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Local Matters.
D la couaequenoo of a typograpblcar error
In the table glriog the valuation, of Uodi in
Frauklto county, we re publish It thli morning
Number of acre In franklin oour,tr S3J,70"J(
Valu of Undi ,
" ' , ml tiute la townt.
., chattel properly , ...
. 1S,738,100
.." 7,147073
Total value of property. . ,', , ?), 919,750
117 We are reqa6etcd to lay that the freight
offioti of all thetallroade centering In thii olty
will be closed to day, In obedieooe to the Gov-
ernor'e proclamation for the observance of
Mr. Norton and the Public Schools.
Editor Statmman: I am one of the many
who profess to appreciate the excellence of the
pnblio schools of oar olty. I am also one of
those who most willingly bear my share of the
burthen of their support. As a community,
onr olty bai regarded no expense a burthen,
whrch In any dcgreo conduces to the moral or
Intellectual advancement of our children and
youth. The hepinnacled edifioe on Broad street
and the nondescript on State are monuments oi
the generosity, if not of the taste of our citl
sens. It is not surprising, then, that our com
munity Is sensitive to whatever affects the util
ity of our schools or the reputation of those
connected with thorn.
No event which has oocurred In our educa
tional history for many years, fias oreated such
a sonsatlon as the reoent removal of Mr. Nor
ton. Our city was taken by surprise. No man
In Ohio bad a better reputation as a teacher
than he. No man had done more to win the
hearts of the children or the confidence of pa
rents. . A thoroughly educated man, be devoted
himself with the zeal almost of an enthusiast
to the profession of teaohlog. Early and late,
at a saoriflos not only of ease, but of health, he
was always at his post, and no duty that could
be rtatonably devolved upon Mm, did he shirk.
The writer of this has known Mr. Norton
tor years; and would think himself reoreantto
every obligation of gratitude, as a parent and
patron of his school, did he not bear his testi
mony, in common with hundreds of others, to
his confidence in bim as a man, a citizen, and a
teacher. It Is not strange that the friend) of
our schools were surprised and indignant when
they learned that, without any charges having
been preferred against him, so far s the publio
knew, and with no form of trial, and no oppor
tunity for defense, he was unceremoniously dis
charged in the midst of a term. Not even the
privilege of the meanest criminal was allowed
him of pleading "not guilty." First the ax,
and then a trial. Nay, not even was a trial
granted after execution, that people might know
if he wore entitled to Christian burial. I under
stand he earnestly petitioned the Board for an
opportunity to prove that tbey had been mis
informed, or were laboring under a mistake.
But no. The autocrailo ukase had gone forth,
and was not to be annulled. The nnanimons
and respeotful petition of the members of his
late school, and the not to be mistaken wishes
of parents, were disregarded. Private and pub.
lie calls for an explanation have been mideand
patiently waited for; but our people are yet In.
the dark.
I have yet to learn of one parent, teacher or
child, who did not regret his discbarge. In
deed, not a few expressed their Indignation in
terms not to be misunderstood. The High
School was thrown into a state of chaotlo dis
order amounting almost to rebellion. Some
members have since been expelled for an indls
creet perhaps, though honest expression of in
dignation. ' ,-
Now, for this state of things who is to blame?
Either Mr. Norton is not the man he is univer
sally believed to be, or an Inexcusable act oi
Injustice has been done. In the absence of an
explanation by the Board, we are left for the
formation of our opinion to onr knowledge of
the man, and to the generally reliable instinct
of the children. The little folks have a short
but very sure way of coming at what is just and
right.' We do not doubt the honesty of the
members of the Board. We betieve them to
be honorable men; but we do not know them to
be Infallible. - In the nature of things, facta In
reaching their minds may be more or less re
fracted or discolored by the media through
which they come. Like other men, tbey may
have their minds poisoned and be nnconscions
of It. We shrewdly suspect this to be the oase
in this Instance. If the suspicion be well found
ed, the object of it would find Instruction In
reading the story of a scheming gentleman of
olden time who achieved some prominence a
reooid of which is found In the book jf
Bsthef. ,.
It is no trifling thing to disgrace an honora
ble man In the eyes of community; to destroy
bis business prospects, and sever bis social ties.
It should not be done from caprice. Especially
it should not be done in the abrupt and uncere
monious manner that characterizes this ease.
I believe the members of the Board admit the
excellence ef Mr. Norton as a teaoher. Then
did not self intercft, not to say courtesy, de
mand that be have an opportunity to explain,
before be be unceremoniously "kicked out?"
Even after bis expulsion, should not the oppor
tunity whlch,he requested, to f row At ttatemtnt
to bt correct, have been granted him? This
method of treating teaehers has beoome by far
too common within .the. last few years. '. Too
many Instances have occurred where teachers
have closed their term and gone to their homes,
without the slightest intimation that their 'scr
vices were notacceptible, and tbey have re
ceived notice just at the commencement of an
other term that they were not wanted. Wheth
er the fault may lie with the Board or the 8u
perlntendent in euoh cases, I will not undertake
to say j but all will admit that it Is a custom
more "honored In the breach' than In , the ob
servance." -, ' ' '' - :"'"''
Before closing, I desire to exonerate a respect
able minority pf the Board from the blame oi
the in the of Mr
Williams's Colombo Dibiotom tot 1861.-
Mr. H. T. Bennett, the gentlemanly agent for
this work, Is busily engaged In canvassing the
city and preparing materials for Its early publi
oation. Ve bespeak for bim the kind atten
tlons, aid and patronage of , our fellow-oitisens.
Everyone should subscribe for a copy of the
Directory.'. Business men will find it. an exoel
lent medium for advertising. Mr'. Bennett, In
the prosecution of the enterprise he has under
taken, should be afforded every possible facility
and encouragement lor getting up tv directory,
as we hare no doubt be will, that ebal be both
a credit to the publishers and an honor to onr
; Fuss and Baiiiobal 8its At Hesdley
Eberly & Richards', Nos. 9S0 and 353, South
High street, arrived this day and now opening
a large and superior assortment of Furs and
Balmoral Skirts.
We are told (for we do not profess to be com
petent to judge) by a lady who is an fait In such
matters, that the styles of these Fun, consist
ing of Victorlnes, Cuffs, Muff, etc., etc , and
of these Skirts, having desoriptive names under
stood only by the Initiated, are, for their variety,
excellence an J beauty, unsurpassed by anything
she ever laid eyes on before. She says they are
worth going just to look at if nothing more. .
Monthly RirokTov ths Soldiers' Aid Soci
m ct Columbus During the month dating
from Thursday, October 24, 1861, despite the
many aillicalties and Inemclenoies arising from
a newly organised aoolety, their rooms have
been dally open for the cutting and giving out
oi won, ana receiving oi an donation irom
those Interested in the came of onr sick sol
dlers, to wbioh the ladies of Columbus and vi.
oinlty have responded most liberally. ,
The Treasurer hands me the following; report
.1 . L J XT I A. O.f..
ior we mouiu cuuiug iiuvemuer mi, ioui;
Received of Congregational Church
. 120 00
" weicn rreabyterlan
' , Wabb Slater
" " German Methodlit Obnrcb
11 St. Patrick's
" " Uolremllit
" " Evangelical
" " Emanuel evangelical Ohnrch....
" Pint Proibyterian
" Waatmlnatar
. as
. 70 00
7 e
IS 00
. SO 69
. 33 00
, 1 ss
, 39 6S
. 33 SO
8 eo
Donation In small lame
Balanc In Treaeary the lit of month
. 41 83
1203 9B
for 997 ydiof Oalloo
1130 97
. SO 08
. 14 18
. 4a 04
. 3 SS
14 95
4 04
. 3 00
. 1 80
. 9 00
. 4 9S
. 1 00
m Hed flannel
" 104 " Canton flannel
JOS" Oalloo
" 30 Grain
" 17 ft. " Y.rn
38 St Battlnv
9Xdoi" Wadding
4 Blank Book
K Oord of Wood
" Button, Inroad, Tap, Braid
-. pump ior uircuiar...
" Dreyage
Total '.
t-i'3 00
23 3S
1. 1. Norton, Treasurer.
There have been made and out bv the Socie
ty 705 garments for hospital use. The follow
ing donations havs been reoeived: 46 pair of
socks, G comfortables, 5 blankets, 13 pair ot
drawers, 16 shirts. S sheets, 18 feather pillows,
1 dressing gown, 3 pair or pillow-cases, 15 gross
of buttons, 7 pair of woolen gloves, 3 cans of
blackberries, 1 can of peaohes, 1 can of. toma
toes, 6 bowls of Jelly, l bowl of crapes, 3 pack
ages of rice, 1 package of corn starch, 1 pack
age of sugar, 1 bag of dried blackberries, 1
bag of dried apples, several boxes ot lint, and
pounds of oastlle soap.
Tno committee to visit Camps Chase and
Thomas reported favorably sent each camp a
box Of things most needed. Tbey reported a
great need of delicacies for the sick, which the
Society could -only supply to a limited extent
a word to the wise, eta. It may be well to add
here, that a report Is current that our Sooiety
had stopped operations, as the necessities of our
soldiers were all supplied. This is a great mis
take, probably owing to the Adjutant-General's
report, which related only to army supplies, and
not to our hospitals. There wlS oertatoly be a
necessity for our Society as long as the war con
The Correenondinsr Seoretarv resort! Re
ceived from Mr. Newburv. Seoretarv ot the U.
8.' Commission at Washington, an acknowl
edgment of recognition as an auxiliary to that
oouy, manning us ior our onorts, and inoiosing
an appeal from a large mililarv hosnital at
West Point, Kentucky (where over three hund
red are lying sick, mostly with measles), for
stores to render tbem oomfortable, recommend-
ins; us to aid tbem as far as possible. Also.
letters from Woodstock, Champaign county,
announcing the organization of a society aux
iliary to ours, and the subsequent sending of a
Corresponding Secretary.
There were sert. on Mondav last, four boxes.
with the one from Woodstock, to Col. Duffield,
Camp Wickliffe, West Point, Kentucky, which
will be followed by, more as soon as heard
By order of the President, '
Corresponding Secretary. M. E. DOHERTY,
Legal Notice.
Charles Heath, Plaintiff,
William T. Jennings, Benjamin
Court of Common
Plea, Franklin Oo.
Ohio. . .
V. Robinaon and Jamea T.
Pettua, Defendant, partner
doing buainee under the firm
nam of W. I. .Jenninga,
Pettua t Co.
notice tl.at th plaintiff, Oharle Heath, did, on the
12th day of October, A. D. 18S1, file hi petition In the
Clerk' office of th Oourt of Common Plea In aaid
county of Pranklln. The prayer and object of which la
to recover of We aald defendant th sum of tlx hundred
and teventytwo 35-100 dollar, on a promlitory note
executed by aald defendant on the 18th day of Novem
ber, A. D. 18S7, In their firm nam, due and payable ix
month after date.
Defendant will tak notlc thai they are required to
anairer aald petition on the 28th day of November, A. D.
1861, or laid petition will be taken a true, and Judg
ment rendered accordingly. ,
Printer' reo. u 7
Attorney for Plaintiff.
now aelling at very low price!, Uo all other kind
raahlonabl fur. PkSTB BAN I,
deoSl. No.29goutbllljht.
Or Xboae Contemplating; nan-late.
TH1 undsnlgntd will glv Information on a very in-
ttrnKng and important aubjeel, which will be valu
ed mors than a thousand timet It coit by every married
coupl of any age or oondlilon In life. The information
will b (est by mall to any address on th receipt of 25
cent (silver) and on red stamp.
All letter ahould be addreaied to
B. B. M0RBI8, U. S.
oct31-l;3tawdatw Boiton, Haa.
liou Affection!, Ooldj, Eheumatlime, Ooitiveneea,Oon'
umptlon, Affection of th Spleen, of th Llrer, of
th Heart, Tumor, and alldlieaMi which deatroy Ufa,
hare a!way exhibited, upon dluection of the body, a
number of bard or concrete point, either In eomo of tn
organ named or In the blood veateli, aomelme even
ramifying In the fleah, and again depoaitednpon th tide
of a bone. Now tbeia little hard ubitancei would
lira cork If Brandreth'i Pill were natd: they would
bt purged out of th ytem, and year of happy IV
would b thi) aufferer' lut lnatead ot an early grave.
Alwaja purge but ntvia ilkio In ilokuea.
T. T. Carpenter, .Iiq., of Qoverneur, St. Lawrence
etranty, New lork, M year of age, yt he ha mod
Brandreth' Pill for M yean, admlnlitered them first to
hUooachmaa, whohid fever and aguei'gav eiahtthe
day after the chtll; chill and fern leaetoTere; gav
tight mor the next day, and eo vry other day nntil
th chill and fever did not return, which wa about elghi
uaya mm iu bih aiiaca., ue men gav four tvaiy
other day for another weak, when th man wa entirely
reitored to nn uauai good health.
. H wa hlmielf attacked; took them tn the am way,
and wa oartd (nleaiUm. Ha need no other medt-
cine for 34 yean; found them alway reliable for hlmielf
and family when lick; haa recommended them to thou
land with th beat reiult, acd f.ela confident that ere
ry family would hare larger average of health If then
Pliliwtr uaed la the place of calora.l and other hurtful
remedlea. -, -. .. r .-.,-. . ,.j
Bold by Joan B. Cooc, Drugglit, Oolumbua, and by
an rewowow onuin w auuwuiw. i ( .. . .
noTS3-dlm . ... .. , -. . j
yfm MANHOOP. -
g - - ' BOW LOST,. BOW EESIOBtb.'
. Jut Publiahed In a Sealed Invelopt; Prlc 4 ct. I
Weakneta, Involuntary Xmlaaioni, Sexual Debility, and
iiupcuiiavow w aismmga freneraiuy, norrouaneaa, von
umptlon, Kpllepay and Pit, Mental and Phyaioal In
papaolty, reaultlng from Belf-abUN,'o. By Robert J.
vuiverweii, m. v., aumor or th Qre.n Book,kq. .
A poon to Tlionaan'd'a it Snfletera.
Sent under teal. In a plain envalop, to any addr,
Sort paid, m receipt ot- two itampa, by Dr. OHAB.
. 0. Klisa, IW BW.-7, Mew YoS; Pot Oflc. Boi
From all Parts of the World.
Order in Regard to Unpaid
Blenker's Resignation Contradicted,
Two Scouting Parties Repulsed.
Affairs in Missouri.
Union Troops in East Tennessee
Under Parson Brownlow.
&c. &c.
Washington, Nov. 36. Henrv G. Price.
Maribal for Utah, has realgned on (be cround
that the boaiaeae of the office l Don eompenaa.
tive since the oreatloo of the Territorial Gov
ernmentof Nevada.
view of the Increased Dumber of letter
held for postage and returned (o the dead letter
office, It la ordered that the.order of this Depart
ment dated 8th of October, 1860, be rescinded
and the prior practice be renewed. Postmasters
will tberelore notify tne person addressed that
sudh letter Is held for postage, and that upon
bis writing therefor, prepaying the postage on
bis letter and enclosing a stamp to be placed on
the letter held lor pos.age, the same will be
forwarded to bis address.
order of the Postmaster-General.
1st Assistant Postmaster-General.
Hon. R. 3. Walker has addressed a letter to
the editor of the National Republican, which
win appear id mat paper to-morrow, in favor of
Congress immediately making an appropriation
for the relief of Ireland, in view of the impend
ing famine. He concludes by saying now when
many thousands of Irishmen are periling
tbeir lives on the battle fields of libertv in our
defense when so many have already fallen and
others are immured in rebel dungeonslet us
show that we are not ungrateful, and when the
next great conflictxomes, as soon It must, the
Shamrook Intwined with tke Stars and Stripes,
win wave in triumpn over tne seia ot victory
[Special to the Tribune.]
Tbe reports sent out about Blenker's resigna
are incorrect. McClellan and Blenker's
command have tbe greatest confidence in bim,
his resignation would not be accented If of
fered. The affilr grew out of a letter sent bv
Blenker to MoCIellan, wbioh contained expres
sions for which McClellan rebuked him. but
said he presumed it wae Blenker's imperfect
Knowledge oi Mgnen wnion caused tne Im
proper expressions. The affair Is considered
satisfactorily settled.
Two more sooutlng parties from the risht
wing or tne army went out to-aav- Una bad a
skirmish with superior numbers. Cant. Row
laud, witn companies A and H, of Preedman's
cavalry, went as tar as Hunter's Hill, and sent
reconnolterlng party forward, who discovered
large Dody or rebel infantry io ambosb.
Capt. Rowland retired with his force.
Captain Eell, with between two and three
compinies of the Third Pennsylvania (Colonel
AveriU's) Cavalry, reconnoitering between Vi
enna and Hunter's Hill, were attacked by the
ambuscading enemy in the woods on both sides
the road. Five volleys were fired before our
troops, pressed by tbe superior force of the en
emy, fell back. A courier brought this news
General Porter, to whose division the party
belonged. He sent forward tbe Ninth Massa
chusetts, Fourth Michigan (Griffin's) battery,
and two more companies of Colonel AveriU's
Cavalry. At dusk all the troops returned.
Before the reinforcements reached Capt. Bell,
he was again attacked by the enemy, who at
tempted to cut bim off. Shots were again ex
changed. The rebel commander was shot and
fell f.-om his horse, who galloped within our
lines and was captured. About a dozen of our
men dropped, and were necessarily left on tbe
nem. lieutenant rora ana lorty nve men, all
Col. AveriU's Cavalry, are missing. Order
ly Sergeant Parker's horse was killed and the
rider injured. The enemy were dressed in dark
blue, wearing caps. Tbey did not wait for any
encounter with our reinforcements.
(Herald's Correspondence.)
Gen. Sumner haa been assiccned to tke com
mand of a division, to be composed of twelve
regiments of Infantry, some of wbioh are now
here in- tbe provisional army of tbe Potomao
and not yet formed Into brigades, and others
are yet to arrive. A proportionate amount of
cavalry and artillery will be attached to the
division, which will for the present occupy a
position at springneia, on tne line of tbe
Orange and Alexandria Railroad.
Col. Graham of the Fifth Regiment, Excel
sior Brigade, who was arrested for destroying
some buildings at Mathiaa Point In his late re
connoissanoe, has been honorably restored to
duty by Gen. McClellan, and ordered to join his
regiment wunout aetay.
[Special to the Post.]
Tbe Waeblogton Republican has news from
Winchester, Virginia; stating that Jackson, one
of the rebel Generals, is drilling a regiment
composed wholly of slaves, In that olty, and
that the negroes are to be made to fight against
inereaerai troops.
The United states schooner Eaele. Captain
Bender, arrived here this morning from Balti
more, naving run tne rotomao blockade with
out damage. She Is heavily loaded with forsge
ior army use.
[To the Associated Press.]
Washington, Nov. 27. The following dis
patoh was received to day front Geo. MoCall,
dated Camp Pierpont:
Col. G. D. Bayard, with seven hundred men
of the First Cavalry, Pennsylvania Reserve,
marched last night at nine o'olock, with orders
to proceed to Dralnesville and oaptnre a party
of the enemy's pickets understood to be there-
He returned at noon to-day, having killed two
and wounded one of the enemy, and taken elev
en prisoners. Two of the prisoners areoavalry,
with tbeir horses, arms and equipments. The
romatnder are footmen. Col. Bayard bad his
horse killed, and is sliffhtlv wounded: and Sur
geon Alexander and one of our men are wound
The rebel blockade of the Potomac River does
not seem to have been vigorously enforced this
week, as various vessels have arrived here with
oargoes pf coal, wood and other domestlo sup
No news from below to-dav. The Wvan.
dotte Is tailng in stores for the flotilla, and the
Mt. Washington will go down to-dav.
- In addition to those heretofore announced, the
army board have retired the following ' named
uiuueru iu vuueequeuca or pnyaical disability
Majors iienry B. Judd, Lewellyn Jones and
Lnristopber o. boveil. Jae rreeldent hasap
proved tbe finding. , . , .
- Col Stephen H. Long has been ordered to as
sume the duties of the head of the corps of
topograpnioat engineers. .
Evidently a more hopeful feeling pervades
til branches of tbe Government regarding the
successful result of the present oonfllot than
heretofore. i
It la believed there will Dot be any serious
embarrassmsnt with England regarding tbe ar
rest of Mason and Slidell.
The authority slven to Col. Berden to raise a
regiment or companies of sharp-shooters, is re
voked. These already raised will, however, be
mustered into tbe service.
Two contraband have lust come Into Geo
(Vadewortb'a lines from Fairfax Court House
They report that the rebels Intend making a
desperate stand at Uentreviue or manasias.
Form Missouri.
St. Loots. Nov. 26. Gen. Fremont and
famllv left on the four o'olock train this after
noon for New York.
Disagreement has arisen In reference to tbe
eicnaaee of Uamn Jackson prisoners, wnion
probably indefinitely postpones the release of
tne men composing Mulligan's ungaae. no
trouble exists relative to commissioned officers i
but Gen. Price submits a list of privates which
does not oonform with tbe lists furnished to
Gen. Lyon in May last by Camp Jackson
cers, wblob Gen. Curtis adheres to, abd which
gives rise to suspicion that the new list con
tains fictitious names.
Cant. James George, formerly a notorious
minute man. and a Camp Jackson prisoner, ar
rived here from Tennessee, and was Immediate
ly arrested by order of tbe Provost Marshal and
lodged In the military prison.
Tbe report yesterday that claims amounting
to six millions had been approved by the War
Committee, Is Incorrect. The olaime on file
represent that amount. The proceedings are
conducted privately, and no decision haa yet
been announced, although quite a nnmber of
claims have been decided. The nnmber of
olalms filed t date is one thousand and fifty,
and they aooumulate at the rate of a hundred
JxrriasoN Cur. Nov. 27. For the last two
nights our pickets at Sedalla bave been fired
upon by the rebels returning from Gen. Price's
Tbe reports that Prloe Is advancing from the
usage niver are cot credited here. The truth
seems to be that a portion ot bis armv. com
posed of Mlssourians, is disbanding, and these
men are returning in small squads for the pur
pose of clothing themselves, and orenarino: for
anoioer campaign; ana wnenevertney can tbey
commit all manner of outrages upon Union
A gentleman lust from Lexington renort that
the city was full of returned rebels, and that
there is a steady stream of arrivals
The steamer Sioux Citv. with a large cariro
of goods for points on tbe river west of here,
was refused permission to proceed on her trip
to-day by lbs commandant of this post.
iNDirxNniNoc, Mo . Nov. 27. To-dav six
scouts of Capt. Gregory's command, on the
old Lexington road, were fired upon by about
fifty rebels, at the crossing of tbe Little Blue,
from the rocks and bushes. One of tbe scouts
mm wounded, and two missing, supposed to be
auiea. i do tnree returning, met some fifteen
rebels on Little Blue bridge, with shot-guns.
Tbe scouts then returned, took another road.
and arrived safely In camp. Lieut. Hedgeman
sent out twenty men, wbo found tbem near tbe
same plaoe; drove tbem into the brush, and
captured twenty horses and mules.
A band of rebels, two hiodred strong, cross
ed over from Clay oouoty to day.
Two hnndred and fiftv of Rai na' mm ip. at
Sibley. Capt, Web) has fifty rebels in tbe
brush six miles southeast; Capt. Hajes bas
some four hundred rebels on Little Blue. Col.
Kenick bas two hundred rebels now In Lafayette
county. There must be some warm fighting
soon, as a large force of rebels are reported
at Pleasant Hill.
St Louis, Nov. 27. General Curtis h
issued general orders to tbe following effect:
To check communication with the enemy and
prevent the conveyance of eoctraband rood
and avoid recurrence of assaults upon steam
boats, the entire commerce of the Mississippi
river below this city is assumed and will here
after be employed, but freight and passengers
win no couveyea at current rates as neretoiore.
All boats entering these waters will report to
tbe first military post and ston. to oroceed nnder
military orders at the disoretion of tbe military
commander. Freight and baggage will be sub.
ect to careful inspection, and the oath admin.
istered to all employees and passengers, and
places of landing and departure will conform
as near as possible to the custom of trade, but
all commission, storage and business must be
transacted with openly avowed and reliable
Union men.
Gen. Halleck has issued very atrincent or.
ders respecting the seizure of private property
ana the arrest. of persons without sufficient
ueu. onerman nas taken command of nnr
. n i . .
lorces at eedaila.
There are about twenty thousand Federal
troops at points on the Pacific Railroad matt nf
Jefferson City.
Nothing new respecting tbe movements of
Prico's army.
Gov. Gamble bss annointed and cnmml.
stoned Gen. Hslleok Major General of the Mis
souri State Militia, and Gen. Halleck has ap
pointed Brig -Gen. Sohofield to command all
State forces.
Gen. Cass on the Arrest of Mason
and Slidell.
Detroit. Nov. 27. A communication In th.
Free Press this morning, understood to have
been written by Gen. Cass, not only justifies the
arrest of Mason and Slidell, but shows tbat It
was in strict accordance with the position of our
Government upon the right of search question,
as maintained in tne correspondence with the
British Government in 1858.
Arms for the Government.
New Yore. Nov. 27. Thirteen rifled cannon
for the Government arrived from Coldspring
iu-ubj, mciuaiDg a one nunarea-pounuer, which
will carry five miles. The latter goes to Fort
ress Monroe
The Fulton bronirht near ihlrt thnnaanil
stand of arms for Government.
Baltimom. Nor. 27. The Old Paint boat
has arrived. She reports that a flag of truoe
went up to Norfolk, but brought back no news
whatever in regard to the Fort Pibkens affair.
The Constitution, with Gen. Butlsr's division.
came into Hampton Roads yesterday.
Prisoners Released.
Boston, 87. By orders from Washing
ton a number of prisoners, mostly Marvlandsrs,
naveDeen released trom rort Warren, alter
taking the oath of allegiance. Five nrisoners.
whose discharge bad been ordered by Secretary
Seward, refused to take the oath of allegiance,
asiouows: w . i. Harrison, Kobert A. Carter,
Thos. Shields, Geo. A. Aonleton and Miohael
j . uraoy. I ney were an retained in custody,
first Lieutenant J. R. Tathall of the Ma
rines, late commanding the Marine guard of
the San Jacinto, has been sent to Fort Warren.
He is a son of Commodore Tatnall.
Halifax, Nov. 27. The Himalaya has ar
rived here and brings the report that the Trent
had reaobed England, and tbat a British frigate
bad been Immediately dispatched to tbe United
wvva. iu. rcuur. is uouumui.
The Rebel Loss at Warwick—3,000
Unionists in East Tennessee Under
Parson Brownlow.
Niw York, Nov. 27. A Fortress Monroe
letter says tbe rebels lost fifteen killed and
wounded in the shelling of tbeir camp at Wax
wick. .
Tbe Richmond dispatch reports three thousand
Unionists In the mountains of East Teneee,
unoer rarson urowniow sua major Uiiham, do
ing more mischief than tbe Yankees la Ken
tucky; The dispatch proposes the abandon
ment of Norfolk in the event of an attack, and
begs tbe reinforcement of Richmond City Point
and xorktown.
Thirty thousand troops are cxpeoted at Fort
Monroe, and an order was read to those there
on Monday that they will not bt furnished with.
winter quarters, i on seems to indioue an ai
Cuveland, Nov. 27. Gen. Jas. Lane, of
Kansas, family, ana a portion or bis staff, ar
rived this morning. They leave for Boston to
night. Tbey were received with enthusiasm
here, j , . . 1
Niw York, Nov. 27, The item about tbe
steamer Trent having reaehed England, ft pro
nounced absurd. She does not go further than
St. Thomas. Under any olroumsUncei she
I could not hire resohtd England.
Arrival of the Canada.
- Halifax, Nov. 27. Tbe Canada, from Liver
pool, 16th, via Queenstown, 17th lost., arrived
this morning with two days later advices than
aireauy received. -
. Sir Jail. Ferguson publishes a letter emphat
ically denying the statement that he acted tbe
port or a spy in America, and affirming that he
Interfered on neither side.
MFould's financial programme for France
was satisiaotory. . .
Tbe Paris Bourse bad advanced to C9f. 65a.
for rentes.
The London Dally News baa an editorial
generally rebuking Southern sympathizers In
fc-Dgiand, ana especially denounces tbe writer
or a strong pro-oontnern letter.
Tbe Canada brings 1 10,800 In speeie
LivairooL, Nov. 16. Flour closed flat on
Friday at a deollne of 6d. Wheat inaotive.
Corn declined 3(36d.-
Breadstuff inactive; no sales of consequeDoe
Provisions dull. .-
London, Nov. 16 Consols 9394 for
money. Illinois Central shares 10 discount;
trie ViHWiiji.
Poatooal. Tne Counoil of State had pro
claimed the Duke of Oporto King of Portugal
The Ministry Is unchanged. " Tranquility pre
RotsiA. Fifteen thousand Russian troops
attacked (en thousand mountaineers in Ciroas
sia, and after fighting six hours tbe Russians
were put to flight' with very heavy losses, In
eluding a General of division killed. Six thou
sand Russians reported killed and wonnded.
uaiioi a conspiracy to assassinate tne
King and his Immediate followers during a fete
bad failed. . .
Tbe Observer states that the British
estimates will be sensibly reduced.
Paris, Nov. 16. The Bourse closed beavy
to-day at 69f.45o. for rentes.
i be London Gazette publishes the treaty In
regard to the combined expedition of England,
France and Spain. Oo the part of England it
is signed by Lord John Russell. The .fourth
artiole says that, after tbe signatures of the
treaty were made, a copy of it was to be com
municated to tbe Government of tbe United
States, and tbat the Ministers of tbe contract
log powers at Washington are authorized to
oonolude It separately or collectively with Free
ldent Lincoln; as delay, however, would Jeopar
dlze tbe success of the expedition, the opera'
tlons are not to be deferred for obtaining tbe
acoesslon of tbe United States lo the Treaty,
after the forces bave assembled In tbe neigh
borhood of Vera Cruz.
Berne, Nov. 19. There bas been a fresh
violation of tbe Swiss territory by tbe Freooh
near Geneva.
From Cairo.
Cairo. Nov. 27. It is reported that tbe reb
els are strongly fortifying New Madrid, Mo.;
that tbey nave nve hundred negroes at work.
A detaobment of cavalry made a reconnolssance
as far as Belmont to-day, and found no rebels
on the Missouri side of the river.
Master Commissioner's Sale.
Sale of Real Ksitate by order of Court.
W.U. finch. )
V. 8uDrlor Court of Pranklln Count.
John Brown etal.)
TN punaanc of an order of th Superior Oourt of
jl jrranaun county, unio, made at tn May term thereor,
A. D. 1861, In th above entitled action, there will be
offered for aalo, at pnblio auction, to th blghtat bidder,
Saturday, tbe 30th day of Nov., A. D. 1861,
at thi honr of 10 o'clock A.M., at the door of th Oourt
Hone. In th city of Oolumbua, in laid franklin eounty,
the following real aatate, to wltt
In-lot number S9 of Rdbert Nell' addition to th city
of Oolumbua, being th north-eaat corner of Lockwln
turnpike and Johnatown plank road.
Appraieed at $1,366 60.
Term of aale, eaah.
Special Waater Commiaaioner
B. a H. Chittenden, Atly.
Printer' f tea, 18.00.
Oct. 88, 1801-td.
txmmmm bargains
1,000 yard Saper Plain Black gllka at tl OO-vala
1 28 par yard.
8.800 yard Traveling TJreie and Mantle Good
19 1-8) cent value 20 cent per yard.
3,000 yard Whit Brilliant at 19 1-3 oent
value SO cent per jard.
3.0CO yard fin and Someatle Gingham greatly on
dor Tain.
New and XTaohlonable Dreas Good
in the moat dealrable ayle and at very loarer price.
Of all material, mad In th moat atyliah manner aft
th lateat Pari f aahiont in moat elegant ityle
th olty,
may 30 No. 89 Bonth High trcet .
- Plain Ottoman Olotha;
Magenta and Black Check Valenolta;
Broch Ronbaix Draa Ooodi;
Balmoral Bkirta; .
Alexander' Kid Glovsi;
Qoi Trail Hoop Skirt.
CoreeU. Hair NU, .
Plaid Marino.
qctlS - No. 9 South High Street.
R O O 1SL .
a lea on th Btor Boom
ISTo. 11 East State St.,
baa opened It a an
Auction & Commission Boom.
H 1 now tretartd to iweelv on Oommlnton vr
deaoription of property, inch a Dry Good, Qrooerka,
Liquor, furniture, Oarrtaae. Horeea. to. He alio
Intend to derot hla attention to aalea of Real CaUt
and Peraonal Property, at any point, within twenty mile
oi in oity. .
Auction Sales Every Evening.
Oonitgnmtntt repeoifully tollelted.
w. u. ruiNT, Auouoaaor.
Siaehine Masufactnring Coapauj,
Castings, lUU-Gearing, Maekintry.
ot rrnv DncairnoM.
0HA8. AMBOS. Sap't. V. AMBOB, Trea
BAI fJ & sou,
So. 29 South High Street, Columbus,
1. 8000 yardi Tiavalia Urea Good at8K,valo
2500 yard TranUnft Brett Oooda at vain SO ot.
xwu yani suguan Btnaget at ivx, value va emtt. -1V9P
irU Vrenoh Organdie at W. vain 90 en.
urJO yrd rut uolored Ufu at IU, value la aanta.
1U04I yard foulard Dreaa Bllkaat 37K, vala M enU
UUO yard Super Plain Black Silk at 1 00. rata 1 SS
Kobe of Organdi Bcragv, and ngliih Bang, at on
nan antur vaiu.
Je99 S)loatlt High Strati
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Nov. 27.
OOTIOS f Inn. with a fair alilnil.4.... -
vvv inin m Mnww. tux aauiutlDg upiana.
FLOUR OhukI hear ,ui cloud Sa
demand for export and hoau eoniumpUon; tale So.SOO
at 9J Kxa lor rrjooiea; J W(go 43 far tup,
itat: ti Simi 60 for axlra etate. IS Gt43 45 fn .,V
In welerni t)S S503 73 for common to jwdlua axtra
weatern; (5 tiO&i 1)0 for ehlpplng brand extra round
hoop Ohio, and 18 00(96 S3 for trad brand da. uku
cloilng heavy. Canadian Sour may b quoted a ahad
raeiarwiin very moderate demand: aaleaor two Mil at
ti 4033 43 for (UDarfln: Mi &3S7 30 for common
tojehoto extra,
BY, FLOUll-Quitt and etead with modarat tales at
COHH URAL Quiet and without malarial ohann In
WHISET Markat dull, allh utM nf MO hrrla (
WxUCAT Th market opened heavy and eloaed on
oent lower wlih a moderate Inquiry at th decline;
moi ,wuDun unioago aprinraiaji iB'mrv, Jr
7t0do Racine aprlng at II 831 S3; 30,000 Milwaukee
olubattUjUteVlUrj; Sfl.000 do amber Iowa at 1 m
1 30; 3,000 red atate 1 35; 13,500 do winter red weatarn at
wi Jimi jo: xo.uvu amber Mlohinn at 1 37rai 3K: 07
UUO do Canadian olub at 1 S tfl 30; 3,000 tad and whit
uooa; uiano on prlvat tenne; 16,000 whit Indiana at
nwi u: x.ouu wnita Michigan mt a i aiiAi da- 11 ,
000 white Canadian at tl do.
at i K Without decided ehanra: aalaaof RSaOKnhl
BARLEY Scare and firm; aale of 7,300 boahel
Canada caat at 74c. and 8.000 hnahaia fi.ni. .... .i
85o. '
CORN Market onened hean and aloand ana M.t
lower, aaie ivo.vuu ouaneit at am tor bid i daml
mixed wettern In atore; OJA 64c for good to prime ablp
ping do afloat, 63o In atore; 66c for Southern yellow,
and 67368o for Jeney yellew.
OATS More actlr and eaaler; aalea 73,000 bnthtli
at 4748c for Jerery, Canada and atate.
PORK Market I more active, but without malarial
change In pries; nlet 8,870 barrel at flS 504(13 for
meaa; wo ou0 ror prima, inolnded In the aalea ar 1700
arrsie prime meal at (14 x5.
BRKF In ffood rtfilltat and m.liinH ..tw ..1m
K3 barrelaat 144 50 lor oountrv nrlma: 15(213 50 far
oountrymeai; (11(3112 for repacked meaa; $13I3 50
for extra men. Prim me beef mora aotlv at (IV 50
8'20; aalea 200 InTOlot India on private term. .
xiabb ateaay witn imall aalea at (13 839
15 30.
HOQS Srciied. mors tctlra and lower, with
CUT MEATS Dull ar d nrlcea farar mtthuaa.
30 paokare at 4i4Mo for ahouldar. and 4(34 u for
DaCON In ood demand, ahlaflr fir fntnra daltrars.
Sale of 16,000 boxee at 6.KC for amoked aide; 7c for
uumoenana eut middle!, deliverable In January.
LARD Mom actlr and very firm. Bale of 1,400 bblt
BUllB-flrm, at 1013c forOblo, and J5J910 for
OHRKSg-Bteady at 5X480
1H0All K" mon u and market very firm; tale
3.400 hogahead Cuba at 7(8Xo; a Imall parcel of
KnlfJ"00 ' lii' 1149 Baranna at 7x8Xo;
3,500 baga Pemambueo at 7fo.
BTOOKB-Ulgber with fair buiinea doing.
Cincinnati Market.
ThClrocerhtVba4 no Innovation during th put
week on th quiet condition of trad noticed lut Tuaaday.
Price of ataple do not change, and only a jobbing trade
haa been carried on.
Ib Product market ha maintained an unntually even
coon during th week.
FLOUR Wa to-day held with mora firmneti than on
jeaterday, but there wa no apparent raua for it. Bu
perfln will not freely bring oyer 4. Kxtra rani
at (4 14(3425. and family 4 304 50.
WEE AT Waa only in moderate requait, but the offer
Inge weie light and eh holder wra conaequently Brm.
Prime red waa lold at 81c. Th rang I quoted at ktY&
65o. Whit haa a margin of 6593c for fair to strictly
CORN Ha not varied In price or th charaoter of the
demand. Sew brlngaSOoand old S9C
OArS Ar atlll In larg receipt, but ar aUo well
maintained at 27o In bulk,.
KYS-Uaa been kept nominally at 42o, but to-day
would not bring over 41o.
HAKLK Y ror malting. 1 lo better requeit at a rang
of 40c to 48c for ordinary to choloe.
WHISK Y Hold a feebl market at 14o.
Philadelphia Market.
FLOUR Firm; tale cf ,300 bblt uperflct at 4 37
5 50.
WHSAT Firm; talfiO.Ot'Obnth red at tl 38;
whit tt 4(1 I 45.
CORN Buoyant; tale 3 000 buth at 63 .-.
OOFFEB Hio.at IS $17c.
PORK Meaa. ttf 13 50.
WHISKT-Cull at 21o.
New York, I am now prepared to offer to the public
iuv aworunesi or uuviu IOR QcMXB
WJAR, euch a
And a general aiiortment of
of the rirheit and neateat itylet In the market; all of
which I am aelllni at th CHEAPEST POHflTut.a
ITT Special Attention Paid tttim.
tary Oificers' C'lottiiiiir.
Baring had long experience In th Out and Manuf
tnre of Officer' Clothing, I feel confident I can give en
tire attlafactlon to ill my patron.
Mr. itoSE,
Merchant Tailor,
Oor. High and Town Street,
aovlB-tf Oolumbua, Ohio.
N03. 33, 34, 36, 3S NORTH HIGH STRUT,
Matraman Bnildlnr. Second Floor.
over it. nerina'e state Steam
Printing; Rooms.
With or without Printed Heading, on Superior Pipe.
To any required Pattern.
RAILROAD 01 f 1018,
00UNT7 Off IOXS,
furnished at th Lowait Price.
By th Edition or Slngl Volaavt -MA0AIINE3.
Bonnd la any Required Style.
. for Public and Private Llbrarie.
Ordtrt from abroad will reoalte prompt aad pcil
atttnuon. aaaren,
J. H. RILEY, or,
Bookeller and Stationer,
74 South HighBtroet.
. noTl4-d?
franklin Bindery.
V l
SHAWLS. In new deal ma at S3 00 Valu 5 00.
1J00 yard Huptr Plain Black Bilk at $1 00 -Valu
1 Bayard.
f ranch Merino, oent Value 8?X at a yard.
75 cent Tlu 1 1 00 a rard.
U0O& la. Boats High Street.
"They go Eight to the BpctJ
Inatant BeUel! tt year Csaga
Pnrlf r r BretA.
Stretiftbesi fnjr Telcel
- i
They relieve a Cough lastantl)
They clear tbe Tbroat
They give strength and volume to tbe voice.
Tbey impart a delicious aroma to itin orealh
Tbey are delightlol to tbe taste.
They are- made of simple herbs and cannot
barm any one
I adrlM every on who hat a Cough or a nuaky Volte
or a Bad Breato, or any difficulty of th Throat, to gel
a package of my Throat Conftotlon; they will rellev
yoa Inttantly, and yoa will agree with m that 'thy
go right to th tpot." Ton will find them very naefa I
and pleaeent while iranllng or attending public Batt
ing for ttilllng yoar Oongh or allaying yonr thirst II
yoa try on package, I am taf In laying that yoa will
ever afterward oonelder them Isdltpeatabl.
Toa will find them at tb Draggiat and Dealer In
My tlgnatur I cn each package. All othert are
A package will b lent by mail, prtpald, on receipt
Thirty Cent.
Henry C. Spalding,
AW f. II BP -V
By th ae of the Pill th periodlo attack ol Her '
tout or Act Btadaoht may be prevented; and if taker,
k iuv evBunonGWBicufc oi aaawaca inuavauiM rciiei irm
pain and ilcknea will be obtained.
They seldom fall In removing, the Sauna and
acA to which female ar to uhjot.
They act gently npon th bowel removing uoti
for Literary Men, Studtntt, Delicate female
and allpernni of eedentaiy habiU, they are ralaa
a a cwoM(, Improving the appetite, giving lone
vtger to th dlgettive organ, and reetorlng the aatui
tltleltyaadtrngthof th whole eytttm.
THI CEPHALIC PILLS ar th reaalt of long tnve
ligation and carefully oondueted ezpeiimentt, ha ring .
been la ue many year, during which time they have '
prevented and relieved a vat amount of pain and an O'er ,
Ing from Headache, whether originating tn the nrwoa
tjttem or from a deranged atate of the itomact.
Tbey are entirely vegetable In their ooapotltloi,, '
may b taken at all time with perfect aaietj. aithont
making any change of diet, and th abeenoe or ant
disiyjreeabU taete rendert it eaey to mtminle ar raam
The genuine have five ilgnataiet of Henry U SpaMing
on each Boa.
Bold by Druggun and all other Dealer In Medicine.
A Box will bt tent by mall, prepaid, on receipt of the
Price, BO Ooiats.
AH order thonld be addretwd to
4S Cedar a tree l, Now fork.
from th Eiamlner, Narfolk, T.
Oechalle PHI aeeompllth the object for which thae
were made, via.: Our of beadaoh in all it form
from th Examiner, Norfolk, To.
The have been tea ted in mon than a tbouand eaae
with entire i
from the Democrat, St. Cloud, Minn.
If voa are. or have been, troubled with the headache
tend fo a box, (Cephalic Pill,) to that yoa maj bare
them la eaa of an attack.
fnM tha A 1 . 1 1 PrawManna. O. I.
The CenhaUo Pllla art laid to bt a nmarkabl effaetiea
remedv for the headache, and one of the very beat for
that very frequent oomplaint.whlch has aver been
from the Woe tern B. R. Qtaetta, Chicago, III.
W heartily endone Mr. Bpaaldtni, and hla anrlvalad
fro Kanawha Valley Star, Kanawha, V.
We ar ear that pereon lufferlnf with th headache ,
Who try tbm, will atick to than. .
from the Southern Path finder, New Orleans, La.
Try theml yoa that ar afflicted, and r ar tar that
your teetimeny eaa be added to the already , numeroa
lilt that hat received benefit that no other medicine eaa
from th St. Loal Democrat.
The lmmn demand for th article .Cephalic Pllla
la. rapidly inereetlng.
from th Gaxette, Davtnport. Iowa.
Mr. Spalding would not eonneot hi nam with as at
Ucl h did not twt to a om ml merit.
HjA dngto bottle at BP ALBINO'S PREPARED
ui,u a win av tea ome lie oet annually . J(
JJJl'A Snxca n Tiata Save Mm."JT .
aaaaeiaenm win aappvn. m wan rvcnuiwa mm
111, it la vry dealrable to have torn eheap and son
venlenl way for repairing furniture, Toy. Crockery;
meet all nob tmergeneie, and no noajMhold oaa aford
to be without It. It la alway ready, and up to th itick
In nolnt.
.. . A Bruh aeooananU each bottle,. -eut.
Bo. 48, Cedar Street. New York '
A eertala unprincipled penon are attempting
palm off on the unsoepeetuig publio, Imitation of a
PREPARED ftLCB, I would eaotioa all pereoaa ta
amia before parohialr, and a Uiat the full a una,
a T oataad wrap pert all other ar (wisdiiag
birfettsi tat

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