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Rail Road Time Table.
Iiitla Muhi a OoLriisus fc Xu B. . i
' leaves.,,,.,-. -Arrlvs
Night KiprtM, via Dsytoo, .MA. M: 5.'" 3:30 A, M,
Cincinnati Accommodation. 8.10 A. al. 9:SU P. W.
Car Bxpress J 53 P. M., ,. J 00 P, U.
tlallsnd Aowminolallon.. 4.00 P. m. WISP.!,
' , ; dm. W. Bohiht, Agent. '
fJlll.tllf BOA Al fll.BVBI.lMtt. It. fc." " ? .' "
Nlsht Bxnrets..... 3:50 A. iL'.ov 1:30 A.M.
New York Express .;l5F.l..i i,.;.l:3ePvM.
JiKa Pattuisoh, Agent,
OsxTkALOmo R. K.
nigni IXpreSS...
4:00 A. W. 1:30 A. If.
jt.SO P. At.- 1:30 P. U.
, ., Wr J. Fill, Agent.
Mail Train ............ 4:00 A. If. .1:80 A.M.
Bxpress Train. A.M. 1:90 P. U.
Coumso It iMDUNoroua, B.l. ..i V- . -t
Oblosgo IMifMs .......... 1:00 A. M. ii 8:33 P. M.
No. 8 11:00 P.M.: 11:50 A.M.
Bsnduiky :4 A. U. 3:00 P. 11 .
, - , . ' 0. W. Smith, Agsnt.
Local Matters.
Satinoi BaiOc. Mesers Riciiir t Bao.
hare removed their Savings Bank to tha rooms
oa the Bontheaat corner of Hiah and State
streets, recently occupied by Meesre.' Millib,
Donaldson & Co. Having leased tha premises
for a term of fire tears. Messrs. Ricklkt t
Bro. will be found there aver . ready to accom
modate their old friends and the public. ' ' '
Council Fhochdinqi. Tho City Council
met last evening Mr. Dcorr In the Chair as
rresideot pro Urn t The minutes of the pre-
Ions meeting were read and apprqved.','v' :";
To grade B)oae strtel from Washington ave
nue to Pike street-
Tii assess a npeoial tax of srty-one cents and
four mill per foot front 'upon tha real estate
bounding on tho south side of Mound street be
twecn South and Seventh streets. :". - 1
By Mr. Butlor To assess speolal tax Of
thirty four cents and nice mills per foot front
npon the real estate bounding on, the east side
of Pearl street from Town to State atreet -r
Read twice. ' ' '
....-.. .1 111 t ,n.rul . '1; .
'jftNT. ' ' -'' '
This being the evening for the election of a
Chief Eagincer of the Fire Dopsrtment, which
Is required . by ordinanoe to take plact'on the
fourth Monday of . November, annually, the
Connoll went Into, an election, and the Clerk
called the roll of members three times without I
resulting in, a choice. The votes vera as fol
lows: ' vVwr
... 4 '
' 4
' 9
Miller.... ......
Bt. Clulr...... ...
. On motion of Dr. Mocller, further proceed
ings in tho election were postponed till next
Monday evening. "'" ' ' '
Adjaurned. . j , ... :. i ,
Not a Sensation Item. As the snow begins
tol.iil and the cold winds whistle around, it is
but simple JuEtlco to our readers, and to our lady
readers in particular, to let them know, or to
remind them if thoy already know it, that Mr.
J. H. Smith, No. 99 Sooth High street, has' as
large, as fino and as elegant a stock of Furs of
every variety and quality, as were ever brought
.n .1. . 1. r-.ti j . . r
u bum uinraat. vuii auu caniiae lur your-
selves. ' "
v Mr. Smith has also an extensive and varied
assortment of Hats and Caps and every artlole
usually found in a well-famished Hat and Fur
Store. Military jcutlemcu Bhould not fail to
give liira a call
Gin. Nelson's Brigade. Tho Ohio troops
recently ur.dor command of Gen. Nelson In
Eastern Kentucky, arrived at Cincinnati on the
morning of Sunday last, Nov. 24, on a fleet of
steamers upon which thoy had embarked at the
month of tho Big Saudy, and. in the afternoon
took their departure for Louisville. 1
I IBB i . i
A Ueavt Enoaoemknt. We learn that a
citizen of this place will eoon attempt the ex
traordinary feat of walking from sunrise on
Monday uqt'J sensut bo Saturday, without rest
or sleep. '.Sbodld Iiq accomplish this feat, we
think we canrsafely pit Columbus against tbe
world for pedcetriauism, v ' . ; J
Blace wood's , Mioazinx. The November
uumbor of Blackuod, already on. our table,
from tbe erherprisiog American publishers,
Messrs. Leonard Scott & Co., Now York, con
tains Pait II. of tbe "ChronlclM of Carting
ford,'.' or the "Doctor's Family," and also Part
II. of "Captain1 Clatterbuck's Champagne a
West Indian Remlnlscerce." . I
"How the World Treats DiscpvcrerB,' shows
that cotemporaries are not always so unjust to
ward great discoverers as the common-place
complaint of tbe III treatment of the latter
might lead us to imagine. Tha particular In
stance the writer takes In hand affords' a gopd
illustration of the truth of bis position. -
The artiole'.on "Mr. Buckle's Scientific Er
rors" is worth an attentive reading, both for Its
manly criticism and the information it conveys
on some disputed points in physiology and 8eQ
eral science."- - . .. . .; .
'Tho Staged Weimar," "The "Island Sea
of Japan," "M. Ernest Renan," and "The late
Earl of Eglinton" are all interesting articles.
There are three or four poetic gems in this num
ber of Blackwood. f t
i ne price oi ine iviagasma is mree aouari a
year, or with either of tbe four standard British
Quarterlies' published by the same house, five
dollars. , . '-. .' .":. i.' Y
'l' . ,i 'I 'l-i Ii l. !.i.V.U.-
HT Winter' is' .coming. , Yesiujeedt be is
here. . Yeeterday and Sunday were cold; blus
tering and snowy days, i Tbe earth, lis covered
with a white mantle, thin to be sure, bat deep
enough to say the ground is oovered with snow.
flow tha hearts of little) boys and girls rejoice
to see tbe'firtit snow of winter.' Itanakesa
change in tUcfaca of nature. more sudden and
striking tbaof noy made a any other time dur
ing the ycsr. Hence, tbe bosoms of the little
onis who live and thrive on novelty and Change,
throb with delight as they see tbe first 'snow-
flakes comjng laxilj down. . Who does not wish
himself a boy again with a snug little sled, a
big shaggy (log to draw it, and a 'prltJ', merry
little girl to kidoiipon.it: , ; i' v
An IjiroRTANT pigEcTioN-r-It may ba auper
fluous in regard to a large number of our citl-
cens, but my be of great, use and benefit ta
many, to state what DpSn examination and trial
will be found to be a fact, that tbe best place to
get good brgaUis , and, bei sure of articles pf
good qualityr m at no.iub fcoutn tiign street,
ine! Aflnlh e,f th ' crirucr'lof fetnlA and Hlffh
J T J " - -
streets, where Mr. W. H. Re9tieaox has a large
and fino assortment pf, everything, in, the gro
cery lino an assortment hot excelled, If equaled
by any in the olty,
Miutait ArroiNTHNTii and Paonotionb.
dpt-Cenby, Assistant Acjutant General U, 8.
A.,'ls Appointed Colonel of tb 6Cth Regiment,
StUrDOU. 9, ; , tf , 'y J .'-; , f -
- John C. Lee, of Tiffin, li unpointed Colonel
ad D. L. Dewolf Major of the. 55th, at Nor
walk. ,, ..." j t
EdwArd Brookfleld, Major of the 53d Reel
Bitot, at uamp Dennlton... , .... . i
H. H. Ilsywarfl, Cleveland. Lieutenant-Colo
nol lit Artillery, Camp PtjnoUon, .'iui
Robert S. Smith; nephew of ' the Secretary.
or ine Department, of the Interior XScoond
Lieutenant U. 8." Cavalry),-Major 6th Ohio
Cavalry, v '"'
George C. Benhani,' Coliimbiirf, AB.lstant
Commissary with rank of Second Lieutenant,
assigned duty with Ohio troops In Kentucky.' '
r mnklin Sairer, Major 8th , Regimont, pro
motea Lieutenant Colonel Capt. Winslow, Co
A, to be Major i other promotions to order.
Colon! of the 8th no. yet appointed.'
Vaoanolei In the 7th Regiment hare been
filled by promotion from the line,' according to
Ueneral Order."' i..-'i. v.-j
J.t. Robinson, 8urgeon of the 46tb, promot
ed to Brigade Surgeon. , . 17
I .' 'Aotroi Thiatm at Dcirlir's Hall. Thie
j Popular place of amaiement continues to draw
ooa ooutet ThM, toe lant tight of. the tea
Kn bM been ,ei 'P"' b ln4 manager for the
benefit of Messrs. Mann ma sad Williams, who
their versatility are unequaled All who
Wlah to'laugh and grow fat, should by all means
visit the Adelphi to-night.
Il l
lOT Sis Ohio and t a Indiana regiments have
been ordered from Western Virginia, probably
to Kentucky. The Third Ohio, Col. Makiow
ordered to Kentuoky
Maw York, I am now prepared to offer to the oulillo
a moit xoallent auortmrnt of GOODS 10 R OKNTH
n biaii, anon ai -i ,
'!' CAS SI MERE 8, "
And a general aiiortment of t tit :.
ox rlrlleit and nnteit Kyle la tb market! ll of
woicn a im teiiing ai int. UUilAtKHI POHBIULB
1 r Special Attnntlon Pld to nrin.
tary Olfloera' (Jlotttlnar. '
BiTlnrlutd Ionff Wtoerltnc In tho Oat And Mo
UreaititfMUao to all mj patrons.
inn of OfBotn' Cloth I nr. I fel Confident I can bIvb n.
jp. nose., i
, , " . , Merchant Tailor, . r. .
Cor. iilgh and Town Streeti, ,
', , Oolnmbm, Ohio.
Shooting Gallery.
THE andenlrned begi Ueavt to inform hl friend
Uut h hu fitted ou a
Good Ooni, Air (toot, Plitoli and SefreahoKnti.' '
Give mea-ell.
novl3dtf ., i t r OONBAO KTOHAHDSi
! ; ,. NKWABK OHfO, . , ; . . .
nanufaeturera of all kind atf l'oi-
Sable anal Nlatlonarr Steam En
ajlnea, Maw mill., urlat mills,
, - ,.ao ,.. . -.. .
LAMS A BODLSl Btatml B. tt 1. BLAND Y Beaten!
I 00. BtoUhllltl
, Oar Portable Xna-lne and 8iw Kill
Was awarded tae Brat premlnm of 130 at tha Indiana
SUM Fair for 1560 over lane fcBodley's on aoebuntql
Prioe, lightness, simplicity, economy of fuel
and superior character of lumber eawexl. -
Our Statlonarv Engine ma awarded at the came Vsli
the Ant premlnm of (200.
Oar Portable Inline was awarded the flnt premlnxo ot
100 at the fair at Memphia, Tenn.. over Blandi'a Dn-
vaU'a, Oolnmboi llaohlne Oo'e., and Bradford Ac fjo'e.
by a eonusittee of pracUeal Bailroad Kngineeri. , ,
eor pnoe ana wrmi auareii
' W1LLABD WABNKK, Treunrer,
deeS-dkwljeoU. , . ... Newark, Ohio
Or Those Contemplating: fflarrlasre
SBlnaderilgnedwIUgtvetnformatlon on a very to-
Uretilnff mni important tabjegt, which will be valu
d mora than a tbousan4 tbnea Its ooit by every married
ouale of any Age or easdlllon In life. . The Information
will ba sent by mall to any address on tt receipt of 85
cents (stfrr) ana one red stamp. . ; , . h . ;
AH .letters thould be addressed to it
'" '.I ' ' Tl. B. M0B.EIS, M. D.
oct81-ly3tawdw - -. Boston, tlais
l ! 1
Hods AtTecUont,Coldst Bheumatlnns. OoeUreneM, Con
sumptions, AtTeotlons of the Spleen, of the' Liver, of
tbe Heart, Inmors, and all diseases which destroy lift,
have always exhibited, npon dliseetlon of the body, a
Bomber of bard or conorete points, either In some of the
orfans named or In the blood vessels, sometimes even
ramify ls ia th flesh, and agaio deposited npon the side
of a ben. Maw thus llttla hint mlaiini,.. inu
wm MR If Brandnth'a PUls vera Used: they wonld
bt parted oat of th system, and years of happy ll'e
Would b th sufferers' ut losteod of an early grave
Always purge but asm auss In sickness. : -
T. . Carpenter, .Esq., of Ooverneor, 8t. lawrenc
oonnty. Kew ork,M years of age, atysnS basnted
Braod.rath's Pills for tt years, administered them first to
htAcoaohman, who hid fever and arus;iav eight the
day after; th chtll; chills and fever less severe; gave
eight more the next day, and to every other da. nntll
the chill and fever did not relurn, which was about elgbt
nays mm to nrssatiaca., -, u taen gave (bar every
other day for another week, when th man was entirely
----- - ' - - - . J 1 -' . -. .. .
mwnu w hiuii uvu ucaiiu.
Y V. i , . - . . t a . ... ., .
and waa tared in leas Urn Hat osed no ether medl
elDe for 31 years) found them always reliable for himself
and family when sick; hss reeommended tbem to thou
sands with the beat results, and feels confident that eve
ry family would have a largeraverag of health It these
Pills were Used in the place of calomel and other hurtful
remedies. 1 ju.vj
Bold by John B. Coo, Druggist, Columbus, and ly
i. reorcviauiv lavAiore ui WVUIUUIBA.
-t- l .v V
1. 1 1
i lust Publhhed In A Sealed Invelops; Prlo 6 ets.t .
Weakness, lnrolunUry Bmisslons, Hexnal Debility, and
Impediments to Marriage generellly, Nervonmese, Con
enmptlon, Epilepsy and Jits, Mental and Physical In
eapAclty. reinltlng Irom Sclf-abnw, 0. By Robert J.
Culverwelli M. P., author of tiwtima Book, Sec . '
A Down to ?faonea,nae )t Bafferera,
Sent ended I seal; In a plain aavelopa, to any address,
o.mS. ST&7e. BLf'Ai 4
a4rS . et7:tinda
From all Parts of the World.
Interesting Washington News.
Arrival of Prizes at New York.
Latest from Missouri.
Provision's for Union Men in North
&c. &c. &c.
From Washington.
Washinoton, Nov. 24. Col. Van Rensselaer
as been appointed Brevet Britradler. General of
me regular army; jonn mover, a Colonel of tbe
Missouri volunteer cavalry; Sylvanus B, Hance,
Asaiscant Adjutant ueneral or volunteers; A.
Baxter, a Quartermaster-General of volun
teers, and It. E. Davis, Commissary of Subsist
ence of volunteers tha three last named with
the rank of Captain.
lbursday next has been set apart by the
Washington authorities as a dav for thank.
giving and prayer. . . r
uon. rJ. JJ. Culver, of New York, has been
appoinwa consul at rara, Urazii. .
. A few weeks ago the Secretary of War au
thorized Cen. Wool to asoertaiu whether cloth-
could be sent to them. The fullowinir letter!
shows that consent fun. that nmru. h.a i.o.n
- . r - hwwh
November 9, 1861.
Sir: T consider ' mvself fullv 'authorized to I
reply at once to tbe inaulrv made In vour letter I
of the 8th last. My government will allow I
ki.i.... j ..i.i r-i-.L! ; i
uu iruu ui viuvumg necessary ior
the comfort of prisoners of war to be sent to
them-! Any such aitloles you may send to
me will be promptly forwarded by tbe South-
ern Express Company, and money may be sent
to pay the freight bere, or it may ba paid on
delivery. ' " ' '
very respectiully, your obedient servant, , .
Maj.-Gen. Commanding Dept.
Jo Maj -Gen. John E. Wool, Commanding De-1
psHmeni,orioiK. '
The Quartermaster-General of tha tlnitffd I
States will provide blankets and clothing for
the prisoners of war and forward them through
Gen. Wool, in accordance with, the terms of
the letter from Gen. Huger. It is further as-
oertalned that this arrongemont has been so-
complished without compromising the govern-
ment in any respect whatever.
Major Thomas S. English and Capt. Abram
A. Brevort, of tbe Marine Corps, have been re
tired by their own request. Tbey have been In
the service, more than forty years; the for
mer having entered in 1817 and tbe latter In
182U. ; ;' " - .
It was stated in some of the papers that Sec
ratarv Chase was present at the late srrand re
view. This Is an error, as neither he nor his
assistants have left their duties a single day to
attend reviews since the outbreaking ot tbe
war u .... .
tviii:. t t p Pn.i-i.
terdav re
Department, as Consul at Babar. Brazil, trill
proceed tbither in tbe course of a few days. I
er no nor niSL.u.
H P.M.. nn.llnii r.t h. V. T Z n.l I
Kde.nnd Gen. Franklin, went tn flnrlnoflAlH I
man's commard proceeded to Burke's Station,
ii..n..nn .nii ii.t..i. p.ii a m. 'I
latter ia foui teen miles from Alexandria. No
at dance of the enemv near e thpr nl.M. Th.
Third New Jersey Regiment remained at
Springfield during the night, and returned to
tbeir quarters yesterday morning.
Pickets from Heintzelman's division dally
visit Ocooquan Creek, about sixteen miles be
low Alexandria. , .. ,.,
[Special to the Tribune.]
Wasbihoton, Nov. 24. The ReoorU of the
Dvumkuivi buuiwbuii umuiiiuu. i no irreai
. i u i-.i " rriL . L
Interest whloh the war will five to that of the
secretary or war will be heightened by Mr.
Cameron's , diatinot avowal of his policy of
placing arms in the hands of slaves willing to
nse toem ior ine cause oi tne union, lie will
support this by argument and. historical ref
erences, and so show that bis leading position
upon tnia vital question nas been as deliberately
as strongly taken.
AS a loretaste of tbe administration hereafter
of the war department until the close of tbe re
bellion, the pnbllo will learn with, interest that
Mr. Lsmeton will appeal to Congress and to tbe
Governors of (States authorized to bind the Gov
ernment, to praotlce. the olosest-economy, and
will etrlctly require economy and accountability
from every subordinate in the1 war bureaus and
tbe army in tbe field. Energetlo as the war Is
and will be, it will not be permitted to bank
rupt either the Government or the people.
Mr. Cameron's report will also probably con
tain reaommendatlons that will go far to abol
ish the distinctions between regulars and volun
teers. . Among these will be the repeal of tha
regulation which confers rank on the regular
officer over the volunteer of the same grade,
leaving it to be determined by seeiority, accord
ing to date of commission. ; j -.
. Secretary Chase's' report will recommend
necessarily a large Increase of revenue duties.
The necessities of tbe Treasury during tbe war
will require that tbe tariff be ao shaped as to
produce the greatest , possible amount o In.
come. Large incidental protection to Ameri
can manufacturers will of course be tbe conse
quence. .
: Upon the .vital idea of the war it is
said that Mr. Chase will fully develope the the
ory that the slaves in the rebel States should be
employed under wages to raise cotton, sugar,
rloe and tobacco for Government account. This
policy has already been established by Mr.
Cameron in regard to the nngathered and nn-
ginned Sea Island cotton In Beaufort. The
nation will heartily approve its recommendation
by Mr. Chase to Congress as a wiser disposition
of the slaves than to leave them la the rear of
our armies, roaming; at large, pillaging and
marauding:'1 " -'. -
Samuel A, Purviauce, of Pennsylvania, re
cently appointed Consul-general to Cuba, bas
'deolined, --: ,:v -
A scooting party of one hundred and' fifty
cavalry, sent out by GeB-McCaU to day went
as for as Dralnsville, about half way from his
camp to Leesburgb, and returned without see
ing any signs ot the enemy. . : ..
(Times' Dispatch.)
Capt. Thomas of the Quartermaster's De
partment, ha now 2tiO,0UO army coats and
pants stowed ln; Corcorat'a buildinir. Yester
day, an entire brigade of four thousand men
were lumisnea wilb in
(Herald's Correspondence.)
The expedition which, tome daye ago went
down the Potom to, returned this morning with
six political prisoners, arrested in St. Marys
countyr It appears that these partios are a
portion of a saoret organization for tbe purpose
vi uivu suu nrius' w (ne renei gOV
ernment.1 A large quantity of arms was die
oovered end seized. A rebel spy waa akcai
restedi who had last returned from the other
side. He left Richmond the day before. Many
valuable letters and papers war found on his
person. The expedition also seized a large
quantity of contraband correspondence hioh
was found In the several, postoffloes. In lower
Maryland they dlsoovered tbe channel through
I wbion the rebels nave been receiving nerwera
JJ?P " important information. t5 ,
I . rVAiHmToN, wov. joanua k. uiaamgs,
I Consnl General for the British Amerioao pro
vinces, has accomplished (he object of bia visit
Portland,-Me. z O
The tovernmant of Italy has adopted the
stringent rule of Franoe in regard to piratical
vessels engaged In depredating on American
commerce. Tbe American Consuls are keep
ing a sharp look Out for the auspicious vessel
lawiy seen at Malta. :
uommodore Goldaboroagn reacnea nere tnn
mornloe. Ha reoorU that all is aulet a Fort
monroe. ine rebels nave neeu arresiing union
men at Aocotlnk creek, and sending them to
J. Howard. Jr.. ona of tha aorresnondenta of
position of AssIsUnt-AdjoUnt-Ganeral to Gen
Oofman's brigade. ' . t ;,;!'?'' ' . ' :.'f
toe new York Times, has been tendered tbe
Several persons beloniririe' to Maryland have
oeen released from tort Warren. .... . , .. -.
By a fire at Pettlbone's bindery to day fifty
two thousand copies of tbe Mechanloal portion
or me latent Olfloe Keport were destroyed.
Cl mn . PlnnlrAM Am Inrd a avI htm- j-AaiirnB.
Uon. v;. , , . .. . 1.; ; , 7,., . .
A foraging expedition from Gen, McDowell's
division to-day obtained a large amount of
forage on the road half way to Fairfax' Court
nouie. imo signs of tne enemy were seen. , . :
The following notice was issued to day from
Diaiewepartment: ; , , -.-
uscar irvioe, ' jobnatbAn Armory and
Doms, at New York. Boston and Portland res
pectively ,are authorized to countersign passports
ior ioreigners proceeding tbence abroad.
WM. H. SEWARD. Arrival of Prizes.
iNlw XOSK.Mor. 24. ThaorUabark Prov
idenoa has arrived from off Charleston . Tha
prize brig Delta or Liverpool, formerly the W.
M. Rice of Boston, baa arrived from Galveston
oar, captured by tbe U. a. slooo-of-war Banteo
of Matamoras. She has on, board the crew of
tne sobooner Annie Taylor, taken off Galves
ton. bv tbe U. S. steamer -South Carolina, mil
now assisting as a tender.
The Shelling of Warwick on James
River-Rebel Camp Destroyed.
Foetrebs Monroe, Nov. 24, List evening-
the eunboats Cambridea and Helzcl
up York river some distance, and at half past
ten o'clock, opened a hot fire .of shells on the
rebel camp at Warwick. . .
Ibe attack was apparently unexpected, nn
only a little resistance was made. Batweeu
lony and filty shells were fired and 'the rebel
the sup-
A.J , ,i . ' ...
"BU-. .nM aasumea command at
.1UWB, IU UIB.UO Uft Will, lUtiipg. ' VOI.
vaannrT nn. In nlnnM n . ' 1 1 1 I . ,
. . . . -
The Eastern Shore Purified.
Baltimore. Nov. 24. DlnnetnhrA n a
Dix. from Eastern Virginia, intimmnn r.a-
tore of three rebel
uieuienanw ana seven osnnon, all new and in
good order. ' 1 ' - '
All traces of disloyalty seem to have dlsap
peared in both counties. County meetings will
. r.-
be held to morrow to renew their alio -lance to
the National Government.
The people will first adopt the btate Govern-
ment ot Western Virginia as a temporary
measure, and then lee us look to legislation by
that Stat Anil MUni r. .,..:
i ne Secretary of the Treasury ordered the
restoration of the lieht on Cane Charles
Tne Postmaster-General sent a special agent
ene postal connection with both counties.
Fire in Cincinnati.
Cincinnati, Nov. 24. Tfia sixth and seventh
stories of John Mitchell's chair factory were
destroyed by fire last niaht, . Lbss between
$50U0 and $6000. Partially insured.
General Nelson's brieade of
men left here this afternoon, by river, for Louis-
TI11D... ' . -I,'. r ,. .
Fight on James River.
DALTIHORE, JNOV. 84 The O d Pnlnt kn.t
brings but little news. About midnieht Friday.
r. t ... . .
ST ,r om,g! Pro?eeaea P ilLmn
k.',?' " ftr " ar:ick: ,nd f "Sf98 rebeI
v..j. 1an.iuuiitre trnuepirea lurincr man
the rebel battery replied with spirit, but war
Th? Cambridge ii said to
ue'"u , out no particular dam
Fight on James River. The Rebel Capital to be Removed.
JBaLTIMORE, NOT. 25. Thfl Rinhmnnil Pn
qu j ??,, th Confederate Congress has
passed a bill for tbe removal of th rniioi
f J. , , 1 .
T Klohmon Nashville, and that Congress
,wu mue mere,
Boston. Nov. 25 Tho irAnllnn 1 if lnm
ami mi .... r" - 'i
iiAta win late maca thin tt arininn .
ranouu nan. me officers of tbe San Jacinto
win do received at Long Wharf by a body of
citizens wun music, and eaoorted to the Hall.
wnere congratulations and handshaking by the
publio generally will constitute the. proceed-
From Eastern Virginia.
BaLTiuoai. Nov. 25. Cant. Hal av. nf iKa
17th Massachusetts Reeimsnt. who has it
returned from Drnmmondtown, Accomao coun
ty, vs., the headquarters of Gen, Lookwood,
reports that after passing Newton, the Federal
troops met with various obstructions In' tbe
way by the destruction of bridges and trees
thrown across tbe road. Some were quickly
removed and others marohed round. They
found a deserted earthwork but no guns at Oak
Hill. Between that point and Drummondtn.n
another battery waa found, in which eight guns
were uiuuuiicu, dui entirely aeserted. They
also found another deserted work bavond Drnm
mondtown. . i
Up to the time Capt. Halev left. tw h.A
been nine smooth-bore guns captured, but no
ammunition. The only muskets seen on the
whole route ware about one hundred old flint
looks. Col. Smith, who had commanded th
earthwork, had made bis escape and eluded the
most diligent search. A captain and two lieu
tenants had been captured.
ine aisoanaed militia all contend that they
were forced to take an arms as-alnat theif win
Not a single individual acknowledging himself
secessionist had been encountered. The
Unionists, who are evidently numerous, have
met the troops with the most enthusiastic de
monstrations of loy The Union men now havs
undisputed control of the two counties, as for
heard from. Tbe rebels are everywhere
disbanded. . . i , , i
Provisions for Union Men in North
Nxw York. Nov. 25. The schooner VL.
Sheddon will immediately eommenoe taking in
a full pargo of provisions for Hatteres Inlet
Tbey are for the Union men of North Carolina.
These provisions are not from the government.
but are Private donations. , -
Arrival of the Santa Fe Mail.
Kansas Cmr, Nov. 25. The- Santa Fe and
Carson City mall, with dates to tbe 16;h, arriv.
ed this morning, twd days ahead of time. No
through passengers." At a meetinr of the m.
chants of Santa Fe on the 7th lost,, it was re
solved that they would indorse tor tbe Govern
ment to any amount; that may be advanced to
tha territory. This action was taken in canae.
quecoe of the scarcity of the coin which has
beretoiore made up tbe circulating medium In
the transactions of business, and has from tome
cause almost entirely disappeared, causing an
unusual stringency In the money market.
The call on the Governor of New Mexico for
twelve hundred militia to garrison the different
PMts In the Territory, hoe been' nromntiv m.
sponded to and tbe whole number will in a short
time be reported for duty.
A light battery commanded by Lieut. Ander
son, U. S. A., left Santa Fe for; the south on
the 9th inst.r, an Important movement In this
direction; Is anticipated. : ' ? : -' J - - - -
General Hatch and family "have. left' for tha
east.",.'. !. ,1 -, ... -.
Theismailpox prevails with fearful mortality
among the children In the Rio Abajo. ' It has
also) spread to the Navajo Indiana, proving fatal
to many of the tribe.
From Missouri.
St t'ooir,' Nor. 24 -Oonerel Halleok bat l
suedla Isnetht n-Atieral order. makiiiL' tha en
tire affairs 6f this Department conform strictly
wttn tbe army regulations, ana reauoiag eve
rything to a complete and erfbily understood sjs-
TifroN. Nov. 2.1 The burnujsr of theprluci
pal part of tha town of Warsaw is confirmed by
gentlemen wno arrivea irom mai vicing iai
evening." r.t; .fifc A ci
- Tha main businsae nortloa of tbe town, con
sisting of one larger block and several smaller
dm 4 were in names wnea me geuuemtn ien
The town being scattered, it 1s probable that
nearly all tbe reaidenoea escaped. J "j ':
The Auartermasxer ana vommisnary fepari
menta were located ' in .a large block', but' a
greater portion of Government stores bad been
removed. A It is supposea o oe toe wars, oc ie
cessioniets: . . i I ?:
The troonl whj were there at tha time were
ordered to march to Sedalla, and left tbe morn
Ing following the fire, which occurred on Thurs
The town was fired about 6 P. M, Thursday
All tbe bnslness nortfdn of tbe town is in ashes.
Tha troops who were stationed there left at 8
r. AI., and are now hore.--' .-t -
. A portion of the commissary stores, for w bleb
we bad no transportation, was burned by order
of the commanding oinoer.
. It is thought by ibe commanding officer that
the town was fired by citizens, as a man dressed
in citicene' elothee,was seen coming from tbe
building in which the fire originated. - '-
' , 1 Special to the BtXoolf Republican
JirrsasoN Cm, Nov. 24. A train, ot emi.
grant wagons arrived to-day from Hickory conn
ty.tand tho roods from the southwest are said to
be lined with refugees.
.Price is reported tojbe at Qsage river, coming
north. . . . .
Colombia, Mo,. Nov. 23. The Statesman,
published bere, has information from Neosho
that the Rump Legislature of this State, alter
obtaining-a quorum by the appointmeat of
proxies, elected John B. Clark, formerly mem
bcr of Congreei, from Howard county, and- R,
L.Y. Prittou, of Cass couuty, Senatuis to the
rebel Congress. ' The Legislature also appoint
ed members to the rebel House of Representa
tives from the different congressional disirlots
of tho State, among whom are Emmet Mo Don
ald, ol St. Louis,' of habeas oorpus notoriety
L- M. Mollhennv. of Audrain county, and
James S. Rains, of JaBpar county; all of whom
are in rrica s army. .. ;, , u
St. Louis, Nov. 25 The work on tha mor
tar fleet at this point, has not been stopped, as
stated in tbe Cincinnati Eoqu'.rer, but is pro
gressing rapidly, and the boat is expected to be
fioUhed this week." The mortar is' already
cast, awaiting snipme.ni at ntuuurg ;
The committee annotated to investieate the
claims against tbe Government in this depart
ment, nave been in session something over two
weeks, and claimB amounting to more than six
millions of dollars have been presented and ap
proved, many witoeeeei are examined daily.
Tbeir evidence relating ,to different claims is
reported inrfull. Claims -still coutinuu to be
presented (n large numbers, and Iba labors of
the eommittee will baldly be concluded for sev
weeksr ,. . ,
6vACDiE, Nov 25 Intelligence bits been
received here from parties direct from Osceola,
that Price's army crossed the Ojage Rivet at
Hoffman's Ferry Friday last, and tbe advance
uard would reach Uiceola on tbe following
Three more Transports for Port Royal—
Arrival of Troops from California.
Ji- j- f -"t-;
Niw York," Nov. 25 The Uuited States
steam transports Boston, Delaware and Cosmo
politan, sailed at noon to-day for Fortress Mon
roe, where tbey will receive troops and 'proofed
te Port Royal. These three steamers will carry
about eleven hundred men, also a fulL cargo of
provisions and ammunition.
Tbe number of u. s. troopa arrived to-dav
from California ia five hundred. , -'
Oa the arrival of the North Star this morn
ing Mr. Sklddy, a passenger by the vessel,
made a charge to the police tbat Ad utant Kob-
ert N. Scott, of tbt 6th Infantry, was a seces
sionist and had used treasonable language on
tne passage.,; Tne nonce arrested and convened
hint to the police headquarters. J Lle'ut.-Col
Bacnanan was imormea ot the arrest, and ap
plied to Superintendent Kennedy for his release,
promising to be responsible ior bis delivery to
the proper authorities at wasbineton. Mr.
Kennedy bad not compiled with the request at
noon. ; , , .
Adjutant Scott is a son cf Rev. Dr. Scott, of
Ban Franciscq, who was recently compelled to
resign his charge ord went to Europe. '
Tbe charges of treason, against AdjuUat
Scott are confirmed by some oi the passengers,
while Lieutenant-Colonel Buchanan denies
them and alleges that the Adjutant Is s loyal
officer. " ' ',; .. .
The government has given a permit for tbe
re-opening of trade between Port Tobacco and
Baltimore via water."
Fire in Chicago.
Chicago, Nov. 25. The planing - mill of C
S. Road St Co. Was destroyed by fire on Satur
day night. , Losb 115.000. The insurance is
mall.' .. . -;. .,,.!, w. '.tt. .
Col. Mulligan in Toledo.
Toledo, Nov. 25 Col. Mulligan arrived he're
Ibis evening. He had a large and enthusiastic
receptlpn by the city authorities and citizens.
Rebel Preparations at Charleston.
Niw Yobs, Nov. 25. Tho RIohmond nanera
state that to give tbo batteries of tbe forts at
Charleston ample time to play, npon an attack
ing fleet, a long chain of massive rafts has
lately been stretohed across the mouth of the
barbor from Fort Sumter to Sullivan's Island.
Tbis boom Is of sufficient strength to fullv nen.
traliie the advantages which the Yankees mlchL
uenve iruiu vue epeeu ot meir vessels.
A I t L .L -JA.l... .
Naw Toss, Nov. 25. Tho steamshio North
Star irom Asplnwal has arrived. :- i'
She brings some United States troops and
Col. Bocbscaa and the following officer: Sun
geon McCormick, Major Ketchum, Captains
VVallen, Russell,' DavidsoD, Davis,' Assistant-
Burgeons iiCttcrman and reilum. Lieutenants
Gnrly, Scott, Turner, Carlton,, and Gray.- No
newa. . . . . . ... .
There is no news of the Sumter, but ana i
probably near tbe coast of Tenexuell. " ;
Arrival of the Ætna.
New Yosc, Nov.' 24 Tbe steamshin .Sinai
arriveu at nan past six o ciocx this evening,
witb ijiverpool dates to tbe loth Inst.
Ibe United btates steamer James Ade-er leA
Southampton oh tbe 13th init. Destination un
known. i I.ui.nri. w .1 -J t. . . .
Three British vessels of war were ra,t. in
sail for Mexioo. but had been dotained, owing
to the stormy weather. -.The Frenoh ships were
..Ml. . ... .. . .
i,u sail usmcuioieiy. . r-
It is reported tbat it wsb at the Instigation of
Cosland that the United States are to ba lovit-
ed to join in the Mexlcab expedition.
The Spanish journals talk of a ' probable
Spanish'proteotorate at the result of the expe
dition.' i-,ir.i -k. n, i wvlji -.-: -.-. i-,; 1, .
The King of Portugal died -of tvnhur faver
on tbe 13th. Tbe Duke of Oporto has succeed
ed to the throne. . , . . T .
GmaT BaiTArn Tbe speech of Mr! Adams,
the American Minister,' at 'the' Lord Mayor's
banquet, has attracted considerable attention
tie was silent as to lbs war, but very pacific to
ward England." The Daily Newt says' it was
frank, manly, sensible and seasonable, and
mast.be cordially welcomed by England t
targe, especially as a smati Dut active taction is
doing its utmost to misrepresent American di
plomacy and create bad feeling. , " , ,
Tbe M irniog Post save tbe soeeohwas mark.
ed by tho moat friendly statements respecting
the good feelings of the American Government
and people toward England, and hopes that no
occurrences win . aoppeo' to Delis) tbese state
meats. . i
-The Times is characteristically sarcastic but
at ine same iimeoompiimeaiary to Air. Adams.
. . Lord Palmerston, at the Lard. Mayer's ban
quet, made tbe following reference to America:
Although clrcumstanoet beyond ear control
(nay threaten for a time to Interfere witb tbe
full iiupplles of that article so necessary for the
productive industry of eureauntry. yet there ia
no-doubt thai temporary svll will be productive
of permanent goo feheere, and we shall flud
In varipua quarters ot tbt globe sure and ample
supnlles which will render us no loneer deoend-
ent aubn one source of production ior that which
is'so necessary for oar industry, and the welfare
of toe eoantry cheersj. jGenUemen, when
iTOs wiiaouc, we sce.no donbt, In many
of Lurope, clroumstanoew which, If not
wno vj praunnce ana aiacretion, may lead
local) fljBturbonccB,'waich 'Mrust ilr nm
Awn. o eapna weiaseiyea aa to bring OS withi
In their rauge chaers1.rr.V!.,t. , , ." : '
Oa tbe other side of the Atlantid a i witness
with deepest affliction ohtera, with an affile
tion which no words can express cheers, dif
ferences of a most .lamentable kind among
those whom we call cousins and our releti..
cheers'. .' It IS not for a to pans Jadgneat
upon their dispute; it laeDcub lor as to offer
a fervent prayer that aoob dt tfersaoea tav not
be Qf long oontlauanoe. ,ud, (ht. iht ,may
speedily be sucoeeded by Jbe 'restoration .of
vuuici iiuuo auu awuocv were waeene ai tne
great Banquet of tbe FisbmorrpeTa' Comnanv.
rattoratiott ol fev .U,J.vhZ u swto
irongiy mi'ueiense or tbo fbi tiiirsej end
eulogised Borland for' the recognition of fcaTlfar-tf
ercbt rtghu. ,,.Ue id thaebBl,.di4 itot (U'sli
luierv eutien, oa.ng aoia 4 asauiBOia tbair itie
indSncp ; butitydis flertrw a reoopoirlofi pj'
nhBT-A-i' '''"; Ima ,.'.l:.u ,4.T!.f,j -..t. A
lie alae lualad tL.iA..,tkAA.i. no. Ai.l.
for negotiations sol long aw tha rebel are treat-
ea as rtDeu - 'Wheu' thev Ara'trnati-if a KM.
H'tpaitmihtiijnwhtM-iltM will
uawn. as ma rrji wni luiieatbla aly ea
points of Independence and honor. 3-'mo vt
The Times seeks to calm tbe dismay at tbe
short, supply u nottoo, and lays there. Is no
Biuuitu ivr mruj. .y.WfU'i -iT't
The final obieaule at .lbs intaimont of the
remains ol McMonus. took plaaa at Duhllo on
tno.iu.n Inst
It was an tmpoelpg deuonstra
France. An imnortant Clilnel Ceunnil waa
utyu at rans on the ltn; ''' . wix.i. ,-, i
It Was almott certain that Ftfuld had accept
ed tho Miuiatrv of FinanM. hi nfnrmm ha.
log retreachmefit in every branch -
... Europe will be assured of ihe paoifij inten-
The Senato is called to assemble on the 1(1. h
of December. ' - ' -
Ueoffray 8! HiHyear, the eolcbnted nattiral-
161, it dead., - '
; The Pans Bourne was firm and higher
rcaies mi. Otla. 1 1, ., s - , . H . ,
oeloium me U'lgium Ubambers bad been
opened: ' Th King's speech was silent oa the
iiaiian question, but ibe ministers of rrancls
ii. nave Oeiii uotifiud tbat thy will co longer
ci.tertaiu cffiolal relations with him. . -
Spain. Tbe Spanish Cortes has been opened
by tbe Queen. Her speech was unimportant. ,
Holland Tbe Minister ol Foreign Affiiis
iq the Cabinet hie reigned , -j ki i
ArsTRiA.-Tbe Minister' o'f7uiiU lu the
Vieuna Cabinet has resigned. . v..
.Kussu. Numerous arrests he Ukeu p)ac
amongthe Jewlth Rabbi's at Warsiiw. '
LivtsrooL, Nov. 14. Cotto'u le'firm'wlth an
upward teudencv: eal4 of two davs 22(1(1(1
bales, including 10,000 to speculutjrs and ex
porters, rriees are unchanged; 1
Breadstuffsaulct andstbil. Cam d.,llnlin
Provislouadull. , .;,-r .,-..., i :
London, Nov M.-Contols tor monev. 93U
04. i AmOrlcjn securities quiet; Illinois Ceu
tral 40 discount; Erlu 27; New York Cectral
The iEtna brought about 8000 fn specie.
Lonoin,' Thursday Nov." 14 The Ti
in alluding to the dissolution of tbe Croatian
Diet, Says th E.nperor of Austria is hurryine
to try the ftreat experiment whether six mil
lions Of Germans cau bold in. subjugation thirty
millions of Sclaves, ' ' ) i ,
The British ships of war Dorigal, Conqueror
and Sauspafell left on thi 13 h. with the exoo-
ditionary battalions of iMiritics.for Mexico, ,
Tbe Paris Consluuliooi'1 urgu.es that Ameri
can ingratitude enables Franoe to wiiuees tbe
disruption of the Union with tbo utmost indif
ference. ' '"" '
LiTvsroot, Nor. 12.- The Bales cl cotton
for two das wore 35,000 ble, closing buoyant
an advsn; of ' The sales to specu
lators end eirorltra were 20.000 bules. causing
an upwura teuueucy in prices.
Breaaettnj qutet aud ete
Wheat steady i
red. western; Us 6itai2s
1J14j for white. Provisions steady
quiet and steady Pork quiet. Bacon firm
atlli9J12s 5d for I
lOd for red southern:
' I
idy.. Hour, firm at
fj I
Master- Commissioner's Sale.
8. Eaitirood )
' vs. ' Superior Court.
K. Barrett et al.) : .
to me directed, from Uie Barerlor Conrt of Prank.
iin County, Ohio, I will offer for sale, at the door of
vouri nouie, in ir.e uty oi uoiumbus, on
Saturday, tho 14th day of December. "A D
j . ' ' 1861,- - ;-;-
one o'clock, P. at., the followiog described premleea,
situate D the ecur.ty of Fraaklia, and State of Ohio,
towlt: . . . ,'
Being Uio eait part of the north half of in-lot No.
of the city of Oolumbus, being thirty-one and one
quarter (31M) feet wide on front atreet, and extending
westeMyot the same width one hundred and thirty-two
Appraised ai 3 1,400.
a. W. HUFFMAN, Sheriff,
' .. . .. and Master Commtmiouer.
H. 0. Ktau, Att'i. . . : a . . i
Printer's fees to OU. , .,
nov7-dltawtd ' ' - '
Sheriffs Sale., .
John -B. Uilliard 1 Doc 3,pafelC1. ' ' ' "
-' i vs. S SuperlorOonrtof Frankllneoun-
Mary Toang et al. ) ty, Ohio. - :.'.i. -
to me directed, from the Sunerlot Court of Frank
lin county, Ohio. 1 will oSer for sale at th door of th
uourt House, m tne city or Oolumbns, Ohio, ....
On Saturday, the 14th day of .December, A. D.
; " - tfifii ' ' '
I -"""i .
between the hours of 10 o'clock, A. M.. and 4 o'clock
M., the following deseribed real estate, situate in
Franklia county, Ohio, to wit:
A certain tract or parcel of land In the lowsshlpof
norwicq, nounaea and described as follow,: Beginning
P. 8.: Avery's B. Vf- corner; thence B. on tbe line
between the Avery and UerlUh Crawford's line to the
boundary of the O. P. and I. tt. R ; thence N. W. with
the B. It. to Arery's line; thence B. with the original
survey line lo Us place cf beginning, containing one acre
iann, more or lets, Ming part ot survey no. 3,Vi3,
the name of William Barkidale. ...
Appraised at 1 150 1)0.
.. i -v 0. W. HUFFMAN, Sheriff. ;
Printer's fees, 8J 00.
novSi-dltawtd - -A '
Superior Court of Franklin Couri
I a - rt r k : ' .
iy, umo. ... .....
.' Joseph Price and wife i , .,,X' .-Jn-
Doe. 3, page
i vs. . .- . ...
u John Cramer et al
j J 8le to partition.
il .us
- the said Court to me directed, I will offer for sale
the door of the Oonrl Hours In th city of Colum
bus, on
Saturday, the 23th day of December, 1861, "
between the honrs of 19 o'clock a. m., and o'clock p.
m., the following dosoribed real eetate, aitnatt In lb
oonnty of Franklin, and State of Ohio, to wit; , , .. .. -.
The remainder of a tract of land estimated to eontaln
hundred and live acres, known as the Old Poor
House Farm, being the tame land conveyed by John An
derson to hie sons Bobert, Joshua, Beading and John
Anderson, by doel dated July 13th. 1899, after cutting
fifty acres from -the easrslds of said tract, which was
off to Bobert King and wife, la oa amicable par lltijo,
deed dated December 13th, IBSS-- , - '
AppraUed ot 65 00 per acre.' ' ' ! . ,
" I MtQ. W, HUFFHAHi aUrisTT,
Printer's fees. $G 00.,., j ,,-, -:.
Nov W, I661-WU1 , ,r , .i ,.!- t aiort 1 1 ..i'
it .ii t .
H Wllann
. -Si ,l r. ' " .-
' Bupertor Oourf
W.K. Bose.
1) to me directed from the superior Court of
Franklin County, Ohio, I will offer for sale at the door pf
'Saturday,; December, the 14ln.,..J). J". '.
(wo o'clock, P. H , tbe following descrlhed real eetate,
situate In th county of Franklin and Stat of Obk, to
wit: . f v 1 ' ' - ' '
The south half of a lot of land containing eighty acreii
more or leu; the laid eighty acre( jt wblrli this pat
thereliy canveyedr- as a tract originally owned by Br
George 8tevensen,nd wliich by eerlaia preeetiHnge-
the Oenrl of Common PleASof Fraokllu county, now
partitioned to and diskied among the children ami lieira
law of aaid George gtevenaon, deceased: said prem
ises hereby conveyed being known as Hie south half of
lot No. 17, as will fully appear, re te rente being had to
said proceedings In partition, set forth Mi tlie Chaacery
tccords f 'aid Oommon Pleas, to hooki I, pag3ln, , ..
Apprahwd at S5 00 per acr. - - - -( - ,.
A '-, tlfiOiWB iVT. HDt'FMAii.BherlO', 4 .
r:J I By En. Divtt, Deputy.
It. SaiiLn, Att'y.
Printer's fee 0 00.
S SOUS su Z ,,, fOgfiS 70 for xlra atase
i brands ,..7'' '
17, ,JZ' ?4..an rhAid. ia . .riflir-TZ.
"f" " at M3 ejdfij SO r.r k' .F T."T "
r i rLUiia ...1.. .TT!." j .t- -i m l.
' wi"MM.ii)
r uAl-,u,heWi
ani atai ebw,
HA. Ah, Wdu. .1 I J .
anw prioe aa a i jui jr'ir " ""; l -iXl
0; winter ptd aUliitau sf?iJJ5bI!lr " "
i SO white Indiana , of SI S-!!!?,"
Vii." TuMten'' 0Ua "
BABI,YBleir.Jl-m'Kr.i,.jL::-.f A r
" tZSn?? " at Soo,"- ? rJI lri?.,! l cl
weeura. 3,e foreomnon do.; tio tor rood to 771
do., nearlv U at th. H-.Ji.f2w'. " vnm'
I"0 salsa .wmmmAt
rntlar a Ar7anAjt. Jm.I' 1r7' , "71 W AT u
and sut. . " ;;;zz, ' '
..KZTh,dem4nd.80nUnttM 'air and maiket with-
Bany-Bolee quite Bra, ; saWs olod barrels at
i IS for eountry prime; i&S to for ti.trr - A iT
far repAoTed mU; ai3l J eSrawia i. a
LAHD LAfA AnltM ..J .'.I ,- L. . I IT i' i'l
UN ay HAHBIn mederat rsqnest with 'saJaa 'ml ta r
barreleattlSSO. P,m4 mesb?el rm aadlTodaiJ'
demand at $18 40ao.y. - aacoeiat-
' SJZ1',1'"1!,1"1 "d nominally nnchanf'ed.1
' BACON In 0,,rji rlm. ..... ..... ? - ill mm t
JfUITBS PiiueinfA rdeaiAud .t inaiA iA. nh'""1
and is8ic foritAta. if"""
133821c for nt.
OBUKgE-SteaJy at SX8o.', v t
. ji Wit A.
Cincinnati Market.
'"tV" ttm wllh ' l 15 7.c for torn- "
ron,ochole,-i :1 . i 1 l : , : i .L' .'! TfT f. 1
-The wealliAr taw !....... i . n
far the-best of the season. The receipt, oi VmT?
Inne very llKht-only S.S00 bAd to diy. ThnemAod
L :,,,:,L3 Wy avangeo,
heavy S3 CO we paid. Vor. let over2s two HlZ,
drl peunds 63 , .ffar dellveieaSono, bTu,.
they were he LI At ai ir. vk. zr.TZ , "",,,a
favor of aelle,., ml, pni,m b, the u,"" lZtE5e
7aiile',i.?fJ,,c'"r aidrSJS!tSrt
and lard, which uinh. a.uuj , . . -JJ 1
n n,7Mr r,.T rr -""r". " a
t .1 srny new ont or tbe market
rUUK The de-mana lar mbba i m,j . .n ... . . . TM
umh... .,i iav. ,fc.:; m vwAjg
LAUP Iaib utire reun..LAt7i i .... ..fir'
next month, and 7o oa Ihi Ip"' -""".i
GBKEM AlklATS The AmmLJu., ..a ,u t
the olose S Vc was aaked and SWo or.,..i k.i, "
7,Trm,),Z:77l. a . i . 1 1?'7 W-at U.a
rat in : ttnuA . a ' . . wiiwaiuwi
";-" - atPU-uiti 40tW 1
iilt'l UlAtrnArt Ia ha.1 a. Oi.
BKEI LAHD A uIa nlliin SJ. '' JxTM J.
at 7c.
BL fTKll OonUnues dull for cemmon to prime at ilOTiJ-j
(aWe, and prhne to choice at tKajlOo. for bbl; choice im-'MEJ
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EQQ8 Th reoelpts are light and fn demand teoi .if a
So for freih. on arrival. 1 " "flTX"? VAiO'J
FLOUB There la a fAir dpBianA m.iMzznui.
trade and armr at at for good brands of laperfln bur
aVoTa flnB H V0' whlch ,he' "' teatieS.
Awn?.0!;; """""ho demand for shipment.
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dene, of price, u apawrtriaaTfclCr
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kind the nil lerswanL wolch i. n.in.. ... .1...... m
8S(io;the latter price for tbolc Ken"ueky The
O ATE) Tbe demand ia leu -,a n. . .
anxious to sell ot 87,lc4n be Ik. The market closed i'l j.l
quiet i
CORH-Contlnues to food demand at Mo for new, end J
29o for eld, In balk, . mm. j
BUUAtt The demand la hi. U Ik-A- .
9waiOMo ferxommoa in n,ln. n.ki n. m.
(SillWn. ' ,
AIOLASfiBs Is retailed to ttMaanntrv 4mjiiM lAia Af .'
8t or 4 bbli at t2i4c. -,. ul'r;.
. , ..ttmqurmii x. fill
i ii
Philadelphia Market.
, " - -.. - wj ,j iur u per una. w
. &xsx iiair 10,000 oVi
COKM Dull and deoliced; sales at S,0OO bushels vel-
1oo7tacv.:; j, A A'
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-isiittr mil
ritr dl lo
,iS irfeE ONLY KNOWN feEMEDtVoiu(y
" . t . . j-a : . fit T. i.. i . O
Eteomatism, Gout tad IfauTaljia,
I m AaqMptkaioa' '1'1 '
aV11 Mercurial Diseases.
1 1 Kiai s'uja
' T ' k .1 i
It Is a oonvenUntly Arranged Band, Mntalnlng a u.i-'
lea ted compound, to be worn a round th Waist, without
Injury to th most delicate person e; no ebang In hablta
of. living I required, and it entirely remove th die
ease from th system, without Drodaelni thA Inlnrlno.
effeots arising from the use of powerful IntexniU medi
cines, which weaken and destroy th constitution, and
aire temporary ruiwi only. -By this Ireotmeat; tbe- med-1 C j e
Icinal properUes eootalned ia tho Band com In' contact ii ii
with the Wood and reach th disease, through the pores 1 '
of the skin, effecting in ecery Insiono a perfect .core, ., .
and restoring th parts afuicud teuo healthy MtuKatonwYi 1
This Band laaUo a mostpowerful Aurj-MsacuajAt ageat,
and will enUrely relieve th aystam from thetunuotuM
effeotsof Mercury. Moderal eaeee are eared lo a few
days, and we are oofastAntly receiving testimonials of Its
eBiRBcy In aggravated cases ot long standing. . i : I A I
Paic$S,00, to he had of DrugnliU genenllyor eaif
be sent by mail or nnress. with full llrmirm. rn, nu
to any part of the eountry ,dh-eot froas the Ptlw timVlTl
Ofllce, . .'jnitlcJn..n Jlijji
., So. 409 BB0ADWAY, aTaw Yorkve J Yasie
G. SMITH &. CO.; ' Sole" Proprietor i'ttii
H. A--DescrlptJv Clrcolsrs Bent Free. ' " ff4.''"
A. 1. aamriusn a. ana n.... . T
77 8. Illgh St., bet. Friend and Mound, Oolumbus', O.
lLr-a;ente watttea Ewerjrtwhere. H
mhSO-lyaorUtpdaw " WaatJ
i ooixn-ac33XTo
rVi,1ihini. ftfnnfifarfariww Iimn4iiivl
vibi vrvuiaraHy
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m TK-tM , AV - . 1 31
1: Jg?SSW
'jjTTiia yja s.fc. go o ass sTQr-
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ir T
Jt) n 0,0 a g .0 c.e g e ii e p s e t. V4 r
! ?" I B ": 1 P IWJValA-lA
fiABti-J." viiijU;i.lyr;:iJ --f
. HisriliimiuuAi .
-1 -er .rrv: u,..,t saws
LAl I ' ' tit? " t " 7
oi aviai nsBMairrioH .vrfwp We
OHAS.'AMBOa, (pi rnP?AMsHa, Tssaa twtl
WKVAi.iirwWrr.t-1 ,Tr 1?
flannel ""E hlrtiiiM m
PL in , D,bra . pe f Tti l t i .
ED. ( Th ssosl ectsmiv sok Is th rtry " ,0' If A
Armv Woolen Socle. H sayssas ai oVtv awf It
Bbiker Ribbed Bocks. CiAS TT-:Jt HO ttl .VAJIt)
Under Shirts sod Brawers,- . i; - -- -
-k Cotton and Merino book.,d W1iA,', ''
Oolden Hill Shirts. .stwMI
Sj Qent's Kldttloves i ?!! ttl tlAJKM B3T?jt
ent Llorn Collars, Ke.'k Tkl- - ui.w . . mV at Baiyuwa
.' ' '... Y' B'H a BON, UW
jrtid - J an - s- v, X. Hoi aj g,uih nigh street'? .
' ' i' .-ii, i. i-Kmlfi fi.l 'h
t rtuu b, by barrel or or IoaJ. t, .
For sale, hf
OTlO, j ;x.t; r (.
. .:i,:r W South BUh auwrtA""B.!i hutJmt
I Aft Pt-'fH CANMIA.
. I.'. '." '-"I- J' ... M i JK!fA
Cases No: I Qovsrnmsrit ITn'tmeti?
rralis uiove ti.v.rt toast t-OAAi,iml
lUboze Oltron.-ihw Laaa..: a.-ttawn mif-Ai ow l a
3d boxes M B Hablojui fvt V;)tu iiKd am ..mm , J-,
J'TiTir9"! " ayer do. ceinsi o i44Jlii .A
auiojiuu arums rig li ii,KiiiOT.M oUAu
yi aoaskaStruMatnAv.at fw-4rl
lu store for sal by
novIO 1IW South High Btreet.
AwmO AMits
I smw

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