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Rail Road Time Table.
Lint Miami Ooumacs A Xou B. B,
- Leavee. - Arrive
Nlaht Binraea. tit Tjavton. 1:00 A. M, ' ' 3 :30 A M
Cincinnati aoonmmodauoa. S:10 A. M. Ik80 P, M.
TJ. Ivnraaa 1.1H.N. 3:00 P. W
Mull and Accommodation.. 4:00 P. M. .18:1 P. M
I. J0. W. P0ITT, AgMl.
OoLcmoi 4 OurrtLaaw E. B. ''
Nlaht Inmi, ISO A. M. ' IMAM.
N.ir YorkBxprec 9:Ut.U. ' '.'1:10 P.M.
v Jaxki PATmsoa, Agsal.
OWTIUI.O1110 K. R. ' 1
Nliht limn 4:00 A. MV ' 1 A. M.
DeBxprcss 31 B- w?-
If. J. tan, A gaol.
Pnrsscasa, Ooiuaic A Omcukati ft. ft.
Mall Train 4:00 A.M. 1:30 A. II.
Bspreeslrala 1.3JA.M. 1:30 P.M.
it. B9IIM0R, AgtBt. ,
GoLtmio A iKDIAKorOUS, B. B.
Kb. 1 Srst 0 00 A. V. 12:00 M . "
Mo. " 3:00 P. M. :40 P. M.
. C W. larra, Af tat.
Local Matters.
Satimoi Bans;. Meai.e. Riokliv " 80.
have removed their Savings Bank to the toomi
ob (be Bautheast ooroer of High and State
streets, recently occupied by Metere. Mum,
Donaldson & Co. Having leaied the premlin
for a term of are years, Messrs. Rjoklif A
Bro. will be found there ever ready (o accom
modate their old friends and (he publio.
d3t. .
1 E . -f
The London Quaatixlt 'Rivip,w The Oc
tober number ot this Review hat the following
table of content 1 Life of Shelley i Life, En
terprise and Peril In Coal-Mlnesj Toe Immuta
bility of Natures Newtoo ae a Solentlflo Dis
coverer; Tbe Growth of EoglUh Poetry) Plu
tarcb; Education of the Poor (' Alexia do
Tocquevillei Church Rates.
It will be seen from this list that this Is a
moat Interesting and valuable number for the
general, as well for tbe literary and philosoph
ical reader. Tbe article on Saiu.tr Is written
with A spirit of oandor, and li a very fair review
of the different blographlea of thai woodsricl
and erratic genius.
Tbe subjoot of the aeoond article Is one that
affords room for thrilling description, which the
writer bas wsll Improved. Many of the scenes
described will be new (o moat readers.
Tbe moat interesting philosophical ditqulsl
tlon in this nnmbor Is (bat on tbe "Immortali
ty of Nature." The objeot of the writer Is to
reconcile any supposed or apparent opposition
between the teachings of aoience and tbe mlrl
oles of 8otijiture, by showing that the latter
may legitimately fall within tbe range of what
are called Nature's laws. Apart from tbe
reasoning, there are miny criticisms upon terms
la current use, of great v Jue to tbe student
and tbe man of thought.
"The Growth of Eogliah Poetry" and "Plu
tarch" are both fine literary essays. Few
Amerioans would care to pass over the article
on " Toequevillo " without seeing what the re
viewer has to say concerning the author of
"Democracy in America."
Lionaso Sojtt at Co., New York, are the
American publishers of the London, Edinburgh,
North British, and Westminster Quarterly Re
views and Blackwood's Magazine. Price $3.00
a year each of Blackwood and any one of the
others, $5.00 jf Blackwood and the lour Re
views $10 00.
SooaiiTiONs Stovij. We would suggest to
any one who has a ftnehant tot giving a lecture
or writing a treatise upon modern Inventions
and Improvements, to let stoves or beating and
cooking apparatus occupy a large space In hie
oration or essay. He will have the advantage
of a subject generally ignored by tbe dilettanti In
literature and science, but nevertheless novel
and interesting to every man and woman of
praotical good sense, and capable of expansion
to any desirable extent. "'.1.
Such a' the mo might bo supposed to afford
nothiog but a dry uniformity.. . But this would
be a most egregious mistake, as any one can see
who wilt take the trouble to examine any late
accredited encyclopedia of arts and manufac
tures, or, perhaps, what mlgut be easier and
more profitable, step into the new block of J.
L. Gill & Son on North High street, and see
the almost Infinite variety of stoves there col
lected, for warming and cooking, for the use of
ooal or wood or both together, and of every In
vention and pattern, aooient and recent, having
each sepirate excellences, nses and object! to
suit the wonts, purposes or whims of pur
chasers. "In conclusion, we would beg leave respect
fully to suggest" that, as old Boreas is giving
angry intimations that winter is about to assert
his rfghi to reign over this northers hemi
sphere, and as certain olaises of stoves are
needed at all seasons, ladies and gentlemen in
the walks of civil Jifs and gentlemen who ex
peottopaes tbe wintry season on tbe "tented
field," should at once oall on Mews. Giu. k
Son, who wilt be found both able and willing to
supply then in the best possible manner from
their large and varied establishment.
Hats and Cam "--Military gentlemen and
others, desiring to obtain the best and moat ap
proved styles of Hat, Caps, etc., should lose no
time In calling at the fashionable Hat Store of
J. H. Smith, No. 99 South High street. Mr.
Smith is one of tbe most accommodating deal
ers in tbe city, and his stook is so extensive and
various that he oan suit the Amos as welt at the
mini of bis customers with articles of any
desired quality and prioe.
To TBI Ladies c Colcmbds.--The men of
the Forty-sixth Regiment are greatly in need of
mittens. It Is not necessary to be particular as
to the kind. Any mittens for the Regiment
left at Run's book store will be properly dls
trlbuted by the Franklin County Military Com.
O The contract for supplying rations for the
soldiers and prisoners to be quartered on John.
son's Island, In Sandusky Bay, has been award
ed to EosiaTBOH ti Son, of Sandusky, at thlr
teen centa each per day. ' '
O The Grand Jury of Muskingum county,
just adjonrned, found two Indlotments for petit
larceny; two for grand larceny; two for mur
der in the first degreej one for assault with In
tent to commit a rape; one for setting lire to a
fence; two for robbery; two for forgery; one for
bnrglarly,and nineteen for selling liquor.
. BT Within ton days the Ohio Ordnance De
partment has sent ten wagon loads of fixed am
munition to Kentnoky, and seven to Rokcians,
at Ganley Bridge.
S Oases No. 1 Government Nutmegs
sraiis uiotos. . . , ,
lObozee Oltrou. ; .
30 boxes MBBalitna.
85 " layer do.. .
100 drums figs. . ,
casks Zmte Catrants, etc. ale,
In store for sale bv .
bv lWBoutJa High Street..
Flannel Shirtings.
X BI. The soat satenrh atook In th ally .
v ' Army Woolen looks.
- Shaker Bibbed Socks. . ' ' ;
Under Shirts aad Drawers,
. Oottoaaod Merino Kooki.
, Golden Hill Shir U. , - -
1 n.nt'a Kid a liim.
Gent'a Linen Onllara Wifa 4Im : ' " j
Xo. tt Sooth Blfh Btrtot
, , Shooting Gallery,, H
TBI aadenljnied begs leave to' Warm, lla Went
tbatkthuaitedapa "
good Ooaa, Air Ouaa, PlitoU aad BefraahaMata. .
SIT ne a call.
noTUdif r. .. 00NB1D BtOHABSl. r
, Master Commissioner's Sale.
our at oo. )
ve. I I
OoaamoB Pltaa.
Joba U. Klaoeyatal.)
dlraoled froa the Ooert of Qmmi Pleai of Irani.
lla ooaoiy, Ohio, I will offer for sale al the doer of tbe
uoan uoats, ia ue uujr er uoiamont, on
Monday, the Ulh day of November, 1861,
at one e'otoek, p. m., the followinr deeorlbed real m
UU, altoata la Ue eonntr ot 1 raakllo and Itate of Ohio,
to win .
Lot No. I. mhdlTlilAn of ml-lnl Wn. M In ilia
of Oolnabua. 1
Appraletl at 11800 00. ' '
. If. ITuTffMArT, Bherlff,'
and Muter OoamMoner.'
Prlnterafeee,l 00. '
OoeWHd ' " ' 'y ' '
Sheriff's Sale."
John Kenned,
Comoa Pleas.
Jaaaes Soath at
t Be directed trvm Aha Osnrt of Oommn Pkea af
Praeklin ocmnty, Ohio, I will offer for salt at the door
of the Oonrt llouee, la the elyof Oolombaa, ea . -
Saturday, the 30tb day of November,' A. D.
at one o'oloek P. M., tbe following; deiortbed .real
eetate. sllaate in tbe county of franklin, state of
Ohio and elty of Columtmj.lo wit: Ibeeut one-half of
the following; premtieo, eommenclDf one hundred and
elintv-fonr feet (IH4) weet of tbeeontbeait ooroer of set-
tot naatuer (33j tblrtv-Bv. and being a part of said out
lot, at a slake, thenee north one hundred aod eighty
soron and a half feet (187X1 to a lUke. thence weal
flftyeeTea feet (57) to a stake, thenos out flfty aerea
feet (57) to tbe plaoa of seglnnlng, all of which, lines
and corners, co eYtr,nojl be understood as eoneepond
log with thoes of the streets and alloys of the city of
Oolambus af ireaald. belnr the east one-hair of the ahsre
deearlbed premliee, and the same conveyed to the eald
laeea Boutn by said John Kennedy and wile by deed
I area date herewith, ... -
ABBialeadet BS75.
Printer's fees So 00 Q.W. HUTfMAN, Sheriff.
eoUi-Ultwtd . .-, , By Id. Barla, Deputy.
Master Commissioner's Sale.
O. Barrlnpr's Administrators.)
ti. Superior Court
' D. O. Sunnuck, etal.
directed, from the Superior Court of franklin coun
ty, Onto, I will offer for aile at the door of the Court
Mouse In the elty of Columbus, on
On Saturday, the 28 th day of December, 18C1,
between the hours of 10 o'clock A. M. and 4 o'clock P.
M., tbe following dtaorlbcd premliet, eltuateln franklin
connty, State of Ohio to wlti The three equal uudlvld.
ad fourth parts of all the lands, tenements and water
power leaeea oy wayns unowoia. acting member or the
Board of Public Work, to Christian Barringer, and Lorln
Terrington by lease bearlnt dale May 1st, 1854, together
with the nndlTlded three-tout th parte of all the struoturee,
ImpioTenenls aod machinery on eald lands and of tbe
appurteneneesthe eunto belonging, and of all tbe rights,
Dcnenie ana prmiegce wnaieoeTor secured oy saia lease,
to said lessee. Tbe premliet abore referred to are situate
on the Columbus feeder at the lock commonly known ai
fisher's lock, and said premises are commonly knows as
the Ooiambai Mills.
Terms of sale one-half cash on day of sals, one-fourth
In one year, aad one-fourth In two years, beaiinc Interact
atS per cenU, delered payments secured by mortgage on
Appraise", ai j7au.
N. B. Thsrcmalolnr undivided cnc-fourlh part of the
property will be sold at the same time and place, and up
on the came terms. .
Appraised at 11,250.
. OEOBOB W. ETJffMAN, Bbariff,
and Master Oommlailoner.
Printer's fee $8 00.
Master Commissioner's Sale.
Bale of Real Kaitaito by order of Court.
W. M. finch,, )
vs. Buserlor Oonrt of franklin Count.
John Brown etal.)
IN parsnanos of an order of the Superior Oonrt of
franklin county, Ohio, made at the May term thereof,
A. D. 1H01, In the abore entitled action, there will be
offered for sale, at publio auction, to the highest bidder)
Saturday, the 30th day of Nov., A. D. 1861,
at the hour of 10 o'clock A.M., at tbe door of the Court
House, In the city of Oolumbus, In said franklin county,
the following real estate, to wltt
In-lnt nnmbor 9 of Robert Nell's addition to the elty
of Oolumboe, being tbe north-east comer of liockwln
turnpike and Johnstown plank road. .
Appraised at gi.aw.oo. . .
Terms of sale, cub..
Special Master Commissioner.
B. It H. Ohittsnden, Attys.
Printer's fees, arj.00. , .
Oct. 89, 1881-td. ,- . '
The pattern of these shirts are new. The Bodies, Yokaa,
sleeres and bosoms are formed to fit the person with oasa
and comfort. The mark upon each one designating Ike
lie may be relied on a being correct, and each shirt hi
guaranteed well made. A full stock of all qualities
constantly for sale at . BAIN'S,
now. no. xv souta High itnet.
Or Those Contemplating: laarrlaare.
THB anderslgnsd wlllglvelnformatlon on a verytYt-
UruUne and important subject, which will be valu
ed more than a thousand times Its cost by every married
eonpl of any age or condition In life. Tbe Information
will be sent by mail to any address on th receipt of 81
cents (afloer) and on red stamp.
All letters should be addressed to
ocrl-lj3tawdfcW ' Boston, Mas.
Uooa AiTecUnot, Golds, Bheumati ems, Ooetirenets, Oon1
aunptlons, Affsctlona ot lbs Spleen, of th Liver, of
th Heart, Tumors, and all diseases which destioy life,
hare always exhibited, upon dlrseotlon of the body, a
number of herd or concrete points, either In sums of tbe
organs named or In th blood vessels, some times even
ramifying In th flesh, and again deposited upon th side
of t bone. Now then little bard substances would
smvia oK If Brandreth's rills were nsedt they would
be purged out of the aattm, and jeara of happy life
would be the sufferers' lut Instead of an early grave
Alwaja purge but iravia suss In sickness. , ;
T. T. Carpenter, .Iiq., of Qovernenr, St. Lawrence
oounty, New York, 04 year of age, aaya he baa used
Brandreth's Pills for 34 years, administered them first to
hi coachman, who had fever and gu;gav eight the
day after the chill; chills and fever less severe; gav
eight more the next day, and ao every other day aatil
th chill and fever did not return, which was aboua-eight
day from the llrst attack. Ha then gar four every
other day for another week, when the man was entirely
restored to his usual good health. , . '
H was himself attacked; took them In the suae way,
aad waa cured la leas time. Has ased no other medl
cine for 14 years; found then always reliable for himself
and family when alck; has reoommended them to thou
sands with the best results, and feel eonndeat that va
ry family would hare a larger areragc of health IT thee
Pills were used In th pltcs ot calomel and other hurtful
remedies. ; .4 .. ..1 v. v. . -
told by Job B. Cook, Dragglst, Oolumbus, andbv
Bv83-dla i
"Train Stranger tban notion."
It n a flotion to believe that the adulterated, nozlou
drug, aold In the market as Baleratua, are beneficial or
eren baimleia to tha consumer. It la much stranger.
but no fiction, to believe that James Pyle's Dietetic
Baleratua la pur and wholesome, and th best erer
made I Depot, 345 Washington Street, Raw Tork-
RsiruDiUMauBeeaioujtnviope jrriosoets.l 4
weaaneee, inrolnntary emissions, nezual Debility, and
impedimenta to marriage generality, nervousness, Con
sumption, Bpllepey and Jits, Mental and Physical In-
opacity, reauiuag iron MirahurS, a, ay Hobert
vainrweu, m. v., autoor or the ereea Book, Sto.
A poem tm Tbanaande Sufferers,
Beat andef seal, to. a sltla SnealnM. u iiirtm.
tL 1?ldt2 f,,,', of ,w stamp, by Dr. OHA8.
if O. T Bowesy, Mew York, Post Offlo Bos
. . epTMRBdW
THE LATEST NEWS BY TELEGRAPH From all Parts of the World.
The Beauregard and
Davis Imbroglio.
England Furnishing Arms
to the Rebels.
Mortality among the Rebels at Bowling
News from Southern
Great Excitement in Charleston.
England Shows no Disposition
to Interfere.
Active Preparations at Fortress
The Rebels Advancing.
&c. &c. &c.
From Washington.
Washington, Nov. 83. The followlug mili
tary appointments were made to-dav: Robert
Smith, of Iowa, to be an additional Pavmaster
Volunteers; Frederick C. Ogden, of New
01 s, 10 Deoeoooa lieutenant ot tbe 1st Regi
ment U. S. Cavalry: Caot. John M. Sohofflald.
la Artillery U. 8. A., to be a Brigadier-
Uccoral ol Volunteers; Major Thomas J. Mo
Kecn, of Iowa, now sl additional Paymaster,
be a Brigadier-General of Volunteers. Oen.
Havelock has been appointed Inspeotor of Cav
alry, an effice which he rilled In tbe British
rumor ia current to tbe army that tbe or
ders upon which Col. Baker acted at Ball's
Bluff were lorged by some rebel for the pur
pose of drawing him into a trap.
[Times Dispatch.]
It ia now definitely ascertained In military
Circles at Washington that Beauregard reoently
tendered his resignation as a General of the
rebel army in consequence of his difference with
Jeff Davis as to tbe eonduot of the war. Vio
lent parties have sprung np among the Confed
erates on this question Beauregard represent
ing the offensive war party, who believe in in
vading the North and wintering in Baltimore,
Philadelphia and New York, and Jeff. Davis
repreeenting the defensive war party, who trust
lime and the patient defense of their own
soli to give them independence. The Beaure
gard party complain that the policy of Davia
bas led to the invasion of 800 th Carolina, and
will fill the Cotton States with tbe borrore of
war and end in their destruction and it Is be
lieved that Davia has suooumbed to tbe war
policy to prevent South Carolina .and Georgia
from seceding from tbe rebel 8 tales.
Beauregard was lndooed to withdraw his res
Kentucky bas now furnished to the Govern
ment ber full quota of tbe half million of men
called tor tne uationai defense, and propose to
raise aa many mora for State defenses until
the rebel armies are driven from her soil.
Six thousand stand of French rifled muskets
arrived here yesterday, and are already being
distributed among our troops by Col. Kings
bury, tbe ordnance officer of Gen. MoClellan'a
staff. Seven thousand more now in New York
will arrive within a few
[Special to the Herald.]
A letter reoelved to day from flag officer
Foote of the flotilla whioh is to operate on the
Mississippi, states be is making rapid progress
and will soon have it in readiness to proceed on
its way.
A letter to the Herald from George F. Train,
dated London, Nov. 9th, elates that several
vessels, loaded with stores and ammunition for
the rebels, bad already left for the Southern
States, and others were preparing to follow.
The night before bis letter was written, the
Gladiator, one of the old Lisbon screw steamers,
took on board, a few miles below London, a
lull eargo 01 arms aod munitions of war, and
was to clear nest day for Teneriff and Nassau.
Tbe estimated value of the cargo ia $300,000,
and it oomprises everything neoessary for the
equipment, ao far ae arms are eonoerned, of an
army of twenty-five thousand men. He stales
in addition that tbe English government bas
reoenily sold aloe oondemned sloons of war to a
party wno naa aisposea or tnem again to tbs
rebel navy department; besides these, two East
India men-of-war of eighteen hundred tons and
eight hundred horse power, are In treaty for.
[To the Associated Press.]
Washington, Nov. 33. Tbe Rlohmond ca
pers of Wednesday last contain the Message of
President Davis to tbe Coogree of th rebel
States- After the nsual congratulations, be
Tne operations or tbe army, soon to be parti
ally interrupted by the approaching winter, have
afforded a protection to our country and shed a
glorioue luster upon its arms,. through the try
log vioisaltudes of more than one arduous cam
paign, which entitle our brave volunteers to our
praise and gratitude.
curtner on ne says: Alter mors tban seven
months of war the enemy have not only failed
to extend their oceupanoy of our soil, but new
States and territories bave been added to our
Confederacy; which, Instead of their threatened
marohes of unchecked conquest, thev have been
driven at more than one point to assume the
defensive; ana upon a fair oomparison between
the two belligerent as to men, military means
and financial condition, the Confederate Statea
are relatively much stronger no tban when the
struggle commenced. .
He speake in high terms of tbe people of
the Bute or Missouri, wno no says conduoted
the war in the faoe of almost unparalleled dif
ficulties, with a spirit and suoeees alike worthy
of themselves and of the great cause" in whioh
tbey are struggling,
lie continue: Finding the Confederate Slates
wsre about to be invaded through Kentucky, and
that ber people, after being drawn into a mis
taken security, were unarmed and in danger of
being subjugated by tne federal roroea, our
armies were marched into that State to repel tbe
enemy aad prevent tuelr occupation or certain
strategic points, which wow Id bave given theia
great advantage In the contest a step which
waa not only justified by the necessity of self
defense on the part of tbe Confederate States,
but also by desire to aid the people of Ken
tuoky. It was never intended bv the Confeder
ate Government to conquer or coerce tbe people
01 anas oie) out, on tne contrary, it waa rj
olared by our Generals that thev would with.
draw their troope if the Federal Government
would do likewise. A Proclamation waa also
made of our desire to respect the neutrality of
jventuoay, auu tne uiienuoa so Cblde by tbe
wishes of her people as soon as thev wera free
to express their opinions. These declarations
were approved by met and I should retrard It aa
one Of the best effeota of the march of our troops
! TT . 1 , ,4 -I , J I 1 I . .
WW javntuvBy, u t sugum sua u giving W RT
nile liberty oi choloe and a free opportunity
eolde their own policy according to their
own will,.
While, be savs. the army bas been chiefly la
Stramental in prosecuting the great oonflict, the
navy nas also been enootive in inu proportion
10 its means. "
In another part of his message be eays w
have already two main systems of through
transportation from the North to the South, one
front Rlohmond along tbe seaboard, and tbe
Other through Western Virginia to New Or
leans! a third might be secured by completing
a link or about forty miles Between vaaviu.
In Virginia, and Greenborough, North Carolina.
Tha ooaatruetion of this comparatively abort
line would give ue a through route from North
to South in tbe Interior of tbe Confederate
Statea, aad give us aooees to a population and
to military resources from wnicn we are in a
great measure debarred. . .
1 If, bo eays further on, we husband oar means
and make a iudlolous use of our resources.
It would be difficult to fix a limit to tbe period
during wbloh we could oonduct a war against
tbe adversary whom we now encounter. Tbo
very efforts whioh bo makee to desolate and di
ride ua must exhaust bis means, whilst the
serve to complete the eirole and diversify tbe
productions of our industrial system. The re
construction wbloh he esks to effect by arms
becomes daily mora and more palpably Impoiel.
bio. Not only do tbe eauaea wbloh Induced as
to separate, still last In full foroe, but tbey base
been strengthened, and whatever doubt may
nave lingered In tbe minds or any must Dave
been completely dispelled by tbe subsequent
If. instead of being a dissolution of a league,
It were indeed a rebellion in wbloh we were en
gaged, we might find ample vindication for tbe
course we bave adopted in tbe eoeoee which are
now being enacted in tbe United States. Uur
people now look with contemptuous astonish
ment on those with whom tbey bave been so re
cently assembled. They ehrluk with aversion
from the base idea of renewing auch a connec
tion. With suoh a people, we may be oontent
to live at peace; but our separation from tbem
le final, and for tbe independence we have as
sumed we will accept no alternative.
President Davis characterises tbe nature of
hostilities on the part of the United'
States as barbarous. Whenever it is under
stood, be adda, if tbey convert tbelr eoldiere
Into incendiaries and robbers, and Involve us In
a Species of war whloh olaims non-oombatants,
women and children, as its victims, tbey must
expect to be treated as outcasts and ene
mies of mankind. There are certain rights of
humanity which are entitled to respect, even In
war, and be who refuses to regard them, for
feits bis claim, If captured, to be conaldered a
prisoner of war, muat expeot to be dealt with
as an offender against all laws human and
But not oontent with violating our rights un
der the law of nations at home, they have ex
tended their injuries to us within other juris
diotions. Tbe distinguished gentlemen whom,
with your approval al tbe last session, were
commissioned to represent the Confederacy at
eertain foreign courts, bave been reoently soil
ed by tbs Captain of a United Statea veaael of
war, while on board a British mail steamer, on
a voyage from the neutral Spanish port of Ha
vana to England. Tbe United States have thus
claimed a general jurisdiction over tbe bigb
seas, and entering a British ship, sailing under
its oountry't flag, violating the rights of embas
sy, for tbe moat part held sacred even among
barbarisas, by seizing our ministers whilst under
tne protection ana wituin tne domains or a neu
tral nation. These gentlemen were as much
under the Jurisdiction of the British Government
upon that ship, and beneath it flag, as if tbey
had been on its soil; and a claim on tbe part of
the United States to seiie them in tbe streets of
London would have been ae well founded as to
apprehend them where tbey were taken. Uad
they been malfactore and cltisens even of the
United States, tbey could not bave been arrest
ed on board of a Britieh ship or on British soil,
unless under tbe express provisions of treaty
and according to the forms therein provided for
tbe extradition ot criminals.
President Davis speaks of Mr. Faulkner as
having been perfidiously arrested; aod says tbat
in conduotiog this war we bave sought - no aid
and proposed no alliances offuaslve or defensive
abroad. Perhaps we bad the right, if we bad
eboeen to exercise it, to aak to know whether
the principle that a blockade to be binding muat
be effeotive, so solemnly announced by the great
powers of Europe at Paris, is to be generally
enforoed or applied only to particular patties.
Mr. Davis aaya Be has oaused tbe evidence'
to be collected, which proves completely the
utter inefficiency of the proclaimed blockade of
tbe Southern coast, and shall direot it to be
laid before such governments as shall afford the
means or being beard.
But although they should be benefitted by
toe enforcement 01 tne law so solemnly deolar
ed by lbs great powers of Europe, we are not
dependent on mat enforcement for tbe success
ful prosecution of tbe wsr.
As long ss hostilities oontlnue, the Confeder
ate States will expediate a strictly increasing
oapaoity to furnish their troops with food, clos
ing and arms. II tbey should be foroed to fore-
?;o many of tbe luxuries aod some of the cont
orts of life, they will at least have the conscious
ness of knowing that they are thus becoming
more and more independent of thereat of tbe
He conoludes as follows:
While the wsr whloh is waged to take from
us the rights of self-government can never at
tain tbat end, it remains to be seen bow far It
may work a revolution In tbe Induatrial system
of the world whioh may carry suffering to other
lands as well as our own. In' the mean' time,
we shell continue this struggle In bumble de
pendence upon Providenoe, from whose search
ing scrutiny we cannot conceal the aecreta of
our hearts, and to whose rule we confidently
submit our destinies. For tbe rest we shall de
pend upon ourselvee. Liberty is always won
where there exists tbe unconquerable will to be
free, and wo have reason to know tbe strength
that is given by a conscious sense not only of tbe
magnitude, but of the righteousoes of our
The Richmond Whig, in commenting on the
message of Preaident Davis, says we are two
people from this time forward. We are aware
that the Yankees are determined not to quit ns,
happen wbat may. If tbey cannot oooquer ue,
their calculation is that tbey will be oonquered
by us. They have made up their mind to sub
mit tamely to tbelr late. Well, If we must wo
must, though we shall bave a great aversion to
tbe event. Our choice Is, after drubbing tbem
soundly and making thorn pay th expenses of
the war, to turn then loose upon themselves
a prey tj their own vile passions.
Tbe Richmond papers of Wednesday contain
dlspatohes from the rebel army, the substance
of wnicn is as ioiiows ;
The smallpox, a violent tvpe of the tvohoid
fever, and the black measles, were prevailing,
csusibg frightful mortality, among tbe rebel
troope al Bowling Green, Ky, Large numbers
were dying aaiiy.
Gen. Fiord's armv haa fallen back four miles
south of Raleigh Court House, and the Federal
troope nave been largely reinforced. General
Lee'e command bas retired to Meadow Bluff.
The rebels reported two killed and several
oaptured In a 'skirmish last week in Western
Virginia. .The roads are in bad condition, mak
ing it dlfcult to obtain supplies.
A aiaoatob from Mauasaae in relation to a
skirmish near Fall's Cburoh during tbe psst
wssk, acknowledges two killed and three
woanded. They claim to bave taken ten pris
oners and killed five Federals. '
Tbe Richmond Whig announces the death of
John Hughes, a delegate to the State Conven
tion from Kandolpb, wbo was killed ia the bat
tle of Rioh Mountaia,
The Rlohmond Examiner of Wednesday oon
firms the report that tbe rebel Colonel Crogban
was xuiea in tne recent engagement, between
rtoya anu ivtisecran. . .- . - .
A dispatch from Charleston 17tb, savs the un
expeoted failure of our shore batteries at Bay
Point and Hilton Head to demoliah at least one
of tbe attacking veaaels, baa sadlv shsken oon
fidonce In the effloienoy of our gune against
monster irigates ana even iron-clad gunboats,
which they may have again to encounter! and
now eo alarmed are many of the eordid souls
tbat infest all Southern ulties, that the effect
may already be seen In the lengthening of
rreigbt train wnicn wave almost bourly for tbe
Interior. In Savannah whole neighborhoods
have been deserted by the exodus of the wives
and children of those who are in arms al Fort
Pulaski and the batteries on Savannah River.
[Special to the Commercial.]
A lady from Charleston who hat just reached
this city, reports that there is muoh excitement
among the slave population. The whites are
solicitous and lirmcd.
Mr. Geo. Peabody, tbe London banker, writes
here that the British Government ie anxious to
preserve peace with the United States, and thai
he does not fear that any attempt to break tha
blockade will be made. Mr. Bates also writes
in me eerae strain.-. ' 1, -J 1 ; .
Gov. Pierpout of Kanawha, states publicly
that the War Department baa assured him tbat
tba Baltimore andjQaia Railroad will soon be
The Fortress Monro correspondent of. the
Philadelphia Enquirer states that on' Tuesday
morning about tea o'clock Company A, ot tbe
let Delaware jugimeat, left uamp Hamilton on
a reoonnoiterlog expedition.- The corpe was
under command of Captain Watson, of ,W1
minvtnn.l That crossed HamDton Craaki when
about one and a half miles beyond our outer
nlokets. enooonterea a. oonstaerapio oouy 01
rebel cavalry, who weri' accompanied by two
field howltxers, brass rifled pieces; aod tbe first
intimation thai the DelawsrUoa had of the
enemy' position or near approaob was tbe
wniatung 01 a pro eouie inrougu iuo wouue tun
underbrush. ; Captain Watson then threw up a
temnorare defenaa of brnahwood and earth
alter advancing to an eligible position, and aent
back lot reloforoemente. General Mansfield
eooompaoled by three companies of tbo New
York xUtb, uol. Max Weber, proceeoea its sue
relief ot the brave Delaware boys. At the time
the boat left Fortress Monroe, neither tbe ueia
warlans or tbe relief bad been definitely beard
from, although a report was current thitt the
former bad suffered a loss of four men. ,' i
From Gen. Dix's Command.
Baltimosx. Nov. 22. General Dix received
dlspatohes to day advieing him that the disor
ganisation of tbe rebel forces was general in
tbe Peninsula, uaptain iticnaraa-s cavairy naa
been diepatohed before tbe messenger left to
take possession of six brass cannon known to be
near tbe town of Oluey, Gov. Wise's old resi
dence, and had doubtless done so.
Col. Smith, commander of the rebel forces,
and some of .Bis officers, were trying to escape
from tbe lower extremity, but flag officer Golds
borough has put the whole shore under surveil
lance, and It is believed tbey will all be captur
ed. -, . ; , r
From Gen. Dix's Command. The Keystone State Supposed to be
From Gen. Dix's Command. The Keystone State Supposed to be Lost.
DrraoiT, Nov. 93. The Kevstoue State,
hence lor Milwaukee on the 8tbiuat.,is believed
to have gone down with all on board, .She was
last seen In a gale apparently disabled, and
pieces of wreck supposed co belong to ber, have
since been picked up on Lake Huron.
From Fortress Monroe.
FokTaxss Monroi, Nov. '93 Several reel-
meutj bave arrived here from Baltimore aod
Annapolis during tbe last twenty-four hours,
and Old Point has assumed ah unusually briak
appearance.-r Formidable !p:eparatlone are be
ing made for active operations, wbiob bave not
been disclosed, The ferry boats in tbe roads
are being kept heavily armed. ' .-.
lien. Untler came on from vvaeblogton mis
morning snd spent the day at Old Point, the
Rip Raps and Newport News. He will prooeed
to Baltimore to night. '
From Missouri.
Roll a, Nov. 93. McCullooh with a large
foroe Is now encamped between Springfield aod
Lebanon. His pickets extended last night over
a space of fifteen miles this side of Ltbinon.
This is reliable. It waa rumored in camp last
night that tbe advance of tbe rebel army, eight
tbouaaod etrong, was at tbe Gascosade, about
thirteen miles west of here. This however is
not credited.' ; .
Kansas, Nov. 23. The dry goods store of J.
N. P. Shannon was broken into and robbed last
evening by some twenty or thirty men In s:l
dlera' dress, armed with revolvers and sabres.
Tbe windows and showcates were entirely de
molished, and some five thousand dollars worth
of goods carried off.'
Several drinking saloons were dcmnlUhed
last night and to day by order of the Provort
Marshal, the proprietors having violated the
proclamation forbidding the rule of liquor to
soldiers " ' ' '
- Master Commissioner's Sale:
A . Whiting and 0. M. Fa rsons,
Executors of 0 Swan, ' I Doc J p. SCQ.
; 1 ts. ' f Superior Court.
. Amos J. Turbeeetal. '
BT virtue of an order of sale to me directed, from the
Superior Oonrt ol of rranklln count-, Ohio, I will
offer for sale at tbe door of the Court Hoa-e, In the
city ot Oolumbus, on
Saturday, the 23th day of December, 1861,
Between the hours of 10 o'clock A. il. and 4 o'clock P.
M.. the following described premises, to wiu
Part ot lot No. 9, of Baker and Mllcbell'a subdivision
of out-lot No. S3, Oolurt bos, Ohio; beginning at tbe
aouibsrest corner of said lot No. 8, at the northeast cor
ner of tbe tnteriection of JU.iunl and Seventh streets;
thence eastwardly on Monad street one hucdred and
twenty feet to a private al ev! thence northwardly br
said all' j to the middle of said lot No. 9; thsnoe west
ward! parallel with Mound street to the front on dev.
entb street! thence southwardly on Seventh street to the
place or neginnine.
Appraised ataiuuu.
0. TV. HUFFMAN, Sheriff,
and Master Commissioner.
Printer's fees (3 00.
Master Commissioner's Sale. .
Samuel Psrsont' Executors, "
w. Duponor uourt.
John K.Hevl at all. I
to m directed from the Superior Oonrt of Franklin
Oounty, Ohio, I will offer for sale at the door of the
Court lloua, In the city of Oolumbus, on
Saturday, the 28th day of December, A. D.
between th hours of 10 o'clock a. a., and 4 o'clock r. a.
the following described real estate, eltuate In the oounty
of franklin and But of Ohio, to wit: Lots Nob. seven,
S) olght, (8) nine (8) and ten. (lb) of -John and Henry
tiler's subdivision of lots Noe. elyhty.nlne, (89)fnlnety,
(90) and ninety one, (Ol) ot Crosby's addition to out-lota
east of Columbus, aa delineated on the Diet thereof, re
corded In volume one, page seventy, of the record of plat
01 sa.u couniy. .
Appraised Lots Not. 7, 8, at 3C0 00 each.
0. W HCrvMAN.RheruY
and Master Commissioner.
Printer fee tt.OO. . .
Master Commissioner's Sale.
Louis Llademan
vs. Bucerlor Court.
Haldsmond Orary at al. )
BT virtu of an order of sale to me directed from the
Superior Oonrt of rranklln count. Ohio. I will of
fer for eale at the door of the Court Bouse In the City of
Oolumbus, on
Saturday, tbe 14th day of December, A. D.
at one o'clock P. M., the following described real estate,
situate In th oounty of franklin and Stat of Ohio, to
Lots numbered tblrtr-nln (39), fort HO), forty-en
Ml), forty-two (42). and fortzr three (43). In the addition
of H. Orary and others to the city of Columbus, as
designated In th plat of eald addition, recorded la the
jteoorder's etnee or rranaiin ojunty, Ohio.
Appraiera at
. Lots Nos. St. 40 snd 43,3SO 00 each. '
41 and 42, JOO 00 "
Sheriff and Matter Commissioner.
Printer's fees, 18.
The Court of Common Pleas Frank
lin County, Ohio. ' -
Joseph Story '
.) Doe. I, page 811, No. 315.
Samuel 0. Btory t al.) ,." ""
th said Court to m directed. I will offer for sale at
publio austlonat the door of the Court House, la th
city of Oolumbus, on , .
Saturday, th 21st day of December, 1861,
between the hours of It o'clock at. and 9 o'clock P. M.,
the following described real estate, situate In the conn
tv of rranklln aid State of Ohio:
The andividtd two-ninths (4 9) of a eertain tract er
naroel of land, situated in the aountvtof Franklin and
State of Onto, lying on Darby Big Bun, a branch of
Darby Oreei. a pur or tne original survey no. 3,811,
and bounded and described as follows:
Betinnlcc at a lane stone In the Bun. lower earner
to Josish Bivsns' lot In th south of said original
survey no. 9 011; uenoe witu saia iinesoutn eighty
nine (SO) degrees east on hundred and forty (140) poles
al the southeast corner, ooroer tree down; thence with
tbceaol line -north on '1) degre east six. ty-three and
on half (69H) poles to a bur oak and three red elms;
north elehty-nlne (69) degrees wtst on hundred and
fifty (ISO) polee to apolnt in tbe oentre of the run, with
Its meander, to the place of beginning, containing sixty
(00) aoree more or less , ,
Appraised at IS 00 per acre. ;
, 0. W. HUFFMAN, Sheriff,
Printer's fees It W. ,
' aevM-td. ' . ." '' ' '
7 . -Gents Linen Shirt Collars, '
J BOTB , Standing, Byron, Foreigner, BenfreW and
K,h na ikina. Hemmed Pocket Handkerchiefs. Deck
Tlee, Stocks, Street and Bvenlng Olovee, Half Boa of
' kind, Under garments ana ail sina or unu rug
I a tab lug tjooo in great vaneij am J
' Msg Bo, 89 South High street.
y.AMjMli ,, --7,.-,.,, ,.,Ja,,r''
. , fllwABK OHIO,
nanulactnrers of, all kind at Per
, table, anet Ntationarr M tea tit Ett
Riuew, Saw Nils. 6rlt Bltlla,
4t. dfcOe
UU!Ek BODlJti JStatmJ S. t I. BULND YBeatml
00. Batmlllll
Onr PnrtnhU Knvina mmA a. (will
Was awarded tbe first oremium at aso. at the rnAi.n.
Stat Fair for 100 over Lan m Bodtar'e on
Price, lightness, simplicity, economy of fuel
aod superior character or lumber sawed.
Onr St&tlnnarv Entrln na twinta . . a.,.
tha first premium of S'AK).
uur rortabie engine was awarded the first premium ol
B100 st the Fair at Memphis, Term., over Blandy's Do
van s, uoiumbus Machine Go's., and Bradford A OoV
by a committee of practical Railroad Engineers.
ur piKvnua icnni euurese
. W 11, LAUD WARNER, Treuurer,
daiS-dAwlyeolS. Newark, Ohio
fl II li AT CUBE
liheuffitttism, Goat and Henrtlgla,
All Mercurial Diseases.
tt Is aconronleotly arranged Band, contalnlne a med
icated oomponnd, le be worn a round the Waist, without
Injury to the most delicate persons; no ohange In habits
of living I required, and it entirely removes the dls
ease from the system, without producing the Injurious
effects arising from the use of powerful Internal medi
cine, which weaken and destroy the constitution, and
tlve temporary relief only. By this treatment, th med
rlnal properties oon lained In the Band come In contact
with the blood and reach the disesse, through the pores
of the skin, effecting In every Instance a perfect cure,
and restoring the parts afflicted to healthy condition.
This Band is also a mottpowerf ul AaTi-MncoaiAt, agent,
and will enUrely relieve the system from UMyMrmoiotM
effects of Mercury. Moderate ea.es are cured In few
days, and w are constantly receiving testimonial of it
elloacy In accirravated cases rf long standing.
Paid Si.UO. to be bad of Draiirlsta eenerall. or nan
be sent by mail or express, with full directions for use.
to any part or tne country direct trom the Principal
No. 409 BB0ADWA7, Hsw York.
U. SMITH & CO., Sole Proprietors.
X. i. Descriptive Circulars Bent Free.
A. J. SGRUELLER A 60S. DaoaeisTs. Aewan. Ha.
'."77 S. High St., bet. Friend and Muund, Oolnmbus, 0.
117 Agent Wanted, Everywhere.
mhSci-lylsorlstv dAw
For an Inch of Time!
a dying Queen. Tnat inch of time can be proeur-
a mush cheaper rate, and many long years of
enjoyed by consulting Dr. MIRBTWE ATBEB. who
Is curing the most obitlnate and long standing diseases
Facta are stnbbara TMng-ai
Hear what the Phlladelohls oorreioondent savs In the
"Oommonwealih," Wilmington, Delaware, tth of April,
"An English gentleman, formerly connected wit h the
British Army, and who sly lee himself th 'India
Botanic Physician .' hat of late gslned an aztenelve repu
tation here by bis skill In curing all manner of 00m
plaints. Bom of his patient I have convened with,
and they pronounoe his remedies and mod ot treatment
Al very superior. Some hav been restored as If by
magic Tbe medicine he uses Is distilled by himself
from various herbs possessing rare curative properties.
"While acting In toe army he devoted hi leisure mo
ments to a thorough study of the efieoto produoed by
oertain medicinal roots aad herbs on all manner of dis
eases. It seems he has found a sure and speedy reme
dy for all tbe 'ills that flesh is heir to.' Bis practice Is
already extenalve and I, dull inereaslng. In the oom
plaints to whxh Females are subjoined, be has no equal
as a large number here bave testified that they owe net
only their present gcod health, but their lives, loth
skill of this Indian Botanic Physician."
Office 37 East Stare 3treet, Columbus.
maaoaittNAftY bargains
1,000 yards Barer Flsln Black Bilks at 00 vain
1 B5 per yard.
2,800 yard Traveling Dress and Mantle Goods
18 l-i oenh value SO eents povjardT:
3,000 yards Whit Brilliants at 19 1 cants
value 80 cent per jsrd.
8(000 yards Fin snd Domestic Ginghams greatly ud
dor value.
New .and Fashionable Drosas GKxxl
In th most deelrable style and at very lower price.
Of all materials, made In th most stylish msnnsr aft
th latest Farts Fashions lb most elegant style
th city.
(Jo. (S Scnth High street.
Bay 30 '
Machine Mannffictnriiig Company
1 ANcrACTUina or
1 Castings, Will-Gearing, Machinery
"' ; '.. , ,also,
lallxoaca. Worn
v. o 5 w jviiy DE8tmirTi0B.v- .
, 4 coLcraucs, onto.
OHAB. AMBOS, Bap'l. t-AMBO, It
decu. vm-tt
tR' Jw eo.a ol.sjTf 4!'i '
" They gtt Right to th , C;:t
.1 ; .
Instate Belief I . a tap waar CaTssja.
I rstrlff Tatar Breattt. ,
tresk;Uiesi yamv vateelp ,
- ' '- .' ABB .' :.'-'''
OHUDBBJf oar FOB . .
Thev relieve a Cougb Instantly -
Tbey clear tbe Throat.
They give strength aod volume to tbe volee.'
They impart a delicious aroma to tbr oreatb
Tbey Are delightful to the tat
They are made of simple herbs and cannot -
barm anyone.
I advise every on who kea a Oauk uiia,fd.'
or a Bad Breath, or any diaiculty of the Throat, to at
a package of ssy throat Confection; they will relieve
you Instantly, and you will urea vita u that ik.
go right to th spot.' To will find the very aeefu I
and pleasant while traveling or attending publio meet
logs for stilling your Ooavh or allarin sou rhlret -II
yea try on pectg, I am safe tn saying that yon will
ever tnerwarda consider tbem Indispensable.
To will And them at lb Drunrist and Dealers In
Medicines. -
My signalur I on each package. All others an
A poUagc wlU be sent by mall, prepaid, eu reoetpt
Thirty Cents.
Address, .(
Henry C. Spalding,
C& cure "a
By the ue ol these Pills the periodic attack o'er
otM or diet Btaiaei saey be prevented; tad If taken
at the commencement of an attack immediate relUii (ruva
pain and sickness will be obtained.
They seldom fall In removing th Jlauuta aad
acid to which females are so subject.
They act gently apoa to ct re I-reeeovlcg UX
For Literary JCm, Btudmit. Delioat Fmal
and all parson, of ttdtnlarf kabitt, they at valua
a LaaaUc. Improving go mppttiU, giving tea
eaov to in digestive organs, and restoring th aatar
elasticity and strength of th whole system.
THB CEPHALIC FILLS sr th result of song tnvw
ligation and fare fully oondocted experiments, having
been to use saany years, during which tuns they hav
prevented and relieved a vast am 00 at of pain aad safer 1
log from Headache, whether originating in the aertww
system or from a deranged slate of th 4cwiaaa.
They an entirely vegetable in their oompotltiru.,
may be taken at all lime with perfect mjclj althout
making any ehang of diet, aad. Ae otsewos of on
diwtalU tatt rmdtrt it uy to admtn.it er (Asm
Th genuine have five tlgnatuiee of Henry O Spalding
on each Box.
Sold by Druggists and ell other Dealers In Medicine.
A Box will be sent tiy mall, prepaid, on receipt of th
Price, BO Cents.
AU orders should be addressed to
HKNBV O. 8PALali4,
4 Oadar Street New Vara,.
' From th BxsmlntTforfolk, Ve!
flmhftltA Pill. iMnnllak It.. .Uui . Wl-l .l .
- - 1 . 'i "I-- vwjw. i.i wunju Uloy
were made, vies Ours of headache In all Its forms.
From the Examiner, 2foioBt, Ta.
Tbey hav been tatted In store th a thonaaad eaaaa
wttn enure s
From tha Democrat, Bt. Cloud, Minn.
If you are, or hav been, troubled Wit the
send for a box, (Cephalic Fill,) so that yoa sea hav
From the Advertiser, Providence, 1, 1.
TSe Oephallo Pills art laid to be remarkabl eiramn.
remedy for th headache, and on of Lb very Wet for
that very frequent oomplalnt which has tn, bean
00 vers d-
Frem tn Western B. B. Oexetto, Chicago, III.
We hearUlv endorse Mr. Bnaaldlrur. and kli nnrinX...
OephaUe Fills.
Fro " Kanawha Valley Star, Kanawha, Ta.
We ar tar that persons aaSarlu with eha ----
who try thsm, wllsUok to them.
trom ths Southern Path Finder, New Orleans, La.
Try thorn! yon that are afflicted, and ar ar ear that
your testimony oan be added to the already eiscona
list that ha received bebeflt that other mdldu can
prouuos. ,
Froa the St. Leal Pisa octal,
Th Immense demand, for th artici .Ospkattc PUIS
la rapidly increasing. ,
Froa tbeOasette, Davenport, low
Mr. Spalding woaM tnt connect hie nam vrttk a ar
tici be did not bme k eoeeeea real merit.
0A Mngl bottle of SPALDUfO'S PBBPABBD
wwm win -. w. uiwb lie ecnannnaity. j
wvliVSB vatUVtt1 " '
CJ"A SviMsr Tuu Save fm."XH
Ai uckieati will rappeo, ta wall refumsed Sam
tliee. It ts very deelrable to ka soma eeaa aad ea
venfcmt way for repairing Faraluue. Toy, Oreeierj
mask all sack emergeoolee, and no he e hold eaa effort '
Ing point. "
urucvuif in Bvaur Bousa
M. B.-A Brush aeroea pantos each boUVt,
eente. . AWreee, ' , -j
. HBNBI 0- BFAXDINO. . . -r,, ,
Bo.:4B, Cedar Street. awteeu : '
a a vrvaaaWA . . .
vav a aval i- -
1 - . . l 1 ' a 1 t . A . ' . ' " ' -
nM liva fT r-kava Oka nnaiiarVvePttlnsp winKlfn ta.li.ii 1 - I '
Sxuuanasv vuvts a wrvwsn tMsjuueTi mil pwmam M
ftVlAlM befor pun-h-uHnr, nA m Uat Lh hxl n-nvja
1. sa un avjisvt fiiTlkl I . .
kx uta eu waa aeeaaaves w aay frm x ea an 1 limits mwea atwitA ejagf

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