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"I tUJTDAV WORN INC.' DEC. 8. 1861
MM.M 1 1 ' T "
What is to be Done with the Negroes?
—Obliteration of States.
. . I . i : o J t 1
.o The CnVVd. St.tatGovetneieatBMBtecesetit
li hands as tame aumbee- of runaway
'"ed other stove to protect and inrportf ths
.VMiSrt'Jio.' la tegarto SQnBseeWOBisaea
rlrtlon and smtdotmsnt of alas by the
''amount U to prevail; kid the recommendations
of Escrstary Canttoa and other memUit of ths
.Cailua ar eerrled out. lb Dumber of negroes
v.z-i I V,.. m iika cars of will
so swoll to saveal nundred thouBtuu'.
WtlrtVotpwT W "that this' will bs tt cr
ti,. p mi .uii it otherwise: but hs it
manifestly not lb. man to Urn ths Abolition
tide that Issutlng egelOat w,n
overborne by .ths y-Weewot evs
iinu,.' anfaat we destroy slavery, which sustains
tbi rtbollioo." Prwldeot Lmoow is, ws fear,
ilk. mADv other conservative, bat weU Oodcd
nk r...MdDe noueh to dlicern tht th
de-toaetioa of tUrtrf by fotc lrainrta tot do
troetion of th Unioa. It oanaot bo xtorml-
uttad bt Tiolonca and tfaa exaro'uwaf mlliUrj
donatio 'powofwltboBtTinnlWUtinj oxIaUog
SUU eoTornaiaaU. ' Thw Tmideiit my not
hiTt oooildered tha tubject in thlt light; bat
mDT of Ut profoMd Abolition friendi U
aLd ibej know that their Ulk about wing the
Union U all a abani. fotten p to .ploM the
popular ar and delude weak men who would
hare tome twinges of conscience if they were
ooenly told what the aim of their Abolition al
lie really in. . i ' i n
We gather from the New York, Tribune, that
Vi'e AboliUoutata, though perfectly willing to
destroy the Union by the annihilation of cxlit
log States, are in eome perplexity aa to what
hall be done with the emancipated negroe
after the war Is over. ' Fretident LwcouTt eol
onization tchatne does not 'team to meat with
much' Tavor. The TrUunt eaja the return of
the negroe to their (onaar maatera b not to be
thought of to loava them among the exaspe
rated white of th Botth would be cruel and
Inhuman, and it ia not "deainbla that tbey
should com North to swell the numbers, al
ready too great, in our Northern cities
.What then la to be done with the " contra
bauds" t. The Tribune thinks J" the easiest, the
most humane, and the most politic disposition
that could be mads of tiwa' would be to place
lb tin in Florida under the permanent protection
of the United States." Ia order to effect this,
it proposes the redaction of Florida from "the
rauk of a State to its original condition ot
Territory.". This, of course, can be done
with other Stare State If deemed a military or
Stat naoeaaity.' Th Tribune recommends that
th process of. Stat annihilation b com
mencad with Florida as she is "th weakest and
most defaelM of lb Star States-"' Advan
tage can b easily taken of her weak and de
funeetes condition to oust ber of ber right to a
place in th Union, to exterminate or drive out
brr white inhabitants, and glva ber territory
to the occupaocj of the blacks under th fr
maaent promotion of the Federal Gavarameot.
W bavaallawad to-tb propositions In the
Tribune, because it is the grand toonttptece ol
the radical Anti-Slavery or Abolition warjiarty,
which is on the V'Q obtain at Uaat for
a lima the-control of th Federal Congress and
the Executive. Along with tb abolition of
toeka 4ha' eboliUaa. of States. If
only partial aaccess should erown its SfforU, it
may so disarrange our Federal system and so
complicate affira, that a.iecoastraction of tb
old Union will be Impracticable.
Wa submit to the candid reader who aas a
heart lojal to tha Constitution and the Onion
whether to advocat tb secession of a State
and tb setting up ol a separato and indepen
dent government is a whit mors rebellious and
treasonable to the Federal Union and Govern
ment than to advocate the obliteration of a
State, the forcible ejection of its white InhaM-J
tants.andths coldnixing of Its "territory with
blacks? If Abolition assumes the same charac
teristics of rebellion and treason as Secession
let it rsoeiv,' at th hand of an indignant
and patriotio people, the lams treatment,
Editorial Military Men.
It- sppears fhat Confederatea:'
great military men, as editors, aa wsll as onr-
Waa.' Tha Bostoa Pott thos allude to tb
Richmond DiepuUki.,
It is amusing, to say ths least, to read ia
criticism of otu .editorial, coionai a w wnat
h. not htM dons, but what should have been
done. The tame sort of judgment that, before
tha Bull Hon battle, deoidad tha tb troops
hnnld 'ton- to Richmond," now decides that
General Sherman should have pushed on to
Charleston, and that a doxon forward sweeps
hnnld have bee mad ere this. ' A curious
n..t of tha hlatorv M tht times ia to be this sd
itnrt.i atratfirr. It aooears to bo isdnlred in
verr axUnsivelv In Ssceseia. Tha rttluctio td
ebturdim procaes is allowed to be, at times,
a very nseiul logical way of disposing of ridicu
lous positions; and bow completely does the
Richmond jAsptch plnng into a very sea oi
absurdity la the lollowing ebullition af disp
point meet at me torn uusga ar mui aiung
tkm " -- abera: "W ihouU." it tm-n -is a
frank ex post facta' declaration of strategy,
"have eeotured tbe citvoi Baltimore, ana purs
ed it of the foul vermin who have converted it
lute a nsat for their tribe. W should bavs pre
vented th abduction and . Incarceration of our
Manrfa. who hav been arrested and incarcer
ated only because they were our friends. . We
hnnld have captured ths Baltimore snd Ohio
RailpoadandLbi throwina; a strong body of
niua tha rear of the Yankee marauders
In WSBtevB Virginia have rendered their cap
inr. and destruction inevitable. We should
TwntfftM) North Carolina from. ihvaelon
Wa should bar arrested tbe progress of ths
Yankee arsis in Missouri, and place that gal
lant State ia her true position. Wa should
have enabled Kentucky to purge off the rile lo
custs that infest her... jve anouia nave cnterea
the Yankee territory and made them ' tremble
for thair own capital- W should have taken
Philadelohia. and held it as a pledge for tbe
withdrawal of Lincoln's scoundrels from For
iHu Monroe, ead of bis fleet from fee block
ade fit onr ports." -rTbe conclusion af tbe
Seeessia editor undoubted! is, that had this
been all dooe Charleston would not bs now in
dan rar. ... t .
W WV iatiua' "nick of woodat' aa editor
who is i fair offset to the editor of the Ditptiek,
in th person of the editor of the ' Cincinnati
Commercial. An article In that paper of the 5th
' eommence by saying: ' '
The stereotyped excuse for the failnr of th
arms of the United - States to conquer tbe ia
auresnU with th celerity that th immensity of
ta reSOurvVa Ul Ul v.'nuiusiii, .uu u turn-
minence of the danger that the war will become
a "remorseless revoiauonatj air-aggie- seems
to demand, is that, the Junnrreouonarv State
were preparing for bostanies long beiore ths
loyal Statwers aroued,a&d that ths loyalists
were, in 'a remaik&bis dej-ree, uujrepared.
There issomxt'tg in tliis, but , too .touch i
made of H. Tb Jailor of our commanding
GeneraU scd of the civil Administration to r,p-
nreci'vte tb value ot tlia, is chief
eou oiiij put ;..- 1.7 4 .; .
tb Cebu. n- ta ii 4. j v" . , .
T.s C ""'.'' ca jroo to glvsute
" if," as follews. v
It Is wll known that Mants- Junction could
bar been taken williowt a iob trBggte.il
Geo. Soott hadcermuted th troop v r
...j .v.a th.. iMtnouki Lb reu-
stronghold and otragelie poaitumr oii
beeo poeaassed and fortified as a:Iy aa the Af
a a
Usctoa Ueifibta, aa
Lu7aiU ahi; hU k -o-e the
woeld hav bseaawujee vwm
gl Virginia. ,..,'. - , ,
irtt thd'uot "be'nfot taa Wglsef
n.... .nit Tan Geo.. Fl'CO .avelt Save D
...k... n4 iti war la Uiasoiul andsd."'
It Ceo. Hill bad fully nadaratoad the salna
lima, and Il'irtJ D COniidaaOe Ui UO i
of the volunteers, hs would have captared tbe
whole army ol Gen. uarneu.
- If the troops sent fross PaducahUJ aiarch)
ed a half day sooner, and tit had-aoia) is
ih.ttimmnitarT and tomoole&teoatditioaof Canv
Smith, they would have reached. Cotomsae,
whea the rebels were nearly all e tbaaOev
sid of ths river, and could hav taken the place
with tbe greatest ease,". eto , .
"If Geo. Benham had promptly obeyed th
hmIjm af. Gaa.' Rosecran. Flovd and- his
hole ersav weald bare been takes, prisoners.'
t lf ms aroma hafl keen mmiiim to pwsm
Zilllmffa wbea he was whicred at Wild Cat,
his baggags woald hav been takra with'.a lea
mile o? tha battle groand,n etc. .' . .
If, 'after taking Hatteras, a taUlla af light
vessels had beeq ready to ante ta Ksrth Car
olina Souida." why, than ea araay would havs
takaa Norfolk a ad frtgitened th poopl
South Csrollna and Georgia loteaaaly.ssd .they
would all run awsy.aod wa wosua aav taurgi
There, now, who wilt not say we have sot
furnlshtd a complete match to ta Richajaail
Dispatch'. IWhy if it tha President eaneet e-
cure tha servhssa of the war editor of thei
tmrtitl? ; Then we should havs no oceasion for
all these ifi)' and. "auds.Mi.
, What a wonderfully eeswrwr as4 soeceMral
war wswould have 4 stifc, it thebeniger
aula ecald only induce those two military edi
tors to relinquish tha tripod aad aarame
maud! .. . J
; We snppeaa the editor of tha Commercial
could not get along very well unlese he eould
prevail on Fiuon to take a posilioa est his
staff 1 r e: ''
NaMuotr, la his Cnt "campaign rods f
horses' to death fa three days. Wa have
doubt but that lh editor af tha Cawnef
would use op at least a dozen ia half that base,
giving orders to the different divisions ol his
armv. Thei we should have no blaaders.ead
require no "ifa.;
Modification of Secretary Cameron's
' IVe'gave in our last iasaa aa abetraet af the
Report of the Secretary of War, with biars
marks in foil on the "contraband" or negro
question. Ia relation to this portion of tb Re
port, the Washington eorreepondenlof (be New
York Tribune, tinder date of Dee. h ginea the
following account af a difference bet rare Pres
ident I " aad Secretary Cawxxow: . ' ,
The Secretary presented his revert to Mr.
Lincoln oo Saturday. On Sunday atarnooai he
uiled it to the princloar papers ot the Aorta
and West, aa is esatemary on the day preceding
tbe reading of the Message. . OaSuaday sight
the President, baring found time to read it.
found it not in bis beart to agree wita ue beo
retary's doctrine of ths right aad the daty ta
make a military use of tbe Slavs of rebels
as arm them, if necessary and ia all ways ta
e them ss we wcatd any other property of the
rebels ta iuppus this rebellion. He sent tor
Sir. IMmeron, ana rcqnua aim w supyi wm inm
whole portion of bis repor-, on the ground thai
its recommendation was premature aad ill
timed. The Secretary promptly and resolutely
refased to suppress a word of it. ' The diaeua
sion between them, was protracted. It ended
as It began, th President insisting spoa tha al
teration, and the Secretary respectfully bot
firmly refusing to change a syllable of his ra
eommendatioos. A subsequent interview ia tbe
afternoon had a similar conclusion of debate,
but a sew and strange conclusion of Executive
will. The President snnouscedhis purpose to
strike out tbe entire passage about the emanci
pattoa and arming of the slaves beiore sending
ia the report-with his Message to Congress.
Mr. Cameron declared he should not recall or
suppress tha document in ths bands of North
era and Weetera editors, and that the printers
Wer at liberty to do with his report what tbey
pleased. lAf v,.-.rir.
-It seems that the President did ipeuy ssodify
ths Report by trUuDg ant tb eoariadiog par
ti on, begmniassrith thewettfo, "It hu become
a grave questioaoV detersjinalion f bat shaPJ
be done with ths"slavs,".eaAsnb4itifing tha
bUAwuiPV iVf ''
It Is already S gravs question 'what1 ahali ba
doo with th slaves wao are abandoned by tncu
owners oo ths" advaree of our troops into Sombr
ero terrKorv. s st Beaufort district, in Sooth
Caroline.' The number left withia onr eoctnl
at thar point is rery considerable, ami sua oar
eases will probably occur.' What shall be done
with them 1 Cab we afford to send them for
ward to their masters, to be armed against as,
er need in introducing supplies to maintain tbe
rebellion? Their labor may De nseiul 10 ua;
withheld from the enemy, it lessens bis military
resources, and withholding them has do tenden
cy to indue the horrors of insurrection even is
the rebel communities They constitnta a mili
tary resource; and, being such, that they should
not be turned over to the enemy is too plain. to
discuss. Why deprive hint of supplies by a
blockade, sod voluntarily give rum men to pro
duce supplies? Ths disposition to ba made of
slaves of rebels alter the close ot tbe war can
be safely left to the wisdom and patriotism of
Congress. Ins representatives oi me pcopi
wilL smanestioBabl. secure to th loyal slave
holders sverc ricrbt to wnica toey are entities
under ths coostitntioa of tbeoaoutrj. ;
Secretary of War.
To the President of the United States.
The Report of the Secretary of the
This report furuishes sosse inteseatins; statis
tics regarding the opera tiros tb Geaeral
Land OiUce, tbe busiaeaB of which, the Secre
tary states, has been sensibly affected by the
decline of business throughout the country- Oa
the 30th of September, 1661, there were S5,
555,595 35 acres of tbe public lands which had
been surveyed but not proclaimed for pablie
sale. Tbe lands surveyed.and effered for pun
lie sals previous to that time, sad thoa sobwet
to private entry, am mid tad to 78,662,73 M
eares. makioc an aggrerate of peblie laad snr-
veyed snd ready io sale, of 134.210,330 89
acres. Tbe net income from sales dnriag th
last fiscal year will hardly reach tb eosa f
1 200.000. Tbe grants of ewemp aad overflow
ed lands to- tbe States have absorbed a large
amount of valuable lands and caused a haavv
drain upon the treasury. .The claims of tbe
several States cover an aggregate of 57,635,
.177 10 acres. The bountv laad warrant
scrip issued nnder different acta of Congress,
previous to September 30, lSbl, embrace
..miu af 7I.717J72 acres of land.
Ths propriety of iesuicg boanty laad wasraats
to ths volunteers is, tha Secretary says, a ob
ject of discussion, aad mast be deterouasa cy
rVmcTMs. Ue exorssses bis disapproval af sweb
rrant. for the reason that a warrant Ut 160
acres to each volunteer sogsged as aha servie
wonld absorb over one aunarea sauiioa at
and destrov all hopes ef deriviag aoy rwvaaoa
from ths public laads for many years, at tha
una t me aajraior out mite Bwoant t sr
soldiais. t 1 vi V
v Oar iadiftn affairs ars described as being is a
very unsettled condition, the spirit f rebellion
havinr been instilled iot a portion of tbe In
dian tribes by emissaries from tb inaorreeUav
ary btatos. .1 ss pay men i aanjuuM mass
Indians nas oeen susDvaasu..' -
The Insurrection 4 tfie gontfiS
.t. , tax it - A ctasa
r 3. . Utt.w. t
jadis ra Ware -wBf w-
- .. m-r ai- -M .."J Of tSt,
h Ud aa the nwsa ra.i.3
bof esrwvs.5Jf.f ySAtja tsttU.
saie part W li year. . . - . - . .
rTM Wcro'-ST exarsiJjt' u.a g- ..-"
the aaBroi-at md sarc-HM t-4 fi-ki- saaa
f.tt the snppr's at iiaa Aiuaia Uv srat.
ve vnia bs J" -T. r:.ui.aa
dauiad by toe coa Cue has) atew
Ukaasn IS ast a.tr - warm a-
haadrad anises heard, woe warwcaavwyesi
la the repeoiie af Libena.
Oae pereoai iaa aesw tnavwaaa aa
aa th Castaiai of a sUv, bav-ss;
ril koodrsd capCvas. aad. tm tuaad
of a diffsveat vtaaal ao4 ssetiaa a a
ia torn turn aaaa waawaa iat taaaaea
la the fi.-t aested ease ia senaisj hi ath: hi
th orier Q h) floe ai. la;'-4UiarW Uithasw
to canvictieea aadsaua kawa prainiiiung th
trA aaaa haam swrwassv
Th rwort cbma ama a saatesxeiit a a
eonditiaai. flnanctil 2d visrw-j. af tha dia-
ferewt pata iastitntiooa ia, tM fitaasica.
Interior. [Correspondence of the Ohio Statesman.]
EaiTaa STiTVi Frna & ca;a
yea win perariia Uaa a ahacrw see bS mada
la th bctMilflU TeUjJuai:-S'
sines say laet.aaat tbas we are row soot
twelve miW ChamS Ms n. wtieft w
left oo'the altaraoon ef theKch. The way and
where fix af our rsaovat Irosa what we
sidered ear fmaaswt wfaVr c,iarttta is. aa
yat, a mrsUry to hsth sfissia sad ear.asil the
eocwhsBoa which s!Tst ccau ta Ia the jreari
asa, is act eery Baaaasaas sasaa pride of Qhassaek
aor eeee it Hffeet svach eradu apesi tha
which wieUeawdeetisuesc- Oa tha eHt af the
25th iasa. a asmber at tha eoaif
log ear regimes ware aeti8d to nreaare tare
days ralieaa aai ha ia readiness to take as sci
tiee-of Btarch for r vmQy earfy aa tha morm
icrof the26ih. Ia accardaaaa wick thie arder,
early ia the saoraiBs;, thxocga, a hHsifBg
aad piercing wind, th TweBtp-ffa) kadad an
and flUd fross their cam Kirttfiaiiikrrassk whith-
ar they kaew aat, hot all ta hopes at aa Ohio
or atsaiecky destinatiea. It was with many
regreie, and loegicg looks that tha boya depi
ed from the "Mosmtais. City." a city cf their
'owa modeling izi Bteehaoisia, and apoa which
they aad bestowed so assay days .ad laaar ta
render cosafortable, ta aasr apoa a march, tha
length and davaiioa af which lhay had namcasa
of ascertaiaing- Wa were mtd ex
thirr, however, that w were a aMCt tha Pap-
master at Bauoaaviilet. aad atcaiiw ear pay.
This ssaaraaee, now aver. Eke everything else
psimrfrf with th Twenty f ui, etnea iss ad
vent fnta Yirshua.has proves a beaaryva,aal
wa knew wot aov. afta tha hags ed asarday
of anparalleied sxsoears. wittier tsm Payaua-
tsr, etkwr thaa trwaa rtaar, is ia Westers. Tic
rinia er en the Posoexac Tha whawahiianj af
the gsodteokiac saaa ha a User wsera,'
i bat assail matter ia eowtoacsea with thai
mors dhrset y eancsrnicg tha saldls1 hi
of subsistence and loeadoa af his eaaatesB; sad
abaart this saaa I caw a sat
iSisjeath15ih,024 Yirgiaia Kardererj. as
tha Seessh wer wwat to style as eat our
Cutherward. arrived aa th Sniwstis, ft has
Coraatd aura hard labor aad saderjic aura
hardships thaa airy ether regimest ia
Virginia. Ih "bloody NlaA" TBrfiaaa, ahaat
which ao much has seem said am
excepted. We bam, sender '
which entirely discoarsgsd Doth th InfTaaa
and Virginia troops, as aomalst sad
tial wintss-onartara aa ar ta a tawad srf-
wher; aad was ell wa ssiaBtctg, wiica CaXo
pei severance and hsrLiaod haerfned thai
hich never wecji, have basa ssituai urTafi ad hy
cia Iri(:. at Virgjaiaca; ha all jrym-
peet of achieving glory by bettEcg wSi Cus esr
emy had departed (toey having rewaaiad koaa
their strocgbold; wham griai
LlulhiJ huh sasaiitsi sniTrsrrj Tttli s ribs irf
whit, sad aiade imaeaenale th streama and
moantaioooa roads IcsdTog from tha Saxaaut to
Gtaftoa, we receive freoa aa Indiaae. Ceneral
th aawelcoaxe sommand to march! ui, Xr.
Editor,' march where? Why, to th v
and ta ths valley wscamcia th vailaj-wsar.
sad ia th vailcr war Qefy to ismsia,wit&-
oat tents t cover aa, thoa ww had sax leering
Ohto having locg since bees eonf?esrarj as ami:
for use, anlese ww agaiat haild a
tortkaladiaaa troooa. wh havw far the last
two mouths been rttrmtiwf their ezsaata
yif kftLWrlajJ foegbt haiCaaf Camo -
Ion oa the cusate vrae der, aa thas
valley aad e the spot piupasad farms a maxa
aw! 1 Is wich east we have th grafifyjig
brsutboa ixrted as tost wa sxay agaia
tie aiS and relieve tha "poor Ninth, ww
aaMvrooeaiatisg ear quartera with wat seeaa
to be a part aad pareei ft aa TjdTssLaa,
; JrVhaiwiUathpthotaf thie proetadlBg en
(tr part of our lrllitary peers, it is hard to pre
dict, unless it wIH he to sender the Twenty SAa
sacamtcptibtoatwgisssaia aoiatsf snath art
aad health, aa that ef th Twenty oari Oilo
and those of ladiina T day is th foarsh day
foe as ta ttu "au4 hole.' aad weharoe gaad
ptaapsetsf rsininr here Sanr store, bc
we asm advance to tie saint desigaated aa i
f utore scene of labor, HaUocevHIe. Tsstarday
and last sight a coid rain aoarad dawm, (xtio-
guiatec ama eamp-lres.'aVeactBrr' Ha men.
anbssergiag the brash sbaaties eaastracted tsc
(be parpae iTtteaiing to w ais, taif 0 jefl-l
sht ever shoe mrfH mad t&wiUt,va2lij-
Dgbt enabled tlea to mi ether seBcai Ana-
This Had o Ur old be bad enawgh (or aaan
qa a legitimate asareh, with aprospec af toes-
dung better be for tbeea, bnt a h "kt.8 4 &nly
horritta, taj ri tfck. wh have uiar as the
ethats, are indeed, psetaraa af miaary, each a
w aaldosB wittessed, and oarsar bt aa sndh aa
lltdvtotd bmvs M fcs present- , e"
Oar o2L-rt and saen are emit anted heart
at Uh troatmsmt bastoeTsd.aiid aaaay auter
coBrpIin are again heard, soar swearfcf ,ftt
If the Treaty fiitS wers brought out to To-
liain U he converted into Hhwr ml wood sad
drawers ed water" for tha snpeefal herneft ef
Indiaakas, they had better fsraiah (heat w'ia
axes and beefctts iostsad of gins aad cartoach
hates..; m . : - J - '-; fc "
In soawaal better mesea ta cs-s, I rtmi'a,
have been foe (h leat week dosVirr Sx.Ge
don aad hat bead, ta Fiesta can tv, end ass now'
saf within th Federt! fcies eg i It is aa-
fonishiog lhata MeBWarsahBttoa
ceed irtv all loiiy-Tshoaid. a aUa to eaetaut
pewer I tt.:p it. tut Frfiiy t'r::cs, :i
twslrs mca, at Vejucn,' JT fi aUUs
c . .... . .
tM.iK.Mia.'M.. ka., I
i 00 aatovamrmrifl saau aaw M"
of rct Iatoveavrar ih, and witiia laatntsj ef ft
Stair .aaMiuBl -,r -"- f "
w th. er tmu vaS. .ti
aU: .-.ti" i. fc rrast Jt w y -fl"t
Bksm war Ohiiad 3
nfaaa frw laf -i andi -e aw.aaaw r
r aT gncl elaf Ta ewtar su;
.,. ' ' ":. U - jra aa th hsaskaa. .
OJT W.. ! imia-O" J
TrS. aat S eswjj -siS '
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CLINTON. Gov. Ted and his Late Supporters.
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The Capitol.
WASHINGTON, Monday, Dec. 2.
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