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T I r y.;T
INQ, NOV. 22, 18G1.
Rail Road Time Table.
Lrrri t Mum t Otuiiiioi lun B. R.J X
i..iT,BTemJ f Arrives,
Sight Express", via Dsytdn, 1:00 A. M. ' 3:30 ; M
Jiuclnnatl Aoconunodaiion. o:iu a; . .7:xu r. m,
Dm Kinreii 1.53 P.M. S:00F. M
Mull and Aooommodittlon.. 4:00 P.M. 19:13 P. M
. S- .: YV&CiV.t. 'J)omt, Agent
EoLtJlltOI tt, OUVILARD B. K. ' " ?
Nltht tmn.i...i.i.;.k'.3:Sn A. M. 1l30A.lt,
New York Kiprett.,....'. 3:15 P. M. V 1:30 P. M
? '4 "ff ' ,amm Pattiasoi, Agent.
Sight BxprtM. 4:00 A. M. W 4 1:30 A. M.
Day bHW. ,, . ',..... IP. . . . 1:30 P. M
,. . . , , , . .w. . - - w. J. nu, Agent.
' Pimps, Ooumwoi It OimuniATi R.R. ni-t
. Veil Train..:.,...,".. ..-V'..'. 4:00 A. M. 1:30 A.M.
Kiprets Train....... ........ .12.35 A. Mr', 1:30 P. at,
kw f:ikit ; e.ui'' ! Jot, EouiHsoir, Aent
OoLcsans It iHDuxoroLif, E. E. ' - 11
(OoLCUBOi PiarMet Imduha R. E.) U
No. 1 Express .". 0:00 A. M. 13:00 M.
No. 9 J-UO P M. 6:40 P.M.
0. W, Surra, Agent
Local Matters.
.. . Tm Mayor's Court. Major Thohu yes
i . - . . - . .
terday morning passed sentence on Bli culprits.
Tiro females were put on diet ol bread and
water for. ten days, .three men," two, of them
colored, were eaoh fined three dollar and coats
tor drunkenness and rowdyism, And a sixth,'
man of color, was placed on the'ebaio-gang for
sixteen days, for mafloloualj breaking ,tho win
dows of a home on Town street.' " ;
aaa. re ::. . - - ,: .y.,il
COT! Thefuneral q4Miohabi," Fallon took
Jlaoe yesterday afteroooQ.M'IIis remains were
followed to their last resting-place In the Cath
olio graye-jardby. a Jarge procession" of cili-
sens. . tKV.fk-x- so
it'i'p Uke'pleaaure la calling the attention
of onr readers to ia -splendid stock" of stoves,
grates, furnaces, and every variety of heating
apparatus, on hand and for sale at prices to
nit the times, -by John L. Gill & Son, Noi 92,
North High street r tor particulars eee'adver
loement in another column. .., x y
,. GtsjtAN Tailoks in Cincinnati on a Striki.
The German tailors, or a portion of them in
Cincinnati, are po a strike for. higher wsges in
the manufacture of army clothing. They de
mand an Increase' pf, twenty per cent.' on the
rates now paid by contractors.-1 The contractors
of course mads a united opposition against the
movement;;-What the resole of the strike will
be is yet undetermined. ' ... ... . t
. Oo Wedoesdey morning, , between two and
inree nundred men were to be seen on Vine and
Fourth streets, and in the streets over the Rhine,
maroblog with a solemnity that wonld have be
fitted a funeral cortege. -..VuJ -...A .V.
" Foremost, 'as a mark of loyalty, wag carried
thsStjrsand Stripes n the middle was a
transparent banner with the inscription in Eng
lish and German, "Tbe Laborer is Worthy of
bis Hire," and on the reverse, ''United we
Stand, Pivlded w Fall."." .....
-. ii . hi i . ., . . -:
Goimo Abioao to Liar the NswsA-The
Cincinnati. Gazette and Commercial have a cor
respondent i this cityj:.'," probably "W. T.
C." who furnishes both papers with the same
mattery From "T.V letter, published yester
day morning, we gllp the two following' intcr
sting local items:, v ? ? . .-.
Tbe little girls ol dolumbus are forming so
clstles for lint picking. They meet where they
can combine work and play, sod will make val
cable contributions to tbe Soldiers' Aid Society,
which tbe ladies bave formed. Their example
la a good one. a !. . . u t . ,.. , .
As an evidenoe of Yankee enterprise and in
genuity, it may be mentioned that an observant
photographist baa established a saloon at Camp
Chase. It Is well patronized, I am told, the
soldiers being generally desirous of presenting
a "counterpart presentment" in soldier clothes
to the girls tbey leave behind them.
i ' ' i
- ' - ; 'i ' a
i Bank Bobsoristions to ths National Loan.
TheollowlDg' Branches of the State' Bank of
Ohio havo subscribed to the National Loan as
Oommerelml Bank of Cleveland. .
exchange Bank, Oolnmbni.
Parmer'e Bank of Ripley
Prank lln Bank, of Oolumbui
Jeffetion Oonnly Branch. .... ....
Knox Coouty Branch.............
tioralo Ooanty Branch
Marietta Branobrs..v..-.;
Miami Oounly Branch
Muiktngnm County Branoh. ......
Norwalk Branch
Plqna Branch
Bote County Branch
Summit County Branch...... ,
Union Branch, Han II Ion
... ioo,on6
.. S5.CKXI
.. 10.000
.. " is ooo
.. 10 000
.. ' 10,000
.V 15 000
.. lo.tioo
. . 20,000
...... ' SO 0110
........ 1,000
' 18.550
' 8 500
r 208,050
Potnam's "Ribillion Rkcord." During the
trial, in tbe United States Circuit Court, which
terminated yesterday, in the conviction of Wil
liam Smith for piracy, as one of the crew of the
Jeff. Davis, a great deal of documentary evi
dence, to show tbe reality of secession, was of
fered In evidenoe by oounsel for the defense
avowedly taken from Frask Moore's "Rebellion
Record," and received by Judges Grier and
Cadwalader, who presided; ThU is a remark
able compliment to the work in question but
not higher than it merits from the fullness and
fairness of its varied information respecting
tbe origin and progresa'of the rebellion It is
the first time, in legal and literary history, that
book not yet comploted has been so stamped
with authenticity as to be admitted as evidenoe
in a court of law, and on s trial, lor a capital
offense The work is one which, in the daily
discharge of our duties, we constantly refer to,
with full reliance upon its containing a judicious
collection of news, as it occurs) of documentary
. narratives, and of poetry, rumors, inoldents and
anecdotes of the war, From, the leading jour
nals is carefully culled a great deal of Informa
tion on both sides.'. Of this work the first vol
me is completed, formng a thick 8vo, with an
original Introduction on the causes of the Strug-gle,-and
ths great issues before the country, by
Edward Everett, a copious index. eleven por
traits on steel, a map and tarlous diagrams.
This volume includes the jtlme from December,
1860, to last June. ,'v.y "iw r,
In Mr. Curtls'a Interesting biography of the
late Theodore Winthrop, he records of that'true
patriot and man of. .genius, "Especially be
wished that some competent person would keep
a careful record of events as they passed; ''for
wo are making our history,' be said, 'band over
band:" What! hg desired is now being done
by Frank Moore, elitor of this." Rebellion Sect
ord." " Thanks to Bis industry in collecting and
judgment io selecting from all reliable sources,
bare he is putting aside the best materials for
ths futura historian. Philadelphia Pruf Oct,
OKi 1861.' ' ' ' " ft 'o 4iwt
MiHTART,' 'Commissions;; ,CopFiMEn;'r-Tt
commissions of ths following militarv'.olQScsrB
have been recently confirmerA:.,.w r,.
"..RiouatdsoD, CIncianatiAssistarit' Surecbn
- W. fi EidenQrirrSmttijviile,A8sjstant fiur-
gson iatb.1-" ac. ,.io.,K.i.roj
J. S. Palmer.' CaDtaln, Comtianv B. Cfith.1"'
J, M.j90ttt.AIexandria,; Captain, Company
. Pattsrson Hirst, Dresden, Captain C2d .oti-mt
CY W., Frlend Clnoinnatl, Captain, Compipx
J. T. Summers, Captain, Company Br 70th.
J. M. Spangler, Bellaire, Captain 43d: 1
- M Plnl,..,, Wn.t.. "..(.I. lCk
. vi.v"vov.u, vva.vii wuvam A vj . u . tj, , .
a a m.r-i r....i trr.i. - ' . -
John C. GUl, Cleveland,' Assistant Surgeon
L.'; Wbruff'AllotV Assistant irjfobB 2M,
JB. Uanaeii, Alt.. Vernon; Uaptam 20tn. .' -
James S, Jievs, ' McCnnIs.T)Ue.'4 Surgeon
7Bth. j 4f! itxi en -t
' Ofcnt RrtfTK': Mt. Veruon.jCaiitaln 2ftth.f
B. D.FpurliiB, Harrnar,' Major 77th. '
Robert T.'MoCleaDi Lockboorne, Assintan
Burgeon eist.
.Advioi GRATi-rThe plaos to buy good old
Bourbon fcnd Rys Whfsky, Catawba Wine and
very other article usually kept ia a first cl
wholesale Liquor Store Is aU Mr. CHAsi.sa Ho
na's, No. 203 Vine street, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Mas. CuSNiNoiuH BogDkLL A Waahlngton
correspondeut'of tbe Cleveland riaindeoler no
tices among the recent additions to .the iociety
in tbat city, tho somewhat famous Mrs. Cun
NiNaRAM, of Busdell notorictT. woo has intea
op her residence on Eleventh-street.' Whether
to o&rry on tbo dentistrj bugmess, or as a board
log bouse keeper, bote! keeper, or lady at large,
the correspondent does not profess to be Inform
4,M .i-.- l.' i - ' - I '-"ll WIA
Paris Fashions. November Paris fashions
tell us that for morning toilet light or dark col
ored alpacas or foulard are to predominate;
nankeen, grey, and brown are preferred. . The
violet 1 alpaca Is also a great favorite 'Such
morning dresses are generally plain, or trim
med merely with checked' ribbons, violet and
white, black and white,' scarlet and black, ac
cording to tbe color of the robe. 4 . '.
i - ,n i ' " I'T
O The Stars and Stripes cow wave in tlx of
the seceded States, to wit: In North Carolina,
over Fort Hattoras; " in South,, Carolina, at
Beaufort; in .Florida,', at Key Weat and Fort
Pickens; In Mississippi, at Ship Island; in
Eastern Tennessee, ' and In the northern and
western sectlois of Virginia.' ' ,;'r:ii
, O", A lady In Northwestern Missouri offers a
premium for enough Yankee scalps to make a
bod quilt! WAeeli'iio- Inttlliqtnten '
remaps sue wouia hko to take a wnoie van
kee as a comfort. oalti?fc Journal '
-Oysters! Oysters!!
be In dally receipt, by Express, of ' '
From Baltimore and Fair Baven.'
Call at Wainer'i Ovaterand I'r.iit Dsnnt. No. 31 Raat
State itreet. , ,
augS4tf .
Have a Full and Complete Ais'ortment of
PtQVCS C&3 GrJ? atOS,
Of almoit everj kind, '"
Elegant Chamber Sets,
' i l SPICE AND SEED BOXeV, ' -t
Tin Toys, and Articles in that Line,
" " '' For IHIle People. ' " ' ' '
Knives and ITorlis. Bpoous. Tubs.
Suckets. Shovela and Ton zs, . -Coal
Hods, etc., . '
For the Larger Onea. . . .. 4.
We wonld call yonr further attention to the fact that we
. "' are BOLE AGENTS for the aale of the '
- . i
Which If, In all reioeeti. clearlv tho "AUTMRAT Of
THE K1TOUBN." havinir no eqnal In the completcnesa
of Its performance and economy of fuel. Ike cleareat
testimony ef its aunerloritv ia the fact that manufac
turer! and dealcra are oonttantly imitating it, -coming u
nearuaa poasiDie in r.,viBripi All Al'PEAKANCK.
Call and examine our atoclc. Ic is no trouble to chow
our good,. ...
S hooting Gallery.
THH underalfrned begs leave to Inform his fri-rul
tbat he has tilted np a -,
I ' - ' ''vat TBI.; !t '.' I '; ''
flood Guns, Air Quns, Pistolt and Refreshments.
01ve mea call.
noTl3dtf ' ' i ! : CONRAD RI0HAKD3.
!i Uaseslto. ltiovernment JJutnlt'gs..!.
. a t rails uiovea. , . , i . ,; ,, , .
10 boxes Citron.
HO boxes MR Raisins. '
at " layer do.
100 drums Figs. ' j i; ' :-i . ' '
l 2oaln Zinle Corranti, etc. eto. ' '
In store for tale by
norl9 ' 100 Bouth High Street. '
Flannel Shirtings.
XD. . She most extensive stock in the city . , ..
:s Army Woolen Books.' .... .'.
Khaker tUMiMt Rnoka. . '. . '
j. -.1 tinder Bhlrtt and Drawers. , ,
Cotton and Merino Sorlis . - ' ''
.1 Golden Hill Shirts. . , ) U'-
1-' Qen t'a Kid O loves. ; - ! ' . "
- 4 dent's Ltnon Collars, Neok Tlee. - ' "
i - . ;.. . BAIN a BOM,''"
oetlO u,i . .. No. S9 South High Btreef.
Or' Tbose Contemn latlnir ITlarriatre.
TUB nndersljned will give Information, on a verytf
ttretting and important snbjoet, which will be valu
ed more than a thousand times Its cost by every married
douplo of any age or oondi.lon In llfo. The Information
Will be aent by mall to any address on the receipt of C5
tents (eflrer) and one reditampT
AU letters should be- addressed to ? ;
- . VII
?! J llU OH. B. MOBRI3, U, U
oct31-ly3laW(Utw r,..r , Boston, Mass.
For Female Oenorally. The Brandreth
Mia cannot be too; hlgfily spoken of., -Ihey remove all
obstructions, glv , energy and strength; ours. the. dis
tressing headache, unfortunately o prevalent with the
Mix; depreiilon of tplrita, dullness of sight, aervoae
affections, blotches plmplcs.'sallowness of lha skin, are
removed, atd a)uvnUe Moa and general tprlghtllness
lhdlcate the power and heiilthfulnesi of BBANDRETIl'S
ti.t.j ' . '
Ladles.,' At delicate periods, will Hod them unrivaled;
they are the beet medicines for'inothera and children,
rind tWO wematatfofatlvenes'. f' i 1- - '
Tt -.if be remembered;,' (hat BTUlfototTS tltW
v -j .m vcmuon. ana yei unite miianest wim
etanlency,' and require nS'allarafidn'if diet flaring their
Mrs. Morgan, oorner of lithetreetend Union Bouare.
Hew Tork. wai dying,1 rmtSnttyii. of ; CorrwWTioifi
tut wu given np io aie y her ThyticUni, ana aU her
friendt, bat after using: BauinuTy't Frue for a few
weeki, the congh left- htr, and aha began ts regain her
strangtn.asa is now awe M attend to herdtf0e9, and
neia ran or soon aicaimr.g robust health.
I Mrs, Wilton, ef No. 3 Beach street, New tork, has
cured Dytpepsls, Bmall P, Measles, ftroply arid Tv-
pbui fever, and alt Headachea, and .Bilious diseases,
with BRAiinsrra'i 1'ills,wiu te pleated to aaiwtr any
qnestlons. t.B 5"J1 i' V.1t JtT.li
Bold by Jtenw B. Coow, Drngirlrt, : OblnmboftHidby
tobtSO-dlai '' -' ov i t , .r-s
i ! Just Published In a Sealed Envelope Prloe 6 eta.i ,' ..
WtMdrneet, Involuntary Emissions, Sexual Debility, and
Impediments to Marriage generality, Nervouenevs, Con
ammptlon, Xpllentv and fits. Mont I tid Phvttcal In
capacity, reiulUug Ikkb- DeU-abuee, Acer By Robert it
lverwell.M. D., author of tho Green Book, tto.
r.A BoiLt -rbouaaiadt) (' BuIIreri
Beat ander teal) Tn 1laia envelooe. to an addrem.
pot psld, oav reoatpt of two tUmps, by Pr. ClfAS.
nwi.,, ww-, nmw aora, t'oti uiuoe uox
oi. ep?.3mdti
THE LATEST NEWS BY TELEGRAPH From all Parts of the World.
News from Beaufort.
News from Beaufort. A New Punishment for
Lord Lyons has Expressed no
Good for North Carolina
Federal troops in Possession of
Northampton and Accomac.
From Washington.
[Tribune's Dispatch.]
Waehinqton, Nov. SO. The soldiers at Bean.
fort and the slaves on the island will soon be
picking the ungathered cotton, the former under
an order from tbe Government, and tbe latter
upon the impulse ot wages directed to be paid
them by Gen. Shermarj. , It is also probable the
cultivation or tne sea lsiana lor the next cotton
crop will be contracted for by somo responsible
Yankee, who will be required to employ the
slaves abandoned by their masters upon the
several clantations.
A new punishment for' Virginia Is at band.
Congress will prohaniy bt called on to ohange
the territorial boundaries of Delaware eo as to
give this little State aU the land between Cbes
apeake Bay and Delaware river, and to change
tne Boundaries oi maryiana so as to give ner all
the eastern counties of Virginia, and to leave
to the State of Virginia, as organized by tbe
Convention at Wheeling, the territory between
tne uiue Kiage ananne umo.
Private but trustworthy advices from Europe
in relation to Mexican affaire, have been re
ceived. .- , ; .
Spain and the Spanish party in Mexico have
resolved to impose a king npon that country at
tho point of the bayonet. Of three Princes,
Monte is the favorite. Whether England and
France have fully acceded to this, is doubtful!
It is not believed that, our government has
taken any steps to o.unteraoc these schemes
against tbe integrity of a power in whose wel
fare we are most nearly interested, or to pre
vent Spain frem acquiring a country which ia
surely destined to be ours. .
There, is reason for believing that tbe rebel
foroes on the lower Potomac bave bean with
drawn within a few days, leaving but pickets
and small detachments to man tneir batteries,
and perhaps one regiment about a mile back
from Mathias Point., . Many of tbe camp .fires
whloh were visinie lass ween nave disappeared.
A body of rebel oavalry made a deraonetra
tiou on our right flank this morning as the reg
iments were moving to the field of review, but
retired hastily. - Toward the' close of the re
view heavy firipg was heard on the flanks, cre
ating some commotion; oause unknown. ,,
. The report that the Spanish minister said he
would have demanded his passports had Messrs.
Slidcll sod Mason been taken from a Spanish
vessel, or entertained such opinion, is untrue. .
Gen. Butler is here receiving his last Inatruo.
tious in regard to his expedition South.
Washinotoh, Nov. SI. Since the negotiation
of the new loan on Friday last, Secretary Chase
has placed to the credit of disbursing offloers in
New York, Boston and Philadelphia, tbe sum of
$5,004,874, to be paid to contractors aud other
Government creditors. , . (.. .. a
The steamer Stepping Stone ran the block
ade Tuesday night .with stores for the flotilla
on the lower Potpmao, transferred her stores to
the squadron, and taking on board a number of
contrabands faom tbe steamer Baltimore and
Ice Boat, again ran the blookade last night, and
arrived at the Navy Yard. -
Lord Lyons hasmado: no offensive comments
npon the Mason and SJideli affair, and the re
ports to the prejudice of that . Minister which
bave been pnt in circulation are positively con
tradicted in dlplomatlo circles here, and it is
quite certain that Lord Lyons will commit no
breach of oourtesy. If ha has any communi
cations to offer they will ba made In offlolal
form, bnt there Is no indication,' .that such ao
tion is contemplated. Tbe facts in tbe case are
very eiear, and tbat onr Government ought to
seize the rebel Commissioners is too clearly es
tablished to admit of muoh argument. "'i.
Col. McLeod Murphy's Regiment ' gave' an
exhibition ot .the mode of laying a pontoon
bridge over the Anaoosta river.'-The work
was rapidly and skillfully performed; vr-' -i
''Gov.. Pierpont and staff haye anived pere
from Wheeling, Va. ' !
It has been offiolally ascertained "that the
Government has now in the field, in damn and
in the process of formation six hundred thous
and volunteers, and .the enlistments, for tbe
Tegular service are-more than heretofore an
Bounced.. Vh A jeMm ,f it
' -
" " -
A Provisional Government in North
Carolina—Secession Repudiated.
A -from Hatte
ras Inlet of the 18tb, says we team that. North
ICarolina, by convention of delegates rea'resent
tng forty five cdnntles, has deolared a provis
ional 'government acd has entirely repudiated
the secession act of be" State, reaffirming her
loyalty and devotion to the Constitution of ths
United States, The Convention met at flat
tens on. Monday last. The act passed contain!
Sevseal sections,' the substance of which Is:
The first declares vacant all the offices of the
State; the second names Marbie Nash Taylor,
Provisional Governor; the third adopts the con
stitution of tbe State, with the statutes and
laws contained in the revised code of 1856; the
fotirttrrepudiateg the ordinance of 'secession
passed at Raleigh on the 20th of May, together
with all other aots then adopted; the fl,th ,dl,
sects tbe Provisional Governor to order a spe
Oiett election for members of Congress; the sixth
gives to the Governor authority to make tern
porary appointments to official vacanoles.. IThe
Convention then adjourned, subject to the call
of the President, vi; y n ,, m .
Gov. Taylor has issued his pfoclsm&tioh'Tor
an election in the Second Congressional distriot,
which will be held on Wednesdav. 'is 97th Lust.
A smart engagemenl took plao at flattens
jmct ou me ism, netwesn tne coast survey
earner worwin ana tne rebel steamer Cnrlew
The Utter vessel apparently rot the worst 4f
tbe contest and retreated after receiving hot
and telling fire from the; former. ;;",;'JV r
iB6wWw, Not.2I.-l.Tirenty-Mveof the rebels
cOptnred on Santa Rosa Island, In the .attaok
ot rv uson-o zouaves, arrived hero this morn'
lng. .
Rebel Force at New Orleans—How
the City can be Taken.
Ydaa-, Nov. S0.-The Times has a let ,
ter from on board the gnnboat Cayler off Ship
Island. At that time (4io lnitant) there were
in New Orleans lome five thousand rebsl troops,
all, well armed bat poorly clothed, and an order
bad recently been Issued compelling every man
capable of bearing arms to join some military
organisation. The city was being environed
by, batteries on every oide, excepting Is the
rear, from whloh the rebels appear to apprenena
no attack, bnt which In faot can be easily as
sailed by well appointed loroe. The land on
that side Is swampy and the city Is nnapproacb
able, exoeptlng by the shell road and the rail
road i but it Li believed that a foroe of ten thou.
oand men could overoome all difficulties an d
oapture the elty in ten hours. After leaving the
deep waters of Lake Boreue, tbe only fortinoe.
tion in the way Is tbe old fort at the main pass.
sge between Lake Borgue and Ponchartraln,
which Is represented to be In a very dilapidated
condition and poorly proviaea witn guns ana
men. Unoe in possession Of ine oity, oar forces
could bold It sKsinst all assailants, and wonld
doubtless bave tbe assistance of thousands of its
ClttseM. fA C.f J " tji -
Telegraph Wire Cutters in St. Johns.
Sr. Johns, Nov. 20 The telegraph line break
ers are still at work.-1 The wires were cut on
Tuesday night.
The City or Manchester's news was delayed
till Sunday night by breaks In the line. The
line has been cut every hour, to-day, . We bave
many men and horses out to. repair it. Tbe
Harbor Grace line is believed to be utterly destroyed.-'-"'-.',"',
1 fV ,V-6w".--'-Y''"--:
The election, takes niaoe. to day, ana quiet
will probably prevail hereafter-.i t.- .
Tbe steamship (Jity or New xotk win arrive
off Cape Race abont midnight, but there are no
prospects of bpatding hsr. , . v t -a'j.
From Port Royal.
" Nkw' York. Nov21. The British gunboat
Racer bat arrived, r-," .
The United States teStl transport Bsitio,
Capt. Coras tock, arrived at three o'clock this
aitcrnoon from fjrt Koyal, where she leit on
Monday, the 18tb, at six o'clock in tbe morn
ing. She towed the United States gnnboat Cur
lew, Lieut. Walmaugh, to Sandy Hook.
Col. Allen reporta nothing new at Hilton
Head, everything remaining in tbe same condi
tion as left by the Atlantic He has in bis pos
session about $9,000 in Treasury notes, whiob
he is to forward to the friends of tbe New
Hampshire Fourth Regiment. ' . . -
Tbe four artillery companies now in tbe bar
racks at Albany are expected to depart for
Washington this evening.
The Rebels of Northampton Lay
Down their Arms.
BaLtihoii, Nov. 21. Dispatches just re
ceived from the Eastern Shore of Virginia
onng tne gratifying intelligence tbat tbe seces
sionlets of Northampton county, numbering
eighteen hundred, have 'laid down their arms,
and tbe Federal troops have now full possession
ol thap and Accomao counties.!
Missouri Dispatches.
Rolls, Mo., Nov. 21 Advices from the
South are to the effect that Prloe has abandon
ed his position at Caesville aad is. moving to
ward his old psmp at Neosho. About four
thousand of bis army, under General Harris,
were on the Kansas line directly west of Car
thage, , with tbe evident Intention of entering
tbat state and ravaging its (southern counties.
General Harris's force was principally cavalry
and Indiacs.
General Lane wat in that vicinity with about
three thousand infantry, and it is not Improba
ble that an engagement will take place between
nis ana Harris's forces. .
It is reported tbat there is a camp of six
hundred Cherokee Indians in McGb.ee county,
Kansas. " 1
Tbe rebel State Legislature, in session at
Neosho, had passed an ordinance of secession.
united the Slate with the Southern Confedera
cy, and elected Gen. Rains one of the Senators
to the confederate congress, it wss thought
that Gen. Parsons would be the other Senator.
It was Bald that Gen. Frost, of Camp Jack
son notoriety, would take command of General
Rains's division or tbe rebel army.
St. Louis, Nov. 21. General Halleck hat
issued orders that, in consequence of the im
portant Information respecting the nnmbers and
condition of. our troops being conveyed to tbe
enemy by fugitive slaves, no such persons shall
be hereafter permitted to enter the lines of any
camp or any force on the march, and tbat any
now witnin soon lines oe immediately excluded
therefrom. The General also calls particular
attention of all officers, commanding posts or
troops in the field to tbe importance of prevent
ing unauinorizea persons or every description
irom entering or leaving our lines, and of ob
serving tbe greatest precaution -in the employ-
meet of olerks in confidential positions. The
General also directs all staff officers of this
Department, whose . staff duties have closed
under the recent special orders fom Washing
ton, but who still bold commissions in the regu
lar army or volunteers muttered - into tbe ser
vice ot tbe United States, to Immediately re
port in person if in SU Louis, or by lettor If
elsewhere, to these hoadquarters.
1 be latest accounts from rtlie nlace him in
Balry county, making preparations to advance
on Springfield.
Baltimore, Nov. 21. Secession reports are
circulating this evening tbat our troops in
Northampton oounty have met with resistance,
but they are without truth.
lienor al sioneman, Chief or the United
States Cavalry, was married in this city to-day.
A reconnoiesance was made to-day nearly to
Vienna, without seeing the enemy- Prof. Lowe
made two balloon osoensions. The onlv evi
dence of tbe presence of rebels were camp fires
near r airisx court nouse, about niteen miles
front hero ;? -..- ct. , . .. ... ,
Niw Yoax, Nov. 21. The gunboat Curlew
arrlrtd from Porr Royal with ber maohlnery
damaged." When she left" the English frigate
Immortalitie was entering tbe harbor of Port
Royal.i .A e,.i . .li.'-i. m :wi . .
-.. The' Post OfBoe Department record fifteen
thousand letters from Hilton Head per laat ar
rival from there.'. Government will establish ft
poetoffloe there during the week. -
ine Treasury department will probably take
action with ; regard to custom regulations at
Port Royal.-' .. : . . . ... -
A pamphlet bat been privately circulated
making serious charges against Gen. Meies.
The author ia an architect who is desirous of
superintending the Capitol extension. . ' '
Lodibvilli, Nov. 21, Andy Johnson arrived
this evening from eastern Kentucky, and Gen.
Sherman left for St. Louis.
The San Antonio Herald says that Charles
Anderson,. arrea'd by MoCullooh for attempt
ing to come North, bad esonped from the guard
and was at large.
iNouMiroLis. Nov. .SI. Gov. .Morton and
Major-General Love, of the Indiana Legion, re
viewed all, tbe troops encamped here to day.
consisting of three regiments of infantry. Cola.
Strelght, block and Walker; one regiment-of
oavalry, col. uridgeiana, ana one artillery com
pany of six field pieces, .The maneuvering of
the troops was very creditable, and elicited
great applause from an immense crowd , who
witnessed tneir evolutions..,' .-v? c I
Arrival of the Asia.
Nsw Yost, Nov. 21. The Asia arrived t
7. o'clock this evening
bA meeting or. tbe share holders of tbe Great
astern had been held. The ' Directors report
was adopted and' ft resolution passed to raise
(!,uuu In ten per cent; debentures to equip her
for sea. ? It was expected she would leave Liv-
erpool again in February.
i The British men-of-war Conqueror and Sans
pared would embark marines the day the Asia
sailed and forthwith depart for Mexico. Tbe
Times thinks the operations of tbe expedition
will be very easy, bat dimcultiet may arise from
tho different political sympathies of the three
powers.. ... .; mi i
1 It waf reported that, the Federal" steamer
James Adger, now Ot Southampton, goet tflibt
Mediterranean to look after privateers.
t The Grand fane Constantino, of KusBia, and
r. . . r . r i .
uucuesa are ou a vibii, w vtueea t wwnhM.
J A strike among the cotton spinners It IramI
non Vowing to the threatened reduction bf their
.v -a i a- ' . .t ir f "i""
1 1 rauoo4 bat r given . aflielliif . fttsarancea to
Switzerland relative to the valley of Deppot;
tne aaair win pronaoiy do aajusted without nn.
Finanolal eooonrjts from Franco) show rather
lets uneasiness.. The uourse was, nxm ot fqi.
eoo.1 to 4 A: if v rt IT
j It is reported ihfttj Garibaldi Las OuqouncOd
to.ine uentrei.itftimn uommittoe lil&Orni inten
tion not to orovoke anv movement lu 'favor 0:
Rome or Venice, but, wished Italian armaments
ana ppuur sympathy jor tag nany ol Italy eo
eoiirased to the utmost. I
f It was rumored that preparatldhs tore making
at Genoa for a revolutionary expedition, em
bracing Montenegro, all the Solave population
or i nraey, and also Hungary and Ualaela. f
Belgium had appointed an embassador to Its.
ly, out it is remarked tbat be It aoorenited
the Court of Turin, and not to the King
Italy. " -. '--" -
The recontly announced measures toward
Hungary are set forth in an autograph letter
from the Emperor of Anstrlt. It evinces ft do
termination to csrrv oat tbe Government oolicv
m nungary. ... .... .
There It greater firmness In trade at Man.
. . .... ..... w
ohester end further advance la demsnded.
Business keent restrloted.
, Bai.DSTurFi. II. S. & Co. quote flour firm
i r good which . Is soaresi tales at xongjui bd.
Wheat quiet but steady; red weatern lis) 9d(J
ii td; southern I'M Bdl!is lUdj white west
ern 14; southern 13s 6d(S14f. Corn in large
onpply ana bd lower; mixed 33S bd32l ad;
yellow 33s; white 36(ffl37s. ... !
PaovisiONS. Beef quiet, but good qualities
wantea. rorK auu out unaltered, aacon in
fair demand at 34(g3Ci.. Lard firm at4953.
Tallow North Amerloarr at 5051s 6J. , .
London, Nov. 10. At tbe Lord Mayor's
Banquet the Mayor proposed tbe foreign am
bassadors, and coupled tbe name of Adams,
who replied tbat bis mission In England wets to
promote and perpetuate friendly relations bo
tween tbs two countries. ., .-.. ;
- Lord Palmerston said, although eircunslances
may for the time threaten to interfere with the
supply of cotton, the temporary evil will be pro.
ductlve of permanent good. We shall , find In
various quitters of the globe a snre and ample
supply, whloh will render us no more dependent.
We witness with sffliotion the lemeutable dif
ferences among our American cousins; bat it Is
not for ns to pass judgment In their disputes.
Lord Palmerston in conclusion expressed tbe
bope of a speedy restoration of harmony and
peace. ,.,.;
The Paris Bourse it firm, and nearly all kinds
of securities improved. Ken tea closed at 63f.
The Confederate Commissioners, Man and
Yancey, dined yesterday with the Fishmonger's
For an Inch of Time! :
TV a dying uueert. Tbat Inch ol time cn be procur-
. a much cheaper rate, and many long yean of I
enjoyed by cousultln Sr. MEnRTWEATHEIt. who
It oaring the molt ebttinate and loDg-tttndlng dlteatea
or ine juunua, usinr, IjIvkh. mui,Ks, uuau
Facts are Stabbsrra Tbingat
Hear what the Phlladelnhla eorresnondent nvs In the
Commonwealth," Wllmlnirton. Delawaie. 9lh of ADrll.-l
,.,n. - " " '
"An English gentleman, formerly connected with the
British Army, and who ttylct himself the 'Indian
uotanto rnyuoian,' naa of late gained an extensive repu
tation here by hit skill In carina: all manner ot corn
plalntt. Borne of fait pitientt I have converted with.
and they pronounce hia remedies aud mode of treatment
aa very superior. Some havo been restored at If bv
maglo. Tbo medicine ho uses la distilled by himself
irom various nerot possessing ran ouralivs properties.
"While acting In tne army he devoted his leisure mo.
menu to a thorough study of the effocta produced bv
certain meaicinai rooto ana nerot on MI manner or die
eases. It seeme he hie found a sure and speedy reme
dy for all the 'lilt that flesh it heir to.' Hit practice It
already extensive and It dally Increasing. In the com
plaints to which Females are subjected, he hat no tqual
at a large number here have testified that they owe not
only their present good health, but their lives, to the
skill of thlsIndlanBotanioPhytlcian." , . : ,
Office 37 East State Street, Columbus. r
aagl7-d3m " "'' ' ' ... ' '."." . '
Machine Hannf adoring Companj,
tiaoflQciaa)mii0ti vJ
f-" r? t " 'I''-.": Hi
MANcrrAcrtJixM or .
Castings, Kill -GtArhig, Jtaeblntry.
n.tllxoeidl "Worlx.
or bvibt Dcaournoir. ' .
0HAB. AM BOS, fiup't.r.. P. AM BOB, Treu
aeon, iooo-u , , , ; .,
The Court of Common Plea3 Frank-
, ;B liu County, Ohio. ', . '. , ,
Joseph Story
!Doo. 3, paie211, No. 315.
gale In partition... . ,
Samuel 0. Story
the tald Oourt to me directed, I will offer for sale at
pnblio auotion at the door of the Court House, in the
city of Oolumbui, on ...
Baturday, the Slat day of December, 18C1,' ,
between the hours of 19 o'clock if. aud 9 o'clock P. M.,
ine following atscnoea real estate, situate in ins coun
ty ot franklin aid BUM ot Ohio:
The undivided two-ninths (i 9) of a certain tract or
parcel of land, situated In the eoantvO of franklin and
stata or unto, ijiug on Darby uig nun, a branch of
Darby Creek, a put of the original aurveyNo. S S11,
and bounded and described at follows: - ' .
Beglnnint at a lam ttone In the Ban. lower comer
to Jotlaa Bivent' lot In tho south of laid oriilnal
tunrey No. 3,811; thenoa with laid llnetoulh eithry
nine (89) degreet oaat one hundred ant forty ( 110) polet
at the aoutheait comer, corner tree down; theneo with
the east line north one '11 degree tut tlxtv-three and
one-half (63H1 poles to a bur oak and three red elmi;
north el.hty-nlne (89) degrest wett one hundred and
nity (imi) poiet to apoint in tne centre or ine ran, wnn
ltt meanders, to the place of beginning, containing tlity
(80) acres more or less ...,.; ,
Appraieedatflaeoperacre- r"
- . - Q. W. H0FIMAN, BheruT,'
Printer'i fees t 00. .'..-m i
Bovl4-td. ., 1 v. "?.?. r -t r
X GOODS. . . '-, .. t. . -.
iiuvoiuni in nw aivssuiu oosriel - t- ... V v"
' ., ," Byron and Garrote OolUra. . -'
.' " ' . Embroidered Pocket Haadkerehlefs,.,, ,
',, Paris Kid QlovM, superior make. ., .
Golden Hill Bhlrte, variout styles.
t; Boyt' Golden Hill Bhlrtt, .do , :., ..
Driving and Street Glovea, do .,,. .... .
'' Hemmed Pocket Handkerohlefa, vadoui itylet.,
' Half Uote and Under Garmeats, , . ' . ,
.! K'vr. - - . BAIM a BON,
aprllS ,,,, No. 29 Bouth High itreel
X , Plain Ottoman Cloths; , , , .( -.iuj
" " Magenta and Blaok Check Valenclas;
' Brooht ftonbaiz Dreae Goods; x..,4fw--
Balmoral Skirts;
' " Alexanders' Kid fllbves:
r.f Oore Irall Hoop eklrte. tUti-M'
tm-mtt ..H Oomti. Hair Natl, " .C
, h. s?utM Aierlnoo. . s i ' i
a..- 'i i m-mm .. - BAIS tc BOH",
ctlO . -tT ., No. n Soatb High Street.'
.MJ I'.. A..l,.-
The Mttsrn it Uum ihirrt are new Tho Bodiea. Token.
aleeree and kotome an fottaod to tt tho ponoa with east
and tomtottn l'ho Bark apoa eaoh one deetgnaUnf tji
iun.. he Mlicil a AA-koial eorrect. and aaoh aolrt It,
maruteei well aaado. A fall stock of all tjnalttsts
oonetAntly for eaie at JtAafra,
ftovM. Ve. W loam High stmt,
if v
i:i-''jtwa''V I
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Nov. 21.
TJOTTOK 'he market la firmer Snd In oderats ds
land i ealM of 1SOO balet at 84 1...
JL0UR The market declined t eentt per barrel with
oderate bnilnsae for expert and homo eomsuaptlon.
kiea oi ih.buu noil ai sa as for s ak
(its SO for superfine tute; 05 003170 for extra state
ti 15(83 SO for mnerflne weetsra; SS Styas te for eoav
bob to raodlnB extra western) IS ss for ship,
ping brands extra round hoop Ohio) tt 0S9S 75 for
traoo brands do. rarket oloilnr rather bean. - Oabaai..
flour It a shade lower and In moderate demand ; talee
oi wu Doia as J iwau ou lur unernne: A sva
i dm ior eornmos to onoiee extra.
RYU FLOUR-QuletandeteAdyat $3S54 40.
CORN MIAL Unlet aad unehAiiAad.
WillBKr Without daZided ahajuia: aaIaa of S75 hhl.
WtlKAT The markat opened haavy and oletei lc
wwer wun rainor more doingTor .export at the decline,
tales of 39,000 bush or Chicago pr leg at 1 21.4;
13,800 bush Baclna sorlnx at SI S3uiil S7: 14.20UbuAh
northwestern alubet SI MSil 27. nriaa ...
cuoice, jo.uuu busk, atilwaukea elub at tl 8401 98,
lutpw Bum amoer iowa at f 1 xoi xy; ib.uuU baab
winter rea tute at Si sotsi 30; lU.hiH bnak atabee Stleb
lean at tl 371 3d; oBOObush Canada dub at 1 87;
17,0110 bush white Indiana at SI XIGMX: 18.4AS ka.)
w.bA? llchllla ' 01 iWl 47; 600 bush white Kentucky
BfB-Qulel at 87e. . , ..i
baulky Without a.m,i ,.... UiM amm
buahelt Canada East at 7,,n.7v,. iuin k.k.u ......
CORN Without daelded rh.n.., nt. ..a.nt.
batlneas doing for export and homo consumption! talee
of Ho 000 buthelt at (il02o for damaged mixed weet
ern; tSStOOe lor good to prime ihlpplng do, chiefly at the
loilde price) 09e for eoathern yellow.
OATS In moderate reountt aaIaa a! Aaasa. h. n.a.
adai 40350 for Jersey, weitera and tute.
PORK-Qolel, bat the market generally It without de
cided change; tales 450 bbli at 19 5013 00 for meat;
o io w ior prime.
BKBSWn moderate demand: eala nf inn h..n,u
at tim SO for country prime; SO for countrr
M..a A 1 1.., io r i j .
va.wi. iur repauEcu mH, ana SJSaVUdU lor ex
tra men. prime mess beef rules aulet.
BKEV HAMS Prli-AA a Hula ...i... ..I.. . inn
barrels at tlll S3. '
COT MKAT8-Rule dull and Jwavy at44X for
shoulders and 5ai4 for hams. ,
uu ijo uretsed, In lair demand at4.V!95c.
BACON-In eood demand. hl.flw r.r rn,nM.li..M
atexife. -v.....
Laan-aiors totlve; tslet of 980 barrels at 8Ka9c,
the latter an extreme price.
- BUITKK In rand H.m.n ., ItVff,!.. ... nwi. ... i.
,ui vuiu AU
21o for tute. . , . . ,
, CHSRSB-Steadyat57lio. . .' , "
uu,,aa-niii; no sales are reported.
BCGAB Tho market la firm, but ih.n I. mil.
i?nll?1i ial,e,.of " bhU Blc tlae, aad
UOhhds HeladoatSX'c.
M0LAS8K8 tlrm vlih f.l. Inn.lM, .LL1.
" ,.- J , NIHVmiWUI
C? Muicovadoat Sjc; 30.bbls Barbadoet at 38oi 80
Tn! T , "V "uu " ' "arnaooet at too and by auction
100 bhda Cuba Hutcovtdo at SO2o; 100 bhdt Porto
Hlco at 30341; 10 bhdt common Barbadoet at 30c.
Cincinnati Market.
FLOUR The flour market la eat 1 1 1 nlrttlMa. .nt
bujtn are doing nothing scarcely for ihlpplng ao
count. WHEAT Bemalnt abont it nnnled e.tril.v. TV.
changet, if any, are on Ihe heavy tide. A prime article
or wntte was sold at 85c; P7o la usually asked.
COItM Is in rather better favor: Sill- I. ...Alls n.M
for new In lota by the diltllleri, bat 87o It asked. Old
Is quoted at 89330c.
OAT8 Had ad Irrerolar market, bnt the ai-ihaI
standard of prices It sot changed Irom thoee given yea-
BARLIY Ooromandl 45c readily, and la nnnl.rf nn
KYE-Itnonlnally 42a43o.
. ... .. . . Cvmmtrclal
Philadelphia Market.
FLODE JIrm; sales of 3,SuO barrels of superfine at
tsei. .
WOK AT Firm: talee of 12.000 bush red at 01 313
1 3D; white at 01 45 1 S3. ' ' . T
CORN Quiet; talet of 3,000 bush at G3G5c.
OAT8 Bales at 4lo . " ' i' i
COPFEt Rio 15(81(1X0.
HISS PORK Declined 25o; tiles at 114 ?5
LARD Doll ttOo. ..."
WHIBKY-Dallat 91(S21Xc.
Buffalo Market.
BUFFALO, Nov. 21.
FLOUR Quiet and Heady
WHEAT Dull and no tales.
CORN And other grain alto dull and nothing doing.
iriannfactnrers of all kinds of For
table and Stationary steam En
gines Maw mills, urist mills,
eVO.s cVc.
ZjUTZJt EODLKl Etaiml B. it t. BLAED TBtatmi
J. AJ. B. DU7A1L Statmtll COZVXBVB
& OO. Btattntltll
Onr Portable Engine and Saw Hill
Wat awarded the first premium of 9S0 at ths Indiana
State Fair for 1560 over Lane a Bodley't on account ol
Price, lightness, simplicity, economy of fuel
and superior character of lumber sawed.
Our Stationary Engine was awarded at the tamo Fall
the Ant premium of 1200.
Our Portable Bngine wat awarded the flrat premium ol
0100 at tho Fair at Hemphie, Tenn., over Blandy'e Da
valla, Colnmuua Machine Co I., and Bradford Sr. Co't.
by a committee of practical Railroad Engineer!.
for price ana terms addrett
' WLLLABD WARNER, Treasurer, '
decS-dcwiyeols. Newark, Ohio
Rheumatism, Goat and Neuralgia,
Mercurial Diseases.
It It a conveniently arranged Band! containing a med
icated oompound, to be worn a round the Waist, without
Injury to the most delicate persons; no change In habitt
of living ia required, and it entirely removes tho dtt
ease from the system, without producing tho Injurious
effects arising from the use of powerful internal medl
einet, whloh weaken and destroy the eonatltntion, and
tire temporary raiiei only, try urn treatment, tbo mod
:inal properties contained in the Band oomo In contact
with the blood and reach tho dlaease, through the pore
of the tkln, effecting la every Inatanoa a perfect cure,
and restoring the parte afflicted to a healthy condition.
Tkia Band ia also a moetpowerfttl Am-BtuccaiAi. agent,
and will entirely relieve tne system from weyMrfltototu
effect! of Mercury. Moderate cases are cam) In a few
days, and we are constantly receiving testimonials of Its
efficacy in aggravated eatea of long (tending.
Patca tit.OO, to be had of Druge-lita generally, or can
be tent by mail or express, with full direetlont for use,
to any part of the country
direct from Ihe Principal
vmce, . .
Ko. 409 BBOJUDWIY, Ktw York.
' 0. SMITH & CO., Sole Proprietors.
N. 8 Descriptive Circular! Bent Free. , , .
A. J. SGHUKIXKR BOS. Sansaim, Aenum, Mo.
i!77 B. High Bt., bet. Friend and Mound, Oolumbua, O.
IO Agents Wanted ETerytrtaers.
j mh28-lylAorlttp.dkw , ., .; , ..
1 '
i .AfL
No. 59 South High' Street, Columbat,
i A ki wow offitnia - -
J. 9000 yarda TiareUn Dress Goods atSX, Talut
V 9000 yarda TiareUn
u oenm.
yards TravellnS Treai floods at 19)4. value 90 eta.
9IIO0 yards English Mange at 18, value SS oenU.
KKW yardt Vreneh Orgssdle at W, vl 90 cent.
9110a yard Past Colored Lawne at 10, value IS eentt. -UHn
yardt Foulard Dross Bllkt at SIX, value SO eentt.
1300 vardt Sapor Plain Black Bilk at SI OS. varoeS I9S
Bob of Organdi Berage. and BngUth Borago, at en.
U IBCU T.IW. . ... .
Je2t"i t.i S c C. touth High Street, j.
i B III I III I ' ' '
OX sow telling at very low pnoes, euro all other kinds
laahionabM ran. rti sua,
XS1. t,SvttlHlglist.
.rife- J
M 1 it'
Iastant U.U.tf- c.mgh
.U i,f .8 .'-'i in j
ftrortf tntrai f raissttj
-.i):l l.il.M.rit
j ,4V 1 uj
( t it
a -
t.'.. ,.. .. ... . a ....'J,
" ' ' OHiLDKBir onr roa ' '
They rellert a CougU Instantly.
They dear tho Throat. V , ,t ;
They giro strength and rolume to the voice.
They imparl a delicious aroma to the breath
They are delightful to the taste. '
They are made of simple herbt and Cannot
harm anyone.
r.. ., ,
ladvli every on who hu a Cough or a auekr Vole
or a Bad Breatn, or any difficulty of ths Throat, to g t
a package of my Throat Oonfeotlont; they will reluv
yoa Inthtotly, and yon will agree with m that "Ihey
go right to the spot." Ton will and them very atefo I
ana pleasant While raveling or attending public keset
tnga for stilling you Congh or allaying yonr thing f I
yoa try on package, I am tafe In saying that yon will
ever afterwards consider then InaUtpentable. : -
Yoa .will end them at tt Droggtsbj sad Dealers In
Medicines. , . .
, PRI0I ' '
My tignarar I en each package. All othets are
oantarfelt. i
A package will be tent by mall, prepaid, on receipt o
Thirty Cents.
Henry O. Spalding,
By the ue of the Pills the periodic attacks of A'er
cow or Sick Headache nay bt prevented; and If take
at the commencement of an attack Immediate relief frem
pain and sickness will be obtained . . '
They seldom fall In removing the Jiautta and
ooAe to which femalei are to tubjeot. ,
They act gently apoi the bowel re rax ring -oitfe
aett. r .-. .
for JMtraum Jim. ShuitnU, Dtlleau female
and allpereoni of tedmtary habitt, they are value'
is a laxatlv. Improving tbs appttUs, giving foru ;
vtpor to the digettiv organ, and restoring th atUi,
lattleltyandttraifthof th whole system.
I HI 0BPHAIJ0 PILLS tr th retult of long tores'
ligation and carefully conducted expeiimenta, ha visa
been In nte many years, daring which Urn' they be
prevented and relieved a vatt amonnt of pain and tuffw
leg from Headache, whether originating in th Hereon,
system or from a demngedttat of th stoma oA.
Tbey an entirely vegetable in their oompotltioi,, as
Bay betakes at all time with perfect safety without
Baking any change of diet, enuf t A aotenot of an
dOagrabU tatU rmdtrt it ay to adrr.inU tr tA
The genoln have Srt tlgnatrue of Henry O Spalding
on each Box.
Sold by Draggltts and all other Dealers la Medicine.
A Bos will ba aent by mall, prepaid, on receipt ef the
Price, QO Cents.'
All orders should b addreteed to
9 Cedar streets New Vtrt,
t ran the Ixamlner, Norfolk, Ta.
Cephalic Pills aocomnllah th obteet for whlnh hM
were mad, via.: Cure of headache in all ltt forma.
From th Ixamlner, Norfolk, Va. ; . ' ;
They have been totted In more than a thonianif .
witn tBHIS I
From th Demoorat, Bt. Cloud, Minn. ' ','
If yon art, or have bean, troubled with th baadAnhA
tend fur a box, (Oephalis Pills,) to that yoa nay have
them In oat of an attack. . . ... a,.,.-.,., ,
from th Advertiser, Providence, R. I. '
Tho Cephalle Pllli are tald to bt a remarkAhiv iTAn..
remedy for th headache, and on of the rery best for
that very frequent complaint which has ever haAn
from the Weitera R. B. eaaetto, Chicago, 111. .
We heartllv endorse Mr. BDanldlnc. and hi. ,.rinu
Cephalle Pill. ,
fro Kanawha Talley Star, Kanawha, Ta. n -W
ar rare that Mrtont tulferin with the' IiaaAa.a'
Who try them, willtttck to theea. ....
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The Immense demand for th artlole .OanhAiu, JNia.
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TCA ttngl bottle of SPAtDINa'S PRBPARBB
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. SPALDING'S pliPAREp'X.&prjiT
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'' ' Bo. id, Cedar Street, New fori
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