In shape
of a locomotive, machinery, etc., belooglog to
the Baltimore and OjIj Railroad haa been- re
moved by tbo rebela and taken in the direction
of Winobester, even the double track for twenty
miles has been torn up.
Master Comirrlssioner's Sale.
, Whltlrgand 0. M Parsons,
Bxecutors of a. 8wao,
, . vs.
AmosJ. Purbeeet al. "
Doe. 3 p. Sen.
Superior Court.
BY virtue of an order of sal to me directed, from the
Superior Court of of franklin count?. Ohio. I will
offer for sale at the door of the Court Hou.e. In the
city ol Columbus, on ,
Saturday, tbe 28th day of December, 1861,
Between the boars of 10 o'clcok A. M. tnd 4 o'clock P.
M.. the following described premises, to wit:
Part of lot No. 8, of Baker and Mitchell's aubdlvlilon
of out-lot No. 22, Cnlumbut, Ohio, beginning at the
southwest eomer of said lot No. 8, al the northeast cor
ner of the Intersection of Mound and Seventh streets;
thence eastwardly on Hound atieet on hurdrtd and
twenty feet to a private al ey; thence northwardly by
said alley to the middle of said lot No. !; thence west
wards parallel with Mound street to tbe front on Bev.
enih street; thence southwardly on Seventh street to tbe
pi SOS or beginning. '
Appraised at ivuu.
0. W. HUFFMAN, Sheriff,
. and Master Commissioner.
Prlutcr'sfecs $1 00. ',
Master Cornmissioner's Sale.
C. Barringer's Administrators,) - ' '
vs. Superior Court
D. 0. Dunnuck, etal. ) .
directed, from tbe Superior Court of Franklin ooun-
ty, Ohio, I will offer fcr ssle at the door of the Court
Bouse In the city of Columbus, on
On Saturday, the 28th day of December, 1661,
between the hours of 10 o'clock A. M. an 1 4 o'clock P.
M., the following described premlies, situate in Franklin
county, Btate of Ohio to wit: The three equal undhrid.
ed iourin pans or an tne lanai, tenemenle and water
nower leased by Wayne Oriswold acting member of the
Board or Fublle worse, to unristtan Barrlnaer. and Lorin
Terrlngton by lease bearing date May 1st, 1654, together
with the undivided three-fourth parts ef all the structures.
Improvements and machinery on said lands and ol the
appnrtenencesthe eunte belonging, and of all tbe rights,
benefits aud privileges whatsoever secured by said lease
to acid lessee. The premises above referred to are situate
on the Columbus Feeder at tne lock commonly known a.
Fisher's loek, and said premises are commonly known as
the uoinmnus anus.
Terms of sale one-half cash on day of sale, one-fourth
In one year, and one-fourth in two years, bearing Interest
atS per cent., defered payments secured by mortgage on
Appraised at $37j0.
N, B. The remsintng undivided one-fourth part of the
property wll l be sold at the same time and place, and up
on the same terms.
Appraised at 1,S50. .?'..'"
and Master Commissioner.
Printer's fee tS 00. . '
B0Tl7-dllWtd. .-. - - . . ' i
For an Inch of Time!
a dying Queen.- Tbat Inch of time oan be proour-
a mucn oaesper rate, and many long yeara oi '
enjoyed by consulting Dr. MKRRYWE ATBER, wbo
is coring the most obitlnate and long-standing dlseares
Facte aire Stubborn Things! .
Hear what the Philadelphia correspondent says in the
"Commonwealth," Wilmington, Delaware, 9th of April,
18501 ' ........
"An English gentleman, formerly connected with the
British Army, and wbo etyle himself the 'Indian
Botanio Physician,' has of late gained an extensive repu
tation here by hie skill In curing all manner of com
plaints. Bom of hla patlenta 1 bays conversed with.
and they pronounce hla remedies and mode of treatment
aa rery superior. Some have been restored as by
magle. The medicine ha nses la distilled by himself
from various herbs possessing rare curative properties.
"White acting In tne army he devoted his leisure mo
ments to a thorongn atudy or the effects proaueea ny
certain medicinal root and herbs on all manner of dis
eases. It seeme he hs found a sore and speedy reme
dy for all tbe 'ills that flesh a heir to.' His practice Is
already extensive and is dsllr increasing, in tne oom
nlainta to which Females are subjected, he bsa no equal
aa a large number here have testified that they owe not
only tbelr present good health, hut their lives, to the
skill of this Indian Botanic Physician." ;
; Office 37 East State Street, Colnmbus.,'
augl7-d3m p . ' '-v ' " ' ' i .
Machine Manufacturing Company
' CaittBSi, Klll-Oearlrigy Mashlnsry. ; :
ii 3 i 1
cOLCrTtircs, onto.
OBAI. AMBOfl, gupl.
P. AHBOS, Treat.
eoll. irao-u
' " ' Vi : v' ( - .. j f
, f it i) 0 o ii o oji 0 ti.v c 0.5 .e Vvl!t'JMf' .
r,- -n' " ' -3
r :-v t & '.v: atANCiAornaiaa er " ' ' " C
Latest From the South. COMMERCIAL MATTERS.
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Nov. 19.
COTTOW Tbera Is little mors doing, and ths marks!
FLOUtt Opened dull and closed Se
moderate bnalnese doing for export and hm.
tlon at deoilnef aales of 17.600 obis at as S05 55 i
Jeo'.ed; 5 50S5 55 for superfine state; (5 oii25 n
for extra state, astaiKKa m tor superune westarai i 05
B5 85 for common to medium extra western: as ao
-i 11 Iu. . 1. 1 1 1 .1 . . '
w lur luiuuiu. viauui hui ruana noon Ufala
m iui . etw a . 1. 1 i j. 1 - . .. . r. -""i
w wis j vu lur ,rau nrauue ou, niriii oiosing steadyi
0 an adlao flour shade lower and moderate buaineu doin..
sales 650 bbls at! Mi 30(313 33 for annerflna: ar. '.ttr
i uv mr nDoni w twoiov urn. . ...
JIKM yLOUR Vlulet and steady at 3 254 0.
OOBN MEAL Quletand unchanged.
WHISKy. Market a ahada (ailar: aal of SM IJil.
"Xwtvle. ' - . ..' ... ...
W HIS AT Opened heavy and alosed I So lower with
on ly a moderate demand tor exoort at the deeltne; sales
i unicago ipripr at i 4(9i xv; Tery oho lee northwest
ern, olnb at SI 30: lallwaul.ee olob at f I m SO; Kv
cine spring at 1x7; Amber red western at SI 30(141;
Inferior to prime red Kentuekr at St JKt white K.niurk
m v. -ios. , wniie mionigmn a a sjii ar, (
Hyjt More aotlveand Brmer; sates 14,000 bushels at
a. at JQnt . . i . m . . . . . . . .n A . . .
atvumv, me at tenor extreme prim. - -
BAKLBY Bearos and Brmer; sales of 9,81)0 bothsls
State at 70480 for Interior to vwt. . ' ..:..,
CORN Heavy and lo lower aales of 14,000 bushels at
v. ,or id mrior mixea western ; USBO for good to prime
shipping, do ehiefiy at the Inside prioe, and 607le for
OATB firmer at 4U3S48 for Canada; 4Sratn ti
era state. , , " . 7
. n!?1! iai atMta,T "owe'! sates 340 bbls
at six 50311 J 30 for mess.
.,Tjw,d' w,ln,ar demand; sales of 430 barrels
ov tor oonntrv nrimei msids i f... mk.im
.,1J" i rcjiauaeu me, ana 01 JCS11330 lor SX
tra mess. Prima ihmu hnaf rui. n..u
BKEif IIAMa lleavy and rather easier; aaks of ISO
barrels western at 15 S5S1J 75. . i
OUT MKATS-Kule dull and heavy at4U4Vfor
ihniilil... ..4 r , -
IlUHS uressed. Urm and In fair d.m.nrl .1
BACON Iu eood demanili aataa af in ha.. --. J
7Xo u"Yorale ln moember and January at .
L4HD Rules anit at RL-raOl,.
bUTTH In Iki. actlwa nnnu, fljnin. r.. M.I. .1.
MairO fo, slate. " ' "
U1II.K8B Moro active at 56c for Ohio, and 93
7o for state. - ,
bOuab Kaw, Inactlvs ; sales SOU hbds at 8 for Porto
Blco. and IX for Unoa.
MOLtaSKS 8ted wllh a n.t. .
JO hbds and 33 bbla Barhadoes at 363(Jo; 85 hbds' For to
ura uj auction i.o nnas do at xotiSSbv cash.
Cincinnati Market.
FLOUR-Was very dull to.dav. and fair at. .Am
ai low aa 4 1034 17. Sales could not be made to any
eitcnt without submitting to a decline. There Is hardiy
anything doing for export, acd tbe home demand U quite
WHEAT Did not undergo any change; there waa a
fair demand from ml. lore at $B0t5c for red. and 5S
IWo for while, , , i
OATS Very dull, under large receipts, at 28c, '
CORN Uuchana-ed and ateadvftt it'Mfnv Ma oo
30oforold. -
Hi E Unchanged.
BA LEV Cncuanced: the demand tl mndarata.
WHiSKV Firm and In good demand at 14(0i
POi'a'fvES There Is a good demand; 1,000 b
bush sold
at :0o. to arrive.
HuOs The recelnts are llrhL and nukera ahn h.
made contracts to deliver meas pork and lard this month
being rather anzloua tn tt nidi tn ronni. .i,k ih.n
bought hrgs more freely, and, sine Saturdsy. about
800 head sold at 3 1533 S3, doling to-day at 83 tm
23, the latter rate Ior heavy.
Philadelphia Market.
FLOUR Buovant: salei nf 9 non e Am
for superfine.
WHEAT Buoyant; aales of li.OCO bush red at tlU
140; whlleet150S! 5?. , ,
uokm mm; sales of 53,000 bush at 63c. " ' I
OATS Sales at 4uo -
WllJSKy-Flrm atl!82IXfl.
Rheumatism, Qoct and Neuralgia,
All Mercurial Diseases.
It Is a conveniently arrauged Band, containing a med
icated compound, to be worn a round the Waist, without
Injury to the most delicate persona; no change in habtta
ot living is required, and It entirely rcnoves the die
ease from the sysium, without producing the Injurious
effects arising Irom the use of powerful internal medi
cines, which weaken and destroy the constiiution, and
give temporary relief only. Bv this treatment, tha mil.
iclnal properties contained In the Band come in contact
wun ine Dioon ana reach the disease, tnrough the pores
of tbe skin, effecting la every Instance a perfect cure,
and restoring the parts afflicted to a healthy condition.
This Band is also a mostpowerful Atrn-MutL-ORiai. aeent.
and will entirely relieve the system from thepermosowsi
effect of Mercury. Moderate cosea tt cured In a few I
days, and we are constantly receiving testimonials of Us
efficacy in agemvated cases of long standing.
Prioi ,00, to be bad or Druggists generally, or can
be sent by mall or expires, with full dircciicus for use.
tonnypsrtof the onunuir direct from the Principal
Ho. 409 BEOADWAY, New York. ,
G. SMITH & CO., Sole Proprietors, j
N. B. Descriptive Circulars Bent Free.
A. J. SOnUELLEB St SON, Droooiits, Aunts, No.
ii77 B. High St., bet. Friend and Mound, Columbus, 0.
IEP Aircntt, Wanted tvorywhere.
Sheriff's Sale.
R. A. Chapman
1 ) Doc. :
J Frankl
W. H. Raiey
anklinOommon Pleas.
tn me directed from the Court of Common Pleas of
Franklin county, 0., I will offer for sale, at the door of
the Court House, in the city of Oolumbaa, on
Saturday, the 14:h day of Dec. A. D. 18C1,
between tie hours of 10 o'clock a. m and 4 s'olwk p.
m., the fnllrwlnr described real estate, situate In the
county or Franklin and 8bvof Ohio, to wit:
Beginning at the northwest corner of the southwest
quarter of section number twenty-one (21), town (11),
range twenty one (31); thence south forty-five poles to a
siake; thence east tt.ree hundred and twenty poles to
the eastern boundary of ths southeast quarter aectlon
to a suite situate of a hickory, eiht Inches diameter,
north 67. west forty three linke to a Jack-oik, eight
een Inches In diameter, south Sit, west fifteen links,
thence north with the boundary of the tame forty-five
polea to the northeast corner of theeune; thence west
three hundred twenty poles, to the place of beginning,
containing ninety acres, being the tamo premises con
veyed by John B. karey to said Da. U. Barey by deed
beariog date December the Sib, 1851, and duly recorded
In the said Franklin county.
Appraised at 940 00 per acre.
d. W. HUFFMAN, Sheriff.
P. B. Wocoi, Atl'y j
Printer's fee 8 00. !
W.E. Rose.
Superior Court.
to me directed from the Superior Oourt of
Franklin county, Ohio, I will offer for aale at the door of
the Court House, in the City of Columbus, on
Saturday, December tbe 14th, A. D. 1861,
at two o'clock, P. M., tbt following detorlbed real estate,
situate ln tbe oounty of Franklin and State of Obio, to
Tbt south half of a lot of land containing elahty acres.
more or less; the said eighty acres, of wbioh this part
thereby conveyed, Is a traot originally owned by Dr
George Stevenson, and which by certain proceedings In
the Court ot Common Picas of Franklin county, now
partitioned to and divided among the children and heirs
at law of aaid Oeorge Stevenson, deceased; entd prem
ises hereby conveyed being known as tbe south bslf of
lot Mo. 17, as win rally appear, reierenoe being had lo
saia proceeaings in partition, aet torin in tne unancery
records or saia uammon rieas, in book s, page 318.
Appraised at 5S 00 oer acre.
v r OaOltOK W. HUFFMAN, Sheriff,
.. . . Iiy En. Davis, Deputy, i
R. BmiLD, Att'y.
Prlnter'a feet 8 00. . - , . "' -
novS-dltfcwtd .: .. . . . - . . . . .
Sheriff's Sale.
John Kennedy,
Kennedy, )
re. i
Booth et al.)
James Booth
Common Pleat.
Sj to me directed from tho Oourt of Common Plena of
Franklin oounty, Ohio, I will offer for sale at the door
of the Court Bouse, in wo cityoi uoiumbus, on
Saturday, tbo 30th day of November,' A. D,
. ... ,, ' . . '1861 ..... ,. e. ;
at one o'clock P. M., the following detcrfted' real
estate, situate ln tho oounty ot Franklin, State ot
Ohio and elty of Oolnmbot.'to wit: The east one-half of
the followlog premise, commencing on hundred aud
ctghiy-tour iei i, ihj wst ot tn sonineast oorner or out-
lot numoer v-J uuriy-nv. ana oemg a pars oi saia out
lot, at a etek. theno north on hundred nod eighty-
even and a half feet (187) to a stake, thnc west
ufty-ieTn feet (57) to a stake, thenoe sst fifty teveo
feet (57) to ih place of brgtnniug, all of which line
andoorntre, noevrr,must be understood at correspond
ing with those of tho streets and alleys of the elty of
Columbus aforesaid, being tho east ana-hair of the shore
deaeribtd premlies, and the tarn conveyed to the said
James South by said John Kennedy n4 wlfebydvtd
of even date nerewua, , , , ,
Appraised at tiTil.
Printer's feet ii 00 6. W . HUFFMAN, SterU,
ocW4-dltwt4 By Id. Davis, Deputy.
"ThftVffA'lfffrlli 'v-ltirCIT
j fj avaagu a V uv bvV
Inatant HelUf I yirif
. :i. rnrlfr rem BreettA. .
' ' ' r i fttratia-tnnss t7a,lMaVr
'' - ,,- iVA
TUIIAaa, Warn Slaiia Aaaa AAaa.
a w aa aa aa a . . . . w . a. mt a T m a-aa aai aa
- , Wl "H V; S.W IS V
it . .
auu.ie.l, .ialar mi mm
' - S 'MlaWwlM,...
I, ' ' ') iw,,.M, .MM.Ma . .. i-
GOOD'FOft CLERaYMEN,''-,l-""
GOOD Ffin RTwnrod
Hi.t & i-.ip ,
I H ..I I -,,f. , V. ;k.rfl
.i.'f )05?ii
' . f. 0H1LDR(N m, f Oa itf2t
They relieve a Cough InaUnil) "' ' ' ' J n H
They clear the Throat.,, j , -r -.
They give strength and volume to tH Voice.
They impart a delicious aroma to rb- preath
They are .delightful to the taste".'' a
They are made of simple herbs "and cannot
harm anyone. '
I advtse every on who has a Ooogh ar a nasky' Folds
or a Bad Breata, or any dlffleulty of the Throat, to f e'
package of mj Throat Confections,' thaw will relieve
you Instantly, and yoa will aires With dm that 'tbey
gorlght-tothespot." '.Ton will flhdthua very oseful
and pleasant white traveling or attending publio nett
ing for stilling your Ooogh or allaying yeafthlrst I
yoa try ons package, I am sate In saying Ukat'you win
ever afterwards consider them lndlspensabte,,r ...
You will find them at tbo Druggists and Dealers In
Medicines. . -.. ' I 'i -,, r
prioi" ' ' ' '';''
. it
My signature I on each package, all others art
counterfeit. . -. . -. ; - .
A paokage will be sent by mall, prepaid, oa reoeM o
Thirty Oents. - i
Address, .
: Henry O. Spalding,
By the use ot these Pills the periodlo attacks of AV
ton or Sidt EtaiticM may be prevented; and If tekei.
at the oommancement of an attack Immediate relief frco
pain and sickness will b obtained.
They seldom fall In removing the Hauna and "
acht to which females are to tubjeot.
They act gently upon tbe bowels removing uutte
MS. .'
for JLUtrary Mm, Studmit, Delicate Female
tnd all persons of sedentary habit, they are valua
u a LaxaUv, ImproTing tbe appetit, glrln. Ion
ngr to the digestive organs, and restoring the oat or
elasticity and strength of tha whole system. '
THE CEPHALIC PILLS tr tht retnlt of long teres
ligation and carefully eonduoted experiments, having
been la as many yeart, during which tlmt they have
pre Tented and relieved a vast amount of pain and suffer
ing from Headache, whether originating tn the rternom
system or from a deranged state of tho Uomaei .
They are entirely vegetal! In their oompoi'tioi., a
may bo taken at all time with perfect tnieu ltboti
making any change of diet, and th abteno o a.)
dltagreeabU UuU rtndtrt at easy to mdminU trihur.
children. ,
The gennlne hare five slgnatuiesof Henry 0 Swaidmi
onaachBoi. .
Bold by Druggists and ail other Dealers in kiedicine..
A Box will be tent ty m.U, prepaid, on receipt ol ths
r Prioo, t2Q Conta.
ail orders should be addressed U I . ' '' i .
HEN It V fj, HA ..itsJ,
, MUaslttr Msroel, rVewt rork.
Front th Examiner, Norfolk, Va. '
Cephalic Pills accomplish the obioot for whtnli tir.
were made, via.: Oure of beadacht In all Its forms.
From fh Examiner, Norfolk, Va. '
They hav been tested In more than a IT) ousted
with tntlre success. ,
From the Democrat, St. Oloud, Ulnn.'
jt . .. i . . . . ' . ' .
v. aia, vi u.n iu, uuwiuu W1UI uw nftS,ISnni
send for a box, (Oephalk) Pills,) to that yoa may hav
mew in case or an aiioca.
from the Advertlaer, Provtdenoa, S. 1;
The Oephallo Pills are tald to be a remarkablv effaati,.
remedy for th headaoh. and one of tha ran ha.t tr .
that vory frequent complaint which ha snr baan
from the Western R. R. Oaaette, Ohtoago, III.
We heartily endorse Mr. SDaaldlmr. and hit inrinui
Oephallo Fills.
Fro . i Kanawha Valley Star, Kanawha, Va.
We ar snr that Benin tufferlnr wiih th haadanAa
Who try them, Will stick to then. . .
From the Southern Path finder, New Orleans, La.
Try themf yon that are afBfctod, and w art tare i.i
your testimony can be added to tht already numerous
list tbat has received benefits that ao other medtctnt can
produot. .
From tn St. Onhj Democrat. .
The Immense demand for Hit arttcte Cephalic Fills
Is rapidly increasing. .-
SrviaStieOatelt, Davacpotl. lsre,-v.
Ur. Spaldiiis would not oonnoM hla naa mu. ...
Helens did not foou top osssae real merii. iT , , , .
tOA single bottl ot SFALDINCS' PRBPAXD
. LC will tav tea timet Its cost annually .JJ,
r. v v r'.. ' i e - t .. ,. A
SATE THI raOES! ('-- '
OONOUn .. r:f , , , SISPATOBl,
, IL7"'A Brrrew nf Turn Sva Knra.".rff w,
As accidents will happen, evwa tn well regaktesd tut
(Ilea, it It rery desirable to hav torn aheap aa4 Ma
ventent way for repairing furniture, Toys, C rookery
jte, . .i.
meets all such emergencies, aud no hoosehold cm tSntt
to be wltheat it, , It It always ready, and up to the ttiok
Ing point. -1 ' ' w ' ... . . .
...7 "USRfCti IN ITB&I HOUSE.'') c. ,.,
H. a. A Brush tAoonsBssxlen aaeh bo0 i - st i,
tents. , . . ., Address, ..
. ... t i. , HBNRT 0. miDIIttJ,
. ry I No. 4d, Cedar Street, Mew tftr.
.- -;v ', -r li I 1 tt ti. ttt. s
. .OAUtlON.. s,
At oertolB acprlndplwl pononS ar'ntitrmjh' a.
labxt off on th untuspaoting panlie, imliiioS of m
'RIFARKD SLUE, I would eaottnn all peraoot ti .
aatin hetnr oamhwrlnir. and see tfcat thafnii
It at tie entaio wrap pert all othtrs art swbxiluut
tertette, . ncs'

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