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Kjjnnrat wllih, lwuhers.
The Provident's Message—Its Omissions
and Deficiencies—Emancipation, Colonization, Etc.
Vbs firrt anneal uNMgi ei President I"'
oje4stososa4 respects elrignlar document
Tn eitatoDS and dsllclenc'es pu tome points
...-.. r.Varkaljla Mil the WMt Of .CleMBMl
aDsrollaeaS la others. : ? ' '
Taemeeaace 41rei W satlsfacWrj Inform
tloo M to tit state of our relatione with Euro-
peiwern.,,rVbA iopi ,m,
lo'Wfly en rgttmoo addressed! (low
' powers' (o show them that it ou!f be .'against
interfere in our seUODel
tucir luMiimi" ww - -
...-.-1 k. .uh. -ilk the rebel Confederacy.
ii.nhl BO swordle dropped lo
..- afoul (h proposed Interrentionof
Eaglni.Frooi Spln lu the, affaire of
Meeieo.' Althcugfcme nw
ere already fitted out and on their wet to Uke
fn'mel Dosaeasloa of Mextceo ports, the ,Preri-
dent has oe"nBrMO te mki wd looi'
cetipoe to giro m to what ehould be our course
In regard to these eggreisioDS upon seuierjie
nuhliev. '. -. , ; --. , .j n
Although llaioa la seeds U the naoeeags to
events of more. recent, occurrence, uai oocn
ment is 'entirely silent upon the seirore of Ma
...ui 6libu..,U would geen,tbet..tie cir.
mmtiance was worth? at .hart of speseU)g
remark, and aome alight Indication ae towheth
er the AamlnUtraMoir wei prepared "K Justify
the" act of Cept ffini is eapturine; the rebel
Commissioners 00 board a British reeaei.
But iha moat aurorUioK omission of all la,
that, thoegh the Presiderit ipeaka of the loyal
ty of We-tern Virginia, he doe not deign to
meutUBaitbs organisation and prppoeedsdmis
aioointo the Union of the ne State o Ka
newts. To mora important queeUon haa thle
.ill nrohablt come before Congreaa at the pres
at seeslow lt ooalltnUonal .aiTiMr ,bes
do suggestion to offer a to what ahould be ite
course on thia and kindred toplca.
Those who nave bees hoping t thenjoesnge
would declare, in plain, nnsqulTocal terms, the
settled policy of the Adminiairetion in regard
to the propriety of emancipating and arming the
alavee.lu aid of he Ualow eaoae muat feel
aorely dieappointed. The Preaident eayt that
all ladiaDeueebie meani muai be employed" to
tha Union:" holta.t"wlhould not
be in haste to deteraaia whu radical and ex
treat e measiitee.hich inayKiackttWUyalae
well aa tb 4khyl,w iaiUpwmaW" If a
oca law, la relatioa t the confiscation, emanci
pation and ewiplojmrat o alavea by thernited
Sutea.ehonli be prepared; proprirtF w-iU
be4aljaeiaidered.H. Bt ekhrai;an law
is needed, or wheiher any radical and extree
oieaturee, which may reach the loyal aa well
a the dieloyaUwill bt regarded aa "todiapena-
able,'; the Freeident gires uongrws or
country, no sign or intimation, wkrieM by tavpli
cation, in that part of the mesaige we are about
to.notice. r
The Preeident leema to bare in contempla
tion the emancipation of glares on a large scale,
ud this to be eccompliihed in two ways first,
by confiscation- onder United Stitee law; and
secondly, by piobablo acta of coofiacation and
emancipation pateed by indiTiilnU State. Haw
to dispose of theae ontaacipatai ilt ia with
him, as it must be with wrery ka maa a s
rious and perplexing qcestion. fie fropoMS the
acquisition of new territory in Some eongeniil
clime, for the purpose of their eolotirrtioo.- It
. must, then, of course, be a territory ia or near
(be torrid aonev But how and where such ter
ritory ia to be icq aired, he fails to indicate.
Mast we lllibojter for It, and find Our justifica
tion in a "military necessity?"
Tiiia colonization scheme if one of long
standing. The Abolitionists ia the party which
placed President Lincoln in hia seat, will, aa a
general thing, bitterly oppose and denounce it.
TbeywiU say that when the blacke are once
freed, they will hare ae much right to etay in
the country In which they were.born and reared,
as the whites. An attempt on the part of the
Government to remove them without their con
cent ill be denounced aa oppressive and cruel
a to remand them back into elarery. .The
Abolitionists having gained the point of the
negro'i emancipation, will'. demand bis Jull
recognition as a free man and an American cit
izen. Preaident Likoslm will find that these
men, as long aahe defers to them u he appears
disposed to do, will hamper and defeat any col
onization scheme he or bis Cabinet may Invent.
The Preaident enters iojo a discussion of tite
relation between capital and labor. He thinks
this a subject nor "to hckneyed as others;"
but, with dne deference to his Excellency, we
hardly know of a aubjecJ more haclneyed."
Nothing ia more obvious than that our Presi
dent ii by no neana profoundly versed in the
rudiments of 'political economy. ' However, (lie
mass of our countrymen, ai he Intimates, are
laborers, either hired by.otheri or operating
upon their own capital, be that capital more or
less. The warning which he gives against
tbe epproaoh if returning despotism,' is wall
timed, and hop Vill be headed by ewery
man who lore liberty, and the Union, which is
the guarantee of liborfyTV, rJm-' f -.,
But what il te drift of th President" to die;
cussing: this topic-In. bisjnetsige to Congress T
Unquestionably, to satisfy the Abolitionists
dial ho is aound on the goose," by his labored
effort Jo nrora .that .'!jabM.h the , B.uperlor of
capital and deserves much the, higher consider .
ation;" and that, as a aeeeea&ry Infer esce, it Is
a violation 'of Natural rtgh'lnd (he worst
species of despotism for -capital to wn labor,
or, in other words, t jor ' a Jnaster to Own
alaves. ' '
Hardly acytUngould seem more undignified
and oot'of plac than for a Preaident in his an
nual message to .Congress, and especially at
such a tiue'ae thls.to enter Into a long argu
meai agaloat Iaveboi jing upon the ground of
(benarwral superiority of labor to, and( ita IrJ
dependraee of capital. So far ai tbe Preeident
r Congress has anything to do with slavery, In
an ofioial capacity, the Federal Constitution
and the decieiana of Federal Courts have defl-
laltoly settled that slaves may be rightfully
held suuier Uto lair's. J Zl , .
President Imwm eBMifeste great concern
for the IntnreeU'Of ffe Taborer.' But there is
reason W inspect that thii concerO la more af
fected (han real, or that be takes a very
superficial view of the subject If he baa any
thing like the forecast 01 w praotical, far-seeing
atatetiuan, he must be aware that hie proposed
ebeme of eolonisatioo. eaniurtbe carried oat in
the face Of the eppositlon It will meet from the
Abolition adherents of his party, and that (heir
plan of general emancipation, which he seems
to favor, will All the present free States with
1 blacks wlom the AboUtloui.u, when-
llj.'V Aave er ' can ; gam the power, win
nhce Of' a ialllic a ej iaUlv wius wnin
d briug tieir 4bor .into .direct cqpeno
ith that of free white men, and evea give it a
reference-" Wwnld -H '-Wrt hare Deea-wi u
... . . 11 ,
tbe President, while be wae warning.iree taoor
ers agalnat the approach of despottsnt In atkopier
form, had warned them alto egains in h
pToach In the shape of thle degradation t
and Deficiencies—Emancipation, Colonization, Etc. Report of the Sanitary Commission.
u'. .I f k ttAunnUtji MeinbersV
At no BieviKfi v ,
of .the 8aoitary Commission leeidlng In Colnmr
k. 1..I.1 on the evening Of tbe Sotn uit.( jo
sira BuLtiraHT, Er wu requeBted, io their
heh.ir. to orenare for publication a brief state
meat of the origin and objects 01 we t,ommu
lion, ae shown by official documents, and to pre
pare alao an appeal to our citlaena for their co-
operation. Mr. , Suiaivamt's report win oe
found In this paper, we eommena tnerepon
to the attenilon. and the objecte of the Cora
mission" to the sympathy and support cf our
readers. ,- ' j W '". '
The War-Making Power.
The extent of the war making power vested
In the Conereae and Executive of the United
States la cue of an Insurrection or rebellion is
worthy of attentiye and grave consideration at
this time, as in aU probability strenuous eisr
tlona will be made at tbe present session of
Congress to push the war-making power of the
Government to the utmost verge of tbe Consu
tutlon, If sot to the point of snapping its cords
The difference between the power which the
Government possesses in carrying on a war
againet a foreign country and its power in sua
nrsaaWa'rebellion. is yerj phin and obvious.
Though the Government in its apparent dreed
of dolus ant act that the most hair-splitting
Ingenaity night twture Jtato' recognition of
the rebel Confederacy, seems to nave neea ex
ceedingly cautions, refusing to regard the Con
federate orgenlnflon ae a belligerent, and re
lnelandlyinany case agrjeaiog to an "exehangs
of prtaoaere ef wart I the eigne indicate that
other acta may be donethrougb an uooonstita
tonal'or nnwise1 war. policy that may bare a
more direct tendency Ward a formal recognl
Uon of the Southern Confederacy, not only as a
belligerent, but as lawfully eoostitoted war-
making 1ower. - ' ' '
i'Ag pur judicial, and xculive efflcers.are
boaad to try and pnniebt criminals aeoordiog to
the Constitution and laws) ee Is the federal
Government under the came obligation toward
the rebals-V It may cOnfi'acate their property or
do any other act which the Constitution and
lawa 'authorized' quelling an Ibsurreotlen.
But still It mnsi never lose sight of the fact, so
foreibtf stated by President. Lwcout In his In
augural addrcset that Booth Carolina and Geor
gia arvtotaregarotd end dealt with as 8tatea
ka the TJtuoa aa much as Massichusetti and
DkiaiTha Ceawtitatie and lawa of those
Stsaaa, as they existed at Us time the rebellion
broke out, are to be respected the same as
though 'bobs of .their citixeos were in a state of
revolt. , The rigbU ot all lojal citiiens nnder
theaa er to be regarded and protected. Ia no
ease can they be saspended or set aside, unless
where the Constitution end laws of the United
States made in pursuance thereof, make them
void or inoperative. ' '.' ,r
It is plain that a war carried on, as the Abo
litionists desire to have it, against the rebel
Confederacy upon the eame principles at against
a foreign power, will be treating that Confeder
acy, not merely at a belligerent, but as a sepa
rate' independent power, capable of making
war, eoatraeting allianeee, and treating for
barms of ceaee- That it will be so regarded by
Eiurapeaa Cabinet who are eagerly watching
iw sowae pretaxl wpoo which to base as ac-
kaowleagmeat of the independence of the
Southern Confederacy, there can be scarcely the
shadow of a doabb It ia to this point that
certain disunion demagogues In and out of Con
greaa will, during the present winter, labor to
force the Government, in order to play into the
bands of the secessionist and render tbe disso
lution cf the Union final and tomplete. ; They
dare not openly educate dissolution; but their
coarse will be, by gradnally and insidiously un
dermining the Constitution, while professing a
high regard for all Its obligations; to rendar the
establishment of a ur . Government ander a
new Coostkntion, with new States, and old
States with new boundaries, a matter, at they
will then claim, of absolute necessity. T .
f7e do not believe that it is ia the power of
the rebels to mar permanently the Integrity ef
tbe Union; but that 1 It Is ever overthrown, it
will be by disunion demagogues filled them
selves sod filling their dopes with tbe idea that
these States cannot remain united "half slave
and half free," and that we jaust have a koma-
genetus JUpublie. . These . are the men whom
the people ahould watch with the utmost vigi
lance; for under toe maak of loyalty and ud
der the pretense of putting .down the' rebellion
"by every means that God and nature have put
Into our hands," they are seeking to accom
plish their nefarious designs for the final diise
lulXonof the Union., i.,V. .Vi -1 ..'j . it '
vAnothis ExKsraoic--The Paducsh corres
pondent of the St. Louie Dtmotrat, under date
of the 1st Inst.,' ears an expedition has left Pa-
dacah, and another, has left Shawneetown (or
Casey ville,"where it Is rumored the rebels hate
planted a' battery, blockading the river. "No
particularf bave'as yet come to hand.";,;'..
: ST St.' Helena Inlet, which has been ' liken
possession of by our troOps ander 'Gen. Sher
man, to about ae far to the aorth-eatt of Port
Royal as , Tybee Island Is to the sbutb-west.
Its. eeisure gives us the, command of another
eatranee to the inland chain of water eommuni.
cation In tnattlclnlty.v ' j ,,r ; 0 , ' " v.c
.Or Ajdlspatca of U $&lk states that Gen.'
Lte ,!; oidersd, iat '.nobody, should, Jsave
Cbarlestoo without a special permit from the
Motor1.1 The' Charleston 'pipers of that date
bare Intelligence from 'Baltimore 'that ."the
publifl; eenUment of thVorth fs'of such "an
alarming character that the Government : is
forced to do something:" , . '.
' 1 - ''
'RiwoTAt or Hinqiriias of THi.'Aur' er
WisrtaN VnaiNrA to Whxxlino Gen.Rose
eraas has determined to remove the headquart
ers of the army of Western Virginia to this
city. The Quartermaster has been tfflclally
Instructed to procure a suitable building) and
Gen. R. will start for thia city as soon ae mat
ters are propurly arranged for his reception
meeltwe JsteWieeneer. " ?..
ST Lieutenant Colonel, Buttles and ' Major
Bturgis, of tbeTwenty-foorth Ohio f Colonel
Ammea'e regimeot), now lo Kentucky, have
both resigned their commissions. . Col Ammoa
is a prominent' candidate for a Brigadier-Gen
eralship. Should be be appointed, the regi
ment wowld be left without one of the original
fieUcfflccre.;; . ' ".'''"W
' ' f i' ' ' ' -iiali' ''uijh
I CP General RotxcaaNS and sUfi arrlv4, on
Tuesday, tbe 3d Inst., at WheelingA-fais head
quarters for the winter.
Ohio Sugar Growers' Convention—
Premium for Best Syrup.
r.nnvantloa ef
'errowth of theBurgho and Imphee Sugar Cane
.111 h. v.iit at the AtiriouUur.il Uall over J.
L. Gill it Son's ware rooms, woriu nigu aueet,
P.nlnmhna. on Tueadav. the 7th "of January,
at 8 A. M tbe day pteuulibg the Ohio
Ut.a ABrlnulttml ConveDtloOa . n -
v ".. .a r " " .i.:r- r '.r i
'J. I- will W sou oner a prewiuu w , uu
acobs'i Patent Evaporator fox the- beat-' (sam
ple of (not leas than one gallon) molasses, to
Ka dta,nlnad bv . aomiuittce of five Krootwj
merobaeU. The eampiea win. oe relator,
the office of I-1 Gill ft 8on for exhibition V
P.anna attending: the Convention will please
gather all the information possible from their
neighborhood ae to the amount of cane grown
in this and previous years, sou u puiw
amount that will be grows next year, the
amount of molasses produoea per acre, etc.,
ate. -s-.--" '-'
p.,.n aha will aoa.be able t attend the
Convention wUl oonfsr a great fcvor by writing
and giving such information as iney may o
able. . Bigued: ' m v" -t-' "" V" 4
Matthxw UWt litcxinc ui.
' CoiNxuus Jacobs, Franklin Co.
W. W. Ttrrosy'" "
J. BlOOOH, ' "
8.R.H01T, ;:'r
: ' S.D.HAaxjs.V" -
- R. E. FaAxits, Belmont Co-
R. A.Hoonx. " .. . . '
W. Eujot, Coahoctoh Coy
' ' W. CavDca. Madison Co." V.
i jf. i
John u.iuaisxr, narriaon u.t -.
. h. C. Faosr, Wheeling, Va. t
W; Pxxllk, Clinton Co. -', .
, John Wsjobt, Delaware Cb.
Jabis Lonowbll, Fairfield Co.
N. H. Watrr. Morrow Co. .'
n Howson, Rose Co.ff
Two German Women of
Two Thousand German Women of St. Louis in Council.
Under thtt beading the St Louis Etpublictu
or Saturday. Nov. 30, contains an article, In
wfaioh it saytt . "
"A meeting ot wlvee of German volunteers
was held in Harmony Hall, on Seventh atreet,
between Park avenue and Rutger street, last
evening, for the purpose of Inducing the Gov
ernment to pay the volunteers now In service
It is elated that, since these volunteers enlisted
in August last, they have received so pay, end
that, in oonaeqoence, .their families, to a great
exteot, Id this city, ate now aotoally suffering
for fcod and clotomg. . --. . ,
. "There were at least two. thousand women in
attendance at tbe meeting last evening.
i 'A petition was presented to General Hal leek
in accordance with Jhe above facts, which closes
as follows: .. ':' ...
; "And now, General, winter, the most inclem
ent season of the year, is at hand, and starva
tion stares In the face of our llule children. '
' "Hondreda of rebel prisoners in the hands of
Government are warmly boused aoaeomiortaoiy
fed; but we, whose loyalty and devotion to the
Unioo are undoubted, whose husbands, whose
sons are exposing their lives and their health
sa the service of their country, are uncai ed for
and neglected ' '
: "We pray yon, General to see that sur vol
unteer soldiers, are paid for. their services, iqr if
tot paid soon, out children meat starvs."... .
Recommended to an Insane
A recent number vf the Montreal (Canada)
Advtrtiicr contains the following:. w "f
' "Col. Dawson,' an English ..gentleman of
wealth and position;, now staying in this city;
recently applied to Mr. Giddlngs, the United
States Conul,for a. pat sport to pass through
the United States en. route for Halifax, to visit
hie daughter, married to an officer of one of tbe
regiments' there. v M--." Giddings not, content
with refusing a passport, did so in the most of
feosive aseaner, telling Col. Dawson that Brit
lab subjects bad so right to expect favors from
the Government of the Uolted -StatceVwben
they give aid and sympathy to the rebelei and
finally getting Into a furious peMiow, the Con
sol declared if England wanted to.. fight the
might come on, the United. Sia'es was seedy
forber'- -- t. '-.-'--um6;,i :t.i
The article conclude as follows: - ' ' ,
,,"fc Is quite evident that Mr. GIddlsgs Is in
sane- ' The exei'meot of reeaei -eveata haa
been too sou ok tor hie saiod, aad his srleade
should remove him to sa aeyhtm before hi dace
himself tome mischief." U'
Asylum. The Fishmongers of London.
i There has been tome curiosity expressed as
to who the J'Fiahmongera" were that Wai L.
Tancey spoke before in London. " Tbe London
correspondent of the New York Times, In alr
luding to Mr. Adama't speech at the Lord May
or'e Baeoaetathut desoribee It.. He savst
Its effect wu not materially lessened by the
speech or Mr- Yancey at tbe Mshmongers' tlall,
on tbe same evening. . Mr. Yancey is too well
known to be believed, and some of hit asser
tions were so Tery incredible that even hit
friends can hardly' maintain them. . How he
came there st all ia a carious question, and ths
coincided os of hie --speech with that of Mr.
Adsms looks at though he bad known that Mr,
Adams would (peak, sad bad Invented toll oe
casioo in order to counteract any bad results'.
The Guild of Fishmongers Is one of the old and
wealthy corporations which still exists In ths
city ths fragments of ejtate ef society which
has long since passed away but though tbe
original meaning of the institution has been lost
and forgotten in the lapse of time, it Is still aa
honor which, rery great meq are proud to- ae
cept, to be enrolled as members ef the- enoient
Gnild.v JMf, , Yancey, .therefore, 'spoke . to no
can audience, and was applauded by no unim
portent mea.V tv . ft .
One of our Southern excba'nres. a eood Union
naoer. nertinentlv asks, Whv the Northern ab
olitionists prefer that the government shall re
ceive negroes into the lines of tbe. army and
support them out of the .treasury; when there
are so many loyal white men, women and child
ren in Missouri and Kentucky who are suffering
from tbe revagea ef wart - Why aot feed these
white neoDie first at tne government t expense,
and then, If we have anything to spare, devote
It lo the negroes 1 Abolitionism would answer,
"They are not black, and tnuet therefore take
care of themsclves.'-kCicco Timt. ;"
Tub Will or. AN: AtOLrruMij&T.-i-Francle
Jackson, of Boston, who died reeently.left $100
each to Sfpbea 8. Foster, Ch tries C. Burleigh,
Parker Piliebury, Luoy Etpne, J .die Maria
Child,' Oliver Johnson, Charles Lennox Re
mood, Charles aw. Whipple ana stoot. r. vrau
cott, for their "devotion to the oaose of human
liberty.'f He'gives $5000 to Wja. Lloyd Gar
rison for a like reason; $5000 it placed in the
bauds of Wendell Phillips Lucy Stone end
Susan B. Anthony, to' be expended In getting
lawa passed g'.lng women the right to rote;
$3000 to aasia. ingitive elaves to escape He
devotee a fund to tbe creation of a ptblio senti
ment in favor of putting down negro slavery
Tbe income of two thirds ef hit i stats goes to
this purpose.-J .- ' tet. - a f
0"Th'e telerraph telle -nil of the inteotlon
to annex Aecomae and - Northampton counties
to Mar-viand, and the people of Western Vir
ginia are fixing np a new State Y acre Gov
ernment, on, perhaps necessities, and it may
exist whilst tbe necessity lasts; botany acts of
Cengrese to make such arrangements- ers nnll
and void without ths consent of Virginia and
Marvland. Cocrreet has bo power to alter , the
boundary of a State without ita consent, tor to
make a new State out 4 -the territory" of -a
State alreadv existing: - It is tras that Western
Virginia might beeonaidered tbe 8tste jof, Yir-J
gima at present, as foe 014 legislature ns ao
dicated; and the consent of the Xegislatore
might thus be obtained to tbese geographical
changes; and, probably, Maryland might , pot
object to an arrangement lor her .benefit. In.
this way a technical compliance with tbe Cons il
lation could be obtained., , , : i
,We protest, however, against, anv tuch aauti-,
lotion of the Old Dominion.. Let not. tbe sins
of one generation dieSgora the map of happier,
days. r-It would be eacriirge lo rnle out tbe
State of. WeahiDgton Jefferson, ' Madison and.
Henrv. becauss tbeir unworthy successors have
disgraced themselves. , 1 ,!.'.,'! ,)
.We expect wis rttoeiiioa wtu.oe euppresseu.
and have tho.Uuion es it was, without a single,
change in tbe map, JJtny change la desirable,
let It be made by peaceable discussion and re
flection, when this Itorffl of jnsanity It orr.A
ID" The reader will find in this paper, copied
front the- Journal of j vmmtroe.t, a list to
the1 membert" of 'the present Coogfepi. It.
wijl'be' Taluabfeifo5rfrence,,e3pe!iaH !1
readisg ths reports of Congressional proceed
Affairs at Fort Warren.
The liostoa IYnJer,of the 2(Uh U spCikk-
log of the prisoners at Fort Warres!, lays:
Slidell and Mas6a hare comfortable quarters,
which they share with theif eecreUriee. At
they nave runds tney nave p .T . "
STtiolet" tor their eonvcuionce Dot provided by
the. Government, and, as toe prosp-ci,i na
they are Jlkely to remain here for some time,
their money has been judiciously used, i.1 w
Mr. Mason, who wore an air 01 uum;iiiiio
oh. Sunday, when taken to the fort, has appa
rently found ihe plaoa less agreeable tbjia, be
anticipated. - Perhape the' cllmato does not
agree with him, or It may bo that he means to
be exclusive, but 1 is remarw ..s
prisoners that hs keeps himself very close to
his room. , Hs appears sad,, and not in rery
good humor. 1 On loo omor oauu, suu
brightening up, and U more cheerful.IIe ten
lured out of doors In the storm yesterday, but
k t. r Kn.tham hlrth. and thus the climate
may sot effort Mm to muoh as others, r:. -
The " Embassadors " are allowed to converse
freely with other polltloal prisoners, but we
doubt whether their conversation Is Tery ediry
Ing, or the etory ot their experiences very
cheering-. s- r i i"i ,
Mr. Morehead, of Kentucky, is less bitter In
hit denunciations of " Yankeet " than hereto
fore, and now appeart In hit or igtnal ohactet
as a fine old Kentucky gentleman. Marshal
Kane, of Baltimore, still eporte his ong boots
and smoking cap. Mr.Mto"'0'1'8,1
at heretofore, remalni quiet, taking bis confine
ment with the air of a pollosopher.
Ths hospital was formerly ful of paUenta,
k... .v. Tk.. r .irk haa materlallv decreas
ed, and Dr. Peters reports that most of .them
are doing weU.
-jriia n not An TammuZ hftvii: ' 1
1 USJ aJLFBkVM, J - f. . If ' f - '
-A man named Williams, a member of the
Maryland Legislature, who was sent to Jort
Lafayette some time since with other member!
of the same body, wae yesterday released from
ki. .t Fort Warren, bv orders from
the Secretary of State. He has taken the oath
of allegiance. ..,; - ''.' i - -The
Journal is mistaken In laying that Mr
Williams was a mamber of the LeglelatureT
Supreme Court of Ohio.
TUESDAY, Dec. 3. 1861.
' : Present, Hon,' Josiah Scott, phlct Justice,
Horn Milton Sutliff, Hon. Wm. Y. Gholson,
and Hon. J. Briokerhoff, Judge!..' I Judge Peck
it detained at home by sickness In his family),
The first" seventv-five cases on the General
Docket were oalledv'' J r.7'J
! 'Adlourned nntil Thnrsday- mornlng-al en
e 'clock.
I ,
: 'Sheriff 's; 8ale,
ra. . . Common Pleu
ts tr. etal.t
Charles Bty
to we directed from tbe Court of Common pieu of
Fran lis county, 0 ,1 will offer for sale at the Cooper
Shop of Ulebael Zluoeker on First Alley, in the city
Of ColuBsu, 0., on ' . " -
Monday, the'irJth'day of December A. D.
atone o'clock, V, M.7 ihe following 3escrlbeJ property,.
to wit: . ' -' - f f t!
iW Whtikeybarnl ilnves, 900 Hophetd atavei, 1000
k..!... mtA . lot fif T.nmhAr. i i it ' '
i Levltd cn th property of Mlchel Zehotckor.''
Printer's rota 5 u . & w. nunuAii, no.nn,
, deo4-dtd .A tJ V . f . By Id. Daris,. Deputy.
j Tpj Oontrnctora.
ay Dec 1801, art 12 w'clwck itf .,
tor snpplyinf th United Suiet troops at Camp Chue.
Ohio, with eomplote rations. -Tba ration to consist of
lhr fourths ot a ponnd of pock or bacon, or one and
a fourth pound, of firth or salt beef; twenty-two oanoet
( bread or flour, or one pnuod of bard bread, or one and
a foarth pennds of corn meal; and at the rat to every
ae hundred rations of eixhtqaartaof beans or pete, or ten
poaodt ot rice or hominy; tea pound, of green ooffee, or
eight poands of rotate or groand ooffee, or one and a
kill Doaada of tea; Cftten pounds of sugar; foar awta
ef viaegar; one pootd of tpena ctndlea, or one and a
lourtA aaaaa of Imtitiae eandlea, or ooe and a half
aeaade of ulkt candlae; foar pound, of eoap; two
tears of tall; aadchrica per week potatoes at the rate:
Hawor-eanSxrtttni " - i .'
Allef which are tobeef agoodqatlily, and to be de
liTereS at the tetieiitairr Sepal latent at Ctmp Chase,
Ueaaa) th e stay be seaainS. - ; -t . .
Ihtnaatiatf U nmm oe the l&th day ef Deotm
ber, ictli, end tnling on the lith day of June, 1H02, or
it aoch tarUer day, at the Osnuaittary-Oenerai nay
direct. ..... .. -..-.. - h ' .
The bidt tcntt te for to much per ration, nd addressed
toate, Indorted "Propottls," box 429, Coumjui,Ohlo.
t uapi. s. r. wAiitte, b.
U. B. Army.
P p.W E R.
ei ?) f i
'N . '. W, "L E F A! V OR, Supt:
K08."S2. 31, 90,'3I NORTfl ian BTllBeT
Ntp teaman Bolldlma;, second Floors
orer.H. Nertas's state Steam
friatlns; Keentt.
j l
With or without Printed Headings, on 0upilor P-ytr
To any required Pattern. . . .",'. '
";' fcAfttOATJ OFnOIl, .
. J A V !y'.Hw?fc
Famishes at the lowest Prices.
By the Idltion or Single Tolame - -
I UA9AZINB3. 1 -
BoanS In Ad Required Style.
For Public and Private Libraries.
Orders from abroad fill reetlva premptand spaclal
tttenuoa. auareat, j-a w'-- tv
3. H. RILEY,,, or, N. W.LEFAVOR
Bookseller aod Stationer, Sopecintendent
. 75 Booth High Street. Braakiia Bindery.
, aorl4-d3a , .1 o .
i v.
Sheriff 's Gale.
bbms Halon, . , A, . -
slone, anardian, Ac. I Uaton County Com
- vt. .- taeaFleaa.
By Jordaa Halone,
. . IzeklelkUlons. i , .,
directed from the Court of Common Pleas of TJntoa
eowaty,- Ohio, I will oSer for sale 1a frent vf tbe Ooart
Iloaea, ta tpe Ulty ot voinmtaeruiu, aa r jrni
Monday.'the 9ib day of December, A. t. 1SCI,
Betweea the hoars of IS o'clock U. tot i o'clock P. V . ,
tbe following property, te wit: , . ) ' f ; ( f ? )
-One mare and eolt. . -. ' ' i 5 ' ' '
. 0. W. HUFFMAN,
, . - i- eheriff of Franklin county, 0.
Printer's feet .
BovV7-dtd. f - ' ' '
- IABO BBSS SILKS, : - ; -MilS
weese seasriaf ear
rANUi vsatie S1LKB,
tanaeaae etoek ef Ftfiey Uratt
aver before offered in thia eity.
ladiea ef this altr and vicinity a
Solicited, aa ear ttoek ia very eekMt and eompiete ia all
gndeaof goede ia thlt Use. ' PSTBB, BAIS.
eTIWs SW pvwwta sniaVM Hwls
AND SKI flit I.AKQI8T 8 TOOK, .,
V.'tv - '-'- " ' " ' '
- rev elTerat to the attlaeaatof Oolawbus.
i , .. r ..- x ' '
, ' - ' For sltbsr Wood or Coal.
For Ltrge families or Small lamlllei, and varying Id
Price from
Three Dollars to. One Unndred and
: V "-i Twenty-Fiye.
Of evSry Price, Bits and Tarlety, for Coal or Wood.
' u. I j.': I w-,4 .M .1 iu. t---a. - -''
i HALL BTOVES. u ' "
, .'X Of sn Patterns.
-?3t6jlrR00M STOVES., V
' ,"ri ' fiTOVES.-"-
-S 6.-.."st o".: - .' ; v
j reja, J3 tfeaklaeiia Heaai.;u, :.'..?!'
the Lightest aUa "most PorUbta. Tent Steve evtr
. -offered to the, t L
Officers oC " ou?GreaT Army. .
For Heating Dwellinn, Cburchet,'8tore-rooms, or other
For Family Use or Hotels. -
,- et t -a; '
fft: '; a I t i . itl.'-i"i,-(
ffOLLOW WARE, ' ' . ,
dogg irons;
m -;- . -.- .
' t-j. ' k.. -.- ; .f -
And many other articles "or any other man."
I No. 92 North 'High Street,
1 I I - - i" af f ' -n.i
f . . - .
i It . , '
J.'X' GiU K Soa
; nov-i-tt fntt t f. f -.-i . ,
ioa :'. south high . si-heet,
I ... .4 kV- ' .- iJ : ' '
Have a Full and Complete Assortment of
' Of almost eve'ry kind,
Elegant. Chamber Setsr
f P 'i tf a - " -1
Tin Toys, and Articles in, that tine,
'vj u fft ilttls People. ' V---
KTiiT-?a and. ' S'orka. , Spoona, Tubs,
."Buckets, Bliovele aruiTonjzs, ,v
.v.- , v Ooal Hods, eto w -
j .'.for ths LarftrQaae. i-., '
; .... 1 '1 .' " t.v .'
We wcqU call your further attention to ths tact that wt
, v . art gOLB AQBMT8 tor the sale of the -
Which it. In all retpeota, clearly tbe "AUIOOBaT 01
THS KirOHaH." having so eqnal In the completeness
of Its performance and eoonomy of fuel. The clearest
tetumoay ai lie aapenoniy m ine not tnai
tarert and dealers are consUotlr ImitttlDg It, ooming tt
lar itaa possible in ajLicainAii ArrsAKAMUJi.
Gall and examine ear stock. It is no trouble, to show
our goods.
akin: &j emery;-
i octe-dlm
."K i !-s a t r-r. y
JsTws, XVA m
alette aa tbe Stor goea : l yu i
No., 11 .East; ttate St.,
ae opened it at aa
Anctioa & Commission Room.
Ha it now prepared te rseetve on Oeramiseloa -erery
detertption of property, such at Dry Goods, Groceries,
Liqnort, Fnralttua, OerrbHrea, Borsea, ate. Be alto
Intendt te devote hit attention to salet ef Baal Xstate
and Personal Pioperty, t any point, within twenty milet
oi w cuy.
: -Anction. JSp-lcj? tEvefy, Evening. ;
tp.it ft .
OoBilfmrats latpeciftilly sotlcIW. - r-
SSKT. Aaetlooeer.
,t - BJiooting Gallery.: ,
TrE uadenrirried hega leave to Inform his1 friend
that he hat fitted up a . '
Good Gent, Air Oons, Fistola ted Jtefrasharatt.
f" -Vttj
'ttatt id -vmi nnrit
k i C l
aVIV Isf., J.W,faAA4 . JlJJUkU aV M""1 . v
f i r-J ')
I I !'
1 1 'if. 7 Uil'.i:
7 tP..lTJBt.XSXIBJr)
t r-cs? ' -Jj-.tJ'"'! f -'.'
Tin DAILY, I--.' ' '
The TEI-WEEKLY, at . , ' ' .
The WEEKLY, aUhe low rate of
. if. Subecripttous tv Daut and Tsi -
X KJXh '. , X UAH " I K vrxsv tvJX-sv xt jL.vrx Js. i-ikr;
jj, ,boTe niM. andtheDiixT will be furnished ','' ' '
' . ,. V va. . " . - -'- -
" Ai lbs utual rates. As sa established end reliable organ of the DemoereUe party, . .
i i' in the Mura, Mb the past, it will uphold end defend the
Which haa been so fruitful of good to the FEOPLB 07 THE TJIHTED STATES; end wil
. , taithfally urge the re-eetabliahrnenl und supremacy of the -; ' -
nminnnirpin PDPPn5 1 MR - DHT ! PV TUT HIT. TUP ..CTnTUKJ .
As essential to the eompleU sni
On the basis on which that ui
The Statishak will support the Administration of the General Government in all legal sad
constitutional efforts to put down rebellion end sternly resist the efforts made ia some ausrtere
to eonTert the present unhappy war into e Arjc&fioncruesde. ;
, It will eonatantly urge eoonomy m the pubhe.ezpenditaree, mad the most rigid seeountabihty
of sll inibUeolEoeTtw -'r t - - - , J . CJL-X S "J ' -
As s medium of general news, ths Statkhas will endeavor, to make itself aoeeptsble to ite i
numerous readers, sad stslltimes supply them wiUt ' -i- v,---- .-
' sTTa." 3satssjV s.JtxX 'ssioavt Xl.ellem.tole' XlepoartsB
. Of the home end foreign market. Incite columns ,..,-
Will find their interests consulted and attended to, and no effort will be spared to make it a first
olaas newspaper. '. I i :- .
- Daring tbe approaching seaaion of Congress ws will have a talented and accomplished eorres
pondent st Washington, through whom our readers will be furnished with muoh valuable and
.Thdoicof our own State Legislature wil be fully reported, and the local news of the j
State and our own immediate vicinity, will have 4 due share of attention. -. - ; - '.. ,
- We urge upon our friends in sll parts of Ohio, and the North-Western States, to aid in extend-,
inn the circulation of the Starsxah, sines by so doing, they will sasist in the promulgation. of
sound political doctrines and reliable general intelligence. , . " ' " .... -,,)
!.;-. - - j ,- .. . ;.,. , .
1 "To any person raising a Club of Ten Subscribers to the Wisxlt Ohio Statssiiaw,1 and
sending us the money ten dollars for the same, we will send one eopy gratia.
All orders will be promptly attended to. f J - :, ; T ' , .' ',i i
; - Address,
November 1, 1861.
tpn RTTr "HTJlTtTi! th-
-'i 1
Six Dollars per Annum;
i! '. '-Three Dollars per Annum..
! . ..-. One Dollar per Annum.
WssstT Btatssmas will be received 7 ,
perfect re-eouatruction of the
t Union wu OTTginallr formed, , ,
-1 ' . - ... .
C- I
JHAiiirjtniJiiL ULLOiKU,
Publishers of the Ohio Statesman,
' t . CoxtrMSDi, Omo. ,
- i" ! 4 - 1 '
S3SO fviad 1233 .
SOUTH ttCtt'OTftEEt'
. - ' -. t '--.--
; .' Are bow opening a large lot of
' Ladies', Misses' and Children's
i -.4 - f. i ' - . B awe. ' ' '' '
- F U.R 8, :
Ladies', . Cloth i Cloaks
balmoral Skirts,;
j ' S
Shephard Plaid Shawh,
! .e, i : A j . il f
1 '
Ltw3ies Merino Vesta & Drawers','
boys lMeriuo' Shirts' W t)rawers,
,., . .. .. ' j, .. , . .'.
Embroidered Reppfl,
1 !-'
s t JK"
4 v. t .-
Opera Plaitoelo,
: - ' . ...ii :.:-..-
0' -.i:..;:,i4!-v
This Sna. barinradiinteil the Cuh mtn la the nr-
eaate aaS tale el Qoodt, art enables to sell frota 15 to W
percent leas thaa other ho tun ander the credit lyiten,
V250 and 252'BoTjiH mdH street"
. . . . ... ..... j .7... i... .-
Oysters I Oysters! !
0,';"J3Li ' XrCTaCLCsVrJXICX
Has xott Bnerrt3Pf AN d WILL
aeleasiljeeelpt,ripreit1 ef i. . J -
fr?i SelHaore e4 ?i Htren. "'
fJall u Wagners srtscraaa f ran vepot, no. xi wan
J. fel. & V; KCERrJER.
I Corner of Broad & Front Streets,
oct2J-4iy 'v.-,,: - : '
Flannel fihirtings..
mu. xaa nwac txunttrt ttook la tnt oltj
. Areiv Woalea Suki..
T Shaker Bibbed Socki.
1 Under BhirU and Dnirers. ("
... .a. i r
imoi ana vioo aooaa. -"
i. .
Ooldea Hill Bhlrta. . . . ...
J dent's Linen Qollarf, Beck tlet. et
J . BA1!( h g0M
t ootlfl .v -i, So. Bouts High Street.
? to MArmniD umi:
Or Tkese CrafesnyigiUnff narrlaffe.
TBI aaderttgned will glrelnrornatloB on a Ttrfeav.
krti and important snhjaat, which will be vain-'
ed sere thaa a U oaten d limes 1U cost br erery narrtei)
tonal of anr age or eondUlonin life. The iaforautloa
fill be sent by audi te any address en th receipt of SS
enta Uitur) and on red stame. ' "
! All teHers thonld he tddrettea to
t h. B. IfOBKIg, U. t.
ct31-ly3tawdttW Boston, kfata
Affection, Colds, Bhenaatltmt, OosUrsn, Oon
snarotlOBa. Affectloni or the Sniam. r th t.i... a
Iha Heart, Tnoon, and all disease which deitforll'"
baee alwan ezUbittd, npoadltteettoa of thstcdy.ej
antabtr of bard er eonorete points, elOier In aonMottbe
ergan aanuiwr in ttrblood teiMl, toawSjae erea
raailfy Ing in the Seek, And again dtposlttdapoa Ike side
ef bow. Now thete uttl bard tobtUncet .would
Saras. noav If Brandrklh' iu wen used; they would
." mm .rimi, sua year oi nappy u
wsuU bt the sufferer' Wt Instead of aa early gnre.
Alwaya pnrg bat navan BUBta Inajekaass.
LI. Oarptnter, ef QoTtrnsar, St lawranoe-
eonnty, Mtw York, M years -of sge, eayt ho haa wad
BraadratVt Pill for M yar,admlaittorS Onm Brit to
kie coachawa, who hid ftrer til cnt;UaT eight the
las? after the chtll; ehllU and ttts smre; gar;
f4gfat mors the next day, and te ertry other day antll
the chill and ferer did not retara, which was sboet elgh
yt mm the Oat attack.. Hi that) gtre four erery, '
ether day for another week, when the man was entirely '
restored to kh anal good hetlth. t-ir.'-t
B wtahlnmtf attacked; took thtia in th easts way,T
Sad was oared la lei time. Em ated ao other audi-..
Sine for ? yearr, found them always' reliable for himself
and family when tick; ka recommended them to thoa-
aandswUh Ui beat rtealtt, ted fetli soirldent that rr.
ry family would arrt larger rrerage of health If Umm
fill wer used la th plat ef ealomel and other hertfyl
rsatsHas ;'-. i i. . i-t: u' ''') ..Pfi '
Bold by Jowjr . Ooew, Drarrltt, Oolambn, sad by
llrpletklrsU medlcljoe . T
Jut rabUshod la a Sealed Ba elop; prte6et.t
Wat mm, UTMaaiary aiaiimeaa, eesaat DeMllty, and
Impedimentt Marria eaaarallly, aerroameM, Coof .
taaiDtioa. BoileM and lit. Mental and Fhrtical In-
eiMHity, reaalUng ama Sell aaae, dMaBy Robert
Ouieenrell, If. I., anthee of the Oreen Book, . .v.
A Siawa a AMvaaxmaa nisuterrst .
Sttit ander seal. In e plala eartlop, a any eddraae
pott peid. on reoetpS ( two atetnpa, by Dr. OHAS.

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