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The Journal and the Emancipation
tf.V'Muatr Vrk
, ; 4 r I ') .- .i It '.
'agitafcfl with mo qu
linn nf npi?ro emancipation by Ibe Federal
Government. Connected with thie ere eevoral
other queetfebeOf sdarcery lees" vital impor
lanoe.sucl MnerUoDQMtlo-ll th(
propfttUtai Suullirn see-Un any aj" hfaplici
ted in the rebellion, the dlslntcg ration of exist
log Staie-tJbi'M-tinilfttton ine 101
reduction of old 'States to a territorial condi
tion, etw " '-'''" "
Tha Journal of thiit bad in its lame ol
jeaterdtv. Do-!)., trU Jwadeo; Cabal
ki.1n.lt is".' Priden.!n which It discusses
ilka BHiBiMi1ftftrinil tinllfft.' ' We select11 a few of
thai ttinvji nnintJ natftaffee in this article forth
aavs aaawra w f " a
purpose of placing before our readcre the pres
ntViewi ol the Journal, and enabling them to
oompare tbew with lla ' future course and that
of the cabal " of which It It the organ. They
will then be able to indue how far the condnc
tort et that lheei were alaoers fa tkelr affected
opposition to radical AboljtionUni, and wbethei
that onDoiUion was not a mere hypocritical pre
tenet for the sake of wheedling Into tbe ranks
of tbe political crusaders egatatt slavery honest,
conservative, loyal Union, meaj t ,
' Speaking of making this war one of emancl
nation, the Jvmrml says: t;tr...as t.
W nnal urnMtll. .and , tnlimnlv DTOtefit
egalnat isle rash and rkdieeTp morement that
would now convert the army and navy of the
United Stales into a1 " anacniue " iothjo mrci
ble abolition of slavery. And this protest we
feel bound to enter, by ne tgneei eonsraera
tion tbat can lena sanction 10 me miuu coo
..llnna- ana MlValiava It W b DBMlled for
ill timed, impolitic, and a breach of national
faith, i n ' ' "
It belisret such, a policy "to be uncalled for
Wwanna nnnecessarv." And it believes "it
Because It oecsrftj At the' moment when the
Union sentiment of tbe South is becoming more
apparent, ana is evwanny roiuiug
slstince with more determine ,vigor than at
1 - . J ' Hr.'H.nA( MMt All n In.
dications of thin; bnt they are nnnanocl end
unequivocal. Yet, If this special doctrine be
annowoae as tne ooject ana purpose oi ia war,
tlment in annihilated. There is.
tbebi tough left but utter subjugation. ; ''Three
montbf ago we maintameu iua wf auuuiijriug
i.aft nf rnn(nn ti in tha Union sentiment ol
th. Rnnth. Withnnt that, these workmen, wbo
nM . dAah with auteaiBered mor
tar." That Union feeling is bnt just budding
into strength In Tennessee, in North Carolina,
r : -. n T... This Nnrth.aaacpn
ID 1UUIB1BUB, Ht . lTr l
blaskof infusion, for mancipatJon.'wonl blight
tbat bud, and convert our uowu iihouim ujj
sonin lnw oar mm utinunum n
The Jurnal'iU6 believes, the policy ja ques
lion ''to be MBssBnicT-V j .w-a. u
Becans lb would produce the effect -stated
above, as to tbe aoutn, aaa wouia woo w uib-
... .nl itiviHatha North, now. hannil. almnal
iiau, BMW m,w - ' ' ' i -
a unit in sappot t,of to-AmmistratioB and the
war. ' - w oaa nign uv iu iau ,n u &Minu
aad New England States, we will not presume
to judge; bnt we ean aeiure ibeaeeoper-zealoue
advocates of ernaneipation'- by tbe tnllitary
. ... . U I 1 . L . .
power, tual toe n cii wuuiu ici uia hiutouioii,
aa a shock upon her loyalty. That shock cer
tainly wooid not overthrow western patriotism,
bnt it would certainly weaken western confi
dence, it is not to be gainsaid nor denied but
that there are in the W eat, and among her most
in..i nannl. heartfelt svmoathiee with Ken-
ivi y v y 1
tucky, with Missouri, with Tennessee. These
tut. rfaaira fhn restoration nf those
Slates with all their rights and constitutional
privileges preserved. .. ' '
The Journal need not confine the sympathies
of the loyal people in the West to Kentucky,
Missouri and Tennessee iney desire not only
to retain those States In the Union, but' to re
store every seoeded State with alf jU '"rights
and constitutional privileges' o tbat, In tbe
laneuaDse ! Gerernor ' Dirmmor.' when ad
dressing the soldier in front of the State House,
"not astar ehall.be erased, fromour natiooal
flag." The sympathies of loyal western, men
are with Union men everywhere, whether in the
nit or the Gall States.?- - -
. The JenrnoJoeeejetep further and believes
that the emancipation war policy "would be ,a
brack national faith, for this conclusive
Umm 4 wnnM ha in enntravaMion of a
an1 nnintA daAlapation. marl A to tha ni.
liOD when, the people were asked to give men
n mnnaw for tha nroaecntion of the war. It
eannot be forgotten tbat, at the extra session of
i;ongreas.ue repraenwiivea in iu pnuuie in
. t i j i t i .. . .
dered to the mitre nation the assurance that,
ln tfcla natlnnal amarirnnAw i von Id haninn
all faeling of mere paasion or reaentment, and
would recollect only our duty U th tchoU coun
try; tad that this war era not waged upon -our
naa In an anlrlt nf onnrflaaioa. nor for anv nar
pose of conquest or. eubjogauoat nor for the
purpose of tvmthmting r inttrftrinf . itilk the
. . . I f I J ' . . . 1 . u.j .
rivets r (tMwiMee wwum e; we .ouiv,
but to maintain the supremacy of the Const!-
. .. . .1.1 r..t kiiL .triL.
inuoa ana preeerva uuiuu, wnu an tug uig
nity, equality and righU ojht teveral StaUi tin-
mptrta." . ," "1
The aBaodocement eT this pltnr end fhls a
surance ol purpoae. .were imaoe w me peopie,
and bv tha rjaonla aooeoted. It was tendered
as much to the South aa to the North.. Upon it
the Union feeling of both sections bad a ngbt
to refy. It wae accepted, too, bythe President
aa the laals upon which the war atould be pros
euledi Aad opuo tnis asiurance k to plan aai
purpose, the people were called upon to give a
ball-a-mlUion el men-aad hundtedebt millions
of mosey to the military service of the Govern
ments Belli tbe men end the money were free
ly, abnndanUy, gives.
Our readers will please note and preserve ft
above extracts. It would seem 'that nothing
more ootid be aikea by tbe'mdev' itoneervaAve
and decided Union men. Kni" yet with all' this
apparent seal foe prejfterring the "dignityflqaaiy
ity and right of the, eeveraJ-. State QOlmpatr
ed," there is evidently e, cental reservation.
The diffarcnea betwtenvlne Journal and the
most ultra radical Abollilonirt W eimplr -one of
mere pSlloy and efpeuleDCy. '"The'radicaT Ab-
olltiouUt would hare bold, mably' lualgb'tfbr
ward wwh--hwjuld'dclaT andjnakb fhe
war one et dlreotandlraraediaU'emaio'aiioni
tbe Jevrnil would accomplish the same end by
iniinttion-it wtmld ' ibolish ' slaviry,' while
pretebdln ta make war solely, for preserving
the Union and .he "rights of the reversal States
nnlmpalred'.' MftTU SOlidVmi.
t The Jturnml affocle great eAtfortenci ol rad
in.i Ahnln.!nnim."Rn't tVifn ii rhrrelv a (fonven-
lent cloak to eoverltst jrjoicy, 'w.hjcf' It will
be readr to throw off at convenient times. It
is at bottoai on the same platform with the rad
Ical AbontionlBt." Jtsajs in the article from
which the foregoing jafratts, are, Jaken "If
JlUw.ftrwava avaw i w w w-- - " vy
to let it be." marklt the latter phrase In Italics.
showing, with ll lte-ntjty for preserving
constlttiuonai privileges, now periectiy it is
reconciled that the wr shall , ultimate as the
radical AUoltiionisis d'eslre. Between making
emancipation tbe direct bjeoff the war and
eking, it a, necessary fnoident of the war,
there is mWcI difference u there is between
txettdledum and tttxtdUdee', end no more.
The Louisville Journal—The Administration.
W copy the f illowing aiiiol4jrora the Lou-
vilU7arefXaiwiot,t paper; or,lecem-
her 6 j Mwfca
-Wb tbtf m-fafhlngf pubir.nUe offioiat reporT of
secretary Cameron, as respeota
of slavery, the report confirms our Vor appre-
hensions. And the most griovoue fcol of 411 Is
tbat the report on this bead oan oe regarucuuu.j
aa as expaDslon of whafthe President says In.
tljte same relaUOn. '1 ne report ei
ieofqeurae eanotioneil by the rrealdent.What
is said by the eoe eoaoeroiog aiavery w uu uc
iliumUuvtion ef what ie-taid by tbe other. Tbe
Secretary ia this respect M o worse than the.
at. . . if. T IM A la ala BN 4 S aVA tlt Ml t
rrcideo aad ne rrmuiva h wnm mn.
t ha Baeratarv. ..The oountrv has little to hope
from either, except .in the disposition that we
tmat bath, have to heed tbe counsels of the
country's own better' judgment and better na
ture. --But these eouneele must be heard un
mistakably (o be heeded. .. When' so beard we
believe they will be .heeded. ' We now, howt
ever, dismiae the Seeretary, and ahall,bereafter
deal with the principal In the oase. " '-'i '
,,The conviction we exprewed in onr columns
veaterdiv and the Course of aotiOO we then pro
posed gather additional strength from' she de
velopmenta M every . hour.. . ine raaioais is
Cocgreee appear t have everything iheir own
wav Tha character c4 the- eroDOeitlone they
Introduce and the Uvor -the wildest' or -tneir
propositions reoeivea are positively hlgbtful.
Consreaa has ooened with a ianatioal howl, and
aeema readv without causa to lean into the
furthest depths of radicalism; The winds- of
sectional passion are nnohavineA. J:. The tempest
is aoroaa, ine ouiowe oi aou-iaverjii '
running mountain high at Washington. Their
fieroa roar ia atnnninB the ear of the' nation.
Tbe lashed and raalnr aea of faaatioism la
thundering against tbe barriers of the Consti
tution, and threatens to eweep them utterly
away. Behind these barriers stands the Presi
dent alone; and he, instead of : rebuking the
storming waves, throws over them tbe witch
ins moonlleht of bis countenance. He bends
before tbe storm. . Is it not manifest that, if
the President is. not Dromntly sod resolutely
supported by tbe conservative sentiment ot tti
nation, by that ibenefiosnt and mighty genius
whose real spell has as yet, we fear, bees felt
eoi partiallj at W aehingtoa,4hers is moste
nous danger thai tbe uproarious sea or- snnt
alavervlam will Dreeentlv burst throorhali eoa
stiiuiionalubarrire end, oarry sway him and
kbem, alike upon its resbior waves) ' .Nothing
appears more taaai.'ett tft S it isppear too
plain for rational dispute.. riti-ta J
vLet, then, tbej oonservative sentiment of tbe
nation, coma p promptly end teaolately to the
support of the Pesidact; , Let tbe great genius
uf conservatism ehake4ff bis elomber end e
oooe lay his spell truly and deeply eo tbe office
charged above all others with the eonservmttoa
of this glorious ark of human liberty and ef
numaa hope, j We repeat what we eaio. yester
da with tie- added esnphaaia.ol strengthened
jThie ds truly: v remarkable position The
JoutaaJ, after sttfnf ttit Am ecrertrr'fs '.reV
port coiificmi 'Its, worst apprehensipDa, hat the
report is bat. an espanaloe ot what the rreei
debteaylf, that Ibe iepbrt' fe sanctioned by the
rresiaeni, tnat wnat is saia py pne is out. tne
flluminatioa otVW is said by the other, that
the Secretary is no worse then the. President
and the President Is nfl tetter tban the Secre.
tary, ana tnat tne country nas out iitus to uup
from .eitbert -. fter all this, the Journal cool
W eaysrLet, theo.'tbe'tonseTvatlve sentiment
of the nation come up promptly, and resolutely
to the support of ibe President.' Whv notsus
tain.' tbe Socretafit, if Jhe ,VPeoretary-is o
woraaithaa tbe Preaiden aad the President no
! Agal aaiajno .fyrntf Theradicala $
Congress appear to hare their own way.'!-
Theis propositions ere of the "wildest" aad are
positively frightful." ' "The winds of Motion-
al passion are unchained.'! ( ''The laahod and
raging soa of fanaticism is thundering against
tbe barriers of the Constitution, aad threatens
to sweep them utterly away.. And worse than
all the Journal says tbe President, "Instead of
rebuking the storming waves, throws over tbem
the witching moonlight ef his countenance. '
And with all this, the JfitrasI desires the eon
lervative. masses to oomeup resolutely, and
support tha President in being "no better" than
Secfetary Cameron, and throwing over the
"lashed sea of fanaticiamv the ''witching moon
lisht of bis (handsome) countenance." Which
would tho, Journal have the "conservative sen
timent support, the President or Cameron?
Army Sutlers.
' t , ' :T ..-!! T.
We copy the following from the . Cincinnati
Timet, and commend it to the proper authori
ties. ' There is fio doubt but that the present
lyatem of sutlers is a great outrage, not to call
, . , , J . r
it a recognised swindle. Par, soiaiera eoeira
but little, and to have so Jarge 4 portion of that
little taked from them by be sutlers, kt such
enormous proCU.'ia a , burning, disgrce tq the
Government:-.. i i ,i tii f mi J s'irn.1 aJJ )i
We learn from tbe .Pblladelphfa' Prett that
the enormous cbarees for eooOs told by sutlorg
on the Potomac, has been a sonrce of complaint
by soldiers for months past. Each regiment
in tbe army ba its sutler appointed ny tne Li
onel, and ttxed ten cent month for .each sol
dier in the regiment. By carefd, inquiry among
the paymasters, I find tbat each soldier pays the
sutler an average of five dollars per month.
Allowing onetnougana men to tne regiment.
tbe sutlers receipts during tne monta would be
five thousand dollars: Hid profits are over one
hundred per cent., but. to make if an even fig
ure, we will say that be Bete a cent per' cent,
profit, which -would ' allow'' hi pi to pocket two
thousand flvJ hundred doITarfl, oo( of which he
pays ten cents per bead," 'or' one nnndrtd dol
lars, for the support of the 'hospitals.1 His
team, boiird,' etc., will not exceed four hundred
dollars and be has then two thousand dollars
left as his net earn'ig In thirty days.';; This is
a fair average of vhe sutler's business, thoogh
many of tbem mal:e bearer three thousand dol
lars, while S few bout of pocketing five tboua
and dollars;.1 Now, what does the soldier receive
in return fof bis moneyt ' One of .the principal
items is stale pies made principally in New
Tork, and sent to Washington, where they are
purchased by the sutlers at eight. and '.nine' to
twelve, cents a piece by the buudred,;and retail;
ed in the camps at twenty cents apiece.'
"Anotner principal item or db sutler s mer
ehatidlai is tobacco, dear, and pipes.1' .Clears
that art bought for $5 per thousand, ot.two for
a cent, are retailed at three to fonf cents each.
Letter-paper' is sold at fifteen cents for ' half
quire, which cost fire ceute. ' ; Whisky is smug
gled out and sold at f i ou a Dottle, iieyond
these - articles, the sotlers' stock Is made op
mostly of einrerbread, confectionery, lies,
raisins,' etc., -with a limited assortment of
gloves, mitten, soaks, and undershirt!. Three
fourtbe of the articlee supplied by sutlers are
not onl unnecessary, but injarlons to tbe health
ef the soldiers, " Wblrky and stale pies are
followed by disordered bowels ind fevers and
it is a reasonable estimate to kay tbut flrty per
eent f thO"hospiflil' tsses result from he
foolish expenditure' of mrneysf the Sotlertf
cribs or crt. Tbe distari reader will ask why
eempttftlon does not reduce the price. 91 goods
to- reasoeaoie tarm; out it musv pe remem
bered that no competition Is allowed .';Tbe pay
ment 01 ten cents per aeaa ror earn soiaier in
the regiment gives the sutler' (he' exclusive
privilege oi supplying the regiment. ' With the
exception ol newspapers no other article is al
lowed to be sold on tbe ground bv any one bnt
tbe sutler: We acres with the Prett, that tbe
whole system is wrong, and to day four-fifths
of -tire-soldier would rrjol8to1)av the Sutler
driven out of the regiment.. The system de
mands tbe attention of Congress.. 1 . , i ij
Posmaenra at Poirr Boras, -a- Joeenh H.
Seart of Sonth Carolina, has , been arnointed
Pottmatter at Port .Fpyal.Jtie details pf ;the
office hare been arranged, and mall matter will
dispatched by tea from new York. Letters
lor Tybee Lland will be dispatched tor Pott
Royal, and thence to the former place.
Mob Law Sanctioned.
I . . j , .. . ,
fThe CleveUnd iseAr publishes the resolu
tiqns adapted by jneeting cf Abolition Repub
licans at Oberlla, Loraine county, Ind signed
b g. Hn FaiBouiLay H. Evaiaf a Picas and J.
M. Fivmi. Tha meehns was called to express
sympathy Voir) the Reveredd Gobok" Preaidint
oiIberle Cbllege, and who W now Jln Jail at
CUveUod or -reslstinf the-executioaf the
Fugitive Slave Law-Htnd beating- the United
8tatea offifff fi he; Resolutions 1te
follows: v
R,IrJ. That while wa da not wish to com
mit ourselves to the' undignified business of
whipping U. S. Marshals, we regard a sound
housing as the least punienmeni toac any nn
deserves whs will assist officially or unofficially
in the return of a fugitive slave and-we cannot
withhold our sympathy from a good and perse
cuted man because, be witnessed snob a ones-
tlsemeat with satlslaqtion.. aao.Tjtno ' t i
. These are a splendid set of fellbfci to talk
about prosecdtiDjttne war lor th't executjo'ol'
thrf laws , The leveland Herald payefe.via
,7 Were arete take that rewlutloo as a reflea
of the sentiment of Oberllu--whioh wa at not
willing, to admit that place, eo fast aa respect
for law and order is ooneerned, cOoid, with pro
priety, occupy a prominent position 1 in the so.
called " CoDtederacy ." Tbe eolence ef bomeo
pathy teaobes we believe that aa over-dose
tends to tbe very disease a proper aose wouiu
remedy. Thus, at Oberlin, there are thosawho
are eo thoroughly- imbued-with an antl elavery
seutl&iaiit, that It produces one of the very evils
of tbe disease of elaverv.) There is nediner-
ence in t'ae matter of mrait-it iU abstract
sense between the whipping of a man by the
aiavery invlot or the anti-slavery tans tic ;6n
Tha Herald states Mr. Goanoit's -offense as
Mm nia.Kr.11t. a ro.Mil.. riflnrtt- MatruKal fn
the Southern District, visited Iberia, under in
structions of tbe Marshal, with process for the
arrest of a fugitive slave, He was aocompanlr
ed by the claimant, attempted, ta execute his
writ as he would any other process, seed 0 tub-
tllity.no deceit, no. underhanded meana.He
could not find the alave and returned to tbe rail,
road station to await the arrival of tbe Marshal
himself, who, with a .process, was, in, searoh. of
atrotber lugiuve, , ' - . -vi y .
' A'crowd collected Mr Barbour, was taunted
as a thlel, etc, etc., bis liia was 1 threatened,
and a loaded' gun pointed at bimt bnt U waf
decided to hans him. and aroDB orodacad and
search madeforjA proper tree for yit execution,
xiuaiij tua two were, rbu to tne wooua, atrip,
fed of their tlothos.eave an under shirt and
panW, ard'oni of the most unmerciful beatings
given that could be and life not be taken-, Bar
bour's krm Dextdav waa as laree as hia les.'and
to this day he, at times, spits blood--the effect
Of that beetles''.' "About thirty dollars in money
were taken from, him and not returned, and the
two' were, left at midnight In, the woods.
Bsrboor feinted .tftca beoraj ;fcbsda'bf
station.''"';;1'";" .
The ReV. Mr. Gordon traveled 4wp m three
mllee to reach the scene, and wat . present on
(he occasion ddrloghe wh.ppibg, and after its
ctose'delivered. tho bleeding, fainting tnaa,
lecture of a number of .minutes, upon the enori
mity of bit Crime; and reminded him that it wat
fortunate to had fallen Into, snob, forbearing
hands, elee his life fcould'bave paid tbe penalty
of .his tm-ewf.': ". ', ;,"4 ; 1.:..,.
' XJordon was Indicted under a, law. punishing
.'.... X T- ' V - 1 ' I . Tl
resistance w an ouiuer, u; vuiuuvaruj, aurjeur
aereu uimseu. waa ibv uau uuun upi uwu icu-
oeoiza&ce, wat tried ,'by a iuri of tea Bepnbli
cans and two Democrats and had as air a trial
The Report of the Secretary of War.
' Truth it the firat muiaite of an important
State. paper-,.wItJi Jt, rbeturio may well be dis
pensed with; without It, the finest toocbesof
the pea cannot savjjbe. document trots coo-
tempt, 5, e,( (j.'l oi -fH' !.:j.TJ :
'' Tbe. atatemenU at Secretary Cameron, that
Ohio baa 81,000 men in tbe Held may be truer
but lor our part, vrrbould leal satisfied, if as
sured that t&s State would have its fnU quota
which it only 65,000 men, by the first of Janu
ary; at it is we are not entirely at ease on that
point. '. . t ' . f-t-wi-rinniiu bM -
' it would be exceedingly gratifying to as, end
no doubt to the people at large, ii tha .figures
given by the Secretary of War were oorrectt
but if there are as many reasons to doubt his
statement with regard to other States, aa there
are in reference to Ohio, we are laolined to
think that the grand army does not exceed
Cin. Times.
A Virginia Unionist on the War.
'' Mi. Segur, tho Union member ,of Con greet
from Virginia, has written, a letter to JVtajor.
General Dlx, warmly approving, the. -terras oi
his recent1 .proclamation to the people ; ef the
Eastern snore of Virginia. Mr. Segur thinks
that this proclamation will do much to dispel
the notion instilled, into the minds, ot the
Southern people, by their designing leaders.
that the war Is designed to Interfere with alarer
ry, and tbat a knowledge of the real -object ol
the Governmentsimply to maintain the -Con
stitutlon would tend to swell the ranks of. the
Union armlet; wherever they appear on jbe
Southern soil. .The President's modification of
General FremontV proclamation iaa greatlj
strengthened the bands of the Unionists in. tbs
Sounh, by proving that he is honest la bis purr
pose to confine the war strict! v to the .mainten
ance and enforcement of the laws. . ,Oft the f
fects that wonld follow a departure. ron this
policy, Mr. Segur saysr.'VV.': '-A, oi' ',
.'"Jt will consolidate the South as a mass of
granite. ' Not a Union, man will, be left iq it.
Tboussndt of rnstlDg swords will leap from
their icabbardt." Every man. in the South, and
every hair-grown Doy, win arm to resist the on:
holy arirression', and the iuccess of tbe Union
movement, and the object of tbe war, will be
attained only by the total extermination of the
,1 -.1. 1.1JU. . .!- " U.I..
peuio vt iuf . oiavv-uuauiug . rwuub .uaaf
emancipation an Issut of tbe war, and froniJUa
sod and Dixon's line to the' Rio Grande,' there
will not ke a man who 'Will ntk 'shoulder, hit
musket,' and spiH nit last drop of blood, 'and
expend Ms last dollar 'Ueisure toBjesist
c''fteRpectiug (he eflocts oU bcniral 'friSmcn's
iii-advieeo proclamation in Missouri, mr.fcegur
adds'."- '' lLu-: . ' "
"?Bni tot j.fncoiuVwise'anJ'pVtriotlo' ta
ferVention'fcnlnst GeneraL Fremont'a uaiwlse
and unconstitutional proclamation, where Would
Maryland and Kentucky, and Missouri and East
Tennessee now be, but hi the ranks of tbe se
cessionists, fighting Against, Instead of for, the
government ana tne union i - . .
We have no donbt bnt Mr. Seotur represents
riot only the sentiments of the Unionists at the
Sonth, but also the opinion! of the massee of
the Northern people, who are so freely pouring
out their blood and treasure for the prosecution
of the war, when be tayt that any tobeme of
general emancipation would falsify the terms
of the President's first proclamation for seventy-five
thousand troops, and change tbe Consti-.'
tutlon in a manner hot. provided by tbat jfnstru-;
A Virginia Unionist on the War. Cin. Press.
Fort Warren Prisoner.
t Tbe Bos too Ttdtdtr. Ih epeaklur of ohef
the personl lately released from '(OTfltie'mcnf ts
a prisoner at Fori TTarren, .says':-'4 .(i'jf.ii
. One of "the rxisocera. ft. M. t rott ann taxes.
at Fort HaHeraa. JUei it H yoasfr, man, a WV
flvs of Connecticut, where bis lathes reMdeex
When the rebellion broke, out b was keeping
toliool at the South, j He jays havwent to Fori
ilatterasto vkilti.a, friend ,amoog Abe Seffioere
of the garrison, and while there tbe place Was
Stormed and captured. That bj,migbt.4t,bet
ter used than tbe bulk of the- prisoaers, he
olaiased to be tbe Colonel's orderly? and 'by
doinj-! be was "messed" with the (ftlcers.
Alter 'their trrlvaj at Fori Warren, he wrote
U) Secretary Seward l-'statement cf : tb care,
and was therefore placed epoo the fist, o Apolit
ical prtfonersi 1 An inviistigani lbrdei'of
Mr"Srard"reeuled 1 in his ttircbarge, Pand
be now goes' borne to ConheetlwtJ Uetart
tbat while tberw are some Igmrant S9 m6n
tbe Hstterel prisoners', the majority of the pri
vates' are of. ordinary ipteliienpe, and. some jl
them are wealthy cWisnav, ;n ii .-t. t-
- - " ' ''L.-'
, i ,
T WkOTiko WonwllW:,JtjFisXatjrwk
Prett publishes extraordinary news from Rut
slk. ;" three, young lsdlet M'dlles .''Corsioly
Blutbnet had Badanow whfl i:tDded the Iee-
tufeTt "th JPaifsrslty St) fatersbarg, law
been ' arretted, and on of tsesf, M'dUe Sada
nw, whipped atthe office of the secret police,
fjr The Toroj to Lder paUilabsetf s. j iter
written by Mr. 1,1. S.HavM, nof 4 ps, f in
rort'-Mfsnoiv.lIo styles himsel 1:- ji sub
leotof Her MalestV.W that he'ia guilty
of, no, Qffe.MogtatihAlJilltfl4 tWlJfOV
ernment, and wants bis friends to demand hit
ernment, and wants bis rienae to oemauu ma
IT Among the abominable Instruments oT
tortur in modem 'warlars, tne-two-wneeieu
ambulance oocupN first fcnsldeTattOB"V5very
one of them' should be utterly destroyed from
the.faee ef ths earthy I H sic;
wound'ed.'We" would prettr'tb lie Vaveled over
a- bow!tw-f aTemmVlrrr wheelbarrow (8 b
ha bonsiirnod to the terrible mercies of those
vehicles; Jte Jbibg faclnJed ftdjajthe ser
vice. -
ST The BosibnVoiirnsl staee that Lieuten
ant-Colonel Rstnolds, ol the Rhode Island
Artillery Regiment, has been commissioned as
the AgenV 6f the'' Government to' superintend
the thipmenV'of 1 cotton ieiaed"'and confiscated
by our military authorities at-,Port,Rqyal.--Col.
Riwolds wlU leave immediately for his
dtstinallon. ' .
t Th'i Tresldentl .Metsagei wa Teeclvetf i
telegraph at San Francisco, and published in
full on Thursday morning. Ml
r' About '1400,000 nas been 'subacrlb'cJ'Vj'V
national loan lu.Celifrrnia,, 'j. urjo m .j-r'y
To my Friends &. Customers.
M ltd, 18ttS,to taoatve ' '";"''w.
Ca'sh -for ..Goods, on . Delivery,
Thli irtm will bentflt tht purcbaier by a liberal ail
count, and ba a great adraataga to mi.
Yon Have my loanu nr lavon pan, ana meir gob-
ftlmianra ta aainutlvanltoitad. .... a.. .1 -
Fertont knowlnt rhemwlvM Indebted to me will confer
eravor eynuiini ineirawouBwioon. . . . ... .,.
' p - ' ; . Mrs. A, H.' BM.14J.,;
nnoiri 'the scBscninEn.'oiv
DAT, tacEMBj-y a, HTSnoi
A. Sorrel-Horse, n .
abo'at lixCecii nludttlga, win a Usae In I: is 'Cm,'saa a
Any person returning him, or giving Information that
may lead tohts racovyvj wlUbe jultablj rewarded
j -'. ' ' iA-mft'JV-V .-.AWi.'l' yAf&Wic
' Colombui, Ohio, Tec. 10-tf 5
f.' 'in r t
To Oontraotore
SJ tt7 af Dec. 1801, U 19 'clock M.,
for mnDl'toath United States trooixat Oamp Ohaie,
Ohla, with eoaiplate rattont. Tha ration to oooilit of
threa-fourtni of a pound or para or naoon.-oran ana
a foorth poaadi of freib or salt betf ; twenty-two ounces
o( bnaa or sour, or on ponna ot nam orcau, ot on ana
f fourth poaods of corn mtal; and at tha rat to vrf
one hnndred rations of tight qaarti of beans or peu. or ton
poandt of rice or hominy; ton ponndfof grata ooffee, or
icht oonnda of taaatM ob iramna ooBa. or ont ana
half poand of tea; fifteen pound! of sugar; four qnarti
sfTlnctar: one nonnd of mm candlas. or ona and a
fourth pound, of adamantlna oandlot, or one and a half
pound i oi lauow eanm;,iour pounua in auap, two
qoart of mlt; and tnric itr Ptvn potato at tht rate
All of wnleh art to be ef a good quality, aad p) bo do-
uverea a sn oonvwiaav aoiaraitn.ft avanja vuaav
at mfth timM aa mir bo rmuircd.
Thii oontract to eoofflenct ta IfflTSOniay'oT jledtm-
ber, IbOii acd ending on taJia-daj ot J ont, 18ti or
en enaing on uta jiiin aaj m a an, -loost or
rllcr.-cUj, a th.Cpianiiarr-flfirat. may
; .' S f V:1 e k ti
tinst M for toaiBca per ration, and addreiied
at taca garner,
tonic, indorsed "Propotala," box 4M, ColumbtSJOhlo.
' , - Oaut. B. t". WALKS B. O. S..
.fata 'all -7 HOSE'S.
Ntw Xorfc, I aat sow prtpand to offer to th rmblie
a mott excellent ajtortsest al.OOODS FOR GENTS
.... ... . ' tA-: t'it . 'el
CLO.Tli 8,-. .'. '" f";
' m' VESTTG NS, -4
And a general auortmtnt of . ii'
of the richest and ntatett ttyin In ' iht market; iilol
which I am telling at tht CHEAPEST POBBIBLK
RATXS FOR CASH. : - . , . . .
ITT special Atteutlota raid to Milt-
iarr uiiicert'. uipiuin v i- it
Hiring had long exparitnc In .tha Cat and Manufac
ture or umctrs' uiouting, i leal tonntktnt i can give en
tire satisfaction to all my patrons.
'.- : mi. : 9i ROSE
'i 'i . 1 .U . J. Merchant Tailorj-
Cor. High and Town Street!,
Bovlft-tf . ";Wf.''',',' '. Columbus, Ohio.
,. iriTERESTirJC .
IT Is an indiaputable'ract, that If any person wand ona
f thott atmfortablt K8QTJIMATJX 1JKAVBE OVJSR
COATS, ht will nsnallr find tbem In lam qnantlrlei
. , . .. . 4m ml v...f. ail t. 't.
It anv pertod dealront f awning ow f the late ttylt
of RIATRR OTRR COATS, Willi Sap attached,
don't break roar heads to leara shtia to find, tbarhnt
1 9 a. Oppotil tht Stat Boost. ' "
Yon will find them there m all color, kept by
.BHiW 10 .lr)'.V.;nMARCU3.CHlLD3.''
TVID voa never wear any ot th BILE KIIBD OAB-
U 8IUXRB SUITS, whitb an told at4hOapiUlfllqr
Arcaaer . Hutu in anaiou win una uuun in puea.at,
s'."Tf'aVr;"'cV. MARCUS QHttPS'
YOU may alto he In want of PANffl and TBSTg, and
, thtn itbatoMtstabllahaMot ia tha Watt where
Panta and Vetts art to be had In all strict, thanca,
ttylet, quanutle and quaiuiet, ana mat piact u tne
10 Mit tvArll Alt Mil X'AHKj AUat
T0N'T fopret the extensiv ataortmcnt of rtfRNlfH-
which you can find In "Red, whit and blue," at the
. '' -UArl i AU vl l I. AtluAUlii
.., u J '....c suptrlnttnded by Marcus Ohilds.
It jron wuh to wear ganaanhi ITIADE TO OR.
DEK, you can do no better than tv so to. th Mar-
chant Tailoring: BetablUhmeai. next to th Arcade, and
teitct your goodi from a itocr compming all oolort of
ueavtr uiotnt. vattimarct, eua veivt ana nuin vett
lot:; and ya will n rely mtttwitba' Jtdflt btpurchat
ting at
vi hit-' Jttu;;wyi.urv
ItfltltARB BlUCI,BMIir; whta tney'eotne'fe'thli
1VI cut. a ttraiiKtn. and with ta set a TJNIf ORM. It
It to their beti advantage to call at ,
Where a lane aatortnent of BLUB CLOTH and other
artlclta belonging to tot eqaipage of an officer can bt
nao ti verymodarate pneet.
,an anon call as '
tn Harcus Childs'Sj Vi
Proprietor of tha exttailvt btutntn locality,
NO. 21, i ana 80 HIGH STREET,
octn-dSm '
rp f
rjfo. 17fEastiTown.l5treeV
itr A large stock of the 000P MARITAlf'on
dlnoft ,00 r .till
1 ..JUUKw. I"
buokw m: t worn? a
AiXOTnitiali-oT or enoice can.
DIAM UlW&yrilKAl ViiOVK, cecoived and for
T lW - H. MSTiiAUX.
. . r,mMn . ttATTQTH -
sale by
saor .tcBi
Tfbtre h can accommodate a number of Boartrs by the
daorwaek.r.!U.-Ai '''' t--4'-i '- '-'
tea nMtW'jiwteM?'
rir Hsv a furraod Oomplefe js5rtmnt of yZl
atQvea cfe Cw-ra-toei,
m AW) pPPfW.WaUUS,
0 uraoit every kind,
'Elegant Chamber Bats, '
Tin Toys, and "Articles in that Lino,
.ir.'tf - ': '
'7. rr f"'?! m su
Knivesr- and IXWks. Spoons, mos,
Buckets, Bhovela and Tongav
Coal Sods, etc..
M .at.
: 1. (L
Tor the larger Out. '
3 'it.
,.( SY.
Wt itould call jonr further attention to the fact that ws
art BOLl AdSNTB for us tale of lbs " '-
m .. III. . i . .'
wWr-fi ri.'inu'retoVbi; eleailr tit "AUTOCRAT 01
THi KITCHBM. having ao qaal In the complettnttt
of its performance and aoonomr oi iuti.
. . ai ' - - . I - . , . a it, . , A S ti ,. KHaailtfaak
tetumonr ti its tupononij u
tnrtrt and doalari ant oonttantlr Imitating It. coming u
near Mat potslblt In XXTXBNAI, AFPSASAHOH.
CaU and examine our stock. , IpJa bo trouble to iw
er goods. ' ' ..'.iJL'SiiMiH
. AKIN & JSMEttXf!
.t&yn-f- '?-.'" ' .:..- V'..,
" f
.1 a.. '--. ,1 .'.
. - ,' ti,T...f ,1'lJ
Ui tt
i, Ao .Bai a nnmn
Vt' v: V 1
i I ,.,i'iBMtliv' e
250 and COB
Ml S
,tl l t.l'rJ in.. Mu l ! i '
Are,now opening a Urgt lot of
r-iiv u la.1 ') . ,
liesVMisses' and Children's
--.j a irk . vrcr MiiT, ii I ' H
Ladies! Cloth , Cloaks
1 v:
ShephaKdV Plaid ; Shawls,
' .,Tva f 'n "Tiwi.!"l!
Ladies le jidoypst & Powers, .
w, V-! rrr-'w via r iis-
Boys' ,, Merinp 3hirt9 & Drawers,
vaa a s a a vtv f
Bmbroidered Reppt
, i u) fit
.o ia v-.iluo V
i -ill i ll
tt 4fi il if rfi-i ..AiK ' J-i t W..-U '
. vh'ti iAt-Ttv! ;tii-a
.dtnint ,'.i
a ' ti t .'... l 1
A iff r;V. W
!KiIAB Bx Tilh vT V il Tlx)
.tat !F it J t. ?'.'
: Thh firm, btTiDg adopted the Oath tyittU la the pur
chare, and ealt of Gaodt, art enabled, to tell from 15 to 99
ser crati lea than other house aader th credit vyittai
-v25();AND.2p2 BOOTH mOH STREET,'
.'''1,1 v ' tf.t t.- . i- H ar.' j l.ti' .J.
.'lrL'.'i1 ; i.; i at"! ..t:.-rft' tt ttti. i X'l i ,
" '' Sheriff i 'Btilew ""
3, Mi JlcOua tt Co., 1 ' -'Vi .' ', ', ,i ,'.,,'
va. Common Pleat.
Charles Say A Bro. t al.) -1 -. ... .
X to me directed from the Oonrt of Common Pirn of
f rankllB county, O., I will offer for Ml at th Cooper
Bhop of Michael Zthaookr on tint Allay. In th oil.
oi voimuM. V;.....,f,l...u
MoDda' tfieietb' day'of JSscemer' A; D.
at on o'olock, I.H., th followlnv MsriaM propartjr,
to wit: '
2000 WGbkey-barrel staves, 900 Hogihtad ttav, 1000
Beer-ceg tuve, ano a ui oi itamriar. , , .
LeriM on at tht nienutr of Michael Kehnoektr.
Printer'tfteiBSOO .. e.W. HDrrktAN, ohtrlB.
aea-aiAj-r ' f y ad. jayi upy.
Tbe Meat. Artificial Help to
Hkiikiaa tight ever InTented
tot of the not Improved kind of Bnaclaclaa.
All bit tllattet, whether for ntar or rarttihtodai
round in eoncavo convn form with tha vraairat a.ra
to aa to suit tht lyt-e of all easel, enring Weakiraa
Pluinett t tnflammativa of th Byet, and Imparling
InMlh all.., Wlin.M I., ul... - '
' Ofljce, tV Eiy Statt street, at Beltfef It ttelter'a
Mntic BtoTt... , j - M ' ' ',...'
pAitmtt wirnaw.M ,re:mrii
'Mtt-i ln p i .0 'i i ..r1; -1 11
f. e wtti or any iota.
Tor salt by
06S7tlU JSlckHtTMt.
,?i M;!HH.i.).V!i!;Ui" .,
Tie Diaal
I H ' " i '!"
Tto TMvffEEKLY, at 1 ' '
The" WEEKLT, 'it the low rate of
... A :t i ..aft.! rt.1V
, r ,,M. 4-
-.. :"e-"
t.f. ,Sjpfcjrtje'''DAO.f anJw -
.:. . ..I .
, At the above rates; and
i 71 . .T a - ' . L , .
ntv not.
TO C AhRiliRS ' IN ; ANY j
..-.ia-if'-A tbeMUSA Ufc aV" eatabiith'ed
In ihafutursM in tht past, it iriU uphold aad defend lh . v m1 -
Whieh hat beenl to fruitful of good to the 'PEOPLE OF1 tlffl UNITED STATES; and wll
t . . , fcithfully urge the iftabHthment and supreroaey of the . . . .
;i .iji;tal '
-it i. ini a .t
ntial to the eomplete
1 -'r- - 7.
At Mientiftl
fu2 iii.mwiii will aurirxtrt tht Adauniatrataon of ths General Qorernment in all.Wal and
etmaUtuttonal eflfortt to put dowm rebellioB j
I, . . i.aiiti rniharinir -arartntn an -
' Jt will eimflUntly ufge conomY in the vjnbliej expenditures, and the raesrigiijttbility
of .11 publie officers. lV'. .I-'. ' " 1;., .......... .1 .A
r At a medltran of general newt, we-. DTTuoiin wui auueavpr. yo Buae nau aootptauio 10 urn
njnront iew, 'and at an tinwfiPp?!, thnjitli ' ' ....
'' ' i71e - titoaBt MX&, ;ot I.eJJLe.Vle fl.ejporta
sf r.j' ,r.0f ftehomandibrd 111-10 it .o 5t;'",i,s )
Will find their interest consul ted and attended to, and no effort will be spared to make ft a first
class newspaper. ' --;' - , t ' ' . ." "",' , - -"
- During tbe approachibg session of Congress wt wjl havs a talented ad aeeompliihsd eorree
"pondent at Waahington, through whom pur readers will be furnished with much valuable and
reliable mfornaesion. i n ' ;'' V",. , .. ..... r,-,...!.- v.
The doinga of oar own Bute XegislatwM will be fully reported, and the looal news pf .the
State and rw owa. immadiaU vioinity, will have) a dae share of attention.' "
' We nret upon our friends m ail paras 01 uow,
' In the circulation of the Biatsmaii, ainoe by se doing, they will assist In the promulgation t
aond itia.jloeJiMaiMd tnerkttlli(-AMe. ' -'" " ' :?.,T'
".m 'tm . ii'mii'm 1 mi U' " " -1" j ' ' v ' ".' ' ' 1 ' "
.V-rfi-Ji i llf 1 11 n I 1 1 1. I . ...
X Toy .'peraon jaiang w Olub' of Ten gubserlbers to tha fmu Oeno Statbsiuh, and
seadins u th money-fan dollar for the tarn, w will tend one copy gratis. ,
All orders will be promptly attended to. j", 1 fi , . V , . I'll;'
November 1 ,1861.
'7 cl 'no.
: ,jr...v
is.' f!
rSix pollart per Annum; t'
Uw'. Three Dollars per JLnnum
' ,i ', t One' Dollar per -Annum."
u, n
WaWT Statbtiiab
will be received - a
the Daiu erill be faraithei '
1 , .- v - -" '
sod raliab organ of the Demoeratie ptaiyaV-'l
j ' 7 , 'i ,i; ..Iv'i'i
and perfect reconstruction of tha
- 1 Jtfr-vJ,
nion was originally farmtd,r -3
1 .w.
1 .'A Alt. (
and eternly retist the eflorto made in soms .quarter
A hnlitinn fHieinH, ,
ana tae a ona- w setern siatea, toaiu in enana-
aaa. Aa.a.1 a a .via,. At a Jt 11 t - y ""j a
ri itf-Publithersof the Ohio 8ttamaJ,
CoLtmiTt, Onto. 1
1 i
(tn ..-1 ,.- Alt
8 T E A M POWER. -
.!...-, j , 1- .,j A4U . Ail -.'
'-.' Voi. 32 34," 38,' 38.N0BT8 Hiatt 0TBlil,
Stateeraan Balldlnc eeen riaor,
- - ever B. Nerlaevs tavte Btettiat
;,, . .,, : ....... i(.
With er without Printed Baadlngt, on Bnptiror Faptr
iX .).!' .- tt I'. I, I
T any rtqulrtd FatUrn.
BTAIl'tlHAillijIMial J.n. :)
' ! tiAIfKINO S0O8M. I
cotjhty ornots,
t. .1-1 ,. ,5.
Iprniahed a tha
toirttt frtcta.
By the Iditlon, or Bingla YoIub '.-.,,..
' . r . 1 i,v
MAGAZINES. ,,, u' ..M..f m f.....-.-a
TAMrHLtTI, '" f . r
' ..1-J .'11 i; ..i '
ATXBS,.r mi. i i . I
Bound in any BAqnirtdjJItjrlajji'1.,
Jor Public and Private Libraries. " i'-
i Orders from abroad wtll ' restive prompt and tpdtl
atbtlor...-ddra, , , , .: , ,.
J. H. RILEY, . or, N. W. LEFAVOR,
Bookitlltr and Statlontr, Bnparlntndnt , ..
7J Boalh High Htrwt. Jr,;; 'Prnklln Blndtry.; 'Jj
aovl-d3a - t:n- i "vkm i..tX
Shooting Gallery.
V v fCit-l i
nit (,,
THB unJenlfnad' bep Inn tform W ffln
that ht aat fitted op a -'-j!- "
l-s' Wvit -.: At '''',A ,I-'T
Oted aaas, AtrOoa, rwt.li and lurreilunwnt. M
, GlT mtfcqiiiwi, j .u :. '.i:-i!,--- -,00Tj3dtf
(uM..l,ilk,vj flOKAD AI0HASDK-
"olwil a.U ,nVrM) irtt'Jil 111 I- ' ")
H Ml v M l itian w i 1 I'd ' '"
.... 1, Umi U'l,y-M.f i.t (
1' r. s a
-i a
XX bt iadaily roelpt,hr AspiWrOf m 0 tj
Prn fultlnire and Pair Eaven.
Call at Wat-oct'i Outer tui V
.Ua . M .
U ft a'
.niit Ja 1 Ci f i I j.terJ-.tta..
,$ 1 .p. at
AiitiNa4eolonJrlvDat BATJfl,
ni, Re.eath.lihtuo(t
J. M. t& V. KCERHER.
1 Corner oflrroad & Front Streets,
( a
"PI0UE "SALT, LlftTJOllsr'ETC.
, oct25-dlj- in !..'"' "' '
. : a Itooiel 8 hirtinga.
Kir' tha aiott nUaalv stock la tht eltv - ..
.Ti. Army Weolei.' :: VJ v' ','." 1 &
"'-Bhaktr Bibbed Soota.
Dndtr Bhtrt tad Drnwtrs. i" ' J '
Oottoa and tttrino Books. ,! r ' '
Ookjta Hill Shirt. - -
" Ckwt't Kid aioTM. r
Oral's LinvnOollars, Rack Site. ' '
otlO 1 Tj te l -' Ho. 89 South High Stmt;
Or Titos Catteaapiauiar - irtavrrlare.
THB andertJs-ned will it v I nromvatioa ea a vtrjffw
ttmUna and faiportan. sBbJast, which wUl b vain
ed more than a laoaaaad tbaet lis eeet by every aiarrltd
cooyl of any ag or ondlU In Uf. Th tnfonaatlta
will b ttnt by anil to any aiJilrast a thf rtctlpt of U
ent (tUvtr) and oa ratatarf x , 4
- Ail ttttti thonld bt addrt Kd to '--)'
oet31-lj9tawdtw, . Boston, Uaat.
AITeettoos, Golds, BhtanaUant, OosUveatts, Ooa
taaptlons, AfftcHont of th Bplotn, ef lbs Llrtr, of
th Heart, Taaaor,aod ill aiataawe which ssttroy lift
hav alwayt xjflbtai apon dhwac tloa er 'intpodr.a
nambr of hard or ooncrtt poinia, tithtr in toaa et the
orpns named or tB th blood vabj, trattat trts
ramify Uif tDth flssn, and again dtpotltad upon th tUt
t a bone. Row the Uttlt hard nbrtaaoat would .
ravamtoaMlf Srahdrtth'. Pitta ! tww.au
bt pund eat ef th artaaa. aad yao ef kappy na
woald bt tht saotrtrt, lwt Uutaad of aa early grave.
Always paift bat mrvam auan taslekeMs.
, X. . Oarpntw. JKn-t of OoTlinMr, 8t.awrc
eonnty, Rew Tork,S4 years of age, say t at ha aaad
Biaaartlh's PUIs for 3d ytart, adaHnlttarad th lrst to
hit coaebjaaa, wht had ftrtr and arw;3rave Sight th
sap afttT 'tht chtU; ehUl ahd Hm itat tmni gav
tlfht more the next daji and o rrary otbar say an til
tht call! aad ftrtr did Aotrttora, which was about Ith .-
dayt from th Brat attack. t Be thea ,Av mr tverr
thtr day for anothat wttk, hta the aun wtt tntlrely
rtord to hit ptoal geod btalth.' ,
Be watDlmtlfattckd; took thtm w th stmt ay.
and waa tartd la lev tin. Has naad aoelbtratadl-
clot for 31 iar; found thtn always rtllabl for fctmnlf
tad ramllfr hej dck:'ht rtcbmmeridtd them to Uua- '
tasd with laa bttt rotults, and fttlt oocfldatit that tn
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