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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, December 10, 1861, Image 3

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Rail Road Time Table.
Night XirAu,.Tl Dayton, B.b A. M. 8 30 A. M.
uincinnau Accommodation, .1W A B I I TO r. M.
ia xprei...ir.p ,., i r. u .t :wr. at.
Mall end Accommodation,. 4;Q0..P !,.,, IS: 15 P. It,
p.: v, ---jm." w; Dosm-r Agent.
OoMHMai h CltvstaHB '.'''"; .tJ-'ftVi
Night lmreu..j ,...S:M A. at. .,, 1:30 A.M.
New Torklxprm J4 P. It. .,. .,,1:39 P.M.
A ' -imtmrn Pa-waneon, Afnt'.j,
Night IrtrtWi.j.j.,1,.. 4;(i0 l.vM.a. 1:30 iy .
Day Kapreai,.,.,,.. 3:40, M. 1 1:30 P. M,
PlTTilOM,V0WpVikCMn",1T '.'."
Mall Train ....... 0 A.M.1:J0 A.U.
ipres Treti K.v .W.IS:aj A. !..' ,i;30 P M.
Joi. Koiinkk, Agent."
Ml ii ..; ,, ,,, t
OoLDMioi At IXDimoroLu, B. S. '
(OOIOMIOI PlOPA Jk, Induri B. K.)
Chicago Epre 8:00 A. M. l, ,8:35 P. M.
No.S J tOP. Mv ,11:50 A. M.
Banduiky 0:4ft A..M. ... S 00 P. M .
,--,,' ?' :. v.--wQ, WV Burnt, Agent. -
Local Matters.
BAuiokLk KikfiU will be" Veen by adyrjf -
lisemeht Ih 'hnother veolumo; "thai rHeadley,
Eberly & Rioharde this dj r oaied aothw
lrg lot of Balmoral Skirts, ranglbtf In price
from $3.50 to 3.75. ,Tbfj hart Uo just re
calred a full jlmj of Ladlea' 'and Gentlemen'i
Fun, Ladiea Cloth "(iloaksl BbiwIa'And Bom-
hIn"J,', '" 4 'J,'"i,M .".. 1 lit !
DtllDM. , M .j )f y j U u ( ( w- (
250 and 252 South High
Columbus, Ohio.
Council PaocxiPiNoa J-Tte City Connoil met
lost erenlng Pre!dnt Donaldion la tha ohair.
Minute of tha previous meeting read, and ap
proved. Jk1 t.. M :.
presented 0 ian
Emrlcb and others, aekiog the passage of
an ordibnbe"tO open fo2ty and grade South Pub
lio Las west of Ttftyt itreit to the dltimbns
Feeder, to connect with' Canal: aitaeaM' Refer
red to the CtyyikCjjll Engineer vth Instruc
tions to prepare a.tuma'ta of the cost. '
Mr. Smith preseMed the petition of Tboaj'aj
S. Gates and otheia, atatioc Uie idewalkj
and gutters on th treat tiUAfXlmlaod a?e
noe are paved, and asking -thai ah street be
graded.' ' Referrsd fobe First Commit
Latbrop !p reference to leeplbg tp add carrying
ont mora fully tha axoellent system ei number
ing adopted for the olty'.' ' Referred to Mesers.
Butler, Donty and MoelUr at a select eommlt-
tee. 1 .,- : -10 O't-J -i . i,
Mr. Smith Introduced a bill to assess a special
tax of eighty seren cents and three' tenths mills
on each foot front of the" real' estate bounding
on the BOttheide of Long atreat from, a point
one hundred and fllty feet west of Medary
atreat to Seventlj stroet,'for paying "tha expense
of grading, Tgravellng and paving the'aid'ewalks
and gntteralyEebllVVssread eeconJ and
third time ortder Saapensioo of tha -f ales, and
passed. . . i-:j.t , t t -rj ,
AuthoritiDK the City Civil' Engineer to con
tract with .Thomas Walker for .grading Boone
street from Washington avenue to Pike- street,
at tha rate of twenty-five . cents per anblc yard
- ' it, " '"'''i" i'i ri,'., ...
Adjourned. 'j' ..
07 At a meetiag of -the Aeeoolate Members
of the United Btatel Sanitary Commission re
siding at Columbna, held at the Museum Room
of the Starling Medical College, on Saturday
evening, December 7ib, the following gentle1
men were elected officer of the Association,
to wit: v 4 j
Joseph Sullivant, President; Rev. E. M. Fitz
gerald, Vice President; John W, Andrewi,
Secretary, and T. C. Worinley,' Treasurer. '
The members of the Commission la this city
are Gov. Dsnnisoo, Ravi Messrs. Fitzgerald,
tlemstegerYend. Meesi Drs. Carter, Smith, Awl,
J. B. Thompson, Lovlngand Wormley; Messrs.
J. Sullivant, F. C Sessions, P, Ambos, J H.
A call will at once belnade by tha Commia
alon upon ouf,vpltlzhl 'tof Jontrlbmi0n for
the relief ol oar aick -and wounded aoldleri
Tlj!r.J it
Anothis SitoOTiria Arv Aia.randayaftef'
noon, Robert Dillon bad afi alteration with his
wife, In the course of whiob' pistol 'was by
soma means disoharget the' contents entering
the left side" of Dillon's abdomen, About half
ava the tietol was dlschartred ka be Was at
- r . .... 1 . . . t ., ...i , 1 1 .... -tempting
o wrencki;h from jibe hands .of his
wife, and woperatea, herjroi all. blame';;5; He
lies in a critical condition, arid Is not 'expected
to eUTVive do''.' 3t.,'l :J.) M .i'-ixm,
Mr. .Dillon died' about- balfpaatv eight o'clock
last eveoing' ;.Tt Wnap iijf, ,blsi, ;4catV Will dp
the subject of investigation by 'ib tCoroaOT'e
Inquest, who will probably rendor . verdict . to
,-f..m 'i 1 ... i.i. 1 ii '. rrmi Kj i. j.
Godexs Lady's Bobs;.4-l)o lidt fill; fair, and
set tle reader, to Call at tfreend to R. Kennedy's
near the Ppetoffioe, foa tlodey'e Xadj's Book
for January, J,8CJ-rfhdJrsunib,efipfthp six.
ty-fourth yolnroe-. 't'Odey opens tbe -new year
and hla new 'volunve,magu4vBttycXhls hum
ber hap KV'?gM!''1(b"11, rt.Ml
nlates". and doablrxteasio fasbioa pUte,
bnndred pSgSS.and lhae stories from- sneh pens
as &M-f. Miittftgiuii 'lw!i;ownAend;'&frs.
Metta yiploriTfcWf,antht)r;tif 'Mr-jind Mrs,:
Kasber," ew .-Miaevii.n jenvini ana. aui.
h..;3 l. bjim .11 ,Ji4..Ji tut W CM-;
nTen..tnt ve' wmik u t ,-.irs 'J v ni 'Lii
Genilemea WtlV -pleaee' take- a bins that, as
unrmtaaas e xnew near a presont tor f ue,
aUter e; iweIiea;iff b ladfrtejnd, both
ing can hardly W maMAcoeptaAJeiba'a Oodey'i
. Ionian 1 II. Ijiui
Ad,irer;in.'eFtt B-3j, CamlH of the
JOih Regiment ff.IiBtaitrVjfcbaBap
teertf a-v!tMintiwi cuVi 'iir-'..-.'j 'li',
A M,' jfcemple .Jr$oin''($mtf-
aaryto look after the interest of Ohio treopa
. ... 1 '. v:" i" ' e-i tv
in western virgiute.wfuHi :u j,
I'i.-11 1 1 11 ' ''".' t)K
Col. ac 1 H, , MAaSj'Ofhp 8d QhjolUgl
ment. iav-ous eity restord'ayiloounf aa wall
usuae; TMtf'tk&tmW H",
cess attend Mm atfd hla gallant regiment, "i
TrroauniioVkAAiiPjjasimontSly meV
Ing i'TVMfiftl
foltowlnr fficoVr aifcUd: ' William 'H,
Faul, TmmdamimS.rjt
Ident ; WilK sol' D. iDiew'r.diiJg randi Cot
respondliug fJecretarffCalvln L. Divine, Fl-:
sandal Bfcretary, Thomas Wetiler,Treainrer.
LciUns in I.tvc: A Series of 'Familiar El
. m. . 1 1 Hit, . . .1 lit -i
"lata, by iiraomr a ncomoi Auiuor o( -juoi
tara to the Young," "Gold-foil," etc' New
Yorki Charles Poribnsr. Columbus: Randall
Aataav-AL -- ... r
'. This Is a handsomely bound and beautlfofiv
prtnUd volomei' It contains' twenty-fonr
says, 'written In Dr. HoLLiHD'1 easy, agreeable,
and yet forpible style.. It I an excellent book
fuf readintt 'In the familv circle, as the essavs
are of moderate length and full of instruction,
while not Wanting In genuine Attio salr ' - -
- It should not only adorn the center table of
everyi-famlly, but be taken up and read as a
manual for ordering the daily life of both the
old'' and the' vouni. 'Willi very mod'orafe pre
tensions;'' ii, Is pevertbele'ss'' anl.oracte .'.'pf '!
dom, clothing the divinest preeepta In the most
inviting forms.. , ' ' ','J .' r-V -i V V V. 'I .'' ' .
DT'Aocording tooths returns up to the 7th,
there are thirteen thousand sick, soldiers in the
armj of the Potomaoi.' ' ' " " "
I l 1 1 1 1 -n trtt -l V
Camps Chase and Thomas. It Is said that
Camp Chase is to be adopted by the Govern
ment 'as a' permanent camp, and that Camp
as will thereupon expire, under the ar
aagement that all recruits are hereafter to. be
regarded as regulars. - ' ' : -'
Till 0. P. During last week, there, were
brought to the Ohio Penitentiary twelve new
convicts from Hamilton county; one from
Brown; , one from Montgomery!, two from Bot
moot; four from Ashtabula; and nine from
Cn'ykhoga. . ml(- -1. -,.
The follow luff oanvlcta have been 'cardonad
by tie Governotr ' -jiv. " -' '
Benjamin Herriok, of. Loraiu county; John
Lapp; Summit; Thomas Mahan,' Clark; James
Henderson, Monroe; Wm. Lamer, Wendell 8y.
ler, Chas. Warren, Jesse Jones and Chas- Cook,
Hamilton; Jas. Brown, Franklin; Rsbecoa Es
tell, Coahocton; Lnolan Clark, Lorain. ; '' '
e whole number of oouvlcta now. confined
e Penitentiary Is 983. " " " ' "-
Mr. Hayden has' removed hie machinery
the new shop at the Pcnlieptiary, and is
eotlvely" engaged In th manufaotore of
military goods'. 1 '
I! 7i :. m .1
Recent Military Appointments.
S. C. MeDdall,' FrsssrsbuVfr 'AssIsUnt Sur-
geon to the Beventy-elghtb. - ''
Wra.' HvjLamme,",Ceqtervine,' jSdrijeop "to
Eighty first.-. ,v "i'-.i-. '.-. ' .".
T. Mct-bright, Millersbnrg, Surgeon to the
Eighth.' ' ' "-"--- !. ' ' "'.
F. M. ROse, West RoabviUd.' AssiaUnr Sur
geon to the Forty-third 1 .'. 1 , -.,
tfamuel n. Steedmaot filapoleon, Colonel to
the Sixty-eighth. , .. .nMl ... ... -
Robt. K.cott.. NsDoleon. LleutXolonel to
the Sixty-eighth.' '.'- ' '" :
n John 8. Snook. Ahtwertf. Mlor to tha Slitv-
elghtb. .i 11 1
,t- r. BerklsT, Kegnier's Milt's, Assistant
Surgeon to the Stxty-eightb.'" -, -
-rrana m. martin, upper anaucKy,.Aojutant
to the Fifty fifth ... t .. , -;- .
Lorenao U..Maytra, MaosDeld,, Quartermas
ter; to the 8ixty-fourth."
WM. Farrar,lCarabrtdge, Qaartermasterlto
the1 sixty-fifth. ' :
.-Eueene A, Rawsoa. Fremont. Adjutant to the
Ferdinand Y. iiamplertagaa, i'ieuti-Qoloncl
of theFifty-elghth.
Vapt.H. a.uarroll, U. A., Colonel to tbe
ElBhtb. : ' h tut
Tut Fas Ohio Cavalet Three companies
of Jthlsi 'regiment aroow' In' seTylce'ln Ken-
tuiiky.: 1, Tbe nine eompaniea at Camp Chase
left here yesterday afternoon for the same defl
tinatlon.J.Tbey numbered, nine bnndred and
eighty-nine men,' having nine hundred 'and
eighty-six horses, and occupying with thoirarms
and. baggage three trains of about thirty-two
oars'each. The officers of tha First Ohio Car-
airy are:
Cclonel 0en P. Ransom.' '
Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas C. If. Smith.
Majors Minor Mllliken. Erasmus B. Dennl-
soa, Michael W.rSmitH. ' m."-; -
. Adjutants Stephen 8. L'Hommedieu, Lew
alien Gwynne, Henry Mopping, John H. Piatt.
Quartermasters J. C. Frankebergerr Geo,
P. Ladd, J. M. Alleh. Ora M. Kolsea.
Surgeon Rudolph Wirth. , . .
li BIAMII.X on bud anA lot sale, th beat quality ol
thloh h will fell tt th loweit mrket prlwi. - "
911 and exkmiv nr Coal befora purciuulng alia
When. r... r .- v . . . . .
Office t tha ator qf Bredrort, Bnydu aiOOaeaa
of Canal. " t ! '.'- t - ?- .
geB26-3m ..
, 0 -1 :
AUCTION.j AKD commission
jl a leaaa en tne Htor jwon .- ,i -
:N"6::H CEdst State St,
i I 1 n Itm .1 ..ii.-.,vi. f, (
haiepenad itasaa i i .1 ..! f -4
junction Commission 'Koorai"
Ha la now prepared to ncerra on Oommltilon every
deacrlptlpn of property, each u Drj Qocdi, Qroccriea,
Llqaon, lurnltare. Oarrltgea, Horiei,. etc. Ha alao
lntenila to devote hla attention to aalea of Beat Xatate
and Penonal Property, at any point, within twenty mllei
Auction Sales Every Evening.
, jy . JUST, Aactloneer. .
' ''' ' ' - i ' . -' i . j 1
. rnio uuoDin uiouu? .
Brocha Bonbvls Oioh Ooodi;
. BaimonlSkirUi I . H it A 1 , ,' ;. ,
AlezADden' Kid fllorei:
. Ooia trail Hood Sklrti. - .:;: .! i!
Uoreeu. Hair net,. uj -.jijt.
i I,;
... irr.rBAWkfSk?
ctlfl ' No. M South High Street
H ,
. ,a.-u9 1
JohnA. Hllltird 1 Doef. S. mraUl.
j . v i-fluperioOoMrtiyrank,ijiooan'
lfarytouagit aL V... t.oiio.r , : ...
B wans 11 aa. tar a WJtIT OF VENUI
to me directed, from the Buoerlor Ooort of Vrmnlt.
llD OOtmqr, Ohta. I WtU oot 1st Ma at tha-.Aanaa tha
uouraatowe.a uemtjof tiaiimjtiiavuiilo.iii.',
M Sarnrdathf 4th' MJSAIP
Wtween the honre of tOe'efoeH, A.'M anS 4 eVIoek
f. M., tha following deioribed ml aetata, altaata ta
rronmin oonau, vnio, wik ' i -1 v. . 1 j.
A certain true t of -panel ef land In th fownthlp of
norwwn, poawiea ana aanrioea ea roijowe; , gegiariuig
at t 8 Avery'a B. W. center; thenoe B. on the Una
batmen the Avery and Uerlbah Orawford'i Una to the
boundary of tha 0. C. and I. B. B.; thenee N. W. with
tha Bi B. to Arery'e Una; thence 8. wtth the original
array Una to Um place of beginning, 0011 tale log ope acre
of land, mora or leeo, beUig part at attiruy No. .3,403,
JO tne Mine 01 nnuam jMruaaie. . ; 1 1- t
Appraledat$150 00, , , , . , .. '.. .
f iM.rtM-'i feee. 8.0. " . . . t .
nT-SltWtd ' '.'" " VJ
. " . . ' ; t.atil .. at, .) Ili 'u .f.f a-f jin.. 1 .1 -.
I Pralla Olorea. . 1
bowOltroii. , iu wo tat i aX
ii ". .iliof t j w.
100 drmna (fat. ,n
8 cuke Z.,.t. Pn.l.. afi,. .. ' "
i2ii.JS 8oaO)Biah8tiet.
" I
1, 11: II. A,
VTaXTESE &rtnnit a n t.anse iwitts
lvljol ateguit qaaHHw lot Udiea; also, allee' Ultta
PirwTVW . . KA1B B.
From all Parts of the World.
Secretary Chase's Report.
Interesting from Europe.
&c. &c. &c.
From Washington.
(Times' Dispatch.)
' Washinpton, Dec. 8. The Republican cauoua
was only atterided by eleven membors. and ad
journed after appointing a committee to Issue a
can tor anotner caucus on monaay evening.
" The Secretary of the Treasnry'e report will
be presented on Monday.
Tbe roads between Washington and the Ma
ryland side of the Potomao are almost imnassa-
ble for army baggage wagons.
lne following paragrapn was unintentionally
Omitted in tha transmission of tha recent soeech
of Senator Trumbull: , . . .
"Without any special act of Congress, I pre
sume no one questions thai our military com.
manaers, in ine prosecution 01 tne war In insur
reotlOnary, districts, may for the lima beln
seise and make use of tbe property of the rebels
ana tneir eiavee; doi on tne restoration or peace
the righi of tbe ownere would revive. 1 Hence,
ir wa wouia nave uniformity of action among
the commanders of our armies, and forfeit for
ever tbe property of rebels and their claima to
the aervice of their fellow men, it must be done
by act of Congress." r , ,
- Tbe Pension officer has withheld tha
of pensions to a number of persons on sufficient
evidence of their disloyalty, Jt appeara that
some show an unwillingness to take the pre
scribed oath of allegiance and loyalty for tbe
purpose of obtaining money from the Govern
ment, who afterward join the rebels or otherwise
give them aid and comfort. . . . ., .
[Special to the Tribune.]
Mr. Gurley of Ohio will offer a conflaoatorv
act, providing safeguards sgainst fraud, and for
the compensation of loyal sufferers by tbo re
bellion. v. - 1 : : . , . . .
The commander of the British forces in Can
ada bas recalled all absent officers, and ia en
gaged in bringing his forces, to. a high state of
emoiency. -f- a i ..... ,
Tbe pickets of Uen. Blocker's division have
been snot at for several days, it was supposed
by a farmer named Cook, wbo has thrice been
arrested and released by tbe Chief of the Staff
and provided witn a pass. . -
IJeserters from Die rebels atata that thev
nave one nunarea and nity thousand men at
Centerville and daily expect an attack from ns
at three points. There werp only ten thousand
rebels at Manassas."
A reconnoissance from Gen. MoCall's divi
sion went ten miles and baok. They arrested
several rebels, took grain and cattle, two slavea
and otner contraband property. No rebel
troops were seen. ' ' ' -
Six thousand more seamen are wanted for
new naval veasele, and one thousand for the
Mississippi flotilla. ..
Colonel Kerrigan's trial takes place on Mon-
The President bas approved of the establish
ment of a telegraph line to Fortress Monroe.
. Leading persons are here ursine tbe adoption
of some plan for th exchange of prisoners.
The subject will be brought before the Military
[Herald's Correspondence.]
A deserter states there were two thousand
five hundred rebels on the lower Potomao, un
der Gen. Holmes, who are expecting an attack
from our flotilla, -and forces on the Maryland
snore., , . . . . , , ,
Tbe rebel steamer George Page baa been re
moved to Chapawamsio creek, and her guns are
to be taken for land service. . .. .
Federals Falling Back from Somerset.
ll5" "". . - ..1. ..!
Ijimavil r'e. Dea. 7. Snvoral letiara from
Somerset and Stanford dn the 6th Inst, receiv
ed here, say that tha Federal forces under Qen.
Sohoeff have been compelled to retreat to this
side of Somerset! that the rebels, ten thousand
strong, crossed tbe Cumberland river and .Are
marobing on Somerset.
Men, women and children were leaving Som
erset in every possible conveyance, and rushing
into Stanford. ,Tbe Stanford, people think
Scboeff should be reinforoed. .- wji-.'v's,,
The Democrat, editorially, thinks Sohoeff's
purpose in falling back on Somerset ia to catch
Zollicoffer'ln a trap., ',; ; .', . ,. , ', . .'.
, j ii i i i i i ai i i ...
' FaiDiauct. Md.i.pec.C The third brigade
of Gen. Banks's army, Gen. Williams com
manding, arrived here and passed through tha
city to their encampments, three miles on the
Hajeratown turnpike. . - .',,;..,',',;: ,
The firat and second brigades, of Abercrom-bie-and
Hamilton, arrived on -Tuesday and
Wednesday... .V y . ,,.' , :. ',
i Min.
Southern News.
LouuviLLi, Deo. 9. The Savannah News
sayo the Federals have entirely evacuated Ty-
bee Island.
East PtWAOota,, Dec. 4 The Florida and
Pamlico engaged a Federal vessel off Horse
Island. The h ederal vessel retired. .
1 Considerable excitement exists in Tennessee
consequent npon drafting. They desire troops
raised on the volunteer system. , ,
S. W. Johnson, Provisional Governor of
Southern Kentucky, has issued o long' mes
sage. ' ' ' 'ii-'.u .- ,;--(
Col. John S.. Williams' troops, numbering
fourteen hundred men, are encamped at Pound
Gap, and are aufferlng greatly for the want of
suoes, bianKets md winter clothing. . Tbey
are. calling on, the ladies for Socks and flannel
shirts.' h r r :..- t t .. .
'Richmond, Deo. C, Congress unanimously
ratified the convention between R, M- T. Hun
ter and the Missouri Commhsloners.
The Avalanohe confirms the Federal victory
tn Morristown, Ten. and thinks Gen. Critten
den will overcome the Union forces., . . , ,
It is rumored at Washington that tba Fede
ral's have become alarmed for St. Louis and
that Cairo and Paducah are being evacuated by
the Federal troops, who are frotog to St. Louis
with aU possible dispatob "--. "I" ,' i
The New Orleans Bulletin says tha Federals
captured two rebel steamboats, supposed ta be
tbe Henry Lewie and the Watson, and that tha
California asoapad by throating overboard part
ot net cargo and torty need ot eattie. ;
no Charleston Mercury says, Gen! Ripley
rdered evert pound ot cotton likely to fall
Into tha bands of the enemv to be burned'.1."-'
The , Savannah . Republican pays, the Sutnter
was not captured, but wrecked off Trluldad
Coast. M M-ieui 4-',i.i i m- u t......uuM'
.vHolHn8,i; Battering' Ram i)r',Turtle 'feassed
Memohis on tha 4th. To r.nlnmhna. Kr.
. A delegation (rem Indiata tribes arrived her
to pxamine and report to their people the tre
condition' of affairs. .Thev eittreas aurnriss at
finding things so-.entirely different front: what
Jtiey were represented by rebel leaders. . i
' '"
Mule Teams Safe.
St. Loots, Dec. 8-The repolt seniiaat night
that tha rebels vesterday oaptarsd awt of par
mute teams and teamsters, proyes to have been
a mlstaks. The men and teams have arrived,
here, having been released after tba arms be
longing to tbP party wore taken from them.
Secretary Chase's Report.
Nsw Yoai, Dee. 9. The Secretory of tbe
Treasures report; after referring to recom
mendations contained in hla July report, gives
tne manner in which be obtained loans lor va
rious purposes of the Government The imme
diate exigencies were provided -for by swing
1140,019,034 In six per cent, two years' Treasu
ry notes, and $1,287,775 In same notes payable
lo sixtv davs. Ills next oare waa to provide for
disbqrsementt for the wari and ha adopted the
plan to engage tbe banking institutions or tne
three commercial eities ol the aeaboard to ad
vance tbe amount needed in loans tor mree
yeara' seven and three-tenth bonds, to be reim
bursed from proceeds of similar bonds subscribed
for bv the neoolo. honrne thus to combine the
capital of tho banka and tbP peopla with the
credit or tbe Government, so aa to give em
oiency to the Administration, notion and compe
tent eupport to tbe poblio orediti and tha result
has fulfilled tbe hope. " ' "
Ha' than rahaaraea tha a ornament entered In'
to between tbe banks and himself, by whloh the
former agreed to take the loans. The history
of the first two loans has been made public
Tbe third loan was negotiated with the banks
on the 16th of November, by which hp agreed
to Issue to them fifty millions In six per cent,
bonds at par for the bonds bearing seven three
tenths per cent. Interest. ,Tbls agreement was
coupled with no arrangement for reimburse
ments, and entailed no expense exoept for pre
paring and issuing tba bonds. Thia waa also
coupled with the option to the banka that on
or after the firat of January a fourth advance
oi titty millions sbould dp made on tne same
terma aa tbe first or second, If required.
In addition to these loans, Wi,MWM, op to
tbe 30th November, were Issued in Treasury
notes of fives, tens and twenties, payable on
demand, and $3,385,105 remaining in, . tha
Treasury. This amount may be regarded as a
loan from the people. The aggregate realized
from loans in various forms, Is $197,742,588.
Abe revenue receipts nave not fulfilled bis
expectations.' He says an aot modifying .tbe
rates of duties differed from tbe measure he
submitted to Congress, In most of these particu
lars, especially in diminished duties on tea,
coffee and sugar, and exempting goods in ware
houses and on shipboard. Tbe difference was
disadvantageous to the revenue, while a potent
tioloauseoC reduced receipts may be found lo.
tbo changed olroomitancea of the country prov
ing unfavorable to foreign commerce. These
circumstances compel him to reduce his eetl
mateefor lti63 from tbe revenue from $57,000,-
000 to $32,198,602. Tbe estimates from 're
ceipts from bonds and miscellaneous sources hs
reduces from $3,000,000 to $234,002. ,The
duly other sources of revenue la a direct tax au
thorized by Congress, which, if Increased to
the limits proposed by tho Secretary and as
sumed by tbe States the further sum of $20,
000,000 may be expected. , The aggregate of
revenue may bp thua eetlmated at $54,552
600 which is 126,447,334 less than the estimate
of July. . ( .... - i .
Too secretary states me estimates for July
were based on tbe raising of two hundred and
fifty thousand volunteered and tbe Inoreaso of
the regular arm? by eleven regiments; but after
that report bad been closed Congrats authorized
the aooeptence by the f resident ot nve bundred
thousand men, besides additional companies end
officers. 1 This large Increase bss and must neces
sarily augment tbe expend! turea far beyond the
limit indicated by the original estimates, which
will be still further extended by the increase of
tbe navy, and additional appropriations are
asked.. . .'... '. ,
Of these additional appropriations. $47,985.-
566 were authorized by acts of the last session
$14,313,097 are now asked for, making an ag
gregate, Including $22,787,933 for indefinite ap
propriations, ot iii,)si,vn .
To provide these large sums, retrenchment
and reform are indispensable. Contracts sbonld
be subjeoted to strict supervision, and contract
ors to rigorous responsibility j AH unnecessary
omees snouid do abonsned, and salaries and pay
materially reduoed." ''
While tbua reoommonding retrenchment, he
feels himself constrained to renew suggestions
heretofore submitted by him, that property of
rebels should be made to pay in part at least,
the coBt of the rebellion. Property of great
valna in loyal States is bold by proprietors vir
tually engaged In the gulity attempt to break
np tbe Union, which Is justly forfeited to the
people, whloh should be subject to sequestra
tion or confiscation, and tbo proceeds applied. to
the satisfaction of claims arising from the wsr.
Property of rebels In rebel States should be treat
ed In the same manner. Rights to services nnder
State laws must of. necessity form an exception
to any rnle of confiscation. Persons held bv
rebels under such lawa to service, as slavea.
may, however, be justly ' libsrated from their
constraint and made more valuable In various
employments, through voluntary and compen
sated service, then if confiscated as subjects of
Tbe Secretary says the most sacred duty of
the American people now requires, tbe conse
cration of all their energise and resources to
the establisbmentf the Union, and sound pol
icy would seem to suggest no extension of for
eign trade, but more absolute reliance on
American labor, American akill and American
soil.' '' ' : -u.v !'-.-
He recommends that the duties on tea.' coffee
and sngar be increased to two and a half oenta
per pound on brown, three cents on olayed,
twenty cents on green tea, fire oenta oa coffee;
and that no other alterations of the tariff be
made unless further experience shall demon
strate tbe necessity. -, ,
lie deems it necessary to incrsase tbe direct
tax so as to produce from loyal Slates a reve
nue of at least $20,000,000, estimating such
duties on distilled liquors, tobacco, bank-notes,
carriages, legacies) on paper evidences of debt,
and conveyances of property, and other like
property as will produce an equal additional
sum. The income tat Will probably produce
$10,000,000 more, making an aggregate of
$50,000,000. , , . ,.
The Secretary is aware that tbe Bum is large.
but seeing no probability of revenue exceeding
f4.u,uvu,uuu . aunng ine current year, be feels
that he most not shrink from a plain statement
of the aetaal necessities of the situation. Two
fifths of one per cent, on the real and personal
property of the loyal States, will produce $44,.
000,000, the proposed income adding $10,000,-
Thfl Secretary recommends a plan for a na
tional circulation of notes, . the features of
which are, a circulation of notea bearing a oom
mon Impression and authenticated by common
authority. The redemption of these notes by
assooiationa and institutions, to which they may
be delivered for Issue, and the security of that
redemption by pledge of United States' stocks,
and an adequate provision of specie. - An Im
portant advautage to tha people by this plan
would bs in tbe increased security of the Union,
springing from common interests in its pre
servation, created by distribution of its stocks
to associations throughout the country, aa the
basis of their circulation; and he entertains the
opinion, if a credit circulation be desirable, it ia
most oesirame in this torm.
He states that it ia earnestly hoped, not with
out sufficient grounds, that the present war will
bo brought to an auspicious termination Dolors
midsummer, and that in that event thp provi
sion of rsvenue by tbe taxation recommende.1,
will bP amply sufficient lor pit aaanotat exigen
cies, without additional loans, and enable tbe
Government at once to begin a reduction of the
existing debt. If tbe war dontwusa to July 1st.
1862, the publlo debt will bo $517,322,802; If
till July 1st, lobj, it win be, in round numbers,
$900,000,000. ..11,1,1-
Thp prohibition of trade 'with the i rebel
Statee has been fully enforced.1. 'Regulations
bare been established by whloh rice, cotton and
otter property in the insurrectionary districts
occupied by our Jroops, will be collected And
sent by sea to New York., All iU be
for account or tne uovernment, and the ore-
oeeds paid mta the National Treasury; '(Ap a
geuviM u.w wwuimw vuvuiw w.vw turn wbk,
and when tba authority. of the Union, ia tally
restored in the States, ports should be opened
without restriction,' and all-commerce freely
permitted.;. ,!.
The Secretary oloaea by laying it baa been-
his endeavor to infuse into his Department (bo
greatest possible activity and vigor, and nopee
that continued endeavor, with larger exparl-
pntre, win mate it wnai it ougnt to oe.
i i i I ''
Vessels Dispatched to Intercept the
Vessels Dispatched to Intercept the Nashville.
NiwToiK.Dec. 9A-ThP Secretary' r tfle
NavV has dinnatohed One of the faateat And
most powerful vessels la. tha Navy, and a swift
gunboat, to intercept tne rebel steamer Hasp
vllle on her return trip. -,Thp Instructions-pf
the emoers are to atrproaon tba British coast at
near aa tha neutrality lawi will permit, and to
crulas off tho coast until tbey capture tba
Tbe Nashville Is likely armed, and if tbe
United .States teamen fall in with her, aba
will certainly be tokens f '& '
A writ of attainder on Abe art of thp loyal
owners of thp Naihvllle baa also gone out t In
one of the1 late steamers, to be executed in
Southampton. r'y "h"?-;:? .'
Vessels Dispatched to Intercept the Nashville. THIRTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS.
First Session.
WASHINGTON, December 4.
Bcnatc number of' petitions were pre
lented and referred te appropriate committees!
Several on. thp emancipation of tha alavea of
ine reoetat were proaraitvii bhh reiwrru w tus
oommlttee on tbe Judiciary. - -
Mr. Hnmner oraaentad a resolution that all
rhemorlala and paoera on'tbe files of the Senate
relating to tbp recogpitton VI, Liberia ana Hay
tl bp token from., the flies rami referred ta the
committee on foreign Anairs-, Agreed to.
Mr. Ulark offered a resolution requesting tne
Marshal of tbe District to inform tba Senate by
what authority bo keeps alavea o! tbe District
in fall because tbev are refractorr. .
Up laid be bad visited the jail, and found a
rfumber of slavea of -the District confined there
for - no reason except' that their masters and
mistresses bad pent tbeaa there because tbey
were refractory.' ' k i -
Resolution agreed to. . , t
Mr. Ball's resolution dlreotiog tbe Judiciary
committee to inquire Into the expediency of
abolishing, the present Supreme Court and - es
tablishing another, was taken up. He said tbe
present Supreme Court bsd failed. He believed
u tne rebels now u anna ebould succeed, tbe
Supreme Court, would deoide that tbe soldiers
now in Virginia were trespassers and rioters.
Mr. Collamer moved as a substitute that tbe
portions of the President's message relating to
me Judiciary be relerred to the Judiciary com
mlttee. '
Mr. Lollamer's amendment wai agreed to,
and tbe resolution aa amended was adopted.
On motion of Mr. Chandler the reaolution in
quiring into- the cause ef tbp disasters to our
army at Hull Kun and Ball's Bluff, was taken
np- . '-. i i r, i
Tbe question was' on tbe substitute offered by
Mr. Grimes, that a eommlttse be appointed to
Investigate the causa of all the disasters that
have happened to the Union forces.,
Mr. Chandler: said officers of the army weie
not iiaoie to -impeachment, but one of our own
number has fallen (Mr. Baker), and nobody to
blame.. He tboogbt the facta ought, to be
known regarding tbe diaasters in Mieeourl, re
ferred to by the Ben a tor from Kanssr:If Gsn.
Fremont Is to blame, let it be known. If not,
In God's nams let him be justiflsd nd let tbe
country know It.. .
Mr. Foster thought Itbsst net to investigate
tbe oubieot now. Uoder the cresent circum
stances, he thought Congress had better cot do
it. If military officers msnaged tbe army bad
ly, Congress would only make a bad matter
worse by interfering, , lie would let the tmlita.
ry alone in time of war. An inquiry of this
kind would ooly oall mea away from higher du
ties. At tbe proper time Congress might make
tbe Inquiry. . - -
Mr. Sherman believed sn Invest mtlnn ernnW
be beneficial, especially a general Inquiry Into
win wuuie cunuuot 91 me ar, and said he
would record his solemn conviction that before
tbe war ceased slavsry would almost if not en
tirely cease to extet;'but the war should be car
tied 00, without any reference to the-subject of
slavery, to preserve a free country for free men.
If be could infuse the spirit of tbo people Into
all the departments of tbe government, the war
woum aoou eqa. -. . 1 :
Mr. Wilson Was' Blad thrt rpmlntlnn mnnA
take a wide field. He thontrtat It waa rim tha
proclamations of officers ebould oeasp sod ths
Government have tbe sole settled policy. We
uiuaw remeuiuoT we oaa not the men of large
experience. Great miatakaa had noon m Ha
and were likely to be made, but hp, wanted it
understood mat people expected no mistakes
would ba made, but that every man glvp all be
has and is to the country.
Mr. Latham asked for the yea's and nays.
Tbe resolution was agreed to--yeee 33, nays 3;
Messrs. Carlisle, Latham and Bell. ' Absent
Mesers. Bright, Colamer. Font. Thnmann.
Willey and Wilson .
, Aujourned. . ; : . . ,-
tr rv . '
uuuii.-mr, uawes, from the commit
tee on Elections, Introduced a reaolution whiob
was passed, authorising the nartlea in tha m.
tested election cass of Beach against Upton, in
tbe Fairfax District of Virginia, to take evi
dence. 1 11,: . ' 1 tt 1 .
Mr. Morrill of Vermont gave notice of his
intention to introduce a bill donating lands to
tbe several States for the benefit of ao-pimiltnra
sad the mechanic arts, in tbe establishment of
colleges. ' -' -
Mr. Richardson, from tbe committee on Mil
itary Affairs, reported tha following, which was
pasaed: . ,
WHXatAS, TbO sxthsnge of trisonara In tha
present reoeuion nas already been nraot nad In.
uirecuy, acu as eucn exchange would not only
increase enlistment, and add to the vigor of our
army, but subserve the highest Interest of bn
manity, and as such exchange does not involve
recognition ot ine rebels as . a government;
Rttolvti by the Stnati andfftuu at Rmru,n.
iaiixtm, etc., That the President, ef th. Ilnlr.H
Slate bp rsquisted to InangurstP systematic
measures for thp exchange or prlsonerp in the
present reuemoo. .,. t , ...... v- ,
ua motion it war- j,- s: ii,-- r.rr
Rtiolvedt That tha oommltieeon Fro-;,n ar.
fairs be instructed -to inanire In La- tha .r.
dienoy of furnishing relief to the etarving pop.
.uu vi i,auu, auu iv ropori oy oill pr Other
Mr. Wickliffe. "from TEe' Committna nn Mill
tary Affairs, reported a bill authorizing the
raising a volunteer foroe for thp better defense
01 n-entucxy. u -..t
. the House postponed ontil Toni-nW tha
consideration of various slavery propositions,
In consequence of Tuesday and Wednesday be
ing occupied in eulogies on Senator Baker.:
- ,Mr. Stevena bas modified hla rpanlnttnna In
several important particular, j-y - . ,- ,
Mr. Hutchins of Ohio Introduced a hill nn.
conditionally aoolishinir slaver In tha. nun-iot
of Columbia. t-... -. t
Mr. Gurley introduced a Ihill in nnnflaata
slaves of rebels and colonize them.' '
. unmotiouof Mr. Cox it was ' n,i t
Ruolotd. That tha committaa, an Wm
Meane be Instructed to consider tha tariff and
taxation with a view to equalize tbe burdens of
the present war. :s, t -t a h-i - -
Baltimori, Deo. 9. There has been no ar
rival from Old Point tr day. t No. boat will ba
due till to-morrow. 1- 1 - ' ... . i
Tbe following- Items were taken from lata
aoutbern papers: .'-".r" ' ; . .
MILLIOOIVILLB, Ua.. Deo. 5. A reaolntinn
bos been introdnoed into tbe State Senate that
the banks suspend specie'-payment and Issue
Confederate notes. ,..',',' u .. .
MiatrHrS) Tenni'i Deo. 4. The Avalanohe of
to day. says that the federal force between
no Una ureen and Louisville Ia firtv thousand
snd that Uen era la b Jobnstop and Buekner are
fully prepared" forthem. ... .
Bjjm'a Powt, Tjeo.' '6 wbn 'Friday' iast aU
steamet urampua toon a r ederal lumber boat,
anchored above, with seventy-five thousand feet
oi iumoer,anu Drougotia tq uiutnDus ,, d
A ue a Buerai kravva oi iwie wairw aula re
duoab in-largo trambere.' It Is strppoeedMhey
arp going to new Maanq to cut onr Jeff.
ThdmpsoD, .- eci ... ru
Arrival of the Africa.
Tosk, Ded. -Steamer Africa arrived
M-ria tVnm T.ltramnnt 9dth
ji - - - - r . . .....
Judge Goodrich brought speoial dispatohas
tor; Washington ww-tai w a
I Affairs of the pahvIIlov continued tcf eiefte
gTat attsntipn :Tha .Nashville was stUl at
Sottthamptoa. Nothiog doue toward puppllee
or repairing aetv i Capt; emnt Tleoles - not
holding commissionas-had been stated, and
puhlisbes his commission as lieutenant from
Tl fivai JIH l T,va..' v :.' i
be London Observe, ministerial organ, al
ludlng to the permission demanded by tha Nash
ville, ears a stay amneoeaaaniy protraesea, or
for'afreYesslvp purposes, cannot be Onconraged
Tbe pally News lays It would be monstrous
1 belUgereata, wbilo Ml neutral ports were per
mitted towbtain meana for eonttoolng the war.
The London tar says, It ia destructive tn
IsM as well as- feeling, between friendly pow
eml and fcOwefe ckuowledeed aa belli eerente
"iTha Herald ie. If the Nashville Is permit
ted to reoetre waeukp armament, England will
ba denartinc from bar neutrality, and will am
broil herself with tbe Federal Government,
Any aid beyond what la oecesssry to render a
veesel seaworthy may well arouse thp jealousy
vi uio auioiiubu uufernnem.
1 Lord Stanley a speeoh, said ba was not
surprised that Americans took cffeuse at the
way England eetued their affaire for them, and
argaedtbat Ue American Government could
not harp aeted .Hberwlse than they bad, bnt
thai two governments are Inevitable aooner or
Mr. Layard defended the policy of the Eog
liab Government, and regretted it was mlsun-.1-
. . . . ..
uersiooo oy Americans, out ueniea mere was
any proof of backing down of democratic in
atitntions. 1 ' 1
l r'ainci The Bank of " France reduced the
rate of discount from six to fire pec cent.
oonrse nrm. ;, . , , , . ,
An official dispatch sets. Omar Pacha defeat
ed eight thousand insurgents near Pira, after
lonr noura' Denting, with a loss or e eht hun
dred killed sud wounded. ' "
A numerous body of insurgents In Monte-
grains, Wbo Intended to Invade Kalashiere, was
repulsed alter a bloody flgbt.
Flour slow but unchanged. Wheat dull
Corn firmer.
Provisions. With limited demand. Pork
dull and unchanged. Bacon in good demand.
Corn unchanged.
LivxarooL, Nov. 23. Trade at Manchester Is
dull, but prices generally steady. In some In
stances a decline is quoted In yarns. x
BaiaosTorrs. Tbp circulars report floor
slow but unchanged: amsll sales at 28032s
wheat dull: red western at lis 9c fa 12a 5d.
white western 12s 9J. Corn firmer; mixed 33s
9J, yellow 32a 9d33s, white 3437s.
Londoh Misxrr. Biriog Brothers it. Co. re
port breadstuff) quiet '. previous rates.
Sugars very dull bnt unchanged. Tea unaltered.
LlVtiroOL. Nov. 24. BraadatufTi nuiat and
firm; proviaions inactive.
Lon DON, Nov. 24. Conaola cloaed laat avan.
log at 9494i.
in American itooks tbe latest sales were. Illi
nois Central ehaies at 40(239 discount:
k New Yoax, Deo 8. A schooner from Mon.
taigue reports the pirate Sumter there, coaline-.
She bad taken two prizes, and was allowed to
rent wiipout objections." '
NEW YOSK. Deo. 9. SceclaU atata fianatar
Johnson had an interview with Gen. McClellan
to-day urging tbe Immediate sending of relief
to tbe loyalists of Eastern Tennessee.
Tbe President favora the earllaat advance n
the Kentucky army.. ' ...
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Dec. 9.
pricee are aihoateterlal etange. galeeof 10,u0bble
bbla at PS S5S 40 for rtjeoted; 5 405 SO for tup.'
tata; ti 603:5 70 for extra etata, pi 40S5 SO for super
fine we, tern; pj 60S 5 90 for common to aiediao ezlre
weatern; PS 9095 95 for eblpplng brtnda extra round
hoop Ohio, and pa 058 75 for trade armada do, market
cloelng da). Otaadiaa flour, moderate tmlnen doing
at preTioue qnoutiona; ealea of 98O bbla at $i 4595 50
loreapernoe; j oj9' w tor common to choice extra.
RYU FLOUR Steady with a moderate demand; talei
of 150 bbie at P3 50SI4 40. - ...
CORN MEAL In fair reqaeat; ealea of 1150barrele at
S3 S5 for New Haven and P3 27k3 30 for wnrt.
wine. ...
WHI8KT Lower: lelee of 200 barrali i onua
soxo. : ('
WUEAT-Inlly lo better, with fair export demand;
alee of 8,600 boihela Chicago eprtng at PI S01 20'
4,eOO Racine eprina at 1 'MiSll 27: 3.000 dn nnrth...i.r.
club at p 1 1 38; 46.000 do Illlwtukee club at P 1 29
, ou, uu amoer low II 1 JOjai 31 i; C.1O0
red atata at pi 3331 3d; 10,800 do Oantdian club at
tl 30 1 31;:58,000 do winter red weitern at el Hflttl 3?
6 00O do amber Michigan at tl 4031 41; 19 600 do
white amber aticbigan at II 45SP1 411
RYE Firmer, nitb aalea of 5,800 buihela at 83W9
BARLEY-Steady; lalea 3 500 buihe'a in mall Int.
at S6 72c for etate ; 93 3 ;or Canada K a it .
uuHn upenea nrm and cloeed a little better, with
moderate demand for exDort and home Aonanaintinn-
alee 13,00 buibtli at 61 for damaged and mixed red
weitern; 6465c for common to eood wutarn aflmt-
66c in itore; 69SC7c for Aellow aoutbern.
OA1S Heavy aud declining; talei 1.400 buih at 449
PORK Without decided change In price; alei 4 000
bbla, including 100 bbia prima men at 50313 00;
ueai aiin; prime mete 19 50319 00.
bee r nuiei quite nrm bnt market Tory quiet; ealei
of 210 bbli at ft 4 50 for country prime; 55 50 for
country un, u lor rep acuta gun; 1 13 753
13 67 K for extra mm.
BEKFIIAMB In moderate requeit; aaletof30O bbli
pnmeweeiern at tx-
COT MEATS-Dull and nominallV unchtnirad.
BAOON Rulee firm and In moderate requeit; aalea of
juuu noxee at 10 ror long ribbed mlddlea, pert at 7o; we
eivv dvucv mei 01 u.uw pounoe on pnrate terma.
DRESSED HOBS Steady at P4 62X34 75.
LARD Ia mora active but no material chtni-a In
price; ulee of 900 tiercel and b-U it 839Xc.
jVUTTBH euil rule very firm tnd In fair demand at
11316c for Ohio, 16323c for itate.
CHBE9E-Steady and firm at 68Kc.
' SUGAR Raw Tory firm: eilei493hbdi at7v8L'c
and 125 boxef 0ranion printatermi,
MOLA88B8 galea 35 bhdi Porto Rioo at 0c; 10 hhd
!, Master Commissioner's Sale.
tioula Llndemaa )
' . -ya.' "'t BuDerlor Court. .
Haldamond Crary et al: '
TjT virtue of an? order ot tale to ma dlreotel from tha
JL Superior Court ot Franklin eountv. Ohio. 1 will of
fer for aala at the door of tha Court Bouaa In the City of
uqiumoni, on ' . ...
Saturday, tbe 14th day of December, A. D.
at one o'clock P.M., the following deecrlbed real estate,
sitnate In the county of Franklin and State of Ohio, to
liOta numbered iblrty-nlna (30, forty (40;. rorty-ooe
(41), forty-two Hit. and forty three (43), In tha addition
of H. Crary and othera to the city of Colnmbue, ai
dealgnated In the plat of aald addition, recorded In the
Recorder i omoe ar franklla oonnty, unlo. . , . ,. j . ,
AppreiiM ar k.
I LotiNoa. 39. 40 and 43, 350 00aach.
t " " 41 and 42, 3O0 00
i ' ", P. W. HUFFMAN,
' Bherlo and Matter Commlnloner,
Printer'! feei. SC.
aova-dltfcwtd '.
t B. Wilion . -.
! ti.
W.I. Roe.
Superior Court.
XJ to ma directed from tha Superior Court of
franklin county, Ohio, I will offer for eale at tha door of
the Court Home, In the Oily of uoluabua,on
Saturday, December the 14th, A. P. 1861,
at two o'clock. P. the following Seeorfbed real eatatt.
aitoate In the county of Franklin and State ot Ohio, lo
The south half of a lot of land containing eighty acres,
more or leu; tbe aald eighty acre, of which thii part
thereby conveyed, li a tract originally owned by Dr.
George Bterenion, and which by certain proceeding! m
tha Court of Common Pleaa of Franklin county, now
partitioned to and dirlded among tbe children and hetra
at law of laid Qeorae Bteventon, deeeaeed; aaid prem-
Uua hereby eonveyed being known aa tha south half of
lot No. 17, aiwlll fully appear, reference being bad to
aaid proceedlngi In partition, eetfonn in tn unaneeay
reeorda or eaul uommon rieae, in neoa a, page 410, ,
. Anpraiiedat 55 00 per acra.
T GBOROk W- HTJFFM AW , Sheriff,
I By En. Datm, Deputy
ft. Seiaxn, Atfy. ' ' ;,
Frlntar'i fees PO 00. . ', .' Kf .
I:.aoT(MUfcwt; 7Z.r.
Bk Wllaon
On.l'Tl"' 1 I." P ..";' .'i'.'jl.if
." , Superior Oaurt, : -c- sx.:
oaaatal' . ) x - ' f-J :: '-
l ti.
. Ivftoaa
to ana directed, from tha Superior Court of
Franklin county, Ohio, I will offer, for a&le at tha door
of pie Ooort Uoute, in the city of Colombo., on
Saturday, the 14.h dav of Dacembwr, A. D.
Z - - 1861,.' ".
Xt -two o'clock. P. M-, tha following described real ea
tats, altnata in tha county of Franklio, and State of
Ohio, to wit: - -i ! ', v .. .- -.- ...
The aouth Ti.If of a lot of land eontalnln(teigntV aoni,
more -Inset the aaM aightr asrra of which tba part
hereby enTyed la a part of a tract originally owned by
DrJawrgr!Tnia, father of Catharine Pmery, aad
which by certain proceeding lot the Court at Oomraaa
Pleaa of Franklin aownty, -waa paatad lo and dleidtci
among th children and heir, of laid Qeorge Btereoa n.
deoeawd; aald p rem lee known a th eonth kalf of let
amber aarwnteen (17), a will (uliy appear, reference
being had to cerlai 'proceeding. In partition act forth In
tbe; Chancery record, of aaid Court of Common pieei.
ta book No. B, page 318, and being S Prt of the came
traotaf land eooveyed to Jamei P Ro.ton by Kobt.
Bmory ahd Oattiuin Xmory, by dee4iiM (he IS h day
f Oetober, 1847, and eoaveyed by aald Rortoa tn John
W. Baker, by Seed dated the 1th daw of Korember A.
llB5P. ,- irn-.-ri'l!ei
" Appraised at $S5 00 per aer.
' I ' , ' CUSOJmJb W. HTJfFMAN, Bheriff "
f . :i l, Bj a.,. Dat11i Depaqr, -.
ft! tana, Att'y.
Printer"! feee P8 00.
:. ;-.! I
J. l. gill corrb
it' 'I I
. j Xi.'
I . f 1 I .-!
north niaH RTRMicT :.
writ '
1 4
"J e ' ' ! I . ' "
Km offered to the ellleine of Oolnabsa.'': .'".
for either Wood er Ooal.-
fo Large famlHea or gmall Famlllea, and varying la
Prlea from .
Three Dollars to One Hundred and
Twenty-Five. """.'
Of erery Price. Bite and Variety, for Ooal or WooaV
HALL STOVES, ' ' ' ' - '
' ' Of many Patterne.
' ' ' - 1 f . a
Army Stoves.
Both Cooking and Beating.
Lighten and moit Portable Tint an.. .
! ' ; offered to tba
Officers of our Great Army.
For Heating Dwelling. Church.., Store roomi, or other
' 1 large Buildlogi.
1 - for family 0m or HotaU ' - 1
: And many other artlctee "or any other man r
' No. 92 North High Street,
J. L Gill & , Son.
auY-it ' ..." ;
Sheriff's Sale.
; Cbarlea Death
1 VI.
!Dao. , page 383.
Common Fleas. ,
Wm. I . Jeantnn at al.
to aa direcMd from tha Court of Common Pleaa ol
Franklio county, Ohio, I will offer for late at the door of
Sae Court Bouie, In th city of Columbna. Ohio, on .
Saturday, ths lltbdsy of January, A.Di 1862,
at 1 o'clock p. m.,tha following described nail aetata,
aituat in th county of Franklin, and Stat of Onto, to
Lot No. Ten. in Phalan'a Mminf Plaiaaiatnf aJJIK..
tha city of Ooiumbua.
Appraiaed at 1100 00.
. ' " i ; , 1 '' ' - W. HUFFMAN, BherlS, 1
h.. . r .By Divn. Deputy. S V
Fribter a feei 3 50. . r., .jlh-
j DR. LBL AND'8 :
Rheumatism Oonf and Konralyia, 9
All Mercurial Diseases
i .
tt ia a eoavantently arranged Band, containing a med
icated oompound, to be worn a round th Watet, without
Injury to th moat delicate penoni; no chanire la babita 1
of, living la required, and It entirely taatorea the dii
aa from the ayitem, without producing the injuriona
ffecta ariilng from the ai of powerful Internal medi
ainea, which weahea and dee troy b eoMtltutien, and.- 1
give temporary relief only. By thle treatment, the med-
fclnal propertlee oootained In th Band com In contact
with the blood and reach the diieaea, through the poraj.
of th akin, effecting In eery hutanc a perfect cut;
and ratorhigthaparbi aflllcttd to a healchy condition. "'
Thia Band la alao a moetpowerful Awn-MaaorauL anent; ': '
andwtil entirely rallne the. yilaa from the penaioiou
iiuvwoi Hinnnr. atooerai eaiee are curnfl in a lew
dwi, and we are constantly receiving teitlmoulalaoflta
euoacy in nraTM aaeearr Mnt etamttna.
to be had of Dranbrta aanaralle. or mih
urn poni bj aaau or xpraoa, wiia rau oiMOiloBa rar aaft. :
toMypartof.tha cnnntry, dlreot yrona, th Ptlnipa;jt
Ko; 409 BJWABWA1,' lew York,1;' " '
' G. SMITH & CXX, Sole Prorjrleteie,..' tv
X. DeecrlptlT Clrculara Stint Frea. , ' ,
S71 S High St., beu Friend and; Bound, Colombo, O.
, ILr Aareiate Waateel Xvarywbar.
ah lyhjortotp d&wi 4
Dordestic Cotton Gooda.
T t
mant of
ineat Etenaive
Brown and Bleached Cotton Flannnlai . "ZZ.
- Muillni; ' -'ST9ii
Barn.ley Oottoa ihaoUnge; I .t
Beieot Styles or Oalleu'aandDclainati M .
Tioklng., 8hlrlin,re, ainghama. -
And Oottoa Baltlna. v:' 'd l
AVao, Biaakata, Fianoel' " ' "! ' .h H
Much b:low regular price.v k ,
-wrtlP'.i -' .' m- "1 P8 Bonth Etgh 8tnet.
! Laoes and Embroideries,'-
YKajI'.naJIKNKiw, rrllSiTSCWB POIWT:"1
LacOollasand Sett. " French, Pniber and Tbrea 3
Lac, Veil! inew pattern.) Valunclenea, Thread and '
Point Laeet, EmbroldeTed Oellara, Pe:ta, Trusmrnire mi '
(klrta, Laee Barbel wad Ooiffuraa, Plain Linen Collate,
"ettaand Ctrta. BahreMntJ Colbaa tsA CnSw m nam"?-
.. Boath Bta(4Me

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