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Rail Road Time Table.
Littu Miami fc'0"mjmo Xitftii -1
w.-.1 '. -:) . - Leaves.' '" J Arrlvi
NKht lxorsss. Via Daytoa. :0A.MVa S.WA. M
Olnsinnall Accommodation . 6:10 A. Mi r B 80 Pi M
Day Express IMP. M,n J:W P. M,
Mall nil Accommodation.. 4:0" P, M. j J&1S P, M,
.. Jo. W-rDoBewnryAgeot,
Night Ixpree i.-.,.....S:50 Atalflajf.JI
New York Bxprees. ....... aiar. . ,'"
I r- Jttfaj Pa-mason, Afnt
Bit Cmnu 3:20 P- M. . 1.3U r. M
- ' .11 ,)-.. . v -vW'f Jf lu, Agent.
PlTTSSOROB, Cot-CltSCS fc PlKOurilitl B.t.V' ,, ' '
Mall Train M. ...a s :00 A. M... . 1:30 A. M
xprTrUi..w.i...a...J:3SA..M.-', 1:30 P. II
Joi. Robihiom, Agtnt.
Oolomsos As 'iMDUMoroLu, B. R."" 1
OhlomlzDiMi 8:00 A. M. . 8:35 P. M,
No.S I' , k.. 3:00 P.M. , 11:50 A. M.
Sandusky " . 9:0A..H.: 8:00 P. M
.i , . ,. ... . 0. W. Smith, Agtnt.
Local Matters.
Bauioral Biit. it wtll be seen by adver
tisement In another column, that Headley,
Eberly & Richard this da; received another
large lot of Balmoral Sklrta, ranging Id price
from $2.50 to $3.75. They bare also just re
ceived a full line of Ladles' and Gentlemen!
Fnrs, Ladles. Cloth .Cloaks, Shawls and Bom
" basins ' ' ' 4 "'' - '
250 and 252 South High street,
Columbus, Ohio.
To My Fannoa and Costomiu. I have con-
eluded, on And. after ,'fabn'arj lit, 1862, to r
oelre oaeh for goods on delivery. This system
will benefit the purchaser by a hberal discount
and be a great advantage to toe. 1 et '-i
You have aj tbanks for favors past, and their
continnanoe is earnestly solioited.- - '
Persons knowing; themselves7 Indebted to me
will confer a. fnvor by settling their acoonnts
Mrs. A. H. SELLS.
December 11th, 1861.
SraiyiD-rFiom the subscriber on Friday,
December 6th, a sorrel horse, abont sixteen
bands high, with a blaze in his faee, and a. bob
Any person returning him, or, giving infor
mation that may lead to bis recovery, will be
Columbus, Dec. 1861.
United Statis Siit4t ComueaiON Elio
tion of Omicks At a meeting of the Asso
ciate Members of the United States Sanitary
Commission residing : at Columbus, held at the
Museum Room of the Starling Medical Col
lege, on Saturday evening, tbe 7th lost , the
following named gentlemen were eleoted officers
of the Association, to wit:"; " ( J " ,
Joseph Sullivant, President; Rev. Edward M.
Fltsgerald, Vice-President; John W. Andrews,
Secretary, and T, O. .Wormley, Treasurer, v
Tbe members of the .Commission In this
olty are Governor Dennison, Rev. Messrs, Fitz
gerald, Hemsteger and Mees; Dri. Carter,
Smith, Awl, J. B. '.Thompson, ' Loving and
Wormley; MesBrs- J. Sullivant, F; C. Sessions,
P. Ambos.'J. H. Riley, R. Neil, F. Collins and
John W. Andrews... . ' , ',: , .'..'. :.'
A call will at once be made by the Commie.
aion noon our-citlsene for contributions for
the relief of our flick and wounded joldlers.
Court of Common Pleas.
Tbe case of the State vs. Gribby, for arson,
Occupied the entire day yesterday. Mr. Reamy
for the Stale,' ooniaraiog the forenoon, and
Messrs. Critbhfield 'and Olds' the afternoon.
Judge Warden will close tbe case this morning
for the State. j ,. '
ViiMCT or.THi Cooia'e;IoisT.--The
Inquest summoned by Coroner Oarer to inquire
Into the cause of Robert Dillon's death, return
ed, yesterday morning, a yerdiot of "Death by
accidental shooting-,"- thus acquitting Mrs. Dil.
Ion of any orrmlhaTTnlenl.,,'.vr" "-
D" The ChilUoothe- hdvtrtiser Bats that
panther, seven foot In length, was reoently shot
in Turin towoshlf, not far from 'Bourneville,
Ross county. '
. ,, , r t - ; -- t
ANOTHiaFiMAiH SoLWii.Tlia qltj Matshat
of Covington, Ky., detected quite a good look
log young woman in soldler'j attire on Saturday,
and had her sent t Cajnp KiDg, wberOf it ap
pears, she has been In Col.. Moody's regiment
for some mqntbajfrlthont !, her ; sex being
known J -'i -J ' r i..";.?o :Li.j.
When dlecoveied by the' officer,' 'she was quite
111, and had, been endearoring td procure oplom
at some of the drug stores, . It waa owing to
her illness .no,,;donbt,": tba,t hei;a'sex was
discovered; for .she was moaning plteousiy
and showed', every symptom of her. womanly
nature. She bad. passed, liudc 'the; name" of
Andy Fitsallenr and-was one ot the' best drilled
and most dutiiut soliliers to U Camp. She r'
fuses to give her proper name, but states that
she Is a Canaolanj'.iShe I ValwuVlwepty years
old, and has nVJgf("MyflMb,,
dark auburn hair, and sine her return to camp
has assumed the garments, of her sexand will
remain as 'trrse jn; thti hospital. -"J v . .:;
FosriiTffiut'.-'Il is stated tbatuthe Cineinoati
and CovingfoaBrtdgfl (JompiDy "have forfeited
their leano of the wharf On the1 Cinomnati side
of the riverba a'ocounWof oou-eompUauoa with
the terms n,:wblph" ft was graflte-d.'t A large
amount of tgtjmwy expended on' the erection of
the piers is hereby thrown .away, naleel a re
newal of tfii leasei .cttn jbe' effected, wbjch.'of
course, isontional with the owner of the" wharf
in that TlClDiq ,.; -,UieJ -,;;.: f,
ET Tbe Cincinnati ConCmereiA siys' theri Is
pleasant little social literary elub in that oity
tbe Initials of whibli aieKvC.- Among "otber
entertainments; the ladles and gentlemen enjoy
themselves with "budget of anonvmoaa com-
' . , ,
mnuioatloos., JTbeae are "requirej' 't.'bff'sent
prior to the meetmgr W the;-addrep of 'Mi
Budget Reader, K.C." , A- few' djs go, the
penny post took a'mlaijlte from the PoatofDce to
the number, of (be reeideoee to whiohit was dl
reoted, and Inquired for ."Mils' Bridget Reader,
Knight of toQMriQm.-flJ
which he will hU at lowest market pricee.
Call and exMntoe-my Ooei before purcbeeloi elte
Where.i :'' ' Ai a r - r
Office at the store of Bradford, Ruydam St Co., bead
of Canal. . ...j iJi. e'.tu-n i- - i..-,
...i -w . iA4 B. f. BDXDAM...
of elemnt qualities tor UdwSi also, Ulasee' Ultti
ssnrtns . GAIN'S.
. asaytf '
ja. a leeee on uw pwr jaoom
. - i " i -
3STo. 11 East Blate Bt.,
hu opracd It u in
v Auction & Commission Room.
Ha la now prepared to rftcMv on 0 ommiiiloa rerj
deaotiptlon of property, uch as Dry Gooda, Qrooariea,
LiqUOIl. VarnUnra. IlkiMsicrM. TTnraM. r. TTaksitsui
lntcndl todflTQtft hlflittflntinn tn mIh at HmoI Katmta
nd Parional Property, at auy point, within twenty mllei
' Auctio' Sales 'Eyery Evejoing,".
- '. i j .'. ....
is ; i W. It. JK.BMT, Auctioneer.
Sheriff 's Sale.
Peter A. Preieler
Thomas Daniel.
- . .1
Doc. 3, p. 9M.
Superior Court,
XJ 10
no directed, from the flUDorforOonrt of Vranklln
uounir, uoio, i win oner ror aaie, at tbe door or tbe
uoun uouee, in tne eitjr or Oolumbus, Oblo, on
Saturday, the 4th day of January, A. D. 18C2,
between the bours of 10 o'clock A. M. and 4 o'olocl
r. M.. the following landa and tenemenla. iltnitii fi
the eountr of Vranklln. State of Ohio, and In th tnwn
of Vortblogton, and known and deicribed ae folio we, to
W1H '
Tbe north equal third Dart of In-Iot numher nlnetv
two (DR). ae dietlnialihed on the orivlnol end rroorded
pistoi me town oi norictngton, in uia rrankiin ooun
tjr. Ohio, belnff the eame DremUea nonravMl hw ulil
Theodore B. Tuller and Dobrlna hil wife, to eald Ihomae
vaniei, dj ueea aareu AUgUil win, A. V, la.
sppraueq ai f euu w,
' 0. W. HUFFMAN, Bheriff.
PrlntertfeeHB 00.
nov-dltaswtd . . .
Master Commissioner's Sale..;
Samuel Paraooa' Bxecutom .' ' ' .'.
t. . i superior uouri.
JohaK. Harlot all... ) , , - J..
to b directed from tbe Superior Court of franklin
County. Ohio. I will offer foz ula tx the door of tlu
Coui.rfouee, In too oltr of Columbus, on
Saturday, the 28th day of Deoember, A. D.
; iBbl,
between tbe houn of 10 o'clock a . K.t and i o'olook r. v.
the followinK doecrlbed real ettata. iltiute In the sonnt
of Franklin and State of Ohio, to wit; Lota Noi. aeven,
i eigni, o) nine, (v; ana ten. (w; ot'JoUn and Henry
lller'i nbdlTiilon of loti Mm. elrhtr.nlne. fHmlnln.fi.
(00) and ninety-one, (91) of Oroiby'a addition to ont loU
out of Oolumbua. ae delineated on the nUt Ihnrixif. r.
oorded In volume one, page lerenty, of the record of platf
Appratitd loll Noi. 7, 8, at 1300 00 each.
O. W.HUIIMAR, Sheriff .
i . and Muter Commltulonnr.
Printer! fees $8,00.'
Superior Court of Franklin Coun-
;'! ' ty, Ohio. ' ,
, Joaepb Prk. end wlf. J( plf4 n
' John Cramer et el. J Balo in partition.
tbe laid Court to me directed. I will offor for uli
the door of the Court House in the city of Colnm.
bus, on . ,
Saturday, tbe 28th day of December, 1861,
between the hours of 10 o'oiock a. m., and 4 o'clock p.
mu the following deeortbtd real eetate, iituate in the
county of franklin, and Bute of Ohio, to wit;
xne renuiuaer or a tract of land estimated to contain
one hundred and five acree, known ae the Old Poor
Houte Farm, belnc the aame land convered b John An.
deraon to hil tone Bobert, Jotbua, EeUlng and John
Andenon, by deed dated July 13tb. 18 30, after cutting
off arty acree from tbe eaat ilda of aaid traot, which waa
set off to Bobert King and wife, la an amicable partition,
AppraUed ot G5 00 per acre.
' QEO. W. HUFFMAN, Sheriff.
Printer's feei, 6 00.
Mov IT, U61-wtd
Master Commissioner's Sale.
l "r; "oy i loe. 3, page 805. .
CbriltUnGramliebetal. ) P"or uoun. ,
to me directed from the Superior Court of Franklin
eountj, Ohio, I will oiler for sale at the door of the Court
ttouae, in tbe city or Uolumbue, Ohio, on
Saturday, the 11th day of January, A. D. 1862,
een the hours of 10 o'clock a. m. and 4 o'clock d.
m.. the followlni- deicribed real eetate. situate In the
oountar of Franklin, and State of Ohio; to wit-
One and a half aoree of land. belEK the weithalf of
tbe eaat half of a six acre lot In half section twenty
seven, townehln fire, ranee twenty-two. Referee land,,
conveyed by 3,0. Bhoor and wife to J . O. Blind and
said ObriiUan. by deed January 8th, 1830, and quit
claimed by eald Blind to Qramlich June 15th, 1841
Appraleed at w.
, OE0BQE W. HUFFMAN, Bheriff,
and Muter Oommiaeloner,
Printer's reel 4 SO.
decB-wtd . ,.,.
The Court of Common Pleas Frank-
it lin County, Ohio.
Jotepb 8tory
et ali
Doc. 3, page 211, No. 315.
Bale In partition. -
Samuel 0. Story
the (aid Court to me dl rooted, I will offer tor eale at
publio auetion at the door ot the Court Hooee, in the
city of Colombo.!, on . . .
Saturday, the Slat day of December, 1861,
between the hoars of IS o'clook If. and S o'clock P. H.,
the following described real eetate, situate In the coun
ty or franklin aad state oi unio:
The undivided two-ninths (i-9) of a certain traot or
panel of laud, situated in the county; of Vranklln and
State of Ohio, lying on Darby Big Bun, a branch of
Derby Creek, a put of the original lurrey No. 3,811,
and bounded and deeorlbed ai followe:
Beginning at a large itone In the Bun, lower oorner
i Joaiah Blrena' lot in the eouth of eald original
annre No; 3.611: thence with aald line eouth eighty-
nine (80) degrees east one hundred and forty (143) poles
at the southeaet oorner, corner tree down; thence with
the eaat line north one M) degree east sixty-three and
one-half (03K poles to a bur oak and three red elms;
north eighty-nine (80) degrees west one hundred and
urty (ISO) poles to a point in tne centre or ine run, witn
Ite meanders, to the place of beginning, containing sixty
(60) aoree more or lets -
Apprauea uw per acre .
, ' ... o. w. HUFFMAN, Sheriff,
Printer's fees HO. - - '
aovl-td. ' .- - '.'
Eltiabeth B. Newman, Plaintiff,) Court of Common
' against .. Pleai, , Franklin
Adam P. Newman, Defendant. County, Ohio. .
XX of residence is nnknoirn, is notified that Elisabeth
Newman did. on the lata day of November. A. D.
1801, file her petition in the effioo of the Clerk of the
Oowrt of Common Pleas, within and for tbe county of
yrttoclln and State oi unio, ouarging tne said Adam V
Newman with having eemmitted adultery with one Ann
Oautleberry, on the 83d day of Vebruary, A. D. 1860, at
the rickaway House, in tne town or uuoieriuo. Vhlo, and
raying that she may tie uivorcea rrom tne aaid Adam r.
ewman. which petition will stand for bearing: in aald
court at the term next after the expiration ot. six weeks
the nrst publication nereor.
L '
' i- Attorneys for Plaintiff
ii, Plain Ottoman Cloths; ; r
.-! ; u Megentaand Black Oheck Yalenciaa;
t e-r . , procne jumnix ireas uooaa,
. VahMH iblrf., ......
Balmoral Bklrtst
Alexanders' Kid Cloves; '
Gore Trail Hoop skirts. ;
Corsets. Hair Nets,
Plaid Merinos. '"'"' V-''-
,,'. ... .: r " 7 No. South High Street.,
,. Sheriff Sale. .
John ft. Billiard Doo. 3. DarelBI. , .rw
t vs. - f Superior Court of franklin coun
Mary Toung el al. ty.wmo.- :--... .44 ,.
to me directed, from the Superior Court of Prank
lin oounty, Ohio. I will Oder for sale at the door of the
Court House, In the oity of Columbus,. Ohio, ' '. ' "
On Saturday, the 14th day of December, A. P-
. -,- 1001, - ' ' .
between the hours of 10 o'clock, A. M., and 4 o'clock
p, M., the following aeionnea real estate, situate in
w,nktln nnnntv. Ohio, to wit: ' "' ' ' '
A certain tract or parcel of land In (he toWnshlnof
Norwich, bounded and described as louows: BeKindioir
at P. B. Avery'a 8. W. corner! thence on the line
between the Avery and Merlbah Crawford's line to the
boundary of the 0. P. and I. B. it.; thence N. W. with
the K. it, to Amy's line; thenoo B with the original
surrey line to the place of beginning, eontelnioR one sore
of land, more or lets, being part of surrey No.. 3,4M,
la the name of William Barkadaw. . t . '- T r ' ,
, Appraieed atllM W.. - - t
Printer's lees, Sjg.SOi
, noyj-aiif wt
'5 ,f,.n
9 Caees No. 1 Oorernmt nt Nlltoejs ,
a xraiis vioyee.
J fr-"' 19 boxes Citron.'.
' ' to boxes MK Baiilns.""
8 Urer dq. ft
it'll JlkO Atwm nt... .
. o u. w n . . . . - . '
..'f-- HHWliVliHieitW fK.
In store for sale by
BVTlV 10ltljH)gtiBtret.
From all Parts of the World.
Rebels Expect a Battle
on the Potomac.
100,000 Opposite our Lines
Gen. Zollicoffer not Advancing.
Card from Parson Brownlow.
CAPTAIN WILKES'S REPORT. Garret Davis Elected U. S. Senator
&c. &c. &c.
A Battle Expected on the Potomac.
Monrok, Dec. 9. A flat of Iruoe
went to Norfolk this morning.carrying sixty-two
prisoners aiscnargea oy the United states on
parole. .A rebel flag of truce met our boat,
and tranferred thereto some ladies coming from
From to-day's Norfolk Day Book, we learn
that a battle is immediately expected on tbe
Potomac, as tbe sutlers are removing their
stores. War rnmori were nlentifnl and the war
fever was very high.
A telegram Irons bavannab, December 7th,
etates that Gen. Butler's expedition arrived thst
day at Fort Royal. Nothing is said about Par
son Brownlow's victory, or of the Fort Pickens
From Washington.
[Special to the Post.]
Washington, Dec. 10- Mr. Etberidge, Clerk
of the House of Representatives, read letters
from Tennessee last night, atsting that tbe
rebel leaders bad begun the impressment oi
Union men into tbe rebel armv. and that hun
dreds of loyal citizens were flying into Kentnojty.
i ne nooee investigating committee will not
be able to report until Thursday. Tbeir report
is likely to produce a sensation.
1 be ease of Senator Bright has been post
poned for a few days.
mere are seventy fugitive slaves at tbe
Washington Navy Yard. Thev have all been
comfortably provided for by Secretary Welles,
ana most ot tbem are working for a compensa
tion of ten dollars month.
Marshal Lamon reports to the Senate that the
Imprisonment of slaves in the Government jail
in this city was in strict accordance with tbe
laws of the District of Columbia.
The Secretary of the Navy received a letter
from the Commodore of the Potomac flotilla,
dated Dec. 9th, stating that he had caused sev
eai nonses to be burned near tree Stone roint.
Tbey contained sutler's stores, etc. The ene
my fired but a few musket shots.
Richard 0. Gorman, Judge Daly and Collect
or Barney, were before the Cabinet to-day, in
reierenca to a general exchange or prisoners,
and particularly Col, Corcoran.
it la believed tne enemy's lorce in front 01
our lines numbers at least one hundred thous
Refugees aenreeent that in Weakley, Hen
derson, Carroll, Hardin and McNarry counties,
Tenn., the Union- feeling is very string the
inhabitants only awaiting the approach of the
national troops to mate a general uprising.
it is understood oytne rreemeot tnat tne
Legislature of Kentucky will abolish slavery,
reimbursing loyal masters.
The World'e dispatch says tbe small-pox is
fettlng prevalent by tbe carelessness of tbe
urgeon-General in- allowing cases of this dis
ease to be In the same hospital with other pa
tients. ' -
It is rnmored that a prominent member of
Badft's staff has disappeared with important
Too Herald's dispatch ears that a negro from
Centreville states that the rebels bad a review
of eighty thousand troops there a few days
since, during which a panio seized them, con
sequent on a rumor that the Federal troops were
marching on the place they fleeing from the
field,., leaving guns, wagons and everything
else. 1 . ,: '.. . .I-;
Zolliciffer not Advancing.
Louisvidls, Deo. 10. Zolliooffer haa not ad
vanced north of Cumberland river, as reported
' ben. Bcnoen nas withdrawn to Somerset, and
there awaits reinforcements.
Garrett Davis Elected U. S. Senator.
Frankfort, Deo, .10. Garrett Davis was
eleoted United States Senator for the remain
der of Breckinridge's term, by eighty-four to
twelve. . .
Garrett Davis Elected U. S. Senator. Republican Congressional Caucus--
Union Sentiment in Tennessee.
Niw York, Dec. 10. The Times correspon
dent states that the caucus of the Republicans
was attended by about forty members. All
newspaper men and outsiders were carefully ex
cluded. Pometoy, of Kansas, was chairman,
and Mcrnerson, ot rennsyivania, clerk. Tbad
Stevens made a long speech in favor A emanci
pation. ' He denonnced McClellan as trying to
control the Legislative and Executive powers
of tbe nation. Devin, of Kentucky, replied,
saying, u tne oojeot oi me caucus was to pro
vide a war policy, it was very improper. The
way to end the wsr waa by fighting, not by res
olntions of Congress.. Re closed by offering two
resolutions enaorsing tne rmiaaeipnia and Chi
oago platforms'. Tbat this meeting recognize
no right of a Congressional Convention to add
or take away irom these statements of princi
ples; that we are rejoiced that all political car-
ties are giving loyal support to the war, and
nothing should be done by Republicans to create
dissention or revive party distinction in its pros
ecution.' - Many speeches were made, but the vote wss
postponed until Wednesday night.
Union Sentiment in Tennessee. Card from Parson Brownlow--The
Bridge Burning Affair--George
r Louisvilli, Deo. 10 Parson Brownlow pub
Uahes a oard in the Memphis Avslancbe of the
iJth, condemning bridge burning by Unionists
and saying that he with others had pledged
inemeeives to &oiuooner to counsel peace and
acquiescence on the part of the Union men of
East Tennessee, and tbat if be had known of
the intended bridge burning, be should bave
teit bound in nonor and conscience to have In
formed the officers of the road of such an out
raareona dot. ' ' .'
The Nashville papers contain a letter from
George N. Sanders to Kossuth, extolling the se
cession movement, and hoping Euroeean lov
ers of freedom will extend tbeir sympathy (0
the Sonth. .- .
, An elegant flig was presented by the Loul
ville ladies to General Munson, at Camp Ben
Hpaulding, yesterday-Mr. Single, editor nf
the Lafayette Courier, made the presentation:
speech in behalf Of tba ladles. . ' - - .
Fiankfcrt, Deo. 10. Garrett Davit was
nominated: for Senator, beating Guthrie .ont
rote. '
Report of Capt. Wilkes in Regard to
the Arrest of Slidell and Mason.
Niw YoaayDeo. 10. Tbe following is an
abridged oodv of the renort of Capt. Wilkes,
assigning his reason for the arrest of Mason
November 16, 1861.
Tbe corernmenta of Great Britain, France
and Spain, having issued proclamations that tbe
uonieaerate mates wero vieweg, eonsiaerea ana
treated as belligerents, I felt no heslution in
boarding and searching all vessels of whatever
nation f fell in with, and I have done so. Tbe
question arose in my mind whether I bad the
ngni to capture tbe persons oi the commission
ers: whether thev were amenable to capture,
There was no donbl that I bad the right to cap.
Cure vessels with written dispatches. They are
expressly referred to In all authorities as snb
jeotlng the vessel to seizure and condemnation
u tbe captain of the vessel bad the knowledge
oi tneir being on board. Hut tbese gentlemen
were not dispatches in the literal sense, and no
where could I find a case in point. Thev bad
been presented to tbe Captain General of Cuba
oy a. is. M. (joDsul-utneral. but tne captain
General told me he had not received them in
that capacity, bnt as distinguished gentlemen
and straneera.
I then considered them as the embodiment of
dispatches, and it therefore became my dnty to
arrest tbeir progress and capture tbem ir tbey
had no passports or papers irom tbe Federal
Government as provided for under the law of
nations, namely: tbat foreign minister! from a
belligerent on board of neutral ships, are re
quired to possess papers from the other bellig
erent to permit tbem to pass free.
pAs respeota tbe"steamer in which they em
barked, tbe scent of the vessel, tbe eon of the
British Consul at Havana, was well aware of
tne character of theee persons. They went on
the steamer with the knowledge and consent of
tbe Captain, who endeavored afterward to con
oeal them by refusing to exhibit the passenger
noi ana tne papers oi tne vessel.
-inerecan be no doubt be knew tbev were
carrying highly important dispatches, and were
endowed with instrnctions inimical to tbe
United States. This rendered his vessel, though
a neutral, a good prize, and I determined to take
possession of the vessel, and, as 1 mentioned in
my report, send her to Key West for adjudica
tion. I forbore to seize her, however, in conse
quence of my being ao reduced in officers and
crew, and tbe derangement it would canse in
nocent persons, there being a large number of
fiaesengers who would have been put to great
oss and inconvenience as well ae the disap
pointment from tbe interruption It would have
caused tbem in not being able to join the steamer
from St. Thomas for Europe. 1 therefore con-
eluded to sacrifice tbe interests of my officers
and crew in tbe prize, and suffered the steamer
to proceed, after the necessary detention, to
effect the transfer of the Commissioners, con
sidering I had attained tbe Important end bad
First Session.
WASHINGTON, December 10.
Fessenden and Sumner nre-
lented petitions for tbe emancipation of elaves
under tne war power.
Mr. Foote offered a resolution that Waldo P.
Johnion, by sympathising with and participating
in vne reoenion againai tne united estates, bas
been guilty ot conduct incompatible with his
duty as a Senator of the United States, and tbat
ne be tberelore expelled from tne Senate of tbe
United States. Laid over.
Mr. Harlan introduced a bill to authorize the
President to scouire territory for the settlement
of free persons of African descent. Rolerred to
the committee on Publio Lends.
Mr. Wilson introduced a bill for the reorgan
isation of the Medical Department of- the
army. Referred to tbe committee on Military
Mr. Hale callod up the resolution offered yes
terday, that tbe committee on the Judiciary be
instructed to inquire into tbe expediency of
abolishing the present judicial system of tbe
United States, and establishing another In pur
suance with tbe Constitution.
Agreed to. .
Mr. Nesmith Introduced a bill to provide for
the protection of overland emigrants to Cali
fornia and Oregon.
Keierred to the committee on Territories.
Mr. Chandler announced tbe death of Senator
Bingham, from Michigan. After a tribute to
the memory oi his deceased colleaeue. Mr.
Chandler offered the customary resolution that
tne senate go Into mourning thirty days and to
Messrs. King, Clsrk and Sumner spoke in
feeling terme of the deceased.
Tbe resolution was sgreed to. and the Senate
House. Roseo Conkling offered a resolution
wbtcn was adopted, requesting tbe Attorney-
General to report his viewe as to tbe means of
obtaining a retrocession of Ibst part of Vir
ginia formsrly belonging to tbe District of Co
lumbia. Mr. Potter, from the committee' on Publio
Lands, reported a bill providing homeateads;to
actual settlers and of providing a bounty for
soldiers, in Usn of grants of public lands. He
explained that tbe homestead feature of this
bill was heretofore passed, but there is an ad
dition tbat all soldiers, marines and seamen
shall be entitled to the provision i oi this act
It also contains a section giving a bounty of $30
to the three months' volunteers.
Tbe House concurred in the Senate resolution
for a joint committee to enquire into the con
duct of tbe present war, with power to send for
persons and papers.
Mr. Pendleton moved that the memorial of
Messrs. Howard, Gaitbell and Davis, be referred
back to the committee on the Judiciary, with
instructions declaring tnat uongress alone bas
the power, under the Constitution, to suspend
the writ oi habeas corpus; that the exereise oi
the power by another department of the Govern
ment is an usurpation and dangerous to public
liberty; that the persons above named be de
livered to tbe Marshal to tbe end that they may
be Indicted, with the right ofa speedy trial, if
there ne pronaDie cause tor eucu proceedings.
He spoke at tome length on this subjeot, saying
that those gentlemen were members of the
Board of Police of Baltimore, and on the 1st of
July last, in the dead hour of night, were arrest
ed by order of the military authorities, and,
without charges being preferred sgainst them,
conveyed as prisoners to Fort MoHenry. They
ask that Congress may examine into the ques
tion, or that thet may be beard before a Judi
cial tribune, and yet bis (Mr. Pendleton's) col
leagues on tbe committee on. tbe Judiciary,
could find no more fitting response to the mem
orial than that It should lay unrsad on tbe
table. Tbe question bere presented waa as. to
the legality of their present punishment, wbloh
he denied.
Mr. Bingham said his colleague's position
was tbat Congress alone can suspend tbe writ,
while conceding that the time has come for its
suspension. When rebellion lifted np Its bead
over a large portion of ibis Kepublio, and es
sayed to shake down the pillars of ths Const!
tution and drench tbe land In fraternal blood, it
waa no time to be splitting hairs whether Con
gross or the President should first sxercise the
power. Did his colleague contemplate a gen
eral jail delivery, or wish to confine bis sympa
thies to the rebels snd conspirators of the oity
of Baltimore! Had he no sympathy for those
confined in the old Capitol 7 Why ahonld they
not alsr be discharged? Assuming his ' col
league's position to be right, bis colleague waa
dlrellct in duty in not moving a suspension of
the writ, in accordance with tne oatb be bad
taken to sustain, protect and defend the Consti
tution. Tbs laws are to' be executed, and not
only executed by force, but by the sword.sgainst
the powers of tbe rebellion. It did not lie In
the months ot the memorialists to olaim tbe
benefit of the Constitntlon, every provision of
which they bave trampled under root,
v On motion ot Mr. Bingham, the whole eub
jeot was tabled yeas 118. nays 36.
A messsee was received from the Senate an
nounolng the death of Senator Bingham of
Mich. - i .- i ; r v i " ,
Eulogies were delivered' by - Messrs. Bsa
tnarj. Trowbridge, and Granger, of Michigan,
Mr. Ashley of Ohio, and Mr. Sedgwick of New
York. . ,
The usual resolutions of respest were passed,
Aer which the House adjourned. .-,
WASHINGTON, December 10. The Boston Mayoralty.
Bostom.. Dm. Sb Mr. Wilshtman was re
elected Mayor of Boston to-day, by 6,753 vote,
against o,7tt6. K. E. a. Tony was tne nepuo
lloan aad citizen's candidate.
From Santa Fe.
Kansas Cm, Deo. lOJ-The Santa Fa and
Cannon City mall arrived last night with dates
to tne scam uit. ( e- f? . , .-.
All the merohimts in the territory are requir
ed, by order of Col. Canby, ta tarn over tbeir
money to Messrs. Donaldsons, of csnta re, as
a loan to the Government. ' . ' . '
On the J8tb ult. a band of Navajo Indiana
went to Carroll's, near AJbaquerque and stole
a IargequanUty of stock. A party started in
pursuit, for the purpose of recovering tbe prop
erty, but all of the men having got in ad
vance of th balance, fell Into an ambuscade
and were killed. The rest oi tbe party, being
too few ia Dumber to continue pursuit, were
comnelled; to return.' Iesving tba Indians to
csrry off their booty
In the viotnitv of Albsquerque, the same In
dians have been committing depredations on a
Urge scale. .., $ . c r ..
ll ia understood that Col. Canbv U about to
chance the svstem heretofore oursaed for hold
ing tbe savages In check. ,. Instead of keeping
the troops collected in one poet, ha will divide
tnem in oompanies, ana station mem at conve
nient points on tbe irontier. from wbioh they
can make rapid pursuit after Indians when they
attempt robberies. -
Measuies are being taken to establish a man
route between Santa Fe and Denver City. By
connecting a link of forty miles from Colorado
to Fountain City, the route would be com
plete. It ia stated tbat Messrs. Kobsrts at, Co., con
tractors for carrying tbe mall line from Inde
pendence to Santa H e, intend putting coaches
on tbat part of the road, when tbe faots are
laid before tne Poetoihce Department, and ev
ery effort made for its success. With the aid
of the Pacific Telegraph from Denver City San
ta Fe will be placed within eight days' commu
nication with the States.
Capture of Sweeney and his Band.
Glasgow, Mo . Dec. 8. Tbs notorious mar
auder, Captain Sweeney and bis band of robbers,
who bave for some time nast kent thie section
of the country in terror, were captured yestei
uay, as noger s mill, Dear here, by a detatob
raenl of cavalry under Captain Morrill. Swee
ney'e pickets were surprised and oaptured, and
mo wneie oana, tnirty-nve in number, were
taken without firing a gun.
Virginia Legislature.
In the Lecialatnr Mr
Stewart offered a resolution requiring all per
sons in tbe State, wbo take ont licence to trans
act any DUBiness, to first take oath to support
the Constitution of the United States and tbe
rettored Government of Virginia.
mr. crown, oi H.anawba, onered a resolution
to release people of tbat valley from taxes ibis
year on account of the devastation of their
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Dec. 10.
Sic for middling uplands. ' .
PLOUR Market heary and slightly favors buyert,
with Only a moderate business doing. Bales of 8600
bbls at 8S mS 40 for rejeoied; 5 405 50 for sunT
state; $5 C0cS5 70 for extra state, S 405 50 for super
fine western; 5 8035 W for common to medium extra
western; 5 904 Itt for shipping brands extra round
hoop Ohio, and ! 058 75 for trade brands doVinarket
doling heavy, Canadian flour, a little more doing and
prices slightly favor purchaser,; tales of 1800 bbla at
5 455 50 for superfine; 5 B57 50 for common
575 ' "'"d"1 in ",le Hl'0 bbls extra at
,BJ,?J?'0U5r?l,'tiT w,th sderato demand; sales
of 450 bbls at $3 5034 45. ' "
OOBNMg AL-Qulet and steady ; tales of 500 bbls Jer-
WHloKr-TJncnenged; sales of 500 barrels at 20$
KtrBtJ, 1':r export demand;
ZaA, t 91 38; 6000 do Milwaukee club
fm i ' '"J0 d0 f,lr 10 K001 oo at $1 291 30X; 39,
tt,lQlnl ,l3l i 38.000 do Interior
to prime winter red weetern at 1 34 1 40; 13,800 do
I? " ! .41l " 11 000 OanViiM eluD
at13S; Mttf do wbiU Canada at $1 40; 1500 do white
1 Mi340O do choice white Michigan at
at5c!With00'eCldta cn4I18; le of M.OOObush
at 70o, and 8500 buih Canada w.t nari.
um nor 10 common mutM
western, eaesc for good ihipptog do ntlMt and 66a
notice small sales of Canada peas at
Jeney 8"TneT' ni d,oUnlnK wl,h ' at 44!945c for
r -w w w IV ytUUW
.JfIFr&alet 'u,t tm bnt market very quiet; sales
li aVi". ! 'or repacaea mess; 13 73
13 87 for extra mess. Prime mess beef In fair demand
at previous quotations. We notice sales of SOO barrels
India mess on private terms.
primVw'"A.m0der',,"qU,,,! ,,,e,0f100 bb"
.r.S5 J,ui-8rD!": sales st3X5o for should
srsand4x(Soforhami! .mnk.H mkn j
nally nnchanged. r " """"
tJtfSSSmS!? ta 'Int: sales of 450 boxes at7Kcfor
long dear middle,; 8o for short do.
lMSBiD HOwS-Heary at 14 62X.
LARD Is more aotira hnt nn -..T..i ...
price; sales of 050 bW, , 8Xa9Xe.
ohIlSIrt;rtr,,,ln, f w . io '
0HK8BB teas active at eSSo. -: '
JrJl?A , S4WvIal, Ild without material change In
price sales 290 hhdi ai sZRv,.. -u
80hhd.Meladoon prlT.te teris.
leanir. iTSf? " ,U,,; 100 nhlh V 0r'
IfleUtialaUo: 50 hhria Pnwtt DIm e. ft, in a.t. j-
MuicoTadoat SOSiaBc. . ' "
BI00K8 Lower and without activity; sales Ohlcaoc
and Bock Island at 53,V; Cleveland and Pittsburg 1&
Ohleoand Toledo 83i Illinois Central scrip 6IX
'"J" "4Ki Michigan Southern guaranteed 38m !
,"";h,&D 0entr1 49' peifli0 M" M; Bew York Cm
tral78; Erie railload31; Brie preferred S3, Read
log 34; Cumberland 43); California sevens 83; New
Tork sixes 91KI United States sixes 87; Michigan fives
Philadelphia Market.
FLOUR Dull at 5 3") for superfine. '
WHBAT tlrm! salea of 13 000 hu.h r.A ei i-r.
White at $1 SB 150.
UUBN-Ilrm; sales 4000 butih at 04ISC5 .
OATS-Sales at 4lo.
PORK Hess at 19 503)13 50.
COFPB1 Rloatl6X17Xo.
WHISKY-Dullat0Slo. - . .
Cincinnati Market.
srocenr waa an i.
the prices for refined sugar established, as an effect of ths
nwe irom new a ore, ....
FLOUeV Was again hard to sell, extra brands particu
larly so. Superfine has a nominal quotation at S4, and
extra eould have been purchased at 14 10.
wuaavur prime quality nas a reedy market, and
BBturdaj's quotations are fully maintained. rnf.rUr
gnaei are oaii
uoun it VSc his a good market.
OATS Are only In moderate request at S8c, and buy
ers are standing off for lower figures.
KYK Ueo scarcely be had at lees than sin. and
buyers are more willing to meet the, market at that
BARLEY Is a trifle mors firm, and It is hard to buy a
,.. p. iui. HOT VUKD UD
WHISKY Had a firm market to day at 13)o.
: , - . . Oommtretal
, -M No.! It East Town Street '.
' JJ&'A" large, StCQt Vi.t ,001 , JIAErrN oa
nanu. -
Mannlaclorere off all kind of Por
table and Stationary SJteani Ra
tines, saw mile, Grist Mill,
dec., dec.
lAJfSA BOVLIi BtatmU B. et I. BLAXD f Statnl
SCO. Btaimlllll
Our Portable Snwina and law Mill
Was awarded the first premium of J0 at the Indian
State Pair for HO over Lane A Bodley's oa aosonntol
trice, lightness, simplicity, economy of fuel
ana superior oharacter of lumber sawed.
Our Stationary Knrlna waa awintaf at th w.i.
the first oreminm or a'20d.
.,r Porib' nglne was awarded the first premium of
10 at the Pair at Memphle, Tenn., over Blandy's On
vall's, Oolumbus Machine Oo's.. and Bradford h Cot.
vj m summuiee oi practical ual I road Engineers.
Por price and terms address
Newark, Oblo
Cranberries ! Cranberries!
JU ORDER, on oooelgnmens.
or sale low by
ootH 100 South High Street.
No. 29 South High Street, Columbus,
Ari how ofPBuma
S000 yarde Tiavelln Dress Goods at 8U, value
12X cents.
S5M nrrfl Tnmlln. 11mm Oiuwl. 101 i .l.i
WOO yards English Benges at 11, value ?5 crate.
- nuiw vi,.uui, tJ, Tame w oonio,
SOOn yards Fast Colored Lawns at 10, value 15 eents.
1000 yards Poulard Dress Bilks at 37X, Talus SO eents.
1500 yards Super Plain Black Silk at f I 00. value $125
Bobes of Organdls Berage, and Jngllsa Borage, at one
half their value.
IM BAfltssSOH,
JeS 89 Sduth High Street.
Red, White and Bine
NECK -llEli.
Just opened by
No. W South High street
Sheriff's Sale.
Francis M. Story, by his nsxt friend,
Mary Story, petitioner,
Superior Court,
franklin county.
Joseph Btory At others, respondents.
to me directed from the Superior Court of Franklin
county, Ohio, I will offer for sale at the door of the
Court House, In the city of Oolumbus, on
Saturday, the 4th day of January. A. D. 1863,
at one o clock, P. M-, the following described real es
tate. situate in Pleasant township. Franklin countv!
Ohio, to wit:
fart of surrey No. 3800. of the Virginia Military Sur
veys, beginning at a I'ake In the southwest corner of the
traot of land, containing one hundred acree, conveyed to
Josiah BeTans by Joseph Story by deed bearing date May
,iojo; inenco soutn ai poles to astakeandroursmali
hickories Snd sn elm; thence east 134 poles to a stake In a
prairie; thence north Vl poles to a stake on the west
aide of an elm marked ae corner in the line ot tbe Kloua
lot; thence west 124 poles to the beginning, containing
fifty-two and a half acres, more or leas; subject to a
aower eetate neretoiore set on ana ainioed to Hair
story, widow ot saia aiermaaoxe Btory in aaid oremlees.
descrloed as follows: Beginning at a stake from which a
black walnut 13 Inches in diameter beara N. 45K dez.
is. to nnsa; tnence b. a aeg. w . x poles ana su links
to a stake; thence 8. 88 deg. X. 124 poles to a stake In
the west line of Yeoman's land; thenos N. 28 no lea and
20 inks to a st, ke i the west side of an elm marked as a
corner; thence N. B8 deg. west 124 poles to the begin
nine. I sans or Bali. One third In band, one third in one
year, and one third in two years, with interest from the
aay oi ssie, secured ny mortgage.
appraised at is uu per acre.
0. W. HUFFMAN. Sheriff,
By En. Datis, Peputy
Printer's fees 5 00
Master Commissioner's Sale,
Louis Llndeman i
vs. Bunarior Court.
Baldamond Orary et al. )
BY virtue ot an order of sale to me directed from the
Superior Court of Franklin county. Ohio. I will of
fer for aale at tbe door of the Court House in the City of
C.ilumbus, on
Saturday, the 14th day of December, A. D.
- ...1861,
at one o'clock P. M., the following deicribed real estate.
situate In the county of Franklin and State of Ohio, to
Lots numbered thirty-nine (39), forty (40). forty-one
(41), forty-two (42). and forty three (43), In the addition
of U. Orary and others to the city of Columbus, as
designated in the plat of said addition, recorded In the
Recorder's office ot Franklin oonty, Ohio.
apprauea at
Lots Noa. 39. 40 and 43, 9250 00 each.
" " 41 and 42, 300 00 "
Sheriff and Matter Commissioner.
Printer's fees. G-noYS-dltAwtd
B. Wilson
Superior Court.
W.B. Ross
13 to tne directed from the Superior Court of
Franklin county, Ohio, I will offer for aale at the door of
the Court House, in tne City of uoiumbus, on
Saturday, December the 14th, A. D. 1861, .
at two o'clock, P.M., the following described real estate,
situate In tbe county of franklin and State of Ohio, to
Ihe south half of s lot of land containing eighty acres.
more or lees; the said eighty acres, of which this part
thereby conveyed, la a traot originally ownad by Dr.
George Stevenson, and whioh by certain proceedings In
the Court of Common Pleaa of Franklin county, now
partitioned to and dirided among the children and heirs
at law of aald Oeone Stevenson, deceased: aaid pram
lees hereby conveyed being anown as ins soutn nau oi
lot No. 17, aewlll fully appear, reference being bad to
said proceedings in partition, set forth in the Chancery
records of said Common Pleas, in book X, page JIB.
Appraised at fas w per aero.
By Eo. Davis, Deputy
R. Saitin, Att'y,
Printer's fees 16 00.
B. Wilson
W.I. Hose st al.
Superior Oourt.
13 to mo directed, from the Superior Court of
Franklin county, Ohio, I will offer for sale at the door
of the Oourt House, in the city of Oolumbus, on
Saturday, the 14 h day of Deeomber, A. D
At two o'clock. P. M.. tbe following deeorlbed real es
late, situate in the oounty of Frank Ho, and State of
Ohio, U wit-
Tbe eoutn hell or a lot or lana conuuoisieigniy acres,
nor nr Ires: the eald elrhty acree of which the part
hereby conveyed U a part of a tract originally owned by
Dr. George Btereosoo, rawer or uawanoe amory, ana
whirl, h certain nroceedlnts in the Court of Common
Pleaa of Franklin county, wa parted to anddlvldtd
nam the children and heirs of said George Slovene n.
deceased: said premiiea known as the south half of lot
number seventeen (17), ai will 'ully appear, reference
being had to certain proceedings In paMtton set forth in
tneunaocry rwcoru. i .wh i whw rieae
in book Ne. 2, page 118. and being a pan of tbe eenH
traot of land eonveted to Jamea P Eoaton br ttobt.
more and Catharine Emory, by deed dated the 15 h das
of October, 1847, and conveyed by said Kostoo to John
W. Baker, by deed awea tne ain aay oi noveaber. A.
D. 1850.
Appraised at so per acre.
G.BORQ1 W. ITUFrM,AN, Sheriff. '
i. By Ip. Davis, Dopuiy,
R. Shield, AUV
Printer's fees $8 00. ; H . , ;
Ws are now offering oar Imsssnsi sloek of Fancy Prose
ftllka at orioee leaa than am before onered fea this ettr.
Ihe attention of the ladles qf sbla elty snd vicinity Is
solicited, as ear stock te Tory eeie ana oompwie in an
gradMoY goods In UUs Una. PBTISBAIM,
aurlM. Hs stmt.
0 lit AT
Niaxnr DZiooix,
- v J - -1
AND 811 THI lARaill STOOK,
or e-
frsr offered to the cllltens of Oolumbus.
For either Wood or Goal.
For large Families or Smell Families, and varying la
Price from
Three Dollars to One Hundred and
Of every Price, Bice aod Vsrlety, for Ooal or Wo d
Of many Patterns. , .
Army Stoves,
Both Cooking and Heating.
The Lightest and most Portable Tent Store eve
onered to the
Officers of our Great Army.
For Heating Dwellings. Churches, Store-rooms, or otbe
large nntiatngs.
For Family Use or Hotels.
And many other articles "or any other man."
LU call and sen rrj
No. 92 North High Street,
J. L Gill & Son.
Sheriff's Sale.
Charles Heath a
Wm. F. Jennings et al. Common Pleas.
to me directed from the Oourt of Oommoo Pless of
Franklin county, Onlo. I will offer for sale at the door of
the Court House, in the city of Oolumbus, Ohio, on
Saturday, the 11th day of January, A. D. 1862,
u,uv v ui isuowing aesennea reau estate,
situate in the county of Franklin, and Bute of Ohio, to
Lot No-. Ten. In Phaln' If Ann! llMn.) A4j;,i.
the oity of Columbus.
appraised at aiuu uu.
0. W. HUFFMAN, Sheriff,
By Kn. Davis, Deputy. '
Printer's fees 13 50.
Rheumatism, Gout and Neuralgia,
All Mercurial Diseases
It la a conveniently arraued Band, containing a med
icated compound, to be worn a roood lb (Valet, without
injury to the moat delicate parson a; ao change in habits
of living is required, and it entirely removes the die
ease from tbe system, without producing tne Injurious
effects arising from tbe ase of powerful Internal medi
cines, wnicn weaken ana aeetroy tbe constitution, and
sire temporary relief only. By this treatment, tbe mod' '
tcinal properties contained In the Band come In contact
with the blood and reach the disease, through the poree
of the akin, effeotlng la every instance a perfect cure,
and restoring the porta afflicted to a bealihy oondltioa.
This Band ta also a mostpowerful Am-AinooaiAi. agent,
and will entirely relieve the system from ths penwoeoet
effeotsof Mercury. Moderate eases are eared in a lew
daya, and we are constantly receiving testimonials of its
etbeacy In aggravated oases or long aeanding
Pares S.UO, to be had of Drnggista aenerally, or een
be sent by mall or express, with full directions for use,
to any part of tbe country dtreot from the Principal
Mo. 408 BEOADWAT, Haw York.
G. SMITH A, CO., Sole Proprietors. "
N, B.DsseripttveOiroalara Seal Five. ' "
A. J. SOfIUILl.BR BON. Daooeim. Samtn. Wo
t77 S. High St., bet. Friend and Uoend, tfolnmbns, 0. -
IO Aaeau Wantea Kvsrywhers.
blH-lyleorlstp saw ,
Domestic Cotton Gooda. . :
Of rets the eaosl Esiewelvo aeeart -
meat ol
Brown and Bleached Oottoa Flaonilt;
" . Atuaiinet :
amsley Oottoa Sheetlnga; ,'' '
Ssie'ci Styles of Caltco'e end Delainei; ' ' '' '
Tickings, Skirtings, fllnflmae. ,. .
' And Oottoa Batiioga.
Also, Bltnketa, FlannehH . ... .,
Camlnwree, Cloak Clothe, eto, etc. ' ' '
Much below regular prices).- -j
v -.. BAIN a ON,
octlS South High Street. ,
iLaces and Embroideries, .'
Lace Col tars and Setta. French, Fnhar and ThreaA
Toils (new patterns.) Talenclenee, Thread and
Point Leeee, BmbroiderM Collars, Setts, Trimmtnirt ami
(ktrte, Loos Barbes and Oolffuree, Plain Lluoo Gvibua,
'etU and Cass, Imkretderod Collars end CeOs In Petto,
BAIN a SON, -Bo.
ta.Svth High Strew

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