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Local Matters.
Coiorkoational FiBTivi,-Tha ladles 1 of
tbe Congregational poofotj will bold a Festlral
at the parlors of tbe Church on Thursday eren
Admlttanoe S5oj children 10j. Oysters and
loe-oream lo alwfldaDce, . d3t.
Council PooDmai, Tbe City Council met
last crenlDg--rresldent Donaldson In the ohalr,
Mtnutel of pravloni meeting lead and approyed
The City Clerk and City Tceaaurer submitted
the following
Statement of tht BecetpU and JDUlureemenU of tin
vuy or uoivmoni from iioeemesr to jJtetmotr a,
Balance In Treasury Nor. 4 ...14,808 47
Btoaoia tojonn noma....- sj a w
tint and License bj Mayor for Not. 81 05
OollMtloM In alarket Ilouie 88 82 174 37
Total .' ,
.$5,0 64
Vlre Department 4B8 54
viiy rouco ..,.,
llarkal Hons, etc ,
Sewer and Drainage
OuKepalrt, elo..
Bilsrtes, to... ...........a. ....4,
Firit Ward Improvement ,. .
Second do do
fourth do do
Fifth do ' do
Balance In Treasury, Dee. 8 .......
775 51)
47 60
17 44
S3 05
970 00
78 00
13 05 .
35 00
43 55
U30-1,8I0 68
3,2W It
.5,049 64
By Mr. Butler 01 Jobo Marrow for relief
under a contraot entered into in 1857. Suit wai
entered in tbe Court of Common Pleaa for dam
age! for. expenditures not contemplated in tbe
contraot. There having been no deoialre trial
in court, it is asked (hat the matter be adjusted
without further legal proceedings. The peti
tion is indorsed wiCa a recommendation from
the City Solicitor that a just allowance be made
to the petitioner. Referred to Messrs. Com
etock, Stanring and Smith as a select Commit,
tee. " '
To aesesa a special tax of fifty one cents and
fonr mills on each foot front ol the real estate
on the South side of Mound street between
Sixth and Seventh stretti. ,
To grade Boone street from Washington av
enue to Pike street.
To assess a special tax of thirty-four cents
and nine mills on each foot front of the real es
tate on the East elde of Pearl street from Town
to State street., '
To amend Section 5, of the Ordinance for the
Appointment of a Chief Eogineer of the Fire
Department, passed March 20, 1SC0, so as to
read as follows:
Sec. 5. That the Chief Eogineer shall re
ceive for his servloes the sum of four hundred
dollars per annum, payable quarterly from the
City Treasury. 1
By the ordinance before the passage of this
amendment, the salary of the Chief Eogineer
was six hundred dollars.
The Council went into the election of a Chief
Engineer of the Fire Department with tbe fol
lowing result:
John Miller received.
J. . St. Clair.
.6 votei.
.4 "
Thereupon, the President declared John Mil
ler duly elected Chief Eogineer for one year
from the fourth Monday in November, 1861 . .
1. 0. 0. F. We are requested to inform the
members of Capitol Encampment No. C, that
some important amendment to the By-laws in
reference to Dues and Benefits will be acted
upon this (Tuesday) evening. The Patriarchs
are notified to be in attendance.
Fsom Tin Gallant Third Ohio We have
had the pleasure of an interview with Lieuten
ant Swayze, of Company A, Third Ohio (Col.
Marrow's) Regiment. Lieutenant Swayze has
come borne on furlough on account of ill health,
but expects in a couple of weeks to be In a con
dition to rejoin his Regiment now in Kentucky
He speaks in glowing terms of the cheerful
elastlo spirits which animate the brave boys of
the Third and their gallant Colonels .
Lieutenant Swayze will be happy tojlellver
any letters or packages left at ibis office for
members of his Regiment. ;
D On Saturday afternoon Captain D- A. B
Moore, with bis (tbe seoond) squad of the First
Battalion of cavalry from Camp Chase, parad
ed in the streets of onr oity, presenting a fine
martial appearance and eliciting much com'
mendatlon. . We understand they are under
marching orders. They will, we have no
doubt, give a good account of themselves if
called upon to face the enemy.
The Ninth Regiment. The Ninth Ohio
Regiment, Col. McCook, after being paid off,
left Cinoinnati for Louisville, on the Jacob
- 8 trader! Saturday noon a few of tbe men whe
had apparently been Indulging too freely in
lager, insisted on leaving the boat and visiting
their friends up town. Col.' McCook ordered
the stragglers back to tbe boat. Several re
monstrated, when the Colonel, boing mounted,
flourished his sword pretty freely, giving several
of tht obstreporoua men a. whack or two over
tbe head and shoulders with the back of
tha Mada nf M aiwnrrl. This mnlniitt nf Iha
men were orderly and quiet. Several of tbe
boys, however, during tbe absence of the Col
onel, refused to permit the firemen to build fire
in the fornaoes of the boat, declaring they most
be paid off before they would permit steam to
be raised, or the boat to depart. They finally
left, in excellent spirits, and having been paid
off, were as happy as laiks.. y
Depasture of Taoora,Twelve companies
'of tbe Eighteenth (Col. Carrington's) Reg!
ment.U. 8. Infantry, and five companies of the
Sixteenth Regiment left Camp Thomas yester
day morning, with three days' cooked rations,
for Kentucky. . The train occupied by the troops
consisted of forty cars. Col. Carrington accom
panled tbe troops; but it is understood' that he
will return in 4 few days, and resume bis duties
at Camp Thomas.- His regimont received on
Saturday last an addition of one .hundred and
sixty men from Pittsburgh.
JJoond Ovia. Lieut. Burt and Joseph Owens,
arrested for shooting Michael Fallon, were be
for Esq. Miller yesterday morniog on
charge of manslaughter. 1 They waived an ex
aminatlon, and were bound over io the Court
( of Common fleas.
ST. ' ANnssw's Dir. Last Baturday, the an
niversary of tbe birth of St. Andrew, the tlto
lar saint of Borland, was celebrated by the
Caledonian Society of Cincinnati ,y a grand
banquet In the evening at tbe St. Nicholas Ex
change.' "n
The Eoinsoroh IUview. From Leonard
Scott Si Co., the fiuerioan publishers of Black
wood's Magstins and tbe British Quarterlies,
we bare received the Ootober number of the
Edinburgh Review. It contains eleven articles,
tbe most interesting of which are those on the
Disunion of America, Lord Maoaulay'a History!
Lavergneon the Agriculture of France, the
Story of Burnt Njab, Tbiera'i Revolution of
the Hundred Days, Mrs. Browniog's Poetry,
and Dr. Hoiaey's Bampton Lecture on tbe Orl
gtn, History and Present Obligation of Sunday.
This last Is an admirable and exhaustive arti
cle. '
Tbe article on "Tbe Disunion of America"
has of course a peculiar interest at this time
for readers on this tide of tbe Atlantic. It Is
written with ability, and is said to be the pro
duction of, Sir G. C. Lewis, one of Queen Vic
toria's Cabinet Ministers. He Is regarded as
echoing in this artiole the opinions of tbe Eng
lish Premier, Lord Palmers ton. Be that aa it
may, the main point the writer makes is that
tbe North oaonot "maintain Its connection with
the Sooth by foroe of arms.'
The Edinburgh Review was established in
1802 to defend tbe Whig party in England and
advooate Whig principles. It has always had
a corps of able contributors. The price of tbe
American edition is $3 a year; with Blackwood
Riviiw and Fiild Drill at Camp Chase.
The troops at Camp Chase consisting of the
First Regiment of Cavalry, Col. Ransom, (nine
oompaoies): Fortieth Regiment of Infantry,
Col. Cranorj Forty-second Regiment of Infan
try, Col. Garfieldi Fifty-eighth Regiment of
Infantry (four companies), Major Deleter, will
be formed as a Brigade nnder the comman) of
Brig. Gen. Chas. W. Hill, and reviewed by
Gov. Dennison at Camp Chase, at precisely
eleven o'clock, A M. of Wednesday, the 4tb
inst. It Is the Intention to make tbe review a
spirited affair, to occupy fees than an hour
Tbe review being over, the Cavalry will ma
neuver in one part of tbe field, for about two
hours, under their own officers, while the Infan
try, under the command of Brig. Gen. Hill, will
ocenpy another part of the field with evolutions
of the line, and some movements will be exe
cuted by the Regiments separately, for want of
room for tbe whole command.
Both arms will load and fire with blank cart
ridge during the drill. All are invited to at
Rioimentak Offioers. The following- is a
list of the regimental officers .of the Sixty
fourth and Sixty-fifth Regiments, O. V. (Sher
man's Brigade), now at Camp Buckingham,
Mansfield, Ohio: .
Colonel Jas. W. Forsyth, U. S. A.
Lieut. Colonel Isaac Gass, Mansfield.
Major John J. Williams, Marion.
Adjutant William F. Sanders, Akron.
Quartermaster Lorenzo D. Myers, Mans
Surgeon Henry 0. Mack, Maneuold.
Assistant Surgeon Hugh P. Anderson, Lex
Chaplain A. K. Utown.
Colonel Chas. G. Harker, U. S. A.
Lieut.-Colonel Daniel French, Milleraburg.
Major Jas. Olds, Mt. Gilead-
Adjutant Horace H. Jnstis, Wooster.
Quartermaster Wm. Farrar, Cambridge.
Surgeon John G. Kyle, Xenia.
Assistant Surgeon John C. Gill. Cleveland.
Chaplain Andrew Bnrns.
Major of Cavalry Wm. McLaughlin, Mans
Captain of Artillery Cullen Bradley, U.
Annivirsart of St. Francis Xavier This
day, Deo. 3, is tbe three hundred and tenth an
niversary of the death of St. Francis Xavier,
the Apostle of the Indies. He was one of tbe
most remarkable nfen of bis time. He was
descended from one ;of tbe noble families of
Spain. He graduated at the University of Paris,
and afterward filled, with distinction, the chair
of philosophy in that same institution. He was
man full of ambition, and hoped that bis
name, as a scholar, wwnld some day be resound
ed throngbout the world. He was one of the
first disciples of Loyola. The charity of Xavier
was unbounded. When traveling, he always
lodged at an hospital, if there happened to be
one where he was. He devoted himself to the
sick, and negleoted to perform no office for
them, no matter bow disagreeable to his natur
al feelings. Having become a priest, bis great,
est desire was to go to the east, as a missionary.
He departed on bis. journey from one of the
poets of Portugal, and, after thirteen months,
landed in Indiat Japan, and the numerous isl
ands-contiguous to India.. Having been suc
cessful in these places, he purposed to go to
China, and tSlther be went though be never
reaohed his destination, for he died on the Isl
and of Sancien, a few miles from the main-land.
He had been but ten years in the east, though
in that time ho baptized three hundred thousand
sonla. .
O General McClellan's household furniture
was shipped at Cincinnati for Washington on
Sunday night, in charge of Adams' Express
Company. His family were to follow yesterday
morning. ;'; - ' '
P" An extensive battery- has been erected
about two miles below Marietta on tbe banks
of the Ohio river. Tbe Marietta folks think
they are safe now.
II li an lndlipntable fact, that If anr peraon winta one
of thon comfortable ESQUIMAUX BEAVER OVER
COATS, h will niually find them In lam qaantttteaat
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j oct87-U0m ' '
From all Parts of the World.
General Benham under Arrest.
Report from a Spv.
Rebels Disposed to Abandon
The Thirty-Seventh Congress.
The Thirty-Seventh Congress. &c. &c. &c.
From Washington.
Washington. Nor. 30 The Herald's dis-
pitch says that s proposition will be presented
to lODgrees, auiuoriziug eaca commanding
General to confiscate property of every descrip
tion of those reluaiog to take tbe oath of alle
.... , ' e L 1 1- TT
nearly an tne memoers oi oom nooses are
here, Including Senator Powell, of Kentucky.
Dispatches from aen. Koseorans state that be
still occupies his old positions.
Gen. tfonnam is under arrest lor permitting
Floyd and bis gang to escape.
Washington, Leo. i- A letter nas been re
ceived from George D. Prentice, dated Nov.
2Cih, stating that he had nothing to do with tbe
article in the Louisville journal, censuring the
speech of Cameron made at a dinner given by
Forney in honor of Prentice. The entire arti-
clo was a misrepresentation of Cameron's
speech, sent by some person without the knowl
edge of Prentice. Secretary Cameron's spinioos
are those expressed in bis instructions to Gens.
Dupont and sberman, and will bo reiterated in
his report to the President. The Ordnance
Department of' tbe Navy finds considerable
difficulty io getting transportation for heavy
guns from point to point.
The last ometai account oi tne wnereaoouts
of the pirate Sumter is from our Consul at
Paramaribo. He was informed that she was
near or on shore about thirty miles off Curacoa.
Washington, Deo. . - It is probable that the
President will not communicate his message to
morrow before ono o'clock, owine to the neces
sary preliminaries of tbe openiog session. Tbe
reports of tbe Secretaries of War and tbe Navy
accompany the message. The Treasurer's re
port will not "be sent in until Tuesday or
JNo advance copies ot tne rresiaent's message
have been transmitted. It will therefore be
During the past weeK re Del picKets nave ap
peared at Vienna, five miles beyord Lewins
ville; also at Flint Hill, which overlooks Fair
fax Court House. Tbey show no disposition to
attack our men.
No fear need be felt respecting tbe position
of tbe Executive on the seizure of Mason and
Slidell. He will take, as the publio will learn
to-morrow, the same grounds aa that upon
which the nation baa settled, holdfbe that Cant.
Wilkes's only error was in not seizing the Trent
Tbe Clerk of tbe House received a letter from
Mr. Ely, of New York, now a prisoner at Rich
mond. desiring his name put on tbe list, as he
should be here to occupy nis seat this session.
A Union spy who left here some three weeks
ago for Richmond arrived to day. He left tbe
latter place on Wednesday last. He brings
important intelligence which be immediately
communicated to our Government. He says
tbe greatest excitement prevailed in Kicnmond
and throughout tbe Soutb, respecting the naval
and military expeditionffalong the entire South
ern coast. The troops from the States most ex
posed have signified their determination to re
turn borne, and large numbers had already
started. In Richmond a few. days before he
left much difficulty was experienced in quelling
rebellious spirit among several regiments
from Georgia, South Carolina and Louisiana.
They were restrained only by positive promises
from Jeff. Davis and tbe Secretary of War that
a sufficient numbe; of troops should be dispatch
ed from those States to protect not only tbe
States, but to drive the Yankees from Southern
Soil. The Virginians, however, were indignant,
and were threatening divers things against their
mere seemed to De, ne says, a very general
feeling among tbe Southern people to abandon
Virginia entirely, and allow her to fall into the
hands-of tbe Federal Government. Tbey re
garded It as too expensive to keep an army on
her soil. The rebels' hope now is merely to
keep our army from advancing Into the interior
from their coast landings.'
Upon tbe renewed urgent application or ueo
D. Prentice, of tbe Louisville Journal, Secreta
ry Sewvrd yesterday ordered tbe release of his
brother-ln law, uainoun uennam, ana tx-cena
tor Gwin, from Fort Lafayette.
Tbe reoort ot the becretary ot tbe Wavy.
after mentioning tne capture oi Messrs. Mason
and Slidell, says that the prompt and decisive
action of Captain Wilkes on this occasion mer
ited and received tbe emphatio approval of this
Department, ana it too generous lorbearance
was exhibited by bim in not capturing the ves
sel which bad these rebel emissaries on board, it
may. in view of the special circumstances, and
of its patriotio motives, be excused; but it must
by no means be permitted to constitute a prece
dent hereafter for the treatment of any case of
a similar infraotion of neutrality obligations by
foreign vessels engaged in commerce or tbe
carrying, trade.
ITimes Correspondence.
Jesse D. Bright, of Indiana, is here and in
tends to take his seat In the Senate to morrow,
notwithstanding hia treasonable letter to bis
excellency Jeff. DaviB, President of the Confed
erate States, recommending to the adoption of
that rebel mnctionary aa tmprovea nrearm to
be employed against tbe arms of tbe Union.
Senator Powell, ot Kentucky, also arrived
this morning, and, it is said, intends taking bis
seat. ' i- '-
In the case o. Breckinridge and Burnett, of
Kentucky, their seats will probably be declared
vacant, and It is thought by some that Senator
Powell will be called upon for explanations.
Senator foils, ot Missouri, is in tbe city and
will take his seat.
In reference to the disloyal members, it is
Drooosed by many of the members of Congress
to appoint a joint committee of Investigation,
to ascertain what have been the acts of tbe ens
peoted parties, and whenever the investigation
sbows overt acts of treason, the report will
recommend the expulsion ot the parties from
their seats.
Senator Bayard is Lere, but it remains to be
seen whether he will curry out his pledges to
resign in case ne louna tnai pis aieaueotion to
the Union cause was not sustained bv the dm
pie of Delaware, now that the State bas sbown
its loyalty to be so unquestionable.
It nas Deett ascertained tbat to-n eht there
are not sufflolent members of either house in
the city to constitute a quorum, bnt the de
ficiency will probably be made up by the trains
arriving to-morrow mornins:.-
Tbe following are those who did not appear
in the Senate chamber) - BreckenrifiM: Hn.
Johnson, of Tennessee, Johnson of Missouri,
Kennedy, Pierce, Polk, Sherman. Wllle. Wil.
mot. Messrs. Baker and Bingham died during
tne reoeee. ' .
From Missouri.
Rolla, Mo.,' Dee. 1. A scout who has fol
lowed the army Of tbe rebels since the evaouav
tloo of Sot nefleld. eame in yesterday, ne re
ports the rebels, some fifteen thousand Strong,
moving north in three divisions. Tbe rlgbt
wlog, six thousand strong. Is commanded by
Gen. McBride, resting on Stookton,teaar coun
ty. Tbe left held a position near Nevada,
Vernon oonnty, under command of Gen. Rains,
with four thousand men. Gen. Price, with five
thousand men, commanded the oenter, and was
at or near Montloello, Vernon, county. These
figures were obtained by our soout from tbe
quartermaster of tbe rebel foroe. -Price's
intention is to march into Kansas and
make that State the field of bis operations,
His snies recort to bim tbat Gen. Lane is at
rort Boott with five thousand men. rnce win
evade the latter, and pass Into Kansas at or
near Butler. Bates county. Tbe march was
taken uo on the 86th Inst. Col. Clarkson. com
mandine the rear of tbe rebel army, left Green
field on Sunday last. Gen. Price issued an or
der to McColloch to follow bim, which the lat
ter disregarded, and Is now moving toward
Arkansas to no into winter aaarters.
The rebels are poorly clad ana poony i3u,
. . .... , .
and evince a disposition to aisoana ana sees
their homes. . -
Fiftv of Freeman's marauders were at Steele-
ville, breaking open stores and bouses and help
log themselves to what tbey could find. Free
man, himself, with two hundred men, is report
ed in that vicinity. .
Major Boweo, with one tnousana oavairy, leu
here yesterday with the view or getting soma
of Freeman and cuttles off his retreat.
It is exceedingly frosty. On Friday last we
bad a slight fall of snow.
Sioaua. Dec. 1. Parties from the west ay
tbe country between Lexington and Independ
ence Is almost deserted, the men having gone
to join Price or are attaching themselves to the
various commands V bis officers throughout
tbat region.
J eon son's men are in Jackson county, De
vastating the country, and various parties of
armed rebels have gone into tbat section witn
tbe avowed purpose of driving tbem out.
Price's proclamation baa been circulating In
the river counties about a week, and will doubt
less induce large numbers to join tbe rebel
army. 1
My informants say that for a distance of about
sixty miles traveled yesterday and to day, taey
met only one man on tne road.
From Fortress Monroe.
Fostrcss Monro, Deo. 1. No news from
the South. Tbe steamer Spaulding arrived
from Hatteras. She reports that several rebel
gunboats bad been seen in tbe neighboring In
Leavenworth, Nov. 30 Tbe train on tbe
Platte Couuty Railroad was seised testerday,
on its arrival at Weston, by guerrillas under Sy
Gordon. All tbe freight of the Express Com
panies was appropriated. All the money In
charge of tbe Express was raved.
Tbe mail matter was not taken, uordon nau
previously robbed the stores ot several Union
men of Weston. No more trains will be run
on that road until this gang is disposed of. (
Latest from the South.
New York, Dec. 1. A Richmond dispatch
of tbe 28ih says Congress yesterday passed a
law admitting Missouri Into the soutbern Con
federacy. fjongrcB8 reiused to make au advance on, or
purchase produce of planters.
The legislature or Mississippi passed bills
authorizing the Governor to call out an option
al number of volunteers for service at Colum
bus, and appropriates half a million of dollars
The Governor of Louisiana appointed Henry
R. Jackson, of Louisiana, Major General, and
W. H. T. Walker, Brigadier-General, fj-tbe
Louisiana army. .-
Tbe Galveston Citizen reports the capture of
tbe pirate Royal Yacht by tbe Federal steamer
Santee; all the crew are prisoners.
A northern gentleman, who bas resided io
Mississippi for three years, arrived here yester
day. Ho reports that at Memphis, a fortnight
ago, there were ten thousand troops fortifying
the river above and below. In Nashville there
was a large force of well armed and clothed
troops, nearly all from the Gulf. States, with
the avowed intention to make Kentucky the bat
tle field. 1 ne tbirty-tbousand additional troops
called for by Gov. Harris would be held as a
reserve. No fears were expressed of Blave in
surrections. The leeling In East Tennessee is as unani
mous tor tbo union as tbat in tbe Middle and
West is for. rebellion.
The Charleston Courier, of the 2Gth, reports
the landing of Federal troops at Buckingham on
tbe main land. I be rebel lorces made a for
ward movement.
Tbe Richmond Dispatch has a telegram, dat
ed Savannah, 27th, saying: Com. Tamall, with
Ohreesmall echoooers, attacked tbe Federal fleet
in Cockspur Roads yesterday. Tbe engage
ment lasted an hour. About fifty shots were
fired. None on our side were Injured. Fail
ing to draw, the Federal fleet under our guns
at Fort Pulaski, Tatnall withdrew. It is re
ported that the Yankees have taken possession
of Warsaw, and are preparing to attack Pulaski.
A Case for Investigation—Arrival of
a Prize.
New York, Dec. 2. A letter from Curacoa
dated Nov. 9th, to the Herald, says the U. S.
war steamer Iroquois arrived off this port from
Laguyra yesterday morning, with tbe intention
of entering, but her commander was informed
by the government authorities that his vessel
could enter, but would not be allowed to stay
over forty-eight hours, unless in case oi dis
tress. The commander's reply was that hie
vessel should not enter the harbor on any such
conditions, and immediately bore away,' steer
ing westward.
Moat probably this will prove an affair to be
investigated by the United States government.
Another valuable prize arrived at the Brook
lyn Navy Yard yesterday, which was captured
after a three hours' chase, on the 25th nit., by
the steamer Penquin, while heading for Edisto
Island, near Charleston, S. C. She proved to
be the schooner Albiou, from Nassau, N. P,
with a cargo worth $100,000, consisting of salt,
oil, tin, fruit, and also arniB, ammunition, sad
dles, and cavalry equipments of considerable
Importance to tbe rebels just now.
Virginia Convention.
Wheeling, Deo. 2. In tbe Convention, Mr.
Hag an of Boone county effered tbe following:
whereas, in egro slavery is tbe origin And
foundation of our National troubles, and The
cause of tbe terrible rebellion in our midst,
that is seeking to overthrow our Govern
ment; and whereas slavery is incompatible
Itb the Word of God, and detrimental to tbe
interests of a free people as well as a wrong to
tbe slaves themselves; therefore,
Resolved, That the Convention inquire into
tbe expediency of making the proposed new
State a tree state, and tbat a provision be in
serted for the gradual emancipation of all the
slaves within the proposed boundaries of tbe
new State, to be submitted to the people of the
same ror tneir approval or rejection.
Referred to tbe committee on fundamental
and General Provisions. ......
Mr. Brown of Kanawha offered the follow
Resolved, Tbat the State of Kanawha ought
to assume a just and eauitable oronortion of the
estate uebt ot v irginia, ana in aomg eo disoriml
nate between its irienas ana Joes, by paying
first tne Donas neia Dy ner own loyal citizens;
next, those held by loyal oltisens not resident 1n
tbe State of Kanawhaj and of tbe excess a pro
rata share.
Mr. Caldwell of Marshall gave notice that he
should ask tbat a provision be inserted in tbe
Constitution to the effect that, when the Consti
tution is submitted to the people, they shall then
determine wnetner tbe name shall be West or n
Virginia or Kanawha.' "
Convicted of Treason.
New York, Deo. 9 It Is reoorted that Col.
Kerrigan, of the New York Twelfth Regiment.
has been tried by a court-martial for treason
and sentenced to be shot, and the warrant has
been signed by be President. Kerrigan, is
member of Congress from this oity. ,
A Skirmish.
' Baltimore, Deo. 2 A skirmish occurred on
Friday night near New . Market, about five
miles from Old Point, la which three rebels
were killed. Including Ed. Eooit. a well known
merchant of Richmond. His body was Identified
t?y tetter in mi poo-ten.
First Session.
WASHINGTON, December 2.
fcAT. The Tic President oalled lh tenet te or-
der at boos. Abent forty niemlwr ware present. ' f
Uo motion ei sir. Hal, twslv oioca was nxra
the hour for oommenelDS dally sessions. - -On
motion of sir. Grimes, a message wa ordered to be
sent to the Hons, thai a anorum ef the Senate wa
present wd ready to proceed (o business. '
Tha Senate concurred In tha resolution f the Bouse
an informal reoesa was men taken.
for tbe appointment of a J olnt oummltte to wait on the
resident. - - - ......
Messrs. Hal. TmmbQll and Latham wen appointed
said eommltue on the part of the Senate.
Mr. Trumbull ef Illinois tar notioe Ibat be -would
Introduce kill to-morrow te eonfisoate the property ef
rebel and give Ireedom te peraon In slar Stales.
Mr. Wilkinson ef Minnesota save notioe of a bill to
abolish Ue dlsllnotlon between tegular and volunteer
lorces. .
The committee Anno nted to wait en the President re
ported mat ne wonia oommunicaie bis arcings w vuu-
gress to-morrow at noon,
Adjourned. - - -... ' ' v '
Honsi. The Hons' etwned with prayer. The roll
was then called. 114 members answered to their nsmes.
Messrs. Sargent and fbelp of California, Hooper of
nass.. Wilson or I .wa. Bernheisei. veieiaw irom uiau.
and Oradlebaugh, Delegatefrom Nsada,-were sworn In.
nr. vavi moved that nr. naynara oi lennesro am
sworn in as a member rrom tn aeconu visinci oi xen
a . Btevens of Fa. aald tbat Mr. Hsynara may nav
toil properly eleottd, bat all knew the fact that the
I m e or Tennessee was aa rar out oi mo uoion as ouuia
It. As there were sereral other similar case, he thonght
the subject brought forward bjr Mr. Davis should b ten!
to tne committee on iceuons.
Mr. Davis thought thit was an (xoeptlon t the rule.
as Mr. Mayoard was elected by alarms majority at the
August election, and before Tennessee had taken any
steps to get out of the Union. Betide the projier oer-
tiDcates were here.
Mr. Btevens aiked the direct Question, whether M.y
nard was elected before the State attempted to secede,
atths time fixed hvlawl
at. vawe replied mar ne was so iniormca, ana nnaer
the law which bad existed lor a long time.
Mr. Stevens then withdrew his motion aoa Mr. nsy
nard was sworn In.
vu umi o di ar. iiawo, ww
Kfolvtd. That a committee be appointed MJoln such
as may be appointed by the Ceoato to wait on the Presi
dent and Inform him that a quorum of both Houses bas
assembled, and Is ready to proceed to business.
Mr. Hickman presented the certificate of the Provision
al Government of North Carolina, dated at llatteras. as
to tbe election of Mr. roster. Ue asked that the papers
be read.
Mr. Vallandiiham raised a qnestlon of order. The
claim of Mr. Poster wax referred at the last session to
tbe committee on Kleotions without favorable action.
Mr. Hickman said this was a new question, dlflsrent
from that of the last session.
The Sneaker overruled Mr. Vallandiiham point of
Mr. Btevens of Pennsvlvanla said no harm would be
done by reference of tbe question, and on his motion
me case was referred to the committee on Elections.
Mr. Watts, delegate from New Mexico, was. sworn In
Air. B I air or Virginia, sncceswr to Mr. Carlisle, was
also qualified.
Mr. Ulchaidicn moved tbat Mr. Seirar be also sworn
Mr. Dawes desired that the esse be referred.
Mr. Hicbardson earnestly amued that Sesur should be
sworn in. Tbe House should not deny the people of
Aecomacana nortriampton counties proper representa
tion, especially u they had laid down their arms which
tbey bad taken up asalnst the federal ttovernment, and
all the forms of law had been compiled with nnder the
proclamation oi tne rrovmonai uorernment of t ir
glnla. Mr-. He i long of Illinois argued that Mr. Segur should
be admitted In accordance with the principles already
settled at the extra seislon.
Mr. Dawes designed no disrespect by wishing the quel.
lion referred Ue wanted the House to consider tbe
subject in all Its bearings. It should be ascertained
whether this gentleman was elected by ten, twenty or
a hundred voles In a district where ten thousand may be
oast. Ue wanted a rule they could go by in tbe future.
The suljcct was then leferred lo the committee on
Eleotlons. - . -
Messrs. Diddle of Pennsylvania, Burnham of Connect
icut, Bennet, delegate from Colorado, and Wallace, del
egate from Washington Territory, were severally sworn
Mr. Calvert presented a memorial of Mr. Beach of
Vlrginls, asking to bs admitted to a seat In the House.
A memorial was presented that air. Lowe be admitted
as sn additional member from California. Referred.
Mr. Loveloy offered a Joint resolution, tenderlna the
thanks of Congress to Captain Wilkes for bis arrest of
the traitor Slidell and Mason.
Mr. EJeerton moved as a aubstltnte. that the Preal.
dent present Wilkes with a gold medal, with suitable
emblems and devices, expressive of tha high sense of
gratitude and confidence entertained for him by Con
gress in bis prompt arrest of tbe rebels Mason and Wi
de 1 1.
The substitute wa rejected and Iheorlalnal resolution
Mr. Blair offored lh folIowlDsr aa a auestlon of nrlvl-
fieiolwd, That John K. Bold, member of this Bouse
from the filth Congressional district ot Missouri, having
taken np arms against the Government of the United
8ttes, Is hereby expelled from this House, and tbat the
speaker notify the Uovernor of Missouri of the fact.
Tbe resoluuon pasted.
Mr. Colfax offered the following;
Whir BAB. Mlcbael Corcoran wai taken nrlioner at
Menus, and has. after suffering: other indlinlllea. been
confined by the rebel authorities in the cell of a convict
ed reloo: therefore. .
Jtuoivtd, That the President of the United States be
requested to similarly confine Jas. M Mason, late of
Vligluia, and now In cuatods at Fort Warren, until Ool
Corcoran shall be treatead as the United Btatrs have
Heated an prisoners taken by tliem on the battle field
lAppiauae in tne galleries.
xn resolution was unanimously adopted.
Mr. Illlott offered the foliowins:
Besolvtd, bu Iho Some of Hmneentatlcet. First.
that in behalf of the people in these S.atee we do again
solemnly declare that the war in which we are now en
gaged against the Insurgent bodies now In arms against
tne uorernment, naa ror It object the sunnresslon or
such rebellion and tbe le-establlsbment of the-rightful
auuoruy oi me national uonstitution ana laws over tbe
en lite extentof our common conntrr.
Second, that, while we disclaim all nowsr nnder the
Constitution to interfere by ordirary legislation with the
institutions oi me several states, yet the war now exist
ing must be conducted according to the nsagss and rlshts
of military service; and that during it con lnoance the
recognized aumority or tne maxim thai 'ue safety or
the state I tbehigheit law." subordinates the riaht of
property and dominate over civil relations.
Third, that therefore we do herehv declare that in onr
judgment ue rresiaent ot the United States, as the
Commander-in-Chief of onr army, and the officers in
command under him, have the right to emancipate all
person held as slave In any military district In a state
of Insurrection against the National Government; and
mat we respectfully advise that such order ol emancipa
tion be issued, whenever the same will avail to weaken
the power of rebels In arms, or to strengthen the mill
tary power of the loyal forces.
Mr. Dunn moved to lay the resolution on the table;
but ue motion wu disagreed tn yea 30, nays 77.
in queation recurring on air. Hilloti's resolution.
Mr. Koscoe Cobkling proposed an amendment which
Mr. Elliott accepted, so as to make the resolution apply
to we slaves oi uiaiovai cuisens.
Oa motion of Hr. Btevens. the farther consideration
of the resolution wa postponed Until tomorrow week.
In order that It may be discussed and amendment sub
mitted. Ue was In favor of tbe main leaiure of tbe
proposition, but desired modification.
Mr. Campbell gave notice tbat he would call up the
following on next Tuesday week:
Jietobvea, That in legislating to meet the exigencies
ot the present rebellion, Congress should confiscate tbe
property, elates included, or all rebels, and protect the
property and right nnder lh Constitution and Laws, of
all loyal oitlsene. .
Mr. Steven submitted tha following for considera
tion: . ...
Whctsas, Slavery hs caused the present rebellion In
tha United States; and whereas, there, can be no solid and
permanent peace and union in this Republic so long as
that institution exists within it; and wheret, slavas an
now nted by the rebel as an essential mean of support
ing and protracting the war; and where, by lb law of
nations it is ngni to liberate this slaves i an enemy lo
weaken his powers; therefore.
Jle it enaclea ot tao Senate and Hove of JitvYttin
tativet, That she President be requested to declare free,
and direct our Generals and officers in command to offer
freedom to all slaves who snail leave their masters, or
aid iatquelllng the rebellion.
II. Ana 04 u further retotoeiL That the United States
pledge the faith of tbe nation to make full and fair com
pensation to all loyal cltisena who are and shall remain
active in supporting the Union, for all the loss they may
sustain by virtue of this resolution.
M. Fenton, fioa lh joint committee, reported that
toey naa waited on tne rresiaent, and he directed them
to stale that h would send in hie Meesai to-morrow at
Mr. Stevens gave notice of his intention to Introduce
a bill to septal certain laws oreitlng port of entry.
Koscoe Conkllng submitted the following, which wu
adopted: ,
Jieeoivea, That the Secretary of War be requested, if
not inoompatiDie witn line pubiia interest, to report to
this House whether any, and if any, what msasnrs have
been taken to ascertain who is responsible for the disss
trous movement or onr troop at Ball' Bias.
Mr. Udell submitted the following, wnloh was adopted:
WntaaAS, Col. M. Wood, of the 14th Regiment N. T.
8. M , who wu wonnded and taken prisoner (at the bat
tle of Bull Run, hu now by the rebel authorities been
ordered to confinement in a felon' prison, and by tbe
same order is to be treated u a prisoner convicted of an
infamous crime, tnereiore
Kuolntd, That th President ot the United States be
respectfully requested to order John Slidell to the asm
character of prison , and t the same treatment, nnlll
Colonel Wood shall be treated as the United State have
assfl prisoners taken in battle.
- Adjourned, - - . . a
TThe following notice wot given nnder the rule: Hr.
Bernhelsel presented the Constitution which wu framed
by the Convention of Delegate assembled at Great Salt
LAke uny utan, in aiarcn last, accompanied by a me
morial asking Congress to admit Ibat territory Into the
Union as State on an equal footing with lh original
State.! , '
Virginia Legislature.
Whiilim, Deo. 2 The Legislator mat in
this city to-day. Lieutenant Governor Palsey
5 residing io the Senate, and Daniel. Frost, of
acksoo, in the House.
1 Tbe Governor's message was sect Io this
evening;. It Is a forcible review of the condi
lion of this State and advocates strong meas
ores against rebel abetters la our midst. .,
j Col. Kramer of Monoogalie, offered a renola
lion for it swingent confiscation law,, , "(:, a,' ,
i PoafLANDi Maine,, Deo. 2JOiir oity la
flooded with ten dillar counterfeit notes on tbe
Waterbury Banlf. of Connecticut. They are ex
eonted equal to the original. " 1
Latest from Port Royal.
Sew Yoat, Deo. 3. A special Washington
dispatob lays tbat 8toretary Welles U , making
arrangements to prevent any further oatreges
10 liniisn waters oy reoei privateers. , ..
The Nashville will probably be overhauled
M UovernmeDt vessels. -. - -,,!.-., .
Eort Royal advices state that Tatoall's attack
on the 26.0, wu not worthy tbe name of a bat-
tie tie came witn tares or lour vessels near
enoagb to fire. a few abota, which did no. dam
ete.laod immediately retired.. --
Tibre 11 and Is not -vet occupied by onr
troops- Tbe National colors are flying Irom
tbe light-house.
It la understood that Beanfort will be oecupl
ed oo lbs 29th by five thousand Federal troops
to prevent the secessionists taking: possession
The expedition, South is supposed to be for
rernandina. rive thousand troops are to go
Southern News.
Louisville, Dec. 2. Southern papers to tbe
20tn ult coutalu soattercd accounts oi tne
Pickens affair- r
Tbe bombardment commenced on tbe 21st,
and continued with occasional intermissions
night and day till tbe evening ot the 24th,
when Col. Brawn ceased firing. Th rebels did
not respond until after Fort Pickens opened
Bre. Tbe fire of tbe Fort and tbe batteries out-
sidoon Santa Rosa Island was directed against
Fort McRae and other rebel batteries, tbe rebel
steamers Times and Nelme, and the Navv
Yard, while the Federal vesaels eoeaeed Fort
McRae. ' '.
Tbe rebels admit the loss of sixteen klllei
and wounded .Considerable damage was done
to Fort McRae, inoludin the oaviog in of tbe
powder magazine, and the partial destruction of
the Navy Yard at Warrington and a rebel train
hauling provisions to tbe rebel army. . Tbe reb
els seemed to aot strictly on tbe defensive. -
1 he at rles about tbe disabling; of tbe Colo
rado and the Niagara appear unfounded. The
Times and Nelrus were somewhat damaged,
and go't out of tbe reaoh ot Col. Brown's fire.
Ui. Brown reoei ved no reinforcements.
Tbe East Teoteseee bridge burners are to be
court martialcd. Ex 8 tale Senator Dickens is
among ibe prisoners In Etst Tennessee Leg
islatures oalled upon by the legislature for ex
planation of alleged connection with bridge
burning, denied all knowledge and asserted
tbat tbe perpetrators were representatives of a
small faction only.
ine metnpms merchants1 meeting recom
mended the banks to cut their bills into frao
tional parts for change. There are no tidings
irom urowniow.
Tbe Charleston Courier deoreoates raislotr
tbe black flag, and says it is urged principally
by th'jse who keep a safe distance from the war.
A Jew u. leans disoatob save Gov. Moore.
Generals Lovell and Ruggers, on the 21th re-
viewea twenty eigbt tnousana troops, Including
fourteen hundred free colored.
The Bowling Green Courier recommend
seizing hostages for Kentucky rebels in Federal
Superior Court of Franklin Coun
ty, Ohio.
Jorepb Phc. and wife. Boe. j, p,g, , 19,
John Cramer el al. i ale D Partition.
the said Oourt to me HtrAnteH. T iu Air- rn ai
at the door of th Court Bouse in the city of Ooium
bns, on
Saturday, tbe 23th day of December, 1861,
between the honrs of 10 o'clock a. m., and 4 o'clock p.
m the following described reel estate, situate in the
connty of Franklin, and Bute of Ohio, to wit;
- Ibe remainder of a tract of land estimated to contain
one hundred and five acres, known as tbe Old Poor
House faim, being the same land oonveyed by John An
derson to his sons Robert, Joshua, Reading and John
Anderson, by. deed dated July 13th. 1830, after cutting
off fifty seres from tbe east side of said tract, which was
set off lo Robert King and wife. 1 an amicable partition,
by deed dated December liith, 1H35.
Appraised ot 03 00 per acre ''
GEO. W. HUFFMAN, Sheriff.
Printer's fees. 0 00.
Nov 17, lrOl-wtd
Sherifl 'a Sale.
John 0 Doran
an j
Superior Court,
W. II. zigiere
to me directed, from the Superior Court of Vrar.k-
lin Connty, Ohio, I will offer for sale, at the door of
the Court-House, in tbe elty of Columbus, 00
Saturday, the 14th day of December, Ai D.
at one o'clock, p m . , the fullowtoe: described real es
tate, situate in the county of franklin, and State of
UlllO, 10 Wlli
Twenty-one feet (31 ft.) off the North side of lot num
b;r four (4), In a subdivision of lets 37 38. 30 at d 40
tn Desblei 's addition to the city of Columbus, reference
being hsd lo the plat of Deshlrr and Hardy, recorded in
ins neooruer e-oince 01 riansun county, In bjok No.
36, psge Hi I.
Appraised St (1,300.
Q. W. nUFPMAN, Sheriff
lly Eo. Davis, Kept
Printer's leee t 00 .
Master Commissioner's Sale.
C. Barrlnger' s Administrators.
vs. Superior Court
D. 0. Dunnuck, etal. J
directed, from the Superior Oonrt of Franklin conn
ty, Ohio, I will offer for sale at tbe door of the Oourt
Hons in th city of Columbus, on
On Saturday, the 28ih day of December, 1861,
between the hour of 10 o'clock A. M. anl 4 o'clock P.
M.. the foijewlng described premises, situate in Franklin
county, State of Ohio to wil: The three equal undivld
ed fonrlh part or all th lands, tenement and water
power leased by Wayne Oriswold. acting member ot the
Board of Publlo Work, to Christian Barrlnger, and Lortn
Yerrington by lease bearing dat May 1st, 1854, together
with the undivided three-fourth parte of all the structure.
improvement ana macninery on said lands and of the
appurtenenceatheieunte belonging, and ot all the right,
neneni ana privileges Whatsoever secured by said lease
to said lessee. Tbe premises above referred to are situate
on the Columbus feeder at the lock commonly known as
Fisher's lock, and said premise art commonly, known as
the Columbus Mills.
Terms of sale one-half cash on day of sal, one-fourth
In one year, and one-fourth In two year, bearing interest
at S per cent., defered payment secured by mortgage on
. Appraised at 13, ,750.
N. B. The remaining undivided one-fourth part of the
property win oe sold si tn same time and place, and up
on the same terms.
Appraised at 1 1,250.
, and Muter Commissioner.
Printer's fee $8 00.
novl7-dlttwtd. .
Rheumatism, Goat and Neuralgia,
All Mercurial Diseases.
It Is a conveniently arranged Bund, containing a med
icated compound, to be worn around the Waist, without
Injury to the most delicate persons; no change tn habile
of. living Is reauired, and It entirely remove the die
ease from the system, without producing the Injurious
efleota rising from uia nse or powerful internal medi
cines, which sreaken and deetroy th constitution, mod
give temporary relief only. By ttri treatment, the med
icinal properties contained In the Band come In contact
with the blood and reach the disease, through th pore
of the akin, effecting in terw tnstano a perfect cure,
and restoring thwuaits ailllcud to a healthy condition.
This Band is also a mostpowerful AUTi-Maaccaiii. attest,
and win entirely relieve lh system from the perntoioMt
euecisoi mercury, moueraie ease are eoreainarew
days, and we are constantly receiving testimonials of its
emcacy in attgravatoa cases 01 long standing.
raio tx.UO, to be had of Dnwuiits isnerally. or oan
be sentby malt or etprese, with full directions for ne.
to any part ol the country direct rrom the Principal
Office, . .
Ho. 409 BB0ADW4T, Vsw Yoik.
0. SMITH & CO., Sole Proprirtur t
N. a. Descriptive Circulars Sent free..
A. i. BenUBLLIB SOU. Droouuts, Aojcnts, No.
77 8. High St., bet. Frfsnd and Mouud, Uoluinbus, 0
JJjAs;eB4 Wantcsl Kverrwlastrt;,
i mh lylorltp dkw ' -
9 Oases No. 1 Oovsrnment Kulmegs. . . , .
,. xrraiisviovea -. l : r, -
lOboxe Oltron. . .''
SO boxes SIB Balslns. .
S5 ".1 Uyer-. do. . -,
100 drums Figs. . ..
, H casks Ztnte, Qurrants, etc. tc ,
In store for sale by . , ' . ;
..- , WJd. H. KE8TIEAU5C,
ov)9 ' -, ' ' 106 Soutb HlihrJlreet.
'I .' ' "
1 ILOTJH, by bsrrel or dray load. i ., ... . , , t.
i rat sal by - ' - r
I -i wis IT ttanriairrv '
a sw ssii aa am wew m. m. m
10 Sooth Bit Street.
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Dec. 2.
... ,
OOTTOS-Plrmer: sales of Mno kia tnvnioa.
Ulddllnjf Upland. ,
PLODR-lhe market is a shad Una..' i .i J.
are without much ol aogei demand moderate; sales il 00
bM at ti S0S 40 for rejeo ed; $i 105 so for taos V
suusi $i 5Wi SO for extra state, $i KkS 40 for topi... j,
hoe western; B3 S04SJ 70 for common to snedhssx extra
wtrn; $i 60 DO for shipping brand extra rossod
hoop Ohio and 8 0s 73 f0 trJe brand dotisarket
viuwii iuwr may o ejooiM steady
with every fair demand; sate of 850 bbl t Uc
40 for superfloej 5 537 40 for oomsnoa to cboioe
3x540. -. .uuiiwrawaaiosu
b.n...,iag ,771" . .aoil, 01 UU .
WHISKY HlM lw txrtit. mtl M. a m A.-... f
JnZtt?11? AT w'tt,'i loo export demand;
for very choice; whi, Canadian at tl 31146; jjoa
83Sfl " ' "I""' ' of .MP bushels . .
BARLEY Rnlea'Arms .! sn ooa w v-.l-T.1. '1 r i.
" ; . wwi au.
CORK Qnlt firm; scarcely o moon doln. hawasmr,
sale, huh I bush at 83X4Xc for ni iuM SSI ',
era, chiefly 6364o aflo.,, u ooo bosh. In stor7a7lo '
for prim whit western. . . . ,
t?f2t7Sh '", with moderate sales at 4&47Xo
for Jersey, Canada and state. .
PORK- Market ennttna rwu 1. . 1
a .w imi, 1 vu J WlllIUSs f"Sj Wiimmm
meas, 18 Ma 75 for prime. Included in sales are 5(10
Tr.r""" mss on private farms. Total atook new aod '
tS'J;'' M m bbU; """d last rSontbT
V.Ottt; sans dat last year, ll.fJSS.
BREP-Ia nochanged; sale 100 barrels at teVsMS'
lor country prime; a5g5 60 for oountry mess: aiHastt
for repacked mess; 1113 50 forextV mete Total
lock now and old December 1, W,178 paokagee; same -dat.
Ust month, mi; . d.t. Im( yet uTtT
qJoTedaViai! qU" Del,- India nt.
IS8" UAU8-U' '" "nail sales at 1 15 COS
BACON Bide firm but quiet; smoked meats in tetter
dTITdi,?ieT,.0, tSS0 h,hd WM,e"'
.-5VLM,"A!?r,!""i ' 8Ko fo?.honlar.
aau IUg nuTlf
4 7,5?Qa-ieMd " ,"T i,mui f
on'f.BDlBiJr ,eut' " nrlce unchanged; sa'.e of
500 tierces end barrels at 8K9o .
stsite. " lu('ie ror unio, and I5(jWo for
OHEESE-Steady at 3J8flo
OOfVEE Aelive and daxirf.rfi.
lto '5X"Xi Bom'lneo at VX9
17c; IM bass Lsauavra on nrlv.i. ,... om u... ir.-
acalbo at BH(Siibuc: SM h.,. j... .. 'oIs'Z.n
1, 54,305 begs Rio, 1800 bags and 1200 maU Java, SM
bsgsandSIHt mat, , c.yl.n, JJ.ldl tag. M.b?.i33 .
baas Laeusyra. 11.73 do Mi. n,in.. m ... .7..
875 do Bow bay . " ' "
8MamKe- Stock of sugar in New York December 1
IHdlMIHT hhd. M.Wo, 84,034 hhd. and kxe cili'
,M0 bajs and OS 543 hhhds Porto Rico; do 18,1, 4 m
hhds Helado. 1594 bhdslxxes, 14 64S hags ""ive.ww
TALLOW Virm and In fair demand; sales tlO bbls
prime wrstern at Ho 30 OOfl prime do olty and Busno
AyresatBxSXc '
tx.M0.LA28Ki, 0,et ni 00 ,,e, 8tock la New Toik
Dec. 1, IBSO. Cuba Muscovado 3014 hhds, do clayed 4t.
Porto Rico 1S09, Cubt Muscovado 8319 bbls. do New Or?,
leans and Texas 39-JH: lHOLmia s,i.
clayed 387, Porto Rico 14a6 Cuba Muscovado bbla l?50,
New Orleans and Texs do 700.
IIIDEJ Dry. anlnt and ...k,.. .....j .
moderate demand. We notice salea 15(0 mi'.h
try slaughter on private terms.
-!!?.2l-?Lh,.e,i,.,;.elnht,15'l W.OOOde'Mli.
Il SSu A,,i?1?kl?; 4'w -i-newaar
cKil'n ,
1 35 X ; 13,700 do amber MichTi ?, ."L" .
Cincinnati Market.
I LOUR Remains as nezleated and dnli is .. k
for several daja past. Sellers do not pre th market
much with tbelr offerings for they could not effect salea
without submitting to material concessions in p. lee.
eupernne nas a loroinii quotation at f 1, and good fam
lly is to be had at 4 S5.
WHEAT- Is still qniie dull and offerlntrs are eonse
qnently light. The sane range of pilces I maintained
that nas been lately quoted.
CORN-Is hard to buy at less than 27c, thottih distil
lers stand off at more than x6c. -
OATS Were irregularis rennrt.d h ,nir.... ,.
bnt the market seems to rest as reported yesterday.
BYB-Is in fair request at 40c.
BARLEY Of prime quality sell readily at 45c.
Holders stand for 3c to So per bushel above this fijure.
WHISKY Dropped again Mo, and (3e met with a fair
No. 17 East Town Street,
TTr A laiire stock ot the GOOD SAMARITAN on
novl2-d3m '
Tbe Beat Artificial Help to Ibe
Human )ifflit ewer lsavented.
ment of the moot improved kind ot Spec lac ie.
All hi Glasses, whether for near or -far-sighted, sue
ground in concavo convex form with the greatest care,
so as to suit lh Bye of all oases, curing Weakness, :
Disiloess or Inflammation of th Eyes, and Imparting
tnngth fnsslocg reading or fin sewing.
Oinee. 13 Kaat Bute street, at Saltier ex Wbter's
Musie Btoro , ,
BTANILY 00 band and for tale, lh bsst quality of
which he will sell at the lowest market price. '
Call and examine my Coal before purchasing ss
. Office at the store of Bradford, Eaydam tCe., kad
of Canal. -
. r. lUTSAH.
Machine Mannfar tnring Ccmpaay ,
w Van tl a
isMssr.,i - 1
sgANtrrarmnwas o
' Casting, KlU-flsarlng , Kaaklaarf.
r tvsar DiscKirnoM. - ; t.
v Cucrnnus, whi v. '
I .
! tJHAS. tMOOS, Sup!
... itaoM. Ilt't-li -
t MBOa.Trsj'
laces and Embroideries.'"'.'''
V 1 ace OnlUrsaod Sell. Vrenoh, Fusber and Thread
I. see veils irsew patterns. Talenclenes, Thread and'
Point Laoas, Kmbroidered Collar. Puis, TrlmoilnTe aod
Skirts, Lace rtarbea and OolOurs, Plain 1.1'iea Collar,
J etUaod Cuff, mbroidered Collars snd Cutis hs '
--'' . Ne. SO, iontHIii bio
s . in , .
hi 0 tl 0 ft e & j a a o ti c. v -A

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