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(ll)t (Dip Statesman
-rrrr-A-.-' '
k.l. W. fflANVt-KNNV, editor
TOKOAV ''UOBiNliXC.; NOV. 520, 1861."
How the Country Raceme Involved
How the Country Raceme Involved in a Civet War.
Bosiiioua iihuot nfit&trxbtcoffllog euemiei'
TVIr jjin!r rriftf boeB rn$ ..oa(-
wLuuut ttott'to advsrao- u J hostile proceed-
lag, whll jet they wr-fce cuuipelltd to take
part la lack prooeedinpt. fl
Mewbece oeuotcVrt, ot lOcieUe and oorpo-
Into, aU iiWflM pAleri eODtrovtrsiei hieh
(hy would gladly save avoided, srjd wb(cl), bad
kav taken place. T,ak.MYS,llV'''C
A dl.pai' aiiWbclri if o'tberolainanU
M to Um distribution of topit. A portion,
ferharBJorUjfcr4ftiMt Utfit
ildrtr eAtxiou tWe -tbe OootroTert y who
oat reeortiai'm IMpilf delay "kfad incer
ialoUee of litigation, and propose terms of com
promts and adjustment.. Bu tbewj happen to
be pOttaoWooe'l4e or ou boib, who ar eif
willed, and batloatolv perojeV datermina
tlon to hav all tbev olalm or notbing. They
are iBpraotioabr'tbey1 Vaiw Ibey are In the
right, and tje r Igbw theyvwiU Mh, though Jl
Bay 0M luore tuau roeir oiaim is wurm m w
lain It, or eea trf iobtead ' tor It f hV cons-
quenoe i that those wb weald and eould have
tiled amicibly are Involved along with the
rest In an expensive and protracted lawsuit.;
The' '-rftadrt an nardlyavldapplyiag thl
example to the civil watrnow -r&giDg in th
United States. Had thewiahes, of a, .Jarge
portiod. JHobaLilyia majoejtr, of ;tbe -people,
both North and Sjutb, been consulted,, tbia ler
rible national calamity would have been avert
d. All term of compromise , and eettlemeot
of the diipntee wbich bad arisen, were rejected
by those on eaofi side who had been legally in
vetted wither bad Regally assumed tbe con
trol of pobliq affair.. Th concquence Is, tbat
tho on" Dolh ' sides who would and could, had
their wishes brwa-regaded awHrieir warnings
hredeJ. have Deerented the teeert te the ivord
era forced along with1 tfioeeSrhoae obstioaoy
was tbe immediate aue ttf 4b Woody irife,
into a. deperate;tJrBggle far IrtId? waate e acb
ewers' homes and outtiog each other; throats.
North and Sooth, the mass of the people who
remaiu lhbm, and Ibe'oMs of those who go
into the fljW aeBnggeSo?aeijiat: battle, hear
oo manoe against eco oiaer. i oey are ariveu
by force' of circumstances' and'by, an, apparent
necessity to take a position; of deadly hostility
to each other. This can only be ended, as it
might & ecn pravenua at hi outset, Dy
eomiag to a mutual understanding. As therf la
oo tribunal to which the parties baa 'appeal, and
whose decision shall be floal, this mutual nn-
dorstinding must be and will be arrived at some
day, Vh order" to prevent the horrors of. an Inter'
minable jntestioe war. ..
Tbe tooner this understanding; is arrived at,
the bettee-for the whole country."" Air that is
wanting i for' the mass Of the people In the
two sections now apparently hostile to each
other, to see the controversy In its true light.
mi .1 I ' a i - I i - ci . J 1 . 'f.'jj
n oea rae peupia oi uo ouuvu come iu uuuer
stand thaV . this war ia, on the part of the Fed
oral Government, merely aa effort to assert tne
authority of the Constitution and 'malutain the
Union as it existed from the begicning, and
when the people at the North shall at convinced
and et upon tbat conviction, that the mass of
the Southern people, desire nothing more than
the protection of their rights nnder the Federal
Constitution and the laws of their respective
States, we may look for a return to tbe old con
cord and harmony of .former days.
PaomaiiB - Th Uiiea cotton mills paid an
extra dividend of ten per cent, on the first of
this month, making tweuty per cent, for the
past year, : The mills also paid twenty per cent,
the nrecedinr veer.1 makioir the bundsomr
profit of forty per cent, for two years AIbi
Argut. j .) ' j.,,,..-.i n ,- -
The I'Morrilh Tariff puts money into some
pockets, though tbe operation is like robbing
Pater r to pay Pal., 'it robs tbe consumer to
benefit the manufaoturer.Cm. tnq. '
While the' Eastern" maiiufaotaring' oorpora-
Uoos are-dividing their Immense profits, under
the protective provision of the Morrill tariff
bill, let these' Who are, co mpelled to purchase
th article consider the great advance In the
price 6f heli;manafacinrW article, and aak
themselves who pays this? JTh farmers and
aechanicf if be'..West.j . "" ' '
Thacorrespondent bf tb Clociauati Eq'tr
from W ashing ton suggests soipe.Jideas oo the
subject which r.,)I JM utreatu for Western
people to consider. He says'"'1
Bqtr while the East Is tihu Naping golden
harvest from the war, how i' it w'ub the
West?-s The MisslMippI River Is a solitude
Our steamboat are rotting at the wharves. Tbe
vast number or men, ana, tne vast amount of
capital employed directly and indirectly in tbe
commerce of tnat river are Idle. JNot so, as
already stated, with th shipping at the Eaar.
Every old ship; steamboat, and other water
craft not employed In commerce, is hired by
th Government at enormous profits."1 Western
steamboat and Western men engaged In nav
igation alone auffer from th war. Think of
tbe fuss that has been made here over the little
expense Incurred in employing a few boats and
watercraft in Cincinnati to construct a pot toon
bridge at Pedacah.v
Let nt now look at th condition of our agrl.
eulturisu at the West, -While- those of tbe
East find a ready and remunerating market in
their cities, their manufacturing towns kept
bnsy In making war materials, and, above' all,
ia supplying th wants of to vatt armies gath
ered here and all along the Atlantic ooast, what
is th condition of tbe farmer of th Weet?
Th competition of th Mississippi being cut
off, they are at th mercy of those who control
Caatern railroads end fatefnavigatibn.y Flour
bears transportation in consequence of a foreign
market, wnt at intoorttroni cost for ''carriage,
all of wblehikoojeeoBtjpf thSpockt,4)l the
producer!. Bat what at all w 4 with our
an, that moM valuabl ot U Jthwi prodoot of
th West! The teastportatioa so etrHiv(
that not a heehel caa be sent to atv&asaero
snsrkrt. ,JJft a bn-V.pl eea.rr-sent down tbe
Mlseiafippi- V. i . be done with it,!. - It
mas rot In th te.oi, or be -bu.ned for
Bat the wsr notiiaits off th ate-for
th trantpoitatioa ftont produce u market,
bat b also cut off the avenues' through which
w have received enr srosr iesi frnita, and the
greater pert of tbe . purchased necessaries of I
lif od!0't:;J by onr i'amiliet' pouthern iriU),l
agar, cuuee and other groceries, wbioh w for-1
saerly received Irom new Ufieane, sow reach
aa by comin; round by the way Ot New York at
an enormous expense, all of which we have to
pay, while it leave a nice profit in th hands f
vary . astern man inrougn wnicn it passes
nd along every miiroaa over wnicn it goes.
While the people of the West thus 'softer for
tbe want of a market; from increased xpcDes
or transportation on w nat it exports ana imports,
U ha also to psy greatly locresd ptic for
dry good and other purchased articles pi con
sumption, occasioned by the war and by a war
riff. ' '. f-;
' tT Th Ne York Worltf, speaking by au
thority, says: fie who quarrels with the terms
of Gen. Sherman's proclamation quarrels with
th declared poliev of the jA'3ailniBtratn
hi 'Kill
How the Country Raceme Involved in a Civet War. Ben Wade and the "Union" Party.
Sum day sine w copied Mveral article
f a'Av.-I!tu)n papers in-New York, depreeat
1: g the JoCeat of Ha. WanE for the 8ouate
I'he Clnclnnatl,iijuir 'S.IBO copied tn r-
tiole aud remarked: "If snob an underaUndicg
t(or bar'galu to elect Wans) existed between th
highontriiBf artieer :l wwwrtmon
question, be dishonorable to cist Waoa aside,','
to. I 'if
The Dayton Union Dtmocrnt, a decided too
and. Union pp. .aaysw--"-;"-'-'-'"''- r
, .Th Cincinnati JE?rw ! rig" to it re
marks.' - The Union Democrats mad n bar.
gain with Ben. Wade. Tbey don t ow Ben.
Wade anything, r They regard Wade as a Jbes
dforou poiifioi. ' In Congress he was against
0DmuroiuUend.blwaysbsn a bitter oo
ponsn t of Pemooratio m en nd measurw. w a
take it too that thq obi Whig ar not under any
obligations to Wad. H one deolared tbat
M the Whig rty 1 not only deadr'but
tiuketh.f He helped to break up the Whig
party, l Cooiervativ men then of a.11 parties
are not apt to look on Wad with any favor.
It ought not to astouieh any man, therefor, if
th Union conservative men of Ohio should
dea'ir th leotloo of , som one representing
their tlews,. Tbey oertalnly are not In iavor o
one who la part is responsible, by reason of his
extrem views and course as a politician, for
the trouble! now afflicdntt th country. Tbey
ar not in favor oi on who thinks the Chioago-
nlatlorm worth a civil war. . I bey are not m
favor of cn who pots party before conntry.
Tbe counUy can get along without Bon. Wad.
Who ought jto complain of a change, when w
have soon mep as William 8.- Oroesbeok, Peter
OHiin. Thnmaa F.winff and others of neat abil
ity to oboos from? 'The Uoion Democrats ask
for a change. Let some man from Southwest
em Ohio ha ohoeen and all lbs Vallevs of the
Miami will ory out for joy.
This would Indicate clevrly that, white thede
"Onion Democrats" were' willing to unite with
the Abolitionists to defeat the Cxn .National
Union DiMOoaaor. thev ar not Quit ready to
re-eleot Want, who, the Dftnoerol says, Is "in
part responsible by reason ' of bis extreme
views and coarse as a politician, for the trouble
now affl oting the bountry
This will do pretty well. ' . Then It would ap
pear from this, that the Dmocrat has at last
been foroed to admit tbat tbe position ot the
Democracy, vis ! that tbe Abolitionists and se
cessionists are each to blame for our troubles
was and Is correct. . ,
So far, so good. ) But did not Waotand sooh
moo at the editors of the t'nfou Dmocrat come
to thl city, and crawl into on bed, and forgive
each others' sins pi, omission and com miss en
and wcom .out transmogrified " into good
"Union men? " If this be bo, why Is not Wans
all right? .Suppose be did say that the "Whig
party was cot only dead but atinketh," be has
aid harder things of the Democracy and these
"Union Democrats" knew it befor tbey went
to bed with litni Tbey joined in political wed
lock with Wans with their eyes open; they
knew his color. They "averred that joining
Wans and his Abolition party, nude them bet
ter Union mea than they could b by remain
lug. with their good old Democratic party; who
opposed Wadi because he "thought the Chicago
platform worth civil war."
The position of the Democracy In the late
election will toon be vindicated by the ndmis
slona of those who opposed it. Such has been
tbe mult at all times and apon all great ques
Our Generals not Abolitionists.
If we except Banks and we think be should
not be excepted none of our commanding
Generals are Abolitionists. McClellan is no
thing of tbe son. Nor is Dix, whose anti-Abo
lition proclamation has been so well received
and produced so wonderful an effect in Virgin
la. Nor ia Sherman, whose proclamation to
the South Carolinians is so distasteful to the
Abolition journals. Nor is Sherman, who is
managing tbe Unioa cause so well in Kentucky.
Nor la Hunter, to whom Kana&s and Jim Lane
have been assigned.' Nor, last though not least,
is Halleck, who succeeds Fremont, and whose
order excluding fugitive slaves from bis lines It
likely to excite Abolitionism to a higher pitch
of desperation than it has reached since the
President' modification of Fremont' procla
mation. General Halleck is of Democratic
lock, and we see the fruits of his good training
in his first general order. . He prohibits fugitive
neoroes from taming teuAin Ala Ixnet- at all; and
he proceeds npon tbe experience that they are
tbe best spies wnicn the rebels can procure,
And so undoubtedly tbey are. ' Abolitionism
would arm the slaves. Thus armed, nine out
of ten of tbem would probably fight for their
masters. - General Halleck enderstands all this,
and bis cffeotive measures to keep the negroes
where tbe? belong are lust tne right measures.
In all this connection, was there evtr any
thing so pestilent as Abolitionism 7 It Is a great
pitv tbat things cannot be so ordered tbat both
the Abolitionists and negroes should be armed
and set upon each other. It would be a war
th termination of which all good people should
pray might be like that which once npon a time
happened at Kilkenny.- Vkxtagt Timet.
--. ii
Return the Committee of Investigation
Into the Condition of Our
Troops in Western Virginia.
A. D. Bullock. Assistant Quartermaster-
General of Ohio, and Wm. Heaver, C. F. Will
tach and 11 C. Baldwin, thetwo latter gentle
men representing the Citizens' Donation Com
mlttee, returned to the city on Saturday from a
visit to all out. aamps in Western Virginia.
W understand tbey represent tbe condition of
our troops generally as favorable aa tbe circum
stance will permit, though cases ot suffering
irom tna inemciency or omcers, or neglect from
other causes, undoubtedly exist. On of tbe
serious evils that came nnder their observation,
and wbich require urgent and immediate at
tention of the proper authorities, is th want
of system in transporting and subsisting the
sick especially when tbe ease require removal
to hospitals at a distance from tbe regiments.
There is a need of some system for furnishing
invalids with pause on tne aitterent line ot
railroads, to enable tbem to reach their destina
tion without unnecessary delay; In several
cases, also, the surgeons and hospital stewards
want looking alter, a an instance or th nn-
fitnesB ot some individuals, a reliable parry In
formed them tbat a medical manleft in charge
of a large nnmber of tbe sick and wonnSled,
said ha would "d d soon kill or cur those
left.".-;..:- ' ' '
We hope the official reports made will point
out those who are grossly negligent. When the
lives of enr gallant soldiers are in the bauds or
heartless and drunken fellow acting ss physi
cians or officers, there is no occasion for
aqueamishness.' ! " ' '
Th Captain ot tbe Mary Cook, one of the
steamboats employed by the Government for
th conveyance of troop and stores, states that
tbe Government furnishes no fund for provis
ioning th sick in transit on th boats The
India robber' overcoat i condemned by the
eommitte, for troop In marching but th In-
ia rubber blanket, answering the double pur
pose of cap and blanket, I one of the bet
article the men can be provided with. Colonel
Bullock is decided in nls condemnation of the
India rubber overcoat. ' With respect to tbe
quality of clothing furnished troops, good and
bad can be louna in an tne camps, many or
the blankets are flimsy affairs. 1 bos reoeotly
issued average far better than those first provid
ed. ' The regulation blankets (by wbioh 1
meant those ot th regular weight and style re
quired by th Government) are not often found,
but answer an excellent purpose. Th uppiy
Of this ort is totally inadequate. . ' - '
There is likely to be a terrible difficulty in
transportation in w eaUirn Virginia Ibis winter,
owing to. tbe destruction of the horses.' The
horse do bot get enough to eat, and are not
half cared tor. , Already hundreds of them are
mere tottering skeletons, and tbey will Soon
perish by thousands .' The rations issued for
horse .would not bo aufhoieotif thoand
hav were of tbe beet Quality, and those articles-
are generally quit inferior. ' The hay is full of
briars and .weeds, and is hard and brittle, coo
tainicg less nourishment than a brush heap.
A great many horses were never fit for service,
and droves of two year mules have been impo.
d upon th Government. in wamaier ar
having ver0Banrn. -
fh corjiimwe p.mseo i" rwiami-mi
lSlhand 1'ih Indiana, anit JJ, o.u ana um
Ohio, on their way to th I'.UUmor and Ohio
Kail road, w mov mm jvuMjjr iu, uj
were In good eptrito, and making themselves
useful on th march by menu.ng in roads an
ugly but neoeisary Job. U will become days
beforo-tho hoy omw alongr-rThw '6th- Ohio
rttnthrla Greisi were in very gooa oonuuion,
only twtity-ODt being on th sick list, and most
of those able to b about Th 3d Ohio had
nn tinndrad knA Iwentvthr alok, knd (will
our reader JellT it 1)wer not provided with,
overcoats! -- .-...'
It ia nrobabl tbat our troop remaining in
Western Virginia will hav to b fed by paok
horse trains thl winter, a many of th road
will b Impastabl by loaded wagon. W look
for the cfllolal reports ef this oom mlttee with
much Interest - "''', ' .'" '
We copy the foregoing from tba Cemswriai
of th S5tb. Can It b possibl that th Third
Regiment (Col. Mataow) have been In the
mountain of "Virginia this weather without
overcoau? W wonder that there ar but on
hundred and twenty-three lck. There Is no
possible excuse for this neglect. It i n oot-
Fugitive Slaves in Camp.
General Halleck ha siguafised hi entrance
upon tn duties or the Missouri Department by
Issuing an order which will be almost universal
ly approved throughout this elate. it purport
it lust this: that tba army nnder hi command
is not to engage in tne business oi stealing ana
secreting negroes. It is well known that many
ot the alleged fugitive slave who find their
wav into Union camp, ar nothing more nor
less than spies, sent thither by crafty masters
Nor used by secession leaders to ascertain th
Strength and position of tbe loyal force. So
well do soma of these colored persons learn
thlr lpaanna and practice their narts. tbat In-
stance hav not been rare wherein tbe enemy,
by those agencies, bas become accurately in
formed of important movements or gained in
telligence of the almost interest.-' If the fugl
tlyes are not well enough trained' to make th
desired Investigations themselves, they are not
unfrcqueutiy employed as tne messengers ana
go bet weens of white traitors within our lines
to convey Information (o the .rebels concern
ing those subjects npon which the latter are
anxious to be posted . In (he nature ot things
It -Is next to ' l.Dpoisiole to discriminate
amongst s number' of "contrabands" which
are tbe real fugitive and wbich lb real tale
bearer, and on way to mak sure in the pre
mises is to shut tbem all out
; We know that the Emaacipationlsts'and Abo
litionists are exercised in'.o spasms by the idea
of "excluding the d it ti eased negro Irom ihe
protection of tbe Government " It has not,
however, been definitely established that
black skin entitles tbe sufferer to any more con
sideration than that given- to white .pmons
other things being equal; and if th minion of
tbe federal armies 1 to ieed ibe hungry
olothe tbe uaked and shelter the i,belterlees,
ample opportunity for ibe display of govern
ment philanthropy might be obtained without
disturbing any oi the relation recognised by
the Constitution end ordained by our laws
Therefore we say that th policy set forth in
th order of Gen Halleck is a just and com
mendable one, outside of the reason publloly
assignea lor us promulgation. .
Now that tbe commanding officer of the De
partment bas instructed bis subordinates In re
gard to the contraband question, we hope to he-r
of his direction being rigidly enforced npon
such filibusters as Jim Lane and Jcnnison.
These worthies appear to have gone into the
war nnder Ibe delusion that tba highest duty
enjoined by their positions Is the abduction of
negroes. Hitherto tbey bave recognised noob
ligations connected with the service tbat did not
look in som way toward Ihe farthering jf their
infamous Abolition plana. Th people in Mis
souri have no confidence In such patriots, and
are very, much tempted to distrust their own
loyalty in view of th test imposed by th
pra:ticea of the reckless "jaybawksrs" re bave
St. Louis Rep.
Portsmouth Times.
We have received' the first number of the
Portsmouth Timet, edited by Jams W. Niw-
an. , it is well printed oad ably edited. 1 Tbe
ediior, in his salutatory, says: l ' ; '.
" In politics our paper will be strictly Demo
cratic, advocating with earnestness the broad,
conservative principles or tbat national organ
ization which carried th country, nnlted and
prosperous, tnrongb its moat dangerous periods
Desiring, above all things, the restoration of
tbe American Union, and tbe perpetuation of
tho principles of'its founders, and believing
tnai inese can oest do secured Dy tne existence
and continnance in power of th party of Jef-
lerson, our best energies win be given to sus
tain and uphold tbat organlztflon. We hold
that tber 1 no better way for a citizen to be a
patriot than by bring a Democrat. .Tbe pool
tioo of the Timet in regard to th powerful re
bellion ' which Is endeavoring to destroy our
Union, overthrow' onr cherished Institutions,
divide our power and lower our national char
acter, will be firm and decided in favor of the
government.' In the present position of the
sections, offer of compromise ore as idle as
th wind, and tbe time lor words and concilia
tion has been suffered to pass by unimproved
Waal was the cry war we have, and war we
mutt have, tbongh the guilty and the innocent
suner ance. vi tnia an must now be con
vinced. In tbe ihlftiogs and workings of th
luture, a poiioy. may ber developed upon which
tbe Worth can nnit and street tb real great ob
jecte ths re-establishment of the supremacy of
the Constitution over all our territory, and tb
return of a happy atd honorable peace. Against
fanatics and disunions t3, no matter where they
may ba found, we will wag a ceaseless and de
termined war. In tbe South they .need tbe
cold touch of steel; ia th North the "cold
touch of reason," and the wisdom ot ballot.
Rejected Overcoats.
To 3d Regiment of Ohio volunteers, Col,
Len. A. Harris, made it almost unparalleled
marches through tb mountains of Eastern
Kentucky without overcoats, wearing their
flannel blouses. On the 'arrival of this regi
ment at Covington yesterday, by steamer, a lot
ot overcoats bad been procured, and npon ex
amination were rejected, and tb men proceeded
to Louisville as nearly naked as tbey came.
We are informed tbat tbe overcoat were so tbln
that when held np to th light they looked like
mosquito bar. - (Jen -Nelson and Col. Harris
indignantly refused to accent tbem, and the
men who saw them said tbey wonld ratber go
naked than wear sn;h trash. Tbe regiment,
we ar informed, will not leave Louisville un
til coat fit to wear ar procured. We hope it
will not.. It i Utile short of murder to send
troops into tb field at thi tlm without sub
stantial clothing. -1 b inspector or clothing
this point needs looking after. Cincinnati
Commercial. '" 'l----i
German Turners' Fremont Meeting.
The Cincinnati Commercial publishes tbe fol
lowing resolutions adopted by the German Tern
ersof pincinnati:uj, .; i..n..;n
Whereat t. U .1 the- duty of a free people
never, under any circumstances, to relinquish
the right of criticising its Administration;' '
Whereat, f rcmont, in ins opinion oi to peo
nle. is tb best representative of popular politi
cal alms and the most energetical prosecution of
tb war; t. ' ,j J ":!''
fFAsreM, further,. The cowardly and nnwor
thy -mean by which tho Goversment effect
ed tbe removal of Fremont, justifies the people
In lb worst fear of th design and qaalifioa'
lion of the Administration: .therefore -r-
Retained Tbat thi removal is a sad blow t :l
tb Republic,' and for that reason tb more to
be reprehended, because it cu in tb moat dir
haartcning manner npoa tb patriotism of th
people, and encourages the rebellion to renewed
outrage, ar tbe .ravage and burning in Mis
souri clearly show, j i. ; ' Vt.rt l "..'!: ei
Further it it r mined. That Fremont, not
withstanding his removal, bas enr fullest sym
pathy knd corfideoee, and that we, a 'adopted
citiMns, ar .specially indebted to him for hi
unprejudiced deportment toward foreign oora
ettiSM.. .:...'" ie n;S':i!rf.Cj.st .
The resolutions were unanimously adopted by
tbw VCOtiOgrtr UWunA .:. x i'.Av l V-
,Wher UManthat 8adt If a:'meertogtf
Democrats bait pissed resoluti6ns denouncing
the Government as "cowardly," the Republican
press wonld insist on it being a treasonable
mertinir " 'J'' ! S'-V-1'' W ; '-"i i;
"V'Po.Vi 3,f.., Ut to I '"-
. . o6ji fc'M5o i:;.-J Ua '-( '
An Awful Newspaper Threat.
Th Chloago Jturttl Is out of putic: .u with
th Chlf"go Tribunt, and tbr 'fctei-o to c i som
thing ihatwill wither it like a' Stroke i f liglit.
nlng.'r .The Journal hat an arttol In v, hloli It
recounts the offenses of th ' 'Trloiin. and van-
elude aa follow:
But there ia a nolnt where "endurance ceases
to b a virtue," and tbat point bas been reach,
d by w; ttt teferanc '"to the JYiijiiuVaour.
rlllty. It must now spik,ltt gunsor.w
1U spike them for This quarrel has been
golng on Iqng enough, and U must now J stop-
. Unles our neighbor cease "hi Tnahlecce and
lying Ut relerenoe to this paper, we now warn it
that we shall ask a on dty'i indulgence of Our
advertisers, and fill a couple of onr page with
dooament that will whlbit the obnoxlonsOess
of that sheet In a light thtt will wither it lkt
ttnktof lightning,-. r
i W shall do this reluctantly and only It driv
en to it, and shall, not as our neighbor has don,
mnufacturt letters for th purpoao, bug glv
true date and 1 well known name. Thl
shall b th final of nrjWt ,of thl contro
versy ' : .
Th Tribune and Journal re both leading
Republican papers. . 'Tbe former for the Admin
istration and th latter for ftMOWT. , " ,'"
! ttJ'W observe tbat the action of Gov. Too,
in refusing" to Carry tb; Cleveland' Htr'ald on
the Mahoning Railroad, it creating a ex
citement among th Fuiion Republicans., They
ar wonderfully aUmtd at this Btab'at the
freedom of the press." Last spring they had
no tears to shed. The "boot was on th other
leg." It Is laid "chicken will come home to
Ob last svenlng, lbs 35 Ih luU, at 81, EaUiok's Ohureh,
hythaBav. Xdward flUprall, Mr, Joan Dovu aad
Wis Kami NaoaBTO, U of this cltji ., ..
To OoutraotOts.
day of Deo. 1801 a 18 o'clock M.,
for iupplylog Ihe United Btatei troops at Camp Chut,
Ohio, with complete rations. The ration to eonilalof
ihrea-fourtht ot a ponnd of pork or bacon, or ona and
a fourth pounds of freih or salt beef; tWenty-tvo oniicai
ot bread or flour, or one prnnd of bard bread, or one and
a fourth pounds of com meal; and at tho rat to tverr
on bondrtd rations of eight qnarta of beans or peal, or ten
poinds of rice or hominy; ten pounds of groan coffee, or
eight ponndi of routed or ground coffee, or one and a
half poundi of tea; fifteen ponndi of lugar; four quarti
of vinegar; one ponnd of ipsna randlea, or ona and a
fourth poundi of adamantine candlei, or ono and a half
poinds of tallow candlei; four poundi if aoap; two
quarti of salt) and thrice par week potatoei at ths rata
of one pound Persian.
All of which art to ba of a good quality, and to ba de
llrired at the coatmiiiary department at Camp Ohaao,
at inch tlmei ai mar bo required.' : ' -
. Thli contract to commence on the 15th day of Decem
ber, JHOl, and (nding on Ihe 15 lb, day of June, 1802, or
at such earlier day, as the GotnmUiary-Qeneral may
The bids ntuit be for ao much pet ration, and addressed
tome, Indorsed Proposal!," box 429, Columbus, Ohio.
- iCapt. 8. P.WALK8B.0.8.,
. novJOd ! . . U. 8. Army.
':T TEC 13
' I ' ' ' - ' !'' ' v- '"1 " jl ,
'w - : . i j i ii
. . , . - ; -...... i
N. W;!;IBFA.V-ORupt
NOB. 32, 34, 36, 38 NOBTH. HIGH STREET,
Siatesman Bolldlng, Second ' Floor,
over H. RoTln' State Btenm y
With or without Printed Headings, oa Bdpirior Paper
' -- To any required Pattern
it it
.-J j v dAHKINQ HOUBES. . ;. ''''
' ' '' :' '' IfXMBAMTSi"
famished, at the' Lowest Prlcei ',: .
,' By th Edition or Single Volume
, MAOAZINKB. ,. . ,.i . ;
V . ..it, 1 PAPERS,
' ' Bound in any Rtqolred Stylo.
" , ' ' lor Public and Prlrata Llbrarlci.. kJj fj
Order! from abroad wlll reoctro prompt and ipetlsl
attention, aaareis, ,t.--. ;
J.' H; RILEYtV i or, N, W LEFAVOR,
Bookseller and Stationer) - " . Superintendent -75
Sooth High Street. 1" franklin Bindery. .
" 1 i . . . - 1.- . .
a sc. rr& EMERY,
Bave a lull and Complete Assortment of
.-I .,.,..51 V..;. j,. UWIW.U
, Of almost every kind, . , ,.v
'-I ! 9 EV"-? d i
Elegant Chamber Sets,
I SPICE AND' ,$ED $XE3,' ht. lj.
Tin Toys, and Articles m that Line,
For Little People. ;
Knivesi auxd KotIcb, Bpoons, Tuba,
ji'DBuoltet, Blio-vela and Tone,
1 3oal iIiod, tCi, rrr., i ,. ',
For the Larger Oi
Wi wctild call yonr further attention to the fact that we
are SOLI A0BNT8. rrhe sale ft ft, x.
H i:
Which It. tn all rtepwti,' clearly the 'ACTOOBAT OF
THE KITOHBN." bavinc no equal In the eompleteneaa
iu erfonnaoe and economy ot fuel. - Xbeeleareat
MalUBony ef It enpenoniy u uie raci uia manuiw
tnrera and dealera ar eonatantly imitating it, coming at
near It aa possible In KXTBENAL APPEARANOE.
Oall and examine onr (lock. It la no trouble to ihow
"ccl95-dlm " ' '
I , . . I . i" f -r i . I I. . ".
' Plain Ottoman Ololha; ,, ... .M.H,r,r.
'iagenUand Black oneck vaienclas;
Brocba Bonbaiz Dreaa Goods;
Balmoral Skirts;
-, Alazandera Kid flloret; -: " '
Gore Trail Hoop Sklrti. .... vr
fit jOoreete. Hail Neta,
Plaid Merlnce.
, .!, K Wo-MaVmlUHIgrtBtrftit.'
;. -;IH . ; .
N'oiiDcif mix. sifinTs, p.
--. nninvtJ m I.I. HHtRTS
The pattern of these shirts are new. The Bod lee, Token,
lleevoa and boemna an formed to fit the person with efcse
and comfort. THe anark npon each one detignaUoc Hie
may be relied on aa being correct, and each start It
guaranteed well snade. A roll ttockofall qnalitlet
eoneUritly for tale at . , . ' - - BAWB,,-(
lovi.- ' : po, v sKmtn Hwa ws.. it v.
T11K CnETl?ST jVAniETT, l
irer' offered
to the clUaena of
I". V! ' i
0 1
. For either Wood or Ooal.
. ,:,: . e , I il-a.:. '
Large Families or Small FamllUi, and varying In
... . , Price from , - i : u .,
Three Dollars to One Tluntjred and
jiV'.V.- ''V Twenty-Fiye. ,, ;;
Of every Price, Bin and Variety, for Cool or Wood.
'.- . .., II. . I .- : ' 1 - -- -
Of many Pattern!.
i.ii t " 7
' " :l'8TORER6bMTOVE3.'i'i,1 ,!
.it;; ,-..1 ,.. .,... . i .
Army Stoves. r
! '-' i: flow Uooklng an Heating.
i r.-a ',! .),:!!. ' .' " '
The) Lighten and moit PorUbie Tent Store ever
i offered to the' - - '
Officers of (our Great Army;
F U R. N A C E S, ,
For Healing DtreltlDgt, Churches, Store rooms, or other
j targe Bulldlogs. '
ill : "
For Family Use or Boteta.
.j- .u.D .
And many other arUdet "or any other man.'! '
- ID call' and tmyjpt '
- !Noi 92 North : High Street,'
' i .-. -.. ". .!' -. ' ' c - I ' ''.
J. L Gill & Son
II Is an Indisputable fact, that if any person wants one
of those comfortable EBUUIMAUX BEAYKB OVBE
004T8, lie will usually find them In larn qaantltlea at
IB any person desirous of owning one of the late style
of BMAVER OVSB. COATS, wlih cape attaohed,
don't break yonr head to learn where to And them, bat
ffO 10 IUB
. Opposite th State Home. , ;
Toa will Bnd them there Id all colors, kept by
; . ,-. , MARCUS CHILD3.
TiTTJ ion never wear any ol the BILK MIXED 0A1
U BIMERI BUITB, which are sold at the Capital Oily
Aroaae i nua in ana yon win nno mem in puei, at t
, '- - - " MARCUS CUILDS'S.
roV may also be la want of PANTS and TESTS, and
X there Ii bat one establishment in the Weet where
ranta and veils are to be bad In all itrlpea, ahapep,
atylea, qaantltlea and qualities, and that place la the
iSoil't torse the exteniive assortment of FtJBNTBH-
U IN9 UOODS, particularly in WOOLEN BUIdTB,
wnicn yon can nna in -nea, wntie ana Dine, at tne
: .j .r Superintended rjMarcuiCblldi.
IF yen whh to wear garments MADE TO OR
I) Kit. von can do to better than to ra la the Mer
chant tailoring Establishment, next to the Arcade, and
elect your goods from a stock comprising all colors of
nearer uioidj. uaseiuerea, una velvet ana naeh Vest
ing!, and you will surely meet with a good at by purchas
ing at ..-.:;,. .i v
.f i I " ' ': ' . luAKCUa HILDS'S.
H CHIT ART GKNTtEMEK, when they come to this
iix city, as eiraogera, ana wisn to get a UHil ORM, It
ll to their beat advantage to call at
Where a large assortment of BLUB CLOTH and other
articles belonging to tne eqnipsge of an officer can be
had at ery moderate prlcei. ..j i , . ,t , .1 ,
in snort oau at
' j Marcus Childs's,
Proprietor of that'eztenilre boat neat locality, r ;
NO, CI, 23 anA 25 I1IOU STBEEX,
Opposite th State House.
octi7-46m .
' " ' ; !
R O O IE ,
Tne STjnwcniiiER nAvrva taken
a leue oa lueiitore Kooaat iiai.. I'"
Np. 11 East State St.,'
hat opened It as an
. Auction & Commission Boom.
He ll now prepared to receive on 0 omtnlJilonr every
description of property, tnoh at Pry Oooda, Groceries,
itujuun, furnirani, uarnaitee, uuieee, eio. jit alto
Intends to devote his attention to sales of Beat Estate
and Personal Property, at any point, within twenty mlei
oftheolty. 2 t.to ij . ii-!. .
"j Auction Sales Every :Evening.JV
Oenslgnments respectfally solicited.' -
' ' t ' : Wi' B. KENT, Aactloacer.
Fawoy phessi milk. ' ,,, , " '
ianox d11e38 bilks, .- -"-
! . MHorwusMMiM,' :j-t;
VT are ow offering oar Immense store of laney Dresa
Bilks at prices leas than ever before offered In thta eitv.
The attention of the tadiee of this eltv and vlrlnlto tm
aollolted. as oar itnek Ii yery select and eonplnte In all
grades of goods In thli line. UtTKHllAlN,-
.ow, ,r -in 4. Ho.Wponiniilrtitreei..
l jron i ' i
tm . n ...
v ny mi ll
i.7;;1oroia(ffSU'iyiH!.;'5M ,u,,r,;.,i: ,
'OITX,-,?.! i OOX
. Vi rr.'.i'
The DAILY, at
The ICRI-WEEKLT,' at,,. .., , ,i -x
The WEEKLY, at the low rate of
Subacriptlon to'tb Dailf and Tat -
... v ' ' ' : .'
.-tl ...
At the above ratei; and
, - At th ntutl rate. ' A" " tabliBhed and reliable organ of the Democmtio party, j .
M " ' . In th fulare, as in th pa, it will uphold nJ ofend the ' .
Whioh ha been so frnitful of good to the TEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES; and wif
i folthrully urge the r-eatabliahmcnl and upMmaey of th .- , . , i 1 1 J
A eeiential to the oomplete and perfect ra-coiistmction ot the
On the baaie on whieh that
The Staimman will (rapport th AdmlnUtration of the General Government in all legal and -.
constitutional effort to put down rebellion; and sternly resist the efforts made in som quarter ; i
to convert the preeent unhappy war into an Abolition crusade. ' .'.-. ''
. - It will ontantly urge economy in the publie expenditures, and the most rigid aceonntnbility 1
,pt all public officer. ' ' : .". , ' I
' A a medium of general news, the St-iTtSMAK will endeavor to mnlce itself acceptable to its
numerous reader, and at all time upply them wiUi , ; i J! - "
i TJxo . XjntetBt axic& zxxowt 3Ttollo.polo XlOoxtff ' "
j . , ; . Of th home and foreign mnrkel. In it columns
Will find their interoaU connulUd and attended to, and no effort will be spared to make it a fireV '
das newspaper. ' ''. ,' ' I "; ' '
During the approaching session of Congress we Will have a talented and accomplished corren-
pendent at Washington, through whom our readers, will be furninhed with much vnlunblft and
reliable information. . ' V ,,.,-) .. .
The dotagsof our own State Legislature will b fully reported, the IcW news "of tlm '
State and our own immediate vioinity, will have a due share of attention,
We urge upon our friend in all part of Ohio, and the North- Western Stales, to aid in extend-
ing the circulation of the Statmhak, since by so doing, they will assist in the promulgation of '
sound political doctrine and reliable general intelligence. , ,
' To any person raising a Club of TeU Subscriber to the Weekii Ohio Statksman, an l
sending us the money ten dollar for th lame, We Will send one copy rratis.
All orders will be promptly attended to.
" ' ' V" i . - , i Publishers of tho Ohio Statesman,
November 1, 1861. ' 1 Coidmbi's. Onto.
I y
- TJBrtriXTJS; ' OHIO.
?,i.' V& Dollars per Annum;
' ' -"'Three Dollars per Annum
One Dollar per Annum. '
WsiKi - r Statboiax will ba received
.;; w '
lb Paili will b furniihed
Union was originally formed,
aEEIL.'.Iia ''WEESIsY,
J. tie OTa1 a t y ' ' " "
NEW T 0 B E,
Ar now opening a large lot of
.r. ; J. . . -i.' . I
Ladies', Misses' and Children's
F U R S,
,'.'...''...; ui,i :.- '';'.'-.'
Ladies' Cloth Cloaks,
:. . ,..,;.... .
... j ' I - t
Shephard's Plaid Shawls,'
Ladies Merino Vesta pravvers, j
Boys' ' Merino ' Shirts & Drawers;
I' . .!"'.
Embroidered Repps,
' XiCtaLiosaT ij-u-toino, '
v:! OPERA H00t)$e ?
i ' .m ; .. ';
- " i : ;; . j
Opera Flannels,
' : .-.1
This Brm, having adopted the Oak system la the pur
chase and sals of Goods, are enabled to tell from 15 to SO
percent len tkan other houses nnder th credit lyitem.
aovSI, ji .i j, ,
Oysters j. Oysters! !
, be In daily socelpl, u jucpraaa, or
;;msH cah & keq otsteus,
f rm Baltimore nJ fair Havfri? s 1 , : '
Oall as Wagner'i Oyster and J'rultBspot, So. '21 feast
gtatestreet. ; ' " -
Kf:,.-'l VrH Si H
!No. 17 East Town Street,
ID A lanre stfok of the GOOD 8AMAR
handJ. - - ' '
j: r.i. & v. kcereer.
KJo- 58.
Cqrner of Broad & Front Streets, '
DEALIR8 IN . ' ; ,S
if: f
cnocnniEs, produce and
rtOTTR BAIT, LiaU0R8, ETC. '
';." ,,. ,..l ..'
ect25-dly - .
BTANTLY on hand and for lale, the best quality of
which lie will tell at the lowest market prices.
Oall and examine my Ooal before purchasing else
where. Offioe at the store of Bradford, flu dam Co., head
of Canal. J '- ...-,
sepS6-3m if
Domestic Cotton Gooda.
BajN & son
rift EH th iuot nzteuaivo Assort.
Brown and Bleached Cotton flannels;
.. Mnsllos;
8arnsby Cotton Bheotlnirei
Tt TBoiect Htyfei of Oslico'i and Ptlil'ncoi '
j TlcUnlra, Hhlrtlnpi, Otnrhatns, '
And Cotton Baitings.
.' Alio, Blankete, Flanneli,'3 i . -. '
Oaulmera, Cloak Olothi, etc.otc. ,
aiuon peiew irgniar prioes. 1 r! I
Booth High Street. -,
Cranberries ! Cranberries !
OV OKI) KB,' on consignment.' . .
lor aale low by ,
j - a st tm it. feUBt uioxj
oetea 100 Boulh High Street.
" . j " -ear'l-jlpSg-Jsr. .
.1 ' iwrsma.es.''' l sr
, I urh feiffr : ' ;" -
V BUAWLH, In new designs at 3 Wl Value 95 DO. 1
1,600 yards Super PlaJu Ulaek tlUk at llVO-Valu- " .1 1
1 SS a yard.
French f erlnoi, Ki cents Value 87K eta a yard.
"".11 " v 75 cente valne l 00 a yard, '- f U 't g'fl
4 t-'li; . V ut.: i-.V BAIN t BOS, ' C
ItooB. No.MBoulhUlga Blreot. -U"
( t
9 D

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