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-La... . ii r 'v 'i ; hK.- -
Rail Road Time Table.
Lirru, Hum fc OltnisosA XsmaB.B,1. V
'. i , "leaves.'' Arrivse.
Night Bspreai, t! Dayton 9:00 A. Mi! 3 30 A. U
OlMinuU 4 ocommodation. 6: 1U A, M.. :20 P. 11.
Day Express t 1JS5P.M. 7 1:00 P,
Mall tad AorommodaUon.. 400 P. M. , 115 f .
mm.1.. A. Ut i, J:? '!?'
New York Bxuress.
orkBxuros .. S.1JP.M. : ' I:W
1 I
.. ' Jim tonuMMcWt
Oasi,OniaJU.B. - " '' "
KiWit.i.S..." 4!00 A. H:;?:i! A.M.
Day Biureei... ..'.I S:0 P. 1.30 P, M.
Vi . 1.ilrn v.,',tn.: . J. flu, Agent,
PiTTitaAra! OliuiMa it' OiMennuTi B. B. t
Mall Train ............ ......... 4 00 A. M. . 1:30 A. M.
Bxprass Train. 4..;Af r130P, H,
MIIIIHI, Agent, f
nn.r..n. aTiniria-oroLia! B. B. 5 "J '. ' " "
(OoLomui Fiona A IxouaaB. B.)
Chlouo Ire real 8:00 A, II.. ,,. 8:33 P. M.
1140 A. M.
3:00 P. 11
f. A. M
; 3:W P. M .
0. W. Smith, Agent
Local Matters.
Satimgi , Bank. Mmf ' RioKur 4 Bo.
hart ramovad their Savings Bank lo (ha loomi
ob. lbs1 Soathoaat ' corner M Hirt and Slat
tneU, recently oooapfed by Maatra. Millcb.
Dohaumon ft .Cou JIavIng le&sethepremlsea
for a term of It jaara, Aieasra. tvioii.ir a
Bao. will be fonirt there tt taady to accom.
modata their old Wanda and tb pqblic.,'
Abstract of Franklin County Duplicate
for 1861.
I , -, ! Ill 1 .J OJ I
MiBbar of acres In PraokllnooDt.r.., .
, 33J,7WX
" j '.:! eri'i (!
Talua of lands. ......
mal wWlnto(nt.'f..
' sbattel property
..,.19,738 1B.0
... ., J.IM i.l
7.M7 07.3
Total talue of property
..0.l 75.
; .
Por BUte debt.
Warpnrpoaea r.r. .........
General nvanna... '
Bute oo mm on acboot. ..........
..137,687 U.3
.. 0,481 81.4
... 37,687
. 37,687 M.S
Total taiss tailed for Staje purposes.' . 1M.484 M.3
Por oonoty general expenie
' brldgs
r. .... ..... M
support of famines of TUtatssrs 13,480 87.0
toid, ,. 3,708 83.0
Township pnrpoees ...i.ww....1 .
Khooltoltlcm...i'. ...v..,..... S,OB 70.1
oontUiganl. ja-'Xt-v 14.709 87 4
City, town and Tlllaga tax 3S.60 85.3
Delinquencies and forfeltares ef 180 1. 13,763 06. S
Total to assessed.
"Knmber. Value.
Horses. .,'....;.''. .
oatus .'.,......
Bop '
CarrUget. .
Pianos... t
14.076 BTSO.IK
. 94,759
, 19,4efl
. 67,020
. 6,011
, 8,097 '
. Sil
- 19,163
" 55,688
Talue of Btrcbandlts.
" Danufacturers' stock ......
' stoneys (without banks).
credit, book soeounts, sto .
' TJ. I. stocks, bonds, etc...
.. 1849,550
... 940,413
... 778,697
..1,314 569
. 419,489
other peraonsl property
banka and otnat
, panlea .
Vslus of real sataU
...5.919 34.8
" abattsl prasstty
. 8,853 91.0
..." 8,773,95.8
Total taxes lerlsd for carpi ration purpoiei. 135,093 03.8
35,093 03.9
....... i
Total amount of tax terted for county.
Of which the city 1 charged.....
..309,916 51. T
. . 137,301 49.8
.181,916 01-9
leaving for the county.
J Ha..;
wo are ' lnaeDtea to jonn rniiups. i4-
. . ... . W 1 . M 4 1 1 (
to John
County Auditor, for the foregoing abstract.
AmaiOAN AoaicoLTuaAUiT This, for the
price, ia, we are persuaded, the neatest, the best
illustrated and beat filled journal tor the farm,
garden and household, published in this or any
other country. It gladdena our little family
whenever It makes ita appearance, and the
eagarnesa with which the little ones turn over
ita pages, and the older onea desire to read or I
hear ita articles read, ia evidence that it speaks I
to all hearts and all capacities.
How valuable, I
then, must it be to those to whose vocation and
Interests it ia especially devoted.. :".
A new volume begins with the January num
ber. Price ope dollar a year.- Addreaa Orange
Judd. tba Dubliaher, No. 41, Park Row. New
York. v-'
1 I ! T.' . . ' . I
Obi EDOCtTiowAt MoitTHtv-. The December I
number of thia Journal ia full of interest to the
practical educator:'' The essays- are abort,
, . . . ' " a ' u t i. it ' ' i.
pointed and suggeetive. .Ona by John Hancock
on "Home juobbiea, spa . toeir, jtiaors, ; ana an-1
other by Dr. Lewis on "School Gymnastics
are exoelient.i. The. editorial, department ia
filled with educational news and practloal ob
serrations .'. ...
This number closes the. tenth volume of, the
Monthly.! From the resources at the command
of the publieheravtha next volume, promises to
be superior, to the last. It is S .ta.nnal Indis-
pensable to the Ohio -teacher, v. Enclose one
dollar In k letter addressed to E. White & Co.,
Columbus, Ohio; and yon will make sure of the
Monthly for 1800.
Th an tsaiviao To-morrow, Thursday, Nov.
28, U Thanksgiving Day In Ohio, In Sixteen I
Other States and in the District Ot Columbia.-
We see thai the Ciucluuati Soboul : Board, In
consideration that but one school day intervenes
between Thursday and Monday, have ordered
the dlspiaail; Qfjke. City .hqoli Jtotq' this,
Wednesday srenlng, to Mot4daj morning n .
Tn taoiftCw-igtnK. "and , wo
privates belonging1 ts- theeavalrat;; pamp
Chaae, were ibrought loefiore! Mayoc llLiiomaa
yeaterdaf torrrjldg, The privates, for drunken'
aess, assault and battery, were each fined three
aollars anicoBtV, au(C e;,Bflrgsaiilt for ah as
' saalt on polios officer, was fined five- dollars
and ejosta.iM .uutn iiiitcavt. 4 .-.
An omntuiis' jlriver, for" furious driving And
committing ' assault while intoxicated, waa
fined three dollars and coat. . .,
1 J. t.L'.L.It U.i'
, -. i .-.
. . i....,.;.... ...
O" A letters, which ire tmbllsh to. da v. attrlb
utaa thi escape' of Floyd from the Kanawha to
the tardiness ol Gen. Scheuck.': Flovd waa sur
rounded at all points but one. and Gen. Scheuck
waa to head him off at that point. . He failed to
bring his Brigade up la 'time, and Floyd allp-
ped tnrougn., bo our pmo uenerai baa again
aiatinguunea nimsen w,.rws. ,
. PUt Ottoman Oloths: ' ' ' '. '. "
A Uvanai K M f31twaa' '-' , ' j
lAnsaTra I Hnftn IV rra' ' - ' " ' "
. .. . '.4HH k IT. lit
(invHtss Htit Njtra .-.. --r.
flalrt Matrlnfta.
HATlf ale SOtf:
oct 10
Mfi,fi.u ., N. tO 8mth HiKh B treat.
(OLDEN Hit t. SHIKTS, (.,,
OOliDun B11.U cumin,
Ths pattern of these ihlrts are new. Ths Bodies, Takes,'
nil haanma are formed to Ot the wmn with suae
and aomfors. Ths mark upon each one designating tba
las may be railed oa as Demi oo
narantasi wall suds. A full
correct, and sssh shire
stock of an
Mnat&ntlv for aala aS
ovSt. ' Ks. 19 Sogth High strest
jm. now mora, i tm now prepares la offer to th.
e moat xoallant
ortmenf of Q0ODS POR
WBAS, suohaa 4
. VE8TIO..iii
And a general aiiortmenl of I", 'r'T y-VV
I . a. III Ban. X
Vi rlrRM( ana neatest styles in tba marktt; all
r. "m sening at ina uusArasx FOB8IBLB
BATKS I0ACABH. .::. ...,
TTT neclal Atlulvt ia tm mm.
i vaxaeera' ejioininir.
HlTIDff had lonff anaHnivi In lh ttnk an.l If.-.. .
u. umosra- uiomiog, i icei oonnmni i can lira entire
ntlafactlon to all mj patrona. . ,
I . . ;., Merohant Tailor, ,' .,
I r 1 ' fin. Irish atiH O. ' '
Shooting Gallery. ,
T1J nnderalfmad ben leare to Inform hli friend
that be hu uttad up a . ..
- I i I.- AT g r- . 1.
, Opod Qnne, Air Guni, PUtoli and Kefretbmenta. .'
. GlTai ma a call. ... .
aorl3dtr . ,. ,.
! m wabk Ohio, . . .
laannfactnrera ef all kind at foi.
table and Rtatlanarr Mteara En.
fines, Maw Mills, Orist mills,
i -' aVCtt AC.
LAJfXA M0XlX Batl B. c J. BLAND YBtatml
r. B. DVT ALL Btatmllt COLVmms
I ' A CO. BtnUm.11111 .
1 Oar Portaala Kns-ins and aw mriii
Wsa swarded Us first premium of 150 at the Iiidiuu
BUM lair for 13C0 oyer Una at Bodley's on aooountot
frlca,j Hghtnegi, slmpliolty, economy of fuel
: and BUDerlor chara.Rttw nf lnmhav nl
Our BUtlooarr Inrtne waa tmrAmA u
the Brat premium of . ....
i' f ?rt4i", i" swarded tba flnt premium at
$100alhaPairatlemphla,Taiui.,OTa BUndy'a Da
sail's, OolumbussfaohmaOo'a., and Bradford At OoY
by a ommittee of practical Railroad I ngtnea as.
dec5-d&wUreoli. ( , . , TlewMkOhio
r "Train Stranger than Fiction."
It Is a fiction to belters that the adulterated, noxloui
drugs, Sold In the market as Baleratus, are beneficial or
Ten bsimless to the coniumsr. It is much stranger,
bat no fiction; to believe that James Pyls's Dietetic
Baleratus Is para and wbolesoms, sad the best srer
msdel ! Depot, 345 Washington Btrset, New York-
Or Xhsis Oantemniatlnir marriaim.
TBI andersignedwlllglTelnformatlon on a Tery in
terfiling and important subject, which will be valu
ed mors than s thousand times Its cost by every married
couple of any ago or condition In life. The Information
will be sent by mail to any addreta on the receipt of 85
oents (tuver) and one red stamp.
All letters should be addressed to
' H. B. MORRIS, U. D. '
aot31-ly3tawdfcw ' Boston, Ham.
llous Affections, Colds, Bhsamatlsms, OoiUreneu, Con
sumpUons, Affections of the Spleen, of the Liver, of
that TTAavE- TnmAM. SnH all Hmii aa.t.11.
wlyi Mhlbltedi Bpoo dltMcMon ot tn.,,,'
number of hard or concrete points, either In some of the
organs named or In the blood vessels, sometimes even
ramifying In the flesh, and again deposited upon the sids
or a bona.. Now thass little hard substances would
nrsa bosk if Brandrsth's Pills wen used; they would
be purged out of the system, and years of happy life
would be ths sufferers' Kt Instead of an early grave.
Always purge but asrn sumn In sickness.
T.V. Carpenter, ,Bs., ot Governeur, St. Lawrence
county, New Tork, 64 yeara of age,' says he has used
Brandrsth's Pills for 34 years, administered them flnt to
his eoaobman, who had fevat and ague:gave elihtthe
day after the chtll; chilli and fever lea sovere;gare
(ut mors ths next day, and so every other day until
IV-. .Vila jis - . ..,a . . . .
f Tf 7 W
dr ,rom ha tnt attack. He then gava four every
oth day for uoU wert whtn mn wu taUnj
restored to his uiuai good health.
He was himself attacked; took them In ths same way,
and was oured In less Hms. ' Has nsod no other medl-
olne for 34 years; found them always reliable for himself
and family when sick; has recommended them to thou
sands with ths best rsiulti, and feels confident that eve
ry family would bars a larger average of health If these
Pills wars aaed In the place of calomel and other hurtful
JttK "d
novSS-dlm .
'. Just Published In a Sealed Invelopa; Prios 6 cta.i
Wsakneaa, Involuntary Smimoni, Bexual Debility, and
impedimenta to marriage! Keneraniy, nervouineM, voa-
aumptlon, Bpllepry and PiU, MenUl and Phyatoal In
ntiwltr, reiultlng from Belf-abun, Ac By Kobert J,
Uuiverweu, u. v., autnor ot in. arsen hook, ts
A Boon to Tbonaande of Sufferers,
Bent under seal, In a plain envelops, to any address,
ion paid, on receipt ot two arampa, ny ut. tiUAb.
. O. KLINB, 197 Bowsnr, Nsw York. Post OmeeBox
No 48d. sep7:amdAw
Have lual raealvad a new make of HOOP SKIRTS
Bnlsbad in a manner far superior to any yet introduced
f$KJ?LlJ ra E ' S.Ft7KNlSHING
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,' " , ' "Byron and Garrota Collars'. '' ' ",;
'vi . V ,",i,almllde, Pocket Handkarchlefs.'
' PaHs Kid Gloves, superior make. ' "
li ' ' Golden Hill Shirts, various styles. - ' '"
' c .Dorf Golden Hill Bhirta. do V35 t : ,.i i v.
t Driving and Btrset Gloves, do 'i'.' 'ft J .r.r.
Hemmed Pocket Handksruhlefs, variooa stf las. '
- Half Hoes and Under Garments, to
: i c ' ' BAIN A BON,
aprtlJ ''-I ' ' Fo. 99 South High atrssl
Wtielesale and Hetall Dealer 1st
. p.i
N"o. OS mrth. Btreet, .
T - S B U-R O H , P a
ReeiW oaatantlr on hand all Mia va
ii" i .. rtens uiiaii us oa
I 8 Oasea No. 1 Gov.mmen
rnment Nutmegs.
I x rraiu ciovml t
DO boxes Citron
TTT." ? axas Kft RalilmVJ
j f 88 Layer ' do.-:' .' f."-7 .1 ' v .
' 100 drama Pigs. i u. idi
mi t t oaaka Zante OurranU, ate. sto.
Ia store for sals by
W I0 (kmth High Btreet.
THE LATEST NEWS BY TELEGRAPH From all Parts of the World.
Resignation of Gen. Blenker.
Gen. Sigel his Successor.
Excitement at New Orleans.
Threatened Attack on
Southern Cities in a Panic.
Warrington Burned!
Decisive Victory.
Latest from Missouri.
&c. &c. &c.
[Tribune Dispatch.]
Washington, Nor. 25. Gen. MoClellan baa
directed a letter to Gen. Blenker, containing
such expressions of displeasure, aa left to the
latter no choice Dut to resign, wnicn be did this
morning. It is said that an illegal tax of one
hundred dollars por month, which he baa levied
upon eaoh of the sutlers of his division, has
elicited the above letter. A committee haa
been organized for the investigation ol the ac
counts of the division.
Ths mass of the Germans bars never con
aldered Blenker aa altogether the right man for
a position so responsinie, ana tne rumor that
Gen. SIgel la to eueceed him Is hailed with al
most universal delight.
An order will tnis week jro out to St. Louis.
directing ths payment of all officers appointed
by Gen. Fremont.
The Kionmona inquirer announcee that ar
rangements have been made for quartering five
thousand more of the prisoners at present at
Kichmond at 1 uscaloosa, Ala., and Salisbury,
N. C. The first detachment for the former
place were to start on Friday afternoon. It
comprises one nunarea ana nlty, inclusive of
twenty commissioned offioersi among them are
F. S. Shaffer, let Lieutenant Ohio 6th; 8. V.
Preston, let Lieutenant Michigan 4th; James
Farran, 2d Lieutenant Kentucky 1st; W. B.
Flecber, Assistant Snrgeoo Indiana 6tb; E. W.
Hale, Lieutenant of the steamer Fannv. The
Enquirer says the prisoners selected were Gene
rally averse to I be trip. Few were gratified at
the change.
The Charleston Mercury of the 21st publishes
a dispatch from New Orleans, dated the 20th,
which states tbat intense exoitement prevails
there relative to the threatened attack on Co
lumbus. - Com. Holllns had gone there with bis
fleet, and bad telegraphed tor the a tea 31 ram
Manassas. A floating battery of tweaty guns
was going up that ntcbt. All the river nilots
had been impressed. Beventeen thousand
troops and aerenty cannon were at Columbus.
Government nas advices that Riobmond. as
well as Savannah, Charleston, Memphis and
New Orleans, are in a panto. Families were
packing up to be in readiness to leave when the
Yankees approsohed. It waa the general be
lief that the rebel government bad already
commenced moving its archives to Nashville,
so suddenly made the capital.
Government also Baa intelligence that the
discount on the Confederate Treasury Notes is
already thirty per oent, and that on private is
sues must be etlll greater.
This morning Companies A and H of Colonel
Freedman's cavalry regiment, commanded by
Major Duuer, wens on a tour of ODaervation.
A mile beyond Hunter's Mills tbey met a com
pany of rebel cavalry, supported by infantry.
Our men were fired upon by the cavalry, and
one horse was wounded and one member of
Cempany A injured by hia horse falling upon
him. At the order being given by Lieut. Paul
for Company A to advance, the infantry of the
rebels took fright and retreated.
Count de Viileneau haa been assigned to Mo-
Clellan'a staff with the rank ol Colonel. He
la a graduate of the sohool of St. Cyr, and was
a Colonel by brevet lu the French army.
TnoB. Bragg, ot h.Ij., baa been appointed
rebel Attorney-General, In plaoe of Benjamin,
made Secretary ot w ar.
[Herald's Dispatch.]
A deserter from the rebels named William
West, eon ot a clerk In the Treaaury Depart
ment, who was impressed five montba ago at
W incbester, and at the time be left the rebel
camp was an Orderly to one of their Brigadier
uenerais, came into our lines to-aay. tie re
ports that the headquarters of the enemy are
still at uentervuie, ana mat tne roroe imme
diately around that point la aixty thousand, and
that number la supposed to be leas than half of
ths whole rebel foroe On the Potomac Gen.
Johnson is in command. , Provisions sre plenty
that is, meat and bread; coffee and sugar are
scarce. The troops are living ia tents: they
are tolerably well oiotnea and pretty well armed;
some of their arms tbey lately received from
Europe. The troops, he says, ars in good spir
its.' They express the belief that they can
maintain their line of occupation In front of
Washington against any torcewe can bring.
Tbey are told constantly by their officera, and
especially by their Chaplains, that this is a war
of subjugation, aevastauon ana abolition.
, 'There are formidable intrenohmente at Cen-
terville, but no siege guns. There are fire in
trenebments at Manassas and tome heavy guns.
He says that no troops had gone southward to
his knowledge, the ooast operations not changing
any a is position ot weir forces, inis is contra
dieted by other authorities. He brought with
him a good horse and la well clothed, with
double woolen nnderololblng and a heavy wool
en overcoat. He haa one Sharpa's rifle, and
presentee, aa gooa an appearance aa our urdsr
lies trenerallv.
Information has been received tonlay from
rebel source or aa intention of the enemy to
, ti . , affin
ourn nunter mine. .. .
. WASHMeroN, Nor. 26 Assistant Secretary
of the Navy," For, baa received a dispatch
staling tnat an engagement was going on at
Pensaoola. Parties who received ths paper say
tusi. uaMiem mat u innate a magere.and L.01
orado engaged Fort McRas, and that fort brisk.
ly returned the fire, and further that the vessels
received some damage and were compelled to
naut on.
firing on the Pensaoola navv
Another dispatch says that "Ii
msnoed on Saturday and waa In progreai Sun
day ntghl. -
rortPickene. by firing hot shot, had set the Fen
laoola navy yard on fire three times, but that the
rebels managed, np to tbe latter' asy, to extin
guish the flames. They had not, however, been
ante to suppress tnoae or tne burning town 01
Warrington, which hot abot bad utterly destroy
ed, i . . . .
It was thought at Old Point that our vlotory
was aeoiaive.
The Dav Book adds
n 11 1 .
W hght com
[Special to the Post.]
The Clerk of the House of Representatives
haa just plaoed upon tba offioial roll qf the
noose tne name of CoL oegur, as tbe member
irom tne 1st Congressional Ulstriot or Virginia
inis district wss represented in tne into uon
gress bp M. R. II. Garnett. now a rabid seces
slonlst. ' ' - ) . 1
Ei Got. Wiokllff. M. C. from Kentuoky, has
arrivsd here.
Gen. MoClellan reviewed ths regular troons
in tne army to-day.
It la true that Beoretary Chase favors an In'
oreasa of duties on auear. iron, woolen and some
other articles. He will set forth the reasons
for these rsoomendations In bis forthcoming
report. . ' . . r -
Unofficial advices from Mexico represent thai
the kindest feelings exist betw -en the British
Minister and the Juarea rovsTV.Jienti and the
opinion Is also expressed In dlB.'oguished cir
cles that the friendship of France1 can also be
secured. But little le hoped from Spain, whose
designs are as well knowa in Mexico as in the
European capitals. r : .
It la understood that Gen. Maruucx will com
bine tbe strength of the church party, consist
ingof Mexicans and Spaniards, who will pray
the Queen of Spain for a King (or the throne
An uncle of the Queen has been designated
for thla office. He ia already old. and could
live but a short time, when Mexico would thus
revert to Spain the policy being the same as
inaipursuea toward Haytl. " - '
The probabilities are. tbat Minister Cotwin
will not return borne at present, in view of our
important Interests in Mexico.
A letter from Damestown states that there
are no rebel pickets from opposite the msjtb
Muddy Run up to half ' a if ijp south ei
Goose Crock. Above tbo creek tbey have rillo
pita and pickets, and still occupy the Fort op
posite Edward'a Ferry. ,.
Gen. Jackson U engaged at Wiutliettor in
tbe organization of a regiment of free oe-
The rebel General Smith commands at Lees
burgh. Uenerai MoClellan reviewed the regulars to
day, on the eouth aide of the Potomac. There
were nineteen hundred infantry, twenty-two
hundred cavalry and nine ba'.teries of artil
lery.. New Yosx. Nov. 26. The Herald's Fortress
Monroe dispatch says by a flag of truoo from
Norfolk, newa reached there from Fort Pickena
and Port Royal, tbat Pickens opened fire on
Saturday morning, but tbe firing was wild.
Later it was stated that Pickens waa breached
when tbe firing ceased. The rebels sustained
no loss, but ths Union forces heavy losses
The wildest exoitement prevailed at Norfolk.
Gen. Bragg aent a congratulatory dispatch all
over the South. From the same Source It Is
learned that at Beaufort three companies of
Gen. Sherman's command bad an engagement
with the rebels but were forced to retreat with
loss of eight men. Beaufort is bilng entrench
ed by our forces.
From Missouri.
St. Jostra, Nov. 25. Wm. Smith, an as
sistant of J. A. Slade, road agent on the over
land mail route, waa murdered and robbed of
hia mules and clothing by tbe Snake Indians
last week.
Rolls, Nov. 26. The reconnoitring party
ander command of Capt. Ross, from Gen. As
bath's division, which left yesterday morning
early, proceeded five miles weit of tbe Gascon
ade, Tbey remained last nijbt and report a
troop of eighty Texan rangers at Lebanon,
deatroyiog properly generally ind robbing the
emigrants coming this way. They took some
of Col. Boyd's pickets prisoner!.
MoCullocb and hia army vaa expected in
Lebanon on Sunday last, and tie rebels say be
will be prepared to give us bittle. Another
part left Camp Robinson last night, in the di
rection of Lebanan. -The place is crowded with
emigrants, and they are arriving daily in large
bodies, some with wagona and a 'great number
on foot. Some are entirely dcaiitute. Such
are furnished with rations from theCommlssary
stores here, which are very large and daily in
iNoiriNDiNci, Nov. 2b. This morning Lieu
tenant Colonel Anthony detailed a Lieutenant
and five men to examine tbe cemetery in this
eounty, Tbey returned wilb fournteen kegs
of powder found concealed Ina vault, supposed
to be soms taken from Liberty. All cattle re-
captured by Federal troops from tbe rebels at
Warrensburg are now on their way to Fort Dav-
en worth.
The bush-whackers who burnt the trains are
now prisoners.
Uen. rrioe is at rleasanttlill with twenty-live
thousand troops going west.
Lieutenant-colonel Anthony captured to-day
lot of Government freight wagons and one
Government horse from a Lexington rebel.
The t irst Kansas Kegiment Is now encamped
on the Fair Grounds one mile South of this
Kansas Citt, Nov. at). Col. Jenmson nas is
sued the following propositions to all persons In
arma against the Government in Jackson, John
son, Lafayette and Pettis counties:
First. All who are now In arms against the
Government in the above named counties, and
who will aurrender their arms and ammunition
to me and deliver to me all Government prop
erty In their possession and under their control
within reasonacls time, and shall sign a deed
of forfeiture, and shall hereafter perform their
duty as good and loyal citizens, shall not be
held responsible lor past acis or rebellion,
but shall be protected in their livea and prop
erty. Second. Arma wblcb are thus surrendered to
me aball be stored and taken account of, so
when present difficulties are settled, owners
then can obtain them.
Third. Persons who shall surrender them-
selve to me in order to make arrangements for
securing peace to their neighborhoods, shall be
respected in their rights whils arranging or at
tempting to arrange any terms, and shall be
allowed to return to their homes, even should
they, after a conference, fail to come to any
arrangements or understanding.
reurtn. All who shall at regard these tropo-
sltlons and shall continue in armed rebellion
against the Government of tbe Unit! States,
shall be treated aa traitors and slain wherever
found; their property shall be confiscated; their
homes be burned; end in no caso will any be
spared, either in person or property, who refuse
to accept these propositions.
Tbe deed ot loneiture accompanying tnese
propositions conveys all real and person! prop
erty, including present and future acquisitions,
into the banda of tbe Government; aaid proper
ty to be used for the benefit of the Government
In case ot rebellion, all loyal citizens are re
quired to enroll themselves into a Home Guard,
holding themselves amenable to tbe military
authority of the United States and ths State of
Missouri, and pledging weir ntmoat exertions
to maintain its suthority against all hostile
combloationa. --
From Fort Pickens
New Yoa. Nov. 26 - The steamer George
Peabody from tort fickens tbe lath, haa ar
rived at this point. On Menday, previous to
her d.nartnre from Rev West, tha Conneotiant
arrived from New York with a general cargo,
consisting principally of provisions for our army
and navy at Fort Pickena. The Huntsvllle gun
boat, then lying there, sailed tbe tame night
for the month of the Mississippi, to co-operate
with our naval force were. - Tbe gunboat
Dawn would shortly start on a cruise. The
Niagara and gunboat Hatteras were lying at
rort fickans. .. . . - . j
Catholic Church Burned.
1 PmtADtLrniA, Nov. 26. St. Paul'a Catholio
Church waa burned this afternoon. Only the
bare walls are left standing. Lose estimated at
$20,000. . . . ; '"' J?" ".-.
.' Boston, Nov. 26 Tbe Twelfth Maine -Regiment,
from Portland, has gone Into 'camp near
Lowell, for transportation South.' "'.
a , - - xt . v. r. ii r, i .
dled at Fort Warren yesterdsy; his remains
were sent home In a metalllo case.
The Sumter Again.
Ntiw fYosa; 'Nor.'. 96.VTe bark
rowonoge. lrom uarbaaoes. report sue Orn
ish war steamers Barrsoanta and Cadmus there.
The oommandor of thA former renorted-that-on
the 27th of OotcW, ture( degrees smith of ths
latitude of the Bet rmiriua, he boarded the pri
vateer Sumter.VTbs commander informed tbe
Uritlsn oncers eho went Aboard, that ne baa
sent In a challenge to the'gunboat Crusades to
He did not bear of her making anv captures
r The schooner Henry W.' Johnson, from Nas
sau, has arrived. . She has been cruising about
the West Indies' for privateers, but saw nonS
Had heard or tbe name being; in a certain port
but oonld not find her.
L The schooner Msrla Pike reports that on
the 17th. off Double Headed street Keys, an
unknown barf was oanturea by a small naassru
built privateer. Tbi bark Edward Everett,
from Matanzas for Boston, In b.llaat, was
company, but not molested'
J. 3 n
From Fortress Monroe.
FokTBtft MoNBoa. Nov.' 25. The Tribuue'i
special says Fort Pickens opened fire on Brsgg'i
forces on Saturday. The particulars are mee
gre And came through rebel sources. Bragg
telegraphed that he was taking the bombard
msnt coolly. Tbe rebels claim to have breach
ed the walla of Pickena. The Navy Yard waa
on fire three timet and put out. " The village of
Warrington was burned ay Brown's nre tbe nrei
Foreign News by Steamer, Name Unknown.
Faanci. The fact of the dlficit reaching
forty millions of pounds sterling, ia attributed
to tbe excess of expenditures for tbe army ana
new and public works over tbe estlmatea.
, The number of men rated was three .hun
dred and ninety-two thousand, but half a mil
lion are actually uuder arms.
The Timea states that M. Fould stipulated
as a alne qua non of hia acceptance of the Min-
Istery ol 1 ranee for tbe privilege of transacting
nia business witu tne umperor personally.
Some of tba alterations of the new ministry
are at the expense of Count Walemakl, and it
isaonuua 11 be would continue to retainhis or
flce as Minister of State. It was thought that
no might be appointed Minister to itondon.
Saadima Tuam. Nov. 4. Gen. Carbonnell
haa gone to Ctprera, to present sn sddreaa to
uanoami irom tbe Neapolitans, craving blm
not to leave Italy.
csoLANn. Consols Improved, being
higher than Wednesday.
nous. it is stated tbe garrison Is to be
trengtbened by two extra regiments, forming
altogether three divisions.
1. be Nationals aserta tbat Ratazu had ob
tained the Intervention ol the Emperor in order
to decide tbat Francis tbe Second should quit
Rome shortly.
Ths Times' city article eats, a decided Im
pulse waa given to the stock market yesterday
by the news from Franoe. '
London, Nov. 15 '-The Calcutta English
man newspaper eensuree tbe Manchester manu
factures for doing nothing to extend the growth
of cotton in India. It proves that one pound of
ootton coats the growers 4)d, exclusive of
any profit whatever, either to tbe cultivator or
shipper, while new lands, taken nnder cultiva
tion, would Incur great additional expenses.
Tbsrefore there is slight prospeots of ths Ryots
being induced to enter largely into tbe cultiva
lion 01 cotton.
The Privateer Beauregard.
Niw Yobe, Nov. 26. A Key West letter
states that the privateer Beauregard made no
resistance: She waa commanded by Captain
Gilbert Hay, and waa captured one hundred
miles from Abaoo. She threw overboard most
of ber ammunition, tie. Sbe had met no ves
sels, and bad not even fired a gun since leaving
Tbe vessel captured by the Connestlcut waa
the schooner Adelaide of Nassau. She waa
bound to Savannah, and bad aeveral cases of
swords aboard, and ber purser was Lieut. Har-
ay, ot tne isooieaerate army.
Tbe steamer Isabel is represented to be near
ly ready for ber armament at Charleston. Sbe
will be commanded by Capt. Kobblns.
Western Virginia Convention.
Wbiiuno, Nov. 26 In accordance with the
almost nnanimoua vote of the people, at the
election on the 24th 01 laat month, the Conven
tion to form a new State out of Western Vir
ginia met In thia city to-day. The attendance
was unexpectedly full for tbe opening, thirty
seven counties being represented. John Hale,
si Mason, waa elected permanent Preeident
No buslnssa was done beyond organizing and
administering the oath to members.
Rebel Account of an Engagement at
Baltimobz, Nov. 26 Passengers by the Old
Point boat say tbe Norfolk Day Book haa a dis
patch from Richmond to the effect that an en
gagement was going on at Pensacola. Parties
who have read the paper aay the Niagara and
Colorado engaged Fort McRae, which briskly
replied, and tbat the vessels were damaged and
had to haul off; that Fort Pickena was firing
on the Navy Yard.
Different versions of the affair at Pensacola
say on Friday Piciens opened on tbe Navy
Yard and Fort Barancas; that the Colorado and
Niagara participated, and bad to haul off very
much damaged. Tbe news all cornea from se
cession sources and must be received with due
Niw York, Nov. 26. It Is understood that
Capt D. D. Potter's visit to the city last week
waa connected with tbe outfit of a small mor-tar-carriing
fleet. Soms twelve schooners at
this port, owned by the Government, and al
ready fitted for ordinary armaments, are now
additionally strengthening ao ae to carry, some
of them one and some of them two gigantic
morttirs, some of them weighing nearly twenty
fire thousand pounds each. These vessels are
nearly ready for service. .
The Government has just purchased Vander
bllt'a Staten Island ferry boats, Westfield and
Clifton. They are the finest boats on any ferry
line running from thia oity and capable of car
rying three or four thousand men, with a con
siderable battery, while drawing but five or aix
feet of water.
' Boston, Nov. 26 A banquet waa given thia
evening to Capt. Wilkes and the officers of the
sen Jacinto by a committee of citizens. .-.
I ... aa,
St.' Johns.' N. F.. Nov. 25, The Canada.
from Liverpool on Satnrday, the 16th, via
Queenstown en tbe 17th, for Halifax and Boa-
ton, passed Cape Race to-day. Tbe newsbotl
passed close to her, but aaw nothing of the
canister containing her news. The Canada ia
due at Halifax on Wednesday . -. .
Machine Hannfactnring Company
GaaUngt, KU-tHariiig, Maahlnery
I?l.CtllZOACl W OXlX.
or iTtav naaomimoii.. ... . ;
, .. I i OOIifjnBUS, OHIO
OB AS. AM BOB, - Bap'l. ! i 1
'i ;
asoll. uue-tf
"i Vf.W lay
l 7'.a. SS-
So. fed South High Street," Columbus,
tooe yards T ravelin '
Drsa floods at H value
. W seats.
S00 yards Traveling Drsas (roods ut 19X, vatas Sewta.
90IK) yards Bngllah Bi
leasne at 19K. value 95 eenta. .
1000 yards Pranch Orftandiei at 19X, value 90 cents.
9(iOn yards Put Colored Lawna at 10, value IS eentS. -10U0
varda foulard Dreie Bllki at 37W, value SO oents.
1500 yards Bnper Plain Biaok Bilk at Bl 00. value B
Bobes of Orgnndls Borage, and Bngllah Borage, At one
tau ttre,tTlue
I je99
99 Bouth High Btrset.
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Nov. 26.
P LOUR Market heavy and declining with moderate
demand for export and home eoniumpllon; aalea 91,000
" Mian, v aur njeoiau, . -I wat OU of I U 0
UU: BS 0O45 CJ for extra eUU. AS 4VAiS SO tn.
fins weotern; (S 80s?5 SO lor common lo medium extra
weeUn; 5 S&AS 90 for shipping brands extra round
uoop unio, ana so uvso tor traas sraaaa do, awriiat
cloilng ' heavy. Canadian flour may be quoted a ahade
eailsrwltb very noderals demand! salsa sf l)S0 able at
BS 40SS SO fur auperflne; OS ,00(3)7 SO for common
to eftoice extra.
BY PLOUBQuUt and steady at $3 253 4 40.
CORN MBAL tJuletand Ithout ranterial dlhantrs
WHISKX Mnrkat lor: ul.i of tl.0 hhl. at Slkuitf U
chiefly lmlds prlte.
WliK AT rinu with pretty good demand for export;
alea of 49,000 biuh Chicago apring at 1 93A 1 20; ID,
(KOdoReclnetprlogatBl 9S1 90; 84.000 Milwaukee
ei xuisi xv; ey.uuu ao amoar lowa at f t xvjf gp
1 30, part to arrive; 53,000 do winter red wutern at
Bl 33itl 38: aG.SOOunhar Mlnhlnn tt 11 38AI 4(1! 97 .
000 do Canadian oiub at I SSdil 30; 3,000 rad and whits
Long Ialasd on private ternu; 18,000 white Indiana at
B 1 1 9al 40; 9,000 white Michigan at $1 431 4S; 11,
KOO white Canadian at $1 40.
BABLBK Sun anil Arm- i.Im 1 nnfl kn.fi Int.. In.
vuw ui at (uo ana Mil ao Bay uulntea at 7Bc,
OOttM Kulea quite firm with good demand for export
iu tiemo oddjvddudd: uih .1 in ihiu hM.ni.ia at n
woi.to tor rair to gooa weitern
OAtS Uoderata reaueat at 47A4UA for JmM. nn,
lylranla, Canada, weitern and Mate. -
ruatn. nunout aecioea change and demand ralr with
ilea of 1,160 bbli at I9 50(3113 00 for mem and $8 SO
W OS for prime.
., " "" active with moderate demand) salsa of
.wu m. at se huh au for nauntr nri... ms da9
50 for soontry meat; Bit 00 19 00 for repacked mesa;
813 OOimia so for extra am, rnnuthMiiiMii.
.( f 1Q .n uit 111
JJKSf UAHB OuIetatB15 OOAIS in. '
OUT MEATS 1)011 and nn-hmnail MiS .mill .1
40 for ehealdtmnd SASMo for hams. -B
ACON Inactive and demand chiefly for export; salss
i fr aioiao,4,o ror western common to crty
. " i -l UIIUUICB.
HOBB Dreaied. active and firm at 4r2U.
LABD OonllnnM In f.l. M..t. luKa ,.i.t. . .
ttlJTlJSa-Llttle firmer at 10ISc for Ohio and 15a
OHKKgK BleafvatsuARn.
BUGAB, Raw itMilw &nii e.m t, iu t aa. khj.
Cuba at 7H.CiftKn: vi hh.l. u.i.n .1 k..
-.au. ,0; e.iiw oars unine on private tense.
AIOi,Ab3H Ouiftt- aalaa 9 hhla .nil in hlwf. u.kln.
c 11 nhda Forto Bico at 40o, and by auction
v nun, uo B iMf UC. , .
Cincinnati Market.
the transaction of mercantile builnma haa hmn nn.li
Interfered with to-day by the very unfavorable weather,
tbat no change can be reported In tha atetus of affairs
under thia head. :
PLOUR Drooped araln to-dar. and .alien rnnM nnt
find a market at over S4 00 for lupsrfine; inch aa would
rate at fulr extra waa (old at S4 10.
WHEAT Wai malntelned at the poaltlon held on
Saturday, principally by tha fact that tbe ofieringa were
uukn ii in steady demand at SGSBSfte for new and
OATS NotwlthiUndlnz lane recetnti. hid a hatter
market at 97fc. Borne of the dealers hold at 98c In
RVB-Ii held at 43c, but there li onlv a moderate de
mand at 49o.
BAELBy Ii in sood reaueat at 4Sc for nrlma: M14e
buih higher li aaked, and 48c wai paid for a very
good article. -
WU18KY Had a dull market at 14c.
Master Commissioners Sale.
Sale of Real Estate by order of Court.
W.M. Pinch,
VI. fluDeribr flnurt nf Vnuiklln Onnnlv.
Brown at al.)
IN pursuance of an order of the Superior Court of
Franklin county, Ohio, nude at tha May term thereof.
v. ic-ui, in me a novo euiuiea action, mere will be
offered for aale, al public auotlon, to the highest bidder,
Saturday, the 30th day of Nov., A. D. 1861,
ths hour of 10 o'clock A.M., at the door of ths Court
Hones, in ths city of Colombo,, in laid Franklin tvnnntv.
following real eetete, to wit:
In-lot number 9 of Robert Nell's addlUon to the oily
Oolumbua, being tha north eit corner of Lockwin
turnpike and Johmtown plank road.
Appraised at i,Joo.tH.
Terms of tale, caah.
Bpecial Muter Comuiuloner.
B. A H. Chittenden, Atlyi.
Printer's fees, BS.OO.
Oct. 92, IHll-td.
Sheriff's Sale.
John Kennedy,
dy, i
et al.)
Common Pleai.
James Bouth
Is ma directed from tbe Court of Common Pliaa of
Pranklin oonnty, Ohio, I will offer for aale at the door
ina uourt tiouae, in the cityof Oolumbua, on
Saturday, the 30th day of November, A. D.
. ' a law,
one o'clock P. M., the following described real
eitate, eltuate In- the county of Franklin, State of
Ohio and city of Oolumbua, to wit: Theeaat one-half of
the followlog premitea, oonmenclng one hundred and
eighty-four feet (1H4) weit of tbe loutheut corner of oat-
number (3Sj thirty-five, and being apart of aaid out-
at a ateke. thenos north one hundred and eighty
even and a half feet (187kl to a itake. then aat
flfty-ieven feet (57 to a (take, thence eait fifty icven
feet (57) to the puce of beginning, all of whiob, Unea
andoornen, coherer, moat be undentood aa coneipond-
iuR w.iu moac oi we itreeia ana aueya of ins city of
Oolunbus af oreiaid. belntr tha eait one-half nf th ahn
dncribed premliei, and the lame conveyed to the aaid
James Bouth by mid John Kennedy and wife by deed
even date herewith,
Appraiaed at B5.
Prlnter'a fees li 00 a. W. HTJPPMAN, Sheriff,
ootxs-dltwtd ByBd. Davie, Deputy.
Sheriffs Sale.
John B. Billiard )
I v. I
Mary Young et al. )
Doc 3, pagelCl.
Superior Court of Pranklin coun
ty, Ohio.
to me directed, from the Superior Court of Prank
county, Ohio. I will oOer for sals st ths door of ths
Court House, in the city of Columbus. Ohio,
On Saturday, the 14th day of December, A. D.
AObI, ; ,
between ths houri of 10 o'clock, A. M., and 4 o'clock
a., toe following deioribed real eaUte, aituate in
Pranklin county, Ohio, to wit:
A oerUin tract or parcel of land tn the townahln of
Norwich, bounded and described aa follcwi: Beginning
P. 8. Avery's 8. W. corner; thence E. on the line
between the Avery and Merlbah Crawford'! line to the
boundary of tha 0. P. and I. R. R ; thence N. W. with
theB. R. to Avery'e line; thence 8. with ths original
array line to the place of beginning, conuining one acre
land, morsorleii, being part of lurvey No. 3,453,
tne name oi rt imam lUrltidale.
Appraiaed at fiso 00.
0. W. HUFFMAN, Sheriff,
Printer's fees, BS 00. ..
Superior Court of Franklin Coun-
! ty, Ohio.
Joieph Pries and wife
1 wlfei Doo. 3, page 119.
I a ) Bale In partition.
John Cramer el
the said Court to me directed. I will offer for aale
at tbe duor of tha Court Hm in th. city af Oolnm-
BUS, on i
Saturday, the 28th day of December, 1861,
between the hours of 10 o'clock a. m., and 4 o'clock p.
m, tha following deicrlbed real eeUte, aituate In the
oonnty of Pranklin, and State of Ohio, to wit;
ins remainder or a tract or una esumated to contein
one hundred and five acres, known as the Old Poor
Hones rarm, being the lame land conveyed br John An
demon to bis sens Robert, Joahua. Readins and John
Anderson, by deed dated July 13th. 1839, after cutting
off fifty acres from the eait aide of aaid tract, whiob was
Sat ed to Robert King and wife, le sn amioable partition,
py asea aaiea iecemoer ax&n, aooii. - -.
Appraised ot B0 00 per acre. ; . . .
i -' 1 'Oiry.'W. HTJFFMAN, BbeitlK
Printer's fees, B te. - ' ' " - ..
Nov 17, lefll-Wtd r'f- .i - ' "l ::'(-
B. Wilson ) " ' " ;.',-.,'.. v
u : 'vs. , v Bsporios Court."- , .. . ' .
'W.Ja.Rose. , .
' " i ....
t lo me directed from the Superior Court of
PranMIn county, Ohio, I will offer for aale at the door or
the Court House, tn ths Oity of Columbus, on
Saturday, Dese ruber tbe 14th, A. D. 1861,
at two o'clock, P.M., the following described real estate,
aituate In the eouaty of Pranklin and Stats ef Ohio, Ss
The son in nair or a lot oi una sontainlne a ihtsanraa.
more sr lew; ths said eighty acne, of which thia part
tnereny conveyed, is a uagt originally ewnea by Ut.
George Btevenios,and which by crtaia proceedings In
the Court of Common Pleas of Pranklin oounty, now
partitioned to and divided among the children and nelra
at law of aaid George Btevenion, deceased; aaid prem
ise hereby conveyed being known aa the louth half ot
lot No. 17, at will fully appear, reference being had to
aaid proceedings lb partition, set forth In the Chanoery
records or said unrnmon rteas, tn book , page 31H.
Appraisea at w per asre. ' - -
. uauttuH w. BurrsiR, Bttentr,
' l uq Jf,. r Pavis, Denatf.-
i a
ixio, Blt'y". : . .... .. ,
PrUisr'sfses fJ0. ''-,, I ' 1". '. '
erS-dltawtd -' ' "-' ''
X f LOUR, by barrel or dray load,
for sals by
novlB 100 Bouth High Street.
"They go Right twithCp5tV
1 , -
Inetanf Relief
top yooa Oosigs,'.
f r t -. t ,it iji'. 1 . - 1
' ( -.? tL. I Lot" u P lb to rl
Btrengtaeav f ottr Voleet'
- u. u jl Q
1 11.)
t : 1 . t t 1 .. . .
I! I U I I I " S
I c .
,t". '
000 FOR LECTIVRER3,'' ,,;!Jt2
it ..'.
i .1 r l
OimiMIW 0ABBT'v 1 ' -1 l t '
; i .' I f -
, I ' ' -- ': .! -v
., I ' OHUBBBS oar IOB ' i '.
They relieve a Cough Instantly.'', ,
They clear the Throat. . . . . ..
They give strength and volume to tbe voice.
Tbey impart a delicious aroma to tbe'oraath ' '
Tbey1 are delightful to the taste. - - -They
are made of simple herbs and cannot
barm anyone. , , '
...j " '--:v; . ''V'.-
t advlte every one who has a Cough or a natky Vote -c
or a Bad Breatn, or any diffloalty sf lbs Throat, le gsl
package of ay Throat Confections: they will nit
yoa fnitantly, and yoa will agrss with me lb( ium
go right to ths spot." Too will find tham vary aaafu I
and pleamnt while traveling or attending pablie meet
ings fcr itllllngyour Ooagh or allaying your thirst 1 1
you try ons packags, I aa safk tn saying that you will
ever afterwards eonilder them udlepsnsable. u 11
Tos will find them at Its Druggists sad Peal en In
Medicines. ' ';...
My ilgnature Is en each packags. All othsrs era
A package will be sent by mill, prepaid, on receipt ' -
Thirty Oents.
- ' Heniy O. Spalding, 1
p CURE 0
By the nas of these Pills ths periodic attacks ol A'er
eous or Sick BteCSaaSt may be prevsnled; and If taksn
at ths commencement ot an attack immediate teller from
pain and alckneas will be obtained.
They seldom fall In removing the Sauna and
oeAs to which femaleeare so subjeot.
Tbey act gently upon the bowels tamoylng Oot;
Por Unwary tUn, AYwdsnfs, Delicate female
and allperaoni of udmtary AaMfs, they are ralua
u a lamativt. Improving tha appetiU, giving Ions
stfl or to the digeative organs, and restoring the oatur
laaticity and strength of tha whole syatea.
THB CBPHALIO PILLS are ths result of long tnvei
tlgatloD and carefully sonduoted sxpsrtmenta, havlni
a in ass many years, during which time they here
prevented and relieved a vast amount of pain and aurTer ,
tng from Headache, whether originating in tha tMrsoks
system or from a deranged stats of ths sfenwcA.
They are entirely vegetable la their sompoilUou, an
may he taken at all times with perfect safety without
making any change of diet, otvf tht (lAsenoi ot any
dimymaUt tatU rmdtrt tt to im4n iAn
The genuine have five signataiea of Henry 0 Spalding
on each Box. -
Bold by Druggists and all other Dealers la Mediolnea.
A Box will be sent by mall, prepaid, on receipt of the
Prioo,1 QO bentse
All orders ahould be addreaaed te
I tB Oedaw Street, New Vera.
Prom the Bxamlnerjjforfblk, Ta.
Oephalio Pills aotwmsllak the obieot for arhlsh the
were made, via.: Oure of hiayiii.be in all ill forma
From ths Xxaminer, Horfolk, Va. ;
Tbey nave been tested in mors than a thousand
with entire
from the Democrat, Bt. Oload, Minn. . 1 , J';''
If you are, or have been, troubled with tha headaohe ' ;
send for a box, (Cephalic Pills,) so that yoa may hart
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; from tha Advsrttasr, Providence, B. I.
Ths Oephallc Pills ars said to be a remarkihlv efTniMio. ,- .-
remedy for the hsadaohs, and ons of ths very beat for
that very frequent complaint which has aver bean .
from the Weitern B. B. Oaaetta, Chicago, 111.,
We heartily endorse Mr. Bpanldlna. and Us unrivalei
Oephalio Pills. . . ..-, ; .'i'-
fro , Kanawha Valley BUr, Kanawha, 1.. ,t)i,
Ws ars sure that persons sufferlnt with the aaadach.' 4
Who try them, will sUek ts them. .- j-u.-.
from the Bouthera Path Finder, New Orlsana, Id, '
Try theml yea that are afflloted, and we srs nrs that-
your testimony can be added to the slrssdy saasrsns '
lilt that has received benefits tbat oo other sudatiae oaa '
produce. - - - - , . .
from tbe St- Louis Democrat.
for the srtfele ,Oephalaa Ptus -i.-i
V? -;-.itK laxV'H tlii-'UKiS -3-sfl-
Is rapidly increasing.
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