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Hail Head Tibia TaBle. .'
Littl Muki tiunri It Twi 1I K A
Leave. ' Arrives.
Night Biprest, rl Day tea, 8:00 A.M.., 3.30 A. M.
Cincinnati accommodation. 6:10 A. M . - ' 1:80 P.M.
DsyBipreu . IUMI.i i 00 P.M.
Mall and Aauiat(UUi4i rk Ml J P. ef.
r j a. W. fcotmwv, Atent.-
Golousoi Ounrii-iKD B. B. . .1
Might Bxprete... .,..3:50 A. M. M 140 M.
Ntw York Bjtpreti SUP.M. i-1:SP. H,
; ' ' ' Jna PiT-rtlioK, Stent., "
m.ulfi,. '.1 ..at) A.. II. :v.-'l:3ll X. M
Dm Biurets.....-...:.. . t' - K M
Pirmoraa, Oounn e Oiboutt B. B. ' .
M.IITth...... 4:00A.M. IMA. M
B.prMTrln..,...i......:..l:3JA.M, 1:80 P.M.
Joe. Bourns, Agent- -OoLDHtog
luDUMorom, B.B. ', . ,
OhloicoZxpmt 8:00 A. M. 8:35 P. H
Mo.S " 00 P 11:S0 A. M
Sandusky .' 9:40 A. U. v .J OOP, M
, . """ 0; W. Surra, Agent.
Local Matters.
CoMoicotTioNAL Fiari!.. The ldiee of
the Congregttionil Society will bold Feitlrnl
at the parlort of the Chutoh on Tbnejday eren-
log.DM.Sb- ....., .
Admittance 25c; cWldren 10j. Orstero end
Ice-cream In Abundance. '.' ,
Board of County Commissioners.
TUESDAY, Nov. 26, 1861.
Board meb Preeent Meaere. Sparrow. Strait
andSbb. CommleBlonerg. ' ' '
Ordered,- Thai the bridge bnilt by Orria ln-
don, at Stephenson's, be accepted, and that bt
be paid the anm of $HC for the iopcrstructare
of the eamt. ',' "'' 1 ' '- ' "
Ordered, That the etone work, mbankment
and exoaratlon done -by Welch k Comptoo, in
Stepbenaon'a bridge, be accepted, and an order
leaned to them for $573 25, In full of the, bal
ance due them for jald work v- x'iv
Ordered, That tha fcridga over Rocky Fork
be accepted, and that JmtU Lando'n be paid by
Perry townihip the rum of (844 SO, in foil for
the luperetrnctnre, maeonry and' embankment
on eald bridge ; TS-
MONDAY, Dec. 2.
Board met.. J"
George W. Huffman'! bill allowed for eer-
Ticet tn eommoniog jurori, amounting to t9v
TUESDAY, Dec. 3.
Board met,! i) rVJJL.' i'-M V
Petition from B. G. Smith and other receir
td for the vacation 'of county road in Blendon
township. -.'.'- ,. . .
i i ' f ii ,1 titr
Court of Common Pleas.
In ihe case of Charles Bryeoo. indicted for
stabbing with intent fo wound, the Jury returned
a verdict of "guilty," and Bryeon was sentenced
to ten days la the dungeon on bread and water,
and to pay a fine of twenty fire dollars and the
costs of prosecution.-1 "' "' Ke.-.iH
Dewitt C. Cook, Indicted fof'ketylng a room
in wbiob intosioating liquors were sold contrary
to law, entered into a recogafxance In the sum
of one hundred and fifty dollars for his appear
ance at the next term of the court. . ,
Daniel Decker, indicted for an assault with
intent to murder, failing to appear, bis iccog
nizancs waa forfeited. . , . . ... ,
The recognizance ol Michael Fisher, indicted
for murder in the first degree, was also forfeited
for the same reason. ' ' j
Susan Jones was diroroed from her hueband,
James Jonrt. and Jacob Olout from his wife,
Martha Olout. .,.....,,
Tha case of John and Richard Geary, indicted
for libel, was continued. ; ti i 2",-
Thi Reviiw and Drill ar Camp Chasb.
A large conoourse of people assembled at Camp
Chase yesterday to witness the review and
drill. The day was beautiful," though After 12
M. the ground bad thawed aud it was quite
muddy and disagreeable under foot. '
The troops consisted of the 1st Cavalry', CoL
O. P. Ransom sight companies, 849 strong
two companies of this regiment are . in Virginia
and one in Kentucky;
421 Regiment, Col. J. 'a'. GasriiLD, 1006
men; '.. J lu $ A ,. h. '; J ! ''
40tb Regiment, Col. Josath4N CsaiNoa, 928
men; '," tr.
Four companies of the 68tb,Col...5A08iHwiin,
403 men, commanded by Major Diana.--.- .
For review the Infantry occupied' the right,
and the Cavalry the left.1 Total number of
troops, oleu.' j. 11 t .a j,i
Gov. Denniioi accompanied by bis staff then
reviewed tow troops. "... - - - '. 'f ' '.
After wbloh the 'cavalry were deticlrVd for
drill under their own officers. ' The infantry un
der General Hill then wheeled! into opea col-r
umn by companies, and m6red. 'forward and to
the left into line and delivered their firei tbea
formed by the "right ol ebmp&nles to (he rear
into column, and marched into line, faced to the
rear-Hhus re occupying the place of their first
alinement. where they delivered, Meoond fire.
The whole line then marched forward about
forty o .fifty, paces, and there each! battal
ion formed' double column at half dlstanoe,
deployed the column at double-quick time;
then formed close column by division on first
division, second battalion en the right, In front.
That column was then deployed 1y battalion in
mass, then formed oblique squares' by battal
ion and delivered several nYea' by treat and iy
batullonj thea edieed. rqaares and deployed
columns and dismissed-J
Everything passed off .jniVceljeftfordei.Vni
to the saOefactibn of jhoae who witneeaed the
affair. , The regimeota aud affioera made a ne
appearance, ui JsonBldering s that ;;lha": largest
nroDortlon of the troops are new to the service,
'the performance waa highly creditable both to
men and officer. V1.-C:ri VJ'
The eourtesies. and kind attentwus f the
officers to 'the cltxens who attended (he review
was highly appreciated; for wbish Oeneral Hill
and all the officers and men In discharge QivPO-,
lice duties, are entitled to and will receive the
thanks of those who had the pleasure of visit
ing Camp Chase joa this Qcca,3lon
' 1 i - mi wn ,i v j.
MATO'e'CovaTvrTwo boyi,' Chade Ieb'
man and Benjamlri; Davis, respectively aged
twelve and fourteen years,.' were before'.jl.f.yOr
Thomas yesterday morning, on the charge of
' '' iB ' '.'
robbing the money orawer ei os. iair qp ooou.
Davis gave ball In one huqdrbd ; dbllars; forjils
appearance at Court, "whloh lehmanlinj
00, was eoaimieam iw yrMuu, : t i t'M . -A
eoIdleri",fof drunltenness and disorderly
conduct, was fined three dollars and costs, which
he paid; but anothermaafaiUBg.10 pay A .siml
i flna re Th like offenseaA was sent tor Use
" 1 - . ..- V-.tlj ,.t4, J ,J jlAnt
cnainB.ang- n'.--eujm i.i
D" Bltol-IMfroilAf ewJfpri
try, Knalknd. tri fh Bteataef CJtt of EdUlbttrgh,
oaths 334 ult.-Pishop' Bedell 'wlUliave' full
of the Diocese of Ohio until bis re
... 1 ,
,11 ( Vr
. CimAL Ohio ,Railoh Th .ZnfTlll
Courier says that both freight aod passenger
baslsess over this road continue! excellent, tod
during the past month the trains have run as
regnUrly as clockwork. The following ere the
groe( eernlngs; for the month . of September,
18611 i i ' " J,
28,5T9 40
l.ISS w
Expnw .....
J I ' ' " ' ' . "'
8,3110 60
. S7.S08 80
. TOwl.....Vvv...K
..W,S0 8S
FiasT op St. Xaviib. Tuesday last waa the
reset of St. .Francis Xavier.. Solemn High
Mass was celebrated at lbs magnificent Gothic
Church of St. Xavier. on Sycamore atrsel, CiO'
oinhatf, and Haydn's Coronation Mass; with
full orchestral accompaniments, was performed,
under the direction of Prof. IT F. Gerold, or
gsnlst of ths thurcn. '?-
m 'rf'.
. BT VVm. S, Lowe, of Xenla,' (son of Col. J
Ur. Lowe, who fell at Carnifex,) has been ap
pointed a Lieutenant in the regular army, -c a
TI it as Indlipatabla tut. thit If any Dtnon want! one
X o( (hoM comfortable ABQUIMADI BAV1!E OVER
COATS, bt will niuill; find them In Urge quantltleiat
IB any penon deilrom of awnlof on of the UU etjle
( BAATIS OTIB COATS, with MM atUcbed.
don't break your beadi to Itara where to iai them, bat
o to the
.'!... Oppoelte the Bute Houw. . .. -Vive
nlH Bad the mart to all o1ra, tf t by ' ' '
5 1 :' : ' : marcus childs.
TfD Ton never wear anv ot tha BILK MIXED 048-
XJ BIHBRI 80IT8. which ar Mid at tha Capital OUT
JUVMar nun in ana yoa win nna inewi m piiee, at
YOU may alto b In want of PARTS ens TI8T8, and
ther M bvt on eatabliiameBi In Um Wt where
Panta and Ve.la are to b bad la all atrlDet. ahaBca.
ttylea, qnantitlaf and qnalltlei, and that place It tha
1 1 , ..... ...
DOH'T forget the txtnatv aamortnent oT TTJIWI SH
INS) BOOD8. particalarly In WOOLKS SUIaTB,
wbicb yoa can Snd In Bed, white and blue," at tha
LAri 1 AL til X AlUADCi,
Bnparlntmdedl by SUrcas Ohlldi.
IP yon wUh to wear gataaota HI A BE -'TO OR
DEte. yon ean do ao better than to ( 0 to In Her
bant TtilortM XetabllabaMnL Best tha Arcade, and
aelact yonr goodi from a .lock osiprlin all eolor t
n,Ter vioina. uaeaunerea, ciia . eirei ana nusn Teet
iDgi, and yoa will rarely meet with a good fit by paroaaa
MIXITABT aiNTLBMIir, whan tthey eorna to thl.
Hy, at etrannn, and wiikr to ni l CMIIOBM. It
toeMlrbeaeadewatagatoaallat - ;
When a mrta aworlmeot of BLUB OIA)TH and othar
artklea belonging la tha aqalpiga fit an officer oan be
naa at Tory mouerata pnaea. t ., v. , - t .
utnorteaiiat . .. ; -.
; fllarcus Cltilds's, .
Proprietor of that eaUnilra tnulnau locality .
Sit 9S maiA t& I1IGU 8THF.r:r,
t ' OnfuMltil Ih Statu TTrttiMk
New York. I am now prepared to offer to tha Dahlle
a moet excellent auortment of GOODS f OB 0ENI8
WAAn, aacbaa .a.1 -1; "j ix
-JCL0THS, . '.,
CAS 8 1 ME RE 8,. I .
; 'i.' ;.; : . ,' V E 8 T I O N 8,
f h J r - a, ,J , if
jaoti gmersv Mcoitment of , a sc. . , f
of tha rlrhert and aeateit itylei lo the market; all of
which I am telling at the CUBAPBST POSSIBLE
ITrreUt! AttaatfOM Pai to Mitt.
tarV OificereVCloiBiaa;. : . .
. i .- .
Harlnr had lone exparianc la tha Out and Uannfao
tare of Offioeri' Olothlnx, I feel confldent I can (Ire en
tire aatiifactlon to all my patron.
v.. ROSE, i '
Merchant Tailor, .
.Cot. High and Town Btreeta, ' i
aorllMf , . .Colnmbai.Ohio.
Nanntaetnrera mt all klaitls Pos-
Uble aa Biauanryneim
- flnea, Haw irillls, Urlat Mille,
, , . CO. BeaithlllU ... - 1 i .
H f Onr Fortabls Enrlne aad taw Mill - .
Wai awarded tha An premlma M $50 a tha Indiana
State fair for 1300 over tans A: Bodley y on account ot
Price, lightness, simplicity, economy of fuel
and superior character of lumber saw oil.
rOnrBtatlonarrBndnawu awarded at tha nuns Pair
the Bret premiam of $aoB.
oar ronabM anains waa awaraea ma nrn premtOA 01
100 at tha Pair at atemphla. Term., orer Blandy'a Do
Tall 'a. Colomaoa Manntna Vo a ana Bradford A
by a committee of practical Bailroad Enginean
3 . 1
' deoMkwlyaals.
, L... , Hawaik.Ohla .
wuiij&ai nu.. liwiuir,
ATAHTLX band aad for aaW, tha baat qnaJUy of
which ha will sail at tha loweat market prloea. ' ':
Call and exkmlna my Coa before nnrchailni f lie
where. "- 1 - . ' '
' Ofllea at tba store of Bradford, Bnydam at Co., bead
Of, Canal. - -
1 , . , -n in; t. v, w. bui van.,
Kd 23 South High Streety Columbus,
, 8000 yards IiareUn . Cnaa flooda atSX, valoe
1 ixftoenn. .
t5O0yarda Trarelini Dram Oaodi at )9K. valaa 90 eta.
SOOO yards Kofllih Baraea at 12, valaa SS centa.
1000 yards French Organdiei at Xiji, ralije 90 oenta.
900n yarda Peat Colored Lawns at 10, ralae Ueanti.
Vm yards Poalard Pram Bilkf at 37X, raise 50 ccnti.
IMiOyaraa Bopar nam jiaca diii nem, raine 9 1 zj
Bobee of Organdie Bcrage, and Bngliah V crag a, at one-
if fh.tr va.,..; ; t ;;; MWl'Mtf.V-
iB X ' J9 Booth Hih Btreat' '
V BHAWLS, la new dealrne at OS Valaa S 00.
LSOO yards Sops Plain Black Bilk at 1 0Vala
1 SJayard.
Prrneli Martnoa, 6?t eaats Talne STH aU a yard v -ti.-.:
. 7tcata raloeet OWajrart. i
' I ' c , -' BAIN at P0f
' 9oS .t'LUTI a Bos W goath Hlfb BtraeC
nENTLlflliatl rCKNIsniNG
esvsi. . -
KoreltteaJn Mack Tret anS Bearfa. J
M . M Byron and Barrota ColIariV"" " "'"
t " M Xnbroldetiaa Pocket Bandkercbtrni-
Parts KM OloVea. anparior maka. -J '"-
h Oolrlea Hill Bhlrta,Tartaaaetyk)ty , a . k
CDrrftajand Street eiovca, do " ' ' . '
- . Hemmed Peoket BandkaKhialk, Tariaa. atylas.-
. Half lloet aad Under Oarmaals.
eprTB ' no. B9 loath Blch stmt
"ggFir-T '-f-tf" " 111 ' '
From all Parts of the World.
A Fight near Newport News.
The Maryland Legislature.
The Rebellion mast be Put Down.
Outrages on Union Men.
The Everlasting Slavery Question.
&c. &c. &c.
&c. &c. &c. A Fight between Union Gunboats
and a Rebel Steamer.
sbarn eneaee
meat between the United Slates gunboats Ilet-
ael, Seymour, Whitehead and Shawnee, and a
enei steamer supposed to be the Yorktown,
took place yesterday about, five miles above
Newport News. ". The bombardment lasted
about two hours, eommencinf at five o'clock
In the morning. . The rebel ateemer kept cloee
to the shore, where a powerful battery assiated
U materially, but never venturing;- within ranee
of our gims.-
- Tbt engagement was kept ap with great
vigor.. . a
A flag of trace, In charge of Provost Marshal
Davis, went from here this moralnar to oonvev
Mr. Pangborn, Conaul for Saxony to New Or
leans, to Norfolk. By that means we learn
that the rebel vessel engaged in the action yes
terday was the steamer Patrick Henry.
The rebels claim that 00 damece waa done
Affairs in South America.
Niw Yoik, Deo 4,-Advlces from St. Thorn
as via Panama, report that the Captain of the
privateer Jeff. Davis waa 00 board the British
mail steamer Trent when Slldell and Mason
were taken, from on board of her by Captain
Wilkes. H t -j - (- r- ,s ;
;v A Dutch fleet of eleven vessels were to be
off Ltgnayra November 7th, to demand satis
faction from Venezuela for having trampled on
the Dutch flag.- , ; --r
- The Dutch Government bad concluded to al
low United States vessels of war to remain in
their ports forty-eight hours to eoal. '
The West India 8teamship Company have,
In- consequence of the Trent affair, ordered all
their agents to forward no more eoal to vessels
or the United States
The aooouota from Bolivia are denlorable
The Commanding General at Lspos had order
ed the execution of over two hundred persons,
who recently were engsged in revolutionary
movements. Among those who bad been execut
ed, were Ex-Preaideot Cordora, Gen. iierlosa,
a number oi priests aud four Colenels.
Arrival of the Northern Light.
Nsw Yoix, Dee. 4 The steamship North
ern Light from Aspinwall, Nov. 26th, has ar
rived. She brings $373,000 in treasure.. The
Captain reports that information hid been re
ceived at Aspinwall that the privateer Sumter
waa at Martinique Not. 'Jib, and that the Unit
ed o La tea gunboat Iroqnoia waa within four
houra' sail of her.
Power Mill Exploded.
SraiNarrLB, 0., Dee. 4jA powder mill ex
plosion took place at Yellow Springs, nine miles
from here, at 7:50 this evening.-' The shock of
the explosion was strongly felt here. We can
not hear the particulars to-night. . J-.'
Maryland Legislature.
Bai.TiHoai, Deo. 4. The Legislature organ
ized to day by electing Mr. Berry Speaker of
the Ilouee, and Mr. Goldsborough President oi
the Senate. :
Ths Governer's message was trsnsmitted.
It is eminently loyal and patriotic He aays he
has convened ths Legislature in apeolal session
in order that they may at once perform clearly
the express will of the people by taking such
steps as seem most effective lo vindicate the
honor and loyalty of the State, by undoing as
tar as possible, snd remedying the evils or the
legislation of their predecessors. . ,
tie un es measures for the pavaaent ot tne
State's portion of Ihe aatlonal lax for the ex
penses of the war. s He says the rebellion must
be put down, 00 matter at what cost. Uur
State must bear her share, and he hopes it will
be done with no niggard band. He urges a loan
for the purpose; also that it is due to the pride
of the House that . immediate provision be
made for raising and. equipping Maryland's
quota of volunteers for the war. "' 1
He also recommends legislation for the sum
mary puniabment of persons la Maryland who
snail oe convicted ot aiding or abetting in any
manner those who are lo arms against the Gov
ernment. . ; . : -
... -u r-" i fi
i .
' BaLTiMOkE, Dec. 4th. Gen. McClellad paid
a flying viait to hia family at Farkton, Balti
more county, this morning. He psssed through
tniy city this evening, returning to Washington
by special train. 1 -
From Missouri.
SiDALtA, Deq. 4. The country west of, here
is again reported tolo overrun with numerous
bands of from fifty te seventy-five men, wbe
represent that they are from Price's army. '
They enter every union man's no use and carry
off all the beddinc, clothier, and provisions thev
oan find, aad drive off all the Borees and cattle,
the larger gangs having bcrees and wagons to
transport tneir bootv. . rnci win undoubtedlv
run to Price as goon as they oan steal enough to
supply tueif waoia ior m winter. .
A detachment of cavalry left here this morn
ing, snd we shall probably soon hear of some
From Washington.
Washington, Deo. 4-Mr. Saulsbury, of Del
aware, offered a resolution to-day In the 8enata
to appoint Edward Ererett, Geo. E.Pogh, Geo.
M. Dallas, Chief Justice Taney aad. ethers, as
commisaionera to meet a -similar commission
from the seceded States, to arrange for a res
toration of the Union and ceeeatioa- ef hostili
ties. This resolution waa greeted with laughrer
In the beiate, and laid aside. 1 '' '
-.Senator Wilson has Introduced a bill to pun
ish ofijeers oT the army or soldiers who, shall
return fogitires from slavery. -- i ..j,
Not much real business will be tpansaoted la
either House of Congress before the commence'
mentot tne new year. ' 1- r -.
Scouts who have just come In report that
there is a foroe ef oao thousand rebels at Ger
man town r alee there ia a large force at Centra
Till. Al Manassas and vicinity the rebels are
sixty boqaend strong, , .
WASHINGTON, Dec. 4, 1861.
A branch office having been established at
be Capitol, in the city of Waahlngton, tbe va
rious distributing; effioes are hereby directed,
during tbe session of Congress, to claca all let-
ters and aewspapere directed te the members of
tbe House ef ' Representatives, - in teparate
pohches Iron ail .otneraiall matte, add label
soeh. poucbes "Cofigress, Wsablngton, . C",
First Assistant Post Master General.
First Assistant Post Master General. THIRTY SEVENTH CONGRESS.
First Session.
WASHINGTON, December 4.
BisaTa. afr. Chandler Introdacel a retolntlan to
expel Mr. Braoklnridra. i-
Sir. Powell took around af aloet It. AA Mr. Brecklp-
i rMta had already reelf nod, ha aeald act bt expelled.
I nr. TroHbaUl Inilated th.t b. tnoaia Be eipc.ica, ana
nrta a eubaututt ft Mr. Oaanaiaa a raaoiuuon.aa ioi
lowr -
WmrarAt. Joan 0. Braeklaridn. A mamaar at Ull
body, baa Joined tha enemtea of bia eonntry and It now
in arme aaainat tba Noranimaat as aaa aworu wrap-
port; tharafora, . "
Kaolvtti, That tha traitor Braeklnndfa aa tzpeuea.
Mr. Ohandlaraosanlad tha tnbttttata, and the reaola-
tlon at thai amended waa unanlmoualy adoptad yea. 34,
aajeaont. NotTotlncarabeent. Maaan. Bayard, Bricht,
Jobnaon of Tenneeeao, Johaaoa of Mlaaourl, Pearea,
Palk, Powell, Blot, Baulabnry and Wlllay.
Iba followlna atandinv aommlUaaa ware annonnoed..
Phay art tba tamt at atlhs lMteea.lon. wita tba follow
Ins changaa. - . 1 -
On Porelf a BelaUooa-Mr. Harris ta tba place af Mr.
Oa MUllarr Affair. Mr. Batmlth'ln the Dlice of Mr.
On Public Landa Mr. Oarli.la In the Dlaoe of Mr.
BlDfhaa. .
Oa Panalona Mr. Wllley hi plaes of Mr. Bingham.
On Territories-Meaara. Pnmaro and Oarlllle tn place
tf Mr. Bakarand Mr. Braoklnrldn.
the committee on Bnrolled Bltla will eoniltt of
Meaara. Browolnf , Willay and Baalabwry.
Mr. Wilton oilled attention Ua lUt of colored per
torn confined la pritona la Wuhlofton, lent there by
paraont calling thamaelrat Ju.tlcei of tha Peace. Tha
report had been made br Detactira Allen to tha Provoit
Mr. Nelaoa Introduotd a retolatloo for their releaat.
Mr. Hala admaatcd Uia aeaenan of tha neolatlon
Bt r. marked that wa arc aow anpportlng tha tlavat of
the rebel! for them during tha war. Ha tbawght thlt
oountry tha moat corrupt, from tha Baprtms Coart
down, of any othar In tha world, tba eonraa of juatlca
in true city was moat extraordinary, tit argoea mat u
wu tha duty af Oongreai to look Into tha admlnlftratton
af Joatlea In thla Diatrlat. - '
Mr. Wllaan ramarkad thatbt bad vuited tbett poor
pertona la Jail and witataaed tha tulnre of which bt bad
epoken, and the cruel condition In which lnmalaa wan
placed. Ht tndortad tha vlewt axpraaaed by Mr. Hale
at to tha admlniatratloa af luetic In thlt Dtatriet. H
waa willing that hit rteolaUoa should ba referred to tha
Judiciary Committee. .
nr. aiouougall taggeataa that intttad or announcing
tht admlnletration of Ju.tica -a tha Dl.trict, thty thoald
propote a proper rarncd and dlacaat tlha bett modt of
Mr. Petiendeammaikad ta tha Bcnatora. that durlna
a former a. a. ion, whlla Uwat prupotad to make appro
priation, for withholding tha moans for othar parpoeea.
Tie., ror wa proeeenuoa or ta war, waa urged, aa 10
tha Judiciary ayttem in thlt Diatriot, ha had for yean
looked oa tha hopala.ineat tf reform, bail now bt taw an
opportunity for a changa, and thereto, wlahed that
tha ratyeol wool he rally and properly dealt with .
With regard t fuglttv tiara than waa much feeling
oa that qaeetlon, tad II we Intimately connected with
the aiffioultlej in which tbe country it now tnvelrtd.
Be would mete out Jaatlct and dltcriminata at to th
bt debate waa further continued. Among the apeak-
era waajir. Siuan.r, In aarnatt approbation of bit 00W
letgue't Ktolution, which wu referred I tha committee
on OletVlct of Columbia Affaire. .
Oa motion of Mr. Clark. II we resolved that tht Mar
thai of the Piatrict of Oolumbia ba requeued to report
Immed aloly te the Benatt tha name of all ptraona now
conSned hi th jail of th City of Washington, with tha
oaatat af their commitment, tbe namee of tht augia-
trattt by whom committed, tba length of their imprlKn-
meat, and th namet of tht p enont who mad toe flnt
Oh motion of Mr. wilron, It wit reeolred that tie
lawt now in tbrce within tha Vletriet of Oolambia rela
tire to the arrtet of lagltlrea from tarvlca or labor, to-
S ther with all other laira concerning peraont of color
tht Di.trlct of Oolnmbit, bt referred te tht committee
on the District of Columbia, and that the committee bt
further Inttruc ted to eoneider tht txptdlency of ibel
lablDi tlarery In tht Dlatrlct, with compeaiatlon to tht
loval ovKara of tht tlares.
UXm. Wilkinaon Introduced a bill to abolith ihe diitlno
Uoo between Tolunteera and regluara.
Mr. Baulabury offered a Joint retolatloo which Is at
Wxruit, Tht people of tht Btatet ofvlrauila. North
Carolina, Booth Carolina, Georgia, PlorMa, Alabama,
Miattaeippl. Loudlaoa, Tcxat, Arkanaa and Tanntaae.
an tn nvolntion againtt tha tonaUtatlonal OoTernment
of the United Btatea, and hare uaamcd to accede from
tbe Pedenl Union, to font an Independent gorernment
under tne name 01 ina oonteaerate Bute, or America;
and whereat, tht Congrem of tbe United Ptatei, appror
Ing of the eentlmentt of tht Pretident In hie annual
meemira that the Union mntt be pre .erred, and hence all
dieposablt mesne mutt be employed ; aad btllerlag that
kind and fraternal feeling between tht people of all tbe
Btatea It lndltpenaabl to the maintenance of a happy
and protperout Union; and being willing to manliett
aucb feeling on their part to them; and that peace may
benttored to thle diatracted country, and the Union and
Oonetltntlon be pKearred and maintained; and lnrltlDf
tbe co-operation of the people of the afoma'd Btatea In
the asoompi'lahment of thlt object, it desirable to each
tod till
Jtetolttd, That Millard Plhnore, Fnnklln Pierce,
Boger B. Taney. Edward Brerett, Geo, M. Dallat, Tbot.
Swing, Horace Barney, Bererdy Jobnaon, John J. Crit
tenden, Geo. M. Pugb, and Richard W. Thompson, be
and they an hereby appointed Oomminionentn tbe part
ot Congress to confer wkh a like number of Commie
tionera to be appointed by the Btatea aforecald, for tht
pnserratioa of the Unloa and the maintenance ef tbe
Conatltutlon; and that they report the retult Meaidcen
forenoe to Oontear for approral or rejection
Jtmolved, That upon tne appointment of Communion
an at henby Invited by aaid Btatet. and npen tht meet
ing of tbe joint commlaaton for the purpoe 0 of confer
ence, the eforeaaid actiTe hoetllltiet thali ceaae and bt
tuapended, and thall not ba itntwed unlet aaid 00m
mlmlon ahall ba unable te aaree. er in case of an agree
ment by them, talot agreement thall be rejected either by
uonireaa or hr the aioreeaia Btatet. .
Tht retolation wu laid on tbe labia.
On moUon of Mr. Sumner, It wu
Btecivtd, That the secretary ot War b reqaeiled to
farnteh to the Senate eopiet cf any general orden lo
th Military Department of Mi.iourl relating to f ugltlrt
Mr. Hale submitted tha following, which Ilea over:
IWWWI. a tim uv vwiwulw. iw .uuiiiwr w ui-
trocted to inquire into tht expediency and propriety of
abollthiag the preeent euprame Court or the United
Blatea, and tftabllahlng loatead thereof a Bupreme
Dour in ponuance of toe proriaiont 01 uia uonautu
tlon; which, In tbe opinion of Oongnet, will meet the
requirement of the Oonttitutioa.
. Amonr the billl Introduced wen the follewlna:
By Mr. Latham A bill te eetabliah a line oftleam
mau anipf netween eau rranciaco ana naangnai, roucn
Ing at the Sandwich Ialanda and Japan; and the bill to
authorise and facilitate mining operationi In the State of
Oregon aad California tn tba territory ef tht United
Btatet. -. .... ' . ,
Hones. Mr. Hurley gart notice of hit intention to
Introduce a bill to connaoatt all property belonging to
persons In rebellion against tht Gorernment of tht Unit
ed Bates, Including persons recognised as alana, who
shall ba made free men; and to proride for their employ
ment during tbe war, their subsequent apprenticeship
to loyal masters, ana tntlr anal oolonltauon.
Mr. Lorejoy, from the committee on Agriculture, re
ported a homestead bill.
After Incidental debate, the homestead bill wu re
ferred to the committee ou Public Lande.
Ur. Upton introduced a tail -for tba rettorauon or
Alexandria county to the District of Oolumbia.
On metka of Mr. vallandltham, a resolution wu
adoptad, requttting the Pretident to communicate to the
Bouse, it net incompatible with th public Interests,
eoplee of any communicauocit aoareeaea to ine stxeca-
ttre br in uortrnmenm ei ADKiena, epxin ana s ranee,
in regard to tba armed lnterrention proposed by tbtm in
tht .flairs of Mexico, and any tther information ba may
hara ta oommunieale. '
Mr. Butohln Introduced a joint letolutloti ccnotrnlog
the rebellion th otnaideraUaa of which waa postponed;
also th following:, i --
Wassuaa, It hu been repretented that than an con
fined la tha Qorerntaent Jail forty-fir prisoners whe
an not charged with crime, but an represented at being
slaves, therefore,
Beeolved, That the committee for tb District of Oo
lambia be Instructed to Inquire into tha truth of said re
port, aad by what authority they are confined; who arc
the reputed owner, and what legislation If any is neces
sary to releae tbtm from imprisonment; and lo prevent
person! from being similarly Imprisoned hereafter; aad
to report by bill or otherwise. Adopted.
Mr. Pendleton Introduced, a resolution which wu
adopted, Instructing the committee on Military affaire
t report what change tf any Isntotctary in tbt modt of
payment of Solditrt who an htld at prisoners of war.
Mr. Cox Introduced tbe following, which wu nfernd
to the committee oa tbe Judiciary: ,
, Wntaait, Tht exchange of pateonera tn tht present
war has already been practiced Indirectly; and .. inch
txohangt weald not only increase the enlistments snd
rigor of our army, but subserve tht highat t interests of
humanity; and u such exchange dees not Involve the
saeornltion of tht rebels u a (Government; therefore,
JtMolotd, That tha President of tht United States be
requested to Inaugurate and systematise measures for the
exchange of prisoners In tbt preeent war.
Mr liolman Introduced a preamble reiterating the sen
tlntntt contained in the Crittenden resolutions, adopted
at the lMt session, In affect that the war was forced
npon us by tbe dlsunlonists, that the only object In car
rying it on by th Doited States it to r-tblish obe
dience to tha Oenttitatton and tba Union; and that,'
when Lhasa object an accomplished, tha war ahall
cease, etc. . - - - -1
Mr. Holman's propotltloi oonoluded with a resolution
re offering these sentiments. '
On motion of Mr. Stevens ef Pean. it wu laid an the
table by a vote of 71 against OS. .
Mr. Dunn offered a resolution Instructing the commit'
tea en Porelgn affairs to ineulre Into the praotloabUlty
and expediency of prooaring tbt right and privileges of
sett lament in any part of this Continent or en the adja
cent Island south ef the United Btatea, for tha habita
tion of In persons of Attlcan descent who may choose
to emigrate thereto fron the United Btatea, for the
formation of Independent ce tcntta, to be protected from '
fsnlga molestation. , Adopted.
Mr. Lorejoy and Mr. Conway severally Introduced
proposition on the subject of tlarery, the consideration
of which was postponed. I - , . - '
Mr. Watte, delegate from Hew Mexico, Introduced a
preamble concluding with a resolution requesting tht
Secretary of War to report to th House wbat measures
hare been or ought to b take to expos Major Lyade
and ether army officen who may be guilty of treason or
eevardioe In Sarnaderiag a targer and sa peri or foroe ef
Catted Btatet soldlwa tt Irxaa troop, a that tnooe wa
an innocent stay be rehired from blame, etc. Adopted.
Mt. Bntchins uked leave to Introduce a bill to abolith
slavery In the District tf Columbia.
Mr. Cox objected.- I r I ".. P 9 ' T '
Adjoaraed. i - ' .'' "
From Kentucky—Federal Troops Attacked
at Somerset.
UmrrrUtE, Dee. 4.Tbe, Trovost; Msrsial
ordered all retail liquor establishmsnts to
close at T o'clock, every evening, until further
orders. " " '
-The- dRWrtmcnt-rjf" the redera! trooPBrra
large numbers, in and stound Louisrille, elicits
ue encomiumB oi everynoay,
Captain Buckohurl, who hu raised two cav
alry companies tor Colonel Boyle's Ksntucky
It r
avalrvreeiment. and who refialved seventeen
wounds In tbe Mexican war, was yesterday
elected Lieutenant-Colonel of that regiment.
B A letter to the Democrat from Somerset, on
tne cocoenand rivet, says lioskins s raaerai
trooos. enoamoed near Sommerset on Cumber
land river, were attacked . by rebels who had
planted artillery on the opposite side of the riv
er, Sunday last. Tbe eorreaptmdeot says one
rebel officer was killed, tut given t lurtner
particulars.""" , - --,.-w
Tbe thirty-seventh "indihlrtyBghth Ohio had
come to relieve Uoakios with artillery, . ; .
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Dec. 4.
poto an vaw ror pearia.
COTIOM Bnlted and prlcet adranoed
sow aatea al xkc lor Middling Uplanda.
, PLOUB Ike market la abade Sneer and ntieea
an without much change! demand fair; ealet ef $4,000
MliatOi ' 40 for rejected: 05 35BS 40 for auo
atate; ti iiiBi 60 for extra etate. 5 MMZ 40 for auner
Ana weatarn; $i totga 80 for common to medium extra
western; $1 80(gM SO for shipping brands extra round
hoop Obw and BS Otk$6 75 for trade braadi do, market
doling arm. Canadian flour may be quoted eteady
with a moderate demand: sale, of 850 bbla at Mi 3508
S 40 for enperflnt; S3 407 SO tot common to, obolct
extra. ' -...(-, ,
BYB PLOUB (Julet aad tUady with moderate taltt at
syiouoit u, ...
OOHH MB AL Quiet and unchanged.
WHISKY Lets actl re, bat wiitbout chance; ulet250
barrelaatirtiavixc. . , - i a ..
WHEAT The market opened dull and eloeed a shade
easier, with only a moderate demand for export; holdera
owerer exniou ao rery prcatlng desire to realize
tales ol 41,000 butbelt Chioaeo asrinsr at Al 20ai 25
SlOOdo Bacint spring at fltO; 50 000 do Milwaukee
euunat 11 X7ti mi; iw.OOSdo amber Iowa at at StKaS
180; tbOO do red elate at t 31X; B6.000 do win tar
red western at 1 1 31S1 30; 19,000 do amber Michigan at
1 Wl 38, tbe latter for very choice; 11,300 do whit
Indiana at Al 151 38; 15,500 do whit Mlchigaa at
1 4411 48; 6200 do white Kentocky at (1 47; J!t,800
uv vaoaaian ciunat fgi avcavi JU. ' w '
BYE Market rather easier; atlei of '4 500 baihole
at rwsMUe.
BAKtAlf Unchanged; tiles of 13.200 bothtltt att at
COBB Opened a shade firmer and closed eteady al
abont yetterdayt prtcea) tain of 148,000 bath at 63J.C
l"1 mixra wettani; uftsioue ror good te strictly
r""""! oivaioiatmiatoso lar anoaiaadat 050 In
Store. ... - . ,
OATBSall and hoary;, eant at 43948c for Jersey,
POBK Market eonUnne fair, but Is without material
Change in price; tale 1060 barrel at BI2 40JI3 for
meu; H 50aV8 75 for prime. Included Is ealet an lots)
mim pimvnmsueiiTeraoie in January.
BEEP The market It men ectlre to-oW. and a
tbade Srmtr: aaln S500 barnlt at $494 50 lor conn
try prime; 5 01XS5KI for country meat; ll S0SI3 SO
oi .""' 'Jn otx tor txtra meat
rnmt mm beef quiet and unchanged at tie1 3)20.
We notice ealet of titj tit roes ef India men at B28.
BBS HAM8 Inacttrt.
HOOS Dressed, an In entire demud at $4C2i
75 r -
aJ.KJSi ..HA-sa-al
wniui,, miswi ior oia name and BK(stYc
for new do. n
BMOKEO MIATB-Idbetlee WAIMflT fltrirl Sari 111 aalVa.
easier prloea; sales of f 0 bhds a) 6 8ac
BAOON-gldeeflrm and In demand; tales or 1000 boats
III ni' 5u,n5"Ul,d "Uldlts; 7xSc for long clear
and 8X0 for abort clear. . .. .
-I'KD Inf1r lot nd prlcet unchanged; tale of
50 tierces at BMS)ge aad 300 kegs at j,o " "! m
BUITBBjtrm, at HiSlSt for Ohio, aid lftS3o for
OHEEgB-SltadyatBaSt , , ,
COPf EB Quiet and wlthant --7. i. -j...
salet of 100 bags Bio at 16J.c and jOO mate Ci Ion at 19o!
Bio It nominally unchanged.
7JBB ry quiet; itUt of C hhdt Cuba at
Mut,aeBi.s In fair demand; sale of 15 hhds Cuba
Mntoorado at 27c: 36 hhd.andhhi nrhutM . iian..
S?i!.Po.rtoElco,40:: b "0 hhdt at
3CH'4lc for ce.b.
rl MBNTO 150 hagt told at Sjfc.-
MUTMBQ3 15 kegs sold at 50c cash: '
SPIRITS OP TUAPBNriNS-Ontetat v fo. ,,m.
BOO .I--. r- --
h08IN-Ie lewar; salt of 400 bbla at 5 50.
TALLOW Bather easier: lar is nrn a. -
western at .tcf 1900 fca prime southern at Oo.
Cincinnati Market.
PtOUR Bupeiflne Anils a dull market at Si. arut
family of good quality will hardly bring orer i S5.
Bpecnlaton ean see no margin for tht risks of a venture
and shippers cannot get their money back on consign
urui i -
WHEAT Until to-dsr there hu keen
heavy market for wheat;- now th Inquiry ta good, both
from local and Interior miller. An adranoa in price
wu eetabllshed ta dar, saasnly on the atrength of the
ofleringe. Prime red wu taken readily at 85c, and aalea
of very desirable were made at87. White wu scarcely
offered at all. There wereealeo reported at 00 and (K2e.
Tbt rang ef prices for It extends from 87c to 93c.
COttN In ready demand, and then wu not much re
sistance to-day on the part ot buyen to an advance of
cper puenei mating it xeo.
OAT Bare a firm market, bat with somewhat Irreg
alar price. We would quote thtm at S73e ,
BYK-Is In some request at 41c.
BABLBT It tailing mora freely and it hard to buy at
KH Lli.ii too.
WHISKY Recovered a little of tht late Ion In price.
HU uwj 1 iur BUUI II Jl.0.
BOOB-To-day. altbonah d rover, exhibited consider.
ble independence aad spirit, the most of th packers
were quit u stouu u iney nave been heretofore In their
Indifference. Then wen somt, however, whe wen in
the market and tan it little better tons than it h.d
yesterday. Wt widen tb rang of prices a little, and
makt them B3 Busts 35. There wu ana aaU it -, In.
at S3 40. but even S3 35 appears to atrai tha market.
and this figure it consequently regarded u abort U.
v HuiaiaKAaC. M , t . ) t
Superior Court 'of Franklin. Coun-
Joseph Prict and wife)
W1 Bta-lpagallB.,
John Cramer at
al. )
8al in partition.
the aaid Court to me directed, I will offer for tale
at the door tt th Coart Hons In tbt city f Colum
bus, on
Saturday, tb 28th day of December, 1861, .
bet la hour of 10 o'clock a. m., and. o'clock
m., we sonowing desert bed real estate, tilnate in
osumy oi rranxim, ana Brass ef Ohio, to wit;
in remaiaaer or a tract of land estimated to contain
one hundred and Are acres, known at th Old loor
sums raim, seing in tamt land conveyed by John An
derson to hit torn Robert. Joanne. Basdlns? and John
Anderson, by deed dated July 13th. 1839, after catting
off fifty acre, from the eaat tide of aaid tract, which was
setoff to Robert King and rift, la an amicable partition,
by deed dated December 18th, 1855
" Appraised ot (OS 09 par acra. ,
ry.- -qboW. BUPFMAB, Iherlu.
Printer fees, 8 00.- --
k Nor 17, UOl-wtd, . .
" Masted CmmiMioner's - SaW :
JojhuABaldwln,;ad'mVyn ?;'!
va. 5 Court ot Common Pltaf. ' 1 '
Blchard Bnowdea tt al.r -"
U t m lit rented from the Court of Ootnxeoa Plea of
Pranklln county, Ohio, I will offer for sale at the door
oi tne uoan nouee. in int city at comment, Ohio, on
Saturdayathe 4;h day of ianuary, A. D. 18C3,
betwtea the honn of 10 A. M and 4 P. M, the follow
ing premises, tttuatt In tht city of Oolumbut, Pranklln
county, 0-, to wit: . . -
In-Lot No. 395; also, lott Not. 14. 15.X 17, 18, 10,
SO, SI and ti, of fnowdcn'i sublitlsloq ot But-Lots Mot.
33 and 34 of tali city.
Arp-ti!red at Lot No. 30J l.f.'. t3 900 00
, n. Kna. it Mil lt. nil m.1
'i 1, (. lit .n 4 IT MH fWl .
t -t
J ..
r.?.r 1UT - if ,a tn DALAI AM "
V BUW ... B . WW VV
1 .A-" .
i ! ;. , a ft.. W. KUFPMAN, Bhertff, ',
. , ana aiuur vommieaioner.
dtcSdlt-wtd , .e.j.., . , ,. - .
Sherift'e Sale. .
' I Jeter APreuler
vk .
. , ! Thonu Daniel.
Dee. 3, p. SM,
( Baptrior Ooart, '
to ma directed, from the BuperiorOourt of Pranklln
County, Ohio, I 'rill offer lor ukt, at to deer of ah
Court Boat, ba ta city f Columbus, Ohio, ea - '
Saturday, (he 4th day ql January, A.' VI 18G3,
Vietweta tha houre ef IS oVilook A, M. aud 4 'lock
P. Mm ta following land aad ttuimtuta. sltoat la
tbe aoanty of Pranklln, - Btaet of Ohl. and la tb tow
of Worthing tan, and known and described u follow, to
' a?h aorta eqnal third part Of la-lot aamber nlnetr
two (09), aa di.tloTeliked th rtgina1 and rreirdeO
put of the towa wf Wertbragtea, tn said Prank Ira ea
ty, Ohio, swing tb earn preasrea) eonrevad hy (aid
i netware n. xuiier anu aoonna la rat, to tela Tales
Pastel, by deed dated August Siilh, A. s. 1855, .
' AnprtiscA at ttWO SO.
, Prlcter'trtes B8 00. . i "..- .
, noi-dltwtd , , iit,
IrisK linen' -Goodi
, Linen Shirt Boeoln fisan and faaey
a tthlrtln Mil Tli mi i I I 1 . '
' 1
-j- : Llaem Bhtetrnes and Pillow Carina. "
:. v i Uaea Oambrie and Ifsog isnrna. -
.... Line Psskil handk'ls, all slu. -
d -m i ' Llnn Towellings acid Diapem
u V linen Nnriklns and C'Oylle.' A ,
linen Table Clotii.and Batia Lvmuka. '
linen Towels with colored border. " '
Llpen 8 utlr Coverings and Orsak. ' .
'T- Portal at low oriua.
febn Re-nrthHlahstrrti,
. Master missioner's Sale.
...... .
Baawal Panons' Bxecatm rs ... . .
T .T".' . .,- . uprlor Court.
John K. Beyl at all. .
" - -a
DT TIBTVE OF 4 B BRDKa a a i r
Jj lo sue directed from th Superior Overt of P raaklU
Ooanty, Ohio, I will Ter .for sale at the door at ih
r a ,1 . 1 .1 A -1 1
vimrnwiPl m vmwui w -,ninea, on
Batutday. tbe vow aj or December, A. D.
. ! joui,
between the boon of M 'clock a. sr., and 4 o'cUrk m
ths following deecrlbtd real estate , tltnate in the eaaatT
inuiiia mu pm vi vow. w w iw wu m oa aereo
2) eight, (8) nla. (tf) and ten. (10) of 'John and Henry
lllcr's subdivision of lots Bos. els hty-nlne, (8)'ninety,
(00) and ninety-one; (01) of Creator's additlen to out lou
est of Columbus, a delineated on tht plat thereof, re
corded la rolume one, page seventy, of the record of plait
i wma couniy, .. ..
Appraltf d Loll Hoi. 7, 8, at 1300 00 each.
A. W HUPPVAB, Sheriff
. : and Master CommisaiuBer.
Printer t rres $0.00.
norl7-dllAwtd . . i - , ... "
: Sheriff's Sale. .
Pianclt tt. BUry by his next frltLd. 1
, tutryptory, peiiuoner I Superior Court.
Joseph Story ek othtrst Kipondes!!. J
VS. - I VMnklln mii.I.
t me directed from th Superior Ooart of Prankha
oumy, Ohio, I will offer for sale at tht door ot th
win mouso, in u oiiy oa uoioanbui, on -
Baioraay, tne em day of January A. D. 18C2,
at onto clock. P. U-, th followiog described real as'
isu, situate in ricuant township, franklin county'
Part of taswey No. 3800. of tht Vlifclnle M llll.r. a.,,.
reyt, beginning tt a tske In ths southwest corner of the
tract of land, containing cm hundred sores, conveyed to
Jostsh Btvant by Joseph Story by deed bearing date Hay
7, IKW; thence tonth 7i poles to a stake aud four email
hickories and nn elm; thence eul 124 poles to a Make In a
pimuic, lucuce norm vi poles to a stake on tbe west
sids of an elm marked u corner in the line of the Bloat
lot; Ike ore west 124 pole to the beginning, containing
fifty-two and n half acre, mora or leaa; nhiiw.t -
oower niai nereimor mi a ana asslgntd to Mail'
Story, widow of mid Marmsdus Story In said premises
deMtlbed u follows: Beginning at a atake from which a
black walnut 13 inches in diameter bean N. 4iii detr.
A. IS links; thence 8. S deg. W 8polt inl SO links
to a state; thence B. 88 deg. B. 124 poles to a stake In
the west ttne of Yeoman's land: th.m u. on i - -.
90 Inks to a Itikt la the west elde of an elm mw. .
sorurr, incnee b- oo orj. wrt is poles to tit begin'
Taasn or Bau. Ont third in hand. or,a third !
year, and ont third I two ynra, with Interest from tht
wt tuno oy ttortgar. f ,
,ppristi at f u uu per ear. .
,-..A'im,j,."'-'V. HUPPM AB. Sheriff,
' By Kn. Bsvii, Beputy
Prioter'sfec IS Ml . -,. . ,
aavtVeUtssets) . . .... .. . , ,
The Court of Common Pleas Frank-
- lin County, Ohio. -
Joteph Btory
!Doc. 3, pate Ml, Mo.
Bal In partition. -
Baaael 0. Story tt al
tht laid Court to mt directed. I will offer lor u .
public tuition at tht door of tht Ooart Boat, in tht
city of Columbus, on
Saturday, the Slat day of December, 18C1,
between tbe hours of IS o'clock M. and 2 o'clock P. M..
in following described real utata, situate In tht coun
ly ei aranaim at a Btaet or Vhloi
Th undivided two-ninths Ci 91 nf a erll tr.-
panel ef land, situated In th county; of Pranklln and
Btateef Onto, lyUig oa Darby Big Bun, a branch of
Darby Onek, a put of thrlinal anrreiHo. a an
and bounded aad daseribed u follow:
Beginning at a large ttont la the Ban, lower corner
, Josiah Bivent' lot la the loath of said ari.in.i
survey Mo. 3.811; Ihenc with uid line south eighty,
nlnt (89) degree out one hundred and forty (140) poles
at the sontheut corner, corner tree down; thence with
tnaeast line north one '1) degree east sixty-three and
one-half (63S) poles to a bar oak and thru nd elms
north eiahty-nln (80) deg reu wtet one hundred and
fifty ( ISO) poles to a point In tht oentn of tht run , w iih
its meanders, to thl plsee of beginning, containing sixty
(60) acres mora or lew
Appraised at V 15 00 per acre . '
a. w. nnppMiv a,.,ir
Printer ftei S 00. , -. , . ,
novli.ld. ,; ' -,'
Master Commissioner'a Sale.
Lout) Lindtman
VS. . ' . ' r .flnnertAV flArt.
Ilaldimond Crary tt al. J
BT rirtu of an order of tale lo me directel from the
Superior Court of Prenklin counte. Ohio. T will or.
fer for sale at tht door of tht Court House in the City of
Columbus, on
Saturday, the 14th day of December, A. D.
1 10W,
at out o'clock P. M , the following described real estate.
attuate In the county of Pranklln and Stele of Ohio to
wit: -
Lota numbered thlrtv nine r.Kn. fart. na trf.....
ti1Ji,0iLt,"two (4J- ,Dd ,ort three 3). In the addition
of H. Crary and cthen to tbe city of Oolambua, as
designated In the plat of aaid addition, recorded tn the
Keeoruer s otnoe of Pranklln onnty, Ohio.
Ayiinuiru av
. Lots Not. 39. 40 and 43, 950 00 each.
; " 41 aid 42, 300 00 "
Sherltr and Matter Oommlssiontr.
Printer', fees, 6.
Domestic Cotton Goods.
OFFER she most Extensive
mint of .
; Brown and Bleached Cotton flannels;
I " - Muslins;
Barnaley Cotton Sheetings;
' Boteot Styln of Oallco't and Deblnet;
Tickings, Bbirtingt, Glnghamt,
And Cotton Batting.
Also, BlankaU, flannel,
' Ouelmens, Cloak Cloths, etc, etc.
Muoh below regular prices.
BAIN et BOM, '
ctlS ' ; r. n South High Street.
Rheumatism, Goat and Kearalgia,
All ; Mercurial Diseases.
It is a oonranlentty arranged Band, containing a med
icated compound, tobtwornaroandth Waist, without
Injury te th most delicate person.; no change In habits
of, living si required, and It entirely removes the dit
an from th ayttem, without producing tb Injurious
effect arising from tbt use of powerful internal medi
dntt, which weaken and destroy th constitution, and
era temporary relief only. By thlt treatment, the med
nal properties contained ba the Band come In contact
with th biood and reach thl disease, throusb the pone
of the Uin, effecting ta every instance a perfect can,
and restoring the parts afflicttd to a bealiliy condition,
Thlt Band U also a mostpowerful Airn-Mxxouaui. agent,
and will entirely relieve the system from tbe fwnmtoM
effects ol Mercury. Moderate eatee are cured In a few
day, and we an constantly receiving testimonials of Its
attieacy In a it raveled oaen cf long standing.
Paica 12,00, to be bad of Drwggista generally, or can
be ten thy malt or exprett, with full directions for m
to any ptrt of tht ooantry direct from th Principal
Office, . , , , ., ,
I . lo. 408 8K0ADWAY, jTsv Tork.
." ! G. SMITH 8l CO., Sole Proprietors.
, X. I. Descriptive Circulara Sent f raa, ,. '
A. J, BOHUBItLBB Sc BOB, Paoasnsii, aerrwra. Mo.
77 S. High BU MU f rieod tad Mosmd, Oolaanbna, O.
JD Areata Wamteel Ererfwhere. '
, mh!8 lylsorlstp dAw '.-'-, i
Elegant lace Ilantillas,
iPATTV eJt boKT,
T$o. 29 South High St.,
HAtB nst optuad an Invoice .of very- mrgt and
bandtcma . h '. , .
Wide French Laces roa Shawls.
Very Deep Freioh Flooociog Laoea. Ti .'
Real Thread, French, Cbaotilla ft Qeocveee
Valenciennes, Point i Que, Brussels
and Thread -Laces and Collari, .
... i-..---. f- 11 la svew Shapes,
' ' - For traveling
".. . -' ;.. , -. - . , - . -
Ravelins Preisai' Goodar
, BILES, FOIL B OBIT BBS, v ' , -'- --t
Tbe b,st and most fashtoaabl styles la th ally,
, tt oth High Buret.
j. .'1B4MK AttB JOB C
. Hsrlng Incrsase Its slraady
' i ' : .r sf . , t .
Is folly prrparad to axecat la tht - r"
. J....
' t
And every description of
Equal to
any fjtabUshmeot in tb Stet, and upea
ttnai which win eompan favorably with tb
leading Eastern Printing House.'
Hav-ino; every Facility to aid Vm
We offer our surrioei to all who may deslrs thst class '
of work.
We hart connected with oar BaUMlihment a
Prom whl we prodoc the
FluesBt BleazilK.
Is to beadmitted
ar tr host
In this City, tnd w may add,
Priatlnc Hoaae la the Weat.
(salaBriaw .- t
E. B. AnMSTROWa,- ;:
i No. 17 East Town Street,' '
A Ursa stock cf tht GOOD 8 HABIT AB oa
i .- , ... . ; ... -
Tte BUaa B'rtiriclal- Help se 4at7
II aaataa i(k ever I .. ... ,
. iOSSfO, 8. 1TES1EY, -.-t-it.e,
seat of the moat improved kiud f Bpaeteete,
ail kt QJatssa, whether for near or ftr-slghted, aie
srsmnd la eosrsv fnrm with lb freates ,
e as t salt the By all e, wrlna vSeasneet..
Diaslnes er InSaaamatloa ef the By, aod sssparUna
Mrenrth fur leas; reading or flnt awwinf -
Olttce, Bast State etreM, ex Sellaer Sk W tenter's
Baste Store .r,r( f-tr ,v?
snMsVday. - , c j.-.t- - jj,
BLOB A, bj barrel r day toad.
for sals by -
avlS - 106 Boath Utah kirec.
-""Ma .
' t
. ... .
-1 t ilia

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