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Rail Road Time Table.
Littu UuMi A OuuiMiut A Xuu R. R ' " '" '
v Imtm."'" "' Arrlra
Nlnht Biorett. via Davton. t:U A. M. T 3.30 A, H
Cincinnati Accommodation.-0:10 A, M, - 0:80 P. M.
D tnna 145 P. la. . 3.U0 P. II
Mali and Accommodation.. 4:00 P. K. '., ' 13:19 P. M,
Jko. W. DoimiTV, Agent
OoLomoi Ouvauso B. R. ' ' '' "
Nltht liDree ......3:50 A.M. 1:30A.M.
Mew YorkExpreei........ i:SP.U. , 1:30 P.M.
- Jmn Pa.ttxx.ox, Agent.
CiktralO.ioB. R. - t -,,. ' -'".
Mi.ki . ...rt-Mi A. M. ! 1:30 A. U.
i)Kr.:.ir...r........ 3 to p. . i: p.u.
' ' ' "W. 1 ViLLf Agent,
MallTraln ......... 4:00A.M.. 1.10A.M
KapreteTraln W;33A.M. . I:30P.M
Jot. lloiimon, Agent.
-. M . - -OoLDMioi
iMounorotu, B. R. " . '
Chlaa.oIxDretl 8:00 A. ... 8:33 P. M.
Mo.S " 3:00 P.M. 11:30 A. M.
Btndutky " 8.41) A. 11. 3:00 P. M
' . 0. W. Imiti, Agent.
Local Matters.
Probate Court.
Itemi of business transacted In the Probate
Court of Franklin oonnty, Judge Albebv, dur
i .i i. .it rv f i . tat.-. no
tug tua wen euuiug riiusj uuuu, iiuvouiucr
18GI: . .-.:
Fourteen marriage lloensea wort Issueda
gain of its od tbe preceding week.
Jacob William Ilummerloh and Catharine
Elliibetb Humnjcrlch, bit wlfo, wore, on peti
tion to the (Jourt, granted leave under tbe
etatue to adopt t a daughter a female infant
bout five -months old, which bad been Aban
doned by tta parenti and left at tbe residence of
the petitioner! In Colambui about tiro weeki
aluoe. The child takei the name of Catharine
Elisabeth Huromerlch.. ' ' ,
The of Fallon, Colum
bus, deceated, wai admitted to probate.
Tbe will or Joseph Whlteblll, late ot Colum
bus, deceased, was also admitted to probate.
This will having been discovered since the
grant of Administration on the testator's es
tate, tbe Administration appeared in Court and
surrendered their trust as suoh Administrators.
' Henry T. Chittenden, as Administrator it
benit non of E. N. Gregory's estate, was '-authorized
to bring suit on tbe bonds of A. A
Chew, former Administrator it 'font non of
said estate.. ., ':,
In the case of John Westlerweller, Adminis
trator of Charles Frinell'i estate e. Lemuel
Frlazellend others,' the Administrator's report
of tbe sale of real estate In Henry county was
confirmed and deed ordered.
P. B. Wilcox, Executor of Mary McCul
lough, filed tbe final receipt of the sole legatee.
No.h F. firittoo, tiurdian of Joseph II.
Brackenridge, gave additional security as re
' ' '
Court of Common Pleas.
FRIDAY, Nov. 29.
Tbe Criminal Term commenced to day. '
The papers in several cases against Thomas
Jones and others for Illegal voting were ordered
to be filed away, which dieposos of them for
the present. .
The ease of Wm. Knoderer for assault and
battery, and the case of Rich el Phillips for rob
bery were dismissed.
Tbe case of Reiin Parker for malicious shoot
ing with intent to kill, was dismissed. The
defendant has, however, been Indicted at thii
(the November) term of the Court for man
slaughter. . ' '
In the case of Alex. Hays,' for soiling liquor
oontrary to law, the defendant plead guilty, and
was Sued five dollars and costs.''
In the Case of A. W. Djlson for assault and
battery, tbe jury returned a verdlpt of " not
guilty." '. :. .. ,
The ctso of James Liverpool, for rape was
taken up for trial, but not disposed of When
the court adjourned." " . it
ST Tbe workshop ac tbe Penitentiary, which
was burned on the 15.b of October, has been
replaced by a new building one hundred and
forty feet long by twenty-seven feet wide. Tbe
new building was put up and under roof In
three weeks from the time-of the fire. The
machinery for the. manufacture of army sup
plies will soon be Iq active operation In the
new shop, under tbe euperlntondence ot its en
terprising oocupant, Mr. Hajdon.4. ' .
i ir ii i.'. ....
ST Hon. David Tod, Governor eleot, is now
in thii city, making arrangements for removing
here, whioh he, designs, doing, we understand,
before bis inauguration - t: V .V' l . ' "
O Yesterday morning, A young man about
eighteen years bf age, a son of Mr. B. C. Smith ,
who resides on Water street between Spring
and Long streets, In the absence- of the family
fiom the apartment, fell, in a fit as is supposed,
against a kitchen stove, burning his right band
to a crisp. , It la feared that amputation will be
found necessary.- Tbe unfortunate youth has
been subject to fits. , ',, ' t(t' v v
Matoa' Court. Mayor Thomas disposed of
quite a number of bard cases yesterday morn
ing. Five Individuals were brought before
blm for drunkennes tbree of whom paid their
fines, and two were piaced. on (he chain gang.
A noted vagrant woman was eentenoed to the
olty prision for fifteen days, and a colored indi
vidual was put on! he chain gang' fo?' picking' a
soldier's pocket.'' : ? $.-.t ..
ST It laj annoupced .that ,Col. Carrlngfons
Regiment and the Sixteenth Regiment have re
ceived marching orders, and will leave for
T.nuiarilU fin Mimdat next. We' learn that at
ten o'clock this morning, twelve companies'' of
Col. Carringtbn'i Regiment and four companies
ot tbe Sixteenth will be reviewed and Inspected
at Camp Thomas.. lZlf
O On Thursday bight, Mr. Andrew-Jame
son, the keeper of an eating bouse on Broad
street, died sudden'y of disease of , the heart.-
He was advanced in yearn '-
Recent Military Appointments.
Cushman Cunningham, ' Wooster, Adjutant
Sixteenth Regiment. ' ' ' "
Sbillito S.Smith, Cincinnati, Firet Lieuten
ant, Eighth Regiment. v '
W.F. Raynolds (Fourth Regiment), Battal
ion Adjutant, Sixth Cavalry. ;
Thos. J. Cocbran, Adjutant Seventy seventh
Regiment, i . .: -. .
Jerome M. Roppleyea, Adjutant Seventy sixth
Regiment. '., ,
Spencer Franklin (private Sixth ReglmentJ,
Adjutant Fifth Qavalry, . , r
William P. Israel, Cole Grove, Major First
Artillery. ' "v-vi.
Leroy Crocket, Clyde, Major Seventy seoond
Regiment. ... .
J. B. Rice, Surgeon ,SeyentyTSecpndJRegl:
ment. '' . r. ,
Homer C. Shaw, Lanoaster, Assistant Sur
geon Tenth Regiment. .'
J.C. Mann, Colebrook, Assistant Surgeon
Thirty-ninth Regiment.
. Faxaohino vs. Paaotici. Mr. Editor t A
good state of morals Ii always desirable la ev
ery community, and a sad state of things
would bo ' the consequence of a lack of the
proper moral element. Tbere are many always
ruady to find fault with the wickedness of the
times, who never oan see the mote in their own
eyei and those who preach morals ought to
practice them.
I am led to these reflections by reading some
paragraphs which have recently appeared in
tbe local department pi tbe Ohio Stat Journal,
lu reference to drluklcg soloons being kept
open on Sundays. The writer (tbe local, of
course,) complains that the laws Are not enforc
ed la regard to this matter, and in a subsequent
article states that bis former complaint bad not
received attention, I have not the arlicloa be
fore me, but I have given tbe substance.
Now, bow does the Journal heal know that
saloons are kept open on Sunday, In violation
of law 1 He cannot possibly know, unless he
visits them himself. Docs he do this) Is be a
oommon Informer a spy 1 Has he commenced
system of espionage upon the conduct of
othorsl , Really, It would seem so prowling
around upon Sunday, gathering up news and
Items, violating tbe Sabbath himself, and then
complaining of others! Very consistent, In
But this Is not tbe worst of It. Tbe Journal
appeara on Monday mornings. All the type
must be set on Sunday. Tbe bands are at work
all day Sunday, shut up from the public gaze,
but not from tbe sight of every eye. Their
englno and press commence thumping away
about niue o'clock Sunday evenings, disturbing
quiet people in the neighborhood! And this Is
tbe concern that complains ol saloons being kept
open on Sundays! Admirable consistency I
And yet more: For some time past the pave
ment, directly In front of tbe Journal counting
room, baa been occupied by two empty sugar
hogsheads. These have afforded a shelter for a
lot of rode bad boys, who use profane and inde
cent language as'respeotable citizens are pass
ing. They are a nuisance, obstructing the side
walk, and if this heal should see them any other
place, he would no doubt bave a paragraph in
the Journal, complaining of them. He preaches,
but he don't practice. He prowles about on Sun
day, violating tbe day, and then Inveighs against
others lor tbe lame tblng, if this local, and oth
ers, would stay away from tbe saloons, they
would not be open. Don't he know that!
Who la bet Some one imported bcre to
teach our oitizens good morale? Let ns prediot
that be ii an . The first and two of tbe
19th letters of the alphabet, will explain' tbe
stars. J .
We shall hope to hear again from him next
Monday, and will be anxious to know what ef
feet bis would-be nkase has bad upon the saloons
and morals of our people Until then, we rest
the case. . 8TATE STREET.
IT On Thursday Afternoon, Captains For
sbey And Patton, of the First Regiment, Ohio
cavalry, puaded their companies in tbe streets
of our city, presenting a fine martial appear
ance. and eliciting much commendation.
"J. N." 8 it at Libxatt. This world-re-
nowned champion of bis original philosophy is
again at liberty, after having shown himself
"the martyr of the nineteenth century;" but is
again ready to ge into prison at the expiration of
five months, ii "the cause of truth demands It."
With all his superhuman attainments, "J. N."
is as modest as a child, and as meek as a lamb,
and there is nothing In his countenanco or his
demeanor that would indicate, what is so unAJ
rersally acknowledged,' that he is the greateetn
orator, philosopher and satirist tbe world bas
ever produced.
"J. N." is now in this city. Tbe base envy
and jealousy of the world have no terror for
him. He holds a discharge from J. J. Johnson,
Esq., the sheriff of Perry county, and James
forter, E.;q., deputy, certifying that be was
manaclcd and imprisoned In a cell in the jail of
that county for tho apace .of fire days, and al
lowing blm the privilege of re-entering his
cell on the Sth of April next, for tbe space of
twenty-five days, or life.
"J. N." will lecture In this city on Monday
evening next. Prepare to hear bim! He will
also lecture in Ztneeville on tbe 5tb of Decem
ber. !
Laces and Embroideries, ;
Lace Collar, and 8tt. French, Pusher and Thread
Lies Veil., (new pattern!.) Valfnelene., Thread and
Point Lac, Embroidered Collar, Sett, Trimmings and
Skirt, Lao Barbel and Coiffure., Plain Linen Collar,
ettaand Cuir., Kmbrotdertd collari and cum in cette.
' No. S9. South High Street
now telling at Very low pricei, al.o all other klndi
(Uhionabl tan. PKTK BAND,
deoSL ; ' . ' - No. 80 iouth UUjh it.
Or Tbose Oontcmpiatlnu: Irtarrlasre.
, ink onderalgntd wlllglVelnronnatlon on a Terr it'
Uniting and Important snbject, which will be valu
'd mora than A tboniand time. 1U coit by every married
couple of any age or condition In lire. The Information
will be lent by mall to any addreai on tie receipt of 85
cents Xtilftr) and one red itamp. -All
letters ihonld be addressed to '
h. b. morris; H. t. '
oct31-lj3tawdkw , . .... Boitoq, Uaa.
llooi Affectloni,Ooldl, Bheamatiimi, Ooatlreneii, Con1
umptloni, Affection, ot the Spleen, ot the Lirer, of
the Heart, Tumors, and all diaeaiei which de.ttoy life,
have always. exhibited, npon dluection ot tbe body, a
number of bard or concrete points, either In some Of the
organs named or In the blood veaaeli, tomelmes even
ramifying in the fleih, and again depoiltedapon tbe tide
of a bone. Now the little hard subitancea would
nay loan if Brandrath'a Pill, wore uied; they would
be purge oat of the syitem, and jears ot happy U'e
would be the eufferer.' lot lostead of an early grave.
Always purge but aim iliud In .Ickue.i. ' '
T. T. Carpenter,,,E.q.,'of Qoveraeur, St. Lawrence
county, Hew York, Ct yeate -of age, saya he hunted
Brandretb't Pillt for 34 yean, admlnlitered them flnt to
hit ooachmian, who hid fever and ague;:gaT eight the
day after the chtll; chtllt and,, farer leal severe; gave
eight more U next day, and to irery other day until
the chill and ferer did not return, which wat about eight
days from' the flnt attack. He then gave four every
other day for another week, when the man was entirely
lettered to hit ntual good health.- 1 . ; 1 ,'' "
He wat blmtelf attacked: took' them In the tame way,
and was eared In leu time. . Hai uaed no other medi
cine for 34 yeait; found them alwayi reliable for himaelf
and family when tick; hat recommended them to thon
tandi with the beat results , and feelt confident that eve
ry family wo uld have a larger avenge of health if thete
P11 It were used In tbe place of calomel and othoi hurtful
remediei.1 ' ' . , ''"'", "'; ". ', . 1 '
Bold by John R. Cook,' Dmgglit, Oolnmbut, and by
all mpectable dealen In mediclnet. .. , ,
OOTS3-dlm , , . ,;, ... ..
L..-.. .r- Bow LOST, BOW RESTORED.
, ', Jut Publiahod In a Sealed Knvelope) PrieeSett.l
WeaVnete, lnrolnntary .Kmltaioni, Bexual Debility, and
Impedimenta to Marriage ireoemllly, Nervcmaneae, Con
tumptlon, Jfpllepty and Fit, Mental and Pnyaloal In
capacity, resulting from Bell-aba, Its. By Robert i.
Oulverwell, M. !., author of the Oreen Book,. '
A Boon to Tnonsande of Snfferert,
Bent andei seal, in a plaia envelop, to any addreai,
Sort paid, en receipt of . two a tamp, by p(, oil AS.
. 0. KLIS, 187 Bowery, Ktw lork, Poet Office Box
Ho46S. sep7!amdw
From all Parts of the World.
Interesting Washington News.
The Nashville Runs the
Charleston Blockade.
The Latest News from
Port Royal.
An Expedition Sent Inland.
Approaches to Savannah
Cut Off.
Latest from Missouri.
&c. &c. &c.
From Washington.
Washinoton, Nov. 28. ThankenlvIntT was
verv generally observed In the oamns to dav.
The soldiers were amply provided with every
thing tor tne purpose.
An'oruer bas been issued to tbe Frovoet Mar
shal to investigate tbe subject of passes, with a
view of establishing a more uniform system,
and afford greater security to tbe publio service.
Tbere was a raconnoiesance from Generals
Porter's and Smith's divisions to-dav in, the
neighborhood ot Vienna.
Tbe report of Major Belger, Quartermaster
at Baltimore, Is satisfactory to the Department,
showing tnat ne bas dispatched tbe freight of
two hundred and three vessels by railroad to
Washington within the last thirty days, being
an average of two thousand tons daily; besides
a large amount of stores to the Subsistence Department.
[Special to the Tribune.]
Adjutant-General Thomas aent out Instruc
tions to day to Gen. Sherman at Beaufort to
take possession of all-tbe crops on the Island
cotton, corn, rice, etc., and to sblp tbe cotton,
and sucn otner crops aa were not wanted for
tbe army, to New York, to be sold there for
account of the Government.
Gen. Sherman was also directed to nse the
negro slaves to gather and secure tbe crops of
cotton and corn, and to erect bis defenses at
Port R yal and other places on tbe Island.
General Sumner s division consists of General
Howard's and tbe Irish brigade, two more New
York and one Pennsylvania reelment, with a
suitable contingent of cavalry and artillery. It
marched last night to its position, which Is be
tween the divisions of Gens. Heintzleman and
Franklin, the former having been pushed some
distance further down the river
[Herald's Dispatch.]
Tbere is a report here to-day that the rebel
steamer Nashville has ran the blockade off
Charleston and entered that port with a valua
ble cargo, consisting of-woolens, arms, wires for
telegraphic use, salt, etc While tbe report
comes only through rebel channels, tbere is rea
son to believe it, as one of our consuls notified
tbe Government somo time since that the Nash
ville was loaded in a certain foreign port and
was intending to run tbe blockade.
Government is expecting news to arrive from
Pickens in about two days.
Tbe War Department is hourly exnectiot! the
announcement from Geo. Sherman tbat he bas
taken possession of the rebel fortifications com
manding tbe entrance to St. Helena Sound,
about fifteen milea north of Port Royal, and
commanding the outlet of tbe Coosawand Com
babee rivers, thus securing entire control of all
tbe approaches from the ocean to the cluster of
sua Islands, and affording another avenue for a
movement toward the interior of the Palmet
to Kingdom. .
The rebela are already falling back from tbe
Potomac before the slow, but certain advance
ot the Union forces. They hardly offer resist
ance to tbe passing of our vessels. Many have
oome up within the last few daya loaded with
coal, to such an extent as to lower the price of
that article from ten dollars to seven dollars.
Tbe Reliance came np to the Navy Yard
from Indian Head last night. Capt. Hammond
reports tbat just before be left, at half past one
o'clock, a heavy fire waa opened from the rebel
batteries at bbipping foint. Tbree or four
shots were fired while the Reliance was in sight
or nearing. morning coma ne accertained in
regard to the object tbe rebels were firing at.
No vessels appeared beyond Stump Neck; con
sequently the supposition ia that the batteries
on the Maryland shore;
(Times' Dispatch.)
Washinoton.' Nov. 28. Letters received
from prisoners of tbe California Regiment, now
in Richmond, snow tnat but tew were killed at
tbe battle of Ball's Bluff. Many who were sup
posed to bave been killed, are now prisoners
tbere, and it la confidently asserted by the offi
core that fifty will include tbe whole number of
dead from tbat regiment.
[To the Associated Press.]
Washinoton, Nov. 29. Dispatohes received
to day at tbe Navy Department from Flag-Officer
Dupont, dated Port Royal, the 25th Inst.,
give tbe gratifying Intelligence that the flag
of tbe United States is flying over tbe territory
of the State ot Georgia. Tybee Island, which,
he says, Is witbin easy mortar distance of Fort
Pulaski, has been taken possession of, and the
approaches to Savannah completely out off. On
tbe Island is a strong marteiio tower, with
battery at Its base. , ' 1 w
Tbe following is tue rnuadeipbia Inquirer.
rensacoia repon :
Fortbiss Monboi, Nor. 27, P. M. Passen-
eers by a Mas of truce from Norfolk thio morn
ing, furnish some further news in regard to tbe
fight at Fort Pickens. These particulars, it
must be rememDerea, came through rebel
sources. Gen. Bragg had not made a breaob in
tho fort, as was before reported. Great excite
ment was prevalent throughout the South re
specting the battle, but it waa thought Bragg
would be able to foroe CoL Brown to surrender.
A meesoneer arrived from Pensaoola on Bun
day last with a peremptory order lor reinforce
ments. : Bractt .was at . that time hopeful of
an early success, and was replying at intervale
upon the lortresa witn areas eneci. mis regu
lar salvos are described aa being really terrible.
The General waa nerfeotlv cool and confident.
No breach had yet been made, bnt on Monday
one would be manliest, when Bragg expected
reinforcements and would storm it with frealj
troops and ordnanoe. Col. Brown bad concen
trated a perfect storm of shot and shell npon
the navy yard, burning it down toee.her with
all the buildings and a considerable amount of
ordnanoe stores. ,
, Pensacola had been evacuated by order of
Gen. Bragg. ..
. Col. Brown had called to bis assistance five
vessels of war, all of Vhlch bad been driven off
by the batteries. Tbe steam frigate Niagara
waa almost riddled wilb shot and the Colorado
thoroughly disabled. .-..:,.,.., ,,
Gen. Bragg had declared to his troons that
he would not surrender alive, and the greatest
enthusiasm prevailed among tbe men. On Tues
day Gen. Bragg wonld engage Col. Brown in
front, and aend a large force on the Island so aa
to take blm in the rear.
It la generally believed that an aotloo has
taken plaoe at Pensaoola between our Teasels
and tbe rebels, aod that Bragg baa been whip
ped, Pensaoola burned, and probably Bragg'a
whole loroe captured. '
Tbe dispatchea In the Southern papers bave
no apparent end or beginning, ana are very
The cargo of tbe captured British Sobooner
roomie oonsisted ol seven- Dales oi piannen,
four oases of cloth, three boxes of atarob, twenty-five
boxea of tin. one hundred and twenty
baga of coffee, twenty barrels of potatoes, tbree
nnnorea and ntty piga or lead, tniriy oags oi
shot, one box of shoes, six bass of arrow root,
one oase of pistols (revolvers), two oases of
oavairy awords, and two eases or anoes. ine
Marble was formerly named the Jno. W. An
derson of Baltimore, and tbere la atrong pre
sumption of ber Intention to run the blockade.
She will be aent to Philadelphia for adjudica
tion. . , . . .
According to nresent Indications the Presi
dent's message will not be sent bence In ad
vance of its delivery to Congress. Tbe reason
for Ibis ia probably the fact that It, aa well aa
tbe reports of the Secretary of War and Navy,
will be kept open till the latest moment, in or-
aer to mane auon auditions ana alterations as
tbe constantly recurring events may require.
' Sir Jno.Ferenson having denied tbat he waa act-
Ins as a snv when vititiun this country, It la only
justice to blm to say tbat he waa charged by
many persona in the South with letters to be dis
tributed through the postoffices of the North,
and that on arriving at Washington and being
advised that suoh a oonveyance of correspond
ence wsa prohibited, at once repaired to tbe
State Department and surrendered all tbe let
ters to the Government.
Snenoer'a new reneatlne breech loadine rifle
was tried by a board of army officers, by order
of Gen. MoClellan, on Friday. Tbey made a
satisfactory report and recommended Ita intro
duction into tbe service. An order for a sup
ply had previously been Issued by the Navy De
partment. Col. berdan will Brant no more commissions
to raise companies of sharpshooters for bis
brigade, aa enough bave already been granted
to more t'.ian fill it. Tbose wishing to join this
corps must enlist under Captains holding com
missions prior to in is date.
November 29.
It has been reported to thia Department that
some postmasters have deolined to receive
United States Treasury Notes, payable on de
mand, when presented to them In postage
stamps and stamped envolopss. Postmasters
are therefore informed tbat these notes are to
be received and disbursed by them as equiva
lent in all respects to coin.
order of the Poet master-
Third Assistant Postmaster-General.
First Thanksgiving in Virginia.
Wheclino, Nov. 28.-For tbe firet time in
the history of this commonwealth, to day was
observed as a day of thanksgiving, and Gov.
Pierpont tbe first Governor tbat ever proclaim
ed one. Business in the oity was entirely suspended.
Virginia Convention.
Whielino, Nov. 28. A full organization of
tbe Western Virginia Convention was perfected
to-day. The work of forming a State Consti
tution waa assigned to nine committees, with no
division of sentiment on the question of a new
State. The business will Ire dispatched as fast
as possible, and application made to Congress
early in tue session lor admittance. Tbe gen
eral outside opiuion i that tbe gradual eman
cipation clause will be adopted.
New Feature in Telegraphing.
Nxw YotK, Nov. 28. Tbe Canada's news
waa received in this city, direot . from Halifax,
tbe first case of tbe kind extant, through the
agency of the telegraph reporters, Invented by
Geo. a. llicks, tia , of Cleveland, Unio. Tbe
wires were connected through, and at one writ
ing the news was flashed direct from Halifax to
this city.
The Latest from Port Royal.
New York, Nov. 28. Tbe steamer Illinois.
from Port Royal, afternoon of tbe 25th, bringa
tbe mail and seventy-four passengers, also sev
eral prisoners.
1 be steamer r lag arrived at fort loyal on
the 24th, reports that Tvbee Island was shelled
by the Pocahontas, Seneca, Augusta and Flag,
ana met ume or no response, a lorceoi. ma
rines was aent on sbore and found it evacuated.
Tbey took possession, hoisting the American
Tvbee Island is at tbe mouth of Savannah
Contrabands continued to arrive at Port Roval
In large numbers.
Gen. Sherman bad built entrenchments across
tbe whole Island.
Sore throat prevailed among the troops.
Large quantities of cotton were still being
found in storehouses and barns mostly nngln
ned. Another expedition, consisting of two brig
ades, under Gen. Yiele, would soon sail ftom
Port Royal for the Southern coast.
Beaufort was still ;occupied by our troops.
But two gunboats were anchored off tbe town.
1 he schooner fcsaex bas arrived at Hilton
Head, and reports being chased and fired at by
a privateer several times between St. Helena
Sound and Hilton Head. '
Latest from the South.
Louisville, Nov. 27. The Bowling Green
Courier, of the 21st, says that the rebel Brig.
Gen. George B. Crittenden, brother of Thomas
C. Crittenden, the Federal Genefal, bas been
promoted to a Major-Generalship, and assigned
to tbe Department of Cumberland Gap.
David L. fatterson, son-in-law of Andrew
Jobnson, was arrested on tbe 19tb ult., and
brought to Knoxville for trial.
Tne rebel convention at KusselviIIe, made a
declaration of independence, and adopted the
laws and constitution of Kentucky, where they
were not Inconsistent witb tbe oaths -of tbe
rebel government.
Kicbmond advioea aay tbat tbe British eteam
sloop Racer waa expected soon. .
it is reported tbat the privateer Sumter was
captured on tho coast of Texas by the frigate
Niagara, . ,
Release of Political Prisoners.
Boston. Nov. 28. The following political
Jrisoners, from Kentucky, were released to day :
. W. Roberts, Joseph L. McFeal, W. E. Car
ney, W. Grubbs, Stephen Wooldrldge, J. W,
Griffin, Louis Hallolaws, Frank Crawe, Henry
rnuriow, josepn buck and A. Mcuoweit.
Treatment of Federal Prisoners at
Richmond—Rebels Anxious to Exchange
' '
Boston, Nov. 28. Col. Lee, oi the Massa
chusetts 20th, captured at Ball's Bluff, writea
briefly from Kicbmond, on tbe lota, that, aa one
of the officers drawn by lot to offset the course
of our Government toward tbe rebel pirates, be
is an inmate of a cell of the jail at Richmond.
Tbe same Is true of other offioers. Hia health,
and that of Major Leeve and Captaina Bowman
and Rock wood, is good. Col. Lee is permitted
to say, on good rebel anthoiity, or what be con
siders ss suoh, that the rebel government la not
only willing, bnt anxious to secure an exchange
of prisoners with the United States Govern
The Enemy's Works at St. Helena
Inlet Captured—An Expedition sent
to the Interior of the Palmetto
Nxw Yoik. Nov. 29. Letters from Port
Royal report an Expedition left on the 24th for
Bt. tieiena iniet, ana wjtnout striking a blow
took tbe enemy's works. The guns bad been
carried inland. Another Expedition to tbe In
terlor was on its way.
It was reported there were fourteen thousand
rebels at Hardeevllle, twenty miles from Mil
ton Head, under, Gen. Drayton, most of them
impressed men. Tbe rebels are also said to be
concentrating a foroe at Bloffton. . Appearances
Indioate that tbe planters are determined to
burn their crops on tbe appearance or our
troops or gunboats.
- Tbe rebels' guns at Braddocks Point, tbe ex
treme eonthernly end of Hilton Head, Ireland,
have been nnsplkcd and are now In redlness for
age by our forces. -
Baltimore, Nov. 09. The Old Point boat
has arrived. A flag of truce brought some
ladies from Norfolk, but no news. Tbe rebela
are evidently endeavoring to keep back South
ern news. .
From Missouri.
Roll a, Nor. 27. Our scouts this morning
bring definite and reliable renorta of the move
ments of lk enemy In tbe southwestern portion
of the State. They were In the camp of the
reoeia at narcoxis, on i nursaay usi. mcvsui
looh nnderatanda tbe retrograde movement oi
our army to be an attempt to get in their real.
Hiaaoouta report to bim tbat our wbolo force
was crossing the W bite Klver.
MoCullocn marched to, and Is now encamped
at Springfield with a force of four thousand
men. .-.'.,
Gsnoral Rains, who had command at oar
coxle with seven thousand men, left that place
on Friday last, and baa joined McCuilooa by
this time.
General Prloe was at Pioevllle, McDonald
oounty, with the balance of tbe rebel army -
lie alio took op bis meron on r rioav, ana is aa
vanolog northward to loin MoCullocb and
Raina. Price on his march desolated and de
stroyed everything to prevent our troops getting
in bis rear. ' -.
Tbere are do large bodies of rebela betwoen
here and SoriDefield.
There are over a thousand refugee families
bere; many of Riem in a destitute condition,
with a pitiful proepect for tbe winter, and more
are constantly arriving. -The
measles are raging In the different ctmpi
here to great extent
. St. JosxrH, Nov. 28. A band of rebels un
der tbe notorious Gordon captured Capt. Robb,
Capt. White and Lieut. Moonlight, tbree U. S.
Officers, from tbe railroad train at Weston to
day. Tbe rebej Stein, with fifty of bis follow
ers, is reported to be near Weston.
From Pensacola.
Philaoelphia, Nov, 99. Tbe Inquirer's
Fortress Monroe letter says rebel reports state
tbat Pensacola has been evacnatsd and the Na
vy Yard entirely destroyed by tbe firo of Fort
Pickens. Gen. Bragg had sent for reinforce
ments. The fire Federal veesela assisting Col.
Brown are said to have been riddled with abut.
The Case of Mason and Slidell.
New York, Nov. 29. Edwin James, the die
tingulshed Eoglish lawyer now resident bere,
In a published letter in regard tj the Mason'hnd
Slidell caso, aays:
"When tbo question is snbmitted by tbe Cab
inet of England to tbe law officers or ihe re
sponsible adviser of tbe Crown, those author!
ties, before giving any opinion, will In all pro
bability require from tbe officer in command of
tbe Trent distlnot answers to tbe following
questions: First, Were you acquainted with tbe
terms ot tier Majesty's proclamation command
ing strlot neutrality on tbe part of all her sub
jects during the term of hostilities between the
Northern and Southern States? Second. Did
you not know tbat tbe two gentlemen, when
tney became passengers, not refugees, on board
yonr vessel, were employing tbemselvea, or
were employed, In an enterprise of direct hos
tility to the constituted government of tbe
United States? The answer to those two ciuet
tions In tbe affirmative, and consistent with
truth they oanoot be answered otherwise, will
reduce tbe question to very narrow dimensions.
Should any doubt exist upon tbe seoond propo
sition, tbe message recently sent by Mr Jtff
uavis to bis parliament at Ktchmncd will much
facilitate Its solution.
Seizure of Directed to Lord
Baltimore, Nov. 89. The Fortress Monroe
correspondent oi tbe Philadelphia Inquirer an
nounces tne arrival tbere ot tbe Uuited states
gunboat Couer de Leon from Washington. She
bad had shots fired at her, but received only
one, doing little damage
A man calling himself Bryan U liarra, of
f orto Klco, wbo came from JN or I oik on Tues
day with a flag of truce, was detained by Gen.
Wool and Mb trunk examined. It contained
valuable papers some sealed and stamped by
the British Consul at Charleston and directed to
Lord Lyons These were sent to Secretary
Seward for inspection. O'Harra is suspected
of having been an officer aboard tberingal,
wmcn ne aaya ia to ne mtea out tor a man-or-war
at Charleston, and will carry a formidable
battery of Wbitworth rifled guns. He saya the
rtiigai arrived on Tvbee two weeks since from
Southampton via Porto Cabello, where she bad
seen the Sumter often. .
Some of the arms brought bv the Fingal are
being used against Fort Pickens.
New York, Nov. 29. Gea. Fremont arrived
here last night.
Tbe Constitution, witb tb advance guard of
General Butler's expedi.ion, left Hampton
Koads on Wed need ay alternoon for her dcetina
tion southward.
Baltimore, Nov. 23 Tbe Old Point boat
has arrived, but don't bring any news.
Nxw Yotk, Nov. 29 Tbe schooner J. N.
Geoiu, from Ship Island, near New Orleans,
reports the fortifications tbere finished, guns
mounted and one hundred and fifty men detailed
from tbe blockading fleet to work them
fi.unv If..,. Mn . Nnr OQPKklj ftrA
about thirty shells at the cimp of the Twenty-
ngntn rennsyivania negiment, at. Harper's
errT. tO-daT. The fir ml at Inno- ran, in
which our lorces were unable t" renlv No
body hurt. "-
Boston, Nov. 29. Tbe eleven Kentuckians
released from Fort Warren being destitute of
money, were to-day sent borne at tbe expense
of toe city ot woe too.
samnei r. bainner ot new uedtora, was
convicted ot fitting out a slaver and sentenced
to pay a fine of one thousand dollars, and con
Dement in jail five years. -
Arrival the City of Baltimore.
Cape Race, Nov. 29. Tbe City of Baltimore,
from Liverpool 20th, and Queenstown 21st,
passed here this evening.
It is reported a large steamer lelt London
with a full cargo of munitions of war for tho
rebel states.
Tbe pirate Nashville arrived at Southamp.
on tne 2tsi. : va .tne itn ene Boarded tb
American ehip Harvey Burch, from Havre to
New York, took off Capt. Nelson and crew,
and burned the ship to the water's edge. Sbe
then landed tbe Captain and crew at Southamp
ton, and remained there witn tbe rebel nte tit
lug. Capt. Nelson says Capt. Pegram of the
Nashville denies being a privateer and says sbe
bas a cummission as a war steamer-
Russell in his last letter aays, -Mr. Lincoln
and his Cabinet were hot Indisposed to peaceful
arbitration, and were probably considering tbe
proposition or accepting or asking tbe interven
tion of the greit European Powers.
It is reported that several steamers were in
sured In London to run to New Orleans and
back for twenty guineas.-
The French part of tbe Mexican Expedition
comprises fifteen vessels, 'with tbree hundred
and thirty guns, five thousand sailors and three
thousand troops. '' .....
Red, White and Bine
No. ! South niKh street.
Jntt opened by '
apiSB ;
; Irish linen Goods.
Linen Bhtrt Boeomt Plain and Fancy
Bhlrtlng and Boaom Llnene.
. ( : Linen Sheetlnga and Pillow Caelnga. '
. Linen Cambric and Long Lawna.
' ' Linen Pocket-htndk fe, all tltee.
Linen Towelllnga and Dlapere
' linen Napkin, and D'Oyltea.
Linen Table Clothe end Satin Damaaka.
Linen Towela with colored border.. "
. Linen Stair Ooveringa and Cr h. : "
- For aale at low price.
febM No. W gonth High ttreel.
No, 29 South High Street, Columbus,
iV. 8000 yardi Tiavelln Dreta Oooda at BX, value
B3D0 yard VniTeltng DrSae flood, at 19X, value 80 ctt.
8iM)0 yarda Bngliah Berge at I2H. value 8S eenta.
low yard! rrencn urganuiet at is, vaiue mi cent.
8U0d yards Fait Oolored Lawna at 10, value IS eenta.
1000 yardi Foulard Dreae 811a. at 37X, value SO oente.
1500 yarda Super Plain Black Bilk at l 00. value BlttS
Rpbee of Organdie Benure, and Bngliah Bentg, at one-
half their value. ..
JeM S9 South High Street.
Columbus Retail Market.
FRIDAY, November 29, 1861.
To following are the retail quotation, corrected by
If HMtlMnv. tinlM.U mnA -ll . u
Sontb Uigb Btrtet. . . .: ; . ",. ',
hWhest SOamw O.S.far a.. lo,
Oat bn. ...S6. Maple do.... 0U40V
Cornf m SOdHolaaoeo )'gal ' so.
Butter fa UailklHynip gal. COcAl 00
Lard a CV0IO. TM ....tU),l Wksl 25
fallow f a IOc iHloOoffo ),.... 17(AlKt
Dried AnnlMlt bu. . a'J 00 Jit do. ot.
Dried feachea... 3 50(84 UO Blot f fn
jsiivu saajtiw wwaww ww asaejtj - 1'
White VeanaOou.llOtttSI S5 Broome dot . SI OOO
1 7S
roiawtt, t iu..m.&u(0uw iiiay t ton
SB 00
Salt in aack
..l&A'ttc Soap (box) t
5 00
Salt bbl..
at uu I r lour e mi..
Beef. ewt ft) 0(1
White Wheal de
Hum .l lib
Rva Iauv at JJ.I...
Shoulder. a 8
Oaodlee, Opal, box.,
Oheeea V
Sail Pork fowl..., SftSIOc
Wood f cord.... Watii:,
Mackerel No.l hf bbl a 10 Ml
Hominy per both
alackerelNolqrbbl $i 50
Whlaky per. fall. JSI 00
UaokerelNolklte-. 850
nhit. vi.h .... ii ftjt
Raietne, U H. Box
,3 8S
3 SO
Layer " ..
Bultaa A
White Vlab per qr bbl atl 00
vw mn r m
rig o . goo
lierr lor bbl B5 00
Pronet ..,.,. lie
Corn Meal I.... 4050e
Wool Twin. ..... ,Hm M ik
Kxge dot
Pried Ver
tUolOranberrlea S bbl... a? HO
f t ma-aalet at H 40 H SO for new red, and if 0
91 71 fow whit
W-.IK.Yftl BU41HN
rnanMla at Qua
OiTt-.alirtdo.il at Sue
live email taiee at .'a5e.
Uli tile, at a798.
Potato Mice at S&SfUe.
Oxaiia talet at B7cl 25.
Blt rule at 91 UO par bbl.
Whit Via rule at 10 2540 75 per bbl.
Siivare, Tt-aa tod Oolite adraoclogetlll.
Now York Market.
NEW YORK, Nov. 29.
- him
w. .v.. a . i ) u, svw
balrt at S7c for Allddllof Uplenda.
rLUUU upenea ueary aod oioted So lower; moderate
. m a r. il fiw .thai, ami hnm. .n..mn.l.. 1 -. 1 1 1 .u.
bbl. at S3 SViiS 40 for Meo ed; i 35 J5 to for lup.
...... r. Av.tt nn .W,M ..... a. . n. - ... . .
lu . ..wiv.m u. nn4p.l IV IUT aupvr'
An. wetlern; $i 5(K$5 70 for common to medium extra
..,.. A.- uim ' nil . .ki i . . .
w.v,,f, v" "va.. wv ur .u,L,,iia wraDoa extra rouna
hoon Ohio anil Afi 002lS 75 tar trmAm hran. H. hi...,
w.v.iuK v.uwii.u uvui lumj w 4uuiru a .UU1J
eaalerwlth very moderate demand; aalee of 900 bblt at
It -IVS)-. Ai r... .n....nn.. uia. r.n --
....... n. . i .- i i
to choice txtra.
RYB VLOUll Quiet and tttady with moderate tale at
flto&i 40.
OOUM MEAL Oi.l.l .ml ..I. a onn i.i.i.
Jeraey at S3.
nHiSKi-uarket euier; talee of 730 barrels at
SOflSUJ.o; chiefly at the inalle price, but Including ex
tra barrel! at outaide Sgure.
WHEAT The market opened heavy and doted about
onteent lower with only a moderate export demaod;
aalea of 84,809 bu.h Chica0 .prlcg atSl J8'4l2i; I,-
vuvuit, nviiii.ni.ru ClUH l .1H, W UUU QO Bll
waukeeolubat 1 3S(eBl SS; S3.000 do amber Iowa at
. i nttini on. ociui . i . . . ... . .
kwi v, cw uu pprtDK aiaie v Jjfl.1 J, 3)0. twu ao
.Ul.p u A M 1 . I .ia, ... o. H.li i 1. 1
w.i.vEi ivu.v.iw.u.. . I iN.im, V,UW . tllUCI HUTUi.KU
at II 304137; 7000 do Canadian elnb at $1 30; 8300 do
mixed Canadian at fl 3J; 11500 do Indiana atl 30;
4000 do ohoice white Ulchlan at fl 33.
RYE Ia modai-ata odI! hIm at 7 Rim htt.liiiU
BARLKY Dull and nomloally unchanged.
ffiKW WllVinll, &.t..l nk.n... n.l. .m iH.J...t.
demand for export and home conaumpttoa; ealet of 6000
buah at 63(Sfi,e for sound mixed weatern, ehlafly at the
OATS-In modflrate reanaitat 47A.ni. for Jam. Pan.
ada and atate.
FOBK. Market It more actlre, but withoot material
chaoge In price; ealet UO barreli at 13 50313 for
meat; S 5039 for prime.
BKKf In good requett; aalet 300 barreli at B494 SO
for country prime; S5a5 50 for eonntry met; $1101.1!
fur CM."..., ma... 1 1 '1 1 1 Ui .... n.H D.Im.
meaa beef arm at BID WCSSO.
BKtr UAUB-yaiet with email ealet at (13 603
B.OQS-Drr.li.d. mora anlltra anrl lotfar with aalaa at
uui aibats Dull ar.d prlcet favor pnrchaten; tales
at 443ie for thoulden and 444o for heme.
BACON Dull and price, faror the purchater; emoked
meata in good demand at full prlcet; talet of 10 boxea
Cumberland cot middle, at 7o.
LARD Bn lea tteady; aalea of 1.800 bbli at 8KdXo.
Included in ealet are 40U bblt deliverable in December
and January at He.
BUTTE it-Dull, at 10015c for Ch!o; and 133c for
OHBESB-Steidy at 4S3c
. I 1. 11 II I. . ... . . . . . . . I
uuiiAb uarae. aim ruiea rery nrm witn a moaer
att buaioeta doing; talet of 840 bag. Kio at lVS'-'5.Kc;
100 baga Latuayra, to go to Philadelphia, at lVo,and
1 1 inn m la I-..I-.. .a I fl .
WW mil. V.J IVU . I iim,
RUGAR Kaw cnntlnntia Aim- aalaa nf Qfln hhtta flnha
at 7X(88Kc.
HOLASbCS Quiet and unchanged; aalet of 101 hhdt
of Cuba Untcovado at k7c; and 1U hhdt of Porto Bico
at 40c.
STOCKS Better, but without actiTlly.
Philadelphia Market.
FLOCB-Doll; talet cf CO00 bblt luperfl-t at $4 37
lev j ou.
WHEAT Firm; talee 14,000 buah red at fl 33S1 30.
woiie i eiKevi ei.
CORN Dull; aalet 3,000 buah at S3;.
COFFEB Bio, at lSX 17c.
PORK Meaa, at B13 50.
LARD Balea at Oo.
WHISKY-Dull at 21c.
Cincinnati Hog Market.
Pork Packing operatione are nenally eoppoeed, by
thoae engaged In the buaineaa to be exempt from all Ihe
claimt of holldaya. Thia wai certainly the caie to-day.
The recelpta of Uoge were large, and more drovera are
In the eity thia evening than are often found here at any
ene time. The cold turn taken by the weather a few
daya ago, and the enow atorm of Uooday, together with
the advance In prlcet which occurred at the tame time,
gave the Uogt a itart from Ihe country, and we .hall
hare thit week's receipt twollen greatly above thoae of
preceding time to date.
Lirgo offering hare tended to make the market heavy,
but not to break It down aa much a wai anticipated. We
glace the minimum fltore So leee per central, to that wt
ave now a range of (3 80 to 13 40 for fair to choice
Hogt. There were eereral talee made In grot, weight.
It hat been noticed by experienced men in the buttneai
that the Boga have been very materially better than ntu
al foretrly packing, and moat all tbe groea weight will
overrun, when d rested, the ordinary. ea.eulat.oni be
tween groie and net weight.
New York Cattle Market.
According to the report! from the teveral market
plaoe In the city, there have been received thii weak, aa
compared with last week:
Sheep and
B'ree. Oowt. Veal. Lamb Swine. Total
AtAllerton'i 4 832 .43
380 557 .
Brownlng'a.... SS 4
O'Brien, 159 38
Ohamberlin'a.. 38. 81
Sold bu're, Ber. SO ..
Total...'..... 4,633 190
T'lpr'iweek. 4,1(18 11
Av. number
w'k.l'ty'r. 4,364 356
18 5 Sol ....
78 8.008 .',...
133 3,137 ....
006 18,147 34,190 51.600
700 11,0711 117,771 47.383
m 8,709 7,696 81,867
A. M. Allerton A Co., Proprietor! of the Washington
Drove-yarde, 44th at, report tbe Cattle in Market from
the following State.:
Mewfetk l,4C3;Oonneo(lcul 30
Ohio . 044 New Jeraey S8
Indiana. - 488 T.xae.
Illinoi. 63i0atvada 17
Kentucky 89UI-higan S17
Iowa iMIeeourl
Pennaylvania SOlUaetaohuaetH. ..... .
Number reported for thit market at Forty-fourth
ireet, e,jaif . . .
The prlcet to-day are quoted is follow.: . .,
Flrat quality,... .7K8X I Ordinary... im
Medium...?. 7ii(7 Kxtra... ........
Borne Extra good Beevet may be quoted at 8,e.
The general average of tbe market ia 7Xe-
The moet of Ihe aalet art at (kfllfc
Pricea per head and per pound, bf different weight.
Will be found In account! of talee of tundry drove.
Total number of Beevet received In the city kbit week,
Thit 1536 head leie than laat week, and 874 heal
lete than the average ot laat year. The average num
ber at each Wednetday market laat year waa 3491 head,
while the number to-.ier being 3333 thowi S41 heed
more than the average, and 511 head leee thia this day
week .
WiBMitDtV. Kov. 87. Ae anticipated yesterday, the
cleaiog ot Ihe maiket b very bad for owner. Ther it
tea reel any demand by retail butch era, and the whole-
tier, will only take the stock at a Mary dsKlioe. It
appeara impoiaible la Mil all ue tmlloctu la the ptca,
1 1 the whole line ef railroad! frexe. Ulneml te Maine,
(here le not a epet that hai ao muoh gwod and bad for
ihe drovert aa Albany. In the flnt place, the Central
Bond bave at Albany tb meet ample accommodation, tar
unloading the veal number ef oart engaged ia tranaport
Ing otook, the whole under the tupertoieadeno. ef Capt.
Malloryand hia son, who are pwrleot model railroad
agenn, from whom many other asen In the eame bualiNte
might well take Itttona and follow their example.
There, loo, the three teverne kept for the accommo
dation of drovera have aameroue large feeding lota, lo
cated upon dry eand, well forniahed with water, and
taken altogether, the atation at Weal Albany 1 probably
the moet eommodioui one for the livestock bualneaa in
the world. But on leaving that ititlon the trouble of
the drover begins. Araoona.be leave tb eand-hlll.
tb road, in a wet time, le one tlough ef mad until fct
reache tb paveeaent over which he hai to driva through
ttettjtrfAlbny totajafepy. Thii drive I three mllee
J0?!' J" UT ik"0WB U" " vv M t
hold hll , cMtl here la the attMte. waitiu, hrriHre,
Uironah ihm wnala Jaar- - a.., If K. k.. i -
- ' , -..a ..a. aura m nil u .
ferried, at tbl eeaaoa of the year, lb eUietUai
when he reecbet what it called Una, at Boat Alli.r. k
Sod Ue Whole ourfaoo la almoal ae Bald a eoiKUtlsa aa
1 - rr-i poo nruiei afaai
Is aiaA a faat Aaan. aua nf anu I . -i T . ,
down. Drovere eetlmate thai their oatlle have told aa.. '
aral ilnllaaa a ha. 4 I... Ikl. I. .
..... - .w .a tajnarquenoe or f X- .
poeury to enow, rain, and mud. Ib oalf remedy Ct
... . 1Dm" ot ma it a artdgt ever which ihe
Judinn Hi... .... 1I... ... u ... . u WW
. . - .- - .... . mi. avupwH vara can naaa. ao
ae to load their stock at Weat Albany.
JUtelpttthle week, W.H7.
f hll (ia MM h. J ...I . .
ZZ"j:Z: to"" -oh for pelt, by (tic
ani i ikli XTS "'.""f'V on tnt flnt of the aaoath '
Kirr. IDD ILrjAMttl wAtM..L.j aaummt, Bfaaj
"LI:"?4 "W over .n" M. 1 "d "
diction, do x&&uzsi J-
reduction of 85 a he. 1 .VI to v, at a
rednetion of 8573 "i" . rtoZXS." 1
Sheep that.,., 100 M..u..l',,Jt.,Tt
at 4 ,h, and l.mh, that .11. "it u"
week, 34,1 W.
ThlB la rnl nn I. n..Ana .11 .
.xpeotaYnliaiydpS aTsS SS Wd'tl'
K!T """ od.ne'ein bo feund?,?!
Uie exlenairt yarde at Ihe fool of Fortieth ,ilL Ii!
larrer than all tka .i.i.,...k... .Z. . ., and
.... .. i ,, eiangnter-noutee caa dUpoee of
"PP1, P'lce of lire lioie ha rediVaA i si?
(Htn(f( I. ........... ..;.--
It Im thAMkl Ik. i at. .....
no- fl.it .1. thenVaUhe f ".J" ZZk
Flninaall,.. ....... Vj'l Dtd W.l.h.
Bmni KX0
irit ex.L1." ""'f ""r" tb. pub
WBAB il"' "1,tn"n OOODB FOB OBNTtt
And a general aaaorlment of '
of tht rlrbett and neateet atylot In the market- all f
which I em telllnc, at th;nBlo...,rI,..? .' !
TT7 irk.-l a , a a a . . . .
fry oHiV.eiiKiS."1 10
Iltvln hatA Inn. .... j ... . '
Merchant Tailor,
" Oolnmbue.Ohlo.
N. W. LEFAVOR, Supt.
N03 32, 34, 30, 39 NORTH HIGH 8TRSET,
Slatoman Bnlldinir, Second- Fleer,
orer a. Norlns' state Rteam
PrlntlDir Rttni,
With or without Printed Ileadlngi, on Superior Paper
To any required pattern.
Furnlahed at tb Lowett Price.
By the Edition or Single Volume
Baund In any Required Style
tmtim and leE-BmDmc
For Public-and Private tlbrarl.t.
Orders from abroad will restive nromuland anael.l
attention. Addreea,
Bookteller and Stationer, , . Superintendent'
7S South High Street. Franklin Bind. ry.
aovl4-d3a ,
so. 99 iouth man itbzxt,
1(000 yard Saner Plain Black Bllkt at 1 00 vain'
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8,500 yard Traveling Drtu and Mantle Oooda
It 1S oente valae 80 cent par jard.
8,000 yards Whlu Brllllantes at It 18 cent
valae SO eenta per jard.
80C0 yards Fiive' and DomeeUe Glogb greetly '
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New and ITaaMonable Ireaa QhotxX
In the moet deilreble styles and at very lomrt prices. . '
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W are bow eHertng our Immente etoek ef Fan or Dreaa '.i,
Silks at pried Ine th ever before offered I thie eity.
The attrnUo of the ladira of Uila city and vicinity le
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grade of food. I thia lluei - PKT1R BAIN, . . .
evl. Bo 89 South lllirti atroet.
SHAWLS, to new deelgni al 3 00 Value t)5 00.
1500 yard! Super Plal Black Bilk at tl 00 -Vain ' '
Bt SSayaid. '
French Merino. !. eente Value 874 eta a yard.
" 75ent value tl OOayard.
n6 Ho. W South Hick Street.

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