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Rail Road Time Table.
- Littl Mum 4 0mmos Xnu K. B, , .
f '" l " .s.'uj.w Leares.- 4; Arrive
"i Wlaht Ixdmm. Via Dayton. fcOOA. M.,'f 3:WA.M
ViuolnnaU aooomm.ous.lum. 0.1U A. H. Pt M.
Diusixuresa..... 1.65 P. M. l3:.lPi M
Null and Accommodation-. 4:00 P, M. .SMS P. M
t, ' . ' .'..v , Jmo. W. Dohistv, Agent
t Ouumsos it OuvalAwe E. B. . "'
Night rpressr.w..'....V...'3.S0 A. M
I. 1 1:30 A.M.
. .'1:39 P.M.
New York Kxprwi. TUP. M
4 ' V . ' 1 M t r!tr, Agent.;
iihiipi.::.,:.v...!: Ado a.' m. . i.ao a. m
Day Express., v.... ..... 3:M P. II. ' 1:30 P. It
" . i.; :-v 1.; tet W. J. PU, Ageo.
J'5 PrrnntMH, Ooicee Owcwiiati B. . 1 4 r
i Mall Train ...v 4:00 A.M.' "1:30 A. M
)u llpraes TrlHj.v,-;r f M 1S:3SA. 11 ' 1:30 P. M,
Jo. Ron won, Agsut. ;
Cotvwstr Inoiinorot.tf , B. B. '
(OotcMSCt PlqOA at INDIANA B. H.)
Chisago Ixpress 8:00 A." M.
Ma. II ... 3 on P. M
8:31 P. M.
11:50 A. M.
" Ssoaosky " ";;.i;.
0:40 A. M. 3.-00 P. M.
'Crw. Skits, Agent.
Local Matters.
1 ' t. . v . I-,.., U."i:' I
Balkosal Shut. It will b teen by adver
tisement in' another coiBmn,.'th,'.,HeadIey,
' Eberly Richards this VJai received another
luge lol of Balmoral Skirts, ranging in price
from $2,60 to $3 75. They have also just re-
eelved a full line of Ladies' aod Gentlemtn1
Fort, Ladies', Cloth Oloska, Shawls nd Bom
250 and 252 South High street,
Columbus, Ohio.
. ,,T Mt Fauapi ao Cdstomhi. I bar con'
eluded, on and after January 1st, 1863, to re-
t . . .. ... mi J
-oeira oasu tor gqoas on aeuverj. ,icu sjstem
will benefit the purchaser by a liberal discount,
end be a greaf adrSntage to me.
L Yoi have my thanks for favors past, and their
continuance Is earnestly sollolted. ..
" " Persons knowing themselves Indebted to me
will confer a favor by settling their aooounts
Mrs. A. H. SELLS.
December 11th, 1861.
Court of Common Pleas.
Tbe case of tbe State , Samuel Gibby) iu
dieted (or arson, has occupied tbe attention of
the Court lull five days. . It has ezolted contid
arable interest. Some eighty witnesses were
subpaoaed In tbe case the greater number for
"ine ueienaan.. uis attorneys, nowever, con.
eluded to oall and examine only a. part of. them
The charge in tbe iodlotment was willfully
and maliciously burning the barn or stable of
Abram Sharp In Groveport, on the1 night of the
90th of October last.-".. ; " ' T
J. O. Reamy, Prosecuting Attorney, and
Judge Warden appeared for. the State, and
Messrs. Olds, Converse and Crltobfleld for the
defendant. ; The case rested entirely upon oir
oomitantlal evldenoe no positive testimony
being adduced. .
Judge Warden oloeed tbe oase, at eleven
o'clock yesterday foreoooD, and last evoniog
the jury returned a verdict of "Not Guilty."
Tbi Niw Columbus DiRicroar We under
stand' that Mr. H. T- Bennett, Die gentleman
who has been for same time past Industriously
engaged In preparing the materials for Wil
liams's Columbus Director for 1862, has nearly
completed his tBk. , The new Directory will
soon be placed In tbe rinUr's bands. Persons,
thirefore, who dts're to have their car is icaert
ed la U, should at once ptpira them, as Mr.
Bennett will very soon give them a oall. - 1
itTCall onNW. Lefavor,.at the Franklin
Book Bindery, on tbe aecoud floor of the States
mar. Building, for any kind of binding desired.
Yon may be sure of having your work well,
promptly and cheaply done.
Niw Cam io thi Betxntt-iiobtb Rioi
mint. The SeVenty-eigbth Regiment has re
moved from Camp Goddard, near Zincirllle. to
a new camp called "Camp Gilbert," In honor of
Col. C. C, Gilbert of that raiment. It is s'tu-
ated on Molntirs Hill above West Zaoesrillr,
and commaads a fine view of Zaaterille and
tbe surrounding country.
BT Tbe following is aa exhibit of tbe earn
ings of the Central Ohio Railroad fcr the fiscal
year ending August 1, 1861, showing the re
ceipts to be almost thru quarteri or a million
dollar: '"'-'
Paintrs'... '
.278,187 86
. 373.403 M
. 81,400 a
S7.573 00
:- Total
Operating SkpenMi. ...
Net Xsrnlnge. ...
..(099,710 80
.. tbO.UUOO
.. 0230,531 36
CT Samuel R. Hops, a Lieutenant in the
rtbel army, who was wounded and taken jrison
er at Cheat Mountain, has been brought to Camp
Chase." He is a eon of tbe late Colonel Hope of
the UriltboTStates srmy, and has one brother in
the United States srmy and another in the rebel
.MMW IT. tit i ' c .' . 4 v . .
HT Two trlsontrs have been disohsrged from
Camp Chase on tbe order ot Secretary Sewsrj,
Issued by'tnest of Lord lpal ;,r H&U
Ef Col.' O. P. 'Ransom's First , Ohio , Cavalry
Regiment left Cincinnati on Tuesday on steam
en faLpnl-jTllle..... t.., ,w,,, ,
" '" . 1 - ,; :A,i'
OX. Tho eight regiments .(oroiag,Gert
Nxtsow'sJ Brigade, and among' wblaov are the
Oblo'.SIxth (Guthrie Graje), and th. Ohio' Ninth
(First German), left Louisville Tuesday morn
ttig"op! march to their quarters at New Haven.
Nbmom, la order t socustont the men to tbe
fatigue, duties; of active, mjliUry life
.xi :
it ri
Elghf compahier of IhV Sixth .and' our
eompanree ef the Seventh Regiments ofeavalry
have ben'oVnsoiitfated, making one full iegl
ment, of which Wm.'R. Lloyd is Colonel and
W. 0. Collfmi W Lieutenant-Colonel.' '
CT The time for filling up the skeletons of
regiments expires on Sunday next) tbi I&th In
atant.ij ri , i-S'iJAfJ i:ns-jr.i t.'
-'r' -r i 'If UTO"! V
i.. -.,41 . ) if-. i.-
Jai Coshootoh Dimoomt. The last num.
beroj this pa'peoomti to uswlthtbeannpunoe'
msnt that Asa 9; ;Dimmock, who has for nssr
j !f iiiyii-08'3'! editor and .prpprietor)
hts disposed oi . uia, lnUrcsl in the establlshmeat
to A. M?Neal, JrVo'joUDg man who baa been)'
for same three yean pett, Reoorler of Ccshoe'
ton eonnty.- Mr. Dimmock rstlrss frjm,"ind
Mr. McNeal aasumrsoo'ntrjf ol the' "Democrat. ,
To the rsjlrjng oltorrflio-,JCKtitlM the
editorial and jPemocrtticnnks, we, f eucccit
In f batevtt pursalt'hf a'y.htreaftt?, fngage, ,
andigoua the opening address of of the lnoomlng
editor, we augur. tbhe will both faithfully andj
ably dlsohar'ge the KsponsiblUty he htt shoiSi '
a;. '
. i
rrHJ CBcniBFK nATiivo taker
" t v . . . - ' . ' . . I.
No.: 11 East State St.,
DSIOpUKd lttitn
Anction &- Commission Boom.,
llA 11 nn V nmn.Hul I n ah n i f .
Intonde to derot bU Untlun to nlra of Keal KiUto
oruf:"' ttov" 7 p""."""
OoDtlgnmonti reroectfullr eollolted. - .
n ;. UHI, AuotloneM
Sheriff's Sale.'
Potar A. Frailer
thorn Daniel.
f 00. 0, p. IKlV, ,(,.
Superior Court,
torn directed. from th. Hiin.rin-nnn.
Ooonty, Ohio, I will oiler for ule, at tho door of tbe
wut agin, in mm ciij 01 uoiambiu, Ublo. on
Saturday, tbe 4th day of January, A. D. 18G2,
bet-reen tho hour of 10 o'clock A. M. and 4 o'clock
l. m., mo roiiomng lanai aod tenement, iltuato In
the county of Franklin. State of Ohln. mn In th.
J Worthlngton,, and known and dejrlbed a follow i, to
Thsporlhoqnal third part of In-lot number ninety
iwo iuxi, ae oiituroiinMi on Uia or .ln .a,
plat of the town of Worthineton. In uld Prankiin .
ty, Ohio, being th am prwnUn conroyed tj laid
;nm d. i nner ana BODnna nl wile, to nld Ihom
Dnll, bjr deed dated Augoat SSth, A. P. 1833. . .
, AppraUed at ibOO 00. .
Vj . . ' - 0- W, IiPFffMAN, Sheriff.
J Prlntor'tfeeilO 00.. .
-aoiSlMitfcwt -. - "
Superior Court - of Franklin Ooiia-
; .ty, Ohio.i ;v ;
.b Frit, and wlloDo!; tv'li9'
JohnCraonr.tal. 5 ale In patUtloe.
i .kSVUi"!?! n ,0 lr,cld 1 ,' oB" "
M the door.of th Oour Boot, la th city of Oolnm.
Saturday, the 28th day of December, 1861,
between the hoar of 10 o'clock a. m., and 4 o'clock p.
m., th folio win deicrlbed real huu. altn.tn in n..
ooonty of franklin, aod Stat of Ohio, to wit;
The rtmalodar of a tract of land estimated to contain
on nunaraa ana n aores, known a th Old Poor
u, amiuf uio aam land ounrayed by John An
derson to hi one Bobert, Joebna, Heeding and John
uaerwn, ny aed dated July 13th. 1889, after cutting
Appraised ot 183 00 per acre.
oJ ... 1. mB' W HUFFMAK, Sheriff.
Printer's fee, IS 00. .
Nov 17, ltei-wid . .
Master Commissioner's Sale.
flhri.u.ni.r.n.ii.h ai.i S superior Court.
V i lOTKH ni aw.unnn ' .
ma 4trtfitri from 4ha Bnnjailfto fn- tl tz
eonnty, Ohio, I will offer for eale at th door of thaOourt
nous, uiueciiy 01 vommmu, ouio, on
eaturaay, tne litn day of January, A. D. 1862,
V..t .... I. . a . i . . . .....
uvi.-,u wm uuunswi luo oioosa. m. ana o'dook p.
m., th following deserlbed real eetat. iltoateU. th
oounUr of Franklin, and State of Ohlai to mtt-
waa ana a nan aora or land, blrg th weat half of
ui. mmmt aau 01 a BIS lore lot In fia rami nn tv.nl..
even, township fl. rang twentj-two, Befage land,
conveyed by J. 0. Shoor and wife to J O. Blind and
win voruusa, or aoea jsnaara Bin. IH3S. nii .,
. . , . and Muter Oommiaaloner,
Printer' feet 14 30. . . ..
mi ten T.1 n i
j.ua vuuin vi viuiuuiuu JTieaa JranK-
lin County,, Ohio.
Joseph Story
I Boo. 3, psga 211, No. 315. ,
Samuel 0. Story et al. B'e 10 Ptiun.
th nld Court to me directed, I will offer lor eale at
puono aoeuon at tne aoor or the court linnu. in ih
iv vi vvtuiuuui, on
Saturday, the 21st day of December, 1861,
between th nonri of 13 o clock M. and o'clock P. M.,
um luuuwing uucnwa rest eiiaie, uioat in to conn
ty of Franklin and Bute of Ohio:
Xh nndlridcd two-ninths 9 of a certain tractor
parcel of land, situated In the conntyjof Franklin and
oiaia oi unio, lying on varny nig nun, a hrauca of
varoy urees. a Dait or tha ortslnal inrveT No. 3 811.
and bounded and deeerlbed u follows:
jSeglnnliig at a larg atons In th Ban. lower corner
Joeiah BlTene' lot In the eooth of uld original
urrBT no. e.oii, uienco wiw lata line eoutn eiwntT.
nine (60) degreee east on hundred and forty (140) polei
th eontheait corner, corner tree down; thenc with
the east line north one '1) degree east (lzty-thres and
nau ioj i poica u a our oaa and tnie red elmej
north elrhty-nlne (60) degress wcet one hundred and
fifty (130) poles to a point lo the oeotre of the run, with
mean da re, to the place of beiinnlni. contalnlni alzts
ovj acres more or tees
Appraised at e ia w par acre .
O. W. HUFFMAN, Bherlff,
Printer's fees 00.. . '
sorH-td. , .
- Sheriffs Sale.
B. Billiard 1 Doe 3, onireiai.
Tt. Snporior Court of Franklin coun-
Mary Young
zoang et ai. s ,ty,vmo.
to me directed, from the Superior Court of Frank
county. Ohio. I will oiler for eat at th door of th
Court Uouse, tn th city of Columbus, Ohio,
Saturday, tbe 14th day of December, A. D
- 1861.
RirWMn trill hrtnro. nt lis nVlnnlr A.M. anrl l aVIamIt
U., th following described real estate, situate In I
waoaiui oouiiy, unio, wik v . .
P. S. Arory'e 8. W. eornerl thence B. on the line
between tbe Avery and Meribah Crawford' line to the
boundary or tne o. r. and l. it. K.t thenc . w. witn
B. H. to Arery'i line; theno B. with th original
surrey line to Id place of beginning, containing one acre
land, mora or less, being part of surrey No. 3,153,
minanaaaaoi William JBarfcaoai.:., . -.-
Appraised at 0130 00.
.' ,; O.V.. HUFFMAN, Sheriff
Printer's fees, 10 00.
nov3-dltStwtd s , !-. rva
;J Sheriff's Sale;
PrsnoliM. Story. j his next friend'
aiary pwry, peationer, Jt
Snporior Court.
Joseph Story k others, "respondents
rranklln county.
to me dl.-wted from the Superior Court of Franklin
county, Ohio, I will offer for eale at the door of the
Court Jioase, in to city at oolumbus, on -
Saturday, the 4th day of January'. A. D. 1862,
one o clock, P. M-, th following described real ea
ttte, situate In. Pleasant township,, Franklin county;
unio, w mm
Part of surrey No. 3809. of th Virginia Military Sur-
Vy(, beginning at a ak In tho southwest corner of the
tract of land, containing on hundred urea, conveyed to
josisrj uerant by joeeptt atory By aaed twarlng data Hay
1830; tbanoe south 67JWC pole to a stake an J four small
j.ioou, umhocisuuui uir. poica w a eiaaoanuiuursiraa
nicKone and an elm; tnenc ast lis poles to a stake In a
prairie; theno north 67X Pole to s stake on the west
of an elm marked aa corner in the line of th Kloua
thence wast is pole to th beginning, containing
a half acres, mors or less; tubleot to a
dower ntat beretotare it eff and assigned to Mary
Story, widow of eald Marmaduka fitorv la laid oremlsas.
described a follow: Beginning at a stake from which a
black walnut 13 locuse in diameter bear N. 43 H deg.
18 link; thence 9. 3 deg, V? Sr pole and 30 links
s state; theno 8. 88 deg. 1. 18 pole to a stake tn
west iln of Y soman's land; thenc N. S3 poles and
S01nksto at.kelath west eido of an elm markad aa
St.!!?'. 88 nwtl.ee-ttle.tw..
TiorBiti.--One third In Sand, on third In on
year, and one third In two years, with Interest from the
of sal, sow red by mortgage
Appraised at io uu per acre
r.v Cidit't y-i.
O. W. HTTFVMAW. ..nfV-l '
PrinUr'feJ O0. " . t "
eovi-dltskwtd -.!..' - 3 v T .f ..:, -m-
t M ... a-, i
.-insfl jjinen uooaa. ;"--
Linen Shirt Bosom Plain and Faooy ,,,, '
Shirting and Bosom Llnene.
Linen Sheetings and Pillow Casings.
Linen Cambrics and Long Lawns.
',. ,. J w. . h. . Linen Pocket-handk'!, all else.
' " 1 Linen Towelling and Diaper
if Llnon Napkin and D'Oylle. '
MnenTabl Olotha and Satin Damask.' : '' " '
, or Linen towels with eolored borders. ; "
, .,?, ... Uoea BtaJrOeveriaiieaad Orask;' "''
i . oj i Fotaaleatlowprioe. "'".J
' Ul' i. .. ... i BAIlf At HOM.
b-,-i w . .. No.M South High street, "
. . Plain Ottoman Cloths;
i -luenia Blank nhwilr VataantH
-Magenta a Bmok Check TInoIs;
Broebe Bonbaia DrsssOoodti ... , rl
Balmoral tkiftet ,:J,ll'J
.i mi n anoras)
Kara '--OoiIrall Hoop sku-tt
, t , t.'j r Corui. II. lr H.h.
. ' ,r
1JVM. '""
Z ..... . r" """
at a, anw.
W(m, High Stmt.
From all Parts of the World.
Exchange of Prisoners.
Union Feeling in North Carolina.
Washingtonians Frightened.
Further about the Fort Pickens Affair.
. , fair. -
Southern Items.
&c. &c. &c.
From Washington.
of -Ex Gov. Johnson of P had bis pocket
nlrlr. thl. mnrnln-. e .h.
picked this morning, at the railroad station, of
two uovernmeot araits, one lor SaUUU apd tne
other for $1800, a cbeck on tbe bank In Pitts-
burg for 93500, and $800 in cash
[Tribune Dispatch.]
The Government has decided noaitivalvon
the poller of filllnfr op the numbers of the rot-
imenta in the field to 1046 men. If it shall h
necessary to do this to break up the Imperfeot
"8'mental organliation now In proreAaklng
toe rans ana me ana leaving ine omoers, It will
be done. Tbe Government has no notion of
putting Into the field an army of ofBoers, or of
putting tnem into tne treasury either.
[World's Dispatch.]
Tbe question ol the exchanp-e of prisoners
seems to do iairiy settled, ine Hew York
Exeoutive Committee had several leoethv and
interesting Interviews with the President, Gen.
- . '
McClellan, and Senators and members of tbe
U ..... tl T L. a- 1
House, all of whom fiVOT it.
Tbe committee's interview with General Me.
Clellan was especially gratifying. He spoke of
tbe subject briefly but wsrmly, and from-his
conversation bad evidently given the subject
muon study. ' Tbe Military committee in
both houses have reported favorably on the sub.
ject, and a joint resolution, wbioh passed the
uouse, requeuing ine rresiaent to make an ex
change, will pass the Senate to-morrow.
An exobange has been praotioally going on.
Thirty prisoners were sent from here veaterdav
to Fortress Monroe, and large numbers have
been released from rort warren
[Times Dispatch.]
Our Government has renlled to tha tnrit&tlnn
of England, France and Spain, to take part In
lQ0 eapeuiuon against mexico, aeoilning to
nave anything to do with it.
A letter from a citizen in the western nart of
North Carolina to a Irlend in Washlneton. haa
fiasscd the rebel lines and was to-nigbt placed
n the bands of General MoClellan. It brings
tbe clearest confirmation yet received, tbat
there is a large and determined organization of
Unionists In that State.- They are puttlnr them-
selves in communioation with tbe Unionists tn
East Tennessee, and await only the dawn of
a- a a . a I
bope for a general uprising. Tbev exneot
Brownlow to be reinforced by tbe Government,
and will accept that movement as the signal for
tneir own action. .
It is currently stated that the Military com
mlttee oi the House favor tbe treatment of tbe
privateers captured by our vessels as prisoners
of war.
A dispatch was reoeived at headauarters late
last evening stating tnat two regiments of Infan
try and one of cavalry of the rebels, bad made
tnoir appearanoe Jn front ot Ben. Bleaker 'a di
vision. It was reported also that a pretty large
rcoel lorce bad taxen possession or Springfield,
a place which bad been abandoned by them
some time ago.
Tbe rebels nave been advancing Quietly in
tne aireotion oi our lines lor some oajs in ev
eral directions, evidently with a view of ascer
taining our position.
AH tbe small sloops and schooners that were
below the blockade have eucoeeded In running
Tbe echo of rebel artillery has been heard
ail day near Falls Church, probably practicing.
At Centreville, near Alexandria, there could
be beard all tbe afternoon heavy and steady
firing down the Potomao, supposed to be near
Freestone Point.
The regular troops surrendered to the rebels
in New Mexico by Malor Lvnde. and released
on parole, consisting of one oompany of the 3d
cavalry ana nve companies ol ' the 7 th Infantry.
he Northern frontier
wil1 Probably garrison the posts of Detroit,
Fort Niagara, Fort Ontario, Saokett'e Harbor
and Rouse's Po int. Col. C. A. Walta. of tha
1st infantry, Is assigned to the command of a
district embraoing tbe above named posts.
A copy of the New Orleans Delta of Nov.
24 ih, which reaohed hero to-day, announces
tbat William L. Yanoey and Clement C. Clay
were elected Senatore from Alabama to Jeff.
Davis's Senste on the 21st ult.
Tbe Houston Telegraph of the 16th. announo
ed that Wigfall had been elected Senator from
lexas, and tuat Uldham, Wall and Hemphill
were candidates to fill tbe other vacancy.
A letter from Austin. Nov. 14. states that
Gen. Heibert is making formidable preparations
for defending the Texas coast. '
James L. Ideal, a member of ono of tbe Red
river regiments Jn tbe rebel army, had been
nungas a spy. - ;.
1 he ueita announces tbat tbe messenger of
tbe Southwestern Exdtbs Comnanw would
leave New Orleans on the 37th of November,
and that the proprietors have advantages whioh
must make the south independent of tbe mail
blockade, : i. i' -
[To the Associated Press.]
Washinotow. Deo U. Thera wis an alarm
along the line last night, and the enemy was
supposed to be approaching In strong forjo
niihtan ilivi-inn. .J .T,.
nitlt.8B?en ""'Ons Of tbeMnd army
. All
under arms
Tbe alarm Moved to be false, and , noon to.
day all was quiet. ...
l he rresident bae deolined to oommnnleate
to Congress any communications addressed he
the Governments of England, Franoe and Soaln
in regard to the armed IntervenUon proposed
by them in the affairs of Mexico. He deems
that it is inexpedient at this exigency to do so.
'lbs seleot eommtttee appointed by the Speak
er oi tbe House on that branch of tbe Presi
dent's message relating to the defense of the
northern lakes and rivers, consists of Messrs.
Arnold of Illinois, Ashley of Ohio, Noell of
Miesourl, Aldrlch of Minnesota, Babbitt of
Pennsylvania. Snaulding of New York. Gran.
?er of Michigan, Wheeler of New York, and
otter of Wisconsin. .
Tbe statement ! nrononnead falsa trial Mr.
Clellan had Interferred with Secretary Camer
on 'afepcr:. '
European letters atari that'ftnuflli' w-ttaa
that the administration is becoming deposed to
eoocpt foreign mediation . with a view to earn-
promise on the basis of separation. ,
ocuuM i report me reboi lorce at rairiax
Court House . very Hsht.. kill haita...,, th.M
and Vienna there is an increased force.
The Republican members held an adjourned
oauousto-nlghu, , t.,Zi-l ,,:
The Sumter Again.
Niw You.
Mtranlque, aatsd November 83d, states the
iroquois is on tnis port waning fcr the Bumter,
Another, dated SS;b, aayi the Iroquois arrived
ins, mgu, out me cumter nai otoaped.
New York Central Railroad.
Alsanv, Deo. 11-The annual meeting
Q owo
the Bwokbolders of the New York Ceuiral
lUUroad was held here to-day, and the follow;
mg aireo
dlreotora were ehoean bv a unanimous vote:
' art. Manual WVIUIUg IIIU.U aSa.U 1UUUWUU
Buffalo; John H. Cbldall, Auburn; Alonzo C
Ple. Uobenectadv! John N. L. Pruva. Albany
Nalhanlel Bavor. Baitoi j Llrinffitoa fioaker.
raiaune Urldge; jaoob OoulO, Koohester; Cor
oellus Q. Traov. Trov' Charles II. RuribII
Xti: Br1 aenry
. x ne annual report or ma Directors snows toe
earnings or tne road in tne montnot November,
to have been i'J51.120. belD-r an lncreaieot
$220,383 over tne same' month list year, and
the largest earnings of the company in any one
monin. i ne snroius or tne income acoonnt on
,a' JUID. ?' IBM, was w,oo,B&a la,
mveetea in lmprovementa and supplies.
.ine annual report .of tbe bommlttee of
stocknoldeis appointed to examine Into tbe ac
thrbookVaud'unteof thempSSyrareain
buuu oruer; ine system weii aeviseo; an? uey
sbow that the statements in the report of tbe
I Company are correot. .' .' '
On the anaatlnn of the ra-annointment nf tha
Stockholder's Examining Committee coming
up In the msetinir.it was resolved, after fall
debate, not to again appoint such a committee,
me special circumstances tbat gave origin to it
having potsed away.
Arrival of the Columbia.
New York. Deo. 11. The ateamnhin Co.
lumbla from Havana tbe 6tb, has arrived. Tbe
rebel steamer Vanderblrt, three hundred and
ninety-three tons, arrived at Havana on tbe 3d,
five days Irom New Orleans. -
'II a "
H . .
LOUISVILLI. Deo. 10.Tha rnnnrk that Cant.
Nevitt, with forty men of Col. Barbrldge'e reg
iment, burned tbe bridge at Wblpperwlll, fire
miles from Ru&selvlUe, Tennessee, Memphis
Branch Railroad, is confirmed. They attacked
tbe rebel guard, numbering thirteen, killing
two end taking the remainder prisoners.
The Latest from Port Royal.
Niw Yo. Dec. II. The Steam tranamrt
City of New York, Irom Port Royal 8ih, has
Gen. Stevens with one thousand men had oe-
oupied Beaufort. Tbe gunboat Pawnee, sever
transport, and a number of troops left Hilton
neaa on tne am for lyoee.
Gen. Sherman bad anpotnted superintendents
for the picking and securing of cotton at Hilton
neaa and adiaoent Islands.
Heaitn ol tbe troops eood, Wo nsbtine bsd
Gen. Velle's exnodition would nrobablv sail
aoout toe ma.
- t .L - aft.l "
Charles Anderson in New York—The
Spanish Fleet—Mexicans United.
Niw Yosx. Dec. 11. Charles Anderson and
family arrived on tbe Columbia. He is a broth
er or ben. liobert Anderson, and eeoansd from
toe uauue oi tne reoeis at can Antonio, and
walked to Monterey, Mexico. He was treated
Slth OfPAt Irinrinn.- h thai M.vl na u VI ..II
" . u . w j .uw luvaiwiaj, .AO OBI,-
ed on tbe British steamer Clyde to Havana.
ff. ..... M . . .
no reports tnat tnougn Uritleh subjects whom
he met were violently indignant at the senure
of Mason and 81 id oil on tbe Trent, be and la ra
lly were treated with kindness.
Anderson's family was sent orieinallv bv the
rebels to tha Meiio.n frontier, while he was
held a prisoner of war. :
Tbe Clyde met tbe Spanish fleet and army
within thirty-six hours' sail of Vera Crus, with
fine weather.
The Mexicans were dallv eiDectlnc the allied
The general feelloe aDDeired to ha hatred ?f
Spain. All feoda wero giving way to a senti
ment of united reslstanoe to tbe common ene-
my. and tbe Ireanent remark was. "if tbe 9 Dsn
'"d 001118 a,? they will be heartily weloom-
" o'"'.uo uowever was to De maue
si vera vrnz or iampioo.
The guns of tbe cattle of San Juan D'UUoa
ere belnr carried Inward.
f the Mexican symptoms can be trusted, a
determined resistance will be msde to any
Spanish Invasion.
Fort Pulaski to be Stormed by Land.
."i ;,0K ueo. ii. By tbe steamer City
01 t iotk irom rort noyai we learn tbat
aha ARtXt. rUAaaa V-aW U a ml a A 1 1
the 46th New York Regiment were to embark
for Tybeo with a view of storming Fort Pulaski
by land.
A fleet was seen on Port Koval a few dava
prior to the departure of the 63ib, wbioh has
doubtless since arrived at its destination, and
startling intelligence may soon be expected from
runner, ooutn
From Fort Pickens.
Niw Yosx, Dec. 11 A private letter from
on board tbe steamer Riobmond, which took
part lu the nght at fort rickene, dated Nov,
HJ, states tbat the vessel commenced bombard
ing rort McKae at 10 o'clock on tbe 23d.
The writer etates that he had been oomoli-
menting tbe Captain of one.of tbe guns on tbe
accuracy oi nis aim. when a abell bounced
through our bulwarks, took his head off, and
wounded aix more men. This shell, on ex
ploding, raised tbe ship out of water, and made
ber stagger like a drunken man. Another shell
burst six foot below the water line, causing a
bad leak, but tbe steam pumps kept tbe vessel
free. ...
Tbe firing continued all day and was resumed
by the enemy next morning. Then we moved
out of bis range. Tbe frigate Niagara, still
kept at them, but being outside the bar, ',. She
cannnt be much damaged. i .
rort fickena bad up to data lost but one man
killed and seven wonoded.
Fort McRae is much damaged, but wo oannot
destroy it with our smooth bore guns, as they are
no ma ten tor tne enemy's rinea cannon.
ine bombardment was to be resumed tbe
next dny, 23d, with the determination to whip or
ne wnippea.
Since leaving tbe Passes of the Mississippi.
several rebels had managed to eacane. A 8 Dan
ish vessel had come down with a number of fu
gitive Spaniards, to escape imprisonment, who
report the rebels bad three iron olad steam bat.
toring rams ready to repel attack, each carrying
eighteen to twenty of the heaviest guns, and
additional steam rams of fire raits were being
Virginia Legislature.
Whrliho, Deo. II In the Legislature Mr.
Carksadon of Hampshire Introduced, a resolu
tion to prohibit any person engaged in the rebel
lion from ever holding office in this State. n
Mr. bnydcr of Monongahela iniroduoed a res
olution modifying these parts of the code which
prohibit writing or speaking against slaver, so
ss to make them conform to tbe spirit and
genius of our icstitutiocs. i
Affairs in Kentucky.
Loduvilli. Deo. 11. Rcsaeau. Neglev. and
Johnson's Federal Brigades crossed last Tuee
to tbe South, bank ot Green river bar, Mun
LixiNOTOri, Kr., Deo. II. Letters received
from Mr. Ingram, Hotel keeper, and Mr.
Carson, Post Master at Somerset, say, tbat
fighting between pickets bad ceased, and tbe
rebels had returned across the river.
Somerset is six miles this side of the river,
and boa never been In possession of the rebels
as heretofore reported. '
Tbe letters were reoeived by Mr. BaffeL pro
prietor of the stage line to Somerset, and are
reliable. ,..
From Missouri.
OmivitU, Mo., Dee. 11. Union men from
Lafayette oounty,-report that seven hundred
rebel recruits (ell Lexington yesterday morn
ing to join rrioe i army, a Dana ot musicians,
sixteen In numbnr, from the rebel army, were
captured near Danksburg on Monday. A son
and son-in-law of Col. Magoffin have also been
taken. They were the leaders of the foray on
our teams near Georgetown on Saturday.-. , ,,
Tbe soouting party which lets here about ten
days ago, is said to have surprised a rebel camp
in saline county, oapturing a large number ot
wagons and taking about fifty prisoners. It is
rumored here that Price is advancing North
ward. - ' j-:: '
SinsLii, Deo. 11 It Is reported tbat a fight
took Diaoe yesterday near waveny, Larayette
oountv, between a body of rebels under tbi no-;
tofloui Joe Shelby and a detachment of Federal
oavalry. They wero fighting again this morn
ing, but 00 particulars era given., j .m , ic -j
" BoiToii.Do.ll.-Ex-MInlitflr Faulkner.' re
leased trota Fort Warren on parole, has gone to
Riobmond to endeavor to exchange himself for
Mr. iy,
First Session.
WASHINGTON, December 11.
Sumner presented a petition
toe emancipation tor slaves, tbese ot reoeis
without oompecsttloo, and those ol Uilon men
to be paid fcr.
Mi Wilssn offered a rtsjlutloh that tbe com
mittee on Military Affairs be IrS racted to In
quire and report to the Senate' wbat reduction
may be made In tbe expeosts of tbe army
Agreeaio. - -
Mr. Chandler offered a r solution Inetraoticg
tbe Military committee to inauirer into tbe ex
pediency of appointing a Joint eommittee of the
two bouses' of Cosgrets', who shall have powrr
to retire any Improper officers ol tbe srmy or
nary. ' r-y " ' y .r
Agreed to. .;. : V v. i - - i 1
Mr. Morrill lutrjduosd a hint resolution for
the confiscation of oronerty of rebels, and for
the satisfaction of claims Of loyal men. ' '
Mr. rising introduced a bill tstablboing a new
military and mail route to Baltimore. -
Jteterred to tbe Military committee. . ' ,
' Mr. Wilson introduced a bill to Increase tbe
number ol cadets at West Point Referred to
the Milltsry committee. " ' t
- Mr. Nesmith announced the death of his late
colleague, Edward Dickinson Baker. U. S. Sen
ator from Oregon. He paid a brief aod feeling
trioute to bis worth and bravery, and offered tbe
usual resolutions of respect to his memory.
. Mr. MoDougal followed, referring to the de
cease of two distinguished Senators, Alesiri.
Douglas and Baker; Messrs. Browning and Cow
an following.
Mr.- Latham closed with a mottt beautiful,
eloquent and touching eulogy on the deceased;
The Senate adjourned. .'. 7fl . . . .. , '
Hoon, On motion of Mr. Holman, it was
Ruotvtd. Tbat the committee on Publio Lands
should report wbat railway companies bad re
ceived donations of lands on' conditions of
transportation of troops and munitions ot war
free of charge, and whether the Government
naa tbe unqualified right of suob transportation.
Mr. Lovtlov offered a resolution inatrnotinff
the cemmit.ee on Foreign Affairs to report a
diii, ana eetuDiienicg diplomatic relations be
tween the United States and Hajti and Liberia
i ne resolution lies over. '
Mr. Blair of Mo offered a resolution declar
log it just to recognize tbe eminent patriotic
exTioes or tne late uen- Lyon, ana tendering
tbe tbarks of Congress to tbe lower officers sod
soldiers under bis command, who sustained tbe
honor of the flag and aohieved a victory at
Springfield, Mo., aod in order to commemorate
tbe event, each regiment eogaged on tbat occa
sion bear on its oolors tbe word "Springfield,"
In letters of gold; and tbat this resolution be
reaa at the bead of tbe different regiments ot
the army ol tbe United States.
Mr. Blair believed tbe Government bad taken
no notice at all of tbe death of General Lyon,
and hence tbe prjrr.ety of tbe pasjaze of tbe
resolution. He knew the man well. One never
lived who carid more Icr bis country aod lies
for himstlf.
Tne resolution was adopted. '
Mr. Lansing's preamble and rrailution. nffVr'.
ed on Muodar, came up.
iur. Stevens ol fennsilvaota said If tbe pas.
sage of the resolution is to have a good efftot,
especially in tbe West, the sooner it is pssied
iuu Dcucr. i ne allegation or ueo. Halleck, as
au excuse for his ordtr, tbat the fugitive a'ares
whom he rrjpcsed to exclude fnm bis line give
infermation to tbe enemy, is too bold a pretext
to justify him. The return of fugitive s'aves
was intended bv Gen. McClellan. and had hn
followed by Gets. Dix, Kelly and othirj. All
these ossis are a d striae to tho prifesslon of
our arms. If such returns of fugitivie bare
been made by order oi commanding Genera's,
tbey deserve to have their epaulettes s'ripped
from their shoulders; and It It bat been done by
higher authority, then "Gad fcrgive thorn, for
they know not wbat they do."
Mr. tioveioy, of 111., expressed bis honest
conviotlon tbat such orders were issued by tbe
commanding Generals of tbe army, without or
ders from tbe President. He was satisfied of
this fact; while tbe first does not remove, tbem,
as be (Lovrjoj) would. He did not believe tbat
they, the commanding Generals, had power for
euoh Inhuman and shameful measures.
Mr. Blair of Mo., said Mr. Stevens bad evi
dently misunderstood Gen. Halleck's order.
loo latter (Halleck) inlormed bim that be bad
no idea of doing anything contrary to the law
of the last Congress and tbe policy of the Gov
ernment, Debate ensued between Messrs. Blair and
Lovejoy on the subject of Gen. Halleck's recent
order about slaves.
Mr. Julian referred to the case of Colonel
Brown of an Indiana regiment, who refused to
deliver up tugitives until so ordered by Secre
tary Cameron. Ho presumed the Administra
tion sanctioned such proceedings.
Mr. Kellogg assumed to say tbe Administra
tion bad nothing to do with tbat order, and
would not indicate such policy to the army
Tbe resolution which caused this debate was
tabled by 78 to 64.
Tbe resolution locking to the recognition of
tne independence 01 liaytl and Liberia was
adopted with an amendment that the committee
Foreign Affairs inquire Into the expediency
doing so. '
I be sub eot of abolishing tbe frank In tr or I v.
illge came up.
Mr Colfax remarked that the committee on
Post Offices and Roads bad framed a bill to
abolish it. Tbe bill also requires members to
snow tne aoaoiuto necessity ol new post routes.
Latest from the South.
Looisvillx, Deo. 11. The-Kentucky Provl
sional Government passsd an act taxing brokers
twenty-nve douara per week Wbo cbarge a dis
count on Tennessee and Southern money.
zaiiiooBor, witn a large toroo, is at Marks
Title. -'. ; -.
ms Tt V I J n I aa.a axn a
i ne jvionmona t-ismmer oi tne outn ears
laborers are hiring for the immediate construe
tion ot railroad from Centreville to Manas
sas. . . . ...,..
R. W. Barnwell and Jas. L. Orr were elect
by the South Carolina Legislature to the
rebel Congress. .
Southern psptri say the federal forces can
get more than one-third of the sea inland
ootton raised South, tbe value whereof is only
$750,000. - " : ....
The Norfolk Day Book says Gen. Scott will
soon be in the Soutb, on account of the manner
Mason and Slideli's capture.
Richmond, JJeo. o, via fiaw Orlians. The
Dispatohsays the flotilla lately at Old Point
Cbmfort has gone up tbe Potomac, doubtlessly
attack transport and Centreville.
Savannah, Dec. 5 A party of Confederates
visited Tybee Island on Wednesday, and burnt
lighthouse. Tbe Federals shelled the island,
the Confederates were unhurt. Sixteen to
eighteen vessels, apparently old whalers, wore
the roads yesterday,
, Nashvilli, Deo. 4 Tbe electoral college of
Tennessee voted lor Davis and Stevens fer
President and Vice President..
General Edward Sparrow and J. J. Lsmmes
were chosen senators to tbe rebel Uoogress
from Louisiana.'
T I." '! Sherill's Sale. " V:
B. A.. Chapman ) mm7o ' S '
TT. nritarey. J tatlta pwnmoa Pleu: ' '
to me directed from th Court of Common Plea of
Franklin county, 0., I will offer for sales at th door of
Court House, la th olty ot Oolumbus, oa -;
Saturday, the 14th day of Dec. A. D. J86U-
between th hours of 10 o'dook a. ai and 4 e'elook p.
th following described real aetat, altuata la the
eouaty of Franklin and etata nf Ohio, to wit rf
.Beginning at th aortnwsst ooroar of th southwest
quartwof wiitloa number twnty-on (81). town (111,
rang twenty on (SI); theno south forty-fir pole tea
siale; tbsnoe east tnre hundred and twenty pole to
eastarn boundary ot the othaet quarter eecUon
a stake situate of a hickory, eight Inch dlsmeier,
north 67 tf, west fur-y three link to a Jaok-oak, eight
een Inches in diareter, south Stt, west fifteen links,
tnenc north with Je boejiidary of th aam forty-fir
pelee to th northeast corner of tbeeime; thenc. weet
tare hundred twenty pole, t tb place of beginning,
eonUlnlng ninety aores, being the earn premise oea
r,edby John S. Barey to said Wm. H. Baray by deed
bearing date December tbe Sib. 1851, and Suly recorded
th said Franklin oounty.. , .
Appraised l 040 OOperacr..
. ; " ' , O. ff. HUFFMAN, Sheriff.
B. Wtiooi, Att'y. t.av ;...
Frinter's fee, SO 00. , ,
w .". r rs
W'JI'll L 1 i I 1 I I
OLOAA CLQ1QS Als Other make of Bpltag
soak Ola tha, la all desirable mlxtur Binding. Tae
nia and Button to match. BAIN St BON,
tgrUt N. SO South High straw
York Market.
NEW YORK, Dec. 11.
FLOUB Th shlonln. aml.a a
Mtur and then la more doing for ciDort. whu.
vuuiw Br"uo. B dih. am, ana arooping; talei
ale of S7uO
ouu at j sd'svo jj ror rrjeo d fa ij jo for (
tau; $i timi 73 for extra state, $i to, gg ,
In western; $i 05f3 00 for eommon to medium eiim
western; S3 WXaM M for shipping brands ntntonH
hoop Ohio, and BS OsVatfl 75 for irada bnnda
olo.lng firm. Canadian Sour I steady, at adraaeed
prices, and tn modarata riMm.nnf Im nnn k. ..
S3 61KK3 3 for sonerflno: S3 7(V7 3A fn.
chotoe extra. . v "t, " ..
.'a!rB.,wlJB-8u,d wUn a odrat demand; sale
of 450 bbl. at S3 30 $4 45.
OOBtf HIAL In'f.l-..nti..!. Nla.JWlu.1. a..
for Jersey end 3 SO for irT. " TV " "
W H I M K Y 1 sWa rraoi lv Baft 4. rn, . lata t KfVl 1 .1. .a
Qntonv. .Cs-iTi.Tr. T. 1 """" Vi my
a-"! U, CUJT7U J SUQ
XfJUST&'V? K'.4"' w1111 f'r sxport demand;
lesof SW.OOO bushel Chicago spring at tl Sitail as'
.'SZT1 ,"b. V ' ! o Mllw.uk .in.
a, i M; oMiudo Kenosha spring at 01 W" 87
wy araoer low. , at fl 1 S3; 8,300 de inferior!
gVn T.t Wm soT . '' Dw ao mmM
atMMc!i,0," iKUti ebn,: nU" 0t 550 bu,hU
5iilL"T.EnBe, "d'i Ie of !W)0 bushel tut at
7370o, nd 8,000 bushel, prime CanlanTfWq.
COBII Market opened Brm and dosed Kilko better
sales of n.000 bosh at S5a fn. i.f..-Tr,?.. ' .'
la Vtoni8'0 'r ,H1 10 Ch0le i0 fl0,i n 870 for
OATS Bather mora ateadv at 4Vmu t. i .
nadlan, western and etat. ... " w
POitK Ibsr I ba dnlna. k.. i.k..
ih,r'ii !. o( 300 W'S at 0i9 S3(S13O0 for iaUa.1
n MKOl'J uu rnr nrlma -
BKK Hula, nulla, a kn, . .. .1
0f4(bbl..,44 30f,nlry pTlj;
country messi ell 5013 f r.n.. "
nuno bower at wis it'.
018K5o" MJIB8 -"! i?f 500 tierce at
nitViiUBin iiiina sr . . " asB
BKBF HAMS In mnderata ra nnaa, ..I.... 1AA Ll..
nl,n. .a.,. IC ' .. WIS,
. "U.i aM.5I?7Da.1,S sal. at 3 V3o for should-
"?' "; wa nolle talc of ij hhos
smoked sides on prlvsl terms.
BAOON-In good request; sale of 430 bnt at To for
Cumberland; 7 Vo for Ion. rituxdnMi i J.iZ .
elaarrin. ' ' ' ""
LABJ)--! mor actlr but no material eUtng la
prloe; sales of 300 bola at BWAOUa.
rtM-nlot1." U"od d " 114116 for
waaiv, lvTSriV IUI laaiafa
OHfKeB-Istteadyat e81o. " ' '
vurrt -Blo oontinuc firm; sales of 3000 bags, port
aisig aUOl
New York Cattle Market.
NEW YORK, Dec. 13.
BKEF CnfhaniLd: raraliiia.'i QOJI i,..-
COWS AND 0ALVB8-Arqult; veal Is qtloU t
iwOc. I
bHKtP AND tAMBB-Steadyj retelpts, 10,000 bead,
quoted at 30o. i
BWIOI-AO ITS! r'.lnl. J l'M k.a.l. ....,. I
facts. ' ' - "1 H""r- I
Cincinnati Market.
FLOUB The local andarmy demand for flonr la hi.'.
Uu market is firmer. At to following quotations tt
waa not difficult to attest sales: 14(44 10 fas na.m..
extia; tl 10&4 S3 for txlra to family; aad 14 S3 A
"0 for family to faney. The ealea comprise .bout
ivuu oots at ur notation, most of which was suoer.
fin. ...
WHIAT Prime tocholc red Is In good demand at
603b8c, and prime to choice whit at sXKSWo. Common I
uiiair is aaiiiioAswjc ior rea aoa nrtoovo tor whit.
0 ATS Continue eclir at SBo.
""- lae demand ror new 1 good, fog feeding, at I
hi juo. ui.uuers rciuso io pay mi tier insa S8o, Old
sells at 30331c . ..
BABLBX la good demand at 48oOs for prim tol
OUnic IB1I. ,
BYE It dull at 40O41.
BRANS Tb demand for beans Is aotlv and prist I
uiBI,.i, Bivaiu. a. w Itfrnaoios HBTy. (
DBIBD FBtTIl Th markst U oreratocked with
dried applet and peaches, and at 425 and oVi7o ihavana
dull. - - T.-'Z
WtTISltT-Ie steady at 13. . ' ' A
HAT Isinacttr demand at S19 SO. with sale, nf
prime Timothy, In oeleo, at the rlrer. at 1 13
COFFSE-Is unsettled. Prime Bio can not b bad at
than la, and some are holding at SOo. W euot
f,aa. ., Ul. .a, Jam .t Bi, ,1
bUUAB-Tb.Jobblng demand la fair at MmH for
vuia, vu.o ior surio moo, anu v wiuao lor now
MObASSBS I senirallv held at 424143c and tnh.
lb large iray purchases could be made at 43n. .
110 JB The orTeringe are light; th receipt th past
iweuij.ionr uoar were a auuneaa; tn pD r run.
aemana ior ine nrsi fair weatner I fair at f J x3S
33, with sales at 03 30$3 40. Holders are not anxi
to make sales at present prices, but ar willing to
a. iua uarae. wucu so w gamer is ror
gooa Killing.
Master Commissioner's Sale.
Louis Llndemaa
v. " Superior Court.
Haldamond Crary et al. )
TT Ttrtue of an order of sale to me directed from the
XJ superior Court of Franklin oounty, Ohio, I will of
fer for sal at th door of th Court Hons In th Olty of
voiuiBima, uu
Saturday, tbe 14th day of December, A.' D
on o'clock P. M., the followtnr desorioed real estate.
situate la th county of Franklin and Stat of Ohio, to
Lota numbered thirty-nine (39), forty (40). forty-one
forty-two (43), and forty tare (43), In the addition
H. Crary and others to the olty of Oolumbus, as
designated In th plat of laid addition, recorded In the
useordar'a office or Franklin oounty, Ohio.
Appraised at
Lot No. 39. 40 aad 43, 0S30 00 each.
, , " . " 41aad4S, . SuO 00
Sheriff and Master Commissioner.
Printer's fee. 00.
B. Wilson
W.B. Bos.
Superior Court.
to m directed from th Superior . Court of
county, Ohio, I will offer for eale at the door of
Court House, In th City of Oolumbus, out
Saturday, December tbe 14th, A. D. 1861,
two o'olock, P. M., th following described real estate,
situate In the county of Franklin and Stat of Ohio, to
Tbe south hall of a lot or land oonUunlng eighty asm.
or tossi th (aid eighty acres, of which thi part
thereby conveyed, la a tract arlalnally owned by Dr.
George Stereo son, and which by oortaln proceedings In
Court of Common Pleaa of Franklin oounty, now
partitioned to and dirlded among tb ohlldrsa and heir
law ot said treora BMTeasoa. deceased: (aid Dram
nereoy eonreyea Doing Known a tne eoutn nair or
No. 17, as will fully appear, reference being had to
proceedings in partition, let forth In the Chancery
reooras or said uommon rise, m noos si, peg jib.
Appraised at 033 00 per acre,
'' By Bp. Davis, Deputy.
B. Siibxd, Att'y. ' ' .
Printer' fe S 00. - -
noyS-dltSiwtd 4 . '.. , .
W. B.Kote etl,'
Superior Court.
to me directed, from th Superior Court of
Franklin oounty, Ohio. I will offer for sale at tbe door
th Court Bouse, la th olty of Colombo, oa -
Saturday, the 14th day of December.. A. D.
. .. .... . lobl, . ,. ..-).., , t
two o'clock, P. M., the following described real es
situate Id tb oounty el Franklin, aad Stat of
to wit:
Tha south half ot a lot-of land containing eighty seres,
or less: the said alshty acre of which th Dart
hereby conreyed Is a part of a tract originally ewatd by
George Stereosoo, father of Catbarln Kmory, aud
which by certain proceedings la tb Court of Common
of Franklin oounty. was Darted to and dlrldd
among the children and heir of eald Qeorg Stereos n,
deceased: eald preaaia known as tb south half of lot
aumber serentasn (17), a will tally appear, refsrencs
had loosrlala prooeedloga In panltloa t forth la
u nance ry reooras or ma uoetrt el uommow 1-leas,
book Mo. S, page SIS, and being pan of tb earn
of land oonvid to James P. Boetoa by Bob.
Imory and Catharln Imory, by deed dated th 15th lay
Ootober, 1647, aod eourayed by eald Boetoa to Jobs
Baker, by deed dated the 3tb day f ormbrf Aa
1850. . .- ,- i
Appratsad tt 0S3 00 per acr. - .- .-.-4:.
oaoRaa w, Huffman, srmur. v
; By B. Dvt, Deputy,
'B. Bsiixd, Att'y. n ,H -t
Printer's tea 09 00. , .. . . -i , t,'-. t Ka ) -nov8-dltwtd
- - -
29 Sooth High 8trect, Colmnbui,
111 now offbbinq, j, ''' '' ,v '
WOO yards Tiavelln ' Dresa Qoods at BV. rain
WOO yards Tiavelln
IO is .n,a
tSOOyardi Traveling Dfes flood at vius M ots
yards English Besaga at IV H, value IS out-.
yards rrsncn urgacdiea at is),, value w otnls..H
Mrria Vaat Onlarvd Lawn, at III nl.. 14 aanta. '
yards rouiara urs eiias at 3ii, Talus su oenrs. 1
yaras super nam jsiaea sua ai u- raise aixo
Bobeof Orgwdi Beraga. and BugUsh Barag, at ona
bajf their value. -- " - - - -, '
! ' 1 vti ! ;;...-" " laiB m aua,ss '".
Je3J . South Blgk StsatKi
Oranberriei I Cranbariica ! j
, . . . I
ORDIB, 00 oentlinment.
For tale low by .. ,
ectn ' 100 South High Stmt,
'7;.l? tJ".:U );teici
' 4
r-t ysm-ti - a
GILL .& corj'o
IWflTJrlltr TTtrtr
' b. , '' f v ; t, iyumm a ,u
THI MOST 0i0lXIut;7i'ri1BM
. . . i -
: j'? no?..
ot. Ooluabu.
vr offered to the ellluo
... A
' ran hath
I ' ."'-"vV':
- PrlthrWoodorOl.
lor Larp Faallle or Small ramllla. aod vary'-aj u
Three Doliars to One UimdieS ;ind
, ' Twenty-Five. """-
parl6r:stoves! v
Of erary Price, Shr sod Tsritty, fir Goal or Wood
rtTNTWa.Dnnsjr smn.
HALL 8T6VES,'? " fu-.' Vl
.... Of many PatUra.
Army Dtovea,
Mlk If s. I ; mn ... W
"M .Il(tet aad
avvw vvin MM BNUBf
Officers of our. Great Army.
tor Heating Derailing. Church, S tor rooms, or etke
Urg Building.
for Family Us r Hotel. - . rr-
' , ., -y a
W ' . ' L . ... I
1 J
.-,.,;, - ' : . v , , ,,, ,
DOGG IRON3, ' ' ' ' ' 'I
And many other article "or any other man."
, ; ' 'HT oil and m. cu '
No 92 North HighStreet;
r: J."L Gill & Son.
Sheriff's; Sale.,
char.. ;wwpiwJW;
'. F. Jnalog et al. S Oosbbiob Pie.
te me dlraotad from tbs Coort of Common Ploaa or
FranalU eouaey, Onto, I will offer for at at th door sf
th Court HouM, into city of Oolumbus, Ohio, n
Saturday, the 11th day of January, A. D. 1863.
at 1 o'clock p. m., the following deeerlbed real) eauta,
jltuate la th counts- of Franklin!, aad Stat of Ohio? to
Lot No. Ten. la Phalan'a Hmrni iuui..
the olty of Colombo. "
Appraised al 0400 00. i
, . ; , W. HUFFMAN, Sheriff ,
Prlr.t.r'.f..03 5O.
dc-wtd.; .1.... . .;.'M?- :ti Cfi-i
EheumatlsTfl, Goat and 5ttili'ia,
All' Mercurial Diseases.
It I a onTanlantls ananaad RamA anntalal.,.. a .
leated oompound, to be worn a roaad th WaUt, wltbaut
Injury to th most dalle t Deraon m: nn ahanaa. In naki.a
Irving iMuind, and ft entiral. mm, th. nl.
at from th yatem, without producing tb Injurtoeja.
effeota arising boa taw aa of powerful tnestaal saedl-i
etnee, which weaken and destroy th eoostltuUoa, and
gtv temporary relief only. By thl treatsaanl, tb med
icinal yroperUaeeaotaisad ta tb Baetd arMw ta -eawiawt
with the blood and reach the disease, through UMpore .
th skin, cueotlog la wry Inataao a paseat oueMre
and restoring the parti afflicted to a baaliirooodttlew.A
arus Danuiaauoamosipowamu Ajrn-AuaKOSUal. aaaat,
fudwlll auUmly reiler tbyua firea irisjis, isiialna
tracts of Mareury. Hodsrat eaesa are Mr) ta fev
lay. and w ar constantly receiving testimonktle of its
efflcecy In asxraratad ease of long .tending. . . .
fticaS,0a. tsbsbadorbruggista generally, Irw.
W swatby null or atprcea, with rati dineiivn fcr ate,
anr nart of tb annum Slieu. Ina ai,. tuiu.
' o:409 BROADWiXKWYor'Ca;
G. SMITH tt CO., Sol. Propsetotearr. v
N. 0. DeaortpUrsCtremlar. Sent Free.
dVti4 ?K,L!:ta-4 l08 "ssswt-, Aawrr, -
77 B. High St., bet. Friend tad Mound. Cola, ha a. O"
sah-B-lyuwristp dAw , r , 5 .. . rtT
Domestio Ootton' Cczlz.i
... -., ' ... . . "i s.i.li UA
FFER tho asoat Exiewatvo AejeovtMao
iuu,, ai,u i.uurv uotion s ianneis; . .
t- , a,..,- , - Muslin; - 'r Wnwa
a.i.aarosay Qottod Sheetings ei "''''' ro n-iMgija
Seafol Sty lee f Calico's and Dalai DOti ,avoi .'d j
Tloklnta, Bblrtlnire. flingriam. , r .
An4 Ootton Baltlnga. ' A--A .MW
". Ale, Bkuketa, FlanMw, t-'.'.. Jw,ut'j ed at In t
Caaslauraa, tiioaa 01oUs.ato.aeK. - aMw
II.A k.1.. , -
" ""'arprwea,
JctW , 1 " ;
tt South High Street.''"'
...I niiaa .1., In Sill
Laces aniJ-EmbroldcTlc,",ff?r
Laos Collars and Satis.
French. I'tulier s.i : Up
aav T Mia,.. III,.' ,TU1OTna. , .WU'Laa. . U . aftaj
Vmllm . . . . V . , i .1 , a
Fowt lavjos, i abroi.i .;:.laia, ea, Trim.samVf
klrta, 1hu IUimu aadOouiuras. r Iota Lima VulUu
aMtaoal Con, Bstbrsldsred Oollsant Oufio li oaiaa,
m.l SOU,
" ., aVsuthlilakltrael

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