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VnvrVY-MORNING."DEC. 1, 1861.
" ' ' I I
The New York Press on Sumner's
The New York Press on Sumner's Abolition War Speech.
. r,v fTnthrfniil CriAiMSuirira,lJi 8. SeaS-
1. 1 i, brum aiaseaoltUseUa, eJclreased ibV-Young
-.. K.nnblloM Unloa of New YorkCityat
tftute.'oa Wednesday evening
Nov. S7tt.i HH -' "Origin
r..,f the Rebellion." After lebxlof
, eoD9l3rftWe length to.eh9W .. 4fr'c
'try wm ike origin and main spring of 4";
BurWUtf the rebellion becruehedt
TbVt ll heqttio? Men,.oney, muntUoos
"c the roMdonenWr of good oaa,
' which in Itself It ermy:And jet tturir.
until wlthi" ferdeyehe tdrentegt dm not
' fee" on oar ride. ..TUe .xpl.n.tloa
Tbe rebele tie combating t homo, oa their own
fc .onV.triVgthonod ,l maddened by tlatery,
Which ie to them ei ally and a fanatlclsm.--More
thoroughly rooted than oortoWee more
Mrriblr in earnset with arery tinew ttrained
to the utmoet-tbey freely use all the reeouroee
(hat God and oatuio put Into their haodt, .rait-
log ae-ttottas not only the whola white popt-
Kt .nii.tin the iraMrboop of the It
dlant eraMog apoa the tea In pirate thlpt to
detpoik our eommeroe. and, at one iwoop, eo
'fieoittD oof property to the extent of hnndrede
T!.Y.i5J:. SiM. whil. all thlt time their
fonr miUlone of tlatee', ondltturbed at home,
Var freely toWbttlintb Ub'
ula tbe war, wmcn wunoui u v
It remaint for ut to encounter the rebellion
f . ctlmly and. wrely by a rotee npw or w -
u. k;. .om.thlDif more will be needed
that men or money. Oor battalion, mart be
reinforced by ideae, and we moat Itrlke direcUy
at the origin and mainspring of the rebellion.
I do not now eay in wnt wj -
but elmply that we mnet eirlkej U may be by
.v. r ih M&uaohniiette General Bat
leri 4t may be by that ot Fremont; or It may
k. K. k. ..nflr iTitam of John Qiilncy Ad-
. k. am. Ktaion and itntiment both eononr In thie
pol:oy, whioh it only accoraing j
aondact. In no wj
Jl rfn . mnnh it to little coot. To the
.n.m. ...nk . hiA vill be t terror: to good
men it will be an enoouregement, and to foreign
n.u. .ij.kin this Aantmt.it will be an earn
..t r nmthnff baTond a mere oamiral of
' 1 TV... k.. hun tha OTT. ' On tO Rich'
mond," and etUl another woree ery, "Oo to
Eueland." Better than either it the ory, Qa
to frBodom!" Let thie be heard in the rolcet
of yoar eoldieni aye, let tt reeound in the pur-
posee of the Oorernment, and Tictory muet be
, t cnrti -By tbie eignoonqutr. ,-. -
The New York Triitwie m, of eourie, high
ly gratified with thie inflammatory epeecb of
Mr. rioiim. It thinks pnblio opinion hae
come'to the conclution that elatery It the
cause of tbe rebellion, our buiintea ia with that
cause." ' It eara that the epeeoh "will confirm
tha doubting, itrengthen the timid and convince
the Ignorant and Indifferent, that inasmucn ai
there hat been thlt deadly vlrna la our national
blood irom the beginning, breaking out now
luti thlt feariul Irrnptlon and madneu, no
oh')ice ia left ua but'ohe between lta tMcr tsitr-
V- mnation and natural death. We can tamper
t with the fearful malady no longer." Thus the
' war with the Tribum it no longer to be ont for
tbe restoration of tbt Onion, but for the "utter
tzterminttion" of slavery.
The New York Tmf agreee with Mr. Suit
th t alivarv I tha eiuie of the rebellion,
tnd regard! bit conclusion as inevitable that in
- the- extinction of slavery must be found the
remedy. ' The only objeotlon it makes it to the
mode proposed by Mr. Bojinm tor effetting we
cure.' It asks "How it alaveryto be exim
- irau.hd7 ; By tot of Congress i By edict of the
, Executive; By proclamation of the commend
. f in ceneraltT - Shall the General Government,
) : whrch hii lirnored the very existence of e'.avery,
, take the lead In Us abolition or leave It to tbe
Estate tuthorltiet. tnd n inevitable progress ol
, eveotsTj' ' On tbe ground of expediency, "with
.H out ''which, tt1 Mr tays; thet e ioan be no mch
thin at ffovernment." the Tim favors tbe
toller of leaving tbe qcteUot of the entire tbe
litlon of tltvery to the State authorities tnd the
Drorreat of ovehte.
From the "commetto -of the New York Htr
' "old on 8unia'e epeech, we clip the following
" Tha rebellions movement aealnst the Gov
uinn.nt. whinh far aeveral weeks baa been in
.iirfinmW and ttealthilv developing Itself in
various J)artt of tba country, now tt length
I. onlmlnatet in New York. Sumner artfully in-
troduoes the nam of Fremont, by whose eys
tem.be tays, the rebellion may be crushed,
' or by "tbe grander ejstem of John Qalnoy
. Adams.' l ne tyatem riuuu
pationj the system of John Quincy Adams is
" not only emanoipatlon, but the arming of tbe
elavee against tbe wnite race, titer iue uaui'
pie of tbo tragedy tt St. Domingo. Sumner
would begin with tbo system of Fremont, tnd
cap tbe. climax wita tnat 01 joon vtuinoy
r, td.ma. ': Ha announces with satisfaction that
Sihe cry, A'oU to freedom," hat tt last been
adopted by the Secretary of War, and be ideu
tifiea Mr. Cameron't poUcy with that of Fre
. moot, in order to abow that the Cabinet ia di
( j vided, tnd t portion of It against the President,
who, under bis own nana, quasnea ton jkww
matlon of Fremont. ' (Ti-? -
, The Inoenditry Abolition llree wbioh htve
been kindling tlL over, the country, tre ftet
gathering tnd threatening t general conntgra
r tlon. - Either they muet be quenched, or the
tabrie of oar once glorious Union will be utter
!w ij COMuWed, ana acarcely a vestige of Jtt form
jgTtnM tematm. '
Speech of Henry Winter Davis.
mil - t . , .- t
HnrtT WiKTit Davis, of Maryland, deliver
tTtd it speech ai' Brooklyn, N. Y , on Tuesday
veningj JXttf, 26,'on the'-'CoMtltntloiial fow-.
arsof the Government to Suppress the Rebel
CVVou.i Tte Journal of thie cityj wmpUments
r. ja speech highly, and says that "although tome
vsf the tfutha -ahicu, he presented, may not.be
"Ji&rtlculariy palatable to certain popular clamor
are, they tre nevertbelett truthe." The Journal
" (;!? r ,yitsss . tjut . .. j
- i'ThO scope of MrV DaVis'e argument it to
' abow thai, it tbo "violation xf eonatitutional
9Vi!?ewor'hy and patriotic purpose; we iooorai
"6Mily dt Jfcor to oonatitatloDal republicanism.
He maintains that io permitting" the Executive
to luvadt codi titutlonal rlghte it, la to math,
to make the Executive manter over the people;
T 4 claimed that every tffjrt should be made to
' t'astea the ama jient upon pablio conviction that
- "legal autnotitv U- tuiSolent to deal with the
.tj jtxUtlng orlale.V r -itmt ( ; 1
"The Joilriirt gives &t followltig extract from
Kt. Davjs't epeeoh, touching -he funeilonsJ of
tbe freeldent tnd tbe military oommtnder ia
tegard t) eotitUoation of rebel property! ..'
HiUU president) It aireoteT W tee' that
tha lawa be faithfully executed but he can tin.
ute bo law ui Ul it xUt.s. 4. TJuUl the lawe give
him authority to tot, he hat Just tt muoh poirrr
mm von or I. lie is not onr matter.''- He hat' no
discretion Vstd la him. , What the law allows
him to do that hecy do, or chat the law doee
not sobortie him to do that' be cannot do
W it ii not ! Sowed to him by law, it to him
Y UM net wongreat uodbi u 11
ta uottjooe enough, It will tooa meet to do
ro'e.' If l; hns omitted important metauret,
It tan iur?iJ tl'O deficiency But what hat
Cwm don op to thin timt For that la
I ... ahi.t tt-iA -lMt . Tt BnSf
c aeeda law not t utu atiug an
' . . . . . ... . i- -.t.ul tlnaUttUeau
ibe rooeu-i ana, inetuiure, uj r -----
rlrut to coolU U tlie. property .af she
.. u.i. ' Bi. i.. ... via or nnwuei u i
not In tba law, and It therefore toWddcn-
lodsmcnl wieelj
authorlzs.theconneoatlon ol property used to
promote the rebellion. There it swpe. - There
the President le bound to etop. . j v;j f
Numerous other extraajt aVe given by the
JTeumal from the eame speech; but there art
Other passages' equally striking which Undoes
ini .Iva. and which, we doubt not, lta readers '
-.11 nn .ould be Dleesed to see - We
W"U - "
elect t few of them at i specimens!; "y-J
Tney whoVeak about extraordinary methods
of the necesaity of usurpation of theneceeel-
ty of negleotjng the "technicalities of law," tt
ih.. nnlitelv term them. tht necesaity ot do-
n.rtin from all "red tapelsm,". wbioh le tbeJ
ordinary phrase to describe the regular opera
tions o( tne uovernmeut, comiuoteu vj t
meot-ete men must be taught (and it is for
ffntimen like vou to teach them) that it does
oot prove t man It disloyal, that he thinks tbe
n r... .... l i. . .. .1 'l.t. ....kkn.
kOOHUtUuon, Id biuuu uctter tuau uim untuuv,
at to suppose it Is not only powerful in peaoe,
but nowerful in war: that its tezlt it not only
so broad aa to be able to protect generations
in times of peace, but in the midst of olvil
war. the surest protection j in tbe face of nation
al disaster, the surest refuge. -: , ;
We have seea. ln tbt miast oi tne American
Republic, in the miti of the nineteenth cen
tnrw. after mora than eighty years ot Republi
can rule, Under t, plainly written Constitution,
we have seen t Republican Administration
aunma tha rlehf enddeolaro martial law. i We
have aaen a military commander in charge of
a eraat and ImDtttant district, within two
months, I believe, after Congress bad adjourn
d. (una a Droolamatlon Inaugurating, formal
It, martial law ovtr two-thirds of the State of
Missouri threatening Wita oeatn, at tne dicta
tion oi drum-bead ceurt-mattial, any one oaught
In arms within the district prescribed by hit
will. We htve teen him assume the right to
disregard the law ere the ink was dry, cooflaca-
i . . . i i. - int.. i
nog lliose wnom toe .. " vu""'6i
couli not be oouflacated. We have seen (and
those who have seen them must have laughed)
deed of menu mission, signed ."John C. Fre-
mnnt. finnnral CommandlDg." . ' '
, The President, with the advice of the chief
law officer of the Government t gentlemen
for whom I entertain, personally and politically,
the verv bleheat regard, and whom I am en
titled to call my friend in more than one as
pecthas, under tbe pressure oi tne emergenoy
of the times, asserted t right in the President,
and tbe President bu acted upon it, in various
instances, in form, at least, to suspend the
right of kabtat cwpiir. We have seen, like
wise, (and when we romember that it it tbe
middle of the Nineteenth Century, we may
very well be startled at the reference,) we have
seen at least one newspaper probably more
than one newspaper flopped because of tbe
charaoter of lta attlclee - We have seen more
than one newspaper (they do not express my
aentimentiV we have eeen more than one
newspaper excluded from the service of the
mails without authority of law. We have seen
a Provoet Marshal tbe executive officer ot t
oamp inaugurate t civil court in Alexandria,
Va i and. I nreaome. I tddrest not few of
the gentlemen ot the mercantile profession of
New lork, u tne papers nave not misiea me.
I think I saw t tew days ago mat tbe unam
ber of Commerce had suggested to the Presi
dent that bo ebould vest authority in tbe Pro
vost Marshal to continue tbe elvll Jurisdiction.
We bave eeen executed, at nothing of tha kind
hae been executed in any despotic country of
Europe, tnd with t completeness and precision,
and secrecy tnd dispatch, that would have done
honor ' to tbe Chief of Police of France, the
eeiture of all the telegrams in all the telegraph
offices, Irom one end to tbe otner or. tne Amen,
oan Republic, I believe, In one day. We bave
seen, I believe, without any tuthority of law
fat leatt. if there be any, It hat entirely escap
ed my careful examination of the statutes of
. m a aa. ..
the last session or congress, woere i nau not
the honor to assist, tnd I know it did not exist
previously) we have eeen tn order from tbe
Secretary of State eaylng that no man shall
leave the United 8 tales without t passport.
Now, these things are not oast In the teeth of
anybody, nor stated for tbe purpose of crimina
tion. I use them historically; I use tbem for
the lesson tbev teach. I use them to bring
tbem before you, men of America, where you
this day stand, after yonr Republican Govern
ment has been in lull and blessed operation for
eighty yeare.
These things are tbe history, except the mil
itary tiovementt of armies, of the attempt of
the United States Government to suppress the
insurrection. - Two very different views (I tub.
mit both erroneous) have been expressed with
reference to tbe events tbtt I have mentioned.
The enemies of the Government bsve cried out
about cruel, despotic, illegal oppression. Tbe
friends of the Government bave eald, it ia not
to be called oppression j It may not be legal ; we
doubt if tbey art legal; but they are justified by
the necessity of the case.
Now, fellow-cltixent, there ie this to be said if
tbe Government of the United States ie in til
respects as tbe friends of tbe Government tnd
of the suppression of tbe tebelllon generally
maintain, we tre brought faee to fact with one
grave question, which every one hero will eee ie
or great signinoasce. , it tne vonstiiutionai
Dowers of the Government tre sot sufficient for
the suppression of tbo rebellion I mean the
Constitutional powers of the Government not
construed by tbe standard of South Carolina
measured by the standard of Daniel Webster
measured by tbe standard of Henry Clay meat
ored bv tbe standard of Abraham Lincoln If
tbe Constitution or tne united states does not
confer power upon the Government to deal with
a great rebellion axe mis, men, geniemen, i
wish you to draw your conclusion. Mine is
that the Government of George Washington
has failed! Hisses, tnd cries of "Not"J Ii
tbe Government that he founded cannot dea-
with the events before it, it it Dot tn inferl
ence of logic it it tbe verdict of history it
hae failed. Hisses'. J And hissing don't change
tha verdict, f Laughter. Or else tbe hist it
to bt interpreted in thlt sense that the Govern
ment hts not failed, tltbough It doet not afford
power to deal with the rebellion, wbioh yet it it
Itadutv to suppress. I'aty, gentlemen, itbe
Constitution does not furnish these powers, then
the people of tbe United States are in the face
of another revolution. If you cannot find, with.
In tbe- limita of the law written down, the
mode and method by which you are to stamp out
this rebellion, by what law It the President to
oeguiaeat ., . . - . .
A voice Tbe lair of self preservation.
Mr. Davie The law of Louis Napoleon
A voice Tbe law of military power. .
Mr. Davis Tbe law of Julius Ctmr the
Itw of the master over tbe slave. ' Are you
free men of the North tt well at the men of
Marvland? I do not know what you think of
George Washington, but I shall not sully hie
memory until, witn til tne ugatt oeiort me, i
eball have read the law be proposed or the
f:overnment of the Republic, tnd tee, with tbe
ight of Courts, t.e light of great men, the
light of experience, of necessity and of nation
ality, whether we cannot fiod on tbe faoa of the
Umsututioa. witnont mating ourteirea tiavet
(for it it to bt t slave to be bound to obey the
will of tojbody beyond the limits of ltw to
eee if, we caunotfwitbout making onrselvet
slaves,-, stamp j ,put j this rebellion. Loud
cheert.i ivrt. w. 3
Movement to Do Away with Sutlers.
f A Washington dispatch to 'tbt'N.! Y. Time
says that immediately oa the opening of Con
gress Senator Wilson will Introduce .a bill to
abolisb to office of sutler in tbt army. Ht
has been Impelled to this by reason of tbe ex
tortions and abuses practiced upon tbe toldiert.
In spite of the legal restriction against selling
to soldiers to an amount exceeding one-third of
their pay, It often occurs that .the sutler pre
sects an order on the Paymaster 'for three
quarters of the amount due the Soldier, while
one-half thus taken is too common to excite re
mark. "The prices, too, are exorbitant, the
profits often being from two to three hundred
per cent, tnd (he quality of the trticlet fur.
msbedts oao. at win be tolerated. Liquor,
too, is often clandestinely furnished. The pas
try and other articles of food furnished have
been found to cause sickness. It Is known that
In very many otaea the Colonels of regiments
tre partners of tbe sutlers, the profits being an
large that mea tre often unable to get the ap
polutment upon any other terms. The profits
of t sutler for t full regiment trt from t6.0tis
to$W,000. year. " . tl
The Arrest Laurens not a Precedent
for that of Slidell.
[From the National Intelligencer, Nov. 26.]
We stated yesterday, oa the. authority of aa
Amerloan toholar, supported, tt bt was, more
over, by llie eotsmporary uuurd made of the
tvent in the London CAretM oi uotooer otn,
1760, that Henry Laurent, tebt by the Conti
nental Coogresa at Minister of tht United'Statet
to Holland, "waa aeixed while celling to
tral nort on hoard a aantral Dutch flScArt tltip,
tnd net on a teasel particularly and solely en
gaged for bis transportation." w una on iur
tner examination, by means of the facilities for
hlatorloal research ohllelnelv placed tt our Olt-
posltloa by Mr.. Peter Force of thie eity, (whose
collection ot works tea maousoripit uwiug uV
an the Ravoliitionan neriod it known tO bt Un
rivaled., that thlt statement It erroneous In
lta moat essential particulars, Tht vessel in
which Mr. Laurent took passage was tht Mer
enry, described by John Brown, tht "Secretary
of tbe Admiralty" tt mat penoa, u vuum
nantal naokat." ( Mr. Force hat ia bit colleo
tion a manuscript- tony of the original orders
which tbt master of tbo packet received from
tha Board ol Admiralty, and under which he
tailed. ', We copy to much of these orders as It
"PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 11, 1780.
Ta Cantat William Pickltt: .' 'a
"The Board of Admiralty having appointed
you to command -tht continental packet Mer
cury, you trt hereby ordered to proceed, with
til possible oisptton norm sooui tor aunwr
dam, la the United Provlnoei of tha Nether
lands: where, when voo arrive, you tre to re
ceive on board tbe Meroury all each trtlolet tt
the Hon. Henry Laurens shall of himself or
hit order to be put en board, etc. .
"Secretary of the Admiralty."
' In the same collection are fonnd . letter ot
the eame data tnd from tbt tamo tourot, ad
dreeaed to tha Captains of tbt continental vee-
sele of war the Trumbull, tbe Deane, and tbe
Saratoga ordering them collectively or serer
allv to act tt eonvov to tht Mercury packet
until ehe had reached a good offing. It would,
therefore, seem to be clear tbtt tbt Inferences
founded on the. supposed neutral character of
tbe vessel ia wbloa Mr. fcaurene wat teiitu, tan
to tht around to far at ihsy trt bated on tble
We find In the London Cbronlole of Ootober
10. 1780. a brief memorandum of a converse
tloa held between Mr. Laurens and tbe officers
of tha British Government, prior to hie com
mltmeot to tbe.Tower, and which, because of
its historical interest, if pot its bearing on tbe
pending discussion, wo eite for the entertain
ment of our readert. After reoiting the answer
given by Mr. Laurene to the question whether
he considered himself t British tubject or not
(to which be replied la tbe negative, amrmmg
that be was the duly commissioned embassador
of the United States to t European Court), tht
London iournal continues as follows:
"When ht wts told that bt wte to be com
mitted to tbe Tower, be told them It was vio
lating tbe law of nations to detain an embassa
dor. Mr. Laurens atked If be waa to couslder
himself aa t taotlve embassador, or, as they
termed him, t rebellious subject? .To neither
of whioh questions it was thought proper to an
swer.," ...
The Stone Fleet Obstruction of Rebel
Our readert hart tlready heard of the stone
fleet, tt it it called, which hat been purchased
by the Government for the obstruction of South
era harbors. The New Bedford, Mass., Aftrca
rv. that describes that portion of tht fleet
which wtt purchased tt that place:
The fleet whioh tailed from thlt port on the
morning of tbe 80 inttant, consisted of sixteen
veesele The crews consisted of fourteen men
each, except the South America, which carried
sixteen. Tbe cost ot tbese tbipt to tbe uov
ernment wtt about ten dollars per ton. Some
of them were worth double that ram per ton,
tnd all wonld bavo brought mora than that If
tbey bad been b rot en up. trnre, at least, tne
Department has got full value for tht money It
hat expended, tnd In the fitment of tht vessels
tbt Government hat htd the benefit of tbe
supervision ot tomt of our most experienced
ahfoownere. 1 v
- Tbe destination of thlt Beet It a matter about
which the oubllo bat tbt largest libertv to eoeo-
ulata. W nether tbe five thousand tons ot stone
art to bt used to Increase tht base of tht Rip
Raps, or whether tht tneient catapult la to bt
brought Into ate, tnd the stonee are to be pro
jected, or whether they trt taken South for the
arming of the, elavee, or whether tbey trt to bt
tunk tt the entrance of Charleston or Savan
nah, we are not informed. Tbt fact, tbat tt
light water mark ia each vessel a bole bu been
bored, into which a lead pipe bat boon inserted.
tbe ende careloliy nailed down on el tner sideof
tbe vessel, a ping driven in irom tbe outside
and another from within, tnd both secured by a
rod passing through them, tnd ftstsned within
by t nut tnd screw, favors tbe sinking hypothe
sis; tnd tbt additional fact that, at tbt latt mo
ment, tn old tea-captain suggested patting two
2-tncb augers on board eaca amp.maxes it rio
lently probable that these tixteen wbalert trt
to bt put to tht inglorious ast of ttopplng rtt-
noiet. . .
In dot time wt ehell hear tha result of thlt
novel expedition. It hat been admirably man
aged in lta Inception, the ehipt art in charge of
experienced navigators laminar witn in bourn
era coast, and the orders of the Department,
whatever they trt, will bt executed to tbe let
ter. ' We bave large faith in tba enterprise;
and as It It tn exceedingly pad no mode of .car
rying on the war, all our cititent will join In
wishing it success.
Another stone fleet it fitting oot, to consist
of twenty-five vessels, which will be roady to
tali in a tew days-
Of the "effectiveness" of tuoh a atone block
adt there can be no doubt. 1 The main ship
cbtnnel leading to eavannan it but two buna-
red tod fifty yards across in tbt narrowest place
and can be perfectly barred by half a doten ot
these veesele. Charleston harbor le equally el
igible to the stmt treatment. Onoe tunk, these
old hulks become points for the tccumulatlon
of aUuvlals, which the riven bear down, and of
the eanda which tbe tidet carry back. There
ie t natural tendency In tuch ports to form ob
structions, tnd ail wa bave to do is, tt tbt pby
aioians aay, to "assist nature." Becoming
thoroughly Imbedded in Ibe sand, tbese accumu
lations but advance with time, I forming uncon
querable obstacles to reopening the harbors, and
establishing a blockade which tbe highest
pressure diplomacy of tbt world will be utterly
powerless to "raise." . ..j
The Southern Threat to Burn their
Among tha' letters found by' bur forces at
Beaufort, wae one directed on the envelope to
"Robert Chritholm, Esq., Beaufort, South Car
Mint Charleston, August 31, 1861 j" i and
signed "William Lebbv." In thlt letter we
find the following:' 1 ' ' - ri-yl
"Perhaps you will bave to burn Jour cotton;
as the enemy will endeavor to get it to tell to
tbt English, to keep them quiet. ' It seems to
be ont of their infernal plauB. and If tbev tne
ceed in effecting t lending tbey will not be elow
In earrvinr It out.' I bone thev will find noth.
log but the tshes. ' We must be willing to burn
tod devastate oor own land, rather than they
shall benent one iota oy tneir conquest, i nope,
though, we will be tblt to keep tbem out (they
tre a cowardly est), tltbough wt trt weak; but
bv bravery and perteverauce wt can do it. av
ert effort ought to be made to fortify tbe inletei
bot wa hart to manv. I feu some place may bo
weak and an opening left. Oor Governor bat
beea muoh to blame for hit auploenest in thie
matter.- The treat object of our association It
to orge and tessst the authorities in putting the
coast In' t statt of defense." ' " " '
Tblt seems to confirm tbe opinion expressed
by Runsell, of the London Timtt, that there
mavbe a cotton Moscow In tbo South! Wa
don't believe, however, that they will burn ap
tbelr property , t; " '
ET The Washington correspondent of the
New York Timti tayt it Is believed among tht
Washington secessionists tbat Jobn C. Breckin
ridge tod R. M. T. Hunter btve already been
telectea oy Jen. uavn' uovernmeni to go
abroad as Embassadors io place of Slidell and
M&aon. and. that tbey are Intending to secretly
Croat our lines Id to Canada and tail irom vjoe-
beo or Halifax.
ilaiiDsoMi PtMENT. It Is contemplated In
New York, among the monled men, to raise
a suiucleDt turn to purcnant w.vw roams of
peper, to bt iircgxnted to George D, Prentice,
of the LouitrlUe; JnmA., ; ,.:.,' yL 1 ,
Hel ef Vermont fli-octr
Ve Vermout rcisonf'l Liberty Law was re
plied h, tht LegUlatu.; rent X to .8lon.
it I tbe laet tession is waa . -
C .mmi.alon, to report npoo tha question of its
Couaututionallty, and the question presented
with great olearneet tnd forot. ....
.. it. T mmIoI st In raft nam IflufJl
tuoJgb toXbiW
Monaco we -- -j :r;
preoedent; tbe other 8tatei ebould follow the
i i- : i rV. YA Artm. " J
Wood! uemoorttio lueaa u
Irlumnbed even la the moet lnttnsely AboliUon
Bute in tht Union - It it true they btve been
for many years resisted, tnd have toted tlowly,
buf'truifilt mighty tnd wiU prevtl'Ma tht
end. No ont oan estimate tht misohlef which
hat flowed from these ttatutet, by estranging
one eectlon of tbe country from the other. Ver
.....iu.ui, s-ood axemole. whioh wa with
every Northern State will imitate.. If they do
tbey Will oeatioy a van aiuuuut u bvi
cession capital. Wa trt htppy t tty Ohio re
neiiad hara two or three veari tgo.-wt-fndnneh
Tybee Island.
-nrnMoi itiani.tnrina aonflrni the statement
a detaenmeut irom rori norai uaa pus
ni T.hoa inland without resistance, tnd
now occupies t position within mortar rtnge of
Fort Pulaski. Tbe Island It situated just Inside
the bar at tht mouth or tne eavannan river,
nd fully commands lta cbtnnel. Abreast of It,
at Ha tit tnnr milaa from tha bar. Is a aood anchor
age ground, ine city oi eavannan is tooui
eighteen muet irom tne set. rort rniasti is a
moat important work. Mr. Russell of tbe Lon
don Times, who visited it in May last, describes
U as an irregular pentagon, In thtpe, with tht
base line or curtain face inland, and the othtr
faces etiematea ana bearing on tne approacnee
Tha naranet It thick, tnd tbt totrD and ooua
tarscaro arc faced with solid masonry. A draw-
krld ira afforda aoseaa to tha interior of the re
tn. hanna lha u. ta of tha lart ia annroaohed
torost t deep tnd brvHd moat, which la crossed
by tnotner artworiage. ine wans are eioeeu
Ingly solid, tnd well botit of grty brick ttrong
irnn. and nna-ard nf aiz tent in thinkneaai tht
caaematet and bomb-proofs being lofty, airy and
i tt...- i . . . . .J - - M-
oaoaoioua. t uo garriBuu, a iui uiuw vt iur.
Russell's visit, was 6S0 men. It will be eeen
from tbe above that the tdvantagt of a proxlml
ty to Fort Pulaski it not til on ont tide.
Oo Sunday srsnlng. 8ptmbr lit, at It. faftlok's
(5harh, by us Hsv. Vainer I. at, VlUierald, Mr. Wu-
uaa B. Taoarso to atlas aUasaka-TT McQrjiat, all of
thliclty. ...
KINOrON, In tbt State of Kanaat, will take no
tics that Robert Bona Orlfflo did, on tbt 18tb daj of
May, A. D. IBol, file bla pa II lion in tba Superior Court
of franklin eoantjr. Ohio, afabiit tba aald Nicbolu Har
rington, Dalllah BarrlngtoB, faiar Harrington and
oUur, aetilug lorth, tbat th nld Nloholai and Delilah
liuriogton ezeoutcd a mortgage to the said B. B. Grif
fin on iota Not. 42 and 43 In tbe town of Alton, frank
Ha county, Ohio, to Moure the payment of a note exe
cuted bj aald Nicholas and Pater Harrington to raid ft.
8. Orimn, en the Stb day of January. lR5i. for 308 30,
payable two years after date, and praying tbat aald mort
gage may be foreclosed, tbt mortgaged premiees told,
and tbt proofed, applied to tbe payment of the aald in
debtedneei. Bald Nicholas and Belilab Harrington are
notified that they are required to appear and aniwer
said petition on or before the Jd Saturday alter tbt Id
day of December,. A. D. 1861.
-.v. ..., . i . WABDIH ft DBEBEti, .
- Att'ye fdr B. B. Orlffln.
Colombua, 0, Oct. 19, 'SI flrSddeo) ;
N. " W;TL E FAVOR, Supt:
9ttetman BallellDff, Second Floora
, .arer It. nertoata Stat Meant
.. Printing Roomt.
. . -,. . ... EXTBA .B0BSTANTIAL
With or wlthotit Printed Headings, ea Superior Paper.
. To any required Pattern. '
' ' " ' BANKIHO HOUBBt. '
':: . -: -. meboh'snis,
' rareltbta tt tbe Lowest Meet. '"' . ,
''.y Lhf the Edition er Single Volume ''
''-MAffAZmS.;:- - -
:'.' ' PAMPHLETS. , :
v, . PAPEBB,'. . ..
Bound In any Beqnlred Btyle, .
- for Public and Frhrate Libraries.
Orders from abroad will, receive prompt and special
atteauea. Aaoress,
J. H. RILEY, " or, N, W.LEFAVOR,
Bookieller aid Stationer, Superintendent
75 South High Street. - - franklin Bindery.
;aovM-dSa " '-' ' - ' -
if . -, . 4.-
New Tork. I am bow prepared to offer to tbe pnblio
a meet eaottlaat etwrtaMBt el flOODB fOB QINXS
wavaa, sactas
v.t j. CAS 8 1 ME RES,.
r '. - v VE8TIQNB,
'AaltpBtralasKrtBisntof .
of the rirbett and neateet ityies In the market; all ef
which I em Mlllng at tbt OHiAPKSI fOIIIsLl
SXCtVat VASU. ; j - i i -- . .--
O" Special Attention Paid te iriill.
ary wnicera ejiointnt;.
, Hiring bad long raptrreaet In tht Oat and Manufac
ture or ota cere1 viomiog. i ieti eonnaent i esn girt to
Hrt sattaUeUoa to all my patroi
Mtrchant Tailor,
Cor. High and Town Streets,
... , . .. Columbue,oblo.
Domcotic Cotton Goods.
7Am l BOH
rtTT.ll tbe watt Extensive Assert.
W ment of
, Brows and Bleached Cotton flanneli)
i j . M .. . .. -Muillai;
' Bamilty Oottea SliMtlngif
Select Stylee of Calloo'i and Delalnei;
rf 1 lloklntri, Bblrtlnga, flingbamf, i j,
i'3 And. Cotton Batriuss. ' ...i -
. , AUo, Blankets, flannels. ... .v
Celmere, OioaUlotbj,ete,Ste.- ' t
iteh below rfIarprios.1v:, , .'1
. j i .j tJ. ., . aAIN tt SON,
" etttt tagtata HJjthJItivit,
V. '' S -
V-.- ' Tit ' -:-
.iJia'w .xixiooix,
' l-tt; '.' "d v-
. ....
Ever offsrsd to tba eltUens of (Jolumbus.
f . : AMD
,' For either Wood or Ooal.
lor Larfs families or Small Familial, and varytsi la
. rnea iron.
Three Dollars to One .Hundred and
- ,- Twenty-Five. ; ,;
Of e vsry Prlot, Bias tnd Variety, for Ooal or Wood.
Ot miny Patterns. '
VTTr-ay f3tOVO0 '
Both Oeoklsf and Beating.
Tht Lightest and nort Portable Tent Stovs ever
onerta ie uw
Officers of . our Great Army.
, r. 1 . 1
lor HwDglvTemD(r-w Churebu, Btort-roont, or olhtr
. UVI SlUlUUJftel
for family Use or Hotels.
And marf other articles "or any other man."
Btaewanaastsaw .,
No. 92 North High Street,
J. L. Gill & Son,
tovS3-U '
'-. . Dave t fnll tnd Complete Assortment of
Otovoa cj arates,
tin And copper wabe, ;
Of almost tvtrf kind,
-Elegant Chamber Sets,
Tin Toy s, and Articles in that Line,
for Kittle People. '
Knives and IVwkfl. Bpoona, Tuba,
Buoketss Shovela tuxd Tonga,
Coal Sodfl, to-
for tbt Larger Ones.
Wt would call yonr farther attention to tne fact tbat Tt
art SOLI AGENTS for tbt salt of las
Which Is. In all rerptotf, clearly tht "AUIOOBAT 01
TUX EITOHBK.' hating no equal In tht eompltttnest
of Its performance and economy of fuel. She eltareat
tettlmony er lt tnpenoniy u ine not mu manniaa
torere and dealers art eonetantly Imilatlng It. oomlng at
sear Itas potelble In EXT BANAL APrXARANOS.
Call and examine oar stock. It is no trouble to show
ourgoods. : .
t Itast on the Store Aoora . .
No. 11 East. State St,
bu opened It uaa :'. '
Anction & Commission Boom.
Be It bow piPATtl to fetlT on Oonmlnioti Try
M -a, a. aaeaata mxm TienwilAI. S-t-.
WtWripilWD Ql jrvpa ar. t"vu taa " wwvsi Ul WtJirav,
Llqaon, rarnUaro. Oorriagto. Bortn. Bo aIm
lam.Am SW Am 1la tlar tlnfl tA tttllsta f Baaal Vat.tai
IUWBUI Ml tWVKtei Si" wa avptaatej
and rereoaal Vieperty.atany point, within twenty allies
of tbt etty. ... ... i ., -
Auction Sales Every Evening.
Oomignments rtaptelrallysoHolML
KANT, Auctioneer.
ottl '
Shooting Gallery. !
TBI nndtnlntd begs leave to inform bis friend
that he nj fitted op a - - .' -.-.
flood flans, Air Oaas, Pistols tad Kefreaoiaests.
: Oive mea sail. .
aovll dtt - ' - COIOUD aiOHAHDI.
i i
m s
he DAILY, at - - -
The TRI-WEEKLY, at -
The WEEKLY, at the low rata of -
. ' Atthtabovtratei: indthtDattT will bt furnUhed
At tht usual rata. At tn established- tnd reliable organ of the Demooratio party, .
In tht future, tt in tha past, it will uphold tnd defend tht .
Whioh ht. been to froJtful of good to tht PEOPLE OP TBE U5TTED 8TATE3: and wU
. faithfully urge tht re-establishment and tupremacy of tht j . ; ,1
At essential to the oomplett and perfeot re-oonstruction of the
JF" ES X 33 n. 21. XT TSt'x O
On the btaU on whioh that Union wti originally formed."
-;i:'" '" , . ....
Tha BTAnacAH will support the Administration of tha General Government in all legal and
constitutional efforts to put down rebellion ; and sternly resist tht efforts made in tomt quarttrt
to convert tht present unhappy war into ta Abolition orustdt. " '
It will eonetantly urge economy in the pubhe expenditures, tnd tht most rigid aoeounttbikty
As ameiool'pneral ntwt, tht STiTxaaUN will endeavor to make itself aoeeptable to ite
numerous readert, and at all timet tupply them with . - ...
jrjxo Xscateaat mxkSL xxxoaat XLella.tole Zleportsi
Of tht home an4 foreign marketa. In its eolumnt
Will find their Interestt consulted and attended to, and no eflbrt will be spared to make it a first
'Durtoe'thVapproaohmg tession of Congress we will have a talented and tooomplithtd oorres.
pondent at Waahington,. through whom our readert will bt furnished with muoh valuable and
Whet"doinM of "our own State Legislature will be fully reported, and tht looal newt of the
State tnd our own immediate vieinity, will havt a due share of attention.
Wt ante upon our friends in all parts of Ohio, and tht North-Western States, to aid in txtnd
ine the circulation of the Statsiiah, ainoe by to doing, they will assist in tht promulgation of
tound political doolrinet tnd reliable general Intelligence.
To any person raiting a Club of Tea Subscribers to the Wtxsxr Ohio BTATataTAir, tnd
tending us the money ten dollars for tba same, we will tend one eopy gratis.
All orders will be promptly attended to. : !""'"
' , Publishert of tht Ohio SUttetm&n,
November 1. 1861. '
Six Dollars per Annww;
Three Dollars pet 'Annum
One Dollar per Annum.
Ootumot, Ohio.
BOO and BOB j'
An bow optnlnf Urg lot ot -
Ladies', Misses' and Children's
F UlaG,
Ladies' Cloth ' Cloaks,
Bhephard'a Plaid Shawls,
Ladies' Merino Vests' & Drawers,
Boys' Merino Shirts & Drawers,
2EPHVR W0n$TE03r -
Embroidered Repps,
IjadLlos' Nublaa.
CPEIU -HOOWs :; : -
Opera Flanhota,
Tblt firm, harlot1 adapted theOasbsistesutbs par-
cbass ana sale of floods, are enabled te Mil from U to W
aereent. kss than other booees ttuder the sredlt ijetem .
- Oysters! Oysters!!
be la dall reoelpt, by lxpraea, ef .
rizisn CAU & zia oystehs,
Irea Balttmers and lair Haten. -' '
Call at Wat ear's Oyster and fruit Depot, No. SI Xut
BUe street.
post ornoES.
XaTo. oo, '
Corner of Broad & Front Streets,
Flannel Shirtings.
ID. Tbe moat txtenslre stock In the city .
Army Woolen Socks.
Shaker Bibbed Bocks.
Under Shirts and Drawers.
'Ootton and Uerino Socks. 1 ' ' '
Golden Hill Shirta. .
Qent'aKidOloTee. 1
Oenl's Linen Collars, Seek Ilea.
... ' BAIN dr. SON,
octIB No. 88 Bomb nigh street.
Or Xbota Contemplating JVarrlagt.
TBI nndenlfned aiUflTSlnfonnatloa en t rery in.
UruUng tnd important fabjact, whioh will bt rain
ed mors than t thousand times Its eoat by erery married
couale ef say age er eondlilon ia life. Tht tnronaatlos
will be teat by mall to tny address oa the receipt of Si
seats (sCter) and one red itamp. - ' v
All letters ibonld be addressed to h, y,
B. B. HOBRIS, kt, D.
ect31-ly3tawdfcw Boston, Haas.
llous Affections, Colds, BheBmatlamsOoatlrsnta,Oea'
anmDtloDL Af7Mtlone Of lha Sntaan. nf T.Im.
the Heart, Tnmors, and all diseases which dsttioy life,
bare always exhibited, npon dlaseoUoa f the body, a
number of harder eonorete points, ellher in aoms of the -
viua wuucu or iu wa niooa Teams, lomeames ttea
ramtfTlfie In tba tleah. aj,d uala .iwiifnM. t'h Mm
ota bone. Nov there little aard'snhtUaoes would
amst coaa tr Brandrelb'i rtUa were assdi tbey weald
UhflMlJ AHl.l Iti. m.m w A L II.
weald be the SBSenrs' bit Instead of aa earl rrare .
iwja pnr(i vai Baraa buib IB SlCMtSt.
T. T. Carpenter, .Xsij., of amrneir, at, Uwreoet
eoaaty, New Tork, M years of tie, says he has assd
ruia tor at ywua,tamiauured tbert flrtt to
bis eoaohroan, who had ferar and aias;;gsT slstttbe :
day after tbe chtUi obUU and ferer lesstirerei Bare -eight
snore the nest day, and so trery other day aaUl
tht chill and ferer did not return, which was about eltht '
days from the Brat attack. Be then (are fear every '
- ... . waem ie man wm enurery ,
He was Himself attacked; took them In the same way, '
and was eared In leas time. . Hat assd no other medl- '
elnt for St yeai fotnd tbem always reliable for himself
and family what stckl hat recommended them to thoa
sands with the beat results, and feels confident that ere
ry family would hare t larger tTtrage of health If these
f Hie were need la the place er calomel and other hurtful
remedies. . ,
Bold by Jobs B. Coot, DrnirgteVOolambu, and by
all iwepMtable dealers is. medicines, i ( - , 7i
yfrrry. MANHOOD.
W. mm.rn, HOW 1031, EOVe EXBIOBKD.
Jut Published la t Sealed Invelopsi Price 9 eta.i
Weaknwa, lnrolanUry Xmlaelone, Bexaal DeUllty, and
Impedtmente to Marriage irenerallly, Nerroainaae, Ooa
aamptloa, Xpllepty and fits, mental and Phyetcal In.
capacity, malting from Belf-atmea, tU. By Bobert J.
OulreU, 11. !., author of tbe Oreea ,ft.
A nan tt) Tnantandt af Infferers, '
Beat under aeaL In a nlaia anialma . .....
pot pld, en receipt of two fbunpe. by Ii: n '

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